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Jan Vertonghen plea, Wenger wants Keeper & Let’s not talk about the others, we are Arsenal…

Morning Gooners,

Well what a weekend of boredom as an Arsenal Fan, we had no FA Cup fixture and because our scheduled weekends opponents were still in the competition, our league fixture was postponed until this coming Wednesday.

I’m sure many Gooners feel like I do and hate the thought of not being involved in the FA Cup and it’s something that seems to happen a bit too often for me.

So when we have a quiet week what do we talk about, do we talk about the teams that are still involved, or do we find that a bit depressing?

Of course the horrific news about Fabrice Muamba has taken over many things on our minds no doubt as he still remains critically ill but hopefully today will bring brighter news for him, his family and all those who care about him.

Sadly though, one human being showed what an arse he is yesterday buy tweeting abusive comments about the Bolton man, but he’s since been in police custody and deservedly so!

So what else has been going on?

Podolski – Let’s not go there eh. ;)

Park Chu-Young

Rumour is he has been given permission from the South Korean Government to delay his national service which should start from 2013 but he has now been told he can take 10 years before he serves it. Now call me an old sceptic but how many governments in the world care what profession you have when your call up papers are sent through?

I might be jumping the gun here but this sounds a bit fishy to me, so I would take that with a pinch of salt too.

Wojciech Szczesny

Now this one could be true!

Apparently Szczesny has been riling up our noisy neighbours; he has said that we are coming to get Tottenham!

By this I assume that he means we will be chasing them down and over taking them in the league points wise and hopefully pass them, but that comment has riled the Tottenham Manager and he has told Szczesny to keep quiet.

Szczesny has also commented that the Chelsea team are being run by the senior players and not the manager, which ultimately cost Andre Villas-Boas his job. John Terry has also responded to this comment, insisting that this is not the case.

I think it would be best if Szczesny keeps his remarks to himself and does his talking on the pitch. We don’t need to be feeding the gutter press with ammunition; they don’t need any help in that department do they?

Jan Vertonghen

We all know he was at The Emirates on the night we battered AC Milan having been invited over by Thomas Vermaelen, well he has made it clear he wouldn’t snub a chance to join his best mate, if he should get a call from Arsene Wenger.

I have instructed my agent carefully. He knows which clubs I want to join, and Arsenal are one of them.

Arsenal are a magnificent club and I hear a lot of good things about English football, If a club of Arsenal’s calibre can reach an agreement with Ajax, then I will gladly go over.

I haven’t signed anything with them yet. But I went to watch them against Milan, together with my Ajax team-mate Siem de Jong, after Vermaelen invited us.

Arsene Wenger doesn’t need any more hints does he?

Jack Butland

A young English goal-keeper who is firmly on Wenger’s radar according to The Daily Mail:

The Birmingham keeper is currently on loan at Cheltenham but the 19-year-old has been given the thumbs up by our! He’d cost somewhere in the region of £1million, rising to £5million on appearances. He’s a big lad, 6′ 4″ and has featured for England under 21’s. Apparently that lot down the road are also keeping tabs on him…

Enough of that, our club are having a good period, picking up a few really good results and we have now had a week off since our last fixture against Newcastle.

Hopefully during this time off, the squad have rested well and can go on and make this break count.

However, let’s cut the chat from the players about other clubs, let’s leave all comments about the run in behind, if anyone wants to speak, let that man be Arsene Wenger, that’s part of why he gets paid £7 Million a year!!

The squad need to be concentrating on the job in hand and that’s on the pitch!

We have made it possible for us to finish in the top four, we should make it our business to make sure we achieve that position as a minimum, keep the lips buttoned and the workload high then at the end of this season assess where we are and work hard for next season.

We have a very good squad but concentration and perseverance is what’s needed now forget who’s doing what and take every remaining game and make it a must win one!

We have done most of the hard work let’s finish in style, after all were The Arsenal, a professional club with professional players.


Written by Steve Palmer

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237 comments on “Jan Vertonghen plea, Wenger wants Keeper & Let’s not talk about the others, we are Arsenal…

  1. Pray are with ya MUAMBA MAN!!!!

  2. Good morning Guys and Chicks of the Proud Gunners’ faith.

    Good article Sir Sp. However I would like to focus on one point which Vertonghen said……..

    “I haven’t signed anything with them yet. But I went to watch them against Milan, together with my Ajax team-mate Siem de Jong, after Vermaelen invited us.”

    Hmmmmmm. A bit fishy. Siem De Yong is an advanced midfielder who is still only 22. Is it only Verts or maybe also Siem. Time will tell us.

    What do you think???

  3. Brilliant article Steve.
    Our lads must focus on the games ahead,else all the hard work to get to where we are will he wasted.
    Still no news on Muamba?

  4. Oh,and good evening/morning guys.

  5. Morning Gooners.
    Morning Rico. Hope you feel better today.
    Morning Coach.
    Do we need another young goalkeeper with Martinez in the wings? Don’t see the point unless this English kid is another Joe Hart…

    Sir Steve, i have to say, that todays is a mighty fine effort mate, considering how little Arsenal news there is around.

  6. Morning all..

    Great post Steve and yes, it’s time to keep quiet now, and let’s do the talking on the pitch, starting on Wednesday….

    I like that take devil, JV and De Young :)

  7. Scott, i left a vid from You Tube on the end of yesterdays comments, re: Oz band….
    Morning/Evening, btw cobber.

  8. Hiya Scott. Good evening to you. Good morning to us.

    The only news of Muamba at the mo is that he is in an induced coma, meaning that it is a temporary coma (a deep state of unconsciousness) brought on by a controlled dose of drugs. The hope is that, with the swelling relieved, the pressure decreases and some or all brain damage may be averted.

    You might ask his brain might not have swelled. But all those minutes without oxygen due to the heart not beating means that Muamba’s brain will probably never be 100% again. He might recover but certainly not all 100% functions he had. I will be amazed if we will see him on the pitch again. A pity, since I always liked him as a player.

  9. @devilgunner, time will surely tell

  10. hope we get j vert

  11. Hiya Sir AK. You ok? At Pa today for the morning. here it is a public holiday. Hope Mrs AK is ok also.

    Good day Lady of HH.

  12. my prayers to muamba……..Arry should shut up,i remebered monkey head saying that there had been a shift of power……i support szcnezy and also hope he do more of the talking on the pitch

  13. Yeh ! would def like 2 see us get xtra strength in some departments ?

  14. What I like about De jong is that he is double footed. And he can score with his head also.

    I agree about Chesney keeping his mouth shut, but not if it irritates anyone from the scum from the slum. It means he is getting under their skin.

  15. Morning All.

    Good read, especially when there is nothing really going on.
    I agree about Sir Ches. He should reign it back a little or add a few existential quotes (LOL).
    I think it’s too easy for players to make their thoughts known with the different media forms and the media interest these days. Consequently it’s too easy for them to make themselves look foolish although I think nature beat Joey Barton to that.

  16. morning/evening gooners!Nice post SSP.
    still got everything crossed for FM!
    We gotta get JV signed sealed asap!!
    Devil, what do you know of Siem de Jong??

  17. Certainly had a look AK….thanks for that.
    Devil,let’s all just hope he gets back to as close to normal as possible.
    I think we would all enjoy seeing one or two more Dutch boys in our side,and the Belgians are just producing,aren’t they?

  18. Yeah twitchy, reel your neck in, the diving, cheating prick bale was waffling about shifts of power etc not that long ago….glass houses and all that!!!

  19. I know its jumping the gun,but imagine Podolski,Vertonghen and Gotze joining us????
    Can’t comment on De Jong,so will leave it to others……is he an able substitute for Gotze???
    Anyway,let’s hope a few of these rumours come to fruition.

  20. Hiya Lee.

    I follow a lot of young players all over Europe. Every summer I watch all the tournaments non stop which are 21 years or under. Infact I saw Benzema, Na$ri and Ben Arfa play when they where 16 years and immediately told dad and sent an SMS to Sir AK about these three players of the future.

    I have also seen Lukas Piazon play when he was 16 years old against the under 17 of the club where I coach and he was magnificent that day. Infact some of the players all took photos with him.

    Erikson of Ajax is another who I like his workrate and his technical feet.

    There are a number of good youngsters around Europe and believe me players are getting better technically especially going forward. Tactically there are not too many teams focusing on tactical methods, but the trend is like that unfortunately. Tackling, and I mean proper tackling is a an art which is slowly dying.

    Siem De Jong is a naturally gifted footballer who I feel can play as an advanced midfielder, but more importantly play the role that RVP is playing now, that of the deep lying centreforward. He can hold the ball, bring others into play, can control the ball with both feet and also head it well. He has good pitch awareness and can pick killer passes.

    He has a very good vision of how the ball should be played and Guus Hiddink once praised the fact that he usually picks the right pass.

  21. Morning again to those i missed :P

    Totally agree re Arry, he should shut up too but… ;)

  22. At the moment the best powerhouses in youth production over the world are the Germans, Belgians, Dutch and Spain. They focus a lot on the technical aspects of the game till they players are 13 years old and then start tactics. At around 15/16 they began building up their strength the peak of which reaches around 22 years.

  23. Righto mates. I am off for now. later on today in the afternoon. Cu all.

  24. take it easy Dev, and thanks for the info!! ;)

  25. Enjoy ya day Dev, lazy sod ;-)

    Morning all… Evening Scott…!

  26. Off topic,so forgive me all.
    Devil,very quickly,in your opinion,what should I be concentrating on with my kids…keeping in mind they’re 6 year olds.
    I will be doing my coaching tickets,as the kids will quickly outgrow my knowledge.
    My strength is getting my message through to the kids in a way they understand and absorb…….wife reckons its because I have the mentality of a kid!!!
    Actually,anyone’s views will be appreciated.

  27. Laters devil

    Hi Wath…

    Anyone else quite like the sound of Jack Butland, future England number 1?? I wouldn’t be disappointed if we signed him….

  28. Morning WATH…
    This whole poldoski thing is getting more and more tedious….so we’ve not agreed personal terms with im and his agent has thrown lazio into the mix, reading between the lines!!

  29. The killer here in Oz is a lack of coaches.
    My kids smashed everyone last year,and an 18-2 win on the weekend shows not much will change.
    The reason…..most sides are coached by people who have the time,but have never played the game.
    This has an adverse effect as a lack of competition helps nobody.
    In Australia,we have 4 major football codes fighting for the kids,so this also makes things tough.
    This country has a huge reputation of producing sportsman,and with only 20 million here,we do bloody well.
    We will never,ever be a world force in football,but we will never be easybeats,either.

  30. Scott, for me as 6yr olds they want to have fun….. They need to always have a ball in training and the exercises you do must be fun and want them to do them… I say from an early age they must kick with both feet and lots of training in pairs where it’s all ball work…! Kids get bored so if they have a ball and they kicking the ball as part of training and exercises thats a good start….!

  31. Hi Lee

    just been reading that FC Koln are to announced he has signed in the next few days, only problem is, no-one knows which club ;)

    suggestion is Lewis Holtby is the German we are interested in….

  32. Lee, the problem with players that the media make up stories with is that people all seem to believe its true….. They forget the transfer window is shut, they forget deals cannot be done and how the fuck can he have a medical mid season…? utter bollox, thing is it generates interest even though its a crap story then it leads to more stories when he signs for someone else and we get bad press cos he “turned us down”….. tosh….!

  33. Wath,from day one,I’ve had three basic drills,which the kids spend ten minutes each on.
    After that,we have a twenty odd minute game with parents,brothers and sisters.
    The kids have a ball and love training as well as games.
    I have a training run every few weeks where everything is done with the non-preferred foot.
    I keep it very,very lighthearted for the kids,but still get my message across….its a fine line.

  34. Wath,don’t forget Wenger cops it for losing out on a player he never looked at in the first place!!!!

  35. If Wenger wants to buy a goalkeeper;me I suggest that he sells all the 4 CURRENT Arsenal goalies[Almunia,Fabianski,Szcesny and Mannone] and replace them with any 3 of the following elegant goalies during the 2012 May-August transfer window:
    Tim Howard[Everton], Maarten Stekelenberg[Netherlands and AS Roma], Julio Cesar[Inter Milan], Shay Given[Aston Villa], Fernando Muslera[Uruguay's 1st choice goalie], Rene Adler [Germany/ Leverkusen], Sebastian Frey[France],etc

  36. :lol: Scott…

  37. Sell Ches Victor, you serious???

    Yes, get rid of the other three and get an older keeper like Jussi maybe but selling one of the best keepers in the PL would be just wrong on all accounts imho….

  38. Jamie Sanderson‏@YoungGunsBlogReply

    · Open

    German media say Arsenal expect to announce signing of Lukas Podolski tomorrow. Deal agreed at €10.9m, plus €4.1m variable. Sketchy.

    More lovely rumours……. Enjoy :D

  39. Jamie Sanderson‏@YoungGunsBlog


    Nigeria Champions Dolphins FC confirm agreement with Arsenal for pre-season friendly. Dates announced shortly. #AFC.

    9:37 AM – 19 Mar 12via Twitter for BlackBerry®· DetailsReply


    45m Emeka C. Onyenuforo‏@Arsene1984

    @YoungGunsBlog we’re preparing for the tour as d Official Supporters Club in Nig and we can’t wait to welcome you all here #ArsenalNigeria

  40. Details on the Podolski “announcement” are pretty thorough,to the extent of stating we’ve agreed to play Cologne twice in the pre-season as a sweetener.

  41. Hi AK, JS is normally very reliable isn’t he….

  42. It’s all about keeping them interested at that age Scott and making sure they enjoy what they doing…. small little 2 touch excercises as well gets them thinking to pass and move in small spaces…..! Dev will fill you in more he’s “The Coach”….!

  43. Usually is Rico, although he did tweet yesterday, that he doubted that we’d sign Vertonghen.
    Not good….

  44. Manure doing well at the business end of the season. Well, let;s hope Lukas and Vertonghen come over. Failing that, get locals. Works for Man U

  45. Wath,that’s pretty much what we work on now.
    Not sure if you read my post yesterday,but six or eight of our goals on Saturday came from passes…..I reckon that’s pretty good for kids that age.
    Just found out we have a coaching clinic on Wednesday…..looking forward to it.

  46. AK, that isn’t such good news, i truly thought JV was a possibilty :(

  47. Hi alan, those two would be a darn good opening to the transfer window, especially the latter….

  48. You gotta love Ibrahimovic (NOT) he accidentally ran over a woman TV reporter so he sent her 19 red roses, one each of his league goals!!!

  49. Let’s see….initial demand of 18 mill For Podolski rejected by Arsenal. Alleged deal done at 10.9 mil. Hmmmm. Seems like a lot to drop for his club.

    Why hasn’t another club with a zillionaire owner come into the equation? They usually do, with AW refusing to match a higher offer

    I’m not convinced he’s coming

  50. until he’s got the canon on his chest shaking AW’s hand, nothing done!

  51. exactly Lee

  52. Morning all,
    Scott, if you can find a 6 year old who wants to play in goal, that is a miracle in itself.
    Roll on Wednesday.

  53. Lee – i dislike that man immensly…..

  54. Off for a bit, back later

  55. Oops, morning Micko ;)

  56. Micko,no need to worry yet…no keepers in our games yet.

  57. Morning Micko.

    Scott, with 6 to 9 year olds the trick is very simple. Give them a ball each, that is the most important thing. At least for around 15 to 20 minutes per session. And it must be individual….no ball sharing. If the club does not provide enough balls encourage them to bring their own.

    Do not allow them to stand but always keep on moving with the ball at their feet……even walk if possible.

    Allow them to repeat the same exercise again and again. Sometimes kids enjoy doing the same exercises they did during the previous one. And they will feel more confident doing so. But on the third do something different and repeat it on the fourth.

    10 minute exercises are the best. Not more than 15 minutes per exercise.

    What you are already doing is very good.

    W.A.T.H said the most important thing…..let them have fun. It must be enjoyable to them. They need to laugh their way through and smile in being able to laugh. For example a game which even seniors enjoy is that of putting the green bib as a tail and each player has a ball. They must dribble a ball but they must be careful no to let others take their tail. If it is taken than they must go and take someone else’s.

    To make them all rounders you can also introduce basketball, handball and volleyball. Their coordination improves over 200 per cent if you introduce them to other sports.

    Last but not least…….play with them and get down to their level. If for example during a game a boy manages to dribble the ball around you applaud him and tell the others to give him a round of applause. That for him would be the greatest achievement of all.

  58. With Joel Campbell and Benik Afobe, doubt he will buy Poldolski now.

    Most likly Wenger will buy Giroud or some other unknown “Koscielny” of a striker in AUgust 2012.

    Strikers for 2012/13 season:

    1 – Van Persie (he will refuse to sell him at any price unless Gaizids and/or Kroenke over-rule him)

    2 – Theo Walcott
    3 – Gervinho
    4 – Chamakh
    5 – Benik Afobe
    6 – Joel Campbell
    7 – Persuade Henry to return?

    Do we need Poldolski then?

    1 – ROsicky
    2 – Wilshere
    3 – Ramsey
    4 – Oxlade-CHamberlain
    5 – Wellingotn SIlva returns?
    6 – Ryo Miyaichi
    7 – Betelho returns?
    8 – CHuke ANeke?
    9 – Ozakhup?
    10- Jon Toral?
    11- Henri Lansbury
    12- COquelin
    13- Frimpong

    1 – Vermaelen
    2 – Koscielny
    3 – Mertesacker
    4 – DJourou
    5 – Miquel
    6 – Kyle BArtley
    7 – Daniel Boateng
    8 – ANgha
    9- ANdre Santos
    10- Gibbs
    11- Sagna
    12- Jenkinson
    13- Nico Yennaris

    If Wenger will to buy Poldolski, Gotze, M’villa, Vertonghen, Javi Martinez, et al…how many of those youngsters he need to sell as they will never have a chance to get into 1st team?

    1 – Szczesny
    2 – Fabianski
    3 – Martinez
    4 – McDermott

    If we buy Butland, it means Martinez and/or McDermott are not good enough and wil be release?

    Of course, it means end of the line for Fabianski and Mannone as well comes summer 2012.

  59. Arsenal went through that a few years ago Scott… Playing without a keeper…!

  60. just seen the the chelsea goals,how touching it was to see Torres lifting his shirt to reveal his support for the chilean miners….

  61. Thats cruel Lee…………….. :D

  62. he always was going to come good……

  63. WATH, you stole my “waiter” thunder……was like giving the opposition a goal start!!

  64. Merlin, today’s billionaire owners have no time for encouraging youth. You buy the best and place them on the pitch

    It’s sad really. It used to be a chap could expect to play for his local club. Not any more. The internationalization of the English game has not done local juniors any favours

  65. Alan bsmp. unfortunately for top clubs that is the reality. That is why a feeder club., like Barcelona B is important. You can put your best players against good opposition and not rot in the reserves. And they stop in the championship and cannot go on further. But at least, a player like Bartley would have played for Arsenal B and when they had the crisis, AFC would have given Arsenal B another youngster and taken Bartley instead. Miyachi would have had more playing time for Arsenal B than he has had this year.

    So, only AFC at the moment produce a good conveyor belt of youth/ The rest simply buy ready made ones.

  66. good morning
    How is Muamba?

  67. The problem I see with your list Merlin is the following
    See next to their names…..! If you count this as our first team squad then it’s only 37 players and many are totally un-proven and some still we not sure of as being good enough either so to still bring in 3/4 quality players for me is essential.. The cream always rises don’t forget if they good enough age won’t matter and they will replace what ever is in front of them.

    1 – Van Persie (he will refuse to sell him at any price unless Gaizids and/or Kroenke over-rule him)

    2 – Theo Walcott – Winger – Is he a striker?
    3 – Gervinho – Winger – Is he a striker?
    4 – Chamakh – Sell-Not good enough
    5 – Benik Afobe – Unproven
    6 – Joel Campbell – Unproven
    7 – Persuade Henry to return?
    8- Buy a proven goalscorer…!

    Do we need Poldolski then?

    1 – ROsicky
    2 – Wilshere
    3 – Ramsey
    4 – Oxlade-CHamberlain
    5 – Wellingotn SIlva returns? – Unproven
    6 – Ryo Miyaichi
    7 – Betelho returns? Unproven
    8 – CHuke ANeke? – Unproven
    9 – Ozakhup? – Unproven
    10- Jon Toral? – Unproven
    11- Henri Lansbury – Sell won’t make it
    12- COquelin
    13- Frimpong
    14- Song…..
    15- M’Vila – Fellaini – Nzonzi Defensive Midfielder type needed

    1 – Vermaelen
    2 – Koscielny
    3 – Mertesacker
    4 – DJourou – Sell Not good enough
    5 – Miquel – Needs loan
    6 – Kyle Bartley – Is he good enough
    7 – Daniel Boateng – Unproven
    8 – ANgha – Unproven
    9- ANdre Santos
    10- Gibbs
    11- Sagna
    12- Jenkinson
    13- Nico Yennaris – Needs loan
    14- Vertonghen

    If you look at the above we still short of quality in my eyes

    If Wenger will to buy Poldolski, Gotze, M’villa, Vertonghen, Javi Martinez, et al…how many of those youngsters he need to sell as they will never have a chance to get into 1st team?

    1 – Szczesny
    2 – Fabianski- Sell
    3 – Martinez
    4 – McDermott
    5- Jussi Jaaskelainen

  68. Dev, they on about playing “B” teams in the lower leagues…. I think that would work…!

  69. That’s gotta be a good idea, WATH??

  70. I would think so Lee…. lets the younger players play regular football against the “men”….. Soon see who can hack it then…!

  71. For a long time now, this is the first time I have been enthralled by one of your Eurovision songs. I really enjoyed this, bdw. And I hope you win.

  72. I think that if young ones are allowed to play as a team in the championship then they will develop much more quicker and be better players for the experience acquired.

  73. Dev……………….. It’s time for you to go train the kids cos your DJ skills are slacking….!

    What utter rubbish lol :D

    What ever next…. Bing Crosby……???

  74. Afternoon all. That is a good idea Devil, but i doubt we’ll ever see it in our lifetime!

  75. And as for Eurovision…. No-one deserves to see Humperdinck in ANY lifetime!

  76. Why is the UK even still that massive shitfest of a competition?!

  77. Afternoon Rocky, A fan of eurovision then I take it :D

  78. I think Dev is taking the piss by the way Rocky, he sitting there wetting himself laughing….!

  79. WATH, Wenger will stay true to his Youth Policy and will persist with these “unproven” youths for 2 to 3 seasons to season ‘em like 18 year old Anelka, 17 year old Fabregas, a 21-year old Vieira,17 year old Walcott, 18 year old OX, 18 year old WIlshere, 18 year old Szczesny, 22 year old Van Persie, 22 year old Henry, et al…..

    It took Cesc from 2004/05 to 2009/10 (5 years to mature into 1st team regular)….Walcott 2006 to 2011 (5 years)…then it looks more likely that if Wenger continues, we will see this bunch of youngsters mature into a team in 2013/14 or 2014/15 season.

    Our 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 is played without the “Lone Striker” as Van Persie is really a “False no. 10″ coming in deep, and starting to develop an understanding with Theo Walcott cutting in more centrally for the last few games.

    What the team lacks now is a free-scoring attacking mIDFIELD to relieve the burden of goal-scoring from Van Persie – Walcott front-line.

    The remaining 10 league games will “make-or-break” our season in not so much as how many goasl will Van Persie score, but how many goals wih the MIDFIELD cotnributes to teh goal tally with a in-form Rosicky, SOng, Arteta and Walcott starting to gell with Van Persie.

    Like an 18 year old ANelka in 1997/98 season, if Benik Afobe and Joel Cmapbell are good enough, then either one of ‘em can do an “Anelka” in 2012/13 season…….and if OX and Ryo and WIlshere are good enough, then they cna do a “18 yea rodl Cesc” to nahcor teh team in playmaking and goal scorign trheat as well.

    Not forgetting Aaron Ramsey is imporving as well…and although he is no “19 year old Cesc” and had been over-used and stupidly used by Wenger to fill Cesc’s shoe when he is clearly not ready in 2011 (after one year out recovering from that leg break..plus playing with new team-mates)…but he is slowly regaining confidence and form to what he was before that leg-break.

    I have no confidence that Wenger cna suddnely changed to a ‘Mourinho” or a “ferguson” to spend 50-mil to 100-mil to buy at least 4 no. 24 to 27 year old marquee players in August 2012.

    I see him as a Captain that will prefer to go down with all guns blazing on his SS “Youth Polciy” rather than what he called contemptuously as ‘financial doping” to buy “successes” simply the fans demanded he “must buy” to turn Arsenal FC into a title-contender in 2013/14 season.

    If he can lose ANelka, Henry, Vieira, Pires….then he will have no qualm to lose Van Persie in summer 2013 on a Bosman when push turns into shove….

    But like Nasri 2012, will those greedy gits in the baordroom willing to forgo 30-mil in receipts by retianing Van Persie when he refused to sign a new contract…adn “determined to leave Arsenal”..like CLichy, Fabregas or Nasri comes June 2012???

  80. Thing is Wath, like a mug, I sit in with a couple of mates over a take-away and have a sweepstake on it EVERY YEAR! Why don’t I learn that it’s a massive steaming pile of turd? I don’t even enjoy watching it! I just look forward to the take-away! He better be joking! My opinion of him will go through the floor if he’s not!

  81. Boo! Well-done, SSP, a proper write-up on these slowest of newsdays! ;)

    Engelbert Humperdinck vids?? :shock: What has this blog come to? ;)

    Hi, rocky. Hello, Dev. Hola, GG Man! Howdy?

  82. Yeah, sorry… Good write up Steve! Hi agag. Hard day at the office?

  83. W.A.T.H…….when Lordi came out with their HARD ROCK HALLELUYAH, I was the first one among my friends to predict that it would win. My friends took the piss out of me till the result. Since then I have been taking the piss out of them.

    As a ballad it has powerful lyrics. And remember, as a ballad not a song. Its irrelevant of who sings it. But then, it speaks volumes how come that a 75 year old has won. Aren’t there any budding musicians, composers and singers in the UK???

  84. Haven’t had an easy one in aaaaages, rocky. Bummer. Can’t even go on hols (Is this me??) ;) How are you?

  85. Good thanks agag. Really hectic week last week (trying to deal with Equity Trading back offices in your neck of the woods was proving very difficult!!). But so far tday, I’ve had a lazy day! Looking forward to 11 or 12 days off in a couple of weeks!

  86. I hear what your saying Merlin but for me far to many “ifs” about unproven players and thats the biggest problem… The unproven players need quality around them to learn and mature and thats be lacking and now we have loads of youth still very much unproven and still not enough quality and yet the quality seeks other quality players to see the project and the squad is capable of winning things… if you keep loosing quality players we’ll go nowhere and time wenger realised that and saw it if he makes the same mistakes again then he has learned nothing in 7 years…!

  87. Some EQ trading participants are giving me grief, too, rocky. Grrrrr. Adverse claims blah blah blah. Sme people are too rich for my own good. Haha.

  88. Merlin you need at least one quality, experienced and proven player in each of the three departments. That is a centrehalf, a central midfielder and a striker. In other words the spine must be of quality, has experience and be physically fit for most parts of the season.

  89. they’re scum, eh agag!!

    I agree with you wath. ALthough to be hinest, I’d potentially add to your “sell – not good enough”, Santos. As a LB anyway. I see no-one mentioned Squid/Vela/ Bendtner in that list!! So easy to forget some of the bums we have!!

  90. and in my above post, when I say “hinest”, I obviously mean “honest”! Nice spelling…..

  91. Agree Devil. Look at Chelsea’s spine during their glory years. Solid, experienced players.

  92. I still can’t believe Cliff Richards came 2nd in 1968, gutted, the whole thing is a fix.

  93. It is Micko. And it has always been. However either for a laugh or for some good quality its always good to see the final of it all. There was some quality on show in the last 12 years…..like Wild dances mate. :lol:

  94. So Micko…..basically that date puts you older than Sir AK!!! ;)

  95. At least Katrina and the Waves won it for “us” in ’97!

  96. Actually, were they English or Yanks?

  97. PLEASE, can we get off the Eurovision thread?

  98. Ok mate. No more mentioning the Eurovision from me. ;)

  99. Come on Lee… You know you’ll be watching it! No-one enjoys it. My missus knows how much I hate it, but still it goes on.

  100. I’d rather gnaw my own arm off at the elbow….when’s it on again?? :lol:

  101. Afternoon guys and gals….

  102. Likewise Rocky, the shit programmes I have to endure indoors is beyond a joke! Luckily no soaps or big brother are liked by the F.P.O!!!

  103. What is wrong with the soaps???

  104. They have too much bubble Rico. Especially when wet with water!! :lol:

  105. Seriously Lee, the shite I see on my Sky+ on a regular basis seriously drives me insane! If I record a match, it’s expected that I delete straight after watching. But she’ll happily record tripe like (and wait for it….) Geordie Shore! IN HD!!! Taking up about 4% of my memory with that angers me! And it stays on there weeks!

    Afternoon Rico!

  106. It’s not just Soaps Rico…. Geordie Shore…. Made In Chelsea… TOWIE… One Born Every Minute! BORE OFF!! Honestly, I could cry whe I bring up my Sky Planner of an evening! Especially if I’m watching the end of a match and a programme clash comes up with that, and 2 pieces of absolute toss that she is recording, meaning I have to watch it on my laptop! (anything to avoid a row!)

  107. My wife really likes “10yrs younger”, which clogs up our Sky+, my 7yr old thought it would be a good idea for her to go on it…. and that suggestion went down like a lead balloon! I nearly died laughing!!! :lol:

  108. Afternoon to you rocky, never heard of that one, in my defence, only Corrie, E’enders and Doctors, that’s my only soaps… …

  109. Rico – Doctors?! Seriously?! I’ve been wondering for years who watches that! Now we’ve found you! I do like a bit of Enders… Can’t beat a bit of doom and gloom! Matches my mood for 95% of the day!

    Excellent Lee! I bet you laughed! I bet you were chuckling well into the night with that one!!

  110. Although to be fair to her, I totally forgot to Sky+ Masterchef, Whitechapel and Mad Dogs when they were on recently…. She done well to remember those! Swings and roundabouts I guess…..

  111. Lee, it’s your own fault, pay back time for not letting your wife have a few chickens ;)

  112. I feigned an injury…food caught in my throat or something like that!! ;)

  113. marvellous!

  114. all three of those are good viewing, Rock!

  115. rocky, i record it and watch (well listen) in the afternoons, inspires me to write a post, certainly makes me concentrate on what i’m doing…. :lol:

  116. I know Lee! Can’t beat watching Gregg Wallace leering over female contestants while shovelling spoonfulls of dessert down his throat!

  117. I bet it does Rico!

  118. What’s wrong with Masterchef and Whitechapel??

    You boys don’t know what you are missing…. ;)

  119. Have any of us bothered to mention our link to:

    Del Piero?

    What a laugh that is, he’s older than Englebert Humperdink isn’t he??

  120. iRco says:
    March 19, 2012 at 3:44 pm

    Have any of us bothered to mention our link to:

    Del Piero?

    What a laugh that is, he’s older than Englebert Humperdink isn’t he??


  121. not bad for a south london greengrocer!!


    Bolton midfielder Fabrice Muamba has shown signs of improvement but remains critically ill in intensive care, a joint statement from Barts and The London NHS Trust read.

    The 23-year-old, who attended Kelmscott School in Walthamstow, north east London, suffered a cardiac arrest on the pitch at Tottenham on Saturday in the closing stages of the first half the match was subsequently abandoned and he was rushed to the London Chest Hospital, where he remains in a critical condition.

    “Fabrice Muamba remains in intensive care at The London Chest Hospital, where today he is showing small signs of improvement,” the statement read.

    “His heart is now beating without the help of medication and he is also moving his arms and his legs

  123. Word today is that Arsenal are in talks with Anderlecht over the prospect of a trade deal that would send Park their way and bring 23 year old Argentinian Matias Suarez to the Gunners. ……. tell me that Suarez is a real talent who is versatile enough to play both through the middle and on the wing. A player who is as at home dribbling through a defense as scoring a long distance cracker.

    If that night in Monaco, when the Green Berets*** swooped in and stole Park away from Lille for a mere £5m, eventually leads to a talent like Suarez coming to Arsenal I think it will have all been well worth the cloak and dagger.

  124. LOVE Whitechapel and MC Rico! 2 of my fave things on tv!

    We’ve had a link to Del Piero every year since Fabregas smashed Vieira all over the park in the Champions League! If we’ve not got him by now, I’m sure we don’t want him! I’m sure a Buffon link will surface soon again too!

    Devil – I know nothing about Suarez, other than the fact Goonster gets very excited about him!

  125. Great news re Muamba. Fingers crossed he gets stronger and stronger as the minutes tick by.

  126. Yes RR07. I have a feeling he will get over it.

    Regarding a footballing comeback as a player I doubt it though. Good thing he still studies and took care of his education. Hopefully he will remain in football in some field or another. Maybe as a coach!!!! :)

  127. Come on Muamba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. :lol: devil, maybe i’ll post it then :)

    Fantastic news about Fabrice, just fuckin marvelous… (am i allowed to swear)

    He has movement in his arms and legs…..

  129. Rocky, the Goonster gets excited about most we’re linked with and he’s got the SHIDAS touch with his nailed on signings!! ;)

  130. The fact that he has limb movement is a good sign. That means he will walk and be able to move again. The tricky recovery will now come in the memory and communicative aspects of his brain.

  131. Mine too rocky, and Scott and Simpson, Law & Order and anything written by Lynda La Plante :)

  132. AND – Fabrice’s heart is now beating without medication …..

  133. Rico, you just swore!!! 3:)

  134. Boo, rico! Howdy? Hii, Lee. Great news about Muamba. Yay!!

  135. Got there in the end with that emoticon, eh Lee?!

  136. I’m sorry Lee, i was overcome…..

    Boo to you agag, great news indeed, a huge relief for his family i am sure, a way to go yet but the signs are so so much better than yesterday….

  137. I saw. Bit of Corrie the other night expecting to see some flat-capped Northerners drinking ghastly beers the snug and it was lesbians, Cindy from Eastenders and murderers. Weird. And I read that Ken Barlow has slept with 1000 women? What’s happening?

  138. Rocky, I’m a man after your own heart re IT issues…me trying to post a devil nearly resulted in my handset going through my monitor…..maybe anger management needed??? ;)

  139. Hi Rico & crew

    Good news re Muamba. A cardiac specialist was on radio yesterday saying for this to happen at his age was rare and he said the clubs heart test these players

    I wait with baited breath to see if the tests show and drugs in his system.

    He seems like a good guy, studied hard after learning English and wanted to be an accountant

  140. Things have moved on since Annie Walker and Ena Sharples Adam ;)

  141. I know Adam!! That’s almost as bizarre as the bloke who used to be the nerdy George Dent from Drop The Dead Donkey (remember that gem anyone?!) playing some sort of serial killer in Hollyoaks! ( I promise I don’t watch it… just saw he was now in Hollyoaks in a TV pullout in the Sun, months ago….)

  142. So I see Rico. But surely there are no lesbians in Coronation Street. And Ken Barlow and 1000 women? I am in shock.

  143. Lee, people have been saying that to me for years!! I am generally an angry person! People in general annoy me! And I get road rage at the slightest thing! (I don’t speed after people or threaten to kill them or anything, but I will give them some abuse).

  144. Rocky. I am too sensitive for the brutal reality of the soaps.

  145. Same here Adam. I’m glad I don’t get home from work until they are finished!

  146. Hi alan,

    No way will Fabrice be on drugs, and tbh, i am surprised you would even bring that into this at this stage of his recovery :(

    Medics have said that something like he has suffered can be purely down to adrenaline….

  147. Adam, there was, but they had a bust up at the altar ;)

    rocky, add me to that list, i’d be quite happy living with animals and a select few humans, the majority of humans are just so interfering and think they always know better….

    In fact i am now going to see how much a lighthouse costs…..

  148. Took a while for that emoticon, Lee. ;)

    It is wonderful news, rico. So many are rooting for him and keeping him in their prayers.

  149. I agree Rico. I know you can never say never, but I’d be highly shocked if anything were amiss in that way. Which of course at this stage is totally irrelevent. Just need him to pull through this first before even beginning to think about pointing fingers at anything suspicious.

  150. Where’s Lee…???

    I want to chat to him about Eurovision…

  151. Afternoon AK. are you well?

  152. Sure is agag, he’s certainly been in mine….

    Exactly rocky, let’s keep the guy living first and foremost….

  153. Sir AK………YOU ARE SIMPLY A CHAMPION mate. You want to chat with Lee????? on WHAT?????? :lol:

  154. Afternoon AK aka Englebert ;)

  155. Afternoon Gooners.
    Hi Rocky. i am very good mate, thanks.
    You been busy then?
    I’ll be up your way [Strand, Savoy Court] this Thursday.
    My boy got me a Villa ticket, so i’m gonna see if i can catch sight of Mucko… ;)

  156. Hi Rico, “I’ll have the last dance with you”….

    Coach, i want words with you…..
    Bloody ageism…. :P

  157. Hiya Sir AK. How are you. Had a good half day at pa today.

  158. Good thanks mate. Been FAR too busy for my liking. Meant to be writing up my appraisal at the mo but can’t face it!! May have to keep an eye out on Thursday for you then! You’ll have to let me know your plate or any significant adverts on your cab! Although this week I’ve decided to walk from Liverpool St. to Covent Garden in the morning and the other way in the evening. Bet I give that up tomorrow! Need to lose a bit of Terry though.

  159. And your vote Luxembourg?? Please do me a favour… ;)

  160. Ahhhhhh. you mean when I told Micko that he is older than you. He is mate. He was a young one in 1968. That means he is over 60 something. He gave himself away. And since you are something around 40’s then he is well older than you. Good enough to be your dad mate..

  161. I know Lee!! Although it’s always nice to let them believe people actually care about them and their opinion once in a while!

  162. And your vote Luxembourg?? Please do me a favour… ;) How you doing AK??

  163. rico says:
    March 19, 2012 at 4:25 pm

    Things have moved on since Annie Walker and Ena Sharples Adam ;)

    Ena Sharples. A name from the past. Coronation street

  164. Boo, AK! How are you? A fan of Englebert? The name alone…

  165. There’s a lot of blokeson here who seem to be saying “I don’t really watch this or that soap” and then tell us everything that’s been happening… :D

    I do know that Wath is an avid follower of Prisoner on Cell Block H….

    And Scott loves Neighbours.

    Er, so i am led to believe… ;)

  166. AGAG, AK used to deliver Englebert’s papers in the morning!! :lol:

  167. Lee and Agag, greetings amigos….

    Great news on Muamba…

  168. the name is apt Sir AK. Soaps let off a lot of bubbles….when they explode its pufffffffffff……!!!!!

  169. I know nothing about the soaps and long may it stay that way!!!!

  170. Unless we start the HH soap…..

  171. Rocky, i’ve been driving a red cab recently.
    Is your office on the theatre side of Savoy Court?

  172. We can easily do a soap opera on HH.

    The life and times of HH bloggers.

  173. Coach, me in my 40’s…. :D
    Your my friend for life…. ;)

  174. I’ll get my bestest frock out AK :lol:

  175. It Is AK… Right opposite the hairderssers and the dodgy “Savoy Sauna” or whatever it’s called!

  176. alan, the name Ena and the fact that i watched her in Corrie makes me feel very old ;)

  177. Agag, nah, not a fan of the Hump….

    Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Cream, Led Zep, Black Sabbath,Beatles, REM, and numerous other blues and Rock stuff.

  178. Devil, it would be miles more interesting than the garbage on English TV!!!

  179. Rocky, so can you see the rank from where you sit?

  180. Quick Step and Fox Trot, Rico… ;)

    Promise i won’t trend on your toes… :)

  181. Funny name, Englebert. The surname is worse, Lee. I do not watch much TV; can’t stand soaps unless its a Taiwanese drama which stars my favorite actor. :D

  182. No SSP today so far :(

  183. Lee, are you gonna go to anymore games this season???

  184. AGAG his real name is probably Colin Smith….

  185. Hopefully AK!!

  186. Not from whee I am… By desk looks out down to the bottom of Carting Lane and the Embankment – I’m directly opposite Festival Hall. And the fact I’m on the 6th floor (which is actually 8 floors up) means I don’t see anything directly below me unfortunately

  187. Nah not your friend for life mate. More like Big Brother to me.

    BDW what did you make of the photo I sent to you, Rico and W.A.T.H.?? Quite a mix in there eh mate. young ones and old ones. The eldest died around two weeks after the photo was taken. He could still play a bit even though he was late 60’s. Still had a sharp mind and knew when to put a killer pass.

  188. A metalhead, AK?? :) I never would’ve guessed. :D

  189. Metalhead…! The Beatles?????
    Agag.. 8-O
    Are you a Teeny Bopper?

  190. Well i can’t wave to ya then Rocky…. :)
    That sounds a nice view though…

  191. It’s not the worst view AK…. if I get a pair of binoculars and stare really hard, I could probably see the turds floating down the Thames!!

  192. Who was that teenager in the front row Dev..? ;)

  193. I wish it was him Sir AK. However he was wearing the number 17…..that is Petit’s insigna.

  194. Righto, i’m offski for a spell.
    See ya lata.

  195. Good evening to you Sir AK. Enjoy mate.

  196. Devil, your on a roll today, you can’t beat bank holidays.

    Kev, I had a couple of spares for villa, put my feelers out on the site but was discarded like a used teabag so me and a couple of friends will be coming over for a bit of a bender on Saturday.
    If your not too keen on the plastic glasses at the 12 Pins try a pint in the Railway, it’s a small Irish run bar at the back of the tube station on Wells Terrace.

  197. Richt chaps and chapesses, I’m off for that long walk to Liverpool Street!

    Hopefully catch you all tomorrow. Have a good evening

  198. seriously, my spelling today has been woeful. Right* not richt!

  199. Night rocky, safe journey home…

    i’m off to cook dinner, back in a bit….

  200. Nightynight, friends!! Hi, Micko and bye, Micko. :)

  201. Laters Rocky, best time of the day.

  202. Toodaloo agag, have fun.

  203. Fabrice is now talking and can recognise visitors – fab news :)

  204. Nighty agag…

  205. Nighty to you rocky….

  206. I am off too. Had a wonderful day today. But now I am tired. Offski to dream that Muamba is playing again.

    Good night all

  207. Nighty devil, rest well….

  208. Actually, I too am heading off, its the soaps and an early one..

    Greta news re Fabrice and just hope he continues to make such great progress…

    Nighty all, have a good one what ever you are doing….

  209. Evening all,
    Rico, appologies for leaving it all to you today, and thank you as normal, been working in the sticks almost away from civilisation up early and home late and am knackered :) thanks Rico x nte nte all and thank you for your comments.

  210. 19 March 2012 Last updated at 18:59

    Share this page ShareFacebookTwitter.
    print..Fabrice Muamba shows ‘small signs of improvement’
    Fabrice Muamba’s heart condition is “showing small signs of improvement” following his cardiac arrest.

    A Bolton statement said: “His heart is now beating without the help of medication and he is also moving his arms and legs.

    “However, his long-term prognosis will remain unclear for some time.

    Use accessible player and disable flyout menusJames Pearce reports from the London Chest Hospital about Fabrice Muamba’s condition
    “He is still critically ill and will continue to be closely monitored and treated by staff in the London Chest Hospital’s intensive care unit.”

    The 23-year-old midfielder and former England youth player has been at the hospital’s heart attack centre after suffering the cardiac arrest during Saturday’s FA Cup tie at Tottenham.

    His fiancee, Shauna Magunda, the mother of his son Joshua, posted on Twitter in the last hour: “All your prayers are working people thank you so so much. Every prayer makes him stronger.”

    A family friend, Curtis Codrington, also tweeted that Muamba was now “speaking and moving. I’m on route to see him”.

    Bolton are expected to release a further update later on Monday.

  211. Stevo, you take care buddy, don’t overdo it ok…

  212. Mick, that sounds a good place. I will have my lad with me, and all being well i shall do my utmost to share a jar with ya.

    Now what was that programme you was missing???

    Walsall wasn’t it?

  213. Lee, i still haven’t forgotten about the away game….
    I’m working on it… ;)

  214. Samba suffers racism in Russia…
    World Cup anyone?


  215. AK,Neighbours is only made now because England shuts down for an hour to watch it lol.
    Devil,appreciate the advice and shows we are on the right track with the boys.
    Good signs for Muamba……obviously a long way to go,but any improvement is a positive.
    Morning all….off to work so will catch up later.

  216. Jamie Sanderson‏@YoungGunsBlogReply

    · Open

    Real Sociedad representatives due in London this week to open talks with Arsenal over Carlos Vela. All parties want to do business.

  217. Don’t over do it Scott.

    Are you an avid Home and Away fan? :D

  218. From J.Sanderson. Metro;

    Elsewhere, the Gunners have been dealt a blow in their attempts to offload forward options, after they were forced to pay Monaco a further £2 million for flop striker Park Chu-Young, after he was unexpectedly given permission to delay his compulsory military service for 10 years.

    Arsenal signed Chu-Young in a £2 million deal last summer, with the 26-year-old signing a 24-month deal, with the expectation that he would end his career in Europe after this period, and return to South Korea to undertake two year mandatory military service.

    However, with the striker actively looking for a way of avoiding it, Monaco included a clause that stipulated that if Chu-Young was able to avoid or delay military service in 2013, and therefore continue playing in Europe, Arsenal would have to pay another £2 million.

    The 26-year-old, who has been banished to the Arsenal reserve team in recent weeks, learned on Friday that his 10 year residency visa from living in Monaco meant he could delay his military service until 2022, in a move that has infuriated fans in home land.

    Read more: http://www.metro.co.uk/sport/football/893551-aston-villa-ready-to-rival-arsenal-for-olivier-giroud-after-scouting-mission#ixzz1pb5577Iq

  219. Jamie Sanderson‏@YoungGunsBlogReply

    · Open

    I’m told Arsenal have signed 16-year-old centre back Tom Dallison from #WHUFC. He joins as a scholar for next season. #AFC.

  220. Jamie Sanderson‏@YoungGunsBlogReply

    · Open

    Arsenal agreed a deal for Dallison a month ago, but formalities are now complete. He played for #AFC’s U16’s on Saturday.

  221. Have you spelt that right Ak…. Dallison… dont mean Denilson does it…?

  222. AK,I watch sport on Tele…..over the news,just full of bad stuff.
    Reality tv can bite me.
    Love the old movies………too much crap on,even with pay tv.
    We are lucky though,as every single premier league game is live.

  223. See what happens when I mention Denilson…. AK runs a mile….

    Chuffed Fabrice is breathing without a ventilator and heart beating on it’s own, that can only be encouraging news….! Get stronger fella…. we all thinking of ya…..

  224. RIP Jim Stynes.
    Jim was the first of the Irish lad to come to Australia to play AFL after showing enormous talent in Gaelic Football.
    Jim became a true legend of the sport…..he really was an all time great
    I am not overstating it when I say he was one of the true gentleman of the world.
    He has been fighting brain tumours on am off for several years,having had a numerous surgeries over that time.
    He has succumbed to the bastard overnight.
    Even whilst fighting the problem,he has continued to work with underprivileged and troubled youths in this country.
    He leaves behind a young family.
    A legend of a man,and his legacy truly will live on.

  225. Never heard of the fella BUT anyone who fights the fight againt the BIG C Scott has my respect and thoughts go out to his family at this sad time….! It claims another one… f’kin disease….!

  226. I’m off, night all and have a good day Scott n ABMP……..!

  227. Evening Wath.

  228. Morning…..

  229. New Post up….

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