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Shocking fans, Shocking Referee but we get one more on the board…..

Morning all,

Facing Stoke away from home on a bleak, cold and murky afternoon did not make great conditions for an important game such as this.

Stoke kicked off and we started with conviction, looking like a side that was really up for this game! We  harried the Stoke players and closed them down quickly but their tactics became clear early on, play the ball a bit then look for the long ball or cross into Crouch  but our defence, who have in the past suffered from this style relished the challenge.

We were first to the ball and on most occasions our central defenders were magnificent.

Even though Crouch stands at 6′ 7″,  Kos was making life hard for him.

The first booking came on three minutes after Whitehead followed through on Alex Song, the referee hesitated and I don’t think he was going to give the foul but Van Persie with his captain’s hat on, gave the ref a piece of his mind, much to the annoyance of the Stoke players but the referee had no choice but to show the yellow card.

Having had two early chances ourselves, it was Stoke who broke the deadlock. On nine , a cross  was fired in by Etherington and Crouch headed home after out-jumping our defence and leaving Ches with no chance. A good goal but a slap in the face for our players .

Instead of our players dropping their heads they increased the pressure on home side, we had a couple of chances but nothing to speak of until a one two between Yossi and Rosicky which resulted in an exquisite reverse cross from Tomas which found Robin at the far post, he didn’t miss this one.

The rest of the first half consisted of a Ramsey special which ended up well wide, Gervinho got himself into great position and onto the end of a great Sagna cross, but he totally misjudged it and didn’t connect with his head. Gervinho followed that with another golden opportunity but his lack of composure got the better of him and he fired into the stand like an earlier effort that went sky-high, the half ended 1.1.

The second half started much like the first with Arsenal dominating most of the play, Stoke were still continuing to punt the long ball forward, we would gain possession and get back to the edge of their box but from there, we found it hard to penetrate.

Rosicky chipped in a peach of a cross which found Robin but his header was saved well by Begovic.

The next good move was between Yossi and Robin, a swift one two back to Yossi, who was making a run into the penalty area but a shove in the back sent our winger over. No whistle, no foul and certainly no penalty given by the ref!

Arsene Wenger went berserk on the touch-line,  both linesman and referee were in perfect position to see this incident, but were unmoved!

The Stoke fans thought it funny, especially Arsene Wengers protests and though it would brighten their afternoon by trying to impersonate him. Good time to mention the quality of the homes fans, they were shocking! How any of them could sit and boo Aaron Ramsey each time he touched the ball just showed what nasty scumbags they are!

The scoreline stayed the same until the end and we travelled home with just a point.

At the end, I felt that this game had been managed like many games of ours this season.

I have watched other teams get 3 points  but we only came away with one thanks to Chris Foy. He could see imaginary tackles on Stoke players but he couldn’t see a blatant penalty, but we Gooners are used to that aren’t we?

Although the commentator said he felt it was a clear-cut call,  pundits after the game were quick to say it would have been harsh and he understood why he didn’t give it,  well I only wish I did.

Two games to go and we need to win them both if we are going to take our place with Europe’s elite.

Can we do it? Of course we can were the Arsenal but please, no more referee Chris Foy…..

Wengers interview after the game.

I believe that it was a game where we have shown great character, great battling qualities. It was a game of two different approaches – one very direct in the air and one who tries to play on the ground.

Both teams are good at what they do and that’s why I think it was still an interesting game. We had good chances, especially in the first half. In the second half I felt our fluency dropped a bit in midfield – we still had chances though, especially a penalty that was not given.

Overall we deserved at least a point and I can only give credit to my players for their battling qualities and the way they responded to what Stoke offered us – full commitment, well-organised, direct.

We did not always cope with it but today I felt we did.

On jeers for Aaron Ramsey….

I don’t think you can be especially proud to boo Aaron Ramsey because I don’t see what he has done wrong in his behaviour. That’s an old story where the fans of Stoke stand behind their player. But it shouldn’t go as far as booing Aaron Ramsey.

On the penalty claim…

It will go on the tape of all the penalties we have not got this season.

On Stoke spending time on set-pieces…

You are used to it I was frustrated at times but that happens in every game because I am completely in the game. I was sometimes frustrated but not surprised.

And neither are we Arsene……

Written by Steve Palmer

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175 comments on “Shocking fans, Shocking Referee but we get one more on the board…..

  1. ” Wengers interview after the game.

    I believe that it was a game where we have shown great character,”

    spoken like a true weakling

    Once again we fail to win when those closest to us, Newcastle, fail.

    God almighty, when are they going to be consistent?

  2. Morning all

    What a star you are Steve, thank you :)

    Just seen MOTD and that ex swampie who presents it should be sacked, his parting comment about AW was a disgrace….

    Of course Hanson and Lawrenson said Yossi fell all a bit to easy and it was never a penalty…

    No surprise eh….

  3. what do you expect him to say to the press alan??

    our players need encouraging for the last two games, not being slated in the gutter press…

    and we all know by now that wenger does not knock his players in public…

  4. rico says:
    April 29, 2012 at 10:07 am

    what do you expect him to say to the press alan??


    ” congratulations to Stoke, who showed character. It wasn’t our day

  5. Well done Sir SP. A good post and good views on the game.

    Just a short comment today, since today is time for the family.

    I will repeat and stand by what I said yesterday. Whoever says that we did not play well needs to go and have a personality check or eye check. We did well and the players played well. Obviously there are flaws which need to be arranged but anyone expecting a perfect game where we play 11 vs 0 should go and live in the fairy tales.

    cu mates…..maybe later on today.

  6. Morning all, thank you Rico you tarted that up well :) They can say what they like about Wenger the same as some of our supporters but at the end of the day if decisions are not given when they should be you will be shy of points at the end of the season, i won’t harp on about how unlucky we are but i would point out that the same pundits watched Ashley Youngs dive from every angle and thought he deserved the penalty didn’t mater it was offside so what does it matter, if the system is fixed it doesn’t mater what we say, after all how would United win the league without the referee’s Wenger knows that and so do we.

  7. We can’t keep blaming the refs, even if there is the occasional requirement for a guide dog

  8. Morning devil & Steve

    only seen the highlights so far :(

    Not much tarting to do SP ;)

    Wasnt there a handball not given too, Foy was awful from what little i have seen…

  9. Todays derby will be decided on who gets the brown envelope to Mariner first :)

  10. oh Merlin. We are not a republic

  11. Morning Alan, the guide dog would do a better job in my opinion but we have all been around, we know how the system works.

  12. A point gained…the boys put a shift in the ist half but dropped their mojo in the 2nd……3rd is ours to lose……chelsea will draw and d scum will lose

    rico….the chavs announced the signing of marin…..why can’t we announce poldi deal
    gerv ….good player but frutrate the hell out of me
    hope diaby last and do a rvp season next season….once again….well done lads

  13. :lol: Steve…

  14. Hi Steve

    Yes, I suppose we just oughta get used to it. All the more reason to get better players to place it beyond the doubt of a referee

    However, third is good, but drawing instead of winning too often is dangerous

  15. Hi Kc – i asked the same yesterday but as scott pointed out, they have only agreed to sign him, no deal is actually signed yet …

  16. My highlight of the game…..ramsey 50/50 tackle and rvp shout to foy….more of that…..and btw stoke fans are bunch of b****

  17. It is quiet here….scoott,lee,kt,……..did they went to attend to the chickens

  18. Poldi scored yesterday…..i think he would had netted that gerv miss……penalty rule does not apply to almighty arsenal

  19. it is quiet Kc…..

    a stoke fan says that the gooners were chanting too at shawcross….

  20. City v Man U are on tonight aren’t they?

  21. Wake up HH members…….we will get third

  22. parting gift for the koln fans ;)

  23. i said/typed this yesterday

    stokes home record is good, results against the top 8 teams.
    drew 1-1 with man u / man c and us
    drew 0-0 with chelsea
    beat liverpool 1-0 and spuds 2-1
    lost 3-1 to newcastle
    and still have to play everton
    the reason i did top 8 teams is because this is were king kenny’s merry men are 8th. not saying that makes it all right not to win but look at the other results the top teams have got up there.

  24. Stoke are a good side. I like their defenders and the way they play the game

  25. tomorrow is the manc derby alan

  26. So three games completed and only two points,from two insipid draws ,seven points dropped due to Arsene,s insistence on playing
    the same woeful Ramsey when he clearly has better options on the
    subs. bench ,Diaby,Oxlade-Chamberlain,Chamakh,what price two
    more draws or heaven forbid a loss and a draw and Arsenal lose the
    automatic third place CL qualifier,not beyond the realms of possibility
    while Msr. Wenger rants and raves on the touchline about nonsense
    he,s the coach and he alone picks the team,not Stan Kroenke,Ivan
    Gazidis ,Alisher Usmanov or the regular tea lady ,at the Emirates,Ar
    sene Wenger must take sole responsibilty for he,s inept team selecti ons and way too late substitutions match after match.

  27. Mog…….we should had broke that record had foy did what he is being paid to do….i think we defends well whenever song realise that the suffix inho is non existence in his name……i dont care who win btw $ity and manUre in as much that rooney fails to score…..for all my hatred against Suarez….nice goal and hatrick

  28. don’t think it was a bad point mog, just we needed 3 ;)

    alan, i can’t stand them, the way they play, the manager and certainly not the fans… i’d love to see them in the championship or below….

  29. oh good thanks Rico :D

  30. Samuel……..wait till the season finish…..all of them should take the blame and even the fans that boo their team….their own representative

  31. My comment is missing

  32. Good morning all, wonderful post. @ alan I understand how you feel, but atimes
    Wining a game depends on the ref making the right decision, we would be expecting
    too much from a team that are in third position against all odds, this season has been
    Arsenal vs FA + opponent. I wonder were we’lld be if things are more balanced ,we
    Wouln’t be talking about a trophy drought I bet you…

  33. Kc, you used the ‘c’ word, of course it will go missing, into spam….

  34. Morning All,

    I think coming away from Mordor (where the shadows lie) with a point and a mainly intact group of players is not a bad result. It really is quite unbelievable the number of nailed-on penalties we have been denied and thenumber of dives that have been given against us. We are clearly personae non gratae with the officials.

  35. Rico LOL They add a bit of ” mongrel ” which is handy sometimes. West Ham and Millwall are historically worse when it comes to supporters

  36. Morning Samuel, yes Wenger does make some strange decisions with our players and also some strange ones with the subs, you could have knocked me over with a feather when Chamakh came on and watching The Ox warm up on the sidelines totaly fooled me not to bring him on but we don’t know the half of what goes on behind closed doors regarding fitness form and whats in somebodies contract i accept Wengers decisions but don’t understand many of them

  37. Just read Diaby will miss our last two games, hamstring injury…

    Sorry but sell him….

    Hi upgunners – refs certainly seem to favour whoever we are playing….

  38. That is why the gunners will find it tough to win the epl.I would say 90% would give a spot kick for even the slightest touch.If it had been MU playing,you can bet 99.9% it would have been a penalty.
    I still feel Arsenal/Arsene are making football too complicated with all manner of passing.You look at some Champioship games.They don’t waste time playing neat triangles.square passing,etc. Two to four passes and shooting is done.

  39. you could get right Rico. Would anyone buy Diaby?

  40. correction. could ” be ” right “

  41. Morning Billboy,

    Not Diaby, he’s crocked again….

  42. Arsenal will be better when we have players who can impose themselves and get in a few faces.

  43. Hi samuel and julian..

    samuel, subs stun me sometimes, and certainly the timing but, hopefully next season, all players sat on the bench will be capable of changing a game….

  44. I understand where your coming from Rico in relation to Diaby but when players have long spells out hamstrings are injuries that come as a build up to proper fitness if i speak the truth i had forgotten how skillful Diaby is but i would keep him for another season and if the fitness does not inprove let him go on a free or cheap

  45. how long did diaby last for, 20 minuites at the most.

  46. I just have one disagreement with you in your article, on the whole a very well written piece. However, Benayoun went down to easily yes there was little contact and the other way round we would be annoyed if a penalty was given. Foy can only give fouls for things he believes are fouls some decisions may have been wrong but then he is only human. Let us concentrate on the fact we gained a point at stoke a place where this seasons top six have failed to take three points so we did as well as our competitors here. Once again some poor finishing cost us a point but we are getting chances. I think newcastle will struggle to pick up too many points in last three games and we are 4 points ahead of them. Lets cheer blackburn them getting a point or better would almost guarantee us third a draw would put spurs 6 points behind with three games to go. chelsea are too far adrift though technically they could overhauls us if we pick no points up in next two games. I think we will get three points at home against norwich and at least a point in our last game which will put us on 70 points meaning newcastle would have to win last three tottenham last four games and chelsea would not be able to catch us.

  47. Fair point Steve, he just frustrates the heck out of me keep getting injuries, now he’s missing for two vital games again…

    Wenger won’t sell him anyway, he really rates Diaby…

  48. Morning Richard Morgan point taken in your reckoning you sound like an honest gooner pitty the rest of the refereeing fraturnity wasn’t the same. i accept that many refs can make an honest mistake but even you must question some of them :)

  49. richard, the handball was more annoying, everyone saw it but Foy…

    i can see BB giving their all today, their PL survival is at stake, nothing like that to get the best from a side…

  50. Morning All,
    Don’t think it’s us versus the world, think the answer is much closer to home, too many times this season we’ve been our own worst enemy, once again we had enough chances to win the game but came up short and had to rely yet on RvP to save our blushes.
    I’m not one for conspiracies,I don’t think the referee’s are as bent as some make out, we’re just not good enough, I believe the same with the FA and UEFA, man united haven’t won the league yet and barca didn’t go on to become the first team to retain the Champions League Cup either.
    We’ll go on to clinch 3rd with or without the referee’s help.

  51. So there it is man city Chelsea stoke away all done. two Games to go Norwich and the baggies win them both and we Finnish 3rd what you must ask yourself is would you have taken this scenario if it was offered if your. Truthful I think the answer is yes ifs and buts count for nothing if you Finnish 5th

  52. Arsene Wenger on Chamakh………
    He did well,nothing is definate at the moment, at the end of the season i think you will have big surprises because there will not be a lot of movement in football.

    Dear oh dear.

  53. Morning Rico,

    How come I am in sin bin when I did not react to Scott’s taunts and him calling me a lair and fabricated stat when I pointed out his arguments with facts and figures?

    Scott did not like my postings, over-reacted and did not like my repleis which are based on facts and figures.

    Have Steve and you read all my rpeleis presenting my side of arguments based on my opinions and there is nothing in personal attacks on Scott except to take a dig at him “living in a social welfarism banana republic” a phrase I pciked up from reading up an American ecnomic writer?

    I cmae over here because it is freidnly place no slagging like other forums, full of immature kids and opinionated kids like Scott…..and you have only one here.

    Then I am not allow to present my side of an argument with facts and figures, it is best I leave HH.

  54. here we go

  55. Morning Micko

    Its in our hands which has to be a good thing, play like we did yesterday but take our chances, and we’ll be 3rd…

  56. Hi Rico = you mean Arsenal of course!!!

  57. Merlin,

    you are not in the sin bin, but if you and Scott carry on arguing you will both be there, today is a new day, leave what went on yesterday alone… Its up to you but HH isn’t a place for personal battles and its ruining for others….

  58. Oh dear indeed, if that is a hint at Chumuck staying, that is seriously worrying……

  59. Merlin, i enjoy your verbal sword fencing with scott, keep em coming, it’s just a bit of banter.

  60. No Rico, do notice the only person that objected to my postings is Scott.

    How am I going to react when he continues to attack my postings and my stat.. :mrgreen:

  61. Morning Micko, thansk for the assist.

    You didn’t pick up on prediction a draw against Stoke? :lol:

    My other prediction:

    WIn against Norwich else we are not Arsenal.

    With 3rd place sealed and celebrating St Tottingham Day, most likely a loss against WBA as we got nothing to play for……cheers!!!

  62. Merlin96, you sound to me like a very inteligent gentleman if i speak the truth i didn’t understand much of what you just wrote but i am not that bright, i am just a passionate Arsenal man and like to hear people like yourself and Scotts thoughts i don’t like to read about 2 fellow Gooners having a go at one another if you have which i know you do have opinions worth reading say them and not argue with one another as it makes the rest of us uncomfortable keep it football and keep it friendly we are all gooners.

  63. I don’t Micko…

    But it all gets out of hand Merlin, then it gets personal and other than Micko, HH’s get bored with it ;)

  64. I have just made an official complaint to the bbc about lineker

  65. We should ceratinly beat Nowich at home, they drew 4-4 with Wolves yesterday, giving up a 3-0 lead, we have to beat them…

    By the time we head to Wigan, hopefully the swampies will have dropped more points and the barcodes will have dropped more points against Chavs and Citeh….

  66. The font, i did earlier too…

  67. Both safe rico, mid table with nothing to play for, like to play football on the ground, us needing the 6 points to be sure, we’ll do it……

  68. I meant the banter Micko ;)

    I reckon we’ll beat Norwich, Wigan though…. ;)

  69. Morning Steve..touche!

    I will attempt to rein in the beast within moi called “wind-up merchant” and honor and respect the atmosphere created by you lots of “core HH supporters”.

    Sometimes, sometimes, I walk on the wild side…still not rein-in the WUM in moi.

    Steve, I practise Devil Advocacy but does not worhsip the Devil.

    Yesterday match?
    WIth due respect to Arsene Wenger’s spin-doctoring, Arsenal did not like like scoring in the 2nd half with Gervinho afraid to shoot and Yossi not clicking with Van Persie.

    One incident?
    Did you notice when both Yossi and Van Persie ran for teh through pass, Yossi snapped it up, went tippy tappy across the box and lost the ball?

    whereas all he had to do is dummy and left it to Van Persie charging just behind his shoulder?

    Hard to say it..but I missed Theo in thsi match as with Theo in place of Gervinho and current in-form, he will score with those numerous chances presented to gervinho who hardly got his shots on target.

    The good thing about Theo si that sicne MArch thi year, he had started to develop a fine understanding with Van Persie, each understand each other runs and slowly a telepathic udnerstanding of knowing when and how to pass.

    Nil shot on target…..and just his mediocre self. Nothing great, mundane stuff from an above average player.

    RIng rust shown and not ready.

    Van Persie?
    He is playing in Bergy’s Hole coming in deep liek he scored.
    But only Rosicky cna create and read his movement.

    C”mon gimme a break…he si too predictable as he lobbed..and lobbed…and lobbed…and noen accurate too..like what Cesc diud..dropping the ball wth just the right weight and pace…

    I really missed WIlshere sudden reverse pass to cathc defenders off-balanced and hsi skills to drive into the box.

  70. Stop saying wigan rico.

  71. I hope stan and kev don’t buy the same Get Well card for Diaby, that would just be embarrassing.

  72. Hi Merlin, you speak about Rossiski and i must admit i was for gettin rid of him how wrong was i he has what a few of the Arsenal players dont have and thats vision he can see an oppening or create one his outside of the right foot pass that was aimed at Robin never quite came off but the attempt was blinding

  73. :lol: :lol:

    No worry Micko: Merlin’s Prediciton – we will slaughter Norwich at home.

    “Chamakh did well against Stoke,” Wenger said. “Nothing is definite at the moment. At the end of the season there won’t be a lot of movement in football.”

    SUre Wenger is correct if you think we signed CHamakh to track back and made a nuisance of himself at midfield.

    Ooi! you dumb french pretty boy!
    Stoke goal-post is thataway not in centre circle!!!

  74. Oops, i meant West Brom Micko – maybe i just can’t get that wigan game out of my head ;)

  75. Good to hear that Merlin ;)

  76. Steve, Rosicky is one of my favorite palyers and I kept plugging for him to play ACM when Cesc and Nasri left.

    But you were correct then as before MArch, Rosicky was in all sorts of trouble, unable to click with team, hsi rpaid-firing passes too rapid and without proper weight to its intended target……horrid shooting and worse than Ramsey mind you….

    He reallys truggled playing 2nd fiddle to Ramsey from August to February..til that injury to Ramsey..

    Cometh the houreth, cometh the Man!

    And when the chips are down and we really need someone to stand up, up stepped ROsicky and form AMrch on-wards, he is the main reason why we are 3rd now.

    if for nothing else but during this period, he deserves every cent of his 2-year contract extension.

    And added bonus is that every youngsters that are training with him will certianly has a superb mentor and learned from a Master.

    Perhaps, Rosicky’s future is to continue as a coach at Arsenal????

    Another bonus?
    Perhaps we have yet to see the best of Rosicky and he can improve further next year when the TEAM has now started to gell…with embroynic understanding devleoping amongst senior players, improving all the time and in readiness for next season…..from DEFENCE to FORWARD TRIO????

    Of course, the key is still will Van Persie stays and Theo signs the contract extension?

  77. You know, I have a stranger feeling that Diaby may do a “Van Persie” or a “Rosicky” next season…

    Like Van Persie and ROsicky, Diaby has yet to fulfil his potential due to an injury-wrecked career at Arsenal so far….

    Let’s hope it will not be another “Ryan SMith”, “Ryan Garry”, “Alaidiere” r”Eduardo” whose Arsenal career cruelly cut short by chronic injuries due to one serious injury early in their career…

    I fear the worst as he may be another classic “Diaby” injury-prone case. FIngers crossed and he don’t push too hard to play but gradually grooved bakc into team…no rush there….

    I really missed that DIaby at CC FInal at Cardiff…….he was really driving the MIDFIELD till Terry’s jaw injured his ankle and out of the game….

  78. AlanMP.
    Just read your opening comment.
    If Wenger is a weakling then i’m not sure what you would call Alan Pardew, as his team lost 4~0…
    Even the mighty Ferguson, whose team led 3~1 & 4~2 succomed to a 4~4 draw. Is he a weakling…?
    You know mate i fully respect your views and your right to post them, but sometimes credit where credit is due eh?
    Stoke have not lost at home to any of the top sides.
    That n itself should tell you something about visiting The Sewer on Trent.

  79. AK, if Gervinho ahd taken one of his many chances..we will walk away with 3 points…..

  80. Van Persies father reckons that Robin is very happy at the Arsenal he has huge respect for Arsene Wenger and thanks him for all he has done for him. The impression i get is that Robin is quite happy with his lot wages and standing in the club he must also realise that this spate of form and fitness has come at the age of 28 and he probably feels that if he should move on then nows a good as time as ever but he seems very contented and so i believe he will stay here, i would imagine that Robin would like to have some of the pressure taken off of him so if the rumours are true about other strikers coming in would only make him more comfortable.

  81. Hi Charlie. I suggested that AW should credit Stoke with having Character

  82. Morning Charlie…

    Spot on re Rosicky Merlin, his transformation this season has been incredible and I’d love Diaby to show a similar kind of prgression in his game next season. It took a long time for rosicky to recover from his injury nightmare, at least Diaby is younger, so there’s hope yet….

  83. alan, very few managers give credit to the oppo, unless they have just beaten them…

    and when you have faced a side who’s fans boo your player all game, the same one who one of Pullis thugs nearly ended his career – i wouldn’t give them credit either…

  84. Got to pop off for an hour, be nice ;)

    Back in a bit….

  85. Merlin, i believe that Gervinho is feeling his way it is without question that the guy is talented he has had an in and out first season with us but i feel he is going to be very important for us he seems to float as he goes round players but like a dog that won’t let go while challenging he appears to be a premature ejaculator but once he gets it controlled will be able to deliver i have faith in him and feel he will bloom.

  86. top post
    points on the board are better than games in hand
    ours are there, lets see what happens eh..
    we’ll get third
    this point was vital
    3 points at home to norwich and its done..

    trust me ;)
    hiya rico..

  87. bye rico ;)

  88. Hi Rico. Decent result yesterday I suppose and at this time of the season the points are all that matter. Of course it was made all the better by Newcastle’s result. I am a little worried with Wenger’s remark about transfer window though. Is he trying to subliminally tell us that there will be little movement? I really, really hope not as I doubt the fans will stand another close season of the nonsense we have endured recently. At his stage I give him the benefit of the doubt based on the way the team has come back from potential disaster this season. We have a decent core but desperately need to strengthen to really push on. From what I heard, the atmosphere at Stoke yesterday was absolutely poisonous and the Stoke fans were completely revolting.

  89. did’nt see motd last night what did the jug eared grinning twat say.

    back to the wigan result does’nt look to bad when you look at it like this and chelsea’s penulties. well were’nt penulties were they or am i just trying to make the best of it.

    Wigan 4-0 Newcastle
    Fulham 2-1 Wigan
    Arsenal 1-2 Wigan
    Wigan 1-0 Man Utd
    Chelsea 2-1 Wigan

  90. Mick, 11.42;
    By now mate, i think we should AW well enough, to take what he says with a mammouth pinch of salt.
    Not that i’m really suggesting that you increase your sodium intake.

  91. I’ve also stuck a complaint in about Lineker. That was so out of order. Racist and offensive. Should be sacked.

    Adam, yes the Stoke experience is like nothing else around isn’t it. All clubs have their less attractive sections of support but at that place it permeates the whole place from Manager downwards. Anyone know what their chairman is like?

  92. Who is the low life who does so called crap called Arsenal Truth .A true Spud supporter

  93. Arsenal Truth is allegedly written by Adrian Durham.

  94. AlanMP,12.44;
    Sorry about delay in getting back to you Al.
    Busy today, thankfully.
    I thought that your opening comment was an observation on Arsenal not winning the game.
    But as far as AW’s reaction to poor or disappointing results, yes he does lack a bit of grace, but i’ll take a poor loser over a good loser any day of the week.

  95. Afternoon good people, when’s the spuds game?

  96. Hi Adam.
    I’ve never read Arsenal Truth.
    Maybe the title says it all.
    Adrian Durham! Is that right mate?
    Is that a whisper you heard from the ‘inside’ or someones idea of a wind~up?
    Maybe we should start a Talkshite Truth….
    Trouble is it would be empty.

  97. Afternoon Stan.
    Afternoon Gooners btw.
    And that was a great post SirSteven. But that’s what we expect from a man of your standing.
    Scummers ko @ 4pm i think Stan.
    How is your Mutter???

    Gotta go my public need me.

  98. Thanks ak….

  99. Kev. No mate, I was being facetious. Arsenal Truth is in fact a site written by one of those people who you just know was moaning through the double and Invincible years. I imagine he is a manic depressive bloke, about 4 feet 6 inches tall with a very long head. His mum would like him to find “nice girl” to settle down with but various personality defects and personal habits make that very unlikely.

  100. Later man;)

  101. Good post. Objective and most of all lacking in the anti Arsenal or Anti Arsene slant. It just erks me that a number of blog sides slants their views towards very anti attitude, lacking objectivity.
    Keep it up.

  102. well, it’s probably not a bad idea to have a place for all the moaners to go

  103. Steve, hard to say about Gervinho…..maybe another Arshavin.

    Next season?
    OX, Theo, Ryo, DIaby, perhaps Botelho and Joel Campbell coming back..not forgetting Benik Afobe, Aneke trying to make a break-through….and where do we fit in Wellington SIlva if he got a “Special Talent” Permit.

    What if Wenger can’t get rid of Arshavin?

    Not forgetting if we sign Poldolski…..and another creative playmaker…

    We have too many senior players on left-side..too many youngsters trying to break thru’.

    Transfer rumor?
    Suspect there is a grain fo truth in Wenegr’s statement as fort eh past 3 seasons when he warned us early he will nto sign…and he did not signed new marquee players, only “bargains”.

    But thsis eason si different as Wenger may meant that he already dientified his targets and all will be signed by June 2012, hence “quiet summer” and no more drama queen liek Nasri or Cesc situation.

    ANyway, signing new marquee players like Poldolski, Vertonghen and even Eriksen or Gotze will go a long way to convince Van Persie (and Theo) to put pen to paper in June 2012.

    Is Demon Dein RvP’s agent?

  104. ALan.. I thought HH was the place for moi to moan…moan… :lol:

  105. WIth Song, Coquelin, Frimpong, Aneke, perhaps Lansbury and Jon Toral plus Galindo…..will Wenger spend 25+ mil on M’vila or 32+ mil on Javier Martinez?

    I doubt it very much.

    ANd oh not forgettign Yennaris and Ozakhup..

    A more than fair chance is perhaps Vertonghen who can play DCM as well as CB or even LB!

    I think Wenegr will be prepared to spend 30+ mil on Eriksen or Gotze as these are the creative playmakers we miss the most in this TEAM, especialy with WIlshere most likely miss the start of the season.

    Ryo, OX, Aneke, Gnarby and even Jon Toral not ready, but perhaps by 2013/14 season?

    How about that new boy – Tomas Esifield?
    Is Wenger going to transform him into a striker or a deep-lying striker behind Van Persie?

    With Van Persie, Poldolski, Theo, Benik Afobe and Joel Campbell….will Wenger signs another 24-27 year old striker?.

  106. Afternoon all…

    See the Chavs just scraping by Qpr, hope they go down ;)

  107. Merlin

    Javier Martinez? No he won’t spend £32 Million on him, but
    £17 Million on Yann M’Vila? Yes, maybe he will….

  108. Adam, 2.11;
    Long head, hahaha. Love it.
    Maybe i’ll av a butchers @ Arse Truth just to see what it’s all about. :-)

  109. I have just read it Charlie…. Best I don’t comment ;)

  110. Hi Rico, busy for me today. :-)
    Gotta go boss. Or The Cabbie will nick my work. :-D

  111. Rico, M’vila in means that either oen of ‘em in Coquelin and Frimpong cna’t make it.

    certianly, I can see the end of Ozakhup and Yennaris as well…includng Lansbury who is that kind of “box-to-box” DCM in the mould of Steve Gerrard.

    I ahven’t seen M’vila…perhaps like Chamakh and Gervinho at La Ligue…but dismal flops at English League.

  112. Gotta good people, see you all in a few hours time…

  113. Lot of players on the books but a shake up with who he includes in his 25 could be quite interesting

  114. ive been over to AT
    bet you cant tell which one is me.. :)

    mvilas coming
    le coq will be used as a utility player..playing in midfeild and wingbacks
    frimpong will head out on loan again

    mvila is diabys replacement..we need another strong mid and diabys always crocked..thats not to say hes leaving, wenger will keep him to see if he can get him fit when hes 30 but mvilla will fill the gap left by diaby every season

    plenty of gametime

  115. Laters Charlie..

    Merlin, Frimps is at least two full seasons away from our first team imho…. The pair of them would only learn from M’Vila if he is as good as some say, especially Descially… (spelling) ;)

    Hi JJ, i am going to see if i can spot you ;)

  116. JJ, did you start with ‘i don’t mean to piss on your fire’ ;)

  117. Thought so ;)

  118. mvillas good..
    i spent a good few years watching french footy and he stands out..i think i remember talking about him to AK one night..
    chamakh and gervinho werent the best players in the position in that league.. none of the big clubs were interested apart from us
    mvila is and everyone wants him..
    but he wants wenger

    hes big and strong hes quick he can pick a pass and he can tackle perfectly.
    the rennes fans call him the enforcer

    hes a destroyer, blanc is building the french team around him..
    the only thing he cant do is shoot..

  119. I don’t mind if he can’t shoot jj, as long as he can do everything else ;)

    I reckon we could get him as long as we don’t bugger around with his fee….

    IF we are to believe Vertonghen and Podolski are done deals, and we get MV’ila, not a bad three signings to kick the summer off with.

    Then, RvP & Theo both sign and i’d even forgive Wenger if he took a risk on a couple of bargins ;)

  120. Going back to that article on AT, what people/fans forget is, is wasn’t just yesterday, every week we face teams who either dive or time waste, a ref who seldoms gives the decisions are way or a lino who gets it wrong…

    That week in week out frustration builds up during a season and no wonder Wenger sometimes loses it, I would.

    I’m bloomin glad to see him out of his chair for a change and show us that he cares, over the last few weeks he’s just sat and done nothing…

  121. Totts 1-0 :(

    They should 4 or 5 up by now….

  122. Come on The Yak.
    Make my day.

  123. if we signed those players, rico
    as well as kept the ones we need to keep i dont think theres a single gooner who wont be an avid AKB this summer..

    your spot on as well regarding AW..

    id rather him up out of his seat berating officials and going crackers at bad calls than sat slumped in his chair throwing his water bottle around..

    some people just have an axe to grind and to some extent they have a good point but when you side with stokes fans and gary linekar then you know your a a bit of a pudding and you need to sit down and shut up..

  124. Ditto Charlie, make my day too Yak :)

    You know that won’t happen jj, some will still want AW gone, that’s just the way they are…

  125. After I saw the Lineker impersonation and the spite that he put into it I also went through the lengthy BBC procedure to register a complaint. We are forced to pay for the BBC, enforced by the law, whether we want to watch it or not. To have a creature like Lineker spout his pathetic racist bile while we pay for it is a step too far for me. I would urge all HH regulars who feel the same way to take 5 minutes to let the BBC know that it was unacceptable.

  126. Totally agree Adam
    Lineker was bang out of order. The Arsenal fans are the only one’s allowed to take the mick out of our boss ;)

  127. Hi Adam, I couldn’t believe it either… Made my complaint this morning too and credit to the website for link….

  128. Hi smudge, long time no see….

  129. Swampies 2-0 :(

  130. Looks like Blackburn are going down…..

  131. I know rico too long…..

    Spud’s just scored :(

  132. It’s so quiet here today…..

    Hope all’s good smudge…

  133. Getting nervous with all these clubs on our back’s.
    Arsenal never make it easy.

  134. Its down to us though smudge, win our last two and third is ours regardless…

    and really good that the geordies got whopped yesterday, no doubt they will drop more points against the chavs and mancs…

  135. Were not exactly inspiring confidence ATM . One win and a draw should do it. Spud’s need to drop a couple soon. Hope today doesn’t get them and the chav’s firing again though.

  136. Watching the spuds game i don’t think i have ever seen a more negative display from a team than this Blackburn team they set up to defend from the off and have never tried to score a goal all they have fought for is to keep the score down utterly pathetic it was deep into the second half when the comentator said that a certain player had just passed the halfway line for the first time in the match

  137. mme, i think we’ll need two wins smudge…

    it’s not brilliant but it is what it is and we can’t change the team, not until the summer, just need to grind out two results and pray that we get the players in that we need in the summer..

  138. I watched some of it too Steve zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I turned over channels ;)

  139. Hiya folks. I am back.

    I was speaking to my dad this evening and both of us are of the same opinion. Having watched Victor Moses more than once this season and Daniel Sturridge also AW can do no worse than go for them. In our opinion both are much more composed and better than Gervinho and Theo, although all four would do nicely.

    In my opinion Moses is a late developer and he is now increasing in confidence, body strength and tactical awareness. He is playing for a coach who plays football the proper way so imagine what would he do under AW.

    What say all of you???

  140. Blackburn never had one shot all match they deserve to go down they gave 3 points without even trying an ffffing disgrace

  141. Def Moses devil :)

    Can’t see the Chavs letting Sturridge go though

  142. Agree there Steve, i hope it’s Wolves, Blackburn and Qpr who get relegated….

  143. Just off to get dinner, back in a bit

  144. How are you Lady of HH? Hope you are feeling better.

    Sturridge wants to go Rico. He wants to play centrally and regularly. With Torres and Drogba in the way he will not get that.

  145. Abou diaby has suffered 31 seperate injuries since having his leg broken in 2006

  146. That’s an injury every 10 weeks…..goodbye diaby Bon jour M’Vila!!

  147. I am saddened about Diaby. Whenever he plays everyone always mentions his injuries and rightly so. He is more injured than available. However whenever he plays he is a fantastically gifted player, he is elegance in motion. Song who is shorter is more gangly and has an awkward run still seems like an uncut diamond. Diaby is more co-ordinated and for a player who is over 6 feet 3 inches he has incredible control over the ball and his body. Its a pity that, Dan Brown, a thug who is on the dole has seen fit to ruin a player’s career by a clumsy and idiotic challenge. Its a pity that such a fine player has had to endure so much.

    Deep in my heart I wish that he recovers and becomes like RVP and Rosicky next season but I have my doubts.

  148. Next Wednesday 2nd May is a day which is of mammoth proportions, Its Bolton vs the scum while Chavs and Magpies go head to head.

    Then on Sunday 6th May its Newcastle vs Shitty and the Scum vs Bolton.

    The ideal scenario is that PLC and Shitty draw their game while all the others finish draws……providing we win.

  149. the thing with diaby is that hes not really comparible with either rosicky or robin..
    rosicky was top class when we signed him..we knew what we had and the injury halted it and almost ended it.

    robins scored over 100 goals for us and they all havent come in the last 18months..
    we knew he was top class as well…

    diaby?? defo has the talent but i wouldnt call him top class..he hasnt featured enough..so although id like to think an injury free season would see him blossom, we dont really know, because for all his talent hes not really stood out as one of our best players even when hes been fit..

    its a close one, i think we should keep him just in case..but having him around shouldnt stop us from signing anyone else because the chances are we’ll be a man light for the majority of next season..

  150. For those wanting to forward a complaint on that clown….here it is…….


  151. i’m good thanks devil…

    re sturridge, he may well want to go and he may want to play central, but we have a 22 year old who also wants his chance playing central ;)

    talking of theo, he’s been visiting local areas, my ‘niece-in-law’ had her photo taken with him a few days ago..

    she said ‘ he’s very good looking but i think he knows that’….

  152. Hi lee, head better today??

  153. Drogba is off in the summer devil… last big signing, psg or off to join anelka i think….

  154. Evening Rico

  155. Roy for England?

    Has Daniel Levy overplayed his hand??
    Leaving a bitter and frustrated Rednapp in charge whilst Hodgeson takes England to the Euros and WC.
    Harry will be 69 in 4 years time. 71 by the time of the WC in 2018. His time may pass and Levy could be to blame???!

  156. Evening Charlie – give it to Dirty Arry and let the Swampie exodus begin :)

  157. Well well well. So the EFA have contacted Hodgson over the England Job. They did it with Redknapp a few days before our match against the scum, and they derailed. Now they have done it before we play WBA. Nicely in time dont you all think so.

    I am off mates.

    Cu Sir AK. Pa said Hi.

    Cu Lady of HH.

  158. Seriously devil, Roy??

    Nighty to you….

  159. I’m off too then…

    Nighty all, stay safe…..

  160. DIaby?
    Let’s see how it will all work out durign last 2 games; and during summer where he may go to EUro2012.

    Like Rosicky, I am an admirer of DIaby since that CC FInal in 2006.
    Perhaps another late developer……

    But in a 25-man squad, somebody got to go and those previous Under-21 players are all grown-up including DIaby.

    Sad…but DIaby may leave for PSG with Wenger’s blessing…if PSG makes a serious bid…..if DIaby has a fine EUro2012.

    Goodnight people.

  161. Merlin, it is a shame, as Diaby may have been a big player for us.
    Not sure of his contract situation. Unlikely that the club will offer him a new improved deal.
    But Rosicky showed that a change in fortune re; injuries, can change the direction of your career, so who knows what Wenger has in mind for Diaby?

  162. Blimey another two games and it’s all finished for another season.
    It seems to fly by quicker every year!

    Wonder if Wenger will complete a deal or three before the Euros or at least by the end of May?
    It would be nice to have a stress~free summer, with some early signings in the bag, instead of the usual angst we go through waiting for the club to do some business…

  163. Just had a look at that Arsenal Truth blog.
    It will definately be my one and only visit to that nasty shitbag of a blog.

    I found it quite eye~opening that the most positive pro AT comments came from Stoke fans…
    How sick is that.

    I hope the author is proud of himself.

    I was tempted to leave a comment, but i thought no, don’t give AT the oxygen of comments.
    Ignore it, but if you are tempted to visit it, then try not to comment.
    A lack of interest will hopefully see it wither and die.

    The author must be a scummer in disguise.

  164. AK,he’s now more negative than some here.

  165. Morning all….

  166. Morning Lady.

  167. Just read the ANR by MP and for once I tend to agree with him. The title itself is already hilarious. Now I would like to see ol’ Twitchy throw a tantrum.

    He wanted to coach AFC…..never got and never will get a chance.
    He wanted the England job…..maybe he never will now.
    He has used newspapers to promote himself ….. and got a couple of eggs in his face.

    If he will not succeed in getting into the champions league for next season watch spurs derail. They will finish lower than 8th next year since rats usually escape from a sinking ship.

    What do you think???

  168. morning all…….hangovers aint all that great!! WTF did lineker say on motd??

  169. Hiya Lee….. how are you mate??

    That clown is an idiot. He tried impersonating AW but instead ended up deriding him. I have posted the link above where you can forward your complaint to the beeb, however I do not think anything will come out of it.

  170. Hi Lee and devil

    Bloomin FA – Arry has got his mojo back now….

  171. He might or he might not Rico. The players will still sense that had he been offered the job he would have taken it irrespective of where the scum finish at the end of the season. So their faith in him may have tarnished a bit.

    And if we win both games left it does not matter anymore. Hope that the Chavs finish above the scum from the slum.

  172. True devil, it’s down to us, two wins and job done – simples :P

    I think Arry is still in with a chance of the england job anyway, they are only talking to Roy, got to be seen to be fair ;)

  173. New Post up guys….

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