Happy St Dippers Day! A deal that escaped the tea lady & has Robin & Theo done a Tomas Rosicky?

Happy St Dippers Day :)

Twenty three years ago today, it was up for grabs and Michael Thomas made sure we took that last gasp chance – we beat Liverpool 2-0 at Anfield and with it, we won the League!

In case you missed it, have a peep at the video…

Happy days eh…..

Yesterday morning I watched a football show on Sky Sports (thanks Lee).

I just caught Arsene Wenger talking about Tomas Rosicky and Robin van Persie.

Not long ago most of us truly believed that we were witnessing some of the best football played by Tomas Rosicky in a long long time. He seemed years younger, fitter and had more about him than ever before.

Sadly, with it came a few cynical comments about how he must have been playing for a new contract, a pay rise etc etc.

Soon after, Arsenal announced that our Czech old boy had indeed been offered and accepted a new contract. Some fans were pleased, others of course were far from happy.

Interestingly enough, Wenger spilled the beans yesterday:

He said that back in January, Rosicky was offered a new contract and he accepted it without hesitation. The deal was done but was kept quiet, nobody knew.

So when people were watching him play and making their sarcastic comments about his performances were only about earning a new contract, they were very wrong. What Tomas was actually doing was playing well and working hard, because he had already got a new contract.

That contract deal was announced in March, roughly two months after it was signed and not one person leaked that information.

Onto Robin van Persie, there has been so much speculation about him, newspapers have suggested talks have taken place, the same ones have reported that those talks have broken down. Some suggest that is down to his wages demands, others believe he wants the club to sign a few players to make our side stronger and to show more ambition.

Arsene Wenger was inevitably asked about our captains future and he said two things with a big smile on his face.

1) He was very very confident that Robin would be playing football in the English Premier League next season.

2) That he would be playing his football in red and white.

So many people profess to be in the know, to know the tea lady, the cleaner etc within the club but, no-one ever knew or leaked that Tomas had signed a new contract two months prior to it being announced.

It could just be that nobody other than Arsene Wenger and Robin van Persie know whether our captain has already signed a contract extension and the same could be said about Theo Walcott.

Holland have vowed to keep Robin away from the paparazzi who all want to break the story that he is leaving.

It could just be that that story will not materialise, well not this summer anyway….

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