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Rennes confirm M’Vila move & The League Of Experts….

Before we head off into todays post, FootballFancast.com reported than Yann M’Vilas move to another club will be confirmed after Euro 2012 and it has already been announced on the French stock market by the player’s club Rennes.

Where that is, is anyones guess but Bayern Munich have allegedly withdrawn their interest in the player.

Onto todays post:

In essence, football is a simple sport but it has become over complicated to the point where it is positively groaning beneath the weight of TV and internet analysis. The problem in part stems from Sky’s insistence on grinding it’s customers down beneath a torrent never-ending nonsense, spewing from the mouths of ex-players barely able to string a coherent sentence together or arrange a chain of thought in their heads before subjecting the viewer to an inner glimpse of their banality.

This has become de-rigueur and has of course been slavishly copied by the truly appalling BBC, the decidedly down market ITV and the stupendously ghastly ESPN, although we must be eternally grateful that the latter have now lost the right to pollute our minds with the queue of free-lunch seeking saddos that constituted their ” panel” of dickheads and semi-literate, incomprehensible shysters like Chris “Pelanty” Waddle.

Broadcasters and by this I mean those who produce the outside broadcast scenarios for us to watch have no qualms about who they erect before us on pedestals so we may enjoy the pearls of footballing wisdom that trickle from their lips like mana from heaven. So nobody feels the slightest embarrassment when the image of Stan Collymore appears on our screens to tell us what is what and allow us into the inner sanctum of his mind. This is the dark place that conceived the public beating of Ulrika Johnson and felt the attraction of the sexually perverse pastime of “dogging”.

Did nobody think that his disgusting past might lessen his credibility somewhat?

What about the Reverend Mark Bright?

I hear him commenting on dirty play with a sense of almost religious righteousness that masks the fact that he committed one of the worst, premeditated fouls ever seen on TV when he systematically measured Andy Linighan for a forearm smash to the face that shattered the Arsenal player’s nose into several pieces.

Even Danny Murphy, one of the worst thugs I have seen on a football field, is employed, though thankfully on radio, as the intelligent voice of reason and seemingly feels no sense of irony in doing so.

What can one honestly say about the BBC and good old Gary Lineker? Yes, that’s Gary, the crisp-munching moron, recently cleared of racist remarks over Arsene Wenger. A man whose defence seemed to be that he is in fact, a great admirer of Arsene and often defends him.

Really? I must have missed that Gary.

In fact I must also have missed you ridiculing Sir Alex Ferguson, Roberto Mancini or your great mate ‘Arry Redknapp. I never saw you mimicking a broad Scottish accent, with your face rouged up and wearing a red prosthetic nose, pointing at your watch and waving your arms about. Yes, I must have missed that one.

I think the less said about Alan Hansen the better and as for Lawro? Well, I don’t think that even he believes the drivel that he spouts these days and his whole demeanour suggests that he is tired of the whole thing, ran out of things to say about a decade ago and just wants to sit in a chair quietly somewhere waiting for someone to mercifully end it all for him.

Which bring us to Sky as I want to spare you all the horror of raising the spectre of ITV and Adrian Chiles. We had Keys and Gray for years and they had become the “voices” of football.

Was it a penalty? Did the manager get his tactics right? Was he offside?

Just ask Andy the sexist or Richard of the gross and inappropriate.

They will tell you definitively and what they say will be carefully considered and completely impartial. They are still giving it large on TalkSport. You know that station. The one where a bloke called Durham steals oxygen from more deserving people every day as the caustic and corrosive nature of his effluent bile seeps from the speaker of your radio, contaminating all it comes into contact with, like a foul disease originating in filth and corruption.

Where was I? Ah, Sky.

The most obvious place to find Jamie Redknapp crammed into a pair of unrealistically tight trousers and passing comment on Arsenal games or a reborn Gary Neville actually talking a bit of sense. But, please don’t confuse him with that other Gary Neville, the one who systematically fouled and kicked JA Reyes out of the game at Old Trafford with the full blessing and complicity of Mike Riley several years ago in one of the most shamefully staged football fixes of our time.

What a disgrace Riley was that day.

Fergies lapdog and the forerunner of Howard Webb today who has inherited Riley’s crown and worn it with notable success. And Riley? Well, quite understandably, he runs the referees now and as soon as he sees Arsenal going on a bit of a run that Fergie might not like, he reaches for the number of Martin Atkinson to put a stop to it. But of course it’s a gravy train isn’t it? A home for ex-players and scumbags to pick up a few quid instead of becoming addicted to drugs, gambling or alcohol or performing numerous acts of infidelity in tacky hotels.

The problem is that it has coincided rather unfortunately with the rise of the Internet as a forum for footballing websites.

It has turned us all into master tacticians and expert analysers of a game that we believe intently we understand. So many of us are better managers than Arsene Wenger and it goes without saying that we could run the club far more efficiently than that crackpot Ivan Gazidis.

Stan Kroenke? Don’t make me laugh.

I see a thousand bloggers a day, few of whom can string a sentence together, but all of whom would be better owners.

Tactics? Well, even a fool can see where Wenger is going wrong and the Internet is the perfect place to anonymously share that view with hundreds of thousands of other virtual managers. Throw in a bit of abuse while you are at it and criticise the board for taking millions of £s out to line their pockets. That’s your money that is, even though you don’t go to the matches, that’s your bloody money!

You just know you could do a better job. You would reconstruct the Invincibles, player by player, you would sack Wenger and Gazidis and demand £200 million from Stan, kick Diaby out of the club, sell Ramsay, buy Messi, buy Vertonghen from under Spurs noses even though you have never seen him play.

You would bring back standing sections, reduce season ticket prices and make Robin sit on the bench if he won’t sign a new contract..

But what’s that?

Oh, that’s your folks calling you in for tea……..

Written by Adam

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212 comments on “Rennes confirm M’Vila move & The League Of Experts….

  1. the Club knows exactly what it’s doing, for the shareholders, not for for points

  2. ” racist remarks over Wenger ”

    God, I’m sick of these allegations of racism against Anglo people

  3. Good Moring all….

    Adam, what is there to say about your post, I just love it, absolutely love it…

    I have see Jan Vertonghen play though ;)

    ‘Crisp munching moron’ Linekar :lol:

    If all these pundits know so much about the game, then perhaps they should take up management, but no, they would all be accountable then and no doubt be sacked with a very short space of time…

    Still, I have them to thank for helping me find the mute button on my remote….

  4. In case you have forgotten alan, racism is against the law here in the UK and most parts of the world….

  5. Adam, as Rennes is a private company no announcement to Euronext is required. BTW, Euronext, took over running the Paris bourse many years ago. This rumour is old news, been around for the last 2 weeks at least and has been shot down because of the above fact. Cheers Andy

  6. Andy, I added that bit about M’Vila, just passing on what FFC announced yesterday ;)

  7. Couldnt have said it any better or agreed anymore ! This post is spot on !

  8. Evening all.

  9. Good read.RE:M’vila Rennes is privately owned therefore no need for announcement in the stock market.the whole thing was a hoax.

  10. I’m just trying to see if you missed anyone there Adam.

  11. Take a bow son, take a bow! ;) Top drawer Adam!

  12. By the way good read Adam.as much as we dislike Neville he is the best Tv pundit on offer right now.i don’t bother listening to the others since they know f**k all about football.

  13. I speak as one of those who does not receive Sky broadcasts nor ever will. I find the standard of ‘punditry’ on tv generally to be appalling. Peter Schmeichel is possibly the worst. The best way to watch what little football there is on terrestial tv is to turn the sound down and listen to the radio commentary.

  14. Morning all,
    What a blinding post, well done Adam, Makes a change to read what is realy happening in the media bit upset that you left the papers out Adan but perhaps that could be included another time. Football and the media is a way that ex players who have lined their pockets in the past and have spent best part of their money on activities we wont mention, but are now getting a second chance again at our expense. Now i don’t mind these hasbeens earning a living but because a lot of them had bad experiences in their own clubs when they were coming to the end of their playing days have now got the right to drip poison in in their own little ways. From the way i see it Arsenal and Arsene Wenger must have ruffled their feathers at some time because we never see them give either Arsene or Arsenal good press at all but as you said Adam i doubt many listen to much of it anyway

  15. Kt, i didn’t know that about Rennes etc, my mistake….

  16. Mtcheeeeeeeeeew Rubish post

  17. What about Stelling and co too… as much as i love merse, sometimes he is simplying shocking….

  18. Village looking….

  19. Oh dear oh dear Ray, rubbish has two b’s in it….

  20. They could be out for a long long time Lee…

  21. Wenger 6 language’s..3rd
    Harry 0 language’s..4th(Can’t Read or Write)
    Funny old game

  22. Morning all ye Fine Folk.

    Adam………you must have felt a lot lighter morally and mentally after getting that out of your chest.

    That is a one hell of a good post……..straight from the heart mate.

    I am highly impressed.

    Ray……….write a post yourself before you can criticise others.

  23. He can do both fred, all a ploy for court…

  24. Devil, I don’t think he’s allowed to use his parent’s p.c….

  25. Too many “experts” are guilty of one of two things….either they say what they think people want to hear,or they are controversial for the sake of being controversial.
    An honest pundit is a rare species,and one worth listening to.
    Unfortunately,I haven’t seen anything of Gary Neville,but those I do see are an interesting lot.
    Most are fools with obvious agendas and favourites,but some are ok.

  26. Harsh………..but true !

  27. I do not think he will Rico. First he has said he supports AFC, so if he goes to the Tiny Totts he will be unmasked. Secondly he has to sell his own shares first since Premier league rules state that no one can have shares in two clubs.

  28. Brilliant post and Arsene Wenger does not need a wanker like Linekar to defend him

  29. Rico I grew with a few of the Rednapp’s(wink wink)

  30. Matt Le Tissier and Charlie Nicholas are two of my favourites…. Both speak a lot of sense..

    Adam is right though, it’s spilled into the internet world, so many fans, and not just Arsenal fans think they could do a lot better than those who run the club..

  31. Rico,if he does go elsewhere,he’s obviously not a true Gooner after all.

  32. good point devil, and Stan can’t afford them ;)

    fred – go on, spill a few beans on them ;)

  33. Great post. I personally have the biggest problems with BBC/MOTD. I am forced to contribute to those clowns’ salaries. If linekar, Hansen or Lawro worked for me, they’d be collecting their P45 before the end of this day. I actually prefer watching the Euros on ITV this year, never thought I’d say something like that.

  34. One of these day’s Linekar may write a book or the truth might comeout through the media. You never know?

  35. Every single person on this and every other forum is guilty of pretending to know better than Wenger at some point…….think about it.

  36. A sloppy, sloppy, article. Not even the imagination to make stuff up yourself.

    I think an apology is in order, don’t you?

  37. Whilst I agree with the post which was a good one, I can only say how lucky you are in the main to have some ‘decent’ coverage. Being abroad as an ex-pat & not wishing to have a 4m dish in my garden – £1000 for that, let alone Sky’s exorbitant rental, I watch Eurosport & the discussion/commentary on there is dire.

    You could not believe the programme with Kluivert & a couple of zombies doing a slo-mo take – I only tuned into it as Wenger & Benitez were advertised to appear – very occasionally it seems; I haven’t caught them yet!

    So, even though MOTD was anti-Arsenal, it at least gave me a laugh occasionally & some coverage/commentary on the action.

    Keep the faith gooners, this summer we might even get a team to win something pulled together in time for our shirt sponsorship renewal……………hoorah!

  38. Rico, wish I could afford too.

  39. I know Scott but can’t be much fun sitting, waiting and wanting… Time will tell I guess..

  40. Agree there John, BBC are far worse than SS’s – which imho is better now with Gary Neville. Yes he was a bully of a footballer against Reyes, but as a pundit, he is the best they have had for a long time, and when we played Milan, he so wanted us to win…

    Shame that Lee Dixon has joined their sofa…

  41. HR – I think that is rather harsh, the body of the post has been ‘made up’ as you put it, ok the Rennes story I read yesterday and have since been corrected,

    Apology, who to??

    I don’t think so!

  42. Lukas Podolski says the opportunity to work under Arsène Wenger was a key consideration in his decision to move to Arsenal this summer.

    The 27-year-old – who scored on his 100th appearance for Germany against Denmark on Sunday – will join the Club following the conclusion of Euro 2012.

    And he admits he is particularly looking forward to playing alongside Germany team-mate Per Mertesacker and learning from Wenger over the coming years.

    “He has been a very successful coach both in Europe and around the world,” Podolski told the Official Arsenal Magazine. “This definitely helped in making my decision.

    “He speaks several languages, and German in particular, which is very helpful. We have spoken to each other on the telephone a few times, which was very good and also made my decision even easier.

    “I speak to Per whenever we meet,” he added. “Per has mentioned things about the Club’s organisation, the training ground and the fans, and this has really helped.

    “It might have influenced me to a certain extent, but in the end of course I took the decision to come here myself.”

    Podolski has spent his entire career in the Bundesliga, but is confident he will have no trouble adapting to life in the Premier League.

    “I do think that the Bundesliga has done a lot of catching up in recent years and is no longer that far away from the highest level,” he said. “But England still has the strongest and most attractive league in my opinion.

    “The Premier League has very good stadiums, and the stronger clubs as a whole, and I’m sure I’m going to be involved in some exciting matches.

    “I think I will adapt relatively quickly. I’m a player who plays in a similar style. They play fast in England, score lots of goals, there are tough battles. I enjoy this style of football, so from that point of view, I think I will become accustomed to it all in a fairly short time.”

  43. Hi Pat7 ;)

    fred, i wish you could too, go on, we won’t tell anyone ;)

  44. Welcome Mr Podolski :)

    Kos is busy working on M’Vila as we type :)

  45. Flamoney has been hoofed out by Milan :)

    Wait for it…..

  46. Whats this snag with giroud then lads?

  47. Rico,I’m not saying there’s anything wrong at all with it…….we’re all here to discuss the club and how it can be improved.
    I love talking to you guys,and even though I defend Wenger plenty,I’ve still made comments that,realistically,suggest I think I know better.

  48. Good Morning Gooners
    Good Morning Rico. Check your in-box.

    Just typical of Adam, sitting on the fench… :D
    Don’t mess about man, get to the point… :P

    That, mio amigo, was a fantastic post…..
    I’ll have to up my game…. ;)

  49. Reading between comments,does the French transfer window not open to July 1st??
    Is this why nothing is official on Giroud or M’Villa…assuming the rumours are true.

  50. Euros Matty, nothing until after then it seems…

    I know Scott, we all have, but sometimes its not what we say, its how we say it.

    We may think we will have a good season but reality is it’s just a view, no-one knows until its over…

    We could sign Pod, Giroud, M’Vila, keep Theo and RvP and sign a good back up keeper etc etc..

    But it doesn’t automatically mean we will win everything, they may not gel…

  51. Off your long run today then Adam? There are a few decent pundits, Neville, Nicholas, Thompson, Dixon and Keown after that i am struggling.

  52. arghh man i hate the media!!

  53. Good morning Rico and all at HH. The great and almost unique thing about HH is that we can all put our point of view and as long as we behave like gentlemen, then, as our gracious host says, “it’s OK to disagree”. Even Scott and I, who have had our run-ins over the past weeks, are able to tolerate each other and if we ever met I have no doubt we could sit and have a laugh about it. HH is more than a normal football blog. It is an Arsenal blog and as we know, Arsenal supporters, true Arsenal supporters, share a deep bond that is beyond words. It’s in our hearts really and that’s why, when things aren’t so good, it hurts so much. HH is a great place and somewhere we can share, together. And it can also be great fun.

  54. Morning all,

    Matty, Giroud is worried he may be showing the early signs of Tourettes, his agent wants to make it perfectly clear he realises he may be playing in the same team as Diaby.

    More importantly Andy Linighan had the last laugh.

  55. Scott – I know but sometimes its hard to defend Wenger..

    Hi AK, i will check it now ;)

    vernat, sadly, there are more poor ones than there are good…

  56. Morning Adam – well said, especially the bit about me being gracious :)

  57. Credit where it is due Rico. It bought a tear to my eye to write but, thankfully, Stan Collymore is on his way round with some tissues.

  58. How’s the coast AK?

  59. The ones off his car parcel shelf, no doubt.

  60. What to make of the Ben Arfa stories, isn’t he the one AW really wanted when we signed Nasri??

  61. Lee. Unused I hope.

  62. Be of good cheer, its not a new signing but its LANS, Denilson is back with us, problem solved.

  63. If Ben Arfa came in, then perhaps Theo might go?

  64. Morning Lee.
    It’s sunny down here mate…
    Busy in Town?

  65. Vernat, that coupled with the fact that the Squillster’s wage demands are stopping his proposed move…..oh joy!

  66. Rico,I never find it hard to defend Wenger as my opinion is everything he does,he does in what he believe are Arsenals best interest.
    As per my defence of Ramsey,I will always defend someone who does their best,misguided as that may be.
    Finding fault is one thing,but those who just can’t see the guy doing anything right are the people who anoy me.
    Adam,it’s your shout when I come over then???
    Mate,no matter what’s said,I’d never,ever question your love of the club.
    I can say that about all the regulars….though that AK is a bit dodgy :)

  67. Forget the raciscm allegations concerning Lineker, he was just being a prat. If he had said ‘Fat Sam’, no one would accuse him of being fatist, merely an incompetent, obnoxious, self-opinionated prat.

    Rather than continually turn to players from the French league, lets get in more local players, Dutch players and other foreign ones already performing in the PL (Ben Arfa….). We need Commited players, established players and in the Dutch players ones that seem to be able to make the transformation fairly easily.

    I’ve generally got nothing against overseas players coming directly into the club, just worried that they many of them haven’t had their DNA squeezed out of them on initial arrival.

  68. It’s been pissing down here AK.The sun always shines on the righteous! :lol:

  69. :lol: Adam & Lee – although the tissue comment made me cringe for a split second …

  70. Can’t see us paying the price quoted for him though Adam

    Sunny here in Berkshire too :)

  71. Scott. It’s a deal.

  72. :lol: Micko…

  73. Robert Green has signed for Qpr….

  74. Very overcast here, near the Olympic Village. Rain of epic proportions soon I think. In the press we are bein linked with everybody and RVP has been seen in a pub in Manchester. Blimey, what next? Me and Scott extending the virtual hand of friendship?:)

  75. mystic

    no such criminal offence as ‘fattism’ thats the difference ;)

  76. It’s ok to disagree Adam :)

  77. True Scott, true. :)

  78. Got to pop off for a while, back in an hour or so….


  79. Has there been an announcement on who the reserve team and youth team coaches are yet?

  80. Hahahahaha… Hilarious…

  81. rico, my point is that it is the context not the wording that are important. Being an Lineker is a totally obnoxious prat, but he needs to be viewed as such, not get sullied by specifics.

  82. Sorry to hear that Lee.
    Just listening to some music on YouTube.
    A band called Staind, some cool sounds.
    The righteous, hmmm, not sure buddy…
    Just lucky i suppose… ;)
    Might have a barbacue later…. sorry… :)

  83. AK…..it’s called a BBQ….Aussie lingo for an Aussie favourite champ lol.

  84. Scott. :lol:

  85. Vernat, Drummy is still being linked with that job.

  86. ‘arry has thrown his hat into the ring as well AK.

  87. Great post Adam, a very enjoyable read.
    I have to admit that I do get a certain amount of enjoyment watching Jeff Stelling and his merry band of men on a Saturday.
    By the way , you didn’t mention Garth Crooks, who has to be the biggest plank of wood on the box.

  88. I think you’ve just about summed up the media, punditry and AAA factions that currently affect our club. Well done.

    BTW, “AlanbstardMP” is a tv character (caricature of an extreme right conservative politician) and the comments made by the poster are probably intended as irony – for those not familiar with him or the context!

  89. He’d be triffic scott maybe he could bring rosie along to count the players in and out and two bob could help him as well

  90. Afternoon gooners. Great post Adam, enjoyed it all but especially this:
    ‘I think the less said about Alan Hansen the better and as for Lawro? Well, I don’t think that even he believes the drivel that he spouts these days and his whole demeanour suggests that he is tired of the whole thing, ran out of things to say about a decade ago and just wants to sit in a chair quietly somewhere waiting for someone to mercifully end it all for him.’
    So much bulls**t comes out of these a**eholes mouths and we all just have to sit there and lap it up.

  91. We signed anyone yet? Got arry in as Boulds assistant?

  92. Vernat,I’d rather he bring his lawyer……that bloke can get anyone out of any situation!!

  93. Got arry and as a bargain got Clive Allen for two bob along with him Lewis

  94. Oh I think you forgot Phil Dowd. That man is the biggest of all. We lost against Spurs cause of him. We drew at Newcastle 4-4 and people were praising Newcastle where except for last goal, all goals were gift of Dowd. cause he was such a big nonsense. After that match player who was investigated was Rosicky thinking he had fixed up.

    I just get biggest jitters of all when he is the official.

  95. How very apr vernat! Two bob ****

  96. hello
    Rosicky definetely out for the match today
    did we sign anyone?

  97. Adam, top post fella……………..!! About time you wrote something ;-)

  98. AFternoon people.

    If what I expected the trend that we win 6 games in succession at season start, those pundits will start whingeing “Lucky Lucky Arsenal” and how the standard of premiership had dropped so low that the likes of Arsenal FC can win 6 games on a trot.

    For 2012/13 season, I hope this phrase isbanned in all after-match comments:
    “We were unlucky”

  99. Blinding post Adam. I’m sick of these so called pundtwats passing judgement about things the really have no real knowledge about. I’ve given up listening to some of these stations now and either mute, fast forward, or switch off when some of these idiots are on. The other thing that gets my goat is how some of our own ex players seem happy to jump on the let’s bash Arsenal bandwagon with no real rationale behind their points other than regurgitating what they’ve read or heard or pigeon fed. Wrighty, Merson and Robson are the worst..

  100. Afternoon guys and gals,

    Any gossip??

  101. Arsene Wenger announced Kroenke had sold his contract to Qatar for 50-mil?

  102. Now why don’t I believe that one Merlin….

  103. Didn’t see you there earlier Wath, still waiting for your masterpeice ;)

  104. What’s AW sold??

  105. I think Merlin is teasing Lee…

  106. What a whole load of drivel, and pure and utter cynicism. Boy do you go to regular sessions for your paranoia or do they confilict with you schitzophenia classes??? But at least you have your AKB fan club supporters to say how great your post was…. You are obviously so far ahead in intellect of every other blogger / tv pundit / commentator or human being I wonder why you even bother using your enomous brain to comment! Oh I know why……your just another or Arsene Wengers sheep!

  107. Am still busy with the paint brushes Rico… masterpiece wont be ready for years yet…!

    Great comment there Mike seems you know sweet FA about anyone on this site and when you’ve written an article maybe then you can criticize what someone else writes seem you must be a desktop expert…!

  108. You obvioulsy don’t get on HH very often Mike, this site and Adam are far from being an ‘AKB’ – There are plenty of other options in the world of afc blogs, maybe you should try finding one…….

  109. Ha ha Wath, I will wait patiently ;)

  110. Ah that must be the sound you make when sucking on your dummy Mike…!! Hmmm about right..!

    You’ll be waiting a bloody long time Rico…!

  111. baaa black sheep………..!

  112. How you doing WATH? You AKB you…. :lol:

  113. Behave Lee………..!

  114. I had a feeling that might be the case Wath…. ;)
    :lol: Lee

  115. Fuck me i’ve heard it all now mate lol………… Am good mate, you…?

    We all getting together to play bridge and have a tipple of sherry lata ??

  116. Thought you were a GG man….

  117. I’m a tad parched and would also like to discuss with all the chaps and lassies our proposed bust of our demi-god Arsene…………

  118. Is it at Hill Wood’s place tonight???

  119. I thought Sir Chips had invited us to his place Lee…? the old blighter has gone and lost his marbles…!

  120. The GG is for after the sherry and the port old boy you should know that….!

  121. What does AKB stand for?? ;)

  122. A Knob Blogger???

  123. Mike. Thank you so much for proving my last point so succinctly. QED I think. Better get off Dad’s computer. It’s time for your bottle.

  124. A Kronenburg Buyer………..

  125. So whats the chances….. Ben Arfa in for 18/20mil Theo out 18/20mil…?

  126. Can’t see it happening…

  127. That’s it piss on my fire Lee…………. I was getting on a roll then……..!

  128. :lol: I think Knob blogger is the best so far…

    You tell him Adam, 3.15, it is time the primary schools open the gates ;)

  129. A Knowledgeable Banker Pretty apt for wenger don’t you reckon ;-)

  130. How much did the Garibaldi’s pay for him?

  131. Not to sure Lee……….. 12bar…?????

  132. To be honest I remember the first time I was allowed onto a p.c unsupervised!

  133. :lol: even i got thyat bit of cockney Wath…

  134. Your such a liar…………… No way can you remember that far back…!

  135. Google’s a wonderful thing Rico… ;)

  136. Ok I bent the truth…

  137. Impressed Rico………. Not bad 4 a carrot cruncher..!

  138. When AK got his first computer it was so big his Dad had to hire a container to put it in the front garden so they could keep it in there..!

  139. Wired straight into the sub-station….

  140. rico says:
    June 21, 2012 at 9:26 am

    In case you have forgotten alan, racism is against the law here in the UK and most parts of the world….

    an allegation is an allegation, Rico. Nothing more and these laws are ridiculous, and I know of no places outside the Anglosphere that have them

    They can bloody well take out civil proceedings. Criminalisation is not warranted

  141. up gunners

  142. Moi an AKB? :lol:

    Like “Ass Knows Butts”?

  143. W.A.T.H says:

    June 21, 2012 at 3:32 pm

    When AK got his first computer it was so big his Dad had to hire a container to put it in the front garden so they could keep it in there..!


    You meant AK works for GCHQ Government Communications Headquarters, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire England?

  144. I bloomin did work it out Wath…
    :lol: lee re google, its been busy today..

    Sorry, i popped off to cook my onion bahjee’s :)

  145. Onion Bhajees? Pray illuminate Rico.

  146. One of the best blog posts I’ve read in a long while.

  147. Not much to illuninate Adam, other than the hot oil nearly lit up the kitchen ;)

  148. Then send me the recipe please. I will have a bash myself.

  149. carrot cruncher Wath :mrgreen:

    alan, when racism became a criminal offence here in the UK, it is a matter for a criminal court, sorry old bean, but that is fact! ;)

  150. For sure I will Adam – but I add a few extras to suit my own own taste buds, like extra chilli :)

  151. I just had a delicious snack of Manchego cheese, which is a particular favorite of mine, but a Spanish friend insisted on us having some Quince paste, known as Membrillo, with it. Utterly fantastic and worthy of a mention and getting some of both if you are interested in food. Highly recommended.

  152. Well said Rico. Racism is not only a criminal offence but it is morally quite wrong and an extremely unattractive trait that can go some way in defining you as a human being. You might feel that way but, please, do us all a favour and keep it to yourself. There is simply no future in it.

  153. It’s all very hush hush Merlin re AK and GCHQ etc etc…

  154. I have never tried that cheese Adam, in fact, I am not sure I have ever seen it in the supermarket either. Quince, now I think I have tried that but was a tad unsure whether I liked it or not….

    I think Gillian McKeith was behind me trying it, mind you, she doesn’t look verry healthy these days ….

  155. Good Morning all,

    Everyone says it’s a good post I’ll tend to agree even though some of us not living in the UK don’t know some of these pundits you mentioned.

    But your two last paragraphs said it all. Sometimes we fans think we know more than AW who sees these players day-in and day-out and that we can do better job than him; wrong. Not until someone shows me how they can beat his records, he still has my vote.

  156. This Quince is sweet Rico, like a marmalade. I am gonna send you a link in case you want to give it a go.

  157. Stop whining you pommy bastards :)
    That ones for you Al,you Aussie legend you.
    Morning all.
    1.38 am here,and all is well,though I can’t workout for the life of me why I’ve woken up.

  158. What’s your opinion about the performance of M’villa in the Euro 2012?

  159. Hi NashuaGunners –

    well said, but AW could still do more, imho, he is surviving on his past achievements, this is his summer to get us back to being a lot stronger, if he does, then maybe i will tick his voting box too…

  160. Thanks Adam… I have got confused with a seed that GM was ‘selling’ in her programme, it was along the same lines of millet, another horrid ingredient ;)

  161. Well I’m off out in Shoreditch…The Tramshed restaurant with clients!! See you AKB’s later!! :lol:

  162. @JM, it will pay off big time if we get him. Serious utility-man. It will show the bunch we mean busy.

  163. Nashua, what does the ordinary man on the street know, most of us have never worked half a day in football as Wenger is quick to point out, he can also be a right numpty when he wants to.

  164. Problems in the dressing room in the French national team. Rumors about the head … Ben Hafa

  165. Have a lovely meal Lee :)

  166. All too often Micko…..

    Thats not good JM…. Haven’t seen enough of M’Vila to comment, one game he has played has he and a cameo appearance…

  167. Cracking article, mate, absolutely loved it! Basically articulates every gripe that I have with mainstream football, that usually surfaces with a non-coherent groan!

  168. Prognostics for today?

  169. Afternoon AKB’s.. :)
    Mike, if your still there, do us a favour and piss off there’s a good boy…

  170. I’ll have you know Grandson, that my first PC was powered by parafin and a wick….

  171. Welcome DSC – thanks re Adams post

    On what JM, Portugal, yep, they will win ;)

    Afternoon AK, still have the sunshine?

  172. Had a lovely BBQ Rico. It didn’t stop raining but the sausages were delicious… :D

  173. Come on the Czech Republic…. ;)

  174. I really want the Czech too Kev, really really…

    fab re the bbq, shame re the poor old sausage ;)

  175. Off to have something to eat, back in a while….

  176. Now THAT was a quality post. I smiled all the way through and enjoyed every word. Someone in an earlier reply said ‘take a bow son, take a bow’. I couldn’t have put it better myself. And I thought Myles Palmer was the most caustic so and so on the net… :-)

  177. Evening Rico

    Have to say, it seems we have a few “commentators” on the forum today as well. Easy to slag something off when you don’t have the guts to post yourself.

    Anyway, my two bob on the biggest tossers in football punditry are:

    Alan Green. Talks the most crap out of anyone connected with football EVER

    Andy Townsend. I have no idea why but this prat seems to hate Arsenal with a passion and even slags off Arsenal players when playing for England. Maybe a Gooner slept with his wife, who knows but it is bordering on psychotic.

  178. Morning all…..again.

  179. I have a very simple opinion on tv pundits.
    Invariably they’re ex-footballers.
    Why is that someone with natural talent to play the game is presumed to have a great knowledge of it??
    Wouldn’t it be far better to sit behind a microphone those who taught these guys how to play……coaches or managers??
    A great player often thinks little about the game as he doesn’t hae to….everything just comes naturally.
    Once retired,stick him in front of a camera and expect blinding,dazzling insight into the game….it’s simple.
    Not in reality.

  180. Sorry guys, lost my internet – few black clouds and rumblings been going on….

    Evening Will & Scott – whats the score in the footie?

  181. hi guys
    wenger says Giroud deal 90% done. this is the video link >> http://euro.tf1.fr/2012/videos/wenger-giroud-a-arsenal-a-90-7376750.html

  182. Will, rico must have gone out to Windsor for her dinner.

    I don’t have sky sports or listen to Talkshite, I just do the odd game here and there, that’s all my heart can take these days.

  183. Emma, can’t view that clip, is it straight from the horse’s mouth ?

  184. :) Micko, I wish…

    Thanks emma, will take a look…

  185. I can’t view it either emma :(

  186. 1-0 to Portugal Rico.

    I don’t have Sky Sports, I have the internet and amazing Arab commentators.Allah…Allah……AlllaAlllaAllla,gooooaaaaaallllll.

  187. Sorry about that rico. You will need a proxy to be able to view it. You can’t view it outside france.

  188. Rico, ronaldo has been different gravy tonight, still wouldn’t swap him for Milner though……..catch you tomorrow.

  189. :) Will, annoying about Portugal though, guess Rosicky is missed…

  190. Thanks emma, not just me being a thickie then ;)

    Welcome michael marten, sorry for the delay in letting you on, thanks re the comments on todays post – hope you come back and leave another comment, nest time you will go straight on..

    Nighty Micko, Milner – top class… just not sure what at, it certainly isn’t football….

  191. I’m off guys and gals, ’til tomorrow…

    Night all and stay safe

  192. Portugal in semi-final.
    Rosicky out again with the same injury one year ago. Next season, maybe fit for just six games…
    For me, João Moutinho is the right sign for us.
    Czesc hadn’t any attempt… look how can control a game and at the same time is very strong in defend.

  193. Brilliantly true

  194. Wonderful post. If you want to listen to pundits who are not afraid to give their opinion, move to Ireland –

    Skip to 2:14 to avoid the montage of that cnut Roy Keane

  195. Arsene Wenger is convinced Olivier Giroud can be a big hit at Arsenal next season, with a deal for the French striker “90%” done.

    Giroud, who is part of Laurent Blanc’s Euro 2012 squad, is thought to command a transfer fee in the region of £13million.

    The 25-year-old scored 25 goals for his club last season to help Montpellier win the Ligue 1 title, igniting the interest of several top clubs.

    However, it appears Arsenal are set to add the promising Frenchman to their squad, which has already been bolstered by the arrival of Germany marksman Lukas Podolski.

    Wenger said on French TV station TF1: “Giroud didn’t play much (at the Euros so far), but he’s going to be an Arsenal player 90% next season.

    “I think he has exceptional potential and will integrate very well in our collective and our way of playing. He is a real team player and knows how to combine with other players and I’m sure he will do well with us.”

  196. my head hurts…

  197. Arsenal defender Thomas Vermaelen’s agent has remained coy over the Belgian defender’s meeting with Carles Puyol.

    Vermaelen was pictured in the Spanish press posing with the Barcelona star, who was ruled out of Spain’s Euro 2012 squad by injury, at a restaurant.

    Their link-up prompted transfer speculation, with Barcelona rumoured to be in the market for a stopper. And Kees Vos, who represents Vermaelen, has not dampened talk of a potential approach.

    “It is two world-class defenders in the same restaurant,” said Vos, according to the Daily Mirror.

    Vermaelen, who joined Arsenal from Ajax and has emerged as an integral part of their backline, said in May that he intended to stay at Arsenal “forever”.

    Barcelona have also been strongly linked with Athletic Bilbao’s Javi Martinez, having been priced out of a move for AC Milan’s Thiago Silva.

  198. Superb article i like to laugh too at the next great would be football managers great stuff keep it up

  199. Morning all..

    You overdo the K1664 last night Lee ;)

  200. and that video 3 comments up is brilliant

  201. k1664, red wine,amaretto,k1664,vodka…..ouch!

  202. Ouch, I’d still be in bed, or a coma ;

  203. got in at 12.40am up at 5.30am….mouth like the bottom of a parrot’s cage!!

  204. It’s going to be a long old day for you then Lee :(

    Bacon sandwich looms?

  205. ironed two out already…

  206. Oh dear, maybe a fried egg in the next one ;)

  207. New Post up…

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