Wenger in for Spanish Striker & are you a Doomer?….

Or just a realist in todays Arsenal world?

Just like yesterday when we talked about players getting a battering when maybe it’s not really justified, many fans are put into categories.

There are AKB’s – which means, as far as I can work out, that no matter what Arsene Wenger does, he will always be right as he knows what he’s doing.

Doomers – which again, as far as I can work out will always look towards the bad side of life, you know, those who watch Walcott batter the Totts for forty-five minutes but still believe that he’ll never reach that level again. 😉

Wenger Bashers – well I don’t need to give that too much thought, and I doubt anyone else does but just in case, it no doubt means that no matter what Wenger does, he will never be right – he could go and sign Messi today but still that set of fans would want him gone because of what has gone on over the last eight seasons.

Then there are a group of Arsenal fans that sit somewhere between the extremists and we are realists.

A person who tends to view or represent things as they really are!

That’s where I sit – Live in hope that this summer is the one which will see Arsene Wenger make the changes we need to keep up, maybe even overtake the two Manchester sides but then I have thought that for the last four or five summers.

I hope we will clear out the ‘more than average’ players in our squad and free up some of the vast finances that have been and still are being wasted on very average players, but then I have hoped for the last four or five years too.

I’ve hoped that as our Wenger sells our better players for large transfer fees, he replaces them with a similar quality player, but that hasn’t happened either, not for a long time.

There are more ‘hopes’ but whats the point in going on and on about them, they didn’t materialise.

No matter how optimistic I try and remain, history suggests that things will be little different this summer to those that have gone before.

Does that make me a Doomer, no, I’m just a realist!

Titbits: The Daily Express say we are looking at Joselu, a 22 year old 6′ 3″ striker from Real Madrid, he is valued around £4 Million. Big Sam is keeping tabs on him too, so we are up against stiff competition!!

Eden Hazard has spoken about his move to the PL, during his interview he says that although he looks to players like Messi and Ronaldo for inspiration, Gervinho is the best player he has ever played with…

On that note, have a good day all…..

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