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Giroud confirms he’s a Gooner, Theo needs to do the same & Strawberries & Champagne, but none for England.

Firstly some dreadfully sad news, Real Betis defender Miki Roque has died at the age of 23 after suffering with cancer. This young lad came through the youth system at Liverpool and he now becomes another taken far far too early from that evil nasty disease.

RIP Miki

The inevitable happened yesterday evening, after a good opening spell, England faded, they had nothing in their legs and how they got to ninety minutes without conceding to Italy was beyond belief, let alone the extra thirty minutes.

But then came the penalties and it all went horribly wrong, especially for Ashley Cole and Ashley Young.

England out, Theo and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain are now on their way home which is good news for Arsenal. Both can have a rest before pre-season, and one of course can now get his contract situation sorted out.

Stay or go Theo, just sort it out..

One who is definately going to sign a contract is Olivier Giroud:

I am so happy to be signing for Arsenal — it is something that represents so much for me.

I’ve always dreamed of playing in the Premier League and Arsenal are a great club with many French players.

Suggestion is that he is due in London for his medical in the next few days and then the dotted line on a five-year contract will be signed and that will be that.

Two in and the transfer window isn’t even open yet, not bad Arsene, not bad – now go and get a couple more asap!

Denilson and Vela have both been told to get back to London after failing to secure a move away, don’t worry, it’s not to become part of this coming seasons squad, it’s to get them moved on as quick as possible. I guess they need to have a nice little chat over a cup of coffee and make sure that they both fully understand that they have no future at Arsenal.

Well, that is of course according to the Daily Mirror. :)

The Euros are drawing to a close but here in England another major tournament begins, one of my favourites too and that’s Wimbledon.

So get down to your local supermarket, grab your strawberries, cream and champagne and enjoy.

I will, especially knowing that Podolski & Merts are the only Gooners left in Poland/Ukraine and big strong guys like them won’t get injured…

At least I hope they don’t…

Have a good day all…

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285 comments on “Giroud confirms he’s a Gooner, Theo needs to do the same & Strawberries & Champagne, but none for England.

  1. Morning all…..

    Lovely weather for a medical today :)

  2. RIP Miki

    This news of course makes Giroud confirmation pale into insignificance

  3. Medical Monday! ;)

  4. It does indeed alan, shocking…..

    I like M&M’s Lee :)

    Apparently, Giroud was wanted by Chelsea but he say ‘No No No’

  5. Morning all.
    Sad news about the young lad from Betis!
    How awful we’re England last night?! First half I thought they looked the best they’ve looked all tournament, then they went back to only defending and to be fair should have been knocked out in normal time. Like you stated, at least all players wee need to tie down to contracts or move on should be free to sort out the futures.
    Can’t wait for 2 weeks of tennis on the green stuff!

  6. That fucking disease has no age limit…..

  7. non non non you mean!

  8. Morning Rico

    Cancer scares the hell out of me and if we spent more on beating it rather than weapons, this world would be a better place.

    So, keep RvP and Walcott and we have a striker squad of:

    With Ryo and Afobe waiting in the wings.

    Now for a DM and a CB that is a decent RB and we are sorted.

  9. Shocking weren’t they Lewis, and how dare Rooney steal that ball off of Theo’s foot just as he looked to shoot…

    All the fuss made over the big lump and it was clear he was unfit and off form, he shouldn’t have even played imho….

    You like the tennis too, not the same these days though, not too many characters in the game, bring back McEnroe I say ;)

  10. Good post. I’m not too fussed about Theo at the moment. He has had 6 seasons now and hasn’t really lived up to the hype. If he is demanding £100,000 p/w then he should be sold asap as he is barely worth half that amount.

  11. She doesn’t Lee, it’s a SOAB!!

    Non non non, sorry, I must try harder ;)

  12. I’d settle for that Will, VdW can do all that, but he failed to flatter in the euros, but then so have so many, especially the dutch sadly….

  13. That cancer is a ruthless bastard that just dont care who it kills. RIP Miki Roque

  14. Welcome and thanks LR

    I don’t believe all the £100K stories, he doesn’t strike me as being that kind of guy….

  15. RIP Miki

    I thought Theo had a reasonable Euros, considering he was starved of service, especially after Roo came back. I know he can be world class but Roo is too selfish to play in an average team like England.

    Back to Theo. He is on the brink (I know he should be there by now but what the hey) of being an outstanding player. The next 5 years will be golden from him, so he needs and Arsenal shirt on his back.

    The Ox obvs thrives on the big time so tie him down as well. Add M’Villa to bolster Songinho’s position and maybe pick up Adam Johnson on the cheap and we’re nearly there OMHO.

  16. I really think we can challenge this year (unless we sell Rvp and Walcott).

    As for last nights game, I was so angry when we brought on Henderson. The Ox should have come on, we switched to a 3 up front formation of Caroll/Walcott/Ox and scared the living hell out of the Italians.

  17. RIP to the young guy….the way,way too young guy.
    Terrible news.

  18. nicky – i’m one who really wants him to stay, agree re the euros too, he did pretty well, imho he’s a late developer and would hate to see him showing what he can do at a different club…

  19. Any chance M’Vila may sign now?

  20. Hey Blogger, you forgot Mertesacker he is still at the Euros

  21. Will, once Giroud is signed, and as long as we get a DM etc, I can’t see either wanting to leave, they will see that finally we’ll have a soild deep squad…

  22. Theo may never reach the potential heights we want him to because he seems to lack footballing nous. He runs into blind alleys and his decision making needs improving. If he loses his pace, what is left?

  23. That poor young footballer losing his life like that should make us all realise what a gift this life is and also make us a little more humble. When you think about the avarice that flows through football like a raging torrent and then think how that poor young boy’s family must be feeling it really makes you wonder about Robin not being happy with £140k a week and. £5 million bonus, if that indeed is anywhere near true. If you and yours are healthy and happy, be grateful,treat people with respect, try to help others and have a bit of humility.

  24. you forgot mertesacker and the other 10 players we are linked with,great news about girould he will be great .

  25. Walcott needs to be used properly. I think he is a pretty decent finisher and should be used on the shoulder of the last defender.

  26. LR – that’s a million dollar question, some believe its done but others think its all gone a bit quiet and he’s not joing us.

    Pretty sure we will get a DM though after AW’s comments about our midfield – whether it’s M’vila or not though, who knows…

    M’Vila wants to join us I believe, its whether his £17M price tag is deemed OTT by Wenger… Reports suggest though that we may get him for £12M – but again, it’s all just media tripe no doubt..

  27. Mertasacker also is in the german team..

  28. Welcome Jay, so I did oops ;)

  29. Morning AKB’s
    Morning Rico.
    Awfull news re: Spanish youngster….

  30. I just ammended the post, forgot Merts, prob because he hasn’t been playing ;)

  31. Has Merts played at all yet?

  32. Morning AK, nice by the sea? :)

    No Lee, not a minute as far as I know….

  33. England need some footballers who enjoy being on the ball.
    Who can control the ball in tight situations and retain possession and pass to each other.
    Technical above physical.
    Step forward Arsenal footballers….
    You all know the ones?
    The ones derided in the press on a regular basis…
    What comes around eh/ ;)

  34. Howdy AK(B)! ;)

  35. Rico, the sun is shining, the air is fresh and i am totally chilled… :)

  36. Lee, busy in Town today?
    I’m up to Town this Thursday, yippee :(

  37. One for Dutch/Stan, written by a Nederlander…

    The Machinations of Failure

    Written by hahostolze on Saturday, 23 June 2012 09:03


    Any Arsenal fan with a slight love of football outside of their club will have followed the Euro’s recently and paid special attention to that most orange of nations, the Netherlands. Not only are they (quite wrongly, on recent performances) loved for their attacking football, but their most important player was to be our captain, Robin van Persie, who we hoped to see shine on an international stage at last. Sadly, it was not to be.

    One of the problems in this Dutch squad was a result of the last World Cup. Egos were inflated by that in quite a spectacular manner. Players like Sneijder and Robben didn’t actually have very good tournaments but were praised into the heavens. Sneijder did score a few goals, but his role was to assist, to make the play and he failed to do that. Robben moved into the striker position a lot and should have scored twice in the final but failed miserably to do so. Both of these players and their ‘successes’ at the World Cup were facilitated by the wonderful ‘false nine’ play of van Persie, who got zero recognition for that and that is something we will see later still effects that team.These were the three main players of the World Cup with a few bit-part, support players. But after the World Cup, the bit-part players at big clubs decided to move. Players like Vd Vaart and Huntelaar left Real Madrid and AC Milan and went to respectively the Spuds and Schalke 04, neither of which is a club of enough stature or playing at a high enough level to warrant a starting position in the offensive part of Oranje. Yet both claimed it from day one, supported by their friends.

  38. t got pretty bad. Vd Vaart at one point, having been told he would be a backup, a reserve player, this tournament, had his bags packed and was ready to leave the Dutch training camp at Hoenderloo. It took many hours of talking with management and fellow players (of a certain clique) before decided to stay. The next few days he spent time leaking info to the press about the issues within the squad, and voicing very loudly his concerns and why he felt he had to be in the squad. A large majority of the staff and the squad felt him to be a pariah, a problem, yet by the end, he was captaining and starting. Absolutely insane. The same thing goes for Huntelaar. Huntelaar had a good season in Germany, in the Bundesliga were, with all due respect to what is a fantastic league, goal scoring tends to be a bit easier at times, and he ended up being the topscorer. Great, but he felt that this entitled him to start. His friends in the so-called ‘Ajax-clique’, like Sneijder, VD Vaart and Heitinga, agreed, and pushed heavily with van Marwijk to start him. Van Marwijk however had this idea of starting with a player who can actually play football, not just finish, and Huntelaar voiced his displeasure in a very vocal and very childish manner. In the end, even though he started, he was hated by his teammates, derided by some of the press and told that as long as van Marwijk is national manager, chances are very low he will ever play for Oranje again. Good riddance.

  39. Thankfully Kev, most of those who played last night are done and dusted for England :)

  40. Good to hear that, but back to the city so soon :(

    Just in time for the Olympics – busy busy days ahead for you…

  41. If we get M’Villa. We have a hell of a midfield.

  42. Oh the Olympics, the road closures, the traffic jams, no where to park, i’d rather drive in Manila, at least that would be interesting… :)

  43. The cracks in the squad were caused by the fact that factions were formed based on the aforementioned and other issues. These factions were more or less like this: The group van Bommel, which contained van Persie, Afellay, de Jong, Mathijssen, Vlaar and most importantly, most of the management. Then there was the Ajax faction, made up of players with an Ajax past and generally quite big egos. Sneijder, Huntelaar and Vd Vaart were the main people in that group, supported by the Dutch press, media and public. And like on the football pitch, you had Arjen Robben, not caring about it all, about anyone but himself, and not doing much about the unrest. Sneijder, to his credit, tried to mend fences at times, and showed himself a willing leader on the pitch, but taking the side of the petulant vd Vaart and Huntelaar was what got him in trouble with the rest of the squad. Equally, van Persie was trying to mend fences, but poor performances and his media silence did not help

  44. In the group Ajax, three players had recently made career moves which may have gotten them more playing time, but further away from the top of European football. Huntelaar, vd Vaart and Heitinga all made moves down the ladder. Sneijder’s Inter too have failed this season in quite a dismal way and he himself wasn’t very good at any moment during the last two seasons. On the other side of the fence, players like van Persie and Afellay actually got better and into better situations. Not only does van Persie captain one of the biggest clubs in world football, but he won every individual plaudit last season and either he would have stayed at Arsenal or gone on to even bigger things. Likewise Afellay, whose career had stalled for about two seasons at PSV, got a move to Barca, which made all players in the squad very jealous. He may only be a rotation player at Barca, but the likes of Sneijder, vd Vaart, Huntelaar and Robben all went to Real Madrid hoping for that one shot at glory and all failed horribly. Now Afellay, despite a long injury problem, seems to be doing well there and looks set to take part in a lot of success. According to the press, that has made him arrogant. In reality, it has made the others jealous. Besides, it is not for people like Sneijder to call others arrogant. He once went over to Piet Velthuizen, Dutch national reserve keeper playing for Vitesse, and asked him if it was true he only earned 400k a year. Velthuizen confirmed this, to which Sneijder started laughing and told him, ‘wow, so I earn 20 times as much as you!’ Amazingly, the Dutch press managed to spin that story as an example of banter and good old fashioned ‘Amsterdam bluf’. In reality…. Well, we know how it comes off.

  45. The Dutch do it at every comp. It is written as is, we go out on pens at the quarters.

  46. People ask me on twitter all the time why the Dutch people hate RvP so much, or at least fail to rate him. Firstly, the Dutch people seem to have lost all grasp on what made Dutch football special, the versatility of total football. Van Persie at the World Cup gave (I think) four assists, yet did not score. That is still a good return, but for some reason, Dutch football fans want to see a striker who can only score, not do anything else. If we had had a player like that at the World Cup, you can bet we would not have reached the final. The love this country had for van Nistelrooij, one of those extremely limited players who was amazing at scoring, transfers on to Huntelaar, who is even more limited and not as good at scoring. In 1974, in 1988, the players in attack and midfield kept rotating, all with well-defined but in essence completely free roles. Van Basten may have been a more traditional forward, but he knew how to connect play. In 1974, Cruyff was the striker, despite constantly dropping deep and allowing others to get in and score. Remind you of anyone? Yeah, me too. Sadly the Dutch people, and press, seem to have forgotten all about what made Dutch football great.

  47. Speaking of cracks what did that penis na$ri do after France’s loss?

  48. Its amazing when you consider the Dutch are famed for their easy going liberal nature that the national side is full of egotistical, selfish children, throwing their toys out of the pram if they don’t get their own way.

  49. I know Will, but maybe the unrest in the Dutch camp may make Robin decide to stay where he is settled and happy?
    Here’s hoping…

  50. i pray m villa sign for us and if only we can sign vertog

  51. Poor little boys those Dutch players and what about Sammy “the snout” Nasri too. Petulant and full of themselves. Perhaps Sammy needs his nappy changed. I really don’t know how they manage on £100k a week. Still, as we all saw the other evening, Clichy has moved his game onto a “new” level and Rooney looks like he should have had his mouth stitched up while he was banned. Apparently he had a throat problem. He had a pie stuck in it.

  52. Secondly, the Dutch media and press are dominated, nay, ruled, by people connected to Ajax. Vd Vaart, Sneijder and Huntelaar are the darlings of the Dutch media and always portrayed in the most positive way. Shows like NOS Studio Sportzomer, the public television’s evening football talkshow at the Euro’s, were filled with people with Ajax backgrounds or preferences for Ajax players. In a country where almost half the population is a fan of Ajax, and most of the past success was based on Ajax, there is a certain level of sympathy for the extraordinary obsession with Ajax, but it manifests itself in an ugly way. Players like Sneijder and Vd Vaart are always in contact with these journalists looking for some spin on a story (like with the Velthuizen story mentioned above), and during every programme, people were wondering why Huntelaar was not starting. This works like subliminal programming. And in a nation where we feel much closer to the Bundesliga anyway, and where a former Ajax player has more fans anyway, this all really undermined RvP position. No wonder after two weeks every (unintelligent) Dutch fan was screaming for Huntelaar to start, after a few performances from RvP where he got in the right position, played the right passes, but didn’t quite finish it off. He became the scapegoat for the Dutch media and press, annoyed that he refused to talk to them thanks to the agreed media-silence and they used it as a way to usurp his role. Even when he sucked, they just made excuses for him. Instead, they went back after RvP. People like Jan Mulder, footballer (at Ajax) turned writer, called for RvP’s head. They did this in such a biased way, that this same Mulder said RvP needed to be replaced by…. Adam Maher, the central midfielder of AZ, a remark already infamous for its blatant idiocy. The bias of the media had reached proportions of blind remarks and stupidity. When these people were offset with normal journalists or pundits, those with neutral affiliations, their gormlessness was made all the more clear. In England, on the other hand, RvP is well liked and respected by the press. He won the FWA’s award this season, he is on good terms with many of the reporters, and gets the appreciation from them, and the players, which he deserves.

  53. At some offices in North London all these developments will have been met with a smile. Firstly, RvP’s performances, whilst not nearly as bad as made out to be, and in fact, statistically the best of the entire Dutch squad, will not have earned him more admirers. I have read people doubt his ability to do it on the big stage and that might play on the minds of potential suitors. Secondly, his role in the team. Van Persie came to the Dutch training camp expecting to be main player, the one destined to get all the ammunition so he could finish it off. Van Marwijk and his staff too had planned this but the Ajax group undermined this from day one. Huntelaar, vd Vaart and Sneijder all wanted the glory to themselves, as did Arjen Robben. Van Persie was often in better positions and failed to get the ball he needed. He was not the player the play revolved around. At Arsenal he is. Will he be that at other clubs, I wonder? Probably not, and he really needs that to flourish. And I bet you any money this incident will have confirmed to him that being the central player is what he needs to succeed. Also, look at Arsenal over the past season. With a few small exceptions, there was a fantastic atmosphere in the squad, with players gelling, becoming friends, and with some sensible, experienced players in the dressing room making it a nice environment. Compare that to the Dutch squad, with the infighting and the leaking stuff to the press.

  54. I can imagine that van Persie will have realise just how important it is to be part of a closely knit group of people, friends, both on and off the pitch, and that makes a person much happier. At Man City, at Real Madrid, at Bayern, he won’t get that. (I don’t know enough about Juve to make a fair assessment) Nor would he be the central player. Now, trophies are important to players, there is no denying that. But if we give van Persie the feeling that we can challenge for trophies this season, whilst keeping him the central figure in a happy, positive squad, I can imagine that would make him much happier than winning trophies in a more peripheral role in a fragmented squad. The Dutch failures may just have reminded him of that. The fate of van Bommel may help too. Three weeks ago, he was the leader of a nation, the inspirational captain who defended his teammates after racial incidents in Krakow. Against Germany, he played badly, but was subbed off and replaced with the lazy, unfit and average vd Vaart who, after two weeks of leaking info and complaining out loud, whilst to all accounts being shite in training, still got the captain’s armband. I can imagine this made van Persie quite sick, it sure made me sick to my stomach. At Arsenal, at least, things like that would never happen. So yes, this Oranje squad failed miserably, and left us Dutch people feeling very silly. But the failures, the mess, the problems, all of it, might have a positive effect on the big decision our captain has to make.

  55. Sorry if that was a bit long-winded, but i did it that way so Dutch can get it on his smartphone and can comment on it….
    Maybe Stan, if he isn’t otherwise engaged… ;)

  56. Plasti-cuffed somewhere…

  57. The Dutch, with the players available to them should be in the top 4 teams in the world. Sadly they always seem to implode.

  58. So you guys think the Dutch falling apart will make RvP want to stay where he is loved?

  59. Morning all.i hope gooners were watching to see why 4-4-2 is not an option.any half decent team playing a midfield 3 or a diamond midfield will run rings around you.

  60. Apparently, Giroud was wanted by Chelsea but he say ‘No No No’

  61. With RVP it must be either about winning things or financial or even an amalgam of both. With every passing day it makes less sense to me

  62. Will, it’s got to have some impact on his decision! Plus our new signing(s)….

  63. How much money do these fckers want/need?

  64. Lee. Very few people who are told how great they are every day remain level-headed. And if they have Darren Dein as an agent, make that none.

  65. KT, why doesn’t 4-4-2 work? Surely it is the players and not the formation.

  66. Kyle Bartley….
    Much talked about thanks to promising early performances at youth and reserve level, Kyle is now 21 and there have been whispers that should we succeed in selling Johan Djourou and Sebastien Squillaci this summer he could be the man to come into the squad as a fourth or fifth choice centre back. So I was interested to hear how Kyle got on last season and find out from someone who has seen him play regularly what his chances might be.
    I spoke to James Donaldson – News Editor for RangersMedia, Deputy Editor for Seventy2 Magazine, and regular on the We Are The People Podcast to find out more:
    Overall, how do you feel Kyle has done for Rangers this season?
    KB has performed ok, but ‘ok’ might be harsh, as he was regularly played out of position (at RB or even as an anchorman).

    What are his strengths as a player? Any particular highlights?
    His strengths are his passion, leadership, determination, and physical attributes. As a highlight, any tackle where he smashed through a tim (celtic player). He’s a real team player.

    How about his weaknesses?
    He quite regularly gets caught ball watching, and positioning can be very poor. High balls are very often misjudged, and land behind him. To be fair, his weaknesses at CB were more apparent when playing next to Dorin Goian, they are similar defenders. When next to Carlos Bocanegra, he coped a lot better. Although you could credit that more to the superb ability and calming nature of Captain America.

    Obviously he’s only young but how’s his temperament? Did he cope well with the liveliness of the SPL?
    He certainly can handle himself, a few square ups here and there, but he never lost his temper. Always prepared to stand his ground, when a wee shite like Scott Brown is acting the hard man. Always in the thick of it when a team mate is in a scuffle, which is a quality I like.

    It was Kyle’s second spell on loan at Rangers. Was there much sign of progression in that time?
    I have to be honest, there wasn’t. When he first signed we were drooling over his raw style, hard hitting tackles and fearless attitude. As the second season wore on, that novelty wore off and his weaknesses were more apparent.

    Would you welcome him back to the club again?
    Despite those weaknesses I mentioned, I would love Kyle to become a permanent Rangers player. He loves our club and will always be a Ranger at heart now as he regularly tweets. His relationship with us was excellent, and that can really help you through your time playing for Rangers, when you can be adored or despised within seconds.

    Can you see him making it at Arsenal?
    Unfortunately, I can’t. Arsenal have a unique style, where every player needs to play football. KB’s footballing attributes aren’t good enough for Arsenal, or even the EPL at the moment. He needs some more loan time, I would say in the Championship, as the standard of football would be higher and maybe he could improve enough, to play in lower half of EPL.

  67. Adam, i thought Rooney was absolutely appalling, what is he on? £200k/£250k???
    Couldn’t control the ball, couldn’t pass the ball, couldn’t beat an opponant, a fat unfit passenger….
    Would have left Wellbeck on and taken Rooney off…
    Not that it would have made much difference…
    Plus the Press would have slaughtered Hodgson…
    The FA/Press, an unholy alliance that hold English football in the Stone Age…

  68. Lee – Nasri had a strop and a few naughty words to the media ;)

    Hi Adam

  69. Busy morning so on and off a bit…

  70. Kev. He was huffing and puffing and sweating like a pig after 10 minutes. He couldn’t even keep himself match-fit during his suspension for that petulant kick. As you say, at over £200k a week.

  71. You are always at a disadvantage in midfield Will.Italy played Pirlo,Marchisio,Montolivo and De Rossi in midfield diamond.in that zone England only had Gerrard and Parker and as a result they were very easily by passed by simple passes.it was a 4 v 2 in there.even if you remove parker and put jack nothing will change.any team with 3/4 CM players will easily dominate.

  72. Hi Rico. How many eggs are you getting these days?

  73. If you are playing against a team like Italy who channel everything through Pirlo, an older player with no pace, then why wouldn’t you sat to Parker perhaps ” sit on him and don’t let him pick whatever pass he wants every time?” Pirlo utterly dominated the match because there was no reason that he couldn’t.

  74. Lee, that was interesting…
    My son’s best mate has a work colleague who is a Rangers fan, and he told him months ago, that although Bartley is popular at Rangers, that he doubted that he was good enough to make it at Arsenal…

  75. But if Italy had a diamond, doesn’t that mean they were narrow in midfield so we have the advantage on the wings?

  76. I think I may re train as a sports journalist. I have a computer with internet connection and I can read things and do remembering and writing stuff down and copying other peoples work and then changing the words a bit and then presenting the work to miss pretending I did do it all myself. Todays rehashed story is Reus, who Wenger wanted in January but he signed for Dortmund. Tomorrow read the exclusive ‘Arsenal to buy rising French star Thierry Henry’ only in the Daily Star (in crayon with a little drawing)

  77. KT, surely England should have had someone in the hole, thus giving us 5 in midfield…
    I suppose our players aren’t intelligent enough to think on their feet…

  78. English players aren’t intelligent enough to pass to each others feet let alone think on them…

  79. LR, yeah, i read that, what a load of crap.
    That’s obviously why Hill-Wood talks to the Star.
    Kinda sums up what PHW thinks of us fans….

  80. Four a day Adam :)

    Hi Kt…

  81. Go To Work On An Egg… ;)

  82. England didnt have any wing advantage as both Milner and Young were useless going forward. So Pirlo was afforded ample room to play as a quaterback. He had all the time in the world to pick his pass. If we had a setup like theirs then Beckham would still have a place inn the England team as you don’t need pace or stamina.

  83. Huevos Rancheros?

  84. They were narrow will but they still dealt with Englands wingplay easily.in their diamond Montolivo was at the tip behind Balotelli and Cassano and Pirlo the deepest.De Rossi/Marchisio were shuttlers who would go wide to support their fullback when England had the ball out wide nullifying England’s wing threat.it also still left them with 3 CM players in the middle which helped them press the likes of Gerrard easily.thats how Italy were able to dominate in every area of the pitch.

  85. LF, Rooney should have dropped as he was the centre of the three.

  86. KT, formations means nothing, it is the players on the pitch. It is 11 Vs 11 (unless we are playing Barca). It is about intelligence and we don’t have that many players with it.

  87. Most days AK – I do ;)

  88. Morning all,
    Didn’t even realise Wayne Rooney had a twin brother until last night, he was terrible.
    Anyway I’m over it.

  89. I disagree with you will.formations may not be everything but there is no way they mean nothing.Formations form the basic skeleton to which the team references upon.watching England you can clearly see two banks of 4,Italy a midfield diamond…the players use that structure as a reference.they then have to use their intelligence to counter any other permutations the opposition come up with but still having their formation as a reference point.you could see at times Italy had a back 3 depending on the flow of the game but still their midfield diamond was maintained as it was their reference point.Intelligence plays a big role but there is no way you can say formations mean nothing.

  90. Overweight, under fit and an ego bigger than his ugly head Micko … ;)

  91. Ball retention, lack of ability to find a fellow player and convert a penalty, thats my summing up… ;)

    I’m looking forward to watching us again :)

  92. Back to all things Arsenal rico, let the culling begin.
    Ducks eggs, that what I have, my neighbour keeps a steady supply of big green ones coming every week, doesn’t cost me a penny.

  93. Rico. I think you are becoming more sarcastic these days.

  94. Agree there Micko, culling and adding, that’s the way to go now for AFC…

    Surely not Adam…

  95. Oh yes Rico. And I have detected the faintest whiff of cynicism too. I am sure though that it isn’t my influence. :)

  96. I was going to mention the very thing concerning Rico’s disposition the other day….

  97. Lee. It’s a shocker isn’t it?

  98. Micko – i have never tried a duck egg, are they good??

  99. I think you two young men, Adam & Lee, have got me all wrong ;)

  100. London 9.48, if he loses his pace, what is left ?
    Answer………Lee Sharpe.

  101. Mmmm, Adam and Lee. That could either be a minicab firm or a homoerotic dance act. :)

  102. Arsene Wenger has lined up his next raid to beef up Arsenal’s attacking options by setting his sights on Germany international Marco Reus.

    Wenger will welcome Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud to the Emirates Stadium next season and revealed he is closing in on Reus.

    The Gunners boss was working for French television when Reus scored in Germany’s 4-2 win over Greece and was full of praise for the Borussia Dortmund forward.

    When asked by fellow analyst Bixente Lizarazu if he was ‘On the case’, Wenger replied: ‘Yes.’

    Dortmund signed Reus from Borussia Monchengladbach for £14million in January and the 23-year-old put pen to paper on a contract until 2017.

  103. I just had a Peters & Lee moment then…

  104. Beautiful rico, lovely and fresh, much bigger as well, would never go back to supermarket eggs anymore, no need.

  105. Back in a while…

  106. Must give them a try then Micko….

  107. Lee. Welcome Home?

  108. It was a strange signing of Reus by Borussia.
    Some thought he was cover for Gotze!
    I’d be surprised if Wenger could get him so soon after moving to a new club,but who knows?
    Rico,you ought to try an Emuu egg.
    Very rich,and no need for laxatives he first we times,but very tasty.
    Really spectacular looking eggs,too.

  109. The first few times,either :)

  110. I think we’re ok up top, a bit of protection for the defence should be the priority now.

  111. Scott, have you ever wrestled a crocodile for her eggs.
    My sister was in Austrailia last year, stopped off at a croc farm for a few steaks.

  112. Could be the Highbury House signature tune.
    Duck eggs are lovely, I’m with you there Micko!

  113. Reus has not yet kicked a ball for Dortmund so forget it.They’ve also just lost Kagawa.

  114. How big would your soldiers be to dip in an emu egg?

  115. I don’t know whether you guys noticed, the last two games Rooney played whenever Theo came on as a substitute he(Rooney) refused to pass to him! Against Ukraine Theo barely touched the ball. Yesterday Rooney whenever he got the ball he looked for young with Theo screaming for the ball! At one point Theo went on a very good dribble through the middle, shriek intercepted when he was about to shoot!

    This English team is held back by Rooney, gerrar, terry,frank and cashley

  116. Adam have you visited Orford on the Suffolk coast?

  117. Doorsteps lee.

  118. I remember asking whether Rooneys return would upset would appeared to be a happy side at the time.
    Micko,the crocs and I have an agreement…….we stay a few thousand K’s away from each other!
    You dip an entire loaf of bread in an emu egg,none of these little bloody fingers!!

  119. Pilo was top notch yesterday.His range of passing was very impressive from lofted through balls to short passes.He is also very composed on the ball.

    He also has spatial awareness and decision making that is first class.Rooney tried to mark him but was dragged all over further disorienting England’s attack.England tried to mark him but could not get anywhere near him.Its a mark of a good player to always be in space to receive a pass.

    His perfomance was one of the best CM perfomances i’ve ever seen and i hope any young aspiring playmaker out there analyses his perfomance to see how it is done.

  120. Orford Lee? I don’t believe so. Can I ask why?

  121. Am I the only one who thinks Rooney looked more dangerous when he was a younger player?to me it seems he has lost that spark he had when he was a teenager.Right now he just looks like a good PL player but not world class.

  122. KT, capped by a good pen!

  123. Google maps says I can be there in just over 2 hours Lee.

  124. There’s a really good seafood restaurant there with a smoke house behind it. I took my tribe there yesterday and it was spot on…

  125. Is it far from where you live?

  126. Looks very reasonable. Is it a village by the sea, suitable for a day out with Mrs Adam in our Reliant Robin?

  127. Pirlo’s penalty was not only sublime but the turning point in the shoot out.Hart was so cocky with his antics in the shootout and Pirlo was the one who broke him.

    To have the audacity to even attempt such a pen when you are losing the shootout takes massive balls and spades of composure which Pirlo has.He barely even hit the ball!!!

  128. Ktr7. Yes, Hart’s psychological games with the penalty takers were rather embarrassing I thought.

  129. The decor isn’t West End but the food is great, definitely give the RR a blast up the A12 mate.You can always visit Southwold or Aldeburugh whilst in that area, proper time warp!
    Orford is a tiny village by the sea, very picturesque….

  130. Yes all Hart needed was a tyre suspended from the crossbar….

  131. AFternooon al..

    From that Ranger fan write-up, I do understand why Miquel stays in the squad and Kyle BArtley goes out on-loan.

    Arsenal CB is exactly like what Koscielny and Vermaelen, all ball-playing CB with the ability to bring the ball forward and the encessary technicla skill to pass and spray the ball (okay, TV5 passing is quite atrocious).

    I think Miquel is the natural 4th or 5th CB after Squillaci and DJourou move on.
    DJourou can bring the ball forward and cna pass too.

    But both Djourou and Kyle Bartley suffer from this weakness of inability to judge the flight of a cross and poor posiitonal sense which always leave our Defence exposed and need wuick CB like Kos and quick FB like Sagna to bail them out.

    Wenger buys him for his physical presence to complement our “lightweight” CB…as well as his claming influence and organisational ability. Even he is sloooow, very few opponents got passed him due to his positioning and antiicpation..plus of course, experience.

    1 – Koscielny
    2 – Vermaelen
    3 – Mertesacker
    4 – DJourou
    5 – Miquel
    6 – Angha
    7 – Boateng
    8 – Monterio

    I think Harjovic can’t make it……

    And Wenger wil not buy another CB as he has DJourou and Miquel..with Boateng and Angha in reserve…..

    Kyle Bartley?
    Like Gaivn Hoyte, I think he will be sold if Ranger makes a bid….

  132. RvP?
    Pretty quiet don’t you think?

    Perhaps, he wil return to EMirates in early-July and wil ocntinue negotiating before Arsenal FC starts their Asian tour?

    If RvP is not a member of Asian Tour….claiming “not fit due to niggling injury sustained in Euro2012….” well, you know what will happen next.

    Keen point to watch:
    Will RvP and Walcott be touring Asia?

  133. I’ve got a friend who owns a house in Southwold and he’s often invited me up there. There’s a good fish restaurant there apparently too. With all this home renovation stuff we are limited to days out here and there. The old Robin can manage 40 mph on a downhill with a following wind. It’s a bit hairy though Lee.

  134. I remember the first time I saw S/Bould play the scout’s were saying The Arsenal were looking at him…Millwall V Stoke I think he was about 24…I thought he’s not good enough for us…we signed him a week later.

    Kyle Bartley is I think 22,
    centre back’s are the hardest to bring through,you need a yard upstair’s to be a good defender,you need experience.

    If we can bring these young player’s through we have to give them a chance.
    Remember T/Adam’s the donkey chant’s..our best Ever Captain(winner).

    S/Bould the best defender I have seen at The Arsenal.

    What do I know

  135. He weren’t bad was he fred, should have been called up for England more than he did, think he only got 1 or 2 caps.

  136. Unfortunately, it is a bad time for Bartley as Djourou, Miquel and him is fighting for th 4th CB spot in the squad.

    Wenegr does not want the tradiitonal blood-and-thunder CB like Tony Adams or S/Bould but a versatile CB that can bring the ball up and can drive forward with the ball like Kos, TV5 and even Djourou.

    It is hard to see Kyle developing at Arsenal FC when he is 22 year old and 4th choice CB.

    Like Justin Hoyte and Jay Simpson, he needs to move on to play regular 1st Team football when he is 23 year old.

    That is why our previous youngsters like Connolly and Ayling preferred to leave Arsenal to play regular 1st team football.

  137. Afternoon all, nice one Rico, glad to hear Giroud has made his mind up and is heading our way. What about England, well we got bashed up thats for sure, outplayed and out manouvered but we kept them out and so we should with the whole team in our half most of the game. Pirlo ran the show he did as he wanted when he wanted and passed the pants off of us, i don’t believe i have ever been so frustrated with a team more than last night, well give or take most Arsenal games, Rooney looked all in after 15 mins and how he kept going god only knows albeit very slowly, Theo was again non existant i don’t know how Hodgeson told him to play but it couldn’t have been the way he did, many a time Italy surged forward only for Theo to find a space on his own that was never going to see the ball, i’m sorry i have had it with him he needs to find somewhere he can be a centre forward as its obvious that it won’t be with us. What about Oxlaid Chamberlain used the same as Wenger uses him far to seldom waste of time taking a player to keep him on the bench but at least he wasn’t knackered.

  138. Many of us admire the way Pirlo dictated plays for Italy.

    Some said we see Wilshere as a “Pirlo”.
    But what about OX as Wenger had previously commented that he sees OX as a future central midfielder.

    You know how Wenger like to spring surprises like:
    – When Keown retired, Kolo was transformed into a CB.
    – Cesc-Flamini, both teenagers, took over from Vieira-Gilberto.

    If Wenger is not buying an ACM, I see that he believed he had sufficient creative playmaker in his squad to fulfil this function.
    He will persist with Rosicky, Wilshere, Ramsey and OX in this role.

    If both Rosicky and Wilshere are not fit to start the season, it wouldn’t surprise moi to see Van Persie in this role, with Van Persie playing in the ‘Bergy’s Hole” linking up play between MIDIFELD and FORWARD..with Van Persie running in deep and from blindside (like what Cesc is doing) as another goal-scoring threat.


    …………..Rosicky or WIlshere or OX or Van Persie


    To play Total Football, versatile players are needed that can rotate form MIDFILED to ATTACK and vice-versa.

    Like Johan Cryuff, a striker but yet playing in a deep-lying attacking midfielder as required..and then join in the attack as a striker.

    That is where Walcott, Van Persie and Poldolski are rotating with each other interchanging at flanks, dropping into MIDFIELD to defend and win balls,,,,,and linking with Giroud to attack.

    Giroud must be versatile to play at flanks and to rotate with flank players and to drop deep when Van Persie or Poldolski driving forward..or linking up with Van Persie or Poldolski as twin attack in the box.

    Interchangeability, pace and mobility is the modern version of 1970s Ajax Total Football…..without the tradiitonal “MIDFIELDER” and “FORWARD” but all players are “forwards” and “midfielders” as the plays evolved on the pitch.

    Forget about the tiraditional central playmaker. It is now the entire team are “playmakers” wityh telepathic understanding, instinctive knowing when to pas sinto space knowing that a team-mate will be there to receive the ball.
    Players running into space, knowing that a pass will be there for him.

    And that was what 2011/12 season all about. The embryonic nucleus of the 2012/13 team..if only we can keep all the key players together for next season.

  139. Afternoon all, has he signed yet :P

  140. Ben Arfa?
    Do we need another tempermental Frenchman in our squad?

    I heard previosuly that Ben Arfa and Nasri can’t get along in the Naitonal squad.

    Ben Arfa?

    Then what ever happen to Benik Afobe ho cna play at right-side attack as well?

    Remember, if Arsenal manages to obtian work permit fro Joel Campbell and Wellington SIlva, do we still need Ben Arfa and/or Affelay?

  141. Totally agree re Hart, he paid too much attention to Balotelli when the penalties started, too much joking and laughing too – lost all concentration imho….

  142. Many websites claimed Giroud is a done deal.

    But can anybody confirmed when he is coming for hsi medical?

    Guess, the clue is whether Wenger had returned to Arsenal or still at Euro2012?

    Maybe a twin signing of Giroud and M’vila announcement this Friday? :mrgreen:

    Hope 2012/13 is a repeat fo 1997/98 season with half the French Naitonal Team? :lol:

  143. Giroud looks a little like david bentley.

  144. DB wasn’t as good looking Lee, or should I call you Peters ;)

  145. Merlin, not sure Wenger needs to b in London for Girouds medical, no doubt he has done his bit whilst in Poland ;)

    Montpellier have confirmed he is joining us apparently…

  146. Afternoon all, sorry to be off topic, although gallas, big tantrum bottom lip out left us for the dpuds, could it be he was right all along concerning nasri? Perhaps even more. RIP Miki

  147. Spuds not dpuds

  148. Adam’s Peters…I’m Lee!! ;)
    Have you used your eggs for Huevos Rancheros?

  149. olive oil
    1 onion , finely chopped
    1 red pepper , finely chopped
    1 garlic clove , crushed
    ½ tsp dried oregano , or fresh
    400g tin chopped tomatoes
    2 eggs
    wholemeal pitta bread , to serve
    1 red chilli , finely chopped

  150. Cheers lee, hungry now

  151. Heat 1 tbsp oil in a large frying pan and add the onion, pepper, chilli, garlic and oregano.
    Fry gently for about 5 minutes or until everything is soft then add the tomatoes and cook for a further 5 minutes. If the sauce looks dry, add a splash of water.
    Season well and then make 4 hollows in the mixture, break an egg into each and cover the pan.
    Cook for 5 minutes or until the eggs are set. Serve with the pitta bread.

  152. :lol: Lee re you and Adam

    Hi jimario, I’m hungry too now, that one is going in my recipe book Lee, thank you :)

  153. Never tried that though – i’ll bring some with me on the 15th dec, eggs i mean of course ;)

  154. RIP, Miki. :( Too young to go. :( :(

    Hello, everyone! rico, it seems quite a number of our players are now to be shifted. Good!! Two early arrivals?? How very un-Arsenal. But I definitely approve. :)

  155. Adam and I will be performing a duet at The Highbury House Christmas bash….. :lol:

  156. :lol: Lee – where is this bash taking place??

    Hi agag – a rumour today is we are going after Van de Varrt :lol: :lol:

  157. Jimario, in hindsight, I beleive Gallas was right all along on Nasri…..especially that incident of that arrogant little prick sitting on Henry’s seat in the team bus?

    Gauging on present Nasri behaviour, I believe Nasri sat on Henry’s seat deliberately knowing jolly well that the seat is reserved for Henry.

  158. Or even Van de Vaart oh, you know who i mean ;)

  159. Those pics are disgusting agag….

    i don’t have time for either Gallas or Nasri, both stroppy toads….

  160. He’s friends with Robin, at least, rico! ;) He has a big mouth on him though. :D

  161. vernat – those numbers lost me ;)

  162. And a rather big tum and bott agag ;)

  163. I just knew you’d like balut, rico :lol: They’re really good though. :D

    It’s becoming clearer by the day that we did well to sell Na$ti.

  164. afternoon all

  165. rico that description fits Nasri, too. :)

    I don’t understand thoese numbers either, vernat. :?

  166. Boo, JM! How are ya? Feeling upbeat about Portugal’s chances?

  167. Sure does agag, glad he’s gone, and glad he’s struggling at citeh too, id laugh if they offloaded him this summer….

  168. HI JM, I hope your side beats Spain….

  169. hi rico and agag. Last friendly match we won 4-0… but now it will be a semi-final. The spaniards are afraid of us…

  170. Wouldn’t that just be so ironic, rico, if he were sold? Oh, how I’d laugh. It says a lot when your coach publicly comes out to say that you can do better. :D

  171. Good JM, hope you batter them good and proper :)

    It would agag, no more than he deserves, he is lazy and reminds me of Ade in many ways, starts well and fades, then moves on ;)

  172. Venue to be confirmed!! Adam’s newly decorated place is looking favourite but he doesn’t know that yet…. so keep it under your hat! ;)

  173. Fab idea Lee, of course I won’t mention it either, you have my word ;)

  174. All around to Adam’s for a massive piss-up…
    Yeah, that’ll do for me…
    But i’ll keep to myself… ;)
    It’ll be a lovely suprise when 40 odd of us turn up on his doorstep.. :)

  175. And well should the Spaniards be, JM. It seems Ronaldo has picked up his game at just the right time. :) :) Go thrash them, please. :)

  176. I’ll ask Accountfont and Spectrum to join us, that should kick-off a rare old punch-up just to round the evening off… :D

  177. Dutch can bring some coffee… :P

  178. You are meant to keep that quiet Kev ;)
    :lol: re the uninvited guests

  179. RT @Football_Tweet_: Hearing that Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey is in talks with Fulham. Meanwhile, Danny Murphy signs for Blackburn

    Not sure what to make of that?!

  180. Is that a loan Kev?

  181. Aegerin wkwk “@UK_TransferNews: BREAKING M’Vila fee agreed Arsenal. Contract terms agreed. Will be official pending a medical.

    Here we go…. Wind up or kosher?????

  182. Ah wicked, pre-season piss up and scoff at Adams…………. Nice one…!

    I’ve just had a chat with the chaps and we’ve sorted the 55 seater there are 8 spaces left if any of you wanna lift…?

  183. Not sure Rico, it’s all a bit vague, and it is Twitter after all… :D

  184. Jamie Sanderson‏@YoungGunsBlog

    Anderlecht in talks with Chelsea over link up. Had asked Arsenal last summer. Nothing agreed. Trick missed. Hot bed of talent.

  185. M’Vila – i bloody hope its factual Kev

    Hi Wath, don’t forget the chapesses :)

  186. Sorry for dropping out, work n stuff. Sure does look like good timing to sell nasri, troublesom little git. Well i never, arsene was right, again. Ramsey loan deal would be ideal as he is still young n full of promise. M’vila stories are dragging on a bit, best to ignore until wearing red n white

  187. Callum Lang‏@29_cal

    “Im hearing a few rumours that Arsenal have agreed a £9m deal for Fulham’s Clint Dempsey…. #afc” <– The only Fulham player I would take

    Here's another to keep ya ticking over… :)

  188. Emeka ♠‏@Mrkabal

    10k God”@samuelj29060: #AFC Bendtner agent: “Exit from Arsenal getting closer day by day. The interest in him is over underwhelming.”

    :lol: :lol:

  189. bloomin work eh jimario ;)

    i’d support a ramsey loan… i won’t believe even Giroud until he’s on afc.com…

  190. That dempsey one is interesting, especially after the ramsey tweet…

    Two twits on twitter working in tandem :lol:

  191. Giroud is ours Rico….

    Oh yea of little faith… :)

    Twits, it’s keeps me going, most of it tosh, but positive tosh…

    But a loan of Ramsey to Fulham as part of the deal to bring Dempsey to AFC does make sense…
    Hope it’s true…
    We get Dempsey and Aaron gets a regular game…
    Win win…

  192. I know you’d think i was paid to do a job or something. Always best to wait for arsenal.com or aw himself, though giroud i’m pretty sure of and m’vila still likely, imo. Hopefully rvp n theo sign, personally think they will. Would still like to nick vertonghen from under spuds noses but as we wont offer him first team starter more than doubt

  193. I’m sure he is Kev but, all the time the chavs are sniffing, anything could happen…

    I love the twits, tweets, rumours, all of it, but believe none of it :lol:

  194. :lol: jimario – you and me both re JV but i think he’ll sign for that lot, although you would have thought that deal would have been done a while ago…


    Then a keeper and we ready to go….

  195. That is so tacky Kev….

    I want one ;)

  196. Ok ramsey part of dempsey deals not bad n nearly believable. Although dempsey wants champs lrague think he’ll also want guarenteed starts, i’m not so sure we can offer him that

  197. No, no i don’t really…..

  198. Afternoon all. Have we got M’Villa yet?

  199. Yes you do Rico.. ;)

  200. Agree rico, with the doom at rangers mcgregors for the taking. JV deal doez seem quiet but sort of mirrors us n m’vila, all player talk nothing from clubs

  201. You Are My Arsenal ‏@YouAreMyArsenal

    According to @MrFulham #Arsenal have given permission to Fulham to talk to Aaron Ramsey.

  202. Toaster, just no

  203. :lol: Kev – you know me too well ;)

    Will, not yet …

  204. Damn it Rico. Use your wiles and make it happen ;-)

  205. Jimario, the toaster, you know you really want one… ;)

  206. I’d love one of the toasters in the cupboard, just in case a spud fan turned up for breakfast – i’m sure i could fit an egg just to the left of the ‘A’

  207. Does it come with a seasonally changeable away colours

  208. Offski for a spell.
    You Great Gooners take it easy…. :)

  209. Ah, the keeper jim, is he good??

    Use my what Will ;)

  210. Jim… :lol:

  211. Laters Kev, have a good evening…

  212. Eggs again rico, i’m going to the shop buy lee’s ingredients.

  213. Better then flappy n almunia but no world saver, price would be so low though

  214. Your eyelashes Rico ;-)

  215. Lee. I’ve tried to get Rico up to town but she’s a country girl and likes to feel the straw between her toes. Oh and Agag, seriously, those pics are a horror show. Surely nobody could eat something like that :)
    I see the bash down near Reading myself.

  216. Mrs Adam is looking forward to meeting you all. As am I. I think. Will Agag be coming?

  217. :lol: jim, let me know how it tastes please;)

  218. :lol: Will, and phew….

    Straw Adam, thats for chickens only… ;)

    Dec 15th in is Reading – do join us….

  219. And the Wurzels Rico. :)

  220. Christmas Is at yours Adam, tell Mrs Adam, we are all looking forward to meeting her too :)

  221. I would suggest a lunchtime gathering though. Any chance of a London visit Rico?

  222. Ah yes, and them together with a bottle of cider and a key ;)

  223. I’d be too scared to enter the big city Adam….

  224. Ok. It’s at mine. No chicken and chips then? Huevos Rancheros all round, followed by something hot ‘n spicy. How’s that?

  225. Rico. I shall drive down and pick you up and Kev will take you home.

  226. Adam, those are reaaaaallly good. But you must learn to ignore the crunchety crunch of baby duck bones and the feel of fine down. :D They’re eggs with legs/treat with feet.

    Get together and post photos!! :) :)

  227. Spot on Adam :)

    Ok, deal re the travelling arrangements ;)

  228. Agag. You could never get me to eat them. I am sure they taste great but they just seem weird to me. But I am known to my friends as a heathen with zero taste. Mrs Adam told me the other day she only married me because she felt sorry for me and wanted my spare Arsenal season ticket. So, I take it you won’t be coming despite the fact that Jimmy Choos are 70% off that week.

  229. I. Want. That. Toaster. It’s so fantastically camp. :D :D You can serve the Spud a quail egg sunny side-up and fit it just before the “A”, rico.

  230. Well, Adam, I know no Caucasian who truly likes balut. ;)

    Adam, I’m off to NY in December. Spending the hols there. :( :(

    I hear Mr. Choo does have sample sales in London December or thereabouts. Tut tut. ;) :(

  231. It’s not as camp as Andre Villas Boas with his ginger beard and tight little mac. I think he’s rather scrumptious.

  232. Shame, I won’t meet Mrs Adam. ;) Maybe, next year. :)

  233. I’ve never thought of myself as a Caucasian Agag. If I tried Balut I would hear the gentle country twang of Rico’s voice tut tutting in my ear. I was offered Ortolan in France a while back. Heard of it?

  234. If she puts up with me for that long.

  235. Trust me Adam, it would be more than just a gentle twang ;)

  236. A clip around the ear Rico?

  237. :lol: on AVB. He should’ve stayed with the Chavs. They’d still be losing. But he’s infinitely more likeable than Mourinho.

    Yes, I have heard of it, Adam. But how is it different from eating pigeon?? :) We eat all sorts of things in Asia. :D

  238. More like a blast from Rocky Adam ;)

    Ok, I need to have dinner now, back in a while….

  239. Adam, you must make sure you’re nice to her then. :)

    rico, what will you be serving?

  240. Rico, what will be your mode of transport for the Christmas do in London? Not sure on combine harvesters and the congestion charge…..

  241. It’s French Agag and the French place no limit on the amount of suffering they are willing to inflict on an animal to make it taste more delicious. As far as I understand an Ortolan is a small bird force fed with Calvados or something until it’s bloated body can take no more whereupon it is roasted and eaten whole under a sheet by other Frenchmen who make disgusting noises at the same time. I believe the whole practice to illegal in France these days. But only in name as the Frenchies love it. Like foie gras. I think it tastes amazing but I can’t get it’s manufacturing process out of my head when it sits, glistening in a Goosey fat, atop a steak with a huge pice of garlicky bone marrow alongside.

  242. L’Ortolan is a Reading restaurant, do you know it Rico?

  243. Hi Lee. I believe it was you who suggested Chez Adam for the HH get-together.

  244. He shoots
    He scores
    He eats Labradors
    Ji Sun Park
    Ji Sun Park.

  245. It wasn’t me it was someone who has the power to change people’s posts….do you get my drift? ;)

  246. But as your offering I can make it….

  247. It could be fun I suppose.
    Off for some salad stuff. Speak on the morrow.

  248. That sounds positively inhumane, Adam. :(

    I am off as well. Hello, Lee and bye, Lee. ;)

    Good night, rico!

  249. What a waste of Calva…………..

  250. Evening guys and gals…

    Nighty agag, rest well..

    Lee, it will be on a quad bike :)

  251. Have heard of L’Ortolan Lee, it’s in Shinfield, not far from where Dawn French and Lenny henry used to live, but no, I have never frequented the place..

    Prob way out of my cheque book range ;)

  252. Your 7.44 Lee – blame Wath ;)

  253. Evening Rico….
    You’ll have to email me the venue for our Christmas knees-up…

  254. Evening Kev, i don’t know where it is :( :(

  255. Spot bloomin on there :)

    And don’t we remember Big Tony, and always will……

  256. One of the all-time Arsenal greats…
    So lucky to able to say i saw his entuire career…

  257. Ditto Kev, and lucky enough to see him in the flesh too – not often enough though but….

  258. I met him at a finals night for my eldest lads football team, Gidea Park Rangers.
    Adams played for them as a kid.
    A really nice guy…

  259. Glenn O’Keeffe‏@Glenn_O_KoCo

    On this day in 1997 French international Emmanuel Petit borrowed £10 for a cab from Lord Sugar & went down the road to sign for Arsenal #AFC

  260. Not sure there is anyone who would disagree there …

  261. I’ll be surprised if AW lets ramsey go ….
    :lol: re Petit…

  262. Not sure what to think about the Ramsey stories.
    I wouldn’t like him to leave on a permanant transfer.
    A loan would suit Arsenal and hopefully Aaron, but there’s rumours that Fulham want a permanant deal.
    Could be a case of balancing the books as we can’t get rid of Denilson???

  263. Why don’t Fulham take Denilson…. :twisted:

  264. loan imho too, he’s too good to let go yet – he needs to get his confidence, thats all imho

  265. And Nik, Squilli, JD and Arshavin :)

  266. Adrian Lopez, what’s that all about???
    KT is the man to ask about him.
    He’s HH’s European Correspondent….
    Looks like the links to Mathias Suarez have gone cold…

  267. Rico… :lol:

  268. Time will tell I guess Kev….

    I’m done for the day, just going for a cuppa, then an early night, not even my turn to lock the chickens up….

    Nighty Kev and all… stay safe….

  269. Good Night Rico….
    Enjoy your soapy time… ;)

  270. Kudos to you Rico for this fine blog where we fans can mingle.

    @Kev, thanks for video

  271. Morning all…

  272. According to France Football, Squillaci has traveled to Corsica for discussions with talk of a one year deal, plus an option for a further year. It is believed he will be allowed move on a free transfer from Arsenal despite having another 12 months to run on his current deal.

    Squillaci arrived from Sevilla in the summer of 2010, fitting the age and experience profile Arsenal required at that time. However, his time at the club has been less than successful and he made just 6 appearances last season due to a combination of injury and lack of form.

    Arsenal’s apparent willingness to let him go on a free transfer is a sign that the club are ready to take a financial hit to streamline the squad this summer.

    Meanwhile, one of Nicklas Bendtner’s agents says that there is worldwide interest in the player after his Euro 2012 exploits. The bid Dane raised his profile through a couple of goals and some lucky underpants and he’s now got plenty of options to choose from.

    “The interest is overwhelming, just as it should be after the way Nicklas performed at Euro 2012,” said agenty bloke.

  273. Morning all,

    having a few internet probs, hopefully sorted soon :(

  274. Lee,let’s hope rumours prove truthful!!!
    Evening all.

  275. Be good Scott wouldn’t it?

  276. Thanks NG

    New Post up – hopefully ;)

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