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Trophies no longer an issue & Arsenal lack what Everton have…..

Our captain finally got his hands on a trophy last night when he was awarded the PFA Player of the Year.

See Robin, you don't need to leave Arsenal to win a trophy!

Well done to Robin, I’m sure he’ll pick up another one or two before the season is over and that should now prevent any ‘I want to leave to win trophies’ comments from him!! ;)

I jest of course!

From one leader to another, Phil Neville.

I don’t know how many Gooners bothered to watch Manchester United against Everton yesterday but for once the weather dictated my day and I watched it whilst pottering around….

Everton by surprise, took the lead but it wasn’t long before the scores were level and from there, the Mancs raced into what appeared a 3-1 winning scoreline.

One picture caught my eye, and that was Phil Neville.

Despite the scorline, he wasn’t fazed – he trudged back up the pitch to the centre circle ready for the re-start but with each step came a roaring cry, a pumping of his arms, a rallying raise of his arms and a loud shout at his team-mates ‘come-on’.

He wasn’t ready to roll over and surrender to the current Premier League Champions and he wasn’t about to let his team-mates do that either.

Moments later, it was 3-2!

The Mancs, not wanting to give up their hope of another league title soon installed their two goal lead but then Everton dug in deep, deeper than anyone would have thought they could at Old Trafford and got it back to 4-4.

Yesterday, not even Fergie-Time could help the team in red and David Moyes side worked their nuts off  earned a very deserved point.

Before you all think I want us to sign Phil Neville, I don’t but I wouldn’t mind us signing someone like him, someone who has it in them to motivate those around them and get a response by rallying his team mates that then turn performances and scorelines around as Everton did yesterday.

Vermaelen sometimes does, Robin seldom does, in fact the only time I have seen him roaring at full voice, is when we score.

That’s easy though isn’t it, what we need is that kind of vocal stuff when the chips are down, the rallying, heart-felt calls that Neville showed yesterday.

We’ve not really had that since Tony Adams and to an extent Martin Keown and Patrick Vieira! Natural leaders and motivators who won’t settle for teammates going through the motions or slacking off, leaders who demand 100% effort and commitment at all times.

That is still for me what this Arsenal side lacks, the steel and the will to win, we’ve seen it a few times this season but not anywhere near enough and for some reason we are found wanting against lesser sides.

We need to make sure we don’t make that mistake in the last three games!

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238 comments on “Trophies no longer an issue & Arsenal lack what Everton have…..

  1. Now go and bang a few goals in to seal the golden boot!!

  2. Morning all

    Ditto Lee, it’s about time he scored, and might aswell sell him if he’s not going to perform ;)

  3. Great post!

    Phil Neville what a inspiration to captains! TBF i think the roar is a british thing.. you dont really see that passion from the Foreign captains. This is defo something we lack.

    I also believe that a captain should alway be the strongest defender cause he can see everything from behind as where a forward cant! Seem like wenger uses the captaincy as a lead way to keep big players at the club.

  4. Time for character and personality. No faceless good time players but it’s time to step up and deliver. Big team big wages we need big results

  5. Thanks Matty

    Wenger tends to give the armband to his ‘favs’ – personally, i wanted TV to get it…

  6. saying that, nothing stopping others from getting their lungs going but we don’t seem to have any in the mould of Neville…

    Can that be bought?

    I’m sure it can…..

  7. Yea i think TV would be a wkd leader!! Rico what did you think of ramsey this weekend?? lol got to say it once again.. he was very poor, kept giving the ball away he tries to do to much.

  8. morning all, im on holidays back in my country and just reading stuff about Arsenal, thought the draw with chelsea was pretty good for us, now we just need two more wins and that should do the job i guess, regarding the leadership issue, ofcourse we need that kind of man who would be there for his team 120mins and more than that, thing is, we have a lot of younglings and recently signed up players, so it will be pretty hard to install that mentality from players and thats why we need a coach like vieira or bergkamp or just someone who was there and saw the glorious days, the eye watering celebrations and cries of grown men that would make the young players proud of having a canon on their chest…

  9. The gunners have been found wanting when the going gets tough. It had happened the last five or six year with the regularity of a heartbeat . Make these three games the last time.
    If it happens again,Wenger has failed and should go. Too many times and it’s obvious the buck stops with the FM.

  10. Matty

    I thought his first half was dire, just awful, three times he got caught with the ball – better second half, just ;)

  11. Mattyboy how about Roy Keane or Vieira??

    I’m personally blaming myself for Arsenals last two poor results, as I didn’t get to see either match on tv (I believe the team tends to do a lot better when i’m watching! ;) ). Also blame myself for the Champs league loss in 06 :(

  12. Oh yea paul forgot about them… take that comment back lol!! Roy keane though would say much of a leader he got sent off more times then he was on the pitch! Vieira legend!

  13. Tlailaxu –

    Keown, Adams or Bould – that’s my choice, get the arsenal back in arsenal and a bit of pride will soon get instilled in the players…


    the next three games are going to be the toughest, this will show whether or not players want that CL spot, or indeed have it in them to pull together at the right time…. No more slip ups, we can’t afford them…

  14. I do agree that a captain should be a defender or DM player.

  15. Don’t want either of them Esp, Paddy turned his back on us for money and Keane, well just listening to him makes me cringe

  16. Seem to be lack of fire power at the moment! hope RVP finds to goal streak for the last few games

  17. Not as assistant, I was just talking about good captains!

    I’ll take DB, Tony Adams or Keown!

  18. welcome clivepafc

    bodies on the line for just three more games, not too much to ask for or expect is it…

  19. Oops, sorry Esp ;)

  20. I reckon our future captain is already at the club but he’s a bit raw right now..

    Carl Jenkinson…… A true Gooner…

  21. If RVP goes off the boil we’ve no real goal threat……

  22. Happy St George’s Day btw!

  23. Szczesny for me, the only player on the pitch who hates tottenham more then the fans, that a true el capitan in my eyes!

  24. He’s gone off the boil – and we have had no goal threat since the Wigan game :(

    TV is the only one to have found the net and with Arteta missing, who is finally going to step up and make his mark??

    Chumuk? Nah
    Park? Nah

    Gervinho?? Maybe he’ll surprise us…..

  25. TV:

    “I have never known a ­manager so loyal to his players. He shows ­immense trust and has shown incredible loyalty ­towards me.

    “I was sidelined for a long time with two nasty injuries. But it was under the orders of the manager that the board gave me a new contract until 2015. I can’t ­describe the joy that gave me.”

    “I am fit again and I love my life at Arsenal,” he said. ­“Arsene Wenger is a coach who really understands his players. In the most hectic of times, he gives us days off. We really love that. He knows when we need a rest.”

    “I have no intention of leaving this club,” he said. “I feel at home in ­London and I feel that I have become a real Gunner. Arsenal is my club. In my eyes, they belong to the absolute elite of European top clubs.

    “We are going for the Champions League again and this team can grow further.

    “When I was young, I dreamed of playing for Ajax and Arsenal. Both dreams have come true.”

  26. It’s fine being loyal with TV and players of his quality but Almunia, Denilson, Chamug etc. take the rose coloured spectacles off!! Maybe and it’s a big maybe…the new no2 might have some input?

  27. Can’t disagree there – he needs to be a bit more ruthless with a few and stop treating them like babies…

    Souness reckons RvP will leave, what does he know eh? Why doesn’t he focus on whats going on at his old club, knob!!

  28. Same to you Lee and all the fellow English Ladies and Gents out there….

    Good call on Ches Matty, not keen on keeprs having the armband, but thats just me…. ;)

  29. “shunneth not ye ale house on the day of the feast of st george”

  30. personally, i think we have a great squad. the only reason we are not there yet is we seek motivation from the wrong areas (to finish above spurs, to be the only team in london while the likes of ……are becoming the only team in England) I think if we guide our motivations, we shall get to places we never hoped we could. Mourihno calls himself the special one, and he is about to get there only if he can win the CL at Madrid this season. He is always telling everyone that His players are the best, but attimes publically ruining those whos do not comform to his goals. remember that defend who he subbed just after he had brought him on against spurs. Remeber the dyas of Viera and Keane, our team has to beleeve they are the best in England and work towards that. Not finishing third above spurs (if that should happen, we should be first and sours 4th(20 points behind us) that can atleast motivate us the more. Lastly, we need a REAL leader who SHOUTS/SCREAMS/ROARS/BACKS on the pitch(spare the rod and spoil the child)-some of those lads just need to be shouted at.

  31. is that the same as we must all go to the pub today ;)

  32. Sounds like a plan… :lol:

  33. :lol: Lee, a good one…

  34. Welcome nadjulius

    Have to disagree about us having a great squad, it lacks depth imho, lacks a couple of players who can make that difference…

    Think we have 11-13 very good players, including a few stand-outs but we ned to get in that transfer market and sign 3/4 to take us up to another level…

  35. Vermallen says treat the three games should be treated like cup finals. Let’s hope all repeat all the players do so.
    Btw if you watched the europa games you will notice players shooting from long range.What about Hoilett’s goal for BR. Surely the gunners can shoot likewise.

  36. I think RVP is a good captain,thou his confidence was low beginning of the season

  37. Having TV is all well and good but you need multiple players with the never say die attitude and not just in the big games. Arsenal have screwed up big time against the smaller clubs and its this attitude that we can easiley beat small clubs which has got to change. M’vila would be a great buy as he has this in him he shows it for rennes each week, I think he could be the most important signing for a long time if we can land him. Song looks average without Arteta along side him so with TV m’vila and Arteta you have three players with a good attitude when the chips are down. For me thats still not enough.

  38. They should have approached the last few with that in mind Julian

  39. The squad has been crying out for a spine for ages….

  40. Spot on lee…

  41. Scravaldio

    Add Vertonghen and Podolski to M’Vila, then Jussi, job done ;)


  42. If only Rico……………. :(

  43. So Rico you’d like Wenger to buy some ‘winners’ – the sort of people who lead by example on the pitch and aren’t afraid to raise their voices in the dressing room.

    Well, I’d like to win the Euro-millions, but I know it won’t happen.

  44. I know Lee, if only….

    Yes Steve, why not?

  45. I remember a story, perhaps it was in an ex-players memoirs, about one of Wenger’s first games in charge. At half-time Pat Rice started to lay into the players who had not pulled their weight in a poor first half. He was pulled aside by Wenger and told that ‘ that was not the way things would be done in his dressing room.

    The irony is of course, that Wenger, the control freak, is the only one at the club who cannot handle defeat. Every week he embarrasses our great club with his pompous, belligerent, rude and often childish touchline behaviour.

  46. I don’t like Wengers sulky side either Steve, i wish he’d be more gracious when we lose…

    Or, sort the squad out so we don’t lose, that would be better….

  47. Lee, 10.28/10.36;
    In that case, make every day StGeorge’s Day… :-D

  48. Unless we’re going to sign vertonghen as a left back which I doubt we will not be signing him fact is he no better than tv or kozzer and with merts as back up there is no need for him m.villa is someone who may well be on his way but I think song will make way if he does come there’s no logic having to similar quality players who in my opinion can not play in the same team for me mvilla edges song on distribution we have frimpy and coq as back up so for me it will be m.villa or song

  49. :lol: Charlie, how’s you today….

  50. The font, we need 4 quality CH’s – JV would be the 4th and rid JD – also JV can play across the backline and DM – he’d be a great signing imho….

  51. Afternoon Gooners.
    Afternoon Rico. Good post as per usual.
    Could not quite understand how Koscielny didn’t get into the EPL team last night…
    Not that it really matters. Somehow i can’t imagine the members of the PFA spending too much of their valuable time thinking over their choices…
    Not when there’s a nightclub or two to visit.

  52. I ‘m good Rico. Typical Monday, yawwwwn…
    Any eggs this morning?
    Loved the comments from TV05.
    Nobody could ever doubt his commitment to the cause.
    Could do with 3 or 4 more with his attitude methinks.

  53. Afternoon Charlie, thanks ;)

    Nor can I re Kos – but then we are not the FA’s darlings are we ;)

  54. 4 a day now Charlie :)

  55. Hi, you say we have no character? how many games did we comeback from a losing position and win? Thats character!

  56. CGAK, you busy? Mkts are dead…………. might have to indulge in a pint or two of English beer!!

  57. Fuck the f.a…….wankers the lot of em!

  58. We have Miguel who will be happy to get a game every now and then merts is the best reader of the game although no pace but there’s certain games when you do not need pace you need brains koz and tv are first choice this is a happy position as for holding midfielder we already have the ones I’ve mentioned and jack abou and arteta can play there at a push in fact arteta has played that position well this year we need artistry in the middle if you do not want to wait for the ox to develop then it has to be hazard or even Christian Ericsson he is brilliant but not at his peak yet

  59. Transfers

  60. Where does he play Alan?

  61. make a good captain…….

  62. plenty of enterprise…

  63. Evening all.
    TV5 is a champion.
    I chose him as our captain at the start of the year,but alas,Wenger thought differently!!!
    I wonder if giving it to RVP was a little sweetener to entice him to stay.
    I never really saw him as a skipper.
    I don’t like a keeper as captain,so Vermaelen was the one for mine.
    I think Jack can be a ripper with a few years of maturity under his belt.

  64. we have been linked with erikson before haven’t we?

  65. Lee yes LOL

  66. Hi Scott & alan

  67. Us,and half the clubs in Europe,Rico.
    Him,Hazard and Goetze are the big three.
    It’s been reported that we’ve signed Podolski….no,its true this time,really,it is!!!!
    Ho bloody hum.

  68. Hey Rico,evening Alan.

  69. Man u have been strongly linked but with bergkamp on his ear I think we have a chance he will be over 20mill though the one we do not want in my opinion is hernanes if he can not get in 2nd tier Italian side he is not good enough for arsenal interesting is Ricky Alvarez he was poached from us at the last minute by inter his style of play could suite us if he can adapt to prem league I think we took a player from them before who they did not rate and he turned out to be well I’ll let you say?

  70. Do we want Alvarez now????
    He made his choice,it hasn’t worked out,and he is now having a dummy spit.
    He made his bed,let him lie in it.
    Why should we take seconds?
    If we do,it’d better be at a bloody good price.

  71. Lou Macari has just said:

    ‘ i think a refs decision will decide who wins the PL’

    Errrr Man Utd then ;)

  72. :lol: Scott, re erickson and podolski

  73. Alvarez can take a hike….

  74. yes why was Alvarez a sub only and a rare sub?

  75. Fuck Alvarez!

  76. Perhaps he’s crap alan….

    good swerve wenger ;)

  77. Alvarez needs love very temperamental badly advised to go to Milan wrong club wrong style of football good on the ball he looks like a cross between hleb and nasri as long as he is not the main purchase for this position he be a good buy he sat on the bench at Milan because he plays a forward passing game drive grit and good skills not bad for 6 million

  78. Lee, 12.15;
    It raining buddy.
    I just luv the rain…. :-D
    You have a pint or three for me mate…

  79. Viera and Henry sat on the bench in Italy

  80. nope not left my desk CGAK…….

  81. £6 Million, oh dear, that has Wenger written all over it ;)

    Charlie, evryone needs a lift when it’s raining ;)

  82. The font, i think the reason behind not wanting him is he could have joined last summer but turned his back on us – if we weren’t good enough then, why should we be good enough now?

    Much rather we sign a player who, when asked if they would like to make a move to us, says, ‘show me the dotted line’….

    Just why i hope we get JV, he is desperate to sign for us….

  83. If you read the accounts you will see how much funds we have to spend there will only be 2 top draw players bought this window podolski and 1 from. M.villa hazard Ericsson or this price range £25 million there will be around 2 more players signed around 5/8 million on lower wages trust me i am an accountant

  84. Depends whther Stanley is going to get some money out of his pocket font…

  85. I never did believe accountants ;) ;)

    Scott Sinclairs goal at the weekend was pretty special….

  86. Accountfont…. :lol:

  87. won’t happen font

  88. Rico, wtf happened to vela…i really thought he was a quality finisher, a natural?

  89. I’m confused, not difficult to do that to me though ;)

    The font, how much have we to spend according to the accounts?

    Are suggesting it will enough for two big signings only


    Two big signings and 2 more around the 5/7 Million value

  90. He is Lee, just wasn’t given his chance with us imho

    i think he naffed wenger off by playing for mexico, every time he came back he was jetlagged/injured or something else to prevent him from playing…

    has he scored recently on loan ;) ;)

  91. imho we should go for experienced EPL blokes

  92. The latter I thought or was that wishful thinking on my part? Can’t see four signings, at all….
    The Metro have got fuck all to write about today…..wait for it, apparently Podolski’s going to join us in the summer!

  93. You’ve got a point Alan, we can’t wait for the new players to adapt, we want them to hit the ground running!!

  94. alan, or Championship, ie Wolves, Bolton and Blackburn ;) ;)

    The latter would be fine Lee, I’m sure Ajax would accept £8Million and Nik for Vertonghen ;)

    Podolski – didn’t see that one coming, you reckon there is any truth??

  95. I still wonder about Podolski though, FC Koln sit 16th in their league, he can’t be scoring many goals :(

    Maybe his head is already in London..

  96. throw chamug, denilson and the waiter in and we’ll take Eriksen off their hands…….simples!! ;)

  97. thanks Lee

    Rico, as much as I prefer English, there are a few non English players in the EPL. We only need 3 or so. Dempsey is one that has been mentioned

  98. We just don’t need any more mediocre players FFS!

  99. Now you are talking Lee, simples isn’t it ;)

    alan, would be good to have a couple signed who are already used to the PL, i think we’ll go for Hoilett as he’s free…

    In fact wouldn’t surprise me if the player already knows where he’s going…

  100. Agree, we don’t need the ones we have, get them gone i say….

  101. Sergio Agüero

    Demba Ba

    Aiyegbeni Yakubu


  102. Rico, we all know the board loves ” free”

  103. Rico. No truth in Podolski as far as I can see

  104. Wouldn’t mind The Yak tbh, but got a bit of a knock back on that suggestion here a while back ..

    Or Readings Le Fondre :)

  105. or Steven Fltecher Wolves 10 goals

  106. Peter Odemwingie

  107. Like you suggest alan, there are a few who are scoring for struggling sides, put them in a good one and should get a few more…

  108. Back in 30 mins ish ;)

  109. that’s it Rico

  110. We should be setting our sights higher than Odemwingie/Yak/Fletcher imho…..but I’d take all of them in front of chamug/park! We need some real quality added and this squad will win stuff or certainly compete…we know the players, they won’t break the bank but will get us back on track!

  111. It is understood that Demba Ba had a clause in his contract that would allow him to leave the Toon for as little as £6 million should a “bigger club” enter the race for his coveted signature.

    However, eyefootball understands that Ba will earn a massive £85,000 per week under the terms of his new deal, ending talk of a summer move away from the club.


  112. Rico

    Wengers loyalty definitely wins the players over, to a point, however its also a major reason behind our problems.

    For every Vermaelen there is a Denilson/Diaby.

    I may become a regular here, although it may give you a heart attack so i will have to think about that.

  113. Lee, 2.21;
    Re; font…. Quality mate. :-D. :-D. :-D

  114. Gambon. They are an investment, hence AW’s loyalty Buy low sell high.

  115. We signed anyone… ;)


  116. Lee, they’d be ok for a striker who has to sit on the bench and play second fiddle to Podolski and RvP though ;)

  117. no that’s a dream, and maybe a good epl chap would br better anyway

  118. Hi gambon,

    Lee said exactly the same earier too and i don’t think anyone would disagree – loyalty works two ways imho, as much as AW should be loyal to all, some of them should be told they are crap and it’s time to leave, isn’t than being loyal to their career..

  119. wenger has hinted he wants to sign attacking options, more than one so we could be in for two strikers (if chumuck & park go)

    Why not Pod and one more, let the three of them fight it out for the right to start….

    One thing that would ensure is goals….

    I’m not ready to believe that Joel campbell is going to breeze in and answer our attacking prayers….

  120. Afternoon, Loyalty should extend to the fans as well and when a manager can surely see a player ain’t good enough then get rid hold ya hands up say it wasn’t a great buy and move on…! The fans deserve loyalty in so far as not having to watch shit players earning huge salaries who are obviously not good enough yet kept on the books for years to long..!.

  121. That’s what i just said Wath, just more politely ;)

    Afternoon to you…..

  122. Campbell & Afobe are nowhere near ready.

    Sign 2 top strikers to replace the chuckle brothers.

    I was saying on the other site (the one where im a legend, much like here) that we will make some good money for some of our cast offs. Add what we have and there is no excuse not to invest heavily this summer.

  123. You missed the gap gambon, the one between the g and e ;)

    we been saying that about the cast offs (altough miy list may differ to yours) as you call them on here too, prob since the day HH started… but what clubs would pay them the kind of wage they are used to?

    i’d rather we just sold them for silly money if it mean they were gone…

  124. he rewards mediocrity handsomely top managers just jog em on, he needs to change his mindset….

  125. Calm down Lee… :-D

  126. Font made an interesting point about how much the club have to spend, looking @ things thru the eyes of an accountant that is.
    Don’t think he considered any monies coming into the club from sales or wages saved from those possible sales.

  127. AK, you’ll like this, since our holiday I put my 7yr old on 5 euros per goal….little fcker got a hatrick yesterday, 14 seconds from the kick off one of em!! Running down the line waving an imaginary note at me….. :lol:

  128. Font 2.12,

  129. Rico,

    I dont buy into the idea that we cant offload our sub-standard players. Sure we may have to sweeten the deal for some of them (If Bordeaux offer Chamakh £40k pw, and hes on £60k pw we may have to pay him £x to leave). However lets face it we got rid of Ebouseless, Senderos etc.

    My out list is significant:

    One of Gibbs/Santos

    On the back of this I would be looking to sign:

    Backup GK (Sorensen, Jussi)
    Centre Back (Ideally first choice)
    Left Back (First Choice)
    DM (Mvila ideally)
    Wide AM (Hazard please god)
    Podolski (Gerboue replacement)
    Striker (Ba, Giroud, Huntelaar)

  130. Lee, who does he take after then? :-D. :-D. :-D

  131. Hi ya folks…off to read the comments.

  132. Good point there CG, look at how many we could get money for, should get two players at least if we manage to sell them all…..

  133. The handbrake indoors mate……..

  134. How many Arsenal fans, last summer, thought that Robin Van Persie, given his history of injuries, would be on the brink of completing a full season.

  135. Lee, just love your 4.49 :lol:

    Afternoon Stanley….

  136. Whoa, yesterday it was dial square and gambon, today its gambon again! Who’s next? Retrum spectrum and jaguar! Just kidding gambon, how are ya? Nice to see you on here.

  137. How many Arsenal fans, prior to the end of January, thought that Tomas Rosicky would get a run in the side. Stay fit. And become a key figure in us overhauling the Scum & Chavs and putting us on the edge of claiming 3rd spot?

  138. Hi lee, how are you mate? Ak, is that you? Charlie who? Jeez, take it easy fella am struggling τ̲̅ȍ keep up.

  139. :lol: goonster, please not the rusty man…..

  140. No need to sweeten any deals to get rid off the crap and the deadwood just make sure we don’t ask for silly money on the transfer fee’s ain’t rocket science is it..? All the wages alone saved on said players will give us a lot of funds to bring in quality BUT will it happen… Nice list Gambon what century do you see AFC ever getting rid of so many..? certainly not in our lifetime…! Bar 2/3 that list is about right though.

  141. Therefore, if miracles do happen, maybe Abou Diaby will have some luck on that score and be instrumental in just nudging us over the line for 3rd.
    I, for one, hope he does!

  142. Wenger, oh Wenger who says he’s flown the plane of football
    too long for us kids to complain or teach him, you’ll never
    know whats next with him.I’ll keep my fingers crossed.
    Hmmmm being an arsenal fan aint easy…

  143. gambon,

    our list doesnt differ that much but i’d like us to keep


    & both left backs, but, turn santos into a winger, he offers more there…

  144. AK, i reckon Diaby has three games in which to prove an awful lot, if he stays fit he could make a difference to our run in….

  145. Lee, i’ve got one of those at home.
    Stanley, how’s fings in the Low Countries?
    Just luv this weather…

  146. hi upgunners – sometimes it really isn’t is it….

  147. Evening mama bear, wath, that rusty fella will sure ruffle a few feathers here. Especially scott’s. Hahahaha. Have we signed anyone yet?

  148. Upgunners… Do what???
    What is hard about being an Arsenal fan…?
    We are blessed my friend.
    Don’t listen to the Doomers.

  149. We signing Messi and Ronaldo on friday I’m told Stanley…. Also Mata says he know’s he fucked up and he’s signing next week….! Ain’t life grand..!

  150. Dry my man. Too bored. Need some action. Was hoping to go to south east asia but i guess that’s out of the window now. How’s the missus?

  151. That would be grand even in my dreams!

  152. Not for sure goonster but just read that the FC Kolne fans held up banners at their weekend game saying ‘goodbye to podolski’

  153. AK, it can also be bloody frustrating ;)

  154. Yeah i saw that. Wow which means he’s really coming? Whopiee! Break out the champagne guys. Its party time!

  155. Stan, she’s ok thanks.
    Not going on your hols, that sucks.
    Pop over to Blighty, we’ll take you out, get you pissed and take you down Old Compton St.

  156. Afternoon all,
    Kev, Diaby nudge us over the line, he’d struggle to nudge an old lady out of the way, I wouldn’t trust him to get outta bed in the morning, your having a larf.

  157. Trust AK Stan a man of his age knows “ALL” the dodgy places up the City…!

  158. Are you for real ak? Well, invite me over already. I could really use a few british night out. What about the womenfolk? Will i get any?

  159. Ah Wath, they speak well of you down there.
    I also heard the name Shirley mentioned…
    Couldn’t that one out…

  160. I do not want to go to deep but your forgetting the wages poldy £5million a year Rvp increase £3million a year plus £5million one off. Payment mvilla £23 million plus £4million a year wages lets say 2 bench warmers £7 million plus wages £3 million x2 £20 million with poldy s fee believed to be £11 million that’s over £100 million in 1 year add what we’ll get for dead weights even lee s p brain can do that sum

  161. Work that one out.

  162. Shut up micko. Diaby is class and he ll prove it to you lot next season. Watch out.

  163. At least the squad is starting to take shape now, Podolski in, RvP out.

  164. Afternoon Micko –

    when it comes to Diaby, you really do put a smile on my face with your comment….

  165. Lee.
    Did you touch a nerve???

  166. Hiya Stan you busy nailing??
    We can’t have a 71 man squad next season….can we??

  167. the font, its me who has the pea brain, i couldn’t work it out but are you counting the wages will could very well offload??


    That alone would free up about £350-400K a WEEK…

    then, there are a few others who will/could go…..

  168. Well i guess i’ll take my pea brain back to work now.

    Let me know about the 13th Lee… :-)

  169. Nah i have accountant to do it for me….

  170. Nah lee, no nailing for me but am hoping to nail a few through ak!

  171. And the lawn…

  172. AK. is like Bosley from Charlie’s Angels……

  173. Lee… Yeah, Zero Person. I agree.

  174. :lol: Lee – i used to love that programme…

    Preferred Hart to Hart though ;)

  175. I hated it that the six million dollar man used to clash with tops of the pops on a thursday night, caused so many arguments in my house.

  176. RICO as I said without going to deep there are other players who need increases ox kozzer and a few others we will not get rid of all the dead wood even if we do it’s still not enough I hope I am wrong but we will have to wait and see

  177. :lol: Micko – wht happened to all the great programmes??

    we’ll have to wait and see the font, but i can’t see as many going in the summer as we would wish for, and those imho will not be in the reserves…

  178. Rico, did i ever tell you about yesterday when i was young !

  179. I have a sneaky feeling Micko, that you were young around the same time I was ;) ;)

  180. off for dinner, back in a bit…

  181. Heard vela scored a bicycle kick? Atta boy, that adds another million to his value. Chin ching.

  182. Font. Ox is in the first year of a 5 yr contract let him earn his new one after at least the 2nd year thats why we have so many players earnign salaries above their status….! he signed a 5 yr deal give him a new one when he carries on with his progress after year 3… problem solved…!

  183. W.a.t.h I agree with you but it has already been publicised that he is getting a new deal

  184. spot on goonster but a part of me wonders if he could still have a career with us? If only he’d be given a chance…..

    wath – agree there too, let players ‘earn’ a new contract and pay rise, we need to stop handing everything to them on a plate….

  185. the font – but that is all media spin, it’s not the gospel….

  186. Ox is on £20k pw, he absolutely shouldnt be on any more right now.

  187. RICO possibly

  188. If we are happy to give a kid a new deal one year into a 5yr contract that defines whats wrong with football not just AFC….
    He was happy as larry when he signed so keep dangling the carrot so he improves and then maybe year three you say fair enough you’ve done x,y and z and here’s a new contract as you deserve it… he doesn’t deserve it yet at all…! why do half these players fail…. done fuck all, proveed fuck all and think they have nothing to prove as they on 20k a week at 18/19 and not even on the bench…! pathetic really…!

  189. Evening Rico and all. I have been trying to forget about Saturday but I am quite disturbed by what I saw. Especially after Wigan.

  190. the font – why is that possible, as gambon says, he’s on £20K, he’s 18 years old, he doesn’t need anymore…

    Let him prove he deserves a pay rise…

    For sure, give him a new contract, even include a clause about money for the future, but not now, he’s just one year into his contract…

    By the way, where do you get all your facts/figures about how much money we have to spend on signings this summer??

  191. Evening Adam – i will reply to your email soon, i promise ;)

    Think its all gone a bit off since we lost to Qpr, Tv is saying all the right things though, he’s a leader off the pitch so i’m hoping he he drumming into the heads of all the players what is needed for the last three games…..

  192. Evening all, nice one rico.
    Vermaelen may be the vice captain but he doesn’t strike me as captain material same with Robin both good players and i’m sure they both love Arsenal. neither of these players have shown the motivation to be a captain in my eyes. In many teams a personality and a leader comes to the front he will encourage and bollock when he feels things have not gone well, i don’t see a stand out player in our team. Don’t get me wrong i am not saying we are short on talent we are just short of motivational charactors, its my belief that we will have to buy one and maybe it could be Vertonghen, i don’t know anything about his charactor so i may be wrong but i have seen the charactors of our players and i don’t see a captain in there.

  193. I look forward to it Rico. It really didn’t have to be this tense. QPR was a warning that was not heeded. Wigan was pathetic and Chelsea were there for the taking. Obviously I hope we somehow qualify for CL but I see danger signs ahead unless Wenger really changes his approach.

  194. Evening Steve,

    thanks – TV has ‘that look’ his veins pump in his neck and he wants us to win, imho he is the nearest thing we have to a true leader but we need one or two more like him.

    Let RvP get on with scoring goals….

  195. A captain needs to be a mixture of intelligence, respect and bloody minded belligerence with a dash of spitefulness perhaps. He must also command the respect of team mates and opponents. He will seldom be the most gifted player in the team.

  196. Ageed Adam, Alex Song i had thought of him at one time but i watch him foul at times and slink away with his head bowed, i want to see a captain hold his head up and bark orders thats when players take notice, let the opposition see you and know your there. A tough hard captain breeds respect a man that expects a player that has lost the ball to chase back and win it back our players lose the ball and put their hands on their hips they need to be barked at.

  197. Do we have that kind of player Adam?

  198. Guys, its been a long day – catch you all tomorrow,

    Stay safe all, nighty night…….

  199. Steve. I guess we look at Tony Adams and imagine him, the team down to 10 men, an arse of a ref and a cold wet night somewhere ooop North perhaps. We grab a goal and the opposition launch a spate of crude high ball attacks. Adams stands there, water pouring down his face and marks a line on the pitch and screams that they will not pass and shows the team that he will put his body on the line to make sure that this doesn’t happen. It’s an iconic image, but a powerful one and sums up a lot of what Arsenal used to be about. A touch of that spirit wouldn’t go amiss now. Reminds me of a match I saw over at West Ham when Twitchy was manager. Made me proud to be a Gooner that night.

  200. Night Rico,
    Adam you paint a blinding picture that stays in the memory, we just need some one just to do that and i don’t see him at the moment.

  201. Night Bosslady…. Evening Adam n SP….

  202. Steve. I don’t believe that image is one that appeals to Arsene. He has never bought a player for those qualities and to be fair, the money in the game has bred more Nasris than players like Adams. They are a dying breed and I can’t think of too many of them. Take a look around at the top teams. Money is their God but it is not ours. We go along and support the team for something far deeper thn a bigger and better Ferrari or a Range Rover with our name stitched into the leather seats like that mercenary Adebayor. Football will slowly kill itself and it will end up as a TV spectacle as the fans loose interest and the whole sense of a ” local” club disappears.

  203. The funny thing is Adam always remember TA saying in the dressing room he was quiet and always very focused before the game Keown was the one in the dressing room who wound everyone up

  204. Evening Wath, Adam i hope your wrong but deep down i feel the same way, I like to believe that the players would be like the old front line in war time, waiting to go over the top to take a jerry Machine gun post out, but in reality i see Walcott crouching behind a hoarding when abuse is being thrown.

  205. Evening all….

  206. I see Theo hiding behind someone else SP ;-)

  207. Steve. Yes, looking at the latest Ferrari colours for his girlfriend. WATH. Yes, I remember that, but on the pitch it was a different matter with Tony wasn’t it? Do you remember in his book when he spoke to Dennis on the coach? I really liked that and it has stayed with me. Every Arsenal supporter will remember and talk about Tony Adams. Do you think Chelsea or Spurs fans will ever talk about Ashley Cole or Adebayor in that way when they have gone to play in Russia or China or whatever cash cow they can milk next?

  208. Anyone watching fat sam’s hammers? 1-1 they got to win to have shout of automatic promotion…hope they don’t!!

  209. It’s simple look at last years profit without property we have now magical incomes this year the board historically don’t spend more than they earn add this years profit with what we have in the kitty take out the expenditure (transfer fees wages this obviously is a guess because we do not know which players we signing) and your left there or there abouts what I said earlier your right we can possibly get £20million off the wage bill if we get all the dead wood off the books but that will mean more bench warmers to make the squad numbers up and still spending £80 million in one season will be the maximum to hope for in my opinion

  210. It’s why I want Keown as No2 Adam… instill the fight and the spirit but these days its all about looking at the new Veyron not putting in a shift to earn the pay packet…!
    Jack seems to be the next best thing to a TA, a local Gooner who cares, hope it lasts…! a few more like him and we’d be on the right track !!

  211. I think what we have to remember is that as supporters we have had a lifetime of remembering the likes of TA DB CG and loads and loads of others where the players have probably only ever been the slightest bit interested since they arrived, Cesc is quick to say he loves Arsenal but at his prime he left Although supporters still lov e him they also feel let down by him as well i know i do.

  212. RICO that includes wages for 1 year for new signings

  213. Keown for me too!!

  214. Evening Lee….. I still have the image of Keown scaring the fuck out of horseface after he missed the pen at OT….! That and Lauren hand round the throat of the neville sister right hook cocked ready to iron him out sheer look of being petrified on the neville sisters face…. Priceless…!

  215. Keown wanted to foot long head!!!

  216. One of those images Lee that will stay with you 4ever

  217. That along with Rocky, Thomas and Davis in destroy mode at OT in 91…!

  218. Catch you tomorrow….laters!

  219. Night Lee….

  220. So the transfer “possible target” circus continues….what a fiasco.
    Lee,be very,very careful if paying your son for goals.
    I’ve seen kids turn into total hogs on this deal.
    I’m smart enough NOT to do it….little fella potted eleven the other week,I’d be working to pay his salary lol.
    He came off asking did he play well,and I rapt him for the five he set up,ignoring those he scored.
    I’ve got two kids atm who want to score with every touch,and its a battle.
    Do we want any players in free transfers???
    We hate those players in our club who play the Bosman game,and use it to their advantage,yet people want Hoillett and others??
    Besides that FACT,he’s a diving little prick,so Utd or anyone else can have him.
    On Ba,I must laugh.
    If we had signed him last season on a free,everyone,but EVERYONE would have whinged about Wenger going for the cheap deal,and not buying quality…..he barely rated a mention,if at all.
    As soon as he started scoring goals,everyone wants to blame Wenger for letting him up through the cracks!!!!!

  221. Adam, re. 8.21, remember it well, Old Trafford 1989, Big Tone scored at both ends !

  222. Scott, it’s not been for the whole season…….last sunday plus two more matches but i concur with your reasoning mate!
    morning all…

  223. Morning…..

  224. RvP agents in talk with officials from Juve about a £25M offer in the summer….

    Now come Daily Mail, if you are going to make up these stories, make them believable….

    Juventus??? No chance, has the club even got £25 million?

  225. Lardy has been performing his usual antics….. hahahahaha!

  226. Sorry Lee,its not my job to tell you what to do with your boy,but you know what I mean.
    Hi Rico.

  227. Good news eh Lee, we all knew it wouldn’t be long, maybe he’s done it on purpose as he misses AFC and wants us to pip the in the league ;)

    Hi Scott

  228. Maybe we should sign Adebayor……..he’s a big name!!!
    Yeah,let’s do it Arsene lol.

  229. Good job we know you are kidding Scott ;)

  230. Morning Scott, I know what you’re saying…..luckily he was substituted at half time! :lol:

  231. New Post is going up….

  232. Got a good thing depicting the evolution of our kit at the bottom!


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