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Vertonghen deal done? Today is about ‘Who wants it more’…..

Morning Gooners,

Happy Easter to you all….

Big one today against Manchester City, a side which many are calling them the team from Abu Dhabi but I like to look at it differently. Just because a team has rich financial backers who are not afraid to put their money where their mouths are, that shouldn’t be a reason to disrespect them.

We have rich owners, one Russian and one American, but sadly they have kept their hands in their pockets.

That is not the only similarity we have with City, eight of our ex players are now involved with their rolling machine, Gael Clichy,  Sami Nasri, Adebayor although out on loan at the moment and Kolo Toure who warms their bench and do they still have Stuart Taylor on their books?

Behind the scenes they also have Brian Marwood, Patrick Vieira, Brian Kidd and David Platt!

Amazing really that they haven’t got an ex Arsenal Manager in charge isn’t it??

Robin & Thomas - Get in......

So it’s Arsenal first 11 against Arsenals want away’s, but in reality this is a must win game, both teams will be up for this game and so they should be!

The stories in the newspapers suggest that Manchester City are worried about this game, maybe that’s because there is so much riding on it, and I wouldn’t have thought they are relishing playing us in the form we have been in recently.

City at the moment are in 2nd place, still in with a shout of the League title, we sit 4th behind the Spuds after their lucky draw yesterday.

Half an hour before our game starts, the Manchester United result will be known and that will no doubt have an effect on City but it shouldn’t on us! I find it strange that in these kind of situations, United often play their game first just to raise the pressure that little bit more, which is unfair in my opinion but then we know who the FA favour don’t we?

Anyway, back to today…

The last time we welcomed City to the Emirates in the league, they set themselves up for a draw. They were negative and stifled the game with their dogged defensive tactics but today, and with what’s at stake, I think we can expect a very different approach from the opposition.

This will be a more open game and both keepers and defence will have to be on their toes as they could be very busy.

Mancini must believe his job depends on a win today as a loss would no doubt make his bosses less than happy, they have had a few managers and if you’re not successful you are gone, so he’s under pressure as well as the players.

Who really cares what happens to City anyway, all we need to be concentrating on is us, we have to want this win more than they do!

No stats about us…..

No stats about them either, today is like a cup game, every game until the end of the season will be the same too, it’s do or lose Champions League football….

Forget the Arsenal horror show of last weekend, let’s get back to playing the way we all know we can. We are at home, on our own finely grown, watered and trimmed green grass which will be ready to grace our fine football.

Let’s get back to doing what we have all seen in the last couple of months, the spirit and passion we showed against the Swampies, the grit at Anfield, the absolute desire and commitment that we saw against Newcastle.

Way to go Tomas......

Add all that to the flair we witnessed when we absolutely battered AC Milan at The Emirates and we can beat the side we face today with ease.

Let’s just go out there and do what we did to Ibrah and his old cronies….


Written by Steve Palmer

Good Luck to the Ladies today, they kick off their WSL campaign with a home fixture against Everton. Kick off is 1.30pm.

Snippet from ESPN – looks like Vertonghen is definately leaving his current club, just hope that team he is 100% sure of joining is ours!


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359 comments on “Vertonghen deal done? Today is about ‘Who wants it more’…..

  1. Merlin96 says:
    April 8, 2012 at 4:41 am (Edit)

    If Mancini decided on an all-out attacks, throwing caution o the wind, then expect thsi attacking setup in an attempt to overwhelm Arsenal’s Defence:


    …Micah Richards….Lescott…..Kompany……Kalarov

    ………………….Yaya Toure………….De Jong
    ……………………………….David Silva


    David SIlva is most dangerous if given a free role behind the Front-3.
    Nasri, with his intimate knowledge of Arsenal’s style of play plus Arsenal players is teh greatest threat as with him and Aguero interchanging to attack Arsenal weak’s left flank, I fear that dreaded “Arsenal’s ex-player” syndrome where ex-Arsenal players tend to score against us in league games..at Emirates.

    I can only hope a ultra-cautious Mancini will revert to kind and play defensive football to counter-attack Arsenal only.

    Ironically, a Manu-draw will only fire-up Abu DHabi as they knew that if they beat Arsenal, they will only be 3 points behind…and then beat ManU at Eithad Stadium on 30-APril to win the title.

    Let’s hope that ManU slaughters QPR then!..
    Find it hard to wish Red-Nose all the best just to ensure those assholes will go trophyless this season..like Arsenal.. :lol:

  2. Morning all,

    Happy Easter to everyone, I’m hoping for 3 or 4 Arsenal goals inside my Easter Egg….

  3. Morning to The House!!
    I’ve got a feeling we’re going to do well today…

  4. Is Aguero fit?

  5. Gud morning all arsenal fans in thi world and i hope we go beat man city Insha Allahu

  6. Merlin you and me both. Can’t stand those manc bastards. Hope they lose and we smash oil city. Morning folks, happy easter to all.

  7. i need arsenal starting eleven against man city

  8. Morning and happy Easter to the House. I have a good feeling about today, 3 goals for The Arsenal and we laugh at Na$ri. Man City are desperate and that should work for us especially if Utd win. Nice day

  9. let’s hope Vermaelan doesn’t lose us any more games. Pity such a talent went to sleep and cost us dearly

    What’s that about Vertonghen?

  10. Bloody Australian weather …..pissing down rain,tarp nearly came down,but luckily,amongst the Utd And Spuds fans,there was a Gooner named Scott.
    Tarp saved,IPA being devoured,Irish pork sausages being inhaled…..lifes good and still staying positive!!!!!

  11. Morning Lee, he is :(

  12. Hi alan, Scott and goonster..

    Click on the ESPN link in the post alan, it’s an i’v with De Boer, he’s says JV has chosen his club and he’s 100% leaving…

    Guys, have to go now, back sometime later, but won’t see the game :(

    Fingers, toes and everything crossed for later

    Have a good day all….

  13. Welcome Makuthy, Happy Easter to you too….

    Offski, laters….

  14. Looks like jv is heading our way afterall! Yipeeeeeee. Come on arsenal.

  15. Morning rico, easter chores?

    come and have a beer and sausage dude……..the weathers perfect.

  17. Morning all,
    Good news Scott, its pissing down here as well, should make you a bit happier, Just had breakfast and getting ready for the game, beers in the fridge and Vodka for later, I am hopeing for a celebration so i hope your up and watching come kick off, if your anywhere near a tv that is as you are normally our lucky talisman, hope it eases up for you mate.
    Many thanks as always to you Rico you have made it readable :)

  18. Morning Gooners.
    Morning & Happy Easter Rico.

    Great post by Sir Steven.

    Roberto Mancini must go against his best instincts, the instincts instilled into him from his Italian roots.
    That is ‘Safety First’, we hold what we have.

    But one point isn’t really enough for City today.
    They may as well lose as draw at this syage of the season, with games running out.

    So, are we going to see a proactive approach from the Manchester Oilers???
    Are they going to look for the win, rather than ensure they don’t lose. Classic Italian mentality…

  19. Happy Easter Guys and Chicks of the Everincreasing Gunners’ Faith.

    Just popped in a bit today. But soon off since its a day out for us.

    Vertonghen?????? Hope he joins.

    cu you all

  20. Merlin highlighted David Silva, and he is a great player…
    But a long hard season in England, has begun to take it’s toll. And i have read/heard that he is carrying some niggling injuries.
    Aguerro is the player i fear.
    His finishing has been the difference between the teams in our two earlier meetings this season.

    In both of those games, Wenger was unable to play his strongest side.
    Today will be different.

  21. Morning Sir Kev, all out attack i reckon today Kev and we will have to be on our game, Mancini did state in the week that the next couple of games could be the diference to having a job or loseing it, so i hope this is the last time we see him. City must be nearing a change anyway :)

  22. Morning kev/steve, we ll turn them over if mancini send out his team to attack. The pace of theo and rosciky ll be too much for them. I fear we won’t see an open game. Am with kev on this one. The oilers ll rather play it safe than lose scandalously.

  23. Hey get back here dg! I ve waiting for ya all week.

  24. Tbh Steve, i’d rather Mancini keeps the Shitty job.

    The thought of Mourinho with all those Petro-Dollars to fritter away, sends a cold shiver down my spine!

  25. He won’t find the epl that easy anymore ak. Let him come. We ll be waiting.

  26. Morning Stan, the atmosphere will be rocking at The Grove today.

    The home fans have really gone up a couple of notches with their intensity, especially in these kind of games.
    Maybe they have begun to realise the difference it makes?

  27. What you have to remember Stan is that Mancini’s job is at stake and he knows that a win is the only result that will save it and he knows that he has the players that can attack, and hurt you a draw is no good for both sides, i think the Utd result could ease or mount pressure so an interesting afternoons viewing. PS hope your well and your keeping your nose clean, and are getting through the fillies :)

  28. Not sure what to make from the De Boar interview?

    Makes me wonder if Arsenal really are doing all their transfer business early this year?

    If so, then that would be great.

    Then i might have a re-think on my opinion of Gazides… Might?????

  29. To be honest Kev i like the bloke but i didn’t mind Raniere as well but when you have to go

  30. Sorry kev gazidas ll always be a knob to me.

  31. Never really known Wenger to be this forward Kev but who know’s. its my opinion that wenger sells before he buys but what do i know.

  32. Seems its a done deal guys. De boer granted an interview to al jazeera stating he ll definately lose his club captain. Destination, yeah you guessed it…the arsenal! Coygs.

  33. Hopefully he’s learnt a few lessons. That milan loss did him in. With the acquisition of podo, jv and maybe a new playmaker do you guys think robin ll stay?

  34. Morning all, Happy Easter.

    We’ll find out today how much we really want Champions League football next season otherwise it’s Europa on a Thursday night and that will clash with EastEnders and some-one won’t be a happy bunny.

  35. I know what you mean Stevo.

    During the summers of 1997 and 2001 Wenger ‘went in’ really big in the transfer market, bringing in Petit, Overmars, Campbell etc.
    The result was that in 1998 and 2002 we were celebrating Doubles!

  36. I wonder if Samir will get a nice round of applause when he steps onto the pitch later…

    Micko I agree, today is a real decider.

  37. I have hinted many times that i believe the league is fixed and this afternoons results will be determined by Referee’s decisions, but now that we have a few future England players approaching stardom we may be slightly favoured, being at home as well may be a plus also. Am i just hoping or what.

  38. Stan, i know what you mean about Gazides.
    I’m not convinced by him that’s for sure.

    But if he proves me wrong this summer, i shall be delighted!

  39. Will Robin Stay???

    That’s the million dollar question Stan.

    Gotta say that Dutch players are less money-motivated than most.
    They do love playing sexy-football.

    As it stands at the moment Stan, yes i think Robin will stay. I feel that he’s invested a lot of himself into this team since he became skipper….
    i don’t think he’ll walk away.

  40. Morning Mick/Paul…

    No DeadEnders for us on a Thursday Mick.
    It’s gonna be Tues/Weds for us mate.

  41. Steve, did you see those two off-side goals at the Bridge yesterday?

    The first one was an absolute disgrace.
    That Linesman should be sacked.

  42. Micko are you crazy? No eastenders for me. No way!

  43. Morning all. I think Robin will stay, although Wenger giving him the armband is never a good sign, it seems like that has been his last ditch attempt to keep players in the past..

    Vertonghen, Podolski and M’vila.. That would do me this summer I think!

    We really need to get rid of the crap, and we do have a lot of that floating about! We all know who they are, get rid of them promote the youngings and I feel we would have a very good side!

    Also need to go back to 442, which I feel is possible with bring M’vila in.

    GK: Szczęsny
    LB: Santos
    CD: Vermaelen
    CD: Vertonghen
    RB: Sanga
    LM: Myiachi/Ox
    CM: M’vila
    CM: Arteta/Wilshere
    RM: Theo?
    (DB ROLE): Van Persie
    FW: Podolski

    That would do me nicely!

  44. I saw them kev, if i didn’t know better i would have said it was staged managed, i saw a few handballs as well in some of the other games, but i never saw any penalties. Time for hand ball to be hand ball, i can remember a game where Clichey had two hands on the floor and an attacker kicked the ball at his hands and a penalty was given, i felt at the time that it was an unfair decision but the comentator said that it did hit his hand so the referee was right, that only made it clear to me that if a ball hits the hand at any time it should be a penalty

  45. As for Wenger getting all his business done early, i’m a bit sceptical, he’s way too long in the tooth to suddenly change his ways.

    Stan, steer clear of EastEnders, you’ll end up topping yourself.

  46. You know SP, that’s exactly what i thought re: hand-balls.
    Referee’s don’t give them anymore!
    What’s that all about?!

  47. ESP, no Kozzer?

    Good team all the same.

  48. Well Kozzer is always there and Mertz too. 4 decent CD, could you imagine such a thing at Arsenal?!

    I feel 4-4-2 is really what we need to go back to, strong central midfielders and real wingers, and with RVP in the team if needs be, we all know he likes to drop back and collect the ball in the middle of the field, and he is a man who can find a pass!

  49. Paul, I know everyone wants him in but will Wenger sign Vertonghen when we already have kozzer, TV5, Merts,and Djourou in the centre and Gibbs and Santos fighting it out for left back, I’m not so sure.

  50. Bacary Sagna insists he is happy at Arsenal and admits it is ‘strange’ to see several of his former team-mates playing for Manchester City.

    Gael Clichy and Samir Nasri quit Arsenal for City last summer, while Kolo Toure and Emmanuel Adebayor have also made the move from the Emirates Stadium to the Etihad Stadium in recent years.

    The Gunners entertain the Premier League title contenders on Sunday and Sagna is looking forward to a reunion with some of his old colleagues.

    However, the right-back is not planning to join the exodus from North London and has suggested he would be prepared to agree a new contract if he was offered an extension.

    Live on Sky Sports
    vs Arsenal v Man City
    April 8, 2012 3:30pm

    Remote Record Different
    “You know, even when I see Gael play now for City, it is strange but I still see him as an Arsenal player!” the France international told the Sunday Mirror. “But they all left and there is no problem for me that they did.

    “I mean, they had just one year left on their contracts and they wanted to be part of the project at Manchester City.

    “That was their choice. Usually, when someone rich buys a club there is no big ethic. But I think it is different there.”

    He added: “I am very happy here.

    “Everyone is so close. Yes, I would be happy to stay even longer but to be honest I don’t think that far ahead. If it happens, it happens. I just want to stay part of this Arsenal squad.

    “We have a great team, a young team. And the spirit here is great. We have shown that recently with the way we got into the top four when we were so far behind.”

  51. Micko sorry pal but kozzer over verm anyday. Check their stats. You ll be surprised!

  52. Bacary is equal to class. End of. What a professional on and off the pitch.

  53. Stan, TV5 and Kozzer shouldn’t be broken up, its developing very nicely.

  54. But you just did micko. You seperated them!

  55. Happy Easter to everyone.

    I would love to see Podolski, Verhongen and M’Villa wearing an Arsenal shirt but I will believe when I see it.

    Hope Wenger has learnt something, but if we do miss out and finish outside the top 4 we can only dream of quality players.

    Saying that today’s match is MASSIVE. If we lose we will probably end up outside the top 4. Hope I’m wrong.

    Happy Sunday!

  56. I don’t know about you folks but there’s something about matchdays. It drives me wild. The excitement,tension building, pints of beers dissapearing like torres goal poarching skills. The fans singing in the terraces. Booing and cursing the ref for every bad call and when the goal arrives? Beauty! Guys hugging guys as if it were a gay cruise come to town. I believe I was kissed an extra large “grandma” after our third goal against the yids. The bewildered woman looking puzzled! Oh matchday.

  57. I haven’t a problem if its true about Vertonghen as Vermaelen or Kozzer could move up haven’t seen enough of Vertonghen to know what he can or can’t do but i wouldn’t be heartbroken if JD got the push

  58. AK, saggy aint bad at ballet either

  59. Greeting to one and all…………. And Stanley of course ;-)

    Happy Easter and here’s to The Arsenal winning this afternoon….!

    Time to show money doesn’t buy or win you things just because you splash bundles of money on greedy mercenary pricks…!

  60. Afternoon Wath nice entry, is that how you feel today mate :)

  61. Hiya wath, you re fired up huh?

  62. I think we’ll win SP…. We do seem to get up for the big games and think we all know this is massive….!.

    I ain’t had a drink yet Stanley am saving myself ;-)

    Vertonghen for me all day long and then we have 4 quality centre backs and we have proved the last few season with injuries we do indeed need 4 quality ones…. we can then out squilli and Joanne Shewroo and then Miguel is 5th choice and no pressure to develop in a rush…! JV can also play def mid SP… the fella is a very good player from what i’ve seen.

  63. Lucky bastard. I ve had me a couple this morning. Can’t feel like legs and me head is buzzing. Can’t wait for kick off. Would be heading to the pub soon.

  64. Definitely had too much to drink. Even my typing is slurring. God help me.

  65. Stanley your such a lightweight, pissed by lunchtime………………!!

  66. Lets hope its all true then Wath, I have my doubts but i’m wrong quite a lot of the time.

  67. SP i agree about not bring too heartbroken to see JD get the push..

    What I like about Vertonghen is that he is 6’2″! Always happy when we add height to the team!

  68. Dude, I ve been up since 4. Lightweight? No way. Try doing what I did you ninny.

  69. How do you know I ain’t been up all night…………. Lightweight….! You need to listen to your Mum and stick to orange juice….!

  70. Sp, Am not saying we’ve signed him by any means you know me better than that but i hope we do as I really like him and he’ll def add quality to the back 4/5 and the squad.

  71. Hi ESP, my hearts in my mouth everytime he plays, i don’t need that at my age :)

  72. Orange juice? Pah! Even gg is for sissys, a real man takes tequila shots with russian vodka, on ice!

  73. ESP…… I thought he was 6″4…???? In any case totally agree we need a bit of height and steel added and it’s still what we lacking…!

  74. Hence your pissed by lunchtime…………..

  75. Try it, you ll be out before kick off!

  76. I drink GG in a pint glass with Black russians as chasers……….

    Told ya ur a lightweight…!

  77. One Tequila, two tequila, three tequila………floor.

  78. Sounds like you need some lucozade on your cornflakes stan.

  79. Micko, I think Stanley needs a few lessons on the black stuff mate ;-)

  80. Stan you stick with your wine gums and stay out of trouble and, take it easy on the old girls :)

    And Wath only believe it when their in the shirt :)

  81. Spot on SP when they announced as signed standing on the pitch in the Red & White………

    Micko, should it not be red bull on his 3 shredded wheat…???

  82. Extra strong wath, that will be hairs on his chest, liable to go through a few extra pairs of underpants mind ya.

  83. That stuff scares me Micko, I’d rather stay on the meths………. ;-)

  84. I wonder if Chmuk makes the bench today after his smoking exploits last week…?

  85. I personally hope he’s sweeping out the boot room…!

  86. I can see Man United giving qpr a good past pasting today, might be best all round if we put Citeh out of their misery, however I got a sneaky feeling for a 2-2 draw, it will put us 3rd again.

  87. I can def see the mancs battering qpr…………

    I can however see us beating shitty…….! 3-1 for me…!

  88. Diabolical sending off in the unt game QPR down to 10 men and utd score a penalty 1.0

  89. Happy Easter Gooner Family,

    Just a pop in to say quick hello. Not able to respond due to company.

    Great result yesterday with the Scum draw, hope we nick 3rd from them again today.


    Back Laters to check result. Enjoy tha game roaring Housers. Asta la vista amigos.

  90. The good omen there SP if that we know the FA love the mancs so today maybe we get the decisions go our way for a change..? Just a thought…!

  91. What other choice do we have wath, he’s only there to make up the numbers nowadays.
    Surely Wenger won’t start with Ramsey, will he ? he was wrong last week to do so, lets hope he ain’t stupid / stubborn enough to repeat the mistake, I’d like to see the Ox come in but think Gervinho will probably get the nod.

  92. We need proper wide players playing wide today Micko and to get at their full backs which also then stops them getting forward.

    I’d have almost anyone on the bench apart from Chmuk mate he doesn’t offer us anything what so ever…!

    Cheers DG, have a happy Easter sunday mate..!

  93. Dutch, no-one should work sundays except publicans of course, don’t over do it buddy.

  94. HA HA HA. You couldn’t make it up.

    It’s a fcuking fix……

    Mike Riley, your boys are all bent…

    Arsenal don’t stand an effin chance.

    Riley’s boys will stitch us up, you wait and see.

  95. Right, I gotta go see a man about a fruit machine, catch you all later for the fun after the game.
    Have a good one Gooners, up the Arsenal.

  96. AK, you nice and pampered in your fluffly slippers and smoking jacket…?

  97. Wath…. a ninny…..?

    I heard it all now.. :D

  98. Enjoy Micko, Will join you in a lemonade or two in spirit at least… Did i say spirit…? no pun intended obviously. I gotta watch from the couch as the out-laws here for dinner…!

  99. As bent as a nine bob note kev, i’ll bet you’ve seen a few of them in the back of your cab………laters.

  100. GG, for sissy’s, haha…
    Yeah, Stan is back. :P

  101. I’m with you Wath…. 3-1.

    Aguero always scores against us, so i’ll give ‘em one.

    About RVP found his goal boots again.

  102. I knew you’d like that AK………….. ;-)

  103. Not just about RVP finding his scoring boots it’s also about giving him decent service again and creating proper chances…!

    Aguero top player but Koz will sort him out…!

  104. QPR are taking a hiding down to 10 men after ifteen minutes and are being hounded they are struggling and their legs are getting tired this could turn into a massacre only 1.0 at the moment but not for much longer, this ref is well bent and he will be questioned the man he sent off was well offside and hardly a touch a diabolical decision in my mind 1.0 at half time but its going to get worse

  105. SP, a diabolical decision for the penalty… shit linesman doesn’t flag off-side a clear dive and a yellow for Young and yet 1-0 down and a man sent off… Why won’t/don’t the FA look at the video of that and ban Young for 3 games for cheating and diving… If you can get done for off the ball stuff via video why not clear cut cheating..???

  106. Steve, all Riley’s boys are bent.

    All in Ferguson’s and Abramovitch’s pocket.

    If corruption can happen in Germany, then it can happen here!

  107. All a Linesman has to do is off-sides and throw-ins.

    The referee takes care of the rest, he will instruct the Lino to leave important decisions to him.

  108. Its clear cut that its happening here Kev no doubt about that.

    I’m with you Wath this has to be sorted out clear cut cheating deserves maximum penalty

  109. AK, I wouldn’t say they bent……….. All i’d say is they have their favourites and in general many of the officials are just shit…!

    As i say why no retrospective video’s on players diving and cheating….! IF Young was banned for 3 games for diving and cheating you can bet ya arse he’d think twice about doing in next time…! Again the associations fail to do whats needed and concentrate on trying to fix pedantic shit that has no bearing on a game…!

  110. Wath, the Associations/FIFA/UEFA are totally obsessed with Public Relations and wanting the game to look squeaky clean.
    Also, many Latin associations don’t view cheating the same way we do.
    To them it’s all part of the Game, or Their Game.

    That’s why FIFA are afraid of letting Video evidence into the game.
    FIFA can ‘Fix’ referee’s, but they can’t FIX TV video replays!

  111. Steve, i have to admit that i am coming around to the view concerning referee’s or linesmen being not totally clean.

  112. The FA then need to step up to the plate and do it off their own back to cut out cheating thats ruining the game…! Make a stand and show they actually care rather that papering over the cracks…! We all know the refs are bias and have their teams but the cheating thing is a joke from who ever does it and ban the players afterwards and watch it almost stop…!

  113. Ak the game ain’t squeaky clean when you got hundreds of millions watching the linesman miss “basic” off-side decisions then an England international flying through the air to con the ref into giving a penalty….! Also getting a fellow pro sent off….! Not good for the PR of the game…!

  114. To be quite honest we have very well trained referee’s probably the best in the world but they are being directed and if your govener tells you to do something and you don’t your down the road. Managers are warned not to be to explicit when they complain about decisions many say it irons out over a season the ones under pressure like Dalgleish is frightened to talk about it and while our own Manager who has been fined and suspended many times has opted to now say very little it will get no better.

  115. Mancini…… Under Pressure….

  116. Millions see it Wath, but the TV companies sweep it under the carpet. It’s in their interest as well to sustain the ‘lie’…

    Riley & co are in the pocket of certain people in the game.
    When we had Dein we had influence at the FA and a fair crack.
    Now the FA give us f’k all.

  117. Apologies to Arsenal and fellow Gooners.
    There’s no way I can stay up……app.14 ales and a bottle of Merlot has seen to that.
    It’s a rarity,but I will miss the game.
    Do me proud,fellow Gooners,and cheer like you’ve never cheered before.
    Sorry to let you down,but goodnight all.
    Stay positive guys.

  118. M.U. 2-0 now.
    After a clear offside, a red card and in consequence, a penalty, the game is inclined.
    In the end, it is easier to Scholes clapping and praising Ferguson

  119. Jamie Sanderson‏@YoungGunsBlogReply

    · Open

    #MCFC v #AFC: Expecting 4-2-3-1 from City. Clichy and Nasri both start. As do Balotelli and fit again Agüero.

  120. Cheers Scott….. sweet dreams….!

    AK, Riley fuckin hated us so no wonder we get fuck all decisions go our way… for me it’s just a plain bias against us nothing more nothing less but its also nothing new..!

  121. From Twitter;

    Silly Season‏@SillySeasonReply

    · Open

    Arsenal: Szczesny – Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Gibbs – Arteta, Song – Walcott, Rosicky, Benayoun – Van Persie

  122. Oluwashina Okeleji‏@oluwashinaReply

    · Open

    MAN CITY XI v #AFC: Hart, Zabaleta, Clichy, Kompany, Lescott, YAYA TOURE, Barry, Milner, Nasri, Aguero, Balotelli.

  123. Was the ref jumping and celebrating at least? :)

  124. SunSport Now‏@SunSportNowReply

    · Open

    Arsenal subs: Fabianski, Djourou, Santos, Jenkinson, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ramsey, Chamakh

  125. Peter Rogers‏@PRogers96Reply

    · Open

    Why is Chamakh on bench ahead of Gervinho?


  126. Nte Scott sleep well mate, Never mind we’ll go out and play against a 12 sided team not really any diferent than normal. but it still hurts all the same.

  127. Jonathan Birchall‏@jonbirchallReply

    · Open

    The last time Arsenal started with this team, they beat Spurs 5-2 at the Emirates #AFC #MCFC

  128. MCFC Subs v #AFC: Pantilmon, Richards, Kolarov, De Jong, Pizarro, Tevez, Dzeko.

  129. 87 minutes gone in the utd game and only 2.0 QPR have run their hearts out and their still taking shots Hats off to them

  130. Piers Morgan‏@piersmorgan

    · Open

    So now even Benayoun starts before The Ox @Alex_OxChambo ?? Ridiculous. What on earth is Wenger saving him for? Can someone tell me?#Arsenal

    Mr Arsenal ‏@tHeGoOnErBoY

    @piersmorgan Oh stop moaning and start supporting you fat lesbian

  131. piers morgan = fat lesbian……….. bit harsh on a fat lesbian if you ask me….!

  132. Well we know its all out assault at the Em’s Ferguson must be in the funny handshake brigade and a Grand Negus. Lets give it our best effort CUYRRG’s

  133. Arsenal First XI: £45.55m. Man City Substitutes: £113.5m. #ClassVsCash

  134. #qpr fans singing “we’ll race you back to London”

  135. Hughes interview could be interesting….!

  136. Gervinho not on the bench and chamakh is on the bench. I hope its because gervinho is injured otherwise AW has got it wrong once again.

  137. G4L, yeah, i can’t really understand that one?

    I can only think that it’s tatical.

    Don’t ask me why, i suppose Chamuck has the potential to be a threat in the air if we’re chasing the game. That’s all i can think?

  138. 3 defenders, 1 midfielder, 1 winger, 1 striker [?] on the bench.

  139. See ya at half time…..! The bench is weird but Arsene knows lol….

  140. See ya lata Wath.

    C O Y G…….

  141. No depth on the bench. Apart from the ox, we got nothing in terms of attacking on that bench.

  142. Has Gervinho been ‘that’ good since the ACN…?

  143. The reason that Wenger, seemingly, is attempting to sign not one but two quality strikers, is the fact that we don’t have any decent attacking options to RVP…

    Not sure that Gervinho is the answer at this moment.
    Next season, we’ll see if he’s settled in?!

    Chamakh is a poor deputy to RVP, but he’s all we got, unfortunately.

  144. All Arsenal domination, but no difficult saves for Hart…
    YaYa Toure off…

  145. Rosicky is having a stormer.

  146. 24 minutes, Arsenal dominating, but not one save from Hart…

  147. First Man City corner and they almost score. :roll:

  148. The Oilers coming more into the game.
    Arsenal getting sloppy.

  149. 0-0 half-time.

    City should be down to 10 men….
    Balotelli should be off…

    Riley’s boys at it again….

  150. We should’ve scored in the first 20-25 minutes while the oilers were still finding their feet. We gotta be wary of our offside trap though, aguero is looking dangerous

  151. Dirty Italian cheat, should have been having a bath a long time ago!!

    Afternoon guys and gals….

  152. Kev – City should be down to 9. Balotelli was a straight red and I guess so was Kompany’s challenge on RVP where he toppled him over in the box, with the new change of rules citing United vs QPR 2012, Kompany should have seen a straight red and a penalty should have been awarded.

  153. yes. but wiil be very dufferent in the second half.
    why not be gervinho at the least, on the bench?

  154. Van Persie bowled over in the box pundits say not a penalty for me Wankers

  155. Great comment…. :D


    April 8, 2012 at 5:05 pm

    This game clearly highlights the gulf in class between Arsenal and Man U. Man U would be a penalty and a man to the good, Arsenal simple don’t have the same calibre of players

  156. Guys, gals, we are Arsenal, we don’t get penalties in these type of games….

    I’m never suprised when we fail to get those types of decisions.

    Suppose that i’m hardened to the disappointment…

  157. Jamie Redcrapp said at h/t that the tackle on Song could have ended his career…..

  158. Banner made by Arsenal fans directed at Samir Nasri. Translates to “Little Bitch” #afc #mcfc pic.twitter.com/GRoMvtci

  159. Santos for Gibbs?? Injured?

  160. Gibbs injured again?

    Hope not…

  161. Sounds like it’s all The Oilers this half.

    Santos, stupid…

  162. Bollox…… bloody post

  163. Does anyone hit the woodwork more than RVP..?

  164. Chamberlain is warming up….

  165. Who would he replace, Walcott or Benayoun???

  166. Kos booked, that’s him out for two games….

  167. Yossi i would think AK

  168. Tevez warming up…. :(

  169. Our players should have been winding up Balotelli, got him sent off, no more than he deserves….

  170. Djourou plays vs Wolves and Norwich or Wigan?????

  171. Wolves and Wigan AK

  172. Off-side not given at Bridge…

    Off-side not given at Old Toilet.

    Off-side given at The Grove.

    Riley’s boys eh????

  173. He was just off AK, Robin should have stayed on….

  174. That should have been a free kik, balotelli all over arteta….

  175. Feckin heck, how did we not score…..

  176. Think that Djourou can cope with Wolves & Wigan…

    We just can’t score Rico…..

  177. we will AK…

  178. Ramsey for Yossi …..

  179. Ramsey for Benayoun…????

    Not sure about that one…..

  180. Me neither, Chamberlain for me….

  181. Think this is gonna finish 0-0…

  182. here comes tevez….

    still think theres a goal in this game, just praying it’s ours…

  183. Glad to see the back of Aguero.

  184. theo off fro Ox

  185. Is it too little too late for AOC…?

  186. You beautiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :)


  187. Get Innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  188. Come on Atkinson, blow up…..

  189. Now switch back on and concentrate…..

  190. Mancini to get his P45.. :lol:

  191. Finally – he’s off!!!

  192. Bye Bye Balotelli……. :lol: :lol: :lol:

  193. That could have broken Sagnas leg, Neville said he should have been off in the first half…

    Ding feckin dong…..

  194. 4 mins added on….

  195. I’m up….
    Score guys???
    How long left???

  196. Stupid stupid foul Song!!

  197. Ramsey, how the heck, why the heck did you do that….!!

  198. Nasri, Kidd, Platt, Vieira, Toure, Marwood, Clichy.

    Your team took one hell of a beating…. :P :P :P


  200. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY………. :lol: :lol: :lol:

  201. Unreal!

    Goddamn Ramsey…
    Who cares about the title heading to Old Trafford, we did it for our champions league status!

  202. Is it over……did I wake up on time??

  203. Magnificent Gooners, deserved it today out played City by some way Arteta and Rosiski Hell all the team were magic

  204. Tell me the bloody score.
    You’re killing me.

  205. Now to win the last 6 games…. COYG

  206. 1.0 Arsenal Scott you missed a good one our boys were magnificent

  207. RVP has hit the woodwork 7 times this season.

    Only Suarez has done it more, 8….

  208. Scott, a great shot by Arteta….

  209. You bloody beauty.
    Cop that Nasri,you fat little frog bastard.
    Go you good things.
    Good night guys.
    I will watch the game later,and gloat with you afterwards.
    Go you champions.
    Go you legendary Housers.

  210. Take care Scott….
    Sleep well Digger

  211. What a waste of money indeed allezkez:-). Ramsey selfish, he should’ve crossed the ball to rvp on our last counter attack.

  212. :-)
    I don’t understand Ramsey in last minute..
    Kos out for 2 games..
    Lllorente just score! Bilbau 1 – Sevilha 0
    Bielsa next coach of M.city?

  213. Happy Easter Gooners – well that was fantastic, nice to see the New Arsenal beat the Arsenal Has Beens. Money dont buy you a title only your Bentleys, Porches, and Ferraris. Just remember that – Nasri, Kidd, Platt, Vieira, Toure, Marwood, Clichy.

  214. Nighty Scott….

    G4L – totally agree, he wanted glory and he made himself look silly….

  215. People please talk about our defense, especially the way tv and kos dealt with aguero, balotelli. Sagna was brilliant AGAIN!!!

  216. We could catch Citeh…..

  217. 62% possession today…

  218. G4L, Sagna is the best full-back in the EPL, and has been for the last few seasons.
    The guy is top top quality….

  219. Happy Easter to you as well DJ.

    Out for a celebratery curry tonight…

    The perfect end to a perfect day…. :D

  220. Redcrapp

    ‘Arsenal were different class, they wanted it more’

    ‘It would have been a travesty had they not won’

    For once, I agree with him :lol:

  221. Should have won 3-0 Rico…..

  222. Rico it opens up the gap between Chelski and Newcastle.
    They were getting a bit too close for comfort.

  223. Happy Easter to you DG…

    Have a fab night with the family AK

  224. I wouldn’t be surprised if the oilers come running for sagna at the end of the season. I don’t know why they are always after our players AND EX PLAYERS. Do they admire us that much really?! They are pathetic.

  225. We should AK, but…

    Maybe those goals will come in the next two games….

  226. I reckon that Lee will having a jalfreizi in Spain tonight Rico.

  227. G4L, Sagna has said in the last couple of days, he’d never go there, he’s happy and is ready to sign a new contract….

  228. G4L, Sagna is under contract for at least 2 more years off the top off my head.

  229. Compare the sending off at QPR to the three shockers by Balotelli…

    Def a bit suspect imho…..

  230. Jenkinson is gonna be a great defender.

  231. Day to celebrate.
    Tomorrow we get to join in the game Wednesday. There is no other possible outcome than victory.

  232. He is AK, he said that too in his i/v, but he def wants to stay….

  233. JM, do they do ‘The Poznan’ at Porto? :D

  234. Rico, they all want to stay…… ;)

    The Thighs wants to stay…. :)

  235. Spot on, he’s certainly our future AK, and you watch Wenger turn him into a central defender…….

    I still worry about our left back situation, sure hope the JV story is true….

  236. Rico, any news on Gibbo?

    How serious, is it just a slight pull etc???

  237. I’ve never doubted sagna’s love for the club. With the risk of spoiling the party a bit, did any of you notice how weak our bench looked? Imagine if we were 1-0 down and the oilers started parking the bus, who would we look to(apart from the ox WHO IS ONLY 18). I hope AW took notice of that.

  238. He was still running and playing before he went off AK, so poss nothing serious, but Santos really worries me…..

  239. Kev, re 4.01, was Gervinho ‘that’ good before the ANC ?

    rico, re 5.44, call it a sixth sense.

    Fantastic result, it would have been a travisty if we hadn’t got all 3 points today, justice was done, shame about kozzer but he should be back for Chelsea.

  240. Arsenal ladies beat Everton 3-2 today :P

  241. Hi Micko, cracking result indeed…

    We bloody deserved that didn’t we…..

    Oh, and you were spot on about the Ladies ;)

  242. G4L, good point.
    But the likes of Benayoun, Ramsey, Santos etc, might be technically inferior to those on the Man City bench.
    But i know which bench had the heart to fight for the club they represent.
    Money can’t buy you desire, spirit and heart….

    That’s why Robin WILL STAY…..

  243. How long would Baloteli had lasted at old trafford

  244. I think Kos played for that yellow card….

  245. G4L, that will all change this summer… ;)

  246. Mick, re: Gerv, no, not really. But after the ACN he’s been invisible…..

  247. the first tackle steve…..

    Mancini has just said in his i/v that he hopes the FA review the incident with balotelli and that he gets what he deserves….

    the way he spoke, balotelli is a gonner in the summer….

  248. Having said/wrote that, i like Gerv, and i think he’ll be a good player for us…

  249. I would have laid money on that rico

  250. rico, you can’t beat a double whammy.

    Thought Sagna had a great game as well, just when we get our strongest back four back half of them are either suspended or injured again, its all change for Wolves.

  251. Gerve will come good AK, probably Malaria slowed him up a bit

  252. Always best to cover your arse kev.

  253. Rico, Mancini choose Balotelli & guys like him.
    So he stands or falls on his judgement as a coach/manager.
    If Wenger can find gems in the market he knows best, France.
    Then why can’t Mancini do likewise from Italy???
    It just shows his limitations as a coach…

  254. That is a priority Mick, believe me….

  255. Well thank you all for your comments today and a blinding day it was. Off to watch the golf catch you all tomorow

  256. :lol: Micko…

  257. Enjoy Steve and thanks for todays post….

  258. Agree whole heartedly AK, reap what you sow i say….

    I’m off to watch the first half and write the report for the morning, i might enjoy that…..

    Back in a bit guys…

    For those who will have gone, nighty to you all and have a good one…

    AK, have a nice cold beer with that curry, have a lovely meal…

  259. My pint of GG and sprite is going down soooooooooooo nicely….!!

    Nice to see the mercenary fuckers ain’t gonna win fuck all….!

    Class over Cash every time….!

    Thought we played pretty well today…!

  260. Good Evening Guys and Chicks.

    Is the party still on???

    I had a good day out today and ended it at my old man watching the game. I missed the first twenty minutes otherwise that would have been another report for you Rico.

    We should have had three more.

    More of my views later.

    Hope you all had a good Easter day.

  261. Any comments about Diaby?

  262. Rico the post is in the top stories section on Arsenal News Now :). Good day allround!

  263. Hi Wath, ‘class ove cash’ – spot on!!

    Hi devil, no probs, just doing it now ;)

    Hi JM, you really want mine? ;)

    Hi Esp, good day all round indeed, have’t seen NN ;)

  264. Well,just watched manure with manure supporters in Murcia, then watched The Arsenal with boozey manure supporters….cheering us on, surreal…..we fucking smoked petro-dollar f.c but please please AW, don’t take this recent bit of form as a reason not to strengthen us!?!?!

  265. So here goes……

    I missed the first twenty or so minutes so I cannot really comment.

    However from what I have seen it was obvious that Shitty came with a not to loose mentality. Better be destructive and try to come away with a point than nothing. In the end they went away with what they deserved….NOTHING.

    The way that the Shitty team was strung was a very defensive type team. It was bereft of ideas and the possession was hugely in Arsenal favour. For all their millions playing on the pitch they could not keep possession for long without Arsenal players breaking it up. The shitty team was a collection of indiviiduals, each one of them more concerned with what he does than what the team does. Their mindset was not a collective one and they were total strangers on the pitch. Anyone could sense that the shitty team had a strong smell of coldness emanating from the 11 out there on the pitch. It seeemed as if they did not want to be there.

    Arsenal played well and were unlucky various times. RVP hit a post, had a header cleared off the line accidentally by TommyV who atoned for his game against QPR by being superb today.
    then another post was hit when it seemed easier to score than miss. It seemed that although Arsenal were playing a mind controlled game there was a bit of adrenalin missing.

    Today we saw another side of Theo. When he plays to the tempo of the game without trying to resort to use his speed he is a very good team player. Slowing himself down allowed him to think. It allowed him to use his brain and legs in a synchronized way. And it reflected in his game play and the team as a whole. If Theo plays like this and manages to harness his mind in the same way as his speed than he will be one hell of a player.

    Benayoun worked his socks off and his experience showed as did TR07. Song worked hard and was very tough, however, he does have a tendency to be lazy and careless with simple passes. He manages to achieve a good balance with difficult passes but with the simple passes he often gives them away.

    The same mistakes in the substitutions were done again today. Aaron came on the left to balance things, however although it may balance the team it invariably means that attack will always come from the right between Theo and RVP. It rarely comes from the left. Thank God that Santos was there to balance it up. But Ramsey’s time will come. He is a good player but is still learning.

    Around 10 minutes before the goal I was saying to the old man that Arsenal need to shoot from a distance. We have quite good shooters in the team and we should be taking more pot shots from outside the penalty area. As soon as Arteta stole the ball from Pizarro I was already shouting shoot shoot shoot. He was allowed to much time and space to pick his spot and wind up his trusty right foot.

    A good win for Arsenal. Now maybe…..for second place????

    Now that would be ironic.

  266. Ker fuckin ching!!! Still buzzing from that…that bucked toothed fuck jogged us on for trophies, well you money grabbing bench warming wanker….tough shit!!!

  267. This Spanish dude….. Sam Miguel, different gravy!!!! ;)

  268. AK, Diaby????

  269. Cracking Lee :)

    Manc Gooners eh ;)

  270. First 20 mins Dev we played with a great tempo and played well without really creating…. Your summing up was a good reflection of what went on. We doubled up on Zabaleta lots in the first half and caused lots of problems down their right hand side. TV’s clearance has to be the unluckiest ever….??? Madness really and how do we manage to miss open goals that need a simple boot into the net..?

    Agreed with Lee lets just hope this doesnt lull wenger into telling us the squad is good enough as it clearly isn’t when you look at the bench today and see no proper strikers to come on and change the game if we were 1 down..?

  271. Evening Lee, wait til his mate Sammy Gel turns up and blows your mind ;-)

  272. devil, good summary – yossi’s takle in defence summed up his day….

    citeh could buckle now and we need to be at the top of our game if they do….

  273. Sam Miguel, prefer Estrella myself but…. ;)

  274. Lee/wath

    The QPR result should be enough for Wenger to realise we need a few additions and a few exits…..

  275. Pisses me off Rico that if we had shown half the commitment we showed today last week at QPR we would of won… Simple as that..! Why turn off for some games or did we simply think all we had to do was turn up at QPR and we would win..?

  276. That is a common theme for us though Wath, there is something in the players minds when we play the ‘lesser’ sides, its almost like the game is won before we turn up….

    Well, if Martin Keown does take over from Pat Rice, that mentality will soon change….

    I know Rice and Wenger should be able to sort that out, but they don’t seem to be able to….

  277. Wolves away on Wednesday and then Wigan at home next weekend, well those two fixtures are bigger than playing the Chavs.

    On paper we should batter Wolves, but …….

  278. Devil, you must have been watching a different game to me, thought Walcott was terrible today, Clichy had him in his pocket all afternoon, looks like he’s gone off the boil a bit, would liked to have seen the Ox come on for him at halftime, dunno what Wenger is saving him for, maybe Wednesday hopefully, otherwise a good assessment.
    Lee, be careful, the manc’s will probably be on the same flight back to London with you.

  279. We need to win both those games make the gap between us and the yids n chavs enough to up the pressure and for them both to know any slip ups and we off into the horizon…..! We need to stay committed…!

  280. Right you fine crop of ladies and gents, i am bidding you all a good night…

    Enjoy the rest of the day/night….

    Stay safe, nighty night all…..

  281. Nite rico, the 3rd placed trophy is almost in the bag.

  282. Nite BossLady……………

    Enjoy the rest of your evening…….. I have a thirst I need to quench..!

  283. It’s a long way from being in the bag yet Micko but if we play like that til the end of the season and get stuck in like that we’ll grab 3rd and maybe 2nd if Shitteh implode……..

  284. Too true Wath, Wenger/Rice need to get the message home and play the right side to get results in both…

    Not quite Micko, four more wins, one of course being agianst the Chavs ;)

    Offski now, nighty all…..

  285. I’m just being positive, don’t want Scott on my back !

    Nite Wath, you do realise Stan will probably be trying to take his trousers off over his head right now.


  287. Micko… Stan passed out about 2 hrs before kick off the prob now is he will wake up grumpy hungover and not know the score ;-)

  288. Micko, your lucky you won’t have Scott on your back your not a sheel ;-)

    Seen that AK…. Chez was his usual self after the final whistle he was going mental…!

  289. Stay that way Micko!!!
    I can’t wait to get home and watch the replay.
    Sleep well…I’m sure you all will.

  290. Wath, all the best goalkeepers are mad.

    Chez is 100% Gooner.

  291. That’s piss funny that AK…. Our fans doing the poznan was also a mega piss take as well loved it…!

  292. Scott…………… far to early for bed now is drink time…..! watch replay of the game again and relax when we miss open goals and hit the woodwork…! Ain’t replays great when you know the result.

  293. Yeah, that was a classic Wath…

    All the pain those tossers have lumped on us has been repaid in spades…..

    You have to really enjoy days like these.

  294. What’s that, Scott going back to bed AGAIN…..

    Strewth, he’s never outta bed…..

  295. Just saw the Balotelli tackle on Song.
    How could any referee anywhere in the world justify keeping him on the field?????
    That was just crap.
    Evening lads…..i can always rely on you two to be up!!!

  296. AK,I have the swedish beach volleyball team over…..where would you be spending your time lol????

  297. JM, 7.47;
    I did read that Diaby is a Benfica fan……

  298. What a strike from Arteta!!!!!
    Nothing like leaving it late to win a game.
    Brilliant hit.

  299. AK, what Scott fails to mention is the volleyball team are male not female…….!

    I don’t think the ref saw it Scott although makes you wonder what the fuckin linesman was watching….?

    AK i wonder if na$ri is pissed off at missing out on winning the league or more bothered about whats in his bank account… Him not turning up today says it all for me fuckin little weasel !! He bottled every tackle and didn’t wanna know….!

  300. I hope that that is the female team Scott… ;)

  301. Wath, that was the best £24 million we’re ever likely to get.
    That and the dough we got for Adebayor….

    Thanks Oilers. Thanks for financing our team rebuilding you Arabic mugs… :D

  302. Wath,I wasn’t sad at all when he left.
    I maintain its best to piss them off if they have any doubts at all about staying.

  303. Male,female….as long as their Swedish!!!

  304. That and the fact they paid us over the odds for Kolo as well not bad bit of biz… u reckon we can give em chamakh denilson squilli and Bendtner next with Almunia thrown in for free…?

  305. Only a quick stop-over guys. MotD coming on.
    I’ll see ya in an hour or so, if your still about.

  306. lol nice one Scott…………. have you got em all dressed up as sheep ;-)

  307. That sounds like great business Wath.
    And They’re stupid enough to buy them…. :lol:


  308. They’d even pay for Almunia!!!!!
    Jacks the one they’ll come for next when’s fit and healthy.

  309. POZNAN WITH A TWIST. TAKE IT AWAY RAY……………………. or should I say blind toad Riley.

  310. Wath,I’m an Aussie not a Kiwi!!!!
    Terrible thing to say,even in jest.
    Night AK.

  311. Off to watch a re-run…..! Have a good day Scott…. Cheers AK have a good evening matey…!

  312. See ya Wath.

  313. This one is for a person called Diaby.

  314. Is anyone there?

    JM, where are you?

    Don’t tell that your in some disco again with your white suit on you randy Port….. :)

  315. AK,I’m here on and off mate.
    Just packing up the campsite.
    How was the curry?

  316. Curry was superb mate….

    You off home now?

  317. This one is for the boys who don’t cry. Today the Arsenal were brilliant!

  318. Jamie Sanderson‏@YoungGunsBlogReply

    · Open

    Arsenal concerned about groin problem picked up by Gibbs. Not going to be risked. André Santos on in his place.

    Looks as if Gibbs has a slight groin strain…

  319. It was only a twinge AK, Gibbs was running around lots b4 they got him off he didn’t just pull up and stop did he…!

  320. What a night /day

  321. Wenger will probably rest Gibbs for the Wolves game.
    No point in risking aggravating it.
    Santos was limping at the end as well i heard Wath.

  322. Smudge, you been on the sauce again??? ;)

  323. This one is for rico

  324. Mertesacker finished at Arsenal (report)

    Published 11:11 08/04/12 By MirrorFootball

    [Sounds like bollocks to me..... ]

  325. The German defender, a £10million deadline-day capture last summer, is out for the season with an ankle injury and will be sold on once the season ends, the piece claims.

    Arsenal have been linked with a move for Ajax’s Jan Vertonghen, who plays alongside the Gunners’ Thomas Vermaelen for Belgium.

    The pair were also team-mates at the Amsterdam club before Vermaelen’s move to the Emirates.

  326. Keep the BFG get rid of JD and sign Vertonghen.

    And Barca to dump the racists out of the CL!



    The tactic is always for Song to drive froward from deep to break-up a tight defence, a saturated mdifield and our forward-line of “one” man-marked dead.

    And when Song tracked back and stood in front of Back-4, the solidity of defence is there.

    The difference between QPR and Abu DHabi CIty game is simply that we pressurised Abu DHabi continuous throughout the game without giving their players a rest..whereas against QPR, we allowed them to pressurised us continuously without us getting a grip of the game.

    THen, the key to winning the remaining 6 games is just that:
    Play with intensity and pressurised the opponents throughout the whole game without giving them a rest……and we will manage to score the odd goal to snatch a victory.

    The difference is also Yossi who put in a great shift in defensive duty, but the bad thing is that he always drifted into an already overcrowded centre…and it is his pace and energy…plus finally Gibbs is learning how to track-back…that helped to protect left-flank.

    Yossi is a cert to start left-flank for our remaining 6 games…certainly not a ghastly Ramsey, short of confidence and terribly off-form..plus an off-form Gervinho as well.

    We need total focus, we need to play with intensity..and we need Song to play every game with full focus and to cut-out all those silly misplaced passes that always put defence under pressure.

    One last matter:
    FFS! WHen you are the lasdt man ind efence, stop dribbling and trying to be cute..just pass the ball to the nearest free man or wide man whenever an opponent made his intention clear to close you down….Haven’t you lots of dumb jackasses ever heard of of a SLIP>.or MISPLACED PASS TO OPPONERNT?????

    My nerves jarred whenever I saw Kos or TV5 as last man dribbling when there was a free man ahead of them..@#$%%@##

  328. I thought it sounded like crap as well AK, JV in and squilli and shewrooo out would do me, leaves us four quality centre backs as I said earlier.
    Santos got a knock just before the end but am sure he’ll be ok…!

  329. That’s the way i see it Wath, 4 different types of centre-backs who offer us variety and quality…

  330. It’s the depth and the quality thats needed to win things or at least compete AK and thats what we need.

  331. And with that, i’ll bid you Gooners goodnight….

  332. Night AK….. sweet dreams… ;-)

  333. Home from camping in one piece,though head feels like its split in two.
    Look forward to tonights chat.

  334. Aaaaggghhhh Merlin,but Scott said it a month ago.
    These bloggers should come to me more for ideas!!

  335. Morning, it won’t be long, honest…..

  336. Boo! Fantastic results last night!!!! :) Howdy, rico? How are the chickies?

    Scott, you sure are up at odd hours.

    Happy Easter, everyone!!

  337. New Post is finally up :P

  338. Boo to you agag, great results :)

    Chicks are being naughty, escaped again today!!

    See you on the new post :)

  339. Agag,I’m always sniffing around lol.

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