Suprise Arsenal Addition! Time to forget M'Vila and go back to February 2009……

Well well, we didn’t expect to announce that we had signed Olivier Giroud yesterday did we, well not as soon as they did, they normally make us wait ages don’t they? What a shocker and we didn’t see that signing coming did we. 😉

Great news though, a big strong striker who is good in the air who will no doubt make a difference to our attack, but as always, give the guy a chance before writing him off, especially if he doesn’t score a hat-trick in his first game!!

Two goal scorers in, add them to Robin van Persie and suddenly we are looking really good up front.

Well, here’s proof of how good we will look…


Now let’s hope Arsene Wenger looks towards stopping the goals going in at the other end and his next move is to sign a defensive midfielder and a strong defender who can preferably play anywhere along the back line.

Back in 2009, we along with Liverpool, were keeping an eye on Etienne Capoue, he hadn’t been with his current club for that long as was still not even 20 years old but already he had caught Arsene Wengers eye and Capoue knew it:

It is good to be linked with prestigious clubs, but I have only just started in the top division in France and I need to prove myself before moving abroad, I will not lose any sleep over it. I am very down to earth and I will continue to work hard and have more good games for Toulouse.

Our squad is fantastic, we get on well, and we want to make a name for ourselves. However, I do like English football, I watch it a lot, and I also like the Spanish Liga. Maybe one day I will play there, who knows?

Well, could that day be now?

Recently all the news in France was that Arsenal and Rennes had agreed a deal for Yann M’Vila and it wouldn’t be long before that deal would be confirmed but since then, M’Vila has had a brush with the law and following the exit of France from the Euros, he has been labelled a bit of a troublesome lad within the French camp along with Samir Nasri, Hatem Ben Arfa and Jeremy Menez. They are all  reported to have been involved in a spat with French coach Laurent Blanc.

Not good and certainly not something which Arsene Wenger would want to bring into his current squad, normally it’s one whiff of trouble in a player and he gets rid, so for that reason maybe we should all forget about signing this young man..

However, that doesn’t nessecarily mean that Wenger won’t sign that defence minded midfield player, after all, he has said that our midfielders are too attacking so maybe Capoue is back in his thoughts?

He’s older and wiser now, and maybe it’s the right time to make that move to England….

Have a good day all…..


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