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Robin bid rejected? M’Vila at Colney & is Aaron Ramseys career at Arsenal over?

First up is bit of Twitter gossip from yesterday:

Arsenal have rejected a £25 million bid from Manchester City for our captain. However, the 007 following the word ‘agent’ was enough to suggest its absolute garbage!

Secondly, canal+  journalist Vincent_Pochulu tweeted that Yann M’Vila was in London on Tuesday, not just London, but at the Arsenal Training ground.

The joys of Twitter eh!

From that, let’s take a look at the Arsenal midfield as it stands today….

Regardless of whether the M’Vila tweet is true or not, I still think that Wenger wants to sign him, but the players recent misbehaviour may have caused him have second thoughts, just as we discussed yesterday.

As far as an attacking midfielder is concerned, we have one already in Abou Diaby, but the twerp has to stay fit! This coming season he needs to replicate the kind of fitness and performance that Robin Van Persie has just experienced…

If he could do that, and I know it’s a big IF, then we could have a top top player on our hands and at just the right age, but his chances are running out…

The rumours concerning an imminent exit for Aaron Ramsey are a worry…

Could it be, as with Eduardo, that Wenger has decided that Aaron is never going to get his mojo back…?

Could it be that Wenger has seen something in him in training as well during matches that point to the psychological damage he suffered at the hands of Shawcross?

Does Arsene Wenger believe that our young Welshman will never repair or recover completely?

Sad it maybe, but it is a possibility and he could be heading out one way or another this summer.

Francis Coquelin has shown a lot of promise and made great strides in an injury hit season. I think he’ll become a massive player for us over the next 2 years, therefore Wenger needs to push him on and cannot bring in some ‘big time Charlie’ to block his progression into the player he can be…

Wenger also has a group of young midfielders chomping at the bit, with Serge Gnarby looking likely to be fast-tracked into the senior squad via the League Cup.

Conor Henderson has already been given first team exposure, Manu Frimpong must eventually enjoy a change of luck and have an injury free season, Craig Eastmond had a good loan at Wycombe after an injury nightmare, does he have a future?

Aneke, Yennaris, Eisfeld, where do they fit in?

Does the manager think that one of those could now offer more than the Aaron Ramsey we saw last season?

Then of course there is the seniors, Arteta, Wilshere, Song, Rosicky, even Denilson maybe….

So yes, I think we are well stocked with midfielders.

Attack was the main concern last season, and Wenger seems to have fixed that department…

The defence certainly needs some fine tuning, so come on down Mr Bould and Mr Banfield….

Written by Allezkev

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243 comments on “Robin bid rejected? M’Vila at Colney & is Aaron Ramseys career at Arsenal over?

  1. only issue í se that we have now is defeance ,defeances and defeances. What happend ??? teams use to fear us and our defeances back in the day….. we need do overhaul our defeansive strats. our strike force is now good woth the new signings and our mid is pretty dessent tough i wouldnt mind 1 signing. that said. Arsenal for life.. good atrticle btw

  2. New Post up fine folk :)

  3. Good job you still have water then Adam ;)

  4. I had to buy a Karcher yesterday Rico so Mrs Adam could pressure clean me but, as I weigh 46 stone it does take a while.

  5. I won’t then Adam, you should have called Nick Knowles and his team, they would have had it all sorted in just a few days ;)

  6. Don’t talk to me about DIY Rico. Today’s is the last day of tiling chez Adam and the plumber won’t arrive until Monday. Warm, running water seems as far away as ever. I can’t believe I am paying for this hell.

  7. Morning Adam – can’t say I have found it very interesting either, even turned off last nights game and watched DIY sos, far more interesting ;)

  8. :lol: Lee

    Moan when we don’t sign anyone, moan when we do, thank goodness we don’t all live in their world eh….

  9. Morning all. Spurs fans are bitter but then I guess they’ve had a lot to be bitter about. And I think the Euros have been rubbish overal and a waste of time. They are certainly no yardstick as to how any player would perform at club level over a season.

  10. Some people there’s no pleasing!

  11. I reckon he’ll be the nuts….shame for them he’s seen the light! :lol:

  12. Spot on re the euros, watch him and giroud perform, once they get settled in a regular side…

    only then would it be right to judge them…

  13. Morning Lee

    Just ask them how good Modric will be next season ;)

  14. Going on Euro12 performances alone is absolute lunacy…RvP was log but look at the season he just had! As you quite rightly point out there’s no pleasing some fuckers!!

  15. Morning Rico, I’m getting sh1t off of yids this morning saying Podolski was shit! Deluded wankers!!

  16. Morning all

    You are welcome to your view Mike, just as others are theirs..

    As for Podolski and Giroud, there had to be someone to know AW for signing them didn’t there…

    Personally, I think the best thing to do is judge them on how they perform in the PL rather than a few games in the Euros…

    Still, no pleasing some I guess….

  17. Pls nd pls mr wenger,sign m’villa nd let aron ramsey go away from arsenal,nd parsuade to vps to sign,so dat we can fight 4 silvawere next season,up gunnars 4 life,gud day.

  18. Unbelievable !! that is how I rate some of the comments. You say w have a well stocked midfield, sure but the standard is the important thing and the”stock” we have is at least one level if not more BELOW that we need to compete for the league etc. Rosicky works hard but is past his best, Song is overated by many, he is slow cumbersome at times, slow to react, poor positioning and apart from the odd good ball delivers many passes to the opposition. Arteta is average or just slightly above, a sideways and backwards player, Wilshire alone has the potential to be good enough. in addition Walcott,Gervinho,Ramsey,Arshavin all only average performers with maybe the odd good game against lower class opponents.

    One thing I cannot believe is that Diaby is still at the club and that anyone can even begin to think he is good enough, are your memories of him so clouded? This is the player who constantly gives the ball away, fails to pass to others when they are open,is slow to react defensively,makes fatal errors in judgement, has a questionable mentality (a la 4-4 at Newcastle where his sending off cost us dearly and the inexplicable headed own goal away at Man U which again cost us that game and there are a lot more I could list that I am sure that you will remember!), no this is one who should have been shipped out years ago as should the sub standard Denilson. In short I dont agree that our midfield options are as strong or as rosie as you make it sound !

    I also have serious concerns over Podolski as I believe he is overated (something his performances at the euros backs up) and Giroud is unproven (one good season proves nothing!)

  19. Rico – that’s true mate and I have been convinced since the contract issue began that he would stay and especially now that there are no teams abroad who seem interested. I think VP holding out on a new contract is one of the best things to happen to us because he’s found the power it takes to force Wenger into making early and high quality signings.

    Devil gunner – Spot on mate, I totally agree with you and would not jump to Aaron’s defence if next year others shine brighter than he. I would just say that whilst there is no desperate need to sell him and there are plenty others deserved of the axe than it’d be extremely stupid to move him on.

  20. Can’t believe Nadal went out of Wimbeldon either :( Kudos to Lukas Rosol though.

  21. Italy :-)
    Podorsky, is a case of a European player overrated!
    devil: If you were from now coach of England, England is not strained to the World Cup! ;-)

  22. Italy are a thing of beautiful… Pirlo is so majestic – how Milan ever let him go, let alone on a free is beyond belief!

    What did I tell you guys about Balotelli – he’s a Boss!

  23. We know mate. And we respect your opinion. ;)

    cu mate.

  24. I know guys, just stating that he has not impressed me.

  25. People don’t realize that Ramsey made the most chances after RVP and was also our best final third passer.

  26. Good night lady.

    I am off Fine Folk.

    cu tomorrow.

  27. Better the italians than the spanish. At least cesc will continue his luck as the eternal second in everything.

  28. Club/Country – very different Will…

    We’ll soon see…

    Totally agree devil..

    I’m done guys, be good, take care and chat tommorrow

    Nighty all….. :)

  29. Oh well, guess i don’t care who wins now :( :(

  30. Will……..we usually say a player should not be bought on the back of an international tournament. And the same goes if he has a bad one. AW did not follow him solely in the Euros. He has been following him for more than that.

  31. I think in an attacking sense, we have one of the best midfields out there. Rosicky, Wilshere, Ramsey (when playing well), Arteta and The Ox. So much talent.

    On a side note, not that impressed with Podolski as of yet.

  32. But players like Song don’t have that discipline devil – how many times when he is called on to defend he ends up giving away a sloppy foul in a very dangerous area?

    I understand where you are coming from, but….

  33. Deadline Day signings devil…

  34. Sometimes Rico, I simply do not think that the team needs strengthening in the defence or the midfield. Its the way this team plays. AW is far too soft on players holding their positions and shape when defending. At the moment he is similiar to KK when he was at Newcastle with a gung ho attitude. You cannot play like that all the time. A tactical manager, like Bilic or Prandelli or even Mourinho would win with the present players. He will drill them and at the same time utilise the same attacking players we have. What they would do is get rid of the players who are dead wood or injury prone……something which AW seems unable to do.

  35. Exactly Will..

    Like AK said in the post, i think the creative side to our midfield is fine, we create plenty, sure up the goals conceded and all will be so much better…

    Still need a keeper though…

  36. Sorry Rico……but I did not understand the sentence….DD taught Wenger a lesson at last.

  37. Looks like it.Now just for the two players we all know we need and Bob’s ya mother’s brother.

  38. July 1st onwards i guess Will, but for a change we have started early – good job too and about time too….

    DD taught Wenger a lesson, at last!!

  39. I don’t rate Johnson devil and Cole is getting older, in two years time he won’t be the player he is now….

  40. No, I mean when will teams start with the transfers. NOt many happened yet.

  41. Johnson was good Rico. But Walker is going to get better. You know how much I like him. Infact he is the only spud I would have in the present AFC team.

  42. Germans are proud national country men mate. They love their clubs and their country. And their attitude towards their bosses is first class. If you followed my posts earlier on this year I have been banging the drum for more Germans in the AFC team. They are better than some frenchies we have. Well with the exception of Sagna, Coquelin and Kozzer at the moment.

  43. I’d swap Johnson for the Totts right back devil and Cole for baines….

  44. Don’t get me back on that england lot devil, pleeeeeeease ;)

  45. Personally, if I were the English team manager I would go for 4-3-3 with the following personnel………….

    Parker, Gerrard,Wilshere

    Captain would be Cole/Gerrard.

    And before anyone starts hooting about Rooney, I simply say he is so F*****G overrated.

  46. I’m not watching devil, having to suffer DIY SOS :( :(

  47. I think Europe has tried Will, but, imho the german players are far more loyal to their club and their country – most seem to want to stay put, especially the younger ones…

  48. Buffon is very indecisive today. He does not like crosses pumped into the box. The English team should have taken note of that and started with Carroll, Theo and Ox upfront. They could have taken Italy to the cleaners with the Ox’s trickery, Carroll’s strength and Theo’s speed.

  49. Rico, really like the way Germany play the game. I am wondering when the transfer flurry across Europe will start.

  50. Evening Will,

    I echo that, I hope Merts and The Pod start the new season with a medal and trophy in hand….

    Thought you would like that devil :)

  51. Evening Rico. I know I am handsome, but it surely feels good to read about it. ;)

  52. Evening Rico.

    How are you all today.

    Come on Germany.

  53. Arseblog have a post about you devil, its on newsnow, a 1943hrs post :lol:

  54. Doc, good to see you came back after leaving your guessing game, many here have hoped we would get Climpsey, but he is getting on a bit now ;)

    Evening devil, how’s you??

  55. Good Evening Fine Folk.

    Still no new news it seems.

    BlackHat I agree with you mate. But no one seems to be suggesting that he be sold. Most of us, 99.9999999% like him, his attitude and work rate. But to be brutally honest, in the football world no manager can afford to remain static and fail to improve the team. If say I have players A, B and C for the three midfield places. And suddenly player D comes available and is much better than player A. As a manager I have the duty to the club to improve the team. If player A finds his place under threat than hard luck. And he has to work harder to improve. Injury or not its the team and club that count not the individual. I have nothing against Aaron and like him as a player. But if say a player who is better gets in ahead of him than its his problem not the team. The aim of the game at EPL level is to win not to molly coddle a player or two.

  56. On the other hand, Dempsey is 29. But he has a proven track record scoring from a lot of different positions… and it is NOT easy to score in the Premiere Leaugue.

    I think Dempsey, at the very least, has earned a shot to play for a big club.

    Even if you believe that he’s too old, and not a starter, for us to challenge in 4 competitions we need depth.

  57. I’d rather have the RAM than a CLINT……

  58. That’s a waste Micko, drink it ;)

  59. Lee, fill your boots !

  60. Clint Dempsey Doc….

  61. Hoorah Lee, I trust you will be cheering on our boys ;)

  62. Ramsey cant pass and is never going to be good again (not like he ever was)

  63. There is a player with English Premiere Leauge experience who is available for under 10 million.

    He is very versatile. He can play striker, on the wings, or in the midfield. He has a proven track record scoring goals in the EPL, particularly in big games. He tied for 4th leading goal scorer in the EPL last season, though he does not play for a top 4 team. He was voted as the 4th best player in the EPL by the Football Writers Assosciation. His work rate is better than any current Arsenal player AND he is known to willingly track back to help on DEFENSE. He is humble, but also known as a tough player, even a bit mean spirited at times, though there haven’t been any major discipline issues since he joined the EPL.

    And yet, given all of the above, many Arsenal fans think he is crap or claim he isn’t better than what we have now.

    Who is this player?

  64. Ann Frank has finally buckled under copious amounts of pressure and given me a pass to watch the football at the pub tonight! :lol:

  65. Back scratcher anyone ???

    Back shortly, going to cut the grass and loss a few pounds in the heat :)

  66. Mi ducha es su ducha Adam!

  67. Bugger, I missed TT going off on hols – if you are still reading TT, have a fab time, don’t miss us too much :)

  68. Then you won’t mind if I pop round for a shower Lee :)

  69. Is that true Lee??

  70. My wife left a note on the fridge saying “It’s not working, I’m off to my mums for a while!”
    Well, I opened it, the light came on and the beer was freezing cold! Fck knows what she’s on about?

  71. With you Lee ;) ;)

  72. make em no co day like balo wo both his the god guy

  73. BlackHat, not many here are suggesting ramsey should be sold, but yes, some fans elsewhere are…

    re Rvp, i doubt the info is right either and suggestion is that he’s planning on staying which if true, is great news…

  74. Oh and for the record…. No way would I sell Ramsey he is only going to get better and better he had a lot of responsibility last season and had very little help most games and was also out of position a lot of the time too yet he still never gave up nor did he hide. Diaby is forever injured unfortunately but sentiment doesnt run football and so he needs to be sold i’m afraid never really done it for me either always flatters to deceive

    Ok def off now…..!

  75. Tried sending that email Adam, didn’t work though.

  76. Hi Adam, the email address thats logged on with your user name on the blog came back as unknown when I tried to email you but I know Rico has your details so am sure she will forward you RP’s contact details..!.

    Rico, I feel a little sorry for Becks to be honest as you say the fella done a lot of good getting the Olympics to England and London and Pearce shows him no goodwill what so ever, why am I not surprised.

    I’m off got wine calling and i’m thirsty… Take care good people..!

  77. Micko attended The School of Hard Knocks Rico… ;)

  78. I don’t speak German Adam …

    Were you in the posh school Micko ;)

  79. I’m fine W.A.T.H.
    Ramsey I do not sell him.
    Rosicky? injury again… problably a problematic season…
    Diaby? One more year injury?
    So, even with Wilshere and another one we have problems in the middle

  80. Stuart Pearce used to go to the school down the road from me, Claremont High in Kenton, bunch of hooligans the lot of them.

  81. Jarwohl mein herr.

  82. Think i could think of a few very different words for his brother Adam….

  83. I find it hard to believe City have tabled a £25m bid for a 29 yr old who, lest we forget, is massively injury prone and with it being a challenge to improve or even maintain his incredible form from the season just passed, it would be a massive risk. Besides which, City are very much focussing on preparations for the impending FFP sanctions soon to come in to play. Finally, look at the strikers they already have, Balotelli, Ageuro, Tevez, Dzeko… I dont see them being that generous for a player who everyone is of the opinion wants to leave. £15m sounds more like a real offer from them and ofcourse, would be a ridiculous attempt that we’d throw right back at them.

    Also, I extremely doubt that M’Vila is anywhere near the vicinity of Arsenal or our grounds. The fact that the media frenzy around England is now fading, they’d be looking back to the Prem for any sniff of a story and this would be a massive one.

    Unfortunately, the embarrassingly sad world of Twitter and its entire population of retards use it for the obvious purpose of screaming at the world to ‘Look at me! LOOK AT ME!!!!’ ….. craving attention like a starved puppy and it’s indescribably PATHETIC attempts to start rumours of all sorts.

    The worst part is, the media have a tendency to jump all over it like flies on $hit, as does the thousands of gullable bloggers and they’re even more gullable readers.

    Anyway, on to Aaron Ramsey. Clearly people are having some kind of heat stroke or suffering from a horrible case of memory loss. Ramsey returned with a fantastic attitude and was absolutely superb for the majority of his season, starting for us in almost every game he was available for, which were alot. Ofcourse, toward the end of the season he began to tire and naturally you underperform when the burn out starts.

    He is a young, confident player who has recently earned a national captaincy. He has a great attitude off the pitch as well as on and unlike his closest rival Wilshere, is not getting into trouble on a regular basis. I don’t need to mention how young he is do I? Despite how naturally gifted he clearly is he will continue to improve and has all the mental and physical ability and skill to become a massive part of our campaign.

    For you, or the media to even consider him ‘past it’ or not good enough is absolutely ridiculous and to be honest, a sign of trending naiivety and acting like quite the media sheep.

    Which brings me to Abou Diaby. After Denilson, Abou is probably the most inconsistent player in the squad. When he is playing well he can do exceptional things but the trouble is its very few and far between. I am big fan of Diaby but he is NOT an attacking midfielder. His ability to go past player (when he’s playing well) is a joy to watch but he rarely looks up for the killer pass and his shooting ability is poor at best. Diaby is a defensive midfielder with technical ability. Much like Viera but on a lesser scale of ability. The problem here is his ability to hold the ball up is superb but his tackling is unreliable and clumsy so in summary, he isn’t really an obvious choice for any position on a regular basis unless he can overcome his injury proneness and his inconsistency and I would love to see that happen.

  84. I used to have Stuart Pearce’s brother come into a business I once had. He was a truly unique individual.

  85. Had a feeling that might be the case Micko :(

    Hi Adam…

  86. Hello Rico and all. Now what’s all this about my e-mail address WATH?

  87. Think you may be ploughing a lone furrow there rico.

  88. Am I the only one who feels sorry for David Beckham, after all the work he put into getting the games to London, Pearce shafts him…

    Rotten I think, he’d be the perfect person to have around the team…

  89. Surely not :lol:

  90. I do believe Lee is taking the piss out of the resident carrot cruncher..!

  91. Oi Oi Lee ;)

  92. I come from Reading and it don’t matter everywhere I go is on my tractor!

  93. Afternoon all….

  94. How you JM…?

  95. Ramsey created more chances than any other Arsenal player last season, kind of says that his technique is more than good enough, we keep having a go at players about loyalty to the club well we should be loyal to the players especially the youngsters. But next season he has to improve consistency wise to stay at the club and i believe he will given the cahnce

  96. Plenty Mugs in N17…………..

    Richards went through a stage a year or so back where he was living things up Dev but seems to of calmed down..! Johnson def seems to be a bit of a big time charlie and we don’t need more of those had enough of them…! That’s nice weather Dev I could handle that..! ;-)

  97. afternoon all

  98. It’s fucking MUGGY in N17!!! ;)

  99. It’s incredibly muggy in Central London, so many tall buildings as well so there’s no breeze :(

  100. To all the ramsey lover..just bare in mind all the games he played we loose more than half of it ;) he just doesnt cut in yet…box to box my ass…his to slow going down, he is not technical enough in the middle…got to load the lad…see he will improve or not

  101. is he W.A.T.H??? Obviously you know better than me regarding that. Then it would be Richards and De jong for me. Or are they party animals too?????

    We are all ok here.

    But its extremely hot. Between 35 to 38 here.

  102. Hey Dev am all good mate, how’s you….?

    I don’t want Johnson he is a party boy big time from what I hear from mates up North…! he’s seen regularly with Downing on the piss…!

  103. Hiya W.A.T.H. How are you mate??? A bit of a long time no chat.

  104. Good Afternoon Fine Folk.

    Managed to get the work laptop for a couple of days+the weekend with me.

    Good post Habib. Mancini is a pain in the stiff melons. He wants RVP? Well, how about Richards and Johnson for RVP then. Obviously plus money. I think that both of them will flourish under AW. I would prefer Johnson instead of Dempsey. What say all of you????

    BDW………..the little prince asked me if all that is in my house came with a 5 year guarantee and an instruction manual. I told him yes, except your mum of course. ;)

  105. That was a lovely surprise,I must say.
    Not a surprise we got him,but it did happen pretty soon after the French were knocked out.

  106. Ok Scott bye…………… See ya Sat………..! ;-)

  107. Evening all!!,!
    A few days kept busy,and I return to hear weve signed Giroud….brilliant.
    If I come disappear til saturday,maybe M’Villa AND RVP will sign!!

  108. Agree with Ric the Gunner, sign M’vila and give both Diaby,Ramsey some chance i think Ramsey can still mature

  109. That’s going to upset golden balls…………!!

  110. Beckham not in Olympic team….

  111. RP, just sent you the info but Adams has come back as undelivered so not sure why !?!? Will sort that with him when he returns..!

  112. It’s not showing a reading today Lee ;-)

    Must of rusted in the rain…!

  113. That’s fine W.A.T.H – And Rico, my sincere apologies :D

  114. WATH, how’s the RvP-ometer today? Stay or go?

  115. Let forget about ramsy,arsen wenger we never sold or loan him he knew quite alright dat is going to be a future star,look at d age.

  116. Oh and RP, Rico is a “she” not a he :-)

  117. Adam I’ll give RP your email address and then you two can chat that way if thats ok with you both..?

  118. Yes probably, we’ll get him to facilitate it. Catch you later.

  119. Ok. What’s the best way of doing that? Possibly through Rico? Just off out now. Back later this afternoon. Cheers.

  120. It is a printed mag – we can talk offline if you want?

  121. No pork belly action today Adam.

  122. I would be interested to see a copy RP. Is it a printed mag?

  123. Enjoy TT and you can rest assured we are busy busy sorting out new players as I type…………

    Alright Lee? how’s things mate..? RP, that part of London always full of tourists mate..!

  124. TT have good break!

  125. It all focuses on learning and development at work. This could include issues like leadership, organisational development, employee engagement, talent management etc – many view it as a HR spin-off.

  126. RP. Interesting. What is work based learning?

  127. TT. Have a great holiday mate.

  128. Adam, I work as one of the editors on a training magazine which is focused on work-based learning.

  129. Not actually in the park then. I often walk around there looking for half-smoked dog ends.

  130. Flying out in the morning on a 3 week holiday. Wont get my daily dose of HH so keep the faith folks and solider on. When I come back I want RvP on a new contract and one of M’Vila or Martinez after signing or I will hold you guys responsible ;)

  131. Lee. How’s the market in Pork Bellies then?

  132. I’d like to be there right now W.A.T.H mate! I work in the St James’ Park area in Central London, always full of tourists!

  133. How you doing WATH?

  134. RP, Isn’t that now called sportsdirect arena mate ?? ;-)

  135. RP. What do you do in St James’ Park?

  136. Cheers guys, gone now.. :D

  137. No, at Highbury Corner. There’s a recording studio there now but they used to manufacture saveloys when I was a kid and lived in Liverpool Road. Horrible whiff as I reall. See you Kev. Safe journey.

  138. I work in St James’ Park – someone come and save me!

  139. Happy packing Grandad and have a busy afternoon mate…! Travel safe and remember… be careful out there..!

  140. Between Jermyn St and St James’ Sq…?

  141. Righto Adam, i got a bag to pack, so i’m offski…

    I shall keep a sharp eye out, for a guy carrying his NUJ card in his hat…

    Adios Amigos

  142. I had a flat there. I wish I could have bought the house. It would have realised a handsome profit. And Swan Yard?

  143. Very nice, a haven from the surrounding gloom.

  144. Yes, I used to live at No5 Kev.

  145. Percy Circus?
    What, behind the hotel and walking distance to Kings X…?

  146. Paulo Freitas‏@Cynegeticus

    @YoungGunsBlog São Paulo received €6m from Internacional as compensation for Oscar and they considered using that money to buy Denílson.

  147. Kev. Watch out for me down there tomorrow. I will say the code “Swan Yard to Percy Circus” then you’ll know it’s me. I will appear disheveled and dirt encrusted at first.

  148. Cheers Rico..,

    Will send you info on the pre-season games that i get to.

  149. Vernat. Amen.

  150. Got to pop off for a while…

    AK, safe journey to the city if i’m not back before you disappear…

    Laters all, come on Germany….

  151. Green Park to St James’….
    Lunch at the Wolesley…
    Pop into White’s or the St James’ club for a G&T…

    Very civilised…

  152. Adam dont worry

    [The European Championships]
    Arsene: The Club Ivan, the Club
    Silent Stan: Do you see the transfers?
    Arsene: The Club, the Club
    Silent Stan: Do you see the transfers?
    Ivan: What transfers?
    Silent Stan: Do you see the transfers?
    Ivan: Yes, Jesus, holy tap-dancing Christ, I see the transfers
    Silent Stan: Praise the Lord
    Arsene: and God bless Arsenal

  153. I dreamt about them. We were having the HH get-together at Lee’s house and he served them. Then, all of a sudden all the weird embryonic, lightly feathered things came to life and started making a terrible squawking noise as they struggled to free themselves from the half opened eggs. It was, as you say, horrid.

  154. It is beta to hav all dese boys on team….cos i do biliv dat some arsenal player dont hav de ability to play all season long.Ramsey is not a player dat arsenal ned to sell,instead arsene wenger needs to work on is improvement..lika wat and adict do say” bad child also hav is field of speciality.”adding players to de team does not stop dere improvement,and is beta to hav more dan not to at all..wenger pls don get more players,cos i nid trophy…

  155. Good point Adam, they made me cringe to say the least, horrid…

  156. Yes Rico, but she also likes those bird things too. :)

  157. agag likes VdV Adam… ;)

  158. Vernat. Just don’t tell Mancini that’s where they are off to.

  159. Gazidis and Arsene on the way to sign players

    Gazidis: It’s 190 miles to Rennes, we got a full tanks of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark and we’re wearing sunglasses.

    Arsene: Hit it.

    Arsene on why they should sign for Arsenal

    Arsene: They’re not gonna catch us. We’re on a mission from God.

  160. I don’t believe that VDV’s fitness levels can see him through 90 minutes and he’s horribly spiteful. Just like my 4th wife was.

  161. HR, cheer up, it could be worse, you could wake up dead in the morning.
    It’s more hope and expectation.

  162. Why would Spurs sell VdV to their direct rival – I don’t want him anyway, he’s a lazy bastard. And Fellaini really isn’t that good – i don’t understand the obsession with him.

    The main reason Vertonghen isn’t joining us is becuase he won’t be first choice – i actually think he’s better than Vermaelen mind you.

    Diaby ouut, Ramsey in

  163. Sign M’Vila and maybe Van der vaart or fellaini and Arsenal will be a team to watch next season.Also Arsenal should go for Vertonghen since Tottenham do not want to sign him.I think Diaby and Ramsey should be given another chance to improve.

  164. I used to like him as a player, however I now cordially dislike him, his get and his friends, animals, stupid scarf, and especially his floppy hair in fact I only dislike mourinho more to be honest.

    I also missed out in the list as stated Arsenal captains and forgot to add “but no Irish”.

    If they sell to $ity then lets have De jong and richards and some cash please.

  165. It’s number 19 Kev. It isn’t a jewellers but the company’s office that operates a service centre and a spares department. I love Jermyn Street. It’s like going back 100 years, apart from the traffic that is. I catch the Victoria to Green Park and stroll through. If I’ve got a few quid in me sky rocket I might even stop in the Wolseley for some nosh.

  166. Hope so Micko, its been a long time since we signed someone ;)

  167. Yann M’vila wasn’t at Colney yesterday. And anyone who says he was is a Sp*rs fan.

    (a) Show me Pochulu’s tweet.

    and …

    (b) Show me a photograph of M’vila at the ground.

    Thought not.

    One out of two, even?

    Imagined. Made up. Fabricated. Malicious. (You get the message.)

  168. TT, if that happens you won’t hear a peep outta me for the rest of the summer.

  169. St James’ Square Adam, is a nice place to park up and have a cuppa and get a bit of fresh air…
    Where in the Square?
    Can’t think of any jewellers around there?

  170. I’m just loving the positivity….
    It’s just like a few years ago, pre-Ashburton Grove, pre-Dein sacking, so much of a good vibe… :)

  171. Tomorrow Kev. I have to go to St James Square to get a new link for my watch. It’s one of the most beautiful of London Squares I think and am sure you know it well.

  172. Now give me Martinez or M’Vila and Robins name on a new contract and we are set for next season :)

  173. Adam, i’m still at home mate, gonna leave about 1pm for Ashford and the Hi-Speed to Stratford.
    So i’ll probably be about, in Town, from about 2/2.30 onwards.
    You in the Smoke today then?

  174. Meh my answer to that got wiped rico cant be arsed to type it all again ;)

  175. It’s freaky Rico. Mrs Adam has never understood me in the same way :)

  176. Kev. You in the West End today?

  177. Morning Grandson…

  178. :lol: Adam, that is becoming more and more evident as the days go by…..

  179. Morning all,
    Vernat, you missed Arsenal captains off of that list of yours.

    No-one spotted Giroud when he was over for his medical on Monday, maybe we could sneak M’vila in the same way.

  180. I particularly liked hornswogglers.

  181. Morning you lot oh and Grandad….! ;-)

  182. Yeah Vernat, don’t sit on the fence mate, get to the point…
    Now do you dislike Mancini or not??? ;)

  183. Diaby is an excellent player – potentially! Yes he is the right age but he has very little experience as he has spent so much time on the mending couch since he was 18! Age yes – experience no!
    Don’t want to lose him though. The glimpses we have had of his talent are/were there for all to see but they were only snatches of what might be. or might have been. Dan Smith has a lot to answer for. What is the cost of a ruined career?

    I think Coquelin will turn into a Paddy clone next year. In fact I’m surprised Citeh haven’t put a bid in for him – yet!!

    Robin to citeh – no chance. Robin elsewhere this summer – I don’t think so. He’d be too expensive. Next summer, well who knows?? I reckon he could end up in China! (he is very fragile, after all!!)

  184. Rico. As I said just the other day, you know me so well. :)

  185. Kev. I always had you down as a man with insight and you are right. I know pro sport is a cut throat business but I am old enough to still wish for a modicum of decency and honor among professionals. Naive I know. Mancini is…. oh well, I think I have been there already.

  186. I didn’t want to mention that AK, but I have seen a few vibes of dislike creeping into his comments of late….

    and vernat’s ;)

  187. Err yes TT

    By defensive probs i mean player wise, of course the training and the way we defend needs sorting out, that was clear to see for everyone.. even Stevie Wonder commented on it…. ;)

    Add Richards and we have a Mr Utility defender

  188. I’ve got a sneaking feeling that Adam doesn’t hold Roberto Mancini in very high regard….

    Mancini is like the greedy child in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory

  189. TT. When they are all fit? That has been something of a rare occurrence recently mate. Plan for the worst ’cause, if you’re Arsenal, that’s what will probably happen.

  190. He is Wath, i know he used to be a bit of a party boy, but a great defender who would love to sign for us i’m sure – morning to you…

  191. Richards is one of very few I would love to see us take from Citeh, he would solve our defensive problem…

    Ummm no rico. Our defensive problems are not down to playing personnel at all IMHO but training and team setup. When TV Kozzer Sagna and BFG, with Santos and Gibbs are all fit I don’t see a regular 1st team slot there for Micka….or whom of our regulars would you bench?

  192. He’s also a Gooner Rico ;-)

  193. Adam

    The short answer to that is none..

    He has bought only ready made players and paid over the odds for them, ruined good ones like Adam Johnson and Steve Ireland and to top it all, left out Micah Richards towards the end of last season.

    Richards is one of very few I would love to see us take from Citeh, he would solve our defensive problem…

  194. Mancini to his scouts before they go out

    “I want rustlers, cut throats, murderers, bounty hunters, desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, halfwits, dimwits, vipers, snipers, con men, Indian agents, Mexican bandits, muggers, buggerers, bushwhackers, hornswogglers, horse thieves, bull dykes, train robbers, bank robbers, ass-kickers, s**t-kickers and Methodists.”

  195. I’m glad a few of the young ones are being allowed to move on Kev…

  196. I see that Man City have “launched a probe” for Robin. The crass stupidity of some of the articles about this stuff is really beginning to grate. I feel a brutal article coming on. I think Mancini is such an unspeakable wally. Which player under his managership has improved? There’s a good case to be made that quite a few have actually gone backwards (Milner, Johnson, Richards etc. etc….). Who would want to play for such a simpering, needy brat? Don’t tell me. It’s the money stupid. Agreed. And what a culture of togetherness that has created hasn’t it? If you are a “snout in the trough player” like Nasri or Adebayor or you simply can’t cut it any more like Clichy then fine, but I always believed that Robin was made of different stuff. It’s strange how in football, as in life, people find their ideal mates and niches. They gravitate toward each other like planets as if guided by some mysterious force. Like his and her serial killers or Mr and Mrs Pig feeding their faces in the KFC every night, Mancini seems to exemplify everything that Man City have become synonymous with. Selfishness, greed, short-termism, spoilt brat players. Exemplary examples of the me, me, me culture and all lead by a particularly unedifying man who just wants what’s on everybody else’s plate even though he’s already eaten his own dinner, because not only does he want to be associated with something that he had no part in creating, because he isn’t good enough, but also because he wants to deny anybody else enjoying it.

  197. Also joining the club is Javi Hervas from Cordoba while Chilean starlet Bryan Rabello has signed from Colo Colo.
    Bunjaku was last year at the centre of an international tug-of-war between England and Albania.
    England coaches were keen to promote the teenager in to the FA’s youth development set-up after identifying Bunjaku as a possible England player of the future.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2165875/Arsenal-allow-Alban-Bunjaku-join-Sevilla.html#ixzz1z4rbto9d

  198. Arsenal teenager Bunjaku joins Sevilla after decade with boyhood clubBy Sportsmail Reporter
    PUBLISHED: 09:06, 28 June 2012 | UPDATED: 09:07, 28 June 2012
    Comments (0) Share
    Sevilla have completed the signing of Alban Bunjaku from Arsenal.
    The 18-year-old was born in Romford and came through the youth academy having joined the club when he was eight.
    But despite showing promise, he has been allowed to leave for La Liga, with the Andalusian club announcing his arrival as one of three new acquisitions.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2165875/Arsenal-allow-Alban-Bunjaku-join-Sevilla.html#ixzz1z4rREWnd

  199. I rather would prefer a strengthened defence. The midfield is just good enough for any competition in Europe. A fully fit Song- Arleta-Wilshire combination backed by Rosicky ,Frimpong, Coquelin and Diaby whilst the OX, Theo and Gervinho provide massive support to Podolski, Giroud RVP upfront combination is good enough to challenge for any trophy.
    Yann M’villa may be a strong addition especially if we aim for treble.
    If what I am hearing about Vertonghen’s move to Tot is true, then we could try our luck there. However, if we could get a back up for evergreen Sagna and equally good goalkeeper to challenge for the No.1 spot, we could see our drought coming to an end.

  200. hi sam, not suprised…

  201. Think he was a Coach at Arsenal under Don Howe in the 1980’s…
    If it’s the same guy he was an Arsenal Apprentice and reserve player, in the group that came thru shortly after Charlie George’s group…
    So steeped in the clubs traditions.
    sounds a good choice…

  202. That will be Nik then satan ;)

    have to agree there Thorny…

  203. Jamie Sanderson‏@YoungGunsBlog

    Arsenal set to appoint Terry Burton as reserve team coach, say Indy. Worked under Roy Hodgson at #WBA. Well known to Arsenal.

  204. Tbh Thorny i don’t think anyone on here today, would disagree with you…

  205. Sorry to be the bringer of bad newsYes Vincent_ did say M’vila in london colney but he has now deleted the tweat re m’vila in London Colney. So obviously not convinced of its varacity.

  206. Thorny. Definitely. Create a climate of serious competition and let the cream rise to the top. That’s the way that good players become great.

  207. I look forward to that AK :)

    Oops, sorry Adam

  208. Never underrate Carlos Vela & Aaron Ramsey

  209. I agree and think that defensively there is (obviously) much room for improvement. The fastest way to increase our points is to take the pressure off the attacking side of things by not giving away stupid goals. Don’t get me started on our formation when we get a corner.

  210. bring in tiago alcatera from barca and jordin Alber then we are good for the season even if Vanpee leaves

  211. Oh and Robin ain’t going anywhere either, at least not for this season. He’ll stay for sure.

    The player moving on would be world’s best striker.

  212. With regard to Shards comment on Aaron’s performances, have a look at this piece;


  213. I dont see why alot of folk dislike Ramsey….I rate the guy and he’s been through some sh@t for a young fella. Agree with Adam 9.32 and I totaly detest Stoke, Pulis, and Shawcross. Ramseys recovery and performance has been staggering if you ask me. He wont keep a reg spot this season perhaps but he’s a proper gooner and will fight for his spot. He wouldnt be in my deadwood list. Diaby would

  214. AK,

    Agree the defence needs a bit of fine tuning, and hopefully the two B’s will bring some of their experience onto the training ground but, imho we still need to sign a defender too, one who can play anywhere along the backline.

    JD is a worry and there is speculation he could go, and one injury and we are back in the mire, especially if we start the season with Kos at right back.

  215. Rico. Please! Let me maintain the mystery a little longer.

  216. Players i’m expecting big things from next season: Ramsey and Gervinho

  217. Oh c’mon Rambo is not going anywhere till he hangs up his shoes for good. People say we need to loan him out, but what they forget is it was his performance in first half of the season that drove us where we are. He was just awesome. Had not there been so many Gerv’s misses, he would have had top assists by christmas only.

    Just give the guy a break.

  218. I do Lee in gothic lettering and on the rear wing I have.” Keep Back. Give My Child A Chance” even though I have no child.

  219. Rico, not seen any of the youngsters play since ManC in the Carling Cup.
    I’m gonna see a couple of reserve pre-season games next month, so i’ll keep ya posted on anyone who looks to have 1st team potential…

  220. So we have Adams true identity –

    Adam ‘Rodney’ Trotter :P

  221. Ramsey’s problems last season had nothing to to with his injury IMO. It had all to do with being asked on many occasions to play on the wing or as a creative midfielder, of which he is neither. He is a box to box player that is very good at linking the midfield in a 4 5 1 system.

    When he plays a role similar to that he is actually a very good midfielder one that I have high hopes for.

  222. sign villa or any oda atacking midfielder then give ramsey one more season. He might improve.

  223. Do you have Adam and Mrs A on your sun visor?

  224. Thanks Lewis, just a conversation piece tbh.
    Agree 100% on the Jerries…

  225. Morning AKB’s
    Thanks for the great sub-edit Rico…
    I don’t want Aaron to leave, that’s for sure.
    But the Fulham rumours were a bit of a shock and get ya wondering what Arsene has planned for our Welshman?
    Morning Rico btw..

  226. Love them Lee, don’t believe them, but still love them :)

  227. Welcome Shard

    The Ramsey question came about after ‘stories’ reported that Martin Jol had made a £5.5M offer for him, like you though, just can’t see AW giving up on yet…

    He suffered badly, just needs to get some confidence back into his game and a good pre-season could do that…

  228. Just to answer your question Lee. No, the Robin I drive is not the cabriolet version, but rather the sports coupe. I added the rear wing and alloys myself.

  229. You love to get us going with those rumours Rico.

  230. Ramsey won’t be sold. Any concerns over psychological damage at least, were cleared when we played Stoke away and Ramsey unhesitatingly went into 50-50 tackles. That boy’s a fighter. Regarding his rehabilitation from injury, Wenger has already said before that Ramsey has full mobility back, while Eduardo didn’t. Also, Ramsey faced a lot of unfair criticism. His performances weren’t as bad as is made out to be, and if his finishing was a bit better, he wouldn’t be getting as much stick. He makes the right runs. He does tend to dwell on the ball but that is something that can be worked on. He played enough times last season to suggest that Wenger sees something in him. I think this rumour is just that..A rumour.

    Good point about where the youngsters fit in, but I think they still have time. Frimpong needs to spend a year on loan. Eastmond’s chance has come and gone I think. Yennaris might get some game time with Sagna out, and then go on loan in January. Eisfeld is more an attacking mid, and without Diaby, and even Rosicky and Wilshere injured, he might get some games as well. Aneke probably goes on loan. I think most of those guys are at least one season away.

  231. Nice post Kev. These are questions that we all ask ourselves. I feel particularly for Ramsey. What that thug did to him was criminal and I also think that Pulis was very culpable too. I think Arsenal do owe him a proper shot in a new season though. Perhaps a loan for a few months and then see where that takes us.

  232. Good post 47!

  233. As for the Twitter comments – sorry to have added them, but it had to be done, I like the M’Vila being spotted one most ;)

  234. Morning all,

    Cracker again AK, thank you..

    I can’t see Ramsey going for good but I’d love to see him go on loan. Diaby, well definately a huge IF he stays fit for any long period of time. Agree his time is running out..

    Which of the younger players has it in them to push for a plce, haven’t seen them play for a while…?

  235. Dempsey is pointless – he’s not a major improvement on what we currently have. If we’re not going to sign a top class AM, i’d rather carry on with what we have.

  236. would not mind if the rumour is true of ramsey to fulham on a years loan with Dempsey joining Arsenal

  237. Really want the Germans to go win it now. Pod bagging a few in the process.

  238. Sign M’Vila and the midfield is looking strong. We then need to offload the deadwood. My list of casualties would be Bendtner, Chamakh, Vela, Denilson, Squillaci. Give Ramsey one more season, along with Diaby.

    Maybe add a new backup keeper if Fab leaves and a new defender who can play along the back line and the season will be looking good.

  239. Morning all.
    Good post AK, can’t see Rambo being shipped this summer and tbh I wouldn’t want him to be, I think he will be a much different animal this season and if not then loan him. He definitely had the talent before Pulis gave the order of get stuck in and shawcross did the rest, so I’m hoping we persist with Aaron for a few more years yet. As for the rest, diaby has this year to prove himself otherwise get rid and if the other youngsters are good enough they will make it through. Wilshere, the ox and Gibbs are testament to that.

  240. Ramsey is going nowhere – case closed

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