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Wenger to go cheap – again? Bendtner & Arshavin on their way & Welcome Bould, go find us a Beckham!

Morning Gooners,

The clearout has begun:

Professionals Manuel Almunia, George Brislen-Hall, Gavin Hoyte, Sean McDermott, Rhys Murphy, together with Scholars James Campbell and Jeffrey Monakana will all be released on July 1 and are therefore free to join other clubs from this point.

That’s seven so far and reports this morning suggest that we are in talks with Brussia Dortmund about Bendtner and Zenit in relation to Arshavin.

For those who haven’t read it, there is a very good article written by yankiegunner. It’s worth a read.

We all want M’Vila don’t we, but suggestion is if that deal doesn’t materialise, we are keeping an eye on Étienne Capoue who currently plays for Toulouse in Ligue 1. He’s a 23 year old 6′ 2″ defensive midfielder who also plays centre back when needed and has represented France at under 21 level. His contract expires next summer!

Cheaper option? Yes as he has only one year remaining on his contract.

The more likely option, I would say so, especially as he can slot into defence if needed.

The right option? Well we haven’t signed him, but if we do, let’s get him in the door and playing before we judge.

So, back to today….

Many supporters are panicking over whether Robin Van Persie stays or goes but I am just wondering who will take the corners if he should decide he’s future is somewhere else.

Scoring 30 Premier League goals, 37 in all competitions is an amazing tally for one season, but for our only recognised striker, I wonder how many he might have scored with perhaps a David Beckham taking the set pieces.

It’s my belief that when you have a goal scoring machine such as Van Persie you offer him as many opportunities as you can and I see corners and free kicks as opportunities. We know by how many goals the others have amassed that without Robin we wouldn’t be looking at top four and Champions League next season.

Steve Bould will be taking some of the training sessions next season and I have heard he likes to get in with the players gee them up when they are not performing. Steve was also a tough player, renowned his solid defending and one of his first jobs when the pre-season  training begins  will be no doubt, to sort out our defensive unit.

We  all know that Arsene Wenger only seems to have time for attacking moves and tactics so I would urge Steve to whisper in Arsene’s ear about that. Our strikers, including should Robin should he stay, together with Podolski should be kept in the penalty area when we have a corner/set piece. Their job is to score goals, and they could get a lot more if they don’t take that set piece. Ok, it’s different if the set-peice holds a true goal scoring opportunity, but otherwise, leave that to someone else.

With the strikers in the right place, maybe our defenders will reamin in their rightful position, ready for a quick break from the opposition.

We may then begin to cut down some of the 49 goals conceded this season.

Where I am hoping that Boulds influence will be a positive move in cutting out the huge gaps in our defence, I also hope that he can educate the likes of Walcott and Gervinho. I don’t want to sound negative but Theo has the pace of a racehorse but a brain the size of a pea, and Gervinho, who quite clearly has the ball skills to take a defender, has trouble finding a pass to a team-mate!

Both these players could be quite devastating if give the right and simple training techniques.

From what I understand, Podolski style of play is very similar to Robin van Persie , both are left sided players who would be looking to move in the same positions. Of course I am worried that Podolski has been brought just in case we cannot keep Robin, but should Robin, the introduction/addition of Podolski can only enhance our goal scoring opportunities.

Whether they are both on the pitch at the same time, remains to be see but their double act could really destroy teams.

Our tactics will have to change quite a bit from previous seasons, we cannot afford to take one of these strikers out of the middle to take a corner or a free kick as we want them in the middle to receive these balls, i see no sense in having your 37 goal a year striker out of the action. We have 11 players on the field of play any one of these players should be able to pass a ball should the need arise from one side of the park to the other, and in the general direction of its target, so a corner shouldn’t present too many problems with a bit of practise.

Its my belief that bringing both central defenders up for set plays in not good tactics, although we have benefitted by the odd goal, but when you consider the goals we have conceded i believe they are better in their positions and saving their energy by protecting their own goal and leave the goal scoring to the strikers in the middle. David Beckham was a master of the dead ball kicks he also crossed a ball which normally found its target, that is a tactic that must be worked on as we will now be having two strikers that can both head a ball and who can score from tight angles all we need is someone that can deliver.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Steve to his new position as Arsene’s No 2 we expect a lot from you and we believe your the right man for the job, let them know your there and sort this rabble out.

Written by Steve Palmer

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324 comments on “Wenger to go cheap – again? Bendtner & Arshavin on their way & Welcome Bould, go find us a Beckham!

  1. Good article Steve.
    What can you guys tell me about Capoue?
    If we go for him,is the consensus that he’s good enough?

  2. Morning all

    Another really good post Steve, sorry about the additions..

  3. capoue’s actually had a much better season than m’vila and features in quite a few ligue 1 teams of the season (of multiple journos including julien laurens). Honestly speaking, if buying him instead of m’vila means we’ll spend on a good attacking mid then i’d take him all day.
    As for him not being part of the french national team, all i can say is their manager prefers mexes over koscielny.

  4. Scott,

    I can’t help tbh, don’t know much about him other than what I read. JM or devil may know more or anyone else who follows Ligue 1

  5. Thanks adi, the post says he does play for his country…

  6. Going onto the body of the post, Steve makes a really good point, why does RvP take corners?

  7. Mexes over Kos – well that says a lot doesn’t it…

  8. superb article and i argee in every leter. Its time to rise to glory again and if I might be so bold to say “Wenger, its time to open the wallet a bit more m8″ we need more star players and dont sign avarage. We want some silverw next season. Arsenal for life….

  9. Just watched a vid of capoue’s and for his age his immense. Can keep the ball and solid! M’vila just reminds me of a defensive balotelli! Good with the ball but a headless chicken, and a bit of a bad boy! However, maybe a bad boy is what we need to get our fear back… as recent season even the little clubs looks forward to playing us and that wasnt the case back in the invisible days.

  10. I,along with every other Gooners in the world,would loveto kow why RVP takes our corners.
    Ox takes a decent one,so let’s hope he’s he man next season.

  11. Thanks Adi and Matty.
    Straight away it shows theirs viable options around.

  12. Just hope Wenger or the board get a grip and do there business before the Euros start or they will be no chance of us signing experience players with there price tags increasing.

    Also my prediction with RVP sadly as this hurts me to say this is that this saga is going to get dragged out till the end of augest and we will end up selling him :( just hope if this is the case that podolski isnt his replacment or will be in the same Predicament relyin one CF.

  13. Youtube etc can make any player look good Matty, they only show the good bits ;)

    It’s the letf sided ones Scott, Arteta takes them from the right, i would think Jack would be the best choice… He’s a leftie isn’t he?

  14. ohhh alrite rico :P lol!! well if that the case then wenger must of scouted bentner and denilson on the tube lol

  15. Never worries me Rico…..they can either take a corner or not from either side,but yeah,try Jack.

  16. YouTube doesn’t explain Kenny buying Andy Carroll though :)

  17. Matty – it may not go that far, not if the clearouts continue rapidly and we get wages off of our books, and of course get a few pounds for those going. I read we are trying to pay off Squilli as his contract has another year.

    Hopefully the JD rumours are true and he’ll be off to…

    feeling positive today :)

  18. We have to send central defenders up and I am sure when Beckham was playing for Man Utd, the central defenders went up. Sticking two dominant in the air players up when the ball will be in the air only makes sense.

    What we need to do is stick a player 5 yards outside of the box to pick up any loose balls or stop any breaks and then two quick defenders just inside the opposition’s half to mop up any long balls.

  19. You might be right there Matty, i hope Dortmund have only watched Nik on youtube ;)

  20. We tend to go for the inswingers Scott which is why i think RvP takes them, regardless though, as you say , we’d be better off with RvP staying in the area, look how Drog fired his side to the CL….

    We don’t really have anyone who can get a lot of power in their headers like Drog can. TV and Sagna maybe the only two..

    Not sure we should always send both TV and Kos up for corners etc, maybe one or the other unless we are desperate for a goal towards the end of the game. Also, Song should be dropping back more when they do…

  21. Almunia kept 70 clean sheets in 175 games how did that happen am i missing something.

  22. Joel Campbell has set his sights on breaking into the Arsenal first team next season – and firmly believes he has got what it takes to do so.

    The Costa Rican international signed for the Club from Deportivo Saprissa last August, but spent the season on loan at Ligue 1 outfit Lorient.

    Campbell is following in the footsteps of Francis Coquelin, who also spent a season on loan at the French club, and the 19-year-old now wants to join the midfielder at Emirates Stadium.

    “That’s what I’m hoping for – to play for Arsenal next year,” Campbell told Arsenal Player. “I think I’ve got the ability to do it. I’ve got every confidence in my ability to go to Arsenal and play.

    “I’ve learned how to live with other people in a different country to mine, to be here living life outside football, to learn about the training and the intensity of the game in Ligue 1.

    “That’s all helped me to learn things so I can continue my football career with Arsenal, and I hope that’s going to happen.”

    Campbell is confident that he has all the raw attributes to be a success at Emirates Stadium.

    “I think I can bring a lot of things to the Arsenal attack – I can contribute goals and assists,” he said. “I want people to see what I can do. I always think big, so I want to go to Arsenal and play as many games as possible.

    “I have to give everything I’ve got, train hard and have faith in my abilities, to never doubt them and keep moving forward.”

  23. joywedsjeff

    I must have missed those 70 games ;)

  24. Pls wenger take the jd money before juve get back to their senses. They can also take grimandi with them. He can get them more squillaci’s

  25. You’re suggesting that we only put one centreback up for corners….but the scoring rates weren’t too bad. Surely we’d benefit more from having players like walcott, wilshere and gibbs further back? they can use their pace to stop them scoring on the counter…

  26. Hi Will, didn’t see you sneak in ;)

    If JD goes, who steps up, Bartley or Miquel?

  27. Song should be the one sitting 5 yards outside the box when corners are taken but I also would instil fight into the players, I am fed up watching us lose second ball.

  28. Rico, Will etc, why are you wasting your time writing these coaching blogs ? Surely you would be better off on the coaching staff !!

  29. Rico i think the reason wenger keeps playing some players is bcos of their stats. Example of that is theo. Very annoying player but then has stats that almost equal bale. Wonder what gerv and ramsey stats are?

  30. Hoping Wengo pounces on Vertoghen if the JD goes!

  31. Hi Rico

    Joy, in the last 4 years, Theo has out performed the new messiah known as Ape Face Bale.

  32. Mr John Gee.

    How do you suppose we join the coaching staff oh wise one?

  33. Haa matty no to that spurs boy vert. Rico i’d prefer bartley. With verm, kos mert, bart, gibbs, santos, sagnd, jenks i think we possess a good enough defence just needs some world class drilling- from bouldy. Hope he gets to punch verm in the face for his last 3 matches

  34. Yea that is true man, we should of went for Baines! word in the grapevine is Manure are going for him.

  35. Morning, if JD goes to Juve does that mean we have to buy a home grown player or British for the squad?

  36. Will we all know theo can be better. Thats why he is so frustrating. We lack match winners and those who can dictate play from up front and i think theo can be one if only he grew up in spain or brasil

  37. John Gee – what a crazy comment, we are entitled to our view arent we??

    Still, guess you are happy watching us concede 49 goals…

  38. Morning, Many thanks Rico :)
    My belief is that any player going up for a corner or free kick is also weakening the defence, manys the time a bad cross has resulted in losing possesion and us being put on the back foot, one good kick can leave us very vulnerable, while if they stayed in their positions they would be able to put the clearance straight back in there. I realise that our goals against was a culmination of not having full backs at certain times of the season but we have to better these stats to win more games. when you look at how many goals have been scored by our defenders which in all honesty its not that many, i would say that they are better defending that getting in the way on corners

  39. You are not alone Will, get tired of losing the ball full stop, most of which comes from sloppy passing…

    Matty, i think JV is gone to join the dark side of london ;)

  40. I really do believe we have a great defence, I think we lack organisation in midfield.

  41. joyswed, i just think AW lacks a ruthless streak, he stays loyal to a few who really are not good enough but, as far as JD goes, who else would sit on the bench week in week out?

    Vertonghen wouldn’t – JD should go for his own career, he should be playing, otherwise he’ll soon get dropped by his country…

  42. That day was always going to come Will, we need to keep Theo, imho his is a late developer who will just grow and grow now…

    Re the defence, we have very good defenders, but they are not a unit, they are playing as individuals – Bould will sort that hopefully and yes, the midfiled need to be included in that as too many times there has been huge holes in the middle and far too many times that has led to us conceding.

  43. Yes i think so to rico… ahh bollox to him if he does lol.

    Just hope wengo sticks to his words and get his signings before the start of the Euro else we wont get any experience signing if there in the competition price tags will be to high for us :(

  44. Morning Steve – and my pleasure as always :P

    How many goals have our defenders scored from corners, does anyone know?

    I would be surprised if it is as many as five, if so, is it worth getting caught on the break…?

  45. Chris Kirkland is available on a freebie this summer….

  46. Morning all… we need a beast of a DM!!

  47. Morning John G, You may be right in your view of things but we watch the games and can see that we have problems, we concede goals over and over, in the past we have conceded from set plays and corners the high ball seems to unsettle us, if it is so important to send defenders up for corners why cant we defend better, usually because defenders are out of position. We only put our views over we realise that Wenger and Bould Will not take any notice what we say but we take notice of what they do. At the end of the day we listen to what you have to say, but we may not agree but it makes us all think about it, and we do need help to win things.

  48. He hasn’t got long Matty, they start 2nd week in June dont they?

  49. Rico, don’t forget, it is not just about scoring. You have two ore three dominant headers of the ball in the box and the opposition have to ask questions of themselves.

  50. Morning Lee, Capoue is reported to be just that :P

    Maybe all the M’Vila stuff is a mere smokescreen for the real deal ;)

  51. ♍õяπĭπġ guys, etiene capoue has a nasty mean streak and tackles like hell. I ll take him. We ve lacked that for ages. Its about time we start kicking the shit outta teams like stoke city. Sign him up.

  52. yea i know but this is what wenger said that we would do or try to get most of his transfer done before the Euros… Ideally Rico what do we need DM, play maker, CF and a GK in my eyes.

  53. I know that Will, maybe i should have widened the question, how many goals have we scored from a result of a corner…

    My point is, we don’t score enough from corners, the defenders don’t score or set up many, Merts, for all his height can’t seem to win a ball for toffee and the one man who can, takes the kick…


  54. I agree Will, the full backs usually stay back though when CB’s go up. Our problem is no one holds back. Fulbacks will be in their half near the play, mids and strikers in and around their box.

    I suppose 600k to get Squid’s place in the team is not too bad. Would prefer Wenger selling him for 600-1mil but who would want him at his salary and age?

    I think it’s very poor that in our corners we can’t even get it past the near post. When we do manage to, there’s no pace on it so it loops into the box for the keeper to grab. These are basics that a professional team can’t do, we might as well leave everyone out of the box and crack it back at goal from 30 yards out when they clear it.

  55. Whoa will, is that you buddy? Good to have you back.

  56. I agree Rico, I think we should stop swinging it into the box and maybe play it a little more.

  57. hi goonster, you like him then ;)

    Matty, i think a lot depends on whether RvP goes or not. If he does, we def need another striker – but if he stays, i can’t see us getting one as Cambell will be with us. That would give us Pod, RvP, Campbell and possibly Park – with Afobe too if he isn’t loaned out.

    Sadly, I can’t see AW going for another creative midfielder either, more likely a DM, CB and GK..

    Maybe 1/2 cheaper unknows added – if we manage to clearout a few more…

    Just my humble opinion of course ;)

  58. I seem to have a different view on Mertsacker, many seem to be happy with iis contrabution where i see him as an accident waiting to happen. Since his arrival i have to say he has not impressed me, I watched him for 3 or 4 games before i saw him head a ball, i know he has been injured but he has no pace whatsoever and he will be skinned alive. He slows play up at the back with his square ball passes, and that coupled by Czezseneys lack of kicking prowess is a recipe for disaster.

  59. There Wenger goes again, always looking for a cheap option. So are we now encouraging RVP to stay or go(though, all based on gossip and rumours)? Does it mean AFC can only afford players that are very cheap in as much as they can almost do like their expensive counterparts. Mark my word, they can only do almost like them but not exactly like them. But don’t we like Messi and Ronaldo? I’m not suggesting their purchase but I’m only talking about their contributions in their clubs and the value their clubs had to do away with in order to get them.All these point towards the ambition of Mr Wenger He is only interested in lining his pockets and so the fans and players can go to hell. How much are they paying these players? What trophies are they winning? Then, what encouragement do you think they are getting after all?

  60. Bradster – we are looking to pay Squilli off, so he should be gone….

  61. Hi emma,

    from the reports from fans who have seen Capoue play, he could be a better signing than M’Vila – so, regardless of what he costs, we’d get a better deal. With one year remaining on his contract, I doubt he would be valued as high as M’Vila.

  62. Will, a powerful corner makes a powerful header more easy, but then no-one needs me to write that.

    Same as our free kicks, when do we actually direct a good free kick into a target player, it’s usually curled in to no-one ;)

  63. you bet I do rico. We really missed having a real bastard in the middle of the park. We tend to get bullied easily these days. ♍õяπĭπġ sp, how are ya?

  64. watch this space with him i guess goonster…

  65. What is the betting that the first Aggressive tackle he makes (or whoever comes in) he will get a red card unlike if he played for Utd or Chelsea

  66. You guys bang on about Wenger not spending, but no manager in there right mind will no want to spend and bring in big player look back in january for instance wenger mention if he had the money he would love to of brought in neymar..

    He didnt want to sell nasri last year but the board didnt want to increase his wages.. Wenger is in a tight situation and has to make the best of what he has, which you can see this season he has done! At the end of the yes wenger identifys his targets but its ivan who makes the calls along with silent yank!

  67. But its all paper talk though. Nothing concrete yet. So I don’t wanna get me hopes up. I ve been hurt before. You know what I mean.*winks*

  68. Emma,none of us know for sure that Wenger has M’Villa as a target,nor do we know he’s shown any interest in Capoue,so your comment is way off the mark and unfair.

  69. Yeah Rico, look at drogba’s in CL final…..great corner from mata, wasn’t it? Mata that was all your fault Stan… ;)

  70. Morning Stan always miss your witty comments mate, I thought as the transfer window is about to open we would hear from you, i love your predictions and i hope you get some right in this window :)

  71. Hi vernat, not now Dowd has failed his fitness test ;)

    Matty, is it Gazidis who deals with the transfers though? Each time we read we are looking at a player, isn’t it Law (i think thats his name) who is always named to be the one travelling to negotiate? Didn’t he go an try to sort the Mata deal out

  72. Steve – re Merts, I too am not convinced, so you are not alone ;)

  73. Yeah lee and it still bums me out. Morning scott, how’s sean jackson doing? Hope to see him in an arsenal shirt in the future. Good job raising that kid scott. Makes me envious. Can’t wait to have mine.

  74. Lee – Drogs header was one of the best i have seen in a long while, great pace, accuracy and no keeper was going to save that without breaking his wrists…

    Mata, yes, now where is that goonster ;)

  75. Mata really did me in lee. Still can’t believe we missed out on him. Damn ¥φυ richard law or was it bald head gazidis.

  76. you guys seen paul lamberts i/v on sky? that is the way to deal with the press :)

  77. Very good post.

    With every respect to the contribution of Pat Rice, I would point out that we have all been calling for a fresh ‘input’ on the training field for a long time.Leaving aside the spending issue and all the spin, my beef with Wenger is how his team performs when they don’t have the ball – with the ball they can be mesmerising, without it they are often lazy and clueless. In order to win trophies we must learn how to defend in all areas of the pitch. Over to you Steve Bould !

    With regard to set pieces – is RVP just following the tradition of TH14 ? In the few games he played, Oxlade-Chamberlain took many of the corners so perhaps he’ll get to take a few more next year.

    My problem with set-pieces is we never look like scoring from them or look like knowing how to stop the opposition from scoring – perhaps that’s because we apparently never practice them in training.

  78. Steve, I hold my hands up. No more prediction mate. Am out.

  79. Matt Le Tissier on Drogba:

    ‘He is a player that has certainly been worth his value but you can’t compare him Thierry Henry because of his antics that go with his game’

    Well said Le Tiss…..

  80. Morning all,
    Maybe Bouldy will introduce the team to the “near post flick on” him and Adams used to fill their boots back in the day.
    Simple but often very effective, won us plenty of games.

  81. Goons get,you wouldn’t believe what he’s doing right this second……he’s reading a grassroots coaching handbook,just for fun!!
    It’s only out 80 pages.
    He’s a psycho,but he absolutely loves this game.
    Nothing better than kids…….even after a shocking day at work,one smile makes you feel like a king…or queen!
    Steve/Rico,I think you are being harsh on Mertesacker.
    We all agree that the back 4 have had little protection this season,so shouldn’t Mertesacker be given the same leeway our other backs have?

  82. Morning Gooners.
    Morning Rico.
    Intersting post SSP.
    Rico, 10.02;
    I think that Wenger has Miquel earmarked for the 4th c/b position.

  83. Morning Micko, as long as that flick-on doesn’t involve Gervinho, he’s bound to miss it ;)

  84. Micko,often it’s the team that performs the basics right who win out.
    It’s why,on occasions,players trying to produce the inch perfect pass instead of just taking the shot would frustrate the crap out of me.

  85. Not harsh Scott, i just think he’s slow and clumsy, and for a guy his size, can’t believe he gets beaten in the air….

  86. Morning Charlie –

    i think you might be right, but do you reckon he is ready? i’d rather see Miquel go out on loan in the PL and play, he’s too young to be sitting on the bench doing nothing. He needs to play and learn, from a defence minded side/manager…

  87. Morning,

    Micko, you reckon who ever takes the corner could reach the near post…? mostly we don’t get it past the first defender.

  88. Morning Wath,

    long time no see, hows you?

  89. RIco,I agree he’s doesn’t throw is size around enough.
    G’day Wath..been a while.

  90. Scott, shooting on sight of goal, we don’t do it enough, I’d hate to see that coached out of the Ox’s game, Rosicky used to be renound for it, scored some real blinders, it’s what I like about Arteta and Ramsey, they’re not afraid to pull the trigger from outside the box when the opportunity presents itself.

  91. Merts for me is similar to Peter Crouch in stature and movement But where Crouch has ability i’m afraid i have not seen that in Merts. But the way Wenger looks after his players i am sure i will have plenty of time to be proven wrong.

  92. Great here comes charlie! Dude make up your mind. Sheesh. Hey micko, what’s popping?

  93. Am fine ta Rico just a tad busy but hey such is life…
    2Scotts, alright fella..?
    Us shoot, isn’t that illegal when in an Arsenal shirt..?

  94. Wath!!! How are ya grand pa? Long time.

  95. Re; Miquel. Yes he is young, but i’d rather him over Squillaci any day of the week.
    Think it would all come down to cost~cutting…
    Would be great to see Bould’s influence having a positive effect on Bartley.

  96. Merts is off to the euros, just having been injured for a long time, if he plays, i wouldn’t be surprised to see him suffer and miss our season start…

    Just as Nik did at the last WC

  97. Stanley, not so cheeky or I’ll slap ya head…! ;-) All good mate.

  98. Steve, cut the guy some slack. Its his firs2 season. I expect great things from him and gervinho next season. Watch out.

  99. That’s good Wath ;)

    Agree there Charlie, will be interesting to see what happens to Bartley now…

  100. Sorry grand dad. I ll stop now.

  101. I believe this is the difference with me and Wenger, where i watch a dozen or so games and in that dozen games i watch Theo Chamack Squilaki Ramsey JD perhaps 2 games for him 1 game Diaby i could so easily out all of those players as i dont think their contribution or work rate is good enough, and i also would have put Rosiski in there as well at the start of the season, But Wenger has faith in these players why i dont know, Wenger may be looking at the future where i am looking at the here and now that what makes him the Manager and me a whinger.

  102. Henri Lansbury played in a testimonial last night for one of the Norwich players – and he scored, could he be heading there I wonder :(

  103. Stanley you know AK is Grandad ;-)
    I’m granson…!

    Right off again, be good all and take it easy.

  104. :lol: Steve..

  105. Two players and we could have a cracking team on our hands. A cf and a beastly dm(not song though) and we could really challenge. Our first team is a handful for most teams we just need a good substitutes bench. Believe me if we sort that out we ll be among the titles next season.

  106. Hi Stan. I’m CG for a few weeks.
    Have to pay the bills.
    Still mulling over the thought of you as a Dad… :-D
    You would definately be fun to be around…. :-)

    Gonna be dipping in and out today.
    Wath. Welcome home.

  107. If RVP goes I would like to see Arshavin stay and play in the role which he is meant to be playing in.

  108. Later wath…have a good one.

  109. Go steady Wath….

    Esp, i am hoping AA will be gone…

  110. I would won’t i ak! Can’t wait though.

  111. East side Paul, good comment there but i believe his had his chance and its time to recoup some of that 15 million, Arshavin as you say may of been played out of position something Wenger makes a lot of players do but in his time here he has not shown the disire that a player of his standing should he let himself go as far as fitness which no profesional should he lacked the fight when the chips were down and he let us and the club down he could have been so good but i will only remember the bad things about him.

  112. Stan, my body popping days are well behind me.
    Wath, in one door and out the other pretending he’s busy.
    Paul, I think AA has fallen out of love with Arsenal, can’t see him coming back now.

  113. Bloomin heck lee, that’s a new one…. Chamakh to the Hamsters, he wouldn’t would he?

  114. Eden Hazard:

    Has agreed terms with all clubs who have made offers, now its down to the player and it looks like he is heading to Manchester United….

  115. I said this last season and I will say it again now (in case Wenger is reading) We need to be more dynamic with the passing, we have one of the fastest attacks in world football, let’s use them properly and get the ball to the quicker. Arteta sliding some first time passes to those sprinters would scare the crap out of defenders.

  116. My favourite saying Will……movement off the ball.
    When we have it,we win.

  117. Trouble is, the ball goes to Ramsey and then everything reminds me of Denilson ;)

  118. We need to stop pretending to be Barcelona and get back to the way we used to play, with speed and movement, runners offering angles and causing defenders and midfielders to make decisions which opens space for other players. We have become to static in the last third

  119. I agree, we need an experienced and brutal DM to free up Arteta.

  120. Good afternoon Fine Folk of the St Totteringham’s Faith.

    I have an idea…….why not sell Song, Diaby and Denilson to fund M’Vila and Capoue???

    Capoue is a beast in the mould of PV and under the AW tutelage would flourish in a box to box midfielder. However he is disciplined enough to hold his ground in front of the defence.

    The defence is good. Its as Will says (and I have been banging about it for several times)…..the defensive midfield which leaves it open. Petit and Gilberto were awesome at doing this……..for the simple reason they were defenders converted into DM. Capoue is in the same mould. He is a centreback converted into a DM. That is why they tend to hang back. Selling Song, imo would fund the Capoue and M’Vila purchase. And we would have Frimpong and Coquelin coming in for them as cover.

    Righto………it was a short comment today. I have a lot to do. Might be back later in the evening.

  121. No Rico,that’s when we have little or no movement….no options.
    I concede he did get stale as he season progressed,but when we were good,we were good as a unit but when bad……
    Anyways,off to bed so have a great day guys.

  122. Oh no, not to manure. I ll rather he goes to the chavs. Can’t stand that red faced bastards.

  123. Yeah Vernat, stop the tippy tappy shite and play with “speed & movement”

  124. I like that idea devil :) Afternoon to you…

  125. Will, I appreciate what your saying, but for that to happen the whole team need to be up to speed, i would say we had the fastest attack but that was some while ago, We take an age to get out of our own half and when Theo or Gerve do get a chance to run we have no one in the box to recieve, it is not a ploy we do so nobody expects it our midfield all hold the ball to long and usually lose it our striker is normally in midfield so the attack has to wait till he arrives nothing quick in that Theo and Gerve cannot cross to save their lives so until we work on it we have one of the slowest attackes going they tippy tap in front of the box and drive me fffing crazy.

  126. Night Scott…

  127. half the problem is, if theo goes on a run, no-one can keep up with him, then, by the time help arrives, he has been tackled by 2/3 players and the ball is lost…

  128. That’s my point Steve.I don’t want either player running head-long down the wing, I want passes played between centre back and full back or centre back and centre back. I want the sprinters cutting in on the diagonal. Tell me, you are the last man and you have someone who can run the 100 in less than 11 seconds running directly at you and your goal, you are back peddling towards your box, what do you do?

  129. Hack him down Will, the same as every top team does, Theo shys away from physical contact he very rarely jumps for a header he kicks past a defender and hopes he outruns them but he’s been doing that for ever and hardly any results. Theo has pace i’ll give you that and yes i would say that that pace puts defenders on their guard but as soon as Theo tackes a hefty challenge thats him done. Every defence in the league has Theo down to a tee show him the boot and he’s gone. Referee’s often allow this to go on for ages without producing a cars but Theo is finished after the first tackle.

  130. Then it is up to the rest of the players to remind the ref of his job which is something we hardly do. In my scenario though it asks the opposing defenders questions that they have to answer.

  131. off out catch you fine people in a short while Who luvs ya babies :)

  132. Ok, I love Henry as much as the next person but people trying to paint him as a Saint are being ridiculous.

    Henry might not have made as big a meal of it as Drogba did, but he was also guilty of simulation many times!

    Most top players are idiots though, the only ones i’ve ever truly loved are Bergkamp and Kaka. Even Dennis had a ridiculous temper too!

  133. With regards to transfers, i’d take Capoue but it just stinks of Wenger being cheap again. You can’t claim your a big club then go and buy a one bedroom apartment.

  134. Am gonna have a fit if we end up signing kalou. We need to aim higher. Loosen up the purse strings arsene. Geez for crying out loud we need better if we intend to keep robin.

  135. Kalou lol… Wenger being cheap again

  136. Romford, some say Capoue is better, he may only be cheaper because he has only one year left on his contract ;)

    Hope that clears that one up :)

  137. The only freebie we could do with from the chavs is Drogba :)

  138. Cheap is not the right word hc. The word you re looking for is stupid!

  139. Possibly but I highly doubt it. M’Vila along with Javi Martinez are the best young DM’s in the world. I hadn’t heard about Capoue until a month ago.

    M’Vila has it all. And positionally, he’s amazing! £17m is a sound invest. Fergie paid £30m for Rooney as a 17-year-old but the ROI United have gained from that move is clear for all to see.

  140. Just a short pop……….Kalou is on a bosman Rico. He is free because his contract is over!!!!!


  141. No he’s not better Rico. Would you take him over the ox, benny or even walcott? I know i won’t. Besides he ll bugger off to Africa every two years and comes back knackered. We need better long term solutions not quick fixes.

  142. kalou, FFS surely we can aim higher than him???

  143. Tell me about it lee.

  144. i would love to see this as our midfiled:
    song mvilla diaby
    3 monsters in the centre of the park
    do you think we could ever get bullied, no way in hell would we loose to teams like wigan, norwhich, swans and others
    i dont know why wenger is saying we are not in for mvilla, he and ba should be on the top of our list. ba for 7m is a steal and would you mind paying 17.5m for a player essien minus the injuries.
    diaby is mostly injured though so i wouldnt mind arteta or wilshare or rosicky fighting for that spot.
    we need to start rebulding the invisibles again.

  145. Stan, is it glorious sunshine in Holland at the mo?

  146. I know he is devil and we don’t need him or want him :lol:

  147. goonster, I am on about Capoue, NOT Malouda, don’t want him anywhere near our club….

  148. Wow terry i just got a three prong erection. Song diaby and mvilla? Now that’s a classy mid field but i ll substitute song for arteta.

  149. Nah its a bit cloudy lee. Wish i was in manila or some tropical island. Bummer.

  150. I’d swap Arteta and Jack for Diaby and Song….

  151. You should be in the UK goonster – it’s 28o on my patio :)

  152. And Diaby for Wilshere.

  153. I still believe diaby ll come good. And i stand by my word.

  154. Diaby perma-injured…..

  155. Yeah so? What about robin?

  156. No sorry, Diaby needs to get out – he’s 25… How long am I going to be waiting? It’s not even like he’s awesome when he is fit.

  157. I feel sorry for Diaby, can’t be easy not playing football all season, going out for dinner, popping into the gym each day, having late nights and lay in’s the next day…

    All for £60K a week, must be bloomin tough….

  158. Hc how can you say that. This is a guy whose career was almost ruined at 19 by a thug. He has never been the same again.

  159. When he plays, Diaby if top, top class. My only criticism of him is, his lack of focus.I have seen him intercept the ball, go on a mazy 40
    yard run beating 3,4,5 players then get to the edge of the back and just stand there ultimately losing the ball.

  160. On his day diaby is a beast. Remember that villa game back in 09 or that carling cup game at arnfield when he bossed the mid field against greats like gerard and alonso. That was some night screamed my lungs out.

  161. i think diaby is a very good player but he is never fit which is frustrating..
    i think it would be fair if he was in a pay as play deal with some minimum salary.

  162. You guys are highlighting isolated games. While I can not deny his talent, my griped with are:

    His lack of focus
    Poor short passing
    Poor tracking of runners
    Not knowing when to release the ball

    The guy has been at Arsenal 7 years, and while the injury sustained was bad, he has never proved to me for a prolonged period of time that he has what it takes to be a world beater.

    Ramsey > Diaby

    Quote me on that.

  163. this way if he manages to remain fit he gets his 60 k a week but if he is unfit he just gets his mimimum wages.

  164. Give him time hc. A lot of folks were calling for robin to be sold. Now most don’t want him to go.

  165. I remember Coach giving me the S.P. on Capone last summer.
    I would love to see us sign both M’Vila & Capone.
    But where would that leave Frimpong & Coquelin?
    Nevermind all the other m/f’s we have.
    If AW can one of either Capone or M’Vila, then i would settle for that.

  166. Ramsey better than diaby? Are you having a laugh? Don’t get me wrong am a huge ramsey fan but to say he’s better than diaby is going too far.

  167. ramsay has a big flaws to his game he panics under pressure and makes the wrong passes or looses possession easily which is something you cannot afford to do when your syle of football is attack minded.
    I can understand him panicking under pressure coz of the injuy he sustained but he has to improve and move on… the manager has shown faith in him… a player has to assess himself and understand what his weaknesses are and improve on them… he has a lot of possitives to his game like his work rate is remarkable … his timing of runds into the box is also very good… he needs some defensive coaching … probabaly bould could do the trick with him and get the best out of him

  168. As for selling Diaby..?!

    There is no point in speculating as no club would sign an unfit player..

  169. Afternoon ak, am here all day. So you might as well stick around!

  170. Time is something i’m not a fan of Goonster – it’s already been 8 years… How long should I wait? Difference with Robin was that he always produced, even if it was for 10 games.

    I’ve never thought Diaby could be WC.

  171. Diaby – regardless of whether some think he’s good or not, he seldom plays, so what he’s like thesee days, who knows ;)

  172. Charlie, has he been called up for France do you know?

  173. How many players have we had that have suffered broken legs?

  174. Well he be once he’s over his injury problems. Someone once said he’s the most skillful player on the training ground. I believe he ll come good. Am a huge fan.

  175. As Charlie says, we can’t sell an unfit player anyway so it matters not, plus he is the blue eyed boy in wengers eyes, so we are stuck with him

  176. More skilful than RVP? Doubt it.

  177. Diaby, i don’t know Rico?
    Stan, i’d luv to.
    But i need to work mate. :-D

  178. Diaby,Eddy,Ramsey & Sagna…….

  179. Well i didnt say that hc. A fellow professional said that.

  180. And Sagna was twice and people in “the know” say we don’t get rougher treatment than anyone else.

  181. I bet if he’s fit they call him up charlie, then he’ll be injured again….

    How do fair agianst other sides, Fergies boys have suffered injuries this season too…

  182. Flimsy bones and muscles maybe Will….

  183. All i would say as far as good footballers are concerned is that you have to have the talent and the brains for reading a game to start with. Cesc Fabregas and all our greats had one thing in common composure on the ball a good player looks like he has ages on the ball but his brain has told him where its going before he gets it, not all players are blessed with this talent and no amount of coaching can give them this. Knowing where you are on the field and where your players are is the mark of a good player player executing the pass or the shot is for great players. Diaby has great talent i would say that he is a natural he reads the game well he moves well he uses the ball well and he looks good on the ball. but thats only half a dozen times in a season he must be sold how long can you wait for a perminantly injured player to come good

  184. Sturridge anyone?

  185. Maybe Rico but I do tire of the English press and their agendas.

  186. I like him Lee but doubt he’d ever get a game upfront, which is what he wants, unless we change formation.

    Also, isn’t he already on 80k?

    I’d pay it, Wenger on the other hand…

  187. Sturidge lee? No thanks.

  188. Daniel Sturridge says he cannot say for certain whether he will start next season with Chelsea, news which is sure to interest Arsenal.

    Sturridge managed to force his way into the Blues’ first-team this season and managed to chip in with an impressive 13 goals, despite often being played out of position on the wing.
    The former Manchester City man is known to be frustrated with playing out on the flanks, particularly when Fernando Torres was struggling for goals earlier in the campaign.
    Early indications suggest Chelsea will operate with the Spaniard as a lone striker next season and that could result in Sturridge targeting a move away, with Arsenal known to be keen.
    The Gunners are already thought to have made tentative enquiries but any move could hinge on the future of Robin van Persie, who has yet to pen a new deal.
    “You never know what is going to happen in the future,” Sturridge revealed. “Everyone is going to evaluate the season that they’ve had, the club will certainly evaluate players and I will certainly evaluate my situation.
    “Obviously I see myself as a centre-forward and hopefully next season I will be able to achieve that feat because I don’t see myself playing on the wing.”

  189. In many teams you may have half a dozen naturals the rest make up for it with enthusiasm and workrate take that away from the player and you get a passenger, we have enough passengers so when we buy we have to make sure of the quality. Czezesney for me is a very good shot stopper he has many qualities that holds he’s position but where he falls down is he’s kicking and he panics which will always end up in disaster he is learning but he is far from the finnished artical. A quality goalkeeper has all that i have stated but he also must have the most important ingrediant and that is using his brain to put himself in the right position and picking the right option he needs a quality reserve keeper to learn from as when Leyman came he coppied his rushing out style which never helped Jens and it certainly wont help Czez

  190. Steve, my own view is he has good feet and a good brain, but seldom do they work together….

    Lee – in a flash for Sturridge, if Roman brings in some big names he could be asking to leave…

  191. Will, don’t we all – but its easier to just ignore them we all know they dislike us….

  192. We have had Robin Van Persie for eight years and in that time Robin has had some great spells but it has to be said that Robin has only ever been fit for the whole of the season Once, This year he has been tremendous i take my hat off to him without his involvement we would not be where we are but Robin has now gone up in value due to his great season he is 28 and he is probably playing better than he has ever done, but the point still remains will he be injury free next season will he score the same amount of goals i hope the answer to this is yes but will we keep him like we did Henry for a season to long and lose bundles on his value, we have to ask ourselves do we give a young Theo or the OX or Afobe or Campbel a try or do we persevere and hope he continues the same I would sell him personally i believe we have seen the best of Robin but i could be wrong.

  193. Steve, we can’t accord to replace an experienced player with basically a rookie.

  194. Steve – if Rvp goes, we have to replace him, whether Pod is already in the door to do just that, time will only tell but regardless, if he goes we will still need to buy another goal scorer who is proved in the PL imho – we don’t know for sure that Podolski will hit the ground running….

  195. I agree with Will. Unless we replace RVP with someone proven, we’re taking a step back.

  196. Hi Rico and Stan and Lee. Hot in town today. What’s this I hear about Chamakh?

  197. Looks like Citeh are in for M’Vila, that must mean that Yaya is on his way….

  198. We have been doing that for too long, replacing experience with potential.

  199. Hi Adam, hot in the sticks too ;)

    West Ham want him :P

  200. I understand your points but we have replaced Robin whether you like to believe it or not, and buying in a striker will put back all of our hopefulls Park was brought as a striker and has hardly been used Theo has been complaining that he has been promised a spot. Campbel i know is young but so was Rooney and look how he went on, our young hopefulls will see a new striker as a step back and the Arsenal phylosiphy is to bring on youngsters i have no doubts whatsoever that we have a great striker among what we have we must be bold and spend where we need to. I believe Rbin will go and it will be a big incentive to all our young players. these players have a short career we should nurture them but we must also use them its a waste if we just hold them let them loose and i believe we will be just fine. Chamakh could have been a great in a team without Robin but we will never know because he was taken out when he was starting to show great promiss.

  201. Campbell could very well be a great player in the PL Steve, but he could very well fail to, playing here will be very different from where he has been playing.

    I still wish we would sign The Yak, next best strong striker after Drogba and he’ll always score….

  202. Please tell him I will drive him to the Hammer’s ground myself Rico. Or I’ll get Kev to do it and pay the fare. I wonder how much IS actually going on in the background as we speak. Wenger’s track record for springing “top player” surprises isn’t exactly sparkling is it? And I see Usmanov has gobbled up a few more shares. I am anticipating another economics lesson at his next press conference and I see subliminal messages whenever he is in that particular mode.

  203. I’ll share the fare Adam ;)

    Didn’t know AU had bought more shares, he must be very close to the 30% mark by now…

    I’m guessing the clearout and sales are AW’s priority at the moment… However, signings might be a better option….

  204. i oSt’s looking as if the club are looking to pay up Squillaci’s contract and move him on.

    My major concern is how Adam will come to terms with seeing his favourite player go!

    Steady on now Adam, we all know that you handle the shock.
    Deep breaths mate.
    Lay down in a darkened room.
    Tomorrow is another day. :-)

  205. Afternoon people.

    If rumor is correct and Juve submits a bid for Djourou, then “win-win” for all.

    And it will free up a slot for Kyle Bartley.
    How good is this lad?

    Like Lansbury, he does not seem to get a chance with a shot in the squad?

    Perhaps time for Miquel and Angha to go out on loan with Kyle as the 4th CB?

    1 – Kosicelny
    2 – Mertesacker
    3 – Vermaelen
    4 – Kyle Bartley

    That is 4 no. CB with Song as emergency CB.

    Then is there a need to buy Vertonghen?

    I think the deafening silence and we got Per instead of Vertonghen speaks volumes of Wenger’s intention to buy Vertonghen.

    More and more, I see Wenger is continue with his Youth project to promote within with Bartley, Miquel, Angha, Boateng and that new German youth in Leander?

    Kos, Per and TV5 still have 5 more years of peak performance and it grooves in nicely for Wenger to slowly bring up his Wenger WUnderkind into senior squad without the need to enter the transfer market to buy big for CB.

    Look around the existing squad and our youngsters breaking into the squad,

    Wenegr will nto spend more than 15-mil to buy M’vila and any 20+ mil marquee players. He will still persist with his Youth Project.

    C”mon, let’s not try to fool ourselves. He is really Van Persie’s replacement when Wenger re-structures and rebuilds his squad with players who he can see wil stay at least for theh next 3 years to provide stability for his squad.

    Learing from Nasri-Cesc Saga, I feel that he will sell Van Persie, Walcott and even SOng if they still refuse to sign a new contract extension by end-June.

    Van Persie’s replacement is in.
    OX can replace Walcott or new buy.
    SOng can be replace with a new tactical formation or Wenger will buy a real DCM with better defensive quality than Song.

    Perhaps with Arteta, WIlshere, Coquelin, Frimpong and even Lansbury, Wenger is not short of defensive midfield cover..plus Toral, Yennaris and many more youngsters that will make a break-thru’ in 2 years time.

    2012/13 season?
    Sorry, KPI still 3rd spot with 2nd spot a bonus.

    We can’t buy the title like Abu Dhabi City and CHelski.

  206. Kev. I think you must be a mind reader to have sensed my anxiety over Squillaci’s imminent departure. And to throw in that Gone With The Wind reference at the end is class. If Chamakh went too I think it might send me over the edge. I shed a tear for Almunia yesterday too. It just kind of welled up inside of me.

  207. Ican see i am fighting a losing battle, but we can try these youngsters out after all we made top 3 with only one striker before, Podolski is supposed to be the cats whiskers why else would we buy him and whats the point of buying another. I just want to see the dross moved on and replaced with talent. we have to use these youngsters at some time whats the point of training them just to let them sit in reserves. We have seen Theo on the wing for ages and he isnt happy and that shows in his performances. buy a striker and watch him go . The ox will also want starts he is quality how long do we hold him back, Campbel has said that he knows that he will not get many chances but he will expect to be given some action you can only hold them back for so long or lose them Jenkinson has had a lean year he could be a great. Miquel has also waited patiently the same as the coqu they wait while we field Santos who has no stamina and can’t play the position he’s given not a good Position to be in

  208. You meant Adam is that snake-oil salesman that sold Squillaci to Arsene Wenger? :mrgreen:

    Bully to him as he had collected his 33% cut!
    Agent’s fee of course.

  209. Chamuck!!!
    What’s he on?
    He can pay his own bloody fare.
    You keep your dough in your pockets.

  210. I sometimes think the Arsene spends so much time planning for tomorrow that he forgets today.

  211. Spoken like a true member of the faith Kev. Oh, and it’s good to see you back Merlin.

  212. Steady on now Adam.
    Get a grip.
    Still upper lip old bean.
    Remember, we still have Denilson.
    Silver lining and all that. :-D. :-D. :-D

  213. Good Charlie, sooner the better ;)

  214. FFS Kev, Adam’s trying to get you business!!! ;)

  215. Oh no. Not the D-word. I had forgotten about him.

  216. Lee. Well spotted. You know what cabbies are like. I’ve never met a poor one, have you?

  217. Today has been like a dummy run for the Olympics.
    Road closures.
    Heat stroke.
    Driving in a mobile sauna.

    Well Boris, you can poke it.

    August by the seaside for me…

  218. Didn’t see you sneak in Merlin, now you have really depressed me ;)

  219. Are you going to enter the Arsenal club draw Rico. First prize is a week in Las Vegas with Chamakh.

  220. ME, wealthy, ha.

    The only millionaires on HH are font & Wath.

    My bank account has similarities with Greece.

    And with that bombshell, i have to return to the fray.

    See ya Gooners. :-D

  221. D word, would that be Denilson :)

  222. Who else but the Brazilian midfield maestro himself.

  223. Adam – think i’ll give that a miss thanks ;)

  224. Go steady AK…

  225. Off for a while, few things to be doing…….

  226. Denilson was the Brasil under 19 captain, he can’t be that bad, maybe just not suited to the English game.

  227. Kenneth Udjus 28 from Norwegian club Sogndal has confirmed that he is aware of Arsenals interest in him and thinks it would be Massive to play for a big club like them, So maybe a backup for Czez

  228. Will with Denilson, I don’t think he really got over the stress fracture of the back he had in 2009-2010 up to that point looked a decent if limited player useful to have round the squad and did manage six goals that season.

  229. Nay Rico, didn’t depressed you.

    Just forced you to face reality :lol:

    After all, anything that Wenger will do from now is a bonus.

    Better to be underwhelmed now then to have all our hopes dash to pieces come AUg-31.

    You see, most people forget that it is TEAM that wins games and titles. And Wenegr had fialed to produce his 3rd team for 8 long years.

    He got a relaity check last season and he needed 3 more years of transition to rebuild hsi 3rd TEAM now.

    Expect us to be title contender and nay, even title winner by 2014/15.

    That is the confident I have in this prod man, an obsessive winner and a sore loser and he will never wanted to end up 2nd best to anyone, least of all CHelski who just bought and lifted the CL Cup.

    The key to Wenger changed of policy is to watch how many deadwoods he is culling now….and how ruthless he is to sell disloyal players now.

    Remember what he said during Reyes’ tapping by Real, claiming he was not allowed to leave?

    “My door is always open.
    I will never keep a player who does not wished to play for Arsenal.”

    Hence his quick sales of Vieira, Henry, Gilberto, Hleb, Kolo, CLichy, Nasri, Fabregas..and 95% sure Van Persie, 50% sure Walcott and SOng if they still refuse to sign a new contract by June.

    Wenger knew that pre-season is crucial to rebuild his TEAM. He can’t afford another summer of discontents.

  230. Denilson started off with a bang and how many of us remembered that CC match where he sprayed passes all over the pitch, his keen sense of anticipation that intercepted so many passe sin midfield.

    SOmewhat his confidence level dropped (becasue Edu and Gilberto left??)

    Perhap he does not a senior mentor in Gilberto to gudie him?

    I think selling Gilberto was a massive mistake as he was the last of our “leader”..adn no more “Invisible Wall” except an inconsistent SOnginho who offered very little defence in fornt of Back-4.

  231. good afternnon
    I haven’t a clear opinion about Capoue. A good point: he is from St’Etienne :-)
    If Diaby is fit he will be in French team for Euro 2012.
    Mets it’s not so bad like you “paint” and it’s very important in aerial game. He balance the defend at level height.
    Chelsea will go to invest heavilyn.
    MU wants a midfield player from Rayo Vallecano (Spain)

  232. Joey Barton, banned for 12 games.

  233. Good Evening Fine Folk.

    So Joey Barton got a 12 game ban eeehhhhh???? Hopefully we get to play QPR in those 12 games in the first round.

    Regarding today, after some consideration, I would sell Djourou and Squillaci AND SONG. Then with the money I would get M’Bia, Capoue and M.Vila. All three are technically skillful, all are above 6 feet and all three can play as a DM and as a centreback. M’Bia is a centreback, but can play as a DM, while the other two are DM but both can play as an emergency centreback.

  234. If we are going to persevere with 4-5-1 then I would like a middle three of Arteta, Wilshere and a dominant DM with the Ox on one wing and Theo on the other.

  235. De Jong has one year left on his contract at City, (make a nice change to buy one of theirs rather than sell one of ours) sign benayoun and make an offer for Kuyt from Liverpool and Gordon who is on a free. Benayoun, kuyt and De jong would bring some fight and bite to the team and all know the league

  236. Kuyt is slow and past it.

  237. Before king kenny ruined the team he averaged 1 in 4 playing wide, as for being slow and past it, isn’t that the sort of player Wenger specialises in rehabilitating?

  238. :lol: Merlin, yes, reality…

    Evening guys and gals

  239. Vern, I really don’t want Kyut anywhere near the squad, A liverpool fan I know and is the players biggest fan says it’s time for him to move on.

  240. M’bia devil, haven’t heard his name in a while, Everton were on his tail a few seasons ago, as were we supposed to be, where is he now?

  241. he plays for Marseille.

  242. fair enough but Yossi and De Jong? with Gordon for goal keeper?

  243. Keep Yossi but get a young, dynamic but brutal DM.

  244. y not De jong?? he is what we need in the central defensive midfield. A brute who can play.

  245. I continually keep reading about who we should buy, strikers midfielders defenders goalkeepers and then i read we have a good team just need a couple. Now speaking honestly, with Chelsea City and United do you think that we can honestly win the league or champions league, can we get higher than top 3 have we got the squad to challenge on four fronts if your answer is no on any of these questions then Top3 is not that bad.

  246. De Jong certainly fits the brutal part, and would give Coquelin a chance to improve and then move into the team

  247. Can you imagine De Jong and Frimpong together???? Poor Joey Barton coming up against them!!!!! :lol:

  248. actually Steve, i do but we need not only a couple of players but a change in attitude and in tactics to make the most of the players we have. We are not good enough any more to go anywhere and play the same way and win so lets finally sort out plan b and adapt our game.

  249. Considering the teams we are going against, I see 4th and 1st.

  250. good evening all
    we need young players to “hunger” for titles.
    Players not spending, that have won titles and now looking more into the pockets.

  251. JM..we have enough of these already.

  252. Evening JM, totally agree, players who want to win for arsenal, not for money or for a move elsewhere….

  253. to paraphrase a quote ” i dont want players who will die for Arsenal, i want players who will kill for Arsenal”

  254. do you think so devil? I don’t….

  255. Vernat, thats my point, the atitude of our players reminds me a bit of how chelsea was with AVB nobody wanted to play they wasn’t motivated top players jaded and couldn’t care less attitude Arsenal players seem to me as if they don’t fear losing they shrug it off like it dosn’t matter and when it gets close to their last year they feel a payday coming

  256. Maybe Bould will put some fire in their belly’s?

  257. The attitude at Arsenal is not a winning one, Board people coming out and saying that missing champions league would not be disastrous is like saying that winning doesn’t matter, attitudes like that runs through a team and kills spirit the whole club is in failure mode and while it still makes money it doesn’t want to change

  258. Young yes, hungry for titles, i am not so sure, maybe too many are just happy to be paid regardless of whether they play or not….

  259. I want this attitude, dont care if it is a friendly you are not scoring , Legend

  260. Steve – spot on. All the time a top 4 finish alone is deemd to be a trophy and missing out would not be such a problem, we as a club will always have a serious problem.

    Each time we get to January and we are in an FA Cup fixture and knowing the CL fixture is just a few days away, the FA Cup suffers, yet that is a more realistic trophy for us to win.

    Instead, we end up with nothing…. other than another top four place which is always ‘just like a trophy considering the start to our season’

  261. I kinda understand where Wenger was coming from. Remember, this guy is a winner but when you are going against teams who can make a £150M loss without blinking an eye, you have to be realistic. We all want to win but while there are billion pound squads out there, it may not be possible. Remember, we finished third this year against a team who seem to get all the big decisions and a team spending on average £160M a summer on players.

  262. Rico’ untill we get an owner of the same dispositin as Abromovich we will falter at the last hurdle. Drogba might say that he was asked to stay and Abromaviich is a nice bloke but he also states that he won’t play in Europe which suggest a maurinio move has been put in place and a payoff. The Chelsea players were not playing to win the CL they were playing for the owners bonus thats why they all worked very very hard together. that team would not have the heart like that for just the honour not in my eyes anyway.

  263. vernat – i have always liked Grimandi’s tackle ;)

  264. still makes me laugh even now

  265. Will, we have two very wealthy owners, one of whom is richer than Roman, if the two worked together, we would easily be able to beat them….

  266. Will i think you have hit the nail squarly on the head there mate, There was a time that he could see a way round things like that but i feel he has resigned himself to a top 4 finnish

  267. Steve – There is that man out there, he owns nearly 30% of our club, the big question is, does he have the intention to make Stan an offer he can’t refuse…

    Maybe they were playing for the bonus, but it worked ;)

  268. Imho, finance excuses are all bollox, we sold cesc, clichy and nasri last summer, that’s nearly £65 Million – did we spend that amount on strengthening the team?

    No, simples….

  269. Rico i dont think it is about who has the most money but quality players have to be paid out for at the going rate, We in all honsty could be a very good team with just a couple of top players, the other players would come alive, but although we wouldnt be spending billions we would still have to pay good wages, two or three players a season in and out and we could still compete.

  270. I agree with you Rico but while they don’t, we are like a middle weight boxer fighting heavy weights and the fact we are staying the distance show how good a manager we have.

  271. Steve –

    honest, i agree with you, we just need the right players in and not always does that mean spending £30M – but when we see players like Vertonghen going at £10M and we don’t go for him, it makes me wonder what is going on….

    Re the wages, our club cannot use that as an excuse, we pay very average players far too much and keep them for far too long…

    The club cannot have it both ways….

  272. I don’t think we are Will, not for one bit, just for the reason i said to Steve – half of our problems could be resolved by coaching, but old stubborn one thinks its ok to leak 49 goals in a season.

    What does he do to stop it?

    The 8-2 at OT was a warning, and he took little notice imho

  273. Vertonghen has not played in this league yet so lets not over rate him and make it a crime we haven’t made an offer. Lets wait and see who he does bid for and if the trend of buying more experienced players continues this season or not.

  274. The wages sketch is a total fallacy, our wage bill is astronomical because we’ve been rewarding mediocre players with bumper deals. Players ” going through the motions” but still getting handsomely paid, has got to give a negative vibe out! Trim the head count and reward those that need rewarding, we can pay RVP £150k pw plus sign some quality…..IMHO I think the Dutchman is leaving, but if his fee is re invested we will come back stronger!! Here’s the contract, sign it by this date or you’ll be sold to the highest bidder….we are The Arsenal, not some tin pot two bob club dripping in cash, we have 125 years of history!!!! Rant over, good night you Gooners, here’s to another 125 years!!!! :)

  275. its very hard to criticise when the window is yet to open, but i do find it intrigueing that we have signed The Pod before the season ended and the window open perhaps a clause there somewhere. Arsenal supporters will never be satisfied whoever we may on maynot sign but while our two owners are more worried about shares than they are by our results sums us up just about right. While we are led to believe that Hillwood and the rest of his cronies are still trying to do things the right way perhaps they need to apply pressure on the owners to get their priorities in order as supporters wont take this forever.

  276. Nice one Lee Nte nte.

  277. My point exactly Lee, nighty night to you….

    That is true Steve, but deals can go through, maybe the players we want don’t fit into that category – let’s hope its that eh ;) ;)

    I’m offski too, catch you all tomorrow :)

    Nighty Steve and all

  278. Yeh me too the laptop is steaming nte nte all thanks for your contributions today :)

  279. Do we think Usmanov will spend big?

  280. I think mostly of the teams are waiting for the Euro 2012

  281. I get disappointed when people throw up “top 4 is like a trophy.”
    People saying it always fail to offer up the context in which it was used,and that’s typically unfair of those bagging Wenger.
    Wenger said it at what stage of the season??????
    No,it WASN’T at the start,and you all know it,so stop rolling it out when speaking of the clubs ambition.
    Is asking and expecting people to offer a fair and two sided argument really to much to ask us???
    Play the ball and not the man guys.

  282. Usmanov would spend big,and then we’d win something,pat ourselves on the back and be a bunch of bloody hypocrites after spending years bagging Chelski and Citeh!!!

    Why is it these players who we’ve probably never,ever heard of or certainly not seen play,suddenly become great players when Arsenal “show interest”,at least according to the rumours we do,and when we don’t buy them,we’re al devastated????????
    Seriously,we well all blame Wenger if we miss Vertonghen,who we don’t even know he was interested in,and we will flog him if we miss M’Villa,yet most of us had no knowledge or interest in him a few months back!!!
    Incredible that we feel comfortable bagging Wenger,and presuming we know more about players that he’s known for years,and we’ve known for a few weeks.

  283. Good Morning Fine Folk of the St Totteringham’s Faith.

    Howdy Lady???

  284. Morning devil,

    tip-top thanks, how’s you?

    not looking forward to this morning though, physio :(

  285. You have a fair point there Scott, the only trouble with a lot of us is that the years go by and we see who joins and who leaves the expectation is what we all fall down on, Where supporters are thinking that our Debts are managable that we will add quality where we consider it is needed, you are quite right Wengers record of top 4 finnishes is superb and maybe he shouldn’t be questioned but you are no diferent to me and the other millions of Arsenal supporters who believe that we can do better, we must always strive to do better. Even successful seasons could have been better you know that as much as i do. As you know everybody can do your job better than you, and that will never change. although i have always been a Wenger Admirer i believe he has taken his foot off the gas peddle whether that is because of the owners and the board who knows but we as supporters need to feel that they as a team are all striving for better than the year before and we have this year, but you as a football man, could we have done better i believe we could and should have we were extremly lucky this year and Arsene could do so much better.

  286. Good to see you are ok Lady.

    Grit your teeth and good luck at the physio. Hopefully these times will come to pass and you will be glad they are over.

  287. devil – add Barton to the EPL ones, Qpr are sacking him :)

    Morning Steve

  288. Rosicky and AA – not sure they are on a bosman this summer, both have one more year don’t they?

  289. Don’t think they are right devil, Cahill is still shown as being on a free but sadly, we all know he isn’t…

  290. Sorry morning Rico, and all you fine gunners :)

  291. It’s Micky Hazard joining the coaching staff…. ;)
    Happy Thursday, 28c in the city today!!!!

  292. Good day Lee.

    Micky Hazard what??? coaching staff at AFC??? He is a scum pervert no???

  293. Morning Lee –

    I thought you’d like that one, wouldn’t we just all eat our words if hazard joins us :)

    28c in the city, brr, it’s chilly in the sticks today, cloudy and froggy ;)

  294. morning Sir SP

  295. Arsenal are being linked with Swansea midfielder Joe Allen but reports of a £3million offer appear to be wide of the mark.

    Allen has impressed for the Swans during a fine debut season in the Premier League and that has lead to reports that Gunners boss Arsene Wenger is keen on a deal.

    Rumours of a £3million bid have been doing the rounds on Twitter but these have also been shot down by one or two agents, who have said there is nothing in the speculation.

    Wenger has been casting an envious eye towards the Liberty Stadium though and is definitely keen on loan star Gylfi Sigurdsson, while goalkeeper Michael Vorm has also been linked with a switch.

    It would come as no surprise to see the talented Allen also on Wenger’s wanted list as he looks to bolster his midfield but talk of a bid going in appears to be premature.

  296. This is Luciano Narsingh…….he plays for Herenveen. He was selected to play for the dutch national team and scored against Bayern.

    He has Theo’s speed, tricky feet………AND A FOOTBALL BRAIN.

    I know Youtube makes you look like a star but he has to do them in the first place.

  297. devil – thanks re the physio, hoping it will be my last vist :)

  298. Joe Allen…………5ft 6 ins.

    Another dwarf??? We need monsters not MIDGETS. FFS

  299. Do you live in France Rico????

  300. Theo can do all that devil ;)

  301. How did you guess Lee….

  302. Devil your 8:56, apparently he’s going to play whilst sitting on AA’s shoulders!! :lol:

  303. Lee………. :lol:

    AA would not move an inch.

  304. maybe the Arsenal Christmas party is Disney themed and our midfield are currently looking for someone to play Snow White!

  305. Salomon Kalou is again being linked with a move to Arsenal as doubts continue to surround his future at Chelsea.

    The Ivory Coast ace has seen his fortunes improve greatly at Stamford Bridge under the leadership of Roberto Di Matteo but he has yet to agree a new deal and could end up leaving on a free transfer.

    Despite winning the FA Cup and Champions League, Roman Abramovich is planning big changes and Kalou could be one of several players who are allowed to leave to make way for new blood.

    Gunners boss Arsene Wenger is known to be a big admirer of the striker, while Kalou himself recently said he was flattered to be linked with a move to the Emirates Stadium.

    Everything hinges on Kalou being offered a new deal but a move to Arsenal is expected to go through if the player ends up leaving the Bridge for one reason or another.

    Arsenal are also keen on Daniel Sturridge but a move for Kalou is far more likely to happen.

  306. Hi ho hi ho……..

  307. AA is already Snow white. He is so white he looks like a neon tube. :lol:

  308. The cheaper option…….no shit!!!

  309. Morning Devil, your in fine form this morning :)

  310. No no no Kalou :(

  311. Hehe. Having a bit of a breather at work.

  312. No interest in Kalou…..

  313. Hope Wenger thinks the same…..

  314. New Post is now up guys…

  315. Dear Bloggers

    I am not of your opinion regarding Kalou. He is tall and very fast and has a football brain.

    That Chelsea want to get rid of him does not matter. He wants to play for me and that is enough.

    He can give us direction in attack, something which we do lack.

    Theo can compliment him. One on the right and one on the left.

    He is also a European cup winner. So why do you complain??

    Yours sincerily


    PS….I do like reading HH. And I find the young fellow from Holland to be quite amazing.

  316. Steve,don’t get me wrong,I’d rather have our side challenging for the league for sure,and I reckon we should never,ever be satisfied with finishing top 4.
    I just wanted to highlight the fact that people suggest Wenger looked at top 4 being equivalent to a trophy at the beginning of the season…basically conceding defeat,but that’s just ot the case.
    When we were running 17th and nearly all of us had given p in the season…not me tough lol…..a top 4 spot WAS equivalent to a trophy.
    Any quote from any person sold be used in the correct context.
    If Kalou truly wants to be a Gunner then I’d give him a go.
    If he’s merely accepting a job,then he can bugger off.
    That goes for any player.

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