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Johan Djourou deserves better – should he leave Arsenal this summer?

Over the next few weeks and probably until the new season begins, the ‘day to day’ posts here on Highbury House will be shorter.

There is little news in the closed season and we don’t want to batter the contracts situation to death, what is the point?

We will hear soon enough whether or not our captain and Walcott are staying for a few more seasons.

So what about those going?

Nice Guy……

Johan Djourou has been with us so long, it feels like he should be heading towards retirement rather than anything else yet he is still just 25 years old and heading towards his prime, but he can’t get into our starting eleven.


Sadly, because he is not good enough!

The season before last, in my opinion, he played some of his best football, he was solid in defence alongside either Squillaci or Kosceinly and seldom did he do much wrong, in fact I believe we didn’t lose a game with him in defence for a long period of time, but then injury struck and since that day, he has been very average.

Being asked to play at right back earlier this season just gone didn’t help his cause, in fact I think it all but destroyed him. He had a shocker at Stamford Bridge and but for woeful finishing by Chelsea, he alone could and would have been to blame for a few goals.

Djourou is a Swiss International, yet he featured only minutes for them a couple of nights ago against Germany, some may say he’s being kept back for the main competition but surely, he needs playing time as he hasn’t had that for his club.

Johan has started just 14 Premier League games this season, surely that cannot be enough to keep him happy?

That answer has to be No, not if he wants to play the game he loves and he wants to make sure he represents his country!

Switzerland coach Ottmar Hitzfeld feels the same:

For Djourou, the question arises of a transfer,if he wants to be selected, he must have some game time in the club. This is not the case at Arsenal.

He seems a really good guy, a nice guy who loves Arsenal but we aren’t playing him, so just maybe he deserves better.

So what do you all think, should he stay and just sit on the bench and pick up his wage, or is it time he moved on for the sake of his own career, a career that really could take off if he played week in week out?

That’s it for today, have a good one all…..

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127 comments on “Johan Djourou deserves better – should he leave Arsenal this summer?

  1. Yeh good post Rico,
    JD as you have stated is just not good enough for this league he would probably feature well in a lower league but he has had a taste of the big time and been getting good wages. I put him on a par with sqillaki i don’t rate him either. When Picking a defence they have to be solid forwards and midfield can make a mistake and get away with it but defenders usually don’t get that luxury. A weakness in defence will cost you in the end and i feel JD’s future is elsewhere i feel the same about Mertsacker and Sqilly i would let them go as quickly as i could to make sure i would never use them.

  2. Good Morning Fine Folk.

    Hope you are not getting bored with all the inaction.

    The JD situation is a conundrum. On one hand I still think he is a good defender who with better coaching can become very solid. on the other he is at an age where he should impose himself and perform now not on a learning curve.

    With our team system and play AFC need a more solid and faster defender. Someone who can dictate play from the back rather than react to situations. JD is someone who is capable of this however this year he has been shafted to right back and certainly that is not his position.

    In the poll I voted that he should go. Considering all factors at the moment it would be right for him to go and start a new life elsewhere. For his own sake since I consider him a good defender.

    However, AW must surely try and replace him with a better defender. Hopefully he would also move Squilly for if it comes to a choice between the latter two then I prefer JD to stay and Squilly to go.

  3. BDW……..good post Rico. One which raises quite a discussion on one of our players.

  4. Good morning fine folk :)

    Thanks Steve & devil

    JD is possibly one of the most loyal – never moans when he’s not playing etc etc but time for him to go abroad imho

  5. Our bench should be filled with two types of players.
    Firstly,young guys gaining some first team experience,and older,experienced players who arent necessarily 90 minute footballers.
    We arent Citeh who have 4 world class players for each position,so we must be realistic.
    What we shouldnt have though is 25 y.o’s who have had every opportunity to nail down a starting spot.
    Morning all.

  6. Morning all.
    JD has to go. He’s made too many mistakes that cost us points,momentum,and confidence during games.

  7. Good post, I agree wholeheartedly.
    If we choose a first eleven of “nice guys” he would probably be captain. For his own sake he should leave by his own choice. I personally don’t rate him as Premiership standard, but he could carve out a decent career in the Championship, or abroad. He should have left at age 21 or 22 I think. Similar situation with Matthew Upson some time ago, although Upson is a better player and defender than Djourou. Johan’s career should be playing REGULAR FIRST-TEAM football, but not at Arsenal.

  8. Good post Rico. He’s gonna need to move on to get first team regular action. 4th in our pecking order will result in many games warming the bench.
    If those rubbish rumours about Vertoghen some how come true then I don’t know how we can keep all those internationals happy.
    I’d prefer to promote the youngsters to the squad as they won’t mind being 4th choice and a few cup games.

  9. Gunner Mac I do find it difficult to agree with that statement. The mistakes JD did……where they mistakes of incompetence or are they mistakes which our system of play and tactics or mistakes by the midlfielders often induce??? Sir SP pointed it out properly when he said that a mistake by a striker/midfielder does not have the same repercussions as a mistake by a central defender. IMO not all his mistakes are because he is not good, but because he is not suited to our tactics.

  10. Hi Scott, Bradster & GM

    I think we all pretty much agree re JD, is it Juve who want him?

    Still think AW got him to sign a new contract purely to make sure we get a price for him, JD out, sign a quality defender like JV and get a bit of competition going at the back.

    That is the prob with JD, he isn’t pushing the others enough…

  11. GM – this season has been a tough one for him, seldom has he played in his central position, and asking him to fill in at Rb was just too much to ask – his lack of pace showed big time…

  12. Morning Devil.
    For me he simply isn’t good enough for AFC. He’s had almost eight years at the club and should be a monster at the back and first choice by now!! Get rid i say.

  13. Good post Rico. Must be hard to find topics of interest at times like these. JD has to go, he had a few good games last year but has really regressed since then, I probably like most other gooners would be filled with dread when his name would be announced on the team sheet. Getting rid of him and Squill will free up a little in transfer money and their combined wage could be put together to try and attract a top defender.

  14. Here’s your last cheque, close the door on your way out, dont want anymore crap to getting in

  15. Good managment is knowing who is needed for what positions and really good management is buying the right players at the right time. I would be inclined to release Merts JD and Squill even if it cost the club and i would outbid any Spurs bid for J vertonghen. Vermin has not been at his best but he can fit in as left back and do a fine job there i know that is not he’s favoured position but he wouldn’t be there all the time JV when not needed at the back can venture up to midfield so all these players will feature most of the season thats what we would want to see and they would also like that. Keeping weaknesses will always weaken you when you are forced to use them a top side cannot afford weaknesses any where, if we have brought a dud let him go as soon as possible or it makes a mistake last for a full contract. Be bold and precise make no bones about the fact they are not good enough just show them the door after all we are a top side and we need to show that a lack of form or talent is not acceptable.

  16. If I was JD, I would have realised long ago that I wasn’t going to be given a long run in the side, we bought TV, Kos and Merts – all of who start before him…

    He has been too loyal for his own good and for his career….

  17. Welcome Big Al – like the team of nice guys and JD would be captain, but you are spot on…

    Hi Lewis, thanks and it isn’t easy ;)

  18. @stevepalmer1
    You briefly mentioned Mertesacker. There’s a rumour that negotiations are underway with Whipsnade Zoo regarding a swap deal – Mertesacker for a sloth – presumably to add a little more pace to our defense.

  19. At one time I thought he could have pushed forward to midfield ala Petit but he isn’t quick enough and turns too slowly. He has the big decision to make Money against his love of playing. He seems to be a genuine guy and hopefully is not profligate with his cash. So if he feels that he has enough to enjoy his life, he should bite the bullet ,take a drop in wages and enjoy playing for the next 10 years.

  20. Morning Rico. JD has been a loyal servant for Arsenal for years now and deserves a lot more respect than some here seem willing to afford him. I agree that he isn’t good enough and should leave but I hope that Wenger does his best to see that he moves to a good club. I believe he loves Arsenal though and we should thank him for his efforts. There is absolutely no need to be rude and snide about him. That is not what Arsenal supporters should be about.

  21. Potter – I think JD started out as a DM but AW chaged him, was it Charlton he went on loan too early in his career and played there?

    But yes, he is rather slow, bit like Song really….

  22. he’s shite and error-prone.

    As for respect… how much would you pay him out of your money?

    get shut

  23. Morning Adam –

    I really feel for the guy, like in the post, he comes across as a really nice genuine person who really does love our club. He may not be the most talented or quickest of players but I am sure there are many clubs who would like to sign him.

    He’d suit a newly promoted side like Reading, under a manger like McDermott who would get more from him, just as he has done with Ian Harte…

  24. On that basis we might as well get rid of any squad player over the age of 25. What happened to this let’s get experienced quality in. Yeah right. People already righting of Mertasacker too just like they did with Kos. JD has been one of our most loyal players (unlike Bendtner, Nasri etc) over the years and through no great fault of his own has had limited game time due to Kos showing what a great player his is. Prior to that JD had a brilliant season when TV was out and showed what he can do when given a decent run. I think he deserves to stay and be given an opportunity to prove you doubters wrong. By getting rid of him we will need to bring in another 2 top class defenders at least. Can’t see them sitting on the bench for too long unless we sling a load of dosh at them like Citeh or Chelski. Our club don’t have that sort or luxury I’m afraid. So until then let’s think carefully about how we handle players like JD before we decide to throw them on the scrap heap.

  25. Nice one Big Al :)
    Good point there Adam, Nice guys do tend to be shit on i must admit, but JD although Arsenal through and through is not good enough, Maybe more fault is in Wengers hands as he should have encouraged JD to find another club and even sold him for a reduced rate to get him the position which he’s loyalty deserves.

  26. syg – it’s not JD’s fault that he is paid what he is, nor is it being asked to play Rb, when clearly he is not comfortable playing there.

    He is not s***e as you put it, he’s just not cut out to play at the level we need to get stronger.

  27. SYG. That eloquent post says more about you than any further abuse toward an Arsenal player ever could.

  28. To be quite honest i think JD is a better prospect than mertsacker so i would be more concerned at moving him on first. Mersacker is going to cost us that is as true as eggs are egg’s (rico) :)

  29. SYG…….goody for you to say that. You have managed to show in just a few words your likeable and esteemable character and especially where humanity and manners are concernded a huge lot is left to be desired.

  30. Shevo – I understand where you are coming but loyalty and sentiment will not win us games, competing in 4 comps each season we need to be able to rotate without losing quality, we need competition for places at the back.

    TV and Kos are having it all too easy, JD will never be picked ahead of them if they are fit, putting JD and his career first, imho he deserves to be elswhere, playing the game he loves….

  31. I’ll try to be polite…… I think he may be better off at a club where defending is part of the coaching agenda.

  32. You make a good point there Steve, Merts really hasn’t impressed me, but first season in a different league and all that, maybe the best is yet to come.

    He doesn’t play for Germany for nothing ;)

  33. Other Steve, that is another good point, maybe JD will finally get some help from banfield and bould, with better coaching, he could just improve a lot…

  34. Yes Rico, that’s my hope for the whole team….but I’m just not holding my breath.

  35. Same here Steve. I hope the whole team learns how to improve defending but I am also not holding my breath

  36. Morning all,
    Didn’t Djourou sign a contract extension in January, I think Wenger is more than happy with him, can’t see him moving on.
    Kozzer, Merts, Vermaelen, Djourou and Miguel fighting it out and Squillaci being sold.
    Season tickets have to be returned for this Friday, hopefully see a big signing this week.

  37. @south yoprkshire gunner (???)
    you’re shite and error-prone – you can’t even spell your own ‘name’ correctly!
    No offence intended old buddy…

  38. Steve – that’s what i hope too, surely between the two promoted defensive coaches they can teach something – and include the midfield in that too…

  39. Look we all have our favorites players we all see in diferent ways now i look at a player like Ramsey i see quality i see heart i see talent but what i see the most is a lot of errors i see him like i do Lansbury just not quite first team standard Lansbury has been on loan and has spent a fair bit of time sitting on the bench and that is for a lesser club than ours i would definitely see Ramsey as a prospect for a loan, JD has been with us for a long time he probably doesn’t come into Wengers equasion when we talk about loans as he is that much older so moving on is probably the better option for all concerned. Wilshere we all like he has shown in his first season what a remarkanle talent he is but he too has suffered like ramsey with a long term injury we dont know what he will come back like he may proceed to be top quality but he may also come back like Eduardo, The only way we get better is by getting rid of the not so good and replacing with talent, we dont have to enter bidding wars as there are quality players out there that want to improve themselves but befor that can happen we have to make room. For those players who may turn out to be good may have to take the hit, for the player who is good and that is what football is all about.

  40. Morning Micko,

    And Bartley, what to make of him?

    You are right on JD and who will the signing be, M’Vila :P

  41. We do not only need talent…………we need an attitude like Benny had……….never give up.

  42. Benny – now that could be our signing this week :)

  43. I can’t cop the abusive posts aims at any Arsenal player wo gives 100% every time they play,whether they play well or not.
    I said earlier Djourou sould be sold,but I’d never disrespect the man,as he’s always done his best.
    Any Arsenal fan who does that is not worth a piece of shit.
    It’s disgraceful!!!
    It’s always the blow ins who chime in with this crap.

  44. Yes i’ll give you that Benny has been a good loan probably more for him than us, but benny is not deemed good enough for his own club and he will be off, as Rico has said maybe here, but i hope not, i see Benny taking up the place for a player that may give us 5 6 seasons somebody that will grow with us a talented player that is looking ahead for many years, that player is sadly not Benny he filled a spot when we were struggling and its my belief that had Wenger brought a quality player we would by now be knowing that that position is filled and be looking at another weakness to rectify

  45. its my belief we wont see another striker, we have Ryo who will come back off loan we have Campbell who may also be here The Ox will feature more Park and Efobe may also be used and Wenger has said Theo will get his chance up front reading between the lines which is always dodgy i can maybe see a midfielder a keeper and stretching it maybe a defender but probably only 2

  46. I think that Benny will not take anyone’s place Sir SP. He will fill in during injuries, give us experience, and also be of great help later on in the season. Players like Benny are worth their weight in gold to the squad. He is not a starter when everyone is fit, but he surely will be there especially after the Christmas.

    On sending the spuds to the Europa Cup in 2006 alone, during the famous lasagna gate I would offer him a two year contract. :lol:

  47. Rico, I think Bartley and Lansbury are in the same boat, not sure if either will make the grade at Arsenal.
    As for Benny, not for me, steveyP pretty much said it all.

  48. Yossi brought plenty to us when he layer,so personally,I’d love to see him rewarded with a two year deal.
    We have rough talented kids coming through,and he’s the type of pro the kids can learn off.
    Steve,I hope you’re wrong on your transfer predictions,but you may not be.

  49. Micko,do you reckon guys like Lansbury and Bartley should be given their shot?
    Some guys you would class as a certainty to make it just don’t,but I’ve also seen guys who you wouldn’t think would succeed step up to the plate.
    I reckon give every player that’s been in the system for so long their chance.
    If not,they should’ve been sold a few years back.

  50. 11.55 … Should read player,not layer…..and enough,not rough.
    Bloody typist lol.

  51. i agree there Scott, most of us here know its not the players fault…

  52. Chamakh to go, Park to stay is what I think will happen…

    Micko – they are, both English, one has Arsenal in his blood, personally I’d like them both to stay and get their chance, but sadly, I see both going…

    We need attitude in our side and pride, Lansbury has both but he’s never really had his chance.

    Could he have done better than Ramsey this season, I have a feeling he could….

  53. RICO,I’ve defended Ramsey for exactly the same reason though.
    He gives 100% every time also,yet cops it week in,week out.
    It really disappoints me greatly.
    Even Squllaci……ok,he’s not good enough,but he can only try his best.
    There is absolutely no need and no excuse for personal,abusive attacks on players doing their best.

  54. If Ryo stays with Bolton, I can see us getting Benny

    Arshavin – now what is going to happen to him…

  55. Ashain could end p staying,going to Fulham,Russia……he’ll,Barca might jump in for him lol.

  56. Afobe scored for the England under 19 yesterday…

  57. Arshavin…….does anyone else have problems with their bloody IPad…….I can actually spell,but this thing misses letters everywhere!!!

  58. I have an idea on that Scott – tomorrows post is already going through my mind ;)

  59. I really hope AA goes, he is not happy wih us anymore, he hasn’t many seasons left in career and he is another who deserves to be playing.

    His attitude has been shocking this season…

  60. Rico,Arshavin may well be our new creative midfielder????
    Play him as a #10…..give him his chance??

  61. RICO,I agree on his poor attitude,but I think the fans had apart in that.
    Obviously,playing out of position didn’t help.
    He’s another mystery…..we have a few.

  62. Scott, if it came down to guts and determination then yes, they’ve both fought their way up through the ranks and into the 1st team buts that’s not enough, both been sent out on loan and neither have excelled, both been plagued by injuries, I like Lansbury but I’m not sure he has enough in his locker to make it at Arsenal, it’s a hard one to call, he could turn out to be another Ray Palour for all I know.

  63. I could say I’m really ‘arry rednap infiltrating ‘rsnal sites to corrs ‘avoc….that would be more plausible than blaming this bloody IPad!!!

  64. Micko,I’d raise the point tough that they’ve learnt to play the Arsenal way,yet loan periods have been spent at run of the mill,kick and chase sides.
    You guys would obviously know a lot more out them than me,because I only ever watch Arsenal games,but is it a feasible question??

  65. That’s the reason I asked why we don’t do what Barca do and have a “B” side playing in the lower leagues.
    Keep our players playing our style of football.

  66. For me Scott, AA has had his chance, doesn’t matter where they are asked to play, they should give their all…

  67. So the question has to be asked why hasn’t he been running the show at a championship side, West Ham have always been known for there style of football, have probably had one of the best footballing academies down the years, maybe less so this season with fat sam in charge, for some reason it hasn’t worked out for him the way we hoped, he’s fit but on the bench most weeks, that puts a question mark against him.

  68. Modern day Ray Parlour, that’s our Lansbury :P

  69. West Ham under Allardyce are totally different to the West Ham who have always been known for their style of football Micko.

  70. That’s exactly it though Micko,there’s still a question mark.
    Let’s get it answered once and for all.

  71. Untill AW affords him the same playing time he did with Denilson, Bendtner, Diaby, Almunia etc etc we will never know. I wish he would have stayed and started.

  72. It’s the same situation as Park.
    An investment has been paid,but we’ve had no chance to see the dividends.

  73. I would coach JD into a def mid. Imagine a centre of the park

    Artea JD Wilshere

    Verm Kos


  74. Because Fat Sam played him in goal micko :P

  75. I wouldn’t Will…

  76. “he was solid in defence alongside either Squillaci or Kosceinly and seldom did he do much wrong, in fact I believe we didn’t lose a game with him in defence for a long period of time”

    It was actually far more impressive than that. I’m pretty sure he and Koscielny held some sort of record for not conceding a goal in X amount of games.

  77. that was kind of what i meant pete ;)

  78. Off to bed guys,have a great day.

  79. I like the idea of three centre backs, each could play Def mid and it gives so many options.

  80. Next season for Park I reckon Scott..

  81. Manager of Juventus under Police investigation for corruption, that is, betting scam.

  82. Night Scott

    Will – we need a proper DM, and we need to buy him, not make do with what we have imho…

    Hi Charlie – good old Juve eh ;)

  83. Afternoon Gooners.
    Afternoon Rico.
    Considering the lack of news, that was a damned fine post Madam.
    Italian Police have locked up a lot of suspects connected to the betting scam, including some Serie A footballers.

    Could it happen, or be happening here???????????

  84. Thanks Charlie :P

    Where is the Juve story, BBC?

  85. Good post on Untold Arsenal.
    Right up the street of Sir Stevo

    One of the Serie A players arrested is the capt of Lazio.

  86. Just reading it Charlie, who would want to sign for an Italian side now…

  87. We concede goals that is fact whether we have JD or Kos or even vermin at the back we concede goals what we havn’t sorted out is why. My thoughts on this is that we leave massive gaps at the back because we give the ball away too much our full backs are playing like wingers and racing forward our wingers are not that good and our midfield cant pass so it goes back to the opposition they break quickly like we used to, and our full backs are miles away from where they are supposed to be, and our central defenders do not have any cover
    The Remedy
    Get good wingers, full backs stay back, defensive midfield cover your back line, and A midfielders learn to pass under pressure how hard is that.

  88. I reckon its the middle of the park Steve, we don’t cut enough of the oppos play off – do that first and the chances on goal would be far less.

    But yes, we always seem to be all out attack, leaving ourselves wide open at the back…

  89. Football is an easy game nothing hard about it most footballers are not brains of britains. Coaches are the brains of the outfit they train into the players what they want the players to do , well the ones with a modicum of sense anyway. back in the old days skillfull players would learn their skills by kicking balls against a wall they would practice trapping and bringing a ball under control they used their intelegence to go past a player, they realised that the physical side of the game was of utmost importance as there were a lot of tough nuts out there. To day we have football stars more cocerned with what colour boots or what kind of hairstyle they are sporting they all have mansions and Feraries bentleys they are more concerned that their celebrations are more exciting than the ffing football thats whats wrong with football.

  90. Spot on Steve and the fashion boots are half the reason they suffer foot/ankle injury – get back to the proper boot i say…

    I wouldn’t say all our players lack brains though, most speak two languages at least, something i can’t do ;)

  91. Good morning
    Italian League stiry is everywhere… 15 or more players suspect.. again Juventus.
    Rumours (credible?) Lorente (Athletic) – Arsenal?

  92. Footballers of today should be actors, as they practice the diving skill to cheat, they have almost perfected the swallow dive, where last night i watched the celebrity game and saw a young black fellow playing for the England side running his heart out down the wing and a roy keene thunderbolt sything tackle brought him down the black feller done a somersault and was back on his feet looking for the ball now that feller was not proffesional but that game meant something to him and England went on to win. Now thats football !!!

  93. You would if you were playing in a team with all foreigners rico

  94. Hi JM – i read that link to Lorente, can’t see any truth in that one can you?

    Also linked to Odil Ahmedov of Anzy who says he wants to join us…

  95. Was that Aston Merrygold Steve, he was pretty good ;)

  96. John Bishop impressed last night Steve

  97. I’m offski for an hour…. laters

  98. I wish I’d never heard of Stan Kroenke

  99. Was listening to some foreign journos on the radio a couple of days ago.
    The guy discussing the Spanish liga thought that English football would not suit Llorente.
    Don’t think Arsenal signing him is a goer anyway.
    I’d rather sign Dutch, German, Belgian,French players [ in that order] instead…

  100. Gareth Barry out of the England squad.
    Groin injury.
    Don’t worry Wonderfull Woy hasn’t replaced him with Jordan Henderson…
    Jagielka has been brought into the squad.

  101. Some of you might be pleased to know, that that Belgian tart, Eden Hazard, is going to publicly announce the club he is going to join this afternoon.

  102. If you like a lotta chocolate on your biscuit join our club.

    They were saying the other night Kev, Gareth Barry now has the same number of caps as Glenda Hoddle.

  103. Evening guys and gals….

  104. Good news for England fans then Charlie…

    I thought Eden was waiting until the 2nd June?
    :lol: Micko

  105. Wouldn’t it be bloomin funny if Hazard joins us :lol: :lol:

  106. If you believe sky rico, we’re not even in the running, it’s between chelsea, citeh and man united.

  107. I know Micko, but it would be bloomin funny wouldn’t it :)

  108. I reckon its fergies lot, they are looking to sell Nani so it would make sens

  109. Offski again, early dinner for me, hungry ;)

  110. Rico, the Hazard story came off of the radio…

  111. Tbh, i lost interest in Hazard and his posturing a couple of months ago.
    Even if a miracle occured, and he signed for Arsenal, we all know that he would using AFC as a stepping~stone, as his finishing school.
    I can’t get excited by players like him joining Arsenal.
    Many out there would probably disagree.
    But to me, he and his agent, have shown a distinct lack of class…

  112. I’m with you on Hazard Charlie….

  113. Blimey it’s quiet everywhere this evening Rico.
    Good night to have an early soapy session…. :-D

  114. Boo – bloody internet crashed :(

    No soaps tonight Charlie, been watering the plants etc as I couldn’t be here :(

  115. Hazard is joining Chelsea then, tough tits Fergie and Mancini :)

  116. yes, Hazard is joining Chelsea. Next, will be Hulk.

  117. Is that for sure JM??

    They have no manager right, not definately so who is making the decisions on these players??


  118. maybe. Hulk more then 50 million euros. They want Guardiola… However, AVB was making the project and the players for next season

  119. But he is long gone and Pep, well will he go there? I’m not so sure – I guess they can pay the amounts needed for the hulk having won the the CL…

  120. Oh well, best Wenger starts spending soon eh…

    I’m off for the day, so nighty to you JM and to all…

    Have a good one, catch you all tomorrow….

  121. Hulk is a question of days…
    They have contacts now with Guardiola but probably he rejects it

  122. I’m off now.
    I’ll come later

  123. Morning Rico.
    Lee is good.
    Hazard of the Bridge eh?
    Is it because they won the CL…???
    Does the little twerp think they’ll win it in 2013…???????
    Shallow muppit methinks…

  124. Morning Charlie and all – good to hear that re Lee

    Hazard, no doubt it is, what he doesn’t realise though is they won’t win it again ;)

    New Post Up :P

  125. WIll be interesting to see how the Chavs react to being CL holders?
    Expectations will be a lot higher.
    They’ll be the No.1 scalp next season.
    Every european teams target…
    And DiMatteo will never again enjoy the good fortune he enjoyed last season.
    Chelsea’s name was on the cup.
    It happens…!
    It happened for Liverpool….!!!
    Was it the start of a new Scouse dynasty????
    Far from being the start, it could be the last great hurrah.

  126. Agree Charlie, it was just their season, right now they haven’t even got a manager ;)

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