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Four days for RvP, Squillaci to Leeds, Mannone to Hull & will the real Arsenal turn up…..

Yep, I read that yesterday, Squillaci is in talks about a one year loan at Leeds – shame it’s not permanent but at least Leeds will pay most of his wages!Plenty of time though for other clubs to come in, i’m sure there are many keeping tabs on his situation. ;)

Also, we have slapped a £1 Million price tag on goal-keeper Mannone, Hull want him, they can have him.

Robin has been talking about Mikel and he’s disappointed that he misses the last few games and after hearing that Jack is also out for the remainder of our fixtures as well as both summer tournaments, he said it was ‘a sad end to a miserable season’ for him.

Whilst on the subject of our captain, Arsene Wenger has given himself little time to tie Robin down to a new contract.

Wenger wants the situation resolved before Robin heads off to Dutch camp which is May 17th, that’s just four days after the season ends. To commit himself in such a way makes me believe that there is not too much to sort out.

Onto today:

Drogba, Luiz and Ivanovic are all out for Chelsea – but that means little!

Chelsea may rotate further knowing that they are a draw away from a Champions League Final.

That means little either!


Because they have a deep squad, one which is much stronger than ours and for each player they rotate or lose through injury, in comes another who is pretty much as good.

Todays opposition are full of confidence, they have just beaten that Catalan club, secured a place in the FA Cup Final and Di Matteo has got them back on track after the dark days of AVB.

Bearing all that in mind, the odds will be firmly against us getting three points today and they won’t fear The Emirates any more or less than Wigan did.

Odds are stacked against us and there is no way we can win is there……

Well well, what garbage!!

Two weeks ago we faced the richest club in the Premier League, the one which money truly seems to be no object, they have big named players in every position and beyond!

What happened that day though was every single Arsenal player turned up for the match, the match that most expected us to lose!

We totally outplayed Manchester City, we could and should have battered them, not just scrape through with a 1-0 victory but at the end it didn’t matter, we were the ones who chalked up three points against our name!

Today we face the second richest club in the Premier League but the reality is they can only play with eleven players, just as we can and on our day, as proved against Manchester city, we can beat the richest best!

Arsenal players have one of two choices today:

1) Approach the game as we did against Wigan – we lose…

2) Approach the game as we did against Man City – we win…

There is nothing we fans can do, that is now all down to the manager and his squad…

Win today though and our clubs little toe will be in the Champions League next season..

Isn’t that enough to make our boys turn up and want to win?

Well it bloomin well should be……

Have a good day all…..


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247 comments on “Four days for RvP, Squillaci to Leeds, Mannone to Hull & will the real Arsenal turn up…..

  1. Morning all,

    sun is shining in the UK, let’s hope it shines on Arsenal later…..

  2. Hi Rico, indeed. Let’s hope they are in one of their better playing moods

    RvP has traditionally been injured half the season and maybe that is why they didn’t re sign him

  3. Hi alan,

    i think the club have been trying to sort it out before now but RvP wanted to concentrate on his game and it’s paid off…

    But, Wengers words honestly make me think there is not too much to sort out, if the JV and Podolski rumours are true, then maybe that is enough to convince RvP?

    Who knows ;)

  4. Morning alll…..evening Alan.
    I’ve had it in my head game day was tomorrow…..who knows why……checking out what I’m watching tonight and there its is…..GAMEDAY!!!!!!
    Let’s kick their arse!!!!!

  5. Hi Scott, indeed, let’s kick their butts :)

  6. Arses Rico….you can say it!!!

  7. :lol: Scott, must set a good example…

  8. Good call.

  9. It’s quiet here today, considering we kick off in a couple of hours….

  10. The calm before the storm.
    Let’s hope our boys absolutely explode and destroy Chelski.

  11. Looking forward to seeing who replaces Arteta, will AW risk Diaby or go with Ramsey….

    If they all turn up Scott, we will win…. but……

  12. We lov u arsenal
    we lov u arsenal


  13. good morning
    Fresh news today!
    I’m quite sure RVP will not satay with us next season.
    I’m not very confident for today but i hope to be wrong.

  14. Rico,I’d go with Diaby.
    If he’s injured in the first half hour,so be it.
    Potentially,he does offer more punch in attack than Ramsey,so why not go for the throat early.
    If it backfires and he’s hurt,so be it…..Ramsey can come on.
    Don’t die wondering.

  15. Morning JM, i hope you are wrong too ;)

    I would too Scott but if picks up an injury, we have Coquelin ready and waiting too….

  16. Hi Scott. Let’s hope the lads are up for it tonight. We know what they can do if they try :D

  17. Hi joachim

    RvP wants to win a title. He won’t win silverware with us. Let’s hope he stays though

  18. Alan,there’s no reason we can’t win next season.
    Jack back,bring in the Podolskis,Vertonghens etc,etc.
    If RVP leaves,after the club and fans showing such faith and patience,it will be worse than what Nasri,Adebayor or,Cole ever did.
    He won’t leave for money,but that’s because his bank account has been flooded with funds whilst he’s been injured for all these years.
    He owes the club,big time.
    That’s my opinion,anyway.

  19. In than line, AA and Eboue were very wise. Probably their teams will be the champions. Fabregas, Nasri and Clcichy probably not,
    I’m going outside for a walk and be ready for the match. Catch you later.

  20. Morning all,
    would like to see the ox start centraly today with gervinho on the left wing. Think gervinho will but suspect rambo will start with ox and diaby on the bench. Talk of coquelin? i thought he was still a week away from match fitness, am i wrong or will we see him on the bench too?

    Come on The Arsenal!


  21. Boo!! It is strangely quiet, rico. ;) Too many drinks downed last night, I think.

    I’d be surprised to see RvP go. He doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to leave. :) I truly think he is the captain we have needed but have not had in a while. He should not worry about trophies. He will get them with us. ;) :)

    JM, you’re so sunshiney. :D. Hello, Scott and alain. :)

  22. Next august, San Siro (share between 0Inter and Milan) pitch will be made by artificial grass, We know how bad it was, when Arsenal played there for Champions League.

  23. Scott, providing AW buys them. RvP knows the record there and his position is he won’t belive it till he sees it, and he’s near 30 now

    We can win the comp if a couple of his teammates are brought in. History says that won’t happen

  24. Hi agag :D

  25. Hi Agag.
    Alan…a friendly wager???
    I will bet we do get Podolski and Vertonghen.

  26. by alain, i mean *alan. Oh no, I just frenchified you. :P

    rico come on. You can say “Let’s kick those chavvy arses.” You know you wanna. :D

  27. Honestly think RVP will stay, seems to relish being skipper and the biggest fish in our pond also linking up v nicely with theo, who i also believe will sign. Hopefully the JV and podolski rumours true. Would still like to see the addition of a creative midfielder, not going to start posting lists of names though, don’t think we need a further defensive mid with coquelin,frompong and song.
    Good to be a gooner:-)

  28. I’m not betting with you Scott, i think both those deals are a real possible ;)

    Welcome Jimario – i hope santos starts left wing…

  29. I’m hoping so Rico,I truly am.

  30. jim – i have to differ on the defensive signing, if we could get M’Vila or similar we’d be a lot lot stronger….

    Song, as much as i like the guy, gets caught out far too often….

  31. Hadnt thought of santos on the wing, as he’s better attacking then defending i like it he would also make better cover for when gibbs goes forward

  32. Ditto Scott – and i think we’ll hear very soon after our season ends, and that is why wenger is so confident about getting RvP sorted out in four days…

    When does the Dutch and German league finish, same day as the PL??

  33. Oh yes, we can turn up for the big games but that is not how league champions play.

    Another lesson that Wenger FC never learns.

    Expect a good performance today – then chuck it all away at Stoke next week.

  34. Dutch league ends 6th May

    German league ends 5th May

    If those two deals have been done, we’ll hear real soon ;)

  35. Exactly jimario ;)

    Steve, right now i’m only worried about today, but, i think we will beat stoke….

  36. Steve,
    Are you trying to give us a scoop by telling us the side is inconsistent….really???
    Don’t bother,we follow the club too!!!!

  37. Agree that mvila would be a top quality addition, but cant see AW buying unless he has no faith in frimpong n coquelin. I think if mvila were to come in then it may be the end of one of those two unless song has insinuated that he wont br signing new deal and he is being shown the door.

  38. As long as we bring In a top defensive midfielder,Song can go.
    Brilliant one day,woeful the next.
    Either that it bring in a new one and try Song out further up the pitch.

  39. rumour is that Song doesn’t want to sign a new contract and if that is the case, we can’t wait for his current one to run down, sell this summer and get a top DM….

  40. Morning Gooners [just about]
    Morning Rico, that was a chest thumping post my dear lady… :)

  41. If that’s true Rico, regarding Song, then that could explain Arsenal’s interest in M’Vila…
    Hopefully no more of our players will be allowed to run their deals down to it’s final year.
    that is poor management by all concerned at The Grove.

  42. Morning All,
    If we pushed Song further forward though Scott would the inconsistencies vanish from his game..? sure he drops you in shit further up the pitch but the frailties are still there that as you say woeful anywhere on the pitch is a liability and we can’t carry passengers he ain’t that good to carry..!
    I’d get M’Vila sell Song and Coq n Frim are back up…! think we’d get more from M’Vila than we get from Song for sure and far more solid defensively.

  43. Morning all,

    Unconfirmed but I hear Diaby is out with a tennis elbow.

    Scott, Podolski yes, Vertonghen, keep your money in your pocket.

    C’mon Arsenal.

  44. Wath,I’m just thinking that Song is trying to play one position while he’s supposed to be playing another…..he’s in limbo.
    Might be worth a crack,that’s all,though i know exactly what you’re saying.
    People keep bringing Frimpong into the equation,but his knees are a massive issue…..its hard to have any faith in him at the moment.

  45. Shirley your such a pessimist :P

  46. Where’s he going Micko?

  47. If true then 100% cash in this summer and hopefully get mvila, although JV is also a top quality defensive mid as well as cb and lb so not sure we’ll go for both especially as we have frimpong, coquelin and, fitness in mind diaby n wilshere can both cover that role. If song signs n stays would like to see him pushed forward a bit with another dm alongside

  48. Morning AK, Wath & Micko :)

    Thanks AK…

  49. Scott totally agree with the Frim comment, I love the bloke cos he lives Arsenal and we all love the passion the kid shows BUT he is still unproven he has still to perform consistently and we cannot run a team around young players that “might” make it when we can bring in players that “HAVE” made it….! it makes the team stronger and if said youngster is that good he’ll get in the team anyway.
    Song has made goals for sure he has been creative but he isn’t in the team for that primarily, he lacks discipline for me but also have to moan at Wenger as well for not giving him a job to do and making sure he does it…! if you had Messi who didn’t defend you can carry him cos you know he can turn a game in an instant but Song for me isn’t worth the risk so move him on get in the dosh and get better and for m better is M’Vila..!

  50. poor management indeed. In fact, even though morons on “talkshite ” were saying how stupid it is

  51. morning rico& gooners,

    reckon it would be a draw, but hopefully will get the 3 points.
    song had some stinkers especially the wigan game, but overall he has been good and helped a lot to drag us to where we are now. however I would swap him with M’vila and I havn’t seen him play.
    that tells everything!!!

  52. Song careers from sublime to rubbish with such ease it leaves me reeling. :?

    Ak, rico’s far too ladylike to be thumping her chest. :)

  53. Wath,the problem is we’ve lacked creativity,and when you see RVP kissing the guys boot after he’s set up another goal,how do you rip him apart for not doing his job?
    Our squad depth,or lack of it,just,causes problems everywhere.

  54. JV is coming our way Micko, De Boer said so :lol:

  55. Scott, if Frimpong needs inspiration he only has to look at Fraizer Campbell, he done both his knee’s and was written off by many, came back to make his debut for England against Holland last month.
    As for Vertonghen, i just don’t think he’s in Wengers mind set, we always neglect the defence more than other area.

  56. We need him firing on all cylinders today…

  57. Jack will bring us that next season Scott,

    jim – for every pin point pass Song has made, another 20 have gone badly wrong….

  58. Morning Rokabox
    :lol: re M’vila, we just have to trust those who have seen him play…
    :lol: agag, exactly…

  59. RvP is up for an award today isn’t he AK? Hope he doesn’t get too distracted….

  60. I’m not exactly sure how management is to blame for a players contract running down….unless,that is,they haven’t even attempted to renew it.
    We wouldn’t know if that’s the case,so we just assume so!!!
    You can’t make a player sign!!!!!
    He signs for 4 years,and that’s the end of the obligation….hence the use of the word contract.
    I just must be dumb,because I really dont get it.

  61. I think the RVP boot kiss was tongue in cheek mate but it shows we lack players to break down stubborn defenses and teams that park the bus but as seen the same old Song chip into the box doesn’t work often at all as it’s so easy read when teams sit deep…! We lack width…! proper wingers who beat the full backs and put in crosses that cause problems…! If we had a proper defensive mid who get the balls uses it quickly and creates tempo we ca afford Arteta or Jack in the middle and then players wide on the left and right to attack..! Song dithers to much disappears up his own backside trying to dribble past three players far to often and gets caught out with slow ball retention… thats when we suffer when we play with no tempo and he’s a prime culprit for that… not the only one for sure but still he is guilty of that big time

  62. Robin van Persie has poured cold water on reports linking him with a move to Barcelona.

    The Arsenal captain was seen at Barcelona’s team hotel in London on Monday, prompting speculation in some sections of the media – but Van Persie has revealed that there was nothing untoward about his visit.

    Speaking in his notes for the Official Matchday Programme, he said: “The explanation is really very simple. My very good friend Ibrahim Afellay plays for Barcelona.

    “After a bad long-term injury he was finally back with the team – and during his absence I had been in contact with him a lot, but I hadn’t seen him. This was an opportunity for me to go and visit a close friend, show him my support and catch up.

    “Unfortunately this had to be at the hotel, because he was not permitted to leave it. I was wearing my Arsenal tracksuit and we sat down by the reception to have a chat and some food – everyone could see us and there was nothing to hide. I can’t imagine anyone conducting transfer negotiations in these circumstances!”

    Van Persie emphasised that the visit had no bearing on his future – and that his plans in that regard remain unchanged.

    “The visit to the hotel was a social one and had nothing to do with the future of my career,” said the captain.

    “I do have a social life next to football, even if my wife tells me that it sometimes doesn’t seem that way! Nothing has changed in the sense that my intention remains to discuss my future in the summer.”

  63. Off to shake hands with the vicar, have a good game all, laters.

  64. Mucko,on one hand we knock Wenger for showing faith in Diaby,are happy he stuck with RVP,now hope he gives Frimpong his chance…….Arsene can’t bloody win lol!!!!

  65. Sorry MICKO!!!!!

  66. Money is to blame Scott and lack of player loyalty which went out of the game the day Sky Sports started to televise football matches….

    Oh, and when Roman bought the Chavs…..

  67. Have a good shake Micko ;)

  68. Make sure you use both hands Micko :-)

  69. #Arsenal Team: Szczesny, Sagna, Vermaelen, Kos, Gibbs, Song, Ramsey, Rosicky, Ox, Walcott, RVP

  70. RVP, isn’t the awards on Sunday Rico…
    Er sorry about the chest, ;)
    Hi Agag, just knew you’d pick me up on that little faux pas…. :D

  71. I like that team…. full of pace up front and more importantly pace out wide…… Well done Arsene about time too…! Ox left Theo right…. Proper…! now lets rip them a new one…. I’m off down the pub with the chaps…! later all..!

  72. Scott, 12.00;
    Not arguing with you on that one, but if a player is reluctant to re-sign with only 2 years left, then alarm bells should start ringing.
    I suppose that it’s really a case of judgement, where-by Wenger has to guage the intentions of the player concerned [and his agent]…
    Not an easy call.

  73. Last time you posted the team it was wrong ;)

    oops, i got that wrong then Ak ;)

  74. wenger is sooooo predictable!

  75. Gibbs back too is very good news Wath….

  76. Although i agree song is best as a defensive mid not sure he thinks so himself and whilst i agree frimpong n coquelin arent yet proven and would love better more experienced players bare in mind our managers habit of blooding and trusting youth, saying that mvila is young good and french, seems to fit the bill for AW. Not the immediate management normally in charge of contracts, lets just say it wouldnt have happened under david dein.

  77. Official ;) ;)

    Team in full: Szczesny, Sagna, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Gibbs, Song, Ramsey, Rosicky, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Walcott, Van Persie.

    Substitutes: Fabianski, Djourou, Santos, Diaby, Coquelin, Gervinho, Chamakh.

  78. Who is Mucko????? :lol:
    A good name, all the same.
    Having said/typed that, i still prefer Shirley…

  79. jimario, but he’s not cheap, that could be the stumbling block, but what a player for Frimps and Coq to learn from….

  80. Song – Inter?
    the line up is previousibly

  81. True price could be a problem but not if, as rumoured, inter want to pay up for song

  82. But how much would Song go for? Not as much as M’Vila would cost us i suspect, still, tough, want the best, cough up arsenal….

  83. Massive gave in 15mins.

  84. Hi emma, massive indeed….

  85. AK,even if you know a player has no intention of extending his contract,your hands are still tied.
    Jimario,yeah,we never lost a player on a free when Dein was around lol.

  86. Eight changes for the chavs from the team that played barca…

  87. see you guys at half time, off to get my seat :)

  88. see u soon rico

  89. Here we go.
    Go you good things.

  90. don’t like that mike dean!

  91. Why wasn’t Kalou carded for that fall???

  92. Torres been getting some close attention…

  93. Sounds a bit cagey…
    We need to be disciplined at the back and patient up front.

  94. John Terry, sore ribs…

  95. RvP murdered a goal

  96. Glad to have Kozzer back.

  97. We are too bloody slow on the ball.

  98. as usual we will get the Lion’s sgare of possession and risk not doing anything with it

  99. talkshite say Chelsea are close to scoring

  100. Listening to BBC5Live…
    Ramsey seems to be struggling to have any influence.
    Wenger might be forced to use Diaby, Coquelin or both.
    Chelsea seem hungrier, quicker to the ball, and worryingly dangerous…

  101. We ain’t half missing Arteta !

  102. Ramsey is having a shocker.

  103. The whole midfield seem clueless.

  104. If we go behind, we could really be in the shit…

  105. Ramsey is another of Wenger’s overrated favourites. Chelsea 7 shots on goal. Looks like a long day at the office

  106. Diaby at halftime…..seriously!!!

  107. Bloody post again.

  108. Games opening up…..good.

  109. 0-0 at half-time isn’t a disaster…

    RVP is the only Arsenal player who seems likely to score today…

  110. When Chelsea defended and tried to hit us in the counter,they looked dangerous.
    When it opened up,we looked dangerous.

  111. Ask,Kozzer hit the post!!!
    We actually look good from set pieces.

  112. this is where I’d like Delap in a set piece with Mert

  113. I think Chelsea are poor. At least we are trying to have a real go on goal. They’re just trying to hit us on the counter.

    And their players are going down far far far too easily.

    So happy to see Kozzer back.

  114. Ramsey as usual has being shambolic. He dwells too much on the ball. High time he realizes he is not in the attacking midfield role before he causes problem for arsenal’s defence.

  115. Walcott is in “the pocket” of the left back.
    Ramsey is always the same.
    We must open the game for the left side. Chelsea defends very organize and like an Italian team (with better players…)
    Ox left 50% of his potentials playing in the middle.

  116. No width yet again….

    Change that and we will break them down..

    ramsey :(

    three times he has been caught out, he needs to step up or be the first to make way…

    All imho of course ;)

    See you all at full time…..

  117. Emma,I agree he’s having a shocker,but there’s no options,no movement off the ball.
    Every time we play well,we are active.
    Until the last ten minutes,we haven’t been so far.
    Blame Ramsey,he’s been caught too often,but blame those not presenting as well.

  118. Need a kick in the bollox at half time to get out of 1st gear… no tempo at all…! Need to fly into this lot and we strolling about…! Need bite in mid why is Ramsey the holding midfielder ?????? madness..!

  119. midfield is hopeless and also the wings, di matteo pulled a surprise win with west brom last season and he’s using the same tactics again.i wouldn’t risk a sub on Diaby unless we winning coz he’ll get injured and subbed within 10 mins
    bring on le coq.

  120. poor ol Ramsey. Another of Arsene’s rent boys

  121. Tbh, the performance is secondary.
    The result is all that counts.
    If we play shit, but still win, then i won’t give a toss.

  122. ak if they carry on with this performance we aint ganna win!

  123. Theo, has he done his hamstring???

  124. Theos hammy strained.
    Gervinho coming on…..good stuff.

  125. Not good about the hammy……I think Gervinho offers something in this open type of game.
    Theo is going to try and run it off!!!!

  126. He’s gooooone.

  127. Walcott finished for the season…..
    Could be out of the Euro’s…..

  128. gervinho body language is just like his hair, dodgy!

  129. Wilshere, Mertesaker, Arteta, Walcott, the injuries are racking up again…

  130. gervinho. He erratic

  131. Diabys warming up.

  132. RVP’s touch is just terrible atm.

  133. Great ball from Ramsey there…….need a lot more.

  134. He’s going for the win.
    Santos on for Ox.

  135. Some strange substitutions?!

  136. ramsey should have been subbed not the ox,, wenger not doing either of them any favour!

  137. Ramsey has lifted….wasn’t hard to though.

  138. Come on you Gunners,
    one goal should be enough…

  139. Rox Wenger is a boofhead and a thin skinned arrogant one

  140. Chelsea has conceded 18 goals within last 15 min, more than any other team

  141. No cutting edge, no end result, ho hum…

  142. Alan,I’m not sure how you can continously blame Wenger……RVP should have three bloody goals!!!!!
    He’s terrible.

  143. RvP murdered another goal

  144. I am not blaming AW for RvP’s mistake

  145. We should be more worried about Barca buying Kozzer than ANYONE ELSE.

  146. Hope that Barcelona thrash them….

  147. The subs have done well.
    Diaby looks pretty sharp.
    We keep doing the simple things wrong.

  148. close stats

    12 12
    On target
    7 6
    6 6
    11 11
    Live Text Commentary

  149. Well, that wasn’t so good, if only RvP had passed to Gerv or Diaby, who knows, we may have won that game ;)

  150. Well,its a point.
    It’s about the only positive thing to come from the game……oh,Diaby finished it.
    I think it showed that as good as Oz is,he’s got a long way to go before he’s the complete package,especially over 90 minutes.
    Theo,if you feel a decent twinge,go off you boofhead.
    Ramsey was bloody terrible in the first half….not sensational,but much,much better on the second.
    Gervinho has everything to rip defences apart,except confidence.
    Everytime he gets the ball,his eyes scan the horizon for RVP…….I keep saying he’s intimidated bu RVP’s scoring record,and simply wants to offload the ball to him.
    Thank bloody god for Koscielny……….tell me the name of a better central defender in the world,let alone the Premier League!!!!!
    RVP has just lost his touch…….a month ago,he’d have scored 3 or 4.

  151. it’s been a tough 3 weeks or so for us

  152. JPlease keep one thing in mind……this is a club who’ve bested Spuds 5-1 and Barca in their last two starts.
    Ok,not exactly the same side,but the central defence was the same,and they did well.

  153. Wasn’t so bad either, rico. ;) Kozzer is the man. I thought Gibbsy looked pretty sharp. And Diaby surprised me in a good way.

  154. Scott, this Chelsea side is different and is a new combination

  155. Tw will be out for three weeks.
    One point is better then none.
    Last defeat was a terrible score.
    Now we must waiting for others doing their job and be confident of ourselves. We still depend only for us.

  156. Gibbs was terrific.
    Off to bed guys…..post mortem later on.
    One very important thing is that points on the board are very important,and our goal differential stands above those chasing.
    Spuds and Newcastle will drop points at some stage,we just need to win at least two of our last three with a draw,or win all three to guarantee 3rd.
    Goodnight all.

  157. I heart Koscielny. My Man of the Match.

  158. Did you actually read my post Alan????
    It sort of suggests that.
    A winning club is a winning club though.

  159. Good night, Scott! Catch you tomorrow!

  160. Gibbs would have got my motm, along with kos and tv agag :)

  161. Make’s you smile, listening to Redknapp and gullet after the match all they swoon about is how well Chelsea defended they were under the cosh all day by our mob but the best thing in their eyes is defending, they struggle to say a good word about us Robin went down easily they said but it probably would have been given if it had happened before the diving escapade (typical)

  162. Back five, very good – after that, we were very average today….

    Scott, i blame the physio, he should have got theo off… nighty to you

  163. I know, Steve!!! The match commentators went on and on and on about how well Chelsea were defending; but seeing that they were making no inroads on goal; couldn’t say anything about how our back four was up to the test.

    Torres looked threatening in patches, but our defenders blanked him.

    It’s the best I’ve seen Gibbs play in a while. Very very promising.

  164. Wish RVP had taken at least one of those numerous chances. He should have done better laying those passes to Diaby or Gervinho instead of going solo. Diaby did very well when he came in. Hope he remains injury free and would love to see more of him. Kozzer is a rock and my MOTM

  165. they didn’t need to defend too well steve, not today….

  166. Robins lost his mojo and as we said when that happens we will struggle , i must be the only one who cheered when Theo went off he was rubish all game and i’m glad he’s out till the end of the season. Diaby why can’t he stay fit he did well today when he came on. Ramsey needs a loan out for a season he is pittyfull. 0.0 scoreline and spuds with 2 games in hand we could really be ill if they win those two.

  167. rico, yes, they can be co MOTM. :) :)

    Like we keep saying, Robin can’t carry the scoring load all on his own. Others need to rise when he is flatering(ish).

    I like how non-nonsense Koz was. He is a very confident player right now. And for good reason. :) :)

  168. Ditto on Gibbs agag, and i thought Diaby wasn’t ‘too’ bad either, wouldn’t have taken Ox off though, or Rosicky…

  169. he has lost his mojo, i think he’s is playing on borrowed energy, at this rate he’ll be the next to get injured and then we fall back on park and chumuck…. deep joy….

  170. Could do with Qpr winning now…..

  171. AFternoon all.

    Goog game..good draw.

    One cleansheet..3 more to go.

    I expect 0-0 or 2-0 to CHelski.

    WIth Van Persie who is unlikely to score this month and next month…who has we got to score goals?

    Max point = 65 + 3 = 68 points good enough for 4th spot provided CHelski do not win the CL Cup…

    Praying Tiny totts is not up for teh game then.

  172. Kos was the man of the match for me.
    Newcastle 2-0 at 20 minutes!

  173. Yes.
    We missed Kos against Wigan.

    Saw TV5 cocked up again in our box and Kos lunging in to clear the ball off the foot of Sturridge.

    CHeesy missed the ball and Kos ran bakc to clear the ball.

    Said a lot when Kos is there to clear up the messes of TV5 and CHeesy.

  174. Mind, thanks to all FOotbal Gods that they meet Barca next Tuesday..and rested Mata.

    10-minute sof Mata created more chances and more danger for Arsenal than 80-minutes of Kalou and STurridge.

  175. Your right there Agag had Robin sidefooted to Gervinho it could have been a cert but he was trying so hard to score that he messed up, far to much pressure on him and Rico’s right i expect him to go injured very soon

  176. Hi Merlin, i thought it was a dreadful game….

  177. Our midfielders are so slow moving the ball forward Song and Ramsey seem to be going backwards. Pass to Theo and theres a 90% chance you will get the ball straight back the other 10% he gives it to the other side.

  178. But TV made some fantastic interceptions, before that, Merlin. He had, overall, a great match, too. Let’s not forget Kozzer conceded a corner just right after he almost scored. ;) :) But that is nitpicking. We did not concede. Great job by the back 4. Now if only our midfield was not all over the place and our attack misfiring.

    I thought RvP and Torres were on a contest as to who had the most offsides. :D

    Hello, emma. :)

  179. How many yellow cards has RVP got?

  180. I hate to say it but i can’t see us winning any of our last games how sad would that be.

  181. RVP looked jaded and at times desprate, if we had someone to come off the bench in his place…. if only….
    Gibbs is my choice man of the match. excellent performance.

  182. Just home from the game full of negative thoughts about things. we were slow and laboured today and without any spark or dynamism. It is easy after such a non event to compile a list of who should go and who should stay but today that feels futile to me. Without any midfield dynamism or vision this team just grinds itself to a standstill. We have to grit our teeth and hope that we can scrape enough points to get CL football because the Europa League is a ghastly alternative. Why Wenger can’t motivate more of a performance from this squad eludes me. A waste of a day.

  183. we can’t expect RvP to do everything himself re scoring. Others have to pull their weight

  184. I was very nervous all match: it could have gone either way so I was pleased with a point.

    Positives: Kozzer (MoM) fab return to rescue us so many times.
    Diaby looked good & hope he’s OK for the last 3 – we’ll need him.
    Gervinho actually looked dangerous in the last 5 having played terrible (like normal) for the rest of the time – maybe a surge!
    Yossi will be back next game. We’ve got 6 points on the board………..

    Negatives: Theo looks out for the last 3. Ramsey recovered from a terrible start but looks totally spent – needs some crowd support!
    Newcastle 3 up, still there’s a positive to that: they might keep the spuds out of the CL.

  185. JM, don’t think the cards count anymore, unless they are red…

  186. wenger is running out of time imo, this summer should be his last chance, either he brings some improvement or he is out along with the board and their millions.

  187. Missed off: Gibbs made a great performance today but wished he’d attacked down the wing more where there was open space & crossed rather than doing a Theo. If he’d doen that a couple of times he could have had an effect on their formation if not crossed it for a winner……………

  188. Reading through the comments the general concensus seems to be no-ones likes a boofhead !!!

  189. (In moderation)I know it’s been a while Rico but I’m a busy man :-)

  190. Nobody shot outside area except Arteta.
    Werder bremen 1 Bayern 1 (2 goals of the same player)

  191. i think wenger knows that too Rokabox…

    Hoilett has just scored another scorcher ;)

  192. Stoke are 3-0 against Newcastle, they will want a result next weekend ;)

  193. Adam Le Fondre scores again for Reading who are down to 10 men, looks like the championship will soon be theirs :)

  194. Hi Pat7

    Long time no see, hows you?

    I’m naffed off with the way we played more than the 0-0, just no pace, no width and no final shot…

    we had one blistering attack which nearly earned the breakthrough but yet again, too many sideways/backwards passing….

  195. Stoke only plays “well” against us.
    Comparing Newcastle and Arsenal now: the players are “fresh” and with confident.

  196. I’m really good & hope same applies to you. Plenty of sun now to cheer me through these dismal performances.

    Similar to you frustrated at the non-performers who look nacked yet they’ve had more rest than they should have had……….yes, also the passing back & across when you can see openings right in front of them (wings) but I suppose (today) knowing Chelsea’s strength they were told not to bother? – still, a blasted ball can gain an OG?

  197. All good thanks Pat, and just praying we can win our remaining fixtures….

    Talking of which, best i go and try and write something about todays not so stunning performance….

    Back later guys and gals….

  198. Newcastle is just now 3 points behind and with a game in his hand. Cabaye is a great player

  199. They are going to catch us JM, so will the Yids if we aren’t careful….

  200. Did you get my mail Rico?

  201. I did Adam, thanks – sorrty, i thought i had thanked you ….

  202. 1-0 Qpr … get in….

  203. yes qpr 1-0…
    Now, we must win at stoke…

  204. ht – still 1-0 bet twichy’s twichin
    i think newcastle have still got to play chelsea so at least one of them will drop more points

  205. come on qpr…..

    hi mog, yes, hopefully by then the chavs can’t catch us and they batter the geordies ;)

  206. Ladies are knocked out of the CL :( :(

  207. Getting draw versus chavs is not bad….losing against wigan n qpr is……..anyway we had gainwd 4 points frim a possible 12……not good enough

    come on qpr

  208. Guys, i need some help, i cannot for love nor money recall which shot from rvp should have been crossed to either gerv or diaby :(

    can you help ;)

  209. had we won those against wigan and qpr, we wouldn’t give a stuff about todays result Kc, but we didn’t and now we could be left in the mire…..

  210. Rico…..that is what am about to ask….though he had lost his mojo….dont wanna see rooney win the golden boot

  211. hi rico
    newcastle’s run in, away they’ve got wigan, chelsea and everton.
    and man city at home, can see a few dropped points there.

  212. did’nt see the game sorry
    who beat the ladies

  213. I was so wrong regarding kosschienly signing…but i am equally right most of the time……chelsea had failed to beat arsenal in the last 3 matches…..im proud of it

  214. nor do i want rooney to win it, but the way things are going, he yet may do….

  215. rico, both I think. Different goal scoring opportunities???

  216. Frankfurt knocked the ladies out :(

    Kc, i don’t think any fan, if honest, believed Kos was the best signing we could have made at the time, he was a gamble – but, this time, Wenger took a gamble which has paid off big time and more, he’s class…

  217. Frankfurt 2-0.
    ok, but we only depend of ourselves.

  218. agag, the one when Gerv was unmarked in the middle, but he shot – i just cant work it out in my aging old brain :(

  219. barcelona-Madrid on-line.
    Catch you tomorrow

  220. dinner calls me, back in a bit

  221. That was to Gervinho, rico. That was maybe 5 mins before the end of the 90’??

  222. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  223. “We were a bit nervous and played with the handbrake on” someone tell Wenger to change the record, its all getting a bit lame now.

  224. Hooooorah for Qpr, now i hope they lose all their remaining fixtures…..

  225. Thanks agag :)

    Micko, totally agree, same old same old lame excuse, now wenger, go and buy a few players to make things a bit more exciting, some who can’t drive ;)

    Happy devil ;)

  226. I am smiling Guys and Chicks.

    Yes we may have drawn, but the swampies have lost. Now we just hope that Barca stuff the chavs with a whacking they will never forget. That would leave them with only having to finish in the top four.

    Yes we should have won since RVP and Koscielny both hit the woodwork. But we gained a point and provided that we win the last three games third place is secure due to goal difference.

    On the bright side………

    Theo injured means that if he has really done his hamstring then he is out of the Euros. ;) And that implies a good summer.

    secondly it means that the Ox would have to play. And do not forget that Benny is now eligible for the last three games. Yes we have lost Theo but that would also mean that Gervinho and the OX would both play. And Gerv was ok when he came on. He is not sharp in finishing but he did well with the ball and took on the rest of the Chavs defence. And even though Aaron was caught in possession and lost the ball around 7 times he seems as if he is getting back to what he once was before his injury. But physicaly he is a bit spent. Let’s hope he manages to perform better in the last three games.

    I am feeling well regarding the last three games.

  227. Just for the record. I am very happy when Arsenal win.


  228. I’m done guys and gals, got a date with Simon Cowell and BGT… :)

    Have a good one all…

    Nighty night…

  229. Glad you are a happie chappie devil :)

    catch you tomorrow….

  230. See you tomorrow lady.

    The only thing which irritates me is that we should have made 3rd place secure long ago where results do not matter. I would have like to have been challenging for the league, but 3rd place would have been an achievement this year.

    I would have preferred to have made it secure so that the likes of Henderson, Coquelin, Yennaris etc would have had a run out of around three or four games. Imagine haven around 6 to 8 points with the present tally.

    Then again……..that would have meant that AW would have the perfect excuse not to buy. So maybe what we have now is right for the greater good.

  231. I am off mates. See you tomorrow.

    Good night all.

  232. All in all, not bad, we’re a point further in front of the Scum.
    Chavs still too far behind.
    Barcodes will drop points.
    Diaby is back…… :-D

  233. Morning guys.
    The deeper we delve into the maze that is the battle for top 4,the better that draw looks.
    Spuds lost……sensational and to be expected lol!!!!!
    A lack of heart will kill you in the end.
    On our game,we could easily have won 3-0,and we’d be saying how well we played.
    A couple hitting the post,RVP hitting thin air…..the result always changes the outlook.
    Newcastle will struggle to get another 6 points….
    Spuds will struggle to get ANY.
    Maybe keeping Chelski to one point is more important than we realise.

  234. Ramsey actually played better once Diaby came on…….why do you think that happened???
    I said during the game,and I’ll say it again.
    We should be more worried about the Barcas,Citehs and the like trying to buy Koscielny than if they come after any other player.
    TV5 is locked in,and together,these two are just brilliant.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if someone comes in with a 20 million bid for Kozzer.
    I reckon he is the best central defender in the league,and possibly the world.
    Obviously its a big call,but he is absolutely supreme in that position.
    Covering tackles are great.
    He’s a threat going forward and in set pieces.
    Is lightning quick for a defender.
    One one one,I can’t remember seeing a better defender.
    He is the complete package,and still young.
    Can anyone tell me how long he’s locked in for???

  235. Morning 2Scotts
    think Koz signed a 4 yr deal…?!?!?!

  236. Seeing as I am the only one here to talk 2 you gotta put up with me being pedantic….
    I say winning today would of been a great result but again would not of papered over what was a pretty lacklustre performance…! We lacked any kind of tempo and looked like we were doing a sunday morning training session…! why no urgency, why when we playing for third do we not look motivated or interested…. Bar wolves away where we also went through the motions we been crap last 3 out of 5 games….! We lucky barcodes were so far back and that the wheels have fallen off the yids…!

  237. Having got into a great position a few weeks back we have failed to take advantage of killing off 3rd place…. Where is the killer mentality and the mentality to get stuck in and put in a shift…! Yes the chave sort of parked the bus but we really didnt look like we were looking to play at any kind of tempo to cause them problems.. this handbrake shit from wenger is crap they pro’s… Sort it out…! if not you have the wrong players at the club…!

  238. Wath,every time we play well,our movement on and off the ball is terrific.
    When we play poorly,there is little or none.
    I hope Kozzers here for 4 years…..that’s a relief.

  239. That match is interesting.
    WHen Diaby cma eon, we saw Ramsey covering all over the pitch, losing the ball but fightign to get the ball bakc, made some good passes, rckling…but final pass (liek rest of the team) is woeful.

    WHy does this TEAM cock-up the final pass this season?

    Our tactic is absed on PACE, MOVEMENT and INTERCHANGEABILITY.

    The key word is MOVEMENT.
    Players are not moving enough – or mobile enough – to anticipate where the ball will come; and of course the dreaded word PREDICTABILITY.

    99% of the time, SOng will lob the ball into the box aiming at the runs of Walcott or Van Persie. Apparently we don’t have any other options like bloind-side running of Pires or freddy or even VIeira who came in deep and ghost into the box.

    And yes, players like Gervinho, Ramsey and even Walcott ar intimidated by Van Persie and alwasy looking at him to pass the final ball……when RvP is on a blip during March/APril…….

    And when Van Persie is obsessed with personal glory as a goal-striker…you cna see how selfish he is in front of goal…only tunnel vision….shooting..shotting…..never has that perihperal vision of Henry or Bergy or Pires or Vieira or Fabregas who instinctively has a tacticla awareness of the whole pitch and cand ecide wither to shoot or pass ot ghost into the box ont eh blind-side.

    Now, for teh alst few games, do notice that Van Persie is playing very much deeper….defending in the middle of the pitch like a midfielder, tracking bakc to defend in the box…..playmaking like a creative mdifielder..and running in from deep into the box…..

    RvP is carryign too much laod on the pitch and I can see him being knackered after 70-minutes of all aciton..hence he lost that half-a-yard after 70th minute and hurried his shots….and also, mentally fatigued and does not have a calm mind to make the correct decision and too tired to have that peripheral vision to pick out players in teh clear in teh box….like he simply did not see DIaby or gervinho in the clear….and revert to his instinct of a predator to shoot…shoot…

    Wenegr should realsie that he got one very tired player after 70th minutes and should substitute Van persie to keep teh TEAM playing to their fullest potential and to score after 80th minute against opponents that had run ragged by our passing game.

    In the absence of Theo, I prefer Gibbs-Santo on the left with OX on the right….and Gervinho comes in to replace Van Persie after 70th minute..

    Against Stoke City..




    ..OX……………………….Van Persie……………..Santos

    First priority is getting a clean-sheet, that is, play not to lsoe the game.

    And when we need fresh legs after a brutal and physicla battle with Stoke, Yossi, Benayoun, COquelin or even Ramsey is available.

    E.g. if we score an early goal and still leading after 70th minute, I will replace OX (or Diaby depending his fitness) with Coquelin, and a fresh pair of legs in Gervinho replacing Van Persie.

    Good news:
    We tend to do better away wehn teams attack us…and our players did not try too hard to play for fans at home.

    I see it as a dull 0-0 or we sneak in a lucky goal and win 1-0.

    Can’t see Stoke City scoring with our 1st Bakc-4 in Sagna-Kos-TV5-Gibbs back…….and Song-DIaby-Santos playing in front of ‘em.


  240. Merlin,don’t look now,but we’ve agreed on a few things!
    I guess we had to eventually lol.
    Why not a shock tactic?
    Stick Ox or Gervinho up front for the first half,and bring RVP in in the second.
    Imagine the damage he’d do,against tiring defenders????

  241. This lack if movement also gives weight to my argument earlier in the season.
    I always said our back 4,though not great at that stage,were nowhere near as bad as people made out.
    The fact is they were under immense pressure as soon as we turned the ball over,due to the fact that the rest of the side simply weren’t doing any defensive work up the pitch.
    The biggest individual turn around in this department has been Rosicky.
    Say what you like,but the reason his game has stepped up so much comes down to one word…WORK!!!!
    3 months ago,he’d lose the ball,throw his hands in the air,look to the sky then,eventually,walk back.
    Now,he doesn’t stop.
    The old saying goes the harder I work,the luckier I get.

  242. New post up….

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