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RvP to follow Vermaelen? Dempsey wants in & Djourou wants out! Changing the Manager & Spending is all it takes!!

Few pre-post bit’s to give you:

Vice Captain Thomas Vermaelen has been talking about the best club in the land:

I will stay at Arsenal forever, There will be no transfer for me.

I love London. I’ve got a house there, I’m happy there and I don’t see any reason to ever leave the club.

Now let’s hear the same words from our captain, come on Robin, you know you want to…..

Clint Dempsey has made it clear that he wants to join us, how much clearer could this be:

The transfer window is open until August 31 – it’s no secret that I would like to play Champions League one day in my career.

What I do is focus on the teams that I play for and I give my heart to them, work as hard as I can to try to make the most of my time and make the most of the career that I have left.

He hasn’t mentioned Arsenal you all will say, but sure as heck the Manchester sides won’t sign him and I doubt Chelsea would either, he is not a big enough name for any of them so surely it’s a plea to Arsene?

On Djourou, well not sure if it’s just the media picking up on what the Swiss Manager has had to say recently but Johan is reported to have said this to Swiss website 20 Minuten:

My situation at Arsenal is not easy, I’ve never played so little and especially not in my own position. If an interesting offer comes, I’ll look at it carefully.

So here we are again at the time of year when all news in the football world goes crazy and most of the transfer stories are just speculative.

The transfer window is yet to open and we all know that news is very thin on the ground , unless of course you want to talk about Italian cheating and the match fixing, which we all know goes on and some of us believe its going on here as well.

However, I’m not going to talk about any of that, I am going to talk about the teams that win things, so that leaves us well out!!

The teams that won Trophies last season are:

Liverpool Carling Cup,

Chelsea FA Cup and Champions league

Manchester City the Premier League.

Now I know what your thinking, why does he want to talk about crap clubs like them?

They are not crap clubs, they are Champions of their respective cups and this is Arsenals 8th year without a trophy so it’s not an easy thing to do.

I will start with Liverpool, Hodgson’s dismissal and Dalglish’s appointment. Liverpool FC allowed Dalglish to spend £100 Million on bringing in new players and he didn’t hang around spending it. They started the season off looking pretty good, they beat us at home and they totally outplayed us at Anfield only to lose in the last few minutes thanks to Robin.

They looked good and played some very attractive football but they finished way down the league, winning the Carling Cup was their only highlight of the season and Dalglish paid for it with the sack.

What can we take out of their season is, a change of Manager and spending a £100 Million is not always the answer!

Manchester City, the club that supporters of all clubs has spoken about and that’s because their owner Sheik Mansour does not stop spending money. Most footballers would get his head turned if he heard that City were looking at him, we know that to our own expense.

Many people who once had an association with us have now joined the City elite. They too are a club which have changed Managers, Mark Hughes got the wheels in motion but it didn’t take long for him to be sacked and Mancini brought in to replace him. The spending continued and it paid off by winning the Premier League.

What have we learned from these Champions? Well similar to Liverpool really change your manager and spend money but the more you spend the bigger the prize.

Now we come to Chelsea, the double winning Champions.

This is a club that buys more Managers than players and I’m not joking!

I’m not going to list them all, but the one they started the new season with, AVB was meant to be the next best thing in football management but he couldn’t cut the mustard. It was well into the season before he got the sack and up stepped Roberto Di Matteo. Immediately he had Chelsea ticking again, and as if by magic, they become FA Cup winners.

Jubilation sets in, player power removed and everybody’s happy, apart from Abromovich who had to shell out again for the  compensation to AVB.

With Chelsea back buzzing, Di Matteo decided he would forget about the league and save all his players for the Champions League campaign, which all went very well. They knocked out favourites Barcelona over two legs and then won the final against Bayern Munich.

Di Matteo become a legend in a flash and Chelsea become Double winners.

What have we learned from them?

Well it seems that changing a manager has worked, so we have to change Wenger, we have to change our manager every year maybe twice a year if we want to become very successful and we have to spend much much more than the £15 Million we normally spend.

Three quarters of a billion would probably win us one trophy but a billion may just win us two and if we really want to show ambition a billion and a half could make it the treble.

Well this is the way the Champions of our League’s and Europe’s elite have done it!!

What do you think, do we settle for top 4 again, or change our manager and spend spend spend?

Written by Steve Palmer

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311 comments on “RvP to follow Vermaelen? Dempsey wants in & Djourou wants out! Changing the Manager & Spending is all it takes!!

  1. Good Morning Fine Folk.

    Lee has wished us all a Happy Spursday. I join him in wishing you all the same.

    Good one Sir SP. I do not want AFC to spend billions. I do not want to do, as The Font would say, a LEEDS UTD and plummet down 3 divisions. However I would like to see AFC buy honest hardworking players who pull their balls out of their skin for the club. You know…….like Jenkinson and Ramsey. They are not the most talented lot, but they dont hide.

  2. Good Morning all ….

    Steve, cracking post, just hope that the irony is picked up on :)

    Dalglish, £100 Million given to him is like giving Wenger £50Million – his choice of players was all so very wrong imho. Downing for £20M says it all…

    As for the Chavs, would hate to be like them in relation to the manager, no stability, no time given to them at all, Roman wants immediate results and managers pay the price when they don’t get it.

    Citeh – well you said it all…

    Meanwhile though, we are the other extreme…..

  3. Morning coach! Arsenal will never “do a Leeds”……..

  4. Just read that we are in for Seydou Doumbia from CSKA and Isaac Cuenca great signing. Apprently accornding to the London Evening Standard we have given up on m’vila :(

  5. Good post SSP!

  6. oh a liverpool just signed rodgers lol

  7. I think i read somewhere that theo was liverpool bound until KK got binned……..

  8. Great post Steve. I think as yesterday’s post confirmed we are mainly realists and all we want is for the club to spend a bit more to secure some top talent. We have missed out on some great players in the last few years because we wouldn’t spend that extra bit, players that would have given us that vital edge when the going got tough.

  9. Matty…………

    Spanish newspaper Sport reveal today that Arsenal are tracking Isaac Cuenca and are preparing a 10 million euro bid for the Barcelona winger.

    The 21-year-old, who appeared 16 times for Barcelona in 2011/2012, is set to undergo a minor knee operation today and Arsene Wenger has been impressed with Cuenca’s performances over the past campaign.

    Arsenal were reportedly keen to sign Cuenca in January and whilst any negotiations are now on hold due to the operation, Wenger believes the winger will fit into the Gunners style of play.

    Cuenca is contracted to Barcelona until 2015 but the Catalan giants would be willing to sell for 10 million euros and Tito Vilanova may be open to sell the Spaniard.

    I sincerily hope we keep away from Catalans and Spaniards.

  10. Morning all

  11. more media bollocks methinks!

  12. No barca youngsters please.

  13. DG…

    Have you seen him play ? isaac is immense on the wing like a ronaldo player..

    Would you want Seydou Doumbia over oliver giroud though ?? what you think about m’vila rumours now then?

  14. I reckon M’Vila & RVP will sign!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Spend spend spend get rid off Ivan Gazidis and silent Stan and if Wenger cries he can go to.

    Bring in Usmanov, let the dead wood go and bang we are flying and will compete on all fronts.

    Right now I am devastated that the M’Vila deal has gone cold, Rennes probably wanted and extra million and Wenger said no.

  16. We’ll won’t do a Leeds, Stan wouldn’t allow it…

    Thank heavens for KK getting the sack then ;)

  17. Positive gooner day then lee?!

  18. Lee – so do I and soon :)

  19. Matty I agree about what you say about Cuenca. But bringing catalans over is like a loan………they go back crying for Mama when the milk starts getting cold. And tbh I do not want to go over the Cesc saga again. Their attitude stinks.

  20. Wouldnt hold you breath lee, apprently press today say wenger has dropped out for m’vila

  21. Lawrence for President. ;) :lol:

  22. Especially the young Spanish and catalans devil, they will only want to go home one day..

    Mind you, if they give us five great season and we make money on them, would it be all bad?

  23. Matty – just the reason to think we are soon to sign him, Wenger denied the Podolski deal too :)

  24. haha yea know what your saying… maybe wenger will brest feed this one rather then bottles hey..

    What you think of doumbia ? and also were linked with marvin martin anyone know much on him ?

  25. I’m half full today…………COYG!!!!!

  26. rico says:
    May 31, 2012 at 9:57 am

    Matty – just the reason to think we are soon to sign him, Wenger denied the Podolski deal too Rico……..

    Rico…….even though he might be a two faced liar, AW must say the truth sometimes no????

  27. Plz we need to sign CB ND CM we aslo need oliver let wenger give ‘em chamakh nd bent nd get oliver or llorente we need great players in the team as for chavs dhey dnt move me nd their fans are bloody morons:p

  28. MM – interesting one, we have been linked heavily with him before but he said he wasn’t ready to move, now it seems he is.

    He’s in the French squad so one to watch in the euros …

    Doumbia – £26 Million? Forget him ;)

  29. Yeh this is true maybe keep his card to his chest.. however if he going to do it wouldnt you think he will do it before next friday before the euros start surely!

    Also read that chelsea are close to signing the HULK. what a force there going to be next season the bastards lol!!

  30. :lol: devil, maybe sometimes, but not when it relates to transfers ….

  31. Marvin MArtin is good player……….but I do not like him or his attitude.

    Ow Ow Ow Ow OW What do we have here…………?????

    read this Fine Folk…..

    As Bankia fails, Real Madrid is teetering on the edge of the abyss

    By Tony Attwood

    The finances of Real Madrid are fairly sound. If the full-blown FFP were up and running now, Real Madrid would be ok. They are nothing like Man City, Chelsea, PSG etc.

    Real Madrid owe money, but not too much compared with their turnover. So in normal times they won’t fail. But these are not normal times.

    Because Real Madrid’s bank is in the most serious trouble. As is the country. (As I drove to my office this morning I heard the comment on the radio that Spain’s economy is too big to be allowed to fail, but is also too big to rescue. That seems to sum it up).

    As a result of this situation the normal roles are reversed. According to Süddeutsche Zeitung, one of the most widely read newspapers in Germany, and one that speaks with a certain authority, the most expensive footballer in history [C Ronaldo] may now be used to guarantee the solvency of a Spanish bank.

    Or put another way: “Ronaldo in the bailout fund,” as SZ’s headline said.

    The problem is that the Bankia group of savings banks, which finance Real Madrid’s endless acquisition policy, is now needing to borrow funds from the European Central Bank. And the ECB (rather taken up with Greece at the moment) want guarantees. So (and I am serious here, this is not a Billy the Dog make believe story) Bankia are said to be offering Real Madrid players as part of the guarantee. Not surprisingly, the ECB is not that impressed.

    SZ then asked if the ECB could seize the players if Bankia totally insolvent. In theory they could, and as a result Real Madrid would default on the rest of its loans, secured in themselves by money from advertising, TV and the gate receipts. Given that the constitution of Real Madrid forbids the president of the club and others from personally financing the club, that would be the end.

    Now the reason that this sort of thing has not happened before is that in Spain the clubs have often obtained bailouts from public funds – rather like the banks in the UK. As the Sevilla vice-president recently said, “There are six or seven of the 20 clubs in La Liga who are in bankruptcy or administration through difficulties with social security and the tax authorities.” That’s six or seven Rangers and Portsmouths, all playing in the top league in Spain.

    Florentino Pérez, top dog at Real Madrid, has maintained the club’s finances and currently the club has a debt of about £150m. From David Beckham onwards the trick has been the same, merchandising, ownership of their own TV rights, and always coming in the top two in a two team league.

    The system works because of the Spanish tax system which means that football leagues in other countries have to pay up to 70% more in wages to match the take home pay of players in Spain.

    So there’s a system – Real Madrid borrow money, get players pleased to get extra income and less tax, and sell shirts, their own TV rights and the rest. And behind it as always is a bank – Bankia – which has failed to the tune of €19bn in the sort of crazed situation that (as the Financial Times said this week), “always brings down banks.”

    Looking at Greece we might also say that it also brings down countries. Who knows which way Greece will go, but one way or another their tax system has to be reformed. Which is what has got to happen in Spain. Which is another reason why Real Madrid, and the whole of Spanish football, is under threat. They have benefited from being able to take players who will go anywhere and have the players pay very little tax. And that is about to end.

    Bankia is going through the same sort of disaster scenario as the one that hit the savings and loans industry in the US (something that cost $100bn to sort out, according to the FT).

    It is the old issue of banks throwing money at property developers. That is what has been happening in Spain, and as always it results in a crisis. Since so much of Spain’s economy has been based on this approach the crisis is large.

    So if you want to get a grip on Spain’s problem and Bankia’s problem – and therefore Real Madrid’s problems – just think about Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs in the USA – and then add in the question of the interest rates and the unemployment rate.

    In the last few days the cost of borrowing money in Spain has gone up and up, until now (at approaching 7% on the 10 year bonds last time I looked) the banks are in a position where they can’t raise any more money. (If you want to put it in perspective try this – if you had £10,000 in your bank account in the UK earning an interest rate so tiny you can hardly see it, you might be tempted by 7% in Spain. And then you might wonder if you will get your money back – so you don’t do it. That’s it in a nutshell.)

    Spain’s economy is shrinking (1.8% this year) and unemployment is at an eye-watering 25%. So Spain has to reform. But it has to do this with banks that are now bust – just as the Royal Bank of Scotland in the UK was when it took over Liverpool FC.

    Which takes us back to Real Madrid. It is solvent, but its bank isn’t and nor is the country in which it exists. Real Madrid is solvent because it uses the very low income tax rates to attract players. If that goes, or if it can’t find a bank to finance it, or if the whole economy goes Greek, Real Madrid has to restructure at an enormous speed, and the days of the purchasing of the world’s most expensive players will be over.

    But so ingrained is this approach to Real Madrid, that it is difficult to see what the club will morph into.

    We wait, and watch.

    Now that would be great, no, Fine Folk?????

  32. Rico i reckon we would get him for half that he coming toward the end of his contract… question is would you pick him over Giroud ?

  33. I read that M’Vila left the French training camp a couple of days ago :)

  34. Oh did you Lady???

    Maybe he went to have a friendly chat on the Loo???? :lol:

  35. Ha ha to Real Madrid devil, Ronaldo to Citeh next then ;)

    What is wrong with Marvin’s attitude?

    Matty – good question, who is the better of the two?

    We won’t know as both or neither may not settle in the PL…

  36. Morning all…..love d verminator passion….steve…..i think d dippers were right to spend money just that they spend it on wrong players…i will never dream of doin a chav or sity way

  37. I did devil, took me back to when Tomas left the Czech camp a few years back… :)

  38. Kc, we need a few more with his kind of passion….

  39. OOOOOpppppssssss. I mixed MArvin Martin with someone else. So I take my comment back.

    He is 5ft 6ins though. That means he is a midget. And we have enough of those already.

  40. So is jack devil, but he’s ok ;)

    MM would certainly be a ‘like for like’ signing for Arshavin :P

  41. Morning, saw that articleDevil on UA and thought lets go do our shopping at Real Madrid then. Who do we want from them? Benzema? Higuain ? Diarra?

  42. Ronaldo minus his ego would do. Imagine him doing to Manure what he used to do to us!!!!!!!

    TBH I would like Benzema or Higuain.

  43. they’d want big money vernat…..

  44. Buyers market Rico, they want the money and need to shift some players then they take what we give.

  45. Morning all, Thank you as always Rico :)
    Just as i thought, Gooners have got a mechanism inside of them that wants us to spend but not stupidly. Most Gooners in my experience would love to win something but prefer to win it rather than buying it, I must admit gooners have said a fair bit about the clubs that have spent what we consider above their means but we would look like mugs if we did the same now. I must admit i am desperate to get back in the race and start a season off with expectation that we could actually win the big Trophies. I moan about the lack of effort that some of the players put in but some of them are in all honesty not up to the kind of standard we need, I am not saying they are crap just that the ones i am talking about must put the effort in to overcome any failings, but when we do buy like all clubs have to at times we must buy quality players, Maybe Wenger is now thinking like that with his recent signing of Lukas Podolski. I am Mulling over the prospect of Podolski and Robin Wilshere and Arteta Sagna Koshelney Vermaelen a fit Gibbs Czezseney Alex Oxlaid Chamberlain now i have a glow on my face and i am hoping that we still may have one or two to come, but when i look at those mentioned i believe we have a solid foundation. I look at the others and when they have a good day i believe they are just as good but the consistency is lacking but if they changed that round we have a possible winning team, but they will only ever do it if they work together. Wenger can see it even i can see it so what the hell is holding us up. Many thanks for your comments :)

  46. According to FFP rules on Uefa the club cannot pay more than 50% of what it earns on players’ wages. So in effect the Chavs, Shitty, Barca, Real and Manure must get their wage bill down asap. In Italy they are already taking care of it (when they are not corrupting each other that is :lol: ) Infact some of the top coaches in Seria A are on less than a million Euro per year.

  47. Good point vernat but with the likes of Citeh in the market, we’d stand no chance on their better players….

  48. But shitty cannot buy all the players in the world Rico. They are bound by ………….

    1) The contracts of their players
    2) FA rules regarding club players
    3) the 6+5 Uefa rule.

    So somewhere they must stop.

  49. Morning Steve

    Thats what we have been saying – we have the basis of a great squad in the making, just a few tweaks and we’d be challenging on all fronts..

    If the players show a bit more grit, the coaches work a lot harder on the defence and Wenger shows a bit more ambition in this transfer window, we will all head into the season feeling a whole lot better..

    If RvP does sign in the next 48 hours, we can believe that a few players are on their way in….

  50. Rico…yes we need……but reckon wilshere,jenk,sagna,scznezy,ramsey,evan coq shows that passion…we need d big boys to enlighten and make d youngers one believe that there is light in our club

  51. That’s where the ‘wenger shows a bit more ambition in the transfer window’ comes in Kc….

    Got to nip off for an hour, laters all…

  52. To all those chomping at the bit that Arsenal have not won the title since 2003-2004, it is worth noting that:

    It has been 8 seasons since last winning the title;

    On average Arsenal have won the title every 8.4 seasons – based on winning 13 titles in the 109 seasons of playing (football stopped for the world wars) ;

    Since formation in 1886, Arsenal have, on average, won the title every 9.6 seasons (i.e. break for world wars not taken in to account).

    8 seasons really isn’t excessive when put into the context of history.

  53. Adam Johnson? Would he be a good signing apparently the totts and barcodes are after him and given we cant offer what Chelsea can then surely we can offer the same or more than either of those.

  54. gudmrnin all,i think the only thing i hate wenger for is that he lies too much..when he was asked about arshvins deal then he said it was a lie,the saga died the next thing arshvin was brougth in,wenger also said there was no deal for chamahk later we saw him,wenger said no deal for gervinho,now he is playing for arsenal,wenger never agreed on Rosicky too,,ok maybe those ones are far gone,what of POLDOSIK..wenger said it publicly that there is no deal..then the saga went off,Now M’villa..what made sagna to

  55. No wonder your a Mystic, Mystic :)

  56. Mystic………..that is a top analysis. Simple but very effective when you do the divisions. However the leagues are rather grouped..ex the thirties, the nineties, etc

    We need to be consistent. We need to average around 2 to 3 lgs every decade and a couple of cups washed in as well.

    As I said in previous posts………..Our aim is to try to win the Charity shield every second year on the domestic front and to try and win the European Super Cup at least once every ten years.

    Vernat………you are right. But would AW buy an englishman unless he is bought to the club in nappies???

  57. There is a happy medium. We do need to spend a bit more than we do by buying quality rather than bargain basement gambles. Does not mean we need to go broke or be like the city or chelski. Its so short sighted to not invest to make the club succesful and in turn pull in better sponsors etc. I think change is needed though in management and board level because I really dont think the current lot will ever change enough to push us on.

  58. According to a report in Brazil’s Gazeta Esportiva, Sao Paulo could ask Arsenal to extend Denilson’s loan contract if they reach the final of the 2012 Copa do Brasil.

    Sao Paulo face Coritiba in a two-legged semi-final scheduled for the 14th and 20th June, however, should they successfully progress their on-loan Gunner would not be eligible to play due to his contract ending at the end of the month.

    The winners of the Copa do Brasil qualify for the Copa Libertadores (the South American equivalent of the Champions League) and with either Palmeiras or Gremio potentially standing in their way, Sao Paulo are keen to have all their first team squad available.

    While it is believed Sao Paulo will initially ask for a two-week extension, the report suggests they’d happily keep him until the end of the year if an agreement could be reached with the Gunners hierarchy.

  59. Seydou Doumbia? Another African? Do we never learn?
    Another Hollywood MENTALITY with Emmerdale TALENT?

    Gervais Lombe Yao Kouassi as that is his real name, Alexandre Song Billong as that’s his real name, Adebayor, Wreh, Eboue, Chamakh?

    There have been a fistful of African’s that have been sound albeit expensive buys in football… fistful meaning in one hand -Drogba, M. Diarra. Essien, YY Toure etc.

    …The thing is, is we have gone for second and third tier African’s rather than the elite £20M+ fistful.(And before anyone says it – Toure and Lauren were reliably sound, never brilliant and they were fortunate to be playing in a very good Premier side, and a side in which even Cygan and Luznhy won trophies in their positions…)

    Wenger both targeted and bid for Cahill and Mata and through stubbornness due to finance he got neither, yet they got both the FA Cup and Champions League.
    We did get Gervais Lombe Yao Kouassi though, the African or ‘poor man’ equivalent of Eden Hazard for a lot less than the real thing, and for a lot more than he was actually worth.

    ..Hazard was the best of the bunch, one of Europe’s gems and the poster boy of Lille, and now he’s allegedly following Mata and Cahill…?? There’s got to be something wrong…

    We need to be buying the players we REALLY want. Not the ones Wenger considers an “unpolished stone” that become available for a couple of million – as more often than not once polished we end up with a fckg half-brick…

  60. Sorry Rico had a dr appointment lol

    You read M’vila left the training camp ? where did you read that?

    I would prefer Grioud over the too he looks class and seem to score for fun :D

  61. If RVP signs now more players will follow. What has Ramsey brought to AFC? Jakins was a moving train when he came but he has matured over time. more addition AW please.

  62. In all honesty i listen to what you all say and try and take it all in but even with the team we have we have made many many chances granted we have missfired somewhere along the line but the fact still remains that we made those chances we now have Podolski and Robin and with the inclusion of Wilshere our chances should be more. 20 points away from winning the league this year constitutes 7 games. with a better start than we had last year and score more goals than we miss we should be in a league winning position by Christmas in all fairness we have been close for quite a few years but we let it go this year could be the year.

  63. What makes you guys think we can get either Benzema or Higuian?

    As for Seydou Doumbia, he’s awesome, though I take the point about more Africans. We already have enough going to the ACON – no more please.

  64. Romford………we never said we can get Benzema or Higuain. They were just our wishes.

    Regarding Doumbia and the ACON………the latter cup will be held in the summer now. No more in the middle of the season.

  65. I’d love Benzema but he is first choice for RM, never gonna happen. Higuian is possible if Wenger wanted to push the boat out though.

    If the ACON is being moved to the summer, then sign up Doumbia!!!

  66. Benzema was highly thought of by Wenger whilst at Lyon. He admitted that and added when Real Madrid bought him, “I didn’t think Lyon wanted to sell him..”

    As a manager – especially the TOP French manager in football, he should know that all French clubs will release their players in return for money; especially big money. The same goes for Dutch and German players.

    The chance of Benzema now leaving Real Madrid looks highly unlikely, but even if he did, the two Manchester Clubs plus Chelsea and even Liverpool would stand a better chance of his signature…

  67. Morning Gooners.
    Morning Rico. Put ya feet up boss. :-)
    Sir Steven. Great post.
    Yeah lets spend spend spend and to hell with the consequences…
    Now Dempsey would be a good signing Rico.
    Adapted to the EPL.
    Plays on instinct & intelligence rather than lung power.
    And hungry for success.
    A good combination.


  69. Arsenal, Tottenham and Newcastle have all been alerted to the availability of Barcelona playmaker Ibrahim Afellay, with the Catalan giants ready to accept offers in the region of £6 million.

    Afellay, who is currently training with the Holland squad ahead of Euro 2012, joined Barcelona from Dutch side PSV in January 2011, but he has struggled for match time since, featuring just five times last season following complex knee surgery that ruled him out for seven months.

    The long-running injury problems have been common place in Afellay’s career so far, but sensing an opportunity for profit given their £2.3 million outlay 18 months ago, Barcelona have put the 26-year-old up for sale and believe his starting berth for Holland at the Euro’s will be a perfect platform to boost his price.

    The La Liga runners-up are desperately trying to raise extra cash to help fund a summer of spending, and offloading Afellay and his wages is a priority, with the Dutchman not lacking potential suitors.

    North London duo Arsenal and Tottenham are both long-term admirers of the player, with Gunners skipper Robin van Persie enjoying a close personal relationship, while Spurs have twice failed with loan-to-buy offers in recent years.

    However, Newcastle are now believed to be the front runners for Afellay, with the only question mark being whether the fleet-footed playmaker would want to move to the North East.

    The Magpies have around £20 million to spend this summer, and could easily afford the £6 million asking price, plus healthy wages of around £80,000-a-week.

    Afellay, who is also a long-term target for Liverpool, is contracted to Barcelona until 2015.

    Read more: http://www.metro.co.uk/sport/football/900777-ibrahim-afellay-to-spark-scramble-between-arsenal-spurs-and-newcastle#ixzz1wRXd99Nm

  70. Morning Gooners.
    Morning Rico.
    Bloody phone

  71. I am off now Fine Folk.

    Will be back later.

    Happy Spursday to you all.

  72. Am i in moderation again Rico, as this is really pissing me off.
    Not moaning at you of course.

  73. Happy Spursday!

    I remember RVP went to Barca’s hotel after we lost to Wigan at the Emirates. Apparently he was having dinner with Afellay. The guy is a steal at £6m. Yes please

  74. Bruno Soriano, and Nilmar available (probably) as Villareal have been relegated. Good article looking at Soriano and his stats here, http://arsenaldepot.wordpress.com/2012/05/28/yann-mvila-is-the-right-answer-but-what-is-the-question/

    Nilmar might not be the player we are looking for but Soriano does look like he could do a job for us and allow time for Coqulein and Frimpong t oimprove and take over in that position

  75. Just wanted to say “settling for top 4″ is NOT an option.

    Fighting and scrapping and working hard in training and trying not to make too many mistakes and maybe ending up in the top 4 is what the team has been doing for quite a while now
    There is no guarantee that they will be able to carry on doing so indefinitely in future, new manager/players or not.

  76. Afternoon all, just popping in for a bit, then off out with Fido :P

  77. @devilgunner – I totally agree about the need for better consistency. Worth noting though that clubs do generally win in batches. Only Utd and Liverpool have won more titles than Arsenal. Once you strip out Utd’s wins since 1990, you end up with only 7 titles (all pre 1970), Liverpool pre 1970 are also down to only 7 titles. Similarly pre 1970 Arsenal had only won 7 titles.

    Because clubs go through patches – yes Utd’s is longer than anyone elses – it is fair to assume that in the not too distant future the mantle could change once again.

    Regretably the likelyhood of it being Citeh is because generally southern clubs are so poor. On only 19 occasions has the title gone to a club in London; Spurs *2, Chelski *4 and ARSENAL *13.

    Depending on how FFP, Banking and World investment pans out, there might well be the long term decider beyond the grip of many of the top spenders. Whilst Arsenal could be in the prime seat for an extended period, it regretabley might be a couple of years before it kicks in.

  78. Thats interesting about Afellay, why not I say ;)

  79. Back in a couple of hours, off with Fido….

  80. Afellay!!!

  81. Afellay has injury problems so not a player i want to see us buy got enough fragile players already

  82. Afternoon Gooners.
    Afternoon Rico.
    Connection problems again boss.

  83. Finally, after 7 comments had disappeared into space!!!

    Sir Steven, that was a Great Post.
    But that’s what i always expect from you. :-)
    A subject liable to attract a few on the lunatic fringe of the party unfortunately.

  84. who u calling a lunatic? ;)

  85. Rico, Dempsey would be a brilliant signing.
    A player who uses his brain rather than his lungs.
    Intelligent and with a great technique.
    And with the added bonus of being hungry for success.
    To me he falls neatly into the Arteta catagory of footballer.

  86. Hey Lee.
    Still basking in the glow of your lads golden boot. :-D
    You and me mate. Both lunatics.
    But in a good way. :-)

  87. What i wanna know Lee..?!
    Is how anyone, can walk their dog on one leg???
    Hop skip and jump maybe? :-D :-D :-D

  88. One leg and a dodgey arm…makes you wonder!

  89. side saddle maybe?

  90. Afellay, Afellay!!

  91. good afternoon

  92. RP what’s the low done on Afellay?

  93. And Misty Theo eyes :)

  94. Hi JM, how you doing?

  95. Evening all.
    I just watched Brazil v USA….those yanks have a few decent players….quite surprised at he talent on sow.
    How is everyone tonight??
    EA…..gee,there’s an original one lol!!

  96. Hulk (Porto) chelsea- a question of days maybe hours…
    next target: álvaro Pereira (uruguai) – chlesea?

  97. Biglia, Biglia!!!!!

  98. Lee, links are getting stronger with Afellay. It’s well-documented that he’s good friends with RVP. He’s a younger more flamboyant Benayoun as he can play in the middle and outwide.

    He seems to have fallen out of favour at Barca. Their wing options: Sanchez, Pedro, Adriano, Tello, Cuenca.

    He’s available cheap as well. It’d be a no brainer for me.

  99. From Gooner in Barca


    The injury ridden Holland international is a favorite of both outgoing Pep Guardiola and incoming Tito, so the player being put up for sale as has been reported is simply not on the cards for the time being. When there was a brief discussion of possibly moving the winger following a slow start and the subsequent injuries, a fee of 12m€ was thrown about as a minimum for the player. As of now, he is being counted on to start the season at FCB, but alas, anything can change in 2 months time. A strong showing at the Euros could make his stock soar and have a team meet the 12m€ valuation that FCB have on the player. This is a more likely target for Arsenal, but you must have a willing selling party, and as of now it’s simply a no-go.

  100. Wasn’t Overmars injury plagued when we bought him?
    Someone has told me that RVP signs a new contract within 48hrs and M’Vila is 90% done deal………

  101. If we got RVP, M’Vila and Afellay within the next week – could you imagine the optimism?!

  102. I could crush a grape RP!! Or jump over a doll’s house… ;)

  103. Afternoon guys and gals, has RvP signed yet?? :P

  104. I’ll be chuffed with those signings (on your say so on Afellay, RP)

  105. Only a matter of time Ricolicious….. swiftly followed M’Vila & Afellay!

  106. Well, I would not be happy with those Lee…. Much !!

    And a Keeper :P

  107. I’m getting very excited guys but I don’t wanna get ahead of myself, been let down so many times before :( Fingers crossed though!

  108. You and all of us Romford :(

  109. FFS, come on you rip roaring Gunners!!!!! :lol:

  110. My idea of food heaven – chilli, garlic, onions and basil all in a tomato sauce, simmering in the pan – all ready for an Aubergine Lasagne in a few hours

    Had to be done on Spursday…..

  111. How full is your glass now Lee ;)

  112. Afternoon Rico and chaps. I have lost my usual composure and my optimism and disturbingly weird grin lasted only one day.

  113. Afternoon Adam, that’s a shame, we are all feeling very optimistic…. :lol:

  114. At the risk of demeaning my already shaky standing within the HH community can someone please explain what Spursday is?

  115. Are we talking food heaven then? More interesting than RVP’s contract.

  116. I don’t know for sure Adam, but am assuming it’s because it’s Thursday, their Europa day :)

  117. Of course. I told you I was thick Rico. And you believed me.

  118. The aroma in my kitchen right now Adam is my food heaven…

  119. No I didn’t Adam – far from it, I have to google most of the words you type ;) ;)

  120. hey I’ve heard that m’villa deal is done waiting on Rennes part to complete paper work, don’t no how true it is but fingers crossed, the sources is a guy on twitter called sports_trend he seems very confidant about it too he also thinks we have ad a bid turned down for French striker giroud. Hope it’s all true!

  121. Charlie, i haven’t a clue why, but your earlier comments went into spam :( :(

    Only just found you in there…..

  122. I can smell the garlic and Basil from here Rico. It smells like……victory.

  123. The spursday gag is a gag that keeps on giving…..each and every week to the filth in our office!!

  124. Tomo, someone hear has heard something very similar, and that RvP will soon be signing up ….

    Not good about the Giroud though, maybe we will better it :roll:

  125. I remember, back in 1932, before the stench of Naziism filled the European air, I enjoyed a similar meal on a yacht moored off the Greek island of Santorini.

  126. Lee. You aren’t caning that rehead again are you?

  127. I hope this one will be a winner Adam :P

    Lee – that’s cruel…..

    But I love it ;)

  128. A man is watching a film with creepy organ music on t.v when he suddenly yells “Don’t do it you stupid fucker!!”
    His wife says “What are you watching?”
    Husband replies “Our wedding video…..”

  129. Long cooking time Rico? Or do you think that the unctuous flavours need time to melt together?

  130. Yep, Adam………a rust and a yiddo!! Poor fcker!

  131. Lee. Yes, my wife is a Jewish rehead too.

  132. Did i tell you guys about a spurs fan who lives just down the road?

    I seldom see him, but when we drew at home to Norwich to let the swampies back in with of a chance of getting third, he came out of the woodwork and walked merrily along the pavement outside my house, making sure he could see me if i was around. (git) no doubt wanting to gloat…

    Funny enough, haven’t seen him since :lol:

  133. Do they have pavements in the country Rico?

  134. I would have staked him out and let the chickens peck away at him.

  135. Lee – that is hilarious :lol:

  136. The sauce will be simmering for a few hours Adam :)

  137. Hope so mate be great news on rvp, I agree giroud mite be a one season wonder i wouldn’t mind his team mate more belandha give us some more creative spark in midfield, we will after wait and see.

  138. I’m not right in the sticks, so yes, pavements sadly ;)

    Re the chickens, I wouldn’t feed them a cockrel ;)

  139. I don’t doubt it Rico.

  140. You guys are absolute eggs!! :D

  141. Are we up to anything windswept over the long weekend?

  142. I did a Veggie dish the other night with what I could find. It ended up as boiled potatoes, 15 cloves of garlic, some Savoy Cabbage, a Scotch Bonnet Chilli which was so hot it was quite ridiculous, caramalised onion and thin strips of carrot I had let cook slowly in honey and their own juices until they were crispy. Then I grated a whole load of Manchego cheese over it and speckled it with breadcrumbs before putting it in the oven for a half hour. It was great, even though I say so myself. I drank 31 pints of bitter with it and spent the night in hospital.

  143. Why the hell is my name Toni haha stupid iPhone!

  144. I’ll be mainly toasting the signatures of RVP & M’Vila…..

  145. Romford, we do like to maintain humour on here, makes the world a brighter place :)

    Lee, the boring lot where I live are doing nothing to celebrate, and i’m blowed if i am driving anywhere when i want to be popping corks after RvP signs :P

  146. Tomo – good to see you back again, stick around, you may like us ;) ;)

  147. Adam, basic mistake there mate, you obviously didn’t use manuka honey hence your short stay in Whipps Cross….

  148. Lee. My wife and I bathe in Manuka honey together every morning. She is of course, my fifth wife. But you’re right about Whipps Cross, the hospital of champions.

  149. Rico, after your last accident how do you walk Fido???

  150. My eldest was born there……

  151. yes mate av just started reading these blogs decent stuff, that le grove seems abit depressing always moaning you know them?

  152. Do you live in that area then Lee?

  153. Lee – Today i cheated, drove to the local park and stood with the ball thrower, now she is asleep :P

    Thank goodness for automatics ;)

  154. Adam, you do make me laugh, that honey is £12 a jar, you must be earning too much ;)

  155. I used to live in Gidea Park, our midwife chose W.C hospital.Why I don’t know…..

  156. What is a “ball thrower” Rico?

  157. Adam, your 3.50 – i am surprised you are not still in IC… ;)

  158. Did you google manuka Rico?

  159. Actually Rico I do have a spoonful every morning. Seriously. That recipe is real although the beer bit isn’t as I only drink wine and then only occasionally.

  160. Costco are doing 2 jars of Manuka on a special, for about £11.

  161. Adam, you’ll have a man-servant to throw the dog’s ball, us serfs use a long plastic handle that the ball clips into thus aiding the throwing!!

  162. I live in Romford, but you already knew that ;)

    Off for a 4 day booze-up in Brighton tomorrow – should be good fun :D

  163. Adam – just for you :)

  164. I used to live off Heath Drive…. halcyon days!

  165. No Lee – I have bought some in the past, meant to be very good for the body –

    but that must be one of a few i didn’t need google for ;)

  166. Lee. After I married for the fourth time I stopped throwing balls altogether and decided to treat the Arsenal Transfer Rumours site as my Bible and guide for life. I killed off all my manservants at that time too.

  167. That is a strange contraption Lee. I used to employ a device like that when I was a professional pervert.

  168. Tomo, sorry i forgot to reply in all the humour on here…

    I think everyone knows LG, it’s probably the biggest afc blog out there, and with the biggest following…

    But, I don’t agree with many of the views left by those who comment, but the two authors, Geoff and Pedro write really good posts….

  169. Adam, I am seriously beginning to worry about your health ;)

  170. Me too Rico.. Didn’t you used to be psychiatric nurse? This is why I have had so many wives and lived so long.

  171. So I played the ignorance card. To put myself on a Arsenal low fat diet. Only to subsequently nearly lose out on Big News!!!!

    Sir ‘eminence grey’ Palmer great article but it can’t go to the presses just yet. WE WON A EPL TROPHY THIS YEAR. Piebury took the premiership cup for gourmet pies. Only for Arsenal officials to nick it as the laureled chefs were about to kiss the tin pot on stage. They sneaked it back to the Em’s as Arsenal’s catering company deemed it fit to brew a French stew in it.

    Hiya Gooner family.

  172. You mistake me for someone else ;)

  173. Hi DG, and news from your fine country :)

  174. Rico, Lee, Romford, DG and all. It’s been a fun time again with some quality banter and it’s taken our minds off of Robin’s contract, M’Vila and all he rest of the Arsenal flotsam and jetsam, but now I have to boil some Jersey Royals. Speak later.

  175. Take it easy mate

  176. Don’t forget the mint Adam ;)

  177. Rico would you be interested to know about a snail being found in a Caesar salad?? Other than that no news worth mentioning. ;) Only the Afellay story. Which Rom Pete justifiably called a poor man’s Yossi. :P

  178. Happy stirring Adam. No idea what Jersey Royals are. Some aristocrats dish??

  179. Never mind those who wanted to enlighten me. Btw you Brits make some tasty hand cooked crisps. Recently discovered Tyrell’s Sweet Chili fried in small batches sliced with their jackets on. Yummy.


  180. DG – no thanks re the snail ;)

    jerseys are new potato’s the early crop and they are lovely :)

  181. Rico it was a love couple who didn’t bring their wallet or plastics for their anniversary dinner. :)

    Yeah I looked it up. Sounded like real cuisine potatoes. The dishes on display looked promising.

  182. Ohh Rico. I click those ads regularly since they been placed at the bottom of articles. Hope it makes a difference in the finances.

  183. :lol: DG…

    re the adverts, they can bring in a bit of income, but i have to set up all the safe site transfer, and tax stuff before that can happen. Its on my ‘to do’ list ;)

  184. Okay then I’ll leave the ads alone till you filed for an bank account in your dogs name in the Caymans.

  185. Off to get dinner, back later guys and gals….

    talking of gals, no agag for a while :(

    and the guys, no erick or Kt :(

  186. And, no rocky :(

  187. Boo! Busy girl, me. :( I always read, rico, but I’m back to my 14 hour workdays. And I have “projects” to finish. Ick.

    SSP, I like your last three words!! Another top write!

    Hello, all!!

  188. Summer Transfer jitters lady?? I wanted to keep myself from all the rumours as well but couldn’t.

    Bon appetite Rico.

  189. Boo, Dutch. Snails taste lovely. :D Cooked in coconut milk with plenty of chili.

  190. Good evening Fine Folk.

    This is what Italian clubs are risking next season….if there will be a next season that is!!!!!! ;)


    Novara: 7 punti.
    Atalanta: 6 punti.
    Siena: 1 punto.

    Albinoleffe: 25 punti.
    Grosseto: 20 punti.
    Ascoli: 6 punti:
    Piacenza: 6 punti.
    Modena: 5 punti.
    Reggina: 4 punti.
    Livorno: 3 punti.
    Padova: 3 punti.
    Pescara: 3 punti.
    Empoli: 1 punto.
    Sampdoria: 1 punto.

    Serie C
    Ancona: 10 punti.
    Cremonese: 4 punti.
    Monza: 4 punti.
    Frosinone: 3 punti.
    Rimini: 3 punti.
    Spezia: 1 punto.

    And these are the only clubs found out till now. Surely there might be others. Watch this space.

  191. The above points are to be deducted at the beginning of the season.

  192. I love the smell of garlic & basil in the morning.

  193. Hiya Charlie. Kif int Habib? Still at work???

  194. John Terry disqualified for 3 Champs lge games.

  195. Hola Princess I have been to France many times, there it’s a popular appetizer. Escargots steamed as well as cooked in red or white wine garnished with parsley served with freshly baked garlic bread. But since I know they also favor ‘tripe’ something similar to Haggis I let it pass.

    I keep it in mind as survival food in case I ever have to use the skills of a Aboriginal.

  196. Hiya Coach…
    Good optimistic vibe on here today.

  197. Evening Sir Devil & Charlie

  198. Still working habib.
    Hey Dutch, how’s things???

  199. Kev been busy studying. Marketing/Advertising to keep my mind of the Mambo Rambo Jamboree around transfer titbits.

  200. Rico, if i keep going into spam, does that mean i’m a virus???
    O’er :-D

  201. Drive safe Charlie (Sirius the virus) keep tabs on the Heathrow calls. ;)

  202. Dutch, ol’ clever cloggs… :-)
    Gone now

  203. Boo agag, 14 hour work days – that is cruel for you…

    Hi and bye Charlie, missed you again :(

  204. devil – JT, why?? Good though eh ;)

  205. Baines being approached by ManU I read today. Transfer fee reportedly around 12/15 mln.

  206. Evening all,
    Devil your list should have had Humperdink dos punts :)

  207. DG – i saw that rumour a few weeks back and wondered why we don’t go for him, then push Santos up to replace AA….

    Evening Steve…

  208. Back in 20, just taking the woofa for a quick spin…..

  209. Who have we brought then reel them out nice and slow.

  210. Hi Agag you spend spend spend Girl :)

  211. Back again…
    Dutch is that a bona fidi virus doing the rounds???
    I can’t update till i get home…
    Sir Stevo, you working hard?

  212. Evening Kev, ticking over, hows the city

  213. SSP re Humpadinky :P

    Kev it’s the name of a villain in a Bruce Willis flick believe Die Hard, Die Harder, Die Extremely Hard or Die You @#$%&* Bastard. Don’t know which.

  214. Rico I believe Wenger has other defensive options. More multidisciplinary along the whole backline.

    I question if he’s considering moving Santos a line. Though its a regular on HH touted. Arsene should hang about here. Have his leaky back trenches fixed in no time. Coach fire away……

  215. Rico saw the VIP section. You could update it with the baldy mentally challenged guy from Little Britain. ROFLOL

    Also Jay-Z has been quoted as a Gunner.

  216. Back again………but just for a short one.

    DG10 I would prefer to have Santos up on the wing. In 15 games he has appeared he has managed to score more than Clichy did in 6 years. And he does have a wonderful cross in him. Tbh I would prefer AW to buy someone who can play left back so that Santos would be left to play on the wing. If he can chip in with 7 to 10 goals from the wing that would be a good return (in the league only). And he does get back to help in defence doesn’t he???

    Its his tummy which has me worried. :lol:

    Righto its off for now. I am dead tired today and soon I will be off on a date with the pillow and allow the bed sheets to keep me warm while dreaming that the spuds are relegated from the EPL next season

    Goiod night Fine Folk.

  217. Night Coach. You can kiss the pillow as its probably not the first date.

    You’re spot on with Santos. I just question Wenger adapting to the same vision. Shame really a potty. Cuz I see the same as you. It would tighten up the whole flank and provide a dangerous threat.

    Nite nite.

  218. Nte Devil sleep well me old mate :)

  219. pity* crazy auto-correction

    Tighten up the flanks btw would funnel attacking options of opponents through the middle. Creating more predictable ball distribution and clogging their creative play.

  220. Sleep tight coach!!

  221. He’d only be a one threat though Dutch one run forward and he’s knackered

  222. DG what are your thoughts on Afellay??

  223. I think Baines at left back would be a significant upgrade!

  224. All done DG :)

    Evening guys and gals…….

  225. Nighty devil, i won’t be far behind you ;)

  226. Evening Rico… While you were re-pointing your house RVP & M’Vila signed! ;)

  227. Evening Lee, in that case i will point the rear of the house tommorrow, then see who else we sign ;) ;)

  228. Steve Palmer!! ;)

  229. :) – he’s already signed up for tomorrows post, got two of AK’s too, but hanging on until he’s back by the seaside ;)

  230. Friday tomorrow, isn’t that a signing day :)

  231. Lee the article by Metro posted here by coach was accurate. I was gutted when he joined Barfa, convinced he would shine at the Ems.

    Steve I think he was soley responsible for voting Piebury as EPL gourmet winner. :)

    Baines isn’t that vulnerable leaving his watch tower joining the frontline. Then again Le Prof been working like that since his first days.

  232. Rico re celebs THUMBS UP

    Jay-Z looks one bad dude.

  233. he does DG, wouldn’t want to upset him ;)

  234. Guys, got to go and sort the chickens out and stuff so thats me done for the day…

    Nighty all, stay safe and catch up tomorrow….

  235. Btw Lee I’m a sure if RvP is announced Afellay will join. Or reverse Afellay signs RvP extends definitely.

  236. Me too night all……

  237. Nite nite Madam. You should really hire a animal trainer so they learn to grab their pillows by themselves. ;)

  238. Nite Lee.

  239. M’Villa lasted 5 minutes in a friendly game,off with an injury.
    They’re not sure of the extent,but missing the Euros is a big possibility.
    Wonder how keen his club will be to get the deal done now!!!
    Morning all.

  240. Morning Scott

    Did you know Osama Bin Laden was a Arsenal fan. Hmmmmm……..Must be a cockerel joke. We should add some names to their list on Wiki.


  241. Not any more he’s not Dutch lol

  242. I suggest

    Captain Peacock from ‘Are you being served’

    Ex POTUS W Bush

    Basic Instinct Sharon Stone

    Silvio Berlusconi

    Septic Bladder

    Laurel & Hardy

    The Muppets

    Charlie Chaplin

    Donald Duck

    Basketballer Dennis Rodman (ball in their logo)

  243. Thanks mate. You’re a proper one. Love it.

  244. Clint Eastwood (Dirty Harry)

    John Wayne (Spurs)

  245. How come my name isn’t up there,Dutch?

  246. I wonder if President Obama is a Spud then!!!
    That’s carrying the rivalry a bit far,don’t you you think?

  247. What about Tony Pulis……theres names missing everywhere!!!

  248. Gonzo & Chef from the Muppets

    Big Bird from Sesame Street

  249. Batman must be….he gave us Robin,after all.

  250. I’m off to trial Highbury Flyer…….he will win races,so I shall keep you informed when to get on him lol.
    Catch ya later Dutch.

  251. Scott they wouldn’t pick up on subtle things like Clint Eastwood or Dennis Rodman

    I know was thinking the same lots of names missing.

    Spocks ‘Scotty’ maybe not you. You proved yourself as Gunner stalwart.

    Sure the rest was just banter. Something to smile at for the early birds in the morning. ;)

  252. Good luck Oz. I had a dog once cross-mixed with a greyhound. Hold dear memories to it. Had an excellent character, protective too.

  253. Night Sir AK I know you’re a Dracula when working in London. Dropping tweets at ungodly hours. Be safe.

  254. Goodnight Dutch.
    I just flew in thru the window…

    M’Vila, hmmmmm.
    Now there’s an interesting situation.
    Apparantly he left the pitch in tears last night.
    Seems as if his Euros is over…

    Shame for him, but from a purely selfish point of view, i wonder if this situation will make it easier for AFC to get him?
    Both his agent and Rennes will be cacking themselves at the prospect of their ‘Nice Little Earner’ going west.
    Could be the perfect time for Arsenal to push the deal through with less complications.
    And Wenger’s continued interest in the player, despite his injury, should help in persuading the player where he’d be better off.
    Now we need Vertonghen to injure himself this weekend and hmm maybe Giroud as well.

  255. Morning AK….
    Firstly,Highbury Flyer went fantastic,and isn’t far off being ready to race.
    M’Villa,his agent AND club just lost the upper hand.
    They were obviously hoping for the guy to impress at the Euros to bump up his transfer fee and wage…..they took a gamble and it failed.
    I mean,do we really want to buy someone so injury prone??
    How do we know he will be the same player when he comes back??
    Of course those last two comments were tongue in cheek ,but that’s the hand Wenger can now play.
    The lord works in mysterious ways,and maybe,just maybe,he’s finally throwing Arsenal a bone!!!!!!

  256. Just had a butchers on NewsNow.
    It’s all good knockabout stuff, but you just have to laugh at it.
    Gives us all loads of rumours to keep us going through the dullness of the close~season.
    But if only half of it was true, then Wenger would be signing about 40 players this summer.
    Gotta chuckle at some of the rumours.
    One bit of good news though.
    Stevenage vs Arsenal XI on July 28th.
    Great. I’ll be there…
    Won’t be long.

  257. Morning/Afternoon Scott.
    Yes mate, Arsenal are in the box seat now.
    Not sure that M’Vila himself was that bothered as i suspect that Wenger is his main choice.
    But both his agent & Rennes will be gutted.
    As you say, why should Arsenal pay~over~the~odds for a crock..?
    And his agent should bung Arsenal to sign him.
    Not the other way around.
    Come on Giroud. Get a thigh strain.

  258. Highbury Flyer.
    Sounds good Scott.
    You sound as if your on a safe bet there mate.

    I’m knackered. Need to kip now Scott.
    I’ll see ya lata Digger.
    Cheerio mate.

  259. morning all…….. one injury hardly makes him injury prone and as for buying “injury prone” players overmars was ok no?

  260. Morning to you Lee & all :)

    M’Vila’s injury is not as bad as first thought :)

  261. Shouldn’t you be re-wiring your house or something? ;)

  262. Arsenal and Newcastle are set to battle it out for the signature of Barcelona playmaker Ibrahim Afellay, who is available for £6m.

    The Dutchman has struggled to break into the Barca first team since signing from PSV Eindhoven 18 months ago and is now looking to move on in search of first-team football.
    Injuries have not helped the 26-year-old’s cause and he was forced to miss seven months of last season with a serious knee injury that restricted him to just five appearances.
    The player is now fully fit and will be hoping to show his talents at Euro 2012 after being included in the Dutch squad. Both Gunners boss Arsene Wenger and Newcastle counterpart Alan Pardew will be watching on with interest but will be hoping he does not impress too much as Barca could decide to hike up the price.
    Barcelona are happy to let him move on though and according to reports in Spain, Newcastle are favourites to do a deal at this stage but things can change quickly.
    Tottenham have also been mentioned but for now it looks as though the Gunners and Magpies are set to battle it out for his signature.

  263. Lee,I know it’s early,so I will make allowances :)
    I said those comments on M’Villa and his injury were tongue in cheek,but a little Ammo for Wenger to use…….let me know when your fully awake lol!!!

  264. I’ve been reading a bit about Affellay all day…the world is abuzz!!!
    My question is do we need another winger,is he worth the while?

  265. Cheeky Lee :)

  266. Morning Rico.
    I hope you’re saving your cash for when the Flyer has his first start!!!!

  267. Scott, he’s one of RVP’s best mates and he’s supposed to be mustard…….seems a no-brainer to me!!

  268. I say we should go for Affellay – right age, Dutch, experienced, and will give us more creative play..

    Also, he’s Rvp’s buddy and just the kind of signing he would want to see bought in..

    £6M – snap him up :)

  269. Also £6m, hardly going to get IG shitting himself!!

  270. Also, he has CL experience :)

  271. I’ve seen stuff all of him…definitely not suggesting he’s not good.
    I know he’s bloody quick.
    I guess if he’s good enough for Barca to sign……

  272. For 6 million,and the added bonus of cheering up RVP,why not indeed?

  273. Or Stan….

  274. Rico, we were linked with him (there’s a shocker) before he went to barca??

  275. Stan who??

  276. Lee – who aren’t we linked with ;)

    Stan Kroenke Scott – he won’t need to borrow from his wife’s millions to sanction that amount ;)

  277. hazard & hulk (who i think is log!!)

  278. log?? is that the same as poop :P

  279. and shit
    and merde
    and mierda
    and schijt………

  280. I know Stan Stan the silent man!!
    Hulk,no,not in th PL.
    It’s ok to bully defenders around on the continent,but wait til he gets to the PL and meets the big boys.
    He’s too one dimensional,and will last about one season.

  281. Ok Lee, I get the hint :)

    Hulk didn’t ever cause our defence any problems did he? So he must be cack ;)

  282. Don’t start that negativity so early,you’ll set the trend or the whole day!!

  283. Negative, nah, just honest

  284. Nah,negative haha.

  285. Time to feed pups…back soon.

  286. Pups Scott, you got pups as in woofas :)

  287. Greyhounds Rico……….keep up ffs!

  288. I didn’t know Lee :(

  289. Morning all,
    Who’s Log, HH is geting like a Zoo chickens dogs cats its a menagery spelt that wrong. Plus the Animal bloggers :)

  290. Morning Steve

  291. Morning Rico, whats happening

  292. The Hulk – Lee said he’s log :)

  293. Get that pointing done weathers about to change.

  294. Very little, no news, not much gossip either :(

  295. Lee’s right as usual :)

  296. My internet explorer keeps shutting down anybody elses playing up

  297. Too cold out there for me today Steve ;)

    I’m on Firefox and its ok…

  298. Your a lot of good rico :)

  299. pinch punch……nearly half a year gone!

  300. Mind your shins Lee ;)

    Before you know it, the new season will be here, where has it gone….

  301. Was looking at the rules of the transfer window which opens officially 1st july but it said that you can start negotiating straight after the last game of the season has been played but cant register till july, just thought i’de throw that in for something different than cats and dogs and of course chickens :)

  302. Rico,don’t you remember me saying I was naming a race dog Highbury Flyer???
    He went like a rocket tis morning,improving every time I put I’m around,and with even luck will win races.
    I also have a very,very good unraced bitch….she keeps coming on season,bloody female!!
    Her sisters won 80k in prize money already,and my girl keeps bloody bleeding lol.
    Oh,and we have a mini foxy terrier….a pain in the arse on short legs,he is.

  303. Steve, all clubs can- apart from AFC it seems ;)

    I do now Scott, sorry, it’s the greay matter, it sometimes fails me ;)

  304. :???: catch you laters

  305. Mind the rain Steve….

  306. New Post is up ….

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