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Good news on Theo? Robin shows selfish side as we drop more points…….

Go on, admit it, when Theo Walcott hobbled off with what looked like a hamstring injury, you were smiling and thinking thank goodness.

Well I wasn’t, and watching Gervinho play in his position for the rest of the game, wasn’t enough to convince me otherwise.

I seriously worry about out next three fixtures and our chances of securing Champions League football for next season.

Wenger said after the game that Theo will probably not feature again this season, however, he should be fit for the Euros!

He wanted to stay on the pitch and carry on but I felt he should have moved off straight away

You are the manager Arsene, you should have told him to get off!

He also said that the game was a strange one, I thought it was a boring one, we looked like the team who had played midweek, not Chelsea. Ok, they weren’t exactly dynamic either but we were at home and we looked all out of ideas.

The game kicked off and we held onto the ball with ease, back, sideways, front, back, sideways and then back again.

Rosicky had our first shot on goal, but it was from a distance and Cech saved easily down to his right. Kalou tried to earn his side a penalty soon after but he needs to realise that the time to go over is when you are pushed, not half an hour later!! He was wise not to appeal for that one, Mr Dean loves dishing out cards!

Essien decided to hack down Chamberlain and Dean rightfully awarded us a free-kick, and what a cracking delivery it was too. Theo whipped the ball in towards the far post but Robin tried a fancy flick with his not so reliable left foot (these days) and his effort brushed the post. Shame he didn’t blast it with his right!

Chelsea had a shot through Boswingwa, but Szczesny saved comfortably and then Vermaelen tried to get his head on of a cross but missed it, he didn’t miss Terry though, no doubt he was aiming for his already cracked ribs…

We were on the back foot again, Kalou was given time to get his cross in from the left, one which was heading for Torres who was lurking at the first post but Koscienly showed his class…

Ramsey again got caught in possession, this third time though nearly cost us dear but Kalou’s shot deflected over the bar.

Chelsea saw another penalty chance waved away after Sagna made a clumsy challenge Bertrand….

Just before the break, Robin delivered the perfect free kick, Kosceinly lost his markers and was in acres of space to head past Cech, but the bloody bar stopped the deadlock being broken. Great set-peice! (Don’t very often say that do we?)

Chelsea then nearly made us pay for that miss, shagger was allowed to get his header in, but his wasn’t even close, it flew inches over the bar!

Robin had one more chance before the half ended, Song picked him out on the left with a super pass, Robin controlled the ball well but blasted his shot straight at Cech.

Second half…

Soon in an Malouda found himself in the book for a foul on Robin, then the latter followed after a silly tackle on Essien…

Koscienly showed just how good he has become soon after with a good tackle to stop Torres. Sturridge was the next Chav to get clean through but Vermaelen had other ideas and made the perfect sliding tackle to stop him on his way. Cahill then found himself in Deans book after a high challenge on Chamberlain.

Just before the hour mark, many Gooners had their moment to smile when Theo appeared to tweak his hamstring, despite trying to run it off, he left the pitch soon after and on came Gervinho..

Robin blasted a free kick high from twenty-five yards and soon after, Wenger replaced Rosicky with Diaby.

The game started to open up a bit, clearly both sides wanted that one goal to snatch all three points as Sturridge had a chance saved by Szczesny.

Santos then replaced Chamberlain, Diaby went into to Dean’s book for a challenge on Essien and Cashley came on for Kalou!

Robin then got bundled over in the penalty area, had that have been Rooney, I’m certain that would have been given! Soon after, the same player really made a mess of another shooting chance, this one was on Robin’s right foot!

We had another good chance before the end, Santos, who I thought was lively and more direct than others, manged to break up play and sent Gervinho on his way, he passed to Robin but our captain was unable to get his shot away. Maybe this was the time that one more pass would have been a much better option as both Gervinho and Diaby were free in the box.

We all know he can often do what others aren’t even thinking about but yesterday wasn’t his day and a simple ball to Gervinho, who had continued his run into the box, may just have nicked us the three points.

Chelsea had possession of the ball and were going forward, we managed to break the attack dow but then a sloppy pass from Song gifted the ball back and Kos had to make a great tackle to stop Sturridge from shooting, perfect timing, perfect tackle!

In the remaining four mins of added time, neither side could break the deadlock and as the whistle blew, we had dropped another two points.

Sloppy slow passing costs us those points yesterday, we look done in and Robin is playing on empty.

Next Saturday afternoon we face Stoke City away, a side that Newcastle battered 3-0 yesterday to go just three points behind us, and they have a game in hand.

It really is a case of needing to win our remaining fixtures now but will we have enough in the squad to see us secure third place?

That’s something I’m now starting to doubt…..


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405 comments on “Good news on Theo? Robin shows selfish side as we drop more points…….

  1. Morning all…

  2. 7pts will be enough for us, don’t wantt to go to WBA and need a win though. Stoke, will be right up for it and we’ll get the backlash, plus they love playing Arsenal it’s like a derby for them. Plus point is we’ve got a full strengh back four which is vital when facing Stoke. Diaby’s physicality is a option. Worry is, where will the goals come from. Benyoun perhaps?

  3. Welcome TR, can you see us beating Stoke though on yesterdays performance?

    I know the Chavs snuffed us out with a defensive set-up, but Stoke will prob try and do the same…

    Thankfully Yossi will be back to give us some width…

  4. Morning all, good report Rico and pretty acurate we went through our paces and put in a fairly good display, i can only say that i found the game rather boring i never felt we had what we needed to get a result, Chelsea to me seemed that they came for the draw and that is exactly what they got. As for us we look like a team who have had an up and down season we had a bad start but picked ourselves up, we have had our hidings and we have also dished them out one thing that has stayed consistent all through the season is how other people view us, we are not a liked club we very rarely get decisions that we should, referee’s for some reason struggle to treat us fair. What wins the league these days is not how well you do in the last few games its about how you have been treated from the start of the season, points make prizes and it doesn’t matter if you get them at the start of the season or the end when counted up at the end they all count , I know this may sound like jelousey but teams like United have had penalties all through the season and for seasons past, they get decisions right from the start of the season where most people would say we still have a long way to go. That is where teams like United win the league easy points given to them early on allows them to take it easy through the season. Diveing or cheating from United players all season has only just been brought up by Ferguson when he said i have had a word with Ashley Young, now that they are in position with only a couple of games left Fergy wants to play fair, its fiddled as its always been. Arsenal are a team who lack depth we have not got a strong enough squad and its been like that for quite a few years we lack the quality that teams like Chelsey and City can call on and while we persist in carrying on this way we are probably in the right position in the league that we deserve. Personally with the team we have i think we are punching above our weight but thats just my view, but while the authorities persists without touchline tecknology and favouring certain clubs things will not change in our case with Wenger while he wont splash out on the type of talent we need we will just be playing for top four and that is looking decidedly dodgy.

  5. Morning Steve,

    yesterday reminded me of when Citeh came to us last season, one thing in mind and that was to defend, very very boring and we had no blan b to get through them….

  6. Morning Rico. I can’t see that this team could win its last three games. The QPR and Wigan losses were the critical matches. Regardless of finishing position though I have been up and down recently over Wenger. Why can’t he get the team up for this critical part of the season? Sometimes I see him as a safe pair of hands who will learn from his mistakes and lead us onwards and upwards and other times I think that the club could really do with a massive shake-up and change of philosophy which would include players and style.

  7. Glad Newcastle have to play the Chavs and Citeh…..

  8. Morning Adam,

    I honestly can’t see them winning the last three either, not now and as you say, the losses against Wigan and Qpr were shockers, especially Wigan.

    I think our fate will be decided by others, rather than us doing it for ourselves….

  9. Going on from that Adam, i think the players are running on empty, and that’s down to the lack of depth in the squad. RvP has played nearly every game this season, he’s burned out….

    We also seem lack ‘that player’ who can take the game by the scuff of the neck and change it….

  10. gervinho played well when he come on plenty of movment and speed a point didnt help chelsea and spurs ndidnt help themselves sky sports allways put the worse spin on all arsenal no need for bloggers to follow suit

  11. i beg to differ gclarke, but we all see things differently i guess….

  12. As you say Rico Robin has had a very good season he has stayed fit for the first time since he has been with us but i must admit he has been flogged to death, the season cannot finnish quick enough for him. But what that shows us is that we have not got another striker in our squad that could takeover from Robin if he was needed, that must be our first concern when buying players in the summer. we have not got a replacement for our keeper either injuries to either of those would throw us into chaos. Our back four have gelled well and although not the best out there they are performing very well but as soon as one gets injured they come unhinged. Theo although pacey lacks a football brain and the confidence to take his man on he will not change 200 games says that Theo can be let go he is rarely where he should be i noticed yesterday that when player looked for him he was down the middle Chelsea needed to be pulled out and Theo played right into their hands. Gervinho came on and took them on he did more attacking in the short time he was on than theo did all game.

  13. We will finish 3rd.
    Look at the table,look at the upcoming fixtures,take away the emotion…..we get 3rd.
    Get off your highhorse,Gooners,and use your heads instead over your hearts.

  14. With Arteta & Walcot out, U fail to imagine what an injury 2 Rvp or one centreback would. Result to. Wenger needs to sign a striker, midfielder and a defender atlst.Newcastle. are well able to beat Chelsea.so Arsenal better win the remaining games. Stoke will be a hard one but we can win it. Give Gervinio a full game & start. Ox/Disbursements/Benayoun instead of Ramsey. & let’s see what’s gonna happen. Thank goodness Arshavin is away. aa Wenger’s selection strikes amazes me!

  15. As expected the team simply couldn’t function without Arteta. Injuries and suspensions always seem to throw us into turmoil – after all Wenger only had a week to prepare for this game.

  16. Agree both front and back Steve, for a moment yesterday i was full of concern when Ches seemed to fall badly and twist his arm, we don’t need a keeper like Fabianski coming on, when was the last time he played?

    It was great to see Henry back in jan, but we needed a striker for the rest of the season, not just a few games and now it’s taking its toll.

    Chamakh on the bench but obviously AW has no faith in him, otherwise he’d have come on when we needed a goal…

    Same with Park, who wasn’t even on the bench…

    4 players in the summer and things will be so very different ….

  17. I think the last week has shown us we arent as good as some fans had convinced themselves. We had a great period and a lot of fans convinced themselves we were a title winning team.

    We are a long way off the top, and worryingly im not sure we are a better team than Chelsea, then theres the rapidly improving newcastle.

    If Wenger does what he normally does we will struggle massively next season.

    New owner, new chairman, new manager, new players – thats all we need! :-)

  18. Morning Scott, i hope your right mate, personally i cant see us win another game this season but i will be the first to say i’m sorry.

  19. Hi Scott, on paper the fixtures for us are not too bad, but then, Qpr and certainly Wigan at home looked easy too….

    I admire your confidence, but I can’t share it….

  20. Hi gambon,

    not sure we are that far off but the biggest question as always is whether on not we’ll sign the players to compete with the best next season..

    Actually, we can compete with the better sides, it’s beating the ‘lesser’ sides we struggle with….

  21. When was the last time this team finished on a high ?

    Every season we blow up in sight of the finishing post. Take away the emotion and history suggests that we are more likely to finish 4th or 5th or, heaven forbid, 6th.

  22. Welcome Saem kn, Arteta was certainly missed yesterday and the player who came in for him was woeful in the first half….

    Steve(not plamer) we missed him big time….

  23. It’s in our hands though, win all 3 and 3rd is ours….

    Newcastle have to play chavs and citeh, that could very well help us…

  24. To be fair Rico, I thought some of Chelsea’s second string looked rubbish yesterday. I certainly wouldn’t want to see Kalou, Sturridge, Malouda, Bosingwa or Mikel in an Arsenal shirt.

  25. Gambon,the funny thing is,the club is ten times better than people like you thought they were,so you’re as wrong as anyone,probably more so…..we are 3rd champ!!!!!
    Steve and Rico….remember this……I put my hard earned on us to finish top 4 when we were 17th.
    I tipped Kozzer to be world class….after he’d played half a dozen games for us.
    I declared Szczesney to be the best young keeper in the world straight after his Premier League debut v Utd
    What do I know????
    I know we will finish 3rd.
    Well,I’m putiing the cash on,so I’m a true believe,.

  26. We will certainly finish top 4, due to newcastles run in and Spurs are basically finished for this season, Chelsea needed to beat us yesterday if they were gonna catch us.

    The problem is it just keeps this gravy train running. Wenger honestly thinks the PL goes from 4-20, he doesnt realise there are 3 places above that. Kroenke will be delighted, CL football with a big transfer market profit yet again.

    In short, nothing will change.

  27. Wouldn’t mind Sturridge Steve but none of the others and that’s what makes yesterday worse, second string side who were pretty average and we couldn’t break them down…

    One thing that really gripes me from yesterday is the first 2/3 minutes, the ball went everywhere but forward, we should have started the game and attacked them..

    It set the pace, and that’s pretty much how it remained. Just one break for us a pace and it nearly got a goal, why didn’t we play with more tempo?

  28. Scott from Oz

    It seems you know very little.

    Koz world class?? Hahaha, have you seen how many we’ve conceded these last 2 seasons? We are getting progressively worse and the ever present in the last 2 seasons has been??……..

    As for Szczesny, he hasnt had a particularly good season, and as for you proclaiming his talent after the UTD game, well most of us real fans knew who he was 5 years ago when he was in the reserves & broke both his arms.

  29. Good for you Scott, i really hope you win your bet, did you bet on us to beat Wigan at home??

    Ches and Kos – everyone believed Ches would be a good keeper but he’s not world class yet, Kos is very very good, but he’s not world class yet either….

    We don’t know if we will finish top 4 or get 3rd, but in three games time we will…

    I sure hope as heck we do…

  30. Steve,you’re full of crap.
    Seriously,we were 17th early on.
    We were ten behind Spuds not long ago.
    Fools like you say we’ve collapsed…our finish has been stronger than it has been for years….
    Stop looking at the last 3 or 4 games.
    Sick of reading shit from narks who never say a decent thing about the club they claim to support.

  31. gambon,

    all three sides below us can overtake us yet… i’m not counting my chickens….

  32. Steve, I agree with your comment but yesterday everybody after the game were praising Chelseas’s defence but in all honesty it wasn’t the defence that kept us out the same as their game against Barca it was the whole team ten men in defence kept us out, Chelsea could well win at camp nou if they were to get an early goal, and defend like that even Barca will have their hands full.

  33. Gambon,for you to knock Kozzer shows everyone exactly how negative and just plain stupid some Gooners can be.

  34. thats how they set themselves up SP, defensive players all over the pitch, mind you, they were helped out by us making so so many sloppy passes which found a chav more often than a fellow player….

  35. Rico,saying Kozzer isn’t world class is merely your opinion,as is my claim he is.
    Name me a central defender your prefer.

  36. gambon, i have to disagree re Kos, he wasn’t there for wigan or Qpr and we lost, i think he and TV are very good together…

    Also, we can’t blame him for our defeats/goals conceded, half the season we had no full backs, kos was either stuck out at Rb, or had JD playing there, he was almost covering two positions as JD is slow slow and hopeless.

  37. I agree with T.Ray, 7points should be enough.
    It’s gonna be a white knuckle ride all the same.
    It would be nice to see Gervinho score a few goals in our last 3 games. He is beginning to remind me of Chamakh.
    A good start, then gradually falling away after Xmas..

  38. Fair comment Scott, i guess its down to what we believe ‘world class’ to mean, messi is one of very few who i put in that class…

    I think Kos is a quality CH and you know that….

  39. Scott from Oz, I have to question if you are even an Arsenal fan.

    Arsenal pre Szczesny & Koscielny

    07/08 : 31 conceded
    08/09 : 37 conceded
    09/10 : 41 conceded

    Arsenal with Szczesny & Koscielny

    10/11 : 43 conceded
    11/12 : 43 and counting

    Oh dear oh dear. It seems im using FACTS, you are using flawed opinions that typically come hand in hand with a low IQ.

  40. Morning CG,

    be nice to see anyone score a few goals in our last three games ;)

    Gerv seems to be afraid of the ball, like you say, like Chamakh, that little round thing is like a red hot potato…

  41. morning..

    we’ll still finish third..it was a good point for us yesterday we were unlucky not to win..

    squeeky bum time…but its the same for everyone and we have our points already on the board..and GD..

  42. gambon – we don’t play that game here, please don’t question Scott being an AFC Fan, he is – just because he disgarees with you doesn’t mean he doesn’t support arsenal…

  43. kozz was immence yesterday..just like he has been all season..

  44. No need to shout!

  45. Morning JJ

    Hows life??

    You are very confident too, our GD is good, but the way newcastle are scoring, anything could happen….

  46. Just wanted to make sure you didn’t miss it, i can change it back now…. ;)

  47. Rico,I’m not being a smart arse,nor am I being a Gambon,but who would you prefer to Kozzer?

  48. I was wondering about our keeper Czezseney now i think he is an ok goalie but i often ask myself why does he always roll the ball out from the back and the answer to that is he cannot kick a ball that far. I am not knocking him as he is a brilliant shot stopper but overall he can be a liability Jens Leymans short spell with us last season has rubbed of on Czez he runs out like a headless Jens at times and that will cost us in the future. Watching Peter check yesterday kicking a ball out from drop kicks and dead ball kicks showed just how to clear the ball upfield, my heart goes in my mouth when Czez recieves a backpass and he has to kick it out fast usuall every time he messes up just an observation.

  49. Your 11.03 gambon

    I don’t get why you posted that, as i said earlier, this season we had a long long spell without fullbacks

    You have the stats on how many we conceded when all four FB’s were injured?

    That might actually paint a more true picture…

  50. Scott, did i say i preferred anyother CH??

  51. gambon those facts are flawed

    youve failed to take into account chezzer wasnt no 1 last season and that alot of our goals this season were conceeded in the first few games (when we didnt have a squad) and a little period in the middle of the season when we had no wingbacks..

    useless facts under the circumstances we kept a clean sheet yesterday..

  52. I worry about the upsurge of the Gervinho love in . Is it in fact just that he did better or just that he was best of a bad job. Exactly what does he bring to your parties because to me he flatters to deceive.Yesterday was just boring, all of them Theo , Gervinho , Ramsey need to inject some direct pace into their game and drive at players to force mistakes. Watching Arsenal yesterday with Song and Ramsey passing in front of Chelsea’s back 9 reminded me of the good old days of Denilson as our pass making master of midfield.

  53. not bad ricolcious..
    hows things at your end?

    yeah im still confident..it woudlnt suprise me if the barcodes had won their last match..

  54. SP – Ches kicking worries me too sometimes, there was one that Cech kicked went so far, it nearly bounced over Ches head into the goal, that’s how accurate he was ;)

  55. Steve , he rolls the ball out because a kick downfield will always come straight back at us because we don’t really have a player capable of winning it and even if RVP got to it there is no-one near him to get onto it.

  56. Steve,I agree,Szczesneys disposal is his downfall at the moment.
    I maintain he’s the best young keeper in the league,but still a work in progress.
    He’s a baby……he’s got the cleanest hands of any young keeper I’ve ever seen,and will be world class in a few years time.

  57. Potter, agree re the pace injection, we had little yesterday….

    My ends not bad either thanks JJ ;)

    I reckon newcastle will lose or draw their last three… But, we still have to make sure we win ours…

  58. Morning all. SSP…. I think last year Chezzer came out and said that he was struggling to kick the ball past the halfway line. Seems as though, like every other problem that is obvious, it hasn’t been worked on. Just like defensive posotioning.

  59. He’s the best young keeper Scott by miles and miles and it’s not his fault he’s been thrown in at the deep end – he’s still learning and will only get better and better. What he needs is a older wiser keeper to help and encourage him, one who has been there and done and be ready to step in if ches gets injured…

    Jussi ;) ;)

  60. See Scott, you have basically proven that you are purely working off opinion, which im guessing is somewhat clouded.

    I work with fact,

    Koscielny has been an ever present, he has played 64% more games than any other centre back. He missed a few last season, and the last 2 games, but thats because hes a liability that keeps getting banned.

    Since the Man Utd game Szczesny has been firmly number 1.

    Yet our defence continues to slide.

    We are gonna concede record goals under Wenger this year.Last year we conceded a shocking 43.

    We lost 8-2 with Koscielny a true “rock” at the back. Dont remember any 8-2 losses without him.

    Szczesny will likely be a top keeper. However 22 year olds are rarely world beaters. Hes certainly nowhere near Joe Hart yet.

    As for Koscielny, all style no substance. He can look good, but there are always mistakes there, always will be. Typical Wenger player.

  61. I’m with you on that Scott. Give him a few years and he’ll be up there, no problem. And you know I agree with you on Kozzer. At the moment, his name is on the team sheet before Verm’s. And before some smart arse says it, I don’t just mean alphabetically……

  62. Rico,on Kozzer….my question was is there a player you’d prefer to him….I meant anywhere.
    I know you rate him,and factors such as age,price and rate of improvement come into the equation,so I should have been more specific with that question.

  63. Morning rocky…

  64. Sack Gerry Peyton :lol:

    Scott, but if we didn’t have Kos, we’d need a CH, and right now, i don’t think we to worry about Kos…

    I’d love us to sign M’Vila and Vertonghen, but they wouldn’t be at the expense of Kos, they would be in addition too….

  65. Oh, and persoanlly, i don’t give a hoot what a player costs, or his age – what is in his heart matters most…

  66. I must say i have had little digs at czez expense in the past but i can see him being a quality keeper, he is well liked through out the club and has a great disposition in the locker room, he needs to work hard on his kicking and when he races out, but apart from that i like him, we needs a good backup keeper as if czez gets injured we will realise just how good he is

  67. theres been no better CB in the league than Koz this season..
    he’s shackled many a top striker and everyone makes mistakes.
    robins made about 30 in the last 6 games with all the chances hes missed..

    as for chezzer hes not as good as hart but hes better than what hart was at that age..

    give it another 2 years..he’s in the top 5 keepers now in the league hes be the best in a couple..

  68. Me too Steve, and sometimes he deserves it, just like all players if they naff up, doesn’t mean we don’t want him at the club or anything like that….

    Its natural, we praise when things are great and have a moan too along the way, but we all have one thing in common…..

  69. I know what you mean re mistakes Gambon, but the whole defence makes them. The issue is Wengers reluctance (or more likely inability) to properly teach the art of defending. I really think our cb pairing of Kozzer and Verm could be amazing if coached properly. And if our FB’s are told to stop coming so fucking narrow all rge time leaving them prone to overlaps on every single attack, our back 5 could be the best in the league. But Until AW gets someone with a bit of defending knowledge in, that won’t happen. Hix perpetual hard-on for all things attacking is selling our defenders short.

  70. Morning all,
    RvP was right to take the shot on rico, Gervinho was 6 yards out, that’s no gimmie.
    So basically JJ we have two seasons before barca come knocking, thanks for that.

  71. :lol: Micko – good point…

  72. Lets put this into context. I dont want us to sell Kos.

    I just think Kos & Verm are a bit similar, both pacey & prone to errors. They should be fighting for a place alongside a dominant CB in the Vidic/Kompany mould.

    That said i do agree we have other priorities if we want to catch the Manchester teams.

  73. Gambon,I don’t know what to say.
    How any intelligent being could blame the Utd route on Kozzer is beyond me,but hey,you deal In facts.
    The fact is you have no idea about football,and that comment proved it.
    No more replies from me,because you are simply not worth the time.
    Oh,and your’e right……I’m really a Tottenham fan.
    Everyone here knows it,they just humour me.
    Rico,he’s on to us……..I guess you should switch back to White Hart Lane House!!!!!!
    Bloody Gooners……they’re smarter than we thought.

  74. In that case Gambon……we need new supporters……like many other ravings and rantings the piece of music you play is getting stale.

    Good morning Guys and Chicks of the smiling Gunners’ Faith.

    Yes we need to be much better next season, however not all is doom and gloom. Many people say we will struggle. We are third and we are struggling. Then what the hell are the swampies doing?? Sinking??? Like the Totitanic???

    Gambon I agree with you in certain extent, except that we need everything new. That is impossible….to have everything new. The team is there to stay, the manager will still be there next year and I have a hunch that the majority of the board will still be there in 5 years time.

    Yes, some of the supporters did fall for the fact that they saw us as a title winning team. We are NOT. But then I do not easily go to the other side and say everything needs to be changed. I prefer to stay in the middle.

    Yesterday, considering the situation and team put out we did well. We advanced and increased a point on the others and unless Newcaslte hammer the Chavs and Shitty they will not overtake us. We have a superior goal difference, we have the points in the bag and we are third. Scott is right. Think with your head not with your heart. The Chavs still have to play Barca and are 7 points behind us. Yes they have a game in hand……..are there any guarantees that they will win it??? Yes they can win their remaining games but then so can we. Yes, Newcastle can win against the Chavs and Shitty, but I wonder how many of you reading my post will wager a tenner on them doing it!!!!

    We have……………..Stoke (a) Norwich (h) WBA (a)
    Newcastle have…….Wigan (a), Chavs (a), Shitty (h), Everton (a)
    Tottenham have….Blackburn (h), Bolton (a) Villa (a), Fulham (h)
    Chavs have……….QPR (h) Newcastle (h), Dippers (a) Blacburn (h)

    At the start of the season, especially after the first 8 games I was very scared of the last 4 games. Now I am not. I am much more looking forward than I have been.

    And bdw….gClarke….I agree. Gervinho did much more than Theo did in all the match. He took the players on. Maybe an Attack of RVP, Benny and Gerv can be a bit too much for the last three teams to handle.

  75. valdes is only 30..
    so make that 4-5 years..

  76. Kos for me this year is Arsenals player of the year forget robin he has been magnificent but kos has been the stability that verm was before the two of them together work very well and for some reason since The German has come we have started with this twenty passes to get out of our own half personally we could lose this trend and Mersacker as well as far as i am concerned he is a very slow player and that will always be a hinderance to us.

  77. koz is better than vidic.
    koz and TV are not similar..
    koz’s strength is his defending..TV strength is getting forward..

    its a good combo..
    beleive it or not..

    if its true we are in for vertoghen then no other club in the league will have a better set of CB’s than us..

  78. JonJon

    No other team would have a better foursome, but we still wouldnt have a worl class CB like Vidic or Kompany.

    I would rather have a world class defence than a lot of good but not great players.

  79. rocky, couldn’t agree more.

  80. Thing is though Gambon, they COULD be great given the right coaching.

  81. Actually, I’ll change that…. They are already great…. They could be truly world class given the right coaching.

  82. rocky

    Possibly, but that would take a new manager.

  83. gambon..
    how do you define world class??

    even without jan vert weve still got 3 cb’s who at least two are currently among the best 10 cb’s in the PL..at least the top 5..

    id make that world class..

    sagnas world class..and gibbs has always looked a top player when fit..better than clichy..

    defence isnt the problem mate…protection from the midfeild is the problem..

  84. Scott, how can you even suggest that ;)

  85. Agreed Rocky.
    You guys know I reckon Wengers a top manager,and the right man for the job,but I’m the first to admit he could be even better.
    The more games we see this season,the more I see his tactics are lacking.
    Having Saud that,our defence is much,much better with TV5 and,Kozzer together.
    Gibbs gets better every week.
    I like Santos.
    Sagna is great.
    Jenkinson will be.
    There’s plenty to look forward to,especially if Vertonghen comes in.

  86. morning devil – guess i have to disagree with you and gclarke about gerv ;)

  87. Unless he stops being stubborn Gambon, I think you’re right about that.

  88. Rico,apparently I’m not a Gooner,so I guess the next best thing is a Spud!!!!

  89. steve, with you on Merts, and for a guy so big and strong, it amazes ne how he failed sometimes to get his head to the ball…..

  90. Charlton are a sleeping giant Scott, might be worth considering.

  91. Rico,I want Gervinho to unleash…..stop bloody worrying about everything else and go for goal.
    It’s in him.
    He’s a prime example of football,like all sports,being as much mental as it Is physical……

  92. JonJon…. I kind of agree…. Although the tactics of the defence IS a problem. But i agree protection is needed from in front. And (sorry for boring you all with this again) i think Kozzer would be an ideal DM.

  93. JonJon

    Well firstly “among the 10 best in the PL” clearly isnt the definition of world class.

    To win the PL you need to have a very good defence. No team has won it in the last 10 years without having the best, second best or third best defence. In general its the best or second best.

    We are miles off that.

    On average you need to concede 25-28 goals and keep 18 or so clean sheets.

    We are conceding into the 40’s and keeping 12-14 clean sheets per season.

    Sagna is the best in the PL in his position,no doubt. Apart from that we dont have any true world class defensive players (that includes defensive midfielders).

    Infact we dont really have many truely world class players at all.

    We used to have Seaman, Campbell, Cole, Vieira, Gilberto, Pires, Henry & Bergkamp.

    Now its Sagna & RVP with a big supporting act of good, but not great players. This is why we cant compete, it really is very very simple.

  94. gervinhos a better player than theo
    more all rounded and a proper winger..

    but theo has the advantage of knowing his role, knowing the league and knowing his team mates, especially robin, so he produces more..

    gervs still adapting..next season will be a big one for him..
    he either ends up like eboues twin or he finds the form he was showing at lille..

  95. As for Gervinho, he is a travesty of a player.

    Basically its like Eboue on the wing all over again.

    One of Gervinho & Walcott need to be replaced with true class, ideally Hazard.

  96. Good points there Rocky about the coaching, I am not going to knock Pat rice as he has been a stallwort Arsenal man but if its true that Pat will be retireing this year it would be good move if we could get a defensive coach in, i realise that Arsenal employ many coaches but so far they don’t seem to be hitting the spot, now i don’t care if a new defensive coach is wengers No 2 or not, but we need someone that can make the difference. Todays Premier league defenders need pace as well as a good tecnique they need to work well with one another and have an understanding with one another but coaching and i mean good coaching is vital for any team like a shoal of fish that moves together for safety we need the same movement in our defence for the same reasons, the players we have and might buy will need coaching lets get the best.

  97. I’d rather go with Reading Micko, the new PL darlings ;)

    Scott – don’t we all, but if he does have it in him, he’s doing his best to hide it….

  98. Kozzers last man tackle stats are better than world class another one yesterday he is the 1st name on the team sheet and let me tell you it will not be long before the big boys come calling

  99. Micko,I always had a soft spot for Luton Town.

  100. rocky – agree re the coaching, bin the cones i say and get down to the nitty gritty and basics – do that and we would be a lot tighter…

  101. gambon, i think that’s being harsh on a few players, just Sagna and RvP??

  102. The font, they can all take a hike…..

  103. Rico

    In terms of consistent class, yes.

    Our best players are Sagna, RVP & Arteta. Arteta is not even a particularly great player, its just we arent used to having consistent players of the right age in recent years hence why he looks so good.

  104. The phrase world class is always a problem however if you think of two players in each position that would make a world 22 squad. Then you have a line to define it by.

  105. Too many narks like Gambon choose to ignire some facts,whilst using other “facts” to back their argument.
    Gambon,do you even take into account the amount of injuries our defensive unit incurred,or does that FACT not support your argument????
    Kozzers world class…..anyone suggesting otherwise is blind or blind……take your pick.

  106. Gambon…. On consistency, I think Rosicky has to be included on your list. And I don’t mean consistently injured or consistently disappointing. He’s been excellent since he came back into the team. I agree with your Gerv comment though. Hopefully next season he’ll show us he is much better than he has been..

  107. The problem with AFC at the moment is the number 2 to AW. Rice is a good coach. He has been there with GG, AW and in his time he has won many things, both as a player and as a coach.

    However, times move on, and fresh ideas are needed. So essentially, Rice needs to be replaced. Not because he has become bad overnight, but because the game has sped by past him.

    We need someone who can provide AW with an influx of new ideas and defensive stability.

  108. Scott

    So this “world class” 26 year old has 1 cap for France, and cant get in ahead of Kaboul, Mexes & Rami

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm, you seem to know better than well, just about everyone out there dont you?

    Question…..name me another CB that blew a teams golden chance to end their 6 year trophy drought?

  109. Potter,name me better players that Kozzer.
    I won’t question your choices,but it remains subjective.
    Gambon,who us to say if Arteta was not playing for sides other than Rangers and Everton for so lobg,he’d not have a better profile.
    Already,he’s acclaimed as being better now than ever before.
    Is he,or is playing for a better side bringing him more attention???

  110. gambon

    Kos, TV, Ches, Yossi, Rosicky, Arteta, Sagna, RvP, Ox have all been consistant this season… imho..

  111. Gambon….. Gary Mabbutt vs Coventry…..

  112. I strongly suspect Kos will be playing for France this summer….

    Yes, that CC naff up was bad, but imho, that has been Kos and Ches turning point, that won’t happen again..

  113. Rocky

    Sorry, no way with Rosicky.

    Until the Spurs game 90% of gooners would have happily seen him sold. Lets not go over the top about a 10 game period where he has actually been pretty average.

    1 goal and 2 assists in 25 games is not a good attacking midfielder.

    Hazard (16 goals, 13 assists) and Kagawa (13 goals, 9 assists) are the calibre of AM we need. Rosicky should be no more than a bit part player, if in the squad at all.

  114. gambon
    it clearly is..
    if theres not many leagues out there better than this one and theres not many players in this league better in certain positions better than what we have then our players are world class..
    koz and TV could play in any team in europe..

    weve always had top players..we still have top players..

    if your yardstick is the invincibles then your going to be waiting a long long time for your next bacth of world class players..

    i know what your saying about the defence but our record at home is one of the best in the league and teams like chelsea have got world class defenders and they are further behind the title than us..

    its taking a while for wenger to get it but hes getting there and to be fair having a crap GK for 5 years didnt help..

  115. Rico

    Ox has been the very definition of inconsistency.

  116. Scott, their plastic pitch still haunts me to this day.

    Boro Primorac also has a big say in our defensive set-up, him and Pat Rice take the sessions.

  117. The dippers conceded in the CC semi’s in similar fasion two weeks ago i believe, they got lucky that day…..

    Had that happened on 91 mins, they too would have lost….

  118. i disagree gambon, the prob with the ox is so much is expected of him, i wouldn’t say he’s been inconsistant, he’s been good, bearing in mind he’s a kid playing in the PL for the first season….

  119. Gambon,I’m entitled to my opinion,just as you’re entitled to mine

    How’s France going lately???
    If they were winning tournaments,it could be argued their decision making Is great,but over the last few years,they’ve made more wrong calls than you have!!!!!
    You blame Kozzer wholly and solely for the Carliing Cup????
    Your better stop,else you’ll go blind.

  120. Gambon……Next May, the Scottish FA will be starting courses for coaches. Seeing that you know so much, why dont you apply for your first steps in coaching. Maybe in 10 to 15 years time you can have all the opportunities you want to manage Arsenal. But beware, if in 15 years time AFC might be having a very bad manager and you cannot even be infront of him then expect to get the flack……like you are dishing out now.

  121. “its taking a while for wenger to get it but hes getting there and to be fair having a crap GK for 5 years didnt help..”

    Im sorry but i have absolutely no idea what this is supposed to mean.

    We arent improving at all.

    We are nowhere near the top teams. The defence is regressing yearly, the attack is getting no better, we are still selling our best players.

    The idea that we are some kind of rising force is ridiculous.

  122. Sorry Gambon, going to have a agree to disagree re Rosicky. Fair point, I was shockef he got a new deal. But I serioisly think he’s been excellent. But not everyone will agree with everyone else all the time.

    Anyway gang, off to Sainsbury’s. Back later.

  123. I think its important to remember like many of your comments have pointed out just how many injuries we have in a season you stat men out there can possibly show this up. we seem to get more than our fair share, we have to remember that we lost Ramsey for a season Wilshere Vermarlen the little forward who’s name escapes me at the moment all out for very long spells plus the ones that are out for a month or so when you look at some of the teams we have fielded when we have had a full team to pick from makes you realise that injuries has been a key facter of our demise from top honors. Our first team when all fit could win against any team in the world and have done, but the depth is not of the same quality. we will never overcome this happening so we must only keep quality players and out the worst, a gradual build up of quality won’t cost fortunes but the worst players should not be kept.

  124. No one mentioned that we are a rising force Gambon

    Yes we have sold our best players.

    We do not know what AFC will do in the Summer. Maybe, sell its best supporters???

    Errr. hang on. Supporters are replaceable.

  125. happy shopping rocky….

  126. ive seen players like tony adams and lee dixon make humungous cock ups..

    lee dixons own goal against coventry in the early 90’s was a major blooper..

    big tone had a couple of calamity moments as well..slicing clearances into his own net.. one was for england against the dutch..

    good job we replaced them with world class defenders when we had the chance..

  127. gambon, i think we are getting closer, we beat the chavs away, drew at home, citeh at home and lost narrowly away… ok we got beat by manure but that was down to wenger not signing who he did sooner and it was a close one at home…

    We are getting nearer the ‘better sides’ what we can’t do though is beat the so called ‘lesser side’ and that is where we are going wrong..

    What we need is a plan b… and a new assistant might just bring that with him….

  128. off to take the lil un fishing..
    its her bday tomorrow rico, shes two..

    we’ll continue another time..

  129. JonJon…. What a chip that was though, eh?!

  130. The fact that Rosciky and Djourou have signed extended contracts tells you that exactly fucking *nothing* is going to change next year – except RVP leaving …

  131. two jj, where have those years gone…. have a lovely day jj

  132. rico

    We will likely be 20 points off the top of the PL today. When was the last time we finished 20 off the top?

    I cant even think back that far.

    As ive pointed out there is a long term yearly regression defensively.

    We arent getting any closer, we are falling further behind.

    I think its a pyschological thing Arsenal fans suffer from. Every year, as the season closes out they convince themselves everything is OK and we will challenge next year.

    These exact same comments have been visible since we blew it in 07/08.

  133. Hi Gambon…….how long have you been supporting Arsenal???

  134. Manchester United were crowned FA Premier League champions with an 18-point margin over runners-up Arsenal and with just 3 league defeats all season. T

  135. Gambon days we are nowhere near the top teams.
    Mate,you’re unbelievably,ridiculously stupid.
    Utd spanked us,then luckily beat us.
    Citeh snuck past us,then we dominated them.
    Citeh beat Utd 6-1.
    Do you actually believe what you post????
    We ARE one of the top sides…we are 3rd,and thats despite the total lack of support from fly by night fans such as yourself.

    You’d be one those booing for sure.

  136. I get your point gambon, but i guess i was trying to say that we are not far off the tops sides but yes, a long way off the top.

    Agree re the pyschological theory and the only way we will get over that is by winning, chicken and egg really.

    We have to sign those players this summer, surely AW knows that by now, i’m desperately hoping the penny has finally dropped.

    IF and that’s a bit IF

    Podolski & Vertonghen both sign, thats a good start, but we also need a beast in the midfield, most here want M’Vila, add to those three a older wiser better keepr than Fabianski, and we could be on our way…

  137. And the year after we finished 10 points behind and we were 2nd.

  138. And just in case to remind you Gambon……..those two seasons we had one of the best, if not the best defences that the English Premier league has ever seen.

  139. Guys, we are all entitled to opinion, the heading says ‘its ok to disagree’ – why resort to name calling??

  140. Well Rico,if some accuses me of not being a fan,and not knowing a thing about football,I will get my back up.
    Oh,and being accused of having a low iq doesn’t help,so Gambon is,a cretin.
    I have no problem with his differing opinion,based on logic and decent argument,not offensive comments,so yes,I fight fire with fire.

  141. Rico,you mention Fabianski.
    He’s a major disappointment.
    Technically,he is a brilliant keeper.
    He always look anxious when playing though.
    His ability with Szczesneys confidence would give you one hell of a keeper.

  142. Good post. Just to think certain bloggers were calling Kos shit. Here is his Kung Fu tackle yesterday

  143. I dealt with that though Scott and gambon didn’t carry it on did he….

  144. Sdaly though Scott, he doesn’t have the confidence of Ches, and you can’t gain that by sitting on the bench, he needs to go imho, for the good of his own career as much as for afc….

  145. Abd he can’t catch a cross for love nor money….. ;)

    Thanks ds52… nice pic ;)

  146. mancs are losing 1-0 to everton ….

  147. not now though, it’s 1-1 ;)

  148. Fabianski is in the same boat as Chamakh…..best for all involved if they leave.

  149. Rico i rate him as possibly the best defender in the Prem, rose tinted maybe but he is very good, not many get the better of him one on one

  150. Agree there Scott, they need to take a few with them too….

  151. Scott

    So UTD only just beating us in Jan proves we are close to them?

    We will finish 20 points behind them. We will be closer to 8th than 1st, so if you are saying we are close, then you agree we are close to falling to 8th?

  152. Devil

    Been a fan since i was 6 in 1988.

  153. d52 – i rate him too, he’ll only get better and better….

    the next one to name call can go and cool off in moderation, i’m fed up with it!!

  154. gambon, don’t you think we tend to let ourselves down against the so called ‘lesser’ sides, the one who park the bus etc, we always seem to struggle to break them down, but sides like chavs, mancs and citeh don’t….

    thats where we lose the bulk of our points…

  155. Anyone would think Gambon was the anti-christ, makes me laugh, we’re all batting for the same side.

  156. rico

    I think we are just a bit too weak.

    Sometimes we struggle against “lesser teams” sometimes against top teams. Certainly Fergie absolutely knows how to beat us.

    We concede too many & dont score enough. Its not really rocket science.

    I do think there are definite motivation problems. I think Wenger treats the players like his kids, and hes way too easy on them.

    Fergie is just as respected, but theres a bit of fear.

    Theres no way he wouldve carried on playing Ramsey in this awful form.

    Wenger has the mentality of a runner up, and this translates across the club.

  157. Exactly Micko….

  158. Micko,if your iq or loyalty us questioned,you may well think differently.

  159. Scott :- subjective it is, but a list would include Kompany , Puyol , Subotic , Walter Samuel and both King and Terry who are better positionally and better readers of the game as a whole. But Kos does have pace which we often need to make up the space allowed by our midfield especially Song as they don’t have the need to track runners drilled into them and ball watch far too much..

  160. Rico,forgive me,please.
    Next time I will apologise,and agree with everything this person says!!!!

  161. Comes back to being paid too much too soon in their careers too gambon, they don’t have to work that hard to become very wealthy…

    My perception is similar to yours about the players being looked after too much and Wenger being more of a father figure than a boss..

    i wouldn’t have even started ramsey yesterday, but our squad is so frail, what else could he really do?

    Starting Diaby may in hindsight been a better idea but he could have easily got injured early on and a sub wasted….

    Winning breeds what the Mancs have and until we get a bit more depth, that’s unlikely to happen….

  162. Potter,you’re right,and I said it earlier…..our back 4 get little or no protection when we are playing poorly,yet they cop the criticism when things wrong.
    All things being equal,I’d swap none of those mentioned for Kozzer.

  163. Here are the answers Keown as AW’s assistant…..
    Those signings will get RVP to sign…. plus bin all the shite, that’s been clogging us up for seasons!!

  164. Lee,you reckon they’ll spend the 70 odd million though??
    Gee,it would be nice….what a squad we’d have.

  165. You don’t have to agree Scott, no-one is suggesting that, you know HH doesn’t do the name calling….

  166. Scott at his age probably I would not either but if I was picking a world team he would not be in it. Incidently his so called Kung Fu clearence yesterday could have been a red card had the forward been closer.

  167. gambon i can see your point but if you had been around in the 70’s i think you would’nt think it was so bad. nearly got relegated in a couple of those seasons. from doing the doudle one season, losing the f.a. cup final in 72 then again in 78 and 80. the only highlight being the 79 f.a. cup final then not much else to chear about till 89. not your falt but you’ve only ever realy seen success until recently. just an opinion.

  168. What about the keeper Lee ;) afternoon to you….

  169. Charlie George was good though mog ;)

  170. Scott, you once called me a Wenger Basher, i was devastated for about 5 minutes, took it on the chin and then moved on, i don’t hold it against ya.

  171. Smudger said the same Potter…. That’s why it was so good, perfect timing ;)

  172. Just watching Everton, they are now 3-1 down, Phil Neville is showing his leadership skills shouting at his side, encouraging them etc etc …

    I know it won’t stop them losing this game but when did we last see one of our players/captain doing that kind of thing…

    Oh, maybe it did work, Fellaini has just made it 3-2 with a fantastic volley ;)

  173. Fine Rico.
    No need for the rest of the shit he threw though….don’t focus on the name calling that was a result of his insults.
    Potter,that’s part of my reasoning…his age.
    He’s as good right now as some of those,and considering how far he’s come in 18 months,will outdo them soon enough.
    Fellaini just scored a cracker.
    Toffees are on the march.

  174. Rooney gets another, that takes him level with RvP doesn’t it??

  175. mog

    In the 70s we werent the 4th most valuable club in the world.

  176. Name calling is a taboo, and that’s what i don’t like, and i will focus on that, the rest is opinion…

    can’t we move on??

  177. Thanking Wenger for that Gambon????
    Yeah right.
    Night all….I’ve been totally enlightened and educated by a superior being,and for that I give thanks.

  178. Fair enough Rico,its your call.

  179. No scott, thanking the rise of premier league football, and Danny Fizsmans idea to build a new stadium for that.

    Superior doesnt come close to desbribing it.

  180. we still are aren’t we gambon ;)

  181. Night Scott….

  182. Gambon,your modesty astounds me.Ignore me,I will ignore you and the drivel you post.
    Best for both parties.
    Oh,and the word is describing,but you knew that lol!!!!!!!
    I’m gone.
    Go Toffees.

  183. gambon

    in the 70’s man utd were in the old second divison and getting higher attendances than most if not all first divison teams. and thats when the only income a club got was through turnstiles so they most of been quite well of then, they were always throwing money at players did’nt do them any good back then. liverpool won everything funny how times have changed.

  184. Glad we have Kos and TV, def wouldn’t want todays back two defenders from the Mancs ;)

    You watching gambon ;) ;)

  185. 4-4 Scott, they are going alright ;)

  186. Sure am Rico

    UTD defence is far from great. That said, its the second best in the division, ans as i said you need the best or second best defence to win the PL.

    The difference is you know ferguson will sort it in the summer.

    City must be loving this. I win £80 from a mate if city win the league so ill take it.

  187. He’s already sorted it gambon with Smalling, Jones and another one i think?

    But, they have injuries and it showed at the back, which is pretty much what i was saying earlier about us, we were at our worst when we had no full backs and the defence was pulled all over the place….

    Def need that Vertonghen rumour to be true :)

    Their keeper is really dodgy though…

    Fellani was back to his best today, boy he’d look good in red and white ;)

  188. Well Rico, who would have predicted that @ OT…
    Really don’t care which Manc mob win the bloody thing.

    Calm down Lee. :-D

  189. I watched it CG, really really good game, some dreadful defending by both but made good viewind :lol:

  190. Rico, did you say that Shrek is on the same goals scored as Robin now?
    Man, that’ll be a real bummer is that ugly creep takes the Golden Boot.

  191. Rico, not read anything today, have there been any new rumours re; Vertonghen?

  192. Just kidding ya AK re JV ;)

    Shrek is either level or one behind…. :(

    That should spur him into to getting us a few goals :lol:

  193. Could be a sad day for Wolves……

  194. Some simple maths.

    Arsenal and Manure have played 35 games each.

    Arsenal have conceded 43 and Manure 32

    Out of the 43 Arsenal have conceded 8 came vs Manure, 4 vs Blackburn and 3 vs the Chavs. These three games were in the first part of the season, that is till October. That makes it 15 goals in three games.

    So we have played 35 games and conceded 43. If we take away those 15 that makes it 28 goals conceded in 32 games. An average of less than one goal a game.

    Manure have conceded .91 goals per game this season.

    We have conceded 1.22 goals per game this season. However if you take away those 15 in 3 games than its .87 goals per game.

    Funny how with a battered and injured defence like ours we seem to have a better defensive record.

    Surely there must be something good in our defensive department after all.

  195. There is devil, i know i keep banging the same old drum but i bet most of those goals came either at the beginning of the season before the newbies had settled in or when we had all four fullbacks out injured…

    and, we can’t forget that TV was also out for a time….

    This current back five is pretty darn good….

  196. Shitty have a .79 goals per game conceded.

    So our defence is there or thereabouts.

    When you look at the goals scored there is a difference.

    Manure have scored 86
    Shitty have scored 85
    We have scored 67

    So its in the goalscoring department that we need to do more.

  197. Hi Rico……..seems as if I was giving you a bit of a dancing headache when Gambon was around here. ;)

  198. You and Scott devil, i was not happy ;)

    In fact, i very nearly shut the comments down for the day and went off to enjoy my sunday in peace….

  199. where is young when you need a dive!?

    I too don’t care who would win the title, I know how many here feel, but would rather shity win it than manure, don’t care about nasri or clichee proving a point. I am just sick of all those manure smug faces.
    the sad thing is that we were out of it from September, we can all agree to disagree, the fact remains this current team is not good enough!

    aftermoan gooners!

  200. Heh. So it seems that me and Scott were nearly guilty of HH being shut down. Ehhh Rico. We were fighting a wee bit a few months ago and now we are the terrible twins when it comes to someone slagging off HH members. Ahhh well. we like to think that we think with telepathy even so many miles across the world apart.

  201. Of course its not good enough Rokabox. That is why it needs improvment. However it is what we have at the moment and slagging others off or pretending that it needs a changeover from top to bottom is taking the piss.

  202. I am off now for a bit. Back in an hour or so.

  203. hi all

    Gervinho’s hairstyle is enough to make me want him out, the diving bastard

  204. Jesus christ

    So devil gunner says we have a better defence than Man Utd, after ignoring our 3 worst games.

    What world are you living in mate?

    So lets ignore UTDs 6 against City, 4 against Everton and 3 against Blackburn and theyve only conceded 19, which is way better than our total.

    Honestly Rico, this next comment isnt directed at any one person, but i worry sometimes when I see the lack of intelligence amongst Arsenal fans.

  205. we only need look at the table GD

  206. gambon. There are a couple of AKBers here. I don’t hold that against them, I merely think they don’t understand what the board’s plan is

  207. Ho Rokabox, i don’t want to see Nasri win anything, i hope Wolves manage to delay their relegation one more week…

    No no devil, not shutting HH down, just stopping the comments for the day, let you all chill….

    i don’t care if you all argue black is blue just do it nicely ;)

  208. hello
    Interesting dialog.
    I prefer our fixtures then those of Newcastle, Totts even chelsea. In the theorical level, we have 3 games for win 9 points and for the moment, we are above of all of them. Keep in faith.
    I think the key game will be at Stoke.
    Don’t forget this: when Arteta don’t play Arsenal not won. Usualy loose.

  209. devil – i agree with that sentiment, we have waht we have, but we do need changes in the summer, if we don’t we are going to soon drop out of the top 6 – others will strengthen, we need to strengthen more….

    it won’t cost us that musch as we already have the basis of a good squad, it just needs a few more….

  210. Rico, the changes won’t come in summer

  211. Gambon – i think we have a better back five than the Mancs when they are all fit, our only weakness is the left back imho.

    Ours our younger and growing, the mancs is aging and will soon be ripped apart and their keeper is very dodgy…

  212. Hi JM & alan

    Gambon, we all see things differently and if any of us were as good as we think we were, we’d be coaching, managing in football……

  213. alan, neither you nor i know that for sure….

  214. Talking about how good the manc defence is meant to be, is that why they leaked 6 goals against Citeh and 4 against Everton…

    We didn’t do that ;) ;)

  215. Rico, Wenger could not coach a choko vine over an outhouse, and if I could not do as good a job at a quarter of the price I’ll walk round Shite hart Lane starkers

    Wenger’s is not a job that requires precision, skill or brains

  216. I know rico you and many others don’t want Nasri win a toad, but……

    alan I agree re gerv, I said that plastic on his head is overheating his cerebullum, that’s a medical fact, lol
    as many gooners I used to worship wenger and convinced the man can do no wrong, doubt struck when we blew the title 07/08 because of his stubborness, reality now he has not been doing a good job in improving the squad, he is not tacticaly giffted and he cant motivate his players or convince them to stay, more we all know now what a financial genious he is..not!
    so what the big idea in just supporting him, he has done a great job for arsenal, but more arsenal done a greater job for him
    I say this summer if he hasn’t changed his ways he should go regardless of what position we finish in.

  217. Alan, are you saying he’s only got the job because of his good looks !

  218. JM, i reckon we’ll get a draw at stoke, win v norwich and defeat v westbrom, now where that leaves us on the table God knows!

  219. Hi Micko

    HA ! Well,let me say I believe the board hired AW as he is a trained economist and he brings that to Arsenal, which suits the current business model

    AW is actually German. He is from Alsace which was German, and may be again given the history of Jerry-frog relations. Wenger is a German name, although the arrogance of the frog has been installed in him

    Hi Rokobox

    AW is tactically inept. We are talking about a bloke who believe defense doesn’t matter and the long ball and set piece has no worth

    Isn’t that gernvinho a clown LOL

  220. alan, that kind of comment really stuns me, i just don’t get why some think that – not after what he has done for us…

    ok, we haven’t won a trophy for eight seasons now (it will be) but that doesn’t bother me as much as it does some, my concerns are with the players and how we roll over all too often.

    That isn’t wengers thought, other than he bought them

  221. Rokabox says:

    ‘I say this summer if he hasn’t changed his ways he should go regardless of what position we finish in.’

    That is pretty much my view too, we need to build on what we have, if he gets it right, he could have a job for another 5/6 seasons, get it wrong and i think the fans pressure will decide his future..

    But, I cannot deny or lie about what he has done for our club…

    Stubborness is his achilles heel

  222. Afternoon all, seems I’ve missed all the fun………….. lol

  223. Rico, you can’t blame the players really, they are what they are and they play to their abilities. The offenders are the board and their business model, and AW and scouts for hiring these lightweights.

    However, I acknowledge finishing third ( maybe ) is an improvement and I give AW credit for that, but they will not transfer in a couple of players of talent to shore up the squad

  224. Rico, what has he done for the club?

  225. re Gervinho – next season will be the one if he has what it takes, otherwise i think AK will be right, another Chamakh, but we paid a lot a money for this one….

  226. Not so sure rico, the only way you’ll change the mentality of the team is to change the manager.

  227. What has he done for the club? REALLY

  228. Errr – got us a few pl titles, fa cups and cl footie every year he’s been here. i know the latter is no trophy but it brings big money.

    the new training facilities, the emirates and we’d have the great pleasure of watching with the naked eye, players like Henry, Pires, Freddie, Paddy, Eduardo, Petit etc etc etc….

    I am not saying he is the be all and end all, but don’t forget what he has done, and i’m not saying either, that what he has done means he is above sacking/replacing….

  229. Afternoon Wath – what a bloody day ;)

  230. Micko – or the assistant – and that’s going to happen, get the right one and it could all change….

  231. So I see…………… piss funny though :D

  232. Glad you are laughing, i was all for shutting down for the day and going on my holidays :lol:

  233. Let em get on with it I say…………….!!

  234. ABMP… whats wenger done for the club…? get real even I’ll stick up for him on that one give the fella a bit of credit…!

  235. You need to look at how the likes of Gambon have ruined Le Grove, some of the disgusting things he has said about Wenger would get him banned elsewhere

  236. Rico, yes he brought us some silverware, but how much of that silverware included G Graham imports? Once they got the idea into their heads to buy kids low, sell high, that was the end of titles. They virtually threw to players you mentioned outta the club ( business, not club }

    We didn’t need a new stadium. My guess is it was made for the olymoics and major events, which has buggr all to do with football

    Don’t eve make the mistake thinking these guys are in it for football

  237. He’s not that bad Dial. So of the thing’s he say’s are well…legendary … ;)

  238. Did anyone notice the atmosphere at the emirates against chelsea it was flat unlike against man city were it was electric is that because everyone thought it was going to be tough against city and everyone thought we should have walloped Chelsea and could not motivate. Themselves to get behind the team we actually sucked the. Ball into the net against city and I think we let the team down against the chavs

  239. font yes i noticed that, may of been something to do with the early kick off though

  240. That goes two ways The font… the team also has to give the fans something to be up for… no tempo no passion sort of set the tone for the whole game and the first few mins certainly set the tone…!

  241. dial, but he hasn’t said that here – so why should he be banned?

    LeGrove is not HH ;)

  242. I agree the man ingredient is the way the team sets it stall out but I felt a lot of negative vibes even against Newcastle when the game was not going well we still stayed behind the team and eventually got the result

  243. alan, every manager inherits a few great players, but, just ask dixon, adams and winterburn – they will tell you how Wenger alone pre-longed their playing career..

    didn’t he stand by and help Adams too?

    credit where its deserved…. surely

  244. rico i meang from LG

  245. We still looked up for it against Newcastle though font… yesterday was just another going through the motions game…. no spark and the crowd needs to feed off that… if we’d of flown into the chavs from kick off the crowd would of been very different…!

  246. Alan bMP…………I am not an AKB. Those who are regular around here remember me saying that even if he won the European cup I would never forgive him for the 8-2 mauling earlier this season. Secondly if you ask what has AW done for the club I would mention two things…….

    1) the Invincibles were all his players. There was not one of the GG era.

    2) he has overseen the team in the most difficult period of the club and that is the move from Highbury to the Emirates. Believe me, with the budget he had he was always going to be restricted.

    The only thing I have against AW is his lack of tactics. However, for all the players that Barca have and for all the talk that Cesc has been quacking recently that he is a better player tactically there was no plan B against the Chavs and yesterday against RM. That proves that ball playing team coaches do not have a plan B. They simply do not know how.

  247. Good point W.A.T.H

  248. Hi devilgunner

    I certainly won’t take the invincibles away from him, even if there were too many draws, about i third of the games were draws

    AWis the manager, he really does not coach them. He is an overseer. The other blokes are the hands on coaches

  249. The invincibles weren’t all that…..

  250. you mention the draws???? just one third!!!! I prefer to mention the wins…….TWO THIRDS.

    I accept that you and I might not agree. But come one mate. That is the best season in the whole history of the EPL and the best record for the last 125 years and you mention the draws????

    Some people are so much pessimists that even if the world’s most beautiful women is naked in front of them they would still comment that she has one small spot on her arse instead of looking at her face.

    Otherwise I agree with much of what you say mate.

  251. Man C just scored their 2nd goal. Nasri 2-0

    Mure held 3-3 by Everton

  252. correction 4-4

  253. Let’s not kid ourselves a draw yesterday was better for arsenal than it was for the chavs and as it turned out with spurs losing to have put us in a very strong position to finish third and outside of a catastrophe a certainty to finish in the top 4 I will be going up to stoke full of confidence and personally think we will win our last 3

  254. fair enough devilgunner :D

  255. It’s Newcastle we need to worry about

  256. Geordies have a bastard last few games AB…. We are our own worst enemy not any of the others chasing us..!

  257. Newcastle have got to play the chavs & citeh….they’ll drop points!

  258. The barcodes still have man city and the chavs to play

  259. Wath – the first few minutes set the pace yesterday… crab, crab and more crab with a back pass every now and again….

  260. Lee – no, cack weren’t they…

    I hated watching that season, the one that Wenger made happen….

  261. Great minds Font….
    You ok WATH?

  262. Good job the barcodes have to face them both, otherwise we’d be struggling to get 4th….

  263. Hi W.A.I.T.H

    yes we are indeed our own worst enemy

  264. Rooney now equal with RvP as top scorer. I suspect Rooney will win out

  265. All good Lee, hows u fella…?

  266. West Brom are 1-0 up at Anfield with 6 mins to go, to i laugh or would that be naughty ;)

  267. “But come one mate. That is the best season in the whole history of the EPL”

    Well, the Mourinho team of one season later were in many ways a better team, not better to watch but a better team.

  268. Dial Sq doesnt like me cos im black, hes racist.

  269. Rico laugh by all means

  270. just off to have my dinner, please be nice, just for a short while ;) ;)

  271. have a look at the stats for Liverpool 28 shots on target 15 corners. the lion’s share of the ball and bugger all

    28 9
    On target
    12 4
    15 3
    10 8

  272. Devil, Barca looked like a tired team against RM, you have to question Guadiolas selection though,
    I thought they played really well against the chavs and created many chances, they were unlucky not to score, you can’t win every game even if you r Barca, but you can’t loose 10 or 11 if you r Arsenal.

  273. Gambon… are you black……………? the fella must have f’kin good eyesight to see your colour on here fella…!

  274. Good eye-sight you said W.A.T.H??? More like infra red eyesight or X-ray eyesight. :lol:

    We have to play the 10th, 13th and 14th placed teams. We should be on our toes. Not be complacent. But then this is Arsenal.

  275. Evening Gooners.
    Evening Rico.
    And a Good Evening to all you tourists from LeGrove.

    Oh and yes, i am an AKB.

  276. We have lost 13 points to the bottom five teams. We should be ashamed.

    That is crass complacency at its best.

  277. There i was thinking everything on here was red n white………..

  278. You are what Sir AK??? An AKB!!!! you never told me that ;)

    Shame on you habib!!!!

  279. Your not an AKB we all know Charlie likes his pints………….. :D

  280. Wait till my old pa gets to know this. He will not let you off easily!!!!

  281. It’s all about poor mentality Dev, how many times have we said it…!

  282. AK an AKB now thats the funniest thing I’ve heard since someone said Song is a defensive midfielder and Cjhamahk is a striker…!

  283. I’m laughing now alan, its full time and the dippers have lost ;)

  284. I wonder what King Kenny has to say about that…????

  285. W.A.T.H….that bit about Song as a defensive midfielder is the tops. ;)

    However I still think that if we get M’Vila it will not be Song who will make way. Song is getting better and better. Obviously he will have momemts when he is off the boil but I feel he will become even better if he was more upfield safe in the knowledge that someone is there behind him to cover.

  286. Coach… :-D. :-D. :-D

    There has been a depressing feeling of LG on here today.
    Glad i’m working tbh.

  287. devil – i think it will be Song, especailly if he is naffing wenger about over a contract – so be it i say, coq is more than good enough as a back up to m’vila…

    AK, AKB, does that mean Allezkev knows best ;) ;) ;)

  288. I missed all the fun earlier it seems…

  289. Possibly Dev but as I said to 2Scotts the other night is he worth the risk knowing he still makes stupid mistakes and when he bad he’s awful, can we afford a passenger that isn’t a talent if not doing his job properly when others are far better to create..?

  290. KT you loon where the fuk u been….????????????

  291. Wath – he’ll prob be given another £100M to waste…

  292. been here and there wath.

  293. Evening all some good results this afternoon Should bring a good battle between the mancs. Now i have read a few of your comments on Arsene Wenger, and i see mixed views 4 months ago 70%of supporters wanted him gone after 7 wins on the trot and getting us above the chavs and Spuds and i would say the Wenger Knockers went decidedly quiet, now personally i have mixed feelings over him i believe that he could get The Arsenal back into winning ways by spending just a little more money and employing some better coaches, Wengers records speak for themselves 16 years in the top four suggests that he is pretty consitant i like that but i think supporters are not happy with that they want to be topping the league i know i do but when we look at what we have at Arsenal stadium supporters CL football every year and we then look at our neighbours down the road who have tasted CL once in their history are housed in a shoe box got a dodgy manager who will run out on them as soon as the going gets tough and you reckon your not happy with our man. Be carefull of what you wish for as change Wenger and things could well go tits up there is no guarentee that a new manager will bring us success there is also no guarentee you would see CL or EUropa league football either, a manager that makes financial demands could actually the steady foundations of our club, now i know how a lot of you feel frustrated that we come up short every year but believe me things could also be a sight worse.

  294. Well missed ya KT good 2c ya fella…! Your mate Diaby actually lasted 20mins yesterday… ;-)

  295. Hi-de-hi Kt, how’s you doing?

  296. Hi Rico. Just tuned in after a day’s work and see the combatants have been busy at their keyboards again. Are you holding up ok?

  297. SP, Your comment is back to the fact that if we get shot of wenger the board are still there to fuck us over so nothing is solved… Unless the board are fucked off nothing will change by getting shot of wenger.

  298. As a matter of general interest, is our Gambon the same as the one on the other place?

  299. its such a shame rvp will most likely fail to win the golden boot.everytime shrek scores my heart sinks…

  300. That would be the one and the same Adam……! allegedly…!

  301. Steve. That is the great Wenger Catch 22 isn’t it? I reckon we’ve all been through the pros and cons a million times this season.

  302. KT what did you reckon on the EL Crapico last night….? i thought was a bit boring and unlike many of the recent games….! very cagey…!

  303. Rico/Wath. The doomers will never take away our sense of humour. :-D. :-D. :-D
    Coach, Pa must know by now. :-)
    KT, where the heck have you been hiding?

  304. Am fine rico.I hope Diaby keeps fit for a while now.Stoke will be up for our game, its like a local derby for them.I can,t stand hearing them sing 1 nil to the rugby team anymore…

  305. WATH. Are you sure it is he?

  306. I see Vela scored another goal today.. another 500k on his fee ;-)

    KT, has the tide finally turned in Spain do you reckon…?


  308. Yeah AK, re your 7.08 very fucking apt….. We’ll be calling each other cnuts soon!! Hoping that Arsenal players get injured…arent we all supposed to be Arsenal supporters not web trolls!?!?
    Hiya KT, how’s you mate?

  309. Not really bothered checking Adam but i think so but as Rico said earlier so what long as nothing nasty is said…! a view is a view if you don’t like it then disagree just don’t be petty about it or rude…!

  310. DG. Have you been to an Amsterdam coffee bar today by any chance?

  311. WATH i thought it was poor overall.I,ve never seen Barca play so poorly since pep took over.The 3-4-3 formation was brutally exposed by Madrid yesterday and they badly miss Villa.He would,ve won them both games they played this week.

  312. Lee, that won’t ever happen here Lee the first sign on that and it’s arse booted out the door simple as that…!

  313. Hi Adam, just about hanging in there thanks ;)

    gambon is indeed the same blogger as from Le Grove but should that really be held against him??

  314. Dutch, you been on the ‘coffee’ again? :-)

  315. WATH. I learnt pretty quickly some time ago, when I first contributed to blogs, that it is best to ignore those people who are silly and confrontational and also those who don’t leave spaces after commas. I include myself in one of those categories obviously.

  316. Im fine Lee,i hope you are well too.Wath Its abit premature to say the tide has turned yet.Right now everyone seems to be writing them off but i fully expect a reaction on Tuesday.Madrid though are looking pretty good too.

  317. I wonder why they not playing Pique…???

  318. Not at all Rico…. This one seems more balanced in his opinions. Like you.😉

  319. Got to be quite honest its been so long sine i saw Diaby at any length of time but he did look quite good yesterday and he did make a difference when he came on i also felt that when Theo went off and the Gerve came on we actually made a few passes that looked quite good sadly not good enough for us to score but we have been lacking that all season. Maybe the owners may just see sense next season Wath and produce the funds for us to challenge up the top 2 0r 3 players and lose a few and who knows we could be just where we want to be. :)

  320. Lee, i second what wath said, that won’t happen…

    Hi DG, hows you

    On the trolls – my view is, if trolls come here, leave them be, don’t react and , then they will be gone quicker, fall into the trap and it makes life more difficult for the moderator….

  321. If they both make it too the CL final it could be a cracker… although may be a damp squibb if they both to scared to lose…! Have Barca lost the fear factor now Rm have finally beaten them…?

  322. Hahaha Good Day fellas,

    You know a hippie is a person who looks like Tarzan, walks like Jane and smells like Cheetah.

    Just wanted to enlighten some in the art of Zen.

  323. Personally I think Barca were at their best in 08/09 when they had Henry/Etoo/messi in attack.That forward line could compete physically and play tiki taka too.In addition they were absolutely ruthless.In the CL KO stages they would be 3nil up at the Camp nou as a result.Back then Barca’s main intent seemed to be attacking with possession being a means to an end.now am not so sure.They play with 10 midfielders to keep the ball but fail to convert those chances.It may be total football but a specialist is essential and thats why i think Villa has been a big miss for them.

  324. *3nil up in 20 minutes*

  325. relieve us from a few Sir SP???? Well Bendy will be returned to us after the season. Sunderland have decided not to buy him.

  326. As lethal as Messi is your right KT it’s like us relying on RVP when he fails we lack another goalscorer to pitch in… they the same when games are tight with no Villa…!

  327. Re Barca Wath, when arsenal were playing that silky smooth passing football that everybody said was our trademark, it didn’t take teams without those skills to come up with a way of stiffleing us pack your defences and build a wall we did it to barcelona last year and chelsea have done it this year last year the difference that stood between us and the final was the referee his decisions made it easier to break us down and i have no doubts the same thing will happen this week with Chelsea

  328. Barca still have the fear factor Wath.Madrid players bar their front 4 barely ventured beyond the halfway line.Barca are still a fine team and if the chavs concede early they will be destroyed.

  329. Well this summer will tell us all we need to know regarding the owner and the board SP….!

  330. SP spot on with the packed defence but also agree with KT they really missing Villa !!! Chavs as much as it pains me do have a chance tuesday night

  331. Villa would’ve buried Tello’s chances yesterday.Plus he is a willing runner off the ball drawing defenders to give messi more space.Just look at the difference Sanchez made when he came on because he made runs in behind.if you have 3/4 players making such silmutaneous runs you’ll brush aside a parked bus.Thats why Barca have been at their best this season when Sanchez/messi/cesc start.

  332. devil – i’m hoping some other club will come in for Nik…. didn’t know o’neil doesn’t want him though, no doubt his wages are a huge factor in that….

    Just like Arry won’t get Ade or Drogba ;)

  333. Thats why i like Diaby since he is one of the few players in our team that can make those off the ball runs to get into a goalscoring position from deep.Theo too has some of these qualities.

  334. I know it won’t come to that RICO, we’re far too mature on here! ;)
    **first** :lol:

  335. Rico, i’m working the PFA awards tonight.
    If i pick up RVP, i’ll tie him up and deliver him to Berkshire. :-D

  336. You’ll be last as well if you start that shit Lee :P

  337. It seems not many other managers want to reward mediocrity like AW has….

  338. AK you plum… tie him down and make him sign a new contract….!

  339. Lee, are you turning into a troll??? :-D
    God help us!

  340. Lucky you AK.make him sign that contract asap…

  341. Wath… :-D

  342. Indeed we are Lee ;)

    AK, i’ll email you my address – cracking for you though, hope you get to see a few of our boys :)

  343. Good luck Sir AK. four days ago I held the Champions cup in my hands and maybe its your turn to hold RVP.

  344. Stop picking on me CGAK just coz I live under a bridge…. ;)

  345. Vela scores again, kerr-ching, another million ;)

  346. AK you’ll spot our lot… most are on crutches…!

  347. Wakey wakey Rico I said that about Vela about an hour ago…..!!

  348. Wish RVP would bang a couple in, sharpish! Don’t want the syrup to get the golden boot…..

  349. The echo is deafening on here tonight WATH….. ;)

  350. I agree Lee.it would be very sad were it to happen.CMON RVP!!!

  351. Lee, how did the holiday go?

  352. Cesc must feel that he is cursed.first with the invincibles and now Barca.

  353. Nightmare Lee………………. :D

  354. Well to say the weather was changeable is an understatement….p1ssing down , 27c then gale force winds! But the kids really enjoyed it so mission accomplished…..

  355. KT, as far as I am concerned fuck Cesc couldn’t give a shit…!

  356. Cesc has seen this movie before wath…deep down he knows it.

  357. Played a bit golf and tried to make a dent in their San Miguel stock……..

  358. I know KT and i have no sympathy lol

  359. Sorry guys phone call…… Popping off quickly. Maybe back laters.

    Rico I’m fine. Busy on the 9to5 and the chorus from 5to………

    Don’t let it get to you madam. Like our old skool HH’s say it’s just silly confrontational.

  360. Cheers DG have a good evening if you dont make it back

  361. Lee San Miguel, that brings back memories. Poolside, sunblock, watching birdies and an easy order to pronounce for Manuel. ;)

  362. it looks like Juve are heading for the Serie A crown after milan bottled it today.

  363. Bloody heck, just had ten mins of hail stone, rain and snow :eek:

    and with went Sky TV and my internet….

    I’m sorry re Vela ;)

  364. will let u off Rico

  365. Thanks Dg ;)

    I’m off guys, been a long day ;)

    Catch you all tomorrow, nighty night and stay safe all….

  366. How generous of you Wath ;)

    Gone now….

  367. Blaming the weather…. Tut tut!!

  368. night BossLady

  369. Right I’m off to have a few beers with SPECTRUM….. ;)
    Or b)……
    Night night peeps!!
    ” in Arsene we trust (ish)” so do the right thing this summer, please!!!

  370. Cheers Lee, take it easy mate…!

  371. RVP PFA player of the year

  372. We are all hoping he does the right thing Lee.
    Maybe Gumbon is right about my low iq…..cant believe I didn’t spot the Le Grove connection straight up……worse than any spud.
    Morning all.

  373. Scott he is best ignored as he loves the attention

  374. And I shall be doing exactly that Dial.

  375. When is football writers Dial..?

  376. Normally a day or two after PFA eh…?? Hope he gets both, first since TH…!

  377. ROBIN VAN BATMAN!!!!!!!!!!!

  378. He deserves the golden boot too.

  379. He needs to bang a few in the last few games KT…. I thought he snatched at his chances yesterday…!

  380. i hope desperation doesn’t set in like it did when he became desperate to break shearer’s record in December.

  381. I was thinking that Sat afternoon actually KT…! he needs to just do things naturally again !! Don’t think… just do…!

  382. He needs to relax…

  383. KT u nicked that comment off wenger ;-)

  384. At the end of the day our defensive record is appalling, but I blame Wenger and his coaching staff because it’s not just the back 4 it’s as a team we always look like being hit on the break. I think Koscielny and Vermaelen are good players but not world class defenders, Mertseker and Djourou are a poor back up, also Sagna again is ok but was awful v Wigan he’s not in Ivanjovic of Chelsea class. Gibbs a average player who’s a lightweight and Santos is a liability. Wenger is far to loyal to average players I must be only Gooner who doesn’t rate Song I would swap him for M’Villa tomorrow. Rosicky has been good but end of day if we want to compete he should be a sub. Arteta has been great love the guy. Theo in and out, Ramsey needs a rest and help cos there’s a good player in there. Jack is our main man just hope he suffers like Ramsey has after long lay off. The Ox a great talent but not ready yet. Gervinho a complete joke he’s an awful waste of money. RVP just hope he signs but needs help next year. I think Vertognhen M’Villa Hazard Dempsey and Podolski would all be great signings and we then could challenge Utd and City, if as usual we go for only a couple of clowns like Park and Gervinho then 8 years and nothing.

  385. of course i did Wath.Wenger has some classic comments in him.remember the one that Arteta hit that Villa freekick so well due to his short feet?

  386. No mate missed that one abt Arteta and short feet…..

  387. Gary, your def not the only one who would swap Song 4 M’Vila I would as well in a blink of an eye….!

  388. Gary,plenty here rip into Song,so don’t be so quick to judge

  389. Robin Van Player of the Year.
    And well earned.
    Don’t reckon that he’ll get the Football Writers.
    Got a feeling Shrek might get it.
    That and the Ugly Award for 2012.

  390. It is a curse.
    Just watch Van Persie not scoring for our next 3 games.

    Van Persie ahd proven a point and he is fatigued, running on empty.
    Wores, he is doing more and mroe defensive work in the middle as a midfielder, plus creatingf chances and playinge “one-two” with attacking midfielder.

    Where is our “fox-n-the-box” – Chamakh or Park CY?

    Why wasted 4-mil on a striekr that has yet to start a league game…plus when we need him..WTF%$#@@^^

    Goodnight and that switching off against WOles and VIlla is going to haunt us if we got pip on the finish-line to 4th by goal difference…with CHelski winning the CL Cup..

  391. W.A.T.H. Glad to hear someone agree with me about Song, I don’t think he’s a bad player but I’m sick of hearing a lot of Gooners saying he’s best holding midfielder in Europe lol. He’s not in Petit Gilberto or Flamini class. In fact I don’t think he’s disciplined enough to play there, although strangely he’s not bad as an emergency centre half. His passing overall is sloppy he at times is very lazy and in games like Wigan and QPR etc strolls about thinking he’s a worldbeater. On his day yes he can be good and has set up some of RVPs goals but I think we need better than Song if we want to win trophies again.

  392. That’s what we been saying on here about Song for a long while Gary, he def lacks discipline plays well some games goes awol others and then other times struts around like pele with no effort what so ever…! he isn’t a defensive midfielders arse in my book…!
    We know who’ll win the ugly award CG/AK ol jug ears himself…!

  393. Well done RVP……………. Pure Class fella…..! Now sign a new contract you tosspot ;-)

  394. I’m off, night all…. have a good day 2Scotts…!

  395. See ya Wath.
    Gary,that description of Song is spot on,and one echoed by many HH members.

  396. Vertogen, is he better than our two current CBs, which IMO are the best in the EPL. Mert and Djourou are backups. So, I don’t think we’ll sign him.
    M’Villa, thats different. He can bring the team to a different level. A big, tough and ball playing DM,in Viera’s mold. Now, thats a player hopefully we sign, especially Arsene loves to replicate past successful players. He can be the Viera/Petit power combination.

    Hazard, he would be great addition. Has the skill and vision to open up tight defense. But, doubtful we’ll get him, his price range and the clubs vieing to sign him. So Rosicky will have to play that role for another season, before Gnarry or Ox moves up.

  397. Morning all…..

  398. Morning Lee and all

    Tsk tsk Lee, i posted that about RvP a few days ago ;) ;) ;)

  399. the weather was bad…… :lol:
    morning btw!

  400. New Post up….

  401. :lol: Lee – see you on the new one ….

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