Bendtner to Malaga, RvP to City & Usmanov won't go away….

Here we go again then, all last summer we heard that Bendtner was in talks with hundreds of clubs regarding a move away from Arsenal.

That move failed to materialise and after reading stories from his father, who was then his agent, only to end up on loan at Sunderland must have been a bit of a shock and an embarrassment for him to say the least.

In his own world full of imperfections, Nicklas Bendtner is perfect but his antics whilst on loan would suggest he is far from that and to be honest, he didn’t really excite the fans of Sunderland, or their manager, otherwise Martin O’Neil would have been knocking on Arsenals door long before now to secure his services.

Bendtner has since appointed a new agent, but the stories coming out are reminiscent of last summer.

Special Agent Brooks says:

We are in negotiations with several clubs, we are reviewing the options before we decide where his future will be.

Malaga are reported to be interested!

Hey, don’t knock them, they are in the Champions League this coming season, unlike Tottenham….. 😉

It may sound a tad harsh, but I’m not too fussed where he goes, just hope he goes onto enjoy his football and gets to play week in week out.

Chamakh is another who is surely on his way, especially after Wenger all but confirmed the arrival of Giroud from Montpellier. Same to him too, he needs to be playing, he is not a bad footballer, we all saw that when he saved our bacon when every other striker was injured. He scored a few goals back then and no doubt he will again but Arsenal isn’t for him, and he is no longer for us….

One man who is us and has no plans to quietly disappear is Alisher Usmanov:

As much as possible, every time, I’m open to increase my shares,

But, he’s not prepared to upset the current board, nor is he going to press for a peep at the books:

No, I don’t want to be on the board when I’m not invited.

I’m still not convinced that he won’t just wake up one day and make Stan that offer he can’t refuse and in the meantime, he’ll just quietly sit back and buy up shares that become available…

Oh and brace yourselves, The Daily Mail and The Daily Telegraph both report that Manchester City are on the verge of making Robin an offer he can’t refuse, however, I strongly suspect he will.

France up against Spain tonight, got to get behind Cesc and his boys haven’t we, should France go out, we might get a bit more transfer news…

That’s it for another day, have a good one wherever you are….

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