Trophies no longer an issue & Arsenal lack what Everton have…..

Our captain finally got his hands on a trophy last night when he was awarded the PFA Player of the Year.

See Robin, you don't need to leave Arsenal to win a trophy!

Well done to Robin, I’m sure he’ll pick up another one or two before the season is over and that should now prevent any ‘I want to leave to win trophies’ comments from him!! ­čśë

I jest of course!

From one leader to another, Phil Neville.

I don’t know how many Gooners bothered to watch Manchester United against Everton yesterday but for once the weather dictated my day and I watched it whilst pottering around….

Everton by surprise, took the lead but it wasn’t long before the scores were level and from there, the Mancs raced into what appeared a 3-1 winning scoreline.

One picture caught my eye, and that was Phil Neville.

Despite the scorline, he wasn’t fazed – he trudged back up the pitch to the centre circle ready for the re-start but with each step came a roaring cry, a pumping of his arms, a rallying raise of his arms and a loud shout at his team-mates ‘come-on’.

He wasn’t ready to roll over and surrender to the current Premier League Champions and he wasn’t about to let his team-mates do that either.

Moments later, it was 3-2!

The Mancs, not wanting to give up their hope of another league title soon installed their two goal lead but then Everton dug in deep, deeper than anyone would have thought they could at Old Trafford and got it back to 4-4.

Yesterday, not even Fergie-Time could help the team in red and David Moyes side worked their nuts off  earned a very deserved point.

Before you all think I want us to sign Phil Neville, I don’t but I wouldn’t mind us signing someone like him, someone who has it in them to motivate those around them and get a response by rallying his team mates that then turn performances and scorelines around as Everton did yesterday.

Vermaelen sometimes does, Robin seldom does, in fact the only time I have seen him roaring at full voice, is when we score.

That’s easy though isn’t it, what we need is that kind of vocal stuff when the chips are down, the rallying, heart-felt calls that Neville showed yesterday.

We’ve not really had that since Tony Adams and to an extent Martin Keown and Patrick Vieira! Natural leaders and motivators who won’t settle for teammates going through the motions or slacking off, leaders who demand 100% effort and┬ácommitment at all times.

That is still for me what this Arsenal side lacks, the steel and the will to win, we’ve seen it a few times this season but not anywhere near enough and for some reason we are found wanting against lesser sides.

We need to make sure we don’t make that mistake in the last three games!

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