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Will Chelsea be the only London side to win the Champions League?

There is only one place to start this morning and that’s with the Champions League Final.

Congratulations have to go to Chelsea who huffed and puffed a bit at times, but when it came to penalties to decide the result, they showed great strength to beat Bayern Munich.

Had Robben converted his penalty chance during the game, things would have been so different but he didn’t and that’s all that counts.

What a goal Drogba scored to take the scores level, just showed what a big strong striker can do didn’t it, how often do we score goals like that?

Well done to them….

Will they be the only London club to experience success in this competition or will we one day see our own Captain standing tall with that big trophy in his hands?

Or will another London club ever find themselves in the final and gain success, Fulham maybe or Qpr?

I can’t think of any other. ;)

Since Arsene Wenger arrived, we have always made it into the Champions League, sometimes just scraping through but regardless, we have always been there.

It’s well-known that this competition was the one that Roman Abramovich wanted to win the most, and now he finally has. It’s also the competition that Arsene Wenger wants to win before he retires and now he has this summer to make sure that we could really be in with a chance next term.

My own preference would be winning the Premier League and the domestic cups but should we not be able to do that, let’s at least have a team/squad that looks like it’s in with a chance.

A squad with players who ‘fight’ from start to finish each match, players who want to play for Arsenal and are proud to be part of such a prestige club and anyone who doesn’t want to be playing in red and white, get rid of them and sign players who do, regardless of who they might be…

If we don’t we will never improve and the trophyless seasons will go on for many years and no doubt Chelsea will remain the only London club to win the Champions League.

Make this summer a good one Arsene, starting today with Yann M’Vila…..

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274 comments on “Will Chelsea be the only London side to win the Champions League?

  1. Morning all…..

    You got to be in it to win it…. ;) ;)

  2. Congrats to them but Arsenal really need to pull their fingers out. We’re the biggest London club but we’ve been living off our reputation for far too long

  3. Exactly Romford and this has to be the summer of big change…

    It’s started well with Podolski and promoting Bould, now they need to get to work….

  4. Morning all.

    Aye Romford, reputation can only take you so far….

  5. What a cr-p article. I assure there are no sour grapes but I still do not know how Chelsae won, but good luck to them. All this about we need a team that fights to the finish. How much did Chelsea fight at Liverpool a few weeks ago? Whenever a side wins late on w get the same drivel, “what character” is spouted out. Get real. Chelsea won and good luck to them, surely it must be running out soon. The Chelsea managers job is a real “poisoned chalice” with at least six new players needed for next season.

  6. With vampire kroneke and without dein it is impossible

  7. Will the Spuds be the only London side in the Europa league? Mugs!

  8. Good bye bale good bye modric good bye adbywhore

  9. Chelsea now have 4 league titles, 7 FA Cups and 1 CL.

    Wenger bleats on about us always being in the CL but we’ve only ever come close once. I was pretty happy yesterday because I could abuse all my Spurs mates but honestly, it’s just masking how bad we are. I hope we can start with M’Vila today

  10. I never even used to be concerned about Spurs before but it shows how far we’ve fallen that mocking them is all we have to gloat about.

  11. Am 4kin tired of d board and mr wenger. Tombs up 4 chelsea,dey realy dsav it.

  12. Congrats to the chavs but it sickens me they won the CL before us :( :( we’re never going to hear the end of it.

  13. Morning Rico, Great post as usual, yes were in it next year but you know the same as me that we are only there to make the numbers up, granted we got there with a point in hand over our rivals Tottenham, and although i smiled last night i do feel for loyal Tottenham supporters as that could so easily had been us. At the end of the day i have to congratulate Chelsea, Abromavich’s money maybe the reason they won but 11 players against 11 and they showed great reserves in defending and they won through in the end. We see the winning clubs this year clubs that have spent vast amounts of money Liverpool 100 million for the Carling Cup Chelsea a billion for the FA cup and Champions league, Manchester City a billion for the Premier league, and we wonder how our breaking even spending has won us nothing. Arsenal Football club is known for its frugal spending, we are also known to be a feeder club as many of our ex players have been involved in the winning teams this year, we are in fact punching well above our weight and many supporters should be proud of that fact, but for those that are looking for more than just qualification, you may have to wait the 44 years that Chelse and City waited before success came for them as we are no nearer to winning a cup than what we was 8 years ago. but as Rico stated you have to be in it to win it and 17 clubs are not.

  14. John – crap article, why not try and write your own then? You are obvioulsy very happy with losing to sides the way we do, defending in such a poor way and leaking the club record goals…

    Good luck to you…

    Chelsea may have rode their luck, but they didn’t give up and that is what we need in our side….

  15. Welcome to those joining HH today..

  16. Next year’s final is at Wembley by the way.I would love us to win it then but …

  17. Kt, it could have been worse, could have been the other north london side….

    I’m no great fan of Chelsea but they were always going to win it after beating Barca…

  18. Mr wenger need out of this club bcus his mission is alws 4th position or 3rd position each season.2 bad 4a club lyk arsenal.

  19. I hate to say it bar Muller’s goal Cole was brilliant last night.his knack of making last ditch blocks is absolutely brilliant.to think we now have Gibbs as our LB…

  20. Morning Steve – well said and call me an old cynic, but not only are we in it to make up the numbers, to to build up the bank balance…

    Things may change under the FFP and Roman, Citeh etc will have to curb their spending but they have three years to make sure they break even, in those years they could have very strong squads.

    Where will we be?

  21. A bit harsh John.
    Rico,we have heart in our squad now…when everyone’s fit and healthy…we just lack a little class and creativity.
    We all talk our defence,or lack of it at times,but when Arteta played,we were a he’ll of a lot harder to breach than when he was missing.
    This tells me that M’Villa is a requirement,and Arteta then can play a more creative game.
    We still do need to sign a CAM though.
    Morning all.

  22. Cech should have saved that Muller goal Kt, but yes, Cole was outstanding – maybe he knew it was his last chance at the trophy.

  23. Bayern had 42 attempts :o on goal with 22 of them blocked :o .Robben alone had 15 attempts :o !!!

  24. Morning Gooners.
    Morning Rico.
    A great post, written through gritted teeth i suspect… :)

  25. Hi Scott

    I have to disagree slighty, we have many with heart and soul but not enough…

    Look at that last ditch tackle made by Gibbs on the final day, we need more of that and all over the pitch…

  26. I saw the stats during the game Kt, when i finally got around to watching, couldn’t believe it was 0-0 when i tuned in with BM having so many chances…

    Wonder if Robben slept well ;)

  27. KT, how many really difficult saves did Cech have to make?

    That was down to the guys in front of him who put in a fantastic defensive display…

    Cahill. £7million?!
    Worth a punt Arsene??
    Nevermind, we’ve always got Squillaci and Djourou…

  28. I’m a very depressed Gooner right now :(

  29. Morning AK,

    Thinking of what else that Chelsea victory brought, it wasn’t so difficult to write this morning ;)

  30. What a way for Drogba to bow out.if only Henry had put away 1 of his chances in Paris… :( I have never been more gutted as an Arsenal fan than on that wednesday night.we were 15 minutes away :( :(

  31. Chelsea’s success just racks up the pressure on Arsenal to respond.

    Well, will they???

    What do ya think???

  32. Ak, i din’t want to mention Cahill, I was desperate for us to sign him and he wanted to join us – had Wenger made a proper offer when he did, he’d be ours.

    Many here said he was rubbish, however, I’m not sure they will be thinking that now….

  33. Rico, there’s a village looking for that cnut!
    Morning all btw

  34. Well done to Chelsea, you know hats off to them for achieving what at the moment for Arsenal is the impossible dream. The only way to shut them up is to do what Liverpool did to Man Utd and win more then them in future or start winning more doubles then Spurs like we have done in the past.

    We just need to go out now and spend money on top talented players and start being difficult to beat again. At least nobody can take our unbeaten season away from the club.

  35. Romford, i have felt like that for the last 5/6 years

  36. AK – No, i don’t think they will

    Morning Lee – I hope they don’t find him…. ;)


  38. I know Rico right, so not fun!!

    I have to give my props to Drogba though. His antics aren’t good but there aren’t many bigger game players than him. Nine goals in cup finals – awesome record! Hoping Benik Afobe can amount to something like that!

  39. Putting my antipathy to Chelsea to one side.

    I have to admit to a certain admiration in the way they approached Europe under diMatteo.

    None of all that fancy-dan gung-ho rubbish…

    Yeah, it lacked a bit of elan, but if Arsenal had done likewise we’d be doing handstands.

    Success in Europe is all about being pragmatic, streetwise and at times a bit cynical.
    You play the europeans at their own game.

    George Graham knew how to play that game.
    And when we beat Parma i couldn’t a toss that we were lucky…

    The Germans [usually] do it all the time.
    Likewise the Italians…

  40. John, but as Ak asks, will we do that?

    M’Vila is to announce his decision today, just praying that the rumour we all heard a few weeks ago was true and he is heading our way but Rennes just held back until their season ended so not to cheese the fans off…

  41. AK that was what impressed me the most about the chavs.they were prepared to die for their team,throwing themselves at everything.Cole for me was man of the match since i can recall about 3 absolutely vital last ditch tackles/blocks that saved their arses last night.to win big trophies like the CL you have to do that.even at Stamford Bridge he cleared an effort by cesc off the line in the CL semis.

  42. Allezkev hit the nail on the head there!

  43. Romford, agree, his goal last night was like a bullet, we had a big strong striker in Nik, what did we do, play him left wing in a front 3, why….

  44. So Jan you better get used playing on a Thursday night….

  45. Spot On AK, isn’t that the ‘plan b’ we all ask for? In certain games we just need to grind out results and if that isn’t pleasing on the eye always, who really cares?

    Had we played like that in Milan, we wouldn’t have lost that game so heavily, if at all….

  46. Lee – he won’t go there now will he?

    Did you see the comment i left yesterday about him, so guy emailed me saying that Wenger has never made an approach for him…

    Don’t know how much truth is in it…

  47. Correct me if I am wrong but the biggest test of character is to win from losing positions rico guess which team had the most comebacks last year

  48. We haven’t got enough quality in the squad to grind results out….it wasn’t that long ago 1-0 and it was game set & match, now when we’re 2-0 up and I’m worried!!!!

  49. welcome gooner/herts, no need to shout though, take the caps off ;)

  50. Guess which team is still trophyless….

  51. Cahill is a headless chicken compared to bosscielny look at the stats

  52. Yeah I did Rico….maybe it’d be worth a phone call, what you reckon??

  53. how many leads did we surrender the font, how many goals did we concede – sorry, but that stat, whatever it maybe about test of character doesn’t blow me away – and how many times was that out of interest??

  54. KT, i agree totally, Cole, Cahill, Boswenga [?] and the Brazilian guy were organised, focused and put their bodies on the line.

    Just like Arsenal at West Brom… :P

  55. 3-0 Lee and i still think we need one more, how many goals did we concede, 49?

    Invincibles – 49 matches without a loss

    2011/2012 – 49 goals conceded..

    Two records held for the mighty arsenal…

  56. 49 goals shipped that’s a stat that needs addressing!!!!

  57. Romford we are not talking about trophys we are talking about heart and arsenal football club won more games from losing positions than any other prem club SO WHAT’S YOUR POINT

  58. Go find the stats on that The font and then post them please., i would love to know them…

    Lee – a call to JV or to the poster ;)

  59. Good Morning Fine Folk of the St Totteringham’s Faith.

    Hope you all are ok.

    Any more doubts about Italian coaches now???

    Well with the exception of Tinkerman Ranieri. the rest, like Di Matteo, Ancellotti, Capello, Sacchi, etc have all one thing in common………they won the Champions cup.

    Nuff said!!!!!

    Had we been in the final yesterday……..we would have lost for the simple reason that we have to play beautiful football.

    Di Matteo played up to his players’ strengths. And succeeded. Would AW do so???? Would he park the bus??? You bet he would not. We would have played the beautiful game and lost.

  60. Romford, trophyless and conceding goals for fun, both need to be seriously addressed…

  61. HC… ManUre?????

  62. Exactly why we almost won it in 2006.Cleansheets and counterattacking is a proven blueprint of how to win the CL.

  63. What the font says is true Rico. I have read it somewhere that AFC are the team with the most comebacks this season….winning from a loosing position.

  64. :lol: Ak, and i did laugh at Torres attempt to gain a penalty, 9/10 for the dive…

  65. Mate, you can talk about that all you want. We are shit defensively, and that’s a major contribution as to why we aren’t successful.

  66. We have one last year before the FFP comes in, this is the year to spend if were going too, we need to buy for now and the next 2 or 3 years, has Wenger and the board been waiting for this first and last spend up or what, this could be our difining season.

  67. Hi devil – totally agree about ‘had that been us’…

    yes, I know the font is right about the comebacks, but my point is, why do we concede so many goals in the first place – sort that out and the comebacks wouldn’t be needed so often.

    I can take us conceding goals, it’s the way and the frequency we do that really cheeses me off…

  68. How about not going behind to start with…. just a thought!

  69. Embarrassed rico that you did not know that kills your point about playing from start to finish

  70. Steve – FFP won’t affect us, we don’t spend enough….

  71. That’s what I’m saying Lee, Chelsea don’t have to come from
    behind because they didn’t concede to start with.

  72. Embarrassed The font??? About what?

  73. Exactly Lee…

    Shame we can’t learn to hold onto a lead, comebacks wouldn’t be such an issue…

  74. We need to halve that number to stand a chance….

  75. I haven’t got a problem with the way we play, in as much as the domestic game is concerned.
    English footie is popular the world over for it’s thrills and spills.
    A bit more defensive organiation would be welcome all the same.

    But for europe, it’s a different mentality.
    Likewise world/euro cups.

    The result is everything.
    And how you get it is secondary.
    Bayern’s history is all about pragmatism, winning after being outplayed, winning by penalties, football created in a Krupp factory.
    That’s why i laughed when they lost to a team playing it their way.

  76. Getting M’Vila will help – maybe that gaping hole in our midfield might get covered….

  77. You would think Wenger would change his tactics for Europe Ak, after all, its pretty clear that that is the trophy he wants…

  78. The font – I don’t actually get your point…. Are you saying you’re happy we have to come from behind all those times? Are you saying the team has a lot of heart? I hope the answer to both of those are “no”!

  79. England did likewise when we recently beat Spain in a friendly.

    That’s how you do it against technically superior opponants…

  80. hi rocky, its a big no in my book….

  81. That could change under Woy Ak…

  82. Although we haven’t won bugger all, do you get a feeling of acheivment in knowing that Cesc has won half a dozen trophies Nasri Toure Clichey viera Platt have won as well, and Cashley has also won a couple. No me neither

  83. Rico, it’s so obvious, or it should be after so many years experience in europe…
    Wenger can ‘play his game’ domestically.
    It’s fun, most of the time.
    But in europe you have to be sensible or else you get bushwacked…

    It’s not a suprise is it. It’s been that way since european football began.
    If you have a team like Ajax [1970's] AC Milan [1980's] or Barcelona now, then you can play more expansively. But when did Arsenal have a team that dominant?
    We got to the final in 2006 on the back of our defensive solidity, not our attacking.
    It’s not rocket science is it?

    Offski for a spell.

  84. Another no from me Steve….

  85. Definitely in mind too Rico. While I agree at times we have shown a great fighting spirit, there have been far too many lacklustre performances. Man U away, Blackburn away, Norwich at home, Fulham away…. Those abominations immediately come to mind but I know there are others.

  86. We won’t win the CL, and I don’t rate it as a competition anyway. English club, English competition

  87. Trouble is Ak, Wenger thinks in every game we can score more than who we play…

    We have to hope Bould puts a stop to the defensive weakness we have…

    Maybe by firstly telling Wenger that JD and Squilli are not good enough…

  88. Liverpool and Man Utd at home too rocky and Spurs away, they were games we should have done a lot better……

  89. Not bad alan…. Only took an hour for your daily “english” comment today!!

  90. alan – don’t you get bored with that?

  91. When we had Nasri,Toure,Clichy,Adebayor and Fabregas,exactly how many trophies did we win guys?
    Funny that they all left for silverware and we care,because if they were so important,why did we win zilch with them??
    Anyway,the record we got this year was winning four games in a row from losing positions….and EPL record.
    I’m ot sure if we set a record for winning the most games from a losing position over the season,but the four in a row definitely is.

  92. I’m honestly still in disbelief that Salomin Kalou has a CL winners medal.

  93. Scott – that is what i was trying to ask the font, how many games did we actually win form a losing position but he hasn’t answered.

    Be interesting to see how many we lost/drew from being in a winning position

    rocky – you and me both ;)

  94. Arsenal’s problem of not winning trophies will be solved if and only if Arsene Wenger is sacked!

  95. Morning Scott. You happy with that record? Or are you more disappointed that for 4 matches in a row we didn’t learn, and stupid lapses meant we were yet again chasing games?! Din’t get me wrong, coming back to win is great. But the fact we are in that position too many times isn’t good enough

  96. Rocky nailed it with one single word in the 10.58 post….lacklustre.
    You probably got sick of hearing me say it,but I stand by it.
    When we had bodies in motion,movement off the ball,we won,simple as that.
    I could tell in the first few minutes how up for a game we were,and I admit that too often we just weren’t.
    Plenty lame Wenger,ok,that’s relevant,but professional footballers should be up for a big game due to the challenge at hand,the battle,so I point the finger at players who knew how important a top four finish was.

  97. Rocky,I just offered up the facts,I’m not happy about it.
    In one way I am,because last season we’d have lost lose games but no,we shouldnt be in that position so often.
    I think the adversity our guys went through last season could well help us gel into a tight knit,hard fighting unit.
    As I said earlier,M’Villa is a huge,huge signing for us if we get him,and I’m convinced he will make a huge dent in that goals conceded statistic.

  98. I agree Scott. If players can’t get up for a match then there is something seriously wrong, and Wenger can’t be blamed entirely for that.

  99. I know Scott…. Wasn’t having a pop at you, I was just wondering.

    I agree a DM is absolutely imperitive. Especially a DM that doesn’t suffer delusions of grandeur that he is an AM, and just sits in front of the back 4.

  100. Part of Wenger’s job is to motivate the players…. His complacency sometimes filters down to the players in my view.

  101. What would you consider a step up for next season, my view is not losing to United winning at least one game against City winning both games against the filth and at least one against the Chav’s beat the scousers away and win against all the teams considered below us, do i want a trophy, don’t be daft lets learn to walk before we run, top 4 would be considered a victory. And at least get through the first couple of rounds befor our exit in the cups. Thats as much as i believe we can acheive but even that may be asking too much.whats your aspirations.

  102. rockyrocastle07 says:
    May 20, 2012 at 11:04 am

    Not bad alan…. Only took an hour for your daily “english” comment today!!

    that’s because I’m watching a show about H M on the tele

    Rico, No I don’t get bored of it. Who cares about the CL. It means nothing

    It appears to me I should be asking why you are all enamoured with it. However I won’t

  103. Fair enough Romford…. But a player should have motivation to start with and shouldn’t need much more! I mean for fuck sake. They get paid well, work once a week, have a great life, play for one of the best clubs in Europe (mock me if you will, but we still are despite recent failings). How much more motivation should a player need??

  104. I want to at least be challenging for the title and I want to win a trophy

  105. I find it quite endearing alan. My day’s not complete without it! Do you honestly believe what you say though of is it just for effect? Do you not care about the Euro’s or World Cup either then?

  106. I love M’Villas description of his game…I tackle,I pass,I mark.
    That’s the true mindset of a DM player.

  107. Oh of course Rocky but if that’s not the case, both Wenger and the player should be looking at themselves and asking why this isn’t the case.

  108. I don’t know there’s an explanation for lacklustre performances that’s easy to find.

  109. Nice one Romford

  110. Guus Hiddink’s Anzhi Makhachkala are preparing a sensational £45million bid for Arsenal striker Robin van Persie.

    Hiddink has been given a blank cheque book to strengthen the mega rich Russians and has made fellow Dutchman Van Persie his No 1 target.

    Anzhi owner Suleyman Kerimov, one of the richest men in the world, has told Hiddink the best players can earn over £300,000 a-week net at his club – which works out at £15m a year tax free.

    Guus Hiddink’s Anzhi Makhachkala are preparing a sensational £45million bid for Arsenal striker Robin van Persie.

    Hiddink has been given a blank cheque book to strengthen the mega rich Russians and has made fellow Dutchman Van Persie his No 1 target.

    Anzhi owner Suleyman Kerimov, one of the richest men in the world, has told Hiddink the best players can earn over £300,000 a-week net at his club – which works out at £15m a year tax free.


  111. 2nd would be a step up Steve ;)

    Tbh, i just want us to have a side that looks up for every game, to not defend as sloppy as we so often do – trophies are won, not just a divine right but lets just have a squad that has a chance of winning something, even if it is the CC.

  112. Chelsea won ugly which won’t appeal to Wenger. That said the gunners won’t win any game or trophy as long as he is in charge. The name of the game is winning.It is very difficult to win in style.
    The 1982 Brazil team shd have won the wc but their swagger and win pretty cost them.
    Arsenal under the Fm are similar.Unless the fm changes his stance on winning above sexy soccer,Arsenal will continue to be unable to win trophies.As for Bould injecting the defence with new ideas,it may contradict the fm’s attacking philosophy and he could be asked to go.
    Last season the fm said he did not need a defensive coach. Please explain how the gunners conceded 49 goals,the worst in seven years.

  113. Devil 45 mill would buy all our team, snap his hand off

  114. Devil,i read that too.
    The question is ow much are they going to offer us?
    RVP will snaffle up 45 million,and if true,he will place pressure on the club to go,but let’s hope we get a decent quid out of it.

  115. Good way of looking at it Rico.

  116. alan, the CL means an awful lot to Wenger, Arsenal and every other top club with ambitions, are think you are a lone fan with your view.

    I would rather we we the PL than the CL but should we ever win both, I would be as happy as Wenger….

    How much money did Chelsea earn last night?

    What would that kind of money give to our manager to invest in the squad, that means a lot….

  117. devil

    If that is true, we would be a foolish club not to accept their offer, but I can’t see RvP wanting to move there….

  118. Julian,maybe the fact we had on defenders fit and healthy played its part.
    Yes,we most definitely need to improve a hell of a lot,but why is it so many are happy to ignore the fact that we had huge injury issues throughout the season?
    Don’t even try to tell me these injuries played no big part in our problems.

  119. Rico,just to clarify,the 45 million is what RVP wll earn,not what we’ll be paid.

  120. Julian, a lot of that is down to having so many injuries, my gripe is AW could have loaned in cover in Jan, he didn’t and we carried on conceding..

    Watching JD at Rb used to give me nightmares….

  121. Scott – it say Hiddink is preparing a £45M bid ‘for RvP’ not paying him that money ;)

  122. I beg your pardon mates…….45million is not what RVP will earn. The opening sentence states ……….45million FOR Arsenal striker RVP. Not TO but FOR.

  123. Scott (re M’villa) that’s exactly what we needl. Probably won’t get him now, as he’s not fancy enough!

  124. That Robben guy is 1 big game choker.first the WC finals,then missing the title deciding penalty against Dortmund,then yesterday…who does he remind you of?

  125. £45Million for AW, that’s like £150M for Mancini ;)

  126. Rico,300,00 a week for three years…trust me,that’s RVPs salary they mean when discussing the 45 million.
    I’ve read two different reports on it.
    Hey,if we can get 45 million,I’d even throw in a few bonus players in.

  127. Scott

    I was talking about the £45 million, don’t care what they would pay RvP :P

  128. Kt- robben really was shit last night. Glad to see woeful corner kick taking isn’t just a problem with Arsenal! His were shocking! Also, what was up with Torres yesterday when the pen takers were being decided? He looked like he was about to cry at one point. Clearly shat his pants. I wonder what number pen he was finally down to take?

  129. 12 rocky, number 12 ;)

    Their keeper had more bottle than Torres…

  130. Rico,no transfer fee has been mentioned.
    300,00 a week is app. 15 million per year,times three years is the 45 million they’re throwing around.
    I was thinking Squillaci,Djourou,Arshavin,Bendtner,Almunia,Fabianski,Denilson…..did I miss any?

  131. Don’t know where those gaps came from lol.

  132. Morning all moaners. ;)

    Sir Steve Palmer mentioned a few days ago (on Adam’s post) the following.

    My idea would be of a rolling squad, only keeping the better players that perform, two players out and two in in every window, that enables freshness in the side and competetive natures. No body in life feels like they have a job for life now and footballers would do well to appreciate that fact. Buying and selling can be ballanced quite easily and some years we could do better than others but what it does do is keeping all players hungry for success, we are in a position at the moment where we only have one goalkeeper a sad state to be in but he feels as safe as houses he should never feel his position is safe he should be pushed to give a good performance every game its just common sense.

    I feel that’s our best chance of becoming successful again and it had to be implemented seasons ago. Now we need a stock clear out as if Ikea was on bankruptcy. Our household has been on instruction drawings far too long. I’m tired of the nuts and bolts left over when we redecorate. Most are too awkward to use for other purposes anyway. And when we deconstruct the object it never fits or is as resilient when first put together. The fragility of the whole has shown repeatedly when some part(s) gone missing.

    End of my moan. :)

  133. I am sorry i dissagree about Robben i thought he was the driving force in the German team i’de have him in our team anyday of the week, Cole was man of the match in my eyes and Robben outdid him on many occasions he couldn’t be expected to do everything but he did his fair share his contribution was what made the game so attacking a great display in my eyes just not their night thats all but an imense player.

  134. Morning all.
    It pains me to say this but Ashley Cole showed last night that he is still the best left back in europe! And to think that he only wanted 5k a week more on his then deal with AFC….Fast forward and the same thing is basically happening with RVP!! Sad times upon us.

  135. Ktr7 fully appreciate your comment on Robben. Not being cynical. What a utter self-concerned cnut. Can’t stand the tosser. Everybody here knows I get foaming like a mad dog when his name is mentioned.

  136. I didn’t see the game,but it’s no surprise on Cole,he’s still a great player.
    No,there’s no comparison between hm and Gibbs,but Gibbs has got it,he just needs more experience.
    In time,if he stays healthy(a common question mark in our squad), then I’m convinced there won’t be much between the two.

  137. Steve, i know what you mean… I actually said to my mate that Robben last night did what Ronaldo has never done, in skinning Cole. However, he had no end product whatsoever. He is usually a million times better than he was yesterday. I just don’t think he was very good last night.

  138. no no Scott, its what they are going to pay for him ;)

    convince yourself ;)

  139. Looks like we agree and dissagree Dutch but we both have the Arsenal close to our hearts. :)

  140. Gunner-mac…. I said that last night too! Although I went slightly highercand still believe he’s still the best in the world. Not much competition, I know!! Don’t like him or his wanky attitude, but love him as a player.

  141. Rico, now you’re playing with my head :).

  142. hu

  143. Fair comment Rocky :)

  144. GM – totally agree re Cole and to think we got a sulky Gallas in exchange….

  145. DG – you don’t like Robben then ;)

  146. Off out for a bit. Catch you later

  147. Offski for a while too, Fido needs a run…

    Catch up later….

  148. I can’t see Robin going to play there regardless of how much money they offer. My post in the week suggesting that Usmanov might be an opportunity for the club to step up seems more poignant today perhaps. Man City and Chelsea, two of the richest clubs in Europe, ended up with the PL and CL titles. City played some decent football but they also played some real dogshit. Chelsea were, from a pure footballing point of view, quite horrible. I don’t remember them putting one decent move together in their last 3 European ties. In the PL they were also boringly one dimensional with the long ball over the top for Drogba to muscle into a scoring position. In Wenger we have a manager who would never play that sort of stuff. Is that important? Would you pay to support a team who played like that if they were winning? How long can that sort of luck hold out? I read some quotes from Usmanov today and found myself in full agreement with him. I think that he sees in Arsenal what a lot of us do. We are a London-based club with an amazing history. We have arguably the best stadium in England and one of the best in Europe. We have a pure footballing manager who used to be a football revolutionary and might again, given the opportunity. All the raw ingredients and the power base are there for Arsenal to move to the very top table of European football, of that I am convinced. But we are flat-footed and unambitious because we are working under a financial model that will not allow us to ultimately compete in a game where squad depth is everything and financial profitability is nowhere. Our board are a Gentlemen’s Club for old Etonians who don’t see the bigger picture. But I sense a change. The natives are restless and perhaps Usmanov could find a financial package that Stan would find attractive and that would move him back into American sport where he obviously feels more at home. He doesn’t seem like the sort of owner who wants much of a rapport with the fans. Arsenal are caught in the self-sustaining loop and will need to break free otherwise the will become even more of a feeder club for the big boys. Very, very sad. But true.

  149. Adam,so much depends on UEFAs standing up to these clubs and enforcing its rules.
    If they do,then we will be in prime position and won’t need to sell out.
    If they don’t,then we will be an also ran.
    I hope they do.

  150. Scott. The problem for us is that rules have to be legal and I have a feeling that this will be the angle that Man City and Chelsea’s lawyers take when they challenge them in court. In Europe there are strict laws regarding restriction of trade etc..

  151. While the majority of the working class seem to hate mondays it has now been established that there are a few who will also hate THURSDAYS. Does any one guess who these might be???

  152. Devil. Do you mean ‘triffic Thurdays?

  153. It would’ve been hilarious to see ‘arry during last night’s game.anyone guess how many twitches he made?… ;)

  154. yeah mate………..the ‘triffic Thursdays’.

  155. I took a certain perverse pleasure in seeing his tight-trousered son pretending to support Chelsea but, at the same time, thinking about his Dad’s twitching boat race and obviously the loss of income to the Redknapp clan and their dog that Chelsea’s win resulted in.

  156. Cheers SP

    I don’t so much dispute his contribution when the ball is rolling. It’s his character antics that get me fuming. Like Ktr7 said he already missed penalties in the title decider and the Bundesliga Cup final very recently. He didn’t sell to many shirts even before those two incidents, Bayern fans rate his abilities but not his personality. What I mean to say is, he wanted all that critic desperately to be undone and become the media darling to prove the public wrong. That’s what he has always done.

    Wether it was at club or the national team level Robben has caused disruption many times over. Eroding behavior when his head isn’t occupied by a moving ball. That’s my beef with him. He should’ve had the mindset over his ego to consider someone else for that penalty. As he did when the series came up.

    So yes I’m wary to have him at Arsenal on a day to day basis. He can split a dressing room if he’s not grabbing headlines.

  157. Adam,I am not questioning what you say at all,because I know absolutely such isn’t the legal side of things.
    Could UEFA say our competition,our rules?
    I’m sure their legal eagles would come up with something.
    Maybe make the CL by invitation only.
    Anyway,let’s hope they at least stand up and try because the game will be better for it if they do.

  158. ockyrocastle07 says:
    May 20, 2012 at 11:30 am

    I find it quite endearing alan. My day’s not complete without it! Do you honestly believe what you say though of is it just for effect? Do you not care about the Euro’s or World Cup either then?

    True, I care little for football outside the UK that includes the WC

  159. Sorry Dutch didn’t know that much about him to be honest just judged him on what i saw last night, but still a blinding player in my eyes.
    Catch you all latters :)

  160. SP laters. No sorry needed. I underline your take when he preforms. Just not his presence when the limelight has to be shared.

  161. hello

    Have you heard all the spuds on the radio complaining at not being in the CL now. Most of them are suggesting that they should be given a wild card or allowed into the play offs for coming 4th. Alot are saying that there should be a play off with Chelsea and my favorite….they should be granted access because its not fair to kick out a SMALL CLUB (their words) when their own country won the CL.

    Good ol arry’l ave a snneeeeky word behyned the old gaasworks and………..

    NO HE WONT….you’re not in it! get a grip spuds.

  162. Alan,the Mariners will be upset to hear that lol.

  163. Here is another masterpiece Fine Folk………

    (sing it with Purple Rain)

    For our friends the THURSDAY CLUB.

    I never meant to cause you any sorrow,
    I never meant to cause you any pain,
    I only wanted to one time see you crying
    I only want to see you crying
    as a Thursday Club.

    Thursday Club
    Thursday Club
    Thursday Club
    Thursday Club
    Thursday Club
    Thursday Club
    I only wanted to see you swearing as Thursday Club.

    You never want to be in our shadow,
    You can never be our friends,
    you can only win the tossing coin from the ref
    Its such a great feeling when you loose

    Thursday Club
    Thursday Club
    Thursday Club
    Thursday Club
    Thursday Club
    Thursday Club
    We only want to see you in the bottom three.

    Spuddies we know that times are changing
    you always buy someone new
    and this is for you
    you say you want a leader
    but cant seem to make up your mind
    I think you better close it
    and let us guide you as a trophy club

    Thursday Club
    Thursday Club
    Thursday Club
    Thursday Club
    Thursday Club
    Thursday Club
    We would like to see you in the Conference

  164. Devil is on Ron talk :P :P :P

  165. I would love Arsenal to win the CL but without substantial investment from Kroenke where we can attract decent footballers not sub standard ones that are either too young & need a few years to settle in or we buy over the hill players who their own clubs are happy to get shod of, unlike Arsenal who keep their rubbish players in the hope they will improve instead of getting rid, whether another club wants them or not let’s have a fire sale. Usmanov needs to be invited onto the board then we would definitely see investment in the club. Wenger keeps on about being interested in this player & that player but never actually puts a bid in, why not!!!

  166. Adam, nothing wrong with the long ball. All part of the game.

    ” beautiful football ” is not always the best

  167. Judith,can you name all the players Wengers said he’s interested in,yet not placed a bid for?
    I’d be interested,because the fact is I’ve only heard him say he’d love to buy Neymar if money wasn’t an issue.
    This is a prime example of fans who listen to the media tell everyone who Wenger is interested in,and when nothing comes of it,the same media label him a liar.
    People will knock him if Vertonghen goes to Spuds,but can anyone actually state categorically that Wenger was seriously interested in him?..

  168. Scott…………….the Vertonghen rumours are the media 1+1=5. They see he is TommyV’s friend. They see he is playing for Belrium national team. They see that AFC need centrehalves. So they come up with sumours.

    I have never heard AW say that they want to sign him.

  169. Alan,the beautiful game is definitely best for fans of the game.

  170. Oyyyyyyyyyy Fine Folk. How many of you all have sung the THURSDAY CLUB song by now?????

    It should enter the Eurovision. With a band and singers made up of AFC supporters.

  171. I’m watching kids get cheered for trying to score a goal from halfway( mini fields) and I cringe.
    I wonder how many potentially great players were ruined by coaches before they even started.

  172. I’m off guys….have a great day,and I shall catch you later.

  173. Scott From Oz says:
    May 20, 2012 at 1:34 pm…………..I wonder how many potentially great players were ruined by coaches before they even started.

    More than 90% unfortunately Scott. I see it every year and there are some coaches which I would like to see shot. However idiots will never be totally replaced.

  174. Arsenes most expensive signing is Andre Arshavin at 15 million so i would say anybody more expensive than that is not on his radar

  175. Devil,it’s hard trying to get people who have the time and the knowledge to coach though.
    For our 8 sides,we have two coaches who’ve actually played the game!
    Remember I told you that a few of the coaches weren’t interested in the new group training,ignoring everything I’d spoken to them about?
    Well,one watched my kids play last week,and funnily enough was suddenly very,very keen to be involved again!
    One of the sides who has a mother coaching…..a great girl who is truly doing her best to learn…..have had two wins from two since we started the grop training.
    They won one game last season.
    Its incredible how quickly kids can pick things up.
    Anyway,gooooone now……good day,fellow Gooners.

  176. Scott go easy on the lady. I think she ment those times where suddenly we are treated to hindsight in which Arsene admits interest and came this close. (Holds thumb and pointer finger almost glued.)

    I long for those days when quality players wanted to be in our gig just on appeal. Those were the days we could negotiate days on end. Cuz there was more on the table to consider, things that couldn’t be expressed in financial value. Now it seems we are a club where you weight your options as if a midtable club pays your salary.

  177. Night Scott

  178. Robben has now been on the losing side in 2 CL finals and a WC final in a span of 3 years…

  179. Night Scott. BTW it’s true Neymar is the only player Wenger gone on record for before he’s among Europe’s finest. The boy obviously has something extraordinary. A real crowd drawer. Wish AW saved all that money over the years to be signing him.

  180. So definately we should buy Robben KT. Maybe we can win it together.

  181. Night Scott. I am waiting for this fekin season to finish and also for half days to kick in. Then I will be sending you some articles, book names on coaching and also some websites which might help you.

    cu later mate.

  182. If we draw our last game my boys would have played 28 won 12 drawn 14 and lost only 2. And we lost top position by 7 points. I hate those drawn games. nope……I am sick of them.

    Hope we win our last game. but I can bet anything that it has 0-0 drawn all over it.

  183. Devil re Robben only if you bring in a team of psychiatrists/ mental coaches for the rest of the squad. ;)

  184. yeah mate I agree with you DG. I was only being sarcastic. ;)

  185. Devil that’s the thing with draws it supposed to give you a feeling you got something out of it. But the table soon tells you otherwise. It only gives some satisfaction when you’re in a final and are behind closing in on the 90 minutes.

  186. The winners in fact lost more than us. They won 17 drew 6 and lost 5. Against them we took 4 points….and they were the first game of the round so we were much better when we faced them then they were. Head to head we scored 5 and conceded 1. (4-0 and 1-1). But we lost so many points against mid table with those draws. The squad I have this year are a bit on the midget side and this plays against us at under 17 level. But tactically we were on a better level than any one else. Its the strength and speed level which hindered us.

  187. Me too Devil :P Sarcastic. You know Bayern plays Hollland in a friendly next Saturday. Wouldn’t it be classic if Robben takes a penalty and scores against his employer. He plays with the national team on that day.

    It’s a financial compensation from KNVB – Dutch FA – for using Robben in the WC when he played with injections. Returning to Bayern crocked for half a season.

  188. Devil having many shorties means at some point your missing a full step being it towards the ball or off the ball movement. Rotation/distribution speed of the ball itself can do so much. It’s when you’re not in possession those physical lackings cause problems.

  189. Afternoon….

    Any good news yet today :)

  190. yes Rico……….some Geezer wrote a song dedicated to the spuddies at around 1:07pm. He says its for Eurovision purposes. :lol: ;)

  191. With the ball we were amazing…..but when we lost the ball we could not keep up mate. We could not challenge high balls and we always lost a bit of fitness near the end of matches…..and that is when we were hurt a lot.

  192. :lol: devil

    What time do the French league matches finish??

  193. It all starts with “DESIRE”.

    Arsenal for sixteen seasons under Wenger had one desire, qualifying for the Champions league. And we have achieved that.

    Chelsea sole desire was to win it, and that is exactly what they did.

    The difference is in expectation! We lack the ambition, for our only aim season by season has been two fold. Finishing above the Spuds and qualifying for a CL place.

    Hense I have been asking season by season – what is the Ambition of the club. Now is it just to keep up with the 2 Manchester clubs. How about setting the goal to win the CL at Wembly 2013. Winning the Premier League 2013. Winning the FA Cup 2013 & Winning the CC 2013.

    When we the season Club, Manager n Players with that goal in mind, things will happen. The next question, we will automatically answer, do we have a squad capable of achieving that? Who must stay, who must come in? Now it appears we are only bringing players to keep RvP. Wrong thinking!!!

  194. rico says:
    May 20, 2012 at 11:39 am

    alan, the CL means an awful lot to Wenger, Arsenal and every other top club with ambitions, are think you are a lone fan with your view.

    So what It means nothing

    Rico, how many times do I need to tell you, you are not a financial member of the ” club ” so what money it does, or doesn’t earn has no bearing on you or any other supporter

  195. Good comment BearMan…

    Bringing in players to keep one man happy is wrong but I don’t see that as being the case, we need to bring in quality players to make, what is the basis of being a very good squad, much stronger.

    It is not just RvP we need to be making sure we keep…

    We do need to aim higher, if your suggestion is right about our current aims but imho, AW aims for the PL and the CL alone, the domestic cups are the ones to take a back seat in his book…

  196. Nick Powell to Manure for 5 million. Another Englishman to them. I quite liked the player.

    Rico all the French games will be played at 21.00hrs meaning that they will finish at 23.00hrs circa.

  197. alan, and as i keep telling you, that old chesnut is boring, i don’t give a toss about ‘the club’ you keep rambling on about ;)

    Arsenal is a football club and winning matches and trophies is what its all about and with that comes money earned which AW will be able to spend on transfers…

  198. The worst thing is that if a man is bought in who starts scoring while RVP is not playing and than that man is relegated to the bench than what is left for that player?? We all lambast Chamack, but remember that he led the line on his own two seasons ago and did quite well. Then RVP came in and he was dropped. His confidence never recovered again.

  199. Thanks devil, so no news until tomorrow then at the earliest….

    Is that a done deal?

  200. That man may have already been signed devil, if Pod is as good as some suggest….

    I thought it was Las Vegas that affected Chamakh

  201. thats funny AK…

  202. Do you guys think we are really after M’vila?

  203. :lol: Ak, I like that

    Kt, I bloomin hope so….

  204. good afternoon
    West Ham win to climb $ 100 million (78 million euros) on television rights and other revenues. Do they go to the Olympic Stadium?
    We will not be “head-to-series” (is this the right word?) in the stages of the CL
    The games at the french league starts at 8 p.m. I’m going to follow them.
    Hearts won the Scotish cup. Another Portuguese coach..

  205. However Kt, its more likely to be Nzonzi….

  206. Afternoon JM, keep an eye on M’Vila and if he says where he’s going next season please ;)

  207. I think we will be seeded again in the champions lge JM

  208. There is no luck in such a game as De Matteo started off with catenaccio football, which he experimented against us at Emirates where we can’t even scored…

    Robben could had won the game, but he bottled it big time….like Henry with 2 clear-cut chances (chances that he scored for fun in premiership)..but he bottled it big-time against Barca.
    Else we would have been 2-0 up with the then deadlist striker in the world bottled it big time.

    That ENglish grits of fighting and keep fighting against overwhelming odds and throwing bodies in harm way like Cahill…(which by the way, Senderos and Kolo were doing that as well when playing for Arsenal FC) tracking back and fighting for every balls..Cashley had a superb game as well.

    Two things stood out under De Matteo:

    1 – Disciplined catenaccio football where everybody played for each otehr, including Torres and Drogba tracking back to help in defence.

    2 – Hunger and commitment to win, fiercely driven forward and of course, they ahd Drogba…1st corner, 1st chance and he scored.

    Nevermind disciplined, nevermind commitment, nevermind hunger.

    First thing first: Can Wenger get hsi players to play for each other?

    And that is why I wrote that Wenger needed another 3 years to rebuild this TEAM with new players to play for each other.


    Didn’t this game reminded you all of FA Cup 2005?
    Where Arsene Wenger palyed 4-5-1 Catenaccio Football called “Rope Da Dope”?
    Where Reyes took one for the TEAM?
    Where we had Mad Jens (and CHelski got Cech)?

    De MAtteo Chelski played pragmatic Catenaccio Football when meeting Barca and Bayern Munihc.

    Arsene Wenger played gungho Suicidal FOotball when meeting Byaern Munich and Barca.

    1999 – ManU won with two injury-time goals
    2007 – Liverpool won after 2-0 down and Milan walked all over them in 1st half.
    2012 – Chelski won when Bayern Munich walked all over ‘em throughout the game by using “Rope Da Dope” tactics.

    Put it this way, they are all winners with Lady Luck whereas Arsene Wenger is a loser even with Lady Luck in 2006..leading for 75 minutes and then….

  209. AK, are you on twitter??

  210. devil – so do i….

  211. here, they broadcast Montepelier but follow the others importants games.
    devil, I think not because our performance in the last two-three years wasn’t good. Mu and Chelsea ok. Madrid, Barcelona,Porto, Bayern… well, we see

  212. Hi Merlin, I thought Chelsea were very disciplined and patient – and i think they knew that it would go down to penalties, especially after the Robben penalty miss…

    Luck, no – well thought out by Di Matteo, yes ;)

  213. It was good JM…..since we did quite well in the groups. And it all adds up since we have been there 15 years.

  214. Yes Rico.
    De MAtteo maybe using that EMirates game as test-bed for his CL CUp Catenaccio “Rope Da Dope” tactic against Bayern Munich..and yup..lucky Da Dog was injured and De MAtteo rested 7 or 8 players against Arsenal.

  215. The Italians have really mastered the art of winning the CL.Catenaccio is extremely effective if drilled into the players well.

  216. Di Matteo Champ of Europe
    Mancini Champ of England
    Conte Champ of Italy
    Spalletti Champ of Russia
    Ancellotti last match to be Champ of France
    Lippi Coaching in China
    Trapattoni head coach of Ireland
    Italian Coaching Philosphy at its Best!!!

    and England appoint ROY HODGSON

  217. Merlin, we may have won had Di Matteo not rested those players, they wouldn’t have been so negative ;)

    You have a point devil, let’s go Italian ;)

    Seriously though, if Chelsea don’t give Di Matteo the managers job, they are fools and some other club will soon snap him up….

  218. I just wish Rico. Infact I would like to see an Italian who has won the CL at the helm. They are all pragmatists who know how to win……ugly or beautifully. But they do know how to win.

  219. Arrigo Sacchi is my favourite Italian coach.

  220. Sacchi is getting old now KT. He does not do day to day coaching anymore. He operates as DOF, in the DD manner. If we were to get Sacchi as DOF and an Italian coach with the team I have a feeling that CL victory will eventually come our way.

    Btw Sacchi is also one of my favourites KT

  221. Capello may not have achieved much with England but give him Arsenal right now and watch him make us CL contenders.

  222. Rico…….Seriously though, if Chelsea don’t give Di Matteo the managers job, they are fools and some other club will soon snap him up….

    I guess that Abrafuckthemanagerovic must be banging his head at the catch 22 situation he has found himself in.

  223. While Sacchi is one of my favourites………Cappello is my favourite. To be exact……..my role model.

  224. Who would be your choice devil?

    Anchelotti (spelling) ;)

  225. I was very impressed by how well Chelsea marked the zones yesterday.Bayern had 42 attempts on goal but 22 of them were blocked which is down to how well Chelsea defended.I felt envious since we rarely do such things which is essential if you are to win the CL or any major title.

    I hope to see us lift the CL in my lifetime.

  226. devill, ancelloti could win Champ of France but Montpelier must loose tonigt at Auxerre (the last one) and PSG win versus Lorient.
    However mostly of teams are modern rich teams.
    ok, compare now: Mourinho Champ Spain
    Vitor Pereira champ Portugal
    Fernando Santos coach Greece before beeing Greece Champ for several Greek Clubs
    Jesualdo Ferreira Champ Greece
    Manuel Jose champ Egipt for several year – Al Aly
    Paulo Sergio won the Scoths cup – Heats
    Pedroto champ Angola and many more there
    Jaime Pacheco coach China
    Calisto champ Vietnam
    and many more arround the world…
    It’s not a Italiamn question. It’s a question of study the football

  227. Capello for Solidity,
    Ancelotti for beautiful but pragmatic football,
    Spalletti for tactical changes.

    In that order.

    However, if it had to come down to a choice over a long term I would go for Ancelotti. Capello would only be a short term solution and our academy would suffer a bit. Ancelotti is a bit like AW but more pragmatic.

  228. I’m watching the Portuguese cup final now

  229. Cappello – honest, you shock me…..

  230. JM……I am not that much into Portuguese football, so do not know much of the coaches except Mourinho.

    I am more up to date with Italian coaches mate.

  231. read my last paragraph Rico…..long term I would go for Ancelotti.

  232. Exactly Devil.I loved Ancelotti’s Milan and their christmas tree formation.Shevchenko,Kaka and Inzaghi up front with Pirlo a former trequartista at the base of midfield.They were beautiful to watch but pragmatic when need be especially when they played away to teams like Celtic.

  233. Spaletti’s Roma were quite beautiful to watch with Totti playing that false 9 role during his peak years.They were so fluid back then.

  234. Anzhi offers 55 million
    The Russian club is prepared to submit a proposal to Arsenal around 55 million euros for the Dutch forward Robin Van Persie.
    According to English press, in addition to the million dollar proposal to Arsenal, the leaders of Anzhi are ready to offer a mega contract to Van Persie estimated at 18 million per year.
    The coach of Anzhi, Guus Hiddink, has previously recognized that the Russian club will make strong investments in the summer market.

  235. Back in ten, chickens need a clean out :(

  236. Joaquim Moreira says:
    May 20, 2012 at 5:10 pm

    Anzhi offers 55 million
    The Russian club is prepared to submit a proposal to Arsenal around 55 million euros for the Dutch forward Robin Van Persie……………

    Bite their FUCKING hand I say. And take the money. GET ON THE PHONE NOW.

  237. I responded to your 4.54 devil ;) ;)

  238. Ahhh I see. Yes Rico…….because he is methodical and pragmatic. He knows what he wants and gets it. He plays to win. Do not confuse him with the Capello of the English team. He was too much meddled with by the top brass. But he has won the league in every country he has managed.

    But overall in the whole picture he is a bit like GG. Only the first team counts. The academy would go haywire.

  239. I too would bite their hand off but, what that Anzi story might do is make other clubs realise they will need to offer more :)

    I stand by what i say earlier though, RvP wouldn’t join Anzi, would you??

    Don’t want Cappello devil, not if he isn’t interested in the future, we need a balance, Wenger looks too much towards the future imho, he now needs to get the present sorted….

    It won’t take much, the base is there, and imho, half of our problems lie with the coaching…

  240. Where must Arsenal start? By raising the vision n expectations of all connected to the club. Get rid of the waste (coaches n players) and start to build. The same vision we adopted to move from Hibury to the Emirates is what is needed.

    Do we have to spend like the Chelsea n ManC? No, No, No!

    But we cannot bring in players like Squallaci etc and have players only fit to play 1 game in the season. How much we spend on scouting to achieve what?

    Why have a squad of 25 players and only use 15?

  241. Why have a reserve squad if they are not fit for purpose? The reserve players should be the most ready, most improved, and challenging at every level.

  242. I am sorry Bearman, but I do not agree that much. When getting rid of the waste (coaches ????) consider that some of the things are sanctioned by the board. As Rico said ……… the base is there. The coaches only do what the manager tells them to do. So basically its either change AW or nothing at all. The players are his and his alone. The coaches do as he says during training. Nothing more and nothing less.

    Do not tell me that Pat Rice should have coached better or differently because PAt Rice was there with GG, Rioch and AW. And he was a winner both as a coach and as a player. He was there when we conceded just 17 goals in a season and was there when we were unbeaten. Now he has left. But he only did what AW told him to do. And remember……..once he was overruled by AW himself in front of the players during a game. That lessens respect and obedience to instructions……so much so that Song himself did not obey instructions this season during some games.

  243. See what desire does!

    Chelsea has a weaken squad – aging players but look what they managed to accomplish!

    Again I say Arsenal achieved just what it set out to achieve this season!

  244. I strongly disagree Bearman, we don’t need huge changes, just tweeks here and there….

    Bould and Banfield have been promoted, both ex defenders so that could have a huge impact on the defence next season…

    As for the players, yes, we need to get rid of quite a few of the dross and replace all of them with just 3/4 players….

  245. The BearMan says:
    May 20, 2012 at 6:14 pm……………Again I say Arsenal achieved just what it set out to achieve this season!

    On that I agree BearMan.

  246. Re the reserves, the whole idea is to give them the chance to prove themselves, our problem seems to be hanging on to those who clearly wont for too long…..

    But, it may just be that the club just wait and let them move on for nothing….

    This summer we have a few who fit that bill….

  247. RICO I hope you are correct, but Bould n Banfield have not convinced me as respected coaches of the Youth n Reserves. Both sides were leaking goals!

  248. Bearman…….that is simply the reason of what AW tells them to do. AW has all the club from the seniors to the UnderNappies playing the same way with the same style and the same tactics. So leaking goals is not Banfield and Bould’s fault. Its the way AW wants the playing system to be played.

  249. Bearman, the difference could be coaching players like Kos, TV, Bak, Gibbs and Merts is very different to teaching kids/reserves – our back five are quality players, they just need a bit of organising…

    Add Song and a few others to those too, if they can get us defending from the front, we are nearly sorted….

  250. im hearing M’vila announcement has been cancelled…anyone heard anything else?

  251. RVP to Chelsea anyone? They can afford his wages and RVP wouldnt have to move his family away from London.Drogba is near the end Torres is poor.Dont rule it out

  252. RICO: Reserves players should be the most hungry. Our method and attitude has to change. Two lads I feel I ought to mention Ryo n Coquelin – that sort of attitude I long to see in all our reserve players.

  253. Really Kt??

    Bearman, you don’t need caps on my name ;)

    Guess my point is, if the players don’t have what is natural, you can’t teach it to a degree… Look at those two you mention, they have quality in abundance, all they need is coaching to improve on what they have, to be more disciplined in what they do, but they have what it takes imho….

    We have too many who don’t have that raw ability…..

  254. Off for dinner, back in a bit…

  255. At the end of the day we have brought Alex oxlaid Chamberlain on to change the course of the day but lets be fair he is a newbe a young lad making his way to become a proffesional player. We as a proffesional outfit should have a full team or squad of players that are experienced players the Ox and Ryo should only ever be used when the game is won not to win it, that is desperation and that is the position we find ourselves in

  256. Rosicky out of the Euro?

  257. I would end by saying this:

    Nothing will happen at Arsenal until we change our mind-set and start with a new vision and goals.

    Should we continue next season as we did the past 8 seasons we will get the same results, and at the end of the next season we will be having this same conversation.

    After 3 games I will tell you if the 2 appointments to the coaching team is any good!

    This club can do better, but we lack the RESOLVE!

  258. I am off now Fine Folk.

    Cu tomorrow with another cracker from Rico (Maybe M’Vila will be signed? ;) )

  259. Hi Don, would rather he went overseas if he’s going….

    Evening guys and gals…

  260. Steve, your last comment is so so spot on….

    Nighty devil….

  261. I’m not sure that is good news or bad about Rosicky JM ;)

    least he’ll be fit and ready for the new season ….

  262. I’m off guys as its quiet here…

    catch you all tommorrow….

    Nighty, stay safe….

    AK, you make sure you stay close to The Ems whilst you are up there – we need the gossip ;)

  263. Arsenal Football Club can confirm it has submitted a planning application to Islington Council with the view to redeveloping its flagship store, The Armoury at Emirates Stadium.

    The work is part of a series of projects to expand the Club’s retail operations and follows the news Arsenal FC will be opening a store at Brent Cross this summer. The proposed works will restructure the facia and interior of the 14,270 square foot retail unit.

    Plans include the remodelling of the exterior of the store, which will feature a digital LED screen recessed into the façade, to display Club content and messages as supporters enter the shop and congregate within Armoury Square. Access to the unit will be from the existing route, encorporating automatic doors at the entrance to make the area fully accessible to all visitors.

    Inside the store the full range of replica kits and Club merchandise will be on offer, along with a modified shirt printing area and new click and collect service in operation.

    Nick Peel, Arsenal Retail Director commented: “The refurbishment of The Armoury Store and the realigned services offered within it are part of our plans to transform the Club’s retail operation, improving the experience offered to supporters when visiting our stores and our online shopping via Arsenal Direct. We are very much the first port of call for supporters and shoppers wanting to purchase Club items, and the planned works at The Armoury along with new retail units and an upcoming mobile commerce site will ensure we can offer customers a best in class experience.”

    Proposed works would see The Armoury Store closed from August 9 2012, re-opening on November 9 2012. In the event of the application receiving the Council’s approval, a pop-up store will be located above The Armoury on podium level, offering visitors a range of Club merchandise to purchase including the new home and away kits being launched in June and July respectively

  264. rico just for your reference arsenal came back from losing positions to win 10 times. and from losing to draw 4 times That includes udinese C.L Aston .v. Fa cup

  265. More income then Lee ;)

    The font, how many times did we draw or lose after being in a winning or drawing situation?

    Morning all….

  266. Don’t you two start lol.
    Evening all.

  267. Hi Scott…

  268. Another increased income stream…..can’t help but think our transfers will be all freebies! Usual linked with all and sundry and do sweet f.a…….. :(

  269. That’s if we sign anyone at all Lee….. :(

    New Post is up by the way….

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