Rivals in for M'Vila & Martinez, Lehmann wants return & it's squeaky bum time today…..


The Yann M’Vila saga goes on, now Manchester United are reported to be in the running for him, as they are for another Wenger target, Athletic Bilbao’s Javi Martinez. Both are defensive midfielders so maybe we will get one and the Mancs the other. 😉

Just get in there Gazidis and get the one that Wenger REALLY wants, not the cheapest!

Steve Bould, Jens Lehmann and Tony Adams are all in contention to take over from Pat Rice in the summer if he retires, reports are that Wenger is keen to appoint someone who ‘knows and has worked inside the club’.

Enough of that!

Stoke City are todays test in just a few hours from now, the first of our remaining three fixtures!

Will we make that elusive 3rd place or will we be pipped at the post, I personally have my doubts of 3rd but I want to be proved very wrong!

We have had chances to have cemented 3rd place by now but we have let those chances slip through our fingers and with it, given a ray of hope to those closely following behind.

Tottenham, Newcastle and Chelsea all now have belief that if we stumble, they have a chance to nip in and take advantage and no doubt each of those clubs will be sat watching and waiting for us to fail today.

If we don’t get that 3rd place, we only have ourselves to blame!

This season has been has been a season full of ups and downs, not only for us but for the others as well.

When you look at the league positions at the moment we see both Manchester clubs miles in front of us but that is down to us, both of those teams have gone through tough times this season and had our own form been better, we would be sitting ahead of them, not behind.

Our last few results have been pitiful, a loss to QPR and  Wigan, then a no score draw with the Chelsea at home are all fixtures that we should have won.

As you know I, have always been a Wenger admirer but he sure does test my patience at times, and this is one of those times!

He  needs to now give his all, tell our players in no uncertain terms what is needed over the next three weeks, demand the performances and results that we clearly need!

Tell the players who stroll around like their only worried about what colour their latest motor car should be, that this is Arsenal, forget everything else, just get on and do what you get paid to do, show a bit of guts and pride!

Wenger should be instilling in these players that if we don’t get the results that we need to secure our place in the Champions League, otherwise they might just be buying their motor car at another club!!

We know that our footballers are paid substantial wages, we know that these young men are set up for life and we know that they can buy almost anything that they want,  except a good performance when we really need it.

Our players know that after the next 3 games they can go on holiday and get away from it all, grab themselves a nice tan, a trip on a lovely yacht maybe, lucky them eh! ..

Well I have just one thing to say about that!

If we don’t get the results that we need to secure our position in the Champions League, they can stay on their yacht and don’t bother coming back!

They will have let the club down, the manager down and most of all the supporters down, the ones who turn out week in week out and in all weather just to support them.

Today is a huge test, we haven’t won at Stoke for many years, today we need to put that record right. Stoke are a big strong side but if our players hearts and desire is bigger, we really can get the three points.

The pressure is on and it’s squeaky bum time….

Do it today Arsenal, do it for all of us!


Written by Steve Palmer

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