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Oxlade-Chamberlain to join the big boys, Podolski – in, Giroud – nearly, M’Vila – hopefully!


Lukasz Podolski is signed and sealed.

Olivier Giroud will complete his transfer to N.5 after France exit the Euro’s.

Wenger said on French TV station TF1:

Giroud didn’t play much (at the Euros so far), but he’s going to be an Arsenal player 90% next season.

I think he has exceptional potential and will integrate very well in our collective and our way of playing. He is a real team player and knows how to combine with other players and I’m sure he will do well with us.

Robin Van Persie will stay at Arsenal.

That’s what I think, expect, predict, hope, you choose?

But can Arsene Wenger actually play all three in the team?

Does Arsene actually plan to start the season with all three forwards/strikers, spearheading the Arsenal attack??

Yes, if we’re chasing a game, having all three on the pitch does make sense, but as a basis for his first choice starting XI..?
I’m not so sure…

Where would that leave Theo Walcott, whom I also expect to sign a new contract at Arsenal.

Gervinho, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ryo Miyaichi, Joel Campbell, Benik Afobe..?

It would certainly point to a change in tactics, maybe a return to what made Arsenal under Arsene a trophy winning machine.

When we had TH14 leading the attack, DB10 in the hole directing operations, Sylvain Wiltord on the wing. Or Nicolas Anelka/ Ian Wright leading the attack, DB10 in the hole and Marc Overmars on the wing.

A trio of forwards/strikers/goalscorers. That was the tried and tested format, a format we lapped up…

To play such an expansive, attacking system, you need strength in your midfield, a shield for your back-four and Yann M’Vila seems the perfect fit to me…

So are we seeing the beginning of the new/old tactics?

I hope so.

The Barcelona lite experiment has been a failure in my opinion. A frustrating failure.

Football goes in cycles and maybe Arsene in returning ‘Back to the Future’, has accepted this, even if he’d never admit it, bless him…

New voices on the training pitch in Banfield and Bould.

New faces in the dressing room.

A new/old approach tatically.

I’m really excited by the prospects of all this during 2012-13.


Written by Allezkev

Just a bit to add and that’s about young Oxlade-Chamberlain, reports suggest he’s heading for a bumper payrise having had such a good season, more like to try and keep the vultures away who could quite easily triple his current salary! Suggestion is that the pay increase will see him earn similar to the top earners at the club.

Deserved, or a bit premature?

Have a good day all…..



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192 comments on “Oxlade-Chamberlain to join the big boys, Podolski – in, Giroud – nearly, M’Vila – hopefully!

  1. Desrved, and premature.

  2. Morning all…

    Quality upbeat post for the day AK…

    Bring back the old days under AW and we’ll all be happy ;)

  3. Morning Gooners, a very exciting read. I for one feel that all the additions above could easily bring some 20 points more a season. So who knows where we’ll be in May 2013. We still need a bit more in defense and if Jack is not fit probably midfield even with M’Villa.

    As for the OX, I believe you pay for what is important, he is important to Arsenal now and tomorrow so yeah, we pay what ever that needs.

  4. I think similar Steve – yes its deserved, but…..

  5. Hmmmm

    That was a good old forward to the past Sir AK. Or back to the future, whichever way you look at it.

    Good Morning Fine Folk.

    Seems as if there is a post in NN about Gebre Selassie, the czech right back, being on the AW wishlist.

    Well you heard it from me and JM first.

  6. Morning AK,morning all.
    Well,we want more squad strength,so having three top class strikers can’t be a bad thing.
    Get them in and lets go hunting!!

  7. We will also be having a new signing…….Denilson.

    Its so hot I do not know why I am shivering to the spine. Must be some touch of Neurotic reaction to uncomfortable new.

  8. Morning AKB’s….Good positive post AK!!

  9. With Pod and Giroud in devil, up front is so much stronger if we keep RvP..

    Bolster the midfield with M’Vila and we are nearly there ;)

  10. denislon is back for one reason imho – to collect any belongings he left behind and to sell his house ;)

    head any better Lee ;)

  11. No way deserved yet. He has potential but we have loads of them on our books. make more sense to see how well he does nest season and then up his pay. As for RvP staying I have that sneaky feeling he will stay, especially if we get M’Vila or Martinez for midfield. Which could happen soon if Spain or France go out in the quarter finals or in the semis.

  12. No banging like b@stard!!

  13. Gebre Selassie – you would think he’d be playing for a ‘better’ club if he’s good enough for his country. Do you know ifIs he a rb alone, or can he play accross the back line devil..

  14. TT – i reckon its just to stop the vultures and maybe to add a few years on his current contract. he is one of a few who looks highly likely to earn his salary and more, his whole attitude is spot on..

    I aslo think RvP will stay, and I think M’Vila is a real possibilty, especially with Bayern pulling out, it’s almost like they know there is no point trying, or maybe that is just me hoping ;)

  15. He is a bit like Bale. He can play at the right back position and also right wing. He can play as a wing back in the 3-5-2 system. So he is basically a flank player.

    Yes I agree that he should be playing for a better club, but trust AW to buy him. Around 4.5 million should do the trick and that is a type of Wengerbuy.

  16. AK,

    re Ryo Miyaichi, Joel Campbell, Benik Afobe – imho, all three will go on loan again in the PL..

    Oh dear Lee, tablets??

  17. AFC are asking 4.7million for Denilson which Sao Paolo are refusing to pay. However they want him for another season. Imo AFC should ask them to pay 3 million for a season long loan and get them to pay his wages, otherwise he has to come back and stay with the reserves.

  18. He is already on a long term contract rico and regarding Gebre Selassie, he was a nobody before and buying a player for his exploited at tournament would be shear lunacy….so trust arsene to buy him :)

  19. What happened Lee?? You got a headache??? Poor little fella. Go to the gym mate. it will soon wear off.

    But if you got a sort of cold you have to wait until medication takes its course.

  20. That’s a bit expensive for AW isn’t it ;)

    Tbh, I’d rather we signed a defender who can play anywhere along the back before a ‘flanker’ – Coq, Yenarris, Jenks can all play there until Sagna is fit…

    Not all at once though obviously ;)

  21. I know TT, but you know the club, they’ll want another few years added on, what did he sign for, 3 years?

    devil – don’t feel sorry for Lee, its self-induced ;)

  22. Gym & tonic…I got myself over-served last night, and am suffering big time!

  23. Regarding the OX I feel that young players should have performance related bonuses. For example after this season you will get a certain amount depending on your appearances and how much you score. A bit like Buchan’s contract. yes even include that if the club won a cup during the next season he will get a payrise of some sort, or a bonus. In that way everyone would work harder. But if you give them 50K just for being crap where is the challenge in that?

  24. They won’t get 4.7M devil, they should cut their losses and just make sure he is gone, get his wages off the books. No point in us paying him £50K a week just to play him in the reserves, let the guy go, he deserves to be playing first team footie, as long as its not with us….

  25. We’ll offer him an enhanced longer contract and then not get get in re-newed when he’s got one year left! :(

  26. Ahhhhh. Over indulgence then!!!! you should try our home made wine. I glass and you will be bang on the floor with much more than a blasting headache.

  27. You should have ‘toned’ down your gym and tonics Lee ;)

    Trouble is devil, unless all clubs work in such a way, we’d lose out, players would get offered better money elsewhere and jump ship…

  28. From what Ivan Gazidis said Lee, those days are to be long gone – I think the situation we have with RvP and Theo won’t be seen again with any other player that the club wants to keep…

  29. Why don’t we put those ridiculous buy out clauses on our contracts, like RM/Barca etc?

  30. Personally I think that for the good of the club, RVP should be sold to the highest bidder. Then get someone else with the money on a lower wage scale. In that way AFC would get more money from his sale, save some from the wages and invest in another player around 4 to 5 years younger, around the 24/25 age mark, thus ensuring that he will have his best years with us.

    Selling a player who is injury prone when he is around the 29 year mark is a piece of good business. Its when you get rid of the good and strong ones around the 29 year mark which is wrong.

  31. I agree on the buy out clauses Lee. And the player himself has signed and agreed with it.

  32. all AW needs do is keep out of the way and let them do what they do best

  33. Off for a bit. Laters for the battle between the Greeks and Germans.

  34. Good point Lee, we seem to concentrate on getting a sell on amount rather than a get out clause…

    Mind you, we don’t have many that we’d put a £80M clause on ;)

  35. I don’t think Ox should be given a pay rise yet.
    Maybe around Xmas,if performance warranted it,but it’s too much,too soon right now.

  36. devil, one story suggests we could sign Ibra if RvP goes, think that might make you happy ;) Have a good day…

  37. alan ?? don’t really get that

    Depends on the amount he is to be paid I guess Scott, i don’t believe all the tosh that the papers write, what do they know….

  38. Morning all. nice one Sir Kev, makes a change to read an upbeat post, strikers by the bucket load, i love good strikers its as though Wenger knows Robin can’t have another season like last year, and i’m feeling the same. All i hope is that the strikers we do get will be able to get a shot on target as the corner flags and top of the stands have been getting a bit of a hammering. Quality strikers are players that can actually get shots on target, a ball heading for the stands will never ever richohet off of the keeper so clinicle finishing is the answer. Strikers are one thing but midfield is the area we really need to bolster up, good cover is essential for everything else to work. goal keeping is another position that needs looking at Ches needs help and he also needs breaks throughout the season, just to ground him.

  39. Hi Rico

    The players like Ox Podolski are talented. Let them not be hindered by over elaborate advice & coaching

  40. Could do with France getting knocked out by Spain SP, and I think they will, so then we should know more about what is happening with M’Vila. Get him and the midfiled will be a lot more compact..

    But again, where does that leave Diaby and Song – surely, one has to go?

    Or maybe the club know something we don’t about Diabys fitness?

    Of course, like all, I am just guessing…

  41. All well and good buying all this fire power but we need to address the goals leaked, asap!!

  42. Ox is a kid still, he needs coaching, Pod maybe experienced atc, but he needs to be taught the arsenal and pl way alan.

    can’t just throw them in and expect them to go it alone…

    i strongly suspect that Low coaches the german squad, but they are all experienced..

  43. Thats why they need protection Lee, anybody getting injured, and sqill merts or jd will get a start, and then we are in trouble

  44. Any new players coming in should be left alone Rico the Arsenal way has not been working raw talent is the way to go and the others can catch on

  45. Agree – but we won’t know much until france are out, tomorrow isn’t it?

  46. we’ll have to agree to differ SP ;)

  47. Popping off for an hour, back later….

  48. The signings do suggest a change in attitude,formation and tactics.
    Let’s use these strikers!!

  49. won’t be for the first time Rico :)

  50. i am very very much happy with the approach that Arsen Wenger have taken by improving the squad 2012-2013 by rebuilding our team. To bring the two France International player for our team.

  51. So M’Vila and an experienced GK and we’re done??

  52. I think if France are focused, we’l have a cracking game on our hands. I personally think that Del Bosque as such a gr8 squad but he is not getting the best out of them.

    He needs more pace in the side and the right players playing in their proper positions. My ideal front 6….




  53. So LW (Podolski), CF (Giroud), DM (M’Vila) sorted

    We still need an experienced GK, a CB & a RB

    Not much is known about the Czech RB Selaisse but he impressed me…..he dealt with Ronaldo well imo and has impressed me over the tournament. Anyone know his club background?

    Debuchy has also impressed me but I think Chelsea will probably nip in ahead of us

  54. I think if RvP stays we’l have him playing as 2nd striker and then Rosicky can play as AM when we need to rest RvP. I’d love us to get rid of Park & Chamakh and try Theo nxt season as an impact sub striker. That will be an interesting experiment…..

  55. Our wings are sorted imo

    LW – Podolski, bring back Miyachi to rotate with him
    RW – Gervinho & Oxo to rotate

    No more Theo on the wing……..its REALLLLYYY frustrating!

  56. http://www.sporcle.com/games/g/premierleaguealltime

    just hit play, you’ve got 8 minutes to name all the teams that have been in the PL

  57. Really gets you thinking…

  58. To me i wil just lov to say best of lucky to everyone of arsenal boys..put i wil say ths let arsenal board giv ths man a way to ther board member so that we can spend bid…also if rvp want to go let him go so that we wil nt lost him witout money and we used the money to bring in sumone that wil help arsenal coz we need somethngs at emirate ths year…..

  59. Rico…….signing Ibra would not make me happy. I do not like players with a baggage, and Ibra has the lot. However I do think that with a team like AFC he will score the same amount as RVP did last season. And he does not have many injuries.

  60. Giroud Giroud Giroud is on fire we dont need no Chamackh let the motherfucker burn……that is all

  61. Assume from the12.16 someone don’t like Chamakh…!

  62. Won’t be the last either SP ;)

    Glad you said that devil…

    Afternoon all :)

  63. Thought it was a tad harsh myself Wath….

  64. Afternoon AKB’s
    Afternoon Rico.
    Alas dear Chamuck, we knew him well…

  65. You lot do that quiz???

  66. AK are you the AK in AKB??? :lol:

  67. I’m certainly not a B….. ;)

  68. InterNet problems… see ya lata, i hope….

  69. Afternoon AK..

    Quiz, what quiz ;)

  70. Lee – did you get the chav prayer?

    Have a feeling my email is playing up :(

  71. Rvp is now happy got his own way…2 new forward’s to help him…up front.
    M’vila next 22mill/euro’s fit and well (not injured)

    Oxo deal I think his contract may have had England Cap’s proviso’s same as Theo’s.

  72. my 11.07 Rico….

  73. I just played it, not admitting my poor score :(

  74. Hello everyone. Lee, how was that restaurant last night?

  75. Afternoon Adam, Lee is very fragile ;)

  76. Really good Adam. Limited menu, basically chicken and steak but really nice!


  77. Hiya Rico. I have wanted to try Mark Hix’s food since I saw him on The Great British Menu a few years back with his Stargazy Pie and Elderflower jelly and fruit desert. What’s the parking like round that way during he evening?

  78. I drank everything no parking by me! ;)
    There’s a Damian Hirst, cow and rooster in formaldehyde suspended from the ceiling! Sorry in advance Rico…. :(

  79. Bloody hell just worked out what I drank last night…no wonder I feel like shite!

  80. Is it mobbed? I might go next week sometime. Cheers Lee.

  81. busy but not mobbed.

  82. Huff, not letting my feathered girls on here to blog today Lee ;)

    Guess that is your yearly units all done then….

  83. I can’t see a full menu on the site Lee. Is it just chicken or steak and chips kinda thing?

  84. Not that I would dream of actually eating a chicken of course.

  85. Afternoon all
    Moutinho, please, sign for Arsenal ! :-)

  86. Adam the “C” word is forbidden on here mate! Yes to your 1:47

  87. I should hope not Adam ;)

    No chance JM… ;)

  88. Personally I am finding the Euros incredibly boring despite all attempts to hype it up. Average players become great overnight after 20 minutes decent play. Mind you, if you listen to Andy Townsend…Mmmm….he’s one I missed yesterday.

  89. Lee you utter lite weight………..! No sympathy for self induced…! lol

  90. Adam, you a fish man…? do you like a decent fish restaurant..?

  91. Townsend – well remembered Adam, he is such a bore….

  92. Larry Light-Weight…that’s me!
    The cod father? Ron’s plaice?

  93. Arsenal star Tomas Rosicky could miss the start of the season with an Achilles injury after the player admitted he has no idea when he could return.

    The Czech Republic playmaker picked up the injury in the 2-1 win over Greece on June 12 and missed the quarter final defeat to Portugal and he will now be assessed by the Gunners’ medical staff.

    “Where the injury is concerned, I have no idea right now,” Rosicky said.

    “I spoke with the people from Arsenal after the Greece game, so I’ll go back and they will check on me.”

  94. The Fish Place in Battersea Lee………. top notch mate really impressed…! best oysters i’ve ever had by miles…! Only place close to that is Smiths in Wapping..!

  95. Not been there will give it a whirl mate.

  96. Yuck ;)

    Not good news on Tomas….

  97. Arsenal and Liverpool were among several clubs thought to be interested in signing the 26-year-old this summer, with Gunners boss Arsene Wenger a long-term admirer while Liverpool scouts have been tracking the player in recent weeks.

    Afellay impressed during warm-up matches before this summer’s European championships and went on to make three appearances at the tournament itself, but was unable to prevent the Dutch from making a shock exit.

    He is currently on holiday but is due back in Catalonia for talks with new Barca coach Tito Vilanova within the next two weeks, where he’s expected to tell his boss he has no desire to leave the Nou Camp.

    Afellay only managed to make five appearances last season due to a serious knee injury that saw him on the sidelines for seven months, but is keen to kick start his Barcelona career. Quoted by the Metro, Afellay said:

    ‘I can’t wait for the new season to begin, so I can get back on the pitch, and prove my worth for Barcelona,’

    Afellay joined Barca in 2011 from PSV and has a contract that runs until 2015.

  98. It’s not cheap Lee but def worth a visit….!

  99. They may not want to keep him Lee, in which case, RvP would no doubt welcome him with open arms ;)

  100. Ox’s payrise is deserved and premature. Sucks that such things need to be done to keep the Sheikhs and oil tycoons away. I hope that he remains humble and works hard. He hasn’t made it yet…

  101. Don’t want him Rico, he no better than what we got and wanted to go barca before and not us so fuck him…!

  102. Robin does though Wath ;)

    N.5 – desrved and a bit premature is my view too, just look at who we can’t get rid of now because we paid them too much..

    Not suggesting Ox will be like that though…

  103. I see that many fans are jumping on the ‘lets get Flamoney back’ bandwagon…

    Ships and sailed spring to mind….

  104. Marvelous, so thats Rosicky and Diaby out for the start of the season and it’s only bloody June, we definately need some reinforcements.
    Kev, i think you’ll find its just Arsene that’s running about in circles.

  105. Ox is on a 4/5 yr deal is he not…? you don’t go and triple his wages after a single year and as he is contracted nothing much anyone can do so in my view leave him another season before he gets a pay increase… dangle the carrot see that he improves more and progresses and then you reward the improvement..!

  106. Exactly wath, he’s only 18, he can’t even pee straight.

  107. Hi WATH. Yes, I do like a good fish restaurant and am very lucky to have an excellent one within a few minutes walk. Battersea is a bit far to go but I don’t know Smiths in Wapping. All fish restaurants are expensive these days it seems.

  108. The Pilot p/h-restaurant, in Dungeness does fantastic fish n chips…..

  109. I’m with Wath [not literally].
    Not too convinced by Afellay, he might be cute :) but i’d rather we kept Walcott.

  110. Good job jobbed, hopefully that little plan of mine will kill the slugs in the garden :)

    what a way to go though, drunk :P

  111. As I mentioned here the other day, Gazidis spoke about offering new contracts based on what a player will do rather than what he has done. Fact is that AOC’s stock has risen considerably over the last 6 months and the England call-up has further hiked his value. Add to this his incredibly young age and the enormous value he will represent over the coming seasons in terms of his potential transfer fee and I can fully understand the new contract in the offing. It always seems somewhat mercenary to speak about players in terms of monetary value but these are factors that the club must take into consideration.

  112. Kev. I haven’t been near Dungeness for years and years. I have a mate who has a lovely place in Birchington but that’s North Kent and some way away I believe.

  113. :lol: Micko, nor shoot straight…

    If RvP stays, Theo will too AK, I’m sure…

  114. Flamini…..?!
    No way Jose, not when we have Le Coq, Frim and M’Vila [hopefully]….
    Had enough of that type, who use AFC as a stepping stone to another financially motivated move.

    Anyway, Denilson is coming home… yippee…

  115. Expecting São Paulo to try again to broker a deal with Arsenal over Denílson before June 30th, despite what they say.

    Arsenal have told them he will cost £4.3 million, but they’re unwilling to pay that, plus cover all of his wages. Denílson is desperate to stay in Brazil, Arsenal know that, and I suspect there’ll be fresh talks to try and find an agreement next week.

    São Paulo have proposed the idea of another 12 month loan deal, but that’s out of the question at present. Interesting to see what happens.

    From J Sanderson

  116. I’m told Levante will speak to Arsenal again over Pedro Botelho next week. 5 loan clubs in 5 years. Kicked out of 3 of them. Not the best record.

    Botelho would win a work permit this summer if Arsenal want to go for one, but despite the flickers of talent, he isn’t worth the hassle.

    He comes from the Brazilian party town of Salvador, and seems to treat life as a footballer as one big party. He was kicked out of Salamanca for skipping training to go and watch a Real Madrid game, and more recently sacked by Rayo after a hit and run incident whilst drunk. Madness.

    Arsenal likely to receive a nominal transfer fee.

    From JS

  117. Adam, great point re: Ox.
    Yes, that seems the sensible way to go concerning contracts…
    Birchington, don’t really know it mate, up towards the Chatham area i believe…
    But i do know a couple of great gastro-pubs in Dulwich…

  118. No Flamoney for me either AK, he pooped on us, he can gather splinters somewhere else….

    We’ll drop the price for denilson before the TW closes I bet, unless some fool comes in before then… But he’s gone, I’m sure…

    Botelho, well with that kind of attitude, he can say goodbye too….

  119. Rico, like you, i think they will both [RVP/Theo] stay…
    Especially once Giroud and M’Vila have concluded their transfers…

  120. Kev. Between Hearne Bay and Margate. It’s like going backto th England of the 50’s. Retired gentlemen in straw hats having beach teas. Rather quaint an reassuring in a way. I sometimes drive down and my friend and I have a walk around Margate. They are trying to give it a kick up the backside as it had become awfully run down and more than a little tacky. I used to work in Crystal Palace, so know Dulwich quite well.

  121. Alleyns Head.
    Lovely grub Adam…

  122. I so hope we get M’Vila AK….

    Adam – did you get the yogurt mint sauce email yesterday ok ?

  123. Jamie Sanderson‏@YoungGunsBlog

    Nicklas Bendtner’s exit from Arsenal moving closer. New agent Tom Brooks says talks ongoing with ‘several clubs’. Màlaga linked

  124. Bendtners last agent, his father said that too…. he’s still with us :(

  125. Vermaelen’s agent: “Yes, he was with Puyol, it’s two world-class defenders in a restaurant, nothing more. He plans to stay at #AFC forever.”

  126. But we knew that AK ;)

  127. I did Rico. Thank you. I intend to get stuck into those recipes as soon as the new bathroom is installed in about 10-12 days. Can’t wait to get back to an ordered life so I can lay on the sofa, listen to music and actually earn a few bob again.

  128. You cook in the bathroom Adam ;)

  129. Not exactly Rico but I feel unsettled when the house is all over the place and as I’ll be 84 next birthday, I like things to be just so otherwise I can’t create culinary masterpieces. :)

  130. :lol: Adam, there was me thinking you weren’t even 70 yet…

  131. Thank you Rico. It is clean living and eating well that has enabled me to live so long. Oh and that picture in the attic. And speaking of pictures………….?

  132. Ah, yes, speaking of which Adam, I think I have found one, will be on its way very soon….

  133. I can’t see your posts now Rico without reading them with a country accent. :)

  134. Can’t wait!!!

  135. Back shortly, i’m hungry…

  136. :lol: Adam

    Wath calls me a carrot cruncher :)

    Don’t get too excited…

  137. But I can’t help it.

  138. :lol: Adam

    Evening all….

  139. Lovely finish by Lahm.

    I’d certainly consider having a look at Selaisse and Debuchy has we were desperately exposed at FB last season but for me we should pay good money for Leighton Baines. Find it strange for Diaby’s name so be mentioned still…. He can not be relied on even as a squad player.

  140. Evening Rico. Just watching some football here.

  141. Oh joy. It’s Adrian Chiles.

  142. Just turned on here to Adam – AC – yawn :(

    Just sent you an email :)

    Heart, was a long time coming wasn’t it…

  143. Oh, and Roy anal Keane!!

  144. Well a few pints of San Miguel have certainly taken the edge off the hang over!! Has the Squillster signed a 5yr deal with us??

  145. No Podolski tonight??

  146. Confession time…..I tuned into talkshite whilst driving home from the station this evening, as the oxygen thief durham was doing the daily Arsenal. Which is basically a dig at our beloved football team, I screamed the “C” word at the radio and promptly switched to 5live!! Which was extremely embarrassing as I was stationary at a set of traffic lights next to a car with a young family in it…. they must of thought I’d been let out from an institution!! :lol:

  147. Blooming heck Lee, your poor head in the morning….

    Just a 3 year deal for squilli…

  148. :lol: Lee, that’s funny – maybe they thought you had to be in by 8pm, before the lock down….

  149. 1-1 come on greece :lol:

  150. Evening Rico

    What have I missed today?

    Anyone think Germany are Arsenal?

  151. There’s been an Eco-nightmare, a farmer has spilt pesticide into the river Colne which borders where I live….dead fish everywhere! Really really gutted……

  152. Evening Will, nothing mate other than when all our transfers are in place we’ll be challenging again!!!!! ;)

  153. What a goal!!

  154. Evening Will, well you just missed a scorcher if you haven’t tuned into the match yet…

  155. Just turned it on. I see the the view of most fans is upbeat. That is fantastic. Just need that Dm and I think CB that can play RB and we are set.

  156. That will be that then 3-1…

    Blame AK Will, his post was positive, great if we do get Giroud, fantastic if we then add M’Vila, but still need a CB as you say and a keeper…..

    but, its heading in the right direction, lets hope spain win tomorrow eh…

  157. Why no Podolski?? Anyone know?

  158. He has to much skills Rico?

  159. Good evening Fine Folk.

    Lady………..Podolski, Muller and Gomez were all left out in the eventuality of getting fresh legs later on in the game. Muller has come on for Schurrle. Podolski and Gomez are warming up. Germany are 3-1 up without the latter two. And putting them on now seems useless and it would be better if they are saved for the semifinal.

  160. 4-1………..we are on to a thrashing

  161. What a fantastic volley by Khedira, he watched it all the way. It was a great chip into the box from Ozil and how Khedira hit that with his right foot, I have no idea. That technique is incredibly difficult to do

  162. Doesnt Merkel remind you of Fergie when she celebrates a goal?? The face looks the same.

  163. No Podolski on today. Good. He will get some needed rest. Gotze and Gomez on.

  164. Buenos noches housers!!!

  165. thanks devil – good football by germany but i have seen enough, off to shut the girls in for the day and an early strollup the wooden ones….

    have a good sleep Lee, your body needs it… ;)

    Nighty to you all, enjoy the rest of the game…

    Til tomorrow….

  166. cu Lady.

    Hiya Lee. U better mate???

  167. Off now Fine Folk. Cu tomorrow. I know that you are rivals with Germany but let’s be honest……….they are enjoyable to watch.

    CU mates

  168. Would love to see Ozil, Reus and Khedira in Arsenal’s midfield….

  169. Oxlade-Chamberlain set for bumper pay rise at Arsenal after incredible first seasonBy Sami Mokbel
    PUBLISHED: 07:25, 22 June 2012 | UPDATED: 08:28, 22 June 2012
    Comments (16) Share
    Arsenal are set to offer England star Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain a new lucrative contract which would bring the 18-year-old in line with more members of the first team squad.

    The former Southampton starlet only moved to Emirates Stadium last summer, signing a £15,000-a-weel deal.

    However having progressed at a rate even Arsene Wenger could not have predicted – officials are also happy with how he conducts himself off the field – the club are desperate to tie him in to a deal suitable enough to ward off any potential suitors.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2163040/Alex-Oxlade-Chamberlain-set-Arsenal-pay-hike.html#ixzz1yYtjdmjT

  170. Similar discussions will also take place with Mikel Arteta.

    Chamberlain hadn’t made an appearance for his country before Roy Hodgson selected him for his Euro 2012 squad, yet within a few weeks the talented 18-year-old was starting in the tournament’s opening game.

    The son of former England international, Mark, Alex excelled in his first top flight season, and turned in man of the match performances against Manchester United and AC Milan.

    Breakthrough: Chamberlain enjoyed a stellar campaign with Arsenal
    In Poland and Ukraine, Chamberlain impressed with his direct running and maturity as England kicked off with a draw against France, and, although he is yet to play 90 minutes, there is plenty to suggest he could still be Hodgson’s joker in the pack.
    Regardless of any further impact at Euro 2012, Chamberlain will return to London to find considerably improved terms on offer.

    Arsenal are keen to tie all their best players to new deals in the wake of the Samir Nasri and Robin van Persie debacle’s that have blighted back-to-back summers.

    Nasri left for Manchester City in 2011 having let his contract run down to its final year, a position Van Persie now finds himself in.

    Juventus and City are both trying to lure the Dutchman away from the Gunners, but Wenger remains confident his captain and star striker will stay.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2163040/Alex-Oxlade-Chamberlain-set-Arsenal-pay-hike.html#ixzz1yYtzTHNt

  171. Wenger: Arsenal’s £13m deal for Montpellier marksman Giroud 90 per cent complete
    By Sportsmail Reporter
    PUBLISHED: 21:53, 21 June 2012 | UPDATED: 21:53, 21 June 2012
    Comments (42) Share
    Arsene Wenger is convinced Olivier Giroud can be a big hit at Arsenal next season, with a deal for the French striker ’90 per cent’ done.
    Giroud, who is part of Laurent Blanc’s Euro 2012 squad, is thought to command a transfer fee in the region of £13million.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2162910/Arsene-Wenger-says-Arsenal-deal-Olivier-Giroud-done.html#ixzz1yYuejh2C

  172. The 25-year-old scored 25 goals for his club last season to help Montpellier win the Ligue 1 title, igniting the interest of several top clubs.
    However, it appears Arsenal are set to add the promising Frenchman to their squad, which has already been bolstered by the arrival of Germany marksman Lukas Podolski.
    Wenger said on French TV station TF1: ‘Giroud didn’t play much (at the Euros so far), but he’s going to be an Arsenal player 90 per cent next season

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2162910/Arsene-Wenger-says-Arsenal-deal-Olivier-Giroud-done.html#ixzz1yYusWGSC

  173. ‘I think he has exceptional potential and will integrate very well in our collective and our way of playing.

    ‘He is a real team player and knows how to combine with other players and I’m sure he will do well with us.’
    Wenger is working at the European Championship as a media pundit, and has been impressed by Podolski’s displays so far.

    ‘Podolski did a great job for the German team, he has superb team work,’ said the Arsenal boss.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2162910/Arsene-Wenger-says-Arsenal-deal-Olivier-Giroud-done.html#ixzz1yYv6tExm

  174. ‘He plays in a cautious way sometimes, but he’s still scored a very important goal against Denmark for his 100th cap.
    ‘I am very happy with what I’ve seen from him.’
    Once the deal for Giroud is complete, Arsenal could then look to offload some of their fringe players, including Denmark striker Nicklas Bendtner and Morocco international Marouane Chamakh as well as Mexico forward Carlos Vela and Brazilian midfielder Denilson.
    Arsenal could also now resurrect interest in Yann M’Vila after Champions League finalists Bayern Munich cooled their interest in the Rennes midfielder

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2162910/Arsene-Wenger-says-Arsenal-deal-Olivier-Giroud-done.html#ixzz1yYvL7YAI

  175. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has revealed that two of his most promising young players are German ‘wonderkids’.

    The French tactician made the comments during co-commentary for French TV station TF1, while also suggesting that the Euro 2012 semi-finalists are catching Spain in terms of young talent following their 4-2 quarter-final win over Greece.

    “I think Germany are catching Spain in terms of youth systems. We also have two German wonderkids at Arsenal”, said Wenger.

    It’s likely that Wenger was referring to Thomas Eisfield (18) and Serge Gnabry (16), the latter of whom chose Emirates Stadium over moneybags Manchester City despite being offered a much better scholarship deal by Roberto Mancini’s side.

    Leander Siemann is another German youngster who Wenger has recently brought to the club. Siemann signed from Hertha Berlin last year and their under-16s coach, Frank Vogel, said the 15-year-old has the ‘strength to be a good player’.

    Read more: http://goonertalk.com/2012/06/22/video-the-german-youngsters-who-wenger-says-are-arsenals-wonderkids/#ixzz1yZ2sMkv1

  176. For Rico
    Eggs suuny side up girl.

  177. To be fair HH grovers lets sit back pull out and enjoy.!

  178. This one is for Enger;and and our host!

  179. OK Guys

    This is for you

  180. HH guys tour a ring of a dude of a guyo

  181. We are all cool because the season is over and at the end of the day 3rd was fucking unbelievable. Mr Wenger survived by the skin of his arse.!
    Having said all of that if Arsenal FC is not going to invest then now listen you guys….

  182. Phil Oakey and all that!


  183. I.ve heard that this group turns rico’s correct noises


  184. Sorry about that

  185. Morning all….

    Busy night then smudge ;)

  186. Morning Rico, seems like he did! I feel brand new this morning, amazing what a good night’s sleep does!
    According to the Telegraph shiteh are making a formal offer for RVP, I just wish they’d fuck off! And if he goes there i’ll lose all my respect for him!!
    I’m off now to help football training with my son, thank god it wasn’t yesterday morning!!!! :lol:

  187. Morning Lee

    Good to hear the head has cleared :)

    The Daily mail report the same about RvP – he won’t go there…

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