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Wenger in for Spanish Striker & are you a Doomer?….

Or just a realist in todays Arsenal world?

Just like yesterday when we talked about players getting a battering when maybe it’s not really justified, many fans are put into categories.

There are AKB’s – which means, as far as I can work out, that no matter what Arsene Wenger does, he will always be right as he knows what he’s doing.

Doomers – which again, as far as I can work out will always look towards the bad side of life, you know, those who watch Walcott batter the Totts for forty-five minutes but still believe that he’ll never reach that level again. ;)

Wenger Bashers – well I don’t need to give that too much thought, and I doubt anyone else does but just in case, it no doubt means that no matter what Wenger does, he will never be right – he could go and sign Messi today but still that set of fans would want him gone because of what has gone on over the last eight seasons.

Then there are a group of Arsenal fans that sit somewhere between the extremists and we are realists.

A person who tends to view or represent things as they really are!

That’s where I sit – Live in hope that this summer is the one which will see Arsene Wenger make the changes we need to keep up, maybe even overtake the two Manchester sides but then I have thought that for the last four or five summers.

I hope we will clear out the ‘more than average’ players in our squad and free up some of the vast finances that have been and still are being wasted on very average players, but then I have hoped for the last four or five years too.

I’ve hoped that as our Wenger sells our better players for large transfer fees, he replaces them with a similar quality player, but that hasn’t happened either, not for a long time.

There are more ‘hopes’ but whats the point in going on and on about them, they didn’t materialise.

No matter how optimistic I try and remain, history suggests that things will be little different this summer to those that have gone before.

Does that make me a Doomer, no, I’m just a realist!

Titbits: The Daily Express say we are looking at Joselu, a 22 year old 6′ 3″ striker from Real Madrid, he is valued around £4 Million. Big Sam is keeping tabs on him too, so we are up against stiff competition!!

Eden Hazard has spoken about his move to the PL, during his interview he says that although he looks to players like Messi and Ronaldo for inspiration, Gervinho is the best player he has ever played with…

On that note, have a good day all…..

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280 comments on “Wenger in for Spanish Striker & are you a Doomer?….

  1. Good Morning again Fine Folk of the HH land of hope and glory.

    Fine Post Rico. Hit the nail right on the head especially by defining the AFC type of supporters.

    Like you in the previous post I do not think that the italian PM has the balls to stop the league for 2 to 3 years. However stranger things have happened and by relegating Juventus a few years ago they are being serious. However do the FA have the balls to investigate or are they up to their necks in the shit themselves???

    My guess is the latter

    I do not have that much time to compile stats however as Scott says the site from which I took the articles come up with good points all the time. And they back them up.

    Regarding Joselu he is similiar to Torres in style. He has a good presence being 6 ft 3 ins. He averages a goal every 3 games. Apart from that I do not know much more.

  2. Morning all

    Little news to report this morning, I fear it will be the same for quite a few more mornings over the next couple of mnths ;)

  3. devil –

    Joselu’s average is nearly as good as Theos and Gervinho’s then ;)

  4. Morning all! Nice post, sometimes it is really hard to continue to be a realist, I think in order to do that I should probably stop reading so many articles posted on newsnow. One this morn saying M’Vila will wait till after the Euros to see who else is interested, FFS!

  5. Re UA – they are very good, don’t know how they have the patience to do all the grahs and stats, would drive me bonkers… :P

  6. This post will fire up the natives lol.
    My issue has been,and remains the following…..Those who do hate Wenger invariably resort to personal attacks on those who defend the man….it happens every time,on every blog or forum around,and yes,we’ve seen it here.
    Those defending Wenger certainly do their best to persuade the narks to see their point,but again,the narks do thrown in the “deluded,low IQ,thanks Gambon,or just that we are c**ts”.
    Why,simply because we disagree with them.
    Now,out of respect for THIS forum,I will not name them,but another forum banned me and others for dimly defends in Wenger and Arsenal.
    I was banned after being called a deluded c**t on numerous occasions,without once resorting to such name calling….unlike me to keep my cool,I know,but true.
    So,realist or not,if you ever defend Wenger,you ARE deluded or stupid.

  7. Simply defending Wenger,it should read…

  8. proably they are more than one so it makes life a lot easier.

    For example in my work my wife helps a lot…..she does all the Powerpoints, she keeps all info stored in databases and spreadsheets. Without her help my work will fall back quite a bit. And I presume that all that work is not only of one person.

  9. People like the ones you are referring to will criticise anything Scott…….even if the world’s most beautiful woman was standing stark naked in front of them.

    When AW will go they will simply criticise the next manager without batting an eyelid and will even have the audacity to compare him to AW saying that life was better when AW was in charge.

  10. Hi Scott –

    I think most here sit somewhere in between the extreme views, today my arsenal glass feels empty….

  11. Devil,I just wish they’d pay the man his dues.
    Regardless of whether or not his decisions are right,I maintain that he makes them with the best intentions,and with Arsenal at heart.
    Again,it’s the reason I defend Ramsey when he’s attacked.
    Whether he plays well or not,he gives his best.
    I just don’t understand what more you can ask of any human being,and it upsets me to think people can tear someone apart from behind a keyboard having never been in their position.

  12. Morning Rico,
    Whatever catagory we put ourselves in i believe we all want The Arsenal to succede, I have read a million stories from many players managers and Bloggers but what we have all got in common is we want the Arsenal at the top of the league, we want them challenging on all fronts and the most important thing to an Arsenal supporter is trophies in the cabinet. We have seen the boring boring 1.0 to the Arsenal, we have seen exciting Barcelona style play from the invicibles, but in all those times we were contenders we stood a chance of winning, The doomers have seen little investment so believe that Arsenal are not moving forward we have the ones that have long memories of Wengers acheivments and will not see a word against him then we have the ones who see him as a stumbling block and want him gone. When you look at all the winning teams in the league this season what you will see is that all the teams that have won a cup have had a new Manager some even 2 new managers now that suggests that perhaps that is the way to go if that elusive trophy is going to come, but what we have to realise is that all those new managers had a mountain of cash to spend as well, if we did replace Wenger with a new vibrant enthusiastic manager how much would the board give him.

  13. That is the best thing Lady……..to have an empty glass. It makes you appreciate more the water which will eventually fill it.

    And an empty glass will make you see things in perspective. You are free from delusions which dominate either side and also free from labelling anyone who might not agree with you.

  14. Rico,I’m always a half full person,but I’m like that everyday.
    I do keep in mind that football is a game,and it’s meant to be enjoyed,and I enjoy it win,lose or draw….better when they win of course :)…
    I couldn’t wake up at all hours to watch games if I didn’t just love watching Arsenal go around.

  15. Wenger has been the authour of his own downfall to an extent – he breezed in all those years ago, gave us players like Paddy, Petit, Freddie, Anelka, Henry, Bobby etc and with it came an Invincible season and a few Cups.

    Then the rot set in and it’s stayed, all we have done is mantained a 3rd/4th PL side for the last 7/8 seasons and AW has been happy for that to happen.

    Of course he is going to be critised, especially all the time he continues to sign ‘average’ players…

    Sadly, if things don’t change this summer, there will be more and more fans calling for his removal…

  16. Hey scott…

    Begining of last season after i terrible run i would of been on your wagon for wengo head. But over recent months im starting to see the bigger picture. I dont blame wenger one bit for not getting no worldies.. its the board they simply cant negotiate with contracts

  17. Haha to overtake the Manchester clubs?

    We would need an entire overhaul of the squad, with 3-5 big name signings to pad out the rubbish we have now.

    We have a spattering of good squad players, one superstar that will most likely leave, and two youngsters that may be of similar ilk in a few years.

    We are so far off the Manchester clubs it isn’t funny. It
    Only gets worse when they add kagawa, maybe sneijder and have luxuries like dzeko as their 4th option striker.

    Unless we drastically change our squad, there is no hope of squeezing into top 4 again. Chelsea will be buoyed by their mega signing. The spuds will probably improve. Mancs are untouchable over 38 games. If RVP goes, we go to mid table. Then maybe people will have the balls to call it as it is, and see that wenger and the board have lost the plot.

  18. The exact same thing happened to me Scott, assuming its the same blog we are talking about!
    It seems they ban people who defnd the manager, in order to give the appearance that they speak for the majority. At best propaganda, at worst conspiracy.
    Clearly any balanced AFC fan can clearly see flaws in the manager and administration, but we seem to live in an age of extremism. Just because Wenger has flaws doesnt mean I want him to leave.
    Heres hoping said blog is exposed as a fraud, because it is.
    Personal attacks on the manager, players, even fellow fans….totally unacceptable. Not to mention boring – every day they look for new ways to slate the manager rather than constructive conversation.
    Im glad to find a blog as open and realistic as this one, thank you.

  19. Scott if you told me that you are always a half empty person I would have told you to keep away from coaching kids. With them you have to be always not half full but fully fully fully positive person. Unless you keep egging them on positively they will never be able to lay eggs for you mate. Trust me it works. We youth coaches can create or destroy a good player just with our words and actions.

  20. Steve,that’s the dilemma I have on our manager.
    What I’d love to see is the board tell us they’ve ordered Wenger to spend,say 70 million this season,and give him every opportunity to produce the goods,whilst we’d all be under no illusion as to who is to blame if we fail.
    As it stands,we just don’t know where the true problem lies,because though the club may be flush with funds,are they really being released to Wenger??

  21. Morning Steve,

    imho – the only reason a new manager can so often bring immediate success is not always about new players, but more about new ideas.

    Chelsea are a good example, they could won a game under AVB but once DM took over, he changed the way they played, he implemented his own ideas and got them back to looking a solid side again.

    All with the same squad that AVB had and I strongly suspect that Barcelona would have knocked them out had AVB stayed….

  22. rico says:
    May 30, 2012 at 9:41 am

    Hi Scott –

    I think most here sit somewhere in between the extreme views, today my arsenal glass feels empty….

    Wenger out!

    Nothing extreme there


  23. The only reason for that is that the majority of italian coaches are pragmatists……..they work around with what they have.

  24. Morning all, good post…. I just wish the board wanted silverware more than a top four finish or more P than L!!

  25. Devil,I absolutely love coaching the kids.
    They follow me around like the Pied Piper.
    Its not an ego trip when I spruik how well they’re going,because I’m just proud of how eell theyre going,and of the fact I know I’m having a positive impact on them.
    They’re just a brilliant bunch of kids,with fantastic parents.
    I reckon this makes my life much easier,and I can’t find anything negative about coaching them.

  26. devil – i’d rather have a signing or two to make my glass full ;)

  27. Evening Alan,
    Mate,even though you and I disagree on things,at least it’s done with a degree of respect,you bloody nark lol.

  28. We all would Rico,we all would.

  29. I agree Rico……..but mine will always stay empty, even if we sign a whole team. The day I became a coach I lost nearly all the emotion of being a supporter. I just look at the game with critical eyes. Before the game I am empty. It is only after having seen the game that I get drawn into emotive behavious. New signing might excite me but not to the extent of thinking that everything will be alright.

  30. Thanks GunnerDave..

  31. Scott & Coach, I was listening to a piece about Barca’s Youth Academy on the radio last night….. when the 7y,8y or 9y olds etc. finish a game the first thing they are asked by their coaches is “Did you enjoy that?” not “Did you win?”………

  32. I’ve resorted to filling my own glass…. :lol:

  33. Morning Lee – thanks and spot bloomin on….

  34. Someone had to alan, just had a feeling it would you ;)

    Lee – and usually with something around 5% ;)

  35. Rico, what are you up to today? Re-pointing the outside of your house? Re tarmacing your drive? ;)

  36. :lol: re the mug

  37. Deleting Newsnow from your p.c is a step in the right direction, imho!

  38. Scott, in my career I have seen kid coaches who are always seeing a half empty glass. And believe me these kids grow up not only hating that particular coach but also football in general. And some of these boys/girls when I used to watch their training session stuck out as being technically gifted. For example once we had a very good kid who was coached by the same coach for three years (I do not agree with that). And though he was very gifted this coach was always finding fault with what he was doing. This kid stopped going to football and instead found his sport in tennis where he is still.

    That is the worst type of coaching I have ever seen. With kids you must always be positive, give small directions, encourage all the time and offer good exercises plus frequent opportunities.

  39. :lol: Washing and ironing Lee,

    Putting the scaffolding up tomorrow for the pointing ;)

  40. devil – it will take a lot more than a few signings to put things right..

    a bit of defensive coaching would be a good place to start…

  41. A good analysis of the different category of Arsenal fans Rico. I tend to view myself as a realist and one of the reasons I like this site is because I believe most of the fans and writers on here fall into the same category. I am not keen on either of the extremes of AKB’s and Wenger haters.

    Having said that I sincerely hope AW and the board do ensure we get the right players this year and that we do not miss out on players by being stubborn over a difference of £3-4m on a transfer fee. I can understand cooling on a deal if the players demands are unreasonable or if they start to mess you around but if the right player says he wants to come to us don’t let a small discrepency in transfer fee kill the deal. This has been a big failing of ours and I think has often cost us more financially in footballing failure in the ensuing season, through not having these players, than the difference n the transfer fee we argued about.

    More than ever this transfer window Arsenal have to be careful with how they portray the image of the club. This time we have to show intent because if we miss our main targets by being stubborn over a few million and end up shopping in the bargain basement again, it will not only affect the coming season, but will have a knock on effect to future seasons where we will be unable to convince top players that Arsenal is a club to be at. We will be viewed as a club in decline. More often there is a reason some players are £17m and some are £6m as in the M’Villa and N’Zonzi rumours. There is also a reason why to get M’Villa we will have to battle the likes of Inter for his signature while with N’Zonzi we will do battle with West Ham. If they get it wrong this time after so many warnings I think it will be hard for the realists and even many of the AKB’s to support the current set up from the board to the manager.

  42. Lee, I always finish my sessions with that plus I ask them to tell me which exercise they liked most and which parts they would like to be made better. It helps, especially with young men of 15 to 17 year olds. They are still kids but they can think. And they do enjoy the fact that they can determine some of their own sessions. Kids will always be kids, youths will always be youths and adults will always be adults, but at the end of the day they all like to think that they are contributing to their learning as much as we coaches are.

  43. We have to accept that players will be criticised, it hurts more when it may be one of your favourites. I loved Theo I loved the thought of his pace the way he left a defender for dead exciting to watch but it has to be said that that isn’t the case this season i question Theo on what i watch i don’t want to knock the lad for the sake of it i watched him run into blind alleys i watch him cross a ball to open spaces the ones he gets across that is i see a pass that has been put down the wing to him go 40 yards back when the obvious play is to take the defender on i have no intention of knocking him, but he is coming up short and i feel we have players that can do so much better. I have seen Jenkinson run the wing i have seen him taking on defenders and crossing good passes Ryo Myaki i have watched a few times this year and he is exciting he has the abilities we need and he will cost us nothing. We have Players like the OX he is ready now and he gets 15minutes while i watch Ramsey give the ball away, these players i criticise, because they lack consistency not that they are useless but to watch game after game and seeing them perform the same cost us results, its picking players when they are in form not persisting hoping their form comes back. Consistency is what wins the league and until we work on our strengths we will come up short.

  44. Lee,this may sound a little corny,but here goes.
    When I decided to coach the kids last year,I jumped on the net and spent hours scouring articles on Ajax,Barcelona and Arsenal…..three clubs with massive reputations on bringing young players through the ranks.
    I looked at what they looked for in young players,what type of training they endorsed and what attitudes were pushed upon the kids.
    First and foremost was that the kids enjoy everything they do.
    Second was learning over results.
    I’ve tried to follow these ideas.

  45. With little kids it should be a lot different. More fun, more opportunites, more fun games etc. Last week for example I had to oversee a session with the under 7 (this might interest you Scott) and their coach had all the group in fits of laughter but at the same time enjoying themselves. Every boy/girl had a ball and they were doing the skills listening to music doing the skills and at the same time they were dancing. Initially it was all going bananas but bit by bit they all picked up. And at the end of the session I was standing open mouthed at what the kids were performing. One of them was even jumping (dancing for him) over the ball while it was travelling. He was doing all sorts of movements over the ball andhe kept up with the ball. I was gobsmacked. Even the parents were smiling and laughing their head off. Naturally the coach had to do the moves himself.

    When I asked him what was the rationale behing it all (besides ball control) he said that he wanted the kids to perform ball control but at the same time keep their back straight while dancing and without looking at the ball. He succeeded hands down. At the end of the session I myself asked some of the kids what did they learn from that session and they said “Nothing, we just had fun”.

  46. GoonerB, cracking comment and can’t disagree on one bit of it…

  47. Scott From Oz says:
    May 30, 2012 at 10:26 am

    First and foremost was that the kids enjoy everything they do.
    Second was learning over results.
    I’ve tried to follow these ideas.

    Scott……..that is thumbs up from me. One day they will not remember the skill they learnt from you……..they will just remember that from all the coaches they had you were simply the best because you gave them enjoyment and learning.

  48. GoonerB……….great comment. I agree.

  49. My 7yr old got the golden boot and my 11yr old most improved player, at their end of season ceremony…..I am over the moon for them!!

  50. Steve

    I truly believe that Theo has everything it takes to become a really good footballer and what Robson said yesterday is out of order imho. The problem with Theo is that he needs to be taught, yes some will say he should be able to work it out for himself but in his own mind he is a centre forward.

    It seems that not one of our coaches has given him a hand with his role.

    Same can be said of Gervinho, he too is a striker, but again he is asked and expected to play as a winger.

    Always said we have a crop of potentially high quality players, but the way we play doesn’t allow them to do what they may very well be able to a whole lot better…

  51. How can any player enjoy playing in a game which they haven’t won??

    Conrats to your boys Lee, you must be a proud Dad indeed, best you submit thier stats to Wenger, they are getting near the right age ;)

  52. If Theo can’t work it out by now he never will imho……I agreed with Robson’s assessment! Sorry Rico…..

  53. The way AFC try to play is 4-3-3 with wingers. It is different to the Dutch/Mourinho 4-3-3 which means that basically all three strikers operate over just 30 metres between the right and left strikers and the centreforward in the middle.

    The AFC 4-3-3 is just a haphazard 4-5-1 which transforms itself into a sort of 4-1-1-3-1. As Rico said above……..we cannot ask a striker to perform as a winger. The way it is being done is wrong. The players are asked to adapt to the system of play when in reality it should be that the system of play should be adapted to the players the team has. See RDM and how he did it and you get the result.

  54. Good points there Rico, we know Wenger see’s potential but its through his eyes, (i’e) henry but he must have seen these players playing their positions when he brought them i don’t see the merrits of playing them out of position if you want a winger buy one

  55. I think we will be challenging for 4 trophies next year with the squad we have irespective of players what other teams add.

  56. That’s ok Lee, I will shed my tears over the ironing board ;)

    Agree Steve, but AW doesn’t, he signs a player then moves him to suit a very rigid formation…

  57. Forgot to mention, 4th place is a trophy, not to forget, we have been consistent in that atleast.

  58. rico says:
    May 30, 2012 at 10:35 am

    How can any player enjoy playing in a game which they haven’t won??

    Rico……..if a youth coach shows the kids that he does not give a toss about the result but cares for their development than they will enjoy it whether they win or not.

    I would like to point only to one flaw in your question. The word ‘player’ is used. But we are speaking about kids not players. And that is a very big difference.

    Lee………hope you got that on video because even if eventually they win the champions league (with AFC we hope) the trophies that they won as kids will mean more to you then if you see them hold big ears. I know how you feel……….my kid scored his first goal for the club last sunday with the under 9 and I am still over the moon because of it.

  59. I don’t scott :(

  60. Devil,sounds like a great idea!!!!
    Our club has set up an academy,and has some highly credentialled coaches running it….great guys,though they are Spuds fans!!!
    Anyway,I have a chat to them each week,and they will be coming down to run the kids every now and again,so I look forward to learning from them.
    Lee,my young bloke and yours forming a partnership up front one day…….if only,hey???

  61. Going back to that Robson i/v – quite surprised he made those comments, bearing in mind he is heavily involved with the club….

    wonder what AW made of them… or does he know and we are in fact going to sell him….

  62. Hi Fine Folk. Going back to my comments earlier in the day there is one question I asked and would like to see your opinion on it.

    Every year we see one or two of our best players leave. Do you think that corruption might have something to do with it??? Do the players know something that we dont?? Why do they leave.

  63. Rico, i ask you to think back to the Milan game and ask those players if they enjoyed that game, personally i believe they threw that game, as i honestly believe we had another goal in us

  64. I understand devil, was commenting with my adult head on, forgetting if kids don’t enjoy it, they would walk away from the game…

  65. I agree with devil,Rico.
    I give first pat on the back to the boy who gives the pass,then second to the goal scorer.
    With good performances,results follow,so by focusing on the keys enjoying themselves and playing good football,winning takes care of itself.
    Sean scores probably 5 or 6 goals each game,but he knows I love the one or two he sets up even more.
    Though I must say,his left foot scorcher last week gave me massive satisfaction….a bit of work went into that.

  66. Don’t cry in your pointing….

  67. Scott, the coach first taught them some dancing movements and then introduced the ball. So he went step by step. But if you used it with kids begin it early in the week or when you have two sessions in succession. And rehearse them before, otherwise you will not be able to show them properly. Or maybe practice them with your son first and then do them during training.

  68. Morning Devil, I would like to say that you may have a point there but i think the players are more concerned with their haircuts and what car to buy and txting Twitter to even think about things like that. I would see that kind of thing appealing more to the older player

  69. Rico sorry to harp on it….I played with some kids who looked like world beaters at 8-10 years of age.
    Our training was 6 laps of the field,excercises and then a game…thats it,it’s how we learnt how to “play” the game.
    It’s what makes the achievements of Harry Kewell,Lucas Neill,Craig Johnston,Tim Cahill,Mark Bosnich even more astounding.
    They did it despite and not because of their early grounding.

  70. Good morning Rico and all. Supporting Arsenal is a schizophrenic experience these days. To all of us of average, or in my case, below average, intelligence, it seems as if the cure for our lack of success is simple. As a self-confessed moron I say we must stop conceding so many goals so let’s concentrate on getting a watertight defense. As we know now, because Alan Hansen, one of football’s deities, told us, defending starts from the front. But when I see us 2-1 up with 2 minutes to go and everybody bar Gibbs and Chesney, are in the oppositions box, the simple, uncomplicated soul in me seems to see something wrong. When I see the ball booted high and long from the opposition’s area toward where any fool might expect to see our left back patrolling and then I see he has become a second centre forward and is in fact out of the game I, through the fog of my own limitations, sense danger. When I see a porky little runt of a man with the name Phil Dowd, scampering past one of our central midfielders who is ambling back while thinking of his next hairstyle, I worry that perhaps things are less then ideal in the defensive department. So, blissful in the sure knowledge that the inestimable Gambon who knows the answer to all things Arsenal will soon blight the web with a stream of psychotic abuse so foul and despicable that I will feel ashamed, I hover between champagne and the noose these days where the club I love are concerned.

  71. I’ll give it a go Devil.
    Steve…it’s all about money.
    Again,we all shold be embracing Podolski…he could have earnt twice as much elsewhere,but wants to play for Arsenal.

  72. Devil: Darren Dein is for the most part the agent representing the players that want to leave. Coincidence? I think not.

  73. That’s a tough one devil – i’d like to think not….

    Steve, i don’t think they threw it, they were dead on their feet :(

  74. Great post Adam.
    Defence,and pride in defending,certainly needs addressing.

  75. Don,t forget Viduka Scott!

  76. Nicely put Adam.

  77. Gervinho isn’t a striker Rico, he’s a wide forward like Hazard. Both played either side of the main striker in a 433 at Lille.

    I’m a realist, though others may argue otherwise.

  78. Scott………I learnt to play football in the best way possible. IN THE STREETS AND ALLEYS, where the wall was always available to play one two, you had to avoid the tackles and the potholes plus you had to avoid the door steps. Not even laps and exercises. No one to show us. We used to play from dawn till dusk. And I was lucky enough to play with the best ever player my country had. He is only two years older than me and at 46 he can still play better than some of the lads playing in the prem and the national team. Shame he hung up his boots.

  79. As eloquent as ever Adam……you’ll be talking about yourself in the third person…NOT! ;)

  80. Lee. Adam sends his felicitations.

  81. I think Gervinho will come good next season…

  82. Adam, i like you am a moron thats just how i felt we should get ourselves looked at :)

  83. DG. Are you talking about Eddie McGoldrick?

  84. Steve. I agree am am booked in for a counseling session next week with my psychiatrist Dr Joey Barton.

  85. Morning Adam, that bought a smile to my face ;)

  86. There is one thing we may have to be a bit aware about this transfe rwindow and it is something that will send the doomers and Wenger haters into overdrive. That is that some of our main rivals may start to get players in during the next 2-3 weeks while we look quiet. The top players that I think most gooners would be happy to see arrive that we are linked with all seem to be involved with the Euros e.g M’Villa, Giroud, De Jong. On the other side players like Hazard, Hulk and Kagawa are not at the Euros. We may have to be patient with this, if AW’s top targets, (which we really don’t know), are at the Euro’s as I am not sure you will see anything significant from Arsenal til after them. If Utd and Chelsea all start getting in players who are not involved in the Euros I can see some of the non realists going mental in the next few weeks.

  87. or even brought ;)

  88. Get Dowd in as our new DM?

  89. Thing is, we need to give our players the right conditions to thrive. At the start of the season, Gervinho was taking on people for fun. It didn’t always come off but he was a real threat – we didn’t see that in the second half of the season.

    I disagree on Walcott though. I just don’t see how you can gain ability you never had. He can’t get the basics right so can never expect to be a top player.

  90. Arsenal’s trophy drought is not entirely wenger’s fault nor the board’s.

    same players + (take points against lesser teams) = trophy

    new players + (same complacency over lesser teams) = more droughts.

    A never say die attitude is seriously needed. that is what champion stuff is all about.

    football is a game. yes. it must be enjoyed while playing it.

    but the players have to understand that you don’t get paid huge sums for playing games. you make money by doing business. and their business is to get on that pitch and work for ur cheese.

    if people work 8hrs daily for a living, i don’t see why the players can’t give 90 mins of total concentration, and after that, go back to their normal life style.

  91. Morning all,
    If feeling i’m being short changed by the club makes me a doomer then i’m more than happy to take on that title.

  92. Lee. Dowd is busy counting his chins.

  93. Adam……..imagine that. JB taking a degree in psychiatry. He’ll be a super monstrous success. :lol:

  94. GoonerB,I think any player involved in the Euros will be waiting til they’re finished before negotiating with any club.
    Devil,Sean learns in our backyard dodging two greyhounds,a Miniature Foxy Terrier,a trampoline,a pool and potholes……best I can offer lol.
    The dogs give him grief,though,let me tell you.

  95. What would your preference be on Walcott then Romford? Flog him?

  96. He’s good Adam, he’ll knock some sense into you. :)

  97. Romford, according to wikki, he’s a striker… ;)

    Lee – I hope he will, we need more of the kind of goals he scored in The Emirates Cup last season…

  98. Lewis…….we should exchange him for Sturridge.

    Scott…..only those he has to dodge??? you forgot the mud hut, the generator and the antenna from the 1960’s. :lol:

  99. Dowd won’t be featuring next season, not unless he passes a second attempt of a fitness test :P

    Morning Micko, you Doomer ;)

  100. How many goals and assists has Sturridge got this season, anyone know?

  101. I’d be gutted if we sold Theo… :(

  102. Sell Walcott and replace….

  103. From a purely and totally personal point of view and as written proof of my imbecility I would really like to look through our squad on the eve of the new season and think “Yes, we could challenge with these guys”. It has been a long time since I felt that. But, with a bit of luck and about 1000% fewer injuries I would love to feel we have a chance this time. What I hate is to see those certain names staring back at me from the squad list. Almunia is gone and that must be cause some minor celebration and I can only hope that he is joined by several others. If Arsene utilises Steve Bould as more than a Pat Rice stand-in and concentrates on winning games and not bringing the fans face to face with the World economic crisis at every opportunity, then who knows. I have decided, in my delusion, to start, from now, in a wildly unrealistic and optimistic state of mind, sporting a maniacal grin and let that be slowly eroded as the days pass and all the players I had foolishly dreamed might sign for us don’t, up until the 31st August when I predict I will be positively suicidal.

  104. Devil,when I said a pool,I meant the dogs waterbowl lol.
    By the way,I sent the dogs racing names away…how does Highbury Flyer sound guys??

  105. Theo hasn’t been given the chance to play in position thanks to that tactical genius of a manager

  106. Well we play 1 up top and Theo doesn’t have the attributes needed to lead a line so yes I’d sell him. Sturridge would be a good swap.

    If prefer to use the Theo money to invest on a top quality AM and promote Ryo.

  107. I would keep Walcott, he is getting better albeit very slowly. Granted he may never be a top player but I do think he will be a good player and chipped in with a decent amount of assists last season. His biggest problem is consistency, but he wasn’t helped by us never having another option on the bench, it’s pretty obvious early on in a game weather theo is going to show up or not. He should have been dropped a few times last season, that may have given him the kick up the arse he needed. on the other hand he is no way near good enough to warrant the wages he is apparently after.
    Would like to have Sturbridge though devil.

  108. Oh,and I heard we really are a massive,massive chane with Giroud.
    We want him and he most definitely wants us.
    No word on him being an RVP replacement,but either way,some very good judges reckon he’d be huge for us.

  109. He can play upfront like Theo Rico but he’s best used outside where he can use his dribbling to good effect.

    The guy is an awesome player. He’s adapting to new conditions, new language, teammates, country, style of play etc… I’ll eat my hat if he doesn’t get 10 goals next season, and that’s with another ACON.

    I saw him and Hazard when they were both at Lille, and Gervinho was just as impressive, if not better in some games.

  110. Giroud would be good. I see him as part of a front three with Ramsay on the left and Denilson on the right.

  111. 2011/12 Barclays Premier League
    30 11 3 93

    Quotes: ”He is an extremely quick player, and he has technique at pace. You get plenty of pacy players, but what is important is that he arrives with the ball, he can control it and do something with it. That is what he offers.” Andre Villas-Boas on Sturridge in 2011.

  112. OK Adam,sorry for passing on that info.

  113. I just think Theo is made to look a lot better than he is. If you can negate the best space in behind, you virtually render him redundant.

    He hasn’t got any skill and doesn’t pass the ball well – two facets which are key to our style of play. Put it this way, if he wasn’t English, would people be backing him so much? The Ox is already a far better player and I’m sure most would agree.

  114. No Adam……..Denilson should play in the centre forward position. On the left he has nothing right and on the right he has nothing left. Maybe he has something in the centre ;) :lol:

  115. Denilson should play tiddlywinks

  116. Theo is a tricky call, one I feel that whatever Wenger does he can’t win. Does appear the majority would prefer to see him leave though.

  117. DG. I think I speak for myself and Rico at least in saying that Ramsay has made the wide left berth his own now.

  118. Denilson will be our new DM.

  119. I would like to see Theo stay and work harder on his facial hair. Perhaps the suggestion of a Mohican as sported so fetchingly by Clichy these days, could work. I would ignore Mereiles new look myself.

  120. Lewis, that just sent a shiver down my back, he who laughs last……..

  121. Adam, Yep you need Dr Barton no question.

  122. Adam, the white coats are on their way ;)

    Romford, I know… I read about Gervinho when we signed him…

    Disagree on your view on Theo and Gerv though, they are as bad or as good as eachother, which ever way around we choose to put it…

    Theo created and scored more goals that Gervinho did last season and the latter is three years older….

  123. Lee – don’t even go there, that’s not funny ;)

  124. Steve. I think you are right. Although I am in my late late 80s now I think I am going for the Mereiles look myself. I found a square foot of thigh that hasn’t been tattooed so I decided to have the names Bendtner and Squillaci kind of creeping around from the back to front, ending near my groin, as I thought that would be a turn-on for the ladies down at the OAPs bridge club on a Tuesday evening.

  125. Sell Theo while he’s still worth something next year he’s gone for good :)

  126. Have you got a £5 note tattoed in the centre Adam yet????

  127. Not a good idea that Adam i had Anaconda tattooed on my john thomas and it only ever reads AA

  128. According to ” The sports campus ” Fenerbache has offered 12 million for Giroud

  129. Theo has been at Arsenal 7 years, if anything his stats should be better than what they were.

    Look at my 11.33 for why you need to give Gervinho time. I’d be willing to wager that Gervinho will be much better than Theo next season.

  130. LOL Steve

  131. DG. That is a sick thought indeed. I am off to overcook some Uncle Ben’s rice and suck it through a straw as I am depressed that yet another player that nobody has ever heard about and that Arsenal have never thought about has rejected our approach before we even thought about making it. Bon appetit all.

  132. Rico,Gervinho has much more upside than Theo though.

  133. Dr Barton sorted me out though it now reads ANNA

  134. This is not directed at any one individual…

    Theo Walcott, 22 years old gets battered week in week out as he doesn’t do enough, doesn’t score enough and does find the right pass etc etc and most want him gone.

    We have a defensive back five plus a DM in Song that allowed 49 goals in, goals which ultimately cost us any hope of winning the PL.

    Does that therefore mean we should sell Ches, TV, Kos, Gibbs, Sagna and Song?

  135. Ehhhhh???? Why is it a sick thought Adam??? You can watch your money grow once in a while. The ladies would go mad seeing all that money and it would be like hitting two birds with one stone. :lol:

  136. In your opinion Scott…. I differ and should he go, we will soon see just what a different manager would do with him…

  137. Sorry Rico, think I missed the point you’re trying to make?

    The back 5 are all good players, Theo is not IMO. I think people have too much sentiment towards him because of what happened to him early in his career.

  138. Romford, its all your own opinion, which I respect but doesn’t mean I have to accept it. £5 says Theo will be better next season and will produce more assists/goals then Gervinho?

    Time for us to put our money where our mouth is… ;)

  139. rico says:
    May 30, 2012 at 12:03 pm

    In your opinion Scott…. I differ and should he go, we will soon see just what a different manager would do with him….

    ………..So it all boils down to what AW does with him Rico. So AW is responsible in the end.

  140. That’s fighting talk !

  141. Most here say the back five just need coaching, could that not be said about the forwards, including Theo?

    Can’t have it both ways Romford… ;)

    You clearly don’t rate Theo, I differ so best left there, otherwise it will become boring for the others ;)

    Bit like Ramsey …..

  142. Rico,if he went to a lower side and played in the middle,yes,he’d improve.
    The trouble is though,should we play RVP out wide to accommodate him??
    My issue with Theo is he still makes the same mistakes he always has.
    His best now is much better than a few years back,but his worst is just as bad.
    He did lose me a fair bit when asking for 85k a week.

  143. Let’s do this Rico, all though I don’t think stats should be a barometer. Theo might have better stats but it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s been better. Gerv is a much better player IMO.

    I’m interested to see why you think Theo is so good?

  144. Safe bet that Rico, he couldn’t play any worse thats for sure

  145. Yes devil, and all the coaches…

    I honestly believe a different manager would get more from him, he, like most is too comfortable, he needs pressure on his back and Wenger is too much of a softie, just like he is with others…

  146. Gervinho lacks one thing…..his final touch,whether it be a shot,pass or cross….everything else is very good.

  147. GoonerB, 11.10;

    Great point.
    Very perceptive.
    And yes, what you suggest, will happen…
    Just gotta grin and bear it mate.

  148. Gloves are off Micko ;)

    Steve – better than Gerv next season, not better than he was last season…

  149. You don’t rate Ramsey?

    Ramsey has assets to work with… I don’t exactly see what Theo can improve on. You can teach Theo to thread through balls, he was never good at passing to begin with…

  150. I think Theo should do more adverts he looks good in them

  151. If he stays Rico lol.

  152. But stats are the only thing that are fact, the rest is ones own opinion Romford.

    The bet is that Theo gets more assists and goals than Gerv next season.

    For what it’s worth though, if Theo stays, he’ll be played as striker next season imho….

  153. Afternoon Charlie…

    Other clubs want him Scott, he could go, especially if RvP goes…

  154. I agree with Scott, Gerv’s final pass and shot has been mediocre – I put that down to acclimatising to a new league…

    His all round game is very good and he times his runs just as well as Theo does.

  155. Hi Adam.
    Just read your 11.29…..

    Is there a doctor in the house… :-)

  156. I’m not sure about that… Hleb had very poor stats but he was an awesome player and vital to our style of play at the time. Theo isn’t better than him regardless of his better stats.

    And I don’t see how Theo can play upfront unless we change formation – If that’s the case, we’ll have to get shot of a lot of CMs as we have way too many.

  157. Hiya Charlie aka Sir AK. How are you habib???

    Did you see my posts on the italian league????

  158. I think were all missing the point, do we want to improve, if your answer is yes then we have to change the players who never played very good whats the point of keeping them hopeing that they will come good. as someone said Theo has been here a long time he is not cutting the mustard so out him if he comes good in another team good luck to him if he doesn’t we still have a winger that works

  159. How long are we supposed to wait for Theo to come good Rico? He has had numerous opportunities yet has never sparkled IMO. Do you think he’s a better player than The Ox?

  160. Romford, the reason Rico gets all emotional is down to the school Theo went to…. ;)

  161. Ooohhhh Pele,harsh comparison.
    Ox really is something else.

  162. If we had a game tonight and you asked me who to put on the wing between Theo and Jenkinson i would pick Jenkinson even though he plays right back why because he has a brain he can work the flank and he can cross a ball and he will go back and defend all these attributes are better than Theo logic dictates.

  163. Adam’s been on the Moroccan Woodbines man……..

  164. Bet you weren’t thinking that when he battered the Swampies in the second half Romford, I strongly suspect you would have subbed him ;)

    It’s about what wenger thinks at the end of the day, and he seems with happy with him at the moment…

    How old was Ian Wright before he became top class, sometimes players are late developers

    The Ox looks like he’s going to be a fantastic player, time will tell whether he sustains the level he is at now on goes on to be world class…

  165. Lee – not only that ;)

  166. I am off now mates. Good discussion. Keep it going.

    Cu later on today Fine Folk.

  167. Cheers for that Lee, you kept that quiet Rico ;)

    You get my drift though right Scott? I like the lad and he’s honest and hard-working, I just don’t think he’s good enough for our team unless we try a formation that incorporates two strikers, even then I have my doubts.

  168. I wouldn’t Steve ;)

  169. I won’t lie Rico, I definitely wanted to sub him off at half-time, credit to him for the way he showed more passion and hunger in the second half. Still, bar the two goals, I can’t really think of anything else that’s key he did in that game. He didn’t take on anyone, his crossing was poor too.

    Rosicky, who has very poor stats, was a lot better than him in that game and is a lot better in general.

    Unfortunately I don’t think anyone knows what Arsene’s plan is. I honestly don’t think he should be using Theo on the right though.

    The Ox has already shown more in half a season than Theo has in his whole time at Arsenal IMO. Could Theo have ever been the best player on the pitch against a good AC Milan side where he would have to play in CM? A position Ox hadn’t played in for years before that night.

    Ox was also the best player on the park in his full home debut against United.

  170. Romford, acclimatising to a new league, bet Chelsea won’t have that problem with Hazard next season, the difference between mediocre and quality, for me Gervinho had a very poor season, the game against Stoke late on where he pulled/ bottled out of a free header with the goalie 3 yards out to win us the game summed him up for me, didn’t fancy taking one for the team.
    Must do better next season.

  171. Laters devil, have a good one :)

  172. Rico, we have to do what is best for the team, Theo is a winger and not playing very good he cannot play anywhere else if he’s not on the wing he does not play Jenkinson could play on the wing but if anything happened to Sagna he could drop back Theo couldn’t he could even play left back or central even midfield because he is a natural he may not be world class at any of the positions but he would step in and play his heart out where if a ball is a bit long for Theo he just sulks.

  173. You are all just Theoist’s :lol:

  174. Rico, Wenger loves him he won’t let him go don’t worry and maybe your faith in him will come good and you can tell us all :)

  175. Steve – we’ll just have to agree to differ on that one … ;)

  176. Micko, if you’re saying Gervinho has no bottle, then wait to you see Hazard next season. There’s no way he’ll chuck his head in where it hurts.

    Everyone adapts at a different pace. People forget how bad Pires was in his first season. Henry took 19 games to score his first Arsenal goal.

    Judge Gervinho next season. He’s been inconsistent but has shown potential. If he disappoints again next season, then I’ll accept your view. Not everyone hits the ground runnin unfortunately.

  177. :lol: Steve, trust me I will….

  178. Pele,Theo’s best ever performance was 2nd half v Spuds,and only after Wenger played him closer in.
    I’m surprised he didn’t try this tactic more often.
    This has worked against Theo,but also against Bendtner,Vela……The list goes on.
    In all honesty,and ego aside,Bendtner is the one I think had enormous potential if played as a true striker,it we will never know,and his big gob alienated everyone to the point that fans don’t care anyway.
    My opinion on Theo switches weekly,but again,he hasn’t warranted the pay rise he’s after…not even come close.

  179. Gervinho,like plenty of our lads,needs to pull the trigger,let fly,take the shot,hit the thing.

  180. Theoist’s = Realists! :lol:

  181. Theo Doomers :lol:

  182. Night all….off to bed.

  183. Chelsea got hazard & marin in the bag,one can sense a lot cumin from d ‘arrogant’ stamford bridge.Arsenal need one more STRIKER,even though we got poldi & possibly VP,there is still room for 1 more & I think the prospect Giroud sounds nice.In MF,I will still suggest we go for DEMPSEY & M’VILLA!!!

  184. Romford, we had the chance to strike while the iron was hot last summer, all talk was of Hazard, we came back with Gervinho the cheaper version, you get what you pay for and it showed this season, Hazard will be too busy setting up and scoring goals to worry about headers, just hope he ain’t another Glen Helder.

  185. I’ve got no doubts Theo can be effective is used right but he is such a limited player IMO and at Arsenal you have to be more than that. He doesn’t show enough initiative for me and coasts in and out of games too much. You’d think this would’ve been addressed in the 7 years and 250 games thus far, seems not though

  186. I seem to have diferent ideas to a lot of people, when i see our team sheet and know how Wenger usually works he see’s the game as play 70 minutes and make a sub usually that means winger off wing on or if an injury to the back the same CBoff and CB on, my idea would be to change that approach say for instance we had Jenks on the wing and Sagna was getting robbed at the back maybe a change would be in order bring Jenks back and sags on the wing many players have trouble with certain players so a switch can often help Wenger never even tries this he would wait his 70 minutes and put on attacking players to get the conceded goals back that is not good tactics see a problem and stop it if the switch doesn’t work then a change of personel but be on the ball all the time, Wenger never seems to look at the opponants when he picks his team his view is we play a certain way and we should have more quality than them i don’t think that is right If your defending against a Carrol or a crouch you would assume Merts would be used but not Wenger.

  187. We should’ve bought both – No doubt Hazard is the better talent but Gervinho is a very dangerous player.

    Night Scott

  188. Ah, refreshed and fed, I am back. Hi Kev and all. Warm day here with the decorating finished and not enough inspiration to start on the three pieces I have to write. Tomorrow maybe.

  189. Rico, shouldn’t you be clearing you gutters out? Re-tiling you roof?

  190. I’m just glad Hazard’s wife passed the JT interview….. could of been a bit tricky if not!!

  191. I agree that tactically Wenger is predictable. I despise Mourinho like every right-thinking individual, but I like his proactive tactics and substitutions.

  192. Proactive being the key word there. That could apply to Wenger and the board in general though.

  193. Night Scott…

  194. When it comes to decanting a bottle of Taylor’s ’63 Vintage Port and sparking up a 12 inch Havana there is nobody as proactive as Hill-Wood.

  195. Hi Chinedu

    Lee – still ironing, that’s the problem with sunny days, drys the washing too quickly…

    Adam – agree re the subs etc…

  196. Shame they can’t be as proactive in their apprpack to games, tactics, transfers, substitutions etc

  197. Romford Pele. Why ask for the Moon when we have the stars?

  198. We definitely don’t have the stars Adam, more like a pile of craters strolling through space.

  199. Hi, to answer the question on the post, I am not a doomer. Would i like to see players bought and brought in yes, would i like to see Theo Sold no, and i would give him the contract he wants. However this is all under the same proviso as Arsene, unless there is a serious and concerted challenge for trophies then it is time to look at a new manager, and unless Theo makes a serious and concerted improvement then it is time to move him on. But lets make these judgements at the end of next season, not now before we have kicked a ball.

  200. RP. Now you’re getting cosmic.

  201. You’ve nailed the sistine chapel, all ok then Adam?

  202. Hi Lee. Yes thanks mate. I made a few changes. Instead of Michaelangelo’s famous depiction of God imparting the spark of creation to man I have an Arab sheikh handing over a wad of cash to a man with a chubby face and a snout. Let us call him Nasri. And further to the right, over the bed I have a symbolic image of Diaby walking wihout support.

  203. Were you quoting Jamiroquai there Adam?! :D

  204. Argh! Jay Kay. What a visionary. A scumbag, twat and self-absorbed piece of detritus in a 5 foot package of nausea-inducing vomit. Apart from that I really like him.

  205. Adam all very plausible BUT the Diaby “walking without support” you must of cast your mind back ages to recreate that image…….did the “squilster” not get a slot??

  206. I would never be so irreverent as to depict the Squilster as a man Lee. For me he is a God and must be referred to only in hushed tones. Rather like Jay Kay and John Terry.

  207. Kagawa moves to United :(

  208. Kagawa to United? Oh no. I have never seen him play obviously but I really felt he was a player we badly needed. What next? Umfulozi to Wigan?

  209. Boom boom boom another one bites the dust……….

  210. Kagawa has creativity in abundance. So that’s two top AM’s gone this summer already…

  211. Apparently the Russian midfield gem (Uri Nator) we were in for, has signed a pre-contract with the yids…..FFS!

  212. Lee. That doesn’t surprise me at all. I am so depressed that we haven’t signed anyone today I am going punting with my two good friends Tarquin and Peregrine.

  213. Do you have a man to punt for you?

  214. Are you offering? You cheeky young thing.

  215. I’ve never been called a punt before….unfortunately I’m far too busy ruining the world economy!

  216. it’s spursday tomorrow….

  217. I’ll be watching with delight :D

  218. Seriously, has Kagawa signed for the mancs :(

  219. Deal has been agreed so looks like a formality. I hope it messes up though, but seeing as it is United, I doubt it.

  220. Bloomin typical, but £17 million is too much for our club, just why the M’Vila stories have gone cold…

  221. Hoorah :P

    Kalou has signed for Schalke

  222. That has severely brightened my mood :D I was sure we were going to get him – Thank the Lord!!

    Theoretically speaking, we could afford £17m three times over but being a realist, I know it’s not going to happen.

  223. Haven’t seen anything on SS’s about either Kagawa or Kalou though

    Brendan Rodgers is in more talks with Liverpool, looks very much like he will be the new manager….

    That’s a big risk….

  224. Theoist……

  225. I hope the Kalou deal goes through…..never trust a man with small teeth!!

  226. Got to pop off for a while, laters all…

  227. good afternoon
    Kagawa close United
    Van der Vart Schalke?

  228. Interesting stat Arsenal conceded only 26 goals in the 28 games Arteta played in, add Coquelin beside him and free song to be box to box with the trio of Podolski, Theo and RVP could be a strong first team. My question would be the depth if and when some of these were injured/suspended. With Diaby not fit enough to rely on and Rosicky being injury prone and RVP having one season in seven fit I would like to see some more quality in the squad.

  229. Arteta and Rosicky are our most disciplined midfielders so it doesn’t really come as a surprise.

  230. Adam’s off with a Peregrin.
    Lee’s a punter [ i'm not having that ]..
    Rico is ironing her roof.
    Where’s Stan when you need him?

  231. If you take Rosicky and RVP’s fitness records into account the chances of both or even either being fit for the majority if next season is not high. Add to that given what has happened to Wiltshere with injuries i cant see the OX playing more than 25-30 games in all competitions. So should we sell one of these and invest in player more likely to play or take the risk and keep the squad together?

  232. Coach, if your about, i’ll read that stuff you posted on Italian football a bit later and e~mail ya habib.
    I’m good btw, hope you and your are ok.

  233. Doubt you’re gonna get anyone better than RVP. Wenger won’t pay that money. Rosicky is very good at carrying the ball over long distances and is still our most creative player at the moment IMO. Selling either isn’t a good decision IMO. Replace the fringe ones rather than out better players.

  234. Rico, that’s excellent news [ just catching up ] Kalou to Schalke.
    I was dreading another Chav reject.

  235. I don’t doubt there quality what i doubt is there resilience and ability to stay fit. We could wind up with almost 20% of the named 25 players injured seems like a large risk to start the season with.

  236. Evening guys and gals, any news :)

    Or as lee says,


  237. Evening Rico, which would you prefer Hoilett or Stéphane Sessègnon from Sunderland.

  238. Evening vernat, poss Hoilett but a good question….

  239. I posted that comment 20 mins ago :(

  240. Liverpoll has a new coach…

  241. Brendan Rodgers JM, evening to you…

  242. Thinking today, (change my mind most days) sell RVP reinvest the money in the squad as i cant see him staying fit for us all season again. Buy as an example Giroud, or Dempsey, Hoilett, Dembele for the money we get for him and should off set the loss of goals. Make Arteta or Vermalen captain.

  243. Problem is vernat, if we sell RvP, we won’t re-invest all of the money, some will get stashed away in some big afc funding hole :(

  244. I thought they had to put 75% of it into the transfer account and use it for wages or transfers?

  245. Not sure that is the case vernat – only have to look at the sales we have made, compared to the signings we have made…

    The two are gulfs apart…..

  246. off to get dinner, back later….

  247. Evening all. I have been thinking about going down to the Thames on Sunday to watch the Grand Flotilla. Should be quite a sight but I imagine it will be crowded beyond belief. Does anyone have a secure advantageous site in mind?

  248. Evening Adam – little country celebration seems the best ;)

    have seen the mug, its rather funny isn’t it…

  249. Rico. I reckon there’s a better view to be had of the Flotilla on TV but I might do a bit of mingling anyway. Bit worried about the size of the crowds and actually getting a view at all. Yes, the mug is amusing. Did you have an interesting dinner?

  250. Van der vart scores for Holland

  251. Not especially Adam, just a simple tasty salad :)

    but then the tomato plants and the other veggies in the garden needed some tlc, as did the chickens who are in my bad books, having caught a toad :( :(

  252. Snap. I had a salad too but not a toad salad. Anyway, now off to watch a bit of murder and mayhem on TV. Cheers Rico. Chat tomorrow I hope.

  253. Nighty Adam, have a lovely evening….

  254. I’m offski for the day too, nighty all, catch up tomorrow….

    Night Charlie, not too much peeping or tweeting ;) ;)

    stay safe all….

  255. Goodnight Rico/Adam.
    I had a nice honey mustard chicken with pasta.
    A couple of passionfruit yoghurts for afters… :-)
    See ya lata.
    Morning Scott.
    Offski now.

  256. Scott your 9.34 is so true I like reading what you say because your positive but also highlight things that are not going well which makes your conversation rounded unlike some others on here that no matter what the club does they think unless we win something we’re in a downward spiral let me tell you I was brought up in an era when Leeds utd were the biggest club in the country challenging for the European cup don revi Leeds was as good as it got in them days revie left went a few years without a trophy went crazy in the transfer market went broke ended up 3rd division has never recovered and possibly never will there are only two trophys worth winning in wengers eyes champions league premiership the C.L has all the best club sides in the world in it only one can win it so there’ is no disgrace in our record in that competition the P.L has the three richest clubs in the world in it so our record in that is not bad either the anti wenger brigade repeat them selves day in day out we have not won nothing for Severn years they say well take a close look at Leeds utd it could be 70 years before they win anything again.

  257. Thanks for your kind words Font.
    Stay positive champ.

  258. Rico,speaking of Toads,i cooked an old fashioned english meal the other night,Toad in in the Hole.
    My first effort,and i got lucky…….went down a treat at home.

  259. talksport has been full of the B Rogers story on and off for hours. Not too popular with some.

  260. morning all……

  261. Arsenal star Thomas Vermaelen has insisted that he wants to remain at the Emirates “forever” and is happy living in London.

    The 26-year-old made 40 appearances in all competitions last
    season, helping the Gunners finish third in the Premier League.

    “I will stay at Arsenal forever,” he said. “There will be no transfer for me.

    “I love London. I’ve got a house there, I’m happy there and I don’t see any reason to ever leave the club.”

  262. Morning all

    There speaks our future Captain…

    Now lets here RvP mutter those same words Lee :)

  263. Within 48 hours my friend!

  264. Stop teasing :P

  265. Marvin Martin issues come and get me plea……is he any good? Sounds like a cowboy to me.

  266. Why does Glenn Campbell spring into my mind :)

    I think, he’s been linked with us for the last 3/4 summers Lee, goonster rates him :)

  267. Rodgers is taking Sigurdsson with him to Liverpool, that’s him off the list then ;)

  268. happy spursday…

  269. New Post up…

  270. Same to you Lee. :lol:

  271. spursday lee, i missed something?….. again ;)

  272. I get it, thursday night footbal :oops:

    Morning devil…

    Off to the new post now…

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