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Twenty players out this summer? PSG want Chamakh for starters….

Arsenal are entering that period of the season, when difficult decisions are being made on the futures of many fringe players.

I don’t mean the likes of Sebastian Squillaci, Nicklas Bendtner, Manuel Almunia, Denilson, Carlos Vela and Lukasz Fabianski as it seems fairly certain that most, if not all of the above, will be leaving Arsenal this summer.

There are quite a few others though who Arsene Wenger could be seriously asking himself, if they have a future at Arsenal?

The likes of Craig Eastmond, Sean McDermott, Gavin Hoyte, James Shea, Rhys Murphy, Sanchez Watt, Vito Mannone, Kyle Bartley,
Ju Young Park, Chamakh, Yossi Benayoun, Henri Lansbury, Pedro Botelho and not forgetting Andrei Arshavin!

That’s 20 players in total…

Would Wenger really agree to release 20 players???

I cannot see so many leaving at the same time, despite so many excellent young players eagerly waiting to take their places in the 1st team and Reserve squads.

Wenger will probably send many of them out on loan again and we might very well be surprised at who Arsene retains rather than who he releases.

Take Ju Young Park for example, even if Podolski joins and Campbell gets a work permit, what would be gained by selling him now that he doesn’t have military service hanging over him? Also, we cannot be sure if our annual injury jinx will switch it’s attention away from our defenders, onto our forwards next season so it might be prudent to have an extra striker in the squad, just in case the worst case scenario decides to fall upon us.

Maroune Chamakh – most Arsenal fans are certain that Wenger will sell him, especially if Podolski joins but Arsene Wenger seldom does what we all think he’ll do, so don’t be surprised if Chamakh stays, at least for one more season.

I certainly wouldn’t be surprised at all, despite the newspapers being full of the story that PSG want to sign him for £5-6 Million.

Yossi Benayoun is a good professional and a good team player, but his salary is rather on the expensive side for someone who plays so few games.

What about Yossi, would he accept a pay-cut to stay?

Unlikely in my opinion and that’s why I expect to see our Israeli midfielder returning to Chelsea in the summer.

Bartley, Lansbury, Eastmond, Hoyte, Watt, McDermott, Shea, Murphy and Botelho are all in their early 20’s and need 1st team football at this stage of their careers, playing in the reserves is no good to them.

My own view is that Bartley, Lansbury and Eastmond will stay Gooners but go out on loan again.

The others, well that’s anyone’s guess.

I believe that Botelho is under contract to us for one more year and I strongly suspect that he’ll spend that year on loan in Spain again, before leaving for good in 2013.

Vito Mannone is in his mid-20’s and needs regular first team football, a summer transfer for him would probably be best for all concerned.

Wenger has made it clear that he likes Andrei Arshavin and despite loaning him back to Zenit St Petersburg, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see him returning to the fold for next season.

Despite all the rumours, we cannot be certain that Wenger will sign anyone!

It seems that Mario Gotze won’t be leaving Dortmund for another year at least. Jan Vertonghen, despite his come and get me plea, could quite easily end up at White Hart Lane and Lukasz Podolski is now talking up a move to Lazio Roma.

So we might be a position next summer, of having to hold onto what we already have, as no replacements arrive.

Don’t be surprised if next seasons new additions turn out to be Junior Hoillett, Joel Campbell and Ryo Miyaichi…!!!

We all know what Arsene is like, bless him and we all know that we have a CEO who is all mouth and no trousers….

Finally, today Arsene Wenger will find out if he is to face another touchline ban in Europe after the ‘goings on’ in the tunnel after our Milan game. I think we all know what the outcome will be don’t we?

Written by Allezkev

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246 comments on “Twenty players out this summer? PSG want Chamakh for starters….

  1. Hey all,

    Hope everyone is great on this fine morning.. intresting post there AK… I agree that alot of players will be leaving, however i dont think we will be shy in the transfer market this year!! I feel podolski signing is only a matter of time away just wenger being a punk and longing this process out. Vertonghen wont end up as a flid he doesnt seem stupid, a blind man with a cold would have more sense not to go to white shite lane over the emirates!! i feel we will bag him. And M’via i also feel will be a gooner to push song up front a lil in middle field…

    Keep the faith and think positive fellow REDS!!


  2. Morning all

    Another fine post AK, thats a whole lot of players you list there, most of whom just aren’t going to have a career with us.

    Imho it’s selfish and stupid to be keeping most of them, they are not young and should be playing first team football, not hanging around waiting for a game in the reserves…

    I’d keep Lansbury and Bartley from the younger group and loan them to Bolton, then see what they are really made of.

    The rest you list, well, let them go….

  3. AK,I have the utmost faith that Wenger will bring two or three new top guns in.
    We can afford to lose ten or fifteen players.
    Yossi…..I’d seen him if a decent wage can be agreed upon.
    Evening all.

  4. Hi Matty, how many would you keep on AK’s list, if any?

  5. Hi Scott, i did see your cheeky comment about Petit ;)

  6. Lansbury is a defo Rico… i think he is wicked and it amazes me why he is never in our 1st team.. i feel he would defo give ramsey a run for his money.. ( i know your going to crifify me for that comment) lol.
    James Shea meant to be a great prospect his another ill keep along with sanchez watt…

    I thought Pedro Botelho apart from his behaviour was meant to be a great future prospect once he can get a permit, am i wrong?

  7. Same here Matty with Lansbury, we have been saying that maybe he’d have been better off going to Bolton, Coyle seems to play our loan players a lot more than other clubs.

    Sam hasn’t played him for a while, other than in goal!

    You are safe with me, I love Henri ….

    Not sure on Botelho but yes, he was meant to be a good catch but i think it’s Wellington with the ‘issues’, or is he the Pizza loving boy ;)

    I’d rather Watt on the bench than Chamakh too, but not sure if he has what it takes for the PL?

  8. Thought you’d like it Rico.
    Lansbury….love him.
    Silva……the guy can play,really play.
    Bartley….who knows until he gets a chance.
    Park………who knows until he gets a chance!!!
    The rest,sell them all.

  9. Yeh i dont know why wenger wont play him? i bet he would also give Szczesny a scare in goal, heard he is meant to be the dog B****x playing there too lol.

    Bolton have done amazing with bringing out our stars i would give Coyle half are team and let him polish them in to gems, hope ryo comes out well from that loan.

    So what do you think the future is for Vela? im gutted about him i really like him especially on the wing he was good another player i dont understand with wenger.

    I think im looking forward to seeing wellington silva and cambell if they get permits i think they will be wkd.

    Also transfer wise if wengo can pull it off Luis Muriel.. he looks wkd up front the Colombian ronaldo they call him :P

  10. I did Scott…

    Pretty much agree re your player comments too, just think how much we would save on their wages and we’d even pocket a few pounds too…

  11. Morning all. Here is my latest update:

    Latest goal scorers after the 44th game, March 24, 2011: won 3-0 against Villa:

    PL … CL … FA CC __ Total _ Players
    26 … 05 … 02 … 00 __ 33 … Robin Van Persie
    06 … 02 … 01 … 00 __ 09 … Theo Walcott
    05 … 00 … 00 … 00 __ 05 … Mikel Arteta
    05 … 00 … 00 … 00 __ 05 … Vermaelen
    04 … 00 … 00 … 00 __ 04 … Gervinho
    02 … 01 … 00 … 01 __ 04 … Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
    02 … 01 … 00 … 00 __ 03 … Aaron Ramsey
    02 … 00 … 01 … 00 __ 03 … Thierry Henry
    01 … 01 … 00 … 01 __ 03 … Benayoun
    01 … 01 … 00 … 00 __ 02 … Tomas Rosicky

    01 … 01 … 00 … 00 __ 02 … Koscielny
    01 … 01 … 00 … 00 __ 02 … Andre Santos
    01 … 00 … 00 … 01 __ 02 … Arshavin
    01 … 00 … 00 … 01 __ 02 … Gibbs
    01 … 00 … 00 … 00 __ 01 … Chamakh
    01 … 00 … 00 … 00 __ 01 … Song
    01 … 00 … 00 … 00 __ 01 … Sagna
    00 … 00 … 00 … 01 __ 01 … Park CY
    00 … 00 … 00 … 00 __ 00 … “Own” Goal
    61 … 13 … 04 … 05 __ 83 goals scored:
    28 win – 6 draw – 12 losses.

    83 goals scored in 46 games or an average of 1.80 goals per game played.
    Estimated total goals scored after 54 games = 1.80 x 54 = 97 goals.

    Van Persie, Walcott, Gervinho, Chamakh, Park CY and Benik Afobe are classified as STRIKERS.

    51 goals or 61.45% scored by STRIKERS.
    20 goals or 24.10% scored by MIDFIELDERS.
    12 goals or 14.45% scored by DEFENDERS.
    00 goals or 00.00% are “own” goals.


    Note that we do not even have one “own” goal to oru credit!

    Is it because we do not shoot enough into a crowded box from outside liek what Arteta did against Villa?..
    or Vermaelen’s Hammer?
    or lack of Rosicky’s sharp shooting skill?

    We should start to worry now as Van Persie is having a mini-slump and he usually score goals in a cluster..and then off….

    The worrying sign is barring Van Persie, there isn’t any other players that are into doubel figure….like a “pires’ or a “Freddy”..good for 15+ goal per season respectively.

    Let’s hope that during this home straight, our MIDFIELD will start scoring in every game played and contribute at least 40% to the goal tally.

    We can’t depend on our DEFENCE to score regularly. WHich defender’s turn to score next?

    Our 2012/13 25-man squad?
    If no player leaves, then it will be above 17 no (excluding Yossi, plus:
    1 – Mertesacker
    2 – Jenkinson
    3 – Frimpong
    4 – Coquelin
    5 – Djourou
    6 – WIlshere
    7 – Miquel
    8 – Benik Afobe
    9 – Joel Campbell???
    10- Ryo Miyachi???
    11- Nico Yennaris
    12- Ozakhup
    13- COnor Henderson

    Now, if Wenger really does not buy, you think Van Persie will sign a new contract extension?

    And you think Henry will return in Janaury 2013 for another stint?

    My feeling is that Wenger will buy at least 2 or 3 marquee players else he will risk losing Van Persie and Walcott who will be disenchanted with the prospect of another trophyless season knowing very well that the current team is not ready nor strong enough to win a trophy, let alone be title-contender.

    You beleive this current squad is strong enough in 2012/13 to win a trophy?
    I don’t.

  12. Botelho?

    Hope Wenegr will bring him back as with Gibbs, Santos, Botelho and emergency LB in Coquelin, our left-flank is stronger.

    I think Botelho is a younger Santos or another “Armand Traore”…superb as left flank attacking mdifielder, but lacking defensive naunces like positioning and defensive awareness.

    Perhaps, like Traore, Wenger may convert him into another left attacking midfielder….perhaps on par with Gareth Bale then; and a useful alternative to Gervinho or Oxlade-CHamberlain if Arshavin is sold.

    Guess if we really sign Gotze or Giroud, then it is bye-bye Arshavin.

  13. Hi Merlin, the goal tally is in the sidebar ;) ;)

    ‘Back of the net’ heading…

  14. Let’s compare our performance against the Top-6 team as after 30 no. league games played:

    W … D … L ….. F ….. A … +/-
    7 ….. 2 … 1 … 27 … 16 … 11 … 23 points: Manchester United
    7 ….. 1 … 2 … 24 … 09 … 15 … 22 points: Abu Dhabi City
    5 ….. 0 … 5 … 18 … 20 … -2 …. 15 points: Arsenal
    4 ….. 3 … 4 … 13 … 14 … -1 …. 15 points: Liverpool
    3 ….. 3 … 6 … 15 … 22 … -7 …. 12 points: Tiny Totts
    3 ….. 0 … 8 … 05 … 13 … -8 …. 09 points: Everton
    2 ….. 3 … 5 … 15 … 20 … -5 …. 09 points: Chelski

    Remaining matches to play:

    08-Apr-12 …. Arsenal ? ? Abu Dhabi City
    21-Apr-12 …. Arsenal ? ? Chelski
    22-Apr-12 …. Man U ? ? Everton
    30-Apr-12 …. Abu Dhabi ? ? ManU
    06-May-12 … Liverpool ? ? Chelski

    Now you realise why Redknapp is confident of snatching 3rd spot from Arsenal as he is confident that a resurgent CHelski will get a result against Arsenal, as well as a focussed Abu DHabi CIty will go all out against Arsenal to stay in touch with ManU in title chase.

    At the very least, we must not lose against CHelski and Abu DHabi City to stand a chance of maintaining 3rd spot..as well as beating CHelski, and Abu DHabi CIty on 8-April to have a decent shot at 2nd spot as well.

  15. Thanks Rico.
    Next time I will display only the TOTAL GOAL scored… :lol:

  16. Merlin,our squad is good enough to win silverware,but lacks depth.
    In other words,if we have no injuries,we will win the league next season.
    Since we WILL have injuries,we need more top grade players.
    It’s simple,and Wenger knows the problem and solution.

  17. Don’t we have too many left sided wingers already?

    Redknapp may be confident, but so are we, all we have to do is keep on winning, and third will be ours…

  18. :lol: Merlin….

  19. Merlin,you are assuming Spuds will suddenly start,and the continue,winning!!!!

  20. A comparison of the Top-6 team against Bottom-13 teams with 30 games played after 26-Mar-12:
    W … D … L ….. F ….. A … +/-
    16 … 2 … 2 … 47 … 11 … 36 … 50 points: Manchester United
    15 … 3 … 2 … 49 … 13 … 36 … 48 points: Abu Dhabi City
    13 … 4 … 3 … 43 … 18 … 25 … 43 points: Arsenal
    13 … 4 … 1 … 38 … 13 … 25 … 43 points: Tiny Totts
    12 … 5 … 3 … 34 … 14 … 20 … 41 points: Chelski
    07 … 6 … 6 … 25 … 17 … 08 … 27 points: Liverpool

    This is how Arsenal season panned out after 30 games played:
    First 7 games = 07 points out of 21 points;
    Next 8 games = 22 points out of 24 points;
    Next 7 games = 07 points out of 21 points;
    Next 8 games = 22 points out of 24 points;
    Next 8 games = ?? points out of 24 points.

    Maximum points achievable = 58 + 24 = 82 points.
    Realistic Target of 4 wins 2 draws 2 losses = 14 points.
    Minimum points for 4th spot = 58 + 14 = 72 points.

    Clearly, we cannot afford to lose against CHelski and at the very least, a drawn match on 21-April. Otherwise there is a danger that Chelski can push Arsenal down to 5th spot on May 13!

    Let’s hope Benifica and Real Madrid will knock CHelski out of the CL Cup as there is a danger that CHelski may win the CL CUp with the 4th spot going to CL CUp winner!

    Of course, Redknapp is smiling as all he needed to do is to win all their remaining 8 no. matches against Bottom-13 teams (which is possible) to be Top-4 team….and there is nothing Arsenal and CHelski can do about it.

    Let’s hope Bolton will do us a favor and beat ‘em at Reebok Stadium!

    Ideally, Arsenal must remain unbeaten for the rest of the season to clinch Top-4 status; and hopefully at least 3rd spot to celebrate St Totteringham Day.

  21. morning Housers!
    We need squad depth….
    Merlin, seeing as you are the “Stat man”…my mate said that from the middle October our points tally is the same as Manure & Citeh, 51 points! Is this true??

  22. A loss to the Chavs in the FA Cup at Wembley could do wonders to the Totts confidence ;)

    Morning Lee…. Who would you keep on the list??

  23. Scott, never underestimated the man-management skills of Redknapp as he has the knack of motivating players and team to play above their ability.

    Yes, Tiny Totts smelled blood in the water and will go on all-out attacks to win the remaining 8 games as the players knew that win all eight matches and they can be 3rd as Arsenal faces two tough matches against CHelski and Abu Dhabi City…not forgetting those thugs at Stoke CIty waiting in ambush as well……

    This weekend?
    QPR has the knack of taking points off Top-6 team and I wouldn’t be surprise that we need to score at least 2 goals to win as QPR is good to score at least one goal at home.

    That is, we need to win our next 3 games against QPR, Abu Dhabi and Wigan to put Tiny Totts in their place, demoralise ‘em…..and not to rejuvenate Chelski and Tiny Totts by dropping points in our next 3 games.

  24. Merlin,what were the state saying at the end of October???
    Where did they wed likely finish then?
    I’m not having a go at you,but statistics never tell the full story.
    I know you love them,and I have the utmost respect for you and the time you put into compiling them,but statistics are great in a review situation,not a preview situation.
    We are third.
    Spuds are fourth.
    The stats would never have suggested this was a possibility a few months back.

  25. Lansbury & Bartley but let Mr Coyle have em……Lansbury at WHU is a joke, the hamster’s midfield just watch the ball being hoofed over their heads! That’s when he gets a game…….

  26. Can’t see the Chavs winning the CL Merlin…

  27. Morning all. How are we on this fine Thursday?!

    Good post AK. It’s amazing how many of the players on the list I have forgotten about. How about Wellington? Is he honestly going to play for us? Can’t see it myself. Keep forgetting we have Campbell too.

  28. Merlin,’arry ‘asn’t motivated anyone lately….except his lawyer.
    Modric is missing in action.
    Bale is so desperate to impress,he’s shooting from everywhere….bloody hog.
    Our destiny is in our hands,and again,who’d have thought that a few months back……..except me,of course lol.

  29. Morning Gooners
    Morning Rico. I forgot that one.
    I agree with Merlin, Rednapp is sweating on Arsenal dropping points to the Arabs and Russians.
    So a 3 pointer against the Arabs is vital.
    A positive result would heap the pressure onto the Spuds again and they may slip up.
    Also with an FACup semi~final, we have the chance to stretch our lead whislt they’re distracted.
    Spuds getting to the final could be an asset as much as i’d hate to see it.

  30. I wish Lansbury had never gone there, though FS might do him good, especially the defensive side to his game but all he’s done is sit him on the bench, he could have done that with us…

    Thats why I like Coyle, when he loans players, he plays them and they learn big time…

    Hope the ‘hamsters’ stay in the championship….

  31. Morning Scott. I certainly wouldn’t have thought it, and readily hold my hands up to say I was wrong! I’m glad I was wrong as well!

  32. Morning AK :)

    Win win really AK, if they get beat by the chavs they’ll be gutted, if they win and have to return to wembley, their heads could be thinking only of that date….

  33. Morning Rocky. Sorry i missed you yesterday.
    There’s a big chippie on the corner in Shanklin High St, opposite the kebab shop…
    I know where your parents and sister live.

  34. Morning AK… That last sentence sounded a little bit sinister!!

  35. Gotta say that i’m suprised at Wenger, for loaning Lansbury to West Ham.
    What on earth is Allardyce gonna teach him?
    You have to wonder if Wenger thinks that Henri has a future at Arsenal, otherwise he would have sent him to a more technical team. Norwich, Swansea, Bolton.
    Of course, those clubs have gotta want him in the first place.

  36. morning rocky..

    Have to dash guys – got a busy couple of hours, back later…

  37. Rocky… :-)

    I know the towns where they live….
    Yes, on reflection, it did make me sound like a looney.

  38. I agree AK. He’s been at Norwich before, so why not? Swansea probably wouldn’t have wanted him. BR’s team seem to be doing pretty well at the mo!

  39. Good job my folks actually live in the same town as me, but just go over to their cottage every other weekend! I’d have had to tell them to be on the lookout for a guy hanging about in a red cab…..!

  40. Scott, Wenger always use his youngsters as squad members; and alwasy depend on them to develop from August to December and ready to step into the breach comes Janaury/February when injuries and suspensions starting to take a toll on senior players.

    Wenger had been let-down by his much-vaunted youngsters since 2005/06, never ready to fulfill their potential comes January/February.

    To play 60+ games per season, we need at least 4 no. experienced strikers and 4 no. CB, with at least 2 no. experienced players in every position.
    WHo have we got for 2012/13 season?

    1 – Szcesny
    2 – experienced back-up – DOubt Fabianski will stay on as no. 2.

    1 – Vermaelen
    2 – Koscielny
    3 – Mertesacker
    4 – DJourou
    5 – Miquel
    6 – Bartley, Angha, Boateng?

    DO you think Wenger will buy Vertonghen when we have at elast 4 no. experienced CB?

    1 – Santos
    2 – Gibbs
    3 – Botelho

    Well, if both of ‘em are healthy…..

    1 – Sagna
    2 – Jenkinson
    3 – Yennaris
    4 – Lansbury??

    No problem at LB and RB with youngsters coming intot eh squad

    1 – Song
    2 – Arteta
    3 – Coquelin
    4 – Frimpong
    5 – Yennaris
    6 – Jon Toral and ANeke?

    DO we need to buy M’vila?

    1 – ROsicky
    2 – Wilshere
    3 – Ramsey
    4 – OX
    5 – Ozakhup
    6 – Gnarby
    7 – Eisfield?

    You think Wenger will spend 30+ mil to buy Gotze and/or HAzard?
    Methink Wenger will cheap..say Gourcuff or Marvin???

    1 – Van Persie
    2 – Walcott
    3 – Gervinho
    4 – Benik Afobe
    5 – Joel Campbell
    6 – Wellington Silva

    Perhaps he will buy Poldolski and Giroud if Van Persie still refuse to sign a new contract.
    I think Walcott will sign a new contract as he is smart enough to realise that time is on his side to continue his development with Wenger.

    1 – Oxlade-Chamberlain
    2 – Ryo Miyachi
    3 – Henri Lansbury
    4 – Aneke

    Now,w e are rather weak on the flank attacks or wingers. Guess Wenger may buy an experienced winger then……..who?

    This will be our 2012/13 squad if Wenger does not buy and assuming Van Persie and Walcott stay……..

    And this 2012/13 squad depends very much on known “SIck-Note” like Van Persie and Rosicky will be able to play 30 to 40+ games without any lengthy injury lay-off.
    I am not cofnident that both Van Persie and Rosicky – plus Walcott – cna remain a shealthy as 2011/12 season without a lengthy injury layoff.

    2011/12 is a freak season for Van Persie and Rosicky with them remaining healthy season long..and able to play more than 30+ games this season.

    Without Van Persie’s goal contribution adn Rosicky during February run-in, we will not be Top-4 this season.

    Feb/March/April is the period where trophies are won, and your credential as title-contender are proven – and we flopped in both cases – out of cup competitions and out of title race by February.

    Even if this squad remains healthy till MArch, the senior players will be mentally and physically exhausted, drained and limped towards the finishing line….like an exhausted Fabregas in March, after palying 50+ to 60+ games per season..including internaitonals…

  41. Ha ha Rocky.
    Got a black one this time.

    I think when clubs take players on loan, they do so with an eye on possibly signing the loanee.
    No doubt Coyle would have loved to get Wilshere and he’d love Miyaichi.
    Not sure that some of our fringe reserves are any better than what he has.
    He also has his own youngsters to accomidate.
    He can’t fill his team up with ours, sadly.

  42. Gotta go to work.
    See ya later Rocky.
    Merlin……… phew…. :-)

    Morning Lee.

  43. Master of deception AK…. Have fun, catch you later

  44. Scott From Oz says:

    March 29, 2012 at 10:46 am

    Merlin,what were the state saying at the end of October???
    Where did they wed likely finish then?
    I’m not having a go at you,but statistics never tell the full story.
    I know you love them,and I have the utmost respect for you and the time you put into compiling them,but statistics are great in a review situation,not a preview situation.
    We are third.
    Spuds are fourth.
    The stats would never have suggested this was a possibility a few months back.

    Hey Scott, no offence taken. Don’t worry; you can criticise and tear to pieces all my postings with your rationale..and I will present my case to have a good debate going…don’t mind practising Devil Advocacy over here to create interest.. :mrgreen:

    Just look at this posting:

    This is how Arsenal season panned out after 30 games played:
    First 7 games = 07 points out of 21 points;
    Next 8 games = 22 points out of 24 points;
    Next 7 games = 07 points out of 21 points;
    Next 8 games = 22 points out of 24 points;
    Next 8 games = ?? points out of 24 points.

    We were dreadful in August and September..and started to get a head of steam thanks to Van Persie.

    Then we sort of crumble in Decemebr/January..no thanks to Ramsey playing in the middle – lack of creativity and lack of goal scoring ability from MIDFIELD.

    And thanks to Henry’s Effect with alst gasp winner against Sunderland, plus Rosicky finding his form…..we are where we are today…..

    But I dreaded the above trend as that fickle wench, Lady Luck, and the cruel FOOtball Gods will like a good larf……and bring all our hubris back to earth with a THUD..like another dreadful run of 7 points from next 7 games????

    This season is so unpredictable and our TEAM is still so inconstitent with only one proven goal-getter in Van Persie…like we are at the peak now….is another trough awaits these youngsters at QPR this weekend – a dreadful 1-1 draw???

    I will be so confident if Walcott, Gervinho, Rosicky, Arteta, Oxade-Chamberlain and Ramsey start to score regularly instead of scoring 3 points all the time.

  45. Merlin,Vertonghen is not just a CB,so yes,we should buy him.
    Gotze….forget him.
    Hazard…..I doubt we actually need him,but he’d be a nice purchase anyway.
    Gourcuff………I’d looove to see him at the club,and hed be a great price.
    Podolski can play wide as well central.
    We were out of the premier league race by September,not February.
    Yes,we need a few top end players to strengthen our squad.

  46. Morning AK, be careful or Rocky will be getting a restraining order!! :)
    I think we’ll beat the chavs & the sheiks!! UNBEATEN for the remainder of the season!!! COYG!!!!!!

  47. Lee says:

    March 29, 2012 at 10:41 am

    morning Housers!
    We need squad depth….
    Merlin, seeing as you are the “Stat man”…my mate said that from the middle October our points tally is the same as Manure & Citeh, 51 points! Is this true??

    Hi Lee,
    I don’t think so as our total points is 58 now.

    Our first 22 games (7 + 22 + 7) = 36 points before we started our current scintillating run collecting 22 points out of 24 points available…(if only we beat Bolton for a perfect 8 wins out of 8 games)

    That is,
    First 7 games = 07 points out of 21 points;
    Next 8 games = 22 points out of 24 points;
    Next 7 games = 07 points out of 21 points;
    Next 8 games = 22 points out of 24 points

    We had 52 points on 10-March-12; after beating Newcastle 2-1.

  48. Yes Scott, I will love to have Vertonghen.

    I will be working on an article on our tactical formaiton for 2012/13 season…i.e. my Dream Team that can switch formation from 4-4-2 to 4-1-4-1 to 4-2-3-1 to 3-4-3 when attacking and yet defensive strong against quick counter-attack…….FLuid Football as in Total Football with versatile players that can defend, hold and attack as an UNIT.

    weeeeeeeeeellllll..we can Dream only if Scrooge is Arsenal FC Purse-man..

  49. Got to run now…..see you all later…..

  50. I know Lee… I’m going to buy them all panic buttons I think!

    Unbeaten would be the dream… Can’t see it though. It’d be just like us to slip up against someone shit like West Brom or Wolves!

  51. Merlin,which players…say 4….would you have on your wish list?
    Me….forgetting Gotze…..
    Podolski who I’ve spruiked for the best part of 12 months.
    Vertonghen…..very good….very versatile.
    Dembele……my roughie……love him as a player.
    Hazard……I agree he’s not a necessity,but what a player,and will take the Premier League by storm.
    Since I am not sure about Hazard,I will spruik Gourcuff…..a superb player who can rejuvenate his career with us.
    I’m not convinced we need another keeper,though I’m in the minority.
    Ask me I. A week,and I will probably name a different 4!!!!!!

  52. He was saying how good that Rohypnol aftershave is…. :lol:

  53. Rocky,we really are a different side to previous years.
    They’re a mentally tougher mob.

  54. Poldoski

  55. I’m off guys…..til next time,stay positive.

  56. Hope so Scott! Catch you tomorrow.

    Yeah Lee, I heard it’s a real knockout!!

  57. With you all the way on Dembele too Scott.

  58. Good Morning Guys and Chicks of the Everincreasing Gunners’ Faith.

    Hope you are ok…….and it does seem so from all the comments above.

    My choice of 4 players to join us…..nah make that five………

    Jaaskelainen, Vertonghen, Eriksen, Firmino, Podolski

    A backup keeper, A versatile player, two good midfielders and a striker who can play anywhere up front.

    We all have our tastes and wishes.

    Good evening Ozzy boy. Not going to call you by your name since we will get muddled up like yesterday. Hope its ok for you.

  59. Apres midi Devil..

  60. Then again……if we are to buy proven players who already play in the EPL……Tiote, Hoillet, Yakubu,Dembele. And maybe add Vertonghen to them. But then again……maybe Podolski, Vertonghen and M’Vila may already be sown up by AW.

  61. Arsenal have been asked to delay an announcement confirming the arrival of Lukas Podolski because his current club Cologne are fearful of a supporters’ backlash.

    The Gunners had wanted to announce the £10.9million signing this week after completing negotiations. Standard Sport understands a four-year deal worth around £100,000 a week has been agreed between the two parties but Arsenal are sensitive to Cologne’s situation and are happy to delay making the deal public.

    Negotiations over when the striker’s move will be announced are ongoing but the German club will drive the timing. Podolski is Cologne’s talisman and fans have given him the nickname ‘Prince Poldi’.

    Cologne are keen to have a ‘departure press conference’ which would allow Podolski to say goodbye to the club’s supporters and give their management a chance to explain the decision to sell their star player who has scored 16 goals in the Bundesliga this season — only Mario Gomez, Klaas-Jan Huntelaar and Robert Lewandowski have managed to get more.

    The press conference was originally scheduled for this week but Cologne were hammered 6-1 by leaders Borussia Dortmund last weekend and the club’s hierarchy believe it would further damage their relationship with the club’s fans if Podolski’s sale was confirmed now.

    Arsenal have always conducted their negotiations in private and are willing to help Cologne, particularly after their anger at Barcelona and Manchester City’s relentless public charming of Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri last summer.

    Manager Arsene Wenger last week admitted that he was unsure as to the exact timing of the deal, claiming “it could happen sooner, it could be later” but it is understood that Podolski’s arrival will be confirmed before the end of the season. Cologne are currently 14th in the Bundesliga, a solitary point above 16th place which would see them go into a two-legged relegation play-off against the third-placed team in Germany’s second tier to determine whether they would stay in the top flight next season.

    Relegation is a distinct possibility for them — two clubs automatically go down from the 18-team Bundesliga — with 17th-placed Hertha Berlin just two points behind Cologne.

    Meanwhile, Arsenal’s Brazilian left-back Andre Santos today hailed the Premier League as the “best in the world”.

    Injury has limited the £6.2m signing from Fenerbahce to just 15 appearances for the Gunners this season but he has seen enough of English football to regard it as superior to other domestic leagues.

    “The Premier League is something different — it is the best in the world,” said Santos.

    “It’s hard to play in — it’s different from anything I’ve seen.”

  62. Apres midi Lee. Comment allez vouz???

  63. Merlin…….I am looking forward to your article regarding formations. Believe me mate…..you are super exceptional with stats and football related knowledge. Better than some of the rags we have on the telly and the toilet rolls that are called newspapers. We are very lucky to have you mate.

  64. Check you out Lee… Trying to go all cosmopolitan on us! Afternoon Devil.

    I think I’d rather have De Jong over Tiote….

  65. I agree RR07. De Jong is better. But is he temperamently controlled enough to play in our system effectively???

  66. See you later mates. Around 18.30hrs. I am off for now.

  67. Afternoon you lot…………….

  68. au revoir Diable

  69. afternoon wath. You ok?

  70. Am fine thanx Rocky how’s you mate… Do you need a court order on AK the Stalker…? Alright Lee…?

  71. Afternoon all…

    Just been in a queue for petrol for ages, then when i finally get to the pump it nearly ran out, what a state this country is in regarding fuel….

  72. AK is a Murray Walker…
    I’m good WATH, you? Not a day to be sitting in an office……

  73. WATH, how are you on the “C” word?

  74. If you mean Chamakh Lee, not on here please ;) ;)

  75. hi all ye gooners, whats happening. Nice post by the way AK, although we may not be able to ship out so many at one go, there are a few like lansbury who is good enough for 1st team.

  76. I think I do wath, yeah! I’m pretty chipper today thanks mate.

    You’re right Lee, sitting in an office sucks arse. That’s one of the reason’s I hate summer! Although got a week or so off starting next Thurs so not all bad! (just in time for the cooler weather and rain…… cheers).

    Rico… Not just the petrol that’s in a state in this country

  77. hi scott, good to see you have come back today….

    I know rocky, it’s just one in a very long list…..

  78. Good job I can sit in the garden witha GG then Lee…………. The “C” word Lee…. I was also worried you meant Chamakh…. ;-)

    I think the “C” word refers to all those inbred sheenies from down the rd….!

  79. :lol: Wath….

  80. incoming WATH….

  81. Who’s she pointing at Lee…… must be Bale, Barndoor and Twitchy…!

  82. Can’t believe Sunderland spent so much…..

  83. Off for walk Fido, back in a bit…..

  84. good post Allezkev

    Hi Rico & crew

    Bolton are a good honest team. Some of our players would do well there I would hope on loan

  85. There was a rumour ( aren’t they all ) Dzeko may be enticed the the Gunners, however

    If reports are to be believed, the vultures are already circling. Today’s Sun newspaper states that Manchester City are preparing a £42 million bid.

    Since arriving in Madrid, Falcao has scored 22 goals in his 29 games, 19 in 25 in La Liga.

    City could attempt to sway Madrid into a deal by offering Edin Dzeko in part-exchange, and lowering their outlay.


  86. Falcao for Szeco. Simples.

  87. Gunners have more than a few to sell, and a couple to buy. I wonder if Falcao would be worth it. Don’t think the board would go for it

  88. Hi rico, saw barca v/s acmilan yest, it wud have been interesting if we were playing barca again in the current form we are in. The 2nd leg is going to be tight, given that acmilan are known to close down their defence. Pep shud have allowed cesc to play yest, feel it wud have been a diff result.

  89. Afternoon again all…..

  90. Hi alan, we don’t want any citeh cast offs ;)

  91. If Milan go though scott, that will open the door for the chavs to win the CL, and we don’t want that….

  92. Barcelona have made an official complaint about the state of AC Milan’s pitch.
    The UEFA official at the match has mentioned it in his report.
    Arsenal play on the San Siro bog heap and UEFA couldn’t give a flying fcuk.
    But if UEFA’s ‘Golden Boys from Cataloonya’ have a moan, then they suddenly start jumping about.
    Same with the referee’s no doubt. If a ref had stitched up their Golden Boys and they complained, then that ref would be finished.
    Wenger moans and he gets a suspension.
    Favouritism or corruption? You choose?!

  93. Afternoon Gooners btw, and Afternoon Lady Rico.

  94. AK, there is no doubt there is favoritism reserved for all top clubs like ManU, Barca, RM, whether it be in giving penalties or their managers criticising referees to an extent, that the officials are changed if the decision goes against these teams.

  95. The same pitch that left Merts out for the season AK….

    Bloody typical, bet they listen to Barca..!

  96. Thanks for the positive vibes re; post.

    Just deciding whether to hang about outside Lee’s or Wath’s house tonight with me binoculars…
    Decision’s decision’s. :-)

    Good to see you back Scott.
    There’s hope for you yet… :-). :-). :-)

  97. Bit of both AK and afternoon to you….

    Good job you are back soon, the snow is coming next week :eek:

  98. Scott, to a certain degree all the football authorities are bent.
    FIFA are rotten to the core.
    UEFA are anti~English [EPL]
    The FA are in bed with Sky and Sky have commercial tie~ups with ManUre and Liverpool.

  99. you’ll need a wide angle lense if you want to look at my missus! ;)

  100. Just stay away from Hoddesdon AK……! or the IOW!

  101. Phew, thanks goodness I don’t live in London ;)

  102. Scott, i also believe there is a hidden agenda at the FA/EPL concerning foreigners.
    That is the FA don’t want foreign managers or teams dominated by foreigners winning everything.
    It just makes us look bad. Or they think it does.

  103. This saturday will be 11yrs since we lost Rocky! :(

  104. Lee! How could you! Scandalous!

    You’re right AK… Fatter and Fatini are both so bent it’s ridiculous.

  105. Sure will be Lee. Shame we’re playing at QPR and not at home. Would be nice if they wore black armbands, but that won’t happen.

  106. I’m no wordsmith but it’d be a fitting post for saturday!

  107. Lee – i am just writing about that for Saturday, 33 years old, just wrong, very wrong…!

  108. Still get a bit choked when I think of him. I know we’ve had this conversation before Rico, but he really was my all-time favourite player and an idol growing up.

  109. I suppose when it’s put into perspective….half the age of my mum! :(

  110. I’m sure it’s a conversation that we’ll have for many years to come too rocky, a great man, great footballer and had Arsenal running through his veins….

    The kind of player and man we truly miss in todays world of arsenal……

    Lee, both were taken far too young, and to an evil evil disease….

  111. 33 was no age at all. Annoys the shit out of me that there are some real scum still out there, noncing, killing etc, and someone like Rocky was taken so early.

  112. The Lord only takes the good rocky….. not that i believed that one bit when he took some of my family!!

  113. Snow Rico! You gotta be kidding me?

    11 years Lee, wow, where did they go?

    Man, the traffic is terrible.
    Roll on the Olympics…

  114. Nope AK, that’s the forecast! Brrrrrrr

  115. traffic’s been bad all day up here AK. Took me 50 minutes on the bus from Liverpool St to the Strand this morning. Would have been quicker to walk if I wasn’t such a lazy sod!.

    Love that Rocky tribute Rico. Brings a tear to the eye. I remember where I was when I heard the news. Really shocked me.

  116. Agree with you AK. Also one more interesting point to note is that top players of these teams ie Messi, Rooney, Ronaldo, the moment these guys trip, a freekick or penalty is awarded, so teams are careful not to mess up with these guys, also you cud see a red as well, as a result of which these players are more or less injury free for the entire season year after year. Think now that is happening to ur very own goal machine VP, as a result of which he has been able to play all these matches, which is good for us.

  117. Looking at those tributes, Rocky didn’t half love a step-over!! Cristiano Ronaldo must have studied Rocky closely on youtube!

  118. Brought a tear at the time of writing too rocky…. Certainly ripped the heart out of many gooners…..

  119. Rico, remember the “Four Aces”?

    It is sad really as I still can’t understand why Rocky’s career nose-dived at Arsenal to such an extent that he became a “has-been” and needed to ply his trade at Malaysian Premier League at the twilight of his career.
    What he will be if he was under the tutelage of Wenger in “Alternate History” Universe?

    Do you think Paul Davis is a more cultured midfielder than Vieira?

    Michale Thomas?
    We only remember his goal than won us the 1989 title at Anfield.
    And he joined Liverpool later..and don’t think he is successful there.

    This weekend against QPR.
    ANybody old enough or an Arsenal Historian to remember SAS? :lol:

  120. :lol: rocky re the step-overs….

    I’m not sure his career nose-dived Merlin, seems more like the club were just more interested in the £2M that Leeds offered….

    Four Aces?

  121. The goal against manure….any good? ;)

  122. Sorry been quiet been looking at what to load up the shot gun with for pot shots at AK lata………….


    Davo had a better right hook than Vieira thats for sure….

    Michael Thomas…….. It only took a minute…!

    Rocky…………. Our Rocky……! still upsets me thinking of him..!

  123. Some rumor that Wenger may consider FLamini as he is on a Bosman this summer.

    He is 28 year old, recovering from a serious knee injury (cruciate ligament tear)…perhaps liek Overmars recovering from a serious injury and everybody thought his football career was over till Wenger snapped him up at a bargain.

    Flamini will solve two of our problems for the next 1 or 2 years as DCM cover for SOng; and as cover at LB.

    That is, FLamini will provide the necessary experienced cover while COquelin, Frimpong, Aneke and Jon Toral starting to gain senior squad experience and mature into the game in 2 to 3 years time.

    SImilarly, FLamini will provide cover for the injury-prone Gibbs, as well as for that erratic Santos till he gelled into the TEAM….and get fitter to track-back more frequently.

    If Wenger is willing to take a punt on Bischoff, I don’t think why he can’t take a punt at FLamini..especially we see the return of Sol Campbell, Lehmann…and Henry.

    Give FLamini a 2-year contract, with an option of one year extension depending on performances.
    No great loss as he is on a Bosman…and as for FLamini……he can rebuild his career at Arsenal FC.

    A cheaper solution for teh enxt 2 to 3 years while waiting for all those Wenger Wunderkind in Coquelin, Frimpong, WIlshere, Jon Toral, Aneke, Gnarby, Yennaris, et al to develop into senior squad by 2013/14.

  124. His goal at the lane was better tho Lee…… bar the 89 Anfield game that yid game semi replay was the best i think I’ve ever been too….! What a day… what a game… what a result and what a night… we took the piss down there that night…!

  125. Rico,

    Rocky, Davis, Thomas..and I think Wright..then were known as our “Four Aces”…I think a play with words on the then AMerican pop group..FOur Tops or something?

    S.A.S??….our first 4-3-3 in Sutherland…Allen..Stapleton…..guess what happened?

  126. Flamini………………. No thanx……! judas greedy fucker…!

  127. Raher late in my part of the region……goodnight everybody…..

  128. Got you now Merlin ;)

    Flamoney – no thank you, not ever again….

  129. Merlin,

    Davis, Rocky and MT were known as the 3 Degrees….!!

  130. Night Merlin….

  131. One last post to W.A.T.H.

    C’mon, if Wenger can frogave Sol, why cna’t he forgave FLamini as it was Wenegr who decided to sell him to BRUM and asked FLamini to play for his future in that last season.


  132. Think Mickey Thomas was over-rated myself…… scored a decent goal for us and that was about it…… :D

    Ok, I’ll get me coat…………………

  133. Lee… Goal against Man U was ok I suppose…..!!

  134. Sorry Merlin, not for me mate, wenger can forgive who he wants I can’t and won’t forgive him….! Don’t want him… end of….!

  135. Do you honestly believe that wath? I only ask, because I never actually rated Thomas much.

  136. I think MT was a top player Rocky, when MT played well so did we…. he made us tick…. He covered every blade of grass on the pitch, had a great engine, hard as nails and could score and pass…! lazy sometimes was his problem and came across as maybe to laid back but was a quality player for me…!

  137. I’ve a long~range lens on my camera.
    Once i’ve got the photo’s of Wath in his lycra, i’ll put them on You Tube. :-)

    Rocky, 50mins! I can believe that.
    See they’re gonna close The Mall for 3 months.
    Wait and see the jams up The Strand then?!
    The authorities couldn’t give a toss about congestion.

    Looking forward to that post tomorrow boss.
    I met him briefly. A lovely guy.

  138. Maybe I was too wrapped up in watching everyone else to notice wath. Or maybe I just asn’t old enough to appreciate the work he did. I just never rated him and was pretty non-plussed about him leaving. But it seems I’m most probably in the minority with that opinion! Like I say, when you’re watching the likes of Merson, Rocky, Limpar, Wright etc, it’s easy to miss a lot of graft done by others.

  139. but he WAS shit for Liverpool!

  140. Yeah, my commute will be hell from start to finish AK. Train, bus, tube… All will be shockers.

  141. I have a long lens on the barrel of my shotgun as well Ak ;-)

    Rocky and the magic man Anders were the flair along with Merse and Marwood…! Davis was silky smooth but also hard as nails and MT was the grafter and the hardman…. also scored plenty goals as well though…!

  142. Wath/Rico. I know you won’t agree, and i doubt that it would happen, but i wouldn’t mind Flamini back.
    But it won’t happen because of the wages he’d want.

  143. Marwood!! I forgot about that dick!! (loved him when he played for us, nuw he’s unfortunately turned in to a grade A douchebag!). Like Sansom, he loved wearing his shorts very high!

  144. I’m easy come / easy go on Flamini. He was a revelation in his last couple of seasons and I was guetted he left. Can’t blame him totally…. we should have wrapped a new contract up for him long before he had the chance to walk out. But The fact he left so readily would concern me.

  145. Saturday is the post AK…. trying to get my thinking cap on for tomorrow ;)

  146. one for you AK…Met a beautiful girl down at the park today. Sparks flew, she fell at my feet and we ended up having sex there and then. God , I love my new taser!

  147. I would have done it on Flamini, but ;) ;)

  148. Like it Lee!! AK, I’m sorry I brought up the sinister comment now! (Although I’m pretty sure Lee wold have been all over it eventually!)

  149. Rock, it was a matter of time!! :lol:

  150. I know! You can’t delay the inevitable, right?!

  151. AK, but he might take a lesser wage, knowing he owes us for doing the dirty on Wenger…. ;)

  152. I gotta get me one of those Lee…. :-)

    Rocky. Anything for a larf mate. :-). :-). :-)

  153. How about a tenner a game pay as you play..?

  154. That much Wath :)

  155. I was thinking a fiver per half Rico thats pretty generous in my book…!

  156. Ok, maybe he can come back then Wath ;)

    news is really slow isn’t it, i just want the season to be over now, with us at 3rd….. :)

  157. Really is slow Rico. I’m having a slow day in general. Actually bothered to make some Dream Team transfers I was that bored!

  158. The pitch yesterday at San Siro was awful again.
    UEFA wants this year Bayen in the Final.
    Maybe versus Barcelona.

  159. Just scratching around, trying to think up something for tomorrow’s post rocky, needless to say, it’s blank….

    I take it you have added Park to your Dream Team ;)

  160. Haha! It’s been that sort of day for me too! my mind has drawn a blank all day on anything work related!

    Of course I did! I got rid of Rooney and Suarez and added the potentially lethal strikeforce of Park and Chamug. Devastating……

  161. Just noticed I’m actually in 4th place in the HH Dream Team League!! How the hell did that happen?! My team was garbage!!

  162. :lol: rocky, i can’t even log into it anymore, goodness knows how many times i tried….

  163. See you really card about your team then!! To be honest, I keep totally forgetting I have a team! The same team’s entered in my work league too, and I’m doing shite in that one too, so I couldn’t care less about it! I’ll take it more seriously next year if you decide to do a league again!!

  164. card = care

  165. Same here really rocky, next season i will def try harder…

    I have been too much like Wenger with my team this season ;)

  166. off for a bit…..

  167. Just a quick one Rico… who looks after your FB page? Only ask as it’s only just occurred to me that I haven’t added HH! (I only think of these things when bored…..!). Just sent the request now

  168. Just been reading NewsNow [ tea break u c ].
    That Transfer Tavern has to be the biggest pile of dung on the Web.
    They never ever have an original story.
    Everything they report is second hand and lifted from other sources. Total rubbish.
    Goal.com aren’t bad imho. At least they do have the odd original story and occassionally they are actually correct.

  169. Jesus AK, NEVER look at TT! Even the website layout is dogshit! If they can’t even do the simple things properly, why would anyone believe its content?!!

  170. We ‘ve been doing a office dream team for a while, the bloke next to knows jack shit about football (hammer) so copied Wrighty’s team in the Sun. He came stone bollock last out of forty odd people…..:)

  171. Rocky i only have a butchers via NewsNow.
    And only when i’m bored mate.
    Goal.com got quite a few transfers correct on deadline day last August. My son was keeping me informed as the radio in my cab wasn’t working.

  172. Radio not working on deadline day?! That would have persuaded me to stay at home mate!

    Lee – There was a guy I worked with here for 10 years who supported Liverpool but knew dick-all about who was who. He won our work Dream Team 3 years out of 4, while I languished at the bottom of the table. That grated. Massively.

  173. Yeah I know the feeling, a Kiwi won it last year….more au fait the egg shaped ball and drinking men’s urine!! That really grated……

  174. and saying “fush and chups”…..

  175. Rocky, it was awfull.
    I had about 6 Gooners sending me texts to keep me from totally freaking out.

    I suppose we’re in for a couple of days of Joey Barton shit pre~QPR.

  176. I bet it was AK. Where abouts are you holed up at the mo?

    You still at work Lee or did you get in at stupid o’clock again thei morning and are now comfy at home?

  177. Now there’s a bloke I’d never get bored of punching!!
    You know they can’t say ten…it’s tin!!

  178. Strange how they can’t use the letter “I” in the right place, but they can easily substitute the letter “E” with one.

  179. Started early doors so I sneaked off and got the 5:08 from the proper end of Liverpool St ;)
    Currently plotted up on the sofa about to indulge in piri piri chicken, life in the fast lane, hey!!! :)

  180. Oooo, you saucy mofo! I love a bit of Piri Piri chicken! I’m massively jealous. Think I have a meal for one cottage opie waiting for me when I finally get home.

    Proper end of Liverpool Street?! You mean your train ran from platform 1-6 for some reason tonight?!!

  181. I’m off to Spain next week but we’ll have to organise a city ruby when AK’s back in town……

  182. nice. How long are you away for? I’m off for a week and a bit from Next Thursday. Can’t come quick enough. Where abouts in Spain are you going?

    I’m always up for a ruby mate. I’m having my 3rd in 4 weeks next Friday. Sweet deal.

  183. St Pancras Rocky. Waiting for the EuroStar.
    Here we go.
    Lata Gooners.

  184. Near Murcia…..
    Have you been to Tayabs?

  185. have a good one AK!

  186. I haven’t, no. Where is it? East End?

  187. looks like a bit of me. Not far either!

  188. Right I’m off. Not going to be home til gone 9 as it is!

    Lee, I’ll ask Rico to pass my email address on to you. Go eat your chicken!

    Night to anyone still on here!

  189. Night Rock, you take care through spud-land on your way home!!

  190. Good evening mates. just popped in a bit.

  191. Had an idea Rico…….Why dont the regular bloggers here all do an article on their best ever favourite AFC team? Just for the summer of course, especially during the close season.. My take is that there are around 20 regular ones…..maybe that would also help you.

  192. Just on the bus with the great unwashed, Lee!! Tuesday was especially bad as my train was rammed with spuds. Dropping at White Hart Lane station made the bile rise up in my throat! The station us a massive festering turd. Which is apt, because the stadium of the same name is also exactly that!

    Devil, that’s actually not a bad idea!

  193. dropping = stopping…..

  194. Hiya Rock. How are you.

    On FB do you go by the same name…RockyRocastle???

  195. BDW….DR07 was one of my favourite AFC footballers of all time. He was exactly a year older than me, being born a year earlier in 1967 and in the same month. Dad and I were very sad when he left AFC, sadder still when he died.

  196. AK, if you are coming down Queen Victoria Street at any time tonight, and the massive fleet of diplomatic cars are still parked in the bus lane (can’t miss them… All Mercs and BMW’s with number plates such as 1 ZIM….. please feel free to gob on them for me, for holding up the traffic by not letting busses stop there.

  197. Very good idea devil :)


  198. For me it was easier to identify with him. We even used to play in the same position with our respective teams and today it still remains my favourite position in any team. Every team I coach I always look to see if I can find a lateral midfielder with the same attributes and character. Up till now I cannot say that I have managed to do so. But I will still remain hopeful.

  199. Evening Lady of HH manor.

    Very tired now. Soon off to bed.

  200. Hi Devil. You ok? On FB I go by my alter ego…. Well, actually my name! Greg Shannon. If you can find me, feel free to add me!!

    Rocky is my absolute favourite player. A proper homegrown hero

  201. Exciting times Lee…. Did you notice the new departure board layout at Liv. St?! Basically the same as the old blue one, but we’re on the right to your left now.

  202. Hi Rock….there are dozens with your name. Henry Tupor pic=you???

  203. Tupor should have read Tudor.

  204. Best you go and rest soon devil….

  205. Haha! Not me mate! I think I set it up with a really old email address…. Try searching turnonthebrightlights_1@hotmail.co.uk

    I think that’s the right one. Not used that email in ages!

  206. Rocky, i’m over by Tower Bridge.
    I trust that you must be on your train by now.
    You take care going home mate.

    Lee, a ruby in the city [ Brick Lane ] sounds just the ticket.

  207. Hey Coach.
    How ya doing habib.
    Rico, snow over Easter i’ve been told.
    I’ll be home by then.
    Should be a bit of a shock to the Arabs when they roll into town.

  208. photo of you with a lady mate???

    Hiya Sir AK. How are you??

  209. Just on the train at Hackney Downs AK. Battery’s about to die so I’ll bid you all adieu until tomorrow! Have a good one all.

  210. I am fine. But tired today. Had a meeting with around 100 parents today after a 90 minute talk. And believe me….that beats the shit out of you. Better a couple of 90 minute training sessions than having to talk to each individually. Now I am mentally knackered. Thank God that tomorrow is an easier day.

  211. I’m good Coach. Last 4 days have been a bit slow.

  212. I found you rocky, on FB i mean :P
    :lol: AK… they do like the warmer climates…

  213. Cu Rock. Will email Rico to give you some info about me. Will add you.

  214. That’s it Devil… Pic of me and my good lady wife at our wedding reception 18 months ago

  215. Nighty rocky, catch up tomorrow…..

  216. Yippeeeeeeeee. Done it Rock. Through HH on FB.

  217. See you AK, have a busy evening….. ;)

  218. I lie…. 15 months ago! I’ll check in to FB when I get in.

  219. I’m heading offski too guys, catch you all tomorrow…

    Nighty all, stay safe….

  220. cu you all mates.

    I am off………to dream that the ghosts of legends past have come back to help us beat the scums to third place and teach them to follow the true AFC legends in all their play and character. To dream that the ghosts of legendary coaches group together and guide AW in his quest to make AFC the marquee club of all the world. To dream that the ghost of legendary people will lead the way in making AFC the best club of this decade and the next 30 years. To dream that the scum from the slum go into oblivion so that we would not have to hear their idiotic ramblings.

    Good night friends.

  221. Sounds a great dream to me Coach.
    Where’s JM?
    I bet he’s in some nightclub doing the Zumba or Samba or Hippy Hippy Shake…. :-)

  222. Just got home. Shattered. Where’s Stan these days?!

  223. Hi Rocky. Blimey that took you ages!
    Stan? Not sure what the situ is with him now.
    It’s a duller place without him around, i know that.

  224. Dutch hasn’t put in an appearance for a few days either!

  225. Agree AK. Stan’s always good value.

    Yeah walked home from the station, which is a half hour walk. Could have done without it really!

  226. Listen to you lot all costing up on FB.
    Do you think I want anyone knowing what I look like???
    I may upset someone and find there’s a hit out on me.
    May as well paint a target on my back lol.
    Goodnight all.

  227. Anyone wishing to check the credentials of Aussie Brett Holman(Aston Villas signing for next season) need only see the highlights of AZ Alkmaar V Valencia today,and check out his goal.
    One of the best volleys you will ever see!!!!!

  228. Good morning Ozzy (my name for you if you do not mind mate, since I do not want to muddle you with the other Scott).

    I checked some clips on you tube of Brett. He is good…..but only as good as Park is. He will make it at Villa I am sure. But I dare say he is not yet AFC quality. I guess that Miyachi is already at a better advanced level than he is.

  229. Devil,I said a week or so back he’s not an Arsenal player.
    He’s git good skill,and is a workhorse who’s not afraid to shoot.
    The goal against Valencia is a screamer.

  230. He will definitely be a crowd favourite at Villa.

  231. Villa will drill that out of him, don’t worry Scott

    Morning all

  232. Agreed Ozzy. It’s one thing I noticed. He is not afraid to shoot. However, and this is a drawback, his shooting decisions are usually a tad wrong. For example I saw a clip where he shot from about 20 metres out when there was a left winger screaming for the ball who was in a better position. Such an instance happened in a couple of different matches. But I like his raw enthusiasm and his workrate. Had he been bought up from a young age at AFC he could have been much better than say Vela, Denilson. He is a player who wants to play. The others want to hide.

  233. Hiya Rock. How are you??

  234. Morning Devil. Shattered mate if I’m honest. Could do with not being at my desk right now, which is where I’ll be for the next 11 hours. You ok?

    Scott – You’re most probably right about being a fan favourite. He seems to work hard and as long as fans do that, they are happy.

  235. Better than yesterday mate. I was practically knackered and slept soundly. Today it is not so much difficult. Today evening it is off…so I will spend it with the family. Then tomorrow I have a training session in the morning and the afternoon off. Another training session on sunday morning and the afternoon off. So that means quality time with my family.

  236. Morning fine folk, there’s a New Post up :)

  237. Rocky,I worked my arse off today,up at 6 for my boys game tomorrow morning,another days work but,and its a MASSIVE BUT,tomorrow night I am a batchelor…wife and son are paying the inlaws a visit!!!!
    I hope I’m not too knackered to enjoy myself!!!

  238. Look what I found………..

  239. Haha! Scott, as soon as they leave the house you’re get second wind and suddenly become alive again! You’ve have plenty of energy to enjoy yourseld don’t worry!

    See you on today’s post in a bit…..

    Morning Rico!

  240. anyone kow anything about this as the new home kit?

    source ” Le Grove ”

  241. tiny totts held to 0-0 HA!

    Allo Allo all

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