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Arsenal line up Africas best & now PSG want Robin…….

So Arsenal have signed up a new partnership with Airtel, Africa’s equivalent to Vodafone and Arsenal are over the moon.

Arsenal’s Head of Global Partnerships Vinai Venkatesham said:

I am delighted to welcome Airtel into our family of Commercial Partners. This is the second long-term partnership arrangement to arise from the continent and we look forward to developing a number of exciting initiatives with Airtel, starting with our forthcoming tour to Nigeria in August.

This underlines the depth of our following in Africa and how the profile of the Club continues to grow internationally.

Airtel Africa Chief Marketing Officer, Andre Beyers added:

Football fans across Africa are known for their passion of the great game. Arsenal’s exciting style of play and a history of working with the best talent from Africa will enrich this partnership and offer a wealth of opportunities for upcoming players and fans.

The partnership provides an impetus to the Airtel Rising Stars in some of the countries that have produced amazing young talent and whose youth teams have gone on to win FIFA Youth and Olympic tournaments.

Call me an old cynic all you like but I see this as a partnership to help Arsenal secure some of the best African players ‘out there’ and to be honest, I am all for it too. We have signed a few cracking players of African descent and not many, if any, have not done themselves proud. No doubt someone will shoot me down for having that view.

What this deal bring to the club in terms of finances I am not sure but no doubt someone will enlighten us today. ;)

It seems we can’t go a day without seeing Robin van Persies name in the newspapers and today is no exception. Today reports are that PSG are ready to rival Manchester City for the signature of our captain. They are a wealthy club too and could probably match what ever City offer him in terms of finances but not football. If he has to go, I’d much rather he went there than join old floppy bonce.

However, I remain quietly confident he’s staying, just wish he would hurry up and put us all out of our misery!

And Theo….

That’s it for today, not much going on in the world of Arsenal….

Have a good one..

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129 comments on “Arsenal line up Africas best & now PSG want Robin…….

  1. Morning all

    Quiet Friday in the news….

  2. Rico. You’re an old cynic.

  3. Good Morning Fine Folk.

    Good news on the Airtel sponsorship front Rico. Not so sure on African players though. I hope my opinion is wrong though. I would have enjoyed to have had Drogba with us.

    So Joachim Lowe did us a favour and did not play Merts and Poldi did only a half. And they are back safe and sound for the start of the season. Good. With the exception of TR07 no injuries to contend with. Even Hodgson did us a favour by using Theo and OX sparingly.

  4. It had to be you Adam ;)

    I’m not so bothered now devil, the ACON’s will soon be in the summer – thats the only annoying factor for me, losing them jan/feb has cost us dear in the past…

    But yes, if there is another ‘Drog’ out there in Africa and we get him, hoorah i say ;)

  5. Siggusson is off to the totts :roll:

  6. I knew you would expect no less of me Rico :)

  7. Africans like king kanu, lauren, kolo= greedybawhore, eboue, chamakh. Good balance. Which class is gerv? Time will tell

  8. Absolutely Adam..

    joyswed – pick the good out…

  9. Rico acon is never going to be in the summer thats like the euros in january. What caf did is to remove it from the world cup year. Thats why its next year.

  10. Does anyone think that germany would have benefited from merts experience? That was like watching pat rice arsenal sorry wenger can do no wrong. Pity for poldoski. I think he was a victim of leow’s obsession with pirlo

  11. hey what of Diaby? is staying or going?

  12. Ahead of the 2008 Africa Cup of Nations several European clubs called for a rethink of the tournament’s schedule. As it takes place during the European season, players who are involved miss several matches for their clubs.[9]

    In January 2008, FIFA president Sepp Blatter announced that he wanted the tournament to be held in either June or July by 2016, to fit in the international calendar, although this would preclude many countries in central and west Africa from hosting the competition (as these months occur during their wet season).[10]

    In May 2010, it was announced that the tournament would be moved to odd-numbered years from 2013. This will mean the tournament will not take place in the same year as the World Cup. It also means there will be two tournaments within twelve months in January 2012[11] (co-hosted by Gabon and Equatorial Guinea) and January 2013 (hosted by South Africa).[2]

    On 29 January 2011, Morocco won the bid to host the 2015 edition and South Africa won the right to host the 2017 tournament. But due to the 2011 Libyan civil war, Libya and South Africa traded years with South Africa hosting in 2013 and Libya hosting in 2017

    As yet there is no mention of it being held in summer. Although Fat Blat wants it that way. There are still many ifs and buts.

    If it remains in January I just say ….. STEER CLEAR OF AFRICANS.

  13. Hey rico, short post. By the day i think Rvp will stay and then walk next summer, which is fine by me. Giroud will take over and campbell will be on his heels. One can only hope.

    Talking about africa and their players, after watching us vs norwich again, i think Chamakh should be kept (he is very good at link ups and introducing him, when chasing a game, will lead to goals)

    plus you gotta love balo, his goal celebrations are of the same as Messi’s talent

  14. Joywedsjeff or whatsyourname……….I prefer Kozzer and TommyV however if Merts got injured again that wuold have left us with JD and Squilly as cover. Better Merts than these two mate. As it is we do not need any more injuries. Yes, I hope that Arshavin does not get injured until we sell him, even Chamack. After selling him whatever happens to them can happen. At least we would get some money.

  15. joyweds, i was sure it was moving…

  16. Back shortly…

  17. The papers must be dreading Robin making up his mind. It would mean all the alcohol sodden hacks would need to actually employ what few brain cells they still have functioning and actually come up with something interesting rather then just adding another club to the list of those ” prepared to battle it out” for his signature. Mancini, that most disappointingly pathetic, sickly child is apparently “Going to war” with the money men at City (strange that, I thought that everyone at City was a money-man) in order to get them to buy dear old Robin. It seems that while his mother was feeding him crushed banana and rusks Roberto started struggling to get out of his high chair. As the rather sticky food combination dribbled down his vaguely prehensile chin and onto his blue and white scarf he continually begged his mother for Van Persie. She said “No Roberto. You always get what you want but not this time. Arsenal have Robin and you always want what Arsene has. Why can’t you find your own toys and stop wanting Arsene’s?” Roberto held his breath and turned blue to match his scarf. “What you really need is some of Arsene’s mental strength and not his players, you naughty little creep” she shouted. “This is why Carlos and Mario don’t like you anymore. They think you’re a tosser”.

  18. Devilgunner what a phrase…. You are selfish so merts should not play cos of arsenal. I rate djourou as a cb. He played better than verm at the end of season when koscielny was suspended. Better coaching will make even squill a world class player.

  19. I beg your pardon. The Squillster IS a world-class player.

  20. TBH mate I prefer that no AFC player plays for their country’s national team. Less games, less injuries mate. I am not being selfish. I just loathe our players getting injured on international duty. Remember RVP for the dutch against the italians? banged by Chiellini he was out for 3 to 4 months. So the less games for their nations the better.

    Regarding your comment that ……….Better coaching will make even squill a world class player………….that is exactly what I said on yesterday’s post.

    For your benefit I copied and pasted it………..
    devilgunner says:
    June 28, 2012 at 8:54 pm

    Sometimes Rico, I simply do not think that the team needs strengthening in the defence or the midfield. Its the way this team plays. AW is far too soft on players holding their positions and shape when defending. At the moment he is similiar to KK when he was at Newcastle with a gung ho attitude. You cannot play like that all the time. A tactical manager, like Bilic or Prandelli or even Mourinho would win with the present players. He will drill them and at the same time utilise the same attacking players we have. What they would do is get rid of the players who are dead wood or injury prone……something which AW seems unable to do.

    And just one thing mate……..here we do not call people adjectives. You called me selfish. And yes I am selfish where AFC are concerned. Here we discuss opinions and we all agree that we can disagree. I do not agree with all that Rico says, but I respect her opinion and she respects mine. And in this way……we all live happily ever after. ;)

  21. If that’s his opinion Adam than so be it……….the Squillster is a World class Centreback. And shut the fuck up because if the world finds out that he is not we will not get any money for him. Joking mate.

    Joytotheworld we are all friends here. no enemies mate.

  22. Yeah with better coaching. Get an arsenal tape and watch the defensive shape in slow motion and you will understand better. Later devil project work to do.

  23. DG. Be careful mate or I will call you an adjective :)

  24. Adam you already have called me an adjective.

  25. Twice in fact.

  26. When was that DG?

  27. Profound Apologies devil just the arsenal passion. I guess we are settled. Laters

  28. you called me mate (an adjective) and you called me DG. My name here is Devil. ;)

  29. I will be more careful in future Devil. :)

  30. The Squillster cannot get any better than he is already….he just oozes class!!

  31. Lee. I know you recognize a quality player when you see one.

  32. Actually Devil, is “mate” an adjective?

  33. I’ve an eye for a world class player….this is true!
    Adam have you been down to the jet wash for you daily wash?

  34. Yes Adam. It is an adjective because it describes a noun.

    And in order to show you how much I care I will give you what you asked for.

  35. Lee. My wife just Karcher’d me instead.

  36. Ooooppppsssss. I wil give to JoyWedsJeff what he asked for. I mixed you up.

  37. Adam is innocent! With the stiff brush attachment and a cleaning agent? Or straight off the bat?

  38. I will need to think about that one Devil. Where is the noun it describes? Or is it, in this case, implied? If I said “devil, my handsome mate” wouldn’t handsome be the adjective and mate be the noun it describes? So, can an adjective also be a noun depending on usage?

  39. Lee. The high pressure hose to get into those hard-to-reach places.

  40. Exactly Adam. Its the manipulation of the language.

  41. I will consult my portly mate Professor Hugh Jampton of Oxford University Devil. But you may well be right :)

  42. I thought it was Hugh J’Ardon….

  43. If I say “Adam is a tall man” than tall is an adjective. Therefore it follows that if I say “Adam is a mate” than mate is also an adjective because it is describing Adam.

  44. In your friend’s case you described him with three adjectives Adam………..Portly, Mate and Professor.

  45. Actually I think you will find that in the case of “Adam is a mate” then “mate” would not be considered as an adjective but a group. If I said ” Colonel Smith is a soldier”, then I think that “Soldier” although describing Colonel Smith, is a noun and not an adjective, in the same way. Therefore I think that, in that example “mate” would not be considered as an adjective, but a collective.

  46. Did someone suggest JD is better than TV :eek:

  47. Hmmmmm. Adam…..you maybe right. I have to check that mate.

  48. I just rang a writer friend in France and that’s what he reckons. I suppose there could be a group called adjectival nouns but don’t recall them. An interesting topic though.:)

  49. JD is better than TV Rico, it’s just that we have seen nothing to suggest that is a true statement.

  50. :lol: Adam…

    Glad I missed all the language debate, i’d have been lost ;)

  51. Good to see you again Rico. We were having a cut throat wrangle regarding some adjectives Adam and I. ;)

  52. But we are still big mates, where big is the adjective of course. :)

  53. I have just read devil – boring friday i guess then ;)

  54. the opposite Rico………it was an interesting conversation and topic. We are all diverse (adjective) and accept each other with all our ifs and buts.

  55. No, sorry devil, i didn’t mean your topic was boring, just little news on a friday ;)

  56. That story made me laugh too Rico but that is the last thing that London needs to be happening on Westminster Bridge. Doesn’t look nice at all.

  57. Fine specimen of a wpc in there too Adam ;) Bet those naughty boys had a bit of a shock when the bus pulled up, too right, don’t need that going on in London or anywhere at anytime, but especially not with the games around the corner….

  58. Morning all,
    Can’t believe how exicited I am about the Airtel deal, much bigger than the Giroud and German fella put together, might have a Nigerian Guinness later to celebrate, mind blowing stuff.

  59. Afternoon Gooners.
    Adam, you call me anything, but not a verb.

  60. Arsenal goalkeeper Manuel Almunia has agreed to join Italian side Fiorentina, according to talkSPORT.

    Almunia joined the Gunners from La Liga outfit Celta Vigo in 2004 and has gone on to make 175 appearances for the club.

    However, the Spaniard has become an outcast at the Emirates after losing his number one shirt to Wojciech Szczesny. He failed to make a single first team appearance last term after boss Arsene Wenger left him out of the clubs squad of 25, and he spent time on loan in the championship with West Ham.

    The 35-year-old is now set to be released from the club at the end of the month when his contract expires, and talkSPORT claim he will then join Serie A club Fiorentina after the Florence side failed to land Palermo stopper Emiliano Viviano.

  61. Why not a verb Charlie???

    you again at work habib?? (sigh) Pity.

    We are all ok mate.

  62. How you manage Rico, to put a post out, over bugger all, leaves me speechless with admiration…
    RVP to PSG is a load of BS…

  63. Hi Coach. You got your new monitor yet?
    Yes mate, just done one down to Wimbledon.
    Tea time just now…

  64. Hi Charlie, thanks :)

  65. Kev. I gave the inside story on RVP at 10.35. It is all perfectly true I assure you.

  66. :lol: Adam, you know any more true ones …

  67. Not yet Charlie. I have managed to wangle the work laptop for a long weekend…….that is till next Tuesday. Today and Monday I am off. Hopefully by then I will have the TFT.

  68. Rico. You of all people seem to doubt the Mancini story? I am crestfallen. But yes, I do have several other inside stories.

  69. Poor little OX………. :lol: :lol:

    The Arsenal youngster is having a Macaulay Culkin moment, according to Back of the Net’s John Foster

    Youthful winger Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has issued a desperate ‘come and get me’ plea to his parents, after being left stranded in Krakow at the end of England’s unsuccessful Euro 2012 campaign without any means of getting home.

    The 18-year old Arsenal star missed the coach from the team hotel to the airport, and subsequently their flight to London, after reportedly oversleeping on the morning of departure after staying up all night watching cartoons with Theo Walcott.

    “Mum usually wakes me up at home,” Oxlade-Chamberlain explained. “I saw I had twelve missed calls from Gary Neville, but I assumed someone had got his phone and swapped my number with David Beckham’s for a prank. By the time I twigged what had happened, it was too late.

    A basic agreement is in place between the ex-Southampton ace and his family to take the player back to North London, though there are still some details to be ironed out, including whether Oxlade-Chamberlain’s mother can get time off work to fly to Poland, and whether the teenage winger will commit to cleaning his room thoroughly on his return.

    “My agent’s linked me to some low-cost airlines, and we’re talking to a Warsaw-based tour operator, but I’m really hoping Mum and Dad are planning a swoop for me before the season starts,” he told FourFourTwo.com. “If that doesn’t happen, I hope I’m still on the radar of Uncle Neville and Auntie Annie.”

  70. :lol: Adam – I agree, he is a tosser….

  71. you should believe Adam, Rico. He is a little worm who manages to squeeze his way and poke his nose into other people’s private businesses especially where players are concerned.

  72. Language Rico, please!

  73. Joking Adam……… ;)

  74. Sorry if i have offended :(

  75. Besides being a worm he is also thick skinned Rico. So it certain words bounce off him like water on a duck’s back. ;)

  76. Mme, i think you might be right devil ;)

  77. Funnily enough my back does resemble that of a duck. Mrs Adam mentioned it only this morning.

  78. So many adjectives for you to swim in Adam!!! ;)

    Just pulling your leg Adam.

    My dad has just told me that Thomas Cruise (the player not the film star) who has just been released by AFC has been signed by Torquay.

  79. Ok all. It’s been stimulating fun. Just off to the West End for a bit. Later.

  80. Following his release from Arsenal, Cruise had a trial with Serie B side Sampdoria, with sports chief, Pasquale Sensibile claiming he “was impressed with his technique and versatility.”[10] Cruise also had a trial at League One side Scunthorpe United in late 2011. On 20 February 2012,Major League Soccer (MLS) side New England Revolution claimed Cruise was training at the club for a two week trial with a move to the New England Revolution.[11] On 28 June 2012, he signed a one-year deal with Torquay United, it was on a free transfer.

  81. Ehhhhhhhhhhh??????


    Honestly I am offended. ;)

  82. I read that too about Cruise devil, wasn’t he released last season but the club did a u-turn?

    Oh well, another off the books….

    Have fun Adam….

  83. Since returning to Brazil, Denilson has featured regularly in the Sao Paulo team, making 36 appearances domestically and the club are hopeful they can convince Arsenal to let him remain with them for the time being.

    Speaking to Globo Esporte, Sao Paulo vice-president Joao Paulo de Jesus Lopes said: “Arsenal’s staff want him to return but we are waiting for [director of football] Adalberto Baptista to have talks with them.

    “Maybe we will manage to extend the loan for six more months or even another year. They [Arsenal] liked his performances, they liked Denilson’s development. That’s why they want him to return.”

    The last paragraph sends shivers down my spine.

  84. I am off for a short nap now. BAck on here later on.

    Cu fine Folk. Off to dream that we have managed to convince Barca to depart with Messi in exchange for the WORLD CLASS squilli, the GIGANTIC FORCE of Djourou and the SUPER STRIKER that is Bendy.

  85. You are out devil ;)

  86. Laters devil, no snoring please….

  87. Thanks Rico…………I was fearing the worst. :)

  88. ……….I do not snore. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  89. Off for a bit too, laters

  90. afternoon gunners!

  91. Afternoon JM, any news in your fine country?

  92. LANS Joel Campbell

    Top article here which if true gives us another option up front


  93. Cracking news vernat, hopefully no hitches and he gets his permit…

  94. Yes Rico would be good to have him as an option.

  95. Vernat, that is very good news.
    I’d rather have Campbell coming off the bench than Park.
    As for Chamakh, didn’t Grimandi suggest recently that he mighy have a future at AFC.

  96. Two footed too vernat :) That should stop some moaning about all the left footed forwards ;)

  97. Charlie, hasn’t the cleaner been sacked :lol:

  98. Good Afternoon Fine Folk.

    Joel Campbell in????

    Well assuming that PSG or Shitty go above 30 million then its bye bye to RVP.

    On the other hand RVP might stay and Campbell going on loan in January.

  99. The latter imho devil, RvP stays, even if he doesn’t sign and then next summer everyone is settled ;)

  100. AFternoon all..

    Read that Ramsey and Gibbs are in Olympic squad and Lansbury may be a surprise inclusion.

    London Olympic from 27-JUly to 12-August with Premier League kicking off on 18-August.

    It is stupid of Gibbs and Ramsey to play in the Olympics as they will both miss th entire pre-season with Wenger forging a new team.
    And both of ‘em are trying to establish themselves as starter in the 1st team.

    Afraid he is as good as a bit-part player for 2012/13 season as other players will overtake him duirng pre-season and after Olympic, Ramsey is entitled to 3-week off…and then return in September to Colney .and start his pre-season training…..

    WIth Rosicky, Wilshere, SOng, Arteta, Coquelin, Frimpong, OX, Poldolski, Diaby, Eisfield, Aneke, Henderson, plus perhaps one or two new buys…..it looks more likely Ramsey wil be loaned out instead of Reserve FOotball….

    Perhaps there maybe a leg to that story of selling Ramsey….

    Santos is the regular then…and perhaps converting TV5 to LB as cover…….and even Yennaris or Coquelin???

    The danger is that Wenegr may pull off a surprise inclusion from the youth rank that may very well take away the LB spot from Gibbs.

    I think it is a bad career move for both Ramsey and Gibbs to play in the Olympic rather than pre-season training with 2012/13 squad as this season is crucial tot eh future of Arsene Wenger to build his 3rd and greatest team to win titles and trophies.

    Any players that miss pre-season training is as good as being a bit-part player in the squad unless you are an indispensable player like RvP or Wilshere.

  101. 1 – Van Persie
    2 – Giroud
    3 – Poldolski
    4 – Joel Campbell
    5 – Benik Afobe

    Look like Walcott is still stuck at the right side rather than playing centrally.

    If Walcott desires to play centrally, he may decided to leave as he has no chance of playing as a central striker at Arsenal.

  102. Hi Merlin,

    neither Gibbs or Ramsey will need three weeks off after the games, they are resting now – i can’t see it doing either of any them harm tbh….

  103. I don’t think we can assume that Merlin, Podolski could play on the left, Afobe may yet go on loan, as might Campbell – nothing is set in stone just yet….

  104. I think under FIFA Ruling, after a major tournament, players are entitled to 3 weeks off.

  105. Denilson?
    Rumors are spreading that Arsenal coaching staff was impressed by his development in Brazil and wanted to keep him (bargaining ploy?)

    Doubt it as last reported, Denilson is determined to leave Arsenal.

  106. They maybe entitled to it, but they won’t ask for it i am sure, why would they need it? It’s no more than a bit of training and a few matches – just like a pre-season….

  107. Denislon wants out San P still want him one way or another – and imho, they will sign him on the cheap before the end of this transfer window…

  108. No any important news.
    J. Moutinho – totts ?

  109. I do not think that Aaron and Gibbs would want to take the three weeks off. They know that they may loose their place and with so many forwards than AW may change the formation. And remember, Santos can be used as a left winger also so if for example a new left back is bought or Yennaris plays as a left back and starts playing very well then Gibbs is under threat. So no doubt they will want to come back ASAP.

    But then with AW at the helm and so many games and so many injuries they know that their places are secure……!!!!!! :(

  110. seems they hope so JM, is he good?? Sigusson (spelling) is also off to them, he’s passed a medical etc etc

  111. I see that Stuart Pearce is so determined to try and win something that he left DB07/23 out of the line up. He is very much determined to win something with the national team that he has no room for sentiment. I know he is a dinosaur manager but he should be praised for having the balls to go against the grain……..up till now.

  112. You old cynic devil re our injuries ;) ;)

    I’m really sad for DB…

  113. With my heart I am sad for DB. But with my coach’s mind I am not.

  114. he is very good!

  115. I always wait for these clips with high anticipation…………

  116. Thats not what i hoped to hear JM :(

    Just thought after all he has done to help england get the games, he’d be given a chance to bow out for his country devil, even if he got 5 mins ;)

  117. Hola form the Cantabrian mountains!

  118. A number of player contracts at the Club are set to expire or commence on June 30 and July 1.

    Below is a summary of the comings and goings, including one senior first-teamer and a number of younger players.

    JUNE 30, 2012

    The following professionals have been released by the Club and will officially leave Arsenal on this date. We thank them for their contributions and wish them well for the future.

    Manuel Almunia
    George Brislen-Hall
    Sean McDermott
    Gavin Hoyte
    Rhys Murphy

    The following second-year scholars have been released by the Club and will officially leave Arsenal on this date. We thank them for their contributions and wish them well for the future.

    Alban Bunjaku
    Jeffrey Monakana
    James Campbell

    JULY 1, 2012

    The following scholars have signed professional contracts with the Club and will officially become professionals with Arsenal on this date.

    Samir Bihmoutine
    Reice Charles-Cook
    Philip Roberts
    Jordan Wynter
    Kristoffer Olsson
    Hector Bellerin

    The following will become first-year scholars on this date.

    Chuba Akpom
    Tommy Dallison
    Tarum Dawkins
    Alex Iwobi
    Jack Jebb
    Glenn Kamara
    Austin Lipman
    Alfred Mugabo
    Brandon Ormonde-Ottewill
    Leander Siemann
    Arinse Uade
    Josh Vickers

  119. Where the heck is that Esp ;) Evening to you ….

  120. Rumour site…

    Matías Ezequiel Suárez will join by Monday

    Italian press are claiming that Arsenal are considering a move for Italian keeper Emiliano Viviano
    :lol: :lol:

  121. Just been adding that into tomorrows post devil, good to see the younger ones are being sorted, thats quite a few leaving, now sort the older ones ;)

  122. Off again now…….to eat a bite and then go out with the family.

    Cu again tomorrow Fine Folk.

  123. Have a lovely evening devil, i am also off for a while, dinner to cook etc….

  124. ESP, are you in Santander?

  125. I’m off for the day guys, catch up tomorrow…

    Nighty all, stay safe….

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