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Arsene Wenger – Don’t make it personal…….

Food for thought today…..

Towards the end of the Stoke game, Arsene was off his chair, shouting and moaning form the sidelines and certain corners of the Arsenal fan base have vilified him for his actions…


Did his actions not show he cares?

This same section of fans have looked at this one incident but what about taking a look at the whole season.

How many times have we fans moaned about the opposition time-wasting?

How many times have we moaned about how we don’t get big decisions given our way?

How many times have we moaned or groaned about teams parking the bus against us?

How many times have we moaned when other sides rough up the playing surface just to stop us playing our game?

Answer those questions honestly…

Just imagine how Arsene Wenger has felt about all that too over the weeks and months of this season, it builds up and builds up and at some stage you let those feelings out.

Wouldn’t you?

Like I said, don’t you think it showed he cares?

Some of the things which are written on a daily basis about our manager are vile, rude, aggressive, and even against the law of our land…

Arsene Wenger may not be every fans favourite man, coach or manager but does he truly deserved to be vilified in such a way?

Of course fans will question his tactics, substitutions, player signings, spending etc etc, that is inevitable as so many think they know better but why do they feel the need to call him vile names, question his parentage or the worst, call him that word which Highbury House hates?

Does it make fans feel good, feel brave and ‘hard’ whilst typing such nastiness on their keyboard, all the time knowing that the chance of them being identified is very limited.

I don’t know the answer and I’m not going to even try to work it out but it’s a sad affair really.

Arsene Wenger is no Saint, I doubt he thinks he is either and I strongly suspect he would do somethings differently if he had the chance, not that he would admit it.

Regardless, does he really deserve to be called some of the things that fans today are calling him?

He annoys and frustrates me off, big time sometimes but resorting to gutter name calling and adding the fact that he’s French to the equation is something I wouldn’t stoop so low to do…

Maybe one day, some of the fans who enjoy typing out such tirades of abuse towards Arsene Wenger will get to say it to his face. Should they get that ‘pleasure’, let’s hope one of the boys or girls in blue are stood within earshot….

Maybe that will make some think twice……

I will tell you who wrote this post later today….



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420 comments on “Arsene Wenger – Don’t make it personal…….

  1. Good Morning Guys and Chicks of the Gunners’ Faith.

    Good questions Rico. Especially for the low life who like to abuse other people to ponder.

    Some people, especially those who slander and call other people names need to look at themselves and see how much their self esteem is low. Usually its those who have a low self esteem who do so.

  2. Hi Rico

    What AW is subject to is hardly vilification. A school kid cops worse

    He should ” man up ” and take it. He’s unsavoury gallic temperament brings it upon himself

    It would not bother me in the slightest having Stoke supporters having a shot. All in good fun

  3. Personally I have always expressed my view on AW and although I have never always agreed with him, and will never forgive him for the start and the torrid time we have had this season, I will never stoop low to call him names and villify him

  4. Morning guys and gals…

    I to don’t know why things have to get personal against him, he’s not my favourite sometimes but resorting to how some choose to beggars belief…

    Come on Bolton…

  5. alan, read around the blogs, he is battered, absolutely battered…

  6. But what did he do wrong Alan? He had every right to protest…..two penalties not given, AFC players fouled and no foul given, Stoke players stumble and fall without any contact and a foul is given……..seriously you question it????

    Yes a school kid might cop worse, but even if it was another manager he will still cop it since those reasons above will still happen.

  7. Also alan – if one kid was behaving in such a way towards another here, they’d be excluded at some stage for bullying!

  8. He gets buried for just sitting there and then the same for showing some passion….
    As for the stoke fans booing everytime ramsey touched the ball…classless arseholes!!!

  9. devil, i am the worst for moaning about him sitting in his chair doing nothing, at least his passion came through for once…

  10. Rico not if that schoolkid is paid 7 mill quid a year

    Devilgunner, I think we need to look at AW’s behaviour over a couple of seasons

  11. Spot on Lee…

  12. That’s just a crazy answer alan, kid on £7million??

  13. Hi Rico
    The stoke fans are inbred Wotsits/C**ts.
    I hate them and their manager.

  14. Seriously, anyone who moans about Wenger complaining about a guy diving right in front of him, is not an Arsenal fan regardless of what they claim; I disagree with a lot of the vitriol spouted by our fans towards anything that will assuage their tempers but at least they ARE fans, I’d advise ignoring those posing as fans to get a rise.

  15. Hi GM –

    i’m not keen on stoke, their manager or the fans – wish it was them who were sitiing in the bottom three. They are worse than Bolton under Big Sam….

  16. So Alan I think it would be better if you can expand on the subjet of AW’s behaviour of the last two years and maybe who knows….you can write a post on it. Then we can comment on it and we see what comes of it.

  17. Some of you people need to take a good hard look at yourselves. You’re so easily manipulated by the press and the lowlife tv pundits its unreal. Wenger does what every other manager does. The difference is they are not called out on national tv for doing it. Another difference is that 99% of those managers dont even try to play football in any kind of entertaining way, sticking with the safe Charles Hughes lump it long and see what happens phiklosophy which has served our national side so well over the years. Witness the stunning success of said national side post 1970. These managers have also not had to manage a club which is charged with competing to win titles at the same time as having hands tied by a move to a new stadium.
    Don’t feel a need to kneejerk answer. Just take some time. Consider. Think. .

  18. Their time will come Rico. Like it did with Bolton and with Blackburn now. Both were with Sam, both cost us points and no doubt Stoke will go that same route dont worry.

  19. Welcome DS, i wouldn’t question whether they are fans or not personally but yes, there are bloggers who like to get a bite off of others…

  20. Clockendrider……..why do you accuse us??? Cant you see we are defending him??? Dont say some of you……just point the names mate.

  21. Is it true that stoke have only attempted 5 through balls ALL SEASON? is that really true??

  22. Cheers rico, I look at it fairly simply and if you choose to focus on a show of passion over the Arsenal as a negative, I don’t know what you are but you’re not what I call a fan.

  23. Not quite sure what you are saying there CER …

  24. I have never been a Wenger worshipper- for me even if I dont agree with some of his decisions- he is a great man- with a level of personal integrity that all real Arsenal fans have all benefitted from.

    There are 2 sorts of people who hate him-Dour Mancs- some of the most miserable dullards on the planet- who hate him basically because hes French and actually expresses his views and frustration like many Frenchmen do- and because he points out inconsistencies and bias-that few English are prepared to do- like the bias of EPL refs towards Northern kick and maim football.

    Secondly pathological immature idiots who call themselves fans of this club- who hate Wenger even more than the Mancs- many of them are racists too. They hammer the manager because he ensures the club does not behave like Chelsea.

    Both should simply be ignored- along with Gary Lineker- who has long ceased to add value to Match of the Day- the tired old men of football.

  25. AW’s dreadful judgement in transfers in

    play players out of position

    His rude and surly attitude

    refusal to shake hands on occasion

    thin skin

    AW is not a nice guy

  26. That’s what i didn’t get devil, we are defending him against such comments…

    GM, wouldn’t surprise me…

  27. No its not true Gunner Mac. For the simple reason that they do not know what is a through ball.

  28. rico says:
    April 30, 2012 at 9:24 am

    That’s just a crazy answer alan, kid on £7million??

    LOL I think you missed the point there

  29. Good point DG! Alan, you heard him, do us a favour, write a post about AW’s behaviour. I bet you wouldn’t do it cuz you are one of those keyboard warriors who feels insulting another person is something to be proud of. If you are been bitter over AW being paid 7m a year then you should probably put in more effort in whatever you do for a living. The man deserve some credits!!!

  30. I think the reason(s) we do not get the decisions and why Wenger is always ranting on the sidelines is that I notice a vast difference in the way the players this season never seem to contest decisions on the pitch. We rarely surround the ref and only Van Persie (rightly as club captain) seems to talk to the ref. Wenger must have told the team to not pick up bookings for dissent and let hi, take all the flak.

    If this is the case, Wenger should be proud for trying to make a difference, but the only difference is that we get no decisions, because the ref knows he won’t get an on-pitch ear bashing, and we get grief in the press for the way Wenger is always seen to be waving his arms around (yes Lineker you did look like a [insert word banned from Highbury House here]). All I hear when RvP talks to the ref is that he is asking for a booking, and it is bang out of order, but they never comment on the Chelsea wolf-pack, or Utds actions.

    So Wenger, please, next season, let the players get in the refs ear and hopefully with the odd extra booking comes the odd decision in our favour.

  31. When we watch the presser what do we see? The journos ask questions and AW gives answers That’s how it works. Sometimes he is too honest in my opinion but there you go. He never seems to come with an agenda or steers the topic of conversation which is what would be necessary if he was moaning.

    Arsene’s biggest problem is he is not English….and there are just some English folk…especially in the press who just can’t seem to get past that. There are plenty of English bosses who moan when things don’t go their way…it just doesn’t get reported (I guess they are just not that kind of manager).

    What is very obvious here is there are a group of fans who seem to think it’s the right thing to do to snap other players legs and then castigate the player whose leg was snapped – who in fact has never said a bad word about the “snapper”. Yet when Wenger supports our player he gets branded as a moaner by the press who never seem willing to address the problem. (and by some Arsenal fans as well)

    Alan you might have also noted Wenger did not once complain about what is said to him – he said he ignores it but spoke of what was directed at Ramsey. Where I come from when the school kid sticks up for the guy being picked on we call them brave not a moaner…..you obviously have a different world.

  32. See how easy it is for us to take it out of them, Lol.

  33. Alan…………

    AW’s dreadful judgement in transfers in…….you did not say that when he bought Viera, Petit, Henry, Campbell etc

    play players out of position……….we might agree on some players here but he changed Petit from a centreback to DM, Henry from a winger to well, HENRY, Lauren from a midfielder to a full back, RVP to a centreforward. Did you comment anything on those situations.

    His rude and surly attitude………..refusal to shake hands on occasion…..these I take them together……have you never been villified or shouted at or called names at school?? I do not think that you did not react. When I was young, at school age, whoever called me names, villfied me or something would have risked a beating. And not a light one.

    AW is not a nice guy…………..of course he is not nice. I never liked his face and certainly do not need to like his management. I do not even like my boss and think that she is crap with a face that makes the Mona lisa look like Ms world. But I have to see her 5 days a week and have learnt to accept her.

    Sorry but those accusations are unfounded.

  34. alan, you met him??

  35. Walking Wounded says:
    April 30, 2012 at 9:42 am……….

    So Wenger, please, next season, let the players get in the refs ear and hopefully with the odd extra booking comes the odd decision in our favour.

    Spot on mate.

  36. Steve, never was a truer word said. Wenger treats the media with respect enough to always answers their questions which is more than most, he is sometimes a little cryptic with what he says though and leaves the misinterpretation route open, something tha they do whenever they think it’s aimed at them or is something that won’t help keep circulation up, see their stubborn refusal to see Cantona’s perfectly straightforward analogy about seagulls and trawlers.

  37. Morning all,
    Whoever has written this appears to have a nice disposition they give me the impression that they don’t like what many sportsmen have to put up with as far as taunting and abuse whether its racist or personal abuse about the person or their families, but i am afraid that sports people in the publis eye will always have to put up with this as this is just human nature, it hits home when its a person or subject that means something to you, but i bet even the nicest people have at times taken the mick or have lost their temper and said something. Football grounds everywhere with supporters that are competetive will at some time look at their players and on a certain day call them w—–s i have myself on many occasions i am afraid that this is the way things are in the world. Wenger for one has a very thick skin he has heard it all before and he knows that he will always get abused he takes it on the chin and i am a bit suprised he’s even mentioned it. Many players are not all like this fine writer they have shit on there best friends and shagged their wives behind his back others have hit DJ’s just because they don’t play their choice of music others cheat on their wives with hoars others miss drug test when they have been told its on, these people are not nice people and sometimes they need to be reminded. but i liked the post.

  38. If you listen to any of the respected press (paper correspondants, not the thick pundits) they always say that Wenger is open and honest at all press conferences, and he is humourous and it is a pleasant experience. Do you think Twitchy Redknapp and his “Won’t talk to the Beeb, because they found out I’m a crook” attitude is correct, yet everyone wants him as England manager? Do you think that Alex Ferguson ever is open and honest, and not a bully towards the press?

    Wenger is maybe trying to do a “Mourinho” in that he deflects attention from the team to himself, and if this is the case then good luck to him

  39. There are many things that I have never agreed with AW. Substitutions, formations, player choices, stubbornly refusing to change the way we play when it is not working, turning our players into lambs etc. But I would never stoop so low to call him names and villify him. Doing that implies that my self esteem is very low. And I am too proud to do that. I have my own opinions but never, again I repeat never, would I stoop so low to call him names in public.

    The words which come out of your mouth gives other people a better insight of who you are than to whom you are referring.

  40. steve

    pretty certain Wenger wouldn’t have mentioned it unless he was asked the question

  41. dont wanna see that bunt win any fuck all…..as much as i hate to say it….come on u red cheaters/divers

    morning all

  42. …………and if he earns 7million a year than its hats off to him. He is intelligent enough to be there in the first place. I do not begrudge him that for the simple reason that today he is earning it and maybe tomorrow it might be my turn.

    Alan……….would you refuse to earn 7million a year?? And if yo do not refuse would you like others hammering on your head for earning that amount????

  43. Welcome to those joining HH today…

  44. KC……….we need today’s game to be a draw. so that it leaves shitty hanging on and they batter newcastle. Remember they have to face the chavs on wednesday and we need that to be a draw also. the same with Bolton and the scum although we would enjoy a bolton win especially if RYO turns on the magic.

  45. now let me see….the C word is not acceptable. does this count then…….koont????? :lol:

  46. SoCM,

    Think you are spot on there, it’s being French that irks idiots like those on MOTD and the fact that Wenger signed a few too….

    After all, according to them, he is the reason the england team are rubbish, joke eh….

  47. Highbury house you have done it again,what a post need i say more.

  48. I’m very sorry for asking this guys,but why are we so upset about the Wenger bashing on other sites when it happens here on a daily basis???
    It’s the whole basis of the friction lately.
    We have a few members who turn every topic into a Wenger bashathon.
    I do not apologise for reacting,because its all we ever hear from them,yet here we are asking why it happens on so many sites.
    I don’t get it.
    Again,I have never,ever suggested Wengers perfect nor have I suggested people arent entitled to their opinion,but I get sick to death of reading the same crap from the same people everyday.
    Some sites…Le Grove,for example…..are based entirely around Wenger bashing,but we have 3 or 4 members who base every post on doing the same thing.
    No,I’m not entirely proud of my reactions sometimes,but I ask why these guys just can’t do anything but bitch about the bloke?
    Brilliant post.
    Needed to be raised.
    No I didn’t write it but I’d be proud to have done so.
    Good evening all.

  49. WW – good comment…

  50. Morning Steve

    I don’t always agree with what AW does, or how he goes about certain things either – we have all had our moans and groans, i know i certainly have and no doubt will again soon ;)

  51. I think all gooners feel Wengers frustration in the same way as we have been on the end of some very bad decisions this season which have turned out to be game changers, as with most of them we have ended up loosing these games by one goal. We would likely have had 3rd sown up by now if even some of those decisions went our way. Other clubs may have some they would like to highlight but I feel we have had more than most and it does not even out in a season as some would like to say. You think about the Van Der Vaart handball goal, RVP’s goal at Citeh being ruled offside and then Richards handball in the box waved away. Nathan Dyers penalty for actually studding Ramsey and, if I remember correctly, we had a Gervinho penalty turned down against Fulham which would have seen us go 2-0 up in a game we lost 2-1 in the end. MOTD may like to say it would have been a soft penalty but for me the defender bundled into the back of him therefore placing him off balance so he couldn’t keep his feet. That is a free-kick anywhere else on the pitch. I bet if it was Utd MOTD would have seen it as a stonewall. It doesn’t matter how much contact was made as if Arsenal players have to be brought down by near career finishing tackles before a penalty is considered.. If the defender is nowhere near the ball and illegally catches the attacking player it is a penalty.

    AW had a right to show his annoyance as we are at a critical stage of the season. The Stoke fans could more relaxed about the result as once again they have grinded their way to mid table mediocrity, with their unique eye catching blend of our football and American football, so that once again they have nothing to play for at this stage. AW does anger me sometimes with his behaviour. The Wigan game was one of these for me. Yes they time wasted, but all clubs would if they held the advantage at the Emirates and they are allowed to get away with it. The real blame lies with the referee for not stopping it earlier. I didn’t like the way AW shot off without graciously shaking Martinez hand. I think Martinez is a very likeable and honoust man and he had nothing but praise prior to the game for Wenger even admitting that he aspires to Wengers philosophy. With the style he has his team playing we should be considering Martinez as someone who could take some of our loanees. It showed poor form to storm off the way he did and it is not the first time. He has to remember also that he represents the good name of the club and stop that kind of behaviour. Behaving like that is wrong but getting animated on the touchline is fine by me.

  52. Hiya Scott………join the army. ;)

    I liked that bit about the Wenger bashathon. typically an aussie way of speech mate. ;)

  53. scott do you read minds???? Either that or your on my same wave-length :lol:

  54. devil – depends on who that koont is directed at ?

    Hi Scott, good to see you back again… we all have to accept that AW isn’t going to please everyone all the time and just like everyone, he is open to be critised etc etc, but as the author says, why make it personal?

    Not many do that here…..

  55. Morning Mr A – I am sure the author is reading….

  56. I just simply wish that AW succeeds in winning the league and/or the CL……then I would see how much those who villify him would continue speaking. Now that would be the day.

  57. Hi GoonerB – that is one side of AW which I’m not keen on either, he should be more gracious in defeat. It wasn’t Martinez fault…

    Look back to the opening day of the season, it all started that day when Gerv should/could have had a penalty, Barton then went for Gervinho but it was our player who saw read.

    We could have won that game had we been given the penalty and converted it – and those two points would have seen us cement 3rd by now….

  58. devil,

    that could very well be next season if we get the players we think we have a chance of signing and of course, the injuries come to a hault….

  59. devilgunner says:
    April 30, 2012 at 9:56 am

    The words which come out of your mouth gives other people a better insight of who you are than to whom you are referring.

    rico…is this still a footie blog….nice one DG

  60. hi kc, yes, its a footie blog, well, afc to be precise ;)

  61. Rico,again I’m not saying everyone must love Wenger.
    I just can’t see why some use every single opportunity to take potshots at him.
    We all know who they are.
    I just ask for these guys to give it a break,add to the topic at hand and tell us something different.
    We know you hate Wenger,we just don’t need it shoved down our throat on every comment.Anyway,whoever wrote this article gave me exactly the reason I was looking for to
    come back on……some may be after the authors head for that!!!!!
    Keep those good,positive comments coming guys.

  62. Morning rico,

    He’s hit the nail on the head with this post.It’s something that has been bothering me all season.

    I’m starting to hate the way some seem to think they know everything that’s going on in the club and this disease that’s creeping in with vile abuse of everything Arsenal.
    I mean it’s expected of rival fan’s,but when you hear your own supporter’s using the same word’s or saying then that really upset’s me.

    I love the Arsenal with passion and will alway’s do.There are time’s when we have to take the rough with the smooth and the one thing i would never do is turn against them.Yes i question them sometimes and rant about them,but that would never stop the love i have for the club.

    I’d love to go back to the old day’s when football was just football and all the politic’s crap was just a sideline.Now i sadly think it’s the other way around.

  63. G’day Devil.
    I really did need a day or so to cool off.
    It worked.
    Some may call me hot heated,I probably am.
    I wear my heart on my sleeve and make no apologies for that.

  64. I know you are not Scott, never suggested you did see Wenger as a saint…

    Anyone who thinks he is are burying their head in the sand imho….

  65. Agreed Rico,just as those that see nothing good in the man are.

  66. Lee – more shirt sales, maybe BD would like Park in return ;)

  67. Mr A, BskyB are to blame imho, they bought the money into the game and it’s just not the same anymore….

    Agree Scott, there is good in AW if we all look hard enough ;)

  68. devil,

    i want them to batter those oil spenders…..i think what matter is we winning our next two matches regardless of other people result

  69. Lee i have heard united have offered him 90 grand a week.

    Rico he’s a really good player.I really rate borrusia D.They have a great little side if they can keep all the players together.

  70. Scott…..spot on. We know that they hate AW. yet there is no need to shove it down our throat. I agree mate. Good for you to cool off. Even I get irritated when someone tries to impose themselves on me.

    People do not like AW…….I have no problems with that
    People do not like his face……I do not like it also
    People complain about his salary….I dont begrudge him that
    people do not agree with is tactics..I dont agree with the tactics also
    People do not like his substitutions….I dont also

    Yet I will not villify him

    Those who do are koonts

  71. Mr A,money and technology has made football what it is today….for better or worse.
    When I was a kid,I’d wait until 8.30 on a Friday night to watch highliights from the previous weekends games.
    Very,very little media coverage in Australia back then
    Now,I can watch every single game each weekend……..that’s the good.
    The bad,well money has made todays players prima donnas.
    Seriously,what difference is there between 70 to 80k a week???
    The obvious answer is 10k,but what difference does that make to the players lifestyle????
    These days,players really do get wrapped up in their own self importance.

  72. hazard maybe so expensive but kagawa is not……swap him with ersfield and the korean german machine

  73. Mr A, i was being ironic ;)

  74. I am the only one who think’s we do have a strong squad???
    I don’t think we need too many players,just the right buy’s.

  75. We have all lambasted Wenger at times and i believe at times he has deserved it he suffers from the same kind of thing that Pep G has and that is a set play Barcelona lost out to Chelsea because they wouldn’t change their style of play they kept knocking on the door with their tippy tappy style just like we do but when you look at the Soke game and see where our chances came from you would see pin point crosses that gave us a goal and good chances to score we are not known for our crossing as we use tippy tappy till we lose it but crosses like Rosiski’s and sagna’s gave us very good chances that really should have been put away, i have to say that this is normally not our way but with some players missing on the day we had to put others in and it almost worked. Tippy tappy football is hard when the bus has been parked and i only hope that our new No2 will look at other options.

  76. What have you got against Thomas Eisfeld kc??

  77. Sorry Rico :lol:

    Please bear with me as monday morning’s make my mind fuzzy for a few hour’s. ;)

  78. koonts……time to ban the use of ‘k’

  79. Devil,his failings,at least in our eyes,are often discussed here….openly and honestly.
    Even still,and you would no doubt admit this,its much easier making decisions when you are miles away from a stadium filled with 60 odd thousand fans screaming.
    Gee these guys must have thick skins.
    Laugh if people wish,but I still look at every player and every manager as a brother,a son and a father of somebody,and they all have people who love them and are proud of them.
    They are mere men,not gods.

  80. It’s not a strong squad imho Mr A, we have too many average players sitting on the bench, i personally think we have a strong basis but 4 in the summer for me, one being a keeper…

  81. Mr A……no squad is strong enough. You always need to upgrade it. its like a computer…….once it comes out on the market the next day it is obsolete because someone else will come out with a better software.

    The same with football.

    Our team is already partially there. It needs better input. For example the goalkeeping department is already good…..we need a better replacement. The defence is good but we need better strength in depth and a defensive coach. The midfield is good but it can be improved in the defensive part. We need to have our injured players back and maybe sign the person who can take the midfield by the scruff of the neck and drive it forward. the attack is already a good one but we need to make it better by adding to what we have and improve those we already have.

    So no you are not the only one who thinks that the squad is strong. But it needs to be improeved every summer.

  82. rico….second rate and cheaper version of Gotze like gervinho was to hazard…..did i forget he is only fitter than Diaby

  83. Mr A…that is the general consensus of opinion on here, get shot of the dead wood,reward those that need rewarding promote within and add 3 players….simples! ;)

  84. Steve – that’s our plan b, whipping the cross in and burying it in the net but like you say, we play that way far too little..

    When teams line up like Stoke, i wonder why we don’t go 442, but with Chumck being so rubbish these days, who is there to get their head on a few crosses…

  85. Yh scott i must admit that i do love the coverage we get on the box of football and would be sad without it.But what i don’t like is how the media can dictate people’s mind’s and some believe everything these guy’s say.I mean we had player’s in the 80’s and 90’s that people didn’t rate,but one thing we all did was get behind anyone who wore that red and white shirt.Too many now hear opinions and follow suit.

  86. kc,

    he’s signed now, give him a chance first, you just never know –

    he could just turn out to be ‘the next gotze’ ;) he’s not much younger….

  87. Mr A….we definitely have a good squad,just short of serious contenders.
    Jack will be a boost.
    Podolski will be a boost.
    Vertonghen or M’Villa will be a boost.
    Jussi (smile Rico lol) or Schwarzer will be a boost.
    Steve Bould will be a boost.
    That,with one creative midfielder if class,and we are right in it.
    KC,Eisfeld really can play.
    He cost us nothing,so give hom time and we will reap the rewards.
    He’s a surprise packet.

  88. KC…….I can manipulate every word…..would that mean banning the whole alphabeth???? :lol:

  89. mr A……chamack.squillaci,alumnia,park,djourou…..i think we have strong dross…..anyway im watching battering those swampies 5:4 at home……..we need wenger to assemble such a squad again………….passion,determination,skills,fight

  90. Mr A,the media dictate who leads our countries,so changing mindsets on football clubs is easy.
    That’s what the bashers don’t get……managing isn’t that bloody easy.

  91. one thing I forgot to mention is getting rid of those who have no passion and determination to fight for AFC. Replacing those with others who have more determinaton will surely upgrade our team.

  92. Devil that’s what i was trying to say in that post.I would be very happy if we got Poldoski,Mvilla and Vertonghen.

    Then we have a number of talented young players to add to that squad also.I think Arsenal’s future is very bright.

  93. Scott From Oz says:
    April 30, 2012 at 10:47 am

    Mr A….we definitely have a good squad,just short of serious


    that’s like a boxer having no fists

  94. Kc you say Gervinho was a poor man’s hazard,but when both players played there last season,gerv out scored and out assisted him aswell.So your being a bit harsh on that statement i feel.

  95. KC,in our squad now we have fight,determination and spirit.
    What we lack are little touches of class.
    I’ve said a thousand times that we are getting results out of games we’d have lost over the last few seasons.
    What we now need to do is turn them in to wins.
    Those few classy players will make that difference

  96. Mr Arsenal says:
    April 30, 2012 at 10:36 am

    I am the only one who think’s we do have a strong squad???
    I don’t think we need too many players,just the right buy’s.


  97. Alan,what are you on about?
    You’ve disagreed withe,then agreed with Mr A when we’ve basically said the same thing!!!

  98. Kc i think the club know’s they have to get rid of them players,people say wenger has no balls,but how many time’s have any of those guy’s played this season?? Bottom line is wenger does know i believe.

  99. Scott alan does thou :lol:

  100. I am looking forward to the manc derby tonight although i have not got a lot of feelings for them but what i do like is their speed when they go forward, breakaway attacks are exciting and both these teams have players that are very good at it i would think that things will start off pretty cagey but once they both find their feet it looks like we will see some fast exciting plays. I hate to say it but Utd have some fine players the same as City and i believe it could be a hard fought out game Mariners decisions will be paramount in this game and a lot is at stake he could either make a spectical of it or throw it into chaos I would have loved us to have been in their positions and be challenging for the league and although i believe that both these teams have had their fair share of referee’s decisions this year i will still have to watch it.

  101. rico says:
    April 30, 2012 at 9:47 am

    alan, you met him??

    No Rico

    Why would I? I have accurately described this man, same as most of the EPL press and media

  102. It is Mr A. yes it is bright. The problem is that people only see what is on the pitch. They do not see what happens in the background and in the long term. They are engrossed about themselves and think only that when AFC loose they cannot brag about it to others but the fact that others take the piss out of them irritates them. So that is why their self esteem is low.

    I also would be very happy to see AW get Podolski, M’Vila, Vertonghen and Jaaskelainen. And if some of the dead wood is removed and young ones promoted in their place then the future is a bright one for sure.

  103. Mr A,he will find it hard because he gave them too much money.

  104. Rico……kids killing kids…..which position does actually play……71 players on the book dont make me happy

    Scott…you are right there but how long will it take before AW gives him a bumper rise…..i think we got it right on ox,myiachi and jenko this time around……….i would love to see ozykup and afobe make it

  105. My point exactly, how can you give an honest opinion of someone you haven’t met??

    And your description of him is only your opinion ….

  106. Scott, the problem is AW is too thick to realize it or he’s doing the board’s bidding

    You know it, I know it, others too. Why not AW?

  107. and that is a fault Alan. your posts are simply re-hashing what the papers and other blogs say. Write your opinion mate. Then it will be much better. Otherwise it will be just parroting what we have heard or read on others.

    I form my own opinion. And I stand or fall by it. I do not quote others and make it my own. I just state my own.

    As I told you……..why dont you write a post on your opinion. And stand there to be shot. I did and I am proud of it. And I faced all that was thrown and it helped me form better opinions.

  108. Mr Arsenal says:
    April 30, 2012 at 10:54 am

    Kc you say Gervinho was a poor man’s hazard,but when both players played there last season,gerv out scored and out assisted him aswell.So your being a bit harsh on that statement i feel.

    i think his misses is costing us so so so much this season

    SCOTT…..le-grove had a good post today,,,,,,i know u hate the comment section but the inteview with Sagna is worth reading

  109. But there are others who could go before him kc, the older ones who have played and haven’t convinced…

  110. Alan,he’s got it wrong.
    Have you ever made a mistake????
    Don’t give us this crap that “he’s on 7 million”.
    Have you ever made a mistake?
    If so,how do you justify your comments that you could do a better job than Wenger,considering you’ve never been under anywhere near the scrutiny or pressure he’s subjected to every day?

  111. KC,thanks all the same,but no thanks.

  112. Alan,you’d be a legend on Le Grove or the Arsenal Truth.

  113. Ashley Young x 2 Benayoun x 1 . What’s the difference ?

    Wenger brings a lot on himself with his reactions but doesn’t deserve a lot of the stick that is exaggerated by the media. I think he has only said “” I did not see it “” once or twice but if you listen to the radio it is repeated virtually every day and by every pub wit in the land. It has become an urban quip to use against him. When he first came he was called the professor because he wore glasses and then became Mr Magoo when he made the mistake of criticising the decisions of Mike Riley. The grudge is still borne today as the selection of referees bears out for all of our bigger matches. . There are times that I wish he would just shut up because I can see the hole he is digging but it’s not in his nature, he is very open and will give a reasoned answer ,it’s just that the status quo don’t always like what he tells them.

  114. scott……that bit of classy is what you and I fears that wenger will still overlook….but im feeling a certain change will happen……playing jenko ahead of squillaci…playing a jaded vp even when we had won a game shows sign of change too…….wenger of last two years would had played park 50 times this season…did i forget getting rid of one om favourite but laziest player……ashavin

  115. alan, your last is in the bin, and you know why!

  116. Scott From Oz says:
    April 30, 2012 at 11:09 am

    Alan,you’d be a legend on Le Grove or the Arsenal Truth.


    when some geezer paid millions makes as many mistakes, you ditch him quick

  117. Rico………agreed with you there,,,,hope the clear out begins this summer

  118. actually Rico it doesn’t deserve to be. It is an honest statement and factual

  119. Hi Potter…

    Guess he just stands up for what he believes….

  120. Hi Potter

    ” I didn’t see it ” is right. He saw it alright. That’s as bad as diving, especially after criticising others

  121. Scott From Oz says:
    April 30, 2012 at 11:09 am

    Alan,you’d be a legend on Le Grove or the Arsenal Truth.

    think u went too far there for people of your class

  122. How easy you are to read Alan….give us an original thought mate.
    Potter,watch closely from a few angles and you will see what very,very few did.
    Not only did Benayoun get that shove in the back,he also copped a clip on the ankle.
    Honestly,how many saw it?????
    I watched the game on Tele live,where we copped a few replays,and Potter,you’re wrong,he definitely,100% didn’t dive,his leg was taken from him before the shove in the back,it didn’t look good,but it was a definite penalty.

  123. Scott From Oz says:
    April 30, 2012 at 11:24 am

    How easy you are to read Alan….give us an original thought mate

    Of course I’m easy to read. That is the way it should be

    A original thought. Ah! The thought’s of Chairman Alan

  124. Which is worse potter……….he was shoved and clipped and went easily ………….or………….Koscielny was around half a meter behind a stoke player who stumbled and fell without being touched and a free kick was given?????

  125. Touche Alan.
    See the bloody Tahs…..stuffed it again!!!!!

  126. When you look at the size of the grounds in the south you will see that Arsenals stadium is housing 60 thousand tottenham 30 chelsea round about the same and so on when you want to get your papers sold or radio station listened too you point your opinions to the biggest audience Arsenal fc have the biggest blogsites and they are great supporters the club are doing a great job running the club and looking at the amount of ex Arsenal people that are still making a living as pundits its fashionable to have a go at Arsenal the trouble is we as supporters because were so keen to read or listen to everything Arsenal we are slowly getting brainwashed by the media coverage we spend carefully to make our club secure but the media say that we are cheapscates we start believing this crap and start asking questions but even with our low spending we are still one of the biggest clubs in the world. Wenger wether you like him or not has been all Arsenal from day one he has only ever done what he thinks is best for Arsenal he has and still is one of the only managers that has been calling for touchline technology only last year he asked to use it for the Emirates cup but was knocked back he wants it in because its the fairest way for all Ferguson is happy as it is because he gets good decisions as it is Wenger is highly respected by his peers they think he is excentric and slightly animated but they all know that what he stands for is fairness within the sport The FA have been to Wenger more than once to ask him to lead our country but Wenger believes it should be run by an Englishman and he would rather battle in league football and try and leave an impression on English foot ball and they dig him out. he is probably the one manager that has done more for the sport in this country than anybody else.

  127. Devil,I’m serious,I’d put a years salary on the fact his leg was taken first.
    Not possibly or probably,it was definite.

  128. Alan……benayoun said that he does not need to watch the replay to know it is a penalty…i don’t think i need too

  129. Alan any guy off the street who say’s he could do a better job then one of the best manager’s in the world,can’t be taken seriously.

  130. Just adding to that great post Steve,Wenger has always done what he believed to be right.
    Yes,he’s made plenty of mistakes,but at least they’ve been made the right intentions.

  131. Alan……..unless you came out with your own opinion and not copied it from elsewhere it will be difficult to win the argument with anyone. We would respect you more if what you posted is yours…but you cannot say so since you said it yourself that what you say is found in all the papers and blogs. It does not mean that they are right.

    Kindly understand that we respect those who express their opinion and not that of others and do not shove it down people’s throat. I might not agree with Scott or with anyone else, but I respect them all the same. They have every right to their opinion and I to mine.

    Again……..write your own post and email it to Rico. But please use your own opinions not what you and I have read elsewhere.

  132. A dive…. seriously, you’re on the wind up???

  133. Somebody put Alan out of his misery. You ll fit in nicely. Oops morning all.

  134. I know you are being serious Scott. I saw it too. I just asked Potter which is worse………….!!!!! Benny’s shove and trip or the stoke’s player stumble and fall?

  135. Steve palmer i couldn’t have said it better myself.You have summed up my feeling’s with that post.Well done!!!

  136. we’ll be typing “First” on here soon…….. :lol:

  137. wenger out… :lol:

  138. Lee don’t start with all that :lo:

  139. Goonster. Stop being a tart. I’ve said nothing out of order

  140. Hey dg smoking the shish this early? What the heck is a koont?

  141. 2nd,errr 3rd???? :)

  142. Second.

  143. cnut…. :lol:

  144. There he is Mr Sanity…. GOONIE!!!!

  145. lol:D

  146. Alan……………the people who judge are usually the people who are not perfect. If they are perfect they would have better things to do than try to run peoples lives. If they were perfect or nearly perfect they would at least realize that there is so much more to do in life than use other people as punching bags

  147. Morning all,
    I think you’ll find we only do 3rd or 4th.

  148. Mr A, I couldn’t resist….. ;)

  149. or as my nan used to say “C U Next Tuesday”

  150. 3rd & 4th are the new 1st…….. hahahahaha!

  151. Gooooooonnnnnnniiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! :) :)

    you dont know what a koont is??? I will whisper it in your ear then. Lady would not allow me to say it.

  152. devilgunner. I am not trying to win an argument. just have my say

  153. It’s funny Devil,I can’t cop Whitehead one bit.
    I want to lay one in him every time I see his head.
    Grub of a player.

  154. :lol: lee, out where….

  155. I got that one Micko.

  156. Alan,but your say is always the same thing,that’s the issue.

  157. We need to sign yossi,they way he work’s for the team really impress’s me.I’d love him to stay.

  158. devilgunner says:
    April 30, 2012 at 11:43 am

    Alan……………the people who judge are usually the people who are not perfect

    quite right. I’m not trying to be perfect either

  159. Alan, have you ever written any positive about the arsenal. You and your constant whining. You are ruining it for us all. Give it a break. You hate wenger, we get it. Sheesh.

  160. Goonie…………a Koont is TNUC spelt backwards. How are you mate??? still a blondie????

    Once upon a time, there was a blondie…….. :lol:

    Alan. We know that you want to have your say. just do not judge or use other people’s argument. We respect you when you are Alan and you use your opinion, but find it very difficult to do so when you use other blogs’ drivel and keep on saying it. It is tedious and boring.

  161. Mr A,I concur.
    He brings energy and spirit.
    How much will he cost us guys?///
    He’s not on a free yet,is he????

  162. I criticize those ruining Arsenal. AW and a few others don’t deserve the association

  163. devilgunner. What other blogs drivel? I gave you my own opinions that in some quarters would be held as fact

  164. Arsene wenger the man who brought us the untouchables and you believe he dose not deserve the association???

  165. Dg you freak show. Hahaha how are ya? Lee my man what’s popping big guy?

  166. Morning goonster and Micko

  167. Once upon a time there was a blondie who bought a laptop. He went home and started experimenting with it. Suddenly by mistake he hit the CAPS LOCK and when the notification went up he rose from the chair, found all his caps and locked them in the cupboard. He went on to experiment again and by chance he hit the CAPS LOCK OFF. And he went and opened the cupboard door again.

    Then he phoned one of his many girlfriends to talk and told her that he was amazed that the laptop knew so many things that he even knew that he had caps and that he had to lock them in or out of the cupboard.

    She, being a blonde, was amazed and went to check on her laptop………. :lol:

  168. I am fine Goonie mate. you are ok??? I miss pulling your leg sometimes.

  169. Hi Scott

    Yes the Tahs did it again. Ruined it. Same old story season to season

  170. Scott he can’t cost more than 5M surely?? I think it all depend’s on what the chav’s have in the pipe line for him.Iv’e got a funny feeling thou that they will keep him as he has played so well for us.

  171. Dg stop it. Am rolling on the floor. Hahaha.

  172. Stan, all good man…you ok?

  173. alanbstardmp says:
    April 30, 2012 at 10:57 am

    rico says:
    April 30, 2012 at 9:47 am

    alan, you met him??

    No Rico

    Why would I? I have accurately described this man, same as most of the EPL press and media

    …………………..you said it mate…..I have accurately described this man, same as most of the EPL press and media.

    That means that what you write is not exactly your opinion but what is written in most of the EPL press and media.

  174. Goonie……….I did not know you were so ticklish mate.

  175. Mr A,they’ll let him go,I reckon.
    Surely the will be looking to bring some youth in.

  176. Mr Arsenal says:
    April 30, 2012 at 11:51 am

    Arsene wenger the man who brought us the untouchables and you believe he dose not deserve the association???

    not after the way they drove the invincibles out and began the new business model and 6 years of narrowmindedness

  177. I know i shouldn’t bring up the old enemy on here,but what did you make of van der fart,laughing at Kyle walker when he wanted to take the free-kick???

  178. Wonder Fart Mr A….wonder fart…….

  179. No DG

    It is obvious what he is like. He’s an insufferable git and I’ve stated the reasons why that I notice you partially quoted

  180. Am good lee. Mama is back at work. That’s a good sign,no? Dg you crack me up.

  181. judge him in May…

  182. Narrow mindedness buying a new stadium and being careful with money??? I call that very smart if you ask me.

  183. Alan………….there is a stadium to be paid. Do you have mortgage?? have you ever gone through building your own house?? You cut back on many things you know.

  184. I think the most important thing is Wenger doesn’t get that abuse at the Emirates, the heart beat of Arsenal, I’ve only been to about 10 games this season and have never witnessed it, there was a protest before one of the games around January but even that went off relatively peacefully,
    Wengers always taken abuse from day one, it started off from the scum down the road who scream a vile song at him at every opportunity they get, I don’t care what other supporters think and I don’t think Wenger does either.
    My opinion of Wenger hasn’t changed since last summer, I would like to see him replaced this time around but I would never stoop so low as to call him some of the names that have been mentioned, I think a lot of these bloggers doing it have never watched a game at the emirates in there lives.

  185. Stan, good for her….wtf is going on with your man diaby???

  186. Glad your back Scott :)

  187. Mr Arsenal says:
    April 30, 2012 at 11:36 am

    Alan any guy off the street who say’s he could do a better job then one of the best manager’s in the world,can’t be taken seriously.

    Who said I’m any guy off the street? All I need is my accountant , my lawyer and myself

    The guys running the show are doing the right thing for their pockets, but not for the supporters

  188. I just thought it was funny that walker rammed it back at him and looked at him like take that you smelly smug rat.

    It was a great free-kick,not that i enjoyed who it was for.

  189. bloomin doorbell ;)

  190. There’s a lot of English players with “Rs” in their names…gonna be difficult for poor old Woy!!

  191. Alan……….you know I am not an AKB. I call a spade a spade. And I talk straight with no corners and no ifs and buts. So no one can say I side with AW, or I am against AW. What he has done right is right and what he has done wrong is wrong. Like you and me do. There are things in my life that I did and dad might not approve…what would he do???? chuck me out of the house and disinherit me. He could do so but he loves me the way I am. And he did not pay me 7million a year to be his son. He paid me by going to work his ass off for 40 hours a week for more than 45 years. and that is worth more than 7million a year.

    And I am proud that he stood by me.

  192. Micko come in the northbank upper tier and you will hear it most games.I get fed up with it to be honest.

  193. Alan,you really do oversimplify the job if manager,and I reckon you know it lol.

  194. Alan not to offend you,but i think your living in cloud cuckoo land.

  195. Mr A,is the Le Grove corner???

  196. Alan….not only your accountant, your lawyer and yourself. But also coaching badges plus a Manager’s Diploma in Clubs which lasts around two years.

    Because contrary to popular belief, since 2006 no one can manage a club unless he has a Manager’s Diploma which needs a minimum of a UEFA ‘A’ coaching licence, and/or a degree in sports science.

    If you have those then by all means….apply for the job.

  197. Lee – that day looms ;)

    Micko, just the way it should be put –

    i’m giving him one more summer, if we don’t get the players we need and keep who we must keep then i think things need to change…

    But like you, calling him what some seem to want to, isn’t something i would entertain doing, well not on here or in public anyway ;)

  198. devilgunner says:
    April 30, 2012 at 12:10 pm

    Alan….not only your accountant, your lawyer and yourself. But also coaching badges plus a Manager’s Diploma in Clubs which lasts around two years.

    We don’t need coaching badges. They are for coaches

  199. Mr Arsenal, there always a scattering, but never big enough to make themselves heard in other sections of the ground.

  200. Just to tell you this………….to go from the lowest level diploma in coaching to a UEFA ‘A’ you need a minimum of 8 years, since you need experience to show when you apply for a licence. Then when you apply for the Pro-Licence which essentially is the Manager’s Diploma you need your club’s endorsement plus a letter of reference from your FA stating that you are capable and able to run a club both from a personnel point of view and from a financial point of view.

    In other words you need to work your BALLS off…….and lick quite a few dicks in the process.

  201. Errrr – Wenger is a coach alan…..

  202. Badges, badges, I don’t need no stinking badges !

  203. Diaby will come good. Mark my words. All you knocking him ll eat your hats! Especially you ak. Hi mama bear, how are the chicks? I have a huge craving for barbeque chicken this mornin. Can you spare a few?

  204. Alan……….to manage a club now you DO HAVE TO HAVE COACHING BADGES.

  205. Lee – 12.06 :P

    You reckon he’ll get the job?

  206. Do you like eggs Goonie??????

  207. hopefully it’ll upset them for our last game…… ;)

  208. What you mean scott?? ;)

  209. you miss the point once again Rico. A remark was made about me running the club, and that I would need a coaching badge. I said I don’t need a coaches badge. They are for coaches

    I made no reference to AW

  210. Rico put alan in the sin bin already. He’s sticking in my craw! I don’t wanna use words mama won’t approve of.

  211. @ Rico, well it seems this managment is a piece of piss!! ;)

  212. devilgunner says:
    April 30, 2012 at 12:17 pm

    Alan……….to manage a club now you DO HAVE TO HAVE COACHING BADGES.

    Nonsense. I was talking about running the club. Not being a poxy lowly manager or coach

    You seem to forget there are two sides. The licenced club and the football club. One controls the other at law

    I’m talking about Gazidis level or higher, even Stan level. Stan could let us run the thing for 2 years and he and the supporters would be happy

  213. Mr A,I mean is that Le Grove corner at the Emirates..the mob chanting at Wenger.

  214. It is you who is missing the point Alan…………now you need coaching badges to qualify for the Manager’s Diploma you need to be allowed to run the club.

    In Italy it is worse………those who did not have it were told to start the Manager’s Diploma within the following three years or else they could be allowed to manage only from the third division downwards. That is why there are so many young coaches in Italy, because some of the old ones did not venture to do a course in football management.

    And again………you do need a coaching badge to do the diploma.

  215. Eggs dg? No way. I like chicks, birds and ladies alike*winks*

  216. In that case mate…………you do not need coaching badges, or Diplomas.

    you would need PHW’s blessing.

    brrrrrrrrrrrrr. Now that sends shivers down my spine.

    Or silent stan’s approval

    Are you a billionaire Alan???? So that you can outbid Stan And Alisher?????

  217. you don’t need a manager’s diploma. You need only be the owner or appointed by the owner

    Who do you think runs the club now? Stan, the board, and the company lawyers and accountants

    The people you talk about a hirelings who will need qualifications to coach

    I’m talking about calling the shots at high altitude

  218. I’m not sure where they sit to be honest.It still is only a few at games,but it is getting louder i fear.

  219. In other words mate………..

    if you do not have PHW’s approval…..
    if you are not a billionaire who can outbid SK and AU
    if you are not more qualified than Gazidis
    if you are not more slippery and more slimy than AG
    if you do not have a Manager’s diploma
    if you do not have a coaching licence
    if you are not young enough to be able to enter in the youth setup

    …..then wtf are you banging about doing a better job than AW if you cannot even enter the Emirates as a bin boy ~(but only as a paying supporter) let alone as someone in the corridors of power????

  220. My son’s got Fifa12….. will that help?

  221. Hopefully so Lee, six points it is then ;)

    goonster – yellow card!! ;)

  222. oh but dg. You must have missed my last post

  223. Roy Hodgsons 1st England Squad announced…
    1.Wobert Gween
    2. Wayne Bwidge
    3. Wio Ferdinand
    4. John Tewwy
    … 5. Micah Wichards
    6. Matthew Ethewington
    7. Aawon Lennon
    8. Fwank Lampard
    9. Steven Gewward
    10. Wayne Wooney
    11. Daniel Stuwwidge

  224. Alan honestly we are not hating on you,it’s just really hard to understand where your coming from with the comment’s you give.
    Everything devil say’s in that post is very true in my opinion.

  225. Uefa is tightening up on the personnel of football clubs. The chairmen, whether or not they have money, now have to do a stringent personality test and also management tests. Even board members now need to go through a grilling. Therefore, let’s say I win the american lottery and become a multi millionaire, and I start buying shares at a club. If I do not have the UEFA certificate my shares alone are not enough to guarantee me a place on the board even if I am a majority shareholder.

    Even to become a chief executive now you need to have the go ahaed from UEFA in terms of qualifications and personality.

    In other words………you will be there only on merit not because you just think you can do your job better or because you can influence someone just because you can make a video of yourself on you tube or make a powerpoint which shows how good you are.

  226. Lee,I can still smack my boys arse at FIFA 12..
    I don’t care if he’s only 6,I’m still king of this castle.
    Call me Professor!!!!!!

  227. alan, i really don’t know what you getting at or where you are going with your arguement – you slate wenger, then see yourself as the ideal person to run afc football club –

    Like i said to gambon, if you think you can do a better job at both running the club and managing it, address your CV to afc.com…

    move on the the sake of everyone here on hh or you know the alternative…..

  228. Lee………..that has CRACKED ME UP. Oh dear all those names…………..

    you are a champ for that mate.

    laughing with tears in my eyes.

    wait till Sir AK see that.

  229. :lol: Lee but I think quite a few of those will be in for the chop….

  230. and like I said previously Rico, I do not qualify for a work permit, so I will never get the chance. I do say though, if I ever was, I, and my lads would do a better job

  231. Could he be ably assisted by ‘Awwy Wedknapp though?

  232. Now why did you go and give Goonie a yellow card Lady??? For simply saying that he likes all types of birds and chicks??? For heaven’s sake Lady……..many have different tastes. Now take me……I puss in boots……like pussies……… ;)

    hi5 Goonie?????

  233. Rico. Let’s get one thing clear. I was courteous enough to answer a question, then another. May I suggest you go after those that persue the matter with questions?

  234. Alan,get on board with the Mariners.
    10 minutes up the road,good place to dip your toe in the water.

  235. Scott……..Could he be ably assisted by ‘Awwy Wedknapp though?

    stop it lads. you are making me laugh so hardly that I cant stop myself. ;)

  236. Scott, do you get a load of shit win or lose??

  237. I only have interest in the EPL. I don’t like football otherwise. I would however ( and will ) climb the ladder of the ARU. That John O’Neill is a base idiot

  238. devil, it was a bit of fun, goonster said he fancied bbq’d chicken ;)

  239. HA Well done Lee :D

  240. Thank fuck Roy of The Rovers is fictional…. :lol:

  241. Agree there Alan.
    Lee,seriously,I give him a few wins,but every now and again I spank him just to remember what a loss is.
    He’s a competitive little bugger,so is brought down a peg when required.

  242. alan, the only thing clear is unless you are a mutli millionare, with enough money to buy out Stan, you will never run our football club… and, unless you have all the qualifications required, you would never be entertained to manage/coach our players…

    But for the last few days you have banged the same old drum about how good would be be at both….

    I just don’t get what game you are playing…..

  243. Ahhhhh. I thought it was because he likes birds, and all kinds of chicks.

    And what is wrong with bbq chicken???? Some like hot chicks. What is the difference…… ;)

  244. goonster says:
    April 30, 2012 at 12:20 pm

    Rico put alan in the sin bin already. He’s sticking in my craw! I don’t wanna use words mama won’t approve of.

    One of my posts is sin binned. Not me. Not yet :D

  245. Alan…….dont go on sticking in Goonie’s craw. you might have to go to the power wash after for at least an hour.

  246. Seriously let’s not make this site all about doing better job’s and money issue’s.It becomes so boring.When we gonna talk football??

  247. :lol: devil

    And i don’t want to sin bin you alan, nor anyone, you are a valued member of hh as is everyone but sometimes i just dont really get what you are going on about…..

    you have made it clear you don’t like wenger or the way the club is run but the same old stuff each day – why?

  248. I am off Good Guys and Chicks.

    Might see you later today.

    Enjoy and have fun.

  249. blimey……….250 comments already Rico. This must be an almighty record in just around 3 hours. Well done

    cu mates

  250. Exactly Mr A..

    Come on guys, two games to go, two wins and ‘that day’ will be here…..

    Then the transfer window opens, we’ll have plenty to moan about again then ;)

  251. Rico you are wrong. The Billionaires are the owners and major shareholders

    You need to understand corporate structure

    Ask companies house

  252. I want the “Invincible” AW back….with the right signings, he’d not be too far off silverware.Imho…….

  253. Spurs fans are bitterly disserpointed that Harry did not get the England job

  254. alan, but you are confusing me with someone who cares about the finances to such an extent….

    i care about the team and the performances and as long as we don’t go banckrupt what the hob knobs do doesn’t really interest me too much….

    But you’d still have to be mega rich to buy stan out…..

  255. My accountants last job was the restructuring of the Government of India railways, which carries 23 million people a day, and was until recently the national senior manager of an international firm of accountants

    My Lawyer is a household name in business and media

    Do you honestly think running Arsenal is anywhere near as complex as the London underground, never mind the India railway?

  256. Night Devil….catch you when the battle of Manchester is on.

  257. Same here, we know what he can do, now its time to get back to those days….

    Or at least have a squad that looks capable…..

  258. There is reports that there is mass suicides around what hart lane

  259. Devil,I had 250 comments arguing with myself a few weeks back.
    Now THAT was a record!!!!

  260. Alan, Rico and finance……. ;)

  261. Alan, if you need a reference for the managers job on that duck shooting gallery, I’ll be more than happy to help you out, you’ve earnt it.

  262. Night Scott…

    alan, good for him, whats that got to do with arsenal??

  263. Alan,you’ve told us they’re qualifications…..what do you bring to the table???

  264. I don’t understand either lee – but then neither are my job ;)

  265. I’m still here Rico….just bidding Devil a good one.

  266. opps, see you later devil….

  267. Scott From Oz says:
    April 30, 2012 at 1:02 pm

    Alan,you’ve told us they’re qualifications…..what do you bring to the table??

    good looks and proven marketing capacity

  268. thanks Micko. :D

  269. Aaahhh,but proven to who???
    And your mum telling you your handsome doesn’t count lol.

  270. Alan,I’ve got it.
    Your lawyer us Gambon,and your accountant is Merlin.
    It’s been staring us in the face.
    No egos amongst that lot,hey guys?

  271. Scott you see everyone’s favourite guy on here has been stirring it up on that other website.The guy has some mental issues.

  272. Podolski officially signed

    Fantastic signing. 4 more of those please.

  273. It’s just come through from three different sources that Cologne have announced Podolski IS coming to Arsenal,and the articles include quotes from Podolski confirming it.

  274. Translate it by the way.But we have signed poldoski

  275. Speak of the devil Mr Arsenal lol.

  276. Arsene Wenger is the best manager in the country, fact. My worry is that people wont realise until its too late !!

  277. it’s worse. My accountant is originally a Scouser. It shows

  278. I have to go out, can i trust you all to behave??

  279. Scott From Oz says:
    April 30, 2012 at 1:10 pm

    Aaahhh,but proven to who???
    And your mum telling you your handsome doesn’t count lol.

    OK I lied about the looks :D

  280. Only two more…we’ve got Diaby & Jack!! :lol:

  281. I couldn’t have timed it better ha ha

  282. Can i say errrr first??? :lol:

  283. we got Podolski. Well, I will congratulate Wenger. Credit where it’s due

  284. Alan at 1.10….classic.

  285. M’Vila next…..

  286. Someone’s hacked in under Alans log in!!!!

  287. We are there again aren’t we? Opinion and fact and the seemingly endless confusion of the two. And as for “unsavory Gallic temperament” I say that is dumb in the extreme. Again, if you don’t like Wenger, once is enough. To try and heap ridicule on the man only serves to make you look stupid and slightly psychotic and not him, unless of corse that particular line of abuse fills a void in you.

  288. Rico I could never buy Stan out and I have no way of proving what I say. I just say it and stand by it

    GOOD NEWS Rico. Podolski

    I want the “Invincible” AW back….with the right signings, he’d not be too far off silverware.Imho…….

  289. Lee says:
    April 30, 2012 at 12:57 pm

    I want the “Invincible” AW back….with the right signings, he’d not be too far off silverware.Imho…….

    maybe Podolski will start a return to good signigs?

  290. Let’s just hope he plays in attack……. ;)

  291. Adam says:
    April 30, 2012 at 1:43 pm

    We are there again aren’t we? Opinion and fact and the seemingly endless confusion of the two. And as for “unsavory Gallic temperament” I say that is dumb in the extreme. Again, if you don’t like Wenger, once is enough. To try and heap ridicule on the man only serves to make you look stupid and slightly psychotic and not him, unless of course that particular line of abuse fills a void in you.

    Adam, I was asked a question and answered it. Some of you lot keep asking questions and I am courteous in answering them

    Simple, isn’t it :D

  292. QED I think.

  293. Well I am ecstatic we’ve got Podolski.
    Personally,I’ve liked him for a while now,and no,not just since we started courting him.
    This is a huge step forward for our club,and a positive sign of things to come.
    No guarantees this means we will be making more top class signings,but a great start,nevertheless.
    It shows the club is attempting to move forward and improve,it tells other class players that want to be a better club,it will relieve pressure on RVP(or be decent cover if he leaves),but most importantly,it shows Wenger HAS LEARNT FROM LAST YEARS DEBACLE.
    Fantastic news.

  294. Off to bed on that positive note.
    Goodnight all.

  295. ys Scott, now if only we get a few more decent ones and sell off the also rans

  296. Night Scott….

  297. SP that’s a positive starter……….

  298. Smileing Lee :)

  299. Could be just the news to inspire two wins

  300. Afternoon Gooners.
    Are you all being good whilst Rico is away?

  301. Big Wenger supprise, been reading it but actually happening before the end of the season has he got anymore up his sleave

  302. Hi AK how ya doing mate.

  303. Hi AK. In town today?

  304. Of course CGAK….
    The first signing is got us all semi-jolly! ;)

  305. I managed to blag a Norwich ticket in the end……

  306. I’m good fellas.
    Yes Adam still up ere until Friday. Then off for a couple of weeks. :-)
    Lee told me you’ve had a frw Doomers on here today… Yawn!
    Well i don’t take any notice tbh.

  307. duck’s back mate…..

  308. More doomers all the time Kev. Is business better when it’s hot? I am in the West End on Thursday, I shall look out for a red and white cab and hail you in Old Compton Street. Fare to Wanstead should be enough for your holiday spending money. 😃

  309. Good on ya Lee.
    Reckon the West Brom game is gonna be party time… :-D

  310. Hi Lee. Namaste is now Cafe Spice Namaste. One of my two favorite curry eateries. What are yours, as I am told you are a ruby connoisseur?

  311. Sounds good to me Adam.
    My sister used to live close to the station.
    A nice part of East London

  312. Tbh Adam, business has ok in general.
    I thought things would be a lot tighter, but i haven’t noticed it.

  313. All good and proper. But to the majority of stakeholders the Arsenal will never be anything else than killing time between our dental appointments. That’s reality staring at you…..

    A repetitive tedious beacon of truth and logic is merely contributing to entertain themselfs. Learn to share and you know how to multiply. Said this before, exchange a tenner, nobody gains value. Do the same with an opinion/argument and you might both double your insights.

    Yes, I do got/get bored by the endless litany fabrication of excuses from AFC. But than again I don’t hold the brush that can paint which daily circumstances frame their choice of colouring. And yes, I do find Wenger’s touchline antics wanting bordering to laughable embarrassment. Solely cuz the media will put the tail on the donkey. Especially if it concerns us. They need too, the spin hacks. Though a bit more control, decorous and wit wouldn’t strap the cat on the bacon. Simples.

    Apart from that I can also see parallels with leadership criticism at all levels of society these days. There are tensions which seek release, many will not admit but its human nature to make frustrations transferable if they are illiterate or afraid of consequences. Hence they gather ammo to suit their needs. Blasting away like a Emo-Rambo. Presenting it as a heartfelt debate/discussion/opinion afterwards. Justification of behavior and reasons as righteous. When the event serves its purpose it often fully wraps their ratio to ponder on replies and emotions catalyzing their focus.

    Ohh, and I didn’t write the post but fully support it. My guess is Adam took his wife for dinner so she wouldn’t evil-eye him working on his HH maiden speech in the weekend ;)

    But your guess is as good as mine. :P

  314. I know my circumstances have changed, but the early 90’s remains easily the worst downturn i’ve worked through.
    This ‘recession’ doesn’t compare imho.

  315. DG. You been down the coffee house again. It seems that, as foreign visitors, we are to be banned from such adventures.

  316. Hey Dutch. You ok?
    As Robin would say, “Geef hooit op!”….

  317. DG. austublieft.

  318. Adam, I really like Namaste (haven’t been there for ages though) I use one near Sudbury Essex/Suffolk border (Ballingdon Tandoori), as for the City, Tayyabs is really good & worth a try…….

  319. Lata mates

  320. Adam, I’ve been working on my Dutch accent for any future visits!!

  321. Hi Lee. I don’t get out Sudbury way but I will check out Tayyabs on the net and lunch there soon. Thank for the heads-up.

  322. Having been to Dutchland twice recently I can only say how impressed I am with the whole place and the young women are beautiful. I am back in Hilversulm and Haaften soon.

  323. Good news on Podolski, now let’s sign Fellaini from Everton and a experienced goal keeper. Think that signing too many players from abroad and adding to the team will mean yet another jam tomorrow season where it will be once they become acclimated to the league etc…

  324. :P Kev

    I have been on the espresso whipped hazelnut cream Adam. Yes, since today the law has tightened down coffeehouses. Without registration “Ausweis” no more dope. All tourists are prohibited as legal buyers or users. Which will be the best advertising street pushers could wish for.

    Just wanted it off my chest.

  325. Bummer, Dutch…….. :(


  327. Let’s celebrate guys. If you don’t know this song, you will have to!

  328. Real catchy ADK, might take a little while to take off on the mean streets of Islington though.

  329. Reading back my comment, it does lack cohesion. Sorry but smartphone typing is a biatch if you’re trying to make a point longer than 2 sentences.

    What I meant was if you don’t own the c.v. or required credentials for a take over at AFC. Fanship will only kill time between dental appointments. So do share by all means your outtakes. But don’t revert to pedantic spamming of your opinion and campaigning as saviour.

  330. Afternoon guys and gals…

    Have we signed anyone yet :lol:

  331. Howdy doody Rico.
    Good post. Certainly had a few 1st timers on here.
    Won’t be returning to that crass blog we were looking @ yesterday.
    JJ certainly put the knob author in his place.
    Best to go there once, satisfy your curiosity, and never return.
    And i most certainly won’t return and hope it dies of apathy.

  332. You guys seen the pictures of Podolski on afc.com, how many different coloured boots does a player need??

  333. Hi-de-hi Charlie..

    Just what I did, once was enough for me…..

  334. Great news re; Podolski.
    Yeah, we’ve been hearing about it for weeks but it’s just a bit more comforting to have it confirmed.
    Wonder if ‘those’ responsble for transfers have ‘smelt the coffee’ at last?
    Chelski have got a good one in Marin, don’t think they’ll be back in for Modric.
    Wonder if the Chavs are letting diMatteo do some business??
    Is he really in the running for the job?

  335. Modric is very likely to leave Charlie, Arry has confirmed it, Chavs or Fergie will get him me thinks….

    i think the chavs would be mad to not give Di Matteo the job, but i guess it could just be a case of ‘new manager’ syndrome for a few weeks, hopefully that will cease when they face Bayern ;)

  336. JJ mentioned yesterday about M’Vila.
    Yeah, i do kinda remember him bigging M’Vila up.
    Must have been awhile ago, but he was correct about him.

  337. Norwich are on a bad run.
    West Brom will be mixed~up with the departurw of their manager.
    Maybe both teams will have an eye on the beach?
    Lets hope so!
    But we really should take 6 points from the last two games.

  338. BFG is valuable even when injured. Hope Diabetic lures M’villa to compensate for his wages.

    Rico if all his boots are rabbit feet to him we might indulge ourselves next season. Hahaha :P

    Kev are you referring to the article on Arsenal Truthfullofmadness?? If so indeed, satisfy curiosity never to return.

  339. And both are safe Charlie, we are the ones with it all to lose, but somehow i think we’ll be ok, IF, they are all in the right frame of mind….

    and if they aren’t they shouldn’t be at our club…

  340. Dutch, you got it in one mate.
    A load of tripe.

  341. Hi DG – :lol: re the rabbits….

    Laters Charlie, go steady on those busy roads….

  342. Later Charlie. Save rocketing through London.

  343. For all you conspiracy believers out there.
    Picture this, the Man United changing room before kick off this evening “Right lads we should have had the title wrapped up long ago but we’ve been real sloppy, we can’t let those blue noses snatch it away from us now, I don’t care what it takes, punch em, elbow em, spit at em, kick em or dive, just do what you need to do to win the game”
    At this point Fergi steps in and says “Cheers ref, I’ll take it from here”

  344. Never been to Islington Micko, so i wouldn’t know, but here in Denmark, they play the song all the time at the german pubs, next time they play the song, I might be wearing an Arsenal shirt with Podolski printed at the back :D

  345. Get yourself over next season ADK, you can stop off at Tottenham on the way and pish on the stadium while your at it.

  346. Harry redknapp said its a shame I did not get the job I had just started the room rotar Ferdinand x terry x bridge. Was the first room I had done I had to put Rooney in with me nan cos were short on rooms but I’m glad I did not get the job apparently you have to pay for your own room how I know this after i paired me nan with Rooney he asked how much

  347. The font – Roy hasn’t got the job yet has he?

  348. Adam stay out of my neck of the woods. If i get you anywhere near my lil sis….i ll castrate you. And yep we ve got podolski. Yeah, now lets get jv a new keeper and a central mid fielder.

  349. Harry has just said because he did not get the England job he is going to take up the business opportunity to invest in the abou diaby fitness centre I think it’s somewhere near Dubai

  350. goonster, i am sure your little sister would be safe ;)

  351. RICO I do not know but if it’s true what sky are saying there are no other candidates any case I am just happy about poldy

  352. That’s not funny font…

  353. I don’t think either are right for the job, Pullis should get it ;)

    Def happy about the Pod…

  354. Evening ma’am, exited yet?

  355. There saying that real Madrid are in for biglia I think that could be true and that would mean we have a better chance with m.villa

  356. Hi Rico. I just got a response back from the BBC re my complaint about Lineker. It was the most feeble and pathetic mail I have ever received. So I just wrote back with a complaint about their response. I see that the oafish Lineker has made the papers with his ill-judged xenophobic crap.
    Goonster. Why the aggression? I merely mentioned that Dutch girls were beautiful. How this has escalated to your sister and the threat of castration eludes me.

  357. Don’t want m’villa would prefer jv instead.

  358. Cause the last time you were in arnhem we got a truck load of pregnant females…human and chickens alike!

  359. I think we all got the same response frome the b.b.c

  360. I had a great time in Arnhem Goonster and was too busy with business and some Dutch shrimps. I paid silent tribute to the men who died at the John Frost Bridge and admired the young blonde waitresses with the Dutch pout, a bit like Johnny Heitinga, only more attractive. No chickens crossed my path I can assure you.

  361. Goonster mvilla we need j.v is great player but that position is well covered by koz t.v with the bfg as back up m.villa is class he will make a massive impact

  362. goonster, i am – a really good signing, just need 2/3 more now and we are sorted….

  363. Goonster. Incidentally, I will be back at Hilversulm and Haaften very soon and would like the threat of castration to be removed if possible. Can I assure you that my intentions are pure.

  364. Hi Adam, haven’t checked my reply yet but i guess it’s an automated one, after i resgistered mine, i was advised no ‘proper’ response for a few weeks….

  365. Adam you mischievous bastard. Hahaha. When are you coming back here. I ll show you a good time…arnhem style.

  366. I’m off for an early dinner, back shortly….

  367. Rico. There has been a lot about it in the papers and I imagine the BBC felt they had to move quickly to quell any storm that was brewing. Let’s face it, MOTD is a joke and Lineker is a revolting little creep. What with Lawrenson and Hansen, they make a gruesome little trio of half-wits who should have been moved on years ago. This is the biggest terrestrial broadcaster and the only way many people have of seeing what’s going on in the PL. Sky make the running obviously but you have the option to take or not buy it. I know many people who are football fans but despise the Murdochs so much they won’t take Sky on principle. We have no choice with the BBC so we are entitled to quality broadcasting which is not something that I associate with Gary bleeding Lineker. He proved me right on Saturday.

  368. Goonster. Soon my friend, soon. But I will be in Hilversulm mainly. Arnhem perhaps later in the year. Is that where you are then?

  369. Stanley showing Adam a great time in Holland………… The mind boggles…! Careful what you wish for Adam ;-)

  370. WATH. What do I have to look forward to do you think?

  371. Debaucherous behaviour Adam like you never ever thought possible and the mother of all hangovers EVERY morning… Apart from that am sure you’ll have great fun ;-)

  372. I couldn’t agree more with your last comment Adam….

    Hi Wath….

  373. Evening BossLady….!

  374. You been busy, haven’t seen you for a few days :(

    Or just too much GG ;)

  375. Far 2 busy and not a drop of GG at all !! I need to resolve that situation…! I see you been busy on here again….! lol :D

  376. :lol: – both far too busy it seems :(

  377. Talking of which am off to pour a large GG in my fav pint glass with a dash of sprite…!

  378. Nice – enjoy…..

  379. Hiya Lady.

    How are you all???

    Who is the author today……………I am dying to know???

    My guess is Scott. His style actually matches the post. But I might be mistaken.

  380. Fergie must be well chuffed with his selection of Marriner as his ref

  381. Hi devil;, it’s not Scott…. ;)

  382. Bet he wanted Dowd or Webb Charlie…

  383. Oh.. Isn’t he??? The style is similiar a lot. Whoever wrote it has written a good piece.

  384. Bloody phone :(

  385. Whats the score in the manc game devil?

  386. 1-0 to shitty…..kompany on 45th minute.

  387. Shittie 1~0

  388. I am off now. Cu all tomorrow.

  389. Wtf was Marriner doing???
    He was supposed to be picking up Kompany…
    Has Fergie got Webb on the bench??!!

  390. Is that good??

    Nighty devil…

  391. I’m heading off for the day Charlie, catch you tomorrow…

    Be safe all, nighty night…..

  392. Nite Rico…. tv and a rather large GG…… hmmmmmmmmmm :-)

  393. 70 mins and a ManUre player gets booked.
    Fergie will go mad.
    Wait till he sees Riley.
    It’s just not what Ferguson expected from ‘his’ referee’s.

  394. Devil,I was tipping you as the author…..
    Well,I slept like a baby,and woke up smiling,and the guy hadn’t kicked a ball in anger for us yet.
    Gee that’s a big signing for us,and a huge boost.
    Morning everyone.

  395. Utd are desperate,they’ve just put the diver on..

  396. I hope Newcastle hold these bastards to a draw.
    Off to work.
    Sleep well guys.

  397. Just saw Kompanys goal………where the hell was De Gea??????????

  398. Morning Scott.
    It’s not over yet mate!
    Shittie have to win at Newcastle and Sunderland [a] won’t be a cakewalk for ManUre.
    Bur fcuk them, we need 6 pts and that’s our focus.
    Wath must be under the table by now. :-)

  399. I must say,and I really mean this,kudos to Alan.
    This article was directed at those belting crap out of Wenger,and Alan is an unabashed Wenger basher(like that one Devil?),but certainly not alone on here.
    At least he had the balls to stand up and fight for what he believes in.
    Personally,I think he went too far,but I’m not the person to be criticising that.
    At least he stood up….

  400. Hi AK.
    I hope the Podolski announcement will be the boost our boys need.

  401. Scott, Podolski is a great piece of business, not that his arrival will satisfy some…
    Good to see the clubs transfer business being done early for a change.
    Lets hope that the penny~pinching policy of yore, is a thing of the past.

  402. So who wrote the post guys? Gambon?

  403. Hello everybody!

  404. What do ya mean Stan, what post?

  405. There’s a search party out looking for Gambon lol.

  406. Lets hope they’ve gone in the opposite direction then. :-D
    I’m offski Scott. You have a good day digger. Ciao.

  407. Just back from the pub, Ireland is in mourning tonight, the country is full of Man United supporters, they’re all crying in their beers.

  408. I think my comment comparing Young and Benayoun got misunderstood. The difference I was highlighting was that one team got two penalties the other one didn’t.

  409. Micko,shout them a pint with a few million straws haha.

  410. Apologies Potter,I thought you were having a crack at fans complaining over one diver but not our own.

  411. One of them days Potter, I’m gonna have a field day tomorrow Scott.
    I’m heading for my bunk.

  412. See ya Micko.

  413. Morning, New Post up…

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