RvP to follow Vermaelen? Dempsey wants in & Djourou wants out! Changing the Manager & Spending is all it takes!!

Few pre-post bit’s to give you:

Vice Captain Thomas Vermaelen has been talking about the best club in the land:

I will stay at Arsenal forever, There will be no transfer for me.

I love London. I’ve got a house there, I’m happy there and I don’t see any reason to ever leave the club.

Now let’s hear the same words from our captain, come on Robin, you know you want to…..

Clint Dempsey has made it clear that he wants to join us, how much clearer could this be:

The transfer window is open until August 31 – it’s no secret that I would like to play Champions League one day in my career.

What I do is focus on the teams that I play for and I give my heart to them, work as hard as I can to try to make the most of my time and make the most of the career that I have left.

He hasn’t mentioned Arsenal you all will say, but sure as heck the Manchester sides won’t sign him and I doubt Chelsea would either, he is not a big enough name for any of them so surely it’s a plea to Arsene?

On Djourou, well not sure if it’s just the media picking up on what the Swiss Manager has had to say recently but Johan is reported to have said this to Swiss website 20 Minuten:

My situation at Arsenal is not easy, I’ve never played so little and especially not in my own position. If an interesting offer comes, I’ll look at it carefully.

So here we are again at the time of year when all news in the football world goes crazy and most of the transfer stories are just speculative.

The transfer window is yet to open and we all know that news is very thin on the ground , unless of course you want to talk about Italian cheating and the match fixing, which we all know goes on and some of us believe its going on here as well.

However, I’m not going to talk about any of that, I am going to talk about the teams that win things, so that leaves us well out!!

The teams that won Trophies last season are:

Liverpool Carling Cup,

Chelsea FA Cup and Champions league

Manchester City the Premier League.

Now I know what your thinking, why does he want to talk about crap clubs like them?

They are not crap clubs, they are Champions of their respective cups and this is Arsenals 8th year without a trophy so it’s not an easy thing to do.

I will start with Liverpool, Hodgson’s dismissal and Dalglish’s appointment. Liverpool FC allowed Dalglish to spend £100 Million on bringing in new players and he didn’t hang around spending it. They started the season off looking pretty good, they beat us at home and they totally outplayed us at Anfield only to lose in the last few minutes thanks to Robin.

They looked good and played some very attractive football but they finished way down the league, winning the Carling Cup was their only highlight of the season and Dalglish paid for it with the sack.

What can we take out of their season is, a change of Manager and spending a £100 Million is not always the answer!

Manchester City, the club that supporters of all clubs has spoken about and that’s because their owner Sheik Mansour does not stop spending money. Most footballers would get his head turned if he heard that City were looking at him, we know that to our own expense.

Many people who once had an association with us have now joined the City elite. They too are a club which have changed Managers, Mark Hughes got the wheels in motion but it didn’t take long for him to be sacked and Mancini brought in to replace him. The spending continued and it paid off by winning the Premier League.

What have we learned from these Champions? Well similar to Liverpool really change your manager and spend money but the more you spend the bigger the prize.

Now we come to Chelsea, the double winning Champions.

This is a club that buys more Managers than players and I’m not joking!

I’m not going to list them all, but the one they started the new season with, AVB was meant to be the next best thing in football management but he couldn’t cut the mustard. It was well into the season before he got the sack and up stepped Roberto Di Matteo. Immediately he had Chelsea ticking again, and as if by magic, they become FA Cup winners.

Jubilation sets in, player power removed and everybody’s happy, apart from Abromovich who had to shell out again for the  compensation to AVB.

With Chelsea back buzzing, Di Matteo decided he would forget about the league and save all his players for the Champions League campaign, which all went very well. They knocked out favourites Barcelona over two legs and then won the final against Bayern Munich.

Di Matteo become a legend in a flash and Chelsea become Double winners.

What have we learned from them?

Well it seems that changing a manager has worked, so we have to change Wenger, we have to change our manager every year maybe twice a year if we want to become very successful and we have to spend much much more than the £15 Million we normally spend.

Three quarters of a billion would probably win us one trophy but a billion may just win us two and if we really want to show ambition a billion and a half could make it the treble.

Well this is the way the Champions of our League’s and Europe’s elite have done it!!

What do you think, do we settle for top 4 again, or change our manager and spend spend spend?

Written by Steve Palmer

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