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Forget Eden, go for the other Hazard & Italians want Chamakh in player swap….

Life being a Gooner over the last few seasons has been up and down, just like our results.

With it has brought many stroppy comments from fans, frustrated fans I must add but fans nevertheless.

Watching Chelsea win the Champions League has also upset a few, as many fans wanted us to be the first London club to win that prestige trophy but me, well, I don’t really care.

Well, not as much as I would if the local reprobates had won it but they didn’t and maybe like us, they never will.

I was sent this by one of the Highbury House funny guys, and yet again Lee has come up with a classic:

Actually, make that two from Lee :)

Don’t know about anyone else, but I have always thought that Channel No 5 has a bad smell to it!!

Just like that shirt they wear, I would never buy it! £35 Million is the amount suggested that Tottenham have lost out on having missed out on 4th spot, that is a lot of money!

In fact, that is the very amount believed to be the value of Eden Hazard, the player so many fans have said that Wenger needs to sign, but did you all know that his younger brother Thorgan is judged to be better than him?

Thorgan Hazard was born on the 29th March 1993 and he currently plays for RC Lens in Ligue 2!

As said, he is the younger brother of Eden Hazard and plays either as a winger or an attacking midfielder.

Already he is a Belgian youth international and has represented his nation at under-16, under-17, under-18, and under-19 level. The younger Hazard has been described by youth coach Eric Assadourian as a:

Technically gifted player who can settle a match by himself with ease.

Eden reckons his younger brother Thorgan is better than him and he’s certainly at a better age and price to tempt Arsene. Eden Hazard has recently suggested he wants to join the new Champions League winners so if that goes through he will be living in the London area.

What better for him than to have his little brother joining him, albeit playing in red and white?

Other news floating around relates to Serbian playmaker Adem Ljajic.

He wants to leave Fiorentina this summer and his current club want Chamakh – both players are valued around £6 Million and Fiorentina are hoping for a straight swap. Ljajic is 20 years old and in his fifty appearances for Fiorentina he has managed four goals.

In case you don’t know him, he is the player who recently applauded his manager after being substituted and got a slap for his sarcasm! His then manager, Delio Rossi, got the sack! Bad manager or a player with an attitude?

Have a good day all, never fear, the transfer window will be shut soon enough…..

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238 comments on “Forget Eden, go for the other Hazard & Italians want Chamakh in player swap….

  1. Didn’t Ashley Young say his younger brother Kyle who was with Arsenal youth’s is better than him? What happened to him?

    I say my younger brother is better than me at everything too. It’s called brotherly love.

  2. Evening all.
    Rico,im claiming a scoop here.
    I said a few months back that the younger Hazard was better than Eden at the same age.
    I get all the good oil.

  3. Morning all…

    Ha ha Scott – well today its headline ;)

  4. Hi Franny – so idea where he is now, i thought his brother was Matthew?

  5. I thought you wrote Ashley Cole Franny, I really need to concentrate when reading :)

    Yes, Young did say that about his brother….

  6. Great pics Lee – thank you :)

  7. We shouldn’t be concerning ourselves with Spurs, it shows how far we’ve fallen. We never used to care about them back when we were successful.

  8. The comments i read a few months back werent from Eden,they were from a guy who had coached both as juniors.

  9. What else have we got to smile about Romford ;)

    This could be the last time we have a laugh at their expense, s Lee said on the old post, Arry is in talks with Vertonghen and Remy…

    While AW and his team are probably doing nothing, sad times imho….

  10. Good Morning Fine Folk.

    Very sad reading that article Lady.

    There is only one way for scum like that………not prison. But death penalty (I know some of you might not agree to that).

    Regarding Ljajic its difficult to day. Delio Rossi (the manager) is a gentleman who has never done something similiar. but he laid into Ljajic and this is unacceptable.

    However Ljajic was subbed after just 25 minutes and this is not the first time that it happened to him. He was being played out of position and this is something he hates. So he applauded sarcastically and got a full punch

    So it is difficult to conclude, especially as Delio Rossi admits he went over the top.

  11. Loic Remy has a heart defect. I am not even miffed about him. I do not rate him that much

  12. What better for him than to have his little brother joining him, albeit playing in red and white? –

    Arsene signing them both!

  13. morning everyone…..Ljajic is a good plyr..but instd of him..shld go for jovetic..classy plyr…creative plus scores goals…could be grt in rosicky’s place

  14. Jovetic is valued at 15 million. So cannot see how he will be exchanged for chamack

  15. 2m + hits Rico!! Congrats!!!

  16. give chamakh…n 10m..according to his agent..we had a bid rejected for him…last season..god knws hw we ended getting park..

  17. Good point Gunner D

    devil – very sad article….

  18. Thanks Lee, I didn’t see that sneak over the line… :P

  19. Must admit devil, I’d be pretty cheesed off keep being played in the wrong position and early subs each game, tbh, i don’t know much about Ljajic but right now, anyone seems better than Chamakh..

    How desperate does that sound…

  20. morning
    Yeah Ron…theres still something massively odd about our Park aquisition eh. I really thought that it was a crazy deal and an odd snub directed towards lille. Im sure we sold a billion shirts to the Koreans but its crazy what happened with the “half a medical” etc. I guess we’l see, if he ends up going to lille then we obviously had a deal somewhere for a swop 12 months later….then we sell walcott and in comes hazard to hang with gerv and TV………See?? Its getting to me already and 31st Aug is miles away!
    ignore me.

  21. Shut up people like you are the ones that put shit into Wenger’s and board’s mind and for this reason we haven’t won shit all for 7 seasons. Youth are good to buy but only for future not in the first team. We want top quality proven players who have won things and will bring their winning ways to us. I say we bid for Eden and bring him here so RVP stays and bring in a few more good buys and go for the title next season no second best never the second best for AFC !!! Come on u Gunnerz

  22. thorny….it was a panic buy….n it did nt wrk..hope this transfer window..is more planned..n d song,walcott n vp..contract situation..is solved..soon..so we can pln ahead..do nt thnk we will be in for hazard..wenger will never spnd around 30m..for him..but he is a classy player..

  23. KM, i read another saying Ryo failed to live up to all the hype, that was from the Bolton fans too….

  24. :lol: Thorny – i strongly suspect it will another tame transfer window for us gooners…. :(

    COYG – what a bright and breezy first comment you have made, maybe you should stick around for a while and see what we all really think…

    Shame you cannot relate to irony….

  25. RON – i honestly believe Park has something to offer, just numpty nutts AW didn’t give him a chance….

  26. Offski for an hour or so, supermarket calls :(

  27. but it is strange rico..bcz wenger one of those managers who gives his players a lot of chances to prove themselves..n whn we needed a goal it was ramsey cmg on…instd of park..stnge tht..

  28. and chamakh Ron, why i never know and seldom was Park even on the bench….


  29. Thorny, then your alarm clock went off…… :lol:

  30. hmm..ya ….waste of squad no..hope thy r moved..good for thm n d club..n get some good back up in

  31. If we’r going to be cheapskates, then a good move would be to sell Park & Chamakh and bring in Odweimnge/Ba. He’d be a short term signing and wouldn’t affect us whether RvP stays or leaves.

  32. Rico,

    I think Miyachi would like better in a side which values possession…like Swansea/Arsenal. I’m still not sure what Wenger will do with Miyachi, whether he will bring him back and ease him in or give him another loan season.

    If RvP leaves which looks likely, it will mean that Podolski will play as the main CF and therefore I think we should keep Benayoun because he plays well whenever called upon and whichever position he plays. We’ve been linked with Hoilett and if we do get him, it will give us a proper left winger.

  33. Seems as if the FFp is already biting in the clubs.

    Let’s see why.

    It has been quiet up till now……..with the exception of Podolski no big money transfers have gone now. And we have RVP to consider.

    So he has one year left.

    What if AW and the club play hardball and make him see the remainder of his contract?? Well that will allow RVP to walk off free knowing that he can secure a lucrative contract anywhere else. Or would he?? FFp will also take into account the players’ wages and while these can be adjusted they will also limit the amount a club can spend on others. So if RVP expects astronomical wages than that will be a huge shock for him. Mind you I think that he already knows that whatever contract he signs will be his last payday since from next year the wages will surely have to go down.

    What if AW decide to sell him to the highest bidder?? Well, the clubs are realising that FFP is no joke. So they are baulking at the amount of fees and wages. They realise that they have to lower expectations. That will put only the following clubs in the running for players……..Shitty, Chavs, PSG, Anzhi, Malaga. The rest, Barca and RM included, do not have bottomless pits. Barca and Real are still paying AFC and Manure for the players they took from them. So if Shitty offer, let’s say less than 20 million for him they will not expect more than 13 million for Dzeko. Likewise the chavs if they offer 20 million for him they will be lucky to get more than 10million for torres

    So get ready for a plethora of players leaving on a bosman. And even those will be lucky to command the same wages as per last three/four seasons.

    So considering all factors AFC are doing well to play hard ball, knowing that clubs have to take care of their finances now since this season is the 1st one on which ffp will be calculated. RVP might have been tense for the simple reason that he realised that he cannot hold the club to ransom now since very few clubs can offer what he wants.

    Maybe that is why AFC have not offered a contract to Theo yet. Play hardball so that he will not demand astronomical wages.

    We wait and see

  34. Rico…….thats a key phrase “living up to the hype”. How many do? Then you get your cisse’s and Oxlades and so on. Perhaps this is Wengers point alot of the time??
    Aguerro did
    Podolski will

  35. For 1 million and just wanting a contract of 2 yrs I will get Benny. Because he has always played well when called upon. Infact he was better than some. And although he will not play that much in the beginning of the season he will be a good sub and or a good depth in squad for later on in the season.

  36. WANDERERS are hoping to tempt Ryo Miyaichi into spending another season at the Reebok.

    Owen Coyle has already opened talks with Arsenal over loaning the Japanese teenager, and is hoping to convince Arsene Wenger that a spell in the Championship would be good for his development.

    “We’d love to have him back – he’s an exciting young player and that’s what we want for next year,” Coyle said yesterday. “I’ve had a discussion with Arsenal already and it’s only early days in the summer but we’ll see how that pans out.”

  37. good morning
    Not many important news.

  38. I’m with you on Yossi, Devil.
    He is enthusiasm in a pair of boots,and brings it with him each and every time he plays.
    FFP…..maybe the clubs ARE taking it seriously after all.

  39. news on twitter again tht…mvilla deal is done..if twitter is to be beleived..we would hav signed all d players available..

  40. I have a sneaky feeling that Joaquim Moreira is Jose Mourinho in disguise. :lol:

    He has the same initials and is always fishing around to see what players are we after and he is a PORTUGEEZER. :lol:

  41. Incredible………this post has been 180minutes up and Ron still has not cracked one of his popular jokes.

    Oyyyyyyyyy wakey wakey mate. ;)

  42. who twittered that Ron……..M’Vila or someone else????

  43. Re. Miyachi

    Miyach is best on the left and he was used a lot on the right which can affect your game/confidence….

    Would it be crazy to suggest that we bring him back and ease him in as a sub in the last 15mins or so….

  44. devilgunner…lot of people who hv some contacts wthin d club..as thy say….rubbish i guess..i guess even d players do nt knw..who d manager is signing..

  45. Totaly agree on Yossi. Get him. He is perfect for us as he is such a willing servant, wants to score, knows he gives us a specific alternative to our regular set up and doesnt bellyache about starting games..All that for 1 million!!!

  46. Arsene Wenger has rejected reports France midfielder Yann M’Vila could follow Lukas Podolski to Arsenal in a big-money move from Rennes.

    The Gunenrs bagged Podolskii from FC Köln for £10 million but Wenger has moved to quash rumours surrounding the signing of the highly-rated middle-man.

    “It is not true,” the Gunners boss told Sky Sports. “There is not any interest at the moment.

    “We have not been in touch with anybody, we have not made any offer to anybody and we are nowhere near to buying anybody else at the moment.”

    He said the same regarding Podolski. So if past history tells us anything it may well be that M’Vila is close.

  47. And he came up with 6 goals mate. Better strike rate than Gervinho and Theo and he played less games.

  48. As I keep saying,Wenger never talks about his targets,which is why I’m constantly amazed at people complaining about us stuffing ANOTHER deal up.
    Well,he never tells us that they’re a possible target,anyway!

  49. Devil,Yossi ain’t afraid to shoot.?…it’s what sets him apart from some of our others atm.
    I just love him as a player.

  50. chamakh has got some shocking stats..2 goals in 40..verminator has got better stats…chamack n heskey do nt deserve to be calld strikers..thy shld be called..strikers by default…these two r certainly in thier own league..

  51. Up till now I have to hear AW or anyone connected with the club say anything about Vertonghen. AW never came out and said that he is interested or anything. Its the media which have came up with the claptrap. And of course our own desires.

  52. Do tyou thinkg that Chamack and Heskey score with the girls Ron??

  53. Personal terms (£60k p.w) have been agreed with M’Vila and it’s just the sending of paperwork before it’s completed. #afc (via @FrenchAFC )..frm twitter…hope it is true..good player..

  54. I have never,ever seen a go guy from being very effective to totally ineffective in such a shirt period of time as is the case with Chamakh.
    I do get pissed off when people tell us ow hopeless he is,because he was very good early on.
    Here’s one for the regulars……..I’ve defended Hazards attitude and reputation,but the last week sow me I was totally wrong.
    He is a money grabbing little prick,so I concede to getting this one utterly wrong.
    I’ve gone from wishing he’d come to Arsenal to hoping he goes anywhere else in a very sor space of time.
    Arrogant shit is what he is.

  55. If M’Vila is worth 60kpw than Theo should not be given more than that. And even that is more than enough for his performances.

  56. I think I read Verminator has better stats than ratman modric!!!!!!

  57. devilgunner…thy hav a bad first touch..n cannot even hit a target..so i guess no..chamakh is certainly better at hooka thn footy..n heskey..shld leave him alone..he is useless..

  58. Scott……..I am with you on Hazard. I have never liked him anyway, and HH regulars know I prefer Gotze (and a plethora of German players).

  59. Took that on the chin Scotty!!

  60. So you think that the first touch is important with the girls Ron???

  61. gotze is more of a levelheaded person..if given a choice..i will also prefer gotze..more of a type of plyr we need..to unlock defences..

  62. haha…need to handle some thngs delicately ..;););)

  63. The Hammers have already begun ramping up their planning for the new season, having sealed promotion back to the Premier League last Saturday with a thrilling 2-1 win over Blackpool in the Championship play-off final.

    A number of potential new recruits are being lined up, including Sunderland’s versatile Egyptian winger Ahmed Elmohamady, who is set to be subject of a £2.5 million bid.

    However, manager Sam Allardyce has made addressing his goalkeeping situation a first priority, with the club currently struggling to tie first-choice Rob Green down to a new contract, amid interest from Tottenham and Fulham.

    Allardyce remains hopeful that Green will extend his deal in the coming weeks, but is lining up experience alternatives just in case, with Gunners out-of-favour duo Lukasz Fabianski and Manuel Almunia both under consideration.

    ………..And I will assure you that they will both play out of their skin against us.

  64. Ron, I take it that you are already an expert with the girls then!!!! ;)

    Hope your first touch is delicate and straight to the point. ;)

  65. haah..ty mate ..;);)..i thnk d hammers want to go straight down again.. targeting fabianski n alumnia..

  66. I reckon he’s a world class player Lee,but not worth the effort….read him wrong.

  67. whore springs to mind!

  68. We should offer the Hammers a package……..Almunia, Fabianski, Squillaci, Park, Chamack. Maybe a total of 15million will do the trick for them. :lol:

  69. Devil,I reckon we should give them more than 15 million!!!

  70. Haha. good one mate.

  71. Off to bed guys,have a good one.

  72. devilgunner u forgot d wenger-big sam..swap deal..;);)

  73. Jamie Sanderson‏@YoungGunsBlog

    No substance to talk of Arsenal swapping Marouane Chamakh for Adem Ljajić, but Fiorentina have scouted Chamakh in last 12 months

  74. Jamie Sanderson‏@YoungGunsBlog

    Arsenal’s Wellington Silva has broken his ankle at loan club Alcoyano. Sad. He had begun to settle in Spain: 2 goals in 12 games.

  75. swapping chamakh..for a hookah..has got a better chance..this deal will surely go through..

  76. Offski.
    see ya lata

  77. i remember a good few years ago when Kolo told Wenger that Yaya was a better player than him. sadly the advice wasnt taken and we kept Eboue rather than Yaya

  78. Afternoon, with goal keepers leaving the club what about Craig Gordon on a free?

  79. Gordon and Jussi are both on a bosman.

  80. Gordon is a bit younger, sign him pay Chel$ea the money they want for Benayoun and give him the two year contract he wants.

  81. Afternoon fine folks….

  82. gordon is a good back up to hv….n ya agree abt benayoun..tells a lot whn..a plyr frm othr club comes n shws more effort n commitment to d cause..thn some of d plyrs..around d club

  83. Hello devil!
    I’m in Madrid until 2016 ;-)

  84. Yossi wants a two year deal, could be a stumbling block….

  85. Hi ya folks…

  86. Surely we ve signed someone? Haven’t we?

  87. Diaby, LJW and Podolski…. your mate JV is joining the yids!! :(

  88. They can have him Lee :)

  89. No goonster, not even a sniff at a signing …..

  90. What!? Are you kidding me? Jv to the scummers? No way.

  91. Afternoon maam, you guys should quit yanking my chain. Are you for real? There’s nothing like that over here. Am confused.

  92. he’s said that he’d rather join them….so he can poke it where the sun don’t shine whilst playing thursday night football!!

  93. Yep goonster, that is the club he wants to join, we haven’t even made an equiry about him apparently….

  94. Wow talk about no ambition. Oh well screw him. We ve got the next best thing…the verminator.

  95. Still can’t believe he ll rather join that shower of shit! What a wank.

  96. What’s the latest on mvilla?

  97. Anyone one on here?

  98. I’d like to see Park get a go next season at least until Christmas anyway, and see if he is good enough the goal in the carling cup was good and cant believe he is that bad a player.

  99. goonster – i think JV thinks he won’t get a regular start with us, but he will at the Yids…

    No news on M’Vila, but he is expected not to sign for us either….

  100. Vernat he isn’t. I saw him at the world cup. He scored a curler against NigerIa and set up the other goal. He’s a goal threat when played in his preferred position. He ll be spectacular in a 442 formation….but we know that ll never happen.

  101. Oh my rico, you are really ruining it for me. God give me strength.

  102. vernat – i too think he deserves a chance, maybe AW plans are for this coming season, he can score for Korea, surely he could for us too…

    Sorry goonster, that’s just what is doing the rounds :(

  103. Then its curtains for us. Robin ll be gone. Theo and song ll join him. Then wilshere and so on……. God help us.

  104. With the Euros and presuming Germany and Holland progress cant see RVP or Podolski figuring much at the beginning of the season either leaves us looking short up front

  105. Jack Wilshere had knee surgery in Sweden today. Surgeon said ‘it went well’. Out for 2-3 months. @fotbollskanal has the details.

  106. Is that a fact Rico? Is he really not coming?

  107. Oh no not you too lee. God, what’s going on guys? Am about losing it.

  108. goonster – that is what my think is too, if we don’t make one or two signings sharpish, Rvp will be gone. I read an article in the Daily Mail yesterday saying that RvP is not about money, it’s about showing the club mean the biz next season…

    And yes, Theo and Song will follow him imho…

  109. Can’t be too pessimistic the window hasn’t even opened…..

  110. vernat, the euros are over by the first week in july, both, if they get to the final would still get 5/6 weeks rest before the start of the season…

    We need to pray for an ‘easy’ first few fixtures and thank goodness we have no CL qualifier…

  111. Bit of intent please Arsenal…..

  112. Gazidis out. Grrrr. Kick that bald no good piss cutting son of a bitch out of my beloved team. Kick him out i say.

  113. October return for Jack then Lee, as long as he suffers no setbacks ;)

    Didn’t stop Fergie last summer Lee, he had his in before the 1 june ;)

  114. or Thursday night football…. ;)

  115. Bolton want to keep Ryo on loan for next season, not sure that is a good move now they are in the Championship…

    Maybe Wigan would be better for him, Martinez is a good manager…

  116. How you reckon it goes AW gives IG his wish list and he fucks it up royally???

  117. Lot of intent please Arsenal….

    Or no Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night football ;)

  118. Afternoon rico, slow news day.
    Lee, “it went well” doesn’t that just mean that they finished with the same amount of instruments as when they started the operation.
    Stan, keep an close eye on JV, your family jewels are on the line.

  119. Don’t even know what to believe anymore. So bummed.

  120. Afternoon Micko – how could you tell ;)

  121. Howdy micko, am so sad right now. Every season we go through the same thing still nobody cares. Its mind boggling. What are you guys in the UK doing sitting on your asses. Get that damned board out for fuck sake.

  122. Expect fuck all then you won’t be disappointed!

  123. Is this the same Gazidas who back in January said that Man Citeh were jealous of us, where did it all go wrong.

    Stan, come the revolution matey.

  124. No way lee. I won’t. Its about time we do something about it. Stan, gazidis and the old scarecrow needs to be booted out of arsenal. We need to get our club back.

  125. Do they know if RVP play today versus Bayern?
    Chelsea wants Falcao, Hulk, Modrid and Hazard
    Totts wants Remy (again)

  126. That’s me too, and I expect very little from this tight club and very foolish, stubborn manager…

  127. Micko, the time is now. Imagine the spuds had finished above us. We need to be proactive now. Now is the time. Kroenke out.

  128. Chavs will probably get all four JM, they won’t hang around waiting for others to snap up their targets…

  129. Or Wenger out goonster??

  130. Yeah Rico him too. He’s a company man and will never speak out. He needs to go too. Too fucking loyal to the board. Hey how old is that bugger ken friar?

  131. rico, your so lucky scott’s in bed, his ears must be wiggling.

  132. As long as it’s only his ears Micko ;)

    He seems to be goonster, he should be demanding money for transfers if he wants to convince RvP etc to stay…

    Maybe he is though, I don’t know but I sure doubt it….

  133. Going to be even harder the PL next year….citeh, manure and chavs will all add quality players!!!!

  134. Chelsea have confirmed Drogba is leaving….

  135. He is Rico and a bloody one at that. What happened to the toure adebayore transfer fee? What about nasri and fabregas’? Wenger is too loyal and its fucking killing me.

  136. From the rumour site :P :P :P

    Breaking News:

    Arsenal FC have made and offer of £25million(31million euros) plus park for Eden Hazard

    Info is from someone in the accounts department in ashburton grove

    seems like Arsenal were the 4th club the Lille president was talking about

  137. I don’t think they will be alone Lee, while we just bimble on the way we are….

    What about the Nasri and Cesc money too goonster?

  138. What % of his £7m p.a is to deflect the board’s inadequacies??

  139. I wonder if Ade-the-whore will be pledging his future to the spuds now he knows they’ll be playing monkey football on a thursday night, a mercenary if ever there was one.

  140. Hahaha like that ll ever happen. Hazard for park my ass. Yeah right. Its comedy central you guys though its not Friday!

  141. I heard it was Reading!

  142. Sometimes i think its the board, other days i think it’s wenger but today, i just believe they are all as bad as eachother….

  143. Stan, at the moment you’ve lost your nuts don’t start gambling your ass………

  144. They’re all in it together….. EH did say he’d be playing in blue, we’ve got blue on our new strip! ;)

  145. He says he hopes to stay with the Yids, but we all know he told an interview he was staying with us, two mins later he said he was offski…

    who would pay his high wage? not sure Arry would either….

  146. Lee we ll never get hazard in a million years. That bald head gazidis ll fuck it up. Just like he did mata and ricky alvarez.

  147. Lets wait until September the first before we judge who is right and wrong and what the club needs.

  148. Leave the bald out please….

  149. Are you bald lee? Hahaha.

  150. follically challenged I prefer…..

  151. :lol: Lee – just read that Chavs are in for some other player, and not Hazard…

  152. Lee, you must have walked under a ladder as a kid, that’s all I can think of.

  153. Remember how i was jibbing on about the weird park deal earlier……I reckon lille wanted a new striker and couldnt afford one so Wenger paid for him and told him to stick with what he had using cole for gervino and that he would sort them out with park in 12 months as part of the haz deal.
    No wisecracks about alarm clock, cornflakes, mental institutions etc please.

  154. Hahaha lee, i knew it. You are a mischievous bald head gnome. Rico don’t get your hopes up. We won’t be signing hazard.

  155. Straight-jackets?? :lol:

  156. Hardly a gnome I’m 6ft 1″, Stan…..

  157. Thorny, weren’t Lille going for Park and we gazzumped em??? And pissed them off….

  158. Whoa six feet huh? Now you re a foul smelling bald head giant.

  159. OR…
    Hazard is young and wants to hang out with cousin TV and his old mate gervinio so Wenger did a deal with lille last year and walked off with gervinio but Ivan G was such a prick in the meetings that at the last minute lille said no to the Hazard deal and stuck 2 fingers up. With their noses firmly out of joint The wenger boys pulled off a kidnapping while park was having some noodles outside between medical sessions, hence Parks odd behavior nowdays. Both clubs have come to an arangement now as Arsenal really want Hazzard and he loves his cousin and lille believe that Park is actually the golden child (grown up now)
    Ive got 2 pencils up my nose. My old mans a teapot…Wibble!

  160. :lol: re Reading Lee…

  161. Nah Lee. they couldnt raise the dosh and had to save face so we paid for him and obviously had to take him..We kept it secret and came up with the gazzump story to help lille bosses and promised not to overuse or injusr park… now this is our reward as agreed

  162. I can hear the sirens coming Thorny ;)

  163. Gotta to run guys. Have a good one. See ya lee-giant*winks*

  164. Bloody hell Thorny, you sure that’s not a plot from eastenders?
    Take the underpants off your head…..

  165. Although someone needs to explain the oddity of Parks signing, how he was signed when we just bought gervinio and wanted eden. Park has been the wierdest signing ever.

  166. I hope your story has some legs Thorny!

  167. 3 more months of this guys :( :(

  168. Where is AK today with his Twitter updates, i like those….

  169. but that is an actual rumour is it? not a rumour rumour.

  170. twitter is all about LJW’s operation…..

  171. I think I will be certifiable by the time the 31st August arrives….

  172. When is a rumour more than just a rumour ;)

    twitter is going well then ;)

  173. Macclesfield have had a clearout if AW is interested, 16 players let go… ;)

  174. Carlos Cuellar has been released by Aston Villa, there’s our new CH signing ;)

  175. robert green anyone?

    We can swop him for fabianski (joey from friends)

  176. Not sure on him Thorny, he has not always been convincing….

  177. Sign Gordon, Benayoun and Kuyt, and a defender Andreas Hinkel maybe? out of contract this summer twenty caps at full back for Germany

  178. vernat – should we not be aiming a lot higher than that?

  179. Which one?, Gordon good keeper only 29, Kuyt and Benayoun have done well in this league and bring the right attitude and flexibility, hinkel would be a gamble i suppose but he is only thirty and has experience.

  180. Fair point vernat, fair point – the next signing we need is a DM imho, not overly fussed by Kuyt either – don’t know anything about Hinkel so can’t really comment….

  181. Good evening Fine Folk.

    According to the Italian media, Juventus are keeping tabs on Djourou.

  182. I agree Kuyt is not the most talented player, but we have had plenty of talent in the team, what we missed is attitude and work rate and he brings those and goals as well as being able to play in several positions.

  183. Keep up devil, Lee posted that earlier ;) ;)

    Mind you, I posted about Bolton wanting Ryo, you posted that hours before me :)

    Evening to you…

  184. Diaby

  185. Who have we signed..?

    Owen Hargreaves??
    Michael Owen???
    Owen Owen????

  186. Evening Charlie, back on the road again then :(

  187. There is talk about Ramsey going to Swansea ;)

  188. Who have we signed?

    Michael Owen??

    Owen Hargreaves??

    Owen Owen???

  189. Phone playing up.
    Is that a loan deal..?

  190. You just said that Charlie ;)

    No-one, not even a crock ;)

    Soory AK, my dinner is nearly done, so have to pop off for a bit….

  191. Hi Rico.
    Phone playing up.
    Heap of crap.
    Ramsey, i trust that that is a loan..

  192. Arsenal Football Club will be releasing seven players at the end of their contracts on June 30.

    Professionals Manuel Almunia, George Brislen-Hall, Gavin Hoyte, Sean McDermott, Rhys Murphy, together with Scholars James Campbell and Jeffrey Monakana will all be released on July 1 and are therefore free to join other clubs from this point.

    From the departing players, Almunia and Hoyte both made first team appearances. Manuel Almunia made a total of 175 first team appearances since joining from Celta Vigo in July 2004, keeping an impressive 70 clean sheets.

    During his time with Arsenal, Almunia played in the 2006 UEFA Champions League Final and made a total of 109 Premier League appearances.

    Gavin Hoyte broke into the first team on four occasions, making his debut in the Carling Cup victory against Sheffield United in September 2008.

    Everyone at Arsenal would like to take this opportunity to thank Manuel, George, Gavin, Sean, Rhys, James and Jeffrey for their contribution towards the Club and wish them well in their future careers.

  193. Hiya Sir AK. How are you mate???

  194. Shame Hoyte didn’t make it, i wish them all the best of luck in the future.

  195. Vernat, did you know that only Theo was faster in the 100mtr sprints then Hoyte at the club???

  196. 70 clean sheets in a total of 175 clean sheets make an impressive 40%. He might have made cock ups of gargantuan proportions but we must also consider the defence he had in front of him.

  197. No but hopefully for him he can do well like Steve Sidwell and make a good career for himself

  198. Maybe he can join up with Justin at Middlesbrough

  199. Evening….

  200. The clearout begins then……

    I too wish them all the best in their future careers….

  201. I think so Charlie re Ramsey, can’t se a Cardiff boy moving there full time, would be as bad as Jack joining the swampies ;)

    don’t know why you went into moderation :(

  202. I thought McDermott was meant to be a quality keeper in the making?

  203. All quiet here so off for the day…

    Nighty all, stay safe and catch you tommorrow….

  204. bayern 1 Holand 2 … 25 minutes
    Rvp is sub
    Huntelaar :-)
    Well and Narsiagh a good surprise
    spud Van de Varth is playing

  205. 2-2 – 75 minutes
    RVP sub… isn’t fit?

  206. Morning all.

  207. Goodbye all,off to work.

  208. RVP not fit…
    Is that what you meant JM..??
    Maybe an injury at the Euro’s would mean RVP staying at AFC…?
    Well staying for next season at least.
    A year is a long time in football…
    Who can say what Robin or AFC will do, by the summer of 2013…???

  209. Arsenal bidding for Eden Hazard is a joke.
    There is no way that he’s moving to Arsenal.
    It just smacks of a typical Arsenal ‘stunt’ to try and engineer season ticket sales…
    Gazides and his cronies taking the pissoutta the fans as usual.
    If Lille & Hazard agreed to the move i reckon that Kroenke would have a heart attack…

  210. AK,nobody knows if Arsenal have made a bid for Hazard or not.
    Lilly’s CEO has stated that a mystery 4th club is in for him,so obviously it’s us lol.

  211. Morning Lee & all….

    Busy at work then Lee ;)

  212. yankee gunner is spot on, just why we need a ‘M’vila’ kind of player, one who will do what he is meant to and not go racing up the pitch at every opportunity, leaving his fellow defensive players uncovered…

  213. Nah quiet start…

  214. Yankee Gunners article is good,but it’s nothing new…….we’ve all been saying it for months now.
    We all know what needs to be done,it’s just a matter of the board giving Wenger the cash,and him using it.
    Releasing 7 players is ot a bad start.
    Cesc said that,as an Arsenal fan,he wants RVP to stay.
    I appreciate what he’s saying,and why he’s saying it,up the perception isn’t good.
    I just read where Nasri said Wenger desperately wanted in to stay,but the board forced the sale.
    And people still actually think Wenger runs the joint and has final say on spending….amazing.
    Evening all.

  215. Lee,go and earn your money you bludger lol.

  216. Good Lee, time for coffee and toast ;)

    Hi Scott…

  217. The markets are quiet……. the end is nigh!

  218. Our local market still thrives Lee ;)

  219. So are we chasing M’Villa with Capoue as a back up,or will we go for Capoue as he’s cheaper?
    Or,will we……….doing my head in already.
    Maybe we should ban discussions on transfers until they’re confirmed.
    What do you think guys???
    Oh,and I know bugger all on Capoue……what can you tell me.

  220. It will be in todays post Scott ;)

  221. We won’t be banning transfer discussions, what would we talk about all summer ;)

    Seriously, that’s what gets us through the off season, it’s a bit of fun to keep us going and keep hope that some new faces are on their way in.

  222. I know Rico…..tongue in cheek.
    It really is a pain in the arse though,deciphering all the rumours.
    Still,it certainly means things aren’t boring lol.

  223. Do you think AW will opt for the cheaper options, with RVP asking for some intent shown from AFC (alledgedly that is)?

  224. I knew Scott ;)

    Yes Lee, I don’t think RvP’s ‘demands’ will make a bit of difference, didn’t Cesc ask the same of the club?

  225. New Post up guys :)

  226. Who knows Lee.

  227. Rico Your link above

    What are those people doing in Britain. Why let them in?

  228. devilgunner says:
    May 22, 2012 at 9:36 am

    Good Morning Fine Folk.

    Very sad reading that article Lady.

    There is only one way for scum like that………not prison. But death penalty (I know some of you might not agree to that).

    That won’t stop thee apes. The US is proof the death penalty isn’t a deterrent

    One way, is to follow the lead of the Hammer’s firm. who during the riots told the darkies if they entered their manor with intent, they’d get dented heads. It worked I’m told. What about the Sikhs who said on international TV they’d ” kill the blacks ” if they committed violence upon them

    that seems to work wonders

    Such is life in the failed multicult

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