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Diaby’s not fit. Wenger has finally learned & Robin needs to find his shooting boots….

Ok, the Robin bit is a bit of fun on this sunny Saturday morning, how dare he miss so many chances against Everton. ;)

The Arsene Wenger bit, well he said this yesterday:

We will not be a lot on the market, quantity-wise I mean. Quality-wise, certainly!

Re the summer:

You want to make me say that last year was bad and I agree with you – last year was terrible for us because we finished on August 31 at 11.55pm and we do not want to repeat that, of course.

Well, I think we will all settle for both wouldn’t we, two, maybe three quality players is all this current squad needs to be able to overtake the current top two and maybe we’d all even agree that with those additions, we’d even give the likes of Barcelona a proper run for their money!

As for the latter comment, good on Arsene Wenger, that’s the nearest he’s ever been to admitting he has got things wrong and there is no real need to expand too much on that really, not now he has said that our signings will be in before deadline day, let’s just hope they are in before we start pre-season training.

Anyway, enough of that, we have who we have and to be honest, they aren’t too bad are they?

We all expected Abu Diaby to be in the squad for today, but Wenger has confirmed he won’t be risked, not for today anyway – he should be ready for next weekend when we travel to QPR.

So, the squad should be pretty much the same as the Everton game.

Darren Bent, Richard Dunne, Ciaran Clarke and Fabian Delph are all out injured for the opposition today.

Here are a few Aston Villa stats:

  1. Villa have earned just 10 points from the last available 27 (W2, D4, L3), but they have only lost one of their last eight away games.
  2. Alex McLeish’s side have only won one of their 14 previous matches against top-half opposition – away to Chelsea on New Year’s Eve.
  3. They are the only team not to have scored from a corner in the Premier League this season.
  4. Andreas Weimann’s stoppage-time winner against Fulham in Villa’s last game was the first goal for four months to be scored by one of the club’s currently available forwards. Gabby Agbonlahor has gone 13 matches without a top-flight goal.

One result stands out.

Their last away win was in London and against Chelsea, so we can’t sit back and think this is easy just because they sit fifteenth in the league – it means nothing!

We were once down that end of the table but we managed to claw our back up the table and eventually start playing the kind of football that our club deserves to be playing.

Players had to play in alien positions for them but together they fought hard and came through.

Arsene Wenger has always stood by this group of players and over the last few weeks and months they have shown us why.

Aston Villa could at any time start their gradual climb up the table but our boys need to make sure that doesn’t begin today.
3rd place could be ours for keeps and somehow, I don’t think that any one of our players will lose sight of that…..

Three points today will go a long way to making sure we secure that place….

Have a good day all and don’t forget to keeping on praying for Fabrice…..



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278 comments on “Diaby’s not fit. Wenger has finally learned & Robin needs to find his shooting boots….

  1. whaqt does it mean by diabys out

  2. Morning all, another beautiful sunny day here in England…

  3. It means he is not in the squad, thought he might be after playing for the reserves but seems he is to play for the reserves again next week before joining the squad…

  4. Morning Rico,
    Good post, I still haven’t given up on moveing up the table 24 pts up for grabs we need them all and we wont be to far of the top. Muamba looks to be progressing well and i’m sure he will be sorted out and i’m sure he wont be to long before he starts looking for his boots again. He would have done well had he still been an Arsenal player they have as much time as needed to recover, a year or two is nothing to us .

  5. Have changed it just for you jack ;) hope that makes more sense…

  6. Any news on Muamba?????
    Was thinking about him today…..hope all is well with him,or at least improving.
    We have every right to be confident today,but not cocky.
    No going through the motions,we need to be ruthless and bury them early on.
    My boys played kids that looked to be ten years old today……seriously,the opposition dwarfed my 6 y.o’s,and two of my boys were actually scared.
    The opposition scored first,and I was thinking a great test for us is here.
    The boys worked into the game,and I can honestly say I’ve never,ever seen kids of this age belting crap out of each other in tackles like it!!!!
    Anyway,we eventually settled and played them off the park 7-3.
    Very proud coach.
    Seany boy potted 5 today,and set up 1.
    Apologies for hijacking an Arsenal forum,but I’m pretty happy atm.
    Come on you mighty Gunners.
    3-0 to the good guys is the hot tip from down under.
    Chelski v Spuds…..what do we actually want here???
    A draw,perhaps???

  7. Morning Steve, thanks

    If either one of the Mancs bottle it, and go on a shocking run, anything could still happen…

    I had a dream last night, we lost todays game 2-0 with Bent getting both, thank goodness he’s not playing eh ;)

  8. Morning Scott

    I hope a dirty game, lots of red cards and a Chav victory, keep those totts away from us…

    Nigel Reo-Coker went to see Fabrice yesterday, on seeing him, Fabrice just said, ‘Alright Nig…..

    He’s doing well but a long long way to go yet….

  9. N’Zogbia is also a doubt for Villa….

  10. Morning Rico. You really must stop eating cheese during the evening if you are to avoid those sort of nightmares. A draw at Chelsea must be the preferred result, with a Chelsea win being the next best option. But we simply have to do the business today.

  11. Rico,slowly,slowly,slowly is the key for Fabrice.
    As long as there is constant improvement,he will be right.

  12. diaby played an hour for the reserves midweek and if hes not in the squad then the chances are he got injured again..

    we’ll beat villa..and we’ll finish third…

    but i wouldnt take too much notice of what wenger says…the squads massive..we could field a first 11 with the amount of players we need to shift so the hard work this summer will be finding players new clubs..

    we tried last summer and in jan but it proved difficult..so i wouldnt be expecting 3-4 players to come in..we dont have the room..

    the key will be tying rvp down early and then possibily bringing in podolski…after that it will be a summer of finding all the 100 players that are coming back from loan new clubs..

    if we manage to achieve the mission objective then we might see 2 or 3 more come in after the euros but i wouldnt hold my breath..

    morning :)

  13. Morning Adam

    I was so relieved to wake up i’ll tell you ;)

    If the totts draw they might get confidence back, i’d rather they remained battered and bruised….

    We just need to keep on winning….

    Too true Scott….

  14. hi jj,

    wenger said he wants to give diaby another reserve game, tuesday i think it is..

    re the squad – we should have room, once all the dead-heads are gone….

  15. Morning Scott, glad to hear your boys done well, thats what i call proper footie, youngsters playing for no money and playing for the love of the game reminds me of the days it cost me to play football and i would of paid double just to be playing, washing the club strip was an honour and taking the match ball home and dubbing it was a regular job grass roots football is a great sport for all youngsters and it keeps the parents on their toes as well, sadely my family never saw me play they were always to busy and me now with three girls of whom none wanted to play sport has led to a quiet time, glad to hear your involved lap it up mate i’m envious of you, :)

  16. I guess you are right Rico. Any scenario that sees Spurs get any points must be anathema to any right thinking individual. But! I also don’t want Chelsea to get any points either. One thing is certain though and that it that Bale will spend a lot of the game airborne in an attempt to con a penalty and he will be rivalled in this by Drogba. Perhaps the FA will agree to award no points to either team because of the embarrassment done to the game of football. That’s my dream anyway.

  17. We will have the chance to stop chelsea though Adam, that could be a huge match…

    I like your dream, if the theatrics are on show again, i hope the ref grows some and deals with it properly for a change….

  18. Annoyingly I have a few things to get done first thing, back in time for the chav game i hope ;)

  19. Better to bring back an injured player a week late than a week early.

  20. My dream last night involved Jordan the model we were having it away and as i approached the vinegar strokes i looked up and saw her squeezing her zits, i woke up in a cold sweat, shame no football in sight.

  21. Steve,being an Aussie my dream involved Kylie Minogues hotpants.
    The only problem is Gareth Bale was wearing them!!!!
    He figured if the television audience was constantly watching his arse rolling around on the ground,it should look the part.
    I love coaching the kids.
    It’s made easier by having great kids and great families involved.

  22. Gotta say Steve,I read your post three times,and it was only on the third occasion I realised it was her ZITS she was squeezing lol.
    I’m telling the truth.

  23. ricolicious, thats what i mean about the ‘wastage’..
    its looking like we might have to wait until certain contracts expire before they will be gone..
    could take a few years before we see the last of the previous squads baggage…

    i hadnt seen wengers comments on diaby, but i would understand wenger wanting diaby to play another reserve game..rambo and rosicky are fit and rosickys playing well so we dont have to rush diaby back..

  24. I used to go round the local pitches and watch some of the games that were playing, but i soon noticed that the diving and the happenings on the tele were quickly taken up by the players and it was a pantomine in the end, Now adays i watch on the tele and from ground and notice that the decision making is made harder by rules that have to meanings hand ball is only when it suits the referee, my view on that is that hand ball is handball whether its intentionl or not a free kick should always be given, then you always know which way the ref is going to go, the same with offside go back to the old rules when a player stands offside he’s offside no question, these two rules are open to the refs opinion and that can’t be right but then i’m old school i like things clear cut.

  25. Hi JJ long time no hear mate, welcome back, trouble with our deadwood is that not many offers come in for them, so finding a home for them comes hard, they get good contracts from us and are happy to take the money but for every duff one a good one comes through sorting the wheat from the chaff is a tough ask but it still works out cheaper than spending millions on top players who don’t come up to scratch, try selling a 30 million player who isn’t performing

  26. I agree that sports seem to change rules for changes sake.
    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.
    It’s exactly the reason I will always argue against video refs.
    All it brings is refs becoming scared to make a decision,or even worse,not bothering to as they can simply refer it upstairs.
    It doesn’t work,believe me.
    If ever a player of mine took a dive,he’d get one warning,then be kicked out of my side.

  27. I feel that video reffing may be a good idea if a referee hasn’t seen the incident, i know in my old playing days if the ref never saw he would wave play on but we wasn’t playing with millions at stake, profesional football now can be make or break for some clubs and the amount of money at stake has made the need for right decisions today. I feel that football is rigged i watch so much football that the impression i get is that the better teams get the decisions over the smaller clubs and that cannot be right, football has to be fair accros the board i realise that it cannot be perfect but it can be made a lot fairer.

  28. the scum should lose and continue their free falling…..van persie hattrick today

  29. Fair call Steve.
    My issue has always been that the game stops,video replays come up from various angles,time goes on and on,then a decision comes up that plenty disagree with anyway.
    I think every premier league game should be reviewed,and anyone found diving should be outed for twelve months.
    Watch it stop then.
    That’s the only way I’d like it used.
    It will come in,though,at some stage.

  30. hello steve mate,
    yeah the accumulation of failed project youth players as well as a few stop gaps over the years has given us abit of a problem..but it does work out cheaper than buying 100 mil worth of crap like what kenny has done at pool..

    its why i use the term wastage,,i think the club budget for these type of things its natural to think that being an academy club we are going to churn out dozens of players, so theres going to be a surplus every now and then..

    being a self suffiecient club i often think that wenger bemoans europes finances becuase most teams are skint and cant afford to buy his surplus players..reducing his own kitty..

    i think after the flamini/hleb year he over cooked all the wages of his young ‘stars’ so not to lose anyone and that went wrong as well..

    hopefully a happy medium can be found

  31. hope we spank mc leshit

  32. good morning
    we must do our business.
    Chelsea wins today
    I’m off for a while

  33. Hi JJ, perhaps we need to check them out a bit more before we sign them up for long term contracts, Wenger usually see’s a youngster on a five year deal two of those years being trained in the Arsenal way the next couple of years in reserves and maybe the odd show for the first team then waiting for either a spot to come up or a move, i believe there should be a clause in their contracts that if they are not up for it we can let them go, but Wenger hates to lose a player without earning out of them good managing i suppose but it does lead to a surplus , i’m out for a bit catch you all later.

  34. chelsea spurs draw..
    we need to concentrate on ourselves really and try and make UTDs points advantage over us less than 15 now we are third and i do want spurs to lose every game, but if villa are brushed aside and BOTH chelsea and spurs drop points it puts us 8 points clear of 5th spot..neither to win..fuck em..

    one of the reasons why we have hit the heights of third is because the teams around us have been pissing points down the drain..

    we could do with a double drop at the bridge… :)

    topped with 3 points for the good guys..

  35. wenger just offered too many contracts out from his last batch of project youth..

    he couldnt decide who was shit hot and who was shit so he put faith in them all and ploughed a few quid into it..

    turns out alot of them have let him down..

    im pretty sure this wont be the last time we do something like this, but im more confident about this years batch of project youth..the last lot werent all that cracking..

    ive got a feeling that the likes of Le Coq and le jack and le Oxo are going to be a tad better than the likes of denilson and bendtner and co..so tying these lads down to long term deals with prove costly but will turn out better for the club..

    the philosphy is often questioned but it does work, it just needs tweaking, but as in any project, it takes a few goes to get it right..

  36. Goodnight guys,time for a little kip before kick off.

  37. Boo…

    Nighty Scott, see you at ko…

  38. JJ, and Afobe, Aneke, Gnarby, Yenarris, Jenks…. We have a good few coming through…

    Who was the youngster that got injured early this season, jsut after getting his breakthrough, Henderson??

  39. Vela had scored 6 goals for La Real this year.
    Chelsea-spuds kick off

  40. Afternoon Gooners.
    Afternoon Rico.
    Another good post madam.

  41. Hi JM, still can’t see Vela coming back this summer, think he’ll stay where he is, or go elsewhere..

    Feel sorry for the guy really….

  42. Afternoon AK, thanks me deario :)

    hot in the City ;)

  43. Diaby vs Barton Mk II next week.
    Hmm should be interesting.
    Hi JJ. Hows things stranger? :-)

  44. It’s really hot Rico.
    But i’m on my 2nd pint. So i’m feeling cool…
    Lucky Scott. Good to see ya on board cobber.

  45. Hughes has threatened to drop Barton, so the clash might be avoided, thats if Diaby is fit by then of course ;)

  46. Hey JM, how’s things on the Algarve?
    I hope you are gonna be the bearer of GOOD news today.
    You little tinker…. :-). :-). :-)

  47. I don’t trust Hughes, Rico.
    His teams are combatative, limited and boring.
    A bit like McLeish.

  48. No work then ;)

    Ah, you are off to The Ems aren’t you :)

    2nd pint, I’d be falling over ;)

  49. I can’t stand either of them…..

  50. 2nd pint. Haha. I’m just warming up.
    Got good vibes about today.
    Yeah my boy got me a ticket.

  51. Great news, hope you bring them some good luck, i have a horrid feeling about this afternoon….

  52. That ‘s why i have a lot of respect for Swansea.
    Their manager is a proper coach.
    It’s gotta be better for English football to see clubs like Swansea prosper.
    If they succeed, it’ll have a knock~on effect and more clubs will copy them.

  53. Swansea this season, Blackpool last, both proper footballing sides….

    I have a lot of respect for Steve Kean too, look how he has started to turn things around after all the vile comments he had directed at him….

    Makes you wonder how much Samba upset their camp, it’s got better since he left….

    Could be a blessing we didn’t ever sign him….

  54. This Chav/Spud game is so so boring….

  55. No no, don’t start all that lark.
    If they score first then it could be turgid.
    But as long as we get the first goal it should be ok.
    Hows Chavs vs Yids going?

  56. yes, rico, La Real wants him ;-)
    allez, on algrave? I think is hot and Olhanense was great yesterday :-)

  57. 0~0 then…

  58. Must be the dream ;)

    Fingers crossed eh….
    :lol: JM…

  59. Yep, thought you be in the pub watching AK?

  60. JM…. You old lothario. :-)
    I bet your out there with your sombrero and guitar serenading all the women.

  61. 25 mins gone, not one attempt on goal from either side…..

  62. I’m in Micko’s pub.
    But no Micko…

  63. He’ll find you AK….

    Are you wearing a rose? ;)

  64. Drogba is injured …

  65. I’m wearing a frown… :-)
    Off to meet my son now.
    Lata boss.

  66. Lardybayor should be off, two footed, studs up challenge, no card!

  67. Have a good one AK….

  68. Good Afternoon Guys and Chicks of the Ever increasing Gunners’ Faith.

    Chavs vs the Scum from the slum is 0-0. Hope it stays that way with us winning tonight. I am here only for a short break than off to the game I go to watch with my Dad

  69. Afternoon devil – pretty boring game too….

  70. It is a big yawn I can tell you……….and hope it remains a big yawn and best of all a feking 0-0.

  71. Phew, i though Walker had scored then….

  72. I’m even watching the off the ball movement devil, there isn’t any ;)

  73. talkshite say the game has improved in the second half

    Morning all :D

  74. A comment on the Beeb…..”All Chelsea and Spurs are doing right now is showing Arsenal are the best team in London.”

  75. I am even scanning the crowds on the terraces to see if there are any good looking chicks………then I sort of remembered that this is the chavs vs the scum from the slum that we are witnessing and they have no beautiful chicks. Only ugly withches.

  76. Captain Joey Barton is dropped by QPR. The midfielder was booed off against Liverpool and admitted afterwards it was the worst he had ever played.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,making sure that he will do his utmost next game against us,

  77. They are right devil, we are :)
    :lol: re the chicks

  78. It’s all getting a bit fiesty now :P

  79. The best bit is the chav fans singing – we hate tottenham :)

  80. Arsenal make one change – Gervinho starts in place of Aaron Ramsey.

  81. Righto quick kip taken,but couldnt really sleep…..bring on the game.

  82. Arsenal

    Wojciech Szczesny
    Bacary Sagna
    Laurent Koscielny
    Thomas Vermaelen
    Kieran Gibbs
    Alex Song
    Mikel Arteta
    Tomas Rosicky
    Theo Walcott
    Robin van Persie


    Lukasz Fabianski
    Andre Santos
    Johan Djourou
    Aaron Ramsey
    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
    Yossi Benayoun
    Marouane Chamakh

  83. Hi Scott….

    Chavs just hit the post…

  84. Arsenal: Szczesny, Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Arteta, Song, Walcott, Rosicky, Gervinho, van Persie. Subs: Fabianski, Andre Santos, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ramsey, Djourou, Chamakh, Benayoun.

  85. still 0-0
    Gervinho in the line-up

  86. Beat you to it devil ;)

  87. A near inch perfect free kick from Mata……the one that got away.
    Hi Rico,guys….

  88. That was a close one from Lardy, he should have scored…..

  89. Totts hit the bar, they are going to nick this guys…..

  90. They haven’t got it in them Rico…..bloody pretenders lol.

  91. :lol: you watching Scott?

  92. Always Rico.
    Bale thinks he’s a bloody one man band.

  93. The Yids/Chavs i mean Scott….

  94. Yep.

  95. I hope this same chav side play at the ems :)

  96. Get up and play on your feet.
    Sick of these guys looking for freekicks.
    Coles turn this time.

  97. Does anyone think ‘arry regrets not taking the cash for Modric……he is awful.

  98. Kyle Walker, MOTM, what a joke….

    Cahill is the only one who has played half decent…..

  99. Is give it to Mata…..though I didn’t see the first half.

  100. He won’t get offered the same kind of money for him again Scott ;)

    Game over 0-0 ….

  101. Good result for the Arsenal.
    Get the shit off,let the real game begin.

  102. 1st half was shocking Scott, you should have tuned in, you would have slept then ;)

  103. They just showed the game highlights…….it finished with the coin toss!!!!!

  104. Boo!! rico, I sooooo wanted to comment yesterday, but was such a busy little dizzy bee. Bummer. :(

    The Chavs are dire. And the Spuds are overrated. I always wonder why these clubs have supporters. Haha.

  105. COYG’s – a win would see us 8 points clear of the Chavs…..

  106. any links

  107. Lol Rico!!!!

  108. :) Scott

    Boo to you agag, long time no see – you must be very busy…. :(

  109. 1.45 am…..coffee with toast and vegemite time.

  110. Bollox – Kos has injured himself in the warm up, Djourou comes in :( :(

  111. Hi Steve, can’t find one at the mo …

  112. Now. We require ” Shitty ” to lose/draw a couple end on end

  113. Marmite is nicer Scott ;)

    alan, we sure do…

  114. I am awfully busy, rico. :( :( And that does not bode well for us, re: Koz!! :(

    Hello, SSP, Scott, and alan. :)

  115. Thank goodness Bent is up against him agag, you must be due a holiday ;)

  116. Arsenal are forced into a late change as centre-back Laurent Koscielny feels a knee injury during the warm-up and is replaced in the starting line-up by Johan Djourou. Meanwhile, Gervinho comes in for Aaron Ramsey on the left of midfield.

  117. Afobe is in the Reading line up…

  118. Djourou goes fine alongside TV5.

  119. Now off to Pa to see the game………..

  120. Lovely touch there.
    The crowd have a massive banner with Fabrice photo doing the rounds.

  121. Djourous been elbowed flush on the face in his first challenge.
    He doesn’t look good at all.

  122. I think he will be ok.
    Bleeding nose,possibly broken,but toughen up lad lol.

  123. Not a good start, should that have been a red for Heskey?

  124. He’s fine,and I’m talking to myself lol.

  125. Laters devil….

  126. Rico,I don’t think Heskey knew where Djourou was,so I don’t believe there was any intention.

  127. Thanks Scott, Matt Le Tissier said it was ‘an un-natural elbow movement’ by Heskey, he thinks Heskey was lucky…

  128. The elbow came down,but it happened as he was heading the ball…..anyways,he’s fine.

  129. Very good,open game.

  130. Good, thats what matters, gee i hate not being able to watch :(

  131. There’s a yellow…no doubt,and given.

  132. We scored?????

  133. Gibbsie :) :)

  134. Gibbs is in….beauty.

  135. Typically brilliant one touch okay,Gervinho slips the pass and Gibbs scores his first ever Premier League goal.

  136. congrats to Gibbs

  137. Good for Gibbsy!! That should fill him with c0nfidence!

  138. hi agag

    yep. Now Gibbs has the taste he may get more

  139. That goal was pure brilliance.
    Song to Theo…….sensational.

  140. Theooooooooooooooooo

  141. Go, Theo!! He’s soooo much better when driving at goal on instinct.

  142. good pass from Song I’m told

  143. That good eh Scott :)

  144. This is beautiful football,it really is.

  145. If the results earlier do not give our players impetus, I do not know what will. :)

  146. Burnley are beating West Ham :P :P

  147. :( :( I can’t watch this until midnight……..

    Bolton are winning :)

  148. Guys,it was every bit as good as his last couple of through balls to RVP.
    Brilliant control by Theo,too.
    I say it every time,but why the hell can I see a game 30,000 k’s away,yet you guys can’t from five minutes away.

  149. Micko and AK must be enjoying themselves. ;)

  150. I can even sit here and bet on,and watch the English horse racing lol.

  151. Scott, you’re making us feel bad you with your live feed. :P

  152. Reading are 1-0 :)

  153. I wish I was them AGAG.

  154. Its all about screening rights Scott, Sky Sports/Espn own the rights and they don’t show 3pm ko, its all part of the agreement….

    You fancy doing the match report Scott?? :P

  155. AGAG,I just don’t get it.
    I can watch every single league game live,and even a heap of championship games.
    Also the Spanish.and German leagues.

  156. I bet they are agag, hope we go on and get a few just for them…..

    Bolton 2-0 :)

  157. Reading 2-0 :)

  158. West Ham are now 2-0 down – hoorah :)

  159. scousers 1 down

  160. Bendtner has scored again, lets hope MoN wants to keep him….

  161. Rico,I’m off fishing straight after the game so wont have time,sorry.

    Headed off the line….could’ve been three.
    Our guys are just awesome atm.

  162. Go Wigan.
    Song is tearing Villa a new one.

  163. I live in Manila, Scott. I think we get maybe 4 to 6 epl games (random) over weekends. It’s not so bad. Plus most of the CL matches.

  164. Wow, rico. You’re watching a lot of matches. :P

  165. Oops, i forgot sorry Scott, you said earlier you were offski to fish…. if i miss you departing later, have a fab time and don’t forget to throw them back ;)

  166. Rico,I bring one home for my wife,but that’s it.
    Take a photo,send them back.

  167. Just watching the Sky Sports updates agag ;)

    Want Reading to win as they are my local team, and they sit second in the league right now ahead of West Ham – And of course, Benik Afobe is there now and he’s playing…

    Henri at WH, well they can win the playoffs, then they both get a medal :)

  168. You mean for your wife to cook Scott :lol:

  169. Well that was a thoroughly entertaining half of football.
    Villa played their part,too.
    Theo is having a terrific game,but Song really is destroying them.
    TV5 is back to his absolute best,without question.
    RVP’s had a few chances,but no luck.
    Gervinho is also playing well,and is dangerous everytime he takes the man on.
    Very impressive thus far.

  170. More of the same in the second half then……

    Pleased for Theo, Gerv and Song…..


    2-0 UP Could’ve been 3 but hey you need something to work on second half, I guess.

    http://arsenalist.com/ GOALS & CHANCES.

  172. I’m the cook Rico.
    When we were first married,I’d be home from work a few hours before her,so started from there.
    I’m no chef,but I enjoy it.
    Very relaxing.
    She loves fish,I love fishing so it works well.

  173. I think its about time AFC started up its own station to screen every home game how hard can that be, if they worry that people would not come to the ground don’t screen untill they have sixty thousand in the stadium, this is just piss poor from the Arsenal

  174. Morning DG.

  175. Good to see other names on the score sheet, too. :) :)

    rico, I just noticed Torres features on the side bar!!! I was trying so hard to get him linked to us; darned red tops won’t pick up on it!!

  176. Steve move over here,its probably easier lol.

  177. Hi, Dutch. Howdy?? Hi, SSP. :) :) My illegal streaming crashed. :P


    Been a bit busy. Missed our daily chats.

  179. Hi DG, all going well so far eh :)

    Scott, i’m like you there, no chef but love to cook, not good with fish though unless it’s all prepared just ready to cook….

  180. scousers equalize bugger! 1-1

  181. We haven’t lost a Saturday 3 pm game in 18 months!!!
    Actually,we’ve won each of them.
    Something for you girls.
    When the replays on,watch out for Djourou changing his bloody shirt.
    He has got to have the best six pack in league.
    I’m straight,but it was bloody impressive.

  182. oh Rico. Fish is no fun unless you gut it yourself :D

  183. Rico,just grill it,you can’t go wrong.
    A bit of lemon pepper,and its lovely.

  184. Steve,

    they are not allowed because of the stupid laws in this country… mind you, after that landlady won her court case, things could change…

    agag, i am sure we will get linked to him soon, unless we tie up the podolski deal, then we won’t need a striker ;)

  185. Hi Agag hope your well, your in the dark as well then, thank christ we talked Scott into staying on the blogg, your a good man Scott keep them reports coming and tight lines later on :)

  186. Scott, i shall make sure i don’t miss that clip ;)

    I’m ok cooking fresh fish, just cant gut them or descale, and def no heads – yuck …..

    alan, i have to disagree there ;)

  187. Free kick twenty yards out.
    Steve,no problem.

  188. Cisse red card, he won’t be playing against us next week then…

    dippers 2-1 :(

  189. No, dippers second has been disallowed :P

  190. This new #7 is brilliant.

  191. Rosicky scored Scott???

  192. Watch out for Gervinho hightailing back to chase down Albrighton….brilliant work ethic.

  193. Ladies and gentlemen: Phil Dowd has called two fouls in favor of Arsenal.

    Mark this day. Phil Doubtless

  194. Szczesneys daily give up…..bloody awful pass,but then cuts out the cross,and we very nearly caught them on the break.

  195. Sorry,no Rico,but he is just playing unbelievably well atm.
    I wonder if Gervinho is intimidated by RVP’s goal scoring reputation.
    He seems to be hesitant to take a shot,and is always looking to offload.

  196. Another clash,this time a Villa defender struggling to regain his thoughts.
    Copped Theos elbow,but nothing in it.
    We are by far the better side,and have another goal in us for sure.

  197. TR7 just had a lovely drive parried away by Given.

  198. :lol: DG, i didn’t realise that twit had the whistle today….

    Good question re Gerv, maybe he needs to take a leaf out of Theo’s book, just hit a few at goal and wait for the first one to hit the net and go from there….

    Rosicky, best thing that happened for him, was Cesc leaving….

  199. scousers loseing 2.1

  200. Ramsey and Santos warming up.

  201. We need this result to be a bit more comprehensive, get the fear factor back in those we have to play in the run in….

  202. rico, there’s nothing like a good fish head curry. :D Yum.

    SSP, yes. It’s pretty depressing not being able to watch (especially) since we are winning. Santos and Rambo on… Could be interesting.

  203. Gervinho and Gibbs off…..both had terrific games.

  204. Steve, loving that scoreline, did you know i don’t like the dippers ;)

  205. Aneke has scored for Preston :) :)

  206. Santos’ first touch coughed it up and nearly ended In a goal.
    He was put under pressure by the pass to him though.

  207. Go Chuks.

  208. Rico I am just glad we are 2-0 up and no open interpretation is presented to him so far. I’m not watching, eyeballing the live score text lines.

  209. Go Wigan.

  210. agag, that sounds disgusting …..!

    Good to see Santos back….

  211. I must say Dowds has done nothing wrong at all today.

  212. Good job DG, you know how he loves us!! grrrrrrr

    Everton 2-0 up at Swansea, thats a shock…

  213. World class turn by Ramsey,great shot just missed.
    Beautiful play.

  214. You need to cancel the fishing trip Scott and write the report – lovin the comments on how we are doing :P

  215. Don’t like them either rico

  216. Ox is on for Theo.
    Theo earned a rest,great game.

  217. Rico,I’m actually playing FIFA 12 so am commenting on that game lol.
    Just saw Theos goal again…..superb first touch.

  218. One more goal, you Gunners!! Come on!

  219. Ramsey playing on the left and is looking impressive.

  220. I know you don’t Steve….. I hope they drop further and further down the table, £115 Million spent on crap!

    Wenger could by a whole squad with that money, and they’d still be better than the dippers….

  221. Ox just tore away,brought down on the edge of the box by Ireland…crowd went up,but he did get a touch on the ball,without question.
    The touch and speed Ox showed was awesome.

  222. :lol: Scott, FIFA 12 – mme, that must be some kind of video game??

  223. Concentrate, Arsenal. Concentrate!!

  224. Two more agag, we need two more ;)

  225. This young Austrian kid Villa have,Weimann,can certainly play.

  226. Sure is Rico.

  227. He’ll soon come to his senses and leave Scott ;)

  228. Id have him.Rico.

  229. Song has just been cleaned up.
    Should.be ok,but not a good tackle.

  230. One of the best strikes.ever…..Arteta free kick was a bloody cracker.

  231. Fish head curry, Singapore style, la! rico, you’re missing out! :P

    Arteta!! :)

  232. Mikellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

    35 yeards out, what a strike that must have been :)

  233. I’m not joking,that was a phenomenal hit…….what a hit.

  234. It was incredible Rico……
    I can’t remember seeing a ball travel so quick and so straight through the air.
    It was hit as purely as you possibly could.
    One of the best I’ve seen…..stunning.

  235. I can cope with missing out on that agag ;)

    What a good day again, we gain another two points on those BELOW us :)

    Matt Le Tissier was impressed Scott…

    Dippers lose, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  236. Another 3 pts blinding absolutely blinding and were pulling away love it just love it, scousers lost too made my day ha ha

  237. Roll on the match being shown on Sky later…. I will enjoy it…

    No doubt you are straight off now Scott, have a fab day and catch up soon, very soon….

  238. That was a brilliantly blinding strike by Arteta.

    And that was a bad foul on Song. Incidentally how come he was hit on one leg and fell down clutching the other…….I am scratching my head trying to figure out how this can happen. :lol:

  239. Liverpool lost again?? Tut tut. Hahaha.

  240. You enjoyed that then devil :P

    Love it agag, absolutely love it!

    King Kenny for the sack ;)

  241. :-) I’m fine!
    He threw a lot to RVP. The goals of RVP will arise naturally. Otherwise, in addition to harming our game, is only to help the defenders who already know who is going to the ball.

  242. Scott, you miss Sagna a very good game, TV imponent and Rosicky, when is not tired, had a exceptional match.
    The second and third goals are very very good.

  243. There you go Scott, a post :)

  244. First time we’ve won seven in a row since 2007.

  245. JM,I touched on the back 4 as a collective…..they were very good.
    I only singled out Djourou as we were all a little worried.

  246. Rico,Im glad you’re happy with that.
    Not overly detailed,but gets to the point.

  247. rico, mostly of times you can watch the match on wwww.rojadirecta.me

  248. I am going to do a post with a difference tomorrow, a mixture of your comments on the game :)

    Thanks guys, saves me staying up until the early hours and i have to go out later :P

  249. Bloody right i am Scott, and JM’s addition, now just waiting for anymore before i log off :)

    UK folk, don’t forget the clocks go forward tonight :)

  250. We have caught the fattest fish today, table-wise. Gotta make more out of those corners, we created a juicy double dozen to harvest but all were lemons made into lemonade. Maybe a reversed golf seminar would do wonders, starting at the put on the green working their way back. The flag isn’t the objective.

    Ireland should wipe his chin, looks like he’s been planking on the floor of a wax bar.

    Highlights here http://arsenalist.com/

  251. Thanks JM, i will put that link in the sidebar, looks like a wine outlet website ;)

  252. Don’t forget the six pack Rico!!!

  253. DG,I’m with you,Ireland has a terrible look going.
    Shaved head with a hairy bandaid on his chin…..I don’t get it.
    Ooooooh to be a Gooner………I’m rapt.

  254. Scott enjoy your fishing trip. Don’t forget your own six-pack. :P

  255. Seven wins in a row??? I could faint. :) :) :)

    JM, good to see you happy. :D You’ve not been a happy bunny lately it seems. ;) King Kenny, rico?? Court jester more like. :D

    Dutch, he has no chin. :eek:

  256. I have to confess, i once hoped we would sign Ireland… I’m sure glad we didn’t – maybe Arsene does know best ;) ;)

  257. I will watch that, but maybe not mention it though Scott, i am using your last comment, which has now been removed ;)

    Or, maybe i will have a peep back and add them all…. :)
    :lol: agag

  258. Imagine if Wenger had spent 100 odd million and was getting the results “King” Kenny is……….he’d have been hung by now.
    DG…..its safely packed.
    Ok guys,have a fantastic night,end enjoy the moment.
    I know I am.
    I’m off now,buy will catch up in around 14 or 15 hours.
    The fish that got away was huuuuuge!!!!!!!

  259. RvP, WallGod and Songhinio are all on 9 assists this season. One man team hey?? Lousy pundits.

  260. Have fun, Scott!! :)

  261. Right guys, have to go off now, off to see friends for an hour or two, back a bit later if anyone is around…..

    Laters guys, keep on smiling :)

  262. Laters chilled Foster courier. ;)

  263. Have fun Scott…

  264. Laters Rico. Don’t offend your hosts by a fixed beaming smile when they tell you one of their horror events of the week. :)

  265. A very satisfying afternoons entertainment.
    Must confess that i was worried by Djourou coming into the team. But he did well.

  266. Hiya sir AK. Gotta go quickly to rob my bank and hand over the score to the superstore. Back soon.

  267. Arteta was outstanding and Song had a great game.
    Robin looked a bit tired to me. Hope he isn’t running outta steam.
    Rosicky was quality again and Theo had an excellent game. He took his goal superbly.
    Delighted for Gibbs, who had a very good game.
    But the space he leaves when he atfacks, is a worry.
    The only threat from Villa came when they exploited that space.
    Someone has to cover for him when he pushes forward.

  268. Hiya Dutch. How you say, onverslagen. :-)
    Sagna has been absolutely brilliant since he returned.

    It’ onwards and upwards.

  269. Now i have to reluctantly, do a bit of work… Ugh.
    See you Gooners lata.
    8 more wins!

  270. I’m on the boat,and moving the fact its got a double bed. An hours trip to the reef,so finally some nap time.

  271. Stokiepokey ( a true” rico-ism”) lead Citeh, rico. :)

  272. And Yaya just equalized. Pffft

  273. Survived,caught fish,had a ball.

  274. Good Moring! Good Morning!
    Sheer bliss that I will reserve my moanings and criticisms later in the evening/night!!!.. :mrgreen:

    Glad to see Gibbs reading my posts and finally tracking back!!! :lol:

    There lies the weakness of our left-flank with both Gervinho and Gibbs caught high up on no less than 3 occassions!!!

    WIth Santos fit….guess Wenger will play Gibbs-Santos to protect left-flank during tight game.

    Finally, our brainless blind-alley runner is regainign his self-confidence and Wenger believe in him to play more centrally…….you think Theo is worthed 85,000pw as he is demanding now???

    If Theo wants to play centre-forward, then he should start pumping iron now and develop upper body strength like Gerd Mueller such that he is not easily shouldered or body-checked off the balls with two defenders roughing him up…….or developing that silky and delicate skills of Van Persie that he can dribble himself out of a tight situaiton with 3 defenders surrounding him.

    SInce 2005/06……is this the first season that we did not collapsed duirng Feb/MArch home striaght and only limped into Top-4 in APril/May with our opponents shooting tehmselves in the foot..liek what Tiny Toos, CHelski adn Liverpool are doing in the race fro Top-4 status?

    [psssst..RIco, can you "cut-and-paste" this post into your frothcoming match report....thanks!]

  275. And paste my 9.20 am….just the line where I tipped a 3-0 win Rico!!!!!
    Come on Merlin,give Theo some credit…..his first touch then finish was absolutely brilliant.

  276. Just to add….Theo seems to be having a decent run over the last month or so.
    I am not suggesting here’s even nearly the complete item,but could be heading in the right direction.
    No,he’s not worth 85k a week.

  277. New Post up guys and gals…..

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