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Arshavin gone! Clever, or just bitter and twisted? No,not Wenger….

What many Arsenal fans hoped for happened yesterday when Andrey Arshavin joined Zenit on loan for the rest of the season. I doubt he’ll return in the summer, his old club want him back for good and who can blame him for going either? I certainly don’t, I wish him well and hope his career kick starts again, no doubt it will under a coach who will play to his strengths…

Over the last few days, maybe even weeks we have seen our old favourite Emmanuel Petit take a pop at Arsenal and the players, but yesterday he dug deep and had a swipe at his old boss, Arsene Wenger.

Speaking to France Football:

There is obviously a crisis and I am deeply sad for Arsene. I watch their body language and I see players who have become disillusioned. Year after year, they have always struggled with the last step. I feel they are unmotivated. I even fear that some have lost their trust in Arsene.

He’s only saying what most of us have been at some stage of this current season but for him to come out with such words on a North London Derby weekend makes me think he’s being very clever!

I don’t doubt for one minute that he has the fears he talks about but what better way than to go public, do something to get into the minds of our players as maybe Arsene Wenger can’t.

None of us can tell the players how we feel, has Petit just done that for us?

Imagine if you were one of the squad in for the NLD and you read that about yourself and the man who manages you, would it not make you stop and think? Maybe even wake up a bit and think ‘F**K YOU, I’ll show you just how good I am’.

I know it would me!

If this group of players have anything about them, they should too and if they can’t do it for every game, just make sure they are prepared to do it for this one. This one matters, this one matters big time!

Petit never rolled over for anyone, he never shirked his duties when he wore an Arsenal shirt did he? Mind you, Paddy would have soon kicked him in the butt if he had, but reality is, paddy didn’t need to.

He went on to add:

Each player seems alone in his world. Nobody takes the lead in the field and that’s deadly. Arsene has always protected his players, but now he has to step back. These players are fragile, they can sink.

Football, it’s not a popularity contest on Twitter and Facebook, it’s self-discovery. There are peacocks in the middle of a farmyard.

Pull your fingers out of your a**** guys!

Amen to that Petit, Amen to that……!

Quite what peacocks have to do with football I don’t know but…..

Have a good day all, tomorrow the battle commences……

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222 comments on “Arshavin gone! Clever, or just bitter and twisted? No,not Wenger….

  1. Morning Folks, Petit is bang on what we have been saying all along

  2. Morning Erick and all…

    Good way to give the players a hoof up the bum Erick….

  3. Morning Rico, Erick, it would have been nice to have got Tony Adams thoughts in print before the Spuds game, I am sure that they would have been just as passionate as Petits, if not more.
    Against Spurs, all the team have to show great hunger, concentration, a focus, a passion and self pride and give a performance to make the fans feel proud again. Without this, I can see a mauling. But then the other side of me believes that it could be a close game in terms of scoreline.
    My big worry is the inability to defend a lead should we get one.

  4. I’m with him!

    Might still not be enough to wake some of this dozey lot up. No harm in hoping though.

    Morning all.

  5. Morning Marinello and Billboy…

    Rokabox, i suggested the other day that Wenger should have got Adams and Keown at the training camp all week, make sure they all know what tomorrow means…

  6. True, Petit gave Wenger and his players a kick in the rear end.

    But, I also think Wenger (or someone he answers to) was trying to give his players a kick in their rear ends, too, by sending Arshavin back to Russia after saying that he would be staying with Arsenal in January.

    Nothing gets the attention of players in a professional team’s lockerroom–especially the veteran players–more than seeing one of their veteran teammates traded or cut in the middle of the season. It sends a message to the players that, if they don’t perform up to their capabilities, they could be the next one to go. It’s a move that the management of a lot of underperforming teams in the big sports in the US have been known to make as a means of shaking up the players and letting them know that the way that they have been playing is unacceptable. What people write in the media can be ignored, but it’s a lot tougher for the players to ignore that empty locker in the lockerroom.

    No Arsenal fan can doubt that the club’s performances recently–and in too many games this season–have been unacceptable. If Petit and others are right in placing the bulk of the blame at the feet of the players, something needed to be done to shock and get that message through to them.

    Sending Arshavin back to Russia on loan, at this point in time, will certainly send shock-waves through the Arsenal lockerroom. Will it suffice to prompt the players who remain to play better?

    While it’s no sure thing, if Arsenal’s players don’t start to play better immediately, Arsenal will not make the top four and a number of them could be plying their trade elsewhere next summer. So, nothing will be lost if it doesn’t have the desired effect.

    But, about half the time (more often with more talented teams), in other sports, this kind of move does spur better play (if not always enough victories). It depends on the character of the players. And, that is the crux of the issue with Arsenal now, isn’t it?

    The players now have the choice whether to prove Petit right or wrong in his assessment of them. By exiling Arshavin back to Russia, Wenger (and/or his superiors at the club) has put the ball squarely into their court.

  7. Good old Petit, talking about leadership. Same player who wanted to strike in 98-99? The one who followed Overmars to Barca and won nothing.
    Lets all have a dig at the team shall we? Christ, you lot ever had Ian Rankin, Rafael Meade and Chris Whyte in your arsenal team.
    I’ve watched the best football in the last 15 years and all you lot do is moan? Why not get behind wenger and the team? Its actually a big game tomorrow if you haven’t noticed…

  8. Couldn’t stomach seeing Adebyore put one in. Is there any truth in the rumour that wenger has extended Djoureau’s contract by 3 years?

  9. Hi EGF

    Arshavin’s agent made it clear he wanted to stay in England and with Arsenal – but, having read the above article I think wenger may have made a huge mistake it letting him go.

    If AA had suddenly woken up, started training hard and showing that he is still the player we all saw when he first arrived then oops i say….

    Maybe wenger should have waited until the summer…

  10. It’s true Marinello, it’s true….. shocker eh…

  11. Plasticspam, because in case you haven’t noticed, something is seriously going wrong at afc….

    Did Petit want to leave, or did Wenger want to cash in on him??

  12. i think petit is out of order,,for a player who was nobody before wenger signed him for arsenal,to a double winner and world cup winner he should be thanking wenger for what he did for his career,,people like petit, wright ,vieira sicken me,,fuck off and mind your own business you boring old men,,vieira aswell up in city with billions to play with talking down to wenger and arsenal every chance he gets,,great player but always had his eye on moving,,now he acts like city are this big club who should win everything,,fuck off paddy,,all he loves is the cusshy job and loads of cash,and try to act like your part of it.

  13. But what he is saying irish is true…… Just as Roy kean is right although i hate the man, all of what is being said by ex players and pundits is not far from the truth…..

  14. Rico, Petit did want to leave. Wenger wanted him to stay but no, he went to barca and the chavs. Things are not perfect, but is slagging OUR team off good?

    I agree with Irish gooner. Petit can f*** off. Dixon i’ll listen to as he served the team and didn’t leave after 3 years…..Sick and tired of the lack of gooners moaning……..We can’t change owt till the summer

  15. Happy sunrise all cock-a-dudle-doooooo,

    Anyone interested in Arsenal wages per head should look here


    Gibbs on 40K per week!!???

  16. plastic – i’m not slagging off the team, it’s debating all thats going on…. and through my eyes, and what results show, it’s not good…

  17. Morning DG – read that too, shocking if the stats are correct…

  18. Morning Rico,

    It’s challenging the poverty line.

    Take the following 15 players, all of which have completely failed to live up to expectations: Arshavin, Walcott, Almunia, Squillaci, Rosicky, Bendtner, Chamakh, Diaby, Denilson, Djourou, Fabianski, Traore, Park, Gibbs, Mannone.

    Add up the wage expenditure of that lot from between the 1-5 years of their employment at Arsenal and you will find £184,000,000 has been thrown down the toilet and another £46,300,000 blown on transfer fees. Have they really been worth £230,300,000 of your money dear Gooner?

  19. @ plasticspam & irish gooner, if i were amongst mancs,chavs, scums,etc i wuld agree wit u, but hey i’m among fellow brothers and sis who care about this great club. I wouldn’t hold back the truth,THERE IS SOMETHING STINKINGLY FISHY GOING ON, atleast we have a right to talk about it dont we?

  20. allo all

  21. Rico, sorry if is sounded like trolling. BUT. I agree with Irish, these old players are dismantling the greatest team i’ve seen. FOR MONEY. Many are not supporters, there looking for a soundbite to money. Do they love the team like Henry did against Leeds?
    Fans certainly have a right to complain. BUT. In the last 7 years what have we faced? The loss of cesc,viera,henry,nasri,pires etc? Twoo teams parked out front shouting £50 note. A new stadium. A terrible inj. record. Yes, its excuses but would slagging off wenger really be wise?

  22. with figures like that I’d be calling Jack Regan. Sounds like Arfur daley is on the board

  23. DG – no, they are not and to think Theo wants a pay rise ;)

    Morning Upgunners, that’s just it, we care, watching our club go down the pan in the way it is hurts and it’s not possible to sit and believe all is rosy….

  24. Hi alan…

    plastic, you nor i can stop ex players talking to the papers, they are asked questuons, they answer and someone prints it. like i said earlier, most of it isn’t just fabricated, its’ real, we all see it…

    I know we can’t chage anything until the summer but, and as you said earlier, the is a NLD tomorrow and that’s all that matters BUT, if the team play like they have done against milan and sunderland we will get battered…

    The players need a kick in the pants, as does wenger….

  25. The manager is stupid, not just stubborn. He defies everyone, insults the fans’ intelligence as well. Yet year after year, we see ZERO titles, and MINUSES in terms of TOP CLASS players LEAVING ….lately, Cesc, Nasri,…

    Where is the SOLID defence of the Adams era that we need? Instead we have over-the-hill and ‘moonwalkers” like sylvestre and squillaci (60k per week!!!!!!?????).

    WHY buy Park but keep him off the park???

    WILL van Persie stay??? Honestly for a top club like Arsenal FC, THIS SHOULDNT EVEN BE A QUESTION IN THE FIRST PLACE!! That shows how bad things are…and the money-loving Board dont care a damn.

    KROENKE? Shit! So insecure and fearful of Usmanov who’s shown some ambitions! Usmanov wont sit on a Board of a club that’s not winning; what does that tell us?? He, like the fans, wants a winning club.Even wanted to inject his own money to buy players. Kroenke? Well, taking money from the club is OK!! Puke! Just look at his teams in the States.

    AFC has TWO, not ONE, billionaires and Wenger KEEPS BEING STINGY AND TALKING ABOUT NEED OT MAKE PROFIT???????? And he blames the players (though they havea part to play). Any wonder why the players are unmotivated -if true -as Petit said?

  26. Rico. Agreed. Defeat tomorrow is just f****** unbearable

  27. Hiya Alan. Funny vid. I was cracking myself over the furry steering wheel. What on earth was the sales man thinking. :P

    Rico, Theo Wallet. ;)

  28. Boo!! Petit has not said anything that we do not already know. AW takes the heat, but the players have a lot to answer to. A little more self examination and accountability.

    A loss v. the Totts would be untenable. Heads will roll, if our players do not show up.

  29. Hi dinasaur, not sure if you have written anything i can disagree with ;)

    Park – Shirt Sales, poor guy has now been dropped from Korea, once captain, now a reserve, all because he’s not playing…

    AU, well i’d rather him than Stan right now, all we can hope for is the £100 million available to wneger in the summer is real, and not just the usual spin that we hear this time of year….

  30. Hello!
    a)AA wants to play from Russia next European Cup. He must play with regularity.
    b) Dany is off of the Zenith squad until the end of the season. AA it’s the natural replacement.
    c)Then, we will see. Probably he will not comming back.

  31. Hi DutchGooner. Just a bit of comedy relief. Like this one. Helps me settle before game time

  32. :lol: DG re Theo, read this morning that Bale is a gooner and he came for a look around the club, but Wenger only wanted Theo

    boo agag, wenger must be worrying that his head will be the first….

    But we are going to win tomorrow and get at least 4th spot ….

  33. Hello, rico, Dutch, JM!

    rico, shame about Park. I reckon he has a few goals in him. We are not exactly brimming with ideas at the moment, so he may be worth a shot.

  34. I’m going outside. Walking.Catch sun. Watch the sea and the beach :-)

  35. Hi JM, enjoy the beach :)

    Thats what cheeses mme off agag, Park is a natural goal acorer, so why does’t he get a chance… grrrr

  36. Park has been hard done by. Career possibly riuned

  37. Hiya Agag Kardashian fashionista.

    Alan :)

  38. I love afc, wenger and the boys, but over d years i’ve learnt 2 stop aving faith in a lack of quality,like a fellow die hard gunner who said afc will thump milan 5goals to nil, i laffd and laffd, dats cos he doesnt understand afc lacks d quality yes they may pull it off but for how long? The difference the likes of messi,iniesta and xavi make in their team is that b4 they even kick the ball their presence alone weakens the opposition, becos footbal is also a psycological game.

  39. Dutch, eeeek. I only like shoes. ;)

    A real shame rico and alan. If we were not seriously considering giving him a chance, why buy him? Why waste money? Why ruin his career?

    JM, have fun! Nothing like some sand, sea and sky. :)

    Hello, upgunners!

  40. At the end of the day, when you look at the Arsenal squad, half of the players are not good enough to wear the famous red and white shirt. How could Squillaci be worth the £4m that the Club forked out, he wouldn’t even get into Millwalls team…..trouble is, with the inflated wages that they are on, no one is going to buy them, so they’ll just sit around at Arsenal and collect their pay packet until their contract runs out.
    If we get beat by the Spuds, at least go down with a frickin fight, I want to see every player giving their all, chasing back to get the ball back, and defending like their lives depended on it.
    Any ideas what the line up will be?

  41. Totally agree alan, he only had 3 years i think, thats one gone and two to go before national service….

  42. yes Rico. Where he comes from, national service is a requirement from role models like himself

  43. Samba to Russia for 11 mill quid according to talksport, undisclosed fee according to BBC

    Good player

  44. I just love the club Upgunner and the players who give their all, Wenger, he’s just the manager and they come and they go….

  45. Kardashians without pins the world wouldn’t be at their feet Agag. ;) Imelda Marcos sounded a bit diabolical.

  46. I think the logic is simple. Wenger was testing Oxlade Chamberlain for the past 1-2 months, so he found Arshavin unneccessary becoz we got Gervinho back. If you think like “Did we land on the moon?” line, It’ll always end up 50-50.
    If Emmanuel Petit is so good at something, let him coach a team and win something and then talk about his beloved Arsenal.Its always easy to talk about changing this and that.
    If we got a team to support, our job is to support it. Period.

  47. We missed a trick with Samba alan, but, Anzhi have paid over the odds and no doubt a huge wage – they can afford too ;)

  48. Hi Rico, Micko, DutchGooner, agag and Alan,
    With the way our season has gone so far, I would not be surprised if the Arse beat the Spuds tomorrow. It would certainly go against what most pundits expect. Maybe Harry’s boys might turn up all over confident, expecting a big win, and get caught on the break and be 2 down by half time, and then I wake up from the dream…

  49. who else will slip through our fingers, or be ignored in the transfer market?

  50. Hi Marinello,

    i have a gut feeling we are going to get all the points, the players are talking the right talk, now they need to get out there and walk the walk…

  51. Petit had a dodgy knee and needed an operation, however as his brother I think died under anasthetic he didn’t want to go under the knife. Arsene lost patients and sold him as amakeweight in the Overmars deal. Ces’t la vie.

    Arshavin’s departure frees up a fair few quid to enhance RVP’s contract offer and with the Ox coming through I guess the board felt he was expendable. We apparently got £ 1 million for the loan , a promise of a further 6 mill in the close season and 80 grand a week from now until july.

    No doubt Kroenke has enjoyed his trip.

    Arshavin goin

  52. obviously having typo problems today, apologies.

  53. hi potter – stan is still in london, he’s going to be at the emirates tomorrow…..

  54. agag

    yes, waste of Park’s time if he doesn’t get a rub

  55. Hi Rico,
    As “Greavsie” once said, football is a funny old game. Just when you are on a roll, bang the carpet is whipped from under your feet. Spurs have a good team, but without the ball they are not a threat. That’s the secret, not giving the ball away, but if you do, chase it down and get it back. I see too many Arsenal players going to ground after putting in a tackle or a half hearted tackle, when in danger areas. That’s not acceptable, and will not be against the Spuds.
    Its quite ironic how this game will probably be more important for Arsenal fans to get the result than the Spuds this time around. Couldn’t face the Spuds fans at work if they do the double over us. Saying that I am off to Rumania early Monday on a work trip, so I may get to escape the banter….

  56. stan is still in london, he’s going to be at the emirates tomorrow…..

    I will try to remember to give him a wave , quite how many fingers though I am not sure.

  57. Make sure he gets one finger from each hand Potter ;-)

  58. Afternoon Gooners.
    Afternoon Peacocks everywhere…..
    Afternoon Rico. Another top notch post.
    Will we miss Andrei???
    No, i don’t think so…
    Why would we miss a player who never played?

  59. Squillaci is fit for tomorrow?

  60. Squillaci is fit!!!

    Well that’s great news JM. :(

  61. Marinello

    Just been watching Soccer Saturday, all bar Charlie Nik reckon we are going to get beat… They too said similar about the fans…

    Charlie Nic reckons 5 players needed in the summer, major rehaul needed and he’s spot on…..

  62. In all honesty AK,

    AA top quality player ruined by wenger….!

  63. Agree Wath, but i don’t think that AA was/is blameless.

    A little less time on twitter and a bit more time on his diet wouldn’t have gone amiss….

  64. Agreed mate shit attitude didnt help but mainly wengers fault for fucking him around and then he couldn’t be bothered and thats unacceptable even if you do feel pissed about and played out of position…!

  65. Afternoon Wath and Kev..

    Squilli is injured i’m sure ;)

  66. Afternoon Boss, how’s you..?

  67. But AA had just perked up in training, he was working hard ready to face Milan….

    Maybe he knew Zenit wanted him fitter ;)

  68. Hi Wath, you talkin to me ;) ;)

    I’m good thanks, you??

    Got to change the HH email address again though – google is going a bit crazy….

  69. Just make it yahoo or hotmail…???

  70. yes, allez gret news. Probably, at least, he will be at the bench.

  71. Reckon the Norwich reserve match was a fitness test , lots of Russians on Norwich market that week.

  72. Just been looking at the early comments and especially the link to Arse’ Truth.

    Almunia, Diaby, Bendtner,Vela, Denilson, Fabianski, Traore, Squillaci, have been costing the club, per annum, a combined total of;

    £20,900,00 in wages.

    Outrageous. How those running the finances, could allow this to happen is a dereliction of duty.

    Yes Wenger was wrong, but others are still hiding behind him and NOT DOING THEIR JOBS…

  73. Also, as much as i like Benny, i don’t like him enough to see the club pay him £3,640,00 pa…

    Benny has to go back to the Bridge or accept a pay cut imho.

    Likewise Rosicky, a pay cut or adieu to TR7….

  74. Yahoooooo to you AK ;)
    :P potter…

  75. AK – yes, Gazidis, that’s his job surely, he much have to sanction the deals??

  76. I agree alan, and a waste of wages as well. Hello Marinello, WATH, AK. :)

  77. Hiya folks. Good day guys and chicks of the Gunners’ Faith.

    Hope you are all ok.

    Hiya Sir AK. Hope you are fine. Pa got the mags.

    So Petit has thrust his knife in. Goody for him. And what he said is true. Quod erat Demonstrandum.

    Good timing on his part. Just before the scum match. The problem occurs if the players did not read his comments.

    Then again, I take heart from what used to happen to Manure before they started to become great. They were struggling to string three passes together and Sir Red Nose was on the brink of being sacked. Infact his bosses told him that if he lost against Forest he would go. Manure won and the rest is history. So hopefully the same goes for us.

  78. AK it hardly deserves the Nobel prize for microcredit. We are the Nirvana for Rockefellers.

    Off topic saw a mini docu about London cab exams “The Knowledge” that’s no picknick Kev. Some study streets for 3 years naming routes from top of mind. They even concluded that the hypocampus in the brain grows during the course.

  79. Rico, Gazides earned a bonus for his work in 2011.
    WTF for?
    What did the creep do??

  80. I apologize Agag comparing you to the duck-lips family. It obviously shook your core and intelligence capital. :P

  81. Hello Dutch, i like Nirvana…
    Hiya Coach/Agag/Wath/Potter/et al…..

  82. Afternoon devil…

    Naff all AK, i hope his head is the first to roll at the end of the season, get a proper man in the job…

    Talking of jobs, got a few to get done so off for a bit, the sun is shining and a few weeds need pulling ;)

    Laters guys and gals….

  83. Dutch, many have told me i have a big head, not sure what they mean… ;)

    Took me 2.5 years, and as much as it was a chore at times, it was also very interesting….

    I still got a feeling of dread when visiting the Carriage Office, where we took our tests.

    That never leaves you…

  84. Hello, Devil. :) What does that Latin bit mean?

    The Kardashians are weird, Dutch. And seem very declasse. ;)

    AK, paid and paid well for doing little to nothing. Tut tut. I caught up on your comments yesterday; and I do try on what I want to buy in the local shops then order online, have a package aggregator consolidate my stuff, then ship to here. :D

  85. The worst bit was the driving test.

    The thought that after years of work, that you could still blow it at the 11th hour.

    Now that was pressure.

    Do they have anything similar in any cities on your side of de Noordzee?

  86. Agag, don’t know what that is, but it sounds safe… ;)

  87. AK I saw it drove grown man to tears. Did you scooter around town as well? It’s not like you transport people from A to B you have to be a complete tour guide.

  88. Gotta go for a spell.
    See ya’ll in a bit pardners… :)

  89. Hiya lady AGAG.

    That latin phrase means “It has been shown beyond doubt” or “Proved beyond doubt”. Since Petit (my lifelong favourite player…my son is named after him) said it, then what we have been saying for the past years ad nauseam (means until we buke) has been proved beyond any reasonable dount that we have been right all along.

  90. Dutch i had a Honda 70, a small automatic motorbike.
    I was an expert at fixing a puntcure after a year.
    Could do it in under 10 mins…
    Learned the hard way.
    Lata mates…

  91. Fix a puncture after 10 minutes Sir AK???

    It takes me much less mate.

    Fancy applying for a job with the Ferrari stable mate??? They teach you to change a tyre in less then 6 seconds.

  92. Hi Kev,
    Hope all well and that you are busy at work.
    Wish I had of got into your cab the other night. I had to work late and our company pays for cabs if you cannot get last train etc. I phoned dial a cab and got a North London black cab driver, who continually sucked on a tooth pick. I was going to Orpington and he managed to get us lost in Blackheath…. He said his Sat Nav was playing up. Anyway, I managed to direct him to where I was going but it took forever. I live near Hemel Hempstead, and am also a North London lad, so it was a bit like the blind leading the blind….. Thank God I weren’t paying for the fare.

  93. Not even close AK. They liberalized the cab market years ago by offering licenses for sale. Every numnut with a Tom Tom is allowed to subscribe. There’s also a lot of piracy, Amsterdam cabbies drove to Eindhoven to shake out carnival bin drinkers. It’s war between professionals and hedge robbers.

  94. Marinello that’s exactly what’s going on in Amsterdam as well. You have to count your blessing if the cabbie speaka you language. ;)

  95. Personally I was sad to see the Arsh go in the way he went. He was the great footballer who never played for us in a proper way. Had he been used properly (and for this I blame Wenger) I think he would have been much different and also our results would have been better. But no. All the formations during and post the
    Cesc era have all been geared to bring the best out of 1 man. It was Cesc who determined the formation and now its the same thought which determines it. Ramsey is a great player. but he is no Cesc.

    That is why I blame AW. If only he can change his mentality and change the tactics I think we may have better results, displays and better players.

  96. So he did prefer Theo over Bale!!!! Did he have cotton wool over his eyes or did he suffer from Myopia???


  97. we suffer from myopia..

  98. No we do not Joaquim. We see many things that stubborness does not want to see.

  99. AK, you have your stuff shipped to a warehouse in the USA and the consolidator holds on to your stuff for 45 days, then you have your goods shipped over to your international destination. Works since you don’t buy your stuff all in one go. ;)

    Dev, you learn something new everyday. :) Shame about Arshavin, but he did so very little to help himself. :(

  100. Devil I think JM meant to convey the club/AW suffers from myopia.

  101. I am off now mates. Later on today.

  102. Chelsea-bolton kick off
    Ireland! :-)

  103. Myachi is playing!

  104. Myachi is playing great football, wonder why wenger couldn’t make him play like this for us.
    That go to theo, ramsy and co, someone said wenger is great in developing young talented players, even that has deserted him lately.
    Arshavin who!?

  105. Because he didn’t play him Rokabox….

    Afternoon all………

  106. Best result of the day QPR 0 Fullham1
    also Newcastle2 Wolves2

  107. the 2-2 is good for us isn’t it….

    my second team won too so i’m happy ;)

  108. Can’t believe sunderland got battered 4-0 :eek:


  109. The Sunderland result today and how we struggled against them just shows how awful our football has been, rico.

  110. People you’re ruining my MOTD. Just joking. Nice results.

  111. The Chavs are back in fourth though…

  112. Certainly does agag, perhaps they didn’t like the pitch at West Brom… grrrr

  113. Not the Chavs DG :(

    They are agag and i can’t see us winning tomorrow by enough to go 4th :(

  114. “Living one disappointing season, the problem of Arsenal is in fact selling the best players. This is the theory of Adebayor, former player of the club. “The club does not win titles and players want to leave. And as they leave the club does not win titles. And so it goes. Players are all equal just want to be where you can win. That’s why I went to the City, not money, “said the striker “

  115. u18: Arsenal 2 Chelsea 3
    england 12 – Wales 12 8 minutes till the end

  116. Chavs result ups the ante. We should’ve converted on their misery back December/January. Arsenal allowed this pressure to be in our backpack each game till May.

  117. Now there is one man who can keep quiet JM, Lardybayor!!

  118. Hi everyone, Rico, Dutch, Micko, Agag, Kev, Potter, WATH and Irish. No Steve Palmer today. I just put a pound on the Arse to win 2-1 and Robin to get the first goal. It was just a feeling in me water…..
    Many spud fans ringing up on LBC and saying that they can only be classed as good as Arsenal, when they have matched us for Champions League qualification 16 years on the trot, and won the PL title as many times as us.
    I just hope that they go out tomorrow and hit the ground running, and do not give the opposition time to settle.
    Let’s see, bet old Kronk can’t wait…

  119. Marinello, 1.52;

    Sorry to hear about your poor experience.
    Where was the drivers A to Z…?
    Sat Navs make you lazy, in the head as well.
    Well for my job imho.
    Orpington, isn’t that close to Bromley?
    Catford, Bromley Road etc, i could be wrong?
    I have been known to get lost…. ;)

  120. wales won!

  121. It’s funny, even now, there are certain parts of London that i can see in my head immediately, and others that still confuse me even now.

    Fortunately, experience has taught me to bluff quite well…. :D

  122. More good news from JM…..

    You Port, are a bundle of larfs….. :lol:

  123. Everyone’s taking a pop at us… But when the likes of Lardy and Na$ti do… I just find it mildly annoying. Who are they? Nobodies, that’s who.

  124. Evening Marinello – those yids have a long wait then ;)

  125. You guys seen the ‘Ashley Cole to Arsenal’ stories :eek:

  126. Devil 1.50;

    That’s get the tyre off the rim, check the tyre for sharp objects, change the inner tube, get the tyre back on the rim, put the chain back on, put the bolts back on.
    I’ll give ya a race anytime…. ;)

  127. Rico, can you really believe that he would return to Arsenal???

    Too much water under the bridge for me.

    As a player i’d say yes.

    As a man, i’d say no….

  128. He’d be just what we need though AK, a guy with attitude….

    Don’t like him but…..

  129. rico, he’s a mercenary and is icky to the nth. So that’s a NO for me. :)

  130. :lol: – now why does that not surprise me agag….

    Charlie Nic says we need five players in the summer…..

    I agree with him too, so lets pick the five ;)

  131. I would have loved Marco Reus

  132. Hazard, Gotze, Vertonghen… The usual names linked to us (and who I suspect we will never seriously bid for…) As for a striker… You know, I have just one player in mind— In terrible form at the moment, looks as blue as his shirt, was dropped by his national team… :D :D He would slot in well with us. Plus, I suspect we are the club he’s always wanted to go to.

  133. KT is your man for suggestions…..

  134. My friend in Dublin, a manure fan, has a pet, Sean the lizard has predicted 1:3 score to the scums.
    He also managed to name the scores by picking their squad no.
    The faart, bale, oussokusso, rvp!! He says he is as good as Paul the octopus!!

    Well I don’t know, all I care is to win 2moro, I don’t think we can finish 4th anyway.

  135. Agag, do you cuddle your pillow at night?

    Is ‘that’ players face on it???

  136. rico, I know you won’t like it, but I’d take a Theo for You-Know-Who swap. ;)

  137. AK, hahaha. I haven’t gotten around to looking for that pillow. Don’t you go giving me ideas. ;)

    Rokabox, we’ll kill the lizard if it turns out to be right. :D

  138. Jussi

  139. Don’t want Podolski or Hazard :)

  140. you know who agag, who could that be ;)

    Rokabox, if we get 4th – SteveP is right, the leagues a fix ;)

  141. Actually, if we can’t get Ba, I’d go for The Yak…..

  142. Dutch, ahahaa. That is soooo lame. (You know who the purchaser is if that item goes “sold” in the next few minutes) :lol:

    rico, persona non grata in Liverpool, unwanted at Stamford Bridge… Hah.

  143. Sikr AK!!!! are you still with the inner tube wheels??? Bless your wooly toes. :lol:

    I do not have inner tube neither on my escort nor on my Lada. Both have tubeless tyres and infact I just jack the car, find the hole and just patch it up. No taking the tyre off from the rim, etc etc etc.

    I just do the solution and wait for about 3 minutes for it to seal and inflate it with the car pump.

    Infact its quicker than typing this post mate.

  144. TTTTTTT – orres agag ;)

  145. Get you devil, thats all a bit posh :)

  146. :P Agag some people just don’t get the concept of a product. Tbh I wanted Arsenal to buy him from Athletico.

    Now I dream of Damaio, New Brazilian wunderkind better than Neymar.

  147. Both of them are my babies so I take care of them round the clock Rico. And since they take me here and there I give them the best whenever I can. Both are 15 years old but they are the apple of my eye.

  148. For Torres see TH mates. A flop elsewhere but with us I think he could flourish and be perfect with our system.

    Swap Theo for him???? I would bite their hand with that proposal in a flash.

  149. right in one go, rico!! Hah. :D

    Torres has AFC written all over him, Devil. A partnership with RvP would be a thing to behold! He’d find his mojo with us again.

    Dutch, that pillow case was a really baaaad idea. :P

  150. Good on you devil, the old ones are the good ones and should always be treated with care … :) just ask AK ;)

    Re Torres, i think he’d be great for us – he’d find his form again in a flash….

    Wouldn’t swap him for Theo though, Chamakh yes….

  151. I had a feeling you wouldn’t like that swap, rico!!

    I am off good people! Nighty!

  152. Devil the Chavs slapped some crazy price tag on him. With a swap we still be looking at hefty fee. But I would take that chance, if RvP stays and plays 10 role and our primary formation switches to 4-4-2. It would give us a potent frontline and a opportunity to switch tactics per game/substitute to 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3.

  153. Not for Theo agag, Theo for Sturridge, yes ;)

    Nighty – you sleep well…..

  154. Nite nite iron butterfly. I know Agag cheeky me. :P

  155. off for dinner, back in a bit….

  156. You mean back in a bite….. Madam. ;)

  157. Enjoy Rico. I am off to enjoy a bite and then a sip of a glass of wine. Nighty night Lady AGAG

  158. Night Devil enjoy your Bordeaux.

  159. Evening all and goodnight all… enjoy the NLD where ever you may be 2moro… let us smash the swampy vermin to bits let us make sure they are forever in our shadow and lets make sure we show them we are The Arsenal……………

    Have a very early brekkie in the morning with some friends will catch you late 2moro night or monday…! Here’s to the scum going home beaten and abused…!

  160. WATH either party got a point to prove and 3 to gain. COYG!!!!!!!!!!

  161. Nighty devil, enjoy your evening…

    Hi DG and Wath..

    Night Wath, and where ever you may be, hope you get to see us batter the yids and send them home to the gutter in which they belong….

    Don’t go shouting at the stewards when they tell you to sit down and be quiet…..

    Oh, and watch out for Micko….

  162. I’m going to head off for the day too all…

    Be good and stay safe…

    Nighty all….

  163. Mick is probably strolling down Holloway Road after a few pints of the blackstuff, munching on a kebab….

    He knows how to live does our Micko.

  164. Goodnight Rico, have a good kip…..

  165. Devil, tubeless tyres on a Honda 70..?!

    Not to my knowledge…. :D

  166. Night Rico. See you tomorrow charming.

  167. Evening Grandmaster puncture fixing.

  168. AK I had to Google but it says a Honda 70 is from 1970′ that must be incorrect, not?

  169. Good interviews Dutch…..

    i’ll put a couple more up… ;)

  170. No Dutch, the original model was the early 1970’s, but Honda were still making them well into the 1990’s and beyond.
    A very reliable small m/c.

  171. Thanx AK Arsenal.com will not be happy their content is nicked and freely available.

    Honda 70 looks a bit Italian, like a Roman horse. ;)

  172. Good TH12 i/v Dutch…..

    Yes, it’s a bit like a scooter.

  173. Blimey, Miquel is starting to sound like a Cockney…. :D

  174. Sir AK Ignasi looks a fine lad in the making. Wish TH12 could have stayed a few weeks longer, just to spark the squad character. They still seem to need a lot of encouragement outside their persona.

  175. I know Dutch, TH12 would have loved to have played in Milan and vs the Spuds, but his 3 goals are a great memory…

    Notice the U16’s playing on an adjoining pitch during the U18’s game….

  176. Watched the Ems stadium numerous times and can’t stop thinking the structure on top should have been bright red. Would have given it much more of an Gunners identity.

  177. There’s some great Youth and Reserve games on there to watch…

  178. I thought under 18 played Chelsea today. Can’t find it.

  179. I remember thinking, years ago, why Highbury wasn’t painted red more.

    Looking back a lot of the ground was painted green!

    Then i was told, or read somewhere, that apparantly the club believed that red deteriorated quicker than green, making the stadium look scruffy and tatty as it aged.

    So maybe that policy is still in place?

  180. I used to be an avid visitor of the youngguns blog. It’s good to see the Twitters being thrown on here regularly as an alternative.

  181. Jamie Sanderson‏@YoungGunsBlogReply

    · Open

    On subject of #AFC loanees, credit to Vito Mannone: he’s set Hull record of 6 straight clean sheets. Not conceded in 10 hours.

  182. Glad to help Dutch… :P

    shrek Gunner‏@shrek2be

    · Open

    @YoungGunsBlog any idea whether we have any buyback option on Nordtveit who is interesting Liverpool?

    Jamie Sanderson‏@YoungGunsBlog

    @shrek2be – Not to my knowledge, but there is a sell on clause, so if Liverpool do buy Nordtveit, Arsenal would get some of the money

  183. Well AK apart from the billboards the Ems still doesn’t look like home away from home. Highbury felt so much more original oozing authority.

  184. I’m off now Dutch.

    See ya tomorrow…

    Night mate.

  185. Well Highbury was unique mate, don’t think there was another stadium like it anywhere else in the world.

    The modern stadiums do really lack a bit of character.

  186. Villa Park, the old one, WHL, Everton, Maine Road, Roker Park, the old stadiums were distinct, recognisable, but all these modern bowls look the same.
    Although Ashburton Grove, again, has a bit more character than the rest…

    Gone now Dutch… ;)

  187. Ryo will soon be dazzling many fullbacks in the EPL. Looking so much forward to next year when the academy going to show it’s spoils and the dark days will be banished. Replaced by deep appreciation. :P :P

  188. Night AK. Have a nice evening. C ya mate.

  189. Its the night before the cup final so lets go for it guy’s and gal’s

  190. Highbury house our guys need to be back Tomorrow!!

  191. Smudge going offski as well. C ya tomorrow fella. Polish your armor thoroughly will you. We need the THIS IS SPARTA game face. Night.

  192. We need to be strong tomorrow Dutch! Have a good sleep and recharge the batteries in the morning!

  193. OK Arsenal Men let’s enjoy A few song’s before the Cup Final that tomorrow

  194. Emirates tomorrow lets be there lets give it the way it should be!

  195. For Rico Enjoy!

  196. No it’s not goodbye to Arshavin its goodbye to Jane!!!

  197. Remember when we did the business!

  198. For you guys lets fucking do it

  199. Oh Carol nobody’s done it before!

  200. this one’s for rico I love that arsenal girl

  201. A comparison of Top-6 Teams versus Bottom-13 Teams:

    Chelski ……….. 3 … 0 Bolton
    Abu Dhabi City 3 … 0 Blackburn

    Abu Dhabi City 14W . 2D . 1L 46F 11A +/- 35 . 44pts . 71 max pts
    S*CUMS ……… 13W . 3D . 1L 37F 12A +/- 25 . 42pts . 69 max pts
    ManU ………….. 12W . 2D . 2L 37F 10A +/- 27 . 38pts . 68 max pts
    Chelski ………… 11W . 5D . 2L 33F 13A +/- 20 . 38pts . 62 max pts
    Arsenal ………… 11W . 4D . 3L 38F 17A +/- 21 . 37pts . 61 max pts
    Liverpool ………… 7W . 6D . 3L 22F 11A +/- 11 . 27pts . 57 max pts

    You can see above that they key to retian Top-4 STatus is to beat all those Bottom-13 teams now.

    Liveprool’s downfall is that theya re losing and drawing too many games to all those Bottom-13 teams.

    Abu DHabi cIty, S*CUMS and ManU are Top-3 simply that they get more wins against Bototm-13 teams and why they are way ahead of Arsenal.

    If Arsenal remains Unbeaten against Bototm-13 teams, we may already cemented our Top-4 STatus now, instead of fighting it out with Liverpool, CHelski and Newcastle!

  202. New Post going up….

  203. Bloody right Robin…. Bloody right!!

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