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Denilson return to dash M’Vila hopes? Arrogant Pearce & RvP Scoops another award…

Robin van Persie has completed a double success after being named Football Writers’ Association Player of the Year. Our captain was named PFA Footballer of the Year on Sunday and he has now followed that up with another award.

Wayne Rooney was in second place, Paul Scholes third and Clint Dempsey fourth.

Denilson’s lawyer has apparently been in London this week, trying to secure and extension to our midfielders loan deal with Sao Paulo but the club have denied him permission.

Reports suggest that Wenger wants the 24 year old back in time to start pre-season training in July.


Yes, however, maybe the bigger picture is that Wenger doesn’t want to scupper any chance of finally getting Denilson off of our books and to make sure we don’t lose him for free at any stage.A disappointed Denilson said:

I would stay another six months, but the decision was not mine, I have a contract with Arsenal and I have to stick to it.

We all know Wenger tried to turn Denilson into a defensive playing midfielder but it didn’t work back then and it’s unlikely it will work again with us, he clearly doesn’t want to be an Arsenal player so why keep him?

If Wenger wants an out an out defensive midfielder, we all know there is one in France who would jump at the chance of joining our club. Go get him Arsene!

Talking of midfielders, that arrogant buffoon Stuart Pearce reckons Jack Wilshere will take part in the Olympics, if he says so!

Will managers have a veto on their players ­going? Of course not, no. We are talking about Great Britain here, the ­Olympic Games. This is an opportunity of a lifetime.

Wenger has said the ­Olympics would be “the worst idea” for Wilshere, 20, who has not played this season.Pearce responded:

I can’t change that opinion. But it’s not of great concern to me. If I make one selection proviso for one manager, I’ll have to do it for everybody.

 The most important thing for me is for Great Britain to win a gold medal. I don’t want to get into a tit-for-tat with Arsene. It seems every two years with the Under-21s we go through this same charade, so I’m not prepared to do that.

Jack is on the shortlist at this moment in time.  He’s been out a hell of a long time and Jack as a player is paramount in my mind.

What an arrogant man, Wilshere hasn’t kicked a ball all season and there is no way he should even be on any shortlist. The only thing Jack should be doing this summer is resting and Arsene Wenger and Arsenal football club need to stand firm.

That’s about it for today, other than Chelsea winning last night means we really need to pull our socks up and get three wins from our remaining three fixtures. Fourth spot may no longer guarantee Champions League football.

Have a good day all…..

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285 comments on “Denilson return to dash M’Vila hopes? Arrogant Pearce & RvP Scoops another award…

  1. Good Morning Guys and Chicks of the Stratospheric Gunners’ Faith.

    Been a couple of days since I was on here. And it seems I missed some fun.

    Good post Rico

    Onto yesterday…….I had said that the final would be Mourinho against his old club and it seems that I was not mistaken. So the cheats have been cheated out. Having said that Cesc has turned into a cheat also …… he was not touched for the penalty and jumped for a dive. Speaking about Cesc……I wonder if he is going through a sense of deja-vu. You know that feeling that always near and yet so far. It seems that he has taken the bad luck with him to Barca. No plan B. Still tippy tappy tika taka football which produces nothing. And from what I saw on both legs he is not his imperious self anymore. Tactically better he said??? More like ARROGANT expert. And it seems that he is also out of the running of the league. MArk my words…..if RM win the league and Champions league and Jose stays it will mean that RM will dominate spanish soccer for the next 5 years. In your face slimy toad for turning your back on us. And thanks for taking our bad luck with you. You can keep it.

    About yesterday again. I have been banging that what this team needs is an ITALIAN coach with an ITALIAN MENTALITY regarding the DEFENCE. Di Matteo……three years ago he was with MK dons and three years to day yesterday he was on the loosing end of a 1-0 defeat. Yesterday he out thought and out fought Barca. WITH A TYPICAL CATENNACCIO SYSTEM which got the best out of his senior players. Well not with that dumb git who got his marching orders for ridiculing the EPL. But Di Matteo, without Cahill and Terry, still managed to instill that sense of defensive discipline and tactical awareness that only coaches like GG, Mourinho or Italian coaches can. Hopefully AFC will learn from that type of display. Unfortunately my greatest fear is that AW FC will not. IMO the back four of Sagna-Koscielny-Vermaelen-Gibbs with Song and Arteta in front of them will all learn how to defend properly if they have a defensive minded coach who can instill in them all the discipline we saw yesterday.

    Regarding Denilson…….I know some of you might pillorize me for saying this. But the Denilson which will return will be very different than the one who has left. So who knows. I think that AW intends to try him out in the pre-season and up till end of the transfer window and then decide.

  2. I am not sure Chelsea can get over Real Madrid and it would be darn funny if they put all their eggs in the UEFA basket….only to find they drop it at the last and finish 5th.

  3. Morning all,

    Nice weather for ducks here in the UK…. :(

  4. Morning devil,

    I was going to send out an search party for you…

    Sad for Barca eh ;)

    What a difefrence Di Matteo has made to the chavs aswell, if Roman replaces him this summer, he’d be a fool….

  5. morning all…pearce is a pr1ck of biblical proportions!

  6. he will Rico…

  7. Morning Lee..

    Totally agree re Pearce, arrogant t**t!

    If he does, maybe Wenger should get De Matteo as his assistant, can’t believe how quickly he has sorted their defence….

  8. Rico……Di Matteo is an Italian. And defending comes naturally to them.

  9. You still have to get the players to play that way devil, and what he has achieved in such little time is remarkable..

    Serriously, just imangine if we had a defensive coach to sort us out, we’d reduce our goals against by two thirds…

    We have a great back five, add Song and the right defensive coach, we’d improve hugely….

  10. transfers?

  11. love it alan….

  12. we will see signings this summer…….

  13. Hi Steve of Chiang Mai,

    sorry i missed your earlier comment, tbf the chavs have a good few missing from the final, could be a tough one who ever they come up against….

  14. will they be ours though ;) ;)

    i’m quite confident too lee, we signed podolski yet ;)

    The german league finishes soon, week before the pl i think, won’t be too long before we hear that one confirmed….

  15. @ Devilgunner 9.15. while I agree we need some better defensive coaching within our set-up I don’t agree with going Italian or that having an Italian coach would solve all our issues to bring in silverware. That Chelsea team, although a bit older, is still in Mourinho’s image and the core group of players are still best with this style of play. We cannot take the types of players we have and just replicate that and nor should we. It is about finding a happy medium so that we can still play good attacking football within a more solid defensive set-up. Chelsea merely defended and got fortunate with some counter-attacks, and while they can be applauded for this win they did ride their luck and if they were to play another 10 2 leg ties against Barca over the next few weeks this result would not be repeated.

    I also think the defensive coaching is only one aspect as to why we are a bit leaky at the back. The second is having the right players but in this sense I feel we are possibly 1 player away from having the right personnel. For me the other more important aspect is our system. Our 4-3-3 doesn’t really suit us at either end of the pitch I feel. At the top end I feel RVP is often isolated against better defenders without enough support from the 2 wing forwards. I felt this was the case with terry and Cahill at the weekend and it seems the 2 support players in our 4-3-3 don’t get in support quick enough when we attack or score enough goals and we end up looking more like a 4-5-1 system even in attack. I would prefer to see us use a system that allows for 2 strikers. I also feel in the past most of our defensive issues were with set plays but we seem to be better with this. Now it seems that we are vulnerable to the quick counter-attack when we have committed too many players forward. Our full-backs are often both forward and we often have vermaelen and Koscielny as a 2 man defense trying to stop the counter-attack.

    The 4-4-2 system would get us 2 strikers but for me would leave the same problems on the counter-attack when our full-backs are forward. I would like to see us get this lad Vertonghen from Ajax and play a back 3 in a 3-5-2 system which I actually think will see us more defensively stable than with the 4 at the back. I would have TV in the middle, Vetonghen to the left of him and LK to the right. For me these 3 would be very hard to break down and are all quick aggressive defenders who can bring the ball out. The 3 would mean we are better at dealing with the counter-attacks and we still have 3 central midfielders of any combination you want to provide a screen for the defense and support the attack in equal balance. Our full-backs become wing backs which plays to our strengths as for me they are really more naturally wing-backs / wingers rather than defenders in a flat back 4 ( Sagna aside). As we are an attacking possession team they will line up more in the game as the wide players in a 5 man midfield and means we can press and win the ball back higher up the pitch.They will have to get back and defend at times but not as regularly. We also get to play 2 up top and could then play RVP as a number 10 where I think he will become an even better and more effective player than he has been this season.

  16. Hi GoonerB,

    you should have emailed me, i could have used that as a post ;)

    imho, the midfiled is where we are failing, even more so now without Arteta, he works so hard going forward and creating things and defends well too.

    Song playing Songinho is half the problem, if he did what he’s supposed to do, things wouldn’t be quite so bad, but im no longer convinced he can….

  17. @devilgunner, i think RM is already DOMINATING Spanish football. Last season about now, Barca were bracing for a trio trophy lifting but currently they are likely to settle for the Copa Del Rey (I hope Bilbao snatches that one too). On the other hand, RM can possibly make a double and trust me if they go past Bayern, the CL is theirs. I think the manager is right is calling Denilson back into the squad. I guess he is trying to toss the dice one more and see whether next season the young lad cna turn into what AW hoped he would be(A Gilberto Silva clone). Stuart Pierce is only trying to show authority, but surely why would he name a person whose been out for almost a 12 months in a his squad- shere pride and arrogance which he suck up! T

  18. Morning all, nice one Rico.
    Although i wouldn.t want Wilshere involved in the GB team i can understand Pearce for still having him in his plans after all Jack has been saying all season that he would love to play in it. When i think about it Jack hasn’t played for us all season and has given us faulse promises all season, its my belief that jack could have come back for the last month of the season but Wenger has decided that if he is seen kicking a ball he would be ready for team Gb or England whoever came knocking, you say that jack needs to rest throughout the closed season i believe he has had enough rest and needs to do what he’s supposed to be doing and play football. Personally i would like to see him have a dozen games before he fields for us, we need to know if he’s back to his best and robust enough to play for us we dont want to wait till the season starts to find out he’s still crocked or has lost his nerve. If he’s in our plans for the future we need to know he will fit in with who we have and who we buy, after all a years rest is more than enough for a young man of his age.

  19. GoonerB……3-5-2 is no longer the norm. That is outdated and with all honesty it will be easy to exploit, even with a 4-3-3 team who plays diagonal passing.

    As Rico said…..Songinho is half the problem. Put a real defensive midfielder there, like Gilberto and Petit and the team would solve half if not more of its defensive issues.

    There is another problem which Graeme Souness inadvertently said yesterday during the Cheats vs Chavs. “You cannot underestimate the importance of Senior players, however old they might be.”

    And that last comment has been the crux of our problem since the invincibles was dismantled. And this I say with the following backing……we have had Sol Campbell, Jens Lehmann and TH14 coming back to us in the twilight of their careers. Did we fare badly when they were here?? The answer is NO. We did better in all departments.

  20. Hi nadjulius

    Giving denilson another chance would be taking huge steps back imho, regardless of him being sluggish, slow and crab-like, his outburst about fabregas and the club should be enough for him to be never forgiven.

    I seriously hope wenger has just made it clear that no more loan, and find himself another club. If Sao paulo want him, let them pay for him….

  21. Morning steve

    with Pearce, it’s not what he says but how he says it, he may have him jack his plans, he may have him on his shortlist, but wenger and jack have both dismissed the euros and olympics.

    The arrogant pillock should respect his clubs managers views and the player himself. Fergie is also up in arms with Pearce and i think he and Wenger will win this battle….

  22. Sir SP. Being a coach myself I would not consider any player if he has not played for a long time. I want players to be in the swing of things not players who want to get into a rythm or feel their way in the game. The comment that he made and if he follows it through and takes Jack and Plays him straight immediately shows a lack of Physiological/psychological nous from the caretaker manager. Even if I were his club coach I would still introduce him slowly next season. Starting with 15 minutes as a sub. And increasing it bit by bit. He would get his first full game after around the 5th game. So no I do not agree with the idea that he should be taken to the Olympics.

  23. devil, i am sure a player like m’vila, big & strong would stop most things through the middle.

    He would close players down quicker and break up any attack and set us on one instead (paddy style)

    Remeber the Yids winner at SHL, no-one closed down Walker, we did it the other week aswell, can’t recall who it was against, maybe Qpr, they score their goal from a pass through an empty midfield..

    The defence are getting there (JV will make it complete), we just need to sort the midfield and forwards out ;)

  24. Morning Devil you know more about coaching than me mate but i would do the same as you say, but a player that sides with his club managers view may jepordise his future involvement with a man that may take the England managers job. People seem to dislike Pearce but personally i liked his fighting style when he played and he has put in a lot of time and effort in England since he retired after all we don’t want another yes man in charge of England

  25. Denilson’s return epitomizes all that’s wrong with AFC!!

  26. Morning all. What is the point of Stuart Pearce exactly?

  27. Am I in the minority here that’s happy at yesterday’s result?!

  28. I know where your coming from Lee, but it sounds like his club would want him to stay so he may have learnt something, he may have been shit for us but he did start out reasonable.

  29. I also like Pearce as a player Sir SP. like you I liked his fighting spirit and style. But between playing and coaching there is a vast ocean. I do not like yes men, infact both my assistants are both former players who know how I operate but the first thing I told them when they started with me three years ago was that they have a right to disagree with me….provided we do it between us inside a room. Infact we spend a lot of time discussing things and then we come out with one formula which we all claim to be our final decision. We stand and fall by that decision. But we always keep in mind the health, fitness and development of our players. We have been together for three years now and we aim to extend it year by year. But we never say yes to each other because we are afraid to voice our own opinions.

  30. Let me know please…..

  31. No Rocky i was pulling for Chelsea

  32. At the end of the day Devil you have adopted the way you sort things out its your system. we all like to work as a team but at the end of the day theres someone in charge.

  33. Hiya Rocky. How are you mate.

    I was happy yesterday with the result. The Chavs passed, which is what I wanted. They passed with red card which is what I wanted. They passed with a lot of yellow cards which is what I wanted. They have lots of suspended players, which is what I wanted. They have injuries, which is what I wanted. They will have their mind on the final which is what I wanted. So they will have their mind between two stools….which is what I wanted.

    Just one player suspended you might make amends. But with half a team or more suspended and injured I think that it is a tall order for any team. Hell even for Shitty that would be difficult. So all in all I am glad for all the right results yesterday.

  34. Lee – i think it’s to make sure he’s sold, can’t see him ever playing again but yes, otherwise, it’s wrong on all accounts…

    Morning rocky, i wanted barca to win, only because i fear we won’t get 3rd in the PL :(

  35. Hi SSP/Dev.

    I just despise everything about Barca. Not just the underhand way they conduct their business, but the whole arrogance that surrounds the club (I personally have no clue why douchebags like Victor Valdes is so arrogant, given that he is a very average player). I hope Chelsea lose in the final, purely because if we can’t win a Champs League, I sure don’t want them to! Bayern Chelsea final, Bayern to win!

  36. Morning Rico. We’ll get 3rd.

  37. Dev… They have more than 2 stools at Chelsea…..! (is it too early for toilet humour?!)

  38. with that I agree Sir SP. Yes at the end of the day I am in charge, but if I see that they are right, and many times they are right, I encourage them to express their opinion. There are moments when one of them puts forward an opinion and its so good that he conducts the training session. We work the same way, and although we have developed a system where I am in charge it is also a system which allows them to express themselves without any fears. At the end of the day they also know that if something does not work I assume the responsability even if they came out with the idea in the first place.

  39. Rocky…..are they slimy toadstools???? ;)

  40. Sorry Rico I will ensure I e-mail you next time but I feel a post and full on blog discussion on the systems and formations could still be done. In response to devilgunner re. the3-5-2 being an outdated system, i am not sure if you a right on this or not. You may be correct and I may be wrong as I am not some tactical genius just an average fan who watches and analysises his team through the season. As I look at our squad though and where our strengths and weaknesses are it felt to me that this was a very viable option to keep us as an attacking goal-scoring team who enjoy possession, but would also solve much of our defensive frailties. I am not sure you could ever classify any system as outdated, and I think it is more the types of players you have that make one system more suited to a particular team. I also feel no system is foolproof in not having a weakness and all systems have their individual strengths and weaknesses but it is the job of the players and manager to recognise where the system they use could be exploited. I still feel the 4-3-3 system is slightly square pegs in round holes for us currently and would also feel this about the 4-4-2 (especially defensively). I still see lots of triangles and movement in the 3-5-2 system. RVP could drop deeper to link with Wilshere and I can picture him now receiving the ball in the hole and moving it quickly wide to one of the advancing wing backs then sprinting into the box to join the other striker and try and get on the end of the ball coming in from wide. I agree with needing to have more defensive midfield discipline in front of the back 4. Maybe Coquelin will come through to give us that or maybe Vertonghen could go in there with one of our other current central defensive options dropping in alongside TV and LK. I still think Rico you should do something on the system used and see what the bloggers think.

  41. Something like that mate! more like turdstools….

  42. I wonder at times if that happens at the Arsenal Dev, as i see Wenger doing it his way all the time but i may be wrong :)

  43. You’re not wrong Steve! Far from it!

  44. GoonerB… I tend to agree. I couldn’t really care less what formation we play. All I want are 4 defenders know know the art of defending, and a Makalele-esque player who knows how to be a dominant, no-frills DM. The rest of the team can be as fluid and interchangable as they like.

  45. I have been over to some Chav blogs mates. Its amazing that some of the supporters are saying that John Terry’s red card was ridiculous. He deserved it, simple.

    Onto some scum from the slum blogs and it seems that they are not happy that the chavs have passed to the final. They are all afraid that if the table remains as it is they will no longer be even a Thursday team.

  46. I’m not worried about the chavs devil, i’m worried about the geordies :(

  47. Just kidding you GoonerB, you post whatever comment you want but, if you do feel like writing a post or two, that would be very welcome – new ideas/views are always welcome here…

  48. As for a post about formations etc etc, that’s all a bit beyond me, i’ll leave that to someone who knows more ;)

    rocky, wish i shared your confidence :(

  49. @ rico; denilson was comin along untill the fans started slaughterin him and his confidence went downhill, as 4 his opion of “the sellout” not being captain material,we all know the only reason he was made skipper was so that he would change his mind n stay in london.robin has been way better a captain n TV5 would hav ahead of the sellout!plus denilson has been captain of every brazil national side he has turned out for,so diss him but grant him he knows what it takes to skipper!

  50. GoonerB……..I am not sure you could ever classify any system as outdated, and I think it is more the types of players you have that make one system more suited to a particular team. I also feel no system is foolproof in not having a weakness and all systems have their individual strengths and weaknesses but it is the job of the players and manager to recognise where the system they use could be exploited. I still feel the 4-3-3 system is slightly square pegs in round holes for us currently and would also feel this about the 4-4-2 (especially defensively).

    Top comment mate. But to show you a bit regarding the 3-5-2 is that 4 at the back is much more better for any team to defend and make the transition from defence to attack. The latter part of the comment regarding the present 4-3-3 is one I agree with especially in midfield. If we had Petit and Gilberto plus one from Arteta, Wilshere and Diaby than it would work especially if we had TH14 in attack supported by Pires and Freddie. But we have what we have and while I understand your point regarding our present players with a 3-5-2 system it would be unfair on our full backs to spend the whole game pumping up and down the flanks with no support upfront and at the back. It would leave lots of holes wherever they are not.

    Presently I think that the system which suits us most is a 4-4-1-1 with a team of………
    Sagna,Koscielny,Vermaelen, Gibbs
    Ramsey, Arteta,Song, Santos
    Theo or Gervinho

    That way we would be playing a 4-4-1-1 and be solid. But finally as Rocky said……….couldn’t really care less what formation we play. All I want are 4 defenders know know the art of defending, and a Makalele-esque player who knows how to be a dominant, no-frills DM. The rest of the team can be as fluid and interchangable as they like.

  51. GoonerB………you are a honest fan and with a good opinion too. Although Rico was joking about the article material, why dont you take a bow (write an article about your views), kneel down (email it) and arise Sir GoonerB (have it posted). Some of us do and we all have respect for each other. Better still we are like a family.

  52. Hi Certified,

    we’ll have to agree to differ on denilson, but not on cesc, he wasn;t captain material, he was just another emotional appointment imho..

    maybe that is how denilson thought, but speaking out to the press was so wrong, stuff like that should be kept in house…

  53. The garibaldi’s will drop points!

  54. devil

    ‘But finally as Rocky said……….couldn’t really care less what formation we play. All I want are 4 defenders know know the art of defending, and a Makalele-esque player who knows how to be a dominant, no-frills DM. The rest of the team can be as fluid and interchangable as they like.’

    Totally agree, sort the defence, the rest will always take care of itself under Wenger….

    Just wishe he’d pay as much attention to defending as he does attacking and every once in a while, try something different when we cant break sides down….

  55. The captain of The Costa Concordia knew how to be a captain…..

  56. who against Lee? I can see them beating the chavs and they’ll give the arabs a run for their money too…

    and if we don’t win our games, we could be doomed :(

    devil, well put to goonerb ;)

  57. Rico……..Denilson was right about Fabregas. See the slimy toad’s body and mental demanour at the latter end of last season. He was pissed off and did not give a shit about the club. See the way he is mouting off AFC in the spanish papers regarding tactics etc. See they way he was in the semifinal both games…..As Sir SP said….he did not see that slimy has learn anything. I think he has regressed in my opinion. Yes he can cut it with facing mediocre teams, but when faced with tactically intelligent teams slimy is found wanting.

    RVP is different. He is knackered. Like the rest of the squad since there is no depth. But does his body say anything which shows he is not interested?? No. He is there for the cause and whatever action he does take after the season (stay or go) he would still have been a better captain than the last three occupants.

  58. Dont see a huge problem with Wilshere going to the olympics.

    It will help him get into shape with us, he needs to play some football. Sure Wenger will moan, but he can go fuck himself, hes the guy that ran an 18 year old into the ground by playing him 50 times in his first season rather than strengthening the squad appropriately.

    As for Chelsea, good luck to them. Any team that holds Barca to 2 goals over 180 mins deserves some respect.

  59. Haha!! Nicking off with women instead of doing his job?! He sure did Lee!!

  60. Tea towels and chavs…….

  61. I think that Denilson might well be a very different version now that slimy has left. Maybe he will be better under RVP and Arteta’s toutelage. If you all remember it was AW who wanted him to become a defensive midfielder. Initially he was bought as an advanced midfielder. But due to slimy’s presence he had to drop back. So maybe we will see a different Denilson. Who knows. I do not want to pass judgement on him now. In the past I did. But I really would like to see him again, to see what happens. If he can fetch a good amount of money then yes sell him, especially if we get M’Vila. But I still feel he deserves at least a pre season to see what can he do.

    Bendtner and Arshavin are another case. Sell them. Their attitude stinks.

  62. He was a bit slow on the turn too Lee….

  63. Gambon – Especially playing an hour at the Nou Camp with 10 men…. Pretty good going. I agree that Wilshere will get some match fitness, but that fuckwit Pearce will no doubt play him for the full 90 in every game, which could ruin him. I agree that Wenger played him too much. But does to his (or the boards – no-one outside the club fully knows for sure) lack of activity in the transfer market, along with keeping faith with eternal crocks like Diaby, what other choice did he have?

  64. “I think that Denilson might well be a very different version now that slimy has left”


  65. Before the chav game last night i said the game would be contraversial important games aginst top teams always are. What Terry did was nothing unusual only that defenders usually wait till the ball is involved. Vidic Evra Carrick and a lot of other defenders will all ways dig you in the back when you receive the ball thats the reason that most of our team never jump for the ball, off the ball incidents are usually missed but last night they were looking for anything to reduce the Chavs to ten men. and dopey Terry gave it to them. Fabregas’s dive was also contraversial but hardly shown but justice prevaild in Messi missing. Torres’s goal reduced what extra time would have been played. the authorities would not be happy with that result.

  66. No-one will ever change my mind about Denilson I’m afraid. He has to go.

  67. denilson isn’t fit to cut the oranges at half time….

  68. devil – not suggesting he was wrong, just shouldn’t have broadcast it, all he did was make himself look a bad apple, can’t forgive him for that…

    Too many players have too much to say to the paps, any unrest should be dealt with behind closed doors, another area where i think wenger could do better – he should be telling them to keep izt zipped.. (and i don’t mean their trousers) ;)

  69. I understand your frustration Gambon………..but stranger things have happened. Remember that Denilson started off brightly but then went down. He might (MIGHT) return a better player. So the best thing is give him a good preseason and see.

    We know you now Gambon. But we did not know you when you were a teenager. You might have been a lot different then. Maybe you have turned for the better. But someone who knows you when you were a teenager might have a different opinion on you and when your name is mentioned he will also ‘SIGH’.

  70. On that Rico………I agree with you. regarding the paps and the trouser zip. ;) :lol:

  71. gambon, he isn’t even fit yet, he isn’t kicking a ball….

    let him do all that first as the summer goes by, have a good pre-season for us and then be ready to play for the club who pays his wages…

    to a degree he was overplayed, but try stopping a player like jack playing when he’s fit…. he’s not like a few others who are happy sitting on the bench and getting paid for doing nowt….

  72. denilson will be like “a new signing”……….

  73. I’m with you there rocky, seen too much of him, don’t wish to see anymore..

    But devil is right too, Denilson was never a defensive player but AW changed him as he does so many he signs, haven’t seen him play this season, all i know is he got sent off three times very early on in his loan spell…

  74. Rico

    2 x 2 game rests would have avoided this kind of injury. But Wenger just wouldnt drop him.

    Even Rooney gets regular breathers.

    Wenger has a history of running players into the ground physically. Its a consequence of his hatred of competition for places.

  75. Lee…………

    denilson will be like “a new signing”……………

    …………..which will end up making us sing. Whether it is a lovely song or a Requiem is another matter. :(

  76. Ok Rico and devil, I get the hint.I like this blog as there seems to be more insight and reasoned debate with respect still given to each others opinions I will get in touch via e-mail soon.

  77. don’t even go there lee ;)

  78. True Gambon, but Man U have decent enough players to come in and replace him,. We had Denilson.

  79. diaby too…….

  80. Gambon…….I take whatever you say with a pinch of salt. For the simple reason that your hatred towards AW, the board and present playing staff is so evident that whatever you say is blinkered by your emotion. All of us here agree with most of what you say. But, although you have a right to express your opinion remember not to let your emotion exrpress it for you.

    AW, the board and the playing staff are there and it is what we have. Either you accept it and try to work around it or else you try and change it. The latter is impossible, because at the moment that would mean changing the whole of AFC from top to bottom. And believe me it would not work, but would end up in the same way that Leeds went. So we have to accept what we have now.

    Just answer this question……You are not AFC chairman and owner. You have a right to express your opinion. But can you do anything about it????

  81. I’m not saying he wasn’t overplayed gambon and we all know the squad lacks depth which no doubt contributed…

    But that has been and gone and we have to hope AW changes that this summer, but imho, it would be in the interest of both player and club for jack not to be playing competative football in the summer having missed a whole season for us…

    Nik came back for a couple of games after a month or so out, went off to the WC in Africa, got injured and missed the next two months…

    Do we really want to take that risk??

  82. Telepathy Rico…Telepathy.

    GoonerB you are already a legend!!!!!! ;)

  83. Goonerb, good to hear that :)

  84. Lee says:

    denilson isn’t fit to cut the oranges at half time……..

    erm, Lee, have you mistaken him for Diaby??? He might not be fit enough to cut the oranges or worse still he might cut his finger and make himself unfit. :lol:

  85. devil’s advocate…

  86. There are many things I do not agree with AW.

    I cannot forgive him for the 8-2 mauling and never will.

    However, there are two things which I would like to point out.

    One is that he has been the person who gave us so much joy between 1998 to 2005. You cannot delete that from history.

    Secondly is something which has been irritating me since he was with AFC……he buys players and plays them in different positions. For example, the invincible Lauren was bought as a midfielder but was converted to right back. He did it, he still does it and will no doubt about it continue to do it. At least now he might be changing a bit, but there are still a lot of players who do not play in their rightful position.

  87. Sir AK will no doubt have to say about that comment regarding Denilson and Diaby.

  88. Dev. I agree with you, but as you say, all the joy ended in ’05. That would suggest that we have been taken as far as we can go by the people in charge.

  89. and there’s not been much in the way of suggestions that anything is going to change.

  90. Sadly it seems not Rocky. But I always have faith.

  91. But he can’t live on past results devil, it’s about time he gave us a few moments of joy again


    and maybe even Dempsey should see that happen ;)

  92. I’d happily take Dempsey.

  93. Oui I agree Rx2 (Rico and Rocky)

    One thing which irritates me is that some people want everything and everyone to change without realising that it is impossibble to do so. Yes rico, Dempsey and Jussi are two I would definately like to have. Acc to Papers the other three arenearly done deals, although I have to see them play in AFC colours to believe. But we do need to get rid some of the players like Bendy, Chamack, Arshavin, Park and the fringe players who cannot make the grade. But its only few tweaks……I cannot see the club changing from top to bottom. Only playstation, soccer manager and football manager players can do that. AFC hierarchy cannot be changed with the click of a mouse.

  94. Rico

    I would take them, however i stil think we would be missing something significant from an attacking point of view.

    I think we need at least one true world class attacker, if not 2.

  95. Dempsey would be a useful addition however he doesn’t overly float my boat……..

  96. Yann M’Vila is a must figure to be bid regardless Dennison return or not

  97. He knows where the goal is though Lee. He’s strong too, and not that slow. I’d take him over (Sorry for stealing the name Gambon, but it sums him up perfectly…) Gerbuoe.

  98. Diito rocky

    Totally agree devil, we have been saying that certain players should have gone long ago but then that takes us back to another record we have been playing and that’s the wage. Clubs can’t match what we pay and the clubs that do, wouldn’t want them….

    Just look at Almunia, he didn’t seem to care that he wasn’t playing, as long as he got paid.

    The clearout should have started at least three summers ago imho….

    But, i know we can’t sort that right now, hopefully the summer will come and we’ll see a few go….

  99. I agree with you Lee……..but he is EPL tested, and has proven himself. He might give us what Marwood, Limpar and Freddie gave us. Width, determination and propulsion going forward besides honesty

  100. Afternoon all,
    Like Bentner and Nasri before him Denilson also said he needed to move away to win trophies and better his career, I don’t ever want to go to the emirates again and see him playing in an Arsenal shirt watching referee’s running past him every other week, lee summed it up perfectly at 10.37.

  101. Devil

    I dont have to “accept it” at all, what a terrible attitude.

    I have been slating AW since 08/09 when he butchered the 08 transfer window. Back then I was a lone voice, now his own crowd is singing “you dont know what youre doing”

  102. but can you change it Gambon?????

  103. Afternoon Micko. Fair point! I know I shouldn’t but I still chuckle about his woeful role in that goal against Man U!!

  104. gambon,

    if we could get podolski and say Dempsey or similar, we should have enough strikers, we’d still have Afobe and Campbell coming through..

    The creative players, well i think that Wenger may go for Hoilett and all because he’s free….

  105. devil

    If it wasnt for fan pressure, which the mighty gambon was inspirational in creating, there is no way Arteta, Mertesacker, Benayoun or Santos would be at the club.

  106. Again….Fair point Micko. But that was Denilson of a year ago. Now he might be different. Again do not get me wrong….if AFC get a good amount for him then I would sell him. But to allow him to run down his contract and leave for free that is unacceptable.

  107. Try Dempsey in a supportive club like Arsenal he will do wonders in fact more than Van Persie look at him in Fullam which is not comparable to arsenal in term of players football coordination in the field .

  108. Afternoon Micko…

    Nor do I, and the refs are so so slow these days ;)

  109. I’d rather see Afobe and Campbell get loaned out to a Prem team for another year to be honest Rico. Not seen much of them but doubt (Afobe especially) they are ready for the Prem yet. And we can’t keep relyingh on youngsters to end our trophy drought. Look at the Hopes we are all pinning on Jack and Ox. That’s a huge burden for a youngster being thrown in at the deep end. Jack showed he was up to it, but he had time in the Prem at Bolton.


  111. Rico

    My point is, our attack relies on outnumbering the opposition to create pressure.

    The result of this is that players like Song are out of position trying to be the black Cesc, and we are too open.

    The formation we play is fine, the size of the squad is fine, what we need are players of higher individual quality, so the team will be more balanced when we lose the ball.

  112. Perhaps if we signed Dempsey, fans would make peace with Wenger :lol:

    ok, i’ll get my coat…..

  113. Dev, don’t delude yourself mate! I know you are an optimist, but I believe there is absolutely NO chance Denilson has got faster!! And I seriously doubt he would have improved much, He just doesn’t seem to have it in him. I don’t care that he captained some younger Brazil teams. He’s not good enough.

  114. Afternoon Gooners
    Afternoon Rico. Mighty fine post.
    Well done Chelski. But Arsenal would never have enjoyed such luck in europe.

  115. So Devil just regressed into a 2 year old without any point to debate. Very pointless post.

    So you think Wenger was strategically strengthening at 11.55pm on the last day of the window, when he had 3 months to buy the very same players?

    Wenger was being called a c*** by his own fans., booed and told he didnt know what he was doing.

    He reacted by doing something that probably sickens him to this day. He sold one of his babies, Traore, and signed experienced, ready made players, something he detests doing.

    People like myself have been calling for experienced, ready made players, not to mention height in the backline since 2008, and he ignored the obvious need for that for years.

    So why did he suddenly change?

    All thanks to Gambon.

  116. loaded revolver……

  117. I don’t think that we need to pee our pants over the ‘return’ of Denilson…
    You get plenty of ppl out there calling Wenger a liar, so why should anyone believe that Denilson is going to return and go back into the squad.
    He just isn’t staying at Sao Paulo.
    Chill out.

  118. So you’re to blame for Santos Gambon…….

  119. Not the capitals devil, sounds like you are shouting :(

    rocky, i’d agree there about afobe and campbell, but they would still be around if we got desperate and needed to call them back. ;)

    but if park, nik and chumuk all go, we def need to get podolski and one other who knows where the back of the net is…

  120. rocky

    Sadly yes. But also for Podolski

    If it wasnt for me Wenger wouldve signed a 15 year old from Djibuti instead.

  121. I know that a lot of you have mixed feelings about Wenger but when talking about Jack last year we have to remember that Fabregas continuing Hamstring problems was one of the reasons Jack was overworked. Injuries have been a bugbear of ours for a few seasons and i honestly think that is a reason we have not picked up silver, we have also had a lot of suspensions at times when we really didn’t need them. Wenger tried to rest players in cup games but ultimatly buggered the smoothe running of the side that coupled with disappointment and our heads went down, we never seem to have a settled team without injuries, i don’t think we have a bad squad when all fit but how often does that happen. Van persies outstanding form this year has reserected our standing without him we had no strikers of any standing and i would imagine without him we would have stayed down in 17th, we can easily moan about Wengers signings but all in all they have all played their part when fit of course.

  122. I’m more interested in how the inclusion of Diaby can compensate for the loss of Arteta.
    We need Diaby to stay fit and to add something to our midfield that is all too often lacking…

  123. Urban transportation specialist for Rico !

  124. gambon – i don’t personally like the formation we play, not all the time, love to see us with two strikers up front in certain games and finish sides off good and proper….

  125. Afternoon Charlie – thanks re the post…

    Re denilson, he’s going imho, and not on loan …..

  126. Gambon – Shame on your for blocking the transfer for the youngster! That’s just what the club needs… inexperienced, untested youth…..

    Rico – I know what you are saying… But we shouldn’t be needing to rely on untested young’uns when we are desperate. Which is why we need 2 more quality strikers. At least.

  127. Hi Rocky, you don’t like Santos then…
    I don’t think he’s a bad player.
    He’s had injuries and he is still adapting to English football.
    Judge him next season.
    We have to keep a bit of perspective here and not allow ourselves to be swayed by the extremists…

  128. Hi AK.

    I like Santos as a winger, but ONLY as a winger. We bought him as a LB though, which I think was poor judgement. And if Wenger thought he could be a wing-back then he was grossly mistaken. He really needs to lose some suet though. I know what you mean, and I’m not slagging him off as a player… Just don’t rate his defensive side.

  129. Ashley Cole, so we were told, couldn’t defend.
    The same accusation has been lain at the door of Gibbs.
    Santos can work on his defensive game and improve.

  130. He needs to get fitter then… and quickly! The thing with Cole though, is he was a winger and then turned into a FB. Santos is an actual FB, and due to that, he should be better than he is. And he knows his fitness levels aren’t good, so shouldn’t be marauding up the pitch on every occasion making him unable to get back.

    But given a full pre-season, hopefully all this will come into place. Although I don’t trust AW to teach him defending prowess….

  131. Ditto Charlie, he actually could finally do something right if he stays fit and i’d love him to shut the critics up, and yes, i’m am one of the worst ;)

    Micko, i knew you’d like that one ;)

  132. he can certainly work at keeping away from the buffet……

  133. i want us to sign two, honest rocky …. podolski and dempsey or another pl ready striker who can score goals..

    RvP and Podolski alone are not enough….

  134. Rocky, the number 11 on his back should have set the alarm bells ringing, too many games where it looks like he has lead in his boots, a decent back up for Gibbs it has to be said.

  135. Rocky, yeah i totally agree re; Santos fitness.
    Brazillian full~backs play a different game mate.
    Remember Silvinho, he was all over the place initially, but at the end i luved the guy and was gutted he left.

    Coach, you ok mate.
    Don’t rise to the bait. Your knowledge is sound. You don’t need to prove anything to any of the regulars on here.

  136. gambon.

    Your last comment to devil is way out of order, told you before, we don’t play that way here and no need to suggest devil is 2yrs old..

    Last chance, we are a friendly site and thats the way it remains, one more sarcastic comment and you can head off somewhere else!!

  137. Lee, 12.55; :-D. :-D. :-D

  138. And the Subways…….

  139. AK – Agree re Silvinho. I thought he was a disaster when he first came but after a while soon got the hang of it. I’ll reserve judgement until next season!

  140. mmmmmmm, love a Subway…..

  141. Rico, how are the chickens?

  142. Very wet Charlie, but doing what they should be at last thanks, behaving and laying eggs – good size too now so should be able to start selling them….

    The eggs i mean, not the chickens ;)

  143. mmmmmmm. love a KFC…….!

  144. I gotta go and do some work.
    Certainly is the weather for it.
    See you Gooners later.
    Keep the faith.
    That includes you too Mick.

  145. and cold coffeee……..

  146. (sorry Rico!)

  147. someone had to rocky ;)

  148. Rocky. :-D

  149. and a shaslik……..mmmmmm!

  150. Kev, my season ticket at Brentford is on hold for the moment.

  151. steve – re your 12.38 – and we had no ramsey as he was on loan, rosicky was injured or playing badly and diaby was the same…

    we had no-one to come in and allow jack to rest….

  152. Oi Oi, don’t encourage him ;)

  153. Welcome Mayom

    Sorry for the delay, all first comments go into moderation, think we all agree with you on M’Vila :)

  154. Lee you saucy bitch! I have the taste for that now!!

  155. :cry: :cry: my poor chickens……

  156. I think they’d appreciate the secret blend of herbs and spices though Rico…..

  157. Rocky,and a tandoor……..sorrry Rico!

  158. With regards to Denilson, i think that the back injuries he had set him back at a crucial time and his confidence and playing in a position that didn’t feel rght to him knocked him. I know he had some bad games where he did not put in the required effort but i also think that the Arsenal he is coming back to is a very different club with Arteta, Mertesacker et al and that he will hopefully be a wiser person. I would like to see us play a 4-2-3-1 system with the players we have and some good signings like Podolski etc.. i think this would give us the defensive cover we need and also the flexibility in games where we dominate possesion to have more attackers when necesary. I believe we do need to sign a defensive midfielder but and i think it is a big but (like Santos :-) ) if that player comes from a different league you will have ot allow time for them to adjust to the EPL, which would put us in a situation where it is another transitional year.

  159. Lee you’re killing me… I’m starving!

  160. I’ll be bloody killing the pair of you if you don’t stop ;)

  161. Hi vernat1066

    Not all take time to adjust/adapt, especially if they get mixed in with a few like we have who already totally at home in the league and we have plenty of them..

    Santos would improve with a few less pounds on his body and a good coach ;)

    Denilson, well he would just make us stronger the day he steps onto the first coach out of london for good ;)

  162. madras sauce on the side…….

  163. Bit too hot for me mate!! Chicken Chilli massala is as hot as I go!

  164. Hi Rico, i agree that not all take time to adjust especially with the right characters round them, but most do and your arguement about players around them could be applied to Denilson? If hs attitude is right then great let him play if his attitude has not changed and he is not putting in the required effort sell him. What i dont like at the moment about Arsenal is the negativity towards players like Ramsey for example we as fans seem to have a very intolerant view and believe that people and players cant change for the better.

  165. The mighty gambon is being persecuted!

    I feel like a modern day Ghandi!

    You can never take my freeeeddddooooommmmm (of speech)!

  166. Evening all,and goodnight all at the same time…….Anzac day has taken its toll.
    I’ve been up for 20 hours now,so its off to bed.

  167. Hiya mates.

    I am back after being off for a bit. I had to go and find one of the nappies that my son used to wear some 6 years ago and believe me trying to fix it on proved to be more difficult and slower than Denilson having to track back and that is saying something.

    Well my son, when he was a two year old, managed to bite his grandpa’s brazil nuts. Now that I am two years old again my teeth are itching to copy him. Gambon you have been warned. Dont loiter around me or your groin will never be the same again. :lol:

  168. vernat1066 – i can understand what you are saying but do that and he’s still a prob, we are lumbered with him, imho it’s best for all to atke the money we could get and re-invest….

  169. Dedicated to William Wallace’ descendant………What will you do without freedom????

  170. gambon –

    you can talk footie all you like here and agree and disagree all we like – but i just don’t get why you need the insults to go with them, if that’s your game plan, i’d rather you took it somewhere else….

  171. Free Nelson Mandela….

  172. rico

    I assume threats are also a no-no?

    Cos Devil just threatened to bite my cock off!!

  173. i wrongly got called a “pea-brain” by a bean conter……hang him!

  174. Rico. I love it when you get all masterful.😉. I guessed it wouldn’t be long before things regressed having seen some really disturbingly weird nonsense at the other place. When you speak of yourself in the third person it is a classic sign that things are wrong in your head. As for dear old Arsene? As I have said before, I have run hot and cold all year. I think there was an atmosphere earlier in the season that he picked up on and which must have unsettled him and more importantly, the team. I even went through the stage of thinking that failure to qualify for the CL might just be the only way that he might consider the season to be as bad as it was. I saw it as a kind of metaphorical arm twisted up his back as a sign that he, the board, Stan and whoever else, must change the whole way the club was ru and make some proper signings. I have been disturbed at the way the team has let itself down recently and put this at Wenger’s door and his inability to inspire the players for a last push. If we miss out on CL then it will be nobody’s fault but their own. People forget, we are the 4th richest club in the world with Russia’s richest man as our second highest shareholder yet Stan who, in comparison, is not as financially sound, refuses to have anything to do with him. The season ticket renewals will pop through the door soon and I have to admit that I, like many thousands of other, am really not sure about the cost of renewal, financially and emotionally. I just don’t fancy another season of frustration and unfulfilled promise. But this is a personal view and I am longing for Wenger to finally equip us with a squad good enough to get success. Experience has made me doubt that this will happen but part of me remains optimistic.

  175. Don’t forget the most important thing, if we dont make CL we may have to sell RVP to compensate after all our profits come first, we won’t be buying and Denny could be perminant. maybe a striker :)

  176. ***counter***

  177. Dev, don’t rise to it mate you’re better than that!

  178. Rico – i can see where you are coming from however the sum raised from his sale in terms of transfer will not be a large one? And given the price quoted for unproven in the EPL players like M’Vila i would rather see this money used on players who know the league perhaps a Felliani or a Dempsey with Podolski. If we bought two players (say M’Vila and Posolski) who dont know the league then i think that could unbalance the team and cause more problems. But if you are right and his attitude and others attitudes like Arshavin, Bendtner etc… has not changed then by all means lets sell them, to who and who would want them given there wages etc.. would be interesting.

  179. And I’m sure you certainly won’t want to go enywhere near Gambon’s chief!

  180. That is me when I put on my nappy……….ROOOOOAARRRRR

  181. Right, I’m off out for a mooch in the sweet Covent Garden rain…. catch you in a bit

  182. Rocky…..me rising to it??? I am taking the piss mate. Just larfing my head off.

  183. DG. Probably the best attitude to take.

  184. Well gambon, call someone a 2yr old, you reap what you sow….

    seriously, this is a happy house, we have survived for 18 months without game players and we will continue to do so – we encourage new bloggers, just not those who are out to get a reaction from others – your choice….

  185. Good to hear mate! Right… I’m off out

  186. let’s move on….

  187. Afternoon Adam, me, masterful – mme ;)

    If we don’t make the CL, it is indeed down to the club, a door opened and we took in to a certain extent but I think the players and manager got a bit ahead of themselves, they thought the job was done…

    Really hoping to see a better attitude on saturday from all, including the two cardboard cut outs who seldom leave their chair….

  188. I’m with Lee there, let’s move on……

  189. highest ever goal scorer against Liverpool?

  190. Off for training session. The players should beware. I am on the lookout for a groin or two if I get angry now. Brazil nuts here I come.

    cu friends

  191. Take your brolly rocky ;)

    Haven’t seen dutchgooner here for a while :(

  192. Another thing devil, an Italian coach would finish you off, just think of all of thoses edge of your seat 1 nils wins !

  193. Denilson and brazil nuts, very apt for today.

  194. I’m allergic to brazil nuts…..

  195. Might as well bring back George Graham ;)

  196. who is the highest ever goal scorer against Liverpool?

  197. Don’t worry about Dutch rico, he’s just checking out some euthanasia clinics for me should the season go tits up.

  198. Arseshavin :)

  199. :lol: Micko, although not sure i should be smiling….

  200. not a gooner..

  201. Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp has admitted that defenders Younes Kaboul and Benoit Assou-Ekotto could be out of the rest of the season.

    Spurs have been struggling in recent weeks, picking up six points out of a possible 24 since their derby defeat to Arsenal.

    Kaboul picked up a knee injury on Easter Monday against Norwich while Assou-Ekotto sustained a shoulder injury against QPR on Saturday.

    “We’ve lost some key players at the wrong time, Kaboul, Dawson and now Assou-Ekotto,” Redknapp told Sky Sports News.

    “Three defenders look like they’re out for the rest of the season so it’s been difficult.

    “No excuses. We’ve got four games to go. We can still do it. We’ve got to win four games. We’ve got to go on a good run now.”

    Tottenham currently sit in fifth and Redknapp believes it is still a four way battle for third between Arsenal, Newcastle, Spurs and Chelsea.

    “We’ve got to make sure we finish fourth first of all, or third,” he continued. “We’ve got to make sure we’re in a position where we qualify, if we don’t it doesn’t matter what happens.

    “What can you do? You’ve got to take it as it comes. We’ve got to make sure we get that position and see if they win the cup then that would be it.

    “But if they don’t you’ve got to make sure you’re in there. You don’t want to not qualify and then they don’t win the cup and then you think “well if only we’d made it”.

    “We’ve got to go for that qualification and see where it takes us. It’s still wide open, Arsenal, Chelsea, ourselves and Newcastle. It’s still any two from four.”

  202. Welcome to our world Arry, how many have we had out at any one time, and all defenders….

    Why does he care, he’s about to be named England manager ;)

  203. Highest scorer against Liverpool, form any team?

    Prob Jamie Carragher, own goal machine?

  204. from any team………

  205. ex England captain…..

  206. Good shout gambon, i forgot that stat – i can’t stand that man….

  207. Emlyn Hughes……. 26 goals!

  208. Who the f*** is Emlyn? Emlyn the Gremlin?

    Seriously, the guy that usedto be on QoS?

  209. Hooorah – i got it right, thanks google :lol:

  210. Yep, some of us oldies recall watching him play gambon, really nice guy, for a scouser…

    The only one who had the cheek to hug Princess Anne :)

  211. I got one for ya.
    Sunderland done it in 79
    Villa done it in 81
    Who done it in 1980.

    Or is that just too easy.

  212. Rico and my Gooner family,

    I’m always here. HH is where my home is. Just too busy and a bit fed up typing comments per smartphone.

  213. DG, when’s Vertonghen joining us?

  214. Who scored a hatrick in the F.A cup final and then went in goal saving a penalty?

  215. West Ham Micko

  216. Hi DG – Phew – i was having a worry ;)

  217. Trevor Brooking rico, lee got it.

    Beasant was the first goalie to save a penalty in the FA Cup final and I don’t remember anyone scoring a hattrick since.

  218. Lee according to the press monkeys he verbally agreed to join the Arsenal. But beware banana skins involved……. Barfa (no typo) have an aging continent at defence. So do the Chavs who will be looking for a Cahill partner for years to come.

    Our advantage is TV being as close to him from Ajax academy.

  219. Great vibe on here today.
    3rd spot is almost in the bag.
    New signings coming in the summer.
    Wenger to sign new contract.
    Dutch is on the coffee.
    Everything is coming up roses.

  220. FFS Micko……Roy of the Rovers!

  221. AK, you loving the rain mate?

  222. grrrrrr – i thought you meant club micko, not that i’m a sore loser ;)

  223. I’m Singing In The Rain… :-D
    Roy of the Rovers?!
    Always prefered Alf Tupper tbh.

  224. No worries Rico just my mighty intellectual brain focusing on the basics of life.

    How’s the Vietnam injury??

  225. Ah Dutch, The Meaning of Life…
    Now that is a weighty question indeed?!
    But what’s more to the point is what will Phil Mitchell do next???

  226. Kev, look no further than Rufus Lebonque, the stuff of legends.

  227. DG, good, i hope the dutch paps are right……

    Thanks Lee AK, he started it ;)

  228. Charlie Echo Brava did you say code word is: Phil Collins?

  229. back in 30 mins ….

  230. AK I know your on mobile and can’t view. So extra info: Genesis/This is the land of confusion. ;) :P

  231. Arsenal are ready to offer Robin van Persie the most lucrative contract in the club’s history to persuade the Gunners captain to stay at the Emirates.

    In a week that has seen the Premier League’s leading scorer scoop both the PFA Player of the Year and Football Writers’ Association Footballer of the Year awards, speculation over the Dutchman’s future has intensified.

    Manager Arsene Wenger has set a deadline of May 17 for concluding contract talks with his captain – the day Van Persie flies out of London to join up with the Holland squad for the European Championship finals.

    “That will be sorted at the end of the season and yes before the European Championships,” said Wenger, who added he was “not worried” by the speculation that has linked the 28-year-old striker with moves to Manchester City, Barcelona and Juventus in the past week.

    However, the Arsenal board have put together a deal they believe is too good to refuse to keep Van Persie in north London.

    The Gunners are prepared to offer a three-year extension to Van Persie’s current deal, taking him to 2016, and on improved terms of more than £140,000 a week to make him the highest earner in the club’s history.

    The Dutchman has been at Arsenal since 2004, and admitted on Sunday night that he could only dream about being voted the best player in the country when he arrived at Highbury.

    “This is a dream coming true for me. Eight years ago I moved to England to come and play for Arsenal in the biggest league around. To get this award is just indescribable,” said Van Persie, who became the fourth Arsenal player to win the award after Liam Brady (1979), Dennis Bergkamp (1998) and Thierry Henry (2003 and 2004).

    “I have to thank my club Arsenal for giving [me] the chance to play at this beautiful club. Arsenal has been like my home the last eight years.

    “Then I would like to thank my manager Arsene Wenger for giving me a chance and believing in me, even through the hard times. I would not be the player I am without him.”

    Van Persie admitted he would “sit down and have a chat with the manager as usual at the end of the season – nothing special,” in his acceptance speech and added: “I have a contract at Arsenal until 2013.”

    Van Persie has insisted all season he would wait until the summer to decide his future, with the 2005 FA Cup still the only trophy he has won.

    However, the Arsenal board are confident that, as long as the club qualify for next season’s Champions League and bring in established signings such as Germany striker Lukas Podolski, Van Persie will be happy to prolong his stay

  232. Hi Osi, long time, all good??

  233. hi lee, howdy? is that libanese word for ‘this’, or is it a coincidence?

  234. Hi rico how’s the family ‘Highbury house’ family? Yes it’s been a very long time since I last shared my opinion here.

    Adebayor is a great gunner; he took the Spurs to the sky, highered their ambition, then here he is taking them back to planet earth.

  235. Lee, i still think it’s all done and dusted, and Theos – and i think the club are desperate to send out a good message.

    Just think, they confirm RvP, Theo, Podolski and Vertonghen all confirmed as soon as the season ends?

    That would start the summer off pretty well would’t it?

    Then M’Vila and a keeper signs?

    How happy would be?

    Then the usual cheap/young player gets signed and none of us will really give a toot will we :lol:

  236. Lee the Van should stay, period. This summer should be for additions only. No more selling.

  237. How good is this M’vila? from what ive seen ,youtube highlights, he looked playing very simple and doesn’t seem like a tackle monster. I think we have a very good player in Coquelin who can do similar things and is very disciplined. I think we only need to add one more striker along Podolski, and very creative midfielder like Hazard.

  238. :lol: Osi – i think you might be right about Ade, maybe he wants to return to us …..

  239. Dutch, 4.08.
    Cheers mate.
    Got Peter Gabriel on the CD at home.
    A bit of variety.

  240. coincidence mate…. my Libanese isn’t that good! :lol:

  241. Osi –

    M’Vila is meant to be the mutts nutts….. if we could get him, both Frimps and Coq would learn so so much about being a proper DM ;)

  242. rico, of course he’d love to be back because he failed to establish himself in any other big side, even his Real loan didn’t help him to stay there permanently. He knows he did a big mistake football wise to leave Arsenal, but anyway he had compensated that with money. I wouldn’t welcome him back to Arsenal though.

  243. And neither would I Osi, his ship sailed many years ago….

  244. rico, I know that everybody wants him but can you tell me, if you have watched him, what so spectacular about him that meant he so highly rated; obviously it’s not his expe
    rience because he’s still a young unexperienced player.

  245. M’Vila, or Ade Osi ;)

    I have to admit i can’t answer that question, youtube and felllow bloggers here have convinced me – having watched Fellani against the Mancs, he would be equally as good a signing…..

  246. All in all i think it was a shame the way Adebayor conducted himself.
    Notwithstanding his bloated opinion of himself and his worth. I actually think he was and still is a great centre~forward.
    Pity about the lack of cells between his ears!

  247. M’vila of course, Fellani is a very good DM, but is not a sitting DM.

  248. Lee, i always found you to have a very good grasp of Libenese.

  249. Ruby tonight AK, with my name on it!!!

  250. AK, I think Ade is a great centre-forward, however, his decision making let him down. Has he stayed at Arsenal instead of running after he would have achieved a lot personally a la Robin winning the double. Robin said that he wouldn’t be the leading striker he is today had Ade stayed.

  251. Agree there AK, he should have stayed and he’d have become a hero, but as you say, he lacks something between his ears….

  252. I knew really Osi ;)

    off for an early meal – back in a bit……

  253. Adebawhore back to arsenal….i would rather play with ten chamacks……

  254. Adebayor is too big for Arsenal now. He only plays for clubs like Spurs and even then only for a few games a year. The rest of the time he spends offside.

  255. Hi Kc
    :lol: Adam, far to big eh ….

  256. Obviously he is too big. Ade’s head cannot enter the front door at the Emirates. They would have to re construct a bigger door with an archway as big as Jose’s head. Infact I will go as far as possible to start a petition between the AFC supporters so that I wiil go down in history as the person who has kick started the bring back Ade’cough’ore by enlarging the front gate at the Emirates.

  257. devil – its a shame he was so money driven….. i think he knows that too….

  258. Hi Rico. Yes its a shame. I remember telling Sir AK that Ade could have broken TH14’s record or got near it. And that was after his first season at the Emirates, But as Sir AK said….its the lack of cells between his ears which is the cause of it all. Had he stayed at the Emirates no doubt we would have seen a 4-4-1-1 formation with RVP behind him. However money has turned his head into an almighty pumpkin with no seeds in the centre. Good for Halloween but not for the rest of the year.

  259. Not sure he was that good devil, but he’d have certainly got a few, more if he learned to beat the offside trap ;)

    But, he bought ‘stuff’ into the club, and he was trouble, glad he’s gone….

  260. I’m heading off for the day, few soaps to catch up on and a nice early retreat to the duvet…

    Nighty devil and all, stay safe and catch up tomorrow….

  261. I am off also. Got to watch RM and BM. And then off to sleep.

    Gd night Lady of HH. Must go and rest my muscles after some sparring punches and a training session. That upercut took quite a bit of my strength you know. ;)

  262. What a penalty series. Ronaldo misses the corner pocket like Steve Davis and NASA will confirm Sergio Ramos’s take as orbital. Bayern hosting their own party at the Allianz Arena in the CL final. Chelski are invited to bring the Beluga caviar and a bottle of vodka from Roman’s cabinet.

  263. Bad luck CHelski.

    Bayern Munich lost their title and left with only CL CUp to play for.
    Home ground advanatge..and they certianly know how to defend.

    Now, it is imperative that we win at Stoke City to seal 3rd spot.

    VIlla lost to Bolton and VIlla will be desperate to get a result against Tiny Totts:

    Newcastle vs CHelski
    Liverpool vs CHelski
    Villa vs Tiny Totts.
    Bolton vs Tiny Totts.
    WHo will drop points?

  264. Some interesting games there Merlin.
    Chavs vs QPR
    Chavs vs Blackburn
    Spuds vs Blackburn
    Spuds vs Fulham
    none of those are walkovers.
    Even the odd draw will kill their chances of a top~four finish.
    Newcastle are a bigger threat, but have the most difficult run~in of the 4 protaganists for 3rd & 4th spots.

  265. Scott i saw a lot of currant & old soldiers outside Westminster Abbey today. Gurkas & Aussie uniforms among them. Obviously many old soldiers remembering ANZAC day…
    Such a shame that it pissed down a rain all day.
    Good to see, that despite this ‘couldn’t give a shit it’s all about me’ society that the chattering liberal classes encourage in this country, that there’s still many among the ‘silent majority’ that still remember the debt we owe to those that sacrificed everything…

  266. AK,the Anzac day celebrations/commemorations are growing enormously here.
    It’s amazing.
    Numbers attending dawn services and marches are doubling.
    Nobody really knows why,but the amount of younger people attending is just phenomenal,and its bloody brilliant.

  267. Good to hear that Scott, you know we have St George’s Day and p.c brigade hate it……..wankers the lot of em!
    Morning/afternoon btw mate

  268. Morning all…..

  269. Evening guys.
    Yes Lee,there’s been whispers a about Anzac day celebrations offending some minority groups.
    My advice to them is head back home…..simple.
    Anyway,how are the mighty Gunners looking for the weekend???

  270. Totally agree, when in Rome……

  271. Guys,does anyone think that Denilsons attitude can change enough to warrant him being given another chance?
    I read that within a month of being there,he was missing Arsenal as well as London.
    Is he good enough if he loses his poor attitude????

  272. New Post is going up….

    See you there

  273. We got to secure third spot with the Chavs in CL final, I don’t think they’ll beat BM, however I didn’t see them getting through v arselona! I want us to get 9 points from our remaining 3 games….so I win some dough!!
    Be a tough game up there……but we’re gonna win!

  274. That’s my worry too Lee, i can see the chavs beating BM, it’s their year for the CL…

    When does Ronaldo miss a penalty, it’s a fix ;)

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