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RvP Injured? Van Persie hints at new strike partner, Podolski wants to be the first in & Gazidis, well what is he on??

According to a couple of newspapers this morning, Robin van Persie suffered a slight groin injury during the Tottenham victory at the weekend and failed to complete a training session with Holland yesterday as he was in pain. I’m not sure I believe this story, if our captain was injured there is no way he would have been released by us to compete in a silly friendly for Holland..

What this space I guess….

Talking about our captain, he’s been speaking about Benik Afobe:

I was delighted to see Benik come back in the Reserves last week, scoring against Norwich, six months is a long time out at his age, especially when he did really well with the first-team over pre-season and was making fast progress.He has returned impressively though – I watched him in training last week while I was doing my warm-down and he looked really strong and quick, a proper English striker who holds the ball up well and works very hard.

When you are young you just want to be playing, improving your game and making your career, and he was denied that for a long time. To come back as he has done is tremendous – he is a fantastic lad, a really good character to have in the squad and a player I genuinely rate, so I’m really proud of him.

He absolutely loves his football and treats it very seriously. That is the main thing for a young footballer – if you really love the game like he does then you will make it, and he has everything to become a great player.

Wow, coming from a player like our captain, that is high praise indeed.

But isn’t it refreshing to hear things like that about Benik Afobe – ‘he treats football very seriously, he loves the game, he’s a fantastic lad who works hard and is a good character around the squad’

When did we last hear that about a London born, English reserve player who is a striker?

When was the last time we actually witnessed a player come through the ranks and work hard enough to earn a place up front?

When did we last have a reserve team striker who was actually good enough to break into the first team?

Wrighty? No, we bought him from Crystal Palace..

Jeffers? No, we bought him from Everton – sadly!

Alan Smith? No, we signed him from Leicester.

Reality is, we have to go a long way back don’t we (unless my grey matter is forgetting someone) but next season we could be in for a treat.

This season Daniel Sturridge is making his break through at Chelsea at 22 years old, Danny Wellbeck at Manchester United at 21 years old and if all continues to go well for Afobe, he could be finally making his break through next season with us, at just 19 years of age.

Who knows, he may yet get a chance this season, I think I’d rather see him on the bench than Chamakh……

Gazidis has hit the headlines again with a corker having been asked about the impact finishing outside the top four could have on our club:

In the past few years we have qualified for the Champions League and our best players have still left, so how can we expect to keep them if we aren’t in the Champions League? 

There are very few clubs in the world that you would go to ahead of Arsenal in terms of consistently being there. I don’t see that adversely impacting on our ability to attract players or retain the top players that we have.

Jeepers creepers, what does that say to our players??

We wonder why they cannot motivate themselves to win the PL, if the clubs Chief Executive doesn’t give a toss about where we finish, why should Wenger and the team?

Thankfully, Sunday showed us they do care where we finish and if were Stan, I’d either sellotape Gazidis mouth up or sack him, he’s a first class idiot!!

Finally, and according to The Telegraph, Lukas Podolski  hopes to become our first major signing of the summer! In fact, reports in Germany suggest that a provisional agreement has already been made for him to become an Arsenal player. This season alone, he has scored 15 goals and has four assists in 18 League appearances.

Not bad I guess.  ;)

That’s it folks, keep on smiling……

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287 comments on “RvP Injured? Van Persie hints at new strike partner, Podolski wants to be the first in & Gazidis, well what is he on??

  1. morning peeps….still smiling,here!!

  2. Morning all,

    Nikki to Russia as well then..

    Nzonzi and Hoilett to AFC …

    You can’t make these stories up, actually, someone is ;)

  3. Morning lee, you and me both :P

  4. lots of poldoski rumours Rico….

  5. They are typical of us though lee

    ‘Terms with the player agreed’

    It’s just the £8 million we have offered, the club want £15 million

    Shouldn’t laugh really…….

  6. Maybe the deal was ‘done’ in Jan, we just agreed for him to stay until the summer…..

  7. Kevin Campbell & Andy Cole and George let Cole go!!

  8. Morning all, nice one Rico,
    When a centre forward starts praising a reserve centre forward like this makes me think that Robins future may be elsewhere, watch this space eh.
    Got to go out but catch you later

  9. is he any good? i spose better than MC….

  10. Morning Steve, makes me think he’s looking forward to playing in the same team as him :)

    Podolski lee?

    Meant to be, 15 goals in 18 games isn’t bad I guess ;)

  11. Welcome Petey, like i say, got to go back a long way then ;)

  12. Hi Folks.

    Merson just before Campbell and Cole. But he was not the classic striker and certainly not a great example to hold up. He was good though. Stapleton, Kennedy and Radford seem to take me back further than I want to go really.

  13. Morning Billboy

    Exactly, it’s quite frightening to think how far we have to go back to find a ‘home grown’ player who is good enough for todays game up front…

    Afobe could be the first for many a year…. He’s a big strong lad too…

  14. Morning Gooners.
    Morning Rico.
    Great post.
    Lee, what’s the time??? :-)

  15. Morning AK, thanks – you really rate Afobe don’t you having see him play…

    Wonder what Watt’s future holds, he’s not even playing for his loanee club….

  16. Podolski would be a good addition to the squad,but we must keep RVP at all costs..

  17. Was gonna say Paul Merson, he got into the team as a striker.
    Played all his youth & reserve footie as a striker.
    But yeah, forgot KC & Andy Cole.

  18. the new one AK is 25 to, along with 5 to,it’s a gift that keeps giving….

  19. RVP speaks as a man deeply interested at all aspects of what are going on at the club.
    Doesn’t sound like a man looking to leave?!

  20. Morning all.

    How good is Benik Afobe?

    Not forgetting, Joel Campbell coming back next season?

    If we really buy Sturridge….of Kalou ..hmmm……some pretty unhappy faces on the bench next season?

  21. Hi GM, RvP’s contract has to the first thing sorted in June, then get any planeed signings in the door asap… Certainly before Euros in case their prices go up…

    Mind you, will any signings wenger has planeed be at the euros ;)

  22. What about Five past Two :P

    RvP won’t be leaving, i’m pretty confident, well, quite confident, kinda really hoping if i’m honest ….

  23. Hi Merlin,

    From what RvP says, he’s going to be good :)

    Campbell – well if he gets his visa he’ll still need bedding in time, can’t see the next chav manager selling Sturridge either,

    IF we get Podolski, we would have RvP, Podolski, Cambell and Afobe as strikers – not too bad i guess…

    Chamakh and Nik will be gone, so prob will be Park…

  24. Morning all. How are we all on this fine Wednesday morning?

    Good post. Again, Gazides managed to piss me off with his drivel the other day. Who did he think was going to be happy with what he said? Is it his main aim (well, buying players clearly isn’t it) to annoy fans every time he opens his mouth?

    Was JET london born? I know a lot of people thought he was good enough but his attitude was shocking.

  25. Here’s another three i saw first playing in the Southern Junior Floodlit Cup,
    Raphael Meade, Brian McDermott and Paul Vaessen.

  26. Lee, what’s on SS1…???
    Keep it coming.
    I’m still smiling…
    Got a ticket for ACMilan.
    No pressure.

  27. still smiling Rocky? was think about your train journey on monday…hahahaha!

  28. I’ve seen Campbell play a few times,and he could be a ripper.
    Lovely to hear this come from RVP about Afobe though.
    Is it showing he thinks the club has a great future qnd he wants to stay a part of it……hope so.
    Evening all.

  29. I’m off to work.
    Keep smiling everyone.
    I am. :-). :-). :-). :-). :-)
    Morning Rocky

  30. la liga revisited unfortunately, AK!

  31. In 2000, Emmanuel Petit and Patrick Vieira were strutting their stuff for the French team and Arsenal. They were both in the French squad that won the European Championships, beating Italy in the final in Rotterdam. At the same time, two young Belgians were learning the rudiments of the game around 60 miles away, in Antwerp. Their names were Thomas Vermaelen and Jan Vertonghen.

    As teenagers, Vermaelen and Vertonghen were both on the books of Belgian first division side Germinal Beerschot, now Beerschot AC. From there, they both moved to Ajax and both would eventually take over the captaincy of the Dutch club. Vermaelen is the elder of the two, by a couple of years, and in 2009 he moved to Arsenal. As their careers seem to be on parallel tracks, it would be no great surprise to see Vertonghen make a similar move to the Emirates stadium in the future.

    But apart from having similar career paths, there’s another reason why Vertonghen is tailor made for Arsenal, and it’s historical. Petit arrived at Highbury in 1997 from Monaco to be re-united with his mentor Arsene Wenger. Until then, Petit has been playing – with limited success – as a left back or centre back. Wenger took one look and converted the 27-year old journeyman into one of the top defensive midfielders in the Premier League.

    The Ajax captain is mature for his years, can hit an accurate long pass and reads the game well. Vertonghen is highly-rated and Johan Cruyff reportedly recommended him to Barcelona a year or so back.

    Vertonghen is only 24 but he’s also spent most of his time at Ajax at left back or, more frequently, centre back. He’s played over 200 games in the Eredivisie, despite being on the sidelines through injury for a couple of long spells. Unlike the Frenchman, however, when he arrived in London, Vertonghen has already got a lot of experience playing in midfield, usually in front of the back four as defensive cover. That’s where he has gained many of his 30-odd caps for the Belgian national team.

    So Wenger’s job, to an extent, has been done for him. If he snapped up Vertonghen now, and he could probably get him for €15 million, he would add strength and creativity to midfield and have free back-up for central defence and the left back position. The Ajax captain is mature for his years, can hit an accurate long pass and reads the game well. Vertonghen is highly-rated and Johan Cruyff reportedly recommended him to Barcelona a year or so back.

    There is just one problem; the player himself says he is a central defender and not a midfielder. In order to turn Vertonghen into Petit 2.0, it would be necessary for Wenger to work his magic and convince the Belgian that midfield is his place – the player would have to build up his fitness levels but that shouldn’t be too big an ask with a lucrative contract waiting for him in London.

    Great teams are often driven by two or three players from the same country; Petit, Vieira and Thierry Henry for Arsenal 2000, Marco Van Basten, Ruud Gullit and Frank Rijkard for AC Milan, so why not Vermaelen (when he comes back from injury), Vertonghen … and Eden Hazard for Arsenal 2012.

  32. Morning rocky,

    Gazidis would be the first one sacked if i were Stan, he sends out all the wrong messages…

    Shame about JET, but as you say, totally wrong attitude and probably a victim of having been paid too much, he thought he’s made it and rather than concentrate on football, fast cars was his downfall…..

  33. Sure am Lee! Monday’s commute was a dream! a lot quieter for some reason! Usually gey a couple of people on there talking louder than they need to be about how great Spurs are! They were nowhere to be seen/heard!

  34. See you later AK, Jack Jebb is meant to be pretty good too….

  35. Hi/bye AK. Have fun at work

    Morning Rico. From what I heard that’s true. What’s he doing these days anyway? Didn’t he go to Ipswich or somewhere? Does he even get a regular game?!

  36. lee, i hope that lucrative contract waiting for JV in london is with us, him and Podolski wouldn’t be a bad start to our summer signings….

    best i stop dreaming right now….

  37. JV would be great addition to CB (From what I hear about him, as I admit I’ve never seen him play) and then the transformation of Kozzer to DM can commence. That’s the dream for me!!

  38. Yep, Ipswich – he’s played 27 times this season, 4 goals…

  39. 4 in 27? Are they playing him as a winger or something?!

  40. Good morning guys and chicks of the Gunners’ Faith.

    Hope you are all fine and dandy.

    Keep on high5ing 2 each other, especially at 5 to 2 for all the 52 weeks of the year.

    Hmm. Dont know what to make of the Podolski thing. He has more than 15 months left on his contract. Therefore he is not allowed to speak to anynone. So how come he has agreed his fee and the clubs have yet to speak. A bit of doubt in there.

    Now if someone came and told me that AFC have agreed a contract with Kalou and Jaaskelainen I would believe him since they are free to talk to any club now since they are on a bosman.

  41. AK,
    Paul Vaessen. I seem to remember he scored a very important goal for us to make us the first English side to win in Turin when we beat Juventus 1-0 in the ECWC semi-final. Seem to recall he got a career ending injury soon after.

  42. Devil,thoughts on Kalou???
    Even Wenger can’t complain about his fee!!!
    Id love to get him.

  43. Rocky,Kozzer OR Vermaelen…..they both strike me as midfielders.
    Both are great passers of the ball,quick and like getting forward.
    Vermaelens shooting would give him my nod,but would love to see both given a chance.

  44. Morning devil – out of those two, Jussi for me :P

    His Scott, we could do better than kalou, but then again, we could do a lot worse…

  45. Scott, although I have nothing against Kalou, the majority of the bloggers here know that I would prefer Europeans over Africans/South Americans/Asians. The reason being the Africa nations cup in January plus the long trips that the others need. Kalou would be on a free so only wages and signing on fee would be discussed and spent. However I would prefer Miyachi to be given his chance over the signing of Kalou. Preferably Podolski would be signed. And Gotze also but not Hazard.

  46. Paul Vaessen……..

    Vaessen was born in Gillingham to a footballing family – his father Leon had played for Millwall and Gillingham. A centre-forward, he joined Arsenal in 1977 as an apprentice, and made his debut aged 16 against Lokomotive Leipzig in the UEFA Cup on 27 September 1978. He made his league debut the following year, against Chelsea on 14 May 1979. He turned professional in July the same year, scoring five goals in 13 appearances in 1979–80.

    The most famous of these goals was the one Vaessen scored against Juventus at the Stadio Comunale, in the second leg of a 1980 Cup Winners Cup Semi Final on 23 April 1980. Arsenal had drawn the first leg 1–1 and thus, trailing on the away goals rule, needed to score to stand any chance of getting to the final; Vaessen came on as a substitute after 75 minutes, and with just two minutes of normal time, he headed home a Graham Rix cross to make the score 2–1 to Arsenal, and put them into the final. It was the first time Juventus had lost to a British team on home soil.

    Vaessen’s career was blighted by injury; he was unable to play regularly over the next two seasons; he took a bad knock in a North London derby match against Tottenham Hotspur and had to undergo surgery on his knee. After missing the whole of 1982–83, he was forced to retire from the game in summer 1983, aged 21. In all, he scored 9 goals in 39 matches for Arsenal.

    After leaving Arsenal, Vaessen performed a variety of jobs, such as postman and also worked on a construction site. During the 1990s, Vaessen almost died from stab wounds suffered when a drug deal went wrong and dealers knifed him in a London street.

    In August 2001 he was found dead at his Bristol flat, aged 39. A post mortem found he had a high level of drugs in his bloodstream, and the coroner recorded a verdict of accidental death, and it was later revealed that Vaessen had been a heroin addict for several years and had several convictions for crimes including robberies and muggings.

  47. Billboy, that right. Sadly Vaessen died a few years ago, in tragic cirumstances.
    I believe that his father or grandfather was Belgian.
    Your Aunt Minnie, was her married name Fielder?

  48. Morning all,

    Jay Simpson gave it his best shot a couple of years back, he’s now living the dream at Hull.

    Apparently Podolski is a good mate of Mertesacker so he might have a word in his shell like for us.

    Billboy, Vaessen turned to a life of drugs after his injury, ended up killing him in the end, he will always be remembered for that goal in Turin.

  49. Petit’s comments on Hazard were interesting devil….

  50. :) devil…

    Hi Micko, always thought Simpson would make it with us, right attitude and all that, when we look at our current options, maybe he would have done a l ot better ;)

    Another I was disapointed to see leave was Anthony Stokes….

  51. I’d agree with that Scott. Athough Verm has already spoken out once about not being happy about being played out of position. I know he’d get tons more goals playing in midfield. His left foot is like a hammer, the way he hits the ball.

    As for Kalou… I’d not be disappointed if he came. He would only be coming off the bench for us though, so his situation with us wouldn’t be much better than it currently is.

  52. stokes is scoring for fun in the pub league, i think!

  53. Rico…. Stokes? Seriously?! Admittedly, again, I didn’t see much of him, but what I saw of him at Sunderland, he struck me as VERY average.

  54. poldoski,gotze and vertonghen…. simples!
    and if song keeps stalling get M’Vila!

  55. Pretty sure we could do a number up there Lee! Even Samaras/Kommons/Miller did well there!! And Barry Ferguson was immense in that league… Dogshit down here though!

  56. Honest rocky, he’s scoring for fun for Celtic…

  57. SS1 YEHAY!! It just keeps giving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Is Song still stalling on a new deal?

  59. Graham Barrett and Paul Dickov, made fleeting appearances in the 1st team Rico…
    Martin Hayes, would you say that he was a striker?
    Good at penalties…

  60. woops, sorry lee – didn’t see your comment

  61. hi5 2u Rocky. TommyV is not happy in the centre. If he was transformed into a DM he would still remain in the centre so he would not complain. But the position of a lateral footballer (fullback or winger) demands a highly different mindset and physicality to the positions occupied by a centrally minded footballer. That is why AW failed with his square pegs in round holes mentality. He got a lot of advanced-inside forwards to try and play tippy tappy football even on the wings and be able to interchange and sadly this was a non starter. You need to groom them to interchange from when they are around 12 years old and bring them up yourself.

    OOOOOOPPPPPPSSSSSSSS. Now where did we hear that??? Or worse still experience it???

  62. There were lots of whispers we were going to sign Kalou in the january transfer window, hopefully that boat has sailed, don’t wanna see him anywhere near the emirates in the future.

  63. Rock, I was gonna put that Douglas Bader would bang in a hatfull up there! ;)

  64. don’t forget guys, i’m talking about stokes and simpson, thinking of Park and Chamakh…

    Which two would you prefer on the bench right now?

  65. Lee, just gotta love Sky. :-). :-). :-). :-). :-)

  66. Martin Hayes a striker, keep em coming kev !!!

  67. Devil,I’d go with Podolski for sure…..terrific player.
    Miyachi is certainly shaping up well…Coyle loves him and is certainly using him which is great.
    Let’s hope,for once,the rumour mill is correct on Podolski.

  68. Sorry mates…….I said TommyV is not happy in the centre. I should have written…….”TommyV is not happy as a lateral defender”

  69. oh we are all going to smiling any time when we have a game okay.don’t worry i promise you that we are going to win any game we have.thank you all and keep on smiling ok

  70. Nothing like a Premier League Review lee :P

    The maore i see that tackle on TV by Parker makes me ask, why was it not a straight red card??

  71. i dont want us to get kalou either Micko!

  72. Hi5 2u Sir AK.

    You ok mate???

  73. Rico…..The more i see that tackle on TV by Parker makes me ask, why was it not a straight red card??

    That is because they have the chavs after Manure. So he would only loose one.

  74. Mick, do you recall Chris Whyte at centre~forward?

    We’ve come a long way since then, thankfully…

    Quiet out ‘ere today.

    Where’s Adam, i need a punter….

  75. Podolski..

    We have offered £8 Million

    His club want £15 Million

    Can you see us getting Podolski??

  76. Hold your hands up lee, you ain’t got a leg to stand on !

  77. Yes devil, that was going through my mind too…..

  78. On a different note…………I came across this.

    This is a wonderful, thought-provoking, under-two-minute clip, full of wisdom. The clip is concise but quite profound. The clip is not a joke, it’s not religious, it’s not political…The clip is just really SPECIAL!!! Please watch it.


  79. Kev, what exactly was going on with Chris Whyte’s hair / head, it was always a mystery to me.

  80. I actually felt quite bad laughing at the Bader remark, but you can’t help but laugh at some things!

  81. I’m good Coach.
    Just need some business.
    Enjoying the chat though.
    Kalou, not for me, mercenary!

  82. Rico,there has been even more friction between Podolski and his club since then.
    At the time,they were confident of keeping him.
    Now,they realise they’re no chance.
    Time to cash in,I.reckon.

  83. Arsenal to play Manchester City in Beijing

    Arsenal Football Club is delighted to announce that the first-team squad will be travelling to China in July to play Manchester City in the famous Beijing National Stadium.

    Arsenal and Manchester City will play each other in the inaugural ‘China Cup’, a one-off match in Beijing’s ‘Bird’s Nest’ Stadium on Friday, July 27, kick-off 8pm local time.

    The Gunners will be travelling to China for the second consecutive year, following their successful summer Asia tour in July 2011, in which the Club played matches in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Hangzhou, China.

    Arsenal Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis said: “Further to our hugely successful visit to Hangzhou in 2011, everyone at Arsenal is extremely excited to once again be visiting China this year.

    “We enjoy huge support in Asia and by playing a match in Beijing, we will once again be bringing the Club close to our loyal fans in China. The players and staff had an amazing time in China last year and we are all looking forward to visiting this great country again in July.

    “The match against Manchester City is sure to be an exciting spectacle, with many great players from both sides playing in front of thousands of supporters in the wonderful ‘Bird’s Nest’ Stadium. It is also fitting that two English clubs are playing each other on the opening day of the London 2012 Olympics, in the stadium which hosted the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.”

  84. Thanks Rico, AK and Micko,

    That sad story was all somewhere in the back of my mind. Something else to blame the Spuds for then.

    No, my Aunt Minnie was not a fielder, like me, she kept wicket. Sorry. She did exist, though my recollections are hazy and no doubt exaggerated. She was a Holloway girl and took my Dad, her youger brother to see his first game at Highbury. Women were few and far between in the crowd in those days. Apparently men used to tell each other that a lady was present so that they would moderate thier language. Hard to believe today.

    I’m gonna take 5 to have a coffee now. LOL.

  85. Chris Whyte was garbage! I saw him and Ian Allinson when they were at Harlow Town together about 15 years or so ago when my mate played for them.

  86. Me neither Sir AK. You just said the word. Mercenary. He would not be Arsenal through and through.

    Hopefully Afobe will solve some of the problems together with Campbell.

  87. mme, call me a cynic Scott, when he’s in a afc shirt i’ll believe it ;)

  88. Arsenal will play Manchester City in a friendly in July at the Beijing National Stadium, also known as the Bird’s Nest.

    The Premier League giants will play each other in the inaugural ‘China Cup’ on July 27, the opening day of the London 2012 Olympics.

    Arsenal travelled to China last year playing games in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Hangzhou, China.

    “Further to our hugely successful visit to Hangzhou in 2011, everyone at Arsenal is extremely excited to once again be visiting China this year,” Arsenal Chief Executive Ivan Gazidis said.

    “We enjoy huge support in Asia and by playing a match in Beijing, we will once again be bringing the Club close to our loyal fans in China.

    “The players and staff had an amazing time in China last year and we are all looking forward to visiting this great country again in July.

    “The match against Manchester City is sure to be an exciting spectacle, with many great players from both sides playing in front of thousands of supporters in the wonderful ‘Bird’s Nest’ Stadium.

    “It is also fitting that two English clubs are playing each other on the opening day of the London 2012 Olympics, in the stadium which hosted Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.”

  89. Don’t know Mick. Looked as if he had two distinct kinds of growth, or not, as the case may be.
    Just glad they persist with him too long at centre~forward.
    Didn’t think he was a great centre~half either tbh.

  90. AK – I have to nip to the Santander bank halfway down the Strand in 20 minutes so if you want to save me the 1 minute walk, feel free to come and get me from Savoy Court! (I am of course joking… I may be lazy, but not THAT lazy!)

  91. we are copying and pasting Rico. :lol: :lol:

    Great minds think alike.

  92. Billboy – These days, the language screamed by some “women” is worse than the blokes!!

  93. Even Clive Allen was in an AFC shirt Rico.

    So I will believe it when I see him play in the first league game.

    BDW, mentioning Clive Allen…….what did he do at the final whistle last sunday???? Went back to his hole the slimy faced toad.

  94. First, I need to contact my daughter so she can tell me how to forward that clip from devigunner to everyone on my email list. Thanks mate!

  95. That vid is wonderful devil….. i thought she was going to write something awful….

  96. I will send it to Rico. She can send it to you.

  97. ‘ didn’t persist’

    Ha Billboy. My cousin’s nan was Minnie. She was an Hoxton girl. Not a common name. Just wondered?

  98. Sent it LAdy. Just post it to all those who want it please.

  99. not me rocky ;) much :eek:

    we are devil…. or dull minds…. ;)

  100. I think I’ve give that Citeh game a miss, getting home will be a real bugger.

  101. Haha! well I know there’s one word you defo don’t say (which is said more and more by young girls / women these days)!!

  102. Micko – See if AK can give you a decent Mates Rate!

  103. Have forwarded the link billboy…

  104. getting home from China will still probably be quicker that going to Manchester by train…

  105. Might get a decent meal after though ;)

  106. Rocky, you know your in a recession when the taxi drivers start accepting cheques.

  107. Don’t forget the HH email is changing to


    in the next few weeks :)

  108. Nico Yennaris believes that hard work will give him the best possible chance of succeeding at Arsenal and he won’t ease off now that first-team football is in his sights.

    The lifelong Gunner, who made an impressive Premier League debut against Manchester United in January, told this month’s Official Arsenal Magazine that he has taken the advice of Club staff firmly to heart.

    “I’ve always believed that what you put in is what you get out,” said Yennaris.

    “One of the coaches here once said to me that if you’re going to fail, do so through your ability and not your work rate. I’ve stuck by that and thought that if it’s not going to be, it can’t be because I haven’t tried.

    “I’ve always been focused and worked very hard to give myself the best opportunity of succeeding.”

    Yennaris’ efforts have certainly paid dividends with captain Robin van Persie paying tribute to the 18 year-old’s work ethic.

    “For the last few weeks I’ve been training with the first team every day and that makes me up my game,” noted Yennaris.

    “They’re on one level and, as a youth and reserve player, I’d been a step below. Training with these guys has helped me, and Robin has been very good to me too – giving me advice and confidence on the pitch, and telling me just to play my game.

    “My whole game in general [has improved]. My decision-making is getting sharper, my passing’s improved, I see the picture more quickly and physically I think I’m becoming stronger too. Now I just need to take all this forward and keep working hard.”

    That is the right attitude we want our youngsters to have.

  109. I sent you an email on the new one just to check Rico.

  110. devil, good lad is yenarris….

  111. Goooooood morning HH,

    No worries, Dutch press say it’s just a light strain in his groin with RvP, he didn’t want to stress.

    Podolski rumours originate from German Sun equal The Bild. Who also claim Schalke FC, sponsored by cash rich Gaz Prom, made a bid that doubles his wages and sugar coats the asking price. The bid is partly funded by cutting loose Jefferson Farfan which balances the books by 6mln + net gross. Besides, agreeing personal terms is just 5% of a transfer. Anything can happen.
    But like Devil says it has to be questioned if FC Koln allowed Podolski to chat to any suitors, while they themselves are still involved in contract talks with their player.

  112. Tickedeeboo devil :)

    Off out with Fido, catch you all in an hour or so….

    By the way, I would like some help, have four new additions to my family arriving next week, all girls and need names…

    The clue is, i’ll be having a boiled egg for breakfast :)

    Thinking caps on ;)

    And no, ‘Kentucky Fried’ is not a welcome suggestion ;)

  113. Morning DG, catch you in a while….

  114. I guess Henrietta is a no-no too?!

  115. How about KFC’s sub-standard cousin “Cottage”?!

  116. you’ll be ok if you leave 5mins early Micko!

  117. Lee.

    I have ordered a stack of holiday brochures, anything on page 52 will be considered a destination. :P :P

    Hiya Rock07, Goonster sends his greetings. Was here yesterday.

  118. Hi DG. How’s things? Still lording it over any Spuds after Sunday’s win?

    How is Goonster? Been a while since I’ve been on here, so not kept up to date with his latest shennanigans!

  119. DG, still cant stop smirking about Sunday’s events!

  120. NIce to see Parker named as England captain after a woeful display on Sunday! Well done Pearce…. Another shocking decision.

  121. Rocky he’s been up to no-good apparently! Not in the nailing dept, either…

  122. I really struggle to watch England…a team full of bell ends!

  123. I caught his first post back after a couple of weeks “away” and his post hinted at him being a naughty chap! I’m guessing a bit of community service, maybe a short custodial?!!! Tut-tut Stan!!

    England friendlies are generally a no-go for me. Can’t bear the lack of passion. Think tonights will be ok though. Plus I’ll know in advance whether Stan and DG will be ripping us to bits tomorrow, so I can stay away!

  124. Rock07 not to many Scums on the mainland to rub it in. I am jolly, thanks.

    Goonster was asking about your disappearance yesterday. Hence the reason I send you regards on his behalf.

    Lee it will take a while for this result to run thin. London 2012, how many Olympic rings are there??

  125. Been a bit hectic at work DG. Far too hectic for my liking. Nice of Stan to ask! Hopefully still be on here later when he comes on.

    Please don’t mention the Olympics! I’m sick of them already and they haven’t even started yet!

  126. Rock tbh I think it’s a stupendous international. Many players have their eye on club duties for the weekend.

  127. Rock it’s nothing to do with a clash of titans, all about city marketing and gearing up the money machine.

  128. Pretty much right. And now with every union urging their workers to strike during the event until they get more money, the whole thing just makes me get more and more angry!

  129. Rocky, i’m on my way. Wait & return yes? :-)

  130. Of course!! I’ll even let you leave the meter running (I reckon it’ll take me an hour to finally be served in there)!

  131. Rock watch it go bonkers when total lockdown is ordered for security reasons. Yankees/Britts convoyed by a snake of law enforcement. Peephole newspapers on benches and trenchcoated earpieces wearing pilot sunglasses on every corner.

  132. DG, that would be great to see!! People sitting on benches with telescopes hidden in baguettes!!

  133. Haha Rocky. Nevermind a cheque. An IOU will do. :-)

  134. Hi guys here’s hoping we whup the tar out of you English today. Now that ll be a pretty darn sight. Hi ya rocky, long time my man.,

  135. yeah me too…kick lumps out of gerrard please!!!

  136. Where is everybody? Hey am on break people. Get back here ak dg and lee. Its blogging time for the goonster. Come on already,sheesh.

  137. Lee you are speaking my language. Gerard and koyt to pick up groin injuries. Ha, that’s rich.

  138. Afternoon fine folk, i knew it would have to be you or AK to come up with that one lee ;)

  139. Stan, what’s the word? Rocky was asking after you earlier….you been busy nailing?? :lol:

  140. Uh oh, here comes me boss. Two faced uncouth chav supporter. What a tool. Am outta here folks. See ya later.

  141. Tanks AK! ALthough I have so many IOU’s outstanding at the moment it’s ridiculous!! Right, I’m off to queue up for about a day just to pay this cheque in… Catch you in a bit

  142. Rico

    Goldie Hawn

    Marilyn Monroe

    Joan Rivers

    Posh Pins / Victoria Beckham

    Bossy Boots

    Goose steps

    Hay fox

    Name for hen house: Bed & Breakfast

  143. Something i said – i get back you all go… ;)

  144. Lee,
    you watched Chelski vs Bolton?

    The way Daivd Luiz played, he is more of a DCM than a CB.
    He dribbled, he setup passes and his tackling his fierce.

    If rumor is correct and Song is looking to go back to France with PSG, and will not sign a new contract extension, then he could be to PSG for 15-mil and the money use to buy Vertonghen.

    And Wenger got plenty of option to either play Vermaelen or Vertonghen as DCM in front of Back-4.

    Such that when Wenger needed to get a result, he will withdraw Mertesacker or the LB…and play 3-4-3 with either DCM like Vertonghen slipping into CB and Vermaelen moves to LB.

    Let’s hope Vertonghen or Vermaelen is more focussed and can concentrate for the whole game..unlike Song, who is erratic and sometimes simply lack focus.

    Vertonghen pacy than Song?…check
    Vertonghen passes better than SOng? check
    Vertonghen will retain concentration better than SOng? check

    We need a better and more consistent DCM thanSOng.
    Song is inconsistent, givin gtoo many unnecessary fouls in dangerous posiiton around the box..and his erratic passings put the team into more troubles than necessary.

    With Coquelin developing, Arteta finally settling well into the team..and of course Wilshere returns next season……we will not miss Song next season.

  145. Song’s hair style better than Vertonghen?… check :P

  146. Lee, you still on here, thought you would be glued to Reach for the Sky.

  147. What about Frimpong?

  148. Arsenal to play Man City in Beijing’s Bird’s Nest.. :lol:

    Wonder all these English lads have ever drink bird-nest soup or drinking swiftlet saliva?

  149. Merlin, someone posted that when song plays well we play well, but as you state he’s too inconsistent…..

  150. my 2.31 was for Merlins comment, oops….

  151. how many chicks you getting?

  152. Four lee, really eggcited ;)

    Had them before, great pets …..

  153. my wife is after getting some but i’ve blocked it…..too close for comfort for what those pricks up the road sport on their shirts!

  154. Podolski, the German international, is poised to become Arsenal’s first major signing of the summer following talks with Emirates officials.

    Podolski was also targeted by Arsenal during the January transfer window but, with his contract expiring next year, the expectation is that he will be available at the end of the season for about £16 million.

    If they hang onto him for another year, Cologne risk losing any transfer fee whatsoever, and Solbakken said: “Lukas’ decision is important for us all, but also for him. We must respect this.

    “Podolski is a Cologne player at the moment and we know that he will be here until the end of the season. Then we will have to see what happens.”

    Podolski has been in outstanding form this season in the Bundesliga, scoring 15 goals and providing four assists in 19 appearances. His versatility as either an out-and-out striker, or playing to the left of the main forward as he did during the World Cup, would certainly provide fresh options to Arsenal and crucial back-up to Robin van Persie.

  155. Do you live in a farmhouse then Rico? or a farm?

  156. Everyone around me has chickens rico, plus all the usual suspects goats, sheep, horses, donkeys even peacocks.

    The ducks are messy buggers, ok in the summer but come the winter they turn the garden into a mud bath, but like you say great pets, most prefer human company to other ducks and i ain’t yoking.

  157. Rico Giles?
    Rico Fearnley Stearnley Wittingstall?

  158. Margo a neighbour?

  159. That’s very naughty of you lee, you should give in to her demands ;)

  160. where is that podolski story from??

    neither rocky, just have a nice long garden and they will be down the bottom part, just hope Fido doesn’t fancy one of them for lunch ;)

  161. We have some ducks at the front of the estate (And by estate, I don’t mean my own estate….) and quite a few foxes waking me up in the middle of the night (and by foxes, I don’t mean the term Stan uses for his conquests….). What is it about chickens that’s so great?!

  162. just seen your “Margo” comment Lee!!

  163. are you a policewoman?

  164. :lol: lee – neigbour thinks she’s margo, but she’s just an old interfering old bat really ;)

  165. just seen a fat singer carrying a laptop…think it was a Dell!!

  166. Funny you say that lee, used to have a cockerel but had a nasty letter threatening the ‘chicken police’ to be called, poor old boy had to go – thankfully a friend took him, he lives in the middle of nowhere…

  167. Ah, the borrowed police horse by Brooks ;)

  168. :lol: lee….

    Busy at work then ;)

  169. rocky – they really make super pets, especially for kids – they are so friendly and just all round great fun…..

    their poo is a pain but nothing like collecting an egg for breakfast :)

  170. Back in a bit, got a few things to get done….

  171. Remember when we used to laugh at Chelsea?

  172. Remember?
    You’ve got no history.
    You won the league in black & white.
    Only title in 1955.
    How we laughed….

  173. Even with the advent of Abramovitch, we still had the Tinkerman to give us a good rib~tickler….

    Then Mourinho came and the landscape changed…

  174. Rico

    Goldie Hawn

    Marilyn Monroe

    Joan Rivers

    Posh Pins / Victoria Beckham

    Bossy Boots

    Goose steps

    Hay fox

    Name for hen house: Bed & Breakfast

  175. You’re right Rico. I love collecting an egg at breakfast… Although mine usually comes with sausage and in a muffin, and I gave to hand over money to get it, but the sentiment is the same!

  176. I don’t want to freak out anyone, but Mourinho is reportedly house~hunting in London….

    Chelsea again?

    Or, perish the thought, Tottenham???

    Don’t have nightmares… :-)

  177. If he goes to the Spuds, he’ll be off the second they build the new stadium, denying him any funds for transfers

  178. So…. how long until the report in the paper of Wenger denying any Podolski involvment, and saying we’re not interested in him?!

  179. I heard the same kev and he’s not trying to do it on the quiet either, he loves to be the centre of attention.

  180. AK The Suntanned Special One; leather perishes if exposed to bad weather.

  181. Rock :P re sentiment is the same!

  182. Villas Boas cost Abramovich around 28 million, even with all his money i can’t see him pishing that down the drain.
    My money would be on spurs, never thought i’d say that.

  183. Yeah, It’ll be Spurs. It won’t end well for them.

  184. Lee…
    Yeah, me to.
    3 ELP titles and they’re still The Pensioners.
    Music Hall entertainment.

  185. Mick, saw it in the Standard. And yes, a shameless self~publicist.

  186. self-named pr1ck! imho

  187. Rocky, when Modric & Bale follow Harry out the door, i suppose that gives them £100+ million to give him to spend. And he does like to spend.
    Maybe the scum have a wealthy buyer waiting in the wings once the stadium is finalised with tax~payers money?

  188. how the mighty have fallen, NB52 welcomes the potential move to Russia!!

  189. Of course, he may want a house in London for his family and a private jet to take him to Manchester Dutch.
    Is tonights game being bigged~up over there btw?

  190. Personally i couldn’t give a fig.

    As long as our players come back fit, that’s all that concerns me.

    What’s that Lee, B52 off to the Soviet Union?
    Now that IS funny….

  191. Mick, you say that about AVB, but the word is, lose to Napoli and he’s gone. In fact lose any of the next few and he’s gone.
    Abramovitch takes it’s personally. Doesn’t like to be a figure of fun.
    Conveniently forgets that it’s usually his fault for meddling!

  192. Yes Kev it’s all hyped cuz of the Holy Wembley ground, home of football and the spinach league in Europe kind of stuff. Me, not so much. It’s an overrated friendly imo.

    B52 never flown further than Berlin.

  193. I agree AK, but will the board want to invest the whole lot, or keep some back for their new stadium? I can’t see him being happy on a tight budget for a few years!

  194. Cheers Lee.

    Great picture btw.

    Just missed another sitter. Pillock…!

  195. I think AVB will be there til the end of the season at least. He was Abramovitch’s first choice for the job, I believe. I think deep down he is praying they turn it around so he doesn’t look like a bell-end for hiring a relatively unknown manager! But the formation he plays, and with Mereiles in the middle (don’t know a single Chelsea fan that rate him…. and I unfortunately know a LOT of “new” Chelsea fans).

  196. * I can’t see their fortunes changing

  197. Kev Micko

    Abramonoff has a fire & hire ailment. Cash is toilet paper to him.

  198. Hope your right Rocky.
    I’d hate to see him turn up at The Slum.
    Like him or loath him he guarantees trophies.

  199. Boring football, but a winner, no doubt about that.

  200. Boo!! Good work, rico. RvP’s assessment of Afobe is very encouraging. The future isn’t looking so dark now. ;) It would be great to sign Podolski, with a couple of other big(ish) signings then maybe Robin woould be encouraged to stay!

    Hello, everyone!

  201. Hi agag! You ok?

    I think RvP will stay…..

  202. Yeah Dutch, i can see the attraction for the Oranjee [spelling] i just hope your coach doesn’t risk RVP.
    From an England perspective i tend to agree.
    Injuries to Gerrard, Parker and Terry. That would make it an enjoyable evening’s entertainment.
    See you guys in a bit…

  203. Hi, Rocky, Dutch, AK. :) Howdy?

  204. Can’t see it myself kev, but like you say Abramovich would get a gold medal for meddling.

    Lee, hope Bendy likes his food pickled, i was in russia a few years back and everything was pickled, the water was disgusting full of chloride, I couldn’t wait to get home for a full irish breakfast.

    Dutch, the sun once turned my nice chocolate leather settee white.

  205. Good thanks agag. Just finishing up for the day. Bust day tomorrow so getting the hell out of here as quick as poss tonight!

  206. Although if honest, a bust day does sound better….. Anyway, I’m off. Night all. Enjoy the match if anyone can be bothered with it. Hopefully we won’t be talking about the rest of the season without RvP due to injury tomorrow morning!

  207. Hi Agag, the good news is the spring sales are just around the corner, not long to wait.

    Laters Gooners.

  208. Boo agag :P

    See you rocky – have a good one….

  209. hi, Mourinho is in London.
    Kalou is past…
    Nasri and Clichy again in china too..

  210. And you Micko, have a good on….

    Chavs – i always laugh at them, especially at 5 past 3 :)

  211. Goodbye, Rocky. Bust and busy… same diff. ;)

    Micko, don’t I know it! Pfft. If only my capacity to spend matched my capacity to earn. :D

    AK, where are you? I wanted to talk shop, and by shop I do mean AFC, but everyone’s busy it seems. :P

    Dutch, I like your veggie Oscar speech. I could imagine the Lady of the House saying it. Haha.

    Goonster, seems you have to learn to behave yet! Don’t think anyone’s surprised. :D

  212. Mourinho is eeek. :eek:

  213. Hiya Agag. Come May a lotta CO2 (nostalgia) will have passed under our bridge. A CL spot will be vital for RvP to believe in project ‘forward’.

  214. Am back fellas. What did i miss? Somebody fill me in. Hiya dg, painted up yet?

  215. Evening agag.

  216. Ahh Goonie, let’s swap Dutch for Dutch I have to drag some food home.

    Offski for a spell.

    Nah mate no orange facelift for me.

  217. We need impressive signings, Dutch! Hi, Goonster! What’s mischief have you been up to this time!

    Hey ya, rico. :) Busy bee??

  218. None ma’am. No mischief for me. Am a changed man. Dg, am all painted up. Waiting for the massacre. Come on oranj.

  219. Very busy agag, getting the garden ready for our new arrivals :)

  220. I am heeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! :lol:

    Goonie. Seems as if the community service is making you work around the clock. Now you are on HH and you might as well bloody stay here.

    Mates, I hate the I told you so………but I did tell you about Mourinho and the Scum from the Slum. Hope I am wrong though.

  221. Gotta run. See ya pals.

  222. Evening everyone….Lady, Agag, DG, JM and all the others,

  223. And there he is……Goonie sees me and his legs go all gaga and jelly like.

  224. That too Agag. I wish Ivan would leant his Platinum Card to you. The man can only trailblaze a snail.

    Happy green fingers, Rico.

    Off now.

  225. Hiya and Laters Devil.

  226. What new arrivals?? The chickies??

    Goonie, I read yesterday that your mama gave you an earful. ;) Doesn’t sound like good behavior to me. :D

  227. Bye, Dutch. Keep on wishing those platinum wishes!! :)

    Devil, you scare goonie!! :D

  228. Nighty DG

    devil – maybe he’s waiting for a vacancy with us… ;)

    agag, yep, the chickapeas, can’t wait either :)

  229. Scare him???? I miss him Agag. not scare him.

  230. Lansbury has scored for England. A long distance pile driver

  231. Good old Henri devil :P

  232. That was some 35 metres out. And it sailed into the top corner. If this boy cannot make it to the Arsenal first 11 I will be amazed and furious at the same time.

  233. Anyone who thinks that AW will buy a winger should take a look at this and continue hoping for eternity.

  234. devil – i’ll be bloody livid if he’s not given a chance….

  235. Henri again :P

  236. devil, i don’t think AW will sign a winger…. we have Ryo, Ox, Theo and players coming through….

  237. what do you make of the Miyachi clip Rico???

  238. And Gervinho of course ;)

  239. Can’t view it devil :( will try again in a mo….

    Davy Jones has died :( :(

    RIP you little monkee…..

  240. Dinner calls……

  241. I am off Rico. Need to rest today.

    Gd night Lady.

    And gd night to those who will follow on.

    cu you all

  242. What’s that, Henri got two goals?

  243. Hi Rico/Coach
    Where’s Agag! Don’t tell me she’s at it again…….

  244. Hiya Sir AK

    Jut popping on again before I go off.

    Henri’s first goal was a pile driver. Fully 35 metres out. It sailed into the top corner. The second was a tap in.

    Hope AW was watching.

    Off now mate.

    cu tomorrow

  245. Agag, can’t you leave it alone for 5 mins? tut tut.

  246. here it is mates.

    Mow off for sure

  247. Agag you’ve gotta give it a rest… :-)

    Put your flexable friend away…. :-). :-). :-)

    You can’t solve the Phillipino economy single~handed.

    But it sure is nice trying….

  248. Nighty devil, rest well

    2 goals for Lansbury, 1 for Chamberlain…

    England need Arsenal ;)

    RvP is involved for tonights game :eek:

  249. Grazzi Coach.
    Lata amigo.

    Rico. What about Hannah & Hettie?

  250. Tbh Rico, i wasn’t happy that RVP was named.
    The Dutch FA have Fcuked us before

  251. AA score for Russia
    Campbel score for Costa Rica

  252. :P Ak…

    nor am i after the reports on rvp ….

  253. If you recall, Rico, the run in to the 1998~99 season.
    We was neck and neck with ManUre.
    Then prior to a vital end of season fixture at Southampton.
    The Dutch FA organised a money~making junket/friendly, in South America i think.
    Meaning that Bergkamp & Overmars had to play. And they didn’t get back to England till Friday. So thay couldn’t play at the Dell.
    Arsenal dropped two points and lost the EPL to the Mancs by one point…
    Think i’ve got that right?
    Therefore Arsenal lost out the best chance of retaining the title, for the first time since 1935 because of that decision by the Dutch FA.

  254. AK, having internet probs… bear with me….

  255. AK tried Google can only find gazillion Holland kits for 89,99 Damn shops. ;)

    But DB10 doesn’t fly so it must’ve been another friendly. Dutch FA have been accused by several clubs to squander league/employers interest over the right to call up,even if a player is treated for medical reasons.

    Game still 0-0 and fecking boring.

  256. Didn’t we lose the last one to Villa?

    Either way, sneaky beaky buy the Dutch, maybe Fergie was in on it!!

  257. my tinternet is playing up so i’m offski..

    nighty AK and all..

    Catch you tomorrow….

  258. Night Rico. Have a nice twilight.

  259. Dutch, i wasn’t having a pop mate. Nothing to do with Dutch ppl or players, who i luv & your gals are fantastic.
    I can’t think of any ppl i would prefer having a session with some Hurlimanns that Dutch ppl.
    But i was gutted that season.
    Nighty night Rico.
    Dutch, all i care about is the Gunners… :-)

  260. Holland 1~0.
    Calm down Stan. :-)

  261. I didn’t take it as a punt AK. Never would from you mates. You and me both re Arsenal. I meant to agree, Dutch FA has called players which plagued their employers in the aftermath. RvP has been called when injured, as I recall.

    0-2 Holland

    Robbery & Klaas the Hunt.

  262. I wanted to find Dutch friendlies from season 98/99 to refresh my own memory and share my finds in the process. But all Google spits are online shelfs. :)

  263. Kev good night fella. C u tomorrow.

  264. Joel Campbell scored again tonight.

  265. Dutch, so sorry mate. Battery on phone died on me.

    Yeah, i know what you mean. English FA are traditionally appalling.

    Rico, you are thinking of 97~98.
    Arsenal clinched title at home to Everton.
    Then rested players before FA Cup final.
    Lost 4~0 at Anfield then i think 1~0 at Villa.
    98~99. Arsenal needed to win last game and for Yids to win at Old Toilet. But a win at the Dell would have meant it was in the bag. Sure we lost it by one point.
    Maybe that Holland friendly was at home then Dutch, because i’m certain Dennis & Marc missed the Southampton game. Having wrote that, Marc was a sub if i recall. I did go to the game and think he came on. Maybe Dennis picked up a knock playing for Holland as he certainly wasn’t there.

  266. Somebody out there must have a book to hand with the records. To check the closing fixtures of 98~99.

    Should have retained the Double that season, nevermind the Mancs winning the Treble.
    Threw it away, as only Arsenal can!!!

  267. I noticed that old enemies Edelman & Dein were seen having lunch together recently.
    Still think that there is a chance of Dein coming back on board.

  268. Morning Lee.
    Don’t forget the time.
    And make sure you tune in to SS1.
    Make ‘em grovel… :-)

    Keep smiling…

  269. Morning SAK!!

  270. Evening gents.

  271. howdy Scott!
    seen the lansbury cross/shot?

  272. Not yet Lee.
    Just saw Joel Campbells goal.
    Great movement off the ball,and nice finish.
    He has a great left foot….
    I really,really like him.
    Will have a look at Lansburys goal..another one I like.
    Plenty of good kids coming through.
    Our best batch ever??????

  273. Certainly need to hang on to a few of this crop!!
    check lansbury’s first goal out Scott you tell me cross or shot?

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