Mata, Alvarez, Vertonghen & One who won't be missed could go….

Premier League referee Phil Dowd has failed his fitness test, good, and I hope he fails any other re-sit chances he gets, he is one of the worst officials in the game of football, and his level of incompetency rises to another level when he officiates one of our games.

I’m sure that most Arsenal fans will be glad to see the back of him, I know I will!

Talking of people we would all like to see the back of and our ‘recruiting team’ spring to mind.

Have those responsible for transfers at Arsenal repeated their blundering over the signing of Juan Mata and Ricky Alvarez, gone and done it again?

Rumours are that long-term Arsenal target Jan Vertonghen has grown tired of Gazidis & co ‘Moving the Goalposts’ and is now very close to signing for Tottenham.

Vertonghen, at 25 years old,  is/was the perfect defensive addition to Arsenal’s less than secure defence in my opinion and at a reported fee in the region of £10.5 million, shouldn’t break the bank account of a ‘Big Club’….

That is of course,  if those in charge at Ashburton Grove believe that they are still running a Big Club, as opposed to a ‘Feeder club’….

Time for a bit of action you two!!

Actions speak louder than words in my book..

It was thought that Vertonghen had wanted some assurances about where he stood in the pecking order and he stipulated that he wanted to be considered as a first choice for the starting XI.

Whatever the truth, it now seems as if the big Belgian defender/midfielder is set to move elsewhere.

The Yann M’Vila interest has taken a few steps backwards as well recently as another popular signing among many Arsenal fans seems to be slipping away. It is now suggested that he’s highly likely to be heading to Manchester and the Etihad Stadium, why?

With it, all the early optimism and good-will from the fans, post the Podolski signing, is in serious danger of slipping away.

I’m sure that Arsenal are not the only EPL club who, at random, make a dog’s dinner out of a transfer, it just seems that way!

22-year-old midfielder Gylfi Sigurdsson is also attracting some attention. The goalscoring Icelandic midfielder is rated around the £5.3million mark, with Arsenal, one of many suitors for his services…

Sigurdsson could prove better value-for-money than another 22-year-old, Younes Belhanda, who is rated at £7million.

It’s looking as if another Montpellier player, Olivier Giroud, 25, has actually got a buy-out clause in his contract, if reports are to be believed. €13million seems to be the magic number, or as reported around £8.4million.

Again, he is easily within Arsenal’s budget…

So what exactly is our recruiting team doing right now I wonder?

Working on bringing in the players we need, or sitting on their butts waiting to tell us ‘they tried, but’?

Your guess is as good as mine….

Written by Allezkev

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