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Shock summer exit on the cards & no place in football for the cheats…..

Almunia is off in the summer, wow, that’s a shocker isn’t it!!

He has no choice, his contract is up and we don’t want or need him and when asked if he will remain in England or move back to Spain, Almunia said:

I have got lazy to move too far, because life here in London is fantastic and I hope I can have a club to go to next season so I can stay.

Lazy, not so lazy to pick up his £50K a week for doing naff all eh!!

The sports news is full of Dwain Chambers, should he or should he not be allowed back to compete in the Olympic Games this summer?

He has served his ban so should he be allowed a way back?

Well, like a person that has committed a crime against the public or the Crown, he or she has been convicted, served their time at the pleasure of Her Majesty and once their sentence is spent, they are free!

This country has a habit of distinguishing between crimes, a murderer may be handed a twenty year sentence but with good behavior may just serve only half of the original time.

A train robber however, may receive a thirty year sentence yet he/she maybe forced to spend that whole time behind bars which makes me think that money is more important than life itself.

It’s outrageous when you think of it like that but this is a football blog so I’ll get back to football.

Dwain Chambers was convicted of using performance enhancing drugs to cheat his fellow athletes, he knew what he was doing but still took the drugs to ensure he gained personal success.

Whatever way you dress that up it doesn’t change the facts that Chambers was a cheat!

Should he get another chance? You can answer that in the comments section….

Football has come under the microscope for cheating lately, diving is now wide-spread in the English game, the FA are aware of this yet seem to be unwilling to do anything about it.

Managers are hardly trying to discourage their players from taking a dive either, as if they get awarded a penalty, all the better as far as they are concerned and should a fellow player get their marching orders as a result of their dive, then even better.

Is there a difference between what Chambers did to what, let’s say Ashley Young does so often, or Gareth Bale?

Surely the answer to that has to be no?

They are all cheats and they are doing it for gain and some would suggest that is Manchester United win the Premier League, they would have achieved it by cheating.

Football supporters are being cheated, they pay to watch their team week in and week out,  but are they the only ones who see that these kind of tactics as being wrong?

Video evidence is available and  at every televised match and most games are recorded these days, it’s not rocket science to pick out the cheats in the game but still the FA appear to prefer to turn a blind eye.

Football clubs are relegated every season because they did not earn enough points, they lose massive amounts of revenue for going down a division but do the cheats care?

It would appear not as the perpetrators carry on in the same way week in week out and when their side is winning they get a pat on the back from their very grateful manager and high praise by the media who write/talk about how wonderful and consistent these sides are and how ‘pleasing on the eye’ they are to watch.

However, the teams that have been cheated out of a victory must feel just like the athletes that lined up against Dwain Chambers, they know they were robbed and the football clubs who fall victim of the cheats surely feel the same.

After the event referee’s are often incredibly naive when they suggest they never saw the incident properly!

They either saw it or they didn’t,  they either thought it was a foul or they didn’t  and later, when it’s proved that they were wrong, using such a lame excuse suggests they were not confident. If in any doubt, don’t give any decision, isn’t that a better way to go?

Arsenal supporters will be quick to point out that we have been caught up in diving allegations, Theo Walcott admitted diving in one game but was equally as quick to apologise after the game and to me that shows he has a conscience. In fact these days, he’s stays on his feet a bit too often. ;)

Diving/cheating in football is not acceptable, and that applies to each and every team in the league – don’t care who they are or which country they play in, there is no place for it.

The Authorities should come down swift and hard on offenders, before it’s too late…..

Chelsea face Barcelona tonight with a place in the Champions League Final at stake, just thought I’d mention that whilst on the topic of diving, tonight we should see some of the worlds best!


Written by Steve Palmer

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155 comments on “Shock summer exit on the cards & no place in football for the cheats…..

  1. Morning all

    Cracking post Steve, its about time the divers in the game were found out and punished, even if it is after the event. Let the FA step in and issue a 3 match ban for any found guilty….

    Just watch tonight, Drog will be diving all over the place and barca will be equally as bad if not worse…

    Will any get punished, i doubt it…

  2. From the last post:


    Got a good thing depicting the evolution of our kit at the bottom!


  3. In the grand scheme of things,our A League is a minnow,in terms of world football.
    The GF was played on the weekend,and won by a great side,Brisbane Roar.
    2-1 was the result.
    Their second goal was a penalty,”earned” by a complete and blatant dive.
    The prick involved is renowned for it.
    12 month ban,retrospectively,I what I want to see.

  4. I still love our old yellow and blue kit….

  5. can’t ever see a 12 month ban Scott, only because it’s still down to a panel to decide, and we all know humans will see an incident differently – 3 matches would be a good start and for the serial divers, that ban gets an extra one…

    it wouldn’t take too long as mangers would step in and stop the player, as fergie as reportedly done with Young

  6. Got to go out, first physio today after my op, not looking forward to it….

    Catch you all in a few hours….

  7. Morning all.

    I think the Dwayne Chambers crime is different to diving in football. I think a false start is more comparable to diving and their punishment for that (exclusion) seems appropriate. I don’t think you are suggesting a life ban for diving though are you? (Bye Bye Bale, LOL).
    I do think deliberately causing another player serious injury deserves harsher treatment than it currently gets and that sort of feels more akin to athletics drugs cheats. Needs a bit more thinking about and it’s a bit early yet for me.

  8. Good luck Rico…

  9. I reckon the physio needs all the luck…. Rico still has a free arm to swing in her direction…!

  10. She edited me…… should of read : Good luck Rico, to the physio poor fecker!

  11. Cheating is cheating.
    Diving is an epidemic.
    You concede enough penalties to these scum,and sure enough,you will start doing it.
    12 months for any player diving without any contact….that’s a critical point…..and it will end with the first,maybe second suspension.

  12. She’s a nightmare with that edit button Lee… you never see me doing that ;-)

  13. While we are at it,any player running to a referee demanding an opponent gets a yellow card should also receive a card.
    It makes me sick.

  14. Enjoy,Rico.

  15. Hang the divers!

  16. The uproar in Australia over the dive on the grand final has been incredible.
    It backs everything I’ve said over the years…….Aussies will never fully support a game involving so much Diving and cheats.
    Very disappointing.

  17. What a terrible example it sets Scott….?

  18. Morning faithful gunners,great post. I’m of the opinion
    that manure are one of the most average teams this
    season,considering the fact that they’ve slimed and
    cheated their way to the top thro false calls made in their
    favour by the refs,they should be somewhere close to the
    Chavs or lpool.however inspite of wrong calls against us we
    are still where we are,even though we are third atleast we are
    not cheatsss. Up gunnersss!!!

  19. 2Scotts, the law states anyone waving the “imaginary” card is supposed to also get a yellow BUT so many refs don’t give one…! Down to no consistency as usual from the men in black…!

  20. Well done RVP, FWA Player of the year as well as PFA player of the year…! Nice one…!

  21. Well deserved!! Now sign on the dotted line there’s a good chap….

  22. It won’t be long Lee, get 3rd place make a few early quality signings and he’ll put pen to paper..!

  23. I take it we want the chavs to get smashed to bits tonight then Lee..?

  24. I’m with you on that….you think the signings will be the ones we’ve been banging on about or Ligue 2 players?

  25. Fcking got a client evening at Canary Wharf…..shite planning on my part! When was the last time Uefalona lost 3 games in a row..?
    Did you see el Gypsico?

  26. Imagine the lift the club,the fans,the manager and other players would get If RVP signed today?????
    Darrell Hair……one of THE best cricket umpires ever.
    He no balled the biggest chucker of all timer,Murialidaran,and ends up labelled a racist,then banished forever from umpiring.
    Why……he did no more than adhere to the rule book to the letter.
    He did not make up the rules,but stuck to them totally and honestly,yet paid the ultimate price.
    Basically,forget the refs,the FA and FIFA itself MUST LEAD THE WAY.

  27. The signings we been banging on about……………. Hmmmm I’m stuck on that one mate, if he can’t see thats what we need after last year and after the last couple of years then he never will and he really must retire gracefully… IF he brings in what we need that would also mean a change of mindset from the board as well and if it’s them that won’t back him which I doubt then he needs to say so !! I believe as tight and as unambitious as they are if he threw his toys and demanded money for the players he wants they would make it available.

    Good question 3 games lost in a row for cheatalona..??? KT will know.
    Watched bits of el crapico and it was boring as shit…!

  28. Spanish Soccer Tax Deals Probed as Madrid Teams Prosper (1)
    2012-04-24 09:07:21.320 GMT

    (Adds Rangers banned from signing players in 17th

    By Alex Duff
    April 24 (Bloomberg) — The European Commission is examining whether Spain’s top-division soccer clubs are improperly receiving state aid under agreements that delay tax payments.
    The commission is analyzing information it requested from the Spanish government about the tax pacts, commission spokeswoman Marisa Gonzalez said in an e-mail. Atletico Madrid, which signed top scorer Radamel Falcao for a club record outlay of 40 million euros ($53 million) in August, is paying 15 million euros a year of a 115 million-euro tax debt, according to Chief Executive Officer Miguel Angel Gil.
    The commission’s pressure could end up forcing Spanish teams to pay down debt faster and spend less on signing players to boost performance, according to Sandalio Gomez, a professor at IESE business school in Madrid who teaches soccer executives.
    Spain has five of the eight semifinalists in Europe’s premier soccer club competitions.
    “The commission has to tidy up clubs’ financial accounts,” Gomez said. “It’s clear that could affect the performance of Spanish clubs.”
    Clubs in Spain’s top two divisions have a total tax debt of
    673 million euros, the national league said March 15. Much of the debt dates back to before the first of Spain’s most recent two recessions began in 2008 and is linked to disputes the clubs lost against tax authorities, according to Jose Maria Gay, an Barcelona University accountancy professor who writes an annual report on teams’ finances.


    The government has avoided strong-arm tactics over repaying the tax to risk shutting down clubs and sparking a political backlash from fans, Gay said.
    Miguel Cardenal, Spain’s secretary of state for sport, denied soccer clubs receive favoritism because all companies in the country can restructure tax repayments, he said.
    “It’s not special treatment,” Cardenal said in an interview in Madrid. Other teams competing in Europe also have substantial debts, Cardenal added, citing English Premier League defending champion Manchester United.
    Cardenal, who said he has had no direct contact with the European Commission, said he will announce a plan tomorrow for clubs to repay their tax debts by 2020.
    If no action is taken, soccer team debts “could bring imbalances in competitions and affect” Spanish soccer’s reputation, Cardenal said in an April 21 speech to a group of sports executives including Atletico’s Gil.
    Atletico is paying an annual interest rate of 4.5 percent on its tax debt, Gil said.

    Tax Debts

    “This arrangement has been going on for years,” Gil said.
    “Other teams have bank debt, we have tax debt.”
    About 46 million euros of Atletico’s debt stems from when it was relegated to the second division in 2000 and stopped paying taxes for two years, Gil said. Another 50 million euros is due following tax reviews, he said
    “It can’t be seen as an advantage to pay 5 percent interest and meet all payment deadlines,” Gil said in an e-mail response to questions. “It would only be an advantage if they gave us a discount or we didn’t pay any interest.”
    Atletico paid 52.5 million euros to tax authorities last year, when it paid the first 20 million euros of Falcao’s fee to Porto, Gil said.
    Atletico Madrid’s accord with the tax authority wouldn’t be permitted in other parts of Europe, IESE professor Gomez said.
    In Scotland, Rangers are in financial administration over a claim by U.K. tax authorities for as much as 75 million pounds
    ($121 million). The club owes 93 million pounds in tax, its administrators Duff & Phelps said April 5.

    Rangers Woes

    Rangers owner Craig Whyte was banned for life from involvement in Scottish soccer and the 54-time league champion was given a yearlong embargo on signing players, the Scottish Football Association said in a statement last night, adding they had brought the game into disrepute.
    Atletico, the 2010 champion, leads Valencia 4-2 heading into the deciding game of their Europa League semifinal on April 26. In the other semifinal of the second-tier competition, Athletic Bilbao trails Sporting Lisbon 2-1.
    In the elite Champions League, defending champion Barcelona trails Chelsea 1-0 ahead of the second part of their semifinal today. Ahead of tomorrow’s semifinal, Real Madrid is 2-1 down to Bayern.
    European soccer’s ruling body UEFA, whose president is Michel Platini, is introducing so-called financial fair play rules that don’t allow clubs a deficit of more than 45 million euros over three seasons. The regulations don’t directly address the issue of deferring tax.
    Real Madrid had deferred tax payments of 20 million euros in June 2011, while Barcelona and Valencia both owed 1 million euros, according to Gay’s research. Real Madrid said in a March
    14 statement it has zero tax debt.
    “We have a top-notch credit rating,” Real Madrid said.

  29. There is the problem Scott you want the biggest wankers and gutless pricks of the lot to make a stance…. Ain’t gonna happen FA Uefa and Fifa are all gutless cnuts…!

  30. Come on Arsenal,spend,spend,spend.
    Worry about the repercussions later!!!!
    Seriously,we all know we should spend more,but just not to the extent plenty believe.
    Rangers CEO years ago said If Celtic spend a fiver,we will spend a tenner.
    It worked a treat!
    Yes,we are very conservative,but we will still be at the top when Ibramovic and the Qataris have long gone.

  31. long winded but worth a read…

  32. I know Wath,just wishful thinking,hey?

  33. Wishful thinking for sure mate, when those wankers at the top show some guts and balls things may move in the right direction but until then we’re left with the cheats and the corruption and the favouritism..!

  34. With no easy answer in sight.

  35. Morally,ethically,traditionally,professionally,financially………I’m proud of the way our club conducts itself.

  36. divers should be shot and fined fourpence

  37. Alan,did you see Barisha in the GF???
    What did you think?
    I saw him at Blue Tongue v the Mariners.
    He dove,laid there for a full few minutes…every now and again sneaking a peak at the ref…..then jumped up, beat two players and scored.
    I seriously could’ve jumped the fence and smacked him.

  38. Sounds like Drogba the other night……..wanker!

  39. My wife reckons I invented some new swear words.

  40. Morning all,
    And while we’re at it Chamakh should be strung up for cheating us out of 60 grand a week for the last two years, worse than armed robbery in my book.
    Power to the People as Wolfie would say.

  41. Alan, I agree but not necessarily in that order.

  42. hung,drawn & quartered…..an old classic that never really looses it’s appeal….
    Micko, there’s a few more that can join chamug!!

  43. I really enjoyed Mel Gibson having to sit through that one lee, put a smile on my face, someone should also tell him the Americans didn’t win the Battle of Britain either.

  44. The Aussies did!!!!
    Poms couldn’t win a count toss lol.

    RvP wins football Writers’ Award – that’s 2 then!
    Does this acclaim mean that he is now more marketable to anothIer club? Has his value increased exponentially? Will he be sold for silly money in the summer? Or will he stay?
    The reason he may remain an Aresnal player is quite simply that the rest of the team really are quite ordinary and so make him look outstanding!1
    If Wenger goes ot and buy 3 or 4 better than half decent players they may make Robin look average!!
    I think he’ll stay. I think he is Denis Bergamp in disguise, he couldn’t leave Arsenal either. Thank goodness! RvP is cast in the same mould, excellent footballer, Londoniphile, And like Bergkamp, highly intelligent! He knows when he’s well off. It’s not about money it’s about love and ‘belonging’
    I could go on…but I won’t. Except to say well done Arsenal for making Robin the player he has become today. Long may he remain1

  46. Wavy,we all hope you’re right champ.
    I’ve said it a few times,but I think he owes the club.
    That aside,I hope he stays because he loves the club.

  47. Morning guys…

  48. If we do sign Vertonghen and Podolski in the first few days of the transfer season,I reckon he will stay.
    These two signings aren’t pie in the sky stuff,either,but may be enough to prove the club is going after the right players.

  49. morning Stanley!

  50. Over the years I have seen many excellent players leave Arsenal. Very, very few have done anything other than inflate their bank balance. If Robin goes, he goes. The club will go on.

  51. Arsenal captain or a Man City bench warmer, I know which one i’d choose.

  52. I agree Adam.
    If he shows the slightest hint he’s tempted to go,sell him I say.
    I don’t want him gone,but I don’t want hom to stay unless he’s fully committed.

  53. We’ve done that far to much in the past Scott, pamper to players that really don’t wanna be there and the next season the utter shit cos they can’t be arsed… Any player that don’t wanna be there then fuck em off…! Plenty players who would kill to wear The Arsenal shirt and some still have pride in who they play for and it’s not totally about the cash, granted they few and far between but there are still a few about..!

  54. Lee, 10.58;
    That was a great read.

  55. Hi lee, have we signed anyone yet? The papers are filled with reports that we ve finally nabbed podolski. Hope its true though,next stop jv and a creative mid fielder. I know who wenger ll buy. Wanna guess?

  56. Micko, I don’t think RVP would go to Shittey…. I reckon he would prefer Spain if he left us…!

  57. It does say a lot RvP picking up those two awards and we haven’t won a bean again this season, he has been outstanding, wonder if that’s happened before, the golden boot would top it off nicely.

  58. Once again,I agree Wath.
    Lansbury………May not have quite the brilliance of some,but he has the heart of a lion,and has Arsenal tattooed on his chest.
    Players like him,you CAN’T BUY THEM,not their attitude.
    Hear that,Citeh????

  59. Hiya Stan, you ‘at it’ again? :-D

    Afternoon Gooners.
    Afternoon Rico. Hope you are ok Lady R…?
    Sir Steve. The pen is mightier than the sword. Good work again.
    We still talking transfers… :-)

  60. Agree wath, I think its safe to say he won’t be going to Italy either, we’re slowly narrowing it down.

  61. Evening AK.

  62. It’s what we were saying the other day about A few players being unproven yet we so want them to succeed as we know they proper Arsenal, for me that’s Lansbury you know the boy is Arsenal and puts in 100% yet we wonder is he really good enough for us or better than what we have? I’d say technically he may be on a par with some that we have that we say are not good enough but having heart makes him better than them as you know he’ll run and fight for 90mins, Hand on heart we want them to make it cos they like us they Arsenal it’s a fine line ignoring or covering over that they may just not be good enough..!

  63. Sometimes heart will won over skill and ability.
    There’s been plenty of times we could have done with Lansbury this season.
    QPR,Wigan…..two quick examples.
    I just love the guy.

  64. Give me Podolski, Vertongen, M’Vila and Matias Suarez and i’ll be happy.
    Give me a Stanstead and i’ll be very happy.
    Wotcha Scott.
    Shane Warne remains the finest spin bowler in history imho.
    All his wickets were legitimate…

  65. Wath, Ray Parlour had Arsenal stamped right through him even though he was a West Ham fan as a kid.
    He might have lacked a bit technically but he made up for it in other ways.
    Wish we had a 21 yr old Ray Parlour now…

  66. Warne was just a freak.
    The dodgeys from the sub continent running the game changed the rules to allow Muralis “action” to be classed as legal.
    Kind of like suggesting thin air is a legitimate trip hazard,so Young,Bale and Suarez are simply playing within the rules.

  67. Give me a 10 inch dick. It won’t happen either :(

  68. Alan,we can’t all be blessed lol.

  69. Scott Hi

    No LOL Although it’s more likely than a Podolski transfer

  70. Alan, just fold it in half !

    Kev, the last thing we need is kids throwing bar stools through windows.

  71. Did you buy a pump????
    Podolski is happening mate.

  72. Re: Micko 11:33 am

    At least robbers have the good grace to leave once they have stolen from you!

  73. Micko HAHA

  74. AK, Lansbury for me would of come in handy in plenty games this season all I am saying is that do we see him as better than we have purely because we all want him to succeed so much due to the fact we all know he’s Arsenal..?? I think Henri struggled after the glandular fever and def lost 18months off his development so we’ll see…! I want him to stay and succeed as I think we need a Parlour in the side for sure.

  75. Thought you’d prefer a Luton AK..?

  76. good morning
    i’m will be in spain until the end of the week

  77. Nor Luxembourg Micko…….where the fck is he going??

  78. Luton would be good…
    Lansbury would be good at Stoke RFU…
    Mick, oh to be young and carefree again.
    What’s a barstool between friends?!

  79. I’m off.
    Anzac day tomorrow,so an early start for me.
    My boy will be marching for the first time wearing his great grandfathers medals,so I will be a very proud dad.
    Spare a thought for our boys over the last hundred years who gave everything for Australia.
    It kind of puts these prima donnas wanting that extra 10k a week into perspective.
    Goodnight all.

  80. and gave their lives for Britain, France Greece and Christ knows whom else

    Have a good day tomorrow Scott

  81. Too true Alan,well said.
    Do you get to a dawn service????

  82. Night Scotty..

  83. Laters scott, enjoy the day, keep your shoulders back and puff your chest out.
    Lee, see… the net is closing.
    Tiffin time.

  84. Cheers Scott, have a good day 2moro…!

  85. Some years Scott yes

  86. There was some interesting news to emerge from the Arsenal Supporters Trust meeting last night regarding an idea the club have for introducing a Category C ticketing tier. The idea being that games against clubs like Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Spurs become more expensive but tickets to the lesser games – Wigan on a Monday night – become cheaper.

    Of course this strategy is all well and good in certain ways because fans will pay more to watch those big teams – but imagine paying more than £100 to watch the game on Saturday which certain sections of the ground did. You would think you’d been fleeced! Is it worth £100 to watch Arsenal try and pick a part a team who have come and parked the bus in front of goal with no intention of leaving the Grove with anything more than a point?

    Personally I think the price of Category A games is too expensive already. And to get fans to pay more than £100 a seat for bore draws worries me. You aren’t guaranteed an entertaining game of football just because you’re playing one of the bigger teams in the league. Personally I wonder if it is value for money or whether the Arsenal board are trying to squeeze even more money out of the fan base.


  87. My season ticket is as cheap as fuck, why not hike the prices?

  88. WTF are these cnuts on?

  89. Alan, their priority should be putting a team together first that can compete for the title, that sounds like a better strategy to me.
    We already sell bog standard tickets at £100 each, the only premiership club to do that, greedy bastards.

  90. it’s the personal attitude of the board. Greedy bastards, and that idiot Wenger will be kicked upstairs for being their front man

  91. Lady Bracewell-Smith sings about Stan

  92. Afternoon guys and gals……

  93. Hi Rico

  94. Hi Rico, how’s the physio… Did he/she survive…?

  95. Hi alan, whats the news then, we signed anyone ;)

    Congrats to RvP..

    Lee & Wath – the physio is still out cold ;)

  96. Diaby

  97. Hi Wath, she’s seeing stars ;)

    Needless to say i won’t be doing much for the rest of my day – ouch ;)

  98. Picture the scene…..04:00 alarm goes off, Rico cracks open a dozen eggs puts em in a glass then necks em, sporting the grey jogging suit…it’s then off to Reading Town Hall,closely being followed by loads of kids!!!

  99. Rico, when are we gonna get to see the operation scar ?

  100. Lucky that there’s plenty of soaps on tonight. :-)

  101. Different prices for different games………… Now I know why we crap against the crap teams….?? we pay less get less effort from the team…. Ah so that’s how it works is it…!

    Utter bollox if you ask me…! Just an excuse to rip us off even more…!

  102. I’m not having that WATH….

  103. It’s only two tiny keyhole marks Micko, and on my shoulder, nothing too exciting ;)

    Wath, I can’t believe you would think such a thing, and I’d rather watch Wigan that I would the Chavs, the latter are so defensive and so so boring …..

  104. Or knocking seven bells out of a cow carcass at the abatoir…….

  105. Hi Charlie, i might be tempted to watch the chavs get mauled ;)

  106. Hi Rico

    No, signed no one that I know of

  107. Hi Rico. How’s the arm?

  108. Not even podolski alan ;)

    Hi Adam, little bit sore but, having done everything i was told to do and not to do, i was told i am the model patient :lol:

  109. Dempsey has had a once-in-a-lifetime season for Fulham with 27 goals in 53 games in all competitions. His 16 league goals put him behind just Sergio Aguero, Wayne Rooney, and Robin Van Persie for fourth in the Premier League. With penalty goals removed, Dempsey moves up to third, just one behind Rooney.


  110. sign him up arsene ;)

  111. i think he’s a good player but I think we should be setting our sights higher……..Dempsey it is then! ;)

  112. yes. He still has a couple of good years left

  113. Lee – you gotta think Wenger ;)

  114. Just read Ribery got fined 50 grand last week for decking Robben at half time during the real madrid game, wonder how much it would cost to give Song a kick up the arse, gotta be worth it.

  115. Tenner Micko ;)

  116. Evening all, My thanks to you Rico as normal :)
    Congratulations to Robin Van Persie two awards in the same season and deserved. My mate tells me Keys and Grey were asking somebody connected with the awards, why Wayne Rooney never got much of a mention as he was close to Robins Tally and the guy said that Robin was a mile in front of Ronkey, apparentlt the guy mentioned it many many times untill it finally sunk in to Keys and Grey apparently they agree’d in the end that Robin deserved it i bet that hurt :)

  117. better of selling RvP. He won’t give us a season like this again. 30 y o. Best price we’ll get 25 mill.

  118. You could be right there Alan. Maybe time for Afobe or Cambell if we can get him a visa

  119. I see that Stuart Pearce has just been announced as A….ole Of The Year. The clinching moment was apparently when he announced earlier that he was still going to pick Jack Wilshire for Team GB. With the Moron Of The Year title to be decided soon, Pearce has moved into an unassailable position in that contest too. This would constitue a clean sweep for the former England hard man who has forged a reputation as being one of football’s leading imbeciles since his retirement.

  120. Hi Steve. I am worrying poor ol RvP will have more injuries too.

  121. Watching him last weekend said it all Alan he’s Fcuked and he looks like an injury would do him a favour

  122. Congrat robin….win the double for us next season….missed u all……evenings

  123. Alan…..spot on mate…..as a manger…will i buy a 29 year old striker…i dont think so….if RVP wanna jump door…..throw him out….i will forever watch a fully committed afobe than less commited VP….same lyk watching a committed shit ramsey than world class les committed fabregas

  124. dinner calls, back in a bit………..

  125. There are facts and then there are opinions. Opinions often say more about those holding them than about the truth of the subject matter. I have found in life that it is best not to confuse the two.

  126. At the end of the day guys Robins contract doesn’t finish till next year so there is really no rush. if he stays and doesn’t sign we would still get a year out of him and the form he’s been in suggests that he still has a few good games left in him. I really think that the only way we would buy a new striker of any standing was if we sold Robin

  127. nice to see 442 again imho, so strikers share the weight, a better chance of a goof striker wanting to come to Arsneal.

    No established quality player wants to play second fiddle to a single striker

  128. When Wenger looks at the bench where strikers are concerned he sees that the cupboard is as good as bare. If he doesn’t buy another quality striker I would find it surprising at least and suicidal at most.

  129. Putting it that way Adam your right.

  130. Evening Steve and all and as always Steve, my pleasure ;)

  131. I guess your a bit sore Rico, but the eggs will build you up, I’m supporting Chelsea tonight, but i think they will be playing 12 men tonight, i’ll lay money that this game is contraversial i hope i’m wrong

  132. I can’t moan Steve, it’s all going well thanks ;)

    I don’t want the Chavs to win, and the only reason is should they go on and win the CL and we only get 4th in the PL, we will lose out next season….

    They are both cheats in my eyes…

    Hi Adam…

  133. Isn’t there any way they could both lose?

  134. If we don’t make CL this year we don’t deserve it, i feel the same as you but Barca have cheated us many times and i want to see them lose

  135. maybe a big punch up Adam

  136. fair point steve, tbh, i can’t stand either but, i guess i’d rather see the chavs beaten and miss out on CL footie next season, just so it proves that money doesn’t always win the day….

  137. I’m offski, bit of footie and then an early one, catch you all tomorrow sometime…

    nighty night, have a good evening….

  138. Morning all.

  139. Nte Rico

  140. Fcuk you Barca. Hahahahahahahahaha.

  141. Well I’ll be a Dutch monkeys Uncle !!! Fooking Chelsea.

  142. Rico. There’s no way that Chelski will beat Madrid.
    Don’t worry about that boss.
    Barca, you cheating bastards, suck it up… :-D. :-D. :-D

  143. What an utter prized cnut that Terry…. talk about lack of discipline to drop ya team in the shit and then to talk utter bollox as an excuse… piss funny..!

  144. I wonder if Barca will have a manager 2moro morning..??

  145. Cahill injured after 10 minutes Terry off 2.0 down after 40 minutes, then leading the tie after 45 Messi missing a penalty and torres rapping it all up not a pretty game but couldn’t not watch it. Chelsea will not have 3 or 4 players in the final due to susspensions but a real defensive display from a team working together.

  146. AK,there was no way Chelski would beat Barca…..not a hope on hell.
    That’s what I certainly thought.
    Dawn service done.
    Breakfast and a few beers at 6.15 am.
    Now,off to see my boys march.

  147. Games on.
    CHelski thru’ but unlikely to beat Real MAdrid/Bayern Munich as:
    Terry, Ramires and Ivanovich is suspended.

    But vital we get a result at Stoke, and two wins out of three remaining games.

    Newcastle will dorp points;
    Tiny Tots is on a blip and playing against relegation candidates desperate for points;
    Chelski players are with half-an-eye on CL CUp and a BIG GAME against Newcastle…and will Liverpool takes point off ‘em?

    Fate lies in our to cosnolidate 3rd with a win at Stoke then.

    Goodnight all.

  148. A win at Stoke would be fantastic.
    But i would take a draw.
    It’s a horrible ground populated by horrible people.
    If we escape from that hellhole with a draw i would be quite content.

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