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Roberto Martinez mind games?

There is all sorts of stuff in the football news, the Chelsea goal that never was, the Ashley Young impression of Tom Daley, again!

Gary Neville and Arsene Wenger are blaming the foreign players for showing their English counterparts the way to win free-kicks and penalties and our own manager is in favour of any player caught taking a dive, should be banned!

Well, my view is, there is technology out there, get it sorted and bring it in, that’s the only way to clean up the game. It’s clear referees need some help, it’s about time they got it. Too much is at stake in today’s game…

Enough of that, onto tonight and the Martinez mind games, or is he speaking the truth?

Tonight we face one of the toughest sides in the Premier League in my opinion and their position in the League is just wrong. Wigan were robbed against Chelsea, they battered the league leaders 1-0 and their manager has his side playing football the right way.

No hoof ball, no dirty tactics either and I truly hope that after tonight they win their remaining games and survive the drop. Martinez comes across as being a good man too and he always speaks from the heart.

Having beaten Manchester United on their own ground, Martinez was asked about their next fixture:

Probably this is an even tougher task, we are going away from home and playing against a side which have been as successful as ever at home.

If you look at the last few performances they have been untouchable in the way they are playing their football, controlling games and scoring goals.

But we know that if we are at our best, we can be competitive against anyone.

Is he taking the pressure off of his own team?

Is he trying to instil a little bit of complacency in our side, getting us to think that it’s all going to be easy?

My own view is he’s trying to take the pressure off his own side, letting them know that no-one really expects them to win.

However, we all know that is when sides can play at their best, just look at Manchester City’s results after we beat them. Mancini dismissed their chances of winning the league on that day, now they are right back in the race…

So, this is where we step in, we don’t listen to all the talk about who is better than who, we concentrate on the job ahead and as we know, that kicks off at 8pm UK time tonight and we need three massive points!


Wigan have won three of their last four league games and lost just two of their last 10.

The Latics have won more games away from home (4) in the Premier League than they have at the DW Stadium (3) this season.

Roberto Martinez’s side are the lowest scorers in the Premier League this season with 31 goals. Wigan have scored just once in the opening 20 minutes of Premier League games this season – Jordi Gomez’s seventh-minute strike in a 3-3 draw with Blackburn in November.

As for us – well no stats as usual.

Wigan will get something from this game if we are too complacent and think this game is a walk over!

It won’t be, Wigan are fighting for survival and they will give their all from start to finish and we need to do the same!

There are just five games left until the end of the season, we need 100% from every player in every one of those games, nothing less will do!

Have a good day all….



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295 comments on “Roberto Martinez mind games?

  1. Morning Rico.
    I don’t think Martinez is the kind to indulge in mind games.
    He’s got a very good side who are brilliantly managed,and I reckon he has total respect for pyr club.
    I’d be amazed and disappointed if our boys take them lightly.

  2. Good Morning Guys and Chicks of the Near Exploding Gunners’ Faith.

    Good post Rico. Hope you are better today and getting to peak fitness. We do need you for the end of season run in. HH has more twists and turns than the EPL. ;)

  3. And for OUR club,too!!!

  4. Morning Devil.

  5. Morning Scott. How are you mate??

    Sun decking outside the mud hut with a fishing rod in your hand? ;)

    Or getting a well earned rest after a hard day at work??

  6. Morning All…..

  7. Morning devil & Scott,

    thanks devil, few more weeks and i’ll be a right as rain thanks ;)

  8. ermm no rico they are not one of the most difficult teams to play against in the prem. The position they are in shows that and the fact they beat UTD and where unlucky against Chelsea has IMHO no bearing on the game to night. UTD where complacent and Chelsea find it difficult to play against ball playing sides, thats why we hammered them at their own home. Once they have to chase the ball they tire very quickly. That’s why we should beat Wigan tonight, they are a ball playing side and that suits us down to the ground. We wont be kicked from pillar to post and and we are the masters of keeping ball and passing not Wigan.

  9. all a matter of opinion madgunner ;)

    i personally think that tonight will be a tough one, not just because of who we face…

    No Kos and prob no Gibbs either….

  10. I’m having a bit each way.
    I agree with what Madgunner says,except that you underestimate Wigan,imo.
    Yes,we are better,and yes,we should win,but as I keep saying to our stats man,football is played on the field.
    I can’t wait for kickoff.

  11. When the kick off whistle blows……all the stats, previous form and league table go out of the window. Its how you perform on the day which counts. As Scott says……..football is played on the field.

  12. Djourou always goes well alongside Vermaelen.
    I like Gibbs,but I also like Santos.
    We will get the win.
    That’s not complacency,just confidence.
    3-0 to the good guys.

  13. But we are much better than Qpr, much much better, but when a side is fighting for it’s PL survival they give a little more, added to that, we have history of naffing games like this one up….

    If the players think along the lines that tonight is going to be a breeze, we fans could be left feeling very disappointed….

  14. I have noticed that too Ozzy. Djourou plays better with TommyV than with Kozzer. Its just mental I know but that is how it goes. For example Kozzer performs better with BFG. So it might be that we keep the four of them and get Vertonghen so that he can help in defensive midfield. But I feel if we get M’vila, Verts will not be coming.

    I also happen to like Santos and Gibbs. And we need both of them to stay fit so that we have different options.

  15. I like Martinez, he always talks well of Arsenal and for the most part speaks sense. His teams play the game the way it should be played, hopefully they turn up tonight to play their normal game, I think if they do and don’t put 11 behind the ball we should be able to pick them off.

  16. Pardon my manners, Morning all!!!

  17. Agree devil, that’s why our side need to start well, and give all they have got…..

  18. Rico,Wigan aren’t a side to sit back and do nothing,they come to play.
    They’re a football side,managed by a footballing manager.
    Yes,we will beat them,but gee,I hope they survive.

  19. Agreed Scott, I hope they stay up.

  20. Morning UTA…

  21. Benayoun to start again tonight? Or the Ox going to get a run?

  22. that could be their downfall Scott ;)

  23. QPR does not play passing football like Arsenal. That is why, on a off day, we so often loose to those sides. on the other hand when we have a focused and well prepared team we do not loose to those teams bar an refereeing blunder or a moment of madness from one of our players. i’m am not half as worried about Wigan at home as I am about Stoke away, that will be our real test in the remaining games, not Chelsea.

  24. If we focus for every game left, we are good enough to beat them all…

    It’s in the mind ;)

  25. Morning Gooners.
    Morning Rico, vgd post

  26. Wigan are a very dangerous team.
    If they had a half~decent striker they would be in the top half of the table.

  27. Underestimate anyone in the EPL and you risk getting your arse kicked.
    ManUre were complacent and look what happened to them.
    Treat every opponant in the EPL with respect and you’ll be ok.
    We won’t take Wigan lightly and for that i am glad.

  28. Morning AK :)

    Who is this Diaby you mention….

  29. Benny to start tonight.
    He cannot play against the Chavs so no point in resting him.
    At this stage of the season you need experience on the pitch.

  30. The QPR loss came at the perfect time.
    7 in a row,just before Citeh,the wake up call the boys needed.
    Sometimes a loss is much more valuable to a side than a win.
    I thought we would beat them,I was very disapoointed at the time,but mainly because of the top 4 fight.
    Ok,other results helped us,but we have proven for most of the season that we are good enough to take advantage,and no matter what the narks say,it doesn’t matter a bit when other sides drop points if you’re not racking up the wins!
    Should we look back at when we won leagues and make the same claim…..we won because other teams dropped points????
    It’s kind of stating the obvious!!!!!

  31. It’s for JM. :-D

  32. We’d better not take them lightly…..

  33. We just got to make sure we drop the least from now in Scott..

    AK :lol: re diaby

  34. Martinez is the next Arsenal manager!?
    beware of victor moses,
    narrow win me think 2/1.

    morning all,

  35. Maximum points from here on in,Rico.

  36. Hi Rokabox,

    not only Moses….. i think they have a few we need to be wary of…

  37. Rokabox,its bloody hard for managers used to handling struggling sides to suddenly be in control of a top club.
    Different pressures come to the fore,and most fail.
    Martinez does seem to be a guy who is extremely comfortable under pressure,and his football philosophy is Arsenal all over.

  38. afternoon all

    AK, I do look forward to your “Diaby” posts!!

  39. AK,Diaby was cutting up the oranges for half time,but misfortune came to the forth….again.
    Nobodies really sure of the projected injury layoff for orange juice in the eyes,but the medical team are confident he will be back for the next African Cup Of Nations.

  40. Ditto Scott, no more silly slip ups…

    sorry, my doorbell rang ;)

  41. Afternoon rocky…

  42. Afternoon Rico! How do?

  43. Not so bad thanks rocky, looking forward to ko…. Will you be home in time to watch? How’s life back at work :(

  44. Not sure – Not looking good at the mo. Lot of stuff left for me to do, and a lot of stuff done wrong while I was away. Brilliant. I expect I’ll catch the match on BBC’s live scores website on my phone while travelling home!

  45. Off for a sleep…catch you all for kick off.

  46. night Scott. Speak to you in a few hours (provided I get my butt home in time!)

  47. How rude of your colleagues rocky!!

    Hoep you set your planner ;)

    Nighty Scott….

  48. Very rude Rico…. But it was expected!

  49. Afternoon all,
    Someone tell Scott that Diaby is French.
    They don’t come much more straight forward than wigan tonight, an easy home win.

  50. hope you get your own back rocky!

    Afternoon Micko, french what ;)

  51. Off for an hour, back later….

  52. Malade, at least I think that’s french for a sick duck.

  53. Afternoon all. Looking forward to the game tonight. I rather hoped that the QPR debacle came at the right time. Tonight will show if it did.

  54. Nope, did not like their attitude after leading 2-0 at Wolves (like leading 2-0 against Villa)..never learn their lesson against complacency…….with Wenegr fielding the worng team with an eye for Saturday match against CHelski.

    At best, a draw..at worst we lose.

    I see a 0-0 or 1-1 draw…..with us huffing and puffing tryign to break ‘em down…….with WIgan closing us down rapidly liek what QPR did to us.

    Can be 1-1 as showboating will cost us dear.

    Scpring early will be our downfall.
    If it is stil scoreless till 80th minute, we will sneak a 1-0 win like we usually did….waking up after 80th minute and play with urgency to win against a lower rnaking team.

    Question is:
    WIll those players up for this game?

  55. Sorry I asked.

  56. Merlin, if we lose tonight I’ll change my name to Shirley, it ain’t gonna happen.

  57. On sale now at white hart lane, ” tottenham viagra” for when all you can reach is a semi……

  58. Looks like Fabrice Muamba will be putting his feet up in front of the box tonight watching the game, good news all round.

  59. Looks like RvP will lose his top scorer position with Rooney 2 goals behind

  60. Evening guys and gals….

  61. :lol: lee, you home now?

    feeling confident then merlin ;)

  62. I was confident RIco but I realise now that it is a forlorn hope. I don’t think I’ll bother to go now if a draw is all I can hope to see.

  63. Hi Adam,

    Don’t blame, what would be the point, all that effort to see a bore draw, i’d stay at home and watch coronation street…

  64. alan, why do you think rooney will overtake rvp, our captain could easily score another dozen this season :)

  65. Rooney is 3 behind RvP by the way ;)

  66. Rico. I recorded the last season of Benidorm after your recommendation. I think I’ll watch that as well as BGT re-runs.

  67. Evening all, nice one Rico,
    Wigan had an extra man in midfield against Utd although rednose changed it at half time, Wigan had their tails up by then and was unlucky not to have had more goals in my opinion they were robbed but it was against United and the rulebook goes out the window when United play. I believe your right Rico when you say this is not one to take lightly, wigan played some nice football and outplayed United on the day, i would say an early goal would help settle us but they may just take their foot off the gas, we have to be focussed and brutal if we do get an early one press and keep on pressing, as i don’t want to see us playing 20 passes to get out of our own half and if JD is in keep it away from him.

  68. Did you enjoy it Adam?? Its quite funny if ‘you’ take it for what it is… ;)

  69. Evening Steve,

    pretty much agree there, we certainly need to get out of the blocks early and get a quick goal, push wigan out more and go for the jugular..

    we beat ten man wolves last time, now we need to beat the eleven of wigan but, as long as the team have the right focus…..

  70. Merlin can say what he likes.
    I’m on my 2nd pint and ready to rock and roll at The Grove.
    COYG… :-D

  71. Alan MP.
    The Doctor prescribes 4 pints of 4X and then you’ll become an AKB again…. :-D. :-D. :-D

  72. Hi AK, i forgot didn’t i, you are heading off to watch the boys :)

  73. Evening all

  74. 4X AK – what ever happened to Tooheys ;)

  75. evening rocky

  76. Toohey’s is more like piss than 4X! What happened to Calders… That’s what I wanna know…..

  77. remember the advert though rocky, ‘i feel like a toohey’s, very catchy ;)

  78. It sure was. Not a touch on the old 4X “looks like we overdid it with the sherry” ads!!

  79. But to be honest, as a non-drinker, I really am not that fussed what happened to any of them!! What happened to the soft drink Quatro?! That’s what I REALLY wanna know….

  80. Any ‘Amber Necter’ will do Rico.
    As long as it’s an Aussie beer.
    Where’s Lucky Scott?

  81. Quatro had a short life span, i’d rather water ;)

  82. Water may b te source of life… boring as sin though!!

    Is Scott even awake yet?

  83. You have to be kidding AK, Oz beer is shocking ;)

  84. off to eat, back in a bit….

    carbonated and naturally flavoured make it better though rocky ;)

  85. naturally flavoured with Ribena, maybe!! Catch you later when i get home.

  86. Right, I’m off to try and find a newsagent still open round here that sells the new Panini Euro 2012 sticker album. I may be 34 and should know better, but I still like collecting stickers from major tourno’s! Hope to catch you later, gang.

  87. Evening mates.

    I am back from a training session………and today we had the Dippers community coaches running the rule and showing us a training session. TBH I WAS NOT IMPRESSED AT ALL. I just told one of them that I have my own syllabus which I do at the start of the year and then adhere to the objectives. I showed them my session plan half an hour before the session. One of them asked me whether I plan sessions for long balls. LONG BALLS. I nearly laughed in his face. I told him that I play my football on the ground not in air with helium filled balls.

    The downside of it……there are two. One is that I had a telling off from the headcoach and the other is that I have to sit for that crap again next wednesday. :(

  88. An Aussie beer for AlanMP
    Kroenenberg for me…
    Panini Rocky..! I like them toasted.. :-)

  89. Hiya Sir AK. how are you mate?

  90. Arsenal: Szczesny, Sagna, Djourou, Vermaelen, Andre Santos, Song, Arteta, Walcott, Rosicky, Benayoun, van Persie. Subs: Fabianski, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ramsey, Squillaci, Gervinho, Gibbs, Chamakh.

  91. I could murder a chicken, cheese and bacon Panini now AK….. Enjoy the match! Sunk many more pints??

  92. Hiya Rock. how are you mate

  93. Evening mate. I’m pretty good thanks. You?

  94. I am ok. a bit bored today. we had the dippers community coaches and tbh I was underwhelmed with what they had to offer.

  95. Boo, you ready for this :)

    The boys better be….

  96. Haha! Yeah, I read your post dev. Not surprised they are doing so bad!

    Nearly ready Rico… Should be home for the start of the second half

  97. afternoon all
    Can Benayoun play versus Chelsea next saturday?
    No surprises in the line up.
    Rocky, do you collect the Euro 2012 stickers from Panini?

  98. Gary Neville is so so so loving the RvP and Theo partnership, but he, like most worries about Santos….

  99. good rocky, now get out the office and on that tube ;)

    Hi JM, no, under the loan rules :(

  100. wigan playing 3 in defence :eek:

  101. yes, so he must play today with no restrictions.
    I’m watching the Tv now :-)

  102. Evening JM. I don’t think Benny can play against Chelsea.

    I’ve just this second bought the sticker album! I wanted to buy 20 packs of stickers to go with it but they ran out.

  103. Great news re fabrice – he’s been released from hospital today :)

    So has Trevor Francis…. :)

  104. On the train Rico. Not the one I need, so will have to change and wait for another one later down the line. Then I have a half hour walk. Gutted.

  105. Has Scott surfaced yet?!

  106. If the dippers of today are a product of yesterday’s academy training then it all counts up. We had crosses from dead ball and shooting or heading volleys from them. Then I went to do my session and it was tippy tappy passing from the back with one or two touch passing. No high crosses in the box but mid-height passing or crossing and player movement. One of them asked me whether I do long ball and I ripped up with laughter.

    Needless to say I got a telling off from the head coach for showing a lack of respect and not doing their session. I told him I have a duty to the boys to teach them the correct way football should be played.

  107. spot on dev.

  108. Great header Yossi, so close….

  109. Evenings Gooner familia,


    Hope our one arm bandit is okay. Rico ;)

  110. 1-0 Wigan :(

    rocky :(

    Arteta is injured, he’s finished for the night i think

  111. Hi DG, not so good now Wigan have gone 1-0 up….

  112. I’m up just on time…..lovely!!!
    Micko,I know Diaby is French…..that post was a bit on the sarcastic side lol.
    Morning all.

  113. …and we go behind. From our corner they do their first attack and they score on the break.

    bollox its 0-2

  114. What did i say about turning up????

    Only one team has, and they aren';t playing in red!!

  115. Arteta off, Ramsey off….

    That is not good news!

  116. FFS

    Come on Arsenal!! Knife between the teeth.

    Rico 2 coins lost in the slot machine. :(

  117. Are you shitting me?? 2-0 down? Pathetic. COYG! we can still demolish these bums.

  118. Indeed DG :(

    No rocky, we have started badly, really badly….

    Just starting to settle a bit….

  119. Freakish…

  120. We been here before with the scum nothing lost peeps.

  121. Wigan aren’t going to slack though, they want these points….

  122. great save by the wigan keeper…. yossi header

  123. Sensational save from Yossis header.

  124. Wonderful save by Habsi…….we will be playing against him tonight

  125. DG, wigan look a bit different to the swampies on that day………..

  126. So did the Spuds Rico…..

  127. i know rocky, but wigan are playing, they are playing well too… we need a goal very soon…

  128. We need to peg one back before halftime.

  129. next 20 mins and not concede scott….

  130. Today we will not win. I do not think we will score.

  131. What the fluck is going on here !

    Scott, just keeping you on your toes.

  132. Why wait twenty Rico lol.
    Go TV5…. The man.

  133. Arsenal defence parted like…er…something red and wet??


  134. erm….who is that idiot who said that we will not score?????? ;)

  135. I doubt we will get another though. it was just luck

  136. get in tv :)

  137. Oyyyyyyyyy Djourou, you cannot shoot from there….Wenger’s orders.

  138. Not a bite on the orange juice though Micko lol.
    I thought my prediction of a 3-0 win was looking stupid,thank goodness Merlins spreadsheet went for 0-0 or 1-1 result!!!
    Bloody statistics.

  139. Fack, that should have been 2-2

    and JD was unlucky just now…

  140. Look out Ozzy. That Shot by TR07 nearly hit your head in Oz.

  141. Devil,tell us we won’t score again!!!!!

  142. You’re never going to leave Merlins stats alone are you mate!

  143. W.E….W.I.L.L…N.O.T…..S.C.O.R.E…..A.G.A.I.N

  144. Mate,it sailed over my house.

  145. Very unusual to be attacking the North Bank in the 1st half of a premier league game, maybe Wigan are looking to get any advantage they can tonight and its working so far.

  146. Rocky,only when he stops whinging about everything Arsenal,and concedes the game is played on the park.
    He could come up with a stat to show how Wigan were always going to lead 2-0,because you can use and manipulate facts and figure to say what you want them to.
    Stats are useful AFTER a game.

  147. I think the first 10 minutes were our contribution to the nationwide social campaign: Real man get raped!!

  148. I know what you’re saying mate. Stats do make very interesting reading though…. But, I agree that they count for fuck all. Only stat that means anything is the scoreline.

  149. …and here is the shot by TR07……

  150. So beautifully worded DG…….!!

  151. Is Ramsey there today???? havent seen him yet???

  152. this ref is giving wigan everything :(

  153. devil, he is poor :(

  154. Devil Ramseys going well atm.

  155. hoorah, an arsenal free kick ;)

  156. Hmmmm….just noticed that he is dropping back allowing Songinho to be well Songinho.

  157. Dev, Rambo’s going to continue to be anonymous until he pops up in the 89th minute with the winner, and then tomorrow we’ll all have massive hard-ons for him!! (apologies for that unnecessary image, Rico…..!!)

  158. wigan time wasting already, why???

  159. And we fuck another free kick. Cant we be creative, innovative and imaginative???? With those damn freekicks???

  160. He’s been cleaned up 4 times and got one freekick…….another Welshman would have all four,plus a few thrown in for luck.
    You’re being harsh on Ramsey guys,you really are.

  161. :lol: devil, that doesn’t need an apology

  162. Sloppy Song!

  163. just wish he’d be a bit more dynamic scott, not slating him though, couldn’t have been an easy game to come on, second half he’ll get stronger….

  164. Moehahahahaha Devil All happy bunny with his frozen cream horn biscuit. Robbed of his desire to quench the heat.

  165. Rico is all flustered with that hard on comment .
    Rocky,Devil……let’s blame AK,he’s not here lol.

  166. EHHHHHHHHHHHHh???? what apology??? that’s RR07 who mentioned apology.

    Ozzy I was not being harsh. just did not notice that he is sitting back.

    hmmmmm 1-2 before half time. We need to score and equalise pretty soon after the restart otherwise we will suffer.

  167. Someone earlier suggested that wigan will chase us and get tired, anyone think that will still happen??

  168. Just for Scotty; Arsenal have had 14 attempts on goal in that half, Wigan 9!

    Those of you in the cheaper seats clap your hands, those of you in the more expensive ones rattle your jewelry.

  169. Sounds good to me Scott!!

  170. Just read Fabrice has been released from hospital.
    Apparently,and you may have already known,his heart actually stopped for 78 minutes…..that’s just incredible,and a credit to all those involved in saving his life.
    Great news.

  171. thats shocking DG, 14 attempts and just one goal….

  172. Let’s make it Scott+Ozzy=SCOZZY. :lol:

  173. Wtf was that first half….

  174. Well said Dutch.
    Rocky,I think all AK’s future comments should go through moderation,as the crass nature of them is in poor taste.

  175. brrrr…. many players at the some area on the midfield. Walcott isn’t in thr game. We must have a astriker for the left side. Come in Gervinho.

  176. first ten mins lee…. it all started when arteta got injured, he was down, yossi was shouting to the bench and then, he couldn’t get back quick enough to stop the goal….

  177. Rico Devil said it: We will be playing the goalie tonight. He had a superb save on yossie’s header.

  178. Devil,don’t bloody confuse me.

  179. Scott

    rico says:
    April 16, 2012 at 7:57 pm (Edit)

    Great news re fabrice – he’s been released from hospital today :)

    So has Trevor Francis…. :)
    :lol: :lol:

  180. But we are playing better than we played against QPR. Much better.

  181. rocky: I had the stick album yesterday in my hands.

  182. Right gang, just starting my stroll home. Catch you on the other side;

  183. Ahem rico, re.4.16.

  184. Erm Scozzy…..what is confusing you????

  185. why Arteta was on the pitch injury? was a big hole int he midfield!

  186. Rocky, crack open a cold fizzy Tizer when you get home.

  187. :oops: :oops: Micko

  188. Rico,I am a million k’s away,and it is 6 am,be kind lol.
    Anyway scoop,it is great to hear.

  189. :lol: Scott

    i goofed too, Micko posted it hours ago….

  190. Onya Devil.

  191. we have started this half better….

  192. Mmmmmmm….. Tizer….

  193. After watching that 1st half I bet kev is well and truly sloshed, tomorrows post will be a right laugh.

  194. Theo is not there today.

  195. Theo who???

  196. hi Rico I just think Man U is is better orm scoring more and there is every chance Rooney will pip RvP at the post

  197. why cannot i warm towards santos??

  198. hi alan, i thought you meant he would get more penalties ;)

  199. How the feck do we expect to go through the centre each time??? They are overcrowding RVP. We need to go around them on the left. Theo is cutting inside or his crosses are crap. So we need to go from the left. At least try it once.

  200. LOL Rico that may well be :D

  201. Rick,you don’t discriminate,you hate EVERYONE lol.

  202. AW a sub on 60 will do. Thank you.

  203. I would sub Theo and put Gibbs on at left back. Push Santos on the left and Benny on the right.

  204. Oh,I forgot about Theo….

  205. who is Rick?? ;)

  206. Theo has gone on the left now

  207. devil, i wouldn’t ;)

  208. Oyyyy mates…..dont you think that Martinez looks like a young George Graham???

  209. lucky lucky us….

  210. no devil….

  211. Gervinho.
    Earn your pay.

  212. Gerv on for Yossi….

  213. Y Benny?????? He was playing well.

  214. this doesn’t look good for either player :(

  215. I want the Ox on,and with time left on the clock.

  216. I wonder if that clash of heads has managed to loosen the tight screws in Theo’s head.

  217. phew, both up and playing….

  218. it was sagna, not theo

  219. why is Santos playing after being out for so long. It;s near season’s end, and why was Arteta repkaced?

  220. replaced

  221. Be honest mates. we lost 1-2 vs QPR. We are loosing 1-2 today. in which game our play has been better?? Imo we are a lot better today.

  222. Injured,Alan.
    Devil,the last pass is killing us.

  223. Ramsey plays with a different speed of the ours . Ramsey out!

  224. ok thanks Scott

  225. Ox on,Djourou off???

  226. come on boys…..

  227. 9 corners. Oh for a Delap working with Per!

    The Ox on. A bit late as usual. Thanks AW

  228. Joaquim you’ve been voted off the island for showing no originality.
    If you Ramsey is poor today,and worth singling out,you are bloody kidding yourself.
    Don’t know why some of you get a bee in your bonnet about one player and ignore everything else going on.
    Say something different,just ONE TIME,please.
    Theo has done nothing at all,yet to give us the same old crap you always do

  229. Arsenal offered £1m for Moses when he was at Crystal Palace. Compare that to the money Wenger spent on a certain Theo Walcott!

  230. i just don’t see us scoring guys :(

  231. Lacking creativity in the midfield.
    Bloody Ramsey,its all his fault.

  232. that is a disgraceful decision, theo was through and that was a deliberate foul!!

  233. It was definitely a foul,but boy,he was pushed off it easily.

  234. I’m off guys, pissed off to say the least…

    Til tomorrow……….

  235. I told you we will not score again Rico!!! today its a loss!!! end of

  236. Aguero would be good to have

    We should have thrown everything at Wigan. God they are fruity boys. Regardless of the things they do well, you can’t rely on them in the trenches. They run hot or cold

  237. we need to be set up better for set pieces, but that idiot AW is in the record as not preferring them

  238. Talksport say Theo a bit of a lightweight to have that affect him

  239. Very disappointing fame.
    Two soft goals…missed Kozzer….then lacked creativity….missed Arteta…..
    Still,plenty of chances were had,and stuffed up.
    Alan,we scored off a set play mate,so leave that alone!!!

  240. Wigan allowed to time waste all day allegedly. That does not explain the 2 quick goals Wigan got.

    Crowd booing..whom I don’t know

    Wenger out!

  241. Without Arteta we didn’t win a game. It’s the statitistic

  242. we didn’t have an opportunity in the seconfd half1
    We played in a very confusing way

  243. Set play my arse….lol.
    Nah,I agree with you on that issue,and not sure why Wenger isnt more serious about them.
    Ramseys to blame though.
    And the board lol.

  244. I knew it would be a bad night – Andre Marriner in the middle and that bitter cnut Niall Quin on Sky !

  245. so we got a set piece goal. Good. Ramsey is a lightweight

    Just unreliable.

  246. Joaquin,I agree with you there.
    When a side shuts down,we flood the middle,and RVP becomes totally ineffective.
    Then,the little fancy passes and chips cone in to play,which are useless with 20 players in the box.
    Keep it simple,and give our forwards space.

  247. Scott yes that tippy tappy football is shite

  248. It’s just popular to blame Ramsey,but boring.
    He did nothing wrong today.
    Theo fell over when through…fouled,yes,fell,yes.
    Vermaelen was poor in defence,great going forward.
    Szczesney lost the ball for the second goal.
    RVP did little.
    Nah,its even Ramseys fault we lost the coin toss.
    Be original guys,please.

  249. I am ready to smash my furniture. Really feel hulky, mean and green. History repeated. We blown another chance to build a table lead on our direct rivals. I don’t wanna hear any hullabaloo about “We turned a corner”. Try selling that to a child with a lollipop. Ain’t sucking that no more to prove me the team understands it’s responsibility.

  250. We didn’t get a set piece goal at all the goal was from open play Rosicky crossed for TV to head in…!

    Piss poor second half no width no tempo trying to play the ball through the eye of a needle in a packed penalty box…… no one taking on the full back to get crosses in from wide and their keeper didn’t make a save 2nd half…! Lets hope Arteta is fit for sat don’t think so the fact he went off so quick… Santos was awful theo was awful and Sagna got roasted 2nite…! Half time i thought we’d come out and batter them but we may as well of stayed in the dressing room…! Thats put a smile on the yids faces now…!

  251. Ramsey looks like he’s got no confidence what so ever, wenger should not of put him on for Arteta as it played into wigans hands of congesting the middle… Ramset wasn’t shit he just aint playing well but what the fuck does Gervinho do when he comes on…. doesnt even attack the full back either…!! Far to many questions !!

  252. As we seem to do every season we have again slipped up against the relegation fodder. As always with this manager we never seem to learn from our mistakes.

  253. The manager ain’t on the pitch Steve but thats where the mentality comes from for sure… why were none of the players trying to get the others to play at a higher tempo 2nd half… No urgency…! thats how we played when 2 up against wolves…!

  254. Steve

    “Turned a corner” belongs to navigation software. Ninety percent of the game is half mental. You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.

  255. We are far too lazy in too many matches – that’s got to be the manager’s responsibility.

  256. You and me WATH see eye to eye. Totally agree.

  257. It all comes from having the right mentality and attitude for me Steve and that must come from the Boss….! They shouldof got a kick in the bollox at half time at Wolves for pissing about and taking it easy yet so many said its ok we were winning…! thats a piss poor attitude in my book.

  258. Wath,I suggest you go back and read my next post mate.
    I knew Alan missed the goal,and was winding him up.
    Dutch,I agree,we are still to hesitant to shoot.
    Are players intimidated by RVP’s goalscorong this season.
    Id better not shoot and miss if RVP’s open…….
    Not RVP’a fault at all,but it could be an issue.
    I definitely think its the case with Gervinho.

  259. Piss poor from RVP at the end as well, shake the blokes hand and then go have the hump with your team mates not the opposition just cos your sulking…!

  260. Try not to become a man of success, but rather, try to become a man of value. Value for money that is. Manager and players alike!!

  261. Can’t be arsed reading three hours back Scott thought ABMP had got the wrong info simples……….

    Gervinho looks scared of his own shadow… he ain’t been Vegas with chamakh has he..??

  262. It’s a shame a few more didnt put in the effort that TR7 did 2nite… yes that would be you Theo…!

  263. I blame AK for being there and Ramsey for being on the pitch and Merlin for being a magician…! That just about covers the blame game then………..

  264. I’m going horizontal mates. Night WATH,Steve,Scott,JM,Alan.

  265. Wengers gotta be taking the piss…. we lacked hunger and combined with fatigue…??? is he having a f’kin laugh…? fatigue…? they ain’t played for a week…! As for the hunger comment on 7million a year should he not be looking in the mirror and asking why his team lacks hunger..?
    Also looks not good with the Arteta injury…! Just what we fuckin needed…!

  266. Cheers DG, sleep tight fella…!

  267. Wath,luckily Diaby can cpme on and replace Arteta lol.
    Ok,no need to read back in the goal,just letting you know.

  268. Oh fuck I forgot about him…………. All’s well then we got Diaby who can play on Sat… for about ten mins of course then he’ll be off again..!
    AK will be pleased…!

  269. Micko says:

    April 16, 2012 at 3:22 pm

    Merlin, if we lose tonight I’ll change my name to Shirley, it ain’t gonna happen.

    Micko, I can’t take emotional roller-coaster ride no more.
    I prefer to prepare for teh worse and hope for the best.
    In this way, I wouldn’t feel so down when being let down [again] by those inconsistent youngsters.

    Wigan came to play us with their tails up…and with a decent manager in Martinez and watching umteen tapes and DVD on teams that had beaten us….he knew he had a chance against Arsneal if he played continual high pressurised and pacy football, hsi defence never giving our players the chance to settle down and control at firts touch, closing Arsenal players down isnatntly, by fair or foul means, stopped them from passing ‘em or passing the ball.

    In the meantime, use a pacy winger liek Moss to attack our vulnerbale flanks…..(dont’ we ever elarned from SInclair – Swansea – and Traabt – QPR?)

    And of course, never sit back against Arsenal as you always have a decent chance of winning when you attack Artsenal….and 10 league game losses proved that.


    This is my prediction in one forum playing Prediction League:

    My predicitons were:
    Arsenal 0 Abu Dhabi CIty 6
    Arsenal 1 Wigan 2
    Arsenal 0 CHelski 6

    Let’s hope my trend is correct…. :mrgreen:

    We play better away from home nowadays; and only turned up against BIG CLUB.

    Never fear.
    Historically, team with 67/68 points are in 4th spot…provided CHelski will not win CL CUp.

    2 more wins or 1 win 1 draw will confirm 4th spot.
    3rd spot?….plenty to fight for.

    WHy did we lost?
    That f**king 2-0 after 11th minute..and the whole team switched off gave me an inkling of INCONSISTENCY AND TENDENCY TO TURN-UP FOR BIG TEAM ONLY..@#$%^@@

    As I said, look no further than we refusing to acknowledge from August 2011 that we are vulnerable to flank attacks from pacy wingers….with our FB struggling to track-back and contained tehm…or even after 8 months into the season, we still have not found the tactics to solve this “soft underbelly” of our team.

    Di Matteo?
    He is no AVB, he had lifted the morale of the team, motivated senior players to play for him…..and if they get a decent result against Barca…their tails will be up..and we are in a torrid time.

    Seriously, I see us losing 1-3 as Juan Mata is way way better than Moss, Traabt and SInclair……with Drogba and Torres bullying our Back-4.

    We turn up against BIG CLUB…

    But then, we whup WIgan 4-0…and lose 1-2.

    We whup Chelski 5-3…..and….statistically, trend-wise.. :mrgreen:

    If we only look at recent form for the past 10 days…..is CHelski on the “up”…and Arsenal reverted to their “inconsistent” self?

  270. Diaby?
    He is way way better than Ramsey and has the physique and passing skill, plus ball holding skill, to make a difference in MIDFIELD.

    Playing DIaby in lieu of a demoralied and lacking in confidence Ramsey will boost our chance of beating CHelski by a quantum.

  271. You’ve missed one thing Merlin the Magician.. Mata isn’t a speedy winger, he’s a great player who pulls the strings he won’t roast the fullback and will they risk playing him..? When Mata plays well the chavs play well he’s the key but what team will they play and if they get a half decent result wednesday they have to try to go for a result at nou camp so the Arsenal game could be just what they don’t want..!.
    We won’t have Arteta but as kindly pointed out by Scott we will have Diaby……….


    Song was crap again tonight playing the stupid balls into the box that chip pass to no one cos the defenders picked it every time…! Back to basics again chaps and high tempo and when we do that we can beat anyone, when we play like tonight it’s as if we think 3rd is sown up already and all we have to do it turn up…! piss poor mentality and not for the first time and unfortunately it won’t be the last either me thinks…!

  272. See Jacks been ruled out for the rest of the season as well…!

    Now to keep him out of the Olympics…!

  273. WATH, Mata has the guile and craft to glide pass our “static” FB.

    It is his play making ability that I fear…..a deep running Lampard to pick up the pieces….Ramires making SOng paid for his absence….and of course, Torres or Drogba is no slouch over the first one or two yards to speed off from our Back-4.

    Chelski may play to their strengthen…attack down out throat thru’ the middle…..with COle and Boswinga stretching our flank.

    Isn’t that the same tactic that Wenger had been using to win games?

  274. Sagna had a very average game 2nite Merlin but mata won’t glide past him in my opinion he’s normally very good and one of teh best around but mata’s passing and time allowed on the ball to pick out runners is a problem again depends who they play and will they have an eye on Barca…?

    Koz back will help tighten things up as he reads the game so well and Gibbs over santos please wenger…. Song it seems to depend which Song turns up but with no Arteta Song needs to sit and be more defensive and let others be more attacking…! Theo also needs to turn up after 2nite…! I just fancy us against the chavs… we’ll win and then go and lose to Stoke… you know it’s how we are… Can always rely on Arsenal to be unreliable…!

  275. Kozzers back….do nor underestimate the difference he will make.
    Mata played when we spanked them at SB………suddenly he’s a different player???

  276. No Scott, Mata was fuckin good then as well….! he’s always been good it isn’t all of a sudden. chavs should of been three up in 15mins there and they missed their chances and we took ours…!

  277. We’re gonna miss Arteta big time if he misses the next four games…! Not chuffed about that at all.

  278. oh well such is life

  279. Merlin, I bow to your superior knowledge, Wenger is seriously jarring my brain.
    I’m off to my bunk now, there’s only so much one man can take.

  280. Alan, it could be worse, you could wake up dead in the morning.

    Nite all.

  281. Is that you Micko or Shirley…………????????? :D

  282. MIcko, not superior knowledge but based on form for the past 10 days….and the tendency of a young team to be inconsistent.

    I am plugging for the fact that the TEAM, and Song inf act, always turend up when playing against BIG CLUB.

    The danger is a rejuvenated CHelski with plenty of raw physicalpower can over-come Arsenal.

    But you will never know and Lady Luck maybe with su again…especially what I suspect an over-physical game against Barca with plenty of cynical over-the-top hard tackling, elbowing, body-check and physical punishment dished out to theirmain danger man in Mata.

    Let’s hope all those over-30 players will be knackered out come lunch-time kick-off on Saturday.

    If we can’t beat or get a result against a physical-drained Chelski – and mentally exhausted as well – then what are we talking about winning the title next season?

    Goodnight all.

  283. Cheers Merlin……….!

  284. Offski……… When you read this AK your banned from going anymore games u jinx…..!

  285. Well i’m not going to the Chelski game Wath… :-)
    And i wasn’t at Old Toilet or QPR.
    In fact, that was the first time i saw them lose in the EPL this season. :-[

  286. Gotta give credit to Martinez.
    He sucked us in and mugged us on the break.
    We should have scored twice in the opening 5 mins, but went too gung~ho.
    Our defending was amaturish for Wigan’s first goal.
    The second Wigan goal was a total defensive balls~up.
    RVP was crowded out. Theo was snuffed out. And that was that.
    TR07 should have equalised, but after that we were feeding on scraps.

  287. Wenger had no answer to Martinez’s tatics.
    Gervinho came on and just did bugger all.
    Ox had a few runs but Wigan defended really well.
    Sometimes you just have to accept that the other side deserved it and imho Wigan were the better side overall.

  288. I just hope we are not in a position of needing to go to West Brom on the last day, needing a win.
    Chelski is now a must win.
    In fact Stoke [a] and Norwich are now must win games.
    Good Old Arsenal. They love to put us through the wringer…

  289. Nothings easy AK,not with Arsenal.

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