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Rivals in for M’Vila & Martinez, Lehmann wants return & it’s squeaky bum time today…..


The Yann M’Vila saga goes on, now Manchester United are reported to be in the running for him, as they are for another Wenger target, Athletic Bilbao’s Javi Martinez. Both are defensive midfielders so maybe we will get one and the Mancs the other. ;)

Just get in there Gazidis and get the one that Wenger REALLY wants, not the cheapest!

Steve Bould, Jens Lehmann and Tony Adams are all in contention to take over from Pat Rice in the summer if he retires, reports are that Wenger is keen to appoint someone who ‘knows and has worked inside the club’.

Enough of that!

Stoke City are todays test in just a few hours from now, the first of our remaining three fixtures!

Will we make that elusive 3rd place or will we be pipped at the post, I personally have my doubts of 3rd but I want to be proved very wrong!

We have had chances to have cemented 3rd place by now but we have let those chances slip through our fingers and with it, given a ray of hope to those closely following behind.

Tottenham, Newcastle and Chelsea all now have belief that if we stumble, they have a chance to nip in and take advantage and no doubt each of those clubs will be sat watching and waiting for us to fail today.

If we don’t get that 3rd place, we only have ourselves to blame!

This season has been has been a season full of ups and downs, not only for us but for the others as well.

When you look at the league positions at the moment we see both Manchester clubs miles in front of us but that is down to us, both of those teams have gone through tough times this season and had our own form been better, we would be sitting ahead of them, not behind.

Our last few results have been pitiful, a loss to QPR and  Wigan, then a no score draw with the Chelsea at home are all fixtures that we should have won.

As you know I, have always been a Wenger admirer but he sure does test my patience at times, and this is one of those times!

He  needs to now give his all, tell our players in no uncertain terms what is needed over the next three weeks, demand the performances and results that we clearly need!

Tell the players who stroll around like their only worried about what colour their latest motor car should be, that this is Arsenal, forget everything else, just get on and do what you get paid to do, show a bit of guts and pride!

Wenger should be instilling in these players that if we don’t get the results that we need to secure our place in the Champions League, otherwise they might just be buying their motor car at another club!!

We know that our footballers are paid substantial wages, we know that these young men are set up for life and we know that they can buy almost anything that they want,  except a good performance when we really need it.

Our players know that after the next 3 games they can go on holiday and get away from it all, grab themselves a nice tan, a trip on a lovely yacht maybe, lucky them eh! ..

Well I have just one thing to say about that!

If we don’t get the results that we need to secure our position in the Champions League, they can stay on their yacht and don’t bother coming back!

They will have let the club down, the manager down and most of all the supporters down, the ones who turn out week in week out and in all weather just to support them.

Today is a huge test, we haven’t won at Stoke for many years, today we need to put that record right. Stoke are a big strong side but if our players hearts and desire is bigger, we really can get the three points.

The pressure is on and it’s squeaky bum time….

Do it today Arsenal, do it for all of us!


Written by Steve Palmer

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402 comments on “Rivals in for M’Vila & Martinez, Lehmann wants return & it’s squeaky bum time today…..

  1. Morning all,

    Fine post Steve, i have mixed feelings about today, on paper we should be able to do what Newcastle did to Stoke last weekend but they are strong at home…

    Depends which Arsenal side turn up I guess and that’s a comment which should never be, they should be up for every game, and ‘turn up’ for every game….

  2. Hi Steve, Rico.
    I agree with you Rico. On paper we should win or at least get a draw, but in the past we just haven’t always turned up at games like these.
    Today, let’s see some hunger and passion, let’s take the game to them and keep the ball in their half. Put them under pressure and force them into errors etc.
    Hope you and Steve are both well and are managing to keep dry!

  3. Is Diaby in the squad? How can he throw a “sickie” with a cold, with only 3 games to go. I always thought it was good to sweat a cold out of the system by running around. He’s too mollycoddled!

  4. Hi Marinello

    Diaby is in the squad i think…

  5. Spot on too, bit of hunger and passion could win the day….

    weather is just awful isn’t it, ‘they’ said it would be better today, it’s cetainly not where i am….

  6. Morning, throwing it down here as well, thanks Rico this will go down as a joint effort :) Morning Marinello, hope your well mate, We need to get our heads down and show the kind of form we showed a little while ago, we have taken our foot off the gas peddle and we need to get back on track, we have a habit of letting ourselves down and its time to change all that. Robin has had some of the pressure taken off of him, he has his trophies but its back to doing what he does best and thats slotting the ball in the back of the net, his goals will give us the momentum we need to make the sixteenth year in CL football. If there is any truth in the saying that Robin scores when he wants he better bloody want to today COYG’s

  7. Morning Steve
    :lol: re RvP, i just want to get to 5pm and know that i have to update the ‘back of the net’ many times…

  8. let us not cry over spilt milk we still can make it i believe the players have the capability we have seen them do it so many times number three will be our

  9. Hi Kenneth, i hope so….

  10. Yep still raining over here in Apsley Steve. The heavy wet pitch will suit Stokes style of play, the ariel bombardment and lots of crosses skidding into our box. A tough one to call, but one which we need to win with the Geordies 3 pts behind and a game in hand on us.
    Interesting fact that EPL teams will only be allowed 25 players in squad. What is Arsene going to do with the other 46 that are registered as Pros?

  11. They have to face Citeh and the Chavs yet though Marinello…

    He’s having a clearout ;)

  12. Afternoon people.

    The way I see it, this match has 0-0 written all over it as both teams can’t seem to score and both teams have tough defence.
    And both teams MIDFIELD are sh*t, with plenty of misplaced passes and off-target shootings.

    If SInginho turns up, then we need COquelin as a DCM with his quickness to sweep away all those defensive errors and defending high-up-thr-pitch stuff which always leave us vulnerable to quick counter-attack like that goal Torres scored against Barca.

    Wenger may field this TEAM nto to lose the match and knowing our rivals will drop points in at least one of their remaining 4 matches:




    ……………………………..Van Persie

    We need ACM with defensive steel like Yossi and Santos to protect our vulnerbale flanks when those two FB are attacking and then struggle to track-back during Route 101 quick ball counter-attack.

    I will rather COquelin playing behind SOng with Songinho high-up at the pitch being a DCM as well as playmaking with his predictable lob ball into the box.

    0-0 is better than a loss.

    I don’t see us winning at SToke nor see Van Persie scoring.

    But then my prediciton isalways wrong.. :mrgreen:

  13. Hi Merlin,

    I think this is the perfect game for Coq and Song, also imho we should keep ramsey out becuase of ‘what happened’….

    RvP will have his shooting boots on today :)

  14. Want a bet Merlin????
    I will wager there’s a goal scored,at least.
    Evening all.
    No rain here,but a tad cool….

  15. Finally, it’s not about how many you win – two Champions Leagues, three league titles and a host of others for a grand total of 13.
    It’s about the ones you lose.

    Pep Guardiola’s amazing reign denied Sir Alex Ferguson the title of undisputed Best Football Manager of All Time.

    Now, he lost just two key games. One at home to Real Madrid. And the Champions League semifinal to a pretty ordinary (at least on paper) Chelsea team.

    According to Spanish newspaper Marca, The Barca boss told his players the news in a meeting.

    Hardly will the dust be allowed settle on his leaving Barca and who will come in next at the Nou Camp, have the rumours already begun as to where Guardiola will go next.

    Several British reports have claimed that Guardiola would love to work in England in the future.

    Chelsea seems the most obvious destination – in terms of the kind of football Roman Abramovich wants to see played at Stamford Bridge and Guardiola being the master of the tiki-taka.

    However, in broader footballing sense there is already a club that plays his style of football, is committed to being patient with mangers and most importantly, has the kind of system that mirrors Barcelona.


    Guardiola would be a perfect fit to take over from a waning Arsene Wenger and could put to rest the Gunners worries about the future at the Emirates.

    Given that Guardiola in any case will take a break from football, it would give Wenger the chance to prepare for a take-over and Guardiola the time to take over.

    Arsenal are badly in need of a future plan that goes beyond Wenger and this may be their chance.

    There is of course the chance that Wenger could look at a swap and take over at Barcelona – moving Robin Van Persie with him.

    That would unite the RVP-Fabregas pairing and with a Messi in the mix could unleash a whole new footballing elite attack.



    I don’t mind actually..when it happens in 2013/14 season.

    Let 2012/13 be Arsene Wenger’s last season here with a mutual agreement that Arsenal will not stand in hsi way if he decided to leave of PSG or Real or Barca in summer 2013.

    Then, Gaurdiola can give a trial in England to fidn out if he has the mustard to build a lossing team into another title-winning team in England.

    WHich manager will nto relish a challenge in England with a yougn squad full of potential and in need of a visionary manager that can identify 2 or 3 or 4 marquee players that will instantly transform into a title-winning and trophy-winning teams for the next decade of so…that is, the start of a new dynasty in Englsih Football.

    Arsene Wenegr had gone styale, fossilised and as rigid and brittle as vulcanized rubber, no mroe flexible in his tactical thoughts, liivng on past glories…..and really, we will win f**k-all with him as manager.

    Arsenal needs a new ‘Gen-Y” visionary manager to take over from this dinosaur of a manager.

    That is, like in 1996, we need another “Wenger who?” manager to shake-up the Arsenal Establishment and the team to take a quantum leap into the realm of title-winning team.

    Wenger’s best effort is to build a title-contender which invariably flopped at the last hurdle…..like now, with 3rd place within our grasp, umpteen opportunities tos eal it..and we let slip with losses against QPR, WIgan…and now what. loss against Stoke???

  16. Morning Merlin, If Diaby is fit i would expect him to be playing, watching him stroke the ball about the other day reminded me that he is a talented player i get the impression that his health is going to be sorted out he looked very comfortable on the ball and looked very confident for a guy you only usually see for short spells but i get the feeling that he could well be the missing link that has been needed then again i could be wrong and he goes sick again

  17. Nay Scott..no bet.. :lol:

    But it is a draw for moi.
    Can’t see either team winning this match.

    But there again..Lady Luck, that fickle wench………she goes ENglsh or French this weekend?

  18. Morning Steve..
    That is my dearest wish as we need his ball-retention skill and his physical presence in the opponent last third….

    Taht will free up Yossi, Rosicky, Santos and Van Persie to cocnentrate on attack.

    No you notice that when Van Persie hit his blip, he is playing deeper, like in Bergy’s Hole, oding more playmaking ratehr than a Lone Striekr’s role or target.

    Taht is, Van Persie is being marked out of teh game which leaves with only alternative to come in from deep.
    Unfortunately, there is no one to play one-two with him to over-come the man-marking system.

    if DIaby is playing and driving into the box liek he can, then the link-up amongst the Trio of DIaby-Van Persie-Rosicky will create many scoring chances which I hope either one of them will have their shooting boots on.

    We may resolve to that 2007/08 season where we ran our opponents ragged for 80-minutes, a stretched and exhausted defence, and then we attacked relentlessly and scored late to win 1-0.

  19. Add Merlin to the list.
    Try this guys….scan a few fans forums from other clubs.
    See how true fans carry themselves,ESPECIALLY when things aren’t going so well.
    Most clubs,its safe to say,have a minor percentage of fair weather fans than Arsenal fo.
    It disappoints me on a daily basis to read Arsenal fans bagging the club every single post.
    Merlin,Alan,Gambon,KC……..firstly,do you actually get any joy or satisfaction out if putting shit on the club???
    Secondly,do any of you actually think your ranting and raving will make the slightest difference in the world?
    Thirdly,I wouldn’t give a crap about your negative posts if they were amongst others that actually said good things about the club.
    Lastly,and it gets asked frequently,if managing a club is do easy,why don’t any of you even manage your local professional club,let alone one if the biggest in the world????

  20. On RVP,I agree what you’re saying Merlin,but if he’s playing deeper,he MUST lose the mentality of an out and out striker,and look for players with better options.
    He really did crucify a few chances last week.

  21. Morning Rico.
    Yes, I prefer Ramsey to play in his best and most effective position for thsi season..warming the bench.

    He disrupt the team’s rhythm and with no peripheral vision and tactical awareness on the pitch that he was robbed TWICE by Torres within half-an-hour in the alst match played..

    Too many touches due to slow decision-making which means he was no tactical awareness and he is no Cesc, who always paly with hsi ehad up and always think 2 or 3 steps ahead with the ball and without the ball…knowing where he is going to be when he passed the ball….like a snooker player, always planning ahead when he hit the ball…

  22. Oh,and I’m serious about other clubs forums…try it,its an enlightening experience.

  23. Merlin,did you ever think the reason he,and others,were caught with the ball is because of the distinct lack of movement by other players?????
    The lack of options is the problem.

  24. Everybody seems to be thinking of when Wenger packs up and leaves, Wenger is 62 he has as far as i know had good health but he has over the last few years been under imense pressure and that pressure was intensified by our poor start to the season he looked harrassed to me and that has only just lifted with a few good results. But the pressure is back on now and i would suggest that when Wengers contract finneshes he will retire and put his feet up. Wenger although he supposedly lives a clean life food wise and exercises but he looks like heart attack material to me. I believe that the way Wenger has performed since he came that his succesor will come from within the club and who he picks as his No 2 could well be the one to lead us after he goes, i don’t expect Wenger to carry on after this contract but what do i know.

  25. Scott, it is know as fearing the worse and hoping for the best.

    And yes, a minority of fans like moi ahd turned against Arsene Wenger, lost faith in him and just prepared ourselves that we will win f**k-all as long as he is manager……and why, if we win something, it is a bonus…

    Why Scott, bully to you for yoru sotut-heart loyalty to Arsenal thru’ thick and thin, shouting and praising on the Emperor’s Finery whereas “fair-weatehr” fans like moi preferred to see the truth what is in front of my eyes: “THE Emperor is butt-naked!!”

  26. Hi Scott, i could cope with cool, just not this awful rain ;)

    I don’t see a draw today, one side is going to win….

  27. COYGs we going to smash those long/aerial ball fckers!!
    Have faith, get behind the good guys and we’ll win!!!
    Morning btw…

  28. Steve, a proud man like Wenger will never leave until he fulfilled his Holy Mission on discovering the Holy Grail.

    Mourinho’s jibe had hit home hard against him as a marquee and great manager must fulfilled his resume by winning at least ONE CL Cup. Every team he built since 2004/05 is geared towards conquering Europe.

    Wenger is no more interested in winning the title but to fulfil his obsession to win at least a CL Cup.

    The “tiki taka” style without the quality fo Barca players in ball-control, retention and swift inter-passing will never work with this bunch of players like Walcott, Ramsey, Song and even DIaby with their “slow-of-thought” and decision-making in comparison to Cesc, Henry, Bergy, Pires and Vieira.

    Look at how physical teams and swift counter-attacking teams like Swansea, Balckburn, WIgan, QPR, WBA, FUlham, Stoke, etc overcome Arsenal with their physicla style of play, pacy flank forwards and burly palyers like Drogba, Yukubu and Zamora?

    Until we have players like BArca that can overcome physical opponents with their swift and acurate inter-passings, superb ball control and quick of thought that spot openings in a flash with predators like Messi and David Villa…then forget about playing Barca tiki taka with this bunch of dross.

    Wenegr’s failures sicne the retirement of the French SPine that he fails to merge silk with steel.
    We are all fluffy without a core fo steel like Barca.

    Find that “core of steel” like the French Spine, we are instantly a title-winning team.

  29. i am offski and see you people in a few hours time…cheers.

  30. Merlin,its exactly that arrogance that pisses me off with you guys.
    Each time someone supports the club or manager,you and your mates accuse us of being delusional,or unable to see the truth.
    The truth,or your version of it,is different to mine,so that makes it merely an opinion.
    The truth is each of you are totally delusional to believe you know more about managing this club than Wenger does!
    I have knocked Wenger in the recent past,and I have praised him.
    I am,according to you guys,an AKB!!!!
    You guys give absolutely no credit,yet are the realists………seriously??????

  31. Steve –

    I think results will decide AW’s fate, if we don’t make CL the pressure will seriously be on him imho – only because of the money we lose out on..

    He said he thought about walking away earlier this season and that could yet happen IF it all goes wrong early next season…

    However, if we get 3rd, he signs the players we all think we need, then next season could be one of our best in a long time and he’ll sign a new contract.

  32. Morning lee, i echo that sentiment….

  33. G’day Lee.
    Don’t you come on whinging about the weather lol.

  34. Weather all plays it part though Scott, we are not know for our ability to get a win up north on a cold rainy day :(

  35. I remember watching some dire Arsenal teams over the years but I’ve always supported the “team” and got behind them….the vitriol that is spouted by some “so-called” supporters is disgusting!!

  36. We need to give this mob a beating,and they’re ripe for one.

  37. You guys see the I/V with Henry? He says it’s dream to one day manage Arsenal…

    Would anyone bet against him returning when he hangs his boots up in the states? Get his badges etc and be ready for when AW steps down….

  38. Thankfully not on here Lee ;)

  39. I’d like to whine about my Kronenburg1664 induced headache that I’m currently sporting, but I don’t think I’ll get any sympathy off you lot…… :(

  40. He’ll have to get in the queue behind all cyber managers that know everything…… :lol:

  41. Oh dear Lee, you in the doghouse again, no touchline for you earlier i guess??

    And no, no sympathy from me ;)

    Lets hope for a win for the Saints today :)

  42. Fans are very fickle creatures when we have a good run Wengers name is seldom used but when it turns supporters are quite spiteful. Many supporters are aware that a change of manager often injects more enthusiasm amongst the players and they feel that that enthusiasm will stay, sadely that is never the case as players will return to the norm after a short while. I have been quite critical of Wenger at times normally when were on a bad run he frustrates me and anoys me intensley but to be honest with you i am glad his here he has helped Arsenal to be a top club right through from the youngsters to the seniors he has vision where other managers are only concerned with the hear and now Wenger is looking forward, his frugal spending is for the overall benefit of the club. We are now a very weathy club and probably the best run football club in the world we have been in what some would call the toughest league in the world and for 16 years been in the top 4 for all those years with a team that has probably cost aroung 50 million we have young players about to come into the squad in all positions maybe not household names but will be in the future his overall plan seems to me to be a self susstaining club that will not spend vast amounts to keep their position in the league he and the Arsenal board realise that you dont need to win to be successfull as football is a business to them but to us winning is everything our successes will come but not the same as teams like United they have brought their trophies we are living ours within our means.

  43. I read it Rico…..
    He knows he’s not ready….maybe a few of our experts can assist….but in time,who knows.
    Bergkamps the one I’d love to see involved.

  44. :lol: wonder when he’s planning to retire, surely AW wouldn’t get him in to replace Rice would he, don’t really want Jens either, mind you, the latter wouldn’t keep his choppers shut too often….

  45. Great post Steve.
    Due to what Wenger has helped the club achieve,a lot of fans thinks its a mere formality that Arsenal win trophies.
    It’s what a lot of these younger fans grew up with.

  46. Steve Bould will be Wengers #2 next season,I reckon.

  47. So someone is critical of wenger and in comes a certain someone within seconds to defend a guy who doesnt deserve any defence.

    Wenger was once a good, not great manager, sadly not even close any more.

    I have said this too many times, but anyone that thinks wenger should be incharge from the end of this season supports the man more than the club.

    We are talking about an old man, who lies to the fans yearly, who cant win a trophy, who oversees regular collapses at the end of the season, who has never retained a league, who has never built a team that could win the CL (Even DiMatteo may eclipse wenger in the CL at the first attempt…..embarrassing).

    I will always be thankful for what he did, but since May 2008 he has had absolutely no place at this, or ang big club.

  48. Someone pointed out something to me a while back and he/she will remain nameless, but blogs are always busier when we lose, certain groups of fans don’t seem to want to chat about how good we were or what a great result we just had but lose, and they are on the blogs like flies on a honey pot….

    One result this season sticks out with me, and that was the 2-1 victory at Anfield, we were battered but our defence stood strong and wethered all that was thrown at them, the posts also helped out but we didn’t give up that day until the final whistle and we were the ones laughing…

    That is the kind of performance we need today….

  49. Morning Gooners.
    Morning Rico.
    Another ripper from Sir Steven.
    Today has a draw written all over it.
    I just hope we don’t pick up anymore injuries at the hands of the StokeRFU’s lock forwards, stand~offs and hooker.

  50. Good read steve.am not optimistic about today to be honest.

  51. Wojciech Szczesny
    Bacary Sagna
    Laurent Koscielny
    Thomas Vermaelen
    Kieran Gibbs
    Yossi Benayoun
    Tomas Rosicky
    Theo Walcott
    Alex Song
    Mikel Arteta
    Robin van Persie

    Lukasz Fabianski
    Carl Jenkinson
    Ignasi Miquel
    Abou Diaby
    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
    Marouane Chamakh

    That is the side that beat the Dippers…..

  52. gambon, it is only your opinion that Wenger doesn’t deserve any defence, others feel different and that’s their opinion, constantly battering the man is tedious and boring.

    If you are so adamant that he should be sacked, direct your concerns to afc.com, or Stan Kroenke, banging that drum on here is tedious!

  53. Morning Charlie and Kt…

  54. Gambon,
    I do not jump on and defend Wenger.
    I get on and attack you.
    Not just because you take aim at Wenger,but because its all you ever bloody do.
    You’re a Le Grover,and that’s all any of those guys are good for…whinging and whining
    Not one single post you’ve offered up has been positive.
    Where were you when we had a winning streak???
    Stop ranting and raving about OUR club,give us something decent instead of the same shit every time,and maybe I will start thinking you’re a Gooner.
    As it stands,you’re just a Le Grover,and that’s worse than a Spud!

  55. I can’t believe how many Managers the Chavs have had since Mourinho left in 2007.Whether DiMateo gets the job full time at the end of the season, the difficult job is the rebuilding, and offloading the older players.
    Be interesting to see how they do when this happens.

  56. Wenger should have steped aside long ago to give room for another manager to try and put arsenal pieces together. There is no better opportunity now that Guardiola is unattached to any club at the end of the season. This guy’s style fit so well at arsenal and the board should give him a try.

  57. Stoke will be charged up for this one, its like a derby for them.If our players are not up for it we’ll get beat easily.

  58. Should be easy for them though Marinello with Roman ready with his cheque book….

  59. Scott from Oz

    Calling for Wenger to be replaced is more positive than 99% of posts you will see in blogland.

    Calling for a failed manager to remain in place is as negative as you can get. Anyone that calls for that is sanctioning another 7 years of failure & lies.

  60. Scott, come on, you know gambon is a gooner!

  61. Rico

    Fair enough its my opinion, but it hasnt gone unoticed amongst the fans.

    Do you not remember the “you dont know what youre doing” chants.

    In Milan fans were leaving early calling him a c***.

  62. gambon, but going on and on about it on here, won’t get him sacked, like i suggested earlier, take your protests to Arsenal, not here, not at this time of the season!

  63. Great point Marinello.
    It shows that spending,as Chelski has certainly done,guarantees nothing.
    Actually,it guarantees extra pressure,but not success.
    I’ve said for months now that Guardiola is the single manager on the planet that I believe would replace Wenger.seamlessly,and probably even outperform him.
    The reason,he IS Wenger 15 years ago.
    Any other manager would be a major,major risk.
    That’s not a fact,just my opinion.

  64. Afternoon all,
    Lose today and it’s gonna be like Hammer House of Horror on here later !

  65. I don’t care gambon, if thats what the fans felt at the time then its their right – but stop trying to ram your views down the throats of bloggers on here….

  66. There you go again Gambon,putting words onto my mouth.
    I don’t sit here claiming we must keep Wenger.
    Stop reading everything,but absorbing nothing…..open your eyes.
    Rico,sorry,I don’t.
    I don’t see how anyone can claim to be a Gooner when showing no support at all…..zip,none.

  67. Scott, I don’t want Pep as our manager, not today, tomorrow or any day….

  68. Hi ya Gambon, thanks for your comment, thats what these blogsites are all about so that supporters like me and you can compare our views you have your view and you support it through thick and thin but you keep coming back here to read other peoples views as well which makes me think that you care enough to debate with the rest of us we may not share the same points of view but we are united in our views to where we wnnt the Arsenal to be. Lets face it whoever is right it doesn’t matter because they will still do what they want to do at the end of the day, they know that when we make our mind up as a small kid what team we are going to follow for the rest of our lives that we will still kep coming back like a bad penny i like to read your views as i do everybody elses but at the end of the day you are just like me Arsenal crazy :)

  69. Afternoon Micko, it’s heading that way already…. ;)

  70. Why not Rico?
    He is used to our style of play,and he can handle a massive club.
    Who else out there has both attributes?
    Not many.

  71. I’m not going to pretend I know more than Wenger but you have to admit that his past glories are what are keeping him here.He was invincible at one point but not anymore.

    Looking back at some of his decision making like benching AA for our FA Cup semi despite him being our best player atvthe time was mind boggling to say the least. Saying we can’t be considered a big club if we let Cesc/nasri leave then the next day they get sold was ridiculous. There are plenty more but you get my drift.

    So long as he is at the club i’ll support him but i’ve already lost my faith in him to win us a CL/PL title. When you hear a manager like him call 4th place a trophy then you know he has lost his edge.

  72. another who thinks he could a better job than AW!!what are you credentials?you said that arsene needs to tell his players this and that,what makes you think that he hasn,t already!you are talking about professional players i would think that they know what they need to do!you know what they say.the ones who cant play teach in your case write about it!!

  73. Becuase he’s just walked out on barca saying he is tired….

    How the heck would he cope in the PL and on days like today??

    And imho, he’s had it easy over the years, finally Real Madrid under Jose have started to get the better of Barca and he walks out..

    No thanks…..

  74. I’d take Pep at Arsenal in a heartbeat.

  75. I agree Rico. Constantly slating Wenger on here does no good to anyone. I can’t imagine Peter Hill Wood or Stan ever logging onto HH! As you say if unhappy with Wenger, write to Stan.
    Saying all that, I have to agree with Scott about Guardiola being the right Man to take over if and when Arsene gives up the ghost.

  76. Kt, I think we all know and understan that past glories have kept him safe, as does the fact that he doesn’t overspend or demand money to spend.

    Even Scott isn’t saying he’s perfect ;)

    Three games to go, three wins needed and calling for wenger to be sacked just seems a crazy bit of timing, what would that do to the players?

    Also, and as i posted to gambon, if fans want him sacked, that is their perogative, but go and tell Stan that, not just moan day in day out – it’s boring!

  77. Rico,I’m not suggesting get Pep today.
    You really think he’s spat the dummy or running from a fight…..he said it very,very early In the season that this may be his last season,as he has a family he never sees,and lives in the bubble that is Barcelona.
    Your summary isn’t correct.
    Getting a job away from Spain would be like a holiday for him.

  78. That prick savage reckons shrek should’ve got player of the year….

  79. Lee – i think many fans would but how long would he stay if it all got a bit too much for him?

    I’d rather Keown and Bergkamp myself ;)

  80. fair enough rico.lets hope we can take maximum points from the remaining 3 games as i don’t want to be biting my finger nails in the CL final.

  81. Lansbury starts for the hamsters today and it’s on TV… But, i want them to lose ;)

    Savage should stick to dancing ;)

  82. Any news on a starting line up today?????

  83. Scott, my summary? Thats just my view….

  84. Too early for team news…

  85. Sorry Kt, that rant wasn’t directed at you ;)

  86. Tissiam, everybody knows your job better than you until they get it, i am no different, this blogsite allows me my opinion it may not be the same as yours and i’m sorry you feel that way but if we win at the end of the day you will be just as happy as me.

  87. Rico I think you are being harsh on Pep. From the onset he has always said 4 years is a long time to be manager of such a big club. It was also his first job as manager. His decision to quit has nothing to do with results. Its akin to the way Jack was overplayed in his first season. Pep has had to cope with lots of pressure for a newbie and i think he deserves time off.He barely has hair left…

  88. Ok,I said I’d take Pep,and I also said I believe Bould will be Pat Rices replacement.
    How’s this…..bring Bergkamp in as #2 for a season or two under Wenger,then into the top job?????
    Bergkamp is cool,calm and collected,but no pushover.
    He’s very intelligent,loves the club and knows what makes it tick.
    He’s pretty well tied In with a certain dutch club who is a production line of great players.
    Any negatives????

  89. scott……pep in,wenger out

  90. Lee 12.20: Shreck gets my vote for Pikey of the Year!

  91. I do think Pep wants a year off.

  92. It also irks me no end how he gets criticized for no plan B.what is your definition of a plan B?

    Barca will NEVER resort to long ball tactics that the English media love so much.If anything lumping up the ball is one of the most least successfull ways to score according to statistics.

    If you watch them very closely they are a very fluid formation that can morph itself to a 3-4-3/3-3-1-3/4-3-3…depending on the pattern of play.Cesc even said he has had to learn alot tactically as a result since their plan A/B/C/D is on the pitch at all times without the need for a substitution. How many teams can boast of that?

  93. Fair enough Kt, but that’s how i feel, also though, if fans want him as the next manager, then i respect that too, just hope Stan Kroenke is on my side ;)

  94. The thing about plan B is this……..when Arsenal execute Plan A thoroughly,we nearly always won.
    It’s when we don’t we get into trouble.
    Quick passing relies on one thing to succeed…..options.
    Without player movement off the ball,the options don’t exist,and we look very average.
    No side has made us look bad this season,we’ve done it ourselves.

  95. I have lots of reservations about him too rico since I think Barca were tailor made for him. However you can’t argue with 13 trophies in 4 years (14 if they beat Bilbao in Copa final).

  96. Scott, Bergkamp is no good as a manager, he can’t travel…

    Marinello :lol: gets my vote there….

  97. He inherited most of his side Kt ;)

  98. Scott, only that he doesn’t fly and we might need a manager in the future who does :)

  99. Good Morning Guys and ?Chicks of the Gunners’ Faith.

    How is life here on today?? I have just noticed that it was excellent but twice it was boring and tedious. But fine all the same.

    Back from a 1-0 win. And we scraped it today. We were very lucky but its 3 more pts in the bag. We scored after 55 seconds and then rode our luck.

  100. Steve, stick him alongside Keown and we’d be ok ;)

  101. It’s hard to make a great side even better,but Pep did it.
    Yes,there were a lot of Ingredients in place,but he really did bring it all together.

  102. ktr7 says:………….It also irks me no end how he gets criticized for no plan B.what is your definition of a plan B?

    I tend to agree with you mate. But what happens when a team parks the bus in front of the goal?? Plan B should be there to take that into consideration. It does not mean simply to do long ball tactics or hoof the ball. Any plan can be plan B proivided that it is something different than the original plan.

  103. Scott I agree. When the invincibles were here no one ever said they had no plan B.If plan A was executed to perfection by marrying off the ball movement with quick thinking there is no need for plan B.When Barca were tearing teams to shreds no one said they had no plan B.Thats why we need more quick thinking players in the team that can be consistent enough to do it for at least 80% of the games. Thats why Ramsey gets so much criticism because when he plays uor plan A more often faills than not.

  104. Afternoon devil, i’d take that winning scoreline today….

  105. 9-2 winners today Devil…2 down after a minute,then the boys fired up.
    Rico/Steve….isn’t there tunnel over there somewhere????

  106. There is not much you can do when teams like Inter with warriors at the back play a 6 man backline right inside their box.

  107. Not many sides around have a plan B though Devil,and if they do,not many are good enough to implement it.

  108. devil, also not making the subs at the same time each game regardless….

  109. As you said Scott Pep had the ingredients there and he made the most of them, a bit like De Mateo but the ingredients are running out and pep wasn’t up for it we’LL see if De Mateo is

  110. I really do hope the last few years have only been a blip for Wenger. Since he will still be around next season i hope he can turn things around.

  111. There is Scott, but still have to drive the other side, how long would it take him to get to Russia?

  112. Bet the Chavs replace Di Matteo Steve, and i think they would be foolish to do so….

  113. Steve,
    It’s possible he saw the writing on the wall.
    Does that make him cowardly or smart…..depends how you look at it I guess.
    Maybe Wenger saw it coming a few years back and decided to stick it out….again,depends on your perception,but if Wenger had left,people would be complaining that he jumped off a sinking ship.

  114. Rico,we can let him miss one game a year then.
    There’s plenty of able replacements here lol!!!!!

  115. I’d rather the manager was there for every game personally….

  116. Rico,on Di Matteo,its a tough one.
    He’s done little more than placate prima donna players,allowing them to play the way they wanted.
    With their aging squad,its a short term solution,and they need something long term.
    I’m not suggesting he shouldn’t be given the job,but I don’t thinks its straight forward.
    If Pep was availaible,or Jose,they’d be allowed straight in.

  117. Kt, if AW gets the players we believe he might, things could very well turn around quickly.

    If though he doesn’t and RvP goes, Wenger can follow him imho….

    I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt for one more window, and that is purely because I am hoping he will be true to his word for once….

  118. Of course Rico.
    We need to miss out on Europe then lol!!!!!

  119. Rico, i remember you saying something similar this time last year :)

  120. i hope you are right rico since as things stand the past 6 years will be what most will be what he will be judged by not the first 8 or so years.

  121. Rico…….subs are also part of plan B. I remember two years ago when I was in the Under 15 final and we were loosing 1-0 with 10 minutes to go. From 4-4-1-1 I went to 3-3-4. And when we got the equalizer we still kept at it until we scored the second one and we kept at it even at 2-1 up. It kept them pegged back. Everyone was screaming for me to defend it but not everyone saw that when we attacked them they were in disarray. Had we gone back to 4-4-1-1 they would have got a goal to draw. But we ended the game in their own penalty box. That is plan B.

    However it might not have worked and I would have looked a right dumb ass. Or a dumb blonde!!! ;) Hang on. I am not blonde. Goonie is.

    Scott the 9-2 scoreline I predicted it two days ago…..no copying please. ;)

  122. Rico,we need the board to come out and tell us exactly how much Wenger has to spend.
    They need to act like a board and stop hiding behind an employee.
    If he has a decent war chest and can’t make it work next drawn then yes,he’s gone.
    Unless,of course,we don’t hear from the board,listen to the rumours on how much he has to spend,then blame him for the lack of signings.

  123. Hope you are right rico/scott about AW since if he were to leave now most fans will judge his work according to the last 6 years not the glorious years.

  124. KT………Some already do so. And their constant banging is growing tedious and boring………….and irritating.

  125. 9-2….I was just trying to make you look like a prophet Devil!!!
    On the plan B,I agree with you on the subs,but that is our single biggest issue,our bench.
    No bench,no hope of a plan B.

  126. Being realistic, i would think that City would spend bundles this transfer window and Chelsea need revamping as well Utd can’t continue with 38 year olds so i can see us in the same position next season unless we get more consitant

  127. Steve, i think you might be right, but not just last year, it’s been for five years now ;)

    I think that’s why i can understand why so many fans think like they do, maybe i’m just too soft ;)

  128. Nar i read some of your comments over the last couple of days you as tough as old boots pink ones of course :)

  129. Maybe we could signa few Citeh bargins Steve ;)

    Adam Johnson wouldn’t be a bad start ;)

  130. Its a shame that City are now sniffing around Hazard which basically blows us out of the running if we were even in it.Funny thing is that Na$ri might be the player to give way.

  131. Mannone is still crap, just watching the hammers v hull game….

    Red ones Steve, red ones :lol:

  132. Don’t need him KT we have Denilson

  133. It would be a shame Devil if it were to end that way.Deep down i still have some hope but even that is fading pretty quickly. I would’ve loved it especially if he was to be the first manager to bring the CL title to London.

  134. Speaking of Denilson is what happened to the “technically perfect” Merida?

  135. £30 million blew us out of the water KT

  136. KT,its only gut feel,but I reckon Hazard wants to be the main man,so may not want to be playing a bit part a Citeh.
    I still reckon we are a chance.

  137. Tottenham wideman Gareth Bale has thrown his future at the club in doubt by suggesting that he may look to leave White Hart Lane should Spurs fail to qualify for next year’s Champions League.
    The Welshman lit up last season’s competition with a number of impressive performances, including a hat-trick against Inter at San Siro, and in turn alerted a host of European giants such as Barcelona and Real Madrid.

    Spurs had looked on course to seal a return to the top four in the current campaign, but a recent dip has seen them drop below Newcastle into fifth place, with Bale in turn suggesting he may move elsewhere to secure Champions League football.

    Bale told the BBC’s ‘Football Focus': “If we don’t [qualify for the Champions League], we have to sit down and discuss what’s best for myself.”

    Despite uncertainty over his long-term future, the former Southampton man is hopeful that Spurs can overcome their recent blip in a similar fashion to rivals Arsenal.

    “We’re playing some good stuff at the moment, we just can’t seem to get the ball in the back of the net,” he added.

    “I think it’s just one of those things you go through during the season – I think Arsenal went through it and came out stronger so hopefully our luck will change. We’re not getting too much luck at the moment.

    “Things can change dramatically in football, and we’re hoping it changes for us over the last four games.”

    Bale is a good player but i think the hype has got to his head.

  138. Steve,we definitely offered at least 30 million for Gotze.

  139. I reckon your gut is spot on but with the cash city have you can bet they can promise him the world if they have to. Remember city almost knicked Rooney from United too.

  140. I always laugh at comments like this from Bale.
    It’s saying,hey,I failed,along with my teammates,to bring success to the club,so I want more money and to play for an even better club.
    It’s the same as players waiting to see who qualifies for CL before deciding where they’re playing next season.
    Buy players who have the attitude of wanting to bring success to a club!!!!

  141. The thing with Gotze is thsat i don’t think he wants to leave just yet.Dortmund are Bundesliga champs and have already captured Reus.I bet it would take a ridiculous offer to prize him away which we can’t afford.

  142. What seems to happen with special talented players that dissapear off the scene is something naughty in their private lives Wenger takes exception to things like that, i’m not saying that happened though :)

  143. KT,that’s exactly why I’ve been hoping UTD beat them home in the league.
    I’ve always hated UTD,but I hate the fact you can buy a trophy even more.

  144. Just been outside to collect the daily eggs, it’s peeing down, cold and windy – can i see our lot being up for a game in this weather….

    or as lee says:


  145. Good comment Scott

  146. Bet Merida wishes he’d stayed now Kt..

    We definately offered £30M for Gotze?? mmme, not sure i am convinced..

    Re Hazard, if he wants money – Citeh

    If he wants regular football – another PL club….

  147. KT,I only raised that point about Gotze to show we are willing to spend that much cash.

  148. Dead on scott.its laughable to hear Bale say that despite him being one of their biggest culprits.

  149. C’mon rico…just say Arsenal!who cares about the rest…

  150. I loved the way Kaka snubbed city.I’ll always respect him for that.

  151. Rico,well,I didn’t see the email,but it was confirmed by enough people from Borussia Dortmund and the player agent.
    He was the “super talent” Wenger spoke of.
    He’s definitely a player we would love to have,but I still would take Hazard any day.

  152. KT,if Bale stayed on his feet for longer,they may well still be in 3rd spot.
    Hes a piece of shit.

  153. Lansbury just played a lovely pass to carlton cole to score

  154. 3 point is all i wish….don’t care about the scoreline
    scott…….please do remove me from that list….i love wenger….i wish he retire at afc….i wish he will change…i wish he bring back d glory days(i doubts)…i wish he stop being the financial manager….newcastle did not spend 100m to get it right…i not about spending big…is about spending right(ask KKD)….we are here for the love and progress of afc….no matter how bad you think my opinion is….it pains me when you compare my dog to spurs let alone of comparing me to them….i hate them(thats why i hate diaby too)…..had i make u angry with my comments….sorry mate…as Rico always says…..let move on

    i wish i share your over faith in him

  155. Scott Bale thinks he is the British Ronaldo when he clearly isn’t.ever since he asked to play a free role whereby he could drft in from the flanks he hasn’t been good enough.that has really exposed his limitations.

  156. Peace KC.

  157. i don’t know if you guys have seen this


  158. KT,he’s a selfish bastard,too.
    He wants to score the impossible goal too often,ignoring players in much better positions.
    Seriously,I wouldn’t want him on a free transfer.
    One thing I cannot abide is bloody divers.

  159. kt
    i will take gervinho and walcot anyday,anytime over the monkey head

  160. I saw that pic earlier KT……..I wonder exactly what Cesc is thinking atm.

  161. I would Kt, but i’m not convinced AW wants a winger…

    But Hoilett is free if he does.. ;)

  162. I noted that too scott.Bale’s ego must be bigger than ade’s right now.

  163. Lansbury has had a really good game hasn’t he Steve, you think he’s letting Wenger know he’s got enough in him…

    Don’t like the beard though ;)

  164. Your 1.47 Scott – good on you…..

    Afternoon Kc good on you too at 1.44…

  165. scott…….i really think next season having coquelin.jenko,fit diaby,wilshere,gibbs,afobe/campbell,ramsey(i rate him),FBG,bartley,miguel at the bench will help us out….i love and rate gotze higher but im pretty sure hazard is coming to emirate

  166. How come kc…i don’t see how we’ll get Hazard.

  167. Don’t know if he’s telling Wenger rico I think its us that he has to tell as were looking elsewhere

  168. I’d rather we kept him Steve, Lansbury over Ramsey any day of the week for me….

  169. Actually, Lansbury over Diaby too, any day of the week ….

  170. He’s a good fit KT,and he’s brilliant.
    He’s every bit as good as Gotze,but a different type of player.

  171. hi rico…….lansbury remind me of ray Parlour…i lov his determination and passion…think AW extended his contract,i reckon he still rate him

    a post on the performance of our loanees(denilson and ping boot) exluded would be welcome….how far with wellingthon

    i wish ramsey will score either a hatrick or the winning goal today….it will rejuvenate him….love the lad

  172. The el classico may have more publicity about it but i don’t think over the past few seasons anything comes close to the NLD in terms of excitement and unpredictability.

  173. When you look at what you get for your money Arteta for 6 mill or Hazard for 30 i can’t see him as a wenger buy but we are holding a bit of cash

  174. So, Pep has denied he has held talks with the Chavs…..

    So that’s why he quit Barca, he’s coming to London ;)

  175. Arteta was £10M wasn’t he ?

  176. Kc, agree, i will await your email with the poast attached :)

    Agree on Lansbury, the modern day Ray Parlour….

  177. “The question is, ‘Is he going to stay?’ I think he will. He’s a real Gunner.”

    Robin Van Persie’s dad

  178. Is that from the i’v i posted earlier Kt, a really good read about our man….

  179. Jamie Sanderson ‏ @YoungGunsBlog

    · Open

    #AFC v #Stoke: Arsenal make two changes from 0-0 draw with Chelsea: Benayoun and Gervinho in for Walcott and Chamberlain.

  180. You could be right Rico but still a bit of diference

  181. Tommo on sky sports talking about our game:

    ‘Maybe Diaby will come in and give a bit of height’

    Charlie Nik: ‘Hang on, he played twenty minutes last week, this week he’ll be rested’

    Classic Charlie :lol:

  182. Looks like the chavs have given up on Hazard…

  183. Steve,a 21 y.o. who will be a world class player compared to a 29 y.o. who is a fantastic player is a fair difference as well though.

  184. Another Roman signing then Kt??

    What if Pep doesn’t want him? ;)

  185. Jamie Sanderson ‏ @YoungGunsBlog

    · Open

    #AFC v #Stoke: Diaby fit enough for bench, alongside Fabianski, Squillaci, Santos, Coquelin, Chamberlain and Chamakh. No Djourou.

  186. Looks like it Kt, one of the mancs then maybe??

  187. Steve – i don’t see us getting Hazard either

  188. I bet despite the chavs beating Barca Roman must still be dreaming of seeing his team play that passing game and thats why the recent chav signings are the likes of Mata/Marin…

  189. Scott personally i would love him

  190. Stoke Team

    Begovic; Shotton, Shawcross, Huth, Wilson; Pennant, Whitehead, Whelan, Etherington; Crouch, Walters

    SUBS: Sorensen, Jones, Fuller, Upson, Delap, Jerome, Palacios.
    Arsenal Team

    Szczesny, Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Song, Ramsey, Rosicky, Gervinho, Van Persie, Benayoun

    SUBS: Fabianski, Diaby, Santos, Chamakh, Squillaci, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Coquelin

  191. Southampton FC, ‘who haven’t been in the premier league for seven years’ have finally secured promotion :)

    Seven years eh, they’d had it tough….

  192. Wtf is Squilli doing on the bench, where is JD or Jenkinson??

  193. If the Chavs have announced their signing, why haven’t we done the same with Podolski??

  194. He’s a rare talent Steve.
    I dont get to see much of our rumoured targets,but I’ve seen a little bit of hom,and he’s a star.
    Cross the fingers.
    Joe Cole reckons he’s the best young player he’s ever played with.

  195. Micky Hazard more like…

  196. How come Marin is so so cheap??

    Boss Hogg more like…..

  197. I don’t know why rico.German players are relatively cheap.look at BFG,Ozil,Khedira’Sahin…

  198. Must be his wages rico

  199. Rico,Chelsea have “agreed” to sign him…..they haven’t actually signed him.
    We know Wenger does things the ethically and morally correct way,so he will wait until the right time to make an announcement….if the deal is done,of course.
    The FA should be questioning Chelsea about this.

  200. And add ons

  201. What are the odds Ramsey gets booed by that bunch?

  202. Let’s hope TV5 gets Shawcross in his sights.

  203. Plenty of “Swing low sweet chariots”……

  204. Classic,Lee!!!!!

  205. Its been very quiet about Miyaichi of late.what is he up to???

  206. :lol: Steve..

    Kt, bizarre though, as they produce some of the best…

    They have signed him according to Sky Sports Scott…

  207. i stand corrected, they say they have agreed to sign him in the summer ;)

  208. Kt, Ryo is doing really well i read, maybe another loan needed though…

    Really hope Coyle keeps Bolton up….

  209. Yeah Rico,I checked the Chelski site.
    It would be nice to hear Wenger do it,but keep in mind it would piss of Koln FC’s fans as they are still battling relegation.
    Here we go….go you good things!!!!!

  210. Early goal please Arsenal….

  211. Let the stress begin, who needs Gotze, we got Thomas Eisfeld.

  212. COYG

  213. But every man and his dog knows the deal is done Scott, certainly the Koln fans, they had banners up last weekend saying goodbye ;)

    Is the worst kept secret in footie ;)

  214. Micko,don’t underestimate that kid.

  215. What’s Whiteheads whinging about….could’ve been a red.

  216. Hi Micko & Charlie….

  217. I’d never do that Scott, he saved Arsene 29.5 million.

  218. He can play.

  219. Bloomin heck, their first attack and they score, and we should have got two !!

  220. The defender had Kozzer in a bloody headlock….what game is this again???

  221. but he’s unproved at PL level Scott….

  222. 1-1 Robinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  223. Yes!!!!

  224. Rico, any half decent stream.

  225. Wigan 2 Newcastle 0

    Sign up Victor Moses ;)

  226. So is Gotze Rico.

  227. Good start from Ramsey.
    Go Wigan.

  228. They’re fucking everywhere Micko…..been pissing down all week!!

  229. Gervinho pulled out of that.

  230. How are we dealing with the rucks and mauls?
    I heard that Kozzer got caught by Stoke’s stand~off in a scrum…

  231. Good picture over here guys!!!!

  232. This mob really are a pack of thugs,but our guys are really getting stuck in.

  233. Is send Gervinho to the gym in the off season.

  234. sorry Micko, i’m just sat watch Le Tiss give the updates :(

  235. Lee, that comment is about as much help as a broken leg to me right now.

  236. COYG’s…..
    Come on Wigan….
    It’s gonna be a long wet day.
    How do ya think Stoke will do in the Heiniken Cup?
    Gotta say that they have just the game for Twickenham.

  237. I will re-phraes that just for you Scott although you know exactly what i meant, he is unproved in the Champions League ;)

  238. Sorry Micko…

  239. We are going well atm.
    Stop the supply to Crouch,they have nothing.
    Our boys are working hard.

  240. Onya Rico!!!

  241. Even Alex is chasing back hard.

  242. As cool as a mountain stream….

  243. We have the right formation and the right attitude to win this.

  244. We are taking them on wide creating havoc.
    Just got to watch the break.

  245. Lee – 3.18 :lol: :lol:

  246. Good to see Coquelin on the bench.
    We’ll probably need his tenacity later in the game.
    A fresh pair of legs as StokeRFU’s legs go!

  247. Fell on stoney ground as far as Micko was concerned though Rico!

  248. You grafting AK?

  249. Wigan are 3-0 against Newcastle…

    COYRRG’s :)

  250. I noticed Lee, i was going add i have a few leaks in the fridge too ;)

  251. Song is playing really well,and you all know my theory on that.

  252. Scott, if he continues to we’ll be ok……

  253. Keep quiet Scott ;)

  254. Mine is, about flipping time too ;)

  255. Too many pish takers on here.
    Looks like i’ll just have to rely on Scott and Wenger Watch.

  256. Your head any better Lee??

  257. This ref is consistent….HE’S GIVING US BLOODY NOTHING!!!!!

  258. Wish I could do a Wurzel Gummidge right now!!

  259. Gibbs is giving Pennant a torrid time.

  260. Yes Lee.
    Not listening to radio.
    Too nervous

  261. My Boss Hogg also fell on stoney ground :(

  262. Afternoon guys, not watching the game. At my mom’s place. keeping my eye on her. So how are we doing? Keep me posted please!

  263. Lee,I’m starving….can you get me one of those Gummidge things while you’re out.

  264. Who is the ref??

  265. Wigan are 4-0 against Newcastle…. :)

  266. hi All

    we have 63% possession and once again not ahead

  267. Lee – remind me of what it was WG used to do, i always like Jon Pertwee, best Dr Who – ever ;)

  268. Still 45 to go….

  269. Got a pretty poor stream but can see this ref giving them free kicks all day long but on the whole our boys didn’t do too bad first half good goal Robin

  270. He had loads of different heads…..

  271. Will a referee ever tell this mob to hurry up with their throw ins????
    We’ve had a very good first half,created plenty of chances,but just need a touch if luck.
    RVP forced a great save early on,Ramsey hit a left footer that slipped just wide,Gervinho is killing them until its time to pass or shoot,at which time he’s like a deer in the headlights.
    Defensively,we’ve been very solid.,,,except when,according to Alan Smith Kozzer was disappointingly out jumped by Crouch for the goal…….is he a moron or what?????
    Stoke have created nothing other than the normal….corners and throw ins….shit they are boring to watch.
    No,I’m not bring biased….Ramsey us going terrific,and playing with a lot of poise and confidence….work that out.
    Rosicky and Benayoun…..both terrific and creating plenty.
    Song has been fantastic in attack and defence….his workrate is outstanding.
    It’s looking good,but this mobs set plays are the wildcard.
    If we contain them,they will not score again.
    We will create plenty more chances,we just need one or two to be converted.

  272. COYRRG’s.

  273. Did you say wigan are 4 up on the magpies?

  274. In a nutshell Scott catch you after the game :)

  275. Barca had 72% the other day and lost Alan……and?????

  276. No worries Steve,but I won’t be up for long.
    It’s 1am and counting!!!

  277. Chavs had 100% of the goals that night….

  278. Hi alan, the game’s not over yet ;)

  279. And that’s the point Lee.

  280. I get it now Lee ;)

  281. Hi goonster, yep, newcastle are losing 4-0 – we need a win big time…..

  282. Look out mates…….Gerv’s ball might hit your head!!! :lol:

  283. I know Scott I know!!
    Rico are you sure you’re not blonde?? :lol:

  284. Whoever said that the ref is consistent should get a medal. He did not even give us a free kick when RVP was hurled to the ground.

  285. Another good save off an RVP header….build up was brilliant.

  286. Scott is RVP getting caught offside a lot??

  287. Going grey Lee, does that count ;)

    devil, i would be more concerned if it was both balls ;)

  288. Me Devil…..he is woeful.

  289. If I had some to go grey I’d be happy…. :(

  290. No Lee.
    Once,and it was very close.

  291. Thanks Scotty….how fucked up is that I’m asking someone in Australia what’s going on in a game a couple of hundred miles away..

  292. I keep saying I don’t get it Lee.

  293. We are looking very good ATM.
    Ox will have a field day when he comes on.

  294. Crouch us in trouble…Kozzer wasn’t outjumped that time!!!
    Good head clash,but he’s up as I write.

  295. Stokes ticket prices have remained static for 5 years.
    Fans are pissed off that they aren’t reduced,as their side us just painful to watch.

  296. Stoke are very limited. Yet they play to their limits and though its very ugly to the eye it is very effective. It is still 1-1 but we are playing football the right way.

  297. Give Rooney a call Lee ;)

  298. Who would you substitute Scott??

  299. Stoke have played a lot of games this season.
    More than they are used to.
    Besides their shit tatics, there game relies on giving 100% effort for 90 mins.
    It’s going to take it’s toll.
    Eventually their workrate will drop and they’ll not have the skill to compensate.
    Once their legs go we should have to much for them.

    Maybe the stage is set for one man.

    The man who’ll win us the game.


  300. I’d rather remain follicly challenged…..

  301. Ramsey,I think he’s getting tired Lee.
    Ox is warming up as we speak.

  302. Szczesney just cleaned Kozzer up,but he’s ol.
    Sore nose.

  303. I go with Scott. However I would put Diaby and the OX on for Ramsey and Benny. Gerv I would keep on as he is playing well. His finishing….. :(

    Koscielny seems to be taking a battering from everyone. Poor lad.

  304. I expected that reply Lee, good for you… Just remember, all the ladies loved Kojak ;)

  305. I wear a syrup! Or b) :lol:

  306. Diabys on….

  307. That should have been a pen.

    Woooowwww. The REF stopped a Stoke ball without blowing the whistle.

  308. That’s the second penalty….
    This refs a prick.
    Yossi taken down.

  309. A very big 15mins or so.

  310. Chamakh on for Gervinho????

  311. Riley’s boys at it again.
    95% are cheating wankers.

  312. Chamack in??? wtf?? Gerv was doiing well. What is chamack going to do?? He wont head the ball and ruin his gel!!!

  313. COYRRG’s…..

  314. This ref is unbelievable.

  315. Chamuck???
    Not sure about that…

  316. Diaby is elegance personified. If only he never gets injured or at least less often. His vision and passing is superb.

  317. He looks sharp Devil.
    Ox on for Yossi.

  318. Santos for Benny. So it is 4-4-1-1 now.

  319. Sorry,Santos on for Yossi.

  320. Come on FFS!!

  321. Wenger’s played all his cards.
    There just isn’t enough goal threat to come off of the bench.
    He needs to sort it in the summer, pronto.

  322. Spot on Charlie :(

  323. I wish Santos takes a free kick. he is brazilian after all. He should know how to bend one in.

  324. How long left?

  325. As soon as Chumuck comes on you just kinda think ‘Well, that’s it then’…

  326. That was bloody close….

    Come on, two mins to go…..

  327. Someone shoot this fucking referee.
    Whiteheads is a scumbag.

  328. Chumuck sums up our bench….

  329. I wonder who actually works out the substitutions?
    Is it Wenger?
    Or is it Primorac..???

  330. game over….

  331. If it’s the latter, sack him!

  332. 1 point gained on newcastle though… now we need to win our last two….

  333. Seriously,I don’t want to hear from our know it all narks.
    Watch the game.
    One definite,no questions asked penalty denied,and one handball which was definite,not sure if it was in or out of the box,not given.
    That referee was an absolute disgrace,but what’s new.
    Stoke are a slight on the footballing community.
    I have 6 y.o. kids with more skill,more imagination and who are more willing to pass the ball.
    That game was an absolute joke.
    One side attempting play football,them there is Stoke.
    Devil,why should I need to do coaching certificates?
    Pulis has made a career out of signing guys with strong arms!!!!!
    Did I say the refree was a prick?????

  334. Thank God for Wigan…

  335. I may be wrong but that ref didn’t want to give us anything, i think there must be a conspiracy this FA do not wnnt us to win anything i try and look at it as a neutral but its definitly bent.

  336. We win our last 2 games and we’ve got third….

  337. Bendtner scored today.

  338. We need more fire power then the refs can go and fuck themselves!

  339. Any one who comes on criticizing the way the team played tonight will need to have his eyes tested. The team played well and chose the right options. The ref was a disgrace, two penalties denied and a there was even an instance when the player just fell without Kozzer touching him and the ref blew the whistle. The stats say it all. We had 57% possession and 17 shots to the rugby club’s 6.

    Regarding Santos….I have been saying it all along.
    he should be played as a left lateral midfielder. So we need to have someone who can play left back…..maybe Verts???

  340. Lee at 5.01………..that sums it all up. You are 1 million per cent right.

  341. Forget about Wengers tactics and substitutions the difference between winning the league or not winning is definitly officials decisions Had that been Man Utd they would have recieved two penalties thats the diference between the 2 sides without question.

  342. stevepalmer1 says:
    April 28, 2012 at 5:08 pm

    Forget about Wengers tactics and substitutions the difference between winning the league or not winning is definitly officials decisions Had that been Man Utd they would have recieved two penalties thats the diference between the 2 sides without question.

    Today that has been the story…….the same which has been for many of the games.

  343. Devil,Gibbs was terrific on the whole today,but I agree on Santos…..he looked good.
    Yes,we need Podolski and another striker,yes we need more creativity,but that’s to worry about in a few weeks.
    If we play how we did tonight v Norwich and WBA,we will be winning both games.
    Yes,we are lucky results are going our way,but isn’t it nice we can say that for a change?
    I wonder if that was Chamakhs farewell tour.
    He has to go.

  344. 100% right,Steve.
    I will bet plenty choose to ignore that fact though.

  345. Nice one scott, i think there will be a few players saying their final farewells to the crowd after the Norwich game next week.

  346. I’m gone guys…off to bed.
    One step closer,one point nearer to third.
    Our boys need to step up and win the last two.
    Goodnight all.

  347. Agree lee, and we need to make sure we do…..

    night Scott

  348. Arsenal was teriific today and every whine that Wenger made was justified supporters should be proud as we have just played a game against fifteen men. well done Arsenal you were without question cheated.How long can this travesty continue without somebody Questioning it because its quite blatent.

  349. Nte Scott Sleep well mate :)

  350. stokes home record is good, results against the top 8 teams.
    drew 1-1 with man u / man c and us
    drew 0-0 with chelsea
    beat liverpool 1-0 and spuds 2-1
    lost 3-1 to newcastle
    and still have to play everton
    the reason i did top 8 teams is because king kenny’s merry men are 8th. not saying that makes it all right but………..

  351. Arsenal have no influence in the ‘corridors of power’.
    It has been that way since Dein went.
    Ferguson runs the FA and the EPL.
    Riley is his bumboy.
    And they all hate Arsenal/Wenger.

  352. back in a bit …..

  353. Arsenal vs FA + opponent
    Man u + FA VS opponent

  354. At the end of the day another game down and a point gained I just get a bit touchy thats all :)

  355. Today Ramsey was very much better than of late. He played the holding midfielder’s position that was Arteta’s a few days ago. Last game vs the Chavs he was short and often lost the ball. However today he was more better and the longer the game went on the better he became. He was tackled and harried yet he never gave up. He could have been wary since facing your demons at the same ground where he broke his leg is not easy. Yet today he was deeper than usual and dare I say (hope AW does not read this) he provided a platform for TR07 and Song to go forward and press more upfield to help the attacking trio.

  356. Anyone want to do the match report?? ;)

  357. Seems you all have gone, i’m off too – BGT will keep me going ;)

    Catch you tomorrow, no match report though as i won’t get time to see the game…

    Nighty all…..

  358. I wish I did it for today. But I did not see all the game. I saw it from the moment Gerv’s ball went into orbit. So practically that is half the game out.

  359. Love to do the match report but i cant write

  360. Just spoke to a couple of mates who were at the game. They said the abuse aimed at Ramsay was bad but that aimed at Wenger was beyond sickening. The Stoke fans are a mirror image of their scumbag manager. His disgusting and filthy tactics are way over the limit of what should be acceptable on a football Pitch. That piece of shit with the massive head, whitehead went in over the top on Song after 4 minutes and Foy wasn’t going to book him at first. Foy is the kind of referee that gets players hurt with his ludicrous attitude to dangerous tackles. Whitehead, that repulsive mutant spent the rest of the game playing the pathetic hard man, the one who falls over at the slightest touch. Him and the majority of his teammates, their manager and a whole swathe of their knuckle dragging fans are scum and the PL would be a much better place without any of them.

  361. Well it’s gone now Adam. Thankfully we only need to visit that sewer of a town once a season.
    Unfortunately Pulis has never been relegated as a manager, so it looks as if we’re stuck with those mutants for awhile yet.
    I think i hate Stoke more than any other club other than the Spuds.

  362. Spot on Adam…. they are typical northern inbred wankers…..! Scum of the earth…! The fact they can boo Ramsey is pathetic in the extreme and sums the m up…! You wish them ill-health for sure and no offence to northerners who don’t support stoke…! If you do then tuff shit…!

  363. Let’s face it some fans of all clubs are just arseholes,but it seems the vast majority of Stoke fans are.
    Morning all.
    I feel quite good about that performance,I really do.
    We had nothing go our way.
    A ref wearing a Stoke FC G-string.
    Whithead could have/should have been sent off very early.
    One penalty that was a definite,the handball WAS a handball,but the only query is whether it was in the box or not…..the angle I saw was inconclusive,and there was only one single replay shown.
    There were probably another 6 or 8 disgraceful calls made or not made by the ref……it won’t happen,but he should be made to explain his performance
    For a few seconds,I thought why do I bother sitting up watching these games,but hey,it makes our wins all the sweeter,and finishing third all the more satisfying.
    Did I mention during the game what a prick that ref was?????

  364. I just scanned a few Stoke forums.
    Gee,they don’t like Arsenal lol.
    Apparently they boo Ramsey for refusing to see Shawcross in hospital the day his leg,was cut off.
    Of course,one,sensible fan asked why Ramsey should give anyone from Stoke the time of day when they chanted “he’s only got one leg” as he was stretchered off.
    One guy raised the following point.
    “We are led to believe the PL is the best in the world” he says.
    “Our club finishing tenth exploded that myth”!!!!
    Some of their own fans loathe Pulis,and hate the style of football they play,but support their club regardless.
    One fan suggested,and was supported by plenty of others,that he hopes Gooners get their way and Wenger is sacked.
    This way,we will be mid table or worse next season,and they’d love nothing better than beating us in the league.
    There we have it,and its a very common theme with opposition fans,they mightn’t like Wenger,but they appreciate how good he is….

  365. Scott, back in the 1970’s, Stoke were managed by a guy called Tony Waddington. He had a policy of buying old, but very talented players, who were coming to the end of their careers but still had a few years left.
    Peter Dobing, George Eastham, to name but two.
    Stoke were actually a very good football team in those days.
    But the real antipathy Stoke fans feel for Arsenal, comes from the Gunners stuffing them in two successive FACup semi~finals, especially 1971 when they were 2~0 up. But the Gunners fought back and beat them twice.

  366. Stoke have only ever won one serious trophy, the League Cup. And they are one of the oldest clubs in England.
    Formed in 1871 or 1872, i think.
    So there is a lot of jealousy due to the fact that for most of their 140 year history, they have been failures.
    Add also the fact that fans from the midlands are complete planks.

  367. But Scott, the fact that for most of their history, that Stoke were actually well known for playing the game properly, may explain why a lot of Stoke fans, probably the older ones, don’t like Pulis or the reputation he has heaped on their club.
    Personally i hope they stew in their own juices.

  368. Hi AK,
    You know what?
    I reckon the worst,most disrespectful fans comes amongst the younger brigade,but I guess that reflects society in general.
    Even reading the Stoke forum,you can tell that the older,more knowledgeable fans show respect.
    The younger brigade know everything.
    Yes,they may carry a grudge for 40 years,but I bet they weren’t the ones booing Ramsey.
    Let’s not forget that Arsenal fans were terrible to Adebayor,and there are no circumstances possible that can condone that.
    I’m not talking about mere personal attacks,I’m talking about bloody nasty ones.

  369. Most of these aren’t football fans at all.
    People think I’m lying,but one of my most enjoyable games this season was v Utd at The Emirates.
    That game was of the absolute highest quality.
    I didn’t enjoy the result,obviously,but it was a sensational spectacle.
    I did say one of the best……beating Spurs and Chelsea the way we did was superb.

  370. oh well. such is life

  371. Bluntly, I can’t see this team scoring for the next game..if Van Persie or Walcott is not in the team.

    Let’s be honest, how many of us can predict the scintillating form of Van Persie, after thsoe two sewer rats jumped ship and our dreadful AUgust 2011?

    I don’t and expected Van Persie to last only 2 games – at the most 30 games – and then off to his annual vacation at Colney Medical Centre.

    How many of you expect a brainless blind alley runner like Theo to devleop an understanding with Van Persie in March/APril 2012?

    I don’t as I see an inept Theo in 2011 but suddenly (coincides with the 2nd Coming of Little Mozart) lo and behold, Theo re-discovered his shooting form, his “Croatian running between defenders, running diagonally across defence and a new found confidence to shoot……and Stoke emphased how much we missed hsi running and shooting…and if he was there in lieu of Gervinho with all those clear-cut chances…

    In August 2011, how many of you had written off Rosicky?
    Well, this one I got correct as I am an admirer of Rosicky and blindly plugging for him and praying hard he will stay fit for the whole season, praying for that form in 2007/08 in a ROsicky-FLamini-Fabregas-Hleb MIDFIELD.

    I used to support Wenger blindly, starting to look askew at him when he failed to buy in January 2007/08, which lost us the title when we were 5 points ahead in February, knowing Van Persie and Walcott out injured, Rosicky out injured, Kolo and Eboue off to ANC…..and every season thereafter, the lies he spouted about buying players, ending buying dross like SIlvestre, Bischoff, Squillaci..and of course, all at a bargain…

    WHen we desperately needed a goalie in the interim…he abrgained with Fulham over a measly 1-mil difference in valuation….how much a difference wil Schwarzer made in 2010/11 season?

    I turned against Wenger during the Tatar Affair as after all he is another Frenchman that cna’t keep hsi pants on..and not that “Le Professeur” image he sold to us like snake-oil in the ealry stage of his career.
    COntrast that to the zen-like image of an Arsene Wenegr sittign calmly on the bench…to the present arm-flapping, water-bottle kicking and throwing…adn getting into arguments with referee and psuhing and shoving with fellow managers. (That folks is the real Wenger, obsessed with winning and a sore loser…check it out on the articles which I condensed form biograhhy fo Wenger which I hopw Rico will post during those slow days in the summer….. )

    I reiterate, which I posted here a few times, that much as I hate to admit it, Wenger is vital to Arsenal for the duration of his contract to 2013/14 as only he can get the best out of this bunch of dross he assembled since 2004/05

    We need him to stabilise Arsenal and to lay the foundation for the next manager to take us to the next level, as my perception is that those foreign players he assembled and nurtured from youth rank are loyal to him and not to Arsenal FC…..mercenary all…and waiting for the next big paycheque from a marquee club early to snap ‘em up when they started to fulfil their potential at 22/23 year old.

    Just look at his track record of nurturing youths and buying ‘em young as from 2004/05. How of them stay loyal o Arsenal when they hit their peak at 24 to 27 year old?

    I do not judge Arsene Wenger on his successes on the pitch from 1996/97 to 2013/14; but really what kind of foundation he laid and left behind for thenext manager to push Arsenal FC into amrquee club level.

    Like Johan Cryuff who left his legacy at La Maisa and a legacy of Dutch Total Football which heavily influenced Guardiola and rest of Barca coaches, such that a coach liek Guardiola rised through the rnak and achieved the successes during his 4-year reign.

    Our Future?
    I see Arsene Wenger to Arsenal FC liek what Johan Cryuff is to Barca…leaving behind a legacy of Dutch Total FOotball from Hale End Academy to senior team…….and another “Guadriola” or “Wenger who?” who wil rise from the rank and achieve successes due to RInus Michels “Ajax Model fo Team Buildng” where a group of youngsters nurtured from Academy level, rises to the rank and fulfilled their potential in the senior team, joyously playing for each otehr, friends on-and-off-the-field, that kind of telepathic understanding that can only achieve when they played togetehr for decades rising thru’ the youth rank.

    That is the actual legacy of Arsene Wenger at Arsenal FC.

  372. Scott is taking a holier-than-thou attitude, too much breast-beating to prove dialy he si an Arsenal fan as if one day, he feared to be found out as a closet Tiny Totts admirer and has a big crush over Glenda.. :mrgreen:

    SImmer down….

    I know I am an Arsenal fan..because it is…and does not need to prove it to anyone, niether do it restraint moi from slagging a hypocritical snake-oil salesman masquerading as ‘Le Professuer”.

    I don’t pick what is best match tow atch but enjoy watching everyone of Arsenal match thru’ its roller coaster emotional ride….

  373. So far so good. 2 rights not too bad….

    WIgan win;
    Stoke Draw.

    Here is another dreadful statistic:

    First 7 games; 7 points out of 21 points;
    Next 8 gmaes; 22 points out fo 24 points;
    Next 7 games; 7 points out of 21 points;
    Next 8 games; 22 points out of 24 points;
    Next 1 game; 0 point out of 3 points;
    Last 7 games; 7 points out of 21 points.

    According to trend, we will lose our next 2 games. :mrgreen:

    But there is no more trend as the enxt prediciton si as accurate as flipping a coin and depending on the motivation for players who have “Summer holidays” on their minds now, especially with nothing to play for.

    Norwich will come to attack Arsenal and so keeping clean-sheet is vital and like previous seasons, Van Persie indvertently come alive and start banging goals in May…
    A win then.

    WBA away?
    It is a tough ground and WBA wants to end the season with a abng adn will attack Arsenal relentlessly. By then we will have seal 3rd spot and nothing to play for.
    A draw or loss for Arsenal.

  374. Merlin,you’ve just admitted that all your statistics,spreadsheets and analysis were a total,utter waste of time.
    The 2nd,3rd and 4th sentences scream that out to us.
    You keep forgetting that I don’t use facts and figures to decipher a game,player or club…….I use the fact I’ve played and watched the game for over 35 years.
    You also keep forgetting that I put my money where my mouth is,and backed us in September.
    You had your chance to back your judgement on a nil all score line v Stoke,but declined the offer.
    No problems there,but once again,analysis proved worthless.
    When will you learn the game is played on the field?
    When will you stop blaming lady luck each and every time your analysis is wrong…..she’s getting a workout lately,by the way.
    Did your spreadsheet suggest Wigan spanking Newcastle?
    Again,on the field,not a spreadsheet??
    Did you tell everyone Utd would put 8 past is before or after the game,because reading your comments lately,your predictions are always wrong,but then you follow up by telling us what you posted on another site was totally correct.
    Don’t we on HH deserve your best efforts?
    Come on Merlin,dross….dross…..dross…..is that what he’s assembled?
    Dross running 3rd without spending hundreds of millions,and with the Injuries weve had?
    Dross the likes of Van Persie,Koscielny,Szczesney,Vermaelen,Sagna,Song to name a few…….each of which would be first choice in probably 16 or 17 other PL sides.
    You’re waffling is ridiculous,and you are letting your ego get in the way of the facts.
    Again,nearly everything you’ve predicted has been wrong,so stop deflecting attention away from this by attacking Wenger and the dross.
    Give us the name of this imaginary site where your predictions are correct,too,there may be money to be made following your tips……or is it on fantasy football?
    The club,players and manager deserve better than the drivel you serve up.
    Merlin,stop making it all about you,please.

  375. According to “trend” ,there were to be no goals last night.
    Merlin,you keep telling yourself these statistics mean something,because deep down,your hate to think your efforts are wasted,but they are mate.
    You should have manned up,stuck by your beliefs and taken the bet…….we would be discussing payment as we speak lol.
    Nil all,nil all,nil all,nil all…….
    What’s two goals among friends lol.
    Which site did you predict one all on Merlin????

  376. And Merlin….houlier than thou attitude????
    Well why not????
    I am a loyal Gooner,not someone who backstabs the club at every chance.
    You call Fabregas and Nasri sewer rats for jumping ship?
    It’s what you and a few others do every time we have a below average result.

  377. And another thing Merlin…….actually,I’m all out lol.

  378. Ive got one Merlin.
    Not a single mention if Ramsey,because he played well.
    At least your true to form.
    Attack when its bad,go to another topic when its good.
    Now I’m done,I think lol.

  379. Just watching a replay,and Stoke didn’t play half bad.
    We were the better side,no doubt,but they did have some good moments.
    Of course,this is just my opinion from actually watching the game!!!!!

  380. Merlin,on your 1.13am…..this is a perfect example of your utter fabrications.
    You told us all neither Stoke nor Arsenal had a goal in them,which kind of predicts a nil all draw.
    It was one all mate,so you were not even close.
    Neither side has a goal in them…….both sides scored……only the AMAZING MERLIN could make that look like a good prediction lol.
    You’re killing me with laughter,seriously.

  381. Van Persies first touch is not what it was a month back.

  382. Szczesney was brilliant.
    The amount of times he timed his run,leap and punch to perfection was awesome.
    It’s somehing he was getting wrong even 6 or 8 weeks ago,but he was superb v Stoke.

  383. Oh,and did mention the referee was a prick????

  384. That pass from Rosicky to set up RVP was genius.

  385. 10.38 am Merlin….its a nil all game and you just cany see Van Perdue scoring hahaha.
    Yes,you’re the man.
    On Van Persie,the further this replay goes,the more I see his first touch is gone…..its terrible.
    He’s either had enough for the year,or his mind is on next season…..I hope its not the latter.
    The Benayoun incident was most definitely a penalty….legs clipped and shoved in the back.

  386. Or Van Persie,either lol.

  387. Scott From Oz says:

    April 29, 2012 at 1:40 am

    Merlin,on your 1.13am…..this is a perfect example of your utter fabrications.
    You told us all neither Stoke nor Arsenal had a goal in them,which kind of predicts a nil all draw.
    It was one all mate,so you were not even close.
    Neither side has a goal in them…….both sides scored……only the AMAZING MERLIN could make that look like a good prediction lol.
    You’re killing me with laughter,seriously.

    You deliberate ignored what I replied to you when you challenged me to bet with you…

    Neither did you bothered to read what I repleid to Rico when she said it will be a win and not a draw.

    Of course I am AMAZING compare to you kiddo.


    Merlin96 says:

    April 28, 2012 at 10:54 am

    Nay Scott..no bet..

    But it is a draw for moi.
    Can’t see either team winning this match.

    But there again..Lady Luck, that fickle wench………she goes ENglsh or French this weekend?

  388. Scott From Oz says:

    April 28, 2012 at 11:07 am

    Merlin,did you ever think the reason he,and others,were caught with the ball is because of the distinct lack of movement by other players?????
    The lack of options is the problem.

    Watch that replay on how Ramsey was caught by Torres TWICE.
    It got nothignt o dow tih players’ movements.

  389. And Scott, love to get under the skin of fanatics like you.

    Tyr not to get your knackers in a twist when I slagged that hypocritcla snake-oil salesman again.. :lol:

  390. Goodnight Scott..and all
    you lucky beach bum living on social welfarism of a lucky banana republic, sheilas galore.. :lol:

  391. Social welfarism…….you arrogant shit.
    You know nothing of me or how I earn my living,so don’t ever presume to know me.
    You only get under my skin because you ate so wrong,so often.
    I guess ignorance is bliss.
    I attack the drivel you throw at us,you attack my personal life,you scumbag.
    How dare you?

  392. I think its best if I give this a miss for a while.
    I do not spend time each night on here to argue with know it alls such as yourself Merlin and a few others.
    You and your mates claim to be Gooners,yet get your rocks off getting under peoples skins…..your words Merlin,you admit to being a trouble maker.
    The problem is,everything I said,about you tonight has been correct,including quoting you,the source.
    You’ve been wrong time and again,but you are simply a liar,and you know it.
    Your statistics give you false information,and its obvious you know nothing about the game itself,at all.
    I wish to speak to real Gooners,but seem to run in to you and your mates on a nightly basis.Is it coincidence that the people in question are,all Le Grovers….I think not.
    It’s disappointing that you don’t simply stay there ,but as you say yourself Merlin,you actually enjoy causing trouble and getting under peoples skin…well,people that disagree with you Le Grove nutcases.
    I’ve read all the insults under the sun,but usually veiled,sarcastic comments from you and your cronies,but I don’t play around like that,I say what I think so you know where I stand
    Merlin,you are a liar,you to know it and you most definitely know littl e of this game,if anything.
    Rico,I’m binning myself for a while.
    Fine,you choose not to allow name calling,but these guys are the scum of the earth,who care little for Arsenal,and are simply trouble makers…..you heard it from Merlin.

    See you in a while,maybe.
    I will jump on,but if these blokes are whinging and whining about Wenger,or if Merlin is throwing up his usual fabricated stats,I will give it a miss.
    Heaven forbid we should actually talk about Arsenal,football and the good things in both!!!!!!!

  393. Morning all, just read some of your comments Merlin and Scott, and although i get the impression that you are both knowlegable Gooners you make me believe that you are 2 5year olds who only want to argue who is right. This is a forum where everybody is welcome to express their opinions as the slogan says Where its ok to dissagree, you 2 are just trying to upset the whole spectrum of the site, can’t you both compromise as your comments are readable when you are not digging one another out, accept that you have different opinions and move on. Cheap snidey remarks should be left in the playground and if you find that hard do not answer one another. Personally i enjoy your inclusion but give it a rest guys and bring a bit of adulthood to the site, you have alot to say for yourselves and the rest of us want to read it but don’t let yourselves down by schoolboy cracks your Gooners control yourselves thank you.

  394. Morning all

    Highbury House is not a place for two people to have constant slanging match – no point in you going in the sin-bin now, its too late.

    Any more and you will both be in there, as right now you tit for tat battles come accross as childish and pathetic and you are ruining HH for those who are willing to accept that everyone has an opinion…

  395. Morning Steve, just got your email, thanks :)

  396. Morning Rico.
    Just been catching up on last nights comments.
    Looks like i missed out on all the ‘fun’…
    Just like to say how much i detest Stoke and especially their fans.

  397. Morning Charlie,

    You and me both and the stoke fans are just vile….

    New Post is up, see you there ….

  398. Merlin96 says:
    April 29, 2012 at 2:56 am

    Goodnight Scott..and all
    you lucky beach bum living on social welfarism of a lucky banana republic, sheilas galore.. :lol:

    We aren’t a republic :D

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