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Bendtners off! Sagna on M’Vila, Ramsey on Robin & Howard Webb makes a point!

Yesterday it was Bacary Sagna who had a few words on Robin and like us fans, he wants to see additions to this current squad:

Every year we lose some players – that’s football.  To keep Robin would be great. Everyone loves him. I know him very well and I’m sure he’ll be here next season. He’s going to think about his long-term plans and it’s always difficult to say what will happen way ahead.

We want more players to come to the team.

Lukas Podolski has arrived already and he is a German international and a quality player.

M’Vila can make a great impact. I’m not sure about his English but it took me time to learn. But I think he would suit us as well. Arsenal is a French-speaking team and it will help him settle.

Now the way Sagna speaks, it’s almost like he knows M’Vila is set to sign for us!

Aaron Ramsey has now joined in:

It’s important we keep Robin if we want to be title contenders. He has proven this season what his value to the team is with the amount of goals he has scored.  He was our top scorer, won the Golden Boot and the Player of the Year awards so any team would want to keep him. Arsenal are no different. Hopefully he will stay with us.

Master tactician Stewart Robson has been talking about the defence:

Steve Bould was a great defender and can bring much to the role on the defensive side and could really make a difference. What is clear is that they simply have to get that defensive game right.

We have the players to improve and make an impact – but the style has to change. Until that happens they will only be a good team, not a great team.

Well, we have all been saying what Robson has so finally things could change, not only with Bould but with Banfield in the first team set-up too.

Howard Webb has been talking too, not about Robin van Persie or Arsenal of course but about the ‘cheats’ in todays game, the ones who roll around on the ground after receiving a little knock or in worst cases, where they haven’t been caught at all. We have seen a few during our matches over the years haven’t we. Ruud van Nistelrooy springs to mind, how many times did he cheat against us?

One of our obligations as a referee is to try and observe fair play and keep the game flowing when we can.

If players cry wolf too many times, then there is a possibility that maybe we will not react in the way we need to do based on what we saw there.

If we come under criticism for stopping the games too many times for doctors or physios to enter the field of play then referees might be inclined not to stop the game.

Webb gets a lot of criticism, most of which is based around his perceived bias towards Manchester United but the way in which he handled the Fabrice Muamba incident was exemplary. Another referee on another day may not have dealt with it in the same way and Fabrice could have been left unattended for too long and he wouldn’t have made the recovery he has today.

So yes, there are plenty of things in football that need to be addressed, goal line technology, video replays etc but the one thing that needs stamping out in football is cheating.

It may just cost someone their life one day..

Finally, Nicklas Bendtner claims to have had talks with a few clubs and he’ll make his decision on where he moves after the Euros.

Forgive me, but didn’t we hear all that last summer but from his Father?

That’s it for another day, have a good one….

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143 comments on “Bendtners off! Sagna on M’Vila, Ramsey on Robin & Howard Webb makes a point!

  1. Morning all…

    Rubbish news day in the world of Arsenal :(

    Really hoping that Sagna has some inside info on his chum M’Vila :)

  2. First

  3. Yeh nice one ricolicious,
    Howard Webb what a fine honerable ref he is, its refs like him that has made Utds trophy cabinett bulge, moaning about cheating theres the pot calling the kettle black. The times are changeing goal line technology will be introduced but what we have to realise is that only tells us whether a ball has gone in or out the goal and whether its a corner or not, the things that wins games are the penalty decisions and the diving which still remains in the referee’s hands, i can remember back to my young playing days where one of the dads would have been the ref for the match and then as we grew we would have an afilliated Ref but maybe one member of each team would run the lines and then later affiliated refs and linesmen i have to say that in all those years we moaned that the officials were all bent, and its still the same now. Its not an easy job to be an impartial official as if you have made a wrong decision and you realise you have you could always give one in favour a bit later on to make up for it. But now camera’s are going to start coming in we will see many refs and linesmen like robots all waiting for a screen to tell us the right decisions but even this will be questiones as humans still have to record and playback and clever filming can show you any thing they want, competitive sport will always come down to peoples honesty and people are not always fair.

  4. Arsenal are set to make a £6million bid for Blackburn’s Steven N’Zonzi.

    Arsene Wenger is keen to boost his squad ahead of next season and has signed Lukas Podolski from ­Cologne.

    Also on his wish-list are Javi Martinez, of Athletic Bilbao, and Rennes’ Yann M’Vila.

    But Paris-born N’Zonzi has now been added to the ­targets and an ­enquiry has already been made.

    Blackburn’s relegation means Nzonzi is certain to move and Wenger wants to add the 23-year-old’s power and physical presence to the Arsenal midfield.

    He has three years left on his contract, but ­Rovers will struggle to keep him. N’Zonzi wants to be in the Premier League and Blackburn will find it hard to turn down a decent offer.

    But Arsenal will face ­competition from newly- promoted West Ham.

  5. Robin van Persie has told Arsenal that no amount of money can keep him at the Emirates if the club cannot convince him they will win trophies.

    And that has left terrified Arsenal officials convinced Dutchman Van Persie will spell out his desire to leave when he returns from the European Championships.

    Premier League champions Manchester City are poised with a £20million offer for Van Persie, who has just one year left on his Arsenal contract to run.

    The Gunners are willing to make captain Van Persie the highest paid player in their history by handing him a £130,000-a-week contract, plus a £5m-a-year signing on fee.

    But Sunday Mirror Sport can reveal Van Persie has not even allowed the Gunners to make him an offer because it is trophies and not money he is interested in.

  6. Morning Steve..

    Webb is biased old fool but credit where it’s due, he dealt with the Muamba incident really well and he is spot on re the cheats…

    The rest of his performances leave a lot to be desired…

  7. Morning all.
    Rico,here’s No way we should be listening to media scumbags would have no interest in the truth.
    They’d tell us Messi is our new back ip goalkeeper if they thought it’d sell some papers.

  8. Goal line tech could be in this season, half way through i read, if it’s all been cleared etc..

  9. Morning Scott

    Just passing on the news, i don’t believe any of it…. ;)

    Re Nzonzi, I think that move could hold some truth, not trying to sound pompass but said ages ago that while we all want M’Vila, the more likely is going to be a cheaper alternative…

  10. Who knows who we are in for…it’s a mystery to Wenger himself :).

  11. But would it surprise you?

    It wouldn’t me….

    Just wish Wenger and his old cronies would hurry up and put us out of our misery ;)

  12. Really don’t believe RvP would go to Citeh though, he is too much of a gooner to go there, Madrid or Barca maybe, but not Citeh…

  13. Morning Gooners.
    Morning Rico.
    Good post my Lady.

    England last won in Norway in 1966.
    Good omen???

    Does anyone Arsenal really give a toss about what he thinks or says?!
    All we care about is how much…
    That is ‘how much’ of a transfer fee we’ll get for him.
    His opinions otherwise carry the weight of a gnat…
    At least Denilson keeps his gob shut.

  14. Morning Charlie,

    Didn’t realsie it was back in 1966, lets hope it is a good amen…

    Bendtner – no, only when he says he’s gone will i be interested ;)

  15. Robin Van Persie’s case is an interesting one in my opinion, Van Persie is now at the stage of his career where he has to think about his pension, This could in all honesty be the last contract he makes. Robin will not only have to fullfill all his dreams of trophies combined with securing his bank account for after his playing days. We know Robin and he’s family is happy and settled in England for the time being and his children set up in their schools so robin will also have this to think about. Robin is in the last year of his contract and as far as i know intends to see his last year out with us, we know and robin does as well that Wenger and Arsenal see him as a possible £30 million payday, and after this year they could lose that and robins services as well, If Robins form should continue a future employer could save themselves a considerable fortune and if they signed him on for say 3 years and also gave Robin £5 million a year signing on fee would still get a very good deal. I believe it is down to how long he would be asked to sign that contract for as this is his last one and he would like it to last as long as possible, but we also know that wenger will try and keep it short because of robins age as i said interesting.

  16. I have Steve’s problem from yesterday, amen – should read omen and i can’t be bothered to edit :lol:

  17. Morning all ye Fine Folk,

    Sunshine is out……the Under9 won 5-4 and the little nipper got his first goal for the club. Its been a long time coming and at last he managed to squeeze one in with his first kick of the game…..in the first minute.

    Then the little nipper watched his dad nearly eat his hat at all the missed chances that the team failed to convert. Luckily we won 1-0 with a rather fortunate goal. Who cares. At least we won finally after all those lousy draws.

  18. I wonder if Gazides is hard at work?
    You know, on the phone thrashing out deals for new signings.
    Negotiating with agents.
    And having everything in place to convince Robin…

    Or is he on a beach somewhere???

    Off to work.

  19. Steve – tbh it’s a win win situation imho, if he stays, great, if he doesn’t and we get £25M for him, that’s ok too.

    IF and this is the biggie, IF that £25 million is re-invested on a proper, proven striker….

  20. Beach Charlie, he’ll be on a beach somewhere…

    have a good day, and eyes on the road ;)

  21. Ithink he will be in a house of disrepute, and will have his mind on something completely different. :)

  22. What are you suggesting Steve ;) ;)

  23. just read this mates……….

    Bas Dost was born in 1989. As a striker he plays for the Netherlands under 21 team (and has in fact played 10 times for them, scoring five times) and for SportClub Heerenveen.

    Now here’s a couple of interesting pointers to expand your knowledge of European football and bore everyone stupid down the pub: Heerenveen have only ever won one major trophy: the KNVB Cup. That was on 17 May 2009. On 31 August 2009 they sacked their manager because of a poor start to the new season. Here’s another one – the manager for this coming season is Marco van Basten. Wow.

    Bas Dost has only played in the Netherlands. His first transfer from his youth club to Heracles for around £280,000 where his real talent began to flourish and he signed for SC Heerenveen on 4 February 2010 on a five year contract.

    On 10 December 2011, Dost scored all five goals in Heerenveen’s 5-0 win away to Excelsior and became the league’s top scorer with an amazing 32 league goals in 34 matches. In all with Heerenveen he has scored 45 goals in 66 games.

  24. On 18 May 2010 the young striker was signed by SC Heerenveen, the 20 year old arrived from Heracles Almelo for a transfer fee of around €3.100.000 and signed with his new club a five-year-deal.[3] On 10 December 2011, Dost scored all five goals in Heerenveen’s 5-0 win away to Excelsior. Bas Dost finished as Eredivisie topscorer in 2011/12 season with 32 league goals in 34 matches

    He has scored 45 goals in 66 games!!!!!!!!

  25. TBH I have never heard of him till today. Watch some clips on him…

  26. He is 6ft 4′ and can play with both feet and is a good header.

  27. Morning devil – sign him up :P

  28. sign who……..Bas Dost or mt son????

  29. Devil,I’ve watched a bit if him over the last few months.
    He’s a little slow for my liking….will he suit our style of play??
    My kids had a 10-1 win yesterday…….they looked like Barcelona….passed the opposition to death.
    It was an unbelievable performance.
    Anyway,tell us more on Dost.

  30. mt=my son!!

  31. RVP is not that fast either.

  32. The 6′ 4″ striker devil :)

  33. Morning all. Firstly with RVP I think his presence next year is worth more to us than £20m so i would back the club to get off his back let him know we want him to sign and leave the deal on the table for him. I still think he would sign in say November if he thought the club looked like it could achieve silverware. I am more prepared for him to leave on a free but give us another season than go for a paltry £20m.

    RVP is the only player that should be allowed this leeway. The 2 that need to be given strict deadlines are Walcott and Song. They must be made to understand that we cannot let their situation drift on in the summer and quick decisions need to be made about whether they are signing or being sold. It is not so much about the danger of them entering their final year and us getting nothing but more that they would need replacing and the top replacements could be gone by later in the summer. Take Walcott for instance if he stays then we really don’t need another attacking wide player / wing forward but if we are selling him maybe we should be snapping up Hoilett. The problem is it will not probably be long before Hoilett moves somewhere so we can’t afford to miss the boat and therefore can’t give Theo much time.

    I am not to sure how good N’Zonzi is. I am sure he is a grafter but is he lacking a bit technically. Is he even better than Coquelin or Frimpong. Competing for a defensive midfielder with West Ham will hardly convince RVP of our ambition. If M’Villa really is the next great DM then pay the extra £12m. It might just make RVP sit up and take notice.

    On England, Whoever said it above, but I failed to see any good omens last night. It was dire and was like groundhog day from the Eriksson and Capello eras. It was the same old Gerrard, Barry, Milner, Lampard, Downing era of poor creativity. If we know we cannot win why not try with some different players or even a different formation. Why not start with Ox and why not bring Holt instead of Carrol, or Nathan Dyer and leon Britton instead of Downing and Barry. I must be honest I was so bored I switched over to watch Lord of the rings, so I will stand corrected if there is some brave soleout there who managed to sit through the whole game will tell me that while I was cheering on Gimli the dwarf while he felled another Orc that I missed an exciting passage of attacking play from England. I kept briefly switching back and each time without fail I found Norway in posession with England dropping off and defending in our last 3rd only to give it away again when we did win back posession. Listening to Townsends desperate attempts to put a positive twist on proceedings was painful and Southgate after trying to look at the positives was toe curling. Don’t have pundits that are afraid to upset the F.A because they are likely to be employed by them in some capacity. If you wanted to get a true reflection watch Keane twitching in his seat with steam coming out his ears as Southgate was speaking. When he did speak he couldn’t have been more plain in saying England were s–t if he had actually said England were s–t.

  34. devil – i didn’t see your earlier about your son :(

    Well done to him and the team :)

  35. Anyone know if Djourou featured in the Swiss victory over Germany last night?

  36. Hi GoonerB

    I think every gooner wants RvP to stay and blow the money, but that is with the club, either they sign the right players or he’s gone.

    The omen reference was merely down to 1966, the game and performance was shocking, but sometimes teams have to win ugly and boring, and sometimes i wish Arsenal could do just that….

  37. Lots of penalties and tap ins…….not sure on that footage.

  38. We need a few tap ins, don’t score enough of those imho….

    Did you have a good time last night Scott, nice meal?

  39. Ahhhhhhhh………Happy Birthday Scottie mate.

  40. Djourou came on during stoppage time touched the ball once before i knew he was clearly the greatest deadwood ever

  41. hi rico,
    I did watch the swiss match. Djourou played only 2mins. He was introduced in the 92nd minute of the match.

  42. Hi emma, thanks – no wonder they won then ;) ;)

  43. Ditto from me Scott, Happy Birthday

  44. Hi Rico. I didn’t check it was you that mentioned about omens. I agree with you that a disciplined but underwhelming team can win things. Think Porto and now Chelsea in the ECL, Italy for their last world cup and greece for the Euros. I think I would be far happier going out in the quarters or semis but having played good football and setting a marker for young English players that this is the kind of player that we are looking for in the future. If England did manage to win the Euros with performances like last night I would still feel deflated asfor me it would be a one off but, such would be the delight within the F.A, it would set us back another 10 years. The F.A would feel that everything is alright to carry on as is rather than say we got fortunate and need to change things if we want more success in the future. England play with too many functional players such as Downing, Milner, Barry and even now sadly I feel Gerrard. We have left some technical players at home for these functional players and the flare players we have brought look like they will play second fiddle to them. I thought Neville was a good appointment with his undoubted experience and balanced views he shows in match analysis. I am rethinking this purely because in Hodgson we have an Italian style defensive manager and Neville’s big strengths are also in this department. If you believe in Ying and Yang then maybe the balance is wrong.

  45. No mention of Engelbert today, Norway saved his bacon last night.

    Kev, Denilson’s last parting shot at us before he was shipped to Sao Paulo was that he needed to move to satisfy his need to win trophies, another big time charlie, no time for him.

  46. GoonerB, but most wouldn’t batter an eyelid if England won the euros playing like last night – look at Chelsea in the CL final, they were very defensive but got what they wanted.

    The reports say CL winners, not CL winners but played boring defensive football to win it ;)

  47. Yes I agree Rico and I am sure I would be criticised for being one of them you can never satisfy but I stand by those views. I think it will all be a moot point anyway as I think on top of the Spanish there are too many other teams well ahead of us and we have literally no chance. Cue another poor tournament without even the guts to at least have a go for it.

  48. Hi Micko – He was nearly as bad as Jedwood ;)

  49. I’d rather watch footie that is easy on the eye GB but tbh, what players in this current england squad can do that?

    one thing struck about theo last night, can’t recall who passed the ball just in front of him and off he went, he out paced their defenders. looked up to see where to cross and not one player was in the box. 2/3 defenders on him and ball gone…

    theo gets slated, but he is too fast for his own good ;)

  50. Hi peeps and Gooner family,

    Rico Webb is the last person who should be entertaining media about impartiality. After all it’s performances like his own that give players a sense of justifiable winning mentality when scouting for deception.

    Scott Happy Awsome Birthday mate.

    Don’t think Bas Dost will be leaving this season. The appointment of Van Basten as coach will see his poachers nature nurtured by one of Holland’s best strikers in decades. Dos stats are promising but I agree with Scott he needs more explosive speed and intuitive agility to take defenses in bigger leagues to the cleaners.

  51. Rico; didn’t think England played that bad in the first half, and i liked what Hodgeson has done in the defence, i felt he has taken notice of Chelseas last few games and has tried to blend his defence a little tighter and not conceed, Gerrard having to go off made the need to change and thats when we started to be second to the ball and missplacing our passes.I hate to go on about Thes’s contrbution was as normal but he has to step that up if he even wants to be in the Arsenal first, let alone England

  52. Boo!! Hiya, rico!! How are the chickies? Hope they’re a-laying! ;)

    I have a feeling Robin will still be leading the line come next season!

    Happy 30th birthday, Scott! ;) Have a smashin’ (and smashed) time! :D

    Dutch, Webb and impartiality = irony. ;)

    Hola, everyone!

  53. steve!! I wasn’t able to see the match. How did Theo fare?

  54. IHi Agag, he was as he has been all season not very good, i can see why people are sticking with him but i would move him on i know that sounds a bit callous but he brings very little John Arne Risa left him for dead several times untill the manager switched him i would put him down as the worst player.

  55. The Ox had 20mins for he’s debut and showed he will be a key player in the future, Hodgeson in his posy match interview said that theo can also do a job down the middle if need be imho he couldnt do any worse.

  56. If, as the rumours are pointing, that M’Vila is Arsenal bound.
    Then i don’t see the point of signing N’Zonzi.

    From an England perspective, and considering our paucity at winning International tournaments.
    If England play total shite, but win the Euro’s, then i will be very satisfied and very happy.
    Italy are pragmatic and nobody criticises them…

    Yes Mick, you reminded me about what Denilson said.
    I suppose, because it was so idiotic, that i quickly forgot his crass statement.
    Afternoon Gooners btw.

  57. Hiya blooming gorgeous. Webb gave United two penalties as they came from 3-0 down to draw at Chelsea in February. Says irony in abundance.

  58. Hey Dutch.
    My boy had last weekend in Amsterdam.

    He said it was very mellow. :-)
    That the coffee is memorable.
    He wanted to bring some coffee back with him.
    But it was a bit risky.
    Customs are not very pro~coffee. :-D

    Hey Agag. How the shopping???
    Are you being good. Or have you given way to temptation..? :-D

  59. Steve, a damning assessment of Theo. Quick, rico! Defend your boy!

    Hi, Dutch. :) Webb is so pro-United, he might as well officiate wearing a Rooney shirt.

    “Coffee”, AK?? Haha. I wish I could say, I haven’t yielded to temptation… But then again, that’s what temptations are for. You should always let them win. :D :D

  60. Afternoon Sir.

    So your son been to the A’dam Cheech and Chong exchange. Did he enjoy what columnists call skirts and blouses days?? The capital is such a catwalk when temperature rises. You know sunglasses in hair flirting the adventurers and city dwellers.

    At small amounts there’s still little retribution just a finger slap and a hard ass reprimand. It’s different when you pack yourself like mule.

  61. Agag re; temptation…
    Ha, those are the most enjoyable purchases!
    You know you shouldn’t, but what the hell.

    Dutch, my boy said that the girls were very very pretty.
    And the people in general very friendly.
    But food & drink was a bit stiff.
    He can’t wait to go again.
    I just told him to avoid Arnham, as they’re a bit crazy over there. :-D

  62. Steve I read journos gave Theo a 3/10 rating. Harsh depiction maybe but it pushes his contract demands within the means of reality. Le Grove mentioned today he’s earning 80% above his market value already. Can’t escape the feeling his England contribution last night has everything to do with a critical assessment.

    Agag a pair of twinkling devil horns more like it. You know the ones that come as hair decoration at the funny shop. To show you’re innermost naughtyness ;)

  63. Kev, I’m surprised he didn’t try and get a part time time job as a window cleaner while he was over there, probably a waiting list anyway, it would take his mind of the transfers for a while as well.

  64. Yeah AK definitely avoid Arnhem. It’s no coincidence a bridge to far is situated in this area. ;)

  65. Exactly, AK. And the last pair you bought is always 1) your favorite; 2) the “last” one you’d buy, ever! ;) You really should be my shopping bud.

    Dutch, who me?? I wear a halo. although I skipped Mass today. ;)

    Micko, I wish the new season were here, too! ;)

  66. Not you precious. Webb. But now you thrown the enlightenment in the group. You missed your blessings today, makes one receptacle to the magnetism of the dark side. Soon you will be trading your halo for a glass of hooch and a toy boy night in town. :)

  67. Good afternoon
    Mets played yesterday… German loose 5-3 in Switzerland (where Djourou played thw two last minutes)
    RVP scored yesterday
    Ryder Hesjedal (Canada) won the Giro!

  68. After 8 years of nothing i believe we have to start realising about the facts of life, our youngsters program is not producing the talent that we need to make us successfull. We have to ask ourselves the question when is a youngster old enough to make his place in the first team. Chamberlain has been used spasmodicaly but is he ready, He has just played his debut for his country he played 20 minutes how can the England manager deem him good enough when he has never played 90minutes for his club, its been done in the past where an Arsenal youngster gets a place in the squad and even though England were short of strikers did not use him what the hell was the point. we have many players on the verge of getting a regular place but we are still calling for the manager to buy in experience so why bother with the youngsters in the first place. some of these youngsters are brought in as barely teenagers so many years of training and also paying them at the same time, many probably more leave, before they make it through to the reserves so what a waste when we know what position we need just go out and buy one. supporters will always have a view on who we need and that will never change but answer one question how many of our youngsters would you move into the first team, i bet most of you would say none, you would rather a player you have seen and know that he could do a job. So lets just go and do that and buy ourselves a trophy

  69. Great comment, steve. Our academy hasn’t exactly produced world-beaters. Maybe given more time?? We do have LJ. :)

    I wish our Board would spend the money necessary to get us some silverware again. No more bargain basement buys. :( I’m tired of them.

    Hi, JM! :) You sound happy today. :D Dutch, that sounds nothing like me. I
    f smudge is to be believed, that would be rico. :D :D

  70. The truth of the matter Agag is that we are probably spending more money out producing nothing as opposed to buying in what we need. The actual idea of producing talent sounds a solid idea but how long do we wait for this to start happening, all we produce is players who are never fit why this is happening i really don’t know but that is why we are not winning anything Jack Wilshere Aaron Ramsey Kieran Gibbs Frimpong Diaby JD all out for considerable time where is the benefit of any of them.

  71. That is probably true, SSP. Sadly. But then you see the products of La Masia (eeeeek; can’t believe I’m saying this.) and you hope against hope.

  72. Nevermind my lad Mick, i’m on the window cleaning list already.
    Just below you and Wath…

  73. Fabiansky is definetelly out of the Euro 2012. He has the same shoulder injury like a few years ago…. more dificult to sell him
    So, Fabiansky, Sagna,Diaby, wilshere, 4 players out of the Euro 2012.
    QPR wants one of the twins Silva on loan
    Hi agag ! Happy? Why? Not revelant today just I’m enjoying the Sunday

  74. Stevo, i think that this summer is the first where Arsenal can source kids from anywhere in England, Wales and N.Ireland…
    Therefore our Academy can compete with the best kids anywhere rather than be limited to S.E.England.
    Hopefully we’ll the benefits of that in 5 or 6 years time.
    Yeah, i know it’s another case of jam tomorrow.
    But we’ve gotta start somewhere.

  75. Trouble is Kev we started a long while ago

  76. I am off, dear friends! Good night!! :) :)

  77. Steve meat and potatoes, the finished article is what we need. As the menu doesn’t make a meal. Seven players where recently released from the academy without fetching a transfer fee. I know there are UEFA/FIFA rules that would see us receiving compensation for their education if they manage to sign a pro contract somewhere else. That’s not the point though. I feel the size of our academy has grown out of proportions attracting scholarship seekers instead of first team apprentices university level.

    Partially it is a Arsenal problem scout, scout, scout. Means someone in an overcrowded international network has to satisfy his bread lord with a few standouts at youth level. But mainly, I feel, it’s been a football problem over the years. Every major club dipped in the kids market for the extensive profits to a relative low investment. Clubs like Ajax once renowned for their ability to pinpoint talent, struggle as such. They hook talents on a fishing line while big spenders troll a net. This has made athletic education a roulette table, the more chips you put down the more likely your lucky number will be called. Risks balanced by the law of averages.

    I do feel Arsenal is trying to change it’s policies. Few years back we were buying youngsters per bag like aquarium fish at the local pet store. Now I see a more sensible approach selecting few over many. I hope to see the standards raised of being a first team player as well. Cuz clearly it isn’t working for the dynamics and hardly pushes them kiddos into the final stage of becoming regulars. There’s still too much testing on skills and performance checking at first team level before any rulings been done. Less sentiment more hard requirements will leave us fans applauding instead of moaning about vague promises for the nearby future that need playtime. We fans have expectations, especially as Gooners used to fluent combination play. We wanna watch football from proven men, accountable attributes, not some teenagers developing/growing a career in our stadium as their backyard.

    So yeh I agree Steve. 5 top class price fighting mercenaries are needed to be taken seriously again in our status. That will give a green light to other upcoming players to mark their ambitions as they seek clubs where substantial boots are to be filled.

  78. Night night holy Maria. Sweet dreams. :)

  79. Thanks Dutch that was a very educational comment and explaination there, its educated me where i rarely take a great deal of notice of the youngsters untill they enter the frey, AK has done a couple of posts which was on a similar vane and made me start to realise the expense and just how big our project is. To be quite honest i am more of a today man as opposed to the future perhaps because i am getting older i have become slightly more demanding, I understand that we won’t compete with the big clubs buying wise but when you consider that wengers most expensive signing is AA at 15 million and City have more than half their team over the 20 mark, but i do feel that we can improve on some of the talent we buy

  80. Sorry Agag nte nte you be good :)

  81. Good evening fine ladies and gents, any news

  82. Nighty agag, sorry i missed you :(

  83. Its not raining :)

  84. It is here Steve, raining Windie Wickets :)

  85. just off to get the dinner then back for a while….

  86. Sir Steve ;) Over the last 8 seasons we all have come to the end of our rope. Future only thrills me when it concerns technology, science and our coming together as a global village. The rest is entertainment and politics which I consume in the here and now. I don’t promise myself to go to a movie theater 5 years from now. I do so on the basis of a trailer inviting me next week. Once there I get treated to an experience that will see me back for more. Or not. So Arsenal has the obligation to fulfill our senses and excitement on a weekly basis. Which they have not to the extend of the aforementioned 8 seasons. Our only ‘foolish’ logic keeping us around is the loyalty. That is barely given any notice, just more pleadings for unity and patience. Well mine has dried up like camel droppings in the Sahara. It can’t even catch a bad smell by lack of attention.

    For the 15 mln transfer record still holding ground just shows how reluctant the management is to understanding acquisition rules been changed. It saddens me to call my club pathetic at times. But better a realist than a pessimist.

  87. Windies, 6 wickets down for 11 run lead.
    That’ll do nicely.

  88. Now that’s a sport I might pick up on. Cricket. At least there’s cheering folks when a ball hits attendees.

  89. Good evening Fine Folk.

    Hope you are all ok and had a good day.

    According to Italian media N’Zonzi is a done deal with 7.5million going to B’Burn.

  90. Anyone watching England vs Rest of the World charity match on ITV, Keown and Seaman start, should be fun.

  91. Me Micko, i’m watching :)

  92. Charlie – great day in the cricket :)

    DG – trust me, the england fans are full of cheers today ;)

  93. Freddie is there too :)

  94. Freddie ain’t been the same since he lost his red hair rico.

  95. Too right Micko – we love you Freddie, because you have red hair, we love you Freddie….

    Those were the days weren’t they :(

  96. Got to love Bish, even though he’s a dipper ;)

  97. Ollie Mers, good player …..

  98. Swansea City have agreed a fee of about £7.2m with Hoffenheim to sign loan midfielder Gylfi Sigurdsson, BBC Sport Wales understands.

    The Icelandic international and Swansea are expected to have talks regarding his personal terms this week.

    Sigurdsson joined Swansea in January on loan from the German club until the end of the season.

  99. Nigeria international Yakubu Aiyegbeni may have played his last match for relegated Blackburn Rovers.

    The 29-year-old has told BBC Sport that he is not keen on playing in the Championship, after Rovers dropped out of the top flight.

    Yakubu was the one bright element in an otherwise gloomy season for Blackburn, scoring 18 goals in total.

    He has two years to run on his contract but – a proven goalscorer – there would be interest from other clubs.

  100. devil – we missed a trick with Gylfi Sigurdsson

  101. I read the Yak story, would love to see him in red and white, he’s a proven PL goal scorer and will get us goals in a very different fashion….

  102. What a goal by the ROW – Spunky lobbed again ;)

  103. I like Yak also. He is big and powerful. And does not get hurt easily.

  104. Just think he’d give us something different too devil, and he shoots from distance, and scores….

  105. I heard Yakubu is taking up beach modeling. Mainly Fatkini’s , plus size wim wear.

  106. The problem with AW is that he is afraid to change…for the simple reason that he wants to succeed on his own terms. Whilst I agree that Under17 football is different to EPL, it does help to have someone like the YAK to play with and alternate with someone like RVP or else play them together. At the end of the day its a win which matters not how many passes you made to score a goal.

  107. SAM ALLARDYCE has slapped in a £7million bid for Dutch scoring sensation Bas Dost.

    The West Ham boss wants 6ft 4in Dost, 22 — who topped the goals chart in Holland with 32 goals in 34 league games for Heerenveen — to bolster his squad for the Premier League next season.

    Big Sam only has Carlton Cole and Ricardo Vaz Te as frontline strikers after Sam Baldock and Nicky Maynard failed to make an impact in the Championship last term.

    Allardyce also hopes to sign left-back George McCartney permanently after a successful season on loan from Sunderland.

    The club’s £33m wage-bill was eased slightly with big-earning Julien Faubert released.

  108. Swim wear*

  109. I am off now fine folk.

    Cu tomorrow.

    Good night all.

  110. :lol: DG

    Nighty devil – looks like we missed another then….

  111. Night Devil. I promise to leave my sarcasm out tomorrow. Enjoy your evening.

    The Yak can hold all acrobats of Cirque du Solei on his shoulders and still twist and turn on goal.

  112. I’m offski for the day too…

    Nighty DG and all, have a good evening

    Catch up tomorrow….

  113. Anyone else already being bored shitless and/or worn down to the threads about transfers?? Just want my new season going. Hopes against better judgement and all.

  114. Night madam. Agag says you on the hooch, parading toy boys down town in scandalous nights out club hopping. Be safe lady.

  115. Morning all.
    Thanks for the birthday wishes,much appreciated.
    It seems not much is happening in the football world ATM.

  116. I’m with you Dutch.
    It’s a tedious time at present.

  117. I don’t know if it’s true…
    The Swiss commentator, Philippe Von Burg said he spoke with Johan Djourou and he said he is looking for a new club.

  118. We can only hope JM.

  119. Scott, even if Wenger doesn’t sign another centre~back, he has to somehow fit Koscielny, Vermaelen & Mertesaker into two places.
    I expect to see Miquel as 4th choice with Song also, but only in an emergency.
    Can’t see where Djourou can fit in and Bartley for that matter.

  120. Looks like i have missed everybody but i watched the charity England and ROTW and saw that even amatures can cross a ball better than all our stars and made it look so easy, i was begining to think it must be the ball but after seeing them tonight i just realised that our players don’t have the skills good night to those still surfing catch you all tomorow :)

  121. Night Steve.
    You’re right,crossing should be a simple skill learned early on…….a lot of players,and I mean worldwide,make it look so difficult…it’s ridiculous.
    AK,agreed…..let him, go and cash in.
    There’s clubs everywhere that will be pay good dollars for any player from Arsenal,simply because they’re from Arsenal.
    I’d suggest Djourou would thrive overseas,leading the narks to ask why it is Wenger couldn’t get the best out of him,but not taking into account he just didn’t perform in this particular league.

  122. Coach, 7.35;
    N’zonzi for £7.5million…
    Not sure what to think of that habib…
    Italian Press is just unreliable as British.
    But if that is true…
    Then what of M’Vila hints from Sagna?
    Would Wenger sign two def/mids?
    Does that hint at Song’s departure??
    Where would those signings leave Coquelin and Frimpong???
    What about Diaby….??????? :-)
    Sounds a bit far~fetched to me.
    Anyway, Gazides is on the beach, scratching his balls…

  123. Djourou isn’t a bad player Scott.
    But he certainly isn’t a full~back.
    When he joined Arsenal as a 16 year old, Steve Bould really rated him and stated that he was the best young centre~back at the club, or who he’d seen at the club etc.
    But a succession of injuries and not having maybe the right partner, has stifled his development.
    Tbh his languid style is probably more suited to Serie A or Ligue Un.
    He’ll probably do ok once he’s out of the EPL.
    And Arsenal should get a good fee for him after the Euro’s.

  124. The injury to Fabianski could prove a bit of a nuisance.
    Not sure how long he’s out, but Arsenal will have to pay him a wage, i believe, even when his contract expires.
    So does Wenger sign an experienced No.2..?
    Or does he keep Flappy for another year?
    Or at least till January???
    Not sure if Arsenal can just show him the door, even though his contract is at an end?
    Not sure if the club were expecting some kinda fee for him?
    Not if, as i believe, that he is on a Bosman???

  125. But if his injury means that he cannot leave before August 31st, then it kinda stumps Wenger from buying another goalkeeper.
    If Arsenal have to keep Fabianski, because of his injury, and pay him, then i can’t see Wenger bringing in another goalkeeper and having Flappy sitting on his backside copping wages for bugger all.
    Could mean next season having Sir Chesney, Flappy & Martinez as our 3 goalkeepers?!

  126. Just been re~reading your comments on the youth team Sir Steven.
    Tbh i tend to look at the youths, as a totally seperate entity.
    Brady has his job to do and what he does and who he signs really has no impact on Wenger’s currant 1st team policies.
    So when i read that Arsenal have signed some 15 year old wonder kid from wherever, it doesn’t bother me as the youths have a seperate budget and what they do is what they do…
    Nothing the Academy does should detract from what Wenger is, or should be, doing…
    So even if Brady signs 50 youngsters, Wenger has the same budget, and should bloody well spend it.
    Well, once Ivan gets off of the beach….

  127. I still rate Fabianski,but I know I’m in the vast minority.
    He always seem anxious or nervous when he plays,but he’s technically a bloody good goalkeeper.
    I’m not sure what he answer is,but if it can be found,he’d be an asset to the club.

  128. Morning all, if anybody is up that is :)
    Personally picking players that we have to field a team is not rocket science, we all know about football and our players, we know who has what skills we watch them over a season and most of us watch every game. I try and watch every game and i study the players we have. Now i won’t say i know more than the Manager because you know i would be talking out of my arse, but when you look at what we have, even a blind man can see if they are good enough.
    My assesment on some.
    Czezsney cocky, good shot stopper but kicking is a weakness doesn’t catch the ball as much as he should has a rush of blood and makes the wrong choice but is learning and he should improve.
    Sagna, solid right back covers a lot of ground but knows his position well an asset to the team but with two leg breaks in a very short time may make him a weakness. Kos has turned out a very reliable CB has a good heart and a solid pair of lungs works overtime and will run all day. Verminator not as good this season as last and made a few errors but will in my mind return to his former top form Gibbo been a lot better this season still injury prone but has grown into his position needs backup as he will not be playing for a whole season.
    Rosiski getting better and has great forward runs with a good spurt of pace often let down by others. Arteta solid hardworking inteligent but being relied on to much but a good asset, Song wants to do too much on his own, hangs on to the ball to long but will fight like a terrier to win the ball back needs more guidence and should hold his position better. Ramsey has had a bad season often picks the wrong choice has all the ability in the world but looks like he has the world on his shoulders he is a puzzle to me. Wilshere been out for a whole season but is a solid player he should come back refreshed but could be problematic. Gervinho gets carried away and runs into blind corners has shown no signs of a finnish but holds the ball well needs to polish up his act. Theo has all the qualities to be a very good player but seems not to posess a brain his work rate is spasmodic and a luxury player in other words a passenger, Robin leader by example has had a very good season and must be kept, is injury prone but has all the ingredience. That is just My rundown of the most used players Santos Coqu Jenkinson miquel Frimpong Diaby JD sqillaki Mertsacker are only to be used in emergencies un proven for any considerable time but may or not get better. Personally i feel we need to inject more tallent if we are to challenge for the title Coaching at the moment is imperative as all these players are under acheiving and could and should be a lot better.

  129. Last news: Llorente (Athletic Bilbau) – Arsenal?

  130. Morning all…

    Charlie – your 12.40 – you don’t know a lot do you ;) ;)

  131. Odil Ahmedov wants to catch Arsenal’s eye this summer.

    The Anzhi Makhachkala midfielder was considered by the Gunners for a move 12 months ago.

    The 24-year-old Uzbekistan star said: ‘I would like, if I had the choice, to play for Arsenal.’

    An Usmanov signing :) :)

  132. Steve – you missed out Theo ;)

  133. Morning Rico No i didn’t :)

  134. Morning Steve
    :oops: so you didn’t, eyes playing me up this morning

  135. What did you think of the charity match last night Rico

  136. Loved it Steve, better than watching England :P

    What about you?

  137. Yeh me too, when the anthem was being played loved the cheeky grins on the celebs faces. Freddy can still play a bit eh :) If you had it you never lose it crisp clever passes now thats what we miss

  138. Have you read any news on Chef Ramsey?

  139. The NA was great, Robbie’s cheeky grin to the camera :)

    Freddie, miss him still, he and Bobby were awesome weren’t they.

    No news on Ramsey, looked nasty ;)

    Few of the celebs can play too, ROW’s goal was pretty special

  140. New Post up

  141. that Ben wassisname was a good prospect could have made it had he took up football instead of tele

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