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Three more points needed today, for No 7….

Quick word on todays opponent QPR:

  1. It’s four points from a possible 21 for Mark Hughes’ men.
  2. QPR’s 1-0 win over Chelsea represents their only win in five London Premier League derbies this term.
  3. The R’s are without a clean sheet in 21 Premier League matches. They have conceded 39 goals since then, including seven in their last three games.
  4. QPR have received a league-high six red cards this season.

We need to make sure we are not the second team in London to lose to Hughes’ thugs today, we have to take three points!

Today means more than just three point’s, it’s about remembering David ‘Rocky’ Rocastle…

Thumbs up to you too Rocky.....

Our old No7, David ‘Rocky’ Rocastle, lost his battle against non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma eleven years ago today, aged just 33 years old!!

Despite the number of years that have passed, Arsenal fans young and old still miss him today….

After leaving school 1983, Rocky Arsenal Football Club as an apprentice spending two years in the youth team. Just prior to the beginning of 1985/86 season he signed his first professional contract. Then, just nine years later Arsenal decided to sell Rocky  to Leeds United for £2 Million.

He cried, he cried his heart out knowing that he would no longer be part of the club he loved and cared for so much! How many players in today’s game would feel that way?

He didn’t want to leave Arsenal Football Club, not one bit and I doubt there was any Gooner who wanted him to leave either….

The team must turn up today and do Rocky’s memory proud, fight with the fight he had as a player, give what that man used to give for the club he loved and play with the pride in the Arsenal shirt that Rocky had every time he pulled his on.

That’s all we ask today, do so and three points will travel the short journey home to the Emirates and we’ll remain third in the Premier League, regardless of what else happens this weekend.

Do it for Rocky, Do it just for Rocky!



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403 comments on “Three more points needed today, for No 7….

  1. Good morning everyone! We will do it for Rocky indeed. QPR 0 – 3 The Arsenal!

  2. Morning all…

    Do Rocky proud guys…..

  3. Buongiorno tutti!

    We better win today for Rocky. No sub-standard performances allowed from anyone

  4. Morning rocky, spot on….

  5. Scott says:

    Hey guys,I’ve just had a thought,and wanted to celebrate.
    Here it is…tell me what you think.
    I’m not impressed with players leaving on a Bosman,so have thought if a possible deterrent.
    Here’s an example.
    Sign a player on a 4 year contract.
    The first 3 years,he gets 70,000 a week.
    The last year,it drops to 35,000 a week.
    What does this achieve??
    Well,a player is less likely to dither around over a contract extension,for starters.
    He’s also much,much more likely to accept the inevitable after three years,rather than wate everyone’s time in that last season,and accept a transfer.
    Obviously there are a lot more factors to weigh up,but at least it would give the clubs some negotiating power back.
    I haven’t spent hours thinking about this,so give me any feedback you like,positive or negative.

  6. Morning Rico. How’s you?

  7. Morning guys and girls.
    Rocky,I hope you’ve had a feed….you get a little testy when hungry lol.
    Yes,its an historical day for the Arsenal,and one of her favourite sons.
    Fuck cancer…..sorry guys.
    Dad is awaiting biopsy results as we speak…..bastard of a thing…..its looking reasonably good though.
    Ok,that rant is over.
    Onwards and upwards.
    Rico,If you think its worthwhile,I will ask you to bring my post over if possible….I’m on a phon
    e and can’t do it.
    Go my boys……9-1 today.
    They need to taken back a peg or two though…..some are starting to think they’re Messi!!!

  8. Good thanks rocky, will be better if we get three points today though ;)

    All well with you?

  9. Brilliant idea! Almost everyone plays for money nowadays (though i’m sure some lawyer somewhere will find a way ’round it). Problem is players are already too powerful, they’ll just go on strike…

  10. Morning Scott,

    Really sorry to hear that about your Dad, just hope the results bring good news for you and your family….

    Have posted the one on the bosman…

  11. You know what, Scott’s idea isn’t the worst idea I’ve heard about this. Players certainly wouldn’t want that pay cut, so he’s right in saying they wouldn’t mess about running contracts down. Although the slimebag agents would no doubt find a way around this. When greed motivates you, you stop at nothing to line your pockets.

  12. Scott, that contract idea is very good, the money minded players wouldn’t want to half their wages, mind you, if they were planning on waiting for a move to Citeh, they’d soon make that money up ;)

    Maybe it should be cut when there are two years left on a contract?

    But, player/agent power wouldn’t agree to such terms i doubt….

  13. Morning Carpe diem..

  14. That’s their prerogative to strike. No play, no pay. Surely some wages is better than no wages…. And by striking, they are announcing to the world (and prospective nrw clubs) “if you buy me, you need to know I’m a moody fucker who will not play unless I get my own way”. Not the best of adverts. Didn’t work well for Tevez really.

  15. Rico,I’m not stressing about dad…..its very,very early.
    The players get together……why not the CEO’s,and make an unwritten rule to abide by it.

  16. Pay as you play, maybe thats the answer, at least we’d be better off with the amount of time our players spend in the sick room ;)

  17. We’ll get 3 points today rico, don’t sweat it!

    I’m ok thanks. Tired though!!

  18. 64.32% of those who voted yesterday believe that Theo Walcott is the best winger in the PL right now :)

  19. Glad to hear Scott…

    Half of them don’t talk to eachother do they and the ones with rich suga daddies wouldn’t agree, they don’t care that it’s someone elses money they are spending/wasting…

    rocky, not surprised you are tired, late friday night :(

    I’m not confident about today….

  20. Hi Rico & crew

    Hi Scott, best wishes for your dad

  21. Rico,pencil in three points,because we are simply better than QPR.
    Besides,ask AK……Arsenal have won every game when I’m online lol.
    I voted no on Theo.
    He’s not the best,but can be soon if he keeps improving.

  22. Hi alan..

    I’ll wait until 5pm UK time Scott, they have a good squad of players, and they are now fighting for PL survival….

  23. What about contracts. We could use the method used by Oz billionaire Kerry Packer, deceased, owner of TV & publishing

    When 1 day cricket started and Packer was organizing it, former Oz test Captain Ian Chappell was wanted by packer as Captain. Chappell said ” I think by brother Trevor should be captain. Packer said ” what do you think this is, a fucking democracy”?

    Well, that settled the matter. Everyone new who was boss. Perhaps this method can be used against players and agents re contracts.. ” sign or sod off”

    Just a thought

  24. yes Mr Packer did use the “F” word

  25. 64.32% are clearly deluded rico…..!! Only kidding!

  26. Rico,I know…just trying to stay positive….as I always say lol.
    Evening Alan…a long night ahead mate!!!!

  27. Indeed Scott

  28. Morning all,
    I remember being in the Gunners pub before the game at Highbury when the news broke about Rockys death, we all raised our pints and sung his name loud and proud, gone but never forgotten, I wouldn’t have guessed it was 11 years ago.
    I’m going for a 3-1 win today, c’mon Arsenal.

  29. Alan,I’m in 100% agreement with you,but the CEO’s need to stay true for it to work.
    The silly thing is its a no braoner.
    Implement it,stay true to it,and every club will be better off.
    You’re only as strong as your weakest link though.

  30. Morning alan. I agree. Too much player power these days? Why do they have more power than a manager?

    I know Rico. Dinner at 22.50 in the end!! Nice!

    Right all, I’m off to Enfield to buy some fish. Ipod going on charge so I can listen to the game on Absolute Radio. Laptop’s fully charged, so I’ll see you all at game time! COYG!!

  31. we are overdue for our annual toward end of season collapse. So I worry

  32. Hi / bye Micko!

  33. Alan,we are a different side to the last few seasons.
    All the crap we’ve been through has strengthened this group.

  34. :lol: alan re Mr Packer…

    Morning Micko, don’t know where the years have gone….

    Have a good day rocky, you have chosen the ‘best’ way to catch your fish… ;)

  35. We have already had two collapses alan, we can’t have another :(

    Wonder if Wenger will risk Kos today??

  36. Hi Rocky. I guess it’s because the players are the draw card and the agents know it. From what I understand these agents are sharks

    Scott, Packer always had good management under him, plus he was a hands on type of guy

    It is true though you do need a good CEO

  37. Catch you for the mauling rocky, my only concern for today is Djourou in the centre of defence if he starts ahead of kozzer that is.

  38. Kos is 90% to start said Wenger but do we risk him, knowing that one more booking and he’s out for the next two games?

  39. Like the fish In England,I’m not biting Rico lol.

  40. :lol: Scott…..

    Anyone reckon Chavs will drop points against Villa today??

  41. They will drop three Rico.

  42. Villa could step thier game up after last weekend and with the sad news about Petrov… you could be right Scott…

  43. Agreed.

  44. Mike Dean is the referee today….

    Deep joy!!

  45. If kozzer is fit, I’d start with him, go with our strongest team, can’t see chelsea slipping up, villa have been terrible at home all season, who have the spuds got today ?

  46. Morning Housers, nursing a small hangover! Came on her last night but wasn’t really in a fit state to type BUT found the banter hilarious!! Was it saffron/ turmeric that made you horny or shit through the eye of a needle!?!?! :lol:
    On a serious note, Scott I’ve got everything crossed for you dad mate!! Your right, it is a fucking terrible disease!! You wouldn’t wish it on your worst enemy.
    The boys gotta keep the momentum up today, especially Rocky!!!
    Great post btw……

  47. Swansea at home, Micko!

  48. Swansea at home for the totts…

  49. *especially for Rocky* should read!

  50. Rocky/Adam, I’m trying to blag a day on the sofa but my wife hates it if I’m looking comfortable doing jack shit! ;)

  51. Morning Lee, you still struggling to type, would you like me to amend your second sentence, although it reads very funny :P :P

  52. Be nice if the yids & chavs drop points today…..

  53. What sentence?

  54. Wouldn’t it just Lee…

    Dirty Arry reckons Modric is distracted with all the Citeh rumours about him….

  55. 10.52

    ‘Came on her last night but wasn’t really in a fit state to type’

  56. Got it and that definitely didn’t happen, I’m firmly in the dog house!! My wife is picking my boys up from football practice, one of my regular Saturday chores!! ;)

  57. Thanks Lee,and everyone else.
    The manager of my sons side has just been put on the liver transplant list……its surrounding me!!!!

  58. Did you lose a bit of time last night lee ?

  59. Oops Lee, you are in for a tough day…. ;)

  60. My daughter in sound asleep on one sofa and I’m sprawled out on the other and it’s silent…..beautiful, it’ll be all over when handbrake turns up with my sons!! :(

  61. I blew the froth off a couple and rounded the evening off with a brace of pints of Aspalls!! That was the error, methinks!

  62. Right, I’m off out to watch a bit of Gaelic football, catch you all for the game later, no need to get up lee, I’ll close the door behind me.

  63. ” handbrake” LOL

  64. Your wife will no doubt want to go shopping later, 2.55pm, wait for the call to go with her Lee… Payback time ;)

  65. Dealing with cancer is like shooting in the dark…there’s a lot of friendly fire out there…poison the patient hoping to kill the cancer first.
    I really hope Barton injures himself early, better still gets sent off. is it impossible to place lifetime bans on such murderous players? will make the game much cleaner.

    P.S. Forgive my manners; Good Morning everyone!

  66. :lol: Micko, catch you later…

  67. Cd, i just hope our players keep their heads, Barton is a weasel and will no doubt be trying to wind them up…

  68. Morning all……

    A very special day in the calendar for all true Arsenal fans…..

    I get pretty choked up thinking about Rocky, always have always will.

    It was a privilege and an honour to see Rocky in an Arsenal shirt….

    He epitomized everything we look for in a player that plays for “our” club, he had passion commitment attitude and boy did he have skill but over and above that he loved the club like we do he was genuinely one of “us”

    RIP Rocky, never ever forgotten and always in our hearts….!

    Thoughts out to you as well today Scott in OZ, hope all positive for your dad mate… It’s a CNUT of a disease….! End of…!

  69. Morning Wath…..

    Well said, on both accounts…

  70. Lee, get off the couch you lazy piss-head….!.. :D

  71. Morning WATH, well said on both counts mate!
    The bit about Rocky crying when he was sold by us always brings a lump in my throat!!!! What a man he was!!!!! Where the fuck did those 11yrs go, eh?

  72. The enemy will be back with my sons soon so that’ll be the end of that…..:(
    If you like a good laugh, there’s a bloke called Micky Flannagan he’s got a DVD out and it is very very funny, worth a gander!!!!

  73. Morning all.

    I am worried as we are facing a thuggish team and Hughes will play negative football to snatch a point…plus Dean is the ref that offered no protection for Arsenal players.

    First 7 games = 07 points out of 21 points;
    Next 8 games = 22 points out of 24 points;
    Next 7 games = 07 points out of 21 points;
    Next 8 games = 22 points out of 24 points;
    Next 8 games = ?? points out of 24 points.

    ‘Statistic, more statistics, and damned lies”

    Somebody posted that we are overdued for our “end-of-season” collapse…..hope not….

    Let’s hope it is a repeat of 1997/98 season home-run winning 13 consecutive league games…..

    Fingers crossed and hope we score 2 goals within 20-minutes and 3-0 up by half-time……

  74. Lee, it’s the only time i’ll ever hold my hands up and say respect to the yids…. the fact they were top notch during the minutes silence that day for Rocky….! How fitting our very own No7 that day scored the winner…!.

    A very good mate of mine knows the family really well, Melissa is the image of Rocky it’s quite scary…! When we lost to the dippers in Cardiff, Ryan was mascot that day and after the match told my friend “I wasn’t a very good or lucky mascot was I…?” Made the loss far worse for me thinking that poor kid said that…! Gutted or what…!

  75. Evening Wath.
    It certainly doesnt discriminate…..

  76. Someone said in the pub last night that a Spanish newspaper (probably bollocks then…) mourinho is taking over at shiteh?!?!?

  77. There been whispers on SSN about it this morning as well Lee but if it was in a spanish paper then it’s def utter bollox….!

  78. Bloody hell WATH…….bless his boy!!!!

  79. Hi Merlin,

    With Dean refing, anything could happen today….

    Lee, how many players would cry if we sold them today, Frimpong maybe and that’s prob it….

  80. Odious little man……saying that I’ve always thought Hughes is a prick!!!

  81. Wath, that’s so sad about Ryan……

  82. Rico, it just shows you how football has changed in a short period of time!!! LJW might have a tear in his mince?

  83. Soccer am just showed TW’s goal against villa, cracking pass and a sublime finish! If that was a Barca goal the media would be all over it……

  84. Rico,I reckon you underestimate our lads.

  85. I recall Frimps saying he would crawl on hands and knees begging the club to keep him if they told him he had to go…

    LJ, you could be right there and i forgot Jenks, now he’s signed for the team he loves, he’d be prtty gutted too…

    Lee, too right, how things have changed, now it’s all £’s & €’s…..

    Sometimes I wish Sky Sports was never founded….

  86. Just seen that free kick too Lee, no silly fouls just outside our area today, that’s for sure…

    Hope Song is listening…..

    Is it me or is Soccer AM rubbish these days…

  87. What is that ‘leave it’ song on now :eek:

  88. Oops, i was on about QPR’s free kick buy Tiawo (spelling)

  89. I hardly ever see it as I’m normally standing on a touch line…. It’s pretty average tbh!!

  90. Leave it leave or get frimponged…..van persie something or other!?!? Weird shit…..

  91. I’m not so sure Scott…

    Same old though Lee, if we score great goals, no-one cares, and how Theos goal wasn’t in goal of the week, goodness only knows, they did manage to sneak in Arteta’s free kick though….

  92. Rico, it’s like the Frimpong show!!!!!!

  93. Two metre peter’s must of won it?

  94. Used to always watch it when it first started with Lovejoy and Hells Bells but it’s past its sell by date imho… Oh yes, I forgot you are skiving ;)

  95. Morning Gooners.
    Morning Rico. Great post.
    A tight, close, narrow win today.
    Everything as usual i see.
    Lee in the dog house. Again. :-)

  96. Jambalaya fellow Gooners and friends,

    Missed you all tremendously.

    Scott such things seriously re-rank the outlook on life. I hope you and the family receive a bright beacon to steward strength and encouragement.

    Off for a bit to catch up on last night’s banter. Back in a flash.

    Go Rocking Rocky 7/11 send some spirit from heaven. COYG.

  97. Def weird, let’s get frimponged – good job he isn’t playing today, he’d end up getting a red for battering that little weasel Barton…

    Two metres Peter did win it….. :)

    Bloomin fluke if ever i saw one ;)

  98. Least Lee ain’t in the curry house……….. imagine that poor couch if he was….!

  99. Morning AK…

    I’m hoping we batter them but, your thought could be nearer the mark…

    Morning DG…

  100. Hello DG,and thanks.
    We may have a full crew tonight.

  101. My curry was just lovely for dinner,but I’m paying for it now.

  102. Hi Wath. I’m forever in the dog house.
    Do i care???
    I just splash on a bit of essence of GG.

  103. Thats not good Scott…

  104. I knew you’d get into the GG scene before long AK…. bet it drives your Mrs wild…………….

    Not in a good way I may add :D

  105. Morning Rico. Fine read as always. My appreciation for your consistency day in day out never missing a beat on Arsenal grows by the week. Just wanted to note that.

  106. Least you’ll keep the dingo’s away Scott ;-)

  107. Too much turmeric Scott…?! :-)

  108. Thanks DG ;)

    Nice clip, but my tissues are out now….

  109. Too much chilli by the sounds of it ;)

  110. They’re all dead by now Wath.
    Way too much AK…..its worked a treat,too.
    Pity I’m home alone lol.

  111. You got the picture Wath… :-)

    Gotta say, that Mark Hughes is one of the most easily dislikable people in football. Up there with the appalling Clive Allen.

  112. This still brings tears into my eyes.

  113. Niccolò Galli (22 May 1983 — 10 February 2001) was a promising professional footballer who died in a road traffic accident aged 17.

  114. Good morning Guys and Chicks of the Everincreasing Gunners’ Faith.

    Sombre mood today. Like I felt every year for the last 11.

    Hope he is there is spirit today. To see us win.

  115. Listening to Tony Adams and Lee Dixon in the earlier clip…. Breaks hearts ….

  116. Hi devil, this day is always sombre……

  117. RIP Rocky, gone but not forgotton, He was a true gentleman both off and on the pitch and epitomised what this club is all about, both then and now. COYG, a win today for a legend and the 3 points to keep us in front of our bitter North London rivals.

  118. devil, the away fans will do him proud today…..

  119. Dev, Rocky’s spirit is always watching matey…………..!

    Scott, you dingo killer you……..!

  120. You guys obviously never touched a Mexican Black Bean burrito. That stuff can make you go kite surfing on a skateboard. :P :P

    Rico the frog almost got stuck on me when Adams raised his watery eyes.

  121. Wath,I’m more worried about killing myself.
    All windows are open.
    Not long to go,fellow Gooners.
    I have my alarm set in case I doze off…..its been a looooong day.
    Time for a coffee???

  122. Give us your tip for a score guys.
    3-1 for me.

  123. A 4-1 for win, RvP scoring a brace. Theo penned for a cracker and TR07 to cream the deal.

  124. 4-1 for me Scott….. don’t light a match Scott FFS…………….

    Strong black coffee for you and a fumigating machine…!

  125. Great minds DG ;-)

  126. Dutch,you’re leaving our sniper Vermaelen out????
    The boy Is in fire.

  127. Wath,couldn’t find a match if I tried……..my eyes are bleeding!!!!

  128. Did someone say 9:1??? Now that’s what Ǻ♍ talking about! Afternoon guys…

  129. Too true Andy P…..

  130. DG, i’d be surprised if Big Tony didn’t make every gooner’s frog catch….

  131. Here is Goonie.

    Long time no see mate.

    We missed you.

    hmmmmmmm 9-1. Now that would help in obliterating the 2-8 reversal.

    So I am with Goonie on that. ;)

    Scorers….Barton og, ball bumps into the ref and rolls in, a seagull dives and deviates the ball in, their goalkeeper transforms into MA and puts the ball into the net for a hat-trick of own goals, the ball is going out and suddenly a paranormal hand deviates it in, Theo scores 2 with diving headers.

  132. Scott just found it appropriate on this day to hand the last goal to our nr7. And I voted yes on Theo yesterday so it would be duff to drop my faith in him a day later.

    Verminator will rifle a shot in the face of Barton today. So hard they have to peel off the leather surgically.

    Hola Goonster. 9-1 :)

  133. Hi Goonster, any transfer tips for this summer ;) ;)

  134. I think it will be 3-0. Theo, TR07, RVP.

  135. devil, are you trying to break me today…..

  136. Jeff Stelling talking about PL managers – ‘ The game would be worse off with Wenger not in it’

  137. WATH indeed ;) I prefer great minds. Rico will say ‘dull minds seldom differ’. She got that dished by a classless fella.

  138. No Rico. Not trying to do so. It is simply that he was one of the top three favourite players of all time….the others being Petit and Gilberto.

    And its not only on the 31st of March that I re-run that vid. At least once a month maybe more.

    With me its different because we share the same month for our birthday and we used to play in the same position for our respective teams. Thus it is easy for me to identify with him.

  139. I know devil, but my tissue box is now nearly empty, having been full this morning ;)

    DG ;)

  140. with any luck, Man C will be given a lesson today along with Spurs & Chelsea

    It’s possible

  141. Goonster, hello mate! Please no more of those clips….so sad!!! A fitting result today for one of football’s true greats, please boys!!!!

  142. Lee, can you get your emails at home..?

  143. Petrove has acute Leukemia according to BBC. Diagnosed after game against us last week

  144. Lee…..that’s me putting on those clips. Not Goonie.

  145. Nope mate….Rico, can u please send WATH my home mail?

  146. Devil George Graham gave a telling description of RR saying he looked much like a Brazilian footballer. Tend to agree.

  147. That was a lovely tribute,so a big pat on the back to Aussie(whoever they may be) .
    33……its just too young.

  148. I know Devil, my shite grammar!! They are sad…..but befitting a true great!!!

  149. alan, i meant to mention Petrov this morning in the post, but…. forgot :(

  150. Will do Lee..

    I must start charging for this service :lol:

    Anyone know what a 404 message is on a website?

  151. Hi Rico.

    That is not a good thing to get

  152. The 404 or Not Found error message is a HTTP standard response code indicating that the client was able to communicate with the server, but the server could not find what was requested.

  153. It’s annoying alan, I am trying to get the Highbury House web address verified but McAfee won’t do it as they say it’s returning an HTTP 2xx or 3xx status response code in the header of 404 pages.

    What the heck all that means I don’t know…. :eek:

  154. Pay for services rendered Rico………………… the mind boggles….!

  155. Incoming Lee………….

  156. Cheeky Wath ;)

  157. Bet Theo is gutted Traore isn’t playing today ;)

  158. So b4 the team is announced who reckons wenger will risk Koz….??

  159. Ipswich are celebrating 50 years since the last league title. A stand is being named after Sir Alf Ramsey’s achievements. Great day at Portman Road.”

    When are the SWAMP DWELLERS FROM THE SCUMMY SLUM going to celebrate their last league win????

    in 2036 when they would be 75 years old since their last league win???

  160. Undefeated for the rest of the season!! Save koz for the tea towel wearers….

  161. No Wath, I think JD will start…

  162. He wil play today W.A.T.H. Kozzer is there.

  163. They didnt celebrate the 50th last year Dev they kept it very quiet :D

  164. #Arsenal: Szczesny, Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Song, Arteta, Rosicky, Gervinho, Walcott, RVP.

  165. Thats a pretty decent starting 11… lets hope Barton does a cruciate trying to kick Gervinho…!

  166. #Arsenal Subs: Fabianski, Djourou, Santos, Benayoun, Ramsey, Ox, Chamakh.

    Bench aint bad but lacks a striker to come on and get a goal only Ox…..

  167. Kos starts….

    Team in full: Szczesny, Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Song, Arteta, Rosicky, Ramsey, Walcott, Van Persie.

    Substitutes: Fabianski, Djourou, Santos, Benayoun, Gervinho, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Chamakh.

  168. Hi all,
    Been busy lately and just looking in quickly but the Rocky memories have been flooding back in more ways than one. An outstanding player and a true Arsenal legend. He will live on in our memories forever. Mrs has been in to see what was up with me.

  169. Amended #Arsenal: Szczesny, Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Song, Arteta, Rosicky, Ramsey, Walcott, RVP.

    Was surprised he started Gervinho….

  170. Wath, don’t know where you got your team from ;) ;)

  171. Amended #Arsenal #Arsenal Subs: Fabianski, Djourou, Santos, Benayoun, Gervinho, Ox, Chamakh.

    Some twit on twitter lol…………. Don’t blame the messenger…! :P

  172. Hi Billboy,

    He sure will live on in our memories…..

  173. :lol:

    That’s it, pass the buck ….

  174. Rico answers here.


    It’s due to plugins redirecting McAfee requests. It’s a safety precaution to prevent anyone claiming to be your site’s owner, you have to access WordPress code or disconnect (temporary) all plugins. And repeat the process to get clearance.

  175. I was not passing anything and your NOT getting any of my GG…!

  176. JM left this link last week for the footie


  177. Thanks DG, excuse the pun, but that will all be double dutch to me ;)

  178. Good Wath, you know i don’t drink that old GG stuff..

    Wonder if Lee has been dragged off out to the shops ;)

  179. I wonder if it’s the same for footballers, do you think Diaby has to ring into work every Monday morning like the rest of us to say he won’t be coming into work again this week.

    Just seen Petrov putting on a brave face at Villa Park, he has a long battle ahead of him, can’t imagine it.

  180. What’s a ‘plugin’ ??

  181. I bet he has a seasons sicknote Micko, only has to ring if he might return….

    Sad re Petrov, can’t begin to imagine what he’s going through, one day playing Arsenal, the next…….

  182. Rico I don’t know why you want to enlist HH. It doesn’t provide extra protection.

  183. Might be an air freshner rico !

  184. The only ring Diaby has is in his bottom……………..

    I’ll leave now………….

  185. I’m not sure i’ll bother now DG ;)
    :lol: Micko…

  186. Rico, Lee’s Mrs only taking him shopping at 2.59….! ;-)

  187. Plugins are those modules in the sidebar Rico. You can easily switch them off, refresh HH and repeat the request with McAfee.

  188. Just for you kev……….”If you sit in row z and the ball hits your head, that’s…..Zamora”

  189. Wath, ha ha re Diaby’s ring ;)

    Ah yes, few minutes to go before Lee has to leave….

    Thanks DG, maybe when the sidebar gets refreshed in the summer, I’ll try again, thanks for your help and watch out for a few emails from me asking for more help in July ;) ;)

  190. Hope you haven’t just jinxed him into scoring Micko…

  191. No problem Rico, glad to return a favor. I think it’s a WordPress issue that their support service / administration has to fix anyway.

  192. Boo!! Too soon gone, Rocky! :( But I bet our boys would do him proud today! :)

    Lots of comments to catch up on…

  193. Morning Agag.
    Finally,after a long,drawn out day,kick off is nigh.

  194. I read the link DG, plenty of WP site owners have had probs, hopefully they will do something about it…

    Hi agag and Scott – just in time guys ;)

  195. Sky have just shown the fans at Villa and Petrov… tears everywhere….

  196. Hello, rico, Micko, Dutch, WATH. :)

    I know what you mean, Scott. I’m logging in too much time at work. :( Ick. I hope this is a game to enjoy!!

  197. Ive been loitering Rico…sniffing around.
    How many of you are watching?

  198. Cheers… here’s to Rocky and a convincing win…..!

  199. Boo, rico. Howdy? I hope the chickies and veggies are well. ;)

    That is just terrible news about Petrov. :( :(

  200. Ramsey on the left….I love it.

  201. Cheers to Rocky…..

  202. Just opened them up,couldn’t quite get a cross in. Corner.

  203. Second that Rico.

  204. Pitch looks crap…

    Little buggers keep getting out agag ;)

  205. On the live text score Scott me.

    Hiya Agag :) :)

  206. QPR have earned two yellowed already,but none given.

  207. Chavs 1-0 up

  208. chelsea 1 up

  209. That one on Theo was a def yellow Scott, didn’t see the other, stream crashed :(

    Bugger – West Ham have scored…

  210. QPR having a little spurt atm….defensive line holding well.

  211. Mikel just kicked Barton in the face….lovely.

  212. Nice one Arteta….

    Come on Arsenal, settle down….

  213. TV5 did the same to Zamora haha.

  214. I gave my wife a damn good listening to and am back on the sofa…..all privileges have been suspended!!!

  215. afternoon all!

    Sorry Scott, only just seen your 9.51. Fingers crossed all’s well with your dad.

    Had a great feed ta! You’re right, I’m terrible when hungry!!

  216. :lol: Lee, that’s classic, ‘gave my wife a damn good listening to’

  217. It’s true……

  218. He’ll be right Rocky…..

  219. How we doin????

  220. One down…great goal.

  221. shit Lee

  222. Anyone know what time we’re turning up, it’s all one way traffic.

  223. Though,after the replay,offside without question.

  224. We are slown on the ball,and slow off the ball.

  225. Stream links here lots enjoy!!


  226. We look sooo off. Wake up, AFC! Hello, rocky, Micko, Lee!
    Hey, Dutch!

  227. This arsehole in black is giving us nothing.

  228. hi agag! We don’t really sound like we’re playing well. City are losing though…

  229. Sunderland 1-0

  230. here we go. Late season Gunner’s blues

  231. We are very flat Rocky.

  232. Give it a rest Alan.
    Bloody hell,we’ve been behind in four of our last five games.
    Say it at the end.

  233. Theo!! Best winger in the prem!!

  234. As I said,say that AFTER the game.

  235. Haha! Alan, I love the way you are as pessimistic as me!! Athough I think Scott is righ in this instance! I think we had our woeful end of season slump at the beginning of the season this year. I’m not normally this optimistic about anything, so there must be something in it!

  236. Nice strike by Aaron…just wide.

  237. How do agag, nice one two with the post by theo don’t you think.
    Rvp to kill them off second half.

  238. It’s the tumeric Rocky!!!!!

  239. I agree with Alan, arsene out.

  240. Haha!! Damn that turmeric!

  241. Micko,I reckon.Ox will tear this mob up….he’s made for this game.

  242. I hate City. Cheats.

  243. We had the first five minutes,then the last ten of that half.
    You could drive a convoy of trucks through our midfield.

  244. Sunderland got one back.

  245. Bentner got it lol

  246. thanks Micko. Taxi for Mr W

  247. Sorry,half asleep….flicked over and saw a highlight lol.

  248. Rocky these streams work. Some might ask to download just pick another turn of the sound though Russian jibberjabber.


  249. Bloody stream crashed, then my laptop crashed :( :(

  250. Scott, even a herd of buffalo.
    Dodgey half an hour, TV5 didn’t have a great half, was given the run-around but we’re back in it, they’re there for the taking.

  251. I keep telling you all to move to Oz and watch every game live…..simple.

  252. cheers dutch. I was watching one but it was about a minute behind my radio coverage. Going to use it for highlights!

  253. Reading are 2-1 up :)

  254. Rocky, yes I’m pessimistic, especially when I see them taking the ball backwards all the time.

  255. know what you mean alan. Ramsey is the epitome of that at the mo.

  256. Citeh losing…

  257. 3=1 Sunderland

  258. Sunderland are 3-1 up :P

  259. Nikki’s value is going up up up…. :)

  260. indeed it is

  261. And Citehs us dropping by the second lol.

  262. We getting into the game now??

  263. Shiity have replaced Silva. Maybe Tevez will come on

  264. Reading 3-1 against West Ham :P

  265. No idea Lee, my stream has crashed….

  266. This ref really is a prick.
    Someone tell our guys to take the shot.
    Twenty yards out,nothing happening,hit it.

  267. Come on guys, how we doing??

  268. fuck

  269. Goal to QPR…..not joking,players falling everywhere on this pitch.
    Just cost us the goal,though we keep mucking around with the ball.

  270. 2-1 qpr

  271. why do no other teams defenders slip over at vital moments? I’m sick and tired of ours doing it.

  272. TV5 is having a bad day at the office.

  273. Balotelli and Tevez are arguing lol

  274. Tut tut. We don’t seem interested in this… Why??

  275. Get Ox and Gervinho on.

  276. Bollox! 2-1 down

  277. probably best to replace TV5

  278. Rocky,you’d better watch a Liverpool game.

  279. Would be swell if szczesny could save one from time to time..

  280. as is Rambo micko. His standard sub-par performance. Glad he’s off. Rather see ox than gerv tho

  281. Scott, what did i say within a few minutes, the pitch looks shocking – no doubt done to stop us playing and its working…

  282. Yeah Paul,its his fault lol.

  283. you see and the of season blues. This will likely continue

  284. end of season, I meant to say

  285. Scott… I only do that when I want to go to sleep…

  286. It’s a minefield.

  287. Never said it was his fault did I scott? I said it would be swell if he would like to save one from time to time lol.

  288. Alan,you’re giving me the blues

  289. Paul,that’s called splitting hairs.

  290. 20 minutes, come on arsenal, give it your everything, don’t bloody hand things back to the swampies!!!

  291. is RvP actually playing? How is he not tearing Ferdinand and Hill a new one??? They are terrible players. I just don’t get it.

  292. Can never see the need to start with 4 central midfield players, feel RVP needs help up front.

  293. Villa 1 chelsea 2

  294. Too complacent rocky, too bloody complacent!!

    Best they wake up and finally start playing football…

  295. Agree with that Paul.

  296. someone needs to show them where the QPR goal is. Perhaps a spectator will assist

  297. Last 15 mins…. COYGS

  298. 2-2 Chavs….

  299. Villa 2 Chelsea 2

  300. villa doing us a favour….

  301. what a great chance they’ve buggered up again. Oh well

  302. chamakh? Seriously?

  303. Ox is on….the difference maker???
    Chamakh also.

  304. One more goal come on, just one more… then that will lead to a second….

  305. Shame we can’t do ourselves a fucking favour!!!

  306. Chamakh :eek:

  307. Chamakh on

  308. Another impossible pass attempted…..and failed.

  309. Chelsea in front now 3-2

  310. chavs 3-2 up, we need to win this!!

  311. How’s that one Paul???
    Great save.

  312. Feckin heck, that was nearly 3-1, a save from Ches saved us there….

    See that Esp ;)

  313. I’d still have Barton and Shawcross in our team, and I’d ban funny hairstyles

  314. Bentner nearly got another

  315. I wouldn’t alan, they are nothing more than thugs, both of whom if acted on the streets the way they do in football, would be behind bars….

  316. Shitty score

  317. Wish one of ours would get another….

    3-2 Citeh

  318. Song needs to stop trying these fancy chips…..they’re not working today,not coming close.

  319. 3-3 Citeh….

  320. I like thugs Rico, I was a rugby player and appreciate their worth

    3-3 shitty

  321. Thankfully Wenger won’t ever sign players like that, could never want us to sign a player who nearly ended one of our players football career….

    Well, 4 mins extra time, not a hope in hell…

    Crap crap crap day for our boys….

  322. Gunners now in trouble if we don’t get one back. We lose this round against others

  323. Rico. better they play for you than against you, and they are more honourable than divers

  324. Song again with the fancy crap.

  325. looks like Alan was right all along…..

  326. Chezzer up…..

  327. Song needs a haircut

  328. What a horrid horrid day for Arsenal……

  329. I don’t see how Rocky.
    One loss from 8 hardly constitutes a form slump.

  330. Wenger does not seem to time substitutions well

  331. lets hope it’s not the start of one though

  332. Pressure from below, Scott

  333. Lost to a crap team, a crap manager, a side that sits in the bottom three of the PL…

    Wenger and his merry men should be totally ashamed!

    Sorry David ‘Rocky’ Rocastle…….

  334. Some scumbags thrown a coin at RVP but hit the linesman!!!!

    Game over….great run over…..Alan can slit his wrists with a smile in his face lol.
    Disappointing game,but the run had to come to an end.
    The first was offside….watch it and see.
    Pitch was woeful.
    Having said that,we were right off our game.
    Goodnight all….til next time,stay positive….except you Alan,of course lol.

  335. We weren’t at the races today, know what you mean Alan, looks like someone emptied a bag of rubbish on his head.

  336. It’s all about consistency, which we don’t have. A couple of good transfers out & in will make a difference

    It’s Manure’s to lose

  337. cue comments about the pitch from Arsene no doubt. Dreadful performance.

  338. You get this feeling that they thought it was gonna be a stroll in the park… Grrrr.

  339. That’s a bit harsh Rico.
    Nobody performs at their best every game.

  340. Night Scott, hope you get a better nights sleep than I will after that result….

    Well, the display as much as the result….

  341. Later scott. Your talismanic run had to end sometime! Just wish it would have been against someone good, after putting a heroic shift. Not like this.

  342. I agree Alan re: subs.
    Nothing was happening at the hour mark….changes needed to be made then.

  343. true Scott, but for all of them not to turn up at the same time? inexcusable.

  344. anyway, Im off to tidy out the balcony. My Saturday just gets better and better…..!

    May be on later. Have a good afternoon all

  345. Scott, you can’t blame the pitch or the referee, we were pish poor today, qpr wanted it more than us, reminded me of the sunderland cup game a few weeks back.

  346. Got to say that was a lack lustre performance from our boys, very disappointing display Virmin had a howler Ramsey was inafective and Theo whose frightened of physical contact if i speak the truth i couldn’t care if he signs or not, sory to hear about your Dad Scott best wishes for him. i must admit i’m more disappointed than i thought i’de be, but the whole team had a bad day.

  347. Don’t jump off it will ya rocky.

  348. Nighty rocky… rotten day, just rotten!

  349. Hi Steve…

    At least Theo got a goal to give us hope….

  350. Merlin, your comment is my post for tomorrow, sorry it’s now gone ;) ;)

  351. Its not all doom Merlin, we’ll still 3rd as things stand.

  352. Match report on the way Rico. Just finishing it off. Will send it later on today.

  353. I was beginning to think this place was haunted !

  354. As Ned Kelly said after being sentenced to hang

    ” Such is life “

  355. Devil, i’d love to say I’m looking forward to it but you know how it is.

  356. devil, that is an unexpected surprise, thank you…

    Merlin, i will post yours on monday as you raise some very very good questions….

  357. Evening Rico, fair play to Theo as you said he did score, but he frustrates the hell out of me, his first touch is always backwards and then goes on a run to oblivion, he’s a forward with pace and i think its wasted on him he hasn’t in my mind got the know how to take on a player if it may turn out to be physical. He does have good spells where he does show that he can play, but to seldom for me.

  358. Man U have only 4 foreign players in there firsts, well usually. Says a lot for English players, playing in an English club in an English competition

  359. Robin Van Persie was showing signs of fatigue in the Villa game.
    And when we needed him today.
    He couldn’t do his Capt Vantastic and save the day.

  360. Hi Allezkev

    Yes, poor old RvP. We can’t expect him to do everything

  361. Steve – yes he does frustrate, but on days like today, was he the only one who frustrated or got their game wrong??

    But as always, he gets singled out….

    AK, RvP has played too many games, far too many games on the trot but thats because we have nothing in reserve, next season that will hopefully change….

  362. Kev, he only had two shots on goal all afternoon, a free-kick in the first half and a good chance in the 2nd where the goalie pulled off a great save, he needs more support, we can’t afford to rest him can we, bet you were pulling your hair out when you saw Chamakh coming on for the last 10 minutes, hope against expectation.

  363. I know that Mike Dean is a cnut and the pitch was probably prepared with us in mind. But if you wanna win the big prizes you have to learn to cope.
    You have to defend properly.
    And you have to be clinical at the other end.

    And very very soon i am going to go out into the garage.
    Get a very very very large hammer.
    And smash this effin useless Samsung shit phone into tiny pieces.

  364. Guys, i’m offski for a bit, going to get a few things done and calm down….

    back later….

  365. My laptop nearly fell off my legs when Chamack came on.

    MAtch report sent Rico.

    check your inbox please. ;)

  366. I’m sorry i disagree about Robin, Yes he looked lack lustre, the same as the whole team, Robin has had a blinding spell where he has been scoreing for fun, and he could have scored a blinder today, he has had a week of rest now that should be enough time for anyone people that work everyday of the year for 8 or 9 hours a day is expected to do it without complaint where these players probably have a couple of hours and then 90 minutes on match days hardly tireing for a so called athelete.

  367. I have it devil, thank you big time

    evening, i am still very down hearted….

  368. TBH Pa and I have been expecting it today. We did not anticipate more than a draw. There were so many situations throughout this league that we have failed to take advantage of other results going our way and today is one of them.

  369. Pffffgggggggrrrraaaahhhhhh went out to shake off this result.

    Still got some tense jaw muscles biting down a large, roughed up, lump of wood that was protected by a pitbull with the DNA of Satan himself. In the end the redeyed drooling bastard flinched and I ran with my prize. Captured it all on video to drop it in the inbox of Arsenal.com.

    Now a coffee.

  370. Did you like the last bit in my report regarding my cousin Rico???

  371. I do devil, bless her :)

  372. DG – neither can i shake off this result, it bloomin hurts….

    I’m offski for the day guys and gals….

    stay safe all and nighty night…

  373. In my opinion we got dooped they let us batter and circle their wall. Then Rangers hit the ball like they would orbit a satellite and muscle our backline into mistakes. They must be feeding their squad raw bloody protein injected meat.

  374. Rico like Devil said again we fail to capitalize on favorable results. That’s what nagging me still.

    Nighty night.

  375. Night all. Not been the best of days. But the SWAMP DWELLERS FROM THE SCUMMY SLUM still need to win tomorrow. And Swansea are no pushovers. Hope they do them and at least hold them.

    cu mates. No dreams today as I am knackered.

  376. Hi AlanMP/Mick.
    Sorry i didn’t answer earlier. Just pissed off with this pile of Samsung shit.

  377. Sir Steven, i don’t totally disagree with you over RVP.
    But the margains between success & failure are so small at the top level, imho, that a player only has to be a little below par to render them almost ineffective.
    And to be fair to Robin, he has carried this team, goalwise, for the majority of this season.

  378. And yes, i know that that is his job. But i would imagine that this season could well be the first time, prehaps, that he has been ever~present

  379. During an entire season, and that could include his time in Holland..?!

  380. I understand what your saying Sir Kev, and i am not moaning about Robin, Just disagree that he must be tired. Normal people in all types of jobs get about six weeks a year holiday and they carry on as if nothing has happened being a footballer is no diferent except they don’t work the same kind of hours, mind you i would love to earn a hundred grand a week i don’t think i would ever be tired.

  381. I think your posts are worth 100k Sir Steve… :-)

  382. I ss that another German, Siemann; centre~back, was in the U18’s squad…
    Vorwarts der Arsenal

  383. There’s no doubt in the world the first goal was offside,then Vermaelen….amongst others….slipped over,gifting the second.
    Our defence wasn’t as bad as people are making out.
    Our midfield offered nothing.
    As I posted a few times during the game,Song was trying the deft little impossible chip every time he got the ball…..what’s wrong with the simple pass Alex????
    Yes,its come off lately,but after you’ve tried 6 or 7 times,and each time its gone to an opponent,put it away til next week.
    He was shocking.
    RVP was very flat,and his first touch,for his standards,was woeful.
    Theo….well,he’s Theo,so maybe we should stop trying to dissect him and accept the fact he is what he is,inconsistent.
    Rosicky was barely in it.
    Arteta did well.
    Just a flat game,overall
    Disappointing,but its hardly the end of the world.
    Seven in a row was a great effort,but that’s done.
    Yesterday was terrible,but that’s done also.
    Onwards and upwards.

  384. Rico,you asked why Theos singled out…..fair question.
    My answer is he brings it on himself by asking for 85,000 per week.
    That figure is the wage of an outstandingly good player,and if he rates himself that highly,his performances should reflect that.
    That’s just my opinion,anyway.

  385. Sensible comments Scott, good perspective.
    There’s enough games to turn it around again.
    Will be interesting to see how Mancini approaches next weekend. He needs to go for the win. Not easy for a cautious Italian to contemplate..!

  386. The thing is Scott. If Podolski does come in, on 100k, then the likes of Walcott, Song and Robin, are gonna want megabucks…

  387. AK,Podolski is,using my favourite description,an absolute weapon,and worth more than Theo in my opinion.
    Robin deserves 150-170k a week.
    Theo should grab the 75 offered…..he’s young,improve and ask for 90 or 100 in two years time.
    Alex….I’d give him 75ish.
    Keep in mind these two can easily be replaced…easily…..without breaking the bank.
    We would get 15 or 20 million for each of them,so no problems there.
    RVP…..we would get 40 for him,considering his age,but what’s he worth to replace???
    Theo,you already earn more per week than 95% of people do per year,so grow up a bit mate.
    AK,have you seen the first goal??
    I’m stunned I’m the only one speaking if the offside?
    One angle….maybe I’m one of few to see it…shows it clearly.
    TV5 plays him off easily,and loses that vital yard.
    Yes,play to the whistle though….I hate players standing with their hand in the air.
    I am yet to see,in 36 years of playing and watching,a referee suddenly give a free due to a player standing still with their arm raised.
    Ironically,at my kids age,U/6,there’s usually no referee????
    I ref every game(maybe that’s why we keep winning lol) so the kids learn to play to the whistle,only so in ten years time they can try and to the refs job!!!!!

  388. Scott, i haven’t seen anything mate.
    Didn’t finish till midnight.
    Just out having a stroll.
    If they offer Robin 120k, i reckon he might walk.
    Gotta give him 150k or 120k + a big signing~on fee spread over the duration of the deal.
    Yes, i agree. Song & Walcott can be replaced.
    But it would be the wrong message to send out.

  389. The club need to be showing it’s ambition by retaining it’s best players.
    Walcott, Song and quite a few more, had an off~day.
    In a couple of years who knows how good they’ll be?

  390. Every summer, instead of the squad being strengthened, we lose a couple of big players.
    How are we ever going to progress?
    I don’t want to see anyone leave, except for the usual suspects.
    We are so very close to having a squad that can realistically challenge for the EPL again.
    I don’t want to see that situation repeated where we take one step forward and then two back.
    We have to keep this squad intact.
    Although i can see your view.

  391. AK,I dont want to see them sold,truly I don’t.
    I was trying to make the point that it won’t be the end of the world if they go,but they also need to realise they’re not irreplacable.
    I agree they will be even better in two or three years time,but that’s when they need to be paid top dollar,when they’re doing the job consistently.
    Bloody agents…….they truly so stuff sports.
    Scum of the earth.

  392. Morning….

    Scott – re Theo, do we know for sure that he is asking for £85K a week, it could just be the Newspapers talking…

  393. Everything we read could be newspaper talk Rico…that’s why we should disregard rumours totally.
    Top of the morning all.

  394. Exactly Scott, we can’t be selective on what we choose to believe and ignore ;)

    Morning to you….

  395. New Post up now….

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