Shock summer exit on the cards & no place in football for the cheats…..

Almunia is off in the summer, wow, that’s a shocker isn’t it!!

He has no choice, his contract is up and we don’t want or need him and when asked if he will remain in England or move back to Spain, Almunia said:

I have got lazy to move too far, because life here in London is fantastic and I hope I can have a club to go to next season so I can stay.

Lazy, not so lazy to pick up his £50K a week for doing naff all eh!!

The sports news is full of Dwain Chambers, should he or should he not be allowed back to compete in the Olympic Games this summer?

He has served his ban so should he be allowed a way back?

Well, like a person that has committed a crime against the public or the Crown, he or she has been convicted, served their time at the pleasure of Her Majesty and once their sentence is spent, they are free!

This country has a habit of distinguishing between crimes, a murderer may be handed a twenty year sentence but with good behavior may just serve only half of the original time.

A train robber however, may receive a thirty year sentence yet he/she maybe forced to spend that whole time behind bars which makes me think that money is more important than life itself.

It’s outrageous when you think of it like that but this is a football blog so I’ll get back to football.

Dwain Chambers was convicted of using performance enhancing drugs to cheat his fellow athletes, he knew what he was doing but still took the drugs to ensure he gained personal success.

Whatever way you dress that up it doesn’t change the facts that Chambers was a cheat!

Should he get another chance? You can answer that in the comments section….

Football has come under the microscope for cheating lately, diving is now wide-spread in the English game, the FA are aware of this yet seem to be unwilling to do anything about it.

Managers are hardly trying to discourage their players from taking a dive either, as if they get awarded a penalty, all the better as far as they are concerned and should a fellow player get their marching orders as a result of their dive, then even better.

Is there a difference between what Chambers did to what, let’s say Ashley Young does so often, or Gareth Bale?

Surely the answer to that has to be no?

They are all cheats and they are doing it for gain and some would suggest that is Manchester United win the Premier League, they would have achieved it by cheating.

Football supporters are being cheated, they pay to watch their team week in and week out,  but are they the only ones who see that these kind of tactics as being wrong?

Video evidence is available and  at every televised match and most games are recorded these days, it’s not rocket science to pick out the cheats in the game but still the FA appear to prefer to turn a blind eye.

Football clubs are relegated every season because they did not earn enough points, they lose massive amounts of revenue for going down a division but do the cheats care?

It would appear not as the perpetrators carry on in the same way week in week out and when their side is winning they get a pat on the back from their very grateful manager and high praise by the media who write/talk about how wonderful and consistent these sides are and how ‘pleasing on the eye’ they are to watch.

However, the teams that have been cheated out of a victory must feel just like the athletes that lined up against Dwain Chambers, they know they were robbed and the football clubs who fall victim of the cheats surely feel the same.

After the event referee’s are often incredibly naive when they suggest they never saw the incident properly!

They either saw it or they didn’t,  they either thought it was a foul or they didn’t  and later, when it’s proved that they were wrong, using such a lame excuse suggests they were not confident. If in any doubt, don’t give any decision, isn’t that a better way to go?

Arsenal supporters will be quick to point out that we have been caught up in diving allegations, Theo Walcott admitted diving in one game but was equally as quick to apologise after the game and to me that shows he has a conscience. In fact these days, he’s stays on his feet a bit too often. 😉

Diving/cheating in football is not acceptable, and that applies to each and every team in the league – don’t care who they are or which country they play in, there is no place for it.

The Authorities should come down swift and hard on offenders, before it’s too late…..

Chelsea face Barcelona tonight with a place in the Champions League Final at stake, just thought I’d mention that whilst on the topic of diving, tonight we should see some of the worlds best!


Written by Steve Palmer

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