Arsene Wenger – Don't make it personal…….

Food for thought today…..

Towards the end of the Stoke game, Arsene was off his chair, shouting and moaning form the sidelines and certain corners of the Arsenal fan base have vilified him for his actions…


Did his actions not show he cares?

This same section of fans have looked at this one incident but what about taking a look at the whole season.

How many times have we fans moaned about the opposition time-wasting?

How many times have we moaned about how we don’t get big decisions given our way?

How many times have we moaned or groaned about teams parking the bus against us?

How many times have we moaned when other sides rough up the playing surface just to stop us playing our game?

Answer those questions honestly…

Just imagine how Arsene Wenger has felt about all that too over the weeks and months of this season, it builds up and builds up and at some stage you let those feelings out.

Wouldn’t you?

Like I said, don’t you think it showed he cares?

Some of the things which are written on a daily basis about our manager are vile, rude, aggressive, and even against the law of our land…

Arsene Wenger may not be every fans favourite man, coach or manager but does he truly deserved to be vilified in such a way?

Of course fans will question his tactics, substitutions, player signings, spending etc etc, that is inevitable as so many think they know better but why do they feel the need to call him vile names, question his parentage or the worst, call him that word which Highbury House hates?

Does it make fans feel good, feel brave and ‘hard’ whilst typing such nastiness on their keyboard, all the time knowing that the chance of them being identified is very limited.

I don’t know the answer and I’m not going to even try to work it out but it’s a sad affair really.

Arsene Wenger is no Saint, I doubt he thinks he is either and I strongly suspect he would do somethings differently if he had the chance, not that he would admit it.

Regardless, does he really deserve to be called some of the things that fans today are calling him?

He annoys and frustrates me off, big time sometimes but resorting to gutter name calling and adding the fact that he’s French to the equation is something I wouldn’t stoop so low to do…

Maybe one day, some of the fans who enjoy typing out such tirades of abuse towards Arsene Wenger will get to say it to his face. Should they get that ‘pleasure’, let’s hope one of the boys or girls in blue are stood within earshot….

Maybe that will make some think twice……

I will tell you who wrote this post later today….



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