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Nik & Squillaci seek pastures new and Ramsey to Fulham?

So Squillaci is reported to have traveled to Corsica for discussions with talk of a one year deal, there is an option for him to stay a further year but that part of the deal matters not to us. Just get him off of our books once and for all.

Another nearing an exit is Bendtner, his agent, Jesper Lynghus has had this to say:

The interest is overwhelming, just as it should be after the way Nicklas performed at Euro 2012.

We are getting closer day by day. We are not commenting on individual deals at the moment, but it is fair to say the interest in Nicklas is global.

Always makes me chuckle to hear such things, if so many clubs were looking to snap up Nik’s signature, someone would have by now, surely.

Still, just like Squilli, as long as we get to the 1st September and they are playing elsewhere, that is all that matters and neither should really make a difference to Arsene Wengers plans in the transfer window, unless we really are strapped for cash!

Another rumour was doing the rounds yesterday, and that involved Aaron Ramsey heading off Fulham.

Some report it is on loan, others suggest it is a permenant deal with Clint Dempsey heading to us. Not sure if there is much truth in that one but a loan would do him the world of good, as long as he gets to play every week.

That’s it for today, had a few internet problems this morning so it’s just a quick short and sweet one to refresh the post….

Have a good day all, will Tuesday be signing day?

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268 comments on “Nik & Squillaci seek pastures new and Ramsey to Fulham?

  1. Morning all,

    Sorry, it’s a pretty rubbish one this morning.

    Some may say no different from any other day :lol: :lol:

  2. Lol Rico…..you did your best with very limited material.

  3. It’s a real struggle sometimes during the closed season Scott, when is your fine piece heading my way :)

  4. Morning Rico. You could always make stuff up like the papers do. Bad news about the Squillster though.

  5. Morning Adam

    I just let them make it up and then copy it, isn’t that the real way to get to the top ;)

  6. I’m sorry about the Squillster, I shall shed a tear with you when we hear he has finally departed… Will be a sad day for all….

  7. I have a hot story for you Rico. I just drove past the Emirates and there is a half-mile queue of swarthy men, clutching large bags bulging with Euros. I asked one what was happening and he said that they were all representatives of top European clubs competing to buy Nic Bendtner after his astonishing success at Euro 2012 where he played like a Nordic God. I assure you that this story is true.

  8. Stupid decision to let Ramsey go in any capacity unless you sign a top class AM.

    Wilshere, Ox and Ramsey are the best young talents at the club.

  9. I will campaign for a statue of the Squillster to be erected outside the ground if he leaves us. I blame that reptile-extract salesman Gazidis.

  10. :) Adam, you are having one of ‘those’ days today are you…

  11. Can’t see AW letting Ramsey go tbh Romford…

  12. Rico. You know me better than I know myself.

  13. I don’t think so either Rico, pointless in my view anyway. The guy was just overused last season. I think people generally forget how talented he is. Remember Wilshere only got his opportunity because of Ramsey’s injury.

  14. 20 yrs ago today a piece of Arsenal history was written……

  15. Hello
    I dont reckon Ramsey will be going anywhere, nor TV5, the poor guy just had a beer on holiday and bumped into the horse faced Poodle where a photo was taken, thats all.
    I’m heading off down the bookies and betting the house on us to win the prem. Unless anyone thinks I should wait a minute?? for better odds I mean.

  16. Ramsay could perhaps leave on loan until Christmas? I wouldn’t sell him though.

  17. Lee. Pray tell…

  18. :) Adam, I think so…

    I’d loan Ramsey though, get his confidence back, he’s too good to sell at this stage in his career..

  19. Giroud has been announced on Arsenal.Com!!! Woiiiiiii!!!

    M’Vila next please!

  20. JJ wonder goal against Germany!

  21. Rico. It’s almost telepathic now. :)

  22. Are you two cosmic twins?

  23. John Jensen Lee :)

  24. I was there Lee but I don’t remember any Germans.

  25. Yes Lee, we communicate on the Astral Plane.


    Arsenal Football Club is delighted to announce that France international Olivier Giroud has agreed to join the Club on a long-term contract.

    The 25-year old striker completed a medical before agreeing terms at the Club’s training ground on Monday evening. The completion of the transfer is now just the subject of formal processes.

    Giroud arrives from French champions Montpellier, where 21 goals in 36 league appearances made him the French league’s joint top goalscorer last season and also earned him a place in the Ligue 1 Team of the Year.

    Giroud, who enjoyed a two-year spell at the Stade de la Mosson and broke into the national team in November 2011, flew to London after representing Les Bleus at the European Championship in Ukraine and Poland.

    The Chambéry-born player spent his formative years in France’s lower leagues, developing his game with Grenoble, on loan at FC Istres and then at Tours FC, where he played alongside Laurent Koscielny for a season before being awarded the Ligue 2 Player of the Year award in 2009/10.

    Manager Arsène Wenger said: “We are delighted to have secured the signing of Olivier Giroud. He has a very good physical presence and is exceptional in the air, with a great work ethic. We are excited about Olivier joining us and he will add an additional dimension to our attacking options next season.

    “He has proved that he is capable of performing at the top level with club and country, and we saw what a big influence he was in Montpellier’s championship-winning side last season. We all look forward to Olivier joining us and seeing him play in an Arsenal shirt.”

    Giroud, whose contract with Arsenal will officially commence on July 1, said: “I am delighted to be here at Arsenal and to be part of one of the great teams in English football. It’s a huge satisfaction to join this great club and it’s been a dream since I was young to play in the Premier League.

    “I was attracted by the philosophy of football and Arsène Wenger’s ‘touch’ at this club. I have always admired Arsenal with its great history and reputation, and I now hope to achieve great things here. I’m very proud to be a Gunner and I will give my best for all the Arsenal fans.”

    Giroud will join up with the Gunners for the Club’s pre-season preparations ahead of the new season.

  27. You paranormal pair. ;)

  28. Ha ha Lee & Adam :)

  29. Two in, and yes Romford, now let’s get M’Vila….

  30. Morning all.
    Pod and Giroud in, now sort RVP and Theo, buy M’Vila and another CB that is decent at full back, ship out all the dross and I can’t imagine there can be any grumbling gooners before this season starts. No doubt I’m wrong on the last part though.

  31. Lee. Mrs Adam told me to tell you that there is nothing normal about me that she has detected so far.

  32. Lewis, that won’t please everyone, you know that!

  33. Not sure any here would be grumbling Lewis, well, not the regs, I think we’d all be pretty darn happy…

  34. Smashing…
    I nearly went with my keys in hand but now im going to add OG as top scorer.
    Loan for Ramsey would be ok yeah.
    We have to get rid of djourou for sure now as the sir names will be too confusing on the same team…especially for David pleat.

  35. I am not happy and won’t be until several changes are made. I would list them but I can’t remember what they are.

  36. Any more news on Vertongen?

  37. Maybe Mrs A is not normal, just a thought! ;)

  38. If Mrs Adam needs a second opinion, I am sure we will all back her up ;)

  39. She certainly is concerning her chosen football club!

  40. All quiet re JV Thorny….

  41. :lol: re David Pleat Thorny….

  42. Mrs A is a model of normalcy Lee. I just explained to her my plans for the shape of the team this coming season. She listened, with barely concealed irritation, dealt me a savage blow to the head and went shopping.

  43. Hah nice one…my favorite was when he tried “Lizarazu” and came out with alsorts of lrarazaroos. insomnia for enzogbia was also a gem. Anyway, no news on spurs and vertongen STILL. after weeks and weeks and visits etc.

  44. Next one???

    Rennes have had an offer of £4.1million for centre back Abdou Kader Mangane, with Arsenal showing interest.

    Manager Arsene Wenger is looking for defensive cover and Mangane, 29, is on his radar. The French club would not confirm the offer but Mangane wants to move to England.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2164632/Rennes-receive-offer-Arsenal-target-Abdou-Kader-Mangane.html#ixzz1ytItbxWk

  45. Yes Lee. I chased her down in the old Reliant Robin and in the middle of Wanstead High Street I screamed ” If I can’t have you, nobody will”. I appear at the local magistrates court in the morning.

  46. Pleat the curb crawler.

  47. Wrong Rennes player Arsene!

  48. If Ramsey is off then Ben Arfa is in.

  49. Was the JV deal to Spurs ever really on?

    Mangane is a 6’4, 29 year old, not sure he’s really what we need, is he?

    Still no manager, shame eh…..

  50. Opps, but thank goodness Lewis :)

  51. Ah, you mean we need a different player from rennes, not this one, keep up rico ;)

  52. PPlleeeeeeease AVB!!! Take the job mate….we miss you on the tv scatching your beard with your silly hair do.

  53. Will be annoying if that story means he will be the DM and no M’Vila….

    Lets just hope its not us who has made the bid… but I bet it is, being 29 could he be about giving Coq/Frimps more time…

  54. Jsut read that it could be Sunderland, so just ignore me :)

  55. Morning all,
    rico, i feel cheated, I want a proper post or my money back.
    Think all this Ramsey talk is a load of pony, can’t see it myself.
    Good news re Giroud, just need RVP to get his arse in gear now.

  56. Hiya me Gooner familia,

    Good spirit blows around us I read.

    Rico hope the little Kindle review had enough substance to make your mind up. After posting I wasn’t fully satisfied slicing the pro and cons.

    Funny quote about the Brazilian coach slaying Santos. Credit to LG.

    Being told by a Brazilian coach you can’t defend is a bit like being told you’ve gone too heavy on the wet look gel by Chamakh.

    AK thanks for putting up the Holland story yesterday. Concise by the letter. Marvelous read.

  57. Cheques in the post Micko, second class of course ;)

  58. Micko me old chap. You always draw the corners of my mouth to my ears. Smart sharp and elegantly humorous. :P

  59. Rico no fear mate m’vila deal is done trust me in the next week will happen :)

  60. Where’s Stanley?

  61. Hi DG – it did help me a lot thanks, still can’t make up my mind though, either the Kindle, Tesco have them on offer here or the Yobo as I prefer the colours ;)

  62. I hope so Tomo…. but… ;)

    Comm service Lee ;) (only kidding)

  63. Dutch, Wenger needs to put him on the slim-plan shakes this summer, he’ll be like a new signing come August.

  64. Mangane, will do as a fourth choice, djourou off then? If so best of luck johan, you’re good but not arsenal good, go n play week in week out and enjoy. welcome giroud

  65. Radio beams a guy has been arrested at the Ajax stadium, occupying the center dot of the pitch with bush camp gear, demanding in dramatic fashion JV signs for some bloke called Le Professor running a gun sling lodge. Could be Stanley.

  66. jimario – i checked him on wikki and there it suggests that Sunderland is his destination….
    :lol: DG…

  67. Spurs have leapfrogged Liverpool in the race to sign Hoffenehim midfielder Gylfi Sigurdsson. The Iceland ace could complete his £8million switch this week.

  68. Off for a bit, catch up later …..

  69. Why would any sane footballer sign for that pile of shite?

  70. Micko Wenger should visualize the objective for Santos by sending him holiday cards of a hippo wearing a thong. Writing he should lose more weight than a couple of stamps.

  71. Either or if i’m honest rico i dont know much about him but age style n price seemed like a johan replacement, if one leaves one comes in, not including squid he can just leave. though with bartley not looking as good as we hoped n miguel loan rumours coming perhaps an extra defender is needed

  72. Can’t see us selling JD and wasting money on a 29yr old who will have no resale value in a few yrs…!

    I don’t want JV now even if he is available anyone who prefers that shower of shit over us isn’t worth pissing on if on fire…! good riddance I say..!

  73. Santos needs to give the fish n chips a miss.
    Mid-Morning AKB’s
    Hey Rico, that was a mighty fine post…
    Giroud scores crap goals, that’s what we’ve been missing since Eduardo almost lost a leg…
    Dutch, re: Nederland story, your welcome, it was a good read.
    NG, re: vid, your welcome, i’ll see what i can dig up tonight :)

  74. I forgot Song can play CB. He’s pretty good when he’s facing play rather than having to track runners. I’m 100% certain we won’t sign a CB. Djourou will stay as well. Did people. It see what he came out and said the other week?

  75. Spot on WATH, he can do one!

  76. JV, 15% of £9.6 million is around £1.2 million…
    If he’s so desperate to join the club of his dreams, why doesn’t he waive that fee….?

  77. I think the main reason JV chose Spurs was because he knew he’d be first choice – here he’d have to be fighting with his international teammate who is the clubs vice-captain, alongside Kos (our best CB IMO) and Mert.

  78. AK(B) he won’t waive the 1.2bar as he knows in 12 months he can leave on a freebie and get a nice big fat juicy signing on fee all to himself…!

  79. That picture looks like Giroud had a medical at area 51. Although his announcement was public knowledge.

  80. Giroud: the support striker Van Persie has been waiting for

    by Jamie Sanderson


    With 34 goals and 14 assists in just 45 matches, it’s not been a bad season for Arsenal’s Robin van Persie, the newly crowned PFA and Football Writer’s Player of the Year. But in a week when the Dutchman’s contribution was recognised with personal prizes, manager Arsène Wenger was reminded of the blunt cavalry stopping his side from challenging for team trophies.

    A one-man team? No, but after Arsenal had smacked the post and bar against Chelsea on Saturday lunchtime, it was telling that Wenger opted against withdrawing the clearly jaded Van Persie and throwing on competitor Marouane Chamakh as the Gunners sensed victory. In a season when their majestic number 10 has scored or created over half their Premier League goals, the support from fellow strikers Chamakh and Park Chu-Young has been pitiful.

    Chamakh, a player Wenger chased for 12 months, has proved not to be worth the wait. At 28, he was seen as the prime finisher needed to drive Arsenal on, but after 11 goals in his début season, he tailed off, and has never recovered. Chu-Young, a £3million panic buy from relegated Monaco, looks out of his depth at this level, and has already told coaching staff he wants to leave. Between them, they take home almost £100,000 a week in wages, but have contributed just a goal each in 23 appearances.

    For a man famed for his mastery of the French transfer market, Wenger’s attempts to supplement the forward line with bargain buys has failed. This summer, as Van Persie mulls over whether to extend his contract at Arsenal or not, it will be money spent on cavalry, not wages, that decides whether the influential captain signs on.

    Lukas Podolski will arrive for £10.9 million from Cologne, but is expected to operate on the left, and with loanees Nicklas Bendtner and Carlos Vela keen to move on permanently, a top class marksman is a priority.

    The answer is, however, right under their noses. Olivier Giroud, Montpellier’s 25-year-old striker, is available for €13million this summer – and Arsenal are in pole position to land him. At 6ft 2in and with a physical, bullish style, Giroud is not a typical Arsenal striker, but his meteoric rise through French football and bargain price tag give him all the credentials of a classic Wenger buy.

    Fuelled by Giroud’s excellent form, Montpellier have been Ligue 1′s surprise package this season, surging to the top of the table with their budget squad. The stats tell us 20 goals in 31 matches, but he’s not just a goalscorer with power, energy and under-rated technique, he can also hold the ball and release others in tight situations.

    A journeyman career in the lower divisions with Grenoble, Istres and Tours taught Giroud to use his size better and appreciate possession, qualities he could easily adapt to the Premier League as Van Persie’s foil, allowing the Dutchman to play his preferred role just behind a central striker. As well as linking the play and keeping the ball moving, Giroud could also play the target man – making use of the brilliant crosses provided by Arsenal’s rampaging full-backs.

    Many will see Giroud as Chamakh mark II – a one-trick pony who has had one good season in French football. They would be wrong to do so. Giroud is the real deal – tactically and technically sound, he can adapt to a number of different roles and formations, and can score all types of goals. Close range finishes, one-on-ones, powerful headers and even bicycle kicks. The lot.

    His chairman says he’ll go for €50million, but if Arsenal activate his bargain release clause and re-unite him with best mate Laurent Koscielny at the Emirates this summer, they’ll finally have the top quality cover to help Van Persie turn personal achievements into team ones.

  81. I reckon when it comes to spondulitts [spelling?] Wath, that Ajax will bite the bullit and let him go…
    They’ll just keep him hanging on to bugger up his pre-season and the Spuds preparations….

  82. Players are looking for a preferred employer. Media call it a dream move to sell clicks and print ads. How many boyhood posters can a bedroom wall hold?? By the count of it many changed their colors more often than their underwear. Or a chameleon stuck on a telly airing MTV.

  83. Afternoon all! Feels nice to be back! Anyone think this Reus story has any legs? We seem to be linked to a hell of a lot of strikers at the moment, considering we just signed 2

  84. If it fucks up the yids pre-season then all good with me AK ;-)

    Thing is do you sign for a team with no manager in anycase..? what if the new bloke doesn’t like that fact the club bought a player he doesnt rate..? I think it’s funny…!

  85. No wonder the creature can roll its eyes independently. Dizziness caused by blending with the environment.

  86. Hi Rocky, been on holiday?
    Reus is a great player, but can’t see Dortmund letting him go so soon after buying him…

  87. Afternoon Rock, well if there is any truth at all which I doubt seeing as he’s only recently signed for Dortmund then for me that would confirm RVP is history BUT as said i reckon the Reus story is crap..!

  88. Ditto AK(B) ;-)

  89. Wonder how much truth is in the wenger gone off M’Vila stories due to his recent behaviour as well…? Seems he’s also had a few run ins within the French squad as well IF you believe some of the reports…!

  90. Reus never kicked a ball for Dortmund. Anywho they sold Kawaga so the rumours has legs if you want it pulled.

    Welcome home Rock.

  91. Dortmund loaned him back to M’ Gladbach as part of their deal in January.

  92. Wath, could be more a case of Arsenal trying to get Rennes to lower their asking price, not sure tbh..
    I did read [?] that a deal for £14 million rising to £18 Million, had been agreed….

  93. Hi AK / WATH.

    I wish AK… been working my derriere off here in the office! Been a nightmare. Can’t believe they actually want me to work for my pay…..!

    I agree WATH, and it would defo mean the end of RVP. But I have my doubts about it actually being true.

  94. Thanks Dutch! Loving the fact that Na$ri is being destroyed by all and sundry in France over his behaviour! What a c***!

    Right, off to the gym… back in a bit

  95. Maybe Chamug is part of the Rennes negotiations. And he’s kicking and screaming. So Arsene need to re-plan flight bookings. Depending on the airline’s customer service is – in all absurdity – what I smell here.

  96. At three clubs in his first season Giroud has scored 14 league goals, Istres, Tours and then Montpellier. After that he scores more lets hope he breaks the sequence and scores more than 14 in his first year in the league.

  97. Re Na$rita

    Well you can take a performer out off a class act. But you can’t take the ‘class act’ out off a performer.

  98. Dutch you’re firing on all cylinders today! ;)

  99. Bulldog Cafe?

  100. Hello!
    So, Giroud novel ended. :-)
    Rico, who are these Gunners on the left side area (I know the Queen and a grandson. Prince Harry is not a gunner?) ?

  101. More like Bollocks Cafe Lee. NN throwing fresh bones at me but I’m happy with the rubber dummy.

  102. Dutch for your sanity delete that NN website!

  103. Holla Amis. Spain to the final? Would be nice to see Ronaldo suitcase his mirrors. :)

  104. JM, Prince Harry is Arsenal, William the poor lad follows Aston Villa…! The Queen is Arsenal as well as was the Queen Mum..!

  105. Classy supporters those Gooners!! ;)

  106. I wish I could Lee. Fear strikes me as thunder if I’m missing a scoop. Hahaha. You know how it’s. You don’t want to, but the urge keeps itching. (Sticking with the dog terms, here)

    Anyway not many know but you can alter the sources NN shows to suit your personal preferences. You can ban Talkshite off your list for example.

  107. There is always a “black sheep” in good families!

  108. William the “black sheep” nice one JM ;-)

  109. LOL JM Don’t be to happy with Prince Harry though he’s a Franco adept. At a costume party he went as a Nazi general.

  110. Nothing wrong with Our Harry DG, he’s a proper good lad…!

  111. Afternoon fine folks….

  112. JM

    Jack Whitehall – comedian
    Mo Farah – Athlete
    Matt Lucas – Class idiot ;)
    Jay Z – Rapper
    Alex Hales – Cricketer

  113. Afternoon HouseLady…………!

  114. Afternoon Wath, you happy with Olivier signing on??

  115. Rico I knew I hadn’t done enough to separate the stone tablets from the gem Kindles.

    Tesco Kindle sounds like a budget choice. The price hammer option. You will get the technology but not the revolution. Or revelation for that matter.

    Besides the nice lollipop colours of Kobo’s Ereader Touch it goes the distance in performance and functionality. Don’t let yourself be fooled by all the bells and whistles mentioned in the reviews. Once you’re settled with the basics that every Kindle has straight out the box you quickly find out how welcome, intuitive and functional the customization of a Kobo Ereader is. Sure content is king with Amazon Kindles and the price is emperor with its alternatives, but worth nothing if the reading experience doesn’t meet your requirements or expectations. Kobo Kindle is part from its elegant design able to nose finish first if you take all aspects in consideration.

  116. afternoon all

  117. So DG, if you were me, you would go for the Kobo?

  118. Bloomin heck rocky, just crawling back up on my seat ;)

    How are you??

  119. WATH I got pictures to prove it. :P

  120. Very funny Rico!

    I’m really good thanks. You?

  121. Am happy Rico, Giroud looks a very decent signing just don’t expect to much to soon and i think he’ll be good. We def need to start shifting some of the shit out now and we still need that defensive midfielder and a versatile CB me thinks along with a decent back up keeper, old experienced will do..!

  122. Thing is DG that was his take on being a Gooner and upsetting the vermin from down the road………. ;-)

  123. Mathieu Flamini has returned to AC Milan less than a week after being freed to sign a new contract.

    Over the weekend, Milan’s vice-president Adriano Galliani announced talks with the Frenchman had ceased and he had been released.

    However, just days later the 28-year-old opened fresh talks and has now agreed a one-year deal.

    A statement from AC Milan read: “Mathieu Flamini, Rossonero since 2008 and also next season.”

    Flamini, who was linked with possible moves to Malaga and Napoli, has reportedly agreed a significant pay cut to remain with the Italian giants.

    The midfielder joined Milan from Arsenal in 2008 but missed most of last season with a serious knee injury.

    The former Marseille player has made 100 appearances in all competitions for Milan, scoring four goals, and helped them win the Serie A title and Italian Super Cup in 2011.

  124. Very well too thanks rocky..

    Wath – agree there, both those additions and re the clearout…

  125. Yes Rico the Kobo Touchscreen version. You might shell out a bit more than you first anticipated but that’s the lure of cheaper alternatives. They turn heads with their bottom prices but disappoint at later stages in the use of your device. Al they care about is squeezing juice out of popular technology not service your reading experience to the fullest of their ability.

  126. Ok DG, thanks again :)

  127. With regards to the potential (reported) Fulham move for Ramsey, I think that would be a great move for all involved, whether it be loan or sale. He’s clearly never going to play at Arrsenal in his preferred position on his current form.

  128. not sure why I spelled Arsenal the way I did above….. Maybe it’s the pirate way of spelling it……..

  129. I’d rather the loan deal for Ramsey, then see how he has come on, or not as the case may be……

  130. Rock a sale for Rambo is a no go for me. I just want a loan for him at a midtable club where he will learn to iron out his sloppiness without the pressure of Arsenal standards slowing down his on feet thinking. I rate Ramsey highly.

    Still I recognize the fact he occupies a valuable squad place that needs to be freed up if his last season form continues in pre-season.

  131. One Bendtner out, another Bendtner in??

    Wenger is said to be unhappy with the 21-year-old’s involvement in a spat with France coach Laurent Blanc during Euro 2012, which also involved Hatem Ben Arfa, Jeremy Menez and former Gunner Samir Nasri.

    It’s just the latest in a long line of incidents which have clouded M’Vila’s character, with plenty unimpressed that he’s been arrested three times in the past two years for various offences including attacking a restaurant owner after a bout of road rage, using prostitutes and punching a teenage boy who had shown an interest in his sister.

    M’Vila’s talent has never been in doubt – he’s well respected as one of the best holding midfielders in Europe at present – but his continual scrapes with the police and infighting with managers looks like it may well cost him the chance to move to a big club this summer.

  132. True Dutch

    I really don’t know if he has it in him to be an Arsenal player though. It’s a shame Bolton didn’t stay up. Would have been good to send him there. Would be good if we can punt him over to Villa or Swansea for a season though. Even half a season of regular football could do it. He’s clearny not rubbish. Just needs regular football and confidence.

  133. Especially to order for NashuaGunners….Enjoy… :D

  134. Sorry, i don’t know what happened there….

    I was having a laugh with an old school friend and it went wrong…

    Try again… :roll:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qw6quY1qA9M&feature=youtube_gdata_player

  135. Never fear Kev, it’s gone now :)

  136. Cheers Rico….. :P

    Saved me from a load of p taking…. ;)

    My mate would have had a good old larf at my expense….

  137. How you doing AK???

  138. :lol: AK, thought you’d been watching police academy or something :)

  139. No it’s me mate whose in the C I D at Leyton nick…

    We were having a bit of a laugh….

    Don’t want Grandson on my case….. :)

  140. I’m good Lee, thanks…. :)

    It’s boiling outside, two hours in the garden and i’d had enough….
    Much rather be in an air conditioned office…. ;)

    You good mate?

  141. You are lucky AK, bloomin chilly where I am….

  142. Oi a question of a completely different order!!!!!!!

    Been looking at stadium piccas lately, cuz I feel our new home still has certain esthetic atmosphere elements missing. Like more Arsenal red on top and round the edge of our dome.

    Anyways. What bothered me were the 2 canons in front of our stadium, with the kit shop in their horizon. Why didn’t they make an effort creating mirror images of the canon in our crest? Painted fully white. Wouldn’t that convey the message more you’re about to enter a class ground filled with pride??

  143. I’m ok, suffering from RWS (Ruby Withdrawal Syndrome) but I’ve an appointment at Ballingdon Tandoori tomorrow night with pops! That’ll fix it…How’s Mrs 47 doing?
    A/C office not all it’s cracked up to be tbh mate….

  144. DG – maybe thats why the news on M’Vila has gone so quiet, in fact after he was arrested it happened…

    Maybe it will be Capoue, Fellaini or Nzonzi instead…

  145. Good point Dutch!!

  146. Dutch, those cannons are on loan from a Military museum, i think one that is in the Woolwich/Plumstead area of S.E. London….

  147. A ruby sounds just the ticket Lee.
    Mrs 47 is very well thanks.
    How’s your Dad..?

  148. Rico re Police Academy :P

    Nice vid Kev it has the Arnie flick Predator orchestral theme music under it.

  149. Rico, i’ve got a hunch that AW won’t bring in a def-mid, but go with what he’s got if he doesn’t sign M’Vila….

  150. Afternoon all. Has Redknapp been committed yet? Or is he still heaping pressure on Jack Wilshire?

  151. His Shar pei(esque) boat race is in all the gutter press promoting Betfair….

  152. Afternoon Adam. Think he’s too busy looking smug after selling his soul (what was left of it) to a betting firm. Looks nearly as big a twat as Ray “you’re the daddy Raymondo” Winstone in his adverts.

  153. He’s ok mate apart from when he came over to mine on Father’s Day….I asked him to do a small electrical job in my garage…he got an electric shock (my fault) fell from my ancient step ladder, hurting his arm and backside (my fault) and the small job took 3 hours!!! Happy Father’s Day!!! :lol:

  154. Rico maybe AW is discussing with M’villa his willingness to enter anger management therapy as a clause in his contract. ;)

    Kev I’m all for respecting history but we aren’t a museum. Those canons should do justice to our football club insignia/brand. Not to some battlefield that’s been archived.

  155. Rocky! I was wondering where you had got to. Yes, he’s a opportunistic chap isn’t he? It’s probably because he hasn’t got enough money already. Ray Winstone? Seems to have made a living in movies by calling everyone a slag. Even in period dramas.

  156. Back in a bit, Harry’s on the phone ;)

  157. Redknapp’s probably advising Jimmy Carr on tax matters.

  158. His portrayal of Henry VIII was “Blindin”….

  159. Busy grafting Adam! Been a bit of a shock to the system!! Ahhh, that tour de force that is Ray Winstone… “SCHLAAAAAAAG” or you ” YOU FACKIN’ CANT” seem to be his quotes de rigueur!

  160. In fact it wasn’t too disimilar from Carlin in Scum…

  161. I loved him in ‘Enry the aitf when he called spoke to Wasingham ( I think) and said “oi, Walsin’ham, you slaaaaag”.

  162. Or in fact Ray in Nil By Mouth…..

  163. Will Scarlet in Robin Hood too….

  164. “Cardinal Wolsey you fackin’ cant, wher’es ya fackin’ tool, you slaaaaaag?”. Was that not the line?!

  165. Being a marketing man I would treat the 2 canons as a holy shrine. The perfect snapshot opportunity for fans. As the kit shop is in its horizon. Proof of I been there. I think impact is lost here.

    I would do a better job being in the board of directors. :P :P Ivan clear out your desk I’m taking over.

  166. Rocky. That was positively Shakesperian. You slaaaaag.

  167. Was “Ouse the daddy” in Henry VIII?

  168. Lee. That woulda been that slaaaaag Raymondo.

  169. Think so Lee… Just before he put some billiard balls in his medieval stocking and walloped some mug in the boat…..

  170. dread to think what anyone on this site is thinking at the moment who is either not from this country or not aware of the great Ray Winstones work (of which surely there is no-one….. The man is a monster in the acting world…..!)

  171. “Ave summa that you slaaaaag.”

  172. Just keeping up the tone of the site in Rico’s absence Rocky.

  173. “play that shit on the harpsicord will you. you facking no good schlaaaag, Percy…… slippery old cant!”

  174. We’ve missed you Rocky. Lee has become very surreal lately.

  175. Nice to be missed! Gotta shoot though as I’ve just got ridiculously busy! Hopefully catch you all tomorrow

  176. Okay I googled the fella. Looks like he walked straight from the set of the Sopranos. What an utter urban mob, costa nostra, capo di tutti capi.

    Hahaha okay credit where it’s due you call him Britain’s de Niro. I vaguely remember his face from movies.

  177. Hi DG . The man is a legend and a West Ham supporter. Where is Goonster these days?

  178. Later Rocky Billboa VII

  179. Adam your guess is as good as mine. For all I know he could be tits up in Brazil. Enjoying sandy bums in pinstripe bikinis lurking on a decorated straw dipped in a coconut filled with pirate rum.

    But that’s just a hunch. Could be a swing and miss. :)

  180. That’s an attractive image DG.

  181. RIO DE JAINERO HERE I COME!!! Greetings from the Goonster.

  182. Adam its one of those to-do-list things in a lifetime for every western male. We’re so predictable. :)

  183. Just what has been going on on here ;)

  184. Good Evening Fine Folk.

    Just a short hop on and off.

    No Monitor yet. Have to buy a new one. Maybe later this week. I will be getting a TFT flat screen.

    What is all this cack about the new Pirlo in the newspapers? This is something which bores me out of my skin. No one is the next this or that. Everyone is himself in his own right. No one can dictate a game like Pirlo does. And no one can dictate a game like Bergkamp did. Or PV did. Or Roy Keane did. Everyone in his own right.

  185. Sorry, phone ran… again!!

  186. Totally agree devil and evening to you :)

  187. Evening All….
    Dutch re: cannons, i can see what your getting at, but those cannons were made in the Royal Arsenal where of course the origins of the club lay…
    They’re also similar to the cannon you’ll see on the clubs first badge…
    I think i’m right on both counts.
    And tbh i’ve seen loads of Arsenal tourists having their picture taken on or against the said cannon…
    That’s usually after they’ve been in the shop and spent a fortune on the replica shirt, training top, teddy bear, Arsenal toaster etc… ;)

  188. Evening Rico, no vids from me for awhile i think… :)
    Off to have a butchers on Twitter…

  189. Evening Kev

    I like that twitter pic :)

  190. There’s a picture of Koscielny and Giroud at Wimbledon today…
    And i don’t mean the dog track… ;)

  191. You watching the tennis Rico..?
    Murray is 6-1 6-1 2-0

  192. Fab, so he has stuck around in London then, good for Kos I say, shame the rain has interfered play…

  193. I’m not AK, i thought he could go out first round tbh, and i’m not overly keen on the Murray Mint….

  194. I’m not either, it’s just on in the background…

  195. Still think we need an experienced goalkeeper to back up Sir Chesney.
    Martinez is highly rated, unfortunately i’ve not seen him play, but it would be an almighty risk by Wenger to go into this season with our young Argie as the only back up to Wojcieck…

  196. As far as defence and midfield are concerned, we are already quite strong in those departments.
    Wenger has some really good youngsters, who could come into the squad this season in those two areas and AW has to decide if they are ready, or if he needs to strengthen???

  197. You got the wimbledon photo AK??

  198. Injuries, as usual, are our biggest enemy…

    But Wenger has Diaby [yes yes i know :) ], Wilshere, Sagna and Henderson to come back…
    Then he has to weigh up the impact that Yennaris, Afobe, Campbell, Jenkinson, Coquelin, Frimpong and even Boateng, can make…
    Most will probably go out on loan, but who knows which of them might make that big step up into the 1st team squad regularily???

  199. Martinez is nowhere near ready kev, just ask the Oxford fans ;)

    Def need an older, experienced keeper, suggestion is the rangers guy as they are in a pickle – McGregor is it??

  200. I’m keeping quiet on the midfield, its my post for tomorrow ;)

  201. And no, i do not follow Lindsey [Kittenheeled] on Twitter…. :P

  202. I’ll e-mail ya on the midfield… ;)

  203. I’m off for a spell Rico…
    You’ll probably be off up the wooden ones before i come back.
    So i’ll bid you a fair goodnight…

  204. Thanks AK, for the photo too :) Love it…

    I won’t be long before heading off so you have a good evening and catch you tomorrow ;) Nighty

  205. Actually, i am offski now guys, have a good one all…

    Nighty night and catch up on another day :)

    Stay safe…

  206. Evening Coach. I have a spare TFT bummer I don’t live around your corner.

    Kev thanks a million re the canon history. Top drawer lad you. Still would love them replaced by white replicas of our current crest. We could relocate the antiques to an appropriate location around the stadium (near the statues).

    Interesting take on our midfield requirements changing by the capture of Giroud. In short, with the acquisition of a prolific double digit netting CAM Arsenal would truly play on the strengths of the French target man. They reckon him to be superb in hold up play. Song/Arteta are positioned to deep to be surprising threats around and in the box if Giroud musters his trademark layoffs.

    I know bleaching-anus-report, mehhhh, but still a good point. Could be the season Diaby fulfills his potential if he can psychologically detach himself from the treatment table.


  207. Night Rico. Have a splendid closer of the day.

  208. Rico you might want to remove my last post if it adds to tomorrows post.

    As its Telepathic Day at HH I had a brainwave you liked the Bendtner out, another Bendtner in story.

  209. Anders Limpar has said that playing for George Graham at Arsenal was like “living in Iraq under Saddam [Hussein]“. The former Gunners player, who won five trophies during four years in north London, including the league title in 1991, added that the Scotsman did not even shake his hand after telling him he would not be offered a new contract.

    “George Graham’s regime was like living in Iraq under Saddam [Hussein],” Limpar told Aftonbladet TV. “He was disgusting. You would turn up for training one day and he would call [one player] into his “room”, although it wasn’t a room because everyone could hear what he was saying. Then he [Graham] would say: ‘I have sold you to Leeds.’ So the player replies: ‘I don’t want to join Leeds.’ Graham then says: ‘Well, you just have to pack your bag and leave.’

    “What a swine. I have never seen a guy like that [player]. Tears running down his cheeks. Had been at Arsenal since he was 16. I think it was Leeds he was sold to.”

    Limpar joined the Gunners from Cremonese in 1990 and scored 20 goals in 116 appearances. He became a fans’ favourite at Highbury and scored a goal from 40 yards against Liverpool in 1992. However, in 1994, Graham decided to let Limpar go and the Swede is scathing about how the manager handled the situation.

    “He sold me in April with my contract running out in May,” Limpar said. “No talk of extending the contract, just ‘bye bye’. I said: ‘I would like to carry on playing for Arsenal and sign a new deal’, to which he replied: ‘No you are not.”

    “So I said: ‘But I’ve won so many titles in four years for you, is that not enough?’ So we went in to his office and I had my agent with me and Graham is talking and says: ‘I have a really good offer from Manchester City so you are going there.’

    “So I realised that I was leaving the club, extended my hand to shake his hand and said: ‘Well, thanks for four years then.’ And then he just swivelled round on his chair and stared into the wall. So after four years he did not even shake my hand. We started driving towards Manchester but then we had a phone call from Everton, spoke to them and joined Everton in the end.”

    Limpar, who won the FA Cup with Everton in 1995 and played for Birmingham City, Colorado Rapids and several clubs in Sweden before retiring in March 2001, was also asked whether he had met Graham since leaving Arsenal. “Have I met Graham afterwards?” he said. “Several times. He is his usual self, arrogant.”

  210. How about RVP in the hole as our attacking midfielder Dutch..?

  211. Just another short hop…………and I have just read your last post Kev. Regarding Limpar.

    If GG really did that to Rocastle, imo he needs to be hanged….just like Saddam. He is a piece of shit.

    I was extremely horrified to say say the least. You dont do that to David Rocastle. I simply hope it was not him..

  212. Dennis Van Persie!!! That’d do me….

  213. Kev………if RVP is to play in the hole with two defensive midfielders in a 4411 or three in a 4312 formation than yes.

    But not as an attacking midfielder. He is not fit enough for that. And does not have the required endurance for such a position in the team.

    Off now mates. Hope all will return well when I get a dratted screen

  214. Be safe coach!

  215. Remember Coach, Anders has some issues with GG…
    So what he said could have been jazzed up…
    But that was definately Rocky who he was talking about.
    God Rest His Soul…

  216. Hey Lee, bugger all on the TV again eh..? :)

  217. Just on You Tube Lee, listening to some music…

    You looking forward to your ruby tomorrow… :D
    Wish i was coming with ya… :(

  218. Yeah I haven’t had one for ages mate so it’ll be lovely!
    I’ve been up the gym for an hour had some dinner and now just chillaxing on the sofa….
    I really think we need a monster DM to protect our defence, I really hope AW addresses this situation!

  219. Kev, I met Anders Limpar in Stockholm a few years back, he runs his own betting shop there, he couldn’t have been nicer, very chatty, got a snapshot as well, my Swedish friends were telling me he feels more revered by the Arsenal fans than he does his own country, he was a cracking little player for us.

  220. Defender Bacary Sagna has lamented the “avoidable” infighting that he believes “wasted” France’s hopes of glory at Euro 2012.

    France had arrived in Poland and Ukraine on the back of a long unbeaten run but meekly exited the tournament following a 2-0 quarter-final defeat to Spain on Saturday.

    Following that loss reports of unrest in Laurent Blanc’s squad intensified, with reports in France today suggesting the national association will meet on Tuesday to mete out punishments.

    Manchester City Samir Nasri has been at the centre of the controversies with L’Equipe reporting the midfielder could be banned for two years after he was alleged to have confronted a journalist.

    Newcastle’s Hatem Ben Arfa was also reported to have clashed with Blanc after the 2-0 defeat against Sweden, while Arsenal target Yann M’Vila and Jeremy Menez have also been embroiled.

    The unsavoury claims have brought back memories of France’s disastrous 2010 World Cup, when Les Bleus crashed out at the group stage after the players refused to train following the expulsion of Nicolas Anelka.

    “It’s a shame. We had the potential to go further,” said Sagna, who did not travel to Euro 2012 after breaking his leg for Arsenal in May.

    “People would take me for a madman for saying that, but I saw a team that could go to the final. I had faith in them.

    “I was especially annoyed to hear the stories going around. That’s regrettable – in the end it gives a bad image of us, the team. It’s a waste of a competition. Everything was avoidable.

    “It’s a shame that this never leaves the team alone.”

    Sagna refused to condemn his former Arsenal team-mate Nasri, who he did admit “speaks his mind”, after the midfielder had been at the centre of media criticism before the alleged incident.

    “This is a sensitive issue and I was not there but I know when something does not please Samir he speaks his mind,” Sagna, who was part of the last World cup squad, told L’Equipe.

    “He can have a violent reaction but you have to share your responsibilities. When someone attacks the press it will not go away.

    “With the excitement of the game and everything that was written about him it was perhaps not the right time to respond. He should have kept his cool but it weighed on him.

    “The Euros had not even started and the press had already criticised him. Everyone is human.”

    Blanc was drafted in to replace Raymond Domenech following France’s inglorious World Cup exit and had seemingly turned fortunes around.

    The former World Cup and European Championship winner’s future at France’s helm has now been left in doubt though, with his contract set to expire soon, but Sagna thinks he should remain.

    “Everyone is in agreement when they say that he did a good job,” he said. “What we need is more games together to create a real team atmosphere.

    “We need to ignore what is being said and create our own bubble to concentrate on football and ourselves.”

  221. Mick, i don’t doubt that Anders is a lovely guy, and like you, he was a great favourite of mine…
    I was gutted when he left as George was getting rid of all our more technical players and replacing them with ‘water carriers’…

  222. That’s me finished…
    See you AKB’s tomorrow…

  223. Kev coach poached my answer. I think your comment this afternoon about M’villa or no DM at all holds substance. Or a CAM instead if Wenger believes Song can be instructed to be more instrumental in covering the lanes and be disciplined at holding position.

    Shocking revelation about GG.

  224. Kev, I’m sure Charlie Nicolas would agree with ya on that one.

  225. Night night AK. Catch you in cyberspace.

  226. Night AK,Micko,Dutch and all you lovely Gooners!

  227. Night Lee.

  228. Olivier Giroud could make a striking difference for Arsenal

    Arsène Wenger has unearthed a gem in his latest French signing from Montpellier


    Olivier Giroud has answered Arsenal’s call. Photograph: Boris Horvat/AFP/Getty Images

    It was back in early April when Olivier Giroud, in a question and answer session with the local daily Midi Libre, reflected on his sudden surge into the public consciousness. Montpellier stood on the brink of their first league championship, his goals sustaining Hérault’s unlikely challenge against the limitless resources of the Qatari-backed Paris St Germain, and scouting reports of the forward’s prowess were arching eyebrows from the Bundesliga to the Premier League.

    For a player whose progression from lower leagues to top flight had been steady rather than spectacular, all the newfound attention must have felt unfamiliar. Even unnerving. “I have had my own particular path to reach this point,” he had said in the spring. “Things have only really accelerated over the last few months after a rather ‘linear’ career. But I made sure it happened for me. When things do come off, it makes you very proud. All the effort is worth it. What has happened since has been amazing.”

    If that was then, Giroud must be pinching himself now. A league title winner in May, and a member of Laurent Blanc’s albeit under-achieving France squad at Euro 2012 through June, the 25-year-old will formally become an Arsenal player on 1 July. Prior to arriving at the French base in Donetsk, Giroud had only ever played two games outside France – a Europa League qualifier against the Hungarians Gyori two years ago and a friendly against Germany in Bremen in February – though now he is a high-profile export, and a man whose arrival Arsène Wenger hopes will help to appease Robin van Persie. Arsenal’s manager has tracked the 6ft 3in forward from afar. He does not believe a fee of £13m represents a gamble.

    The club’s supporters may reserve judgement for now, if only because they once pinned their hopes on Marouane Chamakh maintaining the form that had claimed Bordeaux a Ligue 1 title upon his arrival at the Emirates Stadium. Yet the comparisons with the Moroccan should end there. Giroud feels different. The boy who grew up in a well-off Catholic family in the Rhene-Alpes with posters of Marco van Basten and Zinédine Zidane on his bedroom wall has, like Didier Drogba before him, earned this opportunity through steady progress in the French lower leagues. It is no surprise that he spoke of his “pride” at how he had ended up in London: from the boys’ team Olympique Club de Froges to Grenoble’s youth academy; from a loan spell at Istres in the third tier to a move to Tours of Ligue 2.

    There, alongside Laurent Koscielny, he made his mark and put a sports science degree on hold, his goals attracting interest from Celtic before Montpellier secured his services for €2m in January 2010. Last season’s French golden boot at Stade de la Mosson was earned as the focal point in a surprise package of a team. Montpellier was supposed to be all about rugby union, not football league championships. They were still an amateur side in the mid-1970s. Yet a club with upper mid-table attendance figures and lower mid-table resources held off PSG’s new money with a team of academy graduates and journeymen. The reality that Middle-Eastern money does not always prevail was football’s romantic story of the season.

    Giroud contributed 21 league goals to ensure his reputation precedes him now. On the pitch he has tremendous stature and physical presence, with his aerial ability surely to prove an asset in the Premier League, but he can be just as quick-witted and nimble in possession. His Montpellier team-mate, Jamel Saihi, has compared him favourably to Zlatan Ibrahimovic in terms of his touch and presence – there were nine assists as well last term – while pointing to his work-rate and desire to defend. His coach at La Paillade, René Girard, described his goalscoring ability as “innate”, which should make an attacking trio of Van Persie, Lukas Podolski and Giroud feel mouth-watering.

    “I can play as a lone forward, in partnership with a second forward, or in front of a No10,” he said. “I’ll adapt my game to different situations. That’s my job. I’ve worked hard to add some explosive power to the first few metres when I make a run with or without the ball. I still need to work on my game when I have my back to goal. That’s the hardest part.” That acknowledgement suggests a desire and willingness to maintain his education at Arsenal, and a realisation that, despite being an international, there is plenty more still to come. Wenger will tap into that appetite to improve.

    He will need time to settle. London-life will be very different to what he has grown used to back in Montpellier, where he, his father and brother would regularly take themselves off to wine tastings in Languedoc-Roussillon to stock the striker’s cellar with vintages from Pic Saint-Loup and Montpeyroux. “Je suis un epicurien,” he once told Le Parisien. He has also become a gay icon back home having appeared topless on the front cover of the French magazine Tetu, alongside the pull quote: “Je n’ai pas de tabou.” Indeed, in a city renowned for its liberalism, he is France’s metrosexual man of the moment, complete with model looks and a legion of female fans, though his focus is fixed. “I still want to learn, to progress,” he has said. His arrival at Arsenal will not quench that thirst

  229. Giroud: I have what it takes to thrive at Arsenal
    Wenger completes deal for French international but Van Persie’s future remains in doubt

    Sam Wallace Wednesday 27 June 2012

  230. Arsenal made their second major signing of the summer yesterday when the striker Olivier Giroud officially joined from Montpellier for £13m, although the future of Robin van Persie still remains a doubt despite the prospect receding of him joining Juventus, one of the key clubs interested in him.

    It has become increasingly clear over the past seven days that Italian champions Juventus will sign the Napoli striker Edinson Cavani this summer, thus ruling themselves out of the small elite group of clubs who might be able to tempt Van Persie.

    It would be Arsène Wenger’s preference that if

  231. the striker were to leave it would be to a club outside the Premier League. Juventus had registered a serious interest in Van Persie but now that it seems they have opted for Cavani, worth around £25m, they will not be in the running for the Dutch international. The leading club in the market for the striker remain Manchester City, whose wealth gives them one very important advantage, although Arsenal would rather Van Persie ran down his contract than sell yet another player to City.

    Given his status, and the reality that this will be the biggest contract he ever signs, Van Persie’s options are limited. He has not agreed a new deal with Arsenal yet and Juventus signing Cavani is significant. Chelsea had looked closely at the player, but have decided to focus their efforts on signing either Hulk from Porto or Radamel Falcao of Atletico Madrid.

    Giroud, 25, has had an interesting career, only developing relatively late as a Ligue 1 player. He has played just two seasons of top-flight football with Montpellier and was still on loan with Istres in the third division in the 2007-08 season. He was part of France’s Euro 2012 squad, although he did not make his debut for the national team until November last year.

    He joined Montpellier two years ago and was top scorer last season when they won the French Championship. In the past two seasons, Wenger has had little success with strikers, signing the ineffective Park Ju-young and before that Marouane Chamakh, both of whom the club would ideally offload if they could. Only Gervinho has been moderately successful.

    Giroud said yesterday in an interview with the club’s in-house television channel that he believed he could succeed in the Premier League. He said: “I think I have the weapons to do well here. I will need some time to adapt, of course, but I’m not worried about that – I think I will adapt well. I am not worried about integrating and settling down because there are a few French players here.”

    A former team-mate of Laurent Koscielny from his days at Tours in Ligue 2, he made the bold claim that he believed Arsenal, who announced the signing of Lukas Podolski before Euro 2012, could win a trophy this season. “I am convinced that in the future, hopefully next season, we can win something,” Giroud said. “It is difficult in England because there are so many big teams, but that’s what gives it its charm. It is the hardest league and it won’t be easy to impose myself, but I’m confident.”

  232. AVB yids new coach??

  233. Morning Lee and all….

    I though AVB denied he was heading there Lee?

  234. Someone just mentioned that he’ll be unveiled at the w/e……oh and talkshite have mentioned it too!
    GOOD I say….

  235. Just read it in the paps too so it must be true :)

    After his Chav PL debut, I say good too and most Suds don’t want him there …

  236. Good Morning Fine Folk.

    Still no monitor. But I can pop in from work…….when its possible.

    AVB to the spuds?? Good. If not him then Domenech or Blanc.

    Hope he has the same success as Ramos or Scumtini (Santini)

    I saw England play on Sunday. Well well well…….a few changes?? you got to be joking. The whole system and maybe the entire EPL need to change the mentality. The English clubs form surely the best league in the world ATM. but how many English know how to keep the ball, pass it around, run at players, do feints which trick the opponents?

    Rooney on 250Kpw?? You got to be joking. He could not even offer ideas up front.

    Personally I was sad to see such a great nation fail at simple things. During the tournament it was evident that Hodgson was working with what he had and in the circumstances he did fine. But why does it have to end up like this?? England should be up there at least in the semifinals in every tournament. There are many factors which influence this, such as bad referees, the luck of the draw etc. But these cannot be used as excuses all the time.

    Since last sunday we have been hearing all this talk of the next Pirlo, the next Messi, the next this or the next that. This is all cack. Every player is an individual in his own right. By your standards and being such a great nation we should be hearing that other countries are trying to replicate English players not vice versa.

    In the meantime……….I am still looking for the next AK, the next SP, the next Goonster in this great blog. ;)

  237. Morning devil –

    hope AVB does to them, just what he did to chelsea, the players don’t want him so thats a good start, maybe we could nick their young right back off of them ;)

  238. Fabio Capello has had a swipe at Rooney, saying he can only play for one manager and that of course is Fergie…

  239. It speaks volumes about countries such as Spain ,Germany, etc are technically miles ahead. These countries lay high emphasis on ball control techniques from an early age. For example up till the age of 10 spanish youngsters play only 5v5. No 8 v 8 or 9v9. It is all the time learning through the game or game like situations. And the coaches keep on harping on technique, technique, technique…..ad nauseam.

    I have had the pleasure of seeing one of the best clubs from our country pitting its under 10 against the under 10 of Athletic Bilbao who were on tour with the kids and parents and wanted to play around3 games in 10 days. And believe me they were out of this world. They were finding space at will, running with the ball at will and dribbling around our players as if they were not there. Needless to say that if the MOTM was chosen it would have surely been the local goalkeeper.

  240. I blame Chelsea devil, they won the CL playing like England did, difference was, they scored their penalties ;)

  241. Far too often AW and AFC have been ridiculed about playing the ball on the ground and having technically sound players who play the ball from the back. Now the FA are reaping what they have sown with having managers like Pulis, Allardyce, Hughes and sometimes yes even Ferguson whose idea of winning is that of winning ugly and bullying the opposition. That is not football. And this can be seen in one question……….the one that Cesc asked Hughes……”Did you really play for Barcelona?”

    Now everyone is clamouring for players who are more technically sound. And yet still………..we will remain ridiculed. Until such managers with dinosaur age mentality are given the boot, England as a nation will not manage to win anything.

  242. He’s an absolute twat but Stan Collymore was being interviewed and said that the whole English football situation needs a massive overhaul from kids all the way up…..

  243. Thing is devil, those kind of managers don’t care about anything other than winning and staying in the PL, but all the time they play in such a way, their players won’t represent their country…

    Crouch is proof of that, he should have travelled to Poland imho…

  244. RDM, like Hodgson, played with what he had. But when you do that it means only one thing……..that there are no technically good alternatives. Lampard was injured……….Henderson was the alternative to Hodgson. Not a player who will win you matches. Only a player who will offer nothing except solidity.

    Germany left out Muller, Podolski and Gomez out of the clash against the Greeks. They put on Klose, Reus and Schurrle. And at 3-1 up they could afford to give Gomez a 15 minute cameo. Scary no.

    Do England have these options? No need to answer.

  245. Morning Devil Rico Lee

    Even I get stick and ridicule cuz I avidly support the EPL. I need the Lions to hush my critics egg on face style. Rip out the roots and sow new seeds at pastures new, I say.

  246. Then there is the mentality of the English youth. It is important to give all children a chance even those who do a couple of mistakes. But having the likes of Barton, Pennant, etc with their BA in arrogance and poor attitude playing constantly with the elite clubs is all down to the FA. For example what Barton did was despicable……….yet he only got 12 games. Cantona reacted and was punished with a 9 month ban. Had that been Rooney what would have happened?? Had that been an AFC player he would have been hang drawn and quartered.

    Two weights two measures.

  247. Morning DG.

    I can assure you that SAF and the rest will do sweet FA with the new attitude of the EFA.

  248. Now that the Euro is over for England…………..YOU CAN BET YOUR HOUSE THAT JT WILL BE FOUND GUILTY. And he will be sentenced. Effectively ending his career.

  249. Morning DG

    Woy has said the same as Collymore and vows to make the changes but what is worrying is most pundits believe the england team should be built around Rooney

    For a start, the would need twenty players to get around that lump!

    Time for a new younger side imho….

  250. ………..and that means that Hodson’s work will be made easier regarding team selection etc.

  251. Built around Rooney??? they must be desperate then.

  252. devil – that is the only reason the hearing was delayed, in the real world, here in the Uk, that would have been dealt with months ago..

    If he is guilty, and video evidence certainly seem to indicate he is, then they should throw the book at him. Big Tony served a sentence and was made an example of, the same should happen to Terry imho…

    New Post is up btw….

  253. I hate JT with a passion but I thought he was one of our better players against the Italians….

  254. See you on the new one….

  255. The back five were our best players and i’d have to agree re JT Lee, with both.

    The midfield though were shocking, ball retention, what ball retention and no creativity….

  256. So it seems that RVP has agreed wages with Shitty. That is not allowed surely!!!!! Its illegal.

    Maybe give us 15million plus De Jong or Richards???

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