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Suprise Arsenal Addition! Time to forget M’Vila and go back to February 2009……

Well well, we didn’t expect afc.com to announce that we had signed Olivier Giroud yesterday did we, well not as soon as they did, they normally make us wait ages don’t they? What a shocker and we didn’t see that signing coming did we. ;)

Great news though, a big strong striker who is good in the air who will no doubt make a difference to our attack, but as always, give the guy a chance before writing him off, especially if he doesn’t score a hat-trick in his first game!!

Two goal scorers in, add them to Robin van Persie and suddenly we are looking really good up front.

Well, here’s proof of how good we will look…


Now let’s hope Arsene Wenger looks towards stopping the goals going in at the other end and his next move is to sign a defensive midfielder and a strong defender who can preferably play anywhere along the back line.

Back in 2009, we along with Liverpool, were keeping an eye on Etienne Capoue, he hadn’t been with his current club for that long as was still not even 20 years old but already he had caught Arsene Wengers eye and Capoue knew it:

It is good to be linked with prestigious clubs, but I have only just started in the top division in France and I need to prove myself before moving abroad, I will not lose any sleep over it. I am very down to earth and I will continue to work hard and have more good games for Toulouse.

Our squad is fantastic, we get on well, and we want to make a name for ourselves. However, I do like English football, I watch it a lot, and I also like the Spanish Liga. Maybe one day I will play there, who knows?

Well, could that day be now?

Recently all the news in France was that Arsenal and Rennes had agreed a deal for Yann M’Vila and it wouldn’t be long before that deal would be confirmed but since then, M’Vila has had a brush with the law and following the exit of France from the Euros, he has been labelled a bit of a troublesome lad within the French camp along with Samir Nasri, Hatem Ben Arfa and Jeremy Menez. They are all  reported to have been involved in a spat with French coach Laurent Blanc.

Not good and certainly not something which Arsene Wenger would want to bring into his current squad, normally it’s one whiff of trouble in a player and he gets rid, so for that reason maybe we should all forget about signing this young man..

However, that doesn’t nessecarily mean that Wenger won’t sign that defence minded midfield player, after all, he has said that our midfielders are too attacking so maybe Capoue is back in his thoughts?

He’s older and wiser now, and maybe it’s the right time to make that move to England….

Have a good day all…..


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259 comments on “Suprise Arsenal Addition! Time to forget M’Vila and go back to February 2009……

  1. Morning all nice one Rico, at the end of last season many was saying two or three signings and we’ll have the makings of a winning team, now we have brought in two new strikers to help Robin Van Persie out, i am still hearing that supporters now want a defensive midfielder a reserve keeper and maybe someone else, now just how many more players do we need remember Wilshere still has to come back yet

  2. Good Morning Fine Folk.

    Good one Rico.

    So it seems that RVP has agreed wages with Shitty. That is not allowed surely!!!!! Its illegal.

    Maybe give us 15million plus De Jong or Richards???

    Capoue…………I like him and prefer him to M’Vila. Plus he will cost around 8 million less.

    I am off now. maybe later today. Who knows.

    Now when is that dratted TFT going to make its way to my computer? I need to get some time to buy a new one.


    Morning SP

  4. Morning all…

    Steve, it’s ok scoring the goals, we have to stop leaking them too but without additions in to the defence, and i include a dm in that, little will change imho.

    devil – i read that citeh are will to give us Adam Johnson and Lescott – not sure if there is much to that though….

  5. Bye Devil. Laters.

  6. Laters hopefully devil….

  7. Morning Rico. IF Robin goes won’t we need another striker to add to the two the club just bought? If Bendtner and Park go too. And Arshavin. The permutations are endless.

  8. Still M’Vila for me – remember RVP had a history of being a bad boy.

    M’Vila and Martinez are the best young DMs in the world – we really need to scoop one of them!

  9. Martinez has looked quality whenever I have seen him.

  10. Morning Adam – yes has to be the answer but he’s still with us ;)

    Unless Campbell and Afobe are going to be relied on which would be very dangerous imho… We can’t take for granted that either Podolski or Giroud will make an instant impact…

  11. Romford you took the very words out of my mouth….he was a loose canon at Feyenoord, no?

  12. Martinez is the expensive option isn’t he?

  13. Morning Devil, Rico just how many do you think we still need

  14. Morning Romford

    Tbh, I’m not overly fussed which DM we sign as long as he wants to be with us, he’s big and strong and has the ability to do what we need and at the end of the season we have not conceded anywhere near the amount of goals we did last season.

  15. What about Felliani?

  16. AW dat dos’nt me anyting we need DM which means all arsenal fans want 2 see M’villa in our squad. If wenger buy him so wenger we no how 2 handle him. up gurnnerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  17. Adam there are a substantial number of arrangements to be met if AFC has the balls to pursue a Biblical exodus. Maybe that’s the reason for these early birds as a complete overhaul of the whole team dynamics is Wenger’s objective.

  18. We definitely need a DM!

  19. 3 Steve, a DM, CB & keeper…

  20. Half a team in all then :)

  21. Sad you are off Devil. I had not heard any news on RVP agreeing wages with Citeh so was wondering where you got that from. I know statements in football mean very little these days but we have had strong statements from his dad that he will definitely not go to Citeh and AW has recently strongly stated that RVP will be with Arsenal next season. I honestly believe that with Podolski and Giroud and maybe 1 more we are starting to look like a title challenging side. RVP has always said it is about silverware and not money so if we are starting to look like we have as much chance of winning silverware as Citeh surely he should be staying. For those that would say we can’t compete with Citeh I would point out that we played them off the park at the Emirates. Our bigger problem was having a strong enough squad to compete from game 1 to game 38. I think we are now very close to having that squad that can be strong for a whole season. I somewhat agree with Stevepalmer1 in how many more players are needed. For me our biggest problems were defensive discipline and not what players we didn’t have and that Song didn’t hold position when it was necessary. This should be easy to address even if we don’t buy any more midfielders and Stevepalmer is right in pointing out we have a lot of them. I don’t know much about Capoue and would love to hear from a French Gooner who may have seen more of him than most of us have. If I had a choice right now with 1 more player I would go for De-Rossi. He is disciplined enough to play the DM role but can also play the box to box role and can even slot into defence. You know what you are getting with an experienced Italien DM.

  22. I can’t see us signing a defender though, unless Djourou goes…

  23. Goonerb,

    the media are claiming RvP has agreed terms with Citeh, i don’t believe it though, just don’t think he would join another PL club. barca, Juve or Real, or he stays is my own opinion…

  24. Good article from the Daily Mirror:

    Ian Walton / Getty

    Some time in the next two weeks, Robin van Persie will sit down with Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger to talk about his future.

    He would do well to listen to the Frenchman who will make it abundantly clear that if van Persie decides on pastures new, then the club in his sights had better be prepared to pay top dollar. Around £30 million to be precise.

    And if no such offer is forthcoming, then van Persie will go into the last year of his contract as an Arsenal player and the prospect of a free transfer at the end of it.

    False economy? Maybe. But van Persie will be 30 in August next year and that £250,000 wage offer currently banded about may have shrunk a little. As soon as the age starts with a “3”, then the twitches start.

    Van Persie’s stock was never higher than in May when he finished as Footballer of the Year, with 30 goals in the Premier League and an injury-free nine months under belt.

    But he suffered in the Euros along with the rest of the ego-driven Dutch squad who clearly ignored the fact that there is no “i” in team. Van Persie just did not look the same player although it has to be said he was not helped by the evident chaos around him.

    Now come the crunch talks with Wenger – and we will find out if there is a gambling side to van Persie’s nature.

    One certainty is that Wenger has a stubborn streak. For all his professorial demeanour, Wenger can be as hard as the next man. He has shown he can be ruthless in the past when he has decided the time was up for players regarded as iconic.

    The names of Ian Wright, Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira and Robert Pires come to mind.

    So van Persie needs to be aware that if he going to play hardball, Wenger will return it with interest. If there is no £30 million on the table, van Persie will stay and be allowed to take his chances on a free transfer with his 30th birthday a matter of weeks away.

    Wenger, of course, wants him to stay. Van Persie is quality. And if the Dutchman opts to see out his contract, then there will be time to bed in new signings Lukas Podolski and Olvier Giroud while they adapt to English football.

    Wenger will make his case clear. Arsenal will not suffer from this scenario – so Robin, it is over to you.

  25. Sorry, morning Dutch and Adam GoonerB, Judgeing what is coming in i assume we will have a big clearout, that is almost as important as who stays.

  26. Either M’Vila or Martinez, Fellaini is nowhere near the required level.

    And me personally, I just don’t see RVP at City. I may be wrong but so many factors point against it.

  27. Couldn’t agree more Rico. No matter which way I look at it I can’t see a better fit for Robin than where he is. City would pay him about £70 or £80 grand a week more for sure but he would be rotated, not captain and living in a new city which would mean uprooting his family and taking his kids to a new school. And he would be working under a new and far worse manager who is tactically extremely negative with a bunch of mercenaries who do what they want, when they want. Apparently Arsenal will give him millions as a loyalty bonus, new contract fee, call it whatever you want. The only realistic option I see is Spain, to one of the two big clubs. I doubt Barca can afford him and playing for Mourinho at a new club when you are 30 and a small fish in a big pond of monster egos? Interesting but no guaranteed happiness there I think. If he does decide to leave he will never be an Arsenal legend, but perhaps this doesn’t matter to him. He will have shown Arsenal no loyalty after the way the club has stood by him through false imprisonment on rape charges and a never-ending catalogue of long, long injuries. His wife made this very point recently too.
    Of course Mancini wants him. He is such a twat he hasn’t worked out that, at Arenal, the team plays for Robin. They won’t do that up there plus of course, and this is a huge motivator for Mancini, it weakens Arsenal at the same time means that he doesn’t need to waste his own time looking for players and can spend more time looking at himself in the mirror and reminding everyone how he won the PL title after spending hundreds of millions of pounds, including £24 million on Milner, on goal difference.
    If Robin’s ego has grown exponentially, after his fantastic season, to the point where he sees a better life away from Arsenal, then I personally doubt whether Wenger will waste too much time trying to persuade him otherwise as one of his mantras is humility.

  28. Agree there Steve

    Miquel ?
    Lansbury? (hopefully not)

    Walcott ?
    RvP ?

  29. Great comment Adam, absolutely spot on and for those reasons, I just cannot see him asking/demanding to leave.

    On the other hand and as devil suggested recently, it could be that the club are ready to take a gamble on losing him for £30M…

    After all, he’s had the armband, usually the next step is out the door… (cynic i know)

  30. as for mvila we could try to force price down with this bad press but i would still buy,we want the raw power he has and could help bring frimpong quicker,RVP sorry but why hasnt he signed or said that he will sign words havnt been said so wes going our only problem how much!

  31. I’d settle for Fellaini, he’d slot straight in alongside his buddy Mikel, no time needed to adjust to the PL either…

  32. Morning AKB’s
    Gotta be carefull not to allow the Press to drive a wedge between RVP and the club/fans….

    The club simply have to make a stand on RVP….
    Unless Shittie come in with an unbelievable offer, then we have to fcuk them off….
    Despite the hilarity [to some] in the fact that i believe that Mancini sees Arsenal as a threat, i still do…
    The Board HAVE TO back Wenger and keep RVP…
    In 12 months the whole scenario around him could be different?

  33. Welcome to Club Forward. Current affairs are echoing the credo of last years 125 anniversary. Typical Arsenal delaying the much anticipated and needed beyond their prominent actuality. ;)

  34. bob – why hasn’t he signed is a million dollar question we all would like to know the answer to, the same with Theo..

    Is it the clubs doing or the players?

    Reality is we don’t know, it really could be true about RvP wanting the club to show intent, and if so, then we can’t say that the manager isn’t doing just that…

    I strongly suspect we will see a DM in over the next few days and then nothing more until the clearout takes place…

    Only my own opinion though….

  35. Morning AK, you see that peice from the daily mirror? I reckon Walton has is pretty much spot on…

  36. the story about m’villa will finish and he iz young telented player so plz get him

  37. I would have sold Theo at the end of the season without batting an eyebrow but i honestly think he would work well in a better team. The players we have aquired so far look as if they have an eye for a pass and that could be a big plus for Theo, added with Wilshere and DM the league is looking good for next season.

  38. Steve – you would have sold Theo long before the end of this season ;)

  39. Morning Rico, a very fine post.
    Yes i did read Walton’s piece, very good indeed, just goes to show that some of those idiots can actually put together an insightfull bit of work.

    Shame they don’t do it more often…

  40. welcome mo…

  41. Thanks AK, i thought it was really good too, not the post, the article by ian walton ;)

  42. Adam, what you say has more than a grain of truth in it.
    Wenger has said as much when complaining about Barca & Shittie undermining his work by taking key componants of his team…
    Stealing Wenger’s players seems to be club policy at WasteLands…
    The Arsenal Board have to stop acting like victims and grow a backblone…

  43. As far as the debate on more new players is concerned, yes, i’m a fan, i love to see my club signing players, hey it’s exciting right….
    But in reality, i believe that a different defensive approach could pay off as many dividends as 3 more new signings.
    Come in Bould/Banfield, i’m looking at you…..

  44. But, on the other hand,we would be wise to remember that there are two parties involved here. The media are painting a picture of Robin holding all the aces and poor Arsenal in a caricature position, on their knees begging Robin to stay and being prepared to sell the family silver to ensure he does. I actually believe the club to be in a fairly strong position and there are many precedents for Robin to consider. “Wenger always sells his best players” yes, that is true but, apart from Fabregas, who has moved onwards and upwards? Nasri? By his standars, yes but we now see him in his true colours so I, for one am not sorry to see the back of him. But we certainly could debate that one. If Robin has let it all go his head and that is a big if and with what looks like a large turnaround of players this close-season, by Wenger’s previous standards anyway, with new quality players coming in, does he really want an uncommitted Robin playing Billy Big B…..ks, moping around? What about the captaincy? This is all a finely balanced equation Wenger must resolve here. And as Gazidis said, new contracts are awarded based on expectation for the future and not on achievements of the past.
    The best thing would be for Robin to sign, enthusiastically and say it’s business as usual. Prevarication will be damaging and we must have a settled squad for what is going to be a huge season. Arsenal are far, far bigger than one man as has been proved time an time again.

  45. Its difficult though AK, do we want to keep players who really want out and are driven purely by money?

    My only gripe is that because Citeh have a bottomless pit, we sell to them becuase we know we can rip them off..

    I some ways we are as bad as Citeh, we make the club better off through taking their millions but then moan that we lose players.

    What other club would have offered 22M for nasri…. And no other club will offer £30m for RvP….

    Wenger/the board can’t have it both ways…

  46. Rico. An excellent point but the board aren’t stupid. They moan about City but then, as you say, rip them off by turning a buyers market into a sellers one. £40 million for Adebayor an some bloke called Kolo Toure who was great for us at one time but had gone way off the boil. Amazing. The real point is what you do with that money.

  47. Trouble is with RvP demanding a plug and play silverware capable squad before he signs a new deal is; the dead wood bunch devalues at the same time cuz we’ll have a surplus beyond FA rules. Weakening our financial gain to finance his desired makeover. So indeed Robin’s decision time is edging closer as Wenger won’t loose sight on the economic aspects of the ransom saga.

  48. Exactly Adam – if those multi millions were re-invested properly in the squad then we all wouldn’t be questioning their motives and tbh, i cannot really see our selling plans changing until we have paid off the stadium or the board/wenger change their ways.

    The latter, I cannot see happening.

    All clubs sell players, that’s what makes the footballing world go round but we as a club can choose who we sell to but then, another can of worms opens when good players are allowed to get into their final year of contract.

    As AK says, it is time for the board/wenger to play hardball but that to all be done long before players are nearing the time to call the shots. Imho, when a player gets to two years left, extend their contract or put them up for sale to the highest bidder. If that player doesn’t want to move, they’ll soon sign on….

  49. Without wishing to be pedantic in any way, wasn’t that article in the Mirror written by Steve Stammers? He is, according to many, a journalist with a degree of Arsenal inside knowledge. Unlike Martin Lipton who is a journalist with absolutely no knowledge of anything to do with football as far as I can see.

  50. DG – I think the deadwood know they won’t be in the 25 man squad, that should be enough to convince them to find another club asap

    Unless they are not fussed and just want a pay cheque without playing, as Almunia seemed to be happy with…

  51. You are right Adam, it was Steve Stammers….

    He wrote this piece too:

    The modern footballer tends to attract less than positive publicity because of extravagant lifestyles and occasional crude, boorish behaviour.

    Take Frank Lampard out of that equation. The Chelsea midfield player visited Daily Star journalist Danny Fullbrook while he was hospital for treatment for cancer.

    Danny passed away last week and his funeral was on Monday. Frank Lampard was in the middle of a holiday in France but interrupted it to be at the service to pay his last respects.

    Top man is Lampard.

  52. Capoue is just what we need,he is a beast in the tackle,hard hitting but not reckless,he scares opponents,also can play cb,also throughout last season his performances were rated better than mvilla,he was also selected tFrench league team of year by majority of french footie journalist’s,ahead of mvilla,we haven’t had a scary player since mad jens retired,capoue will make the opposition stay out of his way,and besides we already got a song for him,- you’ve only come to see capoue anyone?

  53. Just have to pop and clean the feathered ones, back in 20 mins…

  54. All to do with Lampard’s schooling! ;)

  55. Rico. Fair enough but I believe we are contractually obliged not to pay the stadium off early, but rather in affordable amounts. I think that what the board say and what they intend are two different things. The people who own and run City are incredibly rich but not that bright (see Milner and several others). Their money comes out of the ground. It is a natural and very, very fortuitous product that funds their very recent success. Not history, hard work,long-term planning or foresight or insight.
    If I want to sell you something then making it seem as if it will be a massive loss for me will increase its price. This is the way that Wenger and Gazidis work. Only a fool would want to keep an uncommitted player but you must pretend that you do to increase his worth. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Mirror article wasn’t also a little bit of propaganda to that end.

  56. We are so carried away by who’s coming in that we forget how important it is to clear out sonme players that are no longer of service to us. We have a truck load of players that have to leave for us to look ahead. I’m worried no one has been offloaded yet.

  57. Rico it’s not the deadweight but value plummet as our surplus become basement bargains with every fresh face announced. I expect one more player in (a defensive big hitter) before RvP talks will be held. After his final word is heard Wenger will focus on shifting the deadwood before anyone else will be offered a pen.

  58. Rico must agree with what u say about fat frank,I’m not his biggest fan but he has a real class about him that is not so well known,I work at the hospital his mum was taken to,and when he was going to visit her in the itu he had to go through the hospital main corridor to get there,inevitably he was spotted and even though his mum was very sick still took the time to speak and sign autographs for the people along the way

  59. DG the deadwood’s value is worthless anyway due to so many on such high extravagant wages hence we have to sell them off a lot cheaper than market value so teams can offer them a half decent wage or they just sit with us earn a fortune and contribute sweet FA…

    Oh and morning all..!

  60. jamonmofah – i read that too about the french media rating Capoue higher than M’Vila…

    Same one as you by chance Lee ;)

  61. Adam, that’s what i was trying to say, i can’t see the club changing tehir ways until the stadium is paid off – i wouldn’t be suprised if they are squirelling (spelling) the money away somewhere for a rainy day ;)

  62. jamonmofah – i didn’t write that about frank, it was from the daily mirror, but credit to him for being that wy when his mum was so ill, not sure i would have been able to…

    Morning Wath…

  63. I know Steve Stammers, Adam…
    My eldest boy used to play for the youth team he coached…
    Doddinghurst Olympic. They did win the Double when my lad played for them…
    Steve is a West Ham fan, but his father was a Gooner.
    I’ve always felt that he gives Arsenal a fair press…

  64. Morning all,
    Like the look of that forward line, would put the fear of God into most teams out there, lots of goals in them, they could cause havoc on their day.
    Have to hope RvP see’s the light and soon.

  65. Interesting Points Adam, 11.01…..
    Could well be a grain of truth in what you suggest….
    Tbh, i think we can wait until the middle of july…
    Let RVP have his holiday and let him mull things over.
    Ignore the Press shit-stirring…
    To me the clubs priority now should be to move some players on and free up some finance for a bit more business…

  66. Adam my point as well. Chamug already lost a lot of value by the limited minutes he got. If RvP extends and its announced before a deal for the Moroccan is hammered it will take his asking down by another 2 or 3 million. Apart from goalies this situation equals for Bendtner and other misfits as well. It will be stupendous of Arsenal to throw away dough that can make us pies. Lost money that otherwise would be burdening profits next season’s profit.

    Re If I want to sell you something then making it seem as if it will be a massive loss for me will increase its price. This is the way that Wenger and Gazidis work. Only a fool would want to keep an uncommitted player but you must pretend that you do to increase his worth. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Mirror article wasn’t also a little bit of propaganda to that end.

  67. Hi Micko, they look mean don’t they…

  68. DG – 11.10 – very good point, i think we should just cut our losses and sell them to whoever puts in a sensible offer – save on their wages should be the most imortant thing, it’s not like we paid OTT for them in the first place, well, other than AA…

  69. Jam, i think a few have gone, or will be gone in 4 or 5 days time; Almunia, Ozyakup (500k], Hoyte, Murphy, Monakana, Glasgow, Bunjaku [possibly], plus a few more…
    The guys you want out may take a bit of time, but i think most of them will be gone by the end of next month….

  70. WATH true although I think you should consider long term income isn’t secured with such attitude. Winston Bogarde protected his eggs like that but has recently filed for bankruptcy cuz no-one offered him any career chances, afraid he would choke their balance books over his preferred lifestyle.

  71. Here’s looking at you Dutch….

    Play it again Stan…. :D

  72. :lol: AK…

    In all the bars…….

  73. AK??? re Here’s looking at you Dutch…

  74. Casablanca Dutch….. ;)

  75. You played it for her, now play it for me…. :lol:

  76. Yan M’vila is a player urgently needed by Arsenal. He’s always welcome because he has been tested and certified… What we need is quality and he has it…

  77. Sorry Ladies… ;)

  78. AK ءاضيبلا رادلا ;)

  79. Doesn’t take much for us to be happy, just a signing Arsene, now another please :P

  80. It’ll never last !

  81. Never Micko, never ;)

  82. Kev I thought yesterday was Telepathic Day at HH.

    Re 11:37 Tbh, i think we can wait until the middle of july… Let RVP have his holiday and let him mull things over. Ignore the Press shit-stirring… To me the clubs priority now should be to move some players on and free up some finance for a bit more business…

  83. Bleacher report reckon its a good time to loan out
    Oxlade-Chamberlain – what planet are they on I wonder :roll:

  84. Oooh. He’s got quite a pout hasn’t he?

  85. Rico. That site gets more ridiculous by the day but the hoot of the day must be Phil Brown, or should I refer to him as proven liar Phil Brown, and his comments about Pirlo. Did anyone see them?

  86. Enlight us nitwits Adam.

  87. He has Adam – nice ;)

    I don’t read it anymore, used to but…

    Saw the Brown headline, but didn’t bother, after all, what does he know?

  88. Giroud’s wife looks a Bouchra II.

  89. Lets hope they become good friends rapidly DG, then Robin def won’t be allowed to move…. ;)

  90. I have a date with the Dyson, so back in a bit…..

  91. Brown, looking more orange than normal and still unable to understand why he hasn’t been offered a top job after his last rendition of Delilah, has had his say on Pirlo during a radio interview. Wondering why Pirlo hasn’t left Italy to play in England, Brown, a leading member of MENSA said.”Why hasn’t he come. Is he homophobic or something” Yes Phil. I think Pirlo must have worked out that all players in the PL are screaming queens mincing all over the pitch and wants to avoid that at all costs.

  92. Be careful Rico Dyson can suck all oxygen out of a room. He will only break your heart.

  93. What a plank that man is Adam…

    ok, laters….

  94. That’s funny Adam. Now I got this image of players entering the pitch with handbags under their armpit.

  95. RVP should be sold if he refuses to sign,he should recall that its arsenal who make players stars.check those that have shown disloyalty,now perrenial benchwarmers.the academy is full of players who can surpass the welbecks and sturidges of the EPL.it would give them time to learn from prince poldi and 9iroud

  96. He’s a lovely shade of burnt russet though.

  97. The Bleacher Report is made to look like a treatise by Freud in comparison to Here Comes The City. Apparently someone there has discovered that Robin’s contract ends next year and wait for it, he has been “strongly linked” with a move to Juventus or Man City. Now I am prepared to bet that this is the first any of you have heard about this shattering news. But I am afraid to say, there’s more. Once the drivel starts to drip it becomes a torrent in no time. Apparently we are all on “tenterhooks” to discover what decision he makes. Calm yourselves down now. I know it has been a shock.

  98. DG. Yes and Joey Barton running up to players screaming “I’ll scratch your eyes out”.

  99. Either filled his Jacuzzi with carrot juice or dropped a bar of soap in a tan shower.

  100. Adam to wich they reply: ” Sorry Joey, you should’ve texted me what lipstick you were going for.”

  101. Sorry that should be Here IS The City. Not that it really matters.

  102. Some sites register like a pin drop on the scale of Richter.

  103. DG. You have a way with the English language that is interesting. :)

  104. Afternoon all

    geoafrogooner – welcome, sorry for the delay, all first comments go ito moderation, you are free to blog away now…

  105. Thanks Adam it takes years of rigours practice. Still think I could work on a more extensive vocabulary. But again a very encouraging compliment. :)

  106. geoafrogooner…. are you Francais?

  107. Supermarket calls, and its raining so a good time to go, back shortly :)

  108. Dutch, i’ll have to teach you some Cockney rhyming slang…. ;)

  109. Ah Rico, you off to the lollipop….? {shop} :)

  110. Good Morning all and good morning to you Rico. what a fine topic, you bring out the best of Adam Kev and DG in the debate.

    From a reliable source ( can’t tell you) Silence Stan said RVP is not going anywhere this season.He (Silence Stan) wants to show those trying to get into the board or be part of management, that he is in for the long haul period.

    Capoun M’villa and Martinez all three are good players that can perform DM role if at all we got one, perfectly well if Silence Stan meant what he said.

    But I’ll go with M’Villa, imho. I’ve watched this guy played against Belgium international friendly and few other games in the Ligue1 and I love his attitude, same to TV5 as comparison. Even though he didn’t finish that Belgium game, he was injured during that game but, the guy can be discipline in terms of behavior. He’s only 21 yrs old. We can’t go wrong. When he comes to EPL he will know that he is in a different country and that behavior of his will change.Imho.

  111. Kev, any chance you could ‘sausage me a gregory’

  112. Welcome oliver 2 emirate stadium, hoping 4 the throphy next season

  113. afternoon all!
    Have we sign anyone more? Messi? Ronaldo? João Moutinho? Iniesta? Xavi?

  114. I heard one a while ago…. “What’s his name only went and pie’d his Olivers!”

  115. Kev I love the Cockney lingo sceneries. I might be wrong but didn’t it future in movies like Guy Ritchie’s Snatch or Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking barrels. And Fight Club??

    Adam been rereading comments superb outlay at 10:08 that’s my take as well detailed to the bare bone. No scavengers can rip any flesh from that assertion. Hope the van Persie family spends time regularly on HH. As external advisors we sure can chip in a hefty dose of reality. ;)

  116. Dutch there’s ATMs in East London that give you option of chosing Cockney as your language!!

  117. Don’t mean to be rude, but it sounds like something Sofia Loren may have said to Gregory Peck. ;)

    Smoke me a kipper – I’ll be back for breakfast.

    Thanks Micko got myself on a slang rhyme forum. Such joy to scoop the creative ingenuity although I find it hard to follow all the crumbs back to the original source and the field of meaning it portrays. But abundantly enjoyable.

    Lee :P funnyman.

  118. Ohh for those waiting to jump in the loop. Sausage me a Gregory means cash me a check.

  119. That’s 100% true Dutch!

  120. WoZ going for a vindaloo and a lager?? Lee is. ;)

    WoZ havin a butchers at the ivory pearls? Santos is.

  121. For Rico

    A speckled hen (£10)

  122. Correction WoZ havin a butchers at the ivory pearls? Thought it meant having spareribs as we have a saying feeding pearls to swines. Turns out it means planning a wedding. Which basically comes within touching distance of the Dutch expression. :) :P

  123. Boo, finally back from shopping, got stuck in Lidil talking to Arsene Wenger ;)

  124. Dutch, your a natural, Bethnal Green would be like a home from home for you, right up your street.

  125. Micko I read the Land Registry say prices have risen 26% still Beffnal has glimmers of your “gentleman’s sports bar” kinda neighbourhood. Indeed Home away from Home.

  126. Hi Rico. It’s very muggy and rather unpleasant here.

  127. Everyone happy then :P

  128. It’s the same here Adam

    Speckled Hen – i had one too many of those quite a few years back :(

  129. Bleeb ……………………………………….. Bleeb …………………………………….. Bleeb ……………………………………..

    That’s Pirlo’s gaydar.

  130. Dutch, even dirty old perverts need love !

  131. Hi NashuaGunners – thank you :)

    Hi JM, not today, maybe tomorrow we will have more news, do you have any news for us??

  132. Sevilla have signed one of our youngsters – Alban Bunjaku

  133. rico…..that is one off the wage bill……more to follow….happy we r playing my national team….hope i watch it live

  134. i suspect a few more will follow kc, or they will just be released, who we playing? ;)

  135. David
    Ornstein @bbcsport_david
    Van Persie to resume talks
    with Arsenal when back
    from Caribbean break. He’s
    keen to stay, with or without
    new contract. Ball in #afc

  136. we r playing d super eagles(chicken)………my younger bro will be playing outside d streeets….hope he caught d eyes of wenger

  137. twitter rumuors……they will not kill me

  138. calling it off for d day….hope i will be less busy tomorrow

  139. thats good news on RvP kc, if its true, enjoy the rest of your day…

  140. Last thing about the RvP saga I’m gonna say. Well, for today that is.

    Evil Knievel “Never jump to conclusions!”

  141. Agree there DG..

    AK, that is so so naughty… but so so funny :)

  142. Just avin a nice cuppa Nancy Lee

    Evening Gooners.

    Just finished me Lilley & Skinner… ;)

  143. “@Agent007ITK: BREAKING: Arsenal have REJECTED a £25 mln bid from Manchester City for Robin Van Persie

    Make of that, what you will…?!

  144. Jamie Sanderson‏@YoungGunsBlog

    Sevilla have signed 18-year-old Alban Bunjaku from Arsenal. Talented English play-maker. Bad attitude. Not offered pro terms.

  145. Jamie Sanderson‏@YoungGunsBlog

    Arsenal have allowed Scotland U17 full-back James Campbell to join Dundee FC on trial. Had injury problems. Not offered pro yet.

  146. We knew it was coming Kev… Glad to hear it’s been rejected, IF of course its for real….

  147. If that is true, this is when I wish the club would come out and tell us….

  148. Come on Portugal :)

  149. I’m off to have me lilly & skinner :lol: :lol:

  150. 0-0 then, how boring ;)

  151. It’s never wise to buy a player on the strength of how he plays in a big tournament, but Moutinho has had two very impressive games…


    Moutinho is having a great game. Anyone know how old he is? he would suit Arsenal me thinks

  152. M’vila was at arsenal training ground yesterday!! according to canal+ journalist Vincent pochulu

  153. hello!
    half time. typycal iberian match…

  154. How was your lilley then Rico..?
    My haddock & chips was delicious… ;)

  155. That sounds encouraging Tomo…

  156. moutinho allez?
    26 years old
    I read the same about M’Villa somewhere

  157. Tomo, now that would be good if it was true ;)

    Nice thanks AK, but would have preferred your haddock and chips i think ;)

  158. Gotta say i’ve been very impressed with the Lusitainians tonight…
    They’re doing a Spain on the Spanish…
    Good to see those arrogant Spaniards under pressure.

  159. JM, I am cheering your team :)

    Where did you read the M’vila? Canal+ too?

  160. Tom it was fantastic mate…. :D

  161. Sorry, Rico, It was fantastic… :roll: :D

  162. Hope you ate it overlooking the sea Kev, and wrapped in newspaper??

  163. Just emailed you Kev re tomorrow…

    might add a bit after what tomo and JM posted ;)

  164. AK my ruby was the nuts!! Evening all btw!

  165. Is it just me?
    or does anyone else out there think that Busquets it a total wanker.
    Horrible little turd…

  166. Lucky you Lee, evening….

    Kev, i need to pick your brains on an area by the coast near you….

  167. Just email me Boss….

  168. Spain probably need another midfielder on… :lol:

  169. Ok, will do Kev..

    Or a striker Lee ;)

    Oh dear oh dear Ronaldo, that should/could have been a goal…. :(

  170. GoonerGossip‏@GoonerGossip

    So according to French Journalist for CANAL+ @ Vincent_Pochulu Yann M’Vila was at Arsenals training ground yesterday?

  171. arseblognews‏@arseblognews

    CONFIRMED: Arsenal will play Anderlecht instead of Rangers at Southampton’s Markus Liebherr Cup

  172. Mata Torres Llorente no look in…

  173. I read the m’vila comment too, but was on arsenalrumours.co.uk, not the most reliable

  174. I’m offski all, the little feathered ones need locking up for the night etc…

    Stay safe and catch you guys tomorrow…

    Night all……..


  176. Breaking where dg?

  177. Sorry just got carried away by the rumours of M’viva.

  178. I tend to get carried away most transfer markets but always land with with a bump

  179. Jimario we had a discussion today in which we mentioned 1 defensive big hitter would be signed before the talks with RvP begin next week.

  180. You know to swing his mood and secure his loyalty. ;)

  181. I hope you are right Dutch, but don’t mind if i dont believe until they’re wearing red n white

  182. Ahhh you’ve been washed and dried before me senses.

    Me too. I get more cynical and approach all rumours with a shovel. A burial when the ugly thing is still alive.

  183. Spain the better team in extra time!

  184. Lee I’m on the short waves (Radio) heard Iniesta missed a sitter.

  185. Better by far, off to settle down for pens now.

  186. Holland coach Bert van Marwijk sacked just minutes ago. Wonder how many nationals will be quartered by the Euros. Could be plugging in the job carousel in the EPL.

    Fab…………ulous Spain through. Final Germany-Spain. Clash of the Titans.

  187. final.. spain-Italy…
    AVB – spurs coach

  188. Why did Ronaldo wait to take Portugal’s 5th penalty?
    Why didn’t he go up before Alves??

    Was he after the glory of getting [hopefully] the winner??

    It’s always about HIm isn’t it…

  189. Am i imagining it, or was Ronaldo always looking at the screens in the stadium, just in case he was on TV so he could strike a pose…

  190. Moutinho was quality, didn’t deserve to lose…

  191. Pepe is a great great defender.
    Another who didn’t deserve to lose.

  192. Kev that’s what we marketing gurus call icon branding or brand ME. ;)

  193. yes allez. Ronaldo must take the first penalty. I never understand this option of many teams. The player usually take the peanlties must be the first or teh second ans never the last one

  194. Ronaldo plays for the spotlight.
    It is an annoying player

  195. JM I think the Germans will shift a couple of gears up to destroy the Italians stamina.

  196. JM, it’s all about him.
    For Ronaldo, read Beckham for England…
    A great player, but doesn’t he bloody know it….

    Dutch, yeah, football seems to come second to selling the Ronaldo brand…

  197. Dutch, i hope so, i like the Jerries, they play some dynamic stuff, glad in a way that England avoided them.
    It could have been damaging…

  198. So Dutch, you trying to cause a rumpus on here with your M’Vila rumours… :)

    You’ll have Wath & Micko calling on yer, ;)

  199. France’s Olivier Giroud reveals why he snubbed Chelsea for Arsenal

    • Giroud joined Arsenal from Montpellier for £13m
    • ‘I am not convinced Di Matteo knows who I am’


    Press Association

    guardian.co.uk, Wednesday 27 June 2012 14.05 BST

  200. Can’t blame me for running with the grapevine. It’s a steal with all these tense trigger happy characters populating the digital village. :)

  201. The France striker Olivier Giroud has revealed why he snubbed a move to Chelsea in favour of joining Arsenal. Giroud completed his £13m transfer from Montpellier on Tuesday after rejecting the chance to sign for the Champions League winners.

    The 25-year-old said he prefers the setup at Arsenal, including its French influence, and suspected the Chelsea manager Roberto Di Matteo knew little about him.

    “Why did I choose Arsenal rather than Chelsea?” Giroud told French newspaper L’Equipe. “Because it is a club I love and I thought it would be easier for my adaptation.

    “Arsenal is a great club, the facilities are wonderful, but I feel it is a club that takes big care before signing a player, notably considering human values.

    “There are French players. There is also Arsène Wenger [the manager] who let me understand he really wanted me. Chelsea is very nice, it is a great club, but I am not convinced Di Matteo knows who I am.”

    Giroud denies he has been bought by Arsenal as a replacement for Robin van Persie, who is stalling over agreeing a new contract and has been strongly linked with a move to Manchester City.

    “When you make the decision to join a great club, you know there is already a great forward. I know what to expect,” Giroud said. “Van Persie is a fantastic player who was outstanding last season.

    “He has been at Arsenal for eight years and I hope I will have time to adapt and improve. Anyway, I don’t go there to take his place.”

  202. Dutch, i reckon you could get a job on NewsNow… ;)

  203. Jan Vertonghen transfer to Tottenham falls through

    Charles Higson Smith Wednesday 27 June 2012

    Know anything Dutch?

  204. Jan Vertonghen is reported to be on his way back to Amsterdam for pre-season training with Ajax after a potential deal Tottenham Hotspur collapsed.

    With still no one filling the void of Harry Redknapp’s departure, the bosses at Tottenham are battling hard to keep alive a £9.6m move for the 25-year old central defender.

    The deal looked certain a couple of weeks ago, but Ajax are suddenly refusing to accept a clause in the Belgian’s contract entitling him to 15 per cent of the fee.

    The player said: “As it looks now, I’ll be at Ajax

  205. on July 2. I’m hoping for a solution, but I’m not expecting a solution.

    “This is a shame. I thought that it would be sorted out much sooner.

    “I have one advantage: Ajax have got a good coach who knows me. I play in a good, stable squad. Let’s become champions with Ajax for the third time in a row.”

    Although Vertonghen is settled in Ajax and has a close bond with the team, he was excited by the prospect of a move to the Premier League. Since this transfer debacle he has lost a little bit of faith in his club.

    He goes on: “I’m shocked. The percentage is correct. It’s unbelievable.

    “I know that at Ajax a lot of things are leaking. When you hear it about other football players, you don’t feel it. It’s different when it’s about yourself.”

  206. Been on WE AIN’T GOT NO HISTORY chelski blog yesterday. What a pretentious lot. Winning the CL have all their blood gathering in the mushroom of their pecker. Knobs.

  207. I’m off now
    See you tomorrow

  208. Let them enjoy it Dutch, they’re on the cusp of a dramatic decline mate.
    Hazard won’t be able to save their bacon next season…
    Drogba was like a lucky charm…
    Well Pensioners he’s gone, and it’s downhill from here on…
    Just ask Liverpool what it feels like…

  209. See ya JM. We know your pain… ;)

    Go out on the razzle tomorrow night, have a knees up.

  210. Ajax had its first day of preseason today. De Boer had a presser and it got some attention. Ending with the Ajax coach stating he expects JV to move before the window shuts. Could head to Barfa instead.

  211. Buenas noches JM. See you tomorrow.

  212. Ajax probably wanted the Spuds to pay JV’s 15%…

    Gotta say Dutch, that i’d still like him at AFC…
    Not a popular view among many Gooners i know, but he’s a good player…

  213. Good Night Dutch…

  214. Er, that was JM you was saying good night to Dutch… :(

  215. Haha Kev that’s what they threw in our virtual face, they already done their most important business snatching Hazard & Mata from our clutches. They called Giroud an interchangeable player not worth to spend over the odds. They reckoned it just came down to ………….. wait for it …………… their prudence; if Abramo chipped in the extra bone Ollie wouldn’t have blinked at his options.

    Don’t worry I didn’t post a single comment. Not looking to stain HH’s good name.

  216. Interesting all the same Dutch, to hear what other clubs’ blogs are saying…
    It’s not only our blogs that are swinging from despair to celebration…

  217. Me too Sir. I think JV been tinkered by his agent. Wiping other suitors from your slate before any pen has touched paper isn’t the most tactical intelligence unless some party has a gain from such antics.

  218. #afc Jack Wilshere on his FB account: Only had 5 days off. Just been keeping my head down and training everyday at the training ground

  219. Dutch, i’m offski, you take care behind all those dykes… ;)

  220. Good lad. Hope the medics see the back of him for the long haul.

  221. What a way to say good night accusing me spoon sleeping behind manwomen. :P

    Night Sir.

  222. Morning all…..

    Darn Spanish, come on Germany…..

  223. Hiya Rico. I have been up for hours.

  224. Morning Adam, oh dear, not so good… All ok I hope…

  225. The man who is tiling the bathroom arrives at 7.30 am and has done so since Monday. If I had known this project would be so disruptive I still would have done it but would have moaned less. No bath or shower facilities are not great so I have to be hosed down and brushed with a broom in the garden like an elephant in the zoo. And there’s still 10 days to go until completion. The things we take for granted.

  226. Welcome to my world Adam, re the arly mornings!

  227. Lee. Hi mate. At what time riseth thee?

  228. Adam, it’s character building, you boys need that sometimes, I did wonder what you meant by being up for hours ;)

  229. Off piste a little but were you aware that the President of Nigeria’s name is Goodluck Jonathan?

  230. Is this conversation going mean i need to change the site rating to ‘X’

    Morning Lee….

  231. My alarm goes off at 04:55, I then have 28 mins to get washed and drive to Kelvedon station.

  232. This site is strictly PG and will always remain that way imho.

  233. Being a mammal I normally like to rise when I feel like it. Sometimes early and sometimes late but the anticipation of the work starting causes me to wake about 5.30 these days. By this time I have had breakfast and drunk at least one bottle of champagne. By lunchtime I am ready for bed. If we didn’t have our splendid cat we would have booked into a hotel for a few days where running water and decent toilet facilities would exist.

  234. 4.55 is completely unreasonable. But you have young kids I believe Lee?

  235. If I have a late night in London with clients I often bump into myself going to work… ;)

  236. Lee, it was all the talk about being up for hours and what time do you rise, got me concerned for a moment :lol:

    kidding of course….

  237. 11y,8y and 4y but I’m stealth like in the morning!

  238. Adam and I were having a sensible conversation you have to go all “Carry on up Highbury House” on us!!!! :lol:

  239. Rico. Do you always have to drag the conversation down? :) Lee. What is your area of expertise ? I just looked and Kelvedon isn’t so very far. I could pop by and use your shower.

  240. Morning Gooners.
    African or Indian Adam…?

  241. I live in a village called Earls Colne which is 10mins from Kelvedon and my shower is your shower!

  242. Hi Kev. The one with the smaller ears. It’s the humiliation that gets me every morning as I enter the garden with a shovel like Antony Quayle in Ice Cold In Alex.

  243. I’m a dollar derivatives broker, which sounds windswept but it’s a glorified bookmaker!

  244. :lol: Lee/Adam

    Morning Kev…

  245. I thought you was talking about erecting a fench for a moment Rico… tut tut ;)

  246. Mi shower es su shower. I like it Lee. I shall cyber stalk you by checking out your village on Google Maps immediately.

  247. No trees in your garden then Adam?
    You know, bears in the forrest….

  248. Adam, is the reliant robin a cabriolet? If yes, you and Mrs A could go through a car wash….hey presto!
    Morning 47!

  249. I’m off to the new post – see you boys there later ;)

  250. Adam, look for the A12, then turn left….

  251. Do you live near the airfield Lee? Are derivatives the same as commodities?

  252. Busy in Town Lee?
    I’m up there lata this afternoon….
    Then i’ll nip into a phone box and turn into Charlie…. :)

  253. See you all in the new post area?

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