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Do we really need Yann M’Vila? Hazard on his way to the Premier League….

Yesterday Lille confirmed that Eden Hazard will be leaving them in the summer, it’s believed his likely destination is England.

Many Arsenal fans are calling for his signing but it seems it’s straight forward battle between the two Manchester sides as £30 Million is his reported value!

Onto another player that many Gooners want us to sign…

Over the last few days, several ‘stories’ have been written about Yann M’Vila and how officials from Arsenal are currently in talks over a summer move to us.

This young French player certainly seems to be flavour of the month with many clubs and certainly many Gooners. There is no doubting he is a player with a lot of potential, but do we really need him???

To a certain degree, injuries to both Emmanuel Frimpong and Francis Coquelin had fed the clamour from supporters, for the signing of the Rennes midfielder.

M’Vila himself is only 21 years old, marginally older than both Frimpong and Coquelin.

Last January Emmanuel Frimpong left on loan to join Wolves, Wenger knew that young Manu would gain experience in the high pressure environment of a relegation battle and PL games.

After a slow start Frimpong began to grow into his role and was fast developing into an important player for Mick McCarthy’s team.

You could see the benefit of the superior technical coaching he enjoyed at Arsenal as he became an important cog in the Wanderers midfield.

Of course, we all know that he suffered the misfortune of another terrible injury, but imagine if he could have stayed fit?

What kind of player would we be looking at now??

He may have been instrumental in saving Wolves from relegation, he might even have saved McCarthy his job?

Of course we’ll never know for sure, but during his sojourn in the Black Country, the Wanderers had shown real signs of a revival but all that came to a shuddering halt with his injury…


Only McCarthy could give an answer to that question.

Had he stayed fit, wouldn’t we Arsenal fans be rubbing our hands in anticipation at his addition to our squad for next season???

Also, back in January, a succession of injuries to our full-backs meant that Vermaelen and Djourou had to fill in. This brought mixed results but the injuries opened up a great opportunity for Francis Coquelin to gain some valuable 1st team experience.

Into the emergency full-back role came Francis and he immediately looked the part, whether at left or right full-back.

Then just as he was establishing himself, Madam Injury decided to pay him a visit and ruined his chances of development.

He is now fit again and ready to come back…

Again though, imagine if he had remained fit, how would he have developed and what kind of player would we be looking at now?

Three months of regular 1st team football, some of which no doubt would have be played in his natural position in midfield, would he too not be close to being considered a regular in the squad for next season???

Had both Frimpong and Le Coq gained that experience, would we now be clamouring for M’Vila’s signing?

Or would we be looking forward to Coquelin and Frimpong driving Arsenal forward instead?

Written by Allezkev

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526 comments on “Do we really need Yann M’Vila? Hazard on his way to the Premier League….

  1. We absolutely need to sign M’Vila. He’s got the passingskill of Arteta/Fabregas and the strenght of Vieira.
    He’s twice the player Coq and Frimpong will ever be. So sign him up quickly pleases

  2. Morning all…

    Good post there AK, and a few things to think about, my own view is yes, Frimps has had two nasty injuries now and there has to be a question mark over his recovery and even his confidence.

    Even if he does make a 100% recovery, he’ll need next season on loan.

    Love Coquelin and no doubt he’s got what it takes to be a quality player for us but, I’d rather he was learning his trade from M’Vila and not Song….

    M’Vila is a must signing imho or someone similar….

  3. Welcome GFD, good to see you here on HH…

  4. Defintely M’Villa will be great for Arsenal. Frimpong and Coq are good players, but not in M’Villa class. Moreover, we need more defensive strength as shown by the two CL semi. Power play and speed will the the way to conquer the lower teams.

  5. AK – he’s a very good player, but not worth the reported money that his club are asking for him. If he were to join us, where would he fit in, and would that also potentially mean the end of AS, who has not yet committed pen to paper on a new improved LT contract?

  6. I havent seen M’villa play,but everything I’ve heard has been very positive.
    It won’t happen,but imagine us getting him,Hazard,Vertonghen and Podolski???
    80 odd million now,and we really wouldn’t need to spend much over then next two seasons,as each player has a lot of years left in them.

  7. Morning Kev and all. I have seen M’Vila a few times and he looks pretty good. I also like Coquelin but think Frimpong to be some way off being a regular. After years of shallow benches and over reliance on our top players I say we need as many great players as possible. Hazard is expensive but extremely promising and most importantly, very young which makes the financial risk better as he will have a mega sell-on price when he moves to Real Madrid or Barca. Cynical, but probably true unless Arsenal start to get real success. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy in a way and all dependent on Wenger and Stan. Unless Usmanov takes over, in which case……

  8. Sorry guys would rather coquelin and frimps than spending 30 million on a ‘newbie’ without premier league experience. Let’s get vertoghen instead!

  9. M’Vila would be a massive player for us, I also think we need an AM as well…..

  10. Morning fine folks…

  11. Do we actually believe that Ivan Gazidis is doing what he is meant to be doing and actually talking to Rennes?

  12. morning all……

  13. I believe he is polishing his smile Rico.

  14. I don’t – he’s more likely to be talking to Blackburn about Nzonzi, half the price of M’Vila….

    Less if they get relegated….

  15. question, how many of you guys have even seen him play? Sheesh, now aLl of a sudden he’s now the best thing since slice bread! Coqpong any day!

  16. Rennie more like………

  17. Don’t Adam, the very thought… ;)

  18. I’ve seen him and he’s very good…..

  19. Anyway today is me dad’s one year anniversary…his death that Is.

  20. On form again then Lee ;)

  21. Stan, don’t go all mata on us…….

  22. Saw that wanker Clive Allen last night….i mentioned the gap to him!!

  23. :( Stan……

  24. yeah lee, am father! “sobs’

  25. Rico,have you seen him play?

  26. Hi Rico, you make a good point regarding IG talking or not talking to Rennes. Goonster, I have and he’s both a monster an athelete and does look like a young PV, but still not worth the money for me.

  27. Apparently barca are willing to sell alves, hmmmmm we ll see manure shitty and the chavs fall over themselves for his signature. inbred scums. God I hate those guys.

  28. goonster, nzonzi yes, m’vila, just youtube, i have confessed to that before ;)

    but, so many who have seen him pay say he’s the mutts nutss and thats good enough for me ;)

  29. and on that note I bid you guys farewell. Got a memorial service planned. See ya pals.

  30. goonster… :( re your Dad…

  31. Be safe Stan!!

  32. Did he reply Lee?

    Andy, just can’t see him getting off his butt and being pro-active, but many stories are suggesting we are in talks, all made up i suspect….

  33. nope, he looked like a bag of shite going into the bookies on Shenfield High St………

  34. You’ll see exactly why we need him on Saturday when the Neanderthals bully and over-run our midfield. However, you needn’t worry as there is no way Wenger will buy another midfielder this summer as he believes we are strong in thast area. We are strong in numbers but low in quality! Song, Arteta, Rosicky, Ramsey, Diaby, Frimpong, Coquelin, Wilshere and the returning Denilson but of that lot I think only Arteta, Rosicky, Wilshere and Coquelin have the potential to succeed in club of Arsenal’s stature. We are losing games in midfield through a lack of protection for the back 4 and our inability to breakdown defensive teams. A left back, a disciplined DM like M’Vila and a creative midfielder (Jack or maybe he operates in between the 2)and this team would consistently challenge for the major trophies but it isn’t going to happen under Wenger.

  35. M’Villa is good but not that good. Just my opinion…

  36. hope his bet lost…….

  37. Morning all, Nice one Sir AK your pen is mightier than your sword. Buying midfielders i cant see it we have them in abundance. A striker is a must reserve Keeper also a must central defender be daft not to buy one and for me a proper left back £30 mill should sort that out, Dennilson Bedntner Vellor squillaki sold should offload that 30 so we should have this years transfer kitty of £20 mill to strengthen the squad.

  38. davegooner – this weekends fixture worries me big time, hope wenger watched the way newcastle played them and learned….

  39. A top notch post Sir AK.

    Good Morning Guys and Chicks of the Gunners’ Faith.

    Hope you all are ok.

    Sir AK…….of course we need M’Vila. Provided he will add to what we have and better our team. Is he a sitting Defensive midfielder?? If yes then he will improve our midfield. Is he a good reader of the game?? If yes then he will help in keeping our Goals Against coloumn down. Can he control the game and take our team by the scruff of the neck?? If yes then he will be our new driving force.

    This is what we have to ask everytime a new player is wanted. The same can be said for Podolski, Vertonghen, Jussi etc. I like them all but we all have to ask the questions whether they are famous or not.

    Hell even if AW wanted to sign Ronaldo and Messi we have to ask the same question. Obviously the majority would say YES immediately. But many things have to be taken into consideration. Would he fit into our team?? Would he destabilise the harmony of the team? Would he ruin the togetherness of the team???

  40. You wouldn’t want us to sign him then Cd?

    Morning Steve – Vertonghen, if rumours are to believed, will solve the CH and Lb probs….

  41. Hi Lady. We used to be intimidated by Stoke whenever we played them before. But now I think they have been found wanting since we are not intimidated anymore by them and they are lacking in skill and technique.

  42. I sure hope that Blackburns fight for survival brings out the best in them on Sunday, need them to win….

  43. M’vila can replace either song or arteta if injuries put them out and in some games he would be better then both for example better then song in QPR or wigan game as he is more defensive then song and knows his job and does it. Also arteta may only have 3 years left in him. Keep M’vila to slowly take over him. Also Frimpong probably wont make it but Coquelin could be a fgreat squad player if he stays

  44. Morning devil

    M’Vila if french, of course he’d fit in ;)

    As for Stoke, i just worry as we have no Theo and Arteta, where are our goals going to come from too, who is going to create the chances??

  45. Welcome conor, if we were to sign M’Vila, he’d be first choice i’m sure, the one he’d be up against for a place has to be Song, who is reported to be stalling on signing a contract extension.

    Arteta when fit again, has to be one of the first on the team sheet…

  46. Rico,we created more than enough chances v Chelski,and they defend better than Stoke.
    We need to hit the woodwork a little less often.

  47. Nicklas Bendtner has revealed he is unlikely to remain with Sunderland – even if the opportunity arises.

    Bendtner, 24, is currently on a season-long loan with the Black Cats from Arsenal where he has scored seven goals.

    A decision on the Denmark international’s future has not been made by Martin O’Neil, who is aware he needs to strengthen his striking options.

    Bendtner, though, could take the decision out of the manager’s hands as he looks for pastures new.

    “Never say never about Sunderland, but it is not certain that I will be here if the opportunity arises,” he told http://www.Sporten.tv2.dk.

    “About Arsenal, I obviously have to have a chat with the club about it [the future], but it’s not there that the first priority is going to be. I think I have been fairly clear about it.”

  48. Arteta and Wilshere (if he returns to the top level he was) will be the first two on the team sheet. Therefore M’Vila will replace Song or rotate with the other two. If M’Vila signs (but I feel he wont be signed) it means that Vertonghen will not be signed. If Verts signs then M’Vila will not come. Remember that Coquelin can play in the same positions as Vertonghen. Across the defence and defensive midfielder.

    Regarding the injury to Frimps…..Pires suffered the same injuries and they did not stop him did they.

  49. The problem with the jam tomorrow syndrome is that both Frimpong and Coquelin have not had the experience and are both prospects. Arsenal have been approaching and have now arrived at the time to play for the present. Defensive midfield is a problem and needs to be fixed at the outset of next pre season.

  50. Scott From Oz says:……..

    Rico,we created more than enough chances v Chelski,and they defend better than Stoke.
    We need to hit the woodwork a little less often.

    Couldn’t have put it better myself mate.

  51. Like i said Scott, who is going to get our goals?

    If RvP is off form again, it could be a struggle..

    At least Yossi is available for this fixture…

  52. Hazard & Podolski would make an enormous difference to his attacking play, but Wenger hasnt got the cojones to sign Hazard.

    MVila is top class, IMO opinion defintely needed. He is better than Song, more disciplined, although not the water carrier people label him as.

  53. He hasn’t got the money either gambon, not to be able to pay hazard what city will offer…

  54. Goon morning peeps,

    Kev, you certainly threw a bone in a pack of dogs. Great job.

    Stan, hope fine memories will serve your day.

    M’Villa & Hazard (+ Ipod & Vertonga) in for reasons already stated by Adam and Rico. Quality depth providing school material for our academy to aspire, lifting restrictive elements in our consistency over a full seasons in all competitions and the reasonable financial risk. Plus these acquisitions, to a large extent, will enhance our team lifecycle over coming years with only 1 or 2 additions needed a season. Which makes big spending unnecessary over the financial fair play implementation period.

  55. Didn’t realise Pires injured both legs devil…

    time will tell with frimps, he seems a determined guy and he’s plenty of time ahead of him too….

  56. Why do we need M’Villa? Simple, those that have come a long way still have a long way to go and there are no shortcuts. The best teams thrive on adding the best players irrespective of who they have. Would anyone here overlook Hazard just because we have Chamberlain and Ryo? Of course not. This is exactly the mistake we have made repeatedly that leaves us where we are: refusing to add because we are waiting for what we have, that hasnt yet blosomed and might not blossom in the long run, to come good. I remember Wenger saying he didnt buy Drogba because he had Henry at the time, bollocks. Imagine Newcastle refusing to sign Cisse because they had Ba. Natural selection theory says if Ba was better than Cisse it would have left them with an alternate option in case of injury or loss of form, and if Cisse was better that would have made them stronger. Need I say more! Moreover, our team is so confused now and we need specialists, especially in M’Villa’s position. Song does not know what his primary work is, which to me is shielding the defense even though Wenger says he prefers him upfield. In that case we need a specialist Defensive midfielder who sleeps, eats and dreams shielding the back 4. It is even more pertinent now that all our defenders, bar Koscielny, loves to maraud forward at ease. And we need that hardman in midfield which will make us get bullied less…and methink M’Villa is the answer. Also, considering what I’ve seen from Coquelin and his weight I dont think he can comfortably handle that defensive midfield role especially in EPL where size is a factor. And considering his footwork and the way he passes people I’ll prefer him a full back, or even a winger. He’s too skillful to be a defensive midfielder and too small to be. And Frimpong? Am not sure he is and will ever be Arsenal material. For a defensive midfielder that prides in grit and hardness 2 injuries in 3 years dont sound auspicious. That role is for walls and not paperweights that cant handle some ‘getting kicked’.

  57. rico

    Yet we pay Diaby £60k pw, who plays 2 games per season.

    Walcott & Diabys wages alone are £120k pw. Of course we can afford him.

    We payed Henry £200k pw in his final season, that was 6 years ago when we had nowhere near the money we have now.

    If we cant afford Hazard then we may as well say goodbye to RVP.

  58. Yes Rico. One was before he came with us and the other was when he was with us. Even Overmars had injuries to both legs although not similiar to Frimps and Pires. But he was labelled injury prone. Edu was another Rico.

  59. Morning DG

    Hazard – £30 Million

    Hoilett – free in the summer…

    Wonder which one Wenger is thinking about ;) ;)

  60. Rico,it will only take one,so hopefully RVP can snatch it for us.

  61. Saw M’Villa play for France at Wembley against England and he looked top class, very Vieira like big strong physical and he keeps things simple by passing to his team mates. Also his work rate was outstanding. Remember thinking then who this guy was because he was excellent. We definitely need him to sit in front of our back 4, it would then make players like Coq and Frimpong realise how hard it is to get in first team, also if he stays give Song a kick up the arse cos he thinks he’s better than he is. If we could get Vertognhen M’Villa Podolski and keep RVP then we could challenge next season. Also Hazard and Dempsey would be nice too but this is Arsenal lol. One big worry Denilson coming home, Wenger please you wouldn’t dare would he ?

  62. What’s this Eriksen like? Stubborn bollocks will not sign Hazard…..

  63. Wikki on Vertonghen ;)

    During the 2011-2012 Eredivisie campaign Vertonghen has emerged as one of Ajax’s best players. He has also remained remarkably durable during a season in which Ajax has had several regulars out for long periods of time.

    His ability to play solid defence at the back and chip in occasionally with goals and assists has continued to attract the attention of big clubs like Arsenal.

    He was singled out for his impressive display against Manchester United in the Europa League Round of 16. Once the Summer 2012 transfer window opens, he will be an Arsenal player as pre-contract agreements have already been made, with a though fee of £10 million.

  64. I want more than one Scott ;)

    Hi Gary – Denilson is only ending his loan spell, i doubt very much if his feet will even touch english soil, i’m sure he’ll be sold….

    I’m happy to go and do his packing for him ;)

  65. For me, buy Podolski, Hazard, Vertonghen and M’Villa and we would not only be competitive but also not need to ‘shop big’ for the next 2years. Send Ryo, Frimpong, Ramsey, Djorou, Jenkinson, etcetera on loan.

  66. He can’t be too bad Lee, he’s at Ajax :)

    Must mean he’s a clean living kind of guy :oops:

  67. rico

    De Boer and Cruyff think Vertonghen is better than Vermaelen.

    A lot of people have commented that “he wont want to sit on the bench” but thats the wrong attitude. He will be coming to play in the first team, not settle for £60k pw on the bench.

    I would prefer someone of the highest calibre like Hummells or Subotic.

  68. Devil question: I, like some others have mentioned also, want Santos transformed into LM/Wing Back role to play a system of 4-4-2 / 4-4-1-1.

    Is there LB available in the mold of Alaba from Bayern cuz I liked the look of him??

  69. I would prefer this team plays for AFC…………

    Sagna, Piquet, Hummels,Lahm
    Schwiensteiger, Xavi
    Ronaldo, Messi, Iniesta

    Gazidis would choke on his cornflakes at the mention of this team.

    But then that is my wish. And between my wish and what is there in reality there is a vast ocean……like finances, directors, meddling by UEFA/FIFA, income, etc. Some little things which some people are so dumb and lack a sort of brain that they cannot fathom it out and still live in cloud cuckoo land.

  70. DC10…..yes there is…..Alaba himself. Do you know that he reminded me of Cashley around the 2002-2005 period. I liked him a lot yesterday. Marcelo Vieira is another. And to cap it all both can play as defensive midfielders.

  71. Hi, i think that we should spend the money we have on Fellaini from Everton, rumors say wants to move on, is already familiar playing with both Arteta and Vermalen. Add Podolski and perhaps on a free Solomon Kalou?

  72. Devil, no denilson in your dream-team??

  73. Dev Don’t know this Marcelo Vieira fella. Related to our legend?? But deja vu indeed had the same impression on Alaba. Shame he already found a good nourishment soil in Bayern.

  74. gambon,

    ‘he won’t want to sit on the bench’ is the right attitude, we need four quality central defenders, JV would give us that, aswell as cover in other areas.

    We ask for strength in depth, well JV would bring just that…

  75. Lee…………. ;) :lol: :lol:

    Not even in my worst 11. However although I do not like him, yesterday I was speaking reality itself. He is AFC player and that of him coming back and staying on are part of the scenario. Those of you who form or have formed part of a football club, and by that I mean playing staff, coaching staff or directors and not some moron who starts a campaign to change the panties of directors, know what I am speaking about.

    If I were to do a petition on whether or not Denilson would be welcomed back I think that 1 MILLION percent would say a resounding NOOOOOOOO.

    But he is still there and until we see him move away we cannot say Good Riddance. Even though we hate it and would like to see him move on.

    Even Sir AK has his taxi on a stand bye. While Rico is begging to do his bags.

  76. rico

    The point i was making is that JV will be coming to relegate TV to the bench. It absolutely shouldnt be a given that any player is in the first XI, except for Sagna & RVP I guess.

  77. Ehhhhhh. Who is this Marcelo Vieira???? He is the Real Madrid left back. And he is only 23.

  78. mvilla is a good def mid but thats what he is he will protect teh back 4 but the attacking responsibilty will be in the hands of teh other 2 mids.. i read that his passingskill of Arteta/Fabregas… hahahha couldnt stop laughing if u have watched him play i would say more like denielson / de jong… that price is just 2 high for a player like him… players similar to him: de jong/ cana/ melo/ cattermole… how much would they cost 10m max…
    i would raher have coquellen and frimpong in the squad over him…
    our priority is a striker/ creative mid/ utility defensive player/ goliee
    striker: Giroud (has a realses cluase of 11m… i say sign him on a pre contract now!!!), podolski (almost a done deal)…. these 2 will replace chamakh/ vela/ nikki b/ park… and the money we get by selling the 4 should easily fund the transfer of the above 2.
    we onli have rosicky as a CAM mid at the moment … ramsay suilts more to the arteta role / wilsahre as well. so that means in our 3 man mid: Rosicky, Arteta/wilsahre/ramsay/coquellen/ diaby, song/frimpong
    if we could buy erikson and kagawa for CAM role it be amazing…
    Kagawa can play on the planks as well…
    and vertonghen covers cb and def mid…. so my list this summer:
    Giroud, podolski, kagawa, erikson, vertonghen. would cost us somewhere around: 60m and we sell: denielson/chamakh/vela/almunia/squillachi/bartley/djouru/hoyte/arshavin/nikki b/ park. would fetch us: 30-35m easily
    i think a club like us shouldnt hesitate to spend 25-30m.
    we should be reliant on a single player very time thats our biggest weakness….
    first it was fab… now its RVP… we should keep rotating players…

  79. many are saying Mvila has no premier experience but how much have Frimpong and Coq between them? maybe 10 – 15 games max. m’vila plays day in day out for a 1 division team in France and has vastly more footballing experience than either Frimpong or Coq. I would sign him in a flash.

  80. Team for next season:





  81. Fellani would do me vernat :)

    Lee :lol:

  82. Gylfi Þór Sigurðsson, on loan at Swansea worth a punt?

  83. Devil the name slipped under my radar now you mentioned it haven’t seen enough of him. I missed the first leg of the semi when he started. ;)

  84. gambon,

    we don’t know that for sure, it could be that AW see’s him as Lb, tp push Gibbs – Santo imho will be the replacement for the outgoing Arshavin and Yossi..

    Also, JV can and does play in the DM role, if he arrives, it doesn’t mean TV is set for the bench, that is the beauty of a player like TV, and just because De Boer and Cryuff think something, it may not mean that AW see’s it the same….

  85. Hi there transfer tragics :D

    rico says:
    April 26, 2012 at 9:37 am

    Do we actually believe that Ivan Gazidis is doing what he is meant to be doing and actually talking to Rennes?

    He is. He’s watching the pennies for the board

  86. gambon

    Subotic would mean dripping Kos, he’s been one of our best players this season – that imho just won’t happen….

  87. Maybe we could do a player swap with Nikki b and Denilson going to Hoffenheim and Sigurdson coming to us, or off load bendtner and denilson to fulham with Dempsey coming the other way.

  88. A few years back I wanted Marcelo as competition for Clitoral. He wasn’t delivering for RM back then.

  89. madgunner – very little, coq would have done though for us i suspect had it not been for injury…

  90. just get a good EPL chap

  91. Gambon, then your alarm clock goes off……….it’d give the mancs a run for their dough!

  92. Gambon………TommyV will never be relegated to the bench. For the simple reason that he is vice-captain. And Captains and vice captains will never be on the bench unless by some big reason. Plus he is one of the senior players. If Vertonghen comes then expect a sort of rotation between TommyV, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Vertonghen but only rotation according to the team we are facing. But none of them will be relegated to the bench to warm it while the others play.

  93. vernat, i’d rather a straight swap for dempsey, get denilson gone once and for all ;)

    think he wants out of the PL though so i suspect he’ll move overseas, somewhere where the football suits his pace, or should i say, lack of it….

    Morning alan, they are not his to be counting… ;)

  94. Fergie wants Baines, he reckons £5 million will get him too..

  95. Lee

    With a new manager we would deffo be able to get the 90 points required to win the PL with that team.

    AsI see it we have underinvested by 1/2 players every year since 2006, so we need a number of players, not 1 or 2.

  96. Rico

    No they are the board’s pennies, and he is their CEO. He will do what the board says

  97. Comical irony our bench seats look to be plucked straight out of a Dakar Rally Truck some have really driven it into a sand dune. Chamug??

  98. lol exactly DutchGooner

  99. were is the rule written that a vice- captain can’t be relegated to the bench? Not that he will though…..wenger won’t have the balls to do it. If we sign verthogen and he is a better defender than Vermalien then he should play or replace Kozzer if he dips in form.

  100. Devil

    And youve just summed up one of Wenger major flaws, he detests competition for places, hates having to leave players on the bench and gifts people first team places.

    Remember he didnt sign Alonso cos it wouldve “killed” Denilson, who turned out to be shocking!

    Im not advocating dropping Vermaelen, but if JV comes and is better, then he should take the place in the first XI. Theres no room for sentiment.

  101. The chances of all these defenders, if we had them, would be fit at the same time is small, so I doubt “sitting on the bench” would be a problem. Even if they were that’s a good problem to have.

  102. MAdGunner and Gambon……….there is no sentiment. Its a rule which is unwritten and applied in the majority of clubs. It is not AW who does not have the balls. Its the majority of coaches who do so. Please just remember that what you are seeing with AFC is reality. There is a difference between what one says on a blog and what happens in reality.

  103. Relegated to the bench???
    Geez,all season we’ve struggled to field a defensive unit where everyone is playing in position,and suddenly we are discussing who will be sitting on the bench.
    Get Vertonghen and rotate those fit and healthy around so they stay that way.
    With a strong squad,we could gave a decent crack at the cups as well.

  104. We whinge about Nasri leaving for money and his lack if loyalty,then suggest there’s no room for sentiment….seriously?????
    Is loyalty a one way street????

  105. Adam, good point re our injuries….

    We haven’t signed anyone yet either ;)

  106. Scott From Oz says:
    April 26, 2012 at 11:53 am

    Get Vertonghen and rotate those fit and healthy around so they stay that way.

    No way! I a team sport you need your best combination on the field every game, save injury. Can be tough with so many competitions. Pick a team for each competition and stick with it

    If you were a rugby coach and you rotated players you’d have your sanity questioned

  107. That is the problem Scott. Some people like to play Soccer Manager or Fifa 2012 or whatever game there is on the playstation and think that a club is run by the click of a mouse.

    There are so many things about running a club that go on behind the scenes that one would find it hard to believe. One has to be on the inside to see certain things.

    For example a few days ago someone suggested that if a player refuses to sign a new put him in the reserves and let him rot there until he signs. Fine. Do so at the club’s peril. If a manager does that it will simply mean that a player who plays in less than 10 games that season will be free to go without any compensation. So for example, Song has two years left. If he does not sign and AW does not play him than Song can leave next Summer for FREE and earlier than expected.

    And that is just one scenario. There are many more.

  108. Spot on Adam/ Scott.

    Besides performances development requires a day to day competition from bread rivals in any sort of business.

  109. I have never seen SAF have any hesitation in either benching or substituting his vice – captains …. hell even his captains if he thinks they are not performing to standards. Every successful manager worth his pay has no sentimentality when it comes to team selections. As for rotating defenders Scott it has some merit but a good defensive unit is the last part of a team that I would tamper with.

  110. Remember when Mancini and Tevez clashed??? Mancini showed his teeth. But in the end who had to back down??? Yep. Mancini. And all for the simple reason that had Mancini kept his word, Tevez would have left for free next summer. And Mancini backed down after someone in the club’s hierarchy pointed that out to him. At the end of the day, players have a greater power unless stated in their contracts.

  111. Sentiment is the economy of club football.

  112. What about Miquel and Bartley, are they good enought to be fourth choce centre back?, as with Kos and Vermalen and the BFG not looking bad in that position. I think that this is one position where it might be worth keeping our powder dry as i forgot we also have Djourou. I would like to see if Bartley has learnt anything playing for Rangers, you would think that stoke or a team like that would not be a shock to him.

  113. Pick a team for each competition Alan……that is called ROTATION.
    Devil,I’m as ignorant as anyone when it comes to these issues,but I know people often over simplify things.
    We want RVP to show loyalty,but there’s no room for sentiment????

  114. Afternoon all,
    Talking to Rennes, more likely talking to his yukka plant.

  115. same players permanently in each team

  116. Vernat,I think the major reason we’d all like Vertonghen at the club is his versatility.
    He can play central defender,left back or dm.
    A great player to have in the squad.

  117. SAF never had any hesitation to do so. Yes…..but only when he had squeezed the last ounce and last drop possible from the captain and vice captain. But although he never had any hesitation he never did so in the middle of a season. He did it when trophies were safe or where still a long way off. He never did so in critical parts of the season.

    I still remember when Tony Adams was ridiculed and there were even some of our supporters clamouring for him to be dropped and for a better defender to be bought in. Yet today he is MR ARSENAL.

    And just remember…..if every supporter of AFC came up with a football team each one would be vastly different than the other. That is why there is a manager. Remember that you and I are just commenting on a blog. AW runs the club. And unless you are part of the board of directors you will never have any say in the club and how it is run.

  118. Personally I have always agreed that a player must be sold if he doe’s not want to p[lay for the shirt. It makes perfect sense from financial and moral point of view.

  119. Well Alan,that exact scenario is highly unlikely,but its not a bad starting point.

  120. Morning Micko,

    anything but to other clubs i suspect, who is supposed to have secured the Podolski deal I wonder?

  121. Hi Scott, i agree that he is versatile however being versatile and good in the Dutch league does not mean that he would be the same in England (grass always greener syndrome) playing for a team that referees allow to be fouled and bullied with impunity. Remember Kezman amazing in the dutch league, remember veron some very good players have come to england and not been able to adapt. This is a question could Djorou play as a front sweeper/DM it would mean that if one of the CB took the ball out he could drop back in same with the FB’s not sure he is intelligent enough to do that but i think i remember him saying that he thought that was his best position

  122. mad

    Comparing the management skills of Fergie & Wenger is like comparing the sanity of rico & Fred West.

    Or the intelligence of Gambon &………….

    We’ll leave it there.

  123. rico says:
    April 26, 2012 at 12:17 pm

    Morning Micko,

    anything but to other clubs i suspect, who is supposed to have secured the Podolski deal I wonder?

    Most unlikely

  124. Devil

    AW is running the club…..very badly, and he should have that responsibility removed in one month.

  125. AW running the club is like putting a dog on roller skates

  126. No Scott……you are not ignorant. You are blessed with one thing…..and that is that you are not blinkered by your emotion when it comes to certain matters. You call a spade a spade and for that your opinion counts much more than others who oversimplify things and situations by wearing their heart on their sleeves. And I agree with you……we want RVP etc to show sentiment and loyalty. But some expect to give no loyalty in return and just put in players or out at just a whim.

  127. we need m-villa and hazard next season and get rid of useless ramsey diaby chamarch djourue and meny more and give this 5 player chance next season player like wilshere miyaichi chamberlain coquini park chu young.with d this player play regularly we can win trophy next season.

  128. devilgunner I have absalutly no idea what you are referring to when you harp on about us not being football coaches and only commenting on a blog. I have a fearly good grasp on reality and if you dont agree with some of my comments or ideas then just to bad.
    As for SAF waiting until he has the last drop of blood squeezed from the player or waiting until the season is almost over and the title won then I must question your sources. Several times, not just once or twice, kean, ferdinand and even Steve bruce where dropped at any given time of the season if under performing or getting to big for their boots (Keane). That is called strong man management. Wenger on the other hand does squeeze the last drop of blood out of his players. Look at Jack last season 19 year old over played regardless of warning signs, because he had no one to replace him. RvP carrying the attack all season….because he never bought a decent striker in the last few years to carry the burden with him.

  129. Gambon….no one is comparing AW and SAF.

    Secondly……he should have that responsability removed in one month……remember that he has a contract which stipulates what he can or cant do. To remove it would mean tearing off the contract. You simply cannot do that unless you pay him the rest of the contract.

    Simple mate…..why dont you go and apply to become one of the AFC directors? Or be the club manager?

  130. RvP is 30. One great year since we had him. Will he be injured and out half the season again? Do we take a chance with him again when we can get 25 mil quiid now?

  131. Devilgunner. How about AW looks after football, and minds his own business in other respects?

  132. Oi Oi gambon, i am female for starters ;)

  133. I did not say we are not coaches MAdGunner. I simply said we are bloggers not the coaches or directors of AFC. And whatever we say is just an opinion not facts and reality itself. Sorry if I did not explain myself clearly.

  134. Madgunner,no matter what Wenger does,he’s wrong in the eyes of plenty.
    “He overplayed Jack,Jack got injured”……..let’s ignore the fact it was a flare up of an injury suffered when he was 16…”its all Wengers fault”.
    Now,Wengers copping it for not playing Ox often enough.
    “Wengers too arrogant to admit he’s wrong and change his ways”.
    Wengers changed his policy here,its clear enough for anyone who cares to look.

  135. devil

    Why does everything you say revolve around finances, rather than football?

    Pay Wenger off, he’s not fit to do the job, so we need a change.

    Bring a proper manager in, replace dross with quality.

    It really isnt simple. Could I run Arsenal better than Wenger? Yes, Could he do what I do? Absolutely no way.

  136. alan, that’s just what he should be doing – right now, actually before now he should have given IG a list of players, with an alternative for each one…

    IG, should be onto that, Wenger should be involved no more, unless IG can’t get what AW wants and has to have a re-think…

  137. gambon,

    a well run football club will always revolve around money..

    how much would it cost to pay wenger off??

    That alone would probably mean the end of a M’Vila kind of signing….

  138. yes Rico, I agree

  139. more importantly how much would it be to gambon?

  140. ***to get gambon?***

  141. Afternoon Gooners.
    Afternoon Rico. Thanks for another great sub~edit.
    Good to see that i’ve sparked some debate.
    As it stands, i would sign M’Vila.
    I would also not loan anybody out prior to January.
    I want as steong and as powerfull a squad as possible.
    Go for everything and keep on rotating.
    Remember, if we get M’Vila he will need the occassional rest. Coming from Ligue Un to the EPL would be a shock to his system.

  142. if Gambon is a better manager, why not?

  143. Or probably mean the chance of a M’Villa kind of signing me thinks.

  144. :lol: Lee

    Afternoon Charlie, it’s a really good question you have raised in the post…

  145. it doesn’t matter who the manager is, the board will say they want profit. There is no profit in good mature players as they are expensive and you won’t sell at a profit

    So any manager is tied to policy

  146. M’Vila would be played into the ground……

  147. i doubt that very much alan ;)

    Micko, but just think how much it would cost Stan to get rid of Wenger, if he’s to go, just don’t let him extend his contract.

    I’m sure the club would have to pay him some ‘shut-up’ money as i still think a lot of the lack of spending is not down to him….

  148. Adam 11.51, Scott 11.53. Well said guys. Totally agree.

  149. He’d definately need time to settle in, the ferry journey across the channel would be knackering, just look what it done to Gervinho.

  150. Rico, it’s the board. They run the company. Notice I said company!

    Wenger accepts their brief and runs with it

  151. You don’t hear the Everton fans calling for Moyes to be sacked, they just want the owner to dig deeper into his pocket….

    Just saying ;)

  152. And that’s why he needs to burden some of the blame alan, i’m not suggesting he is without blame, not one bit, after all, he’s held on to crap players far too long, agreed the wages paid aswell no doubt…

    have said many a time, for a club that runs on a so called budget, why pay so many very average players so much money in the first place, and secondly, why keep them for so long once its clear they just aren’t good enough.

  153. Alan….defending Wenger???
    Inadvertently,but you did it.
    Wenger is an employee,and operates under the directives of the board.
    Why anyone thinks a new manager coming in will change the boards policy is simply astounding.
    Then again,Gambon obviously is no mere mortal!!!!
    Join in guys,and remember……when Gambon takes over,we will be part of Arsenal history.

  154. other clubs are happy to run at a loss and pay debt down in the usual fashion. They buy players of note. Our board wants personal profit, which means buying cheap and selling high if they are any good9

  155. Lee, that is what worries me.
    Bobby Pires and even Jack.
    We need a massive squad to compete on four fronts.
    Imagine the kind of cup teams we could field with the likes of Miquel, Coq, Frim, Martinez, Ozyakup.
    Why loan these guys out and have another injury crisis bugger our season.

  156. That’s Wengers biggest fault in a nutshell,Rico.
    Wellbeck is about to treble his wage to 45k a week.
    We’d have him on 70!!!!!

  157. Scott, No. Wenger is totally idealistically behind the board which is why he will be part of that board when he retires as manager

    He is a trained economist and working with the board

  158. If they board is simply looking for profits,how do we explain the high wages for moderate players…….it defies logic.

  159. alan, seldom does wenger sell a player before he’s worn him out though….

    yes there have been 2 or 3 that have gone on to ‘better wages’ things, but not many have gone on to have a better career….

    how many players have then wished they’d stayed?

  160. Again I ask what a change of manager will achieve???

  161. again – we don’t know that alan, he may want to go and manage his country before he retires…

  162. Scott, I did not say they were a great board that makes great decisions all the times. They are dickheads as far as I’m concerned

    Still, their intent is clear

  163. Rico, the fact remains AW is a ” company man “

  164. Gambon all you do every day is spout negative stuff about Arsenal,
    Your not a football manager,so why act like one.

  165. Rico,plenty of European countries would kill for Wenger to be in charge of their finances lol!!!!
    I wonder how Barca and Real are feeling atm.
    Them and Citeh…..possibly the three most valuable squads on the planet,and nit one can fill a CL final berth.
    Spend,spend,spend…..yeah,it is so simple!!!

  166. Mr Arsenal. The resident galah in the local pet shop can be a football manager

  167. I agree with you Alan,but I just believe too much blame is attributed to Wenger,that’s all.
    He’s not blameless,but some blame him for everything.

  168. Scott From Oz says:
    April 26, 2012 at 1:13 pm

    Rico,plenty of European countries would kill for Wenger to be in charge of their finances lol!!!!

    Well, Europeans have a history of killing each other for less

    Scott, they don’t need AW to look after finances. The finances AW and the board employ is no good for football talent, or getting it. Other clubs could easily find a Wenger if they wanted that business model

  169. maybe alan, but i’d rather care for our club which he clearly does, than some other idiot come in, demand money, spend it on crap (aka Dalglish) and leave us where they are right now….

    again, i don’t think he is perfect either, he needs to find the happy medium imho, spend what we do have and ship out the dross.

    And, employ an assistant the he will listen to and bring us a few new ideas on the pitch, namely a plan b….

  170. Mvilla i would love to see come,but not the end of the world if he dose not.

    And why any real Arsenal fan would want Hazard after the way he has disrespected he’s employee’s,talking about other clubs and post’s video’s of himself whoring to anyone who will listen.

    Hazard is a Nasri mark 2.

  171. True Scott, but AW is there to deflect criticism away from the board. he’s the 7 mill a year whipping boy

  172. Mr Arsenal

    I am sure if gambon had all the qualifications and coaching badges he would be a manager, but like most of us here, he hasn’t (i suspect) … ;)

    Ok devil, i know you have yours ;)

  173. Alan,they’re policies got Henry,RVP,Anelka,now Ox……just a quick few so how can you say its no good for football talent????

  174. have never watched him played,but think will be a better palyer,Arsenal really need more players so there will be competition,we need two more strikers and a defender,think that will be ok.

  175. Gambon…..my comments revolve around finances simply because that is the way AFC is run. Finances command everything…especially now that FFP will come in force. Finances determine everything in football. And just to remind you….anything against contracts can be solved….by the European Court of Human rights. There are many issues which you might not realise, but they are there and can be applied anytime.

  176. Rico,I have my grassroots certificate lol!!!!!
    Hey,its a start.
    Alan,I do agree he takes a lot of flak on behalf of the board.

  177. No we are talking about top level here.And if your trying to tell me that the guy could do the job wenger could do then your nuts.

    I moaned about the way the club and Wenger did there early season business and the direction the club was going in.But the way Wenger has took all the stick to the chin and just sucked up all the negativity around the club and just got one with it.The man should be given the full backing of us all.He has done a fantastic if we finish 3rd this season.

    If we do and with the right noise’s coming out of the club,i’m very excited about what the future holds for us next term.

  178. Rico, it’s a matter of choice. We have AW and this board and get nowhere, or we get bought by a wealthy Arab who has more money than sense and we buy, and perhaps run at a loss but that would not worry the Arab

    AW has done well under the economic model, but we could have done better than they invested in a few good players and not rubbish. However, like I said above, you don’t profit buying good players to win competitions, you profit at the expense of success

    So those that think AW is doing well by making profit, I say ” Get real, the profit is private and not benefitting supporters. It’s private money “

  179. Stupid money has taken over the game and if anyone can’t see how it’s effecting most clubs,then you are truly lost in what is really going on in today’s football.

  180. Scott, there are too many ballsups that should not happen. It they ran British airways there would be complaints from staff about economizing at the expense of safety, but you would not let these fuckwits run a real company

  181. Alan,you misunderstand my comments.
    I’m not saying Wenger is doing a great job because he makes a profit.
    I say he does a great job because he MUST make a profit.
    He has our club top 4 every year in spite of not spending a fortune.
    I’m off to bed,so good night Alan,good day everyone else.

  182. Mr Arsenal says:
    April 26, 2012 at 1:25 pm

    No we are talking about top level here.And if your trying to tell me that the guy could do the job wenger could do then your nuts.

    Anyone with a brain would not have made those mistakes in the first place

    I said the other day I could do as good a good for a quarter of the pay and I meant it.

  183. as good a job I mean

  184. I notice that one name keeps cropping up on here, more often than Arsene Wenger.
    This is an Arsenal blog.
    Lets keep it on Arsenal guys..

  185. alan pigs might fly.

  186. Mr Arsenal – i was being slightly ironic about gambon ;)

  187. All due respect Alan,you couldn’t.
    99.999% of people would’ve run,tail between their legs,in September.
    Til next time…………

  188. We are Charlie, for the sake of the club, not the boofheads running it. Someone is to blame and we can’t blame SAF, can we?

  189. No problem Rico i guessed that :)

  190. Scott, how would you know whether I could or couldn’t

    It’s a sporting club ( sorry…business. It’s not a club], not Apple or BHP. It’s easy.

  191. Alex Ferguson drops Howard Webb for crucial derby match
    Alex Ferguson has controversially dropped talismanic referee Howard Webb from Man Utd’s starting 12 for the crucial Premier League clash with Man City, and will instead hand a start to Andre Marriner.
    Early reports indicated that crowd favourite Webb would line up for the league leaders, but news has now surfaced that Ferguson is to take a gamble on Marriner.
    Marriner, who has only made 3 starts for Man Utd this season, is a surprise selection by Ferguson, given Webb’s ability to pull highly contentious decisions out of the bag in big matches.
    “Webby has put in some great performances for us in the past, but I feel the expectation levels of supporters could be too much for him on this occasion,” revealed Ferguson.
    “I might put him on the bench as an impact referee in case we need one of their players sending off or a penalty deep into stoppage time.”
    The news of Marriner’s inclusion has left United fans miffed given Ferguson’s criticism of his performance in a 2-0 defeat to Liverpool in 2009.
    “It doesn’t make any sense not to include Webbo,” said avid fan John Henderson, who has lived in Plymouth all his life and whose only connection with Manchester is that he once voted for Bez when he was on Celebrity Big Brother.
    “In games like this you want your best performers on the pitch, and Webbsio pulling the strings is as good as going into the game with a two-nil lead.”
    “I hope that Ferguson has seen something in Marriner in training that suggests he can rise to the occasion.”
    “If City have still got eleven men on the pitch at half-time then I’ll be singing Webbsyio’s name.”
    “I’ll be singing it at the TV, but rest assured that the wife will be left in no doubt about how angry I am.”

  192. Well what’s holding you back Alan?
    Is it the low salary????????

  193. AlanMP.
    Just a question mate.
    If Arsenal do [ a big if i know ].
    Will you change your view on Wenger, just a little?

  194. Spot on scott,why haven’t you got your coaching badges then??
    Then we can judge you then.

  195. Hi Charlie. If Arsenal do what?

  196. Got to start somewhere Scott ;)

    Charlie, you know how it it, Wenger gets the blame regardless, bet its his fault we are either in a drowt or being flooded…. ;)

  197. I think the level of debate is in danger of becoming farcical and that hurts HH and all the intelligent contributors. Or perhaps it is all a joke and I have misread the signs.

  198. Touche Alan…well said lol.

  199. Alan,he means if we win a tin-pot.

  200. Charlie, they will, i’m pretty sure of that one..

    And secure RvP for a few more seasons….

  201. Who you talking about Adam,better to get it of your chest.

  202. It’s a dream Adam…….

  203. Lee – that’s really funny, i’m surprised Dowd isn’t the referee if Howard hasn’t been selected, no doubt he’ll be in Stoke at the weekend….

  204. Mr Arsenal says:
    April 26, 2012 at 1:40 pm

    Spot on scott,why haven’t you got your coaching badges then??
    Then we can judge you then.

    So who needs a coaching badge. I’d rather be a real manager and run the coaches

  205. I think it’s a bit of fun Adam, following gambons suggestion that he could run the club better than Wenger…..

  206. You do know that you have to do coaching badges before you can become a manager right??

  207. If we win a trophy, great, well done AW. However, it’s taken 6 years and I doubt if he’ll win the EPL or FA cup, which are really the only ones to win

    I care little for Europe

  208. your 1.39 has gone alan, not on here please

  209. 6 years where we have still competed with the best,and have still shown what a great football club Arsenal is.We have no divine right to win anything.

  210. Mr Arsenal, not to manage the company you don’t. You don’t have to be anything, although they are usually lawyers, accountants

    Companies house don’t want football coaches running the company. H M’s judges would send you to prison after it failed if you did that

  211. 1.39. What do you mean Rico

  212. alan, Arsene Wenger does not run arsenal football club….

  213. I know he doesn’t, Rico. That is my point

  214. you taked about airports! the comments gone now as it could most likely would offend our Asian bloggers…. and others too…

  215. Ah you mean the Heathrow customs thing. Bit touchy aren’t we?

  216. LOL. more evidence who’s really running Britain

  217. Wenger is a football man who is under instructions from the board.
    We have found thing’s harder since we moved to the grove and with the russian taking over chelski.

    But please are you really telling me after the start we had,that Arsene hasn’t done a great job up until now??

    The squad is really taking shape if we can keep this side together and add one or two gems.

  218. Not at all touchy, i just don’t condone that kind of reference….

  219. Question; how many books have been written about Fergie handling relationships in adversity?? And what’s the number on Wenger??

    Many look to the horizon on a straight road as seeing it getting smaller towards the end while actually its holds the same dimensions. SAF has installed a culture that resembles his personality, his personal route 66. Or should I say route 666. A non-transferable reputation for ManU when his reign comes to an end. Like a Donald Trump Empire, the Richard Branson Virgin Brand or Steve Jobs Apple. All companies that lead the talk for decades but will not survive as market leaders.

    AW had the sensible vision of adapting a project manager role to cement a permanent independent identity for the Arsenal. Therefore he needs the helicopter view. Trophies shouldn’t be a ransom demand. Some clubs spent vast sums but still their name haven’t been engraved on a cup at the start of a season. It only results and resulted in entitlement, turning athletes into cunning professionals cuz money says so and creates internal moral discrepancies as more red meat will be thrown into the arena.

    I’m glad our club has dumped the dogmas and chosen to explore unconventional directions. Flat tarmac is everybody’s challenge, beyond that different laws come into play.

  220. OK Rico Your blog, but it’s totally harmless. here’s me thinking Koala bears were a protected species :D

    Christ hope that didn’t offend

  221. Mr A and with the right additions in the summer (experienced players) this team will kick on…..imo!

  222. Mr Arsenal, squads don’t stay together long enough to be a team, sadly. Transfer market rules

  223. Lee yes you are right, but that has been the problem, they won’t buy those good players required

  224. Poldoski on the way mate,would do you think of that signing??

  225. He did a great job up until 2005/6 imho MrA, but since the invincibles began to leave of be sold his downfall has been not to replace them like for like, or even worse, not replace them at all.

    i know we had the moveto the ems to contend with etc etc but the club siad that the move was to keep us being contenders and right now, i don’t think we are.

    Yes we have secured CL footie every season which alone is a miracle, but it before last summer, we didn’t really every see to much of that money or the money generated from player sales be put back into the team.

    Wenger has siad he doesn’t want a repeat of last summers DD signings, if he makes the right addititions this summer, we will again be true contenders…

    I too don’t believe we have a devine right to win anything, but i think the least the fans deserve is to be able to watch our team like they are up for the fight to try….

  226. sorry what do you make of the poldoski signing??

  227. Of course I could run the club better.

    Would there be ridiculous cash in the bank? No

    Would we have made record profits 3 out of the last 4 years? No

    Would we have won a trophy in the last 7 years? Yep

    Would we be 18 points behind UTD? No

  228. Mr Arsenal says:
    April 26, 2012 at 2:00 pm

    Poldoski on the way mate,would do you think of that signing??

    Is it true. Source?

  229. DG – you suggesting that ManU will be in the mire when Fergie goes??

    If so, i think you might be right….

  230. Think he’ll be one of the two quality strikers we need…..

  231. Rico, the invincible side was sold off in a couple of seasons, like they were kicked out. A totally new business model came about, and failed football, but not the pockets of the board

  232. we have been belted this year. Third maybe, but still 18 points behind united, maybe more at season’s end. That is a hiding

  233. Get it off my chest? That would take too long. But, personally I didn’t appreciate the racist comments that Rico removed the other day or the rubbish that she has removed today. Some here hate Wenger. I get it. I don’t need it to be repeated ad nauseaum. Few alternatives are put forward apart from the absurd suggestion that some poster could do a a better job. With every inappropriate post and every repeated, stupid, mean-spirited insult the site suffers and it demeans us all. Those who write this nonsense don’t care as they can and do move somewhere else to spread their bitterness. HH is a great site where we offer opinions and have a laugh. It is well run and responsibly run by Rico, who I have a great deal of respect for. We should all have respect for each other.

  234. But until he’s got the canon on his chest shaking AW’s hand nothing done……….

  235. Podolski then Lee….

  236. @ Adam

  237. Adam, they weren’t ” racist ” and that term has too much weight given to it

    secondly I meant what I said, I could run it better than AW or Gazidis

    Let me say it again so you understand, I meant what I said, I could run it better than AW or Gazidis

  238. Yes Rico you got the point. ;)

  239. Hmmmm when you talk about lining the pockets of the board, lets not forget that Wenger has taken more money out of the club than anyone.

    He may not want to pay for Hazard but he will happily pay himself £140k pw.

    Is it just me that would rather have Klopp on £80k pw and Hazard on £140k pw than Walcott on £80k pw and Wenger on £140k pw?

    The clubs priorities are astonishingly wrong.

    Why exactly does wenger earn vastly more than Alex Ferguson? A manager vastly superior.

  240. Rico does do a good job with the blog, that’s true

  241. Alan. If you honestly believe that the terms you used are not racist then we will have to disagree as I believe they are. As for the fact that you could run the club better than AW or Gazidis? Well, you are on safe ground there aren’t you because you will never be asked to prove it so it will remain in your head. Personally, I doubt whether you could.

  242. Correct Gambon, they are wrong, but legal, as the law in Britain compels the board to maximize profit for shareholders, and who are the sharehilders, the owners

  243. Thanks Adam and yes, I agree too with what you have written…

  244. “Some here hate Wenger. I get it. I don’t need it to be repeated ad nauseaum. Few alternatives are put forward”


    Van Gaal

  245. Alan, we disagree about your first point. I also meant what I said about the the work permit regardless of who’s manning the customs. I would not get a work permit. The fact the company is privately run by a clique of owner/shareholders means no one would

  246. No Alan,

    The shareholders take nothing out of the club. The club is 96% owned by the syrup wearing septic and Usmanov.

    There is no dividend paid. The club even states itself that all profits are made available for reinvestment.

    Lets not pretend Wenger has been spending all he is allowed. He has left money in the bank every single year since we moved stadium in pursuit of his failed project.

  247. The AFC hierachry in 2015.

    Vice Chairman…Gambon
    General Secretary…Gambon
    1st Team Coach….Gambon
    U19 Coach….Gambon
    Head of Youth Development….Gambon
    Playing Staff…….Gambon,Gambon,Gambon,Gambon,Gambon,Gambon,GambonGambon,Gambon,Gambon,Gambon,Gambon,Gambon,Gambon,Gambon,Gambon,Gambon,GambonGambon,Gambon,Gambon,Gambon,Gambon,Gambon,Gambon,Gambon,Gambon,Gambon,Gambon,Gambon

    Supporters in the emirates…..60,018 GAMBONS. Will not write their names since it will take around 1 month to do that so I put Gambons not Gambon

  248. Gambon, they are the legal shareholders The Septic as major shareholder

  249. gambon,

    it is hardly Wengers fault that he gets paid what he does, do you expect him to hand it back and say sorry, i don’t think the fans are happy..

    come on, lets get real….

    Reality is that the club want to spend within their means and want to pay off the debt of the stadium asap, we may not all like or agree with it but it is what it is…….

    Right now, the most important thing is securing 3rd place and getting a few players in the summer who will make us a stronger side..

    We can change what has gone by…..

  250. lol devilgunner

  251. he’d be fucking busy…..

  252. Shall i just close the comments for the day??

    Start again tomorrow??

  253. rico

    There is NO OPTION to pay off the stadium “asap” as you say.

    That is a massive misconception that people cant seem to understand. We have not paid a single penny more than we planned to. We will pay til 2031 regardless.

    That is not part of the plan.

    So you dont think Wenger is being a complete **** by paying himself £7m pa then telling the world we cant afford to pay anyone proper money?

    If he took a paycut we would have extra funds available.

    The man is scum. Going on about wage structures then paying himself well outside of that, and more than all these “finaicial dopers”. So who is really guilty of this “doping”?

    We pay kids more than anyone, we willingly sell our players at inflated prices to these clubs and we pay our manager more than anyone else out there.

    Also, you think wenger is morally right lying over and over and over to fans to shift tickets that then pay his ridiculous wages?

  254. Close the comments??? Er no Madam. Not for today. Sparring is nice. ;)

  255. why would you want to close the board, Rico?

  256. Why would you close the comments?

    The only person being silly is Devil.

  257. AW is very overpaid, that’s true, as are the ” lesser ” players

  258. gambon,

    most here will know what i meant by that, my own view is they are trying to pay it off as quick as possible and i don’t mean to the bank, i think they are investing the money elsewhere, gaining interest all the time and when it’s near to the ‘mortage’ being paid off they will do so….

    just like any of us would do if were were comitted to a fixed rate agreement….

    but, just like that, our club could i would presume pay the debt early and incur a penalty fee the same as you or i….

  259. Silly Devil…….hahahaha

  260. Diaby

  261. “Like a new signing”

  262. Rico

    Its nowhere near as simple as that.

    Make interest? Have you not seen the base rate, theres no interest to be made? The club have stated numerous times that there is no intention of paying anything early.

    It would cost way too much to settle early. We dont have a loan from the bank, its not as simple as that.

    Wenger went into last summer with significant money to spend. What did he do? Made £18m profit and gave out pointless payrises yet again.

  263. There are many things that you say and we agree with you Gambon. But its the way you say them and the way you throw your weight around thinking us mere mortals to be dumb fools. You are always thinking you are right and we are wrong. You have your agenda and while we respect it we do not like it shoved down our throats. We like to hear your opinion but in turn we like to be respected. Here we are all bloggers and writers…we are not managers, coaches or directors of AFC. We are simply supporters.

    If you cannot respect that Gambon please go and open your own blog. Then you determine what everyone says.

    So please allow us to be the family we have been. We do not like people who sow seeds of disdain and no respect.

  264. It’s all your fault AK…

  265. I don’t expect AW to take a pay cut, he’s the manager, not owner, if the club want to pay him that, nothing i can do about it….

    i don’t agree he should earn as much, but then i don’t think the players should either….

  266. Lee. :-D
    I love being an Arsenal fan.
    That’s why i luv the optimism on here.

  267. Arsene Wenger has 32 years coaching experience and a track record of success. However i believe that he is hamstrung by the board and there wage structure ( not a new issue for Arsenal remeber when Keown left and we bought him back from Everton). This season even if we finish third will be disapointing as Utd are not a great team and we should not be as many points of them as we are. However the most disapointing thing i have seen this season is the meaness of spirit shown by certain Arsenal fans to the players and manager and to other fans. I wish sincerely that we could agree to disagree in a civlised gracious manner.

  268. The major sponsors are not paying enough for what they get

    players and manager paid too much and not according to ability

    failing to foster the ” business ” locally to the young

    Failing to prioritize the EPL instead of Europe as a misguided believe in getting more money

    Here’s a nice little article, however, this bloke, like all the rest of them, fails to know one fundemental point

    Arsenal do have a successful business model, which they should rightly be proud of. However, it has to operate with a greater emphasis on footballing success. Making the “business” a priority over football will eventually lead to a decline in business success because the two ideas are inextricably linked.


  269. vernat1066 says:………However the most disapointing thing i have seen this season is the meaness of spirit shown by certain Arsenal fans to the players and manager and to other fans. I wish sincerely that we could agree to disagree in a civlised gracious manner.

    Well said Vernat1066. I may not agree with some of the people on this blog. But we have a big respect towards each other. Even when Scott and I were at loggerheads in the beginning we still respected each other and today we can classify ourselves as the terrible twins. ;) Its easy to disagree, but very difficult to disagree with dignity and respect.

  270. Why is Barca a better club than Arsenal or Manure. Simply because it is a club, owned by public membership, no private owners allowed

    Arsenal and Manure are not clubs. They have supporters, like us, but no members

  271. i didn’t say that gambon..

    what i wrote was:

    ‘my own view is they are trying to pay it off as quick as possible and i don’t mean to the bank, i think they are investing the money elsewhere, gaining interest all the time and when it’s near to the ‘mortage’ being paid off they will do so….

    investing the money they are saving, NOT paying off the mortgage on the emirates…

  272. vernat1066 says:………However the most disapointing thing i have seen this season is the meaness of spirit shown by certain Arsenal fans to the players and manager and to other fans. I wish sincerely that we could agree to disagree in a civlised gracious manner.

    Exactly, and i don’t want others views rammed down my throat either as if they are facts – opinion is purely that….. opinion!

  273. alanbstardmp says:
    April 26, 2012 at 2:52pm

    I have been saying that since I began writing here. AFC needs to be run by the supporters not by one or two shareholders.

  274. Rico

    As I said, theres no investing to do. The club have said many times in their statements that they never speculate.

    The best form of investment would be to invest in the team, as a successful team brings in far more money.

    More money from tickets, higher sponsorship deals in 2 years, more secondary sponsors, more games on TV so extra broadcast revenue, more prize money, more money earned in pre-season tours.

  275. I thought it was all mine ;)

  276. Sometimes Rico, they are facts, and I admit, facts are better if they are proven to others, and sometimes, including in my own case this is not done. There is not importance or point in it

  277. Gambon as you portray it, it’s okay for the production line workforce to earn more than those who create the demand in the first place. Football is a capitalistic market, there are those who own a club and appoint custodians. And those who have an opinion on what it produces. That’s what HH underlines.

    To me you seem eager to just own a piece of mental image in someones brain. Maybe you should tryout Greenpeace. Great for lobbying as well, which by your own words is your merit.

  278. Righto….off for training. Be back later on today.

  279. We all know that gambon, we are not daft…..

    but the money we are not spending is going somwhere, and please don’t suggest that is in wengers pocket or the players, that’s just wouldn’t make sense…

    which is why i believe its being invested…

    anyway, done that to death, i don’t know for sure and unless you are a shareholder or on the board at afc, i doubt that you know what is 100% factual either… (no disprespect meant)

  280. Dutchgooner. Not quite

    In Germany, the majority of ownership of a club is public. Barca is totally public and not for profit.

    So, it does not have to be capitolistic

  281. Thats my point alan, most of what is written/discussed isn’t factual yet the person writing it wants me and others to believe it’s gospel…

  282. Rico, the money we are not spending is going into the owner’s pocket. Where else?

  283. put it this way Rico, I do’t expect you or anyone to believe I could run Arsenal, yet I stand by my statement that I could, easily and do a better job

  284. Rico

    Im neither, but i do know exactly whats going on. Lets just leave it, but what i can tell you as 100% fact is:

    – The club will not pay any of the stadium debt early (they would be stupid to and its just not an option)
    – The club do not invest anything beyond short term (likely 90 day) deposits. Even their Fx transactions are 100% hedged by people like myself
    – Most of the money is, and has been sitting in the bank accumulating an awful interest rate

  285. Laters devil….

  286. You could do a better job as manager??? But all your doing is talking.Where is your action.

  287. Some people need to stop thinking this is football manager.Get in the real world.

  288. Thing is Mr A, if that’s his view on Wenger, no one can change it….

    I don’t agree with it but…..

    And he is not paying himself, the board set his wage so that bits just wrong in any case….

  289. rico

    Not a lot of consistency from you today….are we allowed to call other posters “a complete and utter c***”


  290. Gambon says

    The club do not invest anything beyond short term (likely 90 day) deposits. Even their Fx transactions are 100% hedged by people like myself

    Gambon. Are you in the finance industry dealing with companies?

  291. alan, your 3.06 is a joke i take it…

  292. I have an idea, gambon and alan – you both seem to think you could do a better job than arsene wenger and the board, how about i email you eachothers email address and you can talk about your future plan of taking over and running the club??

    It’s boring!

  293. No Rico, it is not a joke

  294. Look i really don’t care if people have a opinion,but there’s no way i’m gonna sit on this blog and let him call wenger scum.Arsene deserves more than that and these idiots who focus more on the negative side of Arsenal,rather than the positives of our great club are the one’s trying to make it rot.

    We are getting more plastic’s then chelsea fan’s at the minute and that hurt’s me.

  295. alan you gotta think the answer is yes mate……

  296. Alan football has become part of our 24/7 economy. In general none elite/ambitious clubs would exist if there’s no banker relations. Capital is drawn from the financial market.

    I know Barca is publicly owned but that’s mostly on political grounds. To oppose the Royal constitution which have been supportive to Madrid based football. Also why is there no inquiry about who should be sold or bought. The only real influence is in periodic club president elections.

  297. Another Arsene, rather than Arsenal fan there.

  298. Did you F5 before you sarcasm gambon, you will see the comment had been removed after i read it…..

  299. Gambon your looking for nothing more than attention,you want to stand out from the crowd.If you want to act like one then your get called one simple as.

  300. well let’s look at Wenger. I say this as a sportsman, not a one eyed supporter

    AW routinely ignores rules breaches by our players

    AW routinely accusers others what he’d ignore our players doing

    AW attacks referees

    AW said it was ” racist to question the internationalisation of the game

    AW is van, arrogant and thin skinned, that is public knowledge

    He has refused to shake hands with opposing managers which is a gigantic dog act

    Ar Arsenal, while I agree he is nor scum, it’s only a couple of rungs further down the ladder before he is

  301. So if we are starting that,can’t you ban that abuse of wenger then??

  302. Mr A – calling other bloggers that is a taboo here….

  303. OK Rico, didnt notice, apologies.

  304. Sorry to be boring well Rico, when your football is ruined it would be remiss not to attack what you think is the cause

    Reference to managers is unavoidable. Players cop it here relentlessly.

  305. Right not trying to pick a war with you Rico,because you know how much i rate this site.But how can he get away with name calling of wenger and when he get’s it back,he spits he’s dummy out and i’m made to look the bad one.

  306. Mr Arsenal

    You cant ban opinions on the players and manager. Thats kind of the point on a comments section. If you ban citicism you would have to ban praise as well, then this would be like a communist USSR blog.

    The idea is that posters dont disrespect eachother.

  307. accepted gambon…..

    going back to your earlier, are you suggesting that wenger sets the ticket prices??

    That would be a board decision surely?

    The C word is taboo and insulting fellow bloggers is taboo…

    Now every fan is a Wenger fan, he came and one day he will go, but one thing will remain and that’s Arsenal, isn’t that who we support

  308. Mr Arsenal,

    Check your facts, I can abuse fellow posters like no other, but those are the rules here.

  309. Shall we move on, FFS!?!

  310. it is difficult to love your club and not have negative thoughts about certain people. It really can’t be avoided if we are to search to find the problems

    Christ, it’s football not a knitting circle

  311. Alan i could pick out so much more positives then that list of negatives you just posted.Why not just get behind the club and support what they do.Haven’t we had enough of the media and any little cretin that can sink it’s jaw’s into everything Arsenal.

    I’m proud of my football club,even if some of you are not.

  312. If Arsene Wenger blogged here, then yes, but he doesn’t ;)

  313. rico

    When did i suggest Wenger sets ticket prices?

  314. At the end of the day money that Arsenal fc take in is nothing to do with us they have got people that manage that and i’m sure that money if not spent on players or anything Arsenal related it will still be invested some where. Wenger has been very frugal with his buying and he believes he is running the football side of things he i assume would have no say in where that money is invested. the share holders own Arsenal football club they supply a game a week or maybe more sometimes and supporters choose or not to watch, the club have stated the prices and supporters either buy or not, if the supporter is not happy with his lot he need not pay. Many games can be watched online so you can still follow your team. Top four is a pretty good position to be in champions league is also a plus for supporters not many other clubs can boast of the times they have been included. Personally speaking i believe we follow a great club we should not be involved with the buisness side of things we should worry more about the talent we have and hope that we will start to see results, in actual fact we are in a sight better position than many other premier league sides the trouble with Arsenal fans is they want everything massive profits a top team and all the trophies but that is never going to happen be happy with what we have as it could be a damed sight worse

  315. management run the club on a day to day basis. They may need to refer to the board if required, but many decisions are left at manager leve.

    gazidis will play the old what the market will bear re ticket prices

  316. “Why not just get behind the club and support what they do”

    This is a huge part of the problem.

  317. Lee – i am trying, but not getting very far….

  318. Mr Arsenal

    I admire your loyalty. However while a man has such negatives, his positives matter little. Sad, but true I think

    It is not a club, you are not a member. It is a business. They run the theatre and we pay at the box office to see the show, and tough shit if we don’t like it

    I love the ” club ” Mr A, that is why I criticize individuals in it

  319. gambon, i just re-read, you didn’t, oops, sorry..

  320. If you put your point across with out the name calling of wenger,people might take you serious.You are alway’s waiting for us to fail and that p’s me off massively.

    You go on about finances like your some sort of bank manager, who know’s everything about Arsenal’s balance.The truth is you know no more than the next fan.

  321. Afternoon steve,

    wouldn’t want to do a leeds would we, if FFP comes in properly and is enforced properly, we could see a few clubs in serious trouble, especially if the so called ‘bigger clubs’ fail to make CL footie….

    alan, now you are being pedantic over the word ‘club’ – we are AFC, a football club….

  322. Right, good time to move on from the finances of Arsenal FC, it’s boring – very boring, on the pitch is where it matters and we need 9 points out of 9 points….

    whats in the news???

  323. Please dont mention “doing a Leeds”.

  324. I’m done with finances gambon….

  325. I believe financial crisis will future at six o’clock Rico. :P :P

  326. That late DG ;)

  327. How about talking about the most improved defender in the league.(Bosscielny) What another cracking buy from everyone’s favorite Arsene wenger.

  328. Many old school football supporters would say that watching a match at highbury could never be bettered i may have felt that way myself at times but nights like at the Ems when we scored 3 goals against Milan and the 60 thousand singing and willing us to get the forth was as good if not better and the lads and lasses doing the posnan or whatever you call it against city the Ems may not be Highbury but it is where we are now and good nights and weekends will be back bigger and better that is Arsenals future and its coming you mark my words.

  329. Mr Arsenal

    Our defence is regressing yearly. Koscielny has been an ever present in a defence that is reaching “shockingly bad” status.

    43 Conceded last year, 43 and counting this year.

    The defence is an area that truely needs working on.

  330. Or Park, Chamakh, Denilson, Bendtner etc

    I’m praying we don’t see anyone like them signed this summer….

  331. Just seems to be taking an age to get there Steve ;)

    Not that again gambon with Kos, surely, we did that here the other day…..

  332. Rico says
    alan, now you are being pedantic over the word ‘club’ – we are AFC, a football club….

    Not according to the law. Tell that to Companies House, and that, Rico is the extremely important thing here.

    This is why will not get what we need as a successful sporting ” club ” as the business model defeats that purpose legally

    We’re buggered

  333. New leaked kit 12/13

    Think the yellow/marine blue away kit looks a bit like a tank-top that gets lifted for a flash. :(


  334. I meant in terms of supporting ‘our club’ alan…..

  335. we need a proper defensive midfielder….song isn’t the answer imo

  336. Glad they have removed that black trim idea DG, really dont like the away kit though – i loved the old yellow with the blue round neck…

    Pat Rice used to wear it ;)

  337. AlanMP.
    Sorry mate. It’s this poxy phone.
    If the club sign the players we’re linked to.

  338. Another positive would be to look at Keiran Gibbs form now he has had a run of sorts in the team, i would like to see a more coherent link on the left, similar to what we have on the right with sagna and walcott but i think for a young man he is doing well. Also our defensive form since we have had a stable back four is pretty good. Perhaps Santos to play on the left in advance of Gibbs?

  339. Totally agree Lee, that would soon bring that goals conceded tally down each season….

  340. In order to get our defence to where it needs to be. (Under 30 conceded, 50% clean sheets) IMO we need:

    – A better Left back
    – A dominant CB
    – A proper DM

    And a whole lot of coaching that Wenger is currently not bothering to do.

  341. Ahhhh Steve the poznan. That stuff rubs of on a homeground good and proper. And sure an elite scalp to behold by the entire tribe, that as well. :)

  342. vernat, imho, we will see Santos on the wing next season….

  343. Me neither Rico. Like your suggestion though.

  344. keown
    m’vila that’ll sort it…….

  345. I’ll believe it when I see it, and how come 10 mil for Podolski and last year we looked at Kevin Doyle for 12mil?


  346. *Rubs off on a new homeground* bloody smartphone typing. Pffff.

  347. Rico wouldn’t mind that at all. As long as Gibbs broin doesnt get tired i think that left back is not a problem right now i would like to see a more physically dominant midfielder along side song like feliani and then an additional striker and goalkeeper

  348. Hmmm I wonder why we have an away Jersey anyway?

  349. Lee – Vertonghen too please :(

  350. Alan, the link says the 10 million price tag could rise depending on appearances, his performances and the trophies he could pick up, anyone thinking what i’m thinking ?

  351. Is that a cross between brain and groin vernat ;)

  352. AlanMP, Arsenal look at a lot of players, but i’m not altogether sure that Kevin Doyle was anything other than the vivid immagination of some wanker in the Press.
    Gotta Al, that i’ve never seen you so animated on here before.
    You ok mate?

  353. Gotta say*

  354. alan, doyle is british but he wouldn’t be valued at that today, i am sure….

  355. Rico no that is merely a typo but thanks for pointing it out to everyone :-)

  356. Your phone keeps going all Norman Collier, AK….

  357. Mick, i’m thinking what Adam has said.
    Adam talks a lot of sense.
    For a journo… :-D

  358. Lee. :-D. :-D. :-D.

  359. who’s Alan Doyle..?

  360. Cheers Charlie. 😊 hi Rico.

  361. I do believe that we’ve had an insight into the corrosive atmosphere you can find on LG.
    It’s not really what HH is all about and is certainly not the atmosphere that Rico has worked so hard to create.
    Rico has provided us with a wonderfull vehicle for us to express our passion for Arsenal.
    To have a larf.
    Discuss chickens, currys and GG.
    Today has been a lesson in what can happen if HH is infected by discourse and aggression.
    A kind of a virus…

  362. sorry vernat, i couldn’t resist ;)

    Lee :lol:

    Hi Adam….

  363. :oops: AK….

  364. Kev. I was just on the phone to a friend, talking about Internet behavior. The net has been up and running long enough for distinct patterns to appear. I was interested to watch the BBC3 program a few weeks ago where Richard ” right-on” Bacon attempted to track down the troll who had made some really awful threats to him and this is even more topical after some hideous creep was jailed for acting in a disgusting way online over some poor young girl’s suicide.
    I too have looked in on Le Grove occasionally and I think your term “corrosive” is perfect. HH today feels a less inclusive place and a place where confrontation could become unpleasant. I have a general idea of the character and mindset of these people.

  365. Kev, get yourself down to the Cock and Bull quick, it’s happy hour !

  366. yes I’m fine thanks Charlie :D. All fun stuff I like that :D

  367. Adam you have read my mind buddy.
    But we know what they are all about mate.
    Attention seeking being one of them.

    Mick, give me 10mins & i’ll see ya there.

    Off to Docklands.
    Lata Gooners

  368. Their favourite word describes them…..

  369. AlanMP. Good man. :-)

  370. Chaps. Have one on me. Wish I could join you.😜

  371. Adam if you and I would exchange a tenner. Nobody gains value. Same with digital punches.

    Do the same exchange with ideas/opinions and we both grow at various social disciplines.

  372. Have one for me, in fact have ten, i feel like i need each and every one of them…. ;)

  373. DG. If I was in Holland I would buy you a beer and some fries with mayonnaise.

  374. Some rather heated stuff in here today, I see. Imagine, rico if you had NOT been moderating. :D

    I think our home has been up long enough for the regulars to know that some characters are better left ignored. ;)

    Charlie AK, howdy? Good write! I’m happy to report that I broke my promise not to buy any more shoes. :) :)

    Hello, all!!

  375. Boo, Adam. ;) Go get yourself a drink as well. This place looked a warzone at times.

  376. Well that was a touch.
    Now we need CL.
    Draw a Dutch team.
    And then it’s around to Dutch’s house after the game for a piss up. :-D
    And a puff.

  377. Agag. My wife reckons that if you can buy shoes she needs another pair of Maharishis. I am just opening a bottle of wine. I toast you Agag, RICO, Kev, DG , Lee, and all the rest. You know who you are. Cheers. Mmmmm .. Rather nice wine…

  378. Hey Agag. Am i suprised??? :-D. :-D. :-D
    What are they like?
    I got a nice brown pair yesterday.
    Very snazzy…
    I’m gonna wear them at Dutch’s party… :-)

  379. Cheers Adam…

  380. And you Kev😊

  381. I know, I know. :P They look nice (if a little painful, AK). :) By my favorite shoe designer whom WATH mocks. :) They’re in the shade “anthracite”– just dark grey, really!! :) Make sure you wear your snazzy shoes to match your snazzy cardigan! ;) :)

    Dutch!! Howdydo? Are you sponsoring a party? ;)

    Adam, yes,at any and all times, the Wife would deserve another pair! (clinks glasses with Adam)

  382. Adam, i’m not far away, chips and mayo sound good…. ;)

    Hi agag, did get a bit heated, i struggled to keep up to be honest, and typing with one hand doesn’t help ;)

    I’m with you – if someone naffs you off, just ignore them, turn the other cheek…

    Sometimes though, that’s easier said than done ;)

  383. Agag. Jimmy Choo or Laboutin? Clink back.😃

  384. I’m raising my yard of ale to you all, it’s something we country folk do ;)

    Am i allowed to use that word ;)

  385. Jimmy Choo. ;) Christian Louboutins are extraordinarily painful. :( They fit funny across the toebox. (boring boring boring girl talk) :D :D

    Oh no, when are you free to use both hands, rico? :) There are certain types who never listen to voices other than their own, anyway. Me no likey. :)

  386. Cheers Adam. I’m actually going out now to get me some fries. :)

    Kev I have you tap dancing all night buddy. Ping a glass with Micko for me will ya.

    Back Laters.

  387. Clings glass with Agag. On your new pins.

  388. Hiya folks. I AM BAAAACCCCKKKKK.

    How is the family??? Hope you all are ok.

    Pa said well done Sir AK. He really enjoyed reading this post.

    Had a good one today. We did pressing up the pitch and hope it works on Saturday morning.

    Hiya AGAG. A bit of a long time no chat. We seem to miss each other, War zone??? Nah not a war zone. A bit of sparring more like it. And taking the piss. Rico was a Godsend today. Poor lass…she had one hell of a time with us correcting our comments. And for that we have the utmost respect for her. Good thing we have Madame who keeps us in check. Now what will we do without her??? ;)

    Where is W.A.T.H.??????

  389. Hi to you all.good read AK.

  390. Jimmy Choo eh? All women’s designer shoes MUST be uncomfortable by the look of them. What about Manolo Blahnik(?). They look excruciating. Fortunately for me my wife can’t handle high heels and sticks to trousers and tops. I mentioned the other day that I hadn’t seen her in a dress for more than 10 years so she took me out to buy her one. I will keep my mouth shut next time.

  391. Guadriola announces he is leaving Barca at the end of the season , poor ol Fabrigarse hey!?

  392. Seems as if the inner family is getting on here today. KTR-7 is here also!!! :)

  393. Won’t be long now agag, can’t wait either, i’ missing doing housework and ironing ;)

  394. devil, the way some on here are going, that day will be soon ;)

    Hi Kt, hows tricks?

  395. Get Guardiola to help at Arsenal so he’ll be in place when Arsene goes. Do you think Harry Redknapp will be the new coach at the Nou Camp? I do. Or perhaps Tony Pulis?

  396. Hi Rokabox,

    has Pep really said he’s leaving???

    heading to the chavs maybe??

  397. am fine rico.I must say i enjoyed last night’s semifinal.

  398. Hey Rico. I did the Keralan crab on Monday.

  399. Nice idea there Adam, the Pep bit of course ;)

    Dirty Arry is about to be announced as the new England coach…..

  400. Well, its very true what you say about Frimpong and Le Coq, but the fact of the matter is: THEY DIDNT STAY FIT. Saying what might have happened if they did stay fit is only applicable in some parallel universe. So, they are still not ready. We therefore need M’Villa.

  401. I bet Sam Allardyce’ phone must be filled with voicemails from the spaniards.

  402. Wow wot alot of comments today. Haven’t read them all so I don’t know if someone has already suggested this. I’d love to see Hazard in a red & white shirt & the only way I can see us meeting Lille’s asking price is if we give them Gervinho in part-ex. Can’t see it happening though. Maybe if we chucked in Almunia, Squilachi, Bendtner, Chamakh and even Diaby for free… nah we’d have to pay them to take that lot.

  403. Yeb, confirmed on Sky sport
    Evening all.

  404. Ktr7….I enjoyed it too. Much better than the day before when the chavs bussed the cheats out of the final. Infact I hope that the final will be much more exciting. BM vs RM was an exciting match and thrilling to the neutral.

  405. Pep Guardiola is understood to be on the brink of ending his tenure as manager of Barcelona after telling the club he cannot carry on.

    The 41-year-old Catalan will announce his intentions at a press conference at the Nou Camp on Friday afternoon.

    And barring a last-minute change of heart, Guardiola is expected to confirm his departure from the club he has led to two Champions League titles.

    The Barcelona manager has arranged to meet his players on Friday morning.

    It is thought Guardiola will take a year-long break from football should he leave his post.

    Guardiola spent three hours with Barcelona president Sandro Rossell on Thursday morning.

    During the talks, which took place at Rossell’s private home in the city, Guardiola is understood to have expressed his belief that he could “not go on.”

    What had begun as discussions over an extension to his one-year rolling contract soon turned into a push to keep Guardiola at the club. Rossell is understood to have offered Guardiola unlimited spending power this summer but the Catalan will not base his decision on money.

    Guardiola, who captained the club as a player, has always maintained that he would do what was best for the club. He spent Thursday afternoon with his family and is expected to tell Rossell of his decision later tonight.

    While it cannot be ruled out that Guardiola may change his mind, the club fear that the man who has led them to two Champions League titles and three La Liga crowns has made his decision.

    The manner of the defeat by Real Madrid on Saturday, a result which effectively saw Barcelona relinquish their Primera Division title to Jose Mourinho’s men and the Champions League defeat by Chelsea have prompted this rethink.

    Rosell has, however, been firmly behind his manager in the wake of those results. “I hope that Josep is our coach next season”, Rosell said on Wednesday.

    “We have confidence in him; he is essential for our type of play.”

  406. This is interesting……..

    Corluka quit Spurs in January after failing to win enough game time in the first XI.

    And the Bayer Leverkusen loanee claims it is Redknapp’s failure to keep his squad fresh that has seen the club slip out of the Champions League places.

    Corluka said: “I wouldn’t be surprised if they finished sixth.

  407. The thing i noted devil is that Madrid really need a playmaker.They couldn’t control the pace of the game bar the first 15 minutes.They rely too much on pace and when Bayern dealt with that they were clueless as they would lose the ball very quickly by trying to force the issue.no wonder they have only kept 6 cleansheets at home this season.

  408. Too many enforcers Ktr7. And no vision. And this allowed BM to cover well and attack.

  409. I thought you might Kt ;)

    Adam, once i have two arms ready to work in tandem, i too shall be trying that and the other recipe you sent :)

  410. Hi. Dev. Howdy?? I’ve just been dizzy busy. :) You lot are giving Lady rico a headache. :D :D

    Hi, KT! :) How are ya? Go have a good meal, Dutch. Maybe even a “puff”. :P

    Adam, I really like your wife. :) :) Blahniks are actually pretty comfortable err… less uncomfortable than other shoe brands :oops: and very light. :)

    rico, you’re the only person I know who can’t wait to do housework. :D :D

  411. cesc goes to Barca to play under Pep…Pep leaves.Cesc joins Arsenal when we were dominating… we stop winning.Cesc leaves Arsenal because we bottle it in the squeaky bum time…the same happens at Barca…Cesc has seen this movie unfold over and over again.

  412. Poor old Cesc indeed :lol: :lol:

  413. agag, but that would mean i am all better… that’s why i can’t wait and i really enjoy housework, it’s good for my mind….

    and days like today on here make me realise why ;)

  414. hi agag.i thought by now you would own every single pair of shoes on this planet….guess i was wrong!!!what is it with women and shoes???

  415. Kroos and Schweinsteiger totally bossed the midfield last night.Madrid do not have that control in their game and thats why they lost.If Gomez hadn’t hesitated that game would’ve been over in 90 minutes.

  416. i don’t think Pep will return to football anytime soon or ever again.

  417. FFS Adrian Durhams been here….

  418. Welcome Alan Skirton, yes you are right, they didn’t stay fit and as you say, exactly why we need M’Vila..

  419. Lee ? what have i missed now :(

  420. Welcome to you too blcenglishblog

    we can give that lot away, look how much we’d save on the wage bill alone ;)

  421. AGAG you need some more feet… :lol:

  422. I think Sir AK, aka Charlie George may be heading into the HH record books – 414 comments as it stands, don’t think we have ever had 500 in one day :)

  423. KT!!! Not quite that many. But if you lot need tips on shoes for your ladies, ldy friends and variation, I am the person to be consulted. :D Ahaha.

    The grass ain’t always greener on the other side, Cesc. ;) Tut tut.

    rico, fair enough. :P How are the chickies?

    Hey, Lee!!

  424. All the negativity…. Like listening to talkshite!! ;)

  425. not quite many…100000748778 pairs,am i close?

  426. i really enjoyed seeing Ramos miss that penalty.i’ve never liked him.

  427. Come on let’s go for the monkey of comments ( cockney for 500)
    Hi AGAG, one of my wife’s friends wears laboutins and she walks like she’s had an accident…… :lol

  428. Hazard would be a serious investment in the future. Of course it won’t happen though as AW’s ego will get in the way. As we know he makes superstars he doesn’t buy them. Still it would make sense to offer them Gervinho in part-ex and we could even throw in some of our other superstars like Almunia, Squilachi, Bendtner, Chamakh and even Diaby. Now that would be a coup in the transfer market.

  429. I only wish, KT. :) I think Ramos is overrated.

    Lee, tbh, wearing Louboutins feels like you’ve been in an accident. :) :)

  430. Hello, BLC. :) I like Hazard, too. Don’t think we’d get him though. :(

  431. Got it Lee ;)

    Chicks are fab thanks agag :)

  432. no way will we get Hazard let alone bid.we are probably scouting a player in Mongolia.

  433. blcenglishblog – can’t see wenger paying £30m for Hazard sadly…

    Righty ho guys, seeing as it’s peace and harmony restored here, i am going to eat…

    laters all…..

  434. I am off, dear friends. :) :) Go get to 500!!

  435. I dont have any recent news on marvin martin but thats the player i would love to see at arsenal

  436. Acc to NN the talks between AFC and M’Vila are at an advanced stage.

  437. Who’s seriously going to replace Pep?

  438. Night Imelda… ;)

  439. Hmmmm Lee….that must be one of Allardyce, Pulis, Redknapp or McCleish.

    Someone up here has already pointed this out.

  440. My 8:15…. Gambon?

  441. OOOOOOoooooooooooh oh oh!!!!

    Is that a secret Kee???? Nice female name.

  442. Dev, where’s he going to go?

  443. Imelda Marcos…. ;)

  444. We need AW to get his mojo back….

  445. 54 to go……

  446. That is my guess also Lee. He may take time out for a year. And come back refreshed. Maybe he has been talked to take over from AW after he has finished his next season??? I like Guardiola. But I feel Ancelotti is better.

  447. I thought that Imelda was Agag’s name. It would have siuted her dont you think so Lee????

  448. He comes across as a good bloke….
    Saying that ancelotti same sketch…

  449. Devil, that will be her name….got a good ring to it!! ;)

  450. Dev, you watching Bilbao???

  451. Nah mate. Had enough footy for this week. And next saturday I will be having a game prior to the match vs Stoke. So I got to have a break from games. Next sunday I will have a day off.

    Good to have a level headed bloke like you around Lee. We might not agree but at least we do it in a civil way and with a smile.

  452. Who would be your ideal manager of AFC and why Lee????

  453. Dev, your wealth of knowledge re coaching & European players is really top drawer! As for cyber punch ups or calling people cnuts because they don’t agree with me is utter bollocks!! Civility and respect in someone else’s house……
    AW, is our manager & that ain’t changing (for a while)… he’s made some woeful decisions over the years but I was priveliged enough to see the best Arsenal team,EVER!!

  454. Evening all you fine Gooners.
    Cheers KT. Could have done with you on here earlier.
    Adam, 6.49; :-D
    You should have known better haha.
    Me, i say nothing, i hear nothing and i see nothing.
    It costs me nothing….. :-)

  455. Bielsa is the man to replace pep.

  456. Guardiola, I’d like because it’s “total football”…… You’ll know better than me but can that style win the EPL?? Have we got skilful enough players to play that style…..probably not!
    Taking my son & my dad to the emirates when we beat uefalona was a high point too….. Classic counter goal from the Shaver!!!!

  457. I am there like you Lee re AW. But we have to accept that AFC will have to move on eventually and he will not be part of the furniture anymore. So a new bloke must come in.

    My ideal would be a top Italian coach. I have a liking to them. Maybe its because of their coaching methods and they are really the tops when it comes to defending and set pieces. And physiologically they really know how to get the utmost from any player. We get the odd one outs like Tinker man Ranieri. But Ancelotti, Di Matteo, Conte and Allegri are top ones. Especially Ancelotti who won the CC as a player and as a coach besides winning the league in different coutnries.

  458. Bilbao manager?

  459. Id love Löwe of Germany but its a pipe dream :(

  460. The only thing which worries me about Pep is that we may have an AW clone. Only tippy tappy footy and no plan B. For all his faults Jose has plan A plan B and maybe even plan C. The Bayern coach also. Ancelotti adapts to his players while Conte is young enough to relate to them. And he is still unbeaten in the Italian league with Juventus.

    Hiya SIr AK. Pa said well done for the post. And you are nearly @ 500 comments which shows how good a debate you gave rise to.

  461. I like Lowe also. Methodical and practical. And still young.

  462. AK, you busy mate?
    Is the Giroud release clause 11m,if so he’d be a good addition?
    Dempsey doesn’t really get my juices flowing but he’s EPL ready, no bedding in…..knows where the net is, we so so need midfield goals to compliment the striker(s)!!!!!

  463. I like Coquelin and frimpong but M’villa will add competition to that spot and allow song to move into a more attacking role but with four players for the defensive midfield role. and he is a quality signing something frimpong and coquelin will accomplish over the next season or two. Add to that the ability to play m’villa for pl and cl games and let frimpong and coquelin the role in fa cup and league cup and when xmas comes and fixtures come fast rotation will be handy also injuries so yes we need another defensive midfielder. But let us remember this player is just a rumour and is not necessarily coming but we could do with a quality player like hin in that position. a defender that can play in a variety of positions would be handy and an attacking midfielder would be enough if poldolski comes. these players to start appearing from reserves and youths in league cup or fa cup; Yennaris, Gnarbry, Afobe, Einsfield, miyachi, joel campbell, maybe toral harper and bellerin too though they may need a little more time oh and lets not forget Lansbury. I think squad will be looking pretty competitive. our problem is who is replacing rice and who will be back up szcesney.

  464. Dempsey can give us what Marwood and Limpar and Freddie once gave us. no frills, no thrills and just practicality. And as Lee said………he’s EPL ready, no bedding in…..knows where the net is, we so so need midfield goals to compliment the striker(s)!!!!!

    But his age is against him in a position out on the wing or as a forward.

  465. Around 30 more comments Sir AK.

    But I am off now. Off to dreamland where we are whacking Stoke through goals from Gibbs (hat-trick of headers), a curler by Santos, two shots from Koscielny and a couple from RVP’s sexy legs. ;) besides an own goal from Upson. that would make it a score of 9-0 to AFC. :lol:

    In my dreams.

    cu fine fellas and lasses.

  466. Nighty agag, rest well…

  467. Lee – your 8.44 – spot on…..

  468. Hi richard – jussi who’s surname i cannot spell, he’s free in the summer, that’s my choice….

  469. nighty devil….

    just seen the ‘advance stages’ talks with M’Vila story, not sure i believe it though….

  470. Guys, wordpress has played up again, a few comments from regs went into spam, i didn’t notice until i’d hit the ‘empty spam’ button – sorry :(

  471. seeing as you miserable toads have all gone, so am i ;) ;)

    Nighty all, stay safe….

    Til tomorrow…….

  472. Society is a big factor, IMHO…today everyone wants success,but they want it yesterday! Sorry but life ain’t like that…..

  473. I’m still lurking… Great game on tv btw….

  474. Work for it Lee, work for it, we all have to…..

  475. it’s 3-0 to phil mitchell on my TV ;)

  476. It’s not the fcking EPL exfactor….

  477. Rico, you need to get out more…..

  478. Where’s Will when you need him??? ;)

  479. :lol: lee, it will happen to you one day ;)

  480. Where’s GG man too….?

  481. Did he watch eastenders?? ;)

  482. Out on the razz i think, hitting the streets of london ;)

  483. Rico, this is a cracking game….
    Northlondoners I think…;)

  484. Wonder how stanleys day went :(

  485. who are you watching??

  486. Yeah, I really felt for him….. Not looking forward to that!! :(

  487. Bilbao v Sporting….. Extra time looks on the cards!

  488. What really fucks me off about AW, is that we’ve been ridiculously close to silverware and if he’d used the window properly we’d of won something……

  489. Me too lee, poor old thing, the first one cuts really deep ………

  490. Shit,I missed all the fun.
    Devil,I’d take things a step further with Gambon….I’d name this site Gambons House,have him moderate and do ALL the posting……imagine the joy he’d have,total power!!
    I don’t think he’d ever get bored arguing with himself,either.
    Somebody compared this to Le Grove……that’s just not funny,because on HH you are allowed to support Wenger without being banned.
    I’ve said it before,that mobs a pack if incestuous,arrogant arseholes……hang on,didn’t Gambon come from there.
    Gambon,honest,truly,really…..I’m not suggesting you are incestuous or arrogant…..arsehole though,no,I’d never say that!!!!!
    Alan,on your claim you’d do a better job than Wenger,well,its a point to debate,but you are dreaming.
    I can tell everyone I’d be a great porn star,but that doesn’t mean its true.
    As with you lacking your coaching certificates,I too lack
    one vital TOOL of the trade to make Linda Lovelace swoon over me…..such Is life.
    For yourself and Gambon to actually make the same suggestion is just astounding.
    Do you honestly think its as simple as spending dome cash?????
    Yeah,its worked a treat for Citeh!!!!
    Stop letting your egos get in the way lads……I find it hard enough dealing with the dynamics of coaching an U/6’s side,let alone one of the biggest clubs in the world.
    But then again,I’m a mere mortal.

  491. You got to feel fora hamster mate of mine….. He put an accumulator bet on (£10) at the start of the season… Citeh,hamsters,charlton & Swindon…it was worth 3200 to 1 so £32k fo his tender!! If citeh win it, his own team cost him that dough……:(

  492. I think most level headed feel the same, just one extra good player in the transfer windows would have made so much difference, and i still believe that had we signed who we did on DD a lot earlier, we’d be up there with the mancs this season…

    Arteta has been a revelation imho, yossi has been in and out but showed what experience can bring – merts has taken a long time to adapt and not sure he has yet but he isnt a german international without reason….

    good signings, just six weeks too late imho….

  493. Scott that’s why guardiola, is stepping down…..

  494. No fullbacks for moons wasn’t good…..

  495. Hi Scott,

    lets not go back there please, its all done and dusted and to be honest, i have truly had enough of the bickering, don’t feed the fire with more fire – it’s really not worth it…

  496. Poor old hamster lee, but, you think citeh will win? i think lou macari was right, the ref will decide the fate of the PL….

  497. The moroccan woodbines didn’t turn up Rico then?

  498. Lee,he’s the one manager in the world that I would have at Arsenal tomorrow.
    It won’t happen,because he’d definitely be after assurances that more money would be made available for transfers.
    I reckon he will take some time off,and then come back managing a smaller side…..he will love the challenge of building a club up.
    That’s just my gut feel.

  499. 500 posts!!!!!
    Unfortunately,when you take out the two lads claims of….I can do a better job than Wenger……we are on 273.

  500. That’s what I posted earlier….. Pep to take AW’s job (my choice…) and he’ll take yr out before returning!!
    Llorente just got the winner……

  501. i agree re the fullbacks and i also believe that AW should have loaned one in back in jan, watching ian harte at reading made me think again about a short term for bridge, but i kept that to myself….

    that’s why i am not keen on the stats that gambon was talking about, yes he is right that we have conceeded far too many goals but considering the defensive injuries we have suffered, leaving players playing out of position, are we really that surprised…

  502. It’s a piss easy job….

  503. :lol: lee, sadly not….

  504. Hey everyone, study is shit…

    I want M’vila, I’ve seen him play, looks very good.

  505. Lee – i will be applying in the morning ;)

    lorente, are the totts or mancs still in thursday night footie ;)

  506. A lot of gambon’s comments I agree with but why so abrasive??

  507. Rico,I let slide 3 or 4 smart arse jibes directed at me from Gambon,but I’ve just decided not to engage him…..not wasting my time.
    He’s not interested in a debate.

  508. Competition within the squad is what we need!!

  509. Hi Esp, wouldn’t know, gave that up years ago ;)

    Agree again Lee re gambon, his views aren’t far off my own, but its not what is said so often, its the way it’s said…

    Why so abrasive, i have my own cunning theory ;)

  510. Lee,its how Le Grovers speak to anyone that defends Wenger.
    It lasts a little while,them you’re gone.

  511. People it’s been real today……
    No spin proper signings please…. On that note I’ll bid you good night & sweet dreams fine folk of the “House”

  512. Bullied at school??

  513. that is the best way Scott if he riles you but i’d really like it if gambon would come here and debate and, maybe in time he will…

  514. Nighty Lee, sleep well….

  515. We got the monkey up… Night!

  516. Late for me too so i am heading off too, sorry Scott but it’s near bedtime for me ;)

    take care all, til tomorrow…

    No dreaming of M’Vila, it may just come true ;)

    Have a good day Scott….

  517. See i arrive and you all sod off…………….. I really must change my deodorant…!

  518. The last word?

    Night everyone 😣

  519. Diaby’s out….

  520. Morning all

    Why an i not shocked lee ;)

  521. New Post going up….

  522. I think investing in defnce and getting a good striker will be a better option.

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