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Massive!! If they can’t be up for today, they never will ……….

Massive game, just massive and it’s about time we stopped all this faffing around against that lot down the road and give them a good battering – get the pride back on our side of London!!

Get the pride back Arsene.....

So, 1.30pm today, home at the Emirates and a fixture that brings out the largest number of supporters from London – two clubs go head to head, both with a wealth of history…

The rivalry began in 1919 when Arsenal finished fifth in the then second division but rumoured skullduggery saw Arsenal promoted to the first division at the expense of Tottenham Hotspur who were relegated.

Tottenham’s club and supporters were up in arms but the footballing authorities were quite happy to have the better side in and Tottenham out. Tottenham’s supporters have always held that against us and the bitter rivalry started, rules were different in those days and their supporters have never forgiven or forgotten and nor have we – Shame eh!

It has to be recognised that Tottenham are having the best season they have had for quite a few years and right now they are leading us by 10 points!!

They are getting all the plaudits, some even suggest they are playing attractive football, maybe at times the best in the Premier League, causing problems for most of their opponents and that they deserve to be sat in third place.


Harry Redknapp has transformed his team, he has managed to keep Luka Modric who was head-hunted and he also signed Scott Parker on a free transfer which has turned out to be a master stroke. Redknapp also negotiated a loan for our old centre forward Adebayor from Manchester City, another good piece of business in my view as he has scored his fair share of goals since his move.

The old wheeler-dealer has been in the news just lately in a court battle with the tax people but in the end he was adjudged to be innocent of all charges against him. Surprisingly, the same day he was found innocent, the current England Manager Fabio Cappello handed in his resignation. It could be suggested that the timing was perfect…..

Mr Redknapp had been a firm favourite of the FA to take over from Mr Cappello at the end of the Euro’s but he’s yet to be approached and in the meantime,  Stuart Pearce has been placed in charge and he’s told the FA that he would be prepared and honoured to take the job full-time…..

Maybe Mr Redknapps luck has finally run out!!

Tottenham drew first blood over us this season with a 2.1 win at White Hart Lane and the rivalry from both sets of supporters will be reaching fever pitch by the time kick off approaches.

Will we get our own back or will Tottenham do the double over us, 3 o’clock today will reveal all.

We are having one of those seasons that feels like groundhog day, fairly good until the pressure builds up and then we hit the self destruct button which is where we are now!

We still have injury problems which has been the case all season,  we have just gone through a transfer window and have not signed  any players, yet miraculously we are still fifth in the league.

This is a huge game for us, if ever there was a must win game this is it!

Captain Robin says:

What better way to set things straight again than to beat Spurs? I would rather be playing them now than on any other day, and we know that a win is absolutely vital.

Bloody right Robin…. Bloody right!!

Our last couple of games resulted in a 4-0 & 2-0 loss so we can only improve and it is against Yids!

Sorry I have tried for all I’m worth to try and be polite but its the Spuds, The Swampies, The Scum, The Filth and we must beat them, batter them, absolutely annihilate them!!

Will our boys need a team talk?

They shouldn’t need one should they, if our boys are not up for this game they should not be in the red and white that represents OUR club, our history and just what days like today mean to us!

Come on you gunners fight for your lives and give us the win we deserve.

Written by Steve Palmer

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419 comments on “Massive!! If they can’t be up for today, they never will ……….

  1. the need win by 4 to move ahead of Chelsea

  2. Morning All

    three points is all that matters alan, if that’s 1-0, that will do me :P

  3. Hi Rico. yes a win is a win, but we move down a peg :(

  4. I know alan, i honestly don’t think it will come down to goal difference in May, let’s just get 3 points and keep in touch with the 4th spot….

  5. Van Persie – Contract talks can wait for now

    Robin van Persie will wait until the end of the season before discussing a new contract with Arsenal – because he has plenty of football to focus on right now.

    The Arsenal captain’s current deal expires in 2013 and this has led to speculation over his future in the media.

    Van Persie clarified the situation in Sunday’s Official Matchday Programme and explained that Arsenal’s busy schedule does not allow time for negotiations.

    “There have been a lot of stories, generally contradictory ones, about my contract situation recently so I’d like to make it clear,” he said.

    “There’s nothing complicated or sinister – the Club and I have both agreed to speak at the end of the season and see how things stand. The boss, Ivan Gazidis and I are all comfortable with it.

    “I need all my focus to be on football – on captaining this team, improving every day, doing extra work on the training pitch and preparing for the very busy schedule of fixtures we have.

    “If I look down the list, there’s not much time to sit down and think about anything else! For me, this is a time to play football and not speak about personal things. All of my energy needs to go on getting this team where we want it to be this season.”

  6. That article re the ref is well thought out and plenty of states. The comment section makes it clear they think the ref is hostile

    LOL Some of these refs can upset punters

  7. Mike Dean is not ideal for today, these days i don’t know who is though, everyone seems to be in favour of whoever it is we are up against…

  8. Hot and Steamy here which means rain. However, midsomer murders have started and I wonder how the new Barnaby will go?

    Fuck! They’ve altered the theme music

  9. AH No they haven’t I jumped the gun!

  10. What, no John Nettles??

  11. Oh sorry folks…morning HH.

  12. No he’s retired and another bloke is now Barnaby, a cousin

  13. Morning goonster, ready for the NLD??

    I didn’t realise alan ;)

    I always preferred him in Bergerac :)

  14. here he is with his cousin, the new Barnaby]

  15. Hey what happened to my post rico? I didn’t use the ‘c’ word!

  16. yes he was a youthful chap in Bergerac

  17. Come on you fucking gunners. Come the fuck on. We need to keep the spuds where they belong…underground in the soil! Come on.

  18. 4-0 4-0 4-0 4-0

  19. Don’t know goonster, nothing to do with me ;)

  20. Now this is getting ridiculous. One season in 16 and they think they are london’s top club?

  21. lol

  22. That vid won’t play alan, says its restricted …..

    goonster – they are having a lucky season…..

  23. Where is evryone today, surely not stliil sleeping on a Derby Day ;)

  24. restricted ? Oh well

  25. Goonster. They only need to look at their trophy cabinet to get a dose of reality

  26. Team news:

    Arsenal: Santos (ankle), Wilshere (ankle), Mertesacker (ankle), Frimpong (knee), Coquelin (hamstring), Diaby (hamstring), Squillaci (groin), Ramsey (ankle)

    Kos must be fit, and Gibbs….

  27. Come on you, rip-roaring reds! Crush the tiny tots underfoot!


  28. Hi agag, we better had, the players had better be up and ready for this day….

  29. Good one, SSP! Gets the blood pumping! Goonster, that was a mouthful! ;) alan, the vid doesn’t work. :(

    rico, they darned better well play like their careers depend on it!!

  30. Rico Do you know what a Theremin is?

  31. They are all spouting the talk agag, now it’s time to show how they feel on the pitch, wish Jack was playing…..

    Looks like the back 5 will be

    Sagna Kos TV Gibbs

  32. they are very inconsistent and AW playing guys out of position doesn’t help

  33. Some kind of musical thingy??

  34. Yes Rico. The only musical instrument you play without touching

  35. clever musical thingy then alan ;)

  36. invented by some Russian professor apparently

  37. alan, aren’t theremins used in horror movies?? :)

  38. hi agag Yes I think so

  39. RvP now has his own articles in The Sun Newspaper….

  40. Morning all,
    Smashing job Rico, thank you as all ways.
    Big one today, a must win game and were at home, looking forward to this one COYG’s

  41. Cesc used to write for The Sun, too. :eek: I’m not particularly confident about Gibbs, just because he’s not yet sharp. Although, it’s not as if we have options, do we? :(

    Sounds quite funereal, alan. :D

  42. Morning Steve, it’s down to you, i just added the pint of london pride, top loud and proud shout there – hope the squad read it………

  43. Hi Rico, they shouldn’t need to much geeing up for this one should they. This is a massive game not just for them us as well :)

  44. Good Morning!

    A sunny day in north London, all set for the derby. Get the 3 points and hope that St. Totteringham’s day won`t be postponed this year!

  45. At least he’s a real Lb agag ;)

  46. If i speak the truth i had never heard of it sounds like a strangled yid

  47. Doesn’t come much bigger than this Steve, and as the heading says, if the players can’t get themselves motivated for this, they won’t for any game…..

    Those who don’t perform today should straight on Wengers for sale list!

  48. Steve, well done. That’s him

    We could use that tune as AW finally leaves LOL

  49. Morning HG, you going to the match??

  50. no no don’t go!

  51. Unfortunately I don`t have a ticket, but I`ll be watching it from my local pub on Holloway Road.

  52. Morning Al, some sound that man, you know how to find em :)

  53. I have a penchant for the Midsomer murders and that excellent theme

  54. Me neither HG… home sofa for me ;)

    Can’t belive i arranged for friends to come for lunch though!!

    Thought it would be a 4pm KO and they’d be gone…..

  55. You bet am ready rico. Its about time we put those clowns were they belong. The fans are up for it,the players are all fired up. I saw the verm on dutch TV last night talking to the media. The look in his eyes says it all. We ll thonk them guys. COYGS! Come on boys smack monkey faced bastard on the gob and sagna be a pal and slip by the by line and go two footed into arry’s tenders. That ll learn him. What a dinkus. COYGS come on. YEAAHHH! Hey agag, how are ya little mama? Ready to smash the scummers are ya?

  56. Get a takeaway Ricoliciouse and a crate of beer they will love you forever lol :)

  57. I bet a £20 that Gibbs would limb off at some stage and we see the usual sub and left back shift of TV5
    Good morning all, hope we crush them today, nice one SP

  58. Not looking forward to it then Stan :)

  59. They can talk all they like gooster, what they do on the pitch counts, its got to be a lot better than of late if we are to win….

    Wouldn’t get away with that Steve, sadly but i love your idea :P

  60. Rico

    I was going to suggest the same as Steve, however I see that wouldn`t work but you can still over-spice the food…:)

  61. Morning Rokobox, cheers mate, Gibbs should be fit enough for 45, after that its anyones guess, catch you later.

  62. Morning Rokabox – that’s always going to be the fear with Gibbs, he’s made of glass….

    TV at LB is not the answer for me, if Gibbs goes off, get Jenks on, he can play across the back, or Miquel, and leave TV in the middle….

  63. Laxative HG, that would get shot of them quick enough ;)

  64. I can’t believe how well Scott Parker has fitted in at Spurs. Playing very well. Another one we ignored

  65. Laxatives. The Springboks tried that with the All Blacks in Cape town. It worked

    Be wary of ” Susan ” the waitress

  66. I would rather have Miquel as lb, but knowing wenger, he would probably get jenks in right and move sagna to the left, that’s if they all fit of course. Catch u all later gooners.
    Keep the faith..

  67. He failed a medical with us alan ;)

    Hope its a good one Rokabox, laters….

  68. what is it about AW that he players blokes out of position?

  69. lol failed a medical lol

  70. Some here back last summer said that he’d heard that alan…

  71. Honestly the first game we have played in a long long time that I have not been secretly confident about… not looking forward to this :(

  72. Good morning guys and chicks of the Gunners’ Faith.

    Today is the day when we see whether the players have got what it takes to walk the walk.

    They will be weighed, they will be measured and I sincerily hope they will not be found wanting.

    Good motivational post Sir SP. It shows that you played from the way you spoke.

    Scott Parker failed a medical!!!!! SCOTT PARKER FAILED A MEDICAL!!!!!!!!

    Then where the medical team on drugs when they analysed Diaby, Gibbs, Rosicky, and half of our team??

    Or is the medical spiked???

    I wish I was under the table where the contract discussion took place. I wonder what kind of communication failed to materialise.

  73. ah yes. Our medical staff

  74. That’s it. It has just dawned upon me that the medical team doing the medical for future AFC players are secret spurs supporters. They pass weak players as very good for us and fail good players so that they will be snapped up by the scum. Maybe Harry has managed to plant some spies in the AFC camp and that is why we are rumbled.

  75. Could be a good omen than ESP ;)

    Morning devil – i don’t believe the medical story about Parker either and i am not sure that those you mention ever had one ;)

  76. Hehe. Just being sarcastic Rico. Good morning to you. Hope it will end better than it started.

    Had a training session today and it felt good.

  77. I know devil, but under the irony, it does make you wonder about medicals at our club doesn’t it…..

    If it ends with 3 points on the board for us, the day will be good, anything else and there will be a few unhappy fans….

  78. Popping off for a bit, catch you all real soon…..

  79. Two changes from last league game with Kieran Gibbs in for the injured Per Mertesacker. Yossi Benayoun replaces Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in midfield.

  80. Team…..

    13 Szczesny
    03 Sagna
    05 Vermaelen
    06 Koscielny
    28 Gibbs
    07 Rosicky
    08 Arteta
    14 Walcott
    17 Song
    30 Benayoun
    10 Van Persie


    21 Fabianski
    25 Jenkinson
    49 Miquel
    15 Oxlade-Chamberlain
    09 Park Chu-Young
    27 Gervinho
    29 Chamakh

    Benny and Rosicky in the same team. If we are 0-0 by the 60th minute we will win.

    But with these two in the same team we will loose.

  81. Legendary Arsenal goalkeeper Bob Wilson tells BBC Radio 5 live that Scott Parker was keen to join the Gunners from West Ham in the summer: “I saw Scott in the dressing rooms after a game last season and he told me he would be very happy to come to Arsenal. But he finished up at Tottenham.” Wilson also claimed that Ashley Young fancied a move to the Emirates in the summer. He eventually joined Manchester United from Aston Villa, of course.

  82. Spurs are looking to win consecutive league matches at Arsenal for the first time in 86 years.

  83. devilgunner, So Wenger needs to come us with better lies re transfers

  84. Afternoon Gooners….

    Great Post Sir Steven. Am i suprised???
    Of course i effin ain’t…. :D

    Afternoon Lady Rico of Berkshire….

    Is It Blind Faith? As the song goes…

    or are our boys going to confound Harry’s bum boys in the Press???

  85. We must be matching up with the Shite from Middlesex,
    4 4 2.

  86. Hiya Coach, 4 4 2..? What do ya think?

  87. hello
    ben and Rosicky starting?
    catch you later

  88. Did you hear that Kroenke has gone home………..?

    What a total fcukhead.


  90. Anyone got a link?

  91. Arsenal offside had one on there blog this morning AK

  92. They are goint to play to Saha’s strengths today. Already direct balls to him.

  93. Saha 0-1. That was a fecking joke

  94. Can’t get a link.

    Fuck all on the BBC… Typical of those Northern tossers.

    Coach/Steve, keep me up to speed guys…

  95. Afternoon guys and gals…

  96. I told you mates….they were going to play to Saha’s strengths. And they did. only 4 minutes and we are 0-1 down. the defence was all over the place and Tommy V played him onside. When he got close Saha shot, the ball hit Tommy V and looped over Chesney. That is total crass insecurity in the backline.

  97. Fudge! I hope we don’t get mauled…

  98. I will try to constantly post Rico…..will make your job easier to write the report.

  99. TV5– shocking…

  100. Looking a bit shakey we should have had a penalty shit ref

  101. BFG anyone?

  102. The scum are targeting our soft centre while AFC are trying to play through the channels between the full backs and the centrehalves. However that only makes us narrow and the scum are crowding the centre.

  103. Evening guys.
    Typical bloody luck.
    When it is going bad,its all bad,but we will fight on.

  104. Such amateur defending. But to be fair, at least our boys are going into tackles and are trying to carry the ball forward…

  105. Scott parker handles ref says no gonna be one of them games

  106. Already,we’ve created more space and more chances.

  107. That is the second penalty we should have had….a foul and now Parker has touched the ball with his hand in the penalty area.

  108. Boo, AK, Dev, Scott and Lady of the House…

  109. What do you all think about our Owner not bothering to stay and watch the most important NLD since the last FACup semi-final???

    What a useless effin shitbag.

    I bet that Dein & Ursmanov are there!!!

  110. Sure Scott…we have already created more space and chances….but we are all over the place and 0-1 down. At the end of the day its not space and chances which count but goals scored.

  111. Ref is shite….

  112. We’re getting there, not a bad effort from Robin (who else??)

  113. Typical….Saha shoots and it hits TV5 and it loops in the net. RVP shoots, they hit a defender and go out.

  114. Ok Devil,no more from me.
    Simply trying to give people an idea of what’s happening.

  115. If I was an AFC chairman I would instruct the club to make me a bedroom there…..would sleep there and be there all the time.

  116. I agree with Scott. We are playing the much better football; but yet again, we were undone by shoddy work at the back… We have to make our ball possession count.

  117. Oyyy mate. I just pointed something out. Did not tell you that you were wrong or something.

  118. Close again from RvP….. Ack!

  119. Another close one from Rosicky!!

  120. fantastic save from friedle from Robin header

  121. Rosicky nearly scored from a header through a corner from RVP. Friedel made a great point blank save.

  122. Devil,I know goals count.
    Seriously,I do!

  123. Koscielny saves us further embarrassment!! WTF, TV5???

  124. tell you what this ches is a long way from the finnished artical

  125. When the scum break through the middle, we are finding it very difficult to deal with it. Same direct football we used to play with such a devastating effect with the DB10 era.

  126. Arsenal may be looking dangerous at one end but they are looking even more dangerous at the other. Tottenham break again and it opens up as Emmanuel Adebayor charges forward, but Kieran Gibbs comes across to tackle. However, Kyle Walker is able to move on to the loose ball and fire a shot that is inches over the bar.

  127. This Totnum team is not relly impressing me… Seriuusly, this is the team getting all the rave reviews??

    My god, I don’t know what Theo is doing…

  128. Bale is a diving piecing of shit.

  129. were pressing all the time few good attempts but the yids are looking good on the break

  130. Walker is a dirty player…. Modric on a yellow! Finally, a proper call.

  131. We have already had 4 corners and yet we have not made one count. Its the same always…..put it into the 6 yard box and hope for the best. No invention and flashes of skill. And we rarely get given free kicks around the penalty area with Webb do we.

  132. Parker booked free kick just outside the box

  133. And Parker!! Ha

  134. Scott Parker = Red Card….?

  135. Modric got that booking i think…

  136. An unfair yellow for Kozz

  137. and we fuck a freekick again

  138. Koscielny carded for that???

  139. kosi booked Penalty for yids

  140. Oh good God!!!!

  141. Bale you low dog.
    He was NOT TOUCHED.

  142. This is devastating… Fuck!!!!!!

  143. and that is 0-2

    Bale was not touched and Kozzer was not even there and yet he was booked. Maybe for his protests????

  144. Shit like that pisses me off more than Arsenal loss ever could.
    Piece of scum,dog shit.
    Trails the leg,still not touched and 2-0 down.

  145. No doubt that cnut Clive Allen is gonna be jumping into Wenger’s mush again…

  146. Monkey face dives and the comentators saying how wonderful he is

  147. TV5 has had a game to forget… This is not an unassailable lead, but we look out of steam…

  148. Although we have had a lot of possession we are pushing out and leaving a lot of space behind. It has left us vulnerable to the counter attack and twice we have been caught out.

  149. Robin hits post then sagna scores

  150. Fuck, RvP misses

    Bac scores!!!

  151. We hit the post
    Saaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggggnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaa 1-2

  152. Well the Yids have come back from 0-2 to win and 2-4 to draw….

    Now lets see if we have the spirit and desire to do likewise?

  153. Arsenals sixth header of the year

  154. That was a non penalty though, Devil.

  155. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  156. RvPPPPP

  157. What a wonderful striker we have in van purrfect. Should have scored four now.

  158. Now lets go for it you fucking Gunners

  159. Come on reds! COme on!!!!

  160. spuds are being outplayed at the moment

  161. Now we mustn’t lose that momentum at half-time…

    Wenger, shut up and let RVP do the half-time teamtalk….

  162. In fairness, Gibbs can cross…

  163. Gervinho and Oxlade-Chamberlain to win it in 2nd 45…..???

  164. Steve, they have been outplayed in swathes of the match. If not for Bale going down like he was drop kicked… They wouldn’t even have scored that second.

  165. The commentators are so begrudging… Haha.

  166. not a bad ht result after being 2 down and having two penalties ruled out and a fucking cheating penalty against us i fucking hate monkey face

  167. Get Theo out. He’s been useless. Can’t cross, can’t hold off defenders, passes when he should shoot, shoots when he should pass…. Poor!!!

  168. Mike Dean is a knob, how he gave a penalty for that i never know, and then no card… WTF!!

    great come back to 2-2, now lets get the points!!

  169. Agag, 2.23;

    Are you morphing into Staninho..? :)

  170. Calm down Agag… ;)

  171. about time Sagna did something

  172. Lets get into these fcukers in this second half we have the beating of them. Theo go home to mun and move over for the ox

  173. Theo is the first Arsenal player I’ve watched actually dispossess HIMSELF!!!

  174. We shoulnt expect notin from d ref. If we win we av 2 win clear and square.

  175. Haha, AK. :oops: That’s the caffeine talking.

  176. Sagna is working hard though Al has he got the stamina for the second half though, Yossi and Arteta doing well

  177. I’m gonna have to call ya Agaginho… :P

  178. You can see what it means to the fans they are going fcuking mental

  179. Alan,Sagna also absolutely crunched Bale early on,so he’s done a few things.

  180. VdV coming on – hope he’s been on the pies!

  181. Just seen it on TV, Monkeyface, a nailed on dive…

  182. Blatant dive AK, how can he give a pen and no card???

  183. You know, i think that Gervinho could be our match-winner…

    Friedal, we should have bought him years ago.

  184. That was an entertaining first half where no side is willing to lie down with Kozzer and Arteta for AFC plus Parker and Modric for the scum all on a yellow. Arsenal surely spread the ball more around and are creating better spaces and chances. however while AFC play tippy tappy football with passes, the scum play the more direct football and infact they had 4 attempts at goal scoring two.

    Arsenal were back in this game and it came from the unlikeliest of sources. Kieran Gibbs was out wide left but opted to tuck a ball back to Mikel Arteta. His neat dinked cross was met by defender Bacary Sagna, who fired his header past Brad Friedel and in.

    Tottenham contribute to their own downfall as firstly Younes Kaboul then Benoit Assou-Ekotto failed to clear properly, allowing Robin van Persie to collect on the edge of the area, pick his spot and curl in a superb equaliser.

    More later.

  185. I’ll be behaving now, AK. :P And I shall try not to rain abuse down on Theo…

  186. Rosicky!!!!!

  187. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  188. YES!!!!!

  189. The scum have gone for 4-4-1-1 with the centre of midfield more packed and strong with Sandro and VDV


  190. We are right on top.
    Go on with it!!!

  191. Calm down Agag….. :lol:

  192. Look at the joy in his face!!

  193. Sir AK….you have smashed the board.

    We have two full backs on and they have contributed to all three goals.

  194. good now they need to keep at them

  195. the crowd is audible

  196. arsenal defending together at the mo

  197. Arsenal playing more direct footbal

  198. When we have corners in favour the scum always seem well placed to deal with what we throw at them. (or is it that we dont have a clue how to go about making corners count)

    However when we defend corners it seems we are all over the place and the scum have players ready to pick up the bits and pieces. Thankfully we recover to clear them at the moment

  199. Now’s not the time to lose your heads, boys! COme on you reds!!!

    We’ve scored three times in 13.5 mins., I hear… Three more, AFC!!

  200. BBC Sport chief football writer Phil McNulty at Emirates Stadium

    “The change in the mood and demeanour of Arsenal’s fans reflects how this game game has turned so dramatically. Real show of character from Arsene Wenger’s players here no matter what the final outcome is.”

  201. Rosicky’s been sparkling!! I like!!!

  202. there was space down the right that Sagna exploited to get well forward and when he flicked the ball across to Rosicky who was there. A wonder what real fullbacks do when they playing.

    It is now Tottenham looking nervous at the back.

  203. Afternoon Gooners,

    Mike Dean should find a rooster head in his bed when he wakes tomorrow morning. That or the Big Bird from Sesame Street.


  204. Benny having a good game i hear….

    Hope Clive Allen is enjoying himself,
    Arsenal reject!

  205. Sandro booked been brought on as a hachet man

  206. That should have been a yellow for Modric. But then he already has one and it has to be blatant for Webb to send him off

  207. theoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  208. Rosicky and Benny are both having a good game so far!! There’s still a while to go yet, so we must score more!!

    Walcott, at last!!!!

  209. You fu,king beauty!@@!!!!!

  210. Fucking hell walcotts scored 4.2


  212. And RVP has worked well to create the space for Theo to run into, the ball fell kindly to him when he was marked by two and finally Theo has shown a strikers instinct to score.

    Sir AK…..you have broken the board again. Rico will pan you for it.

  213. What a finish!! Agag, go eat a whole humble pie with a side of crow now!! Whatcha waiting for??

  214. Walcott makes it five!!!!

  215. 5.0 walcott we’ll leave him on for abit yeh


  217. amazing

  218. I’VE JUST PASSED OUT…………… :P :P :P

  219. AGAG is tucking into her humble pie with much gusto!! She knows nothing. Theo Walcott is God!

  220. one more we go ahead of Chelsea. Clear third

  221. Arsenal fans chanting “Harry For England” :lol:

  222. Please pinch me someone, am I dreamin!!!!!

  223. AK calm down….. :D

  224. Can you hear me fellow Gooners???
    I reckon you’d have heard me after that last goal.
    It’s only 30,00 odd k’s!!!
    Makes the tiredness at work tomorrow TOTALLY WORTH IT!

  225. Brilliant save from Szcz

  226. “There’s only one team in London” Yeahhhh!

  227. AK-inho, calm down!! :P

  228. Here comes a real Gooner

    I heard ya Scott, did you hear me?

  229. Rosicky, close again!!

  230. The last time Arsenal scord 5 goals against the Scum at home was 1935…… 5-1

  231. Dodgy barnet, Jenks. ;)

  232. Highest score was 6-0 at the Slum, also 1935…

  233. Come on you Gunners get 6………

  234. Yeah AK,keep it down lol.

  235. One thing about our players, we seem to honest for our own good. Heck, we don’t even try to waste time…

    Jenks doing well. :) :)

  236. 5th yellow forRvP- that means he misses Liverpool. :'(

  237. Were you at thsose mathces, AK??? :P :P

  238. I think Wath was……. ;)

  239. Quick put some money on Ox to get 6th goal.

  240. Dutch, he misses the next match?? Are you sure??

  241. Parker is walking!!!!

  242. Lasagne for dinner tonight. :P

    Parker = Red Card….. :lol:

  243. Think so Agag. If it’s his 5th, pending verdict till we are 100% sure tough.

  244. It’s all ‘appenin,’arry.

  245. The Spuddies have been mashed good and proper!! Benny is cheered off. He deserves it.

  246. Come on Gervinho…..

  247. parker off red card yossi of gerve on

  248. Great recovery by the boys. Rosicky is my MOTM. :) :)

  249. Kozzer has been our best defender for a long while now.

  250. that was an outstanding performance today totaly out standing

  251. Woooooooot!!!

  252. I told you around two days ago that we will put 5 past the scum. The pity was that I did not guess the scorers.

  253. good show

  254. I think i can safely say, that that result was for Lee…

    What a great day…..

    Curry on the menu tonight……

  255. MOTM…..like AGAG says. Thomas. followed by arteta

  256. How the hell can I sleep after that???
    Playing Yossi and TR7 worked brilliantly.
    Experience helps when 2-0 down.
    TV5 and Theo improved 1000% in the second half.
    Koscielny is boring…………plays the same EVERY week.
    Sensational result….

  257. OK we are fourth above Chelsea on for and against


  259. and for once I will kiss your bald head Scott.

  260. And again………It’s the Spurs players’ cunning plan to make sure Harry isn’t offered the England job…good work boys. Keep it up.

  261. I think my blood pressure is now back to normal
    :P :P

  262. Guys and chicks…..enjoy the video clip……and SING WITH IT

  263. I bet Chelsea are unhappy about the result haha

  264. Spot on AK, just for Lee, his family and his dear Mum …..


  266. I loooove Garfield. Did you see the episode with Binky the Clown?? Theo’s looking all smooth on TV now. Haha.

    I loved how RvP referenced “fighting for each other”.

    Devil, I thought Benny just pipped Arteta’s performance by a wee bit. :) And by the way, when Song is disciplined, I think we play that much better!!


  268. Keep marching twats

  269. I always told you lot that there is a footballer inside of Theo… ;)

  270. Anyone notice the Red cards help up to Parker in the end? I’m guessing they where to be directed at Wenger if we lost..

  271. No tongue now Devil.
    The boys certainly rose to the occasion.
    They chased their backsides off both with,and without the ball.

  272. Esp – i thought exactly the same about the cards, so glad that idea backfired….

  273. Good night all.
    Actually,a BLOODY GREAT NIGHT.
    Must make an attempt at some sleep.
    Til next time….

  274. I bet they wished they hadn’t frozen season tkt prices

  275. rico, Theo picked the perfect game to stick two fingers up at his detractors.

    You can bake me more humble pie! :oops:

  276. OH YEAH!!!
    MY HOPE came true…Rosicky scored….Theo scored….

    Now we really know why we struggled so much in the season..
    Ramsey not ready to play in the centre to replace Cesc.

    Rosicky made the difference today and let’s hope he will improve to what he was in 2007/08 season.

    Van Persie is irreplaceable, the only player to make a difference, who cna create somethng out of nothing.

    Plus Wenger is correct. OX is simply not ready as a regular.
    Stil raw and needs 1 or 2 seasons under his belt…like Cesc in 2004/05 and 2005/06.

    Benayoun shown what was missing in Gervinho…defensive steel and the willingness to run and run and run…….and thrown himself around…

    Let’s hope this will boost the confidence of Theo to no ends…..as he is short of form, short of confidence.

  277. Night Scott. Our lucky charm kangaroo foot.

  278. Lucky Scott, sleep well digger….

  279. rico, Cesc on twitter made me laugh.:)

  280. Just saw the interview of Van Persie.

    What is the difference bewteen 1st half and 2nd half?

    He said there were only 2 or 3 talking to each other but during the 2nd half, all the players were talking to each other

    Goodnight everybody..what a lovely lovely weekend

    Love that banner “CLASS IS PERMANENT :lol:

  281. :-) I’m doing well now :-)

  282. agag, Theo certainly did that didn’t he – i was cussing him too but he seemed so so nervous every time he got the ball – it was like a hot potato… But, second half i thought he was very good, took his two goals very well…

    Rosickys goal was just genius and RvP curler was simply awesome….

    No need for the baking – lets see him do the same at Anfield…

  283. Done them all Sir AK. posted all the goals.

    Me and Pa went mental on the 5th.

  284. Nighty Merlin

    agag, i didn’t see cesc’s twitter comments :(

  285. Did you see the lasagna clip Sir AK???

  286. Devil, :lol:

  287. Wenger made a brave call picking Benayoun.
    Maybe to help Gibbs and to double up on the dangerous Walker?

    Rosicky was playing like he wanted a contract extention today…

    Now lets see a bit of consistancy…

  288. and another one………….

  289. Come on Cardiff :P

  290. Micko’s and WATH’s livers shall take great abuse today! Tut tut. For good reason, I think. :D

  291. cardiff!:-)

  292. Just spoken to my son, he said he’s wandering around outside the ground in a daze…. :D

  293. What a fantastic match to have seen AK. But it is at least a happy daze. :D

  294. Quite an amazing day…..

    Anfield will be difficult next weekend, with RVP suspended…

    Could be the start of a memorable finish to the season?

    Offski now…. Cheerio You Gooners


    A farmer wanted to have his hens serviced, so he went to the market looking for a rooster. He was hoping he could get a special rooster-one that service all of his many hens and when he told this to the market vendor, the vendor replied:’ I have just the rooster for you. Harry here is the horniest rooster you will ever see!’

    So the farmer took Harry back to the farm. Before setting him loose in the hen house though, he gave Harry a little pep talk.’ Harry,’ he said,’ I’m counting on you to do your stuff.’ And without a word he strutted into the hen house.

    Arry was as fast as he was furious, mounting each hen like a thunderbolt. There was much squawking and many feathers flying, till Harry had finished having his way with each hen. But Harry didn’t stop there, he went in to the barn and mounted all the horses, one by one and still at the same frantic pace. Then he went to the pig house, where he did the same. The farmer, watching all of this with disbelief, cried out,’ Stop, Arry, you’ll kill yourself.’ But Harry continued, seeking out each farm animal in the same manner.

    The next morning, the farmer looked out and saw Harry lying there on his lawn. His legs were up in the air, his eyes rolled back, and his long tongue hanging out. A buzzard was already circling above Harry.

    The farmer walked up to Harry saying,’ Oh you poor thing, look what you did, you’ve gone and killed yourself. I warned you, you little horny bastard.’

    Harry opened one eye,pointed his wing to the sky and whispered,’ Ssshhhhhh, The buzzard is getting closer’

  296. I hear there is no one on the street on Tottering high rd :)

  297. Hahaha, Dutch! Cheeky as ever. ;) Good night, SSP, AK, Dev, and rico! Enjoy what remains of your SUnday. :) :)

  298. Night night tropical butterfly. Sweet dreams Agag.

  299. Devil :P

  300. anyone got a link to any spuddie blog????

  301. Great day indeed AK, have a good evening…..

    Nighty night to you agag, i’m sure you will sleep well ;)

  302. Tropical Butterfly?????


    I feel it in my fingers,
    I feel it my toes…….
    Love is all around me,
    and so the feeling grows!!!!!

  303. I will be looking forward for tomorrow’s post.

    Rico make sure you mention the name Tottenham Hotspur in the title……maybe a few spuddies will show up and we will give them another hangover tomorrow.

  304. Now if Carlesburg did Sunday afternoons….I honestly thought we’d win but not stuff the wankers like that!!! Monday morning will be fun…might even watch MOTD2 tonight…..come on 7 points is all we need to catch up on now!!!!

  305. devil, go to the newsnow yids page, there will be plenty :P

  306. Hey Lee, good to see you, hope you enjoyed that ;)

  307. devil, just started writing it, do we really want them on HH ;)


  309. Ok, as long as you are around to take the abuse ;)

    bugger, 1-1 in the CC final

  310. Log on as Happy Gooner devil :)

  311. Normal service has been resumed!

  312. Told ya we ll thonk them. Drinks on me guys. Coygs

  313. Gerrard should be off Steve…

    About time eh Billboy ;)

  314. According to Wenger, the duo are out of the AC Milan fixture and may also be missing next weekend when the Gunners visit Liverpool.

    “Unfortunately we had some bad news for Rosicky today, and Vermaelen as well. Vermaelen has an ankle problem, and Rosicky a back problem.” Wenger said

    “I don’t think they will be available for Wednesday, whether they are available for Saturday is a big doubt.’

  315. Can’t stop smiling!!!!

  316. devil, don’t forget it’s international call up this week, he could be fibbing…..

  317. Gerrard should be locked up rico his targets are footballers and DJ’s
    and he gets protection from refs and the old bill he is a nasty thug

  318. That two armed smash reminded me of saturday afternoons watching the wrestling Steve, Big Daddy would have been proud of that one!!

    Totally agree, he’s nothing but a thug!

  319. Yippee. Managed to get into a scum blog. Its hilarious the way they are whining. I am sticking my foot in and I am enjoying it.

  320. I’m glad to hear that Lee…

    devil, we don’t play Milan until March 6th, Wenger has got his dates mucked up ….

  321. Wednesday is for the internationals matches ? Good.. ;-)
    From Saturday his worst

  322. you are right Rico. Maybe his head was all swirling up and he mixed the dates and fixtures.

    about time he mixed up the fixtures and not the tactics.

  323. ET for the dippers, good, lets hope their tired legs pick up a few injuries :P

    JM – need to keep our team away from their country
    :lol: devil re the tactics, he got them spot on today though eh ….

  324. yeah Rico. They were spot on even the substitutions were good and the team kept flowing.

  325. i think our team played better knowing that Arshavin wasn’t going to give the ball away

  326. Hilarious mates. On their blogs they are even accusing Harry of being a GOONER (which he is bdw). Some are saying he fucked up tactics on purpose.

    they are P.A.T.H.E.T.I.C

  327. Sir SP. I felt the same way too but refrained from saying it. I thought I might be mistaken….but seems I am not the only one in thinking the same thing about ARSH

  328. :lol: Steve

    Great to see Jenks come on, he’s a tad slow at the moment though….

  329. devil, i am going to have a read on their sites later, when i have finished the report….

  330. Just a shame he’s not further away Devil, but i don’t think we will see him again :) Sqilly and JD can go as well as far as i’m concerned 2.1 scousers

  331. bollox – 2-1 to the dippers… Dirk Kite

  332. You know what mates. I enjoy all wins against the scum, whenever they occur. But today’s win was the most enjoyable for me. Bigger than the lasagna occasion. We have been through so much that it was over indulgent occasion. Like Sir AK’s son. I am walking in a daze. And the good thing???? It could have been more than 5

  333. I know he isn’t match fit but he still showed all the commitment he has shown in the past, he’s going to be a good un Rico

  334. Yeeeraaaaaaaaahhhhhh fuck that Soucers.

  335. Steve, no arguement from me there, i’d rather eleven like him tbh, love the guy, right attitude and a true gooner, you know what you’ll get from him….

  336. Jenks would make a good DM ;)

  337. Spot feckin on DG, i hate them……

  338. It has to be said devil that we have not played as a team for quite some time and we get to thinking that they are no good but when you see them fighting for the ball chaseing down and then attack with a purpose not to much tippy tappy crap and scoreing goals shows that there not that bad

  339. Cardiff truly deserve to be in it till the last gasp.

    Gerard misses. It’s getting better and better.

    Rico me too.:P:P

  340. They are some of the worst penalties ever

  341. jammy bastards!!!

  342. Guess whats going to be plastered all over the papers tomorow, we may get a couple of lines on the inside pages, but who gives a fcuk ha ha ha

  343. One of their blogs say that today they were going to send us back to the stone age. Now with that mauling where have we sent them???? To the jurassic or pleistocone???

    BDW they have Manure followed up by the chavs in the coming games.

  344. Thats my lot gooners the drink has taken its toll nte nte all and sleep well one and all :)

  345. I don’t give a flying one either Steve, we know what happened today ;)

    And we have the dippers and Newcastle devil :(

  346. Woodwork will still be ringing in their ears a few days from now. Exceptional effort from Cardiff non the less. Should have been more composed and convinced the cup had their name on it. Penalties taken without vital necessity.

  347. Night SP. Enjoy the 10minutes of MotD2 tonight.

  348. Nighty Night Steve, have a good one….

  349. DG – they had a great chance in normal time, i’m sad for cardiff, they deserved to win….

    dippers will be done in hopefully….

  350. I am off mates…..to dream that we are hammering the dippers with Skrtel scoring an own goal, Gerrard lobs his own keeper, Reina decides he is Almunia in disguise, the ref is a Manure fan and gives us 3 penalties and finally Kuyt farts and the ball sails over his keeper due to the massive force from his arse.

    And bdw in the dream the scum are beaten 5-0 by Manure with Scholes and Giggs sharing the goals between them.

    Cu mates. It was a great day. No make it the greatest day of this season so far.

  351. Night Devil. Indeed best day of the season. Thanks for your devotional and entertaining company.

  352. Rico It think the penalties were a bit of a rush order. Subsequently they hit it like meat balls from a golf tee.

    Though Miller scuffed that chance in regular time, ur right.

  353. Hi Ho,hi ho,its off to work I go.
    Suffice to say the enthusiasm level is down a tad…..I’m knackered.
    Still bloody smiling though!!!

  354. Devotional and entertaining company????

    Agag says the same about you mate. ;)

  355. Scott try a six pack Redbull for breakfast. That will get you ticking. ;)

    Devil I was hoping to keep it under the carpet.

  356. Night devil, the DVD is mentioned in the heading ;)

  357. DG, reminds me of our FA Cup victory in 2005 ;)

  358. Rico :) I’m going to fly the magic rug Devil is trying to pull it from under my feet. Fast forward till tomorrow to read a Ricolicious post. Night night sugar.

  359. Nighty DG, have a good sleep, i won’t be far behind you… not literally of course ;)

  360. I’m off guys and gals, nighty all…..

  361. Zorro never sleeps Rico. :P

  362. Back from the Indian Restaurant…. :D

  363. :lol: DG

    Thought you had gone for the day AK….

  364. I’m gone now, nighty AK….

  365. Just had to have another look around.
    Still coming down…. ;)

    Goodnight boss, bet you enjoyed doing tomorrow’s post.. ;)

  366. I did AK, I did – nighty you ;)

  367. Morning everybody.
    Still floating up in the clouds.

    What a “Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde” team!
    Thanks for the emotional roller coaster ride..just live for today will you all… :lol:

  368. Well that was tough day at work.
    Driving around,tired,replaying the game in my head…….brilliant.
    Guys,its days like this that make you forget the bad ones.
    Pure bliss.

  369. Just watching a replay,and it raised a question….to me at least.
    If Alex Song plays well,do Arsenal also play well??
    Is he more important to the team than we/I thought???

  370. still smiling!!

  371. I’m still smiling too :)


  372. New Post up…

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