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Chamakh to Stoke? Robin & Theo guessing games & France exit to open Arsenal doors?

What is it that makes some fans think they are right?

It’s all well and good to have hunches and our own views on what we ‘think might happen’ but suggesting that any individual view is factual sometimes baffles me.

Robin is doing this, that or the other, well, just like all those media buffoons who think they know what is going inside the club, or the lazy journalists who print stories and believe that they are right, some fans are guessing just the same.

Not that I am suggesting Arsenal fans are buffoons before anyone goes into a strop! ;)

As said before, unless these same fans work for Arsenal Football Club, or dine out with Arsene Wenger, Stan Kroenke or Ivan Gazidis then I doubt anyone truly knows what the future holds for Robin van Persie or Theo Walcott for that matter.

Manchester City value Robin at £15 Million, who says so? I certainly haven’t seen/read a quote from the Manchester City hierarchy confirming that but no, the newspapers have printed it.

Robin has been spotted house hunting in the Manchester area, how that happened I don’t know as isn’t he supposed to be enjoying a well-earned holiday in the Caribbean?

Theo Walcott is demanding a bumper pay rise, well where has he said that? He’s also only staying if Robin does – funny enough, I haven’t seen any quotes from our winger confirming that either.

One thing though that has been said and it’s a quote from Robin’s wife Bouchra:

Arsenal showed faith in Robin when he was going through a lean time, so we should not repay them by thinking about other clubs. Our home life and our children are happy in London.

Would you honestly want your wife/husband to say that if you did not know he/she was saying it?

Or, if you were planning on departing your current club, would you actually allow that comment?

Suggestion is that our captain wants some help on the pitch, Podolski is in, Giroud is meant to be following and M’Vila is still heavily linked.

If those two above sign very soon, isn’t that what we have all hoped for, including Robin van Persie, who by the way,  isn’t the be all and end all of Arsenal Football Club!!

France are now out, beaten 2-0 by the World Cup Champions, and what a bunch of diving, softies they were too. France were not destined to win that match last night were they, certainly not all the time that particular man was in charge of the whistle. Not that I am suggesting he was biased or anything, I wouldn’t dare do such a thing!!

Alonso looked quite good still, unlike Torres……

Anyway, last nights result means the Euros are now over for the two above mentioned players who have for a few days, or few weeks said that their future will become clear after their participation in this competition is over.

Well it is, so could Arsenals summer transfer business kick off? Giroud looks pretty much certain to sign, but M’Vila, who knows, that is anyones guess but has he impressed you enough or would you rather we were looking elsewhere?

Finally, good luck to England for tonight, I’m really looking forward to watching the country I love beat Italy and yes, I think they will. Stop Andrea Pirlo and wind up Balotelli, that would be my advice. ;)

Only kidding, think that’s best left to Roy Hodgson….

Little rumour going around that we have accepted an offer of £6 Million for Chamkah from Stoke City, not sure if that one has any legs as I can’t see our dynamic striker wanting to stay in England.

But of course, that is only my opinion… ;)

Have a good day all…

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222 comments on “Chamakh to Stoke? Robin & Theo guessing games & France exit to open Arsenal doors?

  1. Good Morning Fine Folk.

    Good read Rico. Chamack to Stoke?? Now that’s a larf. He is a bit of a softie ain’t he. Cant see him cutting it out at Stoke. Maybe send him there on loan to toughen him up for a year and then get him back a different player??? Mahhhh. Dont think it will happen.

    Still no monitor. But managed to convince a friend to let me read the article. We had a discussion and we concluded that I am right even though he supports Manure. ;)

  2. quote

    France are now out, beaten 2-0 by the World Cup Champions, and what a bunch of diving, softies they were too. ”

    And that idiot Wenger will go after a couple.. Who wants these diving failures?

  3. Morning all

    Thanks devil, I laughed at that rumour too about Chamakh, but AK read it somewhere aswell, they might want him, but just can’t see him going up there ;)

    How annoying for you re the monitor :(

  4. alan, that was the spainsh, not the french ;)

  5. Morning Kev, no gardening for you today :(

  6. Kev – was it you thae link yesterday re Kos, the fact we could have got him a year earlier for £1Million, but waited and paid £10M ?

    Very unlike Arsene….

  7. Re Giroud, who cares where he posted his fine body, didn’t Freddie do the same?? :lol:

  8. Even in France’s loss Kos was immense. Always there. He was their best player. And Clichy? Haha.. Just like old Arsenal days out of position and reason of goal. How manny have we conceded for its faulty position.

    Btw.. Here’s a thought that you may find being huge on Internet..

    Blanc to Spurs
    Wenger to France
    Pep to Arsenal..

  9. Morning all.good read.lets hope we start to see some transfer activities from now.

  10. Good morning Rico. A very good post. Apparently it was ex-Englad cricket captain Michael Vaughan who was part of the “Robin seen in Manchester” scam. I am not sure what he got out of it.
    Not that it takes much to get some “fans” going does it? They read a pile of steaming nonsense on some site, probably run by a twat based thousands of miles away and then they take it as gospel, work themselves up into a mini frenzy, exacerbated by the fact that they’re a generally frustrated dick anyway and come on more respectable sites to vent their pathetic little prejudices. What you say is right. We don’t know anything at all regarding Robin. We may have an opinion, but that’s all it is.

  11. England have yet to catch a single player offside :o

  12. Satan – totally agree re Kos, glad he’s out though, don’t want him being injured for next season :)

    I once thought Blanc would be a good one for us when AW retires, but can’t see AW working with a national team, he wouldn’t be able to poke his nose in as much as he does with us ;)

  13. Morning Rico, yes, that was me re: Kozzer link.
    Don’t think he would have developed so well if he hadn’t spent that year at Lorient…
    Likewise Coquelin…

    gardening, hmm, think you might just be right on that one. :)

  14. Satan. I agree about Clichy. All that tosh about moving his game onto another level since leaving a terrible club like Arsenal and going to City was quite irritating. As far as I can see he is still error-prone, has more money, a much bigger ego and a ridiculous new haircut.

  15. Blanc persevered with Malouda when the evidence of his own eyes must have told him that he is a has-been and quite possibly a never-was.

  16. Thanks Adam & Kt,

    Now I thought it was Neil Fairbrother Adam ;)

    So many assume that RvP is pulling the strings re his future but as devil suggested yesterday, maybe it is the other way around?

    I don’t know, nor does anyone in truth, but we will no doubt very soon find out….

  17. Kt, Ox and Milner are both on yellows, one more tonight and they will both miss the germany game, IF England win. Not overly fussed on Milner but our little lad, well we need him ;)

  18. Well done Rico, nice post and I particularly like the, ‘stop Pirlo and wind down Balotelli’ aspect cos I want to see England progress into the semis and the Ox and Theo getting more involved. I still have a nagging feeling that Chamach will end up in france which will be good for his career. Also nice comment from Mrs Persie.

  19. Spain don’t care about entertaining anymore;they are a winning machine,and an effecient one at that.they are technically and tactically superior to most teams that they can just take the sting out of the game with their tiki taka when they go up.i wouldn’t be surprised if they win the Euros.

  20. Spot on AK, re both, and £10 Million in this current crazy world of football isn’t that much to be paying for his kind of quality…

    Adam, I like that, so if he goes to spurs, all could be good for us, he’d buy up the french players and perserve with the old and weary ;)

  21. Yes Fairbrother and Vaughan. Obviously both City fans and quite possibly on the payroll. All I know is that they are both dickheads, but they’re not alone there are they. Man City’s manager is the biggest of all I think. And a slimy one too.

  22. Rico

    No way Blanc is that good. The man did exactly opposite of what AW would have done or had done. Remember Spurs game to try and contain Bale, he literally freed up Sagna and constantly attacked that flank and pushed him back. With Blanc it was opposite. He doesn’t seem that tactically or technically sound.

    So many times France had counter attacking chances and they were not quick enough. There was no rhythm or fluency. They didn’t even try to play.

    On Koz did you notice, so far in this Euro he seemed best ball playing CB. Every time they started from the back, he found a pass. He was the only one found passes out wide with ease and comfortably.

    Still what I haven’t seen any one using width at this Euro that well. Would love England to do that and let a couple of players to run and just run.

  23. Kt, I think Portugal will beat Spain, just imho of course ;)

    Just kidding with you Adam, it’s dross anyway, as he is sunning himself in Windie land…

  24. Welcome Stan and thanks – wind up Balotelli, not wind down, he’s like a coiled spring already ;)

  25. Satan. I agree about Blanc. But, aren’t Spain an awfully boring side to watch? They suck the life out of a game but do present an interesting tactical challenge for an opposing manager. Blanc failed that one miserably. And I felt uncomfortable seeing what a diving little cheat Cesc has become since returning home. And a whinger too.

  26. Satan

    I think he crossed my mind as he has turned France around in a very short space of time, they were in all sorts of mess under Domench – but yes, their weaknesses are still quite evident..

    So you want England to play Forrest Gump ;)

  27. Morning guys,

    Kos, what a player!!

    I like M’Vila too – smart and economical with the ball, doesn’t take too much many touches. His positional sense is also good.

    Thumbs up from me.

  28. Spot on re Cesc Adam, we saw a little of that with us, the card waving etc but jeepers, he has soon mastered the true Barcelona antics….

  29. @ Adam

    After listening to Brazil manager blasting Santos for being technically naive, this was the best scenes.

    When Clichy went I didn’t mind. I was more like its ok. He was loyal and all that. But then you don’t come out and say bad things about your former employer. Or does City pay every one to say such things. You always respect where you have worked and learn. If you run your mouth like he did then problem lies with you and not any one else.


    I still would love AW to manage France. They have got good players and he can surely take them to next level. To stop Spain from dominating like this some real manager has to come out and manage country. Else international football would be always boring.

  30. Romford, he’s certainly worth more than £10Million now, imho, Kos will be one of our best this coming season, even better than last, super player….

  31. One of our boys santos was in action playing in a charity match last night masters v all stars. 7-7 it finished, I think we all watched the wrong game I’d rather have watched that than Spain passin the ball to eachother for 90 mins

  32. I can see why you say that Satan, honestly I can, they have the players now and coming through and with the right manager, like Wenger, they would become more exciting and dynamic…

    But, I’m not French, so I don’t want them to have him ;)

    Until the refs grow a backbone, Spain will carry on the same way, just as Barca are too often allowed to….

  33. Kos was good and am glad the press don’t hype him up.lets hope he becomes even better.

  34. Evening all.
    Good post Rico,and something all fans should remember when telling the “facts”.
    On Kozzer,be honest everyone.
    How impressed with Wenger would you have been AT THE TIME, if he’d bought another cheap French lad??
    It almost seems to me that some fans underestimate Podolski as we’ve got a great deal,to the point that if he were 25 million,they’d have been rapt to see the club bringing in big names and spending big money!!
    I don’t get it,I really don’t.
    I only saw the second half,but thought Fance were devoid of ideas once they were near Spain’s 18 yard box.
    They had as many visits as Spain did to theirs,but no creativity was evident.

  35. Rick – so would I, that sounds like it could have been fun :)

  36. @ Adam

    Mate, Spain how good they are, are scared of speed. Plus with their game their defenders are so many times out of position. The best game I have seen against is us against Barca at Emirates. We just loved playing them that day. And our speed killed them. Our speed in both moving the ball and pace.

    The other one is Italy one. They knew both Spanish full backs play very advance and thereby leaving a lot of space on flanks to exploit. And they did that with their strikers. The only disappointing thing was midfield not joining in. Had their midfield over loaded spanish box on couple of occasions, they would have won.

  37. On M’Villa,
    I think some people on the net have been harsh on him,as from what I saw,he did well.
    And,he’s only 21.
    A massive future at The Emirates awaits.
    I’m telling you,it’s a done deal….FACT.
    I’m having a fling with Wenger missus,and she reckons Arsene talks in his sleep.

  38. I think he will Kt ;)

    Scott – not many were that impressed when we signed Kos anyway, so it wouldn’t have been much different. In his first season he was all over the place and the CC gaff didn’t help him but I do believe it taught him a lot.

    Re Podolski – no-one knows how he will fit in in the PL, of course everyone hopes he takes to it like a fish to water, but it’s a funny old league.

    Sure can’t wait to see how it all pans out for him though, and the rest who AW may sign.

    Price means little, the PL tells proves that every season…

  39. @ Rico,

    Very true on Refs. They just love Spain, don’t they? If you play Spain then you play against refs as well.

    And I just hate one team dominating the world. Its no fun. That is why I like Germans. They play football, they entertain and they dive less. Especially front 3 of Gomez/Klose, Poldi, Muller dive less. And in Hummels, they have exactly awesome defender. He’s German Koz. All heart.

  40. Spain can crank it up if they have to but they are so afraid of conceding that they just keep the ball.they are a very defensive team;since being beaten by France in WC06 they have not conceded a single goal in knock outs of WC010/Euro08/Euro012.Germany are the complete opposite;they go for the jugular more often than not.they have that attacking dynamism in the final third due to the variety of players at their disposal unlike Spain who only seem to play one way.

  41. Not sure why though Satan, not when we think of Platini and Blatter…

  42. Stop it Ak, you get me signing up to the AKB club ;)

    Kt, they still lack a striker – Torres is woeful, how many times was he offside last night, I lost count ;)

  43. The house story was fabrication from flintoffs brother purely aimed to annoy piers morgan, he came out and admitted. Nice to see most journalists published before doing the research

  44. Spain as a country are bankrupt…

    La Liga is a Spanish version of the SPL.
    Lacking in any kind of competition.

    Spanish clubs owe millions in tax.
    Whilst the rest of the EU is expected to bail out their shoddy country.

    The Spanish national team play like a bunch of 5-a-side robots…
    Imagine if every team played like them.
    It would kill football.
    3,000,000 passes doesn’t get you off of your seat!
    I really really hope that the Jerries take them apart in the final.
    That’s if JM’s boys can’t upset the applecart…

    KT, not having a dig a you buddy.
    Just my opinion… ;)

  45. Is anyone else concerned that we are yet to be linked to a top AM.Rosicky has damaged his achilles,jack is injured and much better deeper and i don’t want Ramsey there.we need that silva/Götze type of player in the squad.

  46. Yeah, i forgot…. Morning AKB’s…. :)

  47. goonercharlie, its all garbage isn’t it ;)

  48. Am not a fan of Spain AK.I HATE them.am a Germany fan by the way as they are dynamic and exciting to watch.Spain however are brutally effecient since they crank up the gears when they need a goal and when they get it they choke the life out of the game.i don’t like it but they are the reigning world and European championships for a reason.

  49. Rico,price means little…..that’s exactly my point.
    The trouble is plenty would’ve pigeonholed Kozzer from day one if he was a million and playing in the second division.
    I thought from very early on Kozzer would be a beauty,I really did.
    Are you calling us AK’s Bitches(AKB’s)now,AK???
    Geez,getting a bit cocky there mate!!

  50. On Spain,it was fairly recently fans worldwide were rejoicing at a team winning playing beautiful football.
    Are we being harsh now?

  51. As far as M’villa is concerned I’ve not been much impressed! Spending a shed load of cash on a player who isn’t as good as what we’ve got already why would we want spend, spend, spend? I’d rather develop Coquelin, a far better player than Yann, or at least potentially.
    Sometimes I think the rush to buy, when achieved, just leads to dissatisfaction! Look at Park – Jamshack etc etc. There are one or two very talented up and coming children, perhaps we would better developing them rather than being disappointed by expensive signings that turn out to be money grabbing ‘Nasri’ like mecenaries?

    I shall not be too disappointed if M’villa does not arrive, but I am pleased we have Podolski and am prepared to give Giroud a chance, although I don’t think he’s as good as he’s been talked up to appear. He reminds me of Bendtner – flatters to deceive! Missed an easy header the other day – sound familiar?

    Who else have the ‘creative’ press said we’re in for? Truth is we won’t know until the names appear on the official Arsenal website.

    Have a happy summer everybody!

  52. :lol: re spain kev, they don’t get me off my seat, other than to go and do something other than watching them ;)

  53. Scott – you always say that, when was the last time you admitted that you thought a player would be awesome, only for him to be a flop? ;)

    As for the price of a player, we on HH have said that since the site opened, money can’t buy a players passion and committment….

  54. Chamakh.
    I think he’s had reasons,but he’s been a massive flop.

  55. I read Wenger is looking at a bid for VDV….spuds will be happy lol.

  56. Scott that was when Spain wowed us in Euro08.under Aragones their possession game was a means to an end which was attacking.nowadays possession seems to be an end.everytime Barca/spain fail to win xavi will moan since they had more possession.they seem to not care about attack anymore and thats why fans don’t like them anymore.

  57. Spain aren’t playing ‘beautiful football’ are they??

    They cheat and dive, and that is far from football being at it’s best….

  58. Boo, hello dear rico! How are you??

    Off to read all the comments now. Back in a bit.

  59. Welcome W –

    re M’Vila, imho there is one way to look at him and that is comparing him to what we already have.

    Would he do a better job protecting our back 5 than Song is doing at the moment?

    Will he make a difference to this current sqaud?

    My own thought is yes he would and he will only get better with age.

    However, is he worth £17Million right now, if he is as good, or will become as good as Descially (spelling) believes, then yes, maybe he is worth it….

    Him or a similar player is one we definately need to stop us conceding 49 goals this coming season…

  60. Boo to you agag, I am very well thank you, a bit jaded, but very well, how are you this fine morning (your afternoon/evening)

    I was going off to bed just as you went off for breakfast ;)

  61. I never said they were Rico,but it was a common opinion.
    You know where I stand in divers….12 month ban to them.
    I reckon M’Villa is most definitely worth the risk.

  62. KT,people don’t like arrogance or petulance,and that’s what Barca and some Spanish players are showing.

  63. Kt, re your earlier about an am, todays hot rumour is we are looking at Adrian Lopez ;)

  64. Hi Agag.Plenty of goonerettes seem to be excited by Giroud/m’vila…i wonder why? ;) ;) Aw needs to get us guys that chav medic bird,just to balance out the excitement ;)

  65. In the past Scott, but don’t think so these days, they are boring, tippy tappy crab football with little end product

    Just like us ;) ;)

  66. Kt, what are you suggesting – it’s all down to football, nothing more, nothing less ;) ;)

  67. Kozzer was just fantastic. :)

    rico, Torres was offside just thrice. :P :P He’s so guapo. Ay! :oops: That’s way past your bed time!! One has to wonder why… :D

    Spain was painfully dull. Shame, the French did not give it an attacking go. And mygod, Sergio Ramos who’s such a big guy was toppling over at the merest contact. Pathetic. I always expect the Catalans to dive, shame even the Madrid fellas were doing it.

  68. For W read Wavy – my finger got a bit over excited and sent the post before I could add ‘avy!! Me and my dt’s!

    The concensus clearly think M’villa would be the right man to play infront of our back 4, fair enough I’ll go with the flow, but – big but, if he arrives I shall be prepared to be disappointed. I don’t think he is another Viera, mores the pity!
    Neither do I think Giroud will morph into Henry’s sublime ‘brother’.

    They will be good additions but not in the same class as their predecessors! But I’m willing to give them a chance. They can’t be worse than those they have been bought to replace. So it is progress is being made, I suppose.

  69. Really rico,really ;) I expect plenty of Arsenal calendars will be bought by goonerettes worldwide to be hang in their bedrooms ;) ;)

  70. Wavy,I’m hoping that with Giroud and Podolski coming in,RVP will get more rest time,and if that’s the case,he may well stay healthy,so we don’t need another Henry,because we’ve got Robin.
    Thats assuming he stays,of course.
    All good in theory :)

  71. :lol: agag, nothing sinister, just had a couple of friends over for dinner, they were just about to head off when I stumbled accross a very funny television programme – how foolish of me, they stayed a while longer and watched it.

    It was far more entertaining than the football…. ;)

  72. :lol: Wavy

    But M’Vila will do better than Song, and for me that is what counts, add better than what we already have, there will never be another Paddy

    Giroud is a very different player to Henry, who to was a one off.

    Why compare? Let them be who they are, and hopefully both will join and make us stronger

    I’m being Mrs Positive today :)

  73. Someone’s hacked into Ricos pc lol.

  74. KT, with typical Gallic flair, the French looked well fit in their all-white kit. :) :)

    Shame, I had to see Na$ri and Clicky. :? And I’m sure Giroud will set many a Gonerette hearts aflutter. :)

  75. Wavy as Scott has said if Rvp stays he is the Henry of the attack.we can’t have so many superstars on the roster since when they don’t play they sulk;just look at the dutch.M’vila is a good player and the Euros did not show that,he’ll be a valuable member of the squad.honestly how many clubs can boast of having Rvp/Giroud the French top scorer/Poldi the German centurion as their 3 strikers?am glad so far with our transfer business.

  76. Hello Scott and Wavy. :) Scott, were you able to catch that snoozefest?? Zzz Zzz Zzz. A far cry from the exciting Spain of the last Euros and WC.

  77. Ha ha Scott, not at all, I stand what I have said all along, this is Wengers summer – if he doesn’t finally sort out the squad and make a few additions in the right places, I shall be championing his sacking….

  78. Kt, we haven’t confirmed Giroud yet ;)

  79. Kev. I think your 10.33 to be an excellent post. Spain is broke. One in four out of work and homeless people sleeping in the shadow of th Bernebeu, that temple to greed and financial inequality. But I bet that the RM and Barca players still want more money when it’s contract renewal time.

  80. rico, for some reason, I’m not worried about RvP staying. I think he has thrived in his role as captain and superstriker, I find it difficult to believe that he would leave us.

  81. M’Vila is an interesting one. Watching the game last night I kept taking mental snapshots of the French defence, both when they were going forward, which wasn’t a lot of the time and when the ball was turned around and the were back pedaling. I couldn’t help but notice how much better and more solid their shaped looked than Arsenal’s. M’Vila sits in that space in front of the defence to good effect. You wouldn’t find him in Song’s usual position as a supplementary CF. I also thought he has a good out-ball in him too. Defensively, in the French final third he probably could have been a bit deeper but that’s a matter of opinion. All in all he seems to have the raw materials that a coach like Wenger could really work with as he has with so many in the past.

  82. Agag. Hi there. I love your optimism.

  83. thats how i feel too agag, for robin, i think dennis – and just hope they truly are two of a kind…

    Adam – Spot on re M’Vila, especially about protecting the back line and thankfully Arsene Wenger admitted that all our current midfielders are too attack minded, a statement which makes me beieve he is looking to add a player like M’Vila or Capoue…

    Maybe the latter if he is cheaper, and that isn’t me being sarcastic, it’s reality but that matters not if his workrate and attitude is right…

  84. I agree with Adam.M’vila is superior to Song in terms of positional sense and discipline.he doesn’t give away those niggly fouls in dangerous areas like Song.he also makes lots of interceptions and doesn’t have to go to ground as a result since he reads the game so well.he’ll free up our fullbacks since we could easily morph into a 3 man defence with him sitting deep,sort of like Busquets.

  85. Time for me to disappear for an hour, sun is out and i need to get some grass sown….

    Back in a little whil, have a good morning, what is left of it ;)

  86. Hi Agag,I only saw the second half and didn’t find Spain to be that good.
    if France showed a little initiative,they easily could’ve snatched a goal or two.

  87. Hi agag Here you go

  88. Afternoon Rico.

    “Little rumour going around that we have accepted an offer of £6 Million for Chamkah from Stoke City,” Can anyone see us selling them anything?

    As for the game last night, just like Barca, Spain got away with all kinds of fouls while France were not given the same level of easiness.

  89. And who says Chamakh wont be perfect for Stokes? Toughness is not a criteria there, if it were Crouch would not be a success. They lumber everything into the air. He loves it when you lumber things in the air. Nuff said.

  90. Afternoon Will and all

    Thorough, not sure Chamakh has it in him to play for Stoke, he’s have to learn all that is ‘dirty’ in a game of football, right now he’s too frightened to have the ball, let alone make a tackle ;)

  91. Rico, 10.47, :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Afternoon AKB’s :)
    I’d never call you or anyone a bitch Scott… :D
    Not even my Grandson…. ;)

  92. Chamakh to Stoke rico, keep them coming, that’s brightened up my day.
    Really looking forward to the England game later.

  93. Just going back to Coquelin for a moment, is he being groomed as the new Flamini? Right back – left back – DM but will he be treated any better than the clubless one; not the best move that was ever made! He wanted game time, but he didn’t get it! Now he’s not got any!! Serve him right! Want him back? Never! Behaved in the same Gallic way as Nasri, need I say more?

  94. Cheers Adam, for your 11.38, just catching up mate.

    Can see where your coming from Wavy, but M’Vila was playing for his national team, vs Spain’s cyborg’s.
    I love le coq, and he’s gonna be a top top player, but we need a def/mid, and for me it has to be M’vila.
    Good points though…

  95. Adam 11.46, re; M’Vila, AND he had that pillock Malouda as his partner…
    No wonder, he was doing two players’ jobs.

  96. KT, 11.54, M’Vila could develop into a French Gilberto, in that he doesn’t exactly catch the eye, but quietly goes about his job.
    The kind of player you only notice, when he isn’t playing…
    Peter Simpson springs to mind as another from my memory bank…

  97. I’ll try Micko ;)

    Me too, really looking forward to the match….

    Where is your grandson AK ;)

  98. Will, arsenal have already transfered a reserve defender to Stoke this summer.
    We might intensly dislike them, but we like their money. ;)

  99. Gilberto with a bit more pace AK :P

  100. Wavy, Le Coq is under contrct until the summer of 2015 i believe, so he cannot do a Bosman like dear old Mathieu F…

  101. Who is that gone to Stoke AK?

  102. If Coquelin was not happy, he’d have left by now, have a feeling he will be a big part of our future, he’s obviously been promised a big part in the future, he didn’t hang around when offered a new contract…

    Love him :)

    Flamini – Who is he? ;)

  103. Rico, :lol: Yann the Man…..

    Wath..? He’s been ‘grounded’ and sent to his bedroom for drinking too much shandy… ;)

  104. Ahhhh – I love newsnow, all the stories are about Giroud’s medical this coming week :)

    Wonder if he’ll share a taxi with M’Vila to the ground, maybe they’ll sit next to eachother on the plane :)

  105. A young Full-Back by the name of Ben Glasgow.
    18 this October…
    He was released and Stoke signed him up.
    Not sure if we got any compo’…?

  106. Always amazed me how many fans critised Gilberto AK, suggesting he was slow etc etc – but I always loved his calmness and ability to read the game. He was sometimes a bit sloppy with his passing but how many times did he get to the right place at the right time and stop the oppo..

    Cool calm Mr Brazilian :)

  107. Bloomin heck, never heard of him AK ;)

  108. Remember that goal he got in the Champions League Rico, was it vs PSV?
    he charged the full length of the pitch and smashed it in.
    Was the quickest in CL history for awhile.
    Wenger dropped a right bollock, letting him leave…

  109. Going on from that – Pulis isn’t one to have softies in his side, have we mucked up there??

  110. I think he’s an Irish Yth Int’l…

    Suprised you’ve not heard of him???
    Not like you.. ;)

  111. Ak I really meant will Le Coq become a utility player in the same way as Flamini was used? Never having a regular position or place in the first team but always there when needed. as per Flamini?

  112. Might have done, there’s a kid at Villa called Carruthers who was a Youth player at AFC, but left to join Villa as he felt he wasn’t getting a chance at Arsenal.
    He’s now played in the Villa 1st team and is a regular in their squad…

    We can’t keep them all…

  113. How could we forget AK, I think so too, all because he played in the copa cup wasnt it and flamoney slotted in… let one great one go and the lesser one s**t on him….

    Glasgow is still listed on afc.com….

  114. I understood you Wavy… Honest… ;)

    Coquelin could well become a utility player, but eventually i think he’ll settle down in midfield.
    Experience at full-back is as valuable as experience anywhere in the team.
    Le Coq will benefit from the exposure and maybe will one day succeed Arteta in the middle…

  115. Yes Rico, and Arsene also allowed Diarra to join Portsmouth, not one his most memorable few months at the helm…

  116. Wavy, what do you think of Frimpong?
    Do you think he has a future at Arsenal???

  117. :lol: AK –

    can’t keep tabs on them all, good young right back isn’t he ;)

  118. Right again AK re Diarra…

    two big players in him and gilberto – flamoney i couldn’t give a toot about, especailly now when he must be pretty fed up and no doubt wishing he stayed….

    and, we let giberto go for free :roll:

  119. Big season for Frimpong imho – needs a loan, prove his fitness and character – get through that and see what happens I guess….

  120. Not sure Flamini worries about us too much tbh.
    Too busy counting his money…

    Considering the success Lorient have had in developing players, Koscielny, Coquelin, Campbell [not forgetting Sunu who they signed], i wonder if Arsenal could persuade them to take Wellington Silva for next season?

  121. Yes Rico, a massive season for Frimpong AND Henderson, both have lost a lot of their careers to injuries, but both look to me to have the required quality to make an impact at Arsenal…
    Maybe both could benefit from EPL loans in January after the League Cup is over…

  122. Rico, it will very enlightening, which youngsters Arsene takes on the tour of the Far East and Africa…?
    That’ll give us a fair indication who AW sees as prospective 1st team material for the forthcoming season…

  123. I love cricket – Windies are 33-3 :)

  124. Not sure only them AK, a few more could be heading into a make or break season as far as Arsenal are concerned…

  125. It sure will AK, and then they play in the ‘reserve champions league’ – i guess pre-season will teall us all quite a bit..

    Right back will be interesting too, will it be Jenks or Yennaris?

  126. I like Yennaris, he could end up in midfield, but for now right-back is fine.
    Jenkinson at centre-back eventually?

  127. I reckon so re Jenks, he has the height etc – another who I believe whas a big afc career ahead of him, maybe 2/3 seasons time, future captain too maybe if all goes as well as we hope…

    He’s a real gooner :)

  128. Windies 107 for 4, quite a recovery…

  129. Looking forward to the Springbok series, that’s gonna be a real tester for our boys.
    South Africa have an attack as good as ours, so it should be an interesting match up…

  130. Rico, what’s happened to Dutch and Stan..?
    It’s not the same on here without our Nederlanders contributing…

  131. Not sure AK, goonster is prob doing comm service and dutch just busy i guess :( no rocky for a while either – must be a busy time of the year….

    They’ll be back i hope…..

  132. South Africa won’t cope with Jimmy AK ;)

    Yep, Windies have come back well, will be tight at the end me thinks …

  133. Chris Wheatley‏@GoonerTalk

    Nigeria Premier League club, Niger Tornadoes have finalised plans for a partnership with #AFC.

  134. Love the photo AK…

    is that good news re the Nigeria link?

  135. Back in a bit…….

  136. And one for Lee;

  137. Afternoon all.the reason m’vila is getting criticized is because he doesn’t stand out.he doesn’t charge around sliding into tackles like Parker because thats not him.if you watch him closely you’ll see he is like Gilberto.i have also seen Giroud get criticized on the basis of the Euros.what do some fans expect him to do in 10 minutes?…if they come lets judge them on the basis of how they play for us.

  138. KT, not sure what to make of Giroud, never even heard of him up until 4 weeks ago, from what little I have seen he does look like he’s got a bit of attitude, I reckon he’s gonna be a bit fiesty, looking forward to seeing him and Podolski in the flesh come August.

  139. Hiya People of the Goonerdom,

    Being on a smartphone sucks entering discussions/debate or blogging. And indeed working hard on future plans.

    I’m always around just need some time off. HH 4 ever. *makes heart shape with hands*


  140. Hey Dutch, there you are…
    What’s the score in Holland?!
    are the Dutch Press still giving RVP a slating???

  141. Mick, a lot of ‘experts’, so-called, are already drawing comparison’s between chamakh and Giroud.
    Can’t see it myself, from the little i’ve seen Giroud is more mobile than the static Chamakh.
    Giroud also looks like, to me, that he’s more prepared to work across the front line and pressurize defenders rather than the seemingly ponderous Moroccan.

  142. Don’t think Chamakh ever finished as the leading scorer in Ligue Un either…
    Unlike Giroud…

  143. As long as he doesn’t go Las Vegas with Chamakh for his inititation ceremony. If he does, he might not be able to walk for a week.

  144. Alex Hales, out for 99 against the Windies, but won the game for England :)

    Asked afterwards, are you a football fan, ahead of tonights match…

    Yes he said, I’m a Gooner :)

    Welcome to the HH Hall of Fame Alex :)

  145. Hi DG – I knew you were always out there reading ;)

  146. Nevermind about Las Vegas, he want’s to avoid magazine covers…. ;)
    Talk about giving opposition fans a leg up to slag us off… :opps:

  147. Kev, when I first heard we had signed Chamakh I had these visions in my head of him getting onto loads of crosses and scoring with loads of diving headers, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

    Giroud looks quite imposing, hopefully he’ll do the business for us.

  148. Alex Hales, never seen him play, but i like him already… :)

  149. AK,

    He’s big, he’s strong, he’ll throw the fans his thong … Giroud


  150. Kev – he was bloomin awesome, no fear and the perfect replacement for KP, in fact, he’s more composed and so so good, gutted when he didn’t get his 100, but highest score ever by and Englishman in T20 :)

  151. Me too Mick, and for about 5 months he was doing the business…
    But now he’s just a pale shadow of the player we thought we’d signed.
    Think that Giroud is made of sterner stuff.

  152. He’ll do for me Rico…
    As for the thong, hmm, i’ll give that a miss. :D

  153. rico, mind like a welsh railway, one track and dirty.

  154. Rico, the cricket team have some really talented and excited youngsters coming through.
    I can see England being dominant for quite a few years to come.
    Now we need the football & rugby teams to do the same.

  155. I’d sing it AK ;)

    Micko, I am sure you have got me very wrong…. ;)

  156. So can I AK, sad about Tom Maynard though, he had it all ahead of him, but a few demons got into his head….

    So so sad…..

  157. It’s quite amazing what 10 bottles of Becks can do.
    This morning i thought Italy would win 2-1
    10 beers later and England to win 2-0… :P

  158. Rico, that was awfull what happened to Maynard…
    Doesn’t bear thinking about…

    Open another beer is the best answer methinks…. :|

  159. Who’s favorites tonight ? England gotta fancy their chances, heard the BBC will be televising all of Englands games for the rest of the tournament…….errr how many is that gonna be then.

  160. off to eat, back very shortly…

  161. You know Mick, when i heard the BBC trumpet that, i thought oh no, the kiss of death…..

  162. Kev, I’m heading out for the evening, catch you tomorrow.

    C’mon England.

  163. See ya Mick, have a good one mate…

  164. Aloha me old cabbie. There’s a hot steaming pile around the Oranje. Journos no different here. And the public demanding an explanation for their inability to let go off a past situation. Too involved in their emotional and – more understandably- financial investments. New LCD screens, traditionally street decorations and flying in for the groupstage. ;) Everyday is a hunt who’s the most culpable. Getting the last stone on top about players (lack off) interaction/team unity. Pack leaders being singled out including RvP. Guess being a top performer makes you the first in line. I kinda expected this before the tournament started. Had myself distanced from all the ins and outs as a preparation.

    Rico you know me. ;) :)

  165. Jamie Sanderson

    Great feeling about England at present. Roy Hodgson excellent, gave part of his pre-Italy presser in Italian. Class act.

    As I wrote last week, he’s probably England’s best asset, and has got every big decision correct, even down to his substitutions.

    Team news in shortly, expecting an unchanged England lineup. Andy Carroll and Theo Walcott on the bench. Vital impact players Italy will struggle to deal with. Can’t wait.

  166. That’s interesting Dutch….
    Tbh Holland were one of the favourites.
    Expectations in England about our national team are just crazy.
    Some of the Press carry on as if it’s D Day every time England have a big game.
    There’s no real reason why that should be going on England’s record….
    We’re just all a bit mad over here.. :P

    But your expectations are realistic…
    World Cup finalists and all, plus a great recent record.
    So it was a bit of a shock to see how it all imploded.
    Although, having said that, you were very unlucky and imho deserved to go through as 2nd to the Jerries….
    Not sure that RVP deserves all the stick he’s getting…
    There was 10 others in your team…

  167. Too well DG ;)

    Night Micko, have a good evening, not too many of the black stuff ;)

  168. Kev statistics over several decades showed Holland always implodes next tournament after one they dominate. Don’t think we deserved anything as every game was pale by comparison. The wheels already started to come off in the pre-tournament friendlies as preparation. Furthermore I was emailing with RvP personally (secretly through his dad) when we played at the World Cup and knew that egos lost us the final. He was devastated many weren’t able to step over their own shadows. I anticipated it would escalate at the Euros cuz a lot off untied strings were left dangling as they would complicate all the festivities when welcomed home.

    Think England can be a dark horse in this competition. Sure would do some justice to the home of football. ;)

  169. Very tragic AK

    I’m going 4-2 to England tonight…….

  170. afternoon all
    German v Italy next Thursday?

  171. Wow Rico, i’ll drink a couple more Beck’s to that… :D

    Dutch, i thought Robben was a disgrace, all he did was run at the goal and shoot, basically ignoring his team mates and whether they were in a better position.
    Me me me comes to mind…
    But i still thought that Holland should have beaten Denmark and then anything was possible.
    But i bow to your learned opinion… as a native. ;)

  172. Think you’re right JM…
    Spain vs Germany final i reckon…

  173. JM – go wash your mouth out with hot soapy water ;) ;)

    Germany v’s England…

    Any you guys know much about Kindles? I want to get one but just want a ‘middle of the road one’, nothing too fancy but reliable ….

  174. Would that be David Becks AK ;)

  175. Adam/Lee are the ppl to ask Rico…
    Beck’s from Bremen, rather than Leytonstone… :P

    Offski for the game….


  176. Ok AK, enjoy, laters maybe….

  177. AK I remember it raised some eyebrows when I told on HH how one dimensional Robbery really is. I slated him for costing Bayern the final cuz his egocentric personality and predictable actions. Although I was a happy cheeky chap chelski gave us the cream on top of St. Tott. Day. :)

    Robben wasn’t a popular shirt in the Bayern shop even before CL was lost on their home turf/stadium. He flared a riff between him and the supporters and took into the dressing room. Imagine shirt sales now, bummer for them he signed a new extension in January. The club went against the grain in favor of protecting their investment.

    During the Euros there was a sarcastic joke in Germany. A judge says to a man in front of him; I got good and bad news for you. The bad news is you’re sentenced to death. The good news is Robben will be the shooter. :P

    I say 3-1 to the fish&chips.

    JM congratulations to Spain beating France.

  178. Kindle E-reader madam??

  179. Well that was an exciting half, Rooney looks unfit, Balotelli is mad, Rooney is getting wound up and will soon be in the book, England have no pace and ashley young is having a mare….

    Give rooney 15 mins, then get him off for Carroll, yes, honest, Carroll :)

  180. Thanks DG, but will I understand all that, I was hoping someone would just tell me which one is the best for someone like me ;)

  181. Just click the link babe. You find it easily digestible even for non-digital native. Reason I picked it for you. Solid, understandable language and convenient considerations accessible to the less informed shopper.

    Have a go. It won’t disappoint. Raise your confidence level, do your self-confidence a favor darling.

  182. DG – I’d prob go for the Kobo, it does nicer colours ;)

  183. But thank you DG, bless you, it certainly is a readable site, trouble is, i don’t know what ishould be looking for :(

  184. How did Terry not get a penalty then, shirt tugged all over the place….

  185. Tell me what you want to do with it. And I can take you from there. Mind the following there’s difference between an e-reader and a tablet. E-readers are technically restricted to simple tasks like reading e-books, listing to audiobooks, typing documents. Tablets are basically touchscreen surfing machines (very intuitively interface), do the stuff that e-readers do and more.

    A tablet won’t replace your laptop entirely but it comes close.

    Knew you would run for the lollipop device. LOL :P

  186. How’s the game going?

  187. It’s just for reading books DG, and thats all, it will save a trip to the library etc, thats it really :)

    Its not for internet or anything else, thanks me deario :)

  188. Its a funny one Scott, but england are tiring a bit… rooney just missed a good chance, he is really sluggish and off the pace…

  189. oh, and no-one is really passing to theo yet again…. yet he just set carroll up for a chance….

  190. I hope your guys get it done.

  191. rooney you knob, theo was in then! (sorry)

  192. me too scott…..

  193. Rico have to go for half a hour tops. Will post my answer later. Go LIONS!!!!!!

  194. Gerrard out!….

  195. Thanks DG, if i’m gone, i’ll check it tomorrow – you are a star :)

    JM _ Gearrad has not been at his best has he….

  196. Or even Gerrard ;)

  197. I’m off guys, catch you all tomorrow…

    Nighty night and stay safe….

  198. Just heARD Waddle on the radio What a knob no that can be positively useful he is a complete waste of gristle. He has the knowledge understanding and cogency of a castrated eunoch! Will someone please remove him from public broadcasting. He is a real embarrassment!

    Roy Hodgson has all the attributes Waddle lacks he’s intelligent, cogent, thoughtful, considerate and I think is a representative of all that is goos in English football whereas Waddle is a thick overpaid overhyped ex footballer who most notably missed a crucial penalty for England whilst pretending to be their most skillful player. Waddle is a shameless dick!

    There I#ve said it!!

  199. Wavy. Personally I think you have let him off rather lightly. If I wasn’t tired and rather bored I could expand that description somewhat. Good night all.

  200. Get it off your chest Wavy…..

    Don’t want to criticise Hodgson, but i thought he made the substitutions too early.
    And taking off Wellbeck was a mistake.
    rooney stayed on simply because he is Rooney. He certainly didn’t stay on for his influence on the game or England team.
    I thought he was hopeless.
    He looked fat and unfit to me…
    Parker and Gerrard ran themselves into the ground, not sure that 4 4 2 is the answer for England anymore…
    Walcott was, well, what we’ve seen many times playing for Arsenal. A passenger…

  201. Couldn’t criticise the back-four and goalkeeper, they did all we could have expected from them.
    Young and Milner looked limited, which in Young’s case suprised me. He really hasn’t enhanced his reputation in this tournament.
    Only a matter of time before Oxlade-Chamberlain replaces him…
    Henderson!!! What is the point of him…?
    Rodwell and Wilshere need to get fit, because Henderson is a £5million player with a £20 million price tag…

  202. Carroll did ok, but ok won’t win England a tournament of this stature…
    Crouch, Carroll, it’s all a bit like Stoke RFU…
    We need to do what the Germans, Dutch, French etc were doing 25 years ago.
    A root and branch reorganisation of the coaching in this country, especially at schoolboy & youth level.
    If we start now, then we might have a chance in the 2026 World Cup…

  203. Bordeaux Return Unlikely For Chamakh

    Bordeaux president Jean-Louis Triaud has ruled out signing Arsenal misfit Marouane Chamakh in the upcoming transfer window.

    The 28-year-old striker joined the Gunners from Bordeaux in the summer of 2010 but has struggled for form in his two seasons at Emirates Stadium. With the signing of Lukas Podolski and the potential arrival of Olivier Giroud from Montpellier, a summer transfer away from Arsenal appears likely for Chamakh. However, Triaud has appeared to suggest that a return to Bordeaux isn’t on the cards for the Moroccan forward.

    In an interview with Sport 10, he said: “It is not worth making things up. I tried to contact him six months ago when the transfer window was open. Since I crossed paths with him at the Parc des Princes, he was able to tell me he was very happy in London, loved Arsenal and was fine where he was. We’re talking about things which do not exist.”

    Read more: http://www.arsenalinsider.com/6793/backpage-roundup-rvp-chamakh-santos-and-wenger/#ixzz1ykx8Qs1b

  204. Menezes: Santos ‘Is Tactically Irresponsible’

    Brazil coach Mano Menezes has said that Arsenal left-back Andre Santos’ tactical inefficiency is the primary reason why he has been constantly overlooked for national team selection.

    The offensive-minded defender last represented Brazil at the 2011 Copa America and it seems that a return to the Selecao squad for him in near future is unlikely.

    Menezes, who coached Santos during their time at Corinthians, says that the 29-year-old frequently leaves the defence exposed by venturing forward and a weakness like that cannot be tolerated at international level.

    “The issue surrounding Andre Santos is a tactical one. He made my remaining hair become grey when we were at Corinthians. Why? Because he is tactically irresponsible. We can’t afford that kind of tactical risk in the national team,” the Brazil boss told ESPN.

    Read more: http://www.arsenalinsider.com/6793/backpage-roundup-rvp-chamakh-santos-and-wenger/#ixzz1ykxb0ivj

  205. Rico as I understand your needs and demands practically there are 2 things discriminating your purchase: budget and means by which you acquire your e-books.

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    It’s an alternative that in some respects beats Amazon’s device at its own game. It looks better, has a nicer user interface and has a better range of typefaces, and unlike Amazon’s touch-screen device you can actually buy one in British shops.

    Read full review here


    Hope it helps weighing your options. :)

  206. Morning all

    DG – you are a superstar, thanks you :)

  207. If not try books….I find them quite educational Rico!

  208. New Post up…

  209. Morning Lee – it had to be you eh ;)

  210. Morning guys.

    I have a kindle and it covers all my needs.

    As for football. Seems as if we have wrapped up Giroud.

  211. Morning AKB’s
    Morning Rico.
    England need some players who can actually keep possession and pass to each other…
    May i suggest Arsenal players.
    You know, those same players derided by those scumbags in the Press…
    What goes around maybe.. :)

  212. Great idea by Lee…

    Feel a lot better in your hands than a piece of plastic…. ;)

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