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Diaby sick, Moscow want Arshavin & Arsene, it’s time for a clear out……

The team news was updated yesterday and whilst Tomas Rosicky should be fit and healthy after a bout of sickness. Diaby is the only other concern, mind you, when isn’t he? ;)

He will not start, he was sick until yesterday and had a light session. He could be short again but he could be in the squad.

Well, I can’t work out from that if he’s fit enough to travel or not! Let’s hope he is and he starts, we actually need him!

Yossi returns which is good news.

Wenger has also been talking about our players who have been out on loan all season. Of course we know already that Denilson will not be staying with his current and we also know that a few clubs are showing an interest in Carlos Vela.

Wenger believes that Premier League squad restrictions will be the key when deciding what happens to them.

I have not decided anything yet, It will depend a bit on the structure of the whole team. I will sit down with him at the end of the season. You know we have some restrictions because you are only allowed 25 players. Therefore you have to make decisions and choices that are of course linked with that.

At the moment we have 34 players. I believe that many clubs are in this situation. The Premier League have put themselves into this situation where they completely lock the transfer market.

When the players come back from their loans, many clubs will be in the same situation where they cannot buy because they have too many players.

Surely by now, our manager knows what the future holds for these players, he didn’t deem them good enough to be for this current season and just because Bendtner and Vela have scored a few goals each, it won’t be enough to convince anyone that they could yet have a future with us?

Bendtner has also had a few off-field issues which have seen him brush with the wrong side of the law and we know Wenger won’t have liked that and both Denilson and Vela have made it clear that they don’t return.

Wenger is right, we do have too many players and surely this summer the club will finally have a good clear out and not just of those on loan, they are just the tip of the iceberg.

One player who is attracting interest is Andrey Arshavin, Dynamo Moscow are reported to be set to make an offer of £5million for him this summer, but Zenit St Petersburg could also try and attempt the Russian to stay.

Either way, it looks like he could be the first of hopefully many who will depart and finally Wenger will make the changes that we so desperately need to get us back up with the best, after all, we are not that far off are we?

After the antics yesterday, a sin-bin will take effect from today!

You all know the rules, no slating fellow bloggers and no use of the ‘c’ word – please adhere to those two simple rules. If you don’t, and I don’t care if you have been here 5 minutes or the 19 months Highbury House has been running, you will go in the sin-bin for an hour.


Have a good day all…..

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228 comments on “Diaby sick, Moscow want Arshavin & Arsene, it’s time for a clear out……

  1. Morning all…..
    What a shocker Diaby out…..

  2. Morning all

    Two blondes lock thier keys in the car. One of the blondes tries to break into the car while the the other one watches.

    Finally the first blonde says “Darn, I can’t get in the car!” The other blond replies, “keep trying, it looks like it is going to rain and the top is down”.

  3. good morgning everyone!

    Is Diaby out? Our strongest, and most fit player ever? I’m shocked ;)

  4. Morning Lady of HH.

    Good Morning Guys and Chicks of the Gunners’ Faith.

    Well done for the Sin bin.

    Diaby out is not a shocker I am afraid. It would be a shocker if he is in and lasts 90 minutes. Then another shock would be when he actually lasts 90 days. And an even bigger shock if he manages to last 90 weeks. And to top it all a heart attack shock if he manages to last 90 months. Er no that would be pension time for him.

  5. Hi Lee, ADK

    I can’t work out if he’s sick or not sick, short but not short, will he travel or not….

    He’s 6′ 2″ isn’t he, that’s not short :roll:

  6. Morning devil

    Sadly it isn’t a shocker, hopefully he’ll be on the bench, at least he’s not injured, just caught rosicky’s sickness bug, like only he could ;)

  7. Rico, you’re on fire this morning…….

  8. Ronaldo said to Messi “See you at the Champion’s League Final”
    Messi replied “Your house or mine?”

  9. ha ha , good one rico. :) Personally I have always been a fan of Diaby. When he’s fit, he’s a beast. Can dribble, shoot and is really a presence in midfield. But he’s more fragile than a wet paper bag. What to do with him!?! :(

  10. i was being facetious, Dev.

  11. Has my link gone in to moderation?

  12. :lol: Lee, as are you…

  13. It’s out now ;)

  14. I dont think so ArsenalDK………maybe you have been sin binned already??? ;)

  15. Two blondes came into a bar, sat down, and ordered drinks.

    They were making merry in a serious way and it was obvious to the bartender that they were celebrating something big.

    His curiosity finally got the better of him and he says ” I hate to be nosy, but it’s obvious that you two are celebrating something big. What’s the occasion”

    One blonde replies “Well, we are just sooo proud of ourselves, because we just finished – just the two of us alone – a 50 piece jigsaw puzzle in only 3 days.”

    Confused, the bartender says “So?”, to which the other blonde says “Well, on the box it says 3 – 5 years”

  16. Is it friday the 13th Rico?? ;)

  17. Tha’s funny ADK…

  18. A blonde runs to the doctor, with blood puring from her forehead. The doctor ask: What have you done dear?
    She replied: Well i tried to hit a nail with a banana. Then a guy passed by and told me: Do you really thing it is possible to hit a nail with a banana? Try using your head woman!

  19. I thought so too rico, that’s why i wanted to share :)

  20. 27th i think ADK ;)

  21. Hmmmmm…..seems as if its about blondes today. I know of a couple of blonde jokes but seeing that they are a bit naughty for such a special site I do not deem them worthy of publishing. W.A.T.H and I do share a couple through emails. Don’t we W.A.T.H???

  22. you crack on devil ;)

  23. The gauntlet has been laid down……..

  24. :lol: Lee….

  25. Morning all, shame about Arshavin as on his day he is an outstanding footballer. I think he could have been very good in the advanced position Rosicky has been playing but his work rate just has not been good enough. Do you think that transfers in might be held up or delayed due to the need to shift players out?

  26. Arsenal are being forced to firm up their interest in Rennes midfielder Yann M’Vila as Inter Milan and Bayern Munich consider making an approach.

    Arsene Wenger has been hot on the trail of the highly-rated 21-year-old for some time but is loathed to splashing out in excess of £20million on a player who is yet to prove himself consistently at the highest level.

    However with Champions League finalist Bayern now entering the fray, the Frenchman’s hand will be forced.

    M’Vila, who has three years remaining on his deal at Europa League chasers Rennes, has been capped 18 times at international level and his club boss Frederic Antonetti has come to accept the dynamic midfielder will leave this summer.

    M’Vila’s stock has rapidly been on the rise for the last two seasons and after been selected as the man to model France’s Euro 2012 kit, former France international Marcel Desailly claimed he had the potential to be better than Patrick Vieira.

    ‘I would just say that if I was the chairman of a Premier League club I would just close my eyes and put the figure on the cheque to get him,’ Desailly said earlier this month. ‘Because he is really the future. The talent is there. It is obvious.

    ‘Arsenal is probably a stable club where he can have a bit of time or [Manchester] United where he has time to assimilate the changing of clubs and start slowly to perform,’ added Desailly.

    ‘He needs to come to the Barclays Premier League. We want him in this competition because it is the best, first of all, and he can really develop his skills. It is for players who like to play with tempo.

    ‘You can see by the way he gets the ball, control and passes straight away. Long ball, short ball. He has that sort of rhythm that the Barclays Premier League is demanding.’

  27. Hi vernat

    from what wenger has said, he wants to sign players as soon as the window opens so that should mean any outgoings would not be an issue…

    However, we have heard that line before from him, so it’s anyones guess really.

    Podolski seems to be already done as does JV, but until they are on afc.com, i won’t believe them…..

    The German and Dutch leagues will be finished in two weeks time, so hopefully we will hear something definate shortly after…

  28. The dutch league actually finishes next weekend….

  29. What do you call a brunette between two blondes ? An interpreter, what do you call a blonde in between two brunettes ? A mental block

  30. We’ll have no trouble at all shifting those world beaters….denilson,bentdner, squillaci et al don’t forget they are part of AW’s best ever squad!!

  31. Just read this:

    Wenger asked on Usmanov wanting to increase stake.

    ‘I’ve no shares so I’ve got zero to sell to him.’

    Could he join board? ‘Why not?’

  32. Don’t know if this has been posted here before but an interesting article on wages spent + transfers versus league position.


  33. :) Lee,

    but seriously, we shouldn’t have a problem shifting them, there is a club out there somewhere which each could better in their own right…

    Is there still a blue circle league ;)

  34. something similar has been psoted here vernat, the wages we pay are outrageous arent they….

  35. back in 30 mins ish…

  36. wow you really are on-fire this morning…. blue circle, that’s cement, half of them couldn’t trap a bag of it……

  37. I dont think that the wages are outrageous as such, however i would like to see a more meritocratic (if there is such a word) distribution of this expenditure so that excellence on the pitch is rewarded with an increased salary( hardly a revolutionary idea) this would lead not to a situation where players think how unfair he gets paid so much more than me but to a situation where the incentive to increase performance and consistency is you get paid more.

    This would hopefully stop the cycle of top players leaving to get paid more elsewhere and allow us to sign players whose transfer fees we can afford but whose wages we cant

  38. Morning HH,

    I just like to say i’m sorry if i offended anyone yesterday and sorry for lowering myself to he’s level.It’s just that reading that guy’s comments always wind me up and get’s to me to be honest.

    That’s all i’m gonna say about the subject and feel it’s best to move on.

    Sorry once again Rico.

  39. Rise above Mr A……..

  40. i have a spurs shirt at my home…..Diaby
    that is enough to sack and not sell him

  41. I really hope we play well against stoke.Say it quietly but they have been a real decent side this year.We will have to bust a gut to win this one and it will really show how much these players want that 3rd spot.

  42. might use it to wipe his arse…….

  43. I know lee,it’s been building up for a while and he gave out the bait and i unfortunately bit it.I will defo do that from now on lee.

  44. Why do i still believe we have not seen the best of diaby yet???
    I think he’s been unlucky with injuries,but i still rate him.

  45. It is Lee, didn’t the conference change to blue circle :)

  46. Hi Mr A,

    no probs, and today is another day :)

  47. Hi Kc, i’m with lee on that about his shirt ;)

    Mr A, we haven’t seen the best of Diaby because he seldom plays, i’d hoped he would be fit for tomorrow – just thought he may be able to last 90mins for one season…. ;)

  48. Very true that :)

    You do a great job and i respect this site over all the others,because the way you run it.

  49. how many people wanted to out RVP when he was perma-injured?

  50. Mr A,we haven’t seen ANYTHING of Diaby,let,alone his best lol.
    On your mate,well it seems as though he will end up managing Barca next season.
    Evening all.

  51. morning Rico
    mr A……i rated him before and not now just like how i used to rate wenger…lost faith on the two french guys

  52. Thanks Mr A
    :lol: Lee…

    Hi Scott, exactly….

    Re RvP, not sure i ever wanted him sold, but more kind of accepted that he was a luxury player, one which i wondered if the club could afford to keep

    Is that the same as suggesting selling him :P

  53. All the elite clubs are forming an orderly queue as we speak……..

  54. Hiya MrA. Dont worry. We enjoyed reading your comments yesterday. We know you are level headed. We might not agree with you but there is no hint of abrasiveness from you. At least we can have respectful disagreements.

    Seems as if M’Vila is going to be in also after all.

    As you say Rico. We do not believe it unless we see them with the red shirt on…….but it seems as if all three players have requested that they join. That is improving three departments at once. Now we need a gk like Jussi

  55. We don’t need luxury players…we need quality, experienced fit players!

  56. We used to say the same thing about Rvp no?

    It was the way he played in the last world cup that makes me think he really does have the talent.If he stay’s fit and play’s more game time he could be a real asset for us.

  57. lee…….i wanted him out
    had we signed a fit striker in those days…….maybe there would had be some addition in the trophy cabinet…..but i must admit that wenger had proved me wrong….but diaby and our legend is incomparable

  58. If M’Vila joins will that be the end of Song? Because I’d do that trade in a heartbeat…..what will someone pay for song? 15m??

  59. Well,it lasted five minutes.
    This is an Arsenal site,we should be polite to each other,but its fine to continuously,tediously and relentlessly bag the shit out of our manager.
    KC,get a bloody life and tell us something different,and stop the endless whinging about Wenger.
    I am still awaiting your retraction,too,but that will never come.
    No need Rico,I’m sin binning myself for the night.
    I will continue to do so until some of these alleged supporters actually show some bloody support.

  60. Yh he might be you know scott ha ha

  61. Would you say Diaby is a luxury?

    I wouldn’t, i personally think it’s time for him to be sold, there is a difference between him and RvP, when RvP was fit he darn good and scored goals.

    When Diaby is fit and plays, he just gets injured again…..

  62. we’re even polite to Aussies here……. ;)

  63. Rico…….when Diaby is fit and plays he just gets injured….. :lol:

    One of the qutoes of the week maybe???

  64. devil – we should certainly be able to match the other two clubs who are reportedly after him, and M’Vila says he would love to play for a french manager, it’s all looking rosy, just depends whether the club will pay the money Rennes value him at…

    This is where a Diaby player/money swap could suit all…..

  65. we need to be ruthless with 71 man squad…..and show intent in the transfer market, early!!!

  66. Phew Scott, you saved me a job ;)

    Sleep well….

  67. Thanks devil means alot.

    Kc i still do have faith in wenger thou.I really believe with a little luck that next season we be ours.I haven’t felt like this for a couple of years and think the next one will be massive for Arsene.

  68. 71, that is just shocking isn’t it, we could get rid of 20 of those and still be overloaded.

    I never understand why a club like our which goes on about spending wisely, keep so many average players on the books who are all being paid very well….

    The two just don’t add up….

  69. That is what we also wish for MrA. we dont give a toss who is manager if AFC win a pot or a tin every season. Hopefully AW will give us another hurrah to shout about. It would make everyone happy.

  70. wenger will always divide fans, players will always divide fans, but over the top, repetative critism gets tedious, as does comments about him doing no wrong..

    no-one is perfect but when mistakes are made, the best thing to do is try and make ammends, imho AW needs to do that this summer…

    Could this finally be the transfer window where we all are smiling??

    Not sure, but the journey through will add a few more grey hairs no doubt ;)

  71. Ok we was let down by wenger in the summer,but i think he was also let down by the board.Your right about not caring what manager does it for us,but i would love it to be Arsene.I just have so much time and respect for what he has done for us.I think as the years pass on we will all realise just how great Wenger has been to Arsenal.

  72. It’s not about the trophies either imho, for sure I’d love us to win a few but to have a squad up there fighting each season, looking like they want to win something, team with never say die attitude through it….. that’s just, if not more important imho..

    With the chavs and Citeh able to buy who they want, pay them what they want, they are expected to win things, but those kind of players can bring in egos, problems and issues…

    we don’t want or need them….

  73. rico 11:10
    sum up wenger…….funny how scott fails to see this
    lee……i still have faith in him to continue our dry spell and give diaby a bumper pay rise

  74. Which summer Mr A, 2007 and each one since ;)

  75. Diaby

  76. kc – i don’t want to go over old stuff we flogged to death before, but the board have to take a bit of responsibility too, IG gets paid for that doesn’t he…..

  77. You know, the thing about M’Vila is, will it be a case of him signing for 4 years and then leaving after 3..?
    Morning Gooners.
    Morning Rico.
    Good post as per usual.
    Think Diaby will be involved this weekend.
    At least it’s not a muscular injury…

  78. rico……….im not too fussed about trophy…..im sad that we had a manager who does the same thing all the time expectin a different result
    do i want him sacked…..no…….do i want to see changed wenger next summer yes…
    im not a big fan of song but his assists show we should not replace him with m’villa but add the two together……442

  79. Morning Charlie, agree re Diaby, just man flu ;)

  80. Ak………….he will still have resale value and frimcoq would had matured

  81. But Song may not want to stay, otherwise that offer of a contract would have been signed. He could be waiting to see what RvP and Theo do, if they sign, maybe he will too…

    Play M’Vila alongside Song, what then happens to Arteta, Jack, Ramsey, Rosicky etc etc…

    M’Vila alongside jack or Arteta would surely be a better option, a proper DM and those two can create for fun ;)

  82. As would Coquelin kc :)

  83. rico……if song stalls on contract waiting to see what vp and walcot do..sell him…..we need vermalaen type,,,,,who want to stay at emirate regardless of the situations

  84. I agree kc, but do we really want to go through all that bollox every couple of summers?
    I’d rather sign someone who is about 25 26 27.
    Who we know will stay and integrate them with our own young players.
    I’m fed up seeing Arsenal as a deveopment agency for the effin French National team.

  85. what is the chance of diaby playin tommorow……..im realy looking for suitors

  86. Great morning every one, another beautiful post to start the day.
    We all know Wenger makes it look difficult when it comes to selling
    or buying players,I just hope he’s not giving anoda excuse not to buy.
    I’ve heard the “we have a big squad”phrase so often it only means Wenger
    doesn’t wanna spend. I hope I’m wrong.

  87. Every summer since 1988 we have always won something when we strengthened with proper players who could add to the team that AFC had. For Example in 1991 we won the league but GG had strengthened the summer before. In 1998 we won the double but AW had strenghtened the summer before. Again in 2002 and in 2004.

    So this means that if we strenghten properly then at the end of next season we would be smiling. Money or not, sugardaddy or not, if you have good to excellent players in all departments then yuo will do well. And even though the Chavs and Shitty can buy whoever they want they can only play 11 on the pitch. Yes they would have better in depth but if they had the injuries we had this season they would not have replaced them as easily. We had 4 full backs out. What would shitty and the chavs have done if they were in the same position in the middle of october having to play till december 31 to buy a replacement. And then what……have six full backs???

    I am not an AKB nor AAW. I like to see things in the middle and feel that with two good players for every position and an extra player for every department is a very good situation to be in. And remember……we are one of the best run clubs with solid foundations.

  88. Ak….i think his age does not matter…he is realy extraordinary..but signing an AM,vertoghen and experince GK WOULD be my priority

  89. Agree kc, we want players who want to wear red and white, but i honestly believe that RvP will sign up before he leaves for the euros, as will theo…

    Song, well if we do sign M’Vila or similar, i really don’t care if he goes….

  90. :lol: Charlie, Fellani would be the best option and we already know how could he is….

  91. Seems as if Vela has thrown down the guantlet to AW……if he makes me stay I will fight him.

    I wonder if he will still think the same when he is in the manager’s office!!!!!! Imagine saying that to Brian Clough or SAF.

  92. could = good ;)

  93. devil…….spot on mate….hope aw change and do what best suit both parties

  94. Hi upgunners,

    we can’t keep Nik, Denilson, AA and Vela surely, all have said they don’t want to stay at arsenal – got to get rid…..

  95. M’Vila or not Fellaini would be my priority. Imagine him and M’Vila together or rotating. Sell Song by all means if that comes to pass. But the chances of Fellaini coming to AFC are zilch. :(

  96. Am making a mental note of all you creeps knocking diaby. When he eventually comes good. I ll gladly force feed y’all huge chunks of humble pies…and hey lee why do I always picture you as a an evil gnome giggling wickedly and typing away on computer.

  97. I would like an answer to a question with regards to fans view of Arsene Wenger. The criticism of him not buying not selling prevaricating in the market, my understanding is that since the George Graham era the manager idneifies targets and a designated member of the club negotiates the purchase or selling of the player. Is this not the case? Given Arsene’s experience and considerable intelligence i dont believe he is not capable of seeing where players are needed i do however think that with our club that the board have made decisions before that have caused us issues over money. My point is that i dont believe Arsene is the problem i think that the issue is the ineffectiveness of our designated negotiaters and the lack of flexibility in our boards stance on wages etc. that is where i would like to see a change

  98. devil – citeh and chavs can only play eleven and yes their bench will be strong – but, so will ours next season if Wenger makes the right signings…

    The likes of Coq, Jenks, Lansbury will all be a year older and wiser and very few of ours will have egos bigger than their salary, they will be happy to be ready to come on, where as at Citeh and the Chavs, we have all seen they don’t like not playing and sulk…

    We are very close to having a great squad for next season, as long as…..

    we all know that bit ;)

  99. Never say never though devil, fellaini is getting itchy feet at everton ;)

  100. rico…….i think he will sign too…im an African who want my fellow black to wear red and white shirt….their loyalty is found wanting….one or two good seasons……they think that messi is an inferior player

  101. And where does this misconception arise from that “blondes are dumb”. Grrrr we are not, atleast am not! I can tell my right from my left…atleast I think I do!

  102. i would like to see Fellaini in an Arsenal shirt thik he could be a very good player for us, given that he has played with Arteta an Vermalen before

  103. So Goonie………..are you a blondie?????

    How are you mate????

  104. following our record of signin under 16……i will no longer rant if wenger replaces park and chamack with my 13 year old younger brother when arsenal comes to nigeria……..i will smash my tv with happiness when he scores the winning goal against the scums….

  105. Hi ya dg, how are you fella…yes I am. A proud one at that!

  106. Morning all…

  107. So you do not mind if we make a couple of Blond Goonie jokes matey????? ;)

  108. Hi goonster, i love Diaby ;)

  109. “evil gnome” righto blondie………

  110. vernat, i think they all have their own part to play in the signing of players, i also believe they all have to take a bit of responsibilty when we don’t seal a deal we wanted to.

  111. Morning mama bear… Yesterday was really emotional for me family. Mum wept like a child still at suck. God it was hell. Lee, I don’t envy ya fella. Brace up.

  112. So if Lee is the evil gnome who is the wicked witch on here??? certainly not Rico as she is the fairy god mother, while AGAG can be the princess.

    Now imagine Goonster as Rapunzel!”!!!! :lol:

  113. AGAG is Imelda……

  114. And you dg, what are ya? Mother goose!

  115. Back in a bit……

  116. Agag is what? Imelda! Hahahahahahaha. Omg, imelda is a spooky name.

  117. I was going to say the prince but seeing that may be a bit too far than I am…………………PUSS IN BOOTS.

  118. Yeah I can tell. Your whiskers are visible for miles! Puss in dung more like.

  119. On to tomorows match,Devil what do you say? a win or loose?

  120. Thaks for your reply Rico but i dont buy it, as i said the clubs policy since the George Graham bung scandal is that the board or a designated member buys the players the manager identifies. Given Arsenal’s history of financial conservatism ( see the boards actions after George Grahams first title and second title where they did not stregthen, the letting of martin keown go over wages etc..) i still think it is more likely that the issue is with the board buying a player than Arsene saying right that is it i am off you paid two million more than i suggested for that player i am not having him. I think Wenger would just accept that the board had paid what they had to and manage the player.

  121. I have a winning feeling. but just 2-1.

    Off now mates. Later on today.

  122. i don’t know the definate answer vernat, that is just my view…

    laters devil…

  123. i dont think that anyone knows the definitive answer however it gets on my nerves to hear constantly that the lack of ambition prevarication in signing etc.. is down solely to Arsene. He seems to take all of the abuse for this and this is the stick that the sack wenger, wenger out brigade use to beat him with. A forlorn hope but perhaps a more balanced and considered view fo the situation would give a more accurate picture of what is really going on?

  124. that is bound to happen though vernat, ultimately it is down to the manager to identify the areas of weakness and make us stronger, has AW done that in recent years?

    Has he told IG, go and get me x,y,z at all costs? If he has and IG has mucked up negotiations, then he is at fault, but if AW hasn’t then he is also at fault…

    It’s all speculation, none of us are present when player discussions take place so all we can do is guess.

    But, ultimately, when results on the pitch go wrong, the manager is the one sacked….

    Apart from the dippers of course, they sacked the man who bought all their cack….

  125. This is the biggest opportunity we’ve ever had as a club.

    Speak to Pep, if hes up for it sack Wenger immediately. As in before the stoke game.

  126. gambon, that’s not going to happen, pep has made it clear that he wants a year out…

    And, if we make CL again, Wenger won’t be sacked

  127. Arsène Wenger insists his side will do everything they can to claim maximum points from their final three matches of the season – starting at Stoke.

    Arsenal travel to the Britannia Stadium on Saturday as they look to take another step towards automatic qualification for next season’s Champions League group stages.

    The Britannia has not traditionally been a happy hunting ground for Wenger’s side since Stoke’s promotion to the Premier League in 2008 but the Frenchman believes his side are now better equipped for the challenge ahead.

    “That’s what we want to show,” he said. “I believe that Stoke is always a difficult opponent for us and everybody. Every big team who goes to Stoke knows they get a game.

    “From our side we are in a position where we want to win our remaining games. That is the only chance to master our future. We have our future in our own hands but only if we win the three games.

    “That starts with Stoke so we are completely focused on cancelling their strong points but as well we want to score goals because that is what you need to win the games.

    “They have played many games as well. They played in the Europa League and in the FA Cup so they have played many games this season. So that will not be an excuse from our side.”

  128. AW 3-1 favourite to get Pep’s old job……..hahahaha!

  129. Marcelo Bielsa at 4’s better……

  130. That’s funny Lee, i bet they’d love him there too….

  131. Personally I think that Wenger has found, in Arsenal, a club that give him more autonomy than any other and I imagine this has resulted in him becoming rather stuck in his ways. He knows that moving to somewhere like Barcelona or RM would be an enormous culture shock so I can’t see it.

  132. he’d struggle to get motivated for anything less that his £7m p.a salary….. ;)

  133. Lets hope we can exoricse some old demons at stoke and get a win and make sure that we get third

  134. Hi Adam, neither can I – he’s already turned down RM not so long ago…

  135. Yeah take the aerial bombardment on the chin then cut them to ribbons……………….

  136. Wenger wont go to Barca,

    They want to win trophies over there, something Wenger isnt very good at.

    They also like to buy world class players, again, not wengers speciality.

  137. Lee. My salary is only a half that and I struggle to get motivated too.😊

  138. Adam, you seen this hostage sh1te?

  139. when did we last win there??

  140. Tottenham Court Road or Stoke?

  141. :lol: Stoke….

    Not a good day to go and get an HGV licence eh….

  142. I doubt Pep would want to join us tbh, we have got a board willing to spend masses on world class players….

  143. and before that 1990…..

  144. Greetings………….

    So Barca have promoted from within to replace Pep who says he’s knackered…. Ah poor sod…! He should try getting a proper job..!

  145. Jeez, that long ago :(

    Who will have a big enough pocket to get Crouch in it….

    Oh, i can already hear the answer being typed away on a keyboard ;)

  146. Hi Wath…

    Who has taken over from Pep?

  147. Lukic, Dixon, P Davis, Thomas (Jonsson), O’Leary, Adams, Quinn, Richardson, P Groves, Bould, Merson (Rocastle)

  148. Not one world class player there – just heart, passion, grit and pride, and they could play a bit too ;)

  149. Rico, Tito Vilanova has taken over from Pep

  150. isn’t he one of the Jacksons??

  151. Not one world class there you say Rico…. what about Perry Groves… for gods sake woman how can you insult our Perry like that…!

  152. Pep appointed in 2008… 13 trophies won, not one Emirates Cup though!

  153. No Lee you arse he was the yugoslav leader… ;-)

  154. Maybe Arsenal’s new No2 in 2013/14 season…..?

  155. I bet Cesc is happy………………. lol :D

  156. :lol: Lee re Tito…

    Dont know whay i asked really Wath, couldn’t give two hoots about what goes on there – I have sent a box of tissues over for Cesc…

  157. I ddin’t see Perry Groves, I take it all back ;)

  158. Colchester boy……

  159. Irony = Cesc………….. Piss funny…..!

  160. Number 1 is Perry Groves………. and number 2 is Perry Groves….

  161. He won’t care, he’s gone home…..

  162. Lee. I heard about someone strapped up with gas canisters. I will check the news.

  163. Yeah it’s all over the news…

  164. Paul Davis class footballer always thought very underated

  165. A crazy man just off Tottenham Court Road holding people hostage. My friend who lives in Holborn just rang and said there are helicopters and sirens everywhere down there.

  166. 11 Arsenal players in one room one has a cold but has recovered who goes down with man flu

  167. Lee…!
    A gnome….?!
    He didn’t strike me as gnome~like when we last met.
    Have you holding out on me Lee? :-D

  168. Hi Kev. Good evening yesterday?

  169. AK, give shithole court road a wide berth….
    anyway i’m fishing in a garden pond……

  170. Staninho, so, your a blonde are ya… :-)
    Haha, that colour should go well with your kilt.

  171. Steve, diaby?? ;)

  172. Lee. Are you having Carp or Goldfish curry for dinner then?

  173. They were all underated back then vernat…

    Hi Steve, it could only be one, couldn’t it….

  174. Didn’t think anyone would get that one Lee Oh and hello all

  175. I know Lee.
    I’m ranking by Tower Bridge. Cheers mate.
    Hi Adam. You ok buddy?
    Wath, where were you yesterday???
    I thought that Rico was heroic in her efforts to keep a lid on fings.

  176. Flustered Charlie ;)

  177. She comes over quite sexy when she’s agitated Kev

  178. Popping off for an hour…..

  179. Tench tikka….the recipe for the marinade is on it’s way! ;)
    AK you going to the Norwich game??

  180. Fine thanks Kev. You are near one of my favorite haunts in Prescott Street.

  181. Lee. I am impressed. You know it?

  182. Tower Hotel Adam.
    By the river. Very relaxing.
    No Lee. I h

  183. Very well Adam…used to go have a few beers in The Swan in Alie street, then cross the road to the original Namaste….

  184. Have been to the one on Prescot St but years ago…..

  185. Adam, Lee is the walking encyclopedia or Ruby Houses in London…!

  186. Drop Lee into Brick Lane and he thinks he’s in heaven.
    Me too…
    Nope, i had a ticket for Norwich Lee, but i’m visiting my cousin over the Bank Holiday.
    Be really nice to see him. The 3 day beer festival in his village is pure coincidence. :-D

  187. Afternoon all,
    I paint gnomes for a living, not very happy with stan.
    Wath, have you read Perry’s book, very funny read, so glad I wasn’t born ginger.

  188. Afternoon guys and gals…

    Micko, isn’t that a bit gingerist ;)

  189. Not read his book Micko, my Dad has and says it’s very funny I think I must go and borrow it…! I hope not those ugly bloody things with the stupid fishing rods Micko ;-)

  190. Evening guys…

  191. I see pep is leaving barca…hmmmm a whole lot teams ll be after him in the summer. A lot of managers ll be sweating too.

  192. hi goonster, how did yesterday go….

  193. Its was heart wrenching maam. Mama couldn’t stop crying. Had to hold her all through the service.

  194. seeing as everyone has gone, i’m going to have a very early friday night with an ice-pack…

    have a good one all and catch you tomorrow…

    Stay safe, nighty night…..

  195. Sorry to hear that goonster :(

    how is your Mum today?

  196. Stable… Just spoke with her a couple of minutes ago. She’s really shaken.

  197. You look after her goonster….

    I’m heading off now, you take care….

  198. Alright maam, thanks and have a good night.

  199. night goonster, you too….

  200. Have an ultra relaxing evening Rico.

  201. Stan, what’s the latest..?
    Listened to Talkshite for few minutes.
    Adrian Durham trying to sell RVP again.
    Quality journalism i don’t think.

  202. Latest kev? How do you mean?

  203. Hi Adam.
    I really don’t have any strong feelings about Talkshite anymore.
    They’re becoming so predictable, so boring almost juvenile.
    How on earth can anybody take them serious.

  204. Any Arsenal news Stan?
    That’s all.

  205. You still listen to those scums? Jeez kev am dissapointed.

  206. I can’t bring myself to listen to those bottom feeding arseholes, they’d be at home on some Arsenal blogs!!! ;)

  207. Let me say something really controversial….so that buckets of dense ppl ring in! WANKERS the lot of em…..

  208. On that note, I’ve got an appointment with several pints of numbers!!! :) :) :)

  209. Kev. Do not listen to that oxygen thief Durham. You know it makes sense.

  210. Morning all.

  211. Hiya folks. Seems as if the sin bin idea has had the desired effect. Well done Rico. Just went through all the posts and there is no abrasiveness or insulting comments.

    Righto…..off now. been a long day. When I come on tomorrow it will be after my team’s game.

    cu all

  212. Lee at 6.54…..I think some are already here.

  213. Hiya Scott. Seen your comment exactly as I was leaving.

    I Got your email. But it seems as if the sin bin worked and no undesirables were here today.

    Hope you are ok mate. but I am off now. very tired.

  214. Catch you later.
    Any Gooners alive on here?

  215. Scott i trust that you will be joining us later today, tomorrow for you.
    Got to spinkle a bit of that Lucky Aussie dust on the lads ya know..!

  216. Wonder if Coquelin will be in the squad?
    Gotta feeling that Diaby will be on the bench despite him being ‘Tom & Dick’…
    Benny & Gerv look likely starters.
    Ramsey Song & Rosicky behind and the usual back four.
    I suppose AW might use Santos as left m/f, as the Brazillian looks able to cope with the scrum and mauls of StokeRFU.

  217. The problem is always going to be defending Stoke’s line~out.

  218. Hey Rico i was just re~reading some of the final comments from Thurs night and saw you mention about comments going into spam.
    What the hell are wordpress up to?
    I couldn’t get on either late on.
    Still, see ya lata.

  219. Morning, New Post going up….

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