Don't blame the players, blame Wenger! De Jong on his way in?

We are a club full of Marmite players aren’t we?

Just a few that spring to mind are Ramsey, Song, Walcott, Gervinho, Mertsacker, Djourou, Arshavin, Bendtner, Denilson and even Arteta to an extent.

The reason I include Arteta is because a few Arsenal fans seem to like to label him as the ‘cheap man’s Cesc’ – well, he’s not in fact the only thing the two players have in common is their country of birth.

Arteta has been incredible for us this season and for the statistics lovers out there, just go and check how many games we struggled in since he suffered injury.

I’d say, all of them!

Take the rest in that list, none of them are dreadful footballers are they?

No, they just sometimes fail to reach the standards we all believe they should be at to play for our club.

During the season, and not only the one that has just passed, Highbury House and many other Arsenal websites are visited by fans who want to vent their fury about several of the players and the barrage of abuse that certain players have to suffer is incredible.

Is there really a player who hasn’t gone onto the pitch and not tried his hardest?

That maybe a difficult question to answer but body language tells us a lot, just look at Arshavin before he returned to Zenit, he just oozed a ‘couldn’t care less’ attitude and he didn’t try to hide it either did he?

Alex Song can be another, after going forward like he’s Messi, too many times he was very relaxed and lethargic in his attempt to get back and help the defence but other days he worked harder and was much more affective.

Walcott, well he gets an awful lot of abuse but he tries and the same can be said of Ramsey. Djourou, well we talked about him yesterday.

I won’t bother with Nik and Denilson as hopefully they will be gone this summer…

My point, all of these players have good and bad games, maybe some lean towards more bad than good but maybe that is just the level they are at in their game at this moment in time.

It is not their fault that they are selected to play each week is it?

Arsene Wenger signed these players, each and every one of them and he obviously believes in them.

If anyone is to blame for them playing and sometimes playing badly, it is him, it’s Wenger that deserves the bashing, not the players, not as long as they are giving their all in every game….

One little titbit to leave you with and that is we are reported to be in the race to sign Nigel De Jong – good move or bad?

That’s it for today guys, have a good one….

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