Chamakh to Stoke? Robin & Theo guessing games & France exit to open Arsenal doors?

What is it that makes some fans think they are right?

It’s all well and good to have hunches and our own views on what we ‘think might happen’ but suggesting that any individual view is factual sometimes baffles me.

Robin is doing this, that or the other, well, just like all those media buffoons who think they know what is going inside the club, or the lazy journalists who print stories and believe that they are right, some fans are guessing just the same.

Not that I am suggesting Arsenal fans are buffoons before anyone goes into a strop! 😉

As said before, unless these same fans work for Arsenal Football Club, or dine out with Arsene Wenger, Stan Kroenke or Ivan Gazidis then I doubt anyone truly knows what the future holds for Robin van Persie or Theo Walcott for that matter.

Manchester City value Robin at £15 Million, who says so? I certainly haven’t seen/read a quote from the Manchester City hierarchy confirming that but no, the newspapers have printed it.

Robin has been spotted house hunting in the Manchester area, how that happened I don’t know as isn’t he supposed to be enjoying a well-earned holiday in the Caribbean?

Theo Walcott is demanding a bumper pay rise, well where has he said that? He’s also only staying if Robin does – funny enough, I haven’t seen any quotes from our winger confirming that either.

One thing though that has been said and it’s a quote from Robin’s wife Bouchra:

Arsenal showed faith in Robin when he was going through a lean time, so we should not repay them by thinking about other clubs. Our home life and our children are happy in London.

Would you honestly want your wife/husband to say that if you did not know he/she was saying it?

Or, if you were planning on departing your current club, would you actually allow that comment?

Suggestion is that our captain wants some help on the pitch, Podolski is in, Giroud is meant to be following and M’Vila is still heavily linked.

If those two above sign very soon, isn’t that what we have all hoped for, including Robin van Persie, who by the way,  isn’t the be all and end all of Arsenal Football Club!!

France are now out, beaten 2-0 by the World Cup Champions, and what a bunch of diving, softies they were too. France were not destined to win that match last night were they, certainly not all the time that particular man was in charge of the whistle. Not that I am suggesting he was biased or anything, I wouldn’t dare do such a thing!!

Alonso looked quite good still, unlike Torres……

Anyway, last nights result means the Euros are now over for the two above mentioned players who have for a few days, or few weeks said that their future will become clear after their participation in this competition is over.

Well it is, so could Arsenals summer transfer business kick off? Giroud looks pretty much certain to sign, but M’Vila, who knows, that is anyones guess but has he impressed you enough or would you rather we were looking elsewhere?

Finally, good luck to England for tonight, I’m really looking forward to watching the country I love beat Italy and yes, I think they will. Stop Andrea Pirlo and wind up Balotelli, that would be my advice. 😉

Only kidding, think that’s best left to Roy Hodgson….

Little rumour going around that we have accepted an offer of £6 Million for Chamkah from Stoke City, not sure if that one has any legs as I can’t see our dynamic striker wanting to stay in England.

But of course, that is only my opinion… 😉

Have a good day all…

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