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Bizzare goings on, Winger desperate to sign & there’s nothing like a rumour at Arsenal….

I know this is a blog for Gooners but what has taken place at Liverpool is quite strange. The club is going through a torrid time, the owners believe that the reason is the ‘average’ signings made in the summer so they have sacked Damien Comolli, the man who secured those deals.

Kenny Dalglish though is safe, yet he is the manager and he’s confirmed that he sanctioned each deal, so why would Comolli be the scapegoat?

We all believe that Mr Gazidis is a bit slow when it comes to sorting out our transfer deals, yet still there are quite a number of fans who blame our manager and believe that he should be the one ‘gone’. Not many on here I hasten to add.

Take Park out of the equation, is there one other signing that Arsene Wenger made in the summer that HASN’T made an impact on our season?

Even old boy Yossi has proven his worth and he’s loving life at his current club and wants to stay, he’s 100% committed to us, even though he says he still loves Chelsea. He can’t really say anything else can he, not until his future is sorted.

Talking of tranfers, we all just love a good bit of transfer speculation as the summer window approaches, nothing gets the blogs humming like a transfer rumour.

Always has, always will.

I recall looking through some old newspaper cuttings my Dad had saved from the 1950’s, and nothing has changed.

George Robledo, the Newcastle forward was strongly linked to a move to Highbury, around 1954 . That was a surprise to me and a rumour I’d not heard or read before.

Then there are the legion of stories of Arsenal trying to sign the likes of Stanley Matthews, Wilf Mannion, Tommy Lawton [in his prime], Danny Blanchflower, Denis Law and Cliff Jones, I’m sure most of you know them.

Transfers to Arsenal are always news, probably always have been since spin was in its infancy and being spun by the brilliant Herbert Chapman in the 1930’s.

So when we read that Montpellier have put a massive price of £50 million on the head of Olivier Giroud, their 25 year old centre-forward and the leading scorer in Ligue Un and that Arsenal are strongly linked to him. We just shrug our shoulders, look up You-Tube to see some of his goals, and have a quiet chuckle.

£50 million…..? Yeah, right!

Apparently Arsene has sent his French scout Gilles Grimandi to watch Giroud…. Really?!!!

Grimandi is currently putting together a dossier on Giroud…. That’s right ‘a Dossier’, spooky eh….?!

I wonder if Jason Bourne is checking up on him as well???

Of course nobody at Arsenal has refuted this or many of the other ‘red herring’ stories going around, It suits the club to let these rumours run because it covers up our real intentions.

No doubt Roberto Mancini read the stories and immediately sent a whole posse of scouts out to France, as soon as he heard that it was Wenger watching Giroud…

Wenger knows that the Petro-Dollar clubs follow closely who he is watching, waiting to gazzump Arsene at the last moment.

Alex Ferguson is a master at stealing away players Arsenal have been watching too with  Jones, Smalling and Young being the most recent.

Mind you, Arsene does it to ‘Old Red Nose’, and stole Aaron Ramsey away from Old Toilet, when they thought he was in the bag, and didn’t the inept Savic end up at Wastelands after his trial at Arsenal…

It’s all a game but a game that Wenger has to be more imaginative at, given his financial disadvantage.

I suspect that the links to the Italian midfielder Montelivio, fall very much into the red herring category and we’ll get a hell of a lot more like them before the Summer window even opens!

All the same, there are some rumours out there that seem to carry a bit more creditability, both in terms of quality and price.

We all know them so I won’t repeat them.

I am confident that Gazidis and Wenger have got their transfer heads in gear already and early this summer we will see a additions.

Maybe prompted by criticism, maybe also prompted by Silent Stan???

Written by Allezkev

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187 Responses to Bizzare goings on, Winger desperate to sign & there’s nothing like a rumour at Arsenal….

  1. Mattyboy says:

    I HATE Gazidis what a idiot !!!

  2. rico says:

    Morning All…

    Spot on AK, we all love a rumour, especially Stanley ;)

    Good post btw :)

  3. rico says:

    Matty, you and me both, does majke you wonder sometimes when we hear/read Wenger out, yes on the pitch he can be questioned somtimes but if Gazidis is the one naffing up the deals, maybe he’s the one to go if he naffs up again this summer….

  4. rico says:

    Why has Big Sol had to stert opening his choppers about RvP, he should keep it zipped…

  5. stevepalmer1 says:

    Another fine post Sir Kev,
    50 million i gasp, i agree not for us, we don’t have a bad squad when you look at it, with some of the deadwood out and a couple or three quality players we could actually win something next year, we have some very good prospects in our squad but their form comes and goes if they could get some consistency we could be a powerfull force in the premier league, we have young players right through the squad and the future looks very promising i have to say that expensive signings for the future is something i don’t think we will see but that maybe not is what is needed as much as consistency with what we do have. with Jack almost ready to fit in and Jenkinson back now we will be having what looks like new faces in abundance. Personally the Vertonghen rumours are the type of signings we need and i would suggest a left back as well, i know many like the idea of another good striker and i hasten to add me too but apart from that we are not too bad.

  6. Tlailaxu says:

    To me one thing remains a mystery…how can ex players and people that were related deeply with arsenal in the past go on rambling about how much they want/hope/predict arsenals downfall,how?…instead of focusing on amazing season we had(to me it’s remarkable the way we turned around),every paper/pundit/ex-player/prick goes on about how bad useless lacking ambition and so on we are…

  7. irish gooner says:

    maybe the stories about grimandi scouting him and preparing a dossier,the 50mil price tag,are all an evil plan by wenger to get mancini to buy him!

  8. rico says:

    Morning Steve

    I don’t believe any player is woth £50M and i’d hate to see us pay that kind of money on one player.. ialso think Griouds club are talking out their butts suggesting he is valued at that….

  9. rico says:

    vertonghen woul be a very good lb steve, he is mr utility… :)

  10. stevepalmer1 says:

    Few things to do today so will catch you later welcome back Rico missed you yesterday hope your family day went well.

  11. alanbstardmp says:

    the Arsenal board and management need removal

    They need to sign a couple of Englishmen, as Man U would.

  12. devilgunner says:

    Good Morning Guys and Chicks of the Near Exploding Gunners’ Faith.

    A fine post Sir AK. I am getting used to the writing style of each blogger here and within the first two paragraphs I clicked on who the writer was. I agree with all you wrote and the bit about old ex players made me chuckle a bit…….I wonder if old Stanley will have managed to last more than a minute within the present playing style. Sir SP……would you like to be RVP’s sub???? ;)

    There is a two way situation with former players commenting on the present state of affairs. On one hand it can be the kick up the arse the team needs. Petit tumed on the heat before the game at Tottenham and it worked.

    On the other hand it might be that some players want to slag the club off. But I feel that these are few and in the minority.

    So apparently we are after Giroud for £50million. Yeah right. With RVP and maybe Podolski plus Campbell who can play in the lone strikers’ role, AW is going to waste £50mill. Bollox. If OG is worth that amount of money than RVP must be worth around 90 million.

  13. rico says:

    Tlailaxu – i don’t think ex players want us to fall, most want us to sign a few players in the summer and make sure we keep rvp and theo. isn’t that we all want?

    the ones who love seeing us fail are the likes of hanson and redcrapp, but even they have been more impressed by us of late…

  14. rico says:

    :lol: irish, i like that idea

    thanks steve, it was a bit of a painful day ;)

  15. rico says:

    Morning devil,

    i think our striker signings depend solely on who departs, we know we need one, and thats before anyone leaves. if chamuck goes, we will no doubt sign two, if park goes and campbell doesn’t get his permit, anything could happen ;)

    But it will be an under £10m signing imho….

  16. devilgunner says:

    Hi Rico. We missed you yesterday. It was like when the cat is away the mice come out to play. Except that we prefer the cat to stay at home. ;)

    We had a moron who fell out of the wrong side of the bed, and boy, didn’t W.A.T.H make us laugh with Elpricko.

    For heaven’s sake Rico………wouldn’t you like to see us paying 50million for Messi, or Ronaldo?? I would.

  17. Scott From Oz says:

    Evening all.
    Liverpool made the bloke the scapegoat…..heaven forbid sacking the King lol.
    Still,we should be ecstatic they’ve kept Dalglish on,as it does us no harm!!!!!
    Giroud….50 million…….bloody dreamers.
    RVP is worth 150 million by comparison.

  18. rico says:

    :lol: devil, i did see elpricko comments this morning, i bet wath had fun there….

    I don’t think messi or ronaldo would be for sale for 50M ….

  19. rico says:

    Hi Scott, KK will be gone in the summer i think, the club are lining up van gael and cruyff ;)

  20. devilgunner says:

    Oyyyy mates. This is not the first time that Comolli has got what he deserves. He left AFC and went elsewhere claiming that without him AW is nothing. He went to the swampies and did not finish there. He went to the dippers and bore the brunt for all the signings. Serves him right

  21. offiong says:

    Fergie stole smalling and jones from us and all we could steal was d pathetic Ramsey? Not sure wat †☺ make of this whole stealing tng

  22. Billboy says:

    Morning all.
    Devilgunner, I’m not sure that I would like to see us pay £50m for Meesi or Ronaldo as by the time those two are worth that they will be about 35 and over the hill.

    I was fortunate to spend a couple of hours with Sir Stan in the mid-nineties and asked him why he spent his career at unfashionable clubs, did he ever want to go to a big club like Arsenal to improve his chances of winning something. His reply was that no-one ever asked him and he wasn’t the sort of person to force it. He said it was a very different world then but had good things to say about the game as it was then (1996) and the players. He did mention one very popular BBC TV pundit who he hated because he had been so rude to him and some of his contemporaries at a BBC event. No names but you are all welcome to take a guess.

  23. rico says:

    devil, his sacking made me chuckle, not as much as when kk gets the chop will though….

  24. rizal says:

    It is because of Comolli character, if you knew then you would agree with the sacking.

  25. rico says:

    offiong, you won’t be think that next season, i bet….

    morning billboy, thats what i think too, messi must be valued at £100m right now and ronaldo just a tad less….

    go on, spill ;)

  26. rico says:

    i don’t care they sacked him rizal, but if kk wanted all the signings, why hasn’t he been given the chop?

  27. Scott From Oz says:

    I’m not suggesting he shouldn’t gave been sacked,but he’s bearing the brunt for Kennys failings as well.

  28. devilgunner says:

    Billboy…..I was joking about Messi and Ronaldo.

    How I wish that we would find a couple of players like that though.

    Seems as if Rami Adil is the latest name mentioned. That means we will not sign him then.

  29. devilgunner says:

    Hiya Ozzy. I think they sacked him simply to save some money from his wages. If as Rico said at the end of the season they are employing Cruyff and Van Gaal then there is no need for Comolli for the last month or so. Dalglish will leave of his own accord stating that he is working for the benefit of the club. PRobably they will make him ambassador for the club. And they would get rid of him in a polite way.

  30. Micko says:

    Morning all,
    George Robledo, another one that slipped the net !
    As usual Gazidas will spend all summer with his finger up his arse.
    Johan cruyff looks set to become the next director of football at liverpool, i think most scousers were hoping Dagliesh would be moved upstairs.

  31. rico says:

    Ditto Scott..

    devil, we have The Ox :)

  32. rico says:

    Morning Micko – how the mighty scousers have soon turned on their king :lol:

  33. Scott From Oz says:

    It’s strange timing though….a day out from a massive derby.
    Go the Toffees.

  34. rico says:

    Everton to win that one i reckon Scott, the dippers have on goal keeper ;)

    Chavs to batter the swampies too i hope….

  35. devilgunner says:

    The thing about the Dippers, and many clubs included in this, is that they pretend success here and now as it was in the past. And rightly so. Except that its not reality. it is just fantasy. Success in the past does not mean success now. That is what I tell Manure supporters. Enjoy it now for one day it will be your turn to flounder. That is why you should be careful who you kick (insult) when you are up because when you start coming down the kicks will be twice as hard.

    Who has been the most successful club in English History. There are two……

    1……Arsenal for completing nearly a century in the top division. No one has ever managed to do so. Even though we have not won as many cups we have been the mose consistent performers.

    2……The swampies for managing to stay always in our shadow. ;)

  36. devilgunner says:

    Rico………Dein with the Dippers??? :( hope not

    Regarding the Chavs and Swampies…..I hope that its a draw.

  37. rico says:

    Good comment devil, but aren’t we doing similar?

    yes we are making the top four, which is incredible really considering our squad sometimes but unlike wenger, i don’t consider that to make us winners…

    i hope DD doesn’t go there either, can’t see he’d want to either…

  38. Scott From Oz says:

    There’s only one club in England,period.

  39. rico says:

    no replay though is there for the semis? if there is, then yes, a draw please :P

    i can see the swampies winning that one though…. chavs will be thinking too much about barca

  40. Scott From Oz says:

    Rico,there’s a massive difference between us and Liverpool.
    We can see light at the end of the tunnel.

  41. Scott From Oz says:

    Rico,if I were Chelsea,I’d go full pelt at Spuds.
    Their gone against Barca before they start.

  42. alanbstardmp says:

    Scott From Oz says:
    April 13, 2012 at 11:57 am

    There’s only one club in England,period.”

    Pity it has bugger all Englishmen

  43. Scott From Oz says:

    Which one has Alan????
    I honestly wonder why you’re so down on Arsenal.

  44. alanbstardmp says:

    Scott, the fact you acknowledge English football has a lack of Englishmen helps me make a point

    Man U plays a regular firsts team with only 4 foreigners

    Scott I cannot stand or abide the board or management, regardless off success

  45. devilgunner says:

    Light at the end of the tunnel Ozzy????? Nah mate.

    IMO we are already out of the tunnel and feeling a warm glow of the rising sun’s rays. I think the corner has been turned now. The self doubts of the playing/coaching staff has finally been erased and if RVP, Theo and Song remain there next year and we see new faces then I think that we will enjoy the comforts of the noon sun.

    However I do agree with Alan……we do need a couple more Englishemen in the team.

  46. alanbstardmp says:

    yes devilgunner. EPL experience, that natural Dunkirk attitude when things are tough, far less divers, communicate as they speak and understand each other etc

  47. rico says:

    Certainly only one in london :)

  48. Scott From Oz says:

    But England simply aren’t producing enough quality players,hence their lack of international success for decades.
    You are negative towards Arsenal for not drawing a line in the sand and using more English on one hand,but condemn the board when they DO draw the line and operate within their financial means on the other.
    You can’t have it both ways.
    I offered this up months ago elsewhere……name the top 20 players in the premier league,in your opinion.
    Now tell me how many are English.
    3,4 maybe…..

  49. rico says:

    That’s true Scott, at the moment their is light, but this summer if things don’t pan out as we hope, that will become a torch with dead batteries….

    I reckon they think they have a chance against barca, of course we know different, they will be up against 12 from the start….

  50. Scott From Oz says:

    Alan,you must be a pom,you have to be.
    No Aussie,especially at this time of year,would bring up Dunkirk when Anzac day is nigh lol.
    Oh,and thanks to that pommy General for sending our lads to the wrong beach…..fair dinkum!

  51. rico says:

    alan, we have a few englishman, theo, ox, jack, gibbs, jenkison – yes id love us to get one or two more but who out there is really what we’d like to see join?

    please dont suggest barton, shawcross etc :)

  52. Scott From Oz says:

    Rico,at the moment,teams just cant beat Barca over two legs.

  53. Scott From Oz says:

    Utd don’t have 4 non English in their best 11,either.
    There’s four in their back 5 alone.

  54. devilgunner says:

    I am off now guys. Catch yo later this evening.

  55. Scott From Oz says:

    See ya in the morning Devil!!!!!

  56. rico says:

    i know scott, and if its looking dodgy, the ref will step in and hlp them ;)

    have a good day devil….

  57. Scott From Oz says:

    Nothing so subtle Rico……just a penalty or three.

  58. alanbstardmp says:

    England has plenty of talent, but they are not getting a run thanks to the foreigners playing, hence no bugger sees the talent pool which is as big as ever, The national selectors mention this when selecting players from a narrower base

    The internationalsation has ruined the game

    Scott Ah yes, ANZAC day soon. Bugger the Turks. Let’s go all out and develop our own nukes and be attacked by the Americans ( grin )

    They would you know!

  59. Scott From Oz says:

    Money ruined the game Alan…..it caused the internationalisation.
    The Premier Leagues reputation as the best in the world has coincided with the influx of foreign players though,and if it were true that there’s plenty of English quality available,there’d be more playing at the top clubs.
    The yanks certainly love a scuffle,or “police action”……not my favourite nation.

  60. alanbstardmp says:

    quote Rico ” please dont suggest barton, shawcross etc :)


    Well there has to be some hidden somewhere OOh look. Clare Sweeney has just appeared on the idiot box! Yes thanks!

    back to the point. If we can’t get Englishmen then we need those with EPL experience and those that are hungry to score

    Sturridge, Fletcher, Taylor, Dempsey, Yokubu, Demba ba

    Aguero is supposed to be unsettled at ” Shitty “. Drogba still has a couple of years left although he may have resigned with Chelsea. Danny Graham got 10 goals so far, even Craig Bellamy is a good player on his day

  61. rico says:

    :lol: Scott, they certainly don’t try and hide their bias do they….

  62. rico says:

    i’d look to the championsip alan, or the sides to be relegated, all three of those teams have quality players.

    just like the england side seem to select from the ‘elite’ they and we are missing a trick in the lower leagues. every player has to start somewher

    What about Jordan Rhodes, who will snap him up?

  63. alanbstardmp says:

    There’s an Australian striker named Kennedy in the J league. 6’7 Quite a good player

  64. alanbstardmp says:

    Kennedy’s wiki says 6’4 29 old


  65. rico says:

    he’s not english though…..

  66. alanbstardmp says:

    no, but he won’t piss off to Africa either

  67. alanbstardmp says:

    some of the Aussie players aren’t too bad. athey’d come at a bargain price & a they’d do OK

  68. rico says:


  69. alanbstardmp says:

    then again, some wouldn’t :D

  70. Scott From Oz says:

    Alan,I reckon if Matt Ryan was 6’3 he’d be in the premier league.
    He’s a fantastic keeper,20 y.o. but only 6 foot.
    There are plenty of good kids here,and yes,at a bargain price.
    Very,very few of them dive,either.
    The imports have brought that with them.

  71. alanbstardmp says:

    Clare sure does love those low cut tops

  72. alanbstardmp says:

    Scott, imports are the worst divers. They have no sportsmanship at all. I laughed my head off when that idiot Gervinho dived and Barton grabbed and threatened him. Then Barton the fool took a dive. It was a circus

    Auusies don’t dive. Should be sent off for a month and docked all wages on first offence

  73. alanbstardmp says:

    6’0 isn’t bad Scott, he could still make it if the talent is there

  74. Scott From Oz says:

    There’s a bitch fight going on about the NRL game tonight.
    Was it a try or wasn’t it?
    After 3 minutes,8 replays from different angles,slow motion brought in,nobody knows.
    Commentators were split.
    Fans….well,it depends which side you follow lol.

  75. Scott From Oz says:

    He’s got it in bucket loads…..was named keeper of the year in the A league.
    His close range shot stopping is world class.

  76. alanbstardmp says:

    Being a member of civilized Oz society, I tend towards rugby Union rather than league, especially since they got rid of the foundation clubs

    Bloody hide of them doing that

  77. alanbstardmp says:

    well there you go. maybe he should just pack up independently and head to England, and if he can get past the paki inspectors at HM Customs, he should get in there and ask about

  78. rico says:

    Isn’t Shay Given quite short for a keeper?

  79. Scott From Oz says:

    Id out divers for 12 months.
    Barisha,Brisbanes striker,laid down for a full two minutes against the Mariners after no contact was made,all the while taking peeks at the ref.
    It remains the only time I have walked down to the fence and absolutely given it to a player with both barrels.
    Filthy,low dog of a man…..with a few choice others thrown in.
    Oh,and after the prick finally realised nothing was happening,he jumped up,beat three players and scored.

  80. Joaquim Moreira says:

    hello everybody

  81. Scott From Oz says:

    Alan,I very,very rarely watch league either.
    Tags are hanging on there as we speak.
    Morning Joaquim.
    Not sure on Given Rico.
    This Ryan can make it then,If you’re right.

  82. alanbstardmp says:

    LOL Scott, the crown should get into these divers. It’s a dreadful form of cheating

    Hi Joaquim

  83. rico says:

    we have been known to dive ;)

  84. alanbstardmp says:

    where abouts are you, Scott, the central coast somewhere?

  85. Scott From Oz says:

    Get rid of a couple for 12 months,and watch it end.

  86. rico says:

    Hi JM

    shock horror, sky sports have two of our goals in their goal of the week ….

  87. alanbstardmp says:

    that’s right Scott, you hammer a couple of divers, and the rest may behave

  88. rico says:

    straight red, out for three games should be enough….

  89. alanbstardmp says:

    straight into the lap of a nice firm, like West Ham or Millwall

  90. Scott From Oz says:

    Yeah Alan,just near Wyong.
    Rico,I never excuse it,even if its a Gunner.
    I don’t even like a player embellishing to make contact look worse,but that’s nothing compared to a no contact fall.
    Carroll last week…….see ya in 12 months arsehole.
    That was a prime example.
    I’ve noticed Santos,when in a bad position,will stop dead,and nearly back into his opponent,and wins the free every time.
    I don’t like that,but again,nowhere near as bad as a complete dive.
    In the Carroll case,punishment would actually be that he MUST play every game for 12 months lol.

  91. Scott From Oz says:

    This is where I endorse the video review system.
    Players are often too good at diving for officials to pick it on the day.

  92. alanbstardmp says:

    Empire bay near Ettalong

  93. Scott From Oz says:

    I know it quite well.
    I’m a sales rep,so have done a thousand jobs there.

  94. alanbstardmp says:

    poor old Carroll flopped for Scousers. Lucky he got that goal last time out

    Maybe he would make a gunner? Different team and new start. He does have talent

  95. Scott From Oz says:

    A few dozen,at least.
    Do you have any Gooners down there to watch games with??
    I’m on my lonesome up here.
    You know what its like….league is #1,but god knows why.
    The only games I watch are State of Origin.
    I prefer AFL…..my wife loves it,so we take the little fella down to Swannies matches a few times a year.
    Obviously get to some Mariners games,as well.

  96. rico says:

    Me neither, in fact its worse watching one of own own dive Scott…. thankfully it doesn’t happen to often…

  97. Scott From Oz says:

    I reckon Carroll needs a side that isn’t all about passing and movement.
    I think he was well suited at Newcastle,or a Stoke,Sunderland type club where they bang it long and look for set pieces.
    He can play,and has a cannon of a left foot,but simply isn’t worth 36 million.
    The pricetag isn’t his fault, ut its his to live up to.

  98. alanbstardmp says:

    No No Gooners here. Football is a lonely existence here and I never watch a local game as I don’t like world football. Only the EPL/ Even the CL i can’t stand

    I’m the same with motor racing. Shits me to reas watching all those idiots go round and round and friggin round, but I have promised myself I’ll go see the IoM TT which I love

  99. Scott From Oz says:

    Id rather lose than win from a dive.
    Seriously,even if it meant a trophy,not for me.

  100. alanbstardmp says:

    yes indeed 36 mill was way too much

  101. Scott From Oz says:

    Alan,go to one Swans game,just one.
    It’s a fantastic spectacle live.
    Yell out,I’ll take you down.

  102. alanbstardmp says:

    Scott, i tried that. I hate Aussie rules. Dreadful game. Knitting excites me more, and the dreadul women supporters are like those that follow wrestling

  103. alanbstardmp says:

    appreciate the offer though:D

  104. stevepalmer1 says:

    Afternoon Gooners,
    Scott your comment made me smile Australians are very similar to the English we have that same feeling for fair play players diving goes against the grain and a hardworking player gets to be admired, just lately i was getting a bit uptight with Ramsey his form had dropped a bit but i allways thought he was trying he’s best he got brought down in the box the other night but instead of rolling over he got to his feet instantly i see that as fair play granted had he stayed down the ref would probably given a penalty and he didn’t but i admired Ramseys honesty and his will to try and score. Most fans i believe like to see fair play. Had i had been the ref i would have given the penalty but i like to think thats not because i am biassed

  105. Scott From Oz says:

    Well a Tahs game then one day.

  106. alanbstardmp says:


    This is because a British ship got here before the frogs

  107. alanbstardmp says:

    Scott yes perhaps. Why not! :D

  108. Scott From Oz says:

    Steve,it was penalty,for sure.
    Your comments on Aaron are exactly the reason I love him…….he gives 100% every single time he pulls a Gunners shirt on.
    I noticed his reaction,or lack of one,as did the commentators calling the game on Tele,and he was given due credit.

  109. rico says:

    Steve – Theo is another who tries to stay on his feet, so many times i wish he’d gone over….

    The other night he did and got what he deserved…

    i wouldn’t be surprised if we see him play central next season….

  110. alanbstardmp says:

    AW should play Theo where he prefers

  111. Scott From Oz says:

    And the yanks Alan……and Spanish…….
    It’s a deal,Tahs it is.
    They scraped in tonight.

  112. alanbstardmp says:

    Scott Tahs win? Thank Christ!

  113. Scott From Oz says:

    Rico,I’m starting to think you have a thing for young Theo…….
    You’re right though,he did get a penalty early in the season even though he played on.
    Respect……how could you have any for Suarez,Drogba and the like?

  114. Scott From Oz says:

    Led 17 nil,won 23-18.
    The Force hit the front with about ten to go!!!!!

  115. alanbstardmp says:

    Drogba would be a good player for us for the time he has left

  116. stevepalmer1 says:

    He looks like he is getting there Rico seems to favour the middle more than the wing time to use a winger and let Theo loose

  117. Scott From Oz says:

    Alan,don’t suggest Wenger plays Theo where he prefers……he might answer at the Camp Nou!!!!!!!!

  118. rico says:

    not at all scott, i just have faith in him as a footballer, where as many don’t – bit like you with ramsey ;)

  119. alanbstardmp says:

    they cut it fine don’t they? Main thing is we beat the All Blacks & Springboks when the tests come up

  120. Scott From Oz says:

    Id take Drogba,with a clause fining him for each dive.
    He’s still got it,that’s for sure.

  121. alanbstardmp says:

    Drogba likes Arsenal and AW too. Drogba was another AW missed out on a few years back. WE could have got him for 100,000 quid

  122. Scott From Oz says:

    The Wallabies have shown some decent signs over the last 12 months,and this could be the year the tide turns.
    Rico,as Alan said,play Theo where he wants,which is narrower.
    I go back to Spuds game.
    We were down,Wenger tightened him up and he destroyed them.
    He’s an instinctive player,not a thoughtful one,so play him to his strengths or let him go……no half measures.

  123. Scott From Oz says:

    100 grand….not a bad buy!!!!

  124. rico says:

    we saw the other night and agaist the yids how he can finish, finally i think hes ready guys ;)

    least it will stop fans moaning about his running into alleys ;)

  125. Scott From Oz says:

    Rico,I font think he’s quite the finished product,but he’s taken dome big steps lately.
    His finishing when one on one is absolutely outstanding,but at other times,still not there yet.
    As with Ramsey,he’s still a kid.

  126. alanbstardmp says:

    100 grand for a guy that turned out to give us grif for a few years. AW saw him in France and was going to buy, but as usual, nothing happened

  127. stevepalmer1 says:

    Glad we did Alan :)

  128. Scott From Oz says:

    Ahhh,they can’t get them all Alan.
    I wonder how many clubs were watching RVP.
    Hopefully Ferguson bemoans not getting Ox in a few years time.
    I reckon our time is coming,the worm has turned.

  129. Scott From Oz says:

    Off to bed,so goodnight all.

  130. rico says:

    he’s still a kid scott, he’ll get better and better, how old was henry when he peaked ;)

    same as ramsey, a kid who lost a year of his game, he’ll be class when he’s ready but as devil said, he needs to forget cesc….

  131. rico says:

    i’m off for a bit, catch up later…..

  132. alanbstardmp says:

    goodnight Scott

  133. rico says:

    night scott… laters

  134. Micko says:

    Shock, horror, Diaby is outta the Wigan game on Monday, Father Christmas works more days a year than him.

  135. alanbstardmp says:

    Micko, we don’t need him. ” Taxi for Mr Diaby “

  136. W.A.T.H says:

    With the amount of deadwood we need to ship out we don’t need a taxi we need a minibus…!

  137. alanbstardmp says:


  138. rico says:

    42 seater coach Wath…


  139. W.A.T.H says:

    22 seater would be about right I reckon Rico ;-)

    Afternoon 2u2…………….! Quiet eh….. It’s a longggggggggggg weekend when we don’t play til Monday night.

  140. rico says:

    i reckon that would do it Wath, very quiet, usually is when we don’t play and seeing as we won in the week, not much to moan about ;)

  141. allezkev says:

    That’s right, we need a damned good thrashing to liven things up. Get all the Wenger must go merchants out blogging again.
    God help us if we won something.
    It would be like a ghost~town on here. :-D

  142. rico says:

    my comment just dissappeared :(

    afternoon ak, nothing like a loss to get the trolls out eh :)

  143. allezkev says:

    So Diaby is injured again..!
    Well we went through the same thing with Rosicky.
    And similar long periods with RVP absent.
    But i wouldn’t be without either of them now..!
    So maybe, and i can under Gunners fans losing patience, but just maybe, Diaby is gonna be the Rosicky/RVP of next season?

  144. allezkev says:

    Hello Rico. WordPress buggering about again?

    Yeah where is UberDickHead?
    Or whatever his stupid name was.
    An empty vessel methinks.
    Back to school next week..?!

  145. rico says:

    you reckon diaby will make it ak?

  146. allezkev says:

    I’m hoping for an Everton vs Chelski FACup final, with Moyes winning his first trophy…

  147. rico says:

    think so ak, typed a long comment and it went off into space ;)

  148. rico says:

    You and me both ak, want the chavs to batter the swampies, 5,6 ,7 -0, the more the better…..

    everton are doing well, moyes deserves a bit of silverware :)

  149. allezkev says:

    Diaby, not sure tbh, but i hope so.
    As it stands he’s costing us a lotta dough with no return.
    I’m just hoping that he can recover enough to get in a few game and then go from there.
    It’s an Owen Hargreaves scenario.
    Eventually his contract will expire and the club can make a decision then, if he’s still unfit.

  150. allezkev says:

    Yeah, bloody WordPress.
    I can only post from my phone using a different address.
    Still can’t see the benefits of what they’ve done.
    Not made posting any better or easier.

  151. allezkev says:

    Did you see that rumour coming outta Brazil about that young Brazillian and young Argie?
    Unless they can get EU passports, then i can’t really see the point. Unless they are special talents?!

  152. allezkev says:

    Offski now. :-)

  153. rico says:

    sorry ak, i crashed again :(

    re diaby, i think next season is do or go….

    see you later….

  154. rico says:

    off for a bit too…..

  155. rico says:


  156. rico says:

    Nighty all, have a good one…..

  157. Scott From Oz says:

    Where is everyone???
    Don’t leave me alone….you know what happened last time.

  158. Scott From Oz says:

    Afobe is on for Reading….my first glimpse.

  159. W.A.T.H says:

    Oh shit…………….. 2Scotts on the loose…! Watch out world…!

  160. Scott From Oz says:

    No inspiration this morning Wath…sorry to disappoint!!
    Reading just beat Southampton 3-1….they had 3 shots on goal in total!!!
    By the time Afobe came on,Reading were defending the lead,so Afobe was mainly tracking back and defending.

  161. W.A.T.H says:

    Thats a great result for Reading…..!! Mcdermott being ex Arsenal am pleased for him…! Afobe will be good…! missed a lot of the season so maybe first part of next season he’ll need a 3/4 month loan spell to get games under his belt..!

  162. Scott From Oz says:

    Reading was under the pump the whole time….they took their chances.

  163. W.A.T.H says:

    Fair play if you take your chances… How often we’re guilty of that and end up 0-0…..!

  164. Scott From Oz says:

    Not this year Wath….we’ve barely had a goalless draw.
    These right games we’ve won has helped us get to third.
    1-0 against Wigan will do,too.

  165. W.A.T.H says:

    Fuck that Scott 1-0 gives me heart attacks ;-)

  166. Scott From Oz says:

    But we didn’t like a 3-0 the other day…..well,I did lol.

  167. W.A.T.H says:

    That was different you plonker lol ;-)

  168. Scott From Oz says:

    Too bloody fussy,that’s the problem Wath.
    Poor old Arsene reads this and just knows he can’t win lol.

  169. Scott From Oz says:

    Of course I’m joking Wath,but its partly true.
    When we put 5 past Chelski,the narks were out……its papering over the cracks.
    We came from behind v the Dippers……the narks screamed we were lucky,as we were totally outplayed.
    Sunderland….same thing,came from behind,played flat but got the result.
    Last week,we were in total control,yet we should’ve buried them.
    These were actually games we won!
    I’ve said it a hundred times,these were games we would have drawn at best,lost at worst,over the last few,seasons.
    I understand we all want the best for the club,but sometimes our support is strange,to say the least.
    I go back to one thing…..in September,would we have taken a top 4 finish???
    Bloody oath we would have,and we’d have kissed Wengers arse at that time if it happened.
    We are there now,and I realise we can look back and think what if,but I don’t see the point.
    Let’s look forward…..plenty of good stuff coming.
    2-0,over Wigan…..go you good things.

  170. allezkev says:

    Is that Wath moaning again..?

    Good. Well everything is normal then… :-)

  171. Scott From Oz says:

    AK,i slipped him a few bob,so he’s off getting a tattoo.
    Stay on one arse cheek,positive on the other!!!!

  172. allezkev says:

    Scott, Wigan are in a false position, they’re a very good team and Martinez is a good manager.
    In a way, Wigan beating the Mancs should make Wenger’s team talk easy.
    Complacency, and see what happens!

  173. Scott From Oz says:

    AK,I agree totally.
    Martinez is a damn good manager.
    He’s done a great job with the club.
    They tore Utd apart.
    It’s probably a good thing for us,because any team coming off a win over Utd draws attention,so our guys know what they’re in for.
    I’m glad its at home.

  174. allezkev says:

    The trouble with Wath, Scott, is that he wants Arsenal to win so much, that they end up giving him the hump.

    I used to be a nutcase… Just couldn’t enjoy my bloody football because i wanted Arsenal to win so much it spoiled it for me.
    I’m a bit more chilled now. But i still have me moments.

  175. allezkev says:

    Will you be watching Monday [Tuesday for you i reckon] Scott?
    I’m going with my lad.
    Quite looking forward to it.
    Think it’ll be a good game.

  176. allezkev says:

    You know, and i don’t know why, but i think we’ll beat Stoke this season up there at the rugby ground.
    They’re coming off of an exhausting season and i don’t think we need to fear them anymore as our lads can deal with the physical sides now.
    Match Stoke’s physicality, and what do they have???
    Nothing Scott, a big fat zilch.

  177. W.A.T.H says:

    I ain’t ever been any different AK, since I was 5… i fuckin hate loosing…! Arsenal is life simple as that, pretty pathetic some may say but it is what it is…! It ruins my fuckin week when we lose and sometimes it doesnt when I know we were beaten by a better team or just unlucky, as with you we’ve seen utter shit over there and we still went back week after week and still we here but now we pay through the nose and expectations are far higher with what we pay and what we get in return isn’t always very good…!

  178. W.A.T.H says:

    To late for the tattoos Scott they been there decades mate one say I’m a miserable fucker the other one says if FOYS………! ;-)

  179. allezkev says:

    I know what you mean mate. We’ve suffered, that’s for sure.
    But i do enjoy it more now, even if losing is still hard to take.
    The quality under Wenger, is the best i’ve seen.
    But i did enjoy it under George, but in a different kknd of way. I suppose it suited my bloodymindedness.
    1~0 to the Arsenal. It really wound up all the Arsrnal haters and i loved that.
    Now a days i treat the Press & Media with complete and utter contempt.

  180. allezkev says:

    Righto Wath/Scott, i have to get my beauty sleep. :-D
    Night you Gooners

  181. Scott From Oz says:

    Iove the game,and I love the club.
    I don’t have the tribal mentality you guys do,so I do keep that in mind when thinking of your passion.
    Saying that,if we lose,its not the ruin of my week….I don’t like it,but it happens.
    I used to be a bad loser,but with a bit of age,have chiiled like you AK.
    I will definitely be watching v Wigan….work has been arranged around it.
    I have no tatts at all Wath,but have been thinking about it lately.
    AFC,and my kids names…..short but sweet.
    Speaking of football,I’m off……the boys are playing an an hour or so,so will give a report later on.
    Sleep well lads,talk soon.

  182. W.A.T.H says:

    Cheers AK take it easy matey…!

  183. W.A.T.H says:

    Cheers 2Scotts enjoy the lads footie hope they win… have a good day..!

  184. Scott From Oz says:

    We got kicked off the park.
    I’ve never seen 6 y.o. hackers,until today,that is.
    The coach was telling them “great tackle” ,parents were screaming for goals,a player bent over and picked the ball up four times(play on each time),one kid actually let our kids run past before taking their ankles out and grabbing their shirts……all this while my boys were trying their best to play football.
    Dumbarse referee,from their club mind you,was texting during play,and knew very few of the rules.
    I bit my tongue,though it was bloody tough.
    Still,after all that,we had a 4-4 draw,and one of our kids scored a great goal,albeit an OWN goal.
    It was just,after half time,and he forgot which way we were going lol.
    I was proud that guys ignored the kicks,and tried to pass it around,but I really think we were playing a Rugby League side.

  185. Lee says:

    Morning all….. It’s such a long weekend when we play on a Monday night!! FFS!!!

  186. rico says:

    Morning Lee and all

    new post up

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