Nik & Squillaci seek pastures new and Ramsey to Fulham?

So Squillaci is reported to have traveled to Corsica for discussions with talk of a one year deal, there is an option for him to stay a further year but that part of the deal matters not to us. Just get him off of our books once and for all.

Another nearing an exit is Bendtner, his agent, Jesper Lynghus has had this to say:

The interest is overwhelming, just as it should be after the way Nicklas performed at Euro 2012.

We are getting closer day by day. We are not commenting on individual deals at the moment, but it is fair to say the interest in Nicklas is global.

Always makes me chuckle to hear such things, if so many clubs were looking to snap up Nik’s signature, someone would have by now, surely.

Still, just like Squilli, as long as we get to the 1st September and they are playing elsewhere, that is all that matters and neither should really make a difference to Arsene Wengers plans in the transfer window, unless we really are strapped for cash!

Another rumour was doing the rounds yesterday, and that involved Aaron Ramsey heading off Fulham.

Some report it is on loan, others suggest it is a permenant deal with Clint Dempsey heading to us. Not sure if there is much truth in that one but a loan would do him the world of good, as long as he gets to play every week.

That’s it for today, had a few internet problems this morning so it’s just a quick short and sweet one to refresh the post….

Have a good day all, will Tuesday be signing day?

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