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Goal scorer finally signed? Gazidis has lost it & What’s in store for us today?

Just a short post today as there is little to no news relating to OUR club.

We know what day it is, it’s Deadline Day and I strongly suspect most football fans will be wondering if their club will make a move today on what is their final chance to bag a bargain.

I don’t suppose it will be much different for Arsenal fans although the expectation is not quite so high as some.

To be fair, it’s been a very quiet transfer window to-date, only Chelsea, QPR and Newcastle have spent money and even that hasn’t been vast amounts.

However, their need may not be as great as ours and we still need a player who can score us goals and a player who can help us stop conceding them too.

Will we see Wenger finally dip into the market and spring one or two surprises like he did back in the summer or will we get to 11pm UK time knowing what we had in our squad yesterday we will have now until the end of the season?

Who knows eh but we do know there are a few players out there who would suit our needs very well……

One player who is reported to be on his way through the back door is Brussia Dortmund for 19 year old midfielder, Thomas Eisfeld, the deal is subject  to him passing a  medical and we’ll see today if there is any truth in that one.

Typical though, reports suggest his medical has to be a tough one, just to make sure he’s recovered properly from an cruciate ligament injury he suffered in 2009. Eisfeld has been playing for Dortmund under 19s this season and has managed six goals in twelve appearances, not bad for a midfielder eh?

Finally we seem to have found a referee that doesn’t hate us.

Following Alex McLeish stupid allegation made against Robin van Persie the FA were asked to get involved. However, Mike Jones has confirmed he saw the incident involving our captain and did not deem it to be ‘naughty’ – therefore Robin van Persie has no case to answer as the FA are not able to investigate further…

That’s about it really, unless you are interested in Mo Farah popping into the club to say hello to all, or Theo’s latest chat on the officical website telling us all he’s back to his best and wants to win trophies….

Or if you want to read about Ivan Gazidis telling the world how wonderful our club is and how we are still in three competitions but Manchester City aren’t and how the latter should be jealous of our achievements this season.

Is he for real??

I’d actually say we are in two, the FA Cup and Champions League as the chances of winning the Premier League are little to none! He also suggests that money isn’t everything… blah blah blah – Have a read if you can be bothered….. Heard it all before…

Well, I can’t be particularly, I just want to get to 11pm and know that Wenger has spent a few million of Stan’s hard-earned cash!!

Actually, it wasn’t that short was it… ;)

Have a good day all….

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469 comments on “Goal scorer finally signed? Gazidis has lost it & What’s in store for us today?

  1. Morning Gooners.

    Morning Rico, great post.

    Ready for 14 hours of frustration everyone???

  2. I still say we gonna get Messi today…………

  3. Morning all

    Don’t know why DD is a day I look forward to…. ;)

    QPR have signed Cisse :eek:

    Bridge going to Sunderland – hoorah

  4. Can you believe what an insensitive idiot Ivan Gazides is….?

    What an unbelievably stupid time of the year to be saying such a load of old tripe, Deadline Day…..

    Talk about adding fuel to the fire!!!

  5. 3rd for me then ;)

    Morning AK and Wath…

    Can’t believe Gazidis comments, what a knob eh!

  6. Actually AK i’d prefer to think more like he’s digging his own grave than fuel to the fire…..

    Complete prick……! No nothing idiot who does what exactly……………

    Enuff said…………… P45 for Gazidis………..!

  7. Buongiorno tutti! How are we all today? Gazides once again managed to raise my blood pressure. I wish him and his “Sustainable Model” would just fuck right off.

  8. AK – spot on, and his comment about Wenger not having a job for life, he should worry about his own position, Stan needs to get rid of him – all his does is talk twaddle and makes our club look very foolish…..

  9. morning rocky, couldn’t put it better myself….

  10. This kid we are supposed to have signed, i know he’s not what we need now but, at least he knows where the goal is ;)

  11. I wish we’d persued Karren Brady a bit further rather than give the job to that absolute helmet Gazides.

  12. Sums up the people running the club Rico…………..!

    Oh and good morning on this lovely warm winters day lol :)

  13. Also Rocky Karen Brady is a Gooner…..!

  14. You just know Gazides probably isn’t even out of bed yet…. He knows that transfer deadline day is one of his least busy days of the year. Which is saying something, because what actually does he do?

  15. Thanks rocky re the post, and AK :)

  16. Indeed she is wath. And a lot more pleasing on the eye that the gobshite.

  17. Agree re Karen Brady, just what we needed, a gooner who wouldn’t be a yes gal – she’d be in the office by now, that’s for sure….

    Is she still with West Ham?

    Gazidis is probably still looking in the mirror, or checking himself out in the newspapers, slimeball….

  18. Morning Wath/Rocky, everyone excited????? :(

  19. Chavs have got Kevin De-Bryne….

  20. This is by James Lawton of The Independent;

    1 / 1Arsène Wenger and Jose Mourinho would surely both benefit from the new challenges brought about if they swapped clubs
    Getty ImagesOf all the possibilities provoked by Jose Mourinho’s latest overture to the Premier League, the most intriguing by some distance would surely be a straight job swap with Arsène Wenger.

    Who would lose? Hardly Wenger, who not so long ago had the Real portfolio offered on a platter of the finest Spanish gold.

    Consider the advantages implicit in a move to the Bernabeu. He would no longer have to fret over a defence that continues to look as accident-prone as his compatriot Inspector Clouseau. He would get to work with such thoroughbreds as Cristiano Ronaldo and Mesut Ozil and the recently revived Kaka. For a little while at least he would be free from Doomsday analysis every time he made a substitution.

    There would also be the approval of the iconic Alfredo Di Stefano, who began firing shots at the cynicism of the Special One almost before he stepped off the plane from Milan.

    Mourinho would inherit a new stage at the Emirates guaranteed to give him another bracing challenge or, as he might put it, another juicy role in a movie of his own creation.

    Arsenal would get a coach guaranteed to bring back a level of competitive integrity which has been dwindling steadily since their last trophy seven years ago. In that time Mourinho has won two Premier League titles, an FA Cup, two League Cups, two Serie A titles, the Italian Cup, the Champions League and the Spanish Cup. He is also top of La Liga, seven points ahead of Barcelona, widely believed to be streets ahead of any other team on earth and possibly the best club side in the history of the game.

    These are not so much credentials as a series of open pay cheques and it is no wonder that for so long Mourinho was considered the inevitable replacement of Sir Alex Ferguson the moment he signalled his belief that it was time to go. That conviction lost a lot of ground last season when Mourinho’s behaviour slumped to new levels of boorishness. However, who begins to match his unbroken impact since he guided Porto to the Champions League in 2004?

    According to reports from Madrid, the front-runners to replace Mourinho if his relationships with club president, Florentino Perez, and some senior players continue to deteriorate are Germany’s coach, Joachim Löw, and Rafa Benitez, who was sacked by Liverpool and then Internazionale after his brief and catastrophic attempt to pick up the baton put down by the Special One.

    Löw has put in an impressive seven-year stint with Germany but running this particularly well-oiled national team, with its astounding record of consistency and grounded professionalism, is not quite the same as battling the remnants of the old galactico mentality. Mourinho, naturally, tackled it head-high and maybe some of the full repercussions are only now surfacing.

    Still, apart from the local difficulty represented by Barcelona whenever they appear at the Bernabeu, Mourinho is already more than halfway to another stunning entry in his personal record. No one doubts his ability to bring the title home for Real and it is not the biggest reach to imagine that he might also collect his third Champions League. That would make him only the third coach in history to win the biggest prize in club football at three separate clubs.

    It certainly means that when Mourinho flutters his eyes at the Premier League once again it is less a job application than an invitation to form a queue.

    No leading club can be comfortably impervious to the opportunity of sure-fire success that Mourinho offers and this certainly has to include Chelsea, where the striving but still embattled Andre Villas-Boas must be most conscious of the latest love letter to English football from his former mentor. Villas-Boas talks passionately about the future he hopes to build and we are told that Roman Abramovich listens patiently. But then was any football investor ever more anxious than Abramovich to live not in the future but today?

    This is the supreme promise of Mourinho. He doesn’t put down building blocks. He lives on the run, agitating everyone around him, but invariably creating a sense that anything can be achieved, if not today then no later than tomorrow. In recent years this has made him the antithesis of Wenger, whose heaviest critics say that while he spins a future he neglects the present.

    What no one can question is the fact that Arsenal are in desperate need of new impetus – and new certainties. On Sunday they retrieved potentially the ugliest situation since dissatisfaction first began to be expressed so bluntly in the Emirates stands. But it was hardly a performance to beguile anyone into the idea that redemption was at hand.

    The defence was again appalling as Aston Villa, who disappeared at half-time, took a two-goal lead with something close to contempt. You couldn’t help imagining the wrath that such inadequacy would have provoked in Mourinho. The challenge of his career came when he ordered Internazionale to “park the bus” against Barça two years ago. Yes, he freely admitted, he would play anti-football against the darlings of the game. He would demand to see how good they were. For some the outcome was close to sacrilege but Mourinho could not have cared less.

    An ideal fit for the Arsenal fashioned by Arsène Wenger? No, but then such a candidate simply does not exist. Mourinho wouldn’t – and almost certainly couldn’t – make a new Arsenal in the image of the old one. But he would get them back into the game, he would make them serious again. And, no doubt, he would win something.

    In an imperfect world, it would surely be a start

  21. Morning AK. Not in the slightest! Not looking forward to today being month end so very busy, not looking forward to sitting in front of Sky Sports News tonight and getting my hopes dashed and not looking forward to the train journey home with loads of scummers who are playing at home tonight. Basically, today sucks!

  22. If you read the Express, you’re bound to end up feeling wound up!
    It’s their job, especially as Matt Law supports Villa. :)

    Try this for a more balanced view. ( the sub links are interesting too)


  23. 12 months ago, even 12 weeks ago, the thought of Jose Mourinho as Arsenal manager was anathema to me.

    But the prospect of winning trophies again, with prehaps the Champions League among them, makes the prospect of The Special One as our manager, more palatable by the day….

  24. Exactly why we wouldn’t get someone like KB Rico, the top seems full of yes men….!

  25. Rocky, don’t torture yourself mate get a decent dvd or listen to music you know full well we won’t be signing anyone decent today and certainly not addressing what we need..!

    AK, not a chance would we get Mourinho in…. he’d give the board a heart attack first 2 mins when he says no the first time…!

  26. AK, not excited, not one bit – we’ll prob sign two 12 year olds and that will be it…

    Still think we should try and get Tevez on loan for the rest of the season….

  27. Morning Chas, no videos this morning????

  28. good article AK but even now, i’m not keen on Moanrinho – as written, at the chavs he won things with an open cheque book and he plays boring football..

    Look at the players he has at RM, but he still can’t beat Barca ;)

    Low however, or a.n. other…..

  29. Morning chas, tbh, i think the article is in most papers, i just chose the express ;)

    Every time that man opens his mouth, i just switch off, fed up with his spin….

  30. Agree Wath, imagine old PHW’s face if KB walked in the door ;)

  31. Morning Rico, completely agree with your post apart from the last bit. It’s not Stan’s hard earned cash, it’s ours! Read somewhere that the Arsenal make sonethingvlike 3mil a game from us. 4 games worth should buy us someone decent. Gazidas…..blah, blah, blah. What exactly does he do to earn his money? I’d love to see his appraisal with HR and what he considers to be his achievements. From what I can see it’s chief brown noser to Wenger

  32. I don’t like Mourinho either Rico, he guarantees some quite adverse incidents and confrontation with authority and media alike.

    He also guarantees trophies……

    Our Board would be terrified of having someone like him in charge.

  33. Any of you guys watch the programme about Justin Fashanu last night??

    My view of Joey Barton has changed a tad….

  34. Morning Sam, I was being ironic, he hasn’t earned a penny has he, certainly not when it comes to our club….


  36. I still think he’s a c*** Rico…. Far too self-important for my liking.

  37. Wouldn’t they just AK, as Wath said, the first no would make them all quiver ;)

    Still rather Van Basten or Hiddink even, somewhere between what we have now and Jose…

    Mind you, the press love Jose ;)

  38. Not just wenger’s ambition WISE the board are just as bad, they 2 cheeks from the same arse…..

    Board don’t care they have sold out and made their dosh now they just freeloading…!

  39. Ah, sorry a bit slow this morning! Although I predicted it I still can’t believe Wenger is not buying anyone…..does he want the sack!!?

  40. Don’t shout Wise ;)

    They are all as bad as eachother, from Wenger upwards….

  41. Great – our January signing could be another teenager and a midfielder at that !?
    With the crying need for defensive strengthening and a reliable PL goalscorer (Dempsey please) we could be signing another midfielder to sit on the bench with Benayoun, Diaby(?), Rosicky, Coquelin etc. We all know what the squad needs; doesn’t Wenger and the board, or are they just not interested in winning things, just swelling the bank balance.
    The comment above that if Wenger went to Real Madrid ‘He would no longer have to fret over a defence that continues to look as accident-prone as his compatriot Inspector Clouseau’ is a laugh – just who’s fault is that, he put it together. If he had signed Cahill in August instead of haggling over a couple of quid, we would not be in the situation we are now.
    Mourinho is far from my favourite manager, but at least he could get us back to winning ways as he has done everywhere he goes. After that we could look at playing pretty football again

  42. Morning all, nice one Ricolicious.
    Whats all this i hear that Messi is coming to us, is it April already. Wath you have a vivid imagination, but i like your optimism. I reckon Wenger may just buy a future Messi mind you we may have to wait for quite a few years as he is still in nappies. Ivan the terrible has a great job used twice a year and still cannot sort anything but a loan, Oh for a job like that. No wonde Dein wants it back.

  43. From Pat Rice upwards Rico…..

  44. rico says:
    January 30, 2012 at 7:40 pm

    Arsenal – Wefor Everwaiting


    good morning guys and chicks of the Gunners’ faith.

    Good day Rico.

    IMO the coaching team I would like now is the De Boer team (including DB10) in charge of Ajax right now. Imagine them with Bould. AMAZING

  45. Totally agree CEJ. How many non-playing midfielders do we actually need?! I wouldn’t be at all shocked if Wenger tries to turn Frimpong into a CB next season if (when more like) we get some bad defensive injuries! After all, Wenger does love his square pegs/round holes. Anything rather than actually spend money on a proven player

  46. Hi Clockend, spot on, apart from Moanrinho ;)

    We could bring in a manager who plays attractive football and Keown to sort the defence out….

  47. Morning Devil/SSP. It’s all kicking off…. Yaaawn! :(

  48. Morning Devil, how’s you matey….? AK says he’s looking forward to a fun filled interesting day…. He must be off to eurodisney then….!

  49. Morning steve, thanks :)

    DD must be heartbroken….

    Oops, yes rocky, from Rice upwards….

    Morning devil, glad it made you chuckle ;)

    De Boer – ah, the twins that Wenger missed out on, yep, they do ;)

  50. Just looked at the link AK. Cruciate ligament injury, eh?! Belting! So he’ll have a month or so out of action every year then! As long as he’s not another Bischoff (or whatever his name is!)

  51. Eurodisney????? He is supposed to be at Tragalgar square in the the eventuality of AFC signing Messi, Xavi, Ronaldo, Busquets and Cesc…………….!!!!!!!!!!! They are getting ready a red carpet across it for his bare feet to glide upon. :lol: :lol:

    I am ok W.A.T.H. Been there and back and I tell you I did not like it. Could think of better things to do…….like chatting on HH for example.

  52. rocky, Wenger hasn’t suceeded in turning JD into a centre back, let alone Pingpong ;)

  53. Wath, i think Gazides is in serious transfer talks;

    Straight swap, Gunnersaurus for Daffy Duck

  54. Red carpet for AK…. Surely not Devil ;-)

  55. Well am glad all ok Devil…………… A kick up the bum telling to you take it easy mate…! Take note…!

  56. Even I find it hard to imagine it W.A.T.H. Seems as if them two are like chalk and cheese……………..!!!!!!!! ;)

  57. rocky, the details of the injury are in the post, you naughty boys not read it today ;) ;)

  58. Rocky, Eisfeld will be good company for Diaby…. :roll:

  59. Maybe Gazidis is looking for a job at his beloved Citeh, he’s trying to make out it’s all his doing that we are so successful so they will come headhunt him and make him CEO……?

    I like that idea…………….

  60. Now you are talking Wath……

  61. @YoungGunsBlogJamie Sanderson

    Expect a quiet #DeadlineDay for #AFC. Thomas Eisfeld deal should be sealed soon. #BWFC still talking over Ryo Miyaichi loan.

  62. good morning
    spanish press: RVP wants to join Fabregas next summer.
    Chamack play today the last match in CAN. He will be back soon…
    our most important sign in this period ;-)

  63. @YoungGunsBlogJamie Sanderson

    Just written up the full story on Arsenal’s deal for Thomas Eisfeld here: http://bit.ly/yol6Bp – Fee approx £400,000. #AFC.

  64. I did read it Rico… promise! Although I was on the phone at the time……

  65. Morning JM, more good news from Lusitania, cheers amigo…. ;)

  66. Anyone fancy a game of tiddly winks………………

  67. JS is fast becoming a comedian AK… Expect a quiet deadline day from AFC…..! When do we expect anything else…!

    Not funny JS and so so so predictable…!

  68. Hi JM, i’m not surprrised if thats true about RvP…

    We can all get excited soon then AK ;) Good news on Ryo, Bolton will do him good…

    Just teasing you rocky ;) ;)

  69. Draughts anyone, that’s all we will get with this window open ;)

  70. Oooooh Rico that’s so droll……………….. ;-)

  71. I thought it was quite funny actually ;)

  72. I share your frustration Wath, but JS does have a few snippets of info…

    You are more grumpy than usual today mate… ;)

  73. AK, he’s always this grumpy…… ;)

  74. Excited Rico??? Yes boss i’m really buzzin down here on the snowy South-Coast…

    That’s right, it’s bleedin’ snowing…… :?

  75. I’m not grumpy AK just thirsty ;-)

    Shall I make you a drink Grandad…? You have a red carpet appointment later today apparently….!

  76. Rico, inside of every grump, is a happy-go-lucky cheeky chapie desperately trying to get out….. :D

  77. A hot cuppa tea for me Wath…. ;)

  78. Ak, am also not frustrated mate due to the fact I never expected us to sign anyone… My frustration is listening to utter drivel from a prick like gazidid earning a huge salary (paid for by us) and doing fuck all for it while he talks like we’re all gullible idiots to believe his utterly delusional spin…!

  79. We haven’t had the snow yet AK, but i’m sure it’s going to arrive soon….. You got much?

    Red carpet appoint, what have i missed :eek:

    I think Wath could be living proof that is not always the case ;)

  80. @YoungGunsBlogJamie Sanderson

    Thomas Eisfeld’s move to Arsenal a done deal. He passed medical and will train with the first-team this morning

  81. A cuppa coming right up Grandad AK………..

  82. Just seen that on FB AK, wonder if he’ll feature tomorrow ;)

  83. Gazidis and Hill-Wood are a two-man embarrassment for the club.

  84. Just a light dusting Rico, i’m South East, extreme south-east, so we get it first as it’s coming in from the Russian Steppes.

    Wath i know, if we didn’t larf, we’d go mental, so you grump away mate, i’ll be joining you as the day drags on.

    Gazides is a fraud, i don’t care what Alex Fynn says about him. He would be advised to keep his stupid mouth shut on a day like this….

  85. Get with it Rico, Devil says Grandad AK on his way to Trafalgar Square later to welcome our new signing…. Mr Messi on the red carpet…!

  86. Sooner they both go the better Adam…..

    Someone on FB has posted we signed Neymar on a 5 year deal too, that has to be a joke…..

  87. GAK, I’m not grumpy I promise……………… I’m always like this until the waiter brings me my first quad GG………… ;-)

    Gazidis it a smarmy delusional gobshite…! Fraud is about right GAK, thing is we paying for him…!

  88. Morning Adam. Is it snowing in London yet?

    It’s on it’s way if it isn’t mate. Not very heavy, but it’s bitterly cold down here.

  89. I ain’t got snow GAK……

  90. Young Gun: Eisfeld has yet to feature for Dortmund’s first team but has done enough to impress Arsenal (Photo: PA)..

    Eisfeld, who is out-of-contract at Dortmund in the summer, was in London yesterday for talks along with his agent Reza Fazeli, and even took part in the morning training session, as Arsene Wenger put the prospect through his paces.

    The 19-year-old is set to sign a long-term deal with Arsenal, after he completes a thorough medical, due to concerns over his poor injury record, and previous damage to his cruciate knee ligaments.

    However, the Gunners are hopeful of wrapping up the formalities in time for Eisfeld to be eligible to make his debut for the club on Wednesday, when Arsenal’s second string take on their Swansea City counterparts in a reserve team fixture.

    Eisfeld moves to North London after coming through the Dortmund Academy, where he is highly rated, and currently sits as the Under-19 team’s leading scorer, with six goals in 12 matches.

    He is yet to feature for the Dortmund first-team, but the club had been hoping to renew his contract this month, before Arsenal pounced and agreed a £400,000 compensation deal over the weekend.

    An agile, creative and attacking central play-maker, Eisfeld can also play as a striker or on the wings, and will look to hone his talents by starting life in Arsenal’s reserve ranks, while training full time with the first-team.

    Read more: http://www.metro.co.uk/sport/football/888939-arsenal-move-for-borussia-dortmund-teenager-thomas-eisfeld#ixzz1l269D600

  91. I still can’t believe that clown PHW uses the Daily Star as him mouth (or ring) piece. What a dick.

  92. Citeh have signed Pizzarro on loan…

  93. Another reserve then, what about NOW Wenger…..

    Big or Little rocky ;)

  94. So it seems that up till now we have signed two first teamers who will surely be in the squad for tomorrow…….NOBO DY and WEFOR EVERWAITING.

    I’m impressed.

    Meanwhile Pavlyuchenko, who has a gd scoring record is up for sale.

  95. Morning me old chinas. Is this a new site???? What a nice family!!!!

  96. Don’t want anymore Russians Devil… :(

  97. Devil :lol:

    Now that would be some catch, just imagine him switching and scoring bucket loads for us…..

    AKGG – you are in fine form ;)

  98. Ones who can score goals are ok AK

  99. Ohhhhhh yes M’Lady. I am fine. The only snag is that me zimma frame is broke an I canna fix it. And how is the young feller doin??? Is he up to scratch with his comments on my favourite team???

  100. Morning all,

    This time last year we had Wenger telling us the quadruple was still on.
    Now we have Gazidas telling us we’re still in 3 competetions.

    Anyone got a shotgun.

  101. :P he’s grumpy….

  102. Good point, i really rate Ozyakup…

    Suprised he’s not gone out on loan yet?

    Not sure if he’s had any fitness issues recently…

  103. @YoungGunsBlogJamie Sanderson

    #AFC signing Eisfeld baffling given fight they put up to keep Ozzy Özyakup in the summer, who is same type of player. Odd.

  104. I think they are all taken Micko, now just got to find the bloody idiot ;)

  105. And what the eck is appening down there at the newfangled ground??? Times were a’better by far when we used to stand on the old Highbury terraces at the North Bank!!!! Some of ther lads I canna say their surnames. Seems way too many furriners in the club nowadays. Even the manager. Dear oh Dear, what’ll old Herbie would say to that. Never before had I eard a manager going by that name……Ars’ N Wanga. Old Herbie and Tom for sure will be turning in their old graves or summat!!!!

  106. Rico, there’s no chance of the Scum selling us Pav’.

    I did read that the Spuds were trying to tie up a deal for Adebayor for £8 million!!!

    I’d rather have him back, minus the baggage of course….

  107. I am Arsenal fan sense birth. I trully said to you that we newer gunner win anything if Wenger stays as manager. He is more like 2nd team manager who try devolope young players and doesn’t care about trophies. I understand if van Persie leaves in this sommer if he want to win something he needs to go elswere who can give him his wish.

  108. Newcastle want Mariappa also. Now he is not someone I am that much excited about however at least get us another defender ffs. We do need one badly. And yesterday there was talk of Holtby. Now I do like Holtby, who reminds me of a young Ballack, however we need a blooming defender and a bloody striker.

    And we get AW chomping about the quadruple and now Gaz boy banging his drum about the treble. What next????? Next season we will have Kroenke yelling about the double.

  109. Is that Maltese Cockney your talkin there Grandad?

  110. “Not what I had in mind when I said I’d love a bung……”

  111. To the east of London, at the bottom of the M11 we have a constant light sleet. It is absolutely vile but not as vile as Alec McLeish, that vilest of vile things with his whispy red hair, his wide-eyed stare and his dumb tactics. I reckon Fergie, his old mate from the Glasgow shipyards told him that, whenever your team looses, deflect the criticism by focussing on something else. Thus we have the recent accusations of Robin the conman after Hutton, another vile creature, got himself sent off for being an arsehole. Now it is Robin the elbow-happy thug.

  112. Me too AK….

    You trying to keep me busy in the dashboard today, jeez, i’m busier than Wenger and Gazidis ;)

  113. Hi beje, maybe thats what the club need to do, swap places with him and Bouldy ;)

    devil, with you there, a striker and defender in before 11pm and then we may just be able to compete in one or two of these competitions…

    Wath, that link is very funny ….

  114. Tha you are young feller. How’s you bin doin lately????

    Maltese cockney???? Whatever is that all about young un’???

    Now I am off to rest. Need to take ma pills and sleep.

    ‘ave you finished your homowork today??? I hope so.

    bye for today

  115. Not difficult to be busier than them 2 Rico so your hardly covering yourself in glory with that one….!

    I’m confused, who’s messing with Devils moniker, he ain’t AK’s Grandad at all…. The resident geriatric is by far the oldest contributor on here and it’s a well now fact so the slander against Devil is truly unacceptable and should stop instantly, Also pls leave my dear old Grandad AK alone he’s having a bit of fun, gonna roll him along the ground soon and use him in the garden as a snowman…!

  116. Was there a full moon last night ?

  117. plz buy gotze n harzard today needed …………….fact we need to spend TODAY

  118. Seems as if Esswein deal is sealed, packed and ready under Christmas tree to open on the 25th of December sometime in the future.

  119. adam, good point, wenger does it a lot too so they are all as bad… wenger doesn’t quite stoop so low as McLeish though….

  120. But i’m doing very little really Wath ;)

    Micko, i think so…..

  121. Has GG passed the lips of someone on here today???? :)

  122. Not yet GAK, I have made provisions though…..! ;-)

  123. Arshavin is in talks about a move away :)

    Yep, its true….

  124. Offski for a spell.

    I’ll be back as soon as Gazides finalizes the signings of Hazard, Gotze, M’Vila, Vertonghen and Messi……..
    8-O I’m feeling a little insane…. :?

  125. Rico you rumour mongerer you…………. That’s so unfair to torture us all with slanderous gossip like that when you know it’s not true…!

  126. Anzhi – thats the club AA is in talks with, could it mean we sign someone???

  127. GAK, Have you just drunk my GG….?????

  128. Cheers AK. Say hello to your great grandad for me. :lol: ;)

  129. Zamora(Fulham) qpr?

  130. Everyone is waiting for a signing or a new player and what do we get on .com???????


    Makes you want to kick your head.

  131. Who has gone – AK, AKGG or Waths Grandad ;)

    Anyway, got to pop off for an hour, back later…..

  132. :lol: devil, how typical of them eh…..

    laters ….

  133. It’s to stop you from getting bored Devil :D

  134. Devil, that’s the life of a footballer these days….sex, drugs and spot the ball !

  135. Micko…..I used to think it ws sex, drugs and rock’n’roll

    You should have been here a few minutes ago…..there was AK’s great grandad on the site. Maybe he can tell us how it used to be way back in the bouncing thirties!!!!! :)

  136. Are we going to celebrate quite a bit tonight?????

    I reckon we should pursue a fee of around 10mill…….if money is no problem.

    Andrey Arshavin is in preliminary talks with Russian heavyweights Anzhi Makhachkala.

    The mega-rich club are putting together a money-is-no object move to land the unsettled Gunners playmaker.

    Anzhi chiefs sounded out Arshavin’s advisors earlier in the season and the wheels are now in motion.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2094317/Andrey-Arshavin-talks-Anzhi-Makhachkala.html#ixzz1l2X2LA8x

  137. One less of the payroll who doesn’t warrant such a huge salary although there are plenty more I could think of that should also be on their way out the door as well Devil….!

  138. RVP to Barça for 83 millions pounds ?

  139. :roll:

    That’s hilarious JM…. Where exactly are Barca going to get 83million pounds from when they are broke….?

    Who makes up these stories…?

  140. I had a sneaky feeling AA might be heading for the exit.

    Sounds like AKGG would have trouble getting his rocking chair to work let alone remembering the 1930’s.

  141. Devil, taking into account AK’s age… wouldn’t his great Grandad of been around in the 1890’s…?????

  142. I don’t know… press.
    yes, AA might be heading fot the exit.
    Hiroshi Ibusuki (Japan)?

  143. I would presume that AK’s GG remembers Dial square FC. :lol: :lol:

  144. Nice one Devil ;-)

  145. OK, have we signed Hazard, Vertonghen and Podolski yet???????

    Afternoon Gooners

  146. Barcelona have terminated the contract of Alexander Hleb – which could lead to the Belarusian returning to England.

    Hleb moved to Barcelona from Arsenal in 2008 after becoming disillusioned with life in London but his spell at the Nou Camp has been a disappointment.

    Moves to Stuttgart, Birmingham and Wolfsburg followed for Hleb and he has now been released from his contract at the Nou Camp.

    It means Hleb, 30, is now a free agent and clubs will not have to rush to sign him as free agents can be signed outside of the window, which closes at 11pm on Tuesday.

    Whilst I think he could be useful, I would bash AW even more if he resigned him again.

    But then he’s free………and we know how AW works!!!! :(

  147. I not only remember the 1930’s, i also remember Charlie Satterwaite and Percy Sands from the Manor Ground, Woolwich.
    I was there when Jimmy Sharp made his debut and Andy Ducat… ;)
    And who could ever forget Jimmy Ashcroft… :D
    Wath was with me of course…..
    The above WILL be changed… :P:

  148. afternoon rico & all HH regulars, that is great entertainment.

    signing players like buying clothes dare I say, or shoes in case of agag, or woolly hats for AK I hear!!

    some want the expensive big labels, assuming they quality and fashionable, others are just happy to shop at tescos or primark(no offence) and other shrewd ones find quality label items for knock down prices in other outlets, TK MAXX anyone!?

    The important thing that no matter where you shop you have to choose the right item that fit your dimensions and also looks good and may be fashionable for years to come.

    players need to be renewed and replaced just like clothes. after few years or even months you realize that they become ragged, outdated or you have outgrown them! usually the latter for me!!
    Wenger has to realize that sometimes you get it wrong and you have to return the item (if you still have the reciept) .otherwise try to sell it in e bay or even give it as a xmas present.

    All top managers like SAF and KD move players within a year or even months when they see they got it wrong. but noooooo Wenger knows best and keeps them till they rot and worse plays them out of position.

    he is searching for eggs in a cock ass!!

  149. Pray tell great great great great geriatric Grandad of mine how could I of been there….?

    Delusional ole fart :P

  150. Hiya Rokabox;
    TK Maxx is good. I shop there often. But they’re not as cheap as they like to pretend….
    Marks & Sparks are good… :D
    A new wooly hat sounds good… ;)

    The feeling i’m getting on here today, is one reservation. None of expect any suprises, so we may as well have a larf.

    Mind you, there’s a certain grumpy old sod on here who would still be moaning even if we signed Ronaldo… :P:

  151. Hello Wath, i was just thinking of you… ;)

  152. Afternoon Roka….

    We all know we gonna buy noone of real quality, the excuses been rolled out the whole month and before that if we honest…! Now to wait for the summer excuses before we hit the end of Feb…!

  153. Saha (Everton) Totts
    Krasic (juventus) tots ?

  154. Hiya W.A.T.H. ‘s GGG Grandfather. seems that you are a fine fellow after all. You should join in more frequently. There was AK’s Great Grandad here a couple of hours ago and I presume you could have shared some nice memories from yesteryear. Maybe both of you could write an article about historical memories from yesteryear. How about that????

  155. But GGGGGAK, did you have a vision of my birth some 100 years later………….

    I’m sooooooooooooo impressed…!

  156. Ronaldo is a has been fat brazilian……!!

  157. GGGGGGGAK, It seems Victor has met Gazidis then…………

  158. Well, we did brace ourself for disappointment, rico. ;)

    Boo, everyone! Particularly, the newbies.:D Off to read the comments.

  159. You save the “boo’s” for half time and full time AGAG not for on here :P

  160. Have to shoot off for a bit don’t change your moniker AK otherwise you’ll go into moderation and wont get let out til I am back so behave yaself…………. ;-)

  161. Hiya Agag, lets hope you’ll bring a change of luck.

  162. See ya lata Victor….. :) :) ;)

  163. Hiya Devil, i have a long memory habib… ;)

  164. Rokabox, haha on the shoes… And AK’s woolly hats. :D

    WATH, you just love typing all those GGs don’t ya? :P

    Devil, I hope you’re tiptop now. :)

    Oh and , I’ll take a pass on Mourinho. Can’t stand him.

  165. I really should not be disappointed… And yet… Sigh.

  166. @YoungGunsBlogJamie Sanderson

    Ryo Miyaichi’s loan move to #BWFC all but done. Just the formalities left to complete now. Good move for all parties. #AFC.

  167. ekproliEno Ekpro


    @YoungGunsBlog quick question, when a loan occurs, does the club acquiring the player typically pay a loan fee and player wages?

    36 minutes ago

    in reply to ↑

    @YoungGunsBlogJamie Sanderson

    @ekproli – The club signing the player usually pays the wages, and occasionally a loan fee will change hands.

  168. @YoungGunsBlogJamie Sanderson

    Arsenal confirm Ryo Miyaichi has joined #BWFC on loan until the end of the season. Ryo not eligible to face #AFC on Wednesday.

  169. better AGAG. hope you are fine.

    AK……..long memory???? so go to your inbox.

  170. @YoungGunsBlogJamie Sanderson

    Benik Afobe tweets that he won’t be leaving on loan. #AFC have had offers, but as mentioned before, not fully fit yet.

  171. Devil, i shall get my thinking cap on…. ;)


  173. Calm down Dev, ;)

    WTF is Stan???

    How can he not be on here today of all days…. :(

  174. he doesn’t play versus us tomorrow… ufff!

  175. Hiya, AK! How are you? And Lady AK? Back working?

    I hope goonster’s fine. A bit unlike him to disappear for so long. :(

    Devil, what are you guys cooking up?

    Hey, JM. :) Howdy?

  176. richeymack on Twitter: “Transfer deadline day as an Arsenal fan is like sitting in detention and watching all the other kids play in the playground.”

    SportingPreview.com: 31 January 2012

    Click here for Guaranteed Profit of £46.60 on Wednesday’s Blackburn v Newcastle match…

    SportingPreview.com understands that Arsenal are about to swoop for wantaway Tottenham striker Roman Pavlyuchenko.

    Reports emerged this morning that the unhappy Russian was involved in a big falling out with the Tottenham coaching team.

    Arsenal striker Andrey Arshavin looks to be on his way out of The Emirates and Arsene Wenger has decided to make Pavlyuchenko his replacement.

    Pavlyuchenko’s agent, Oleg Artemov, rubbished reports of the falling out, saying: “All this about the conflict with the coach is rubbish.

    “There was no conflict, the scenario was entirely dreamt up.”

    Artemov has, however, refused to rule out the possibility of Pavlyuchenko making a move to Arsenal before the January transfer window slams shut at 11.00pm tonight.

    “We’re not rushing into any decisions,” he told RIA Novosti.

    “We are in negotiations with (Tottenham chairman, Daniel) Levy. Tonight everything will be sorted out.”


  178. i’m fine agag…

  179. AK……that was spot on. Or worse……….thinking which chick is the most beautiful of the lot while other roosters take them all.

  180. Afternoon….

    Ryo gone then…..

  181. Can’t believe Wath accused me of spreading naughtiness earlier re Arshavin ;)

  182. looooooollllllll that was CRACKERS AK!!!!!

  183. Rico……I searched all the site for a bit of naughtiness from your part and could’nt find it Rico. :(

  184. Afternoon Rico…

    This is like a Sunday back in the 1960’s, ok if you don’t remember, ;) .

    Nothing going on…. :(

  185. You can’t believe anything that Wath says he’s such a pain when sober………!

  186. Adam Johnson going to Everton….

    Why didn’t AFC bid for him?

  187. Free mutley, he’s done nothing wrong.

  188. WHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTT. ?????? Johnson to EVerton????????? Now why didnt we bid for him FFS???????

    Better than AA and Theo together!!!!!!!!! And he is FECKIN ENGLISH

  189. Morning Everyone!!
    How are by fellow Gooners? Bet ya thought I left, eh? You guys talked about how well Song played during the FA? I have been out of the loop, so sorry.

  190. Bloody funny AK :P

    Saha and Johnson to Totts Wtf are we doing :(

    Sober, whats that Wath ;)

  191. Mick…
    Wackey Races’…. :-| …?

  192. Meanwhile we are meant to get excited about Djourou returning….

    Adam Johnson would be perfect for us……

    Hi STY, must have been when i blinked re Song ;)

  193. Howdy doody Shaun.
    How’s things on your side of the stream?

    It’s all going Pete Tong today Rico…. :(
    What a crap transfer deadline day…

  194. Oops – i thought Johnson to Spuds – phew…..

  195. Kev, “catch the pigeon”

    Rico, I’d get exicited about Djourou retiring.

  196. Does this make you excited Mick?????????

    He is my son’s favourite.

  197. What a crap day – period AK :(


  199. allezkev, things are well on this side of the pond. Almost turned the match off on Sunday… almost. How many people do you think left early? It’s been a pretty slow transfer period and today doesn’t seem much different. Anyone have an solid news, besides AFC won’t buy anyone and we will play recently injured defenders out of position and risk injuries again?

  200. According to the SUN…….Mariappa is on his way to AFC

  201. Marko Marin is a name mentioned you know where ;)

  202. An actual defender devilgunner? I might pass out.

  203. Rico, he’s a bit like Hleb, very small & tricky…

    We won’t bid for him that’s for sure.

    Shaun i keep on hearing Clint Dempsey’s name mentioned. We live in hope buddy.

    Devil, i’ve not seen him play, but frankly, i’m underwhelmed…

  204. rico, where is you know where? and no to marko or anymore eastern European players….. AA and Per have turned me off to all of them. Just kidding.

  205. Dempsey would be a dream signing. Lets just pretend AFC does sign him and don’t wake me up.

  206. Devil, muttley looks the same but his laugh has definately changed since I remember it, hope he was castrated at some point.

  207. Allezkev and Devi, Mariappa is from Watford right?

  208. @SimonGoodkindSimon Goodkind

    Why oh why am I watching Twitter for any Arsenal transfers in…. I know it isn’t going to happen! #afc #deadlineday

    My thoughts exactly… Sad isn’t it? :(

  209. That’s right Shaun…

    I’ve just heard that he’s in talks with Wigan….
    Or been given permission to speak to them…

    Not sure that i really care… :(

  210. I guess he plays right back and he’s English…. so there is no way AW is going to sign him.

  211. Allezkev, I forgot we even had park…. I haven’t seem him burning up on the pitch, or even on the pitch for that matter. Certainly won’t help with any Dempsey signing….

  212. Devil,

    Watford have accepted an offer from Wigan but the player wants to go to newcastle – but, they didn’t offer enough money….

  213. Hey Rico, do you know what the price is for Mariappa?

  214. STY, i would have wanted to leave had i been there on sunday, not that i would have, but would have wanted too ;)

    The AFC rumour site, it makes me chuckle but so many are saying a big signing is on his way, just that alone makes me realise what rubbish is written ;)

  215. AK, if AA goes we have to replace him, but i bet we don’t….

  216. So you all think the rumors of AA moving out today are true??

  217. Just go and get Samba and a striker…… How difficult is it????

  218. Shaun, Wenger could have offered Park in part-ex for Dempsey….

    Or is that too much like obvious for our stoopid club to work out….

  219. Rico, Wenger will replace AA with Eisfeld… :roll:

  220. allezkev, I think you nailed it with the later statement…. that would make too much sense, and now we have AA leaving at 6 million?? Paid 15 million for him didn’t we??? Did we get 9 million worth of football out him????

  221. Shaun, it looking more likely AA will go in the summer.

    Wenger could have picked up samba for peanuts last january but choose not to, he could also have got Cahill for a bargain earlier this month, we know he was sniffing around him last August, it ain’t gonna happen.

  222. Shaun – i think so, i think he’ll go tonight or is that just wishful thinking ;)

    Spot on Micko, what a k**b he is!!

    What a joke that would be AK, mind you, he can’t be any worse…..

    We didn’t get £900 did we Shaun

  223. Shaun £6 million is good, considering how crap he’s been for the last 12 months.
    $6million is good. 6 million euros is good.
    50 cents is good…..

    Wonder if AA can rap??? ;)

  224. Micko, thanks for the insight. Can’t say I will be sorry to see him go however. Cahill would have been a fantastic signing, 26 year old versatile defender!!!! How nice would he have been to have over the last 2 months

  225. Sounds like everyone is in agreement, we would all chip in to pay for AA to leave. I will set up a website to start taking donations to speed up the process….

  226. 6 HOURS TO GO……… 8-O

  227. Could be 66 AK, we still won’t sign anyone….

  228. Offski to make a cuppa…. And kick the cat.

    Not really ;)

  229. Oh, meant to say, re that Marin rumour, the suggestion was that he would be announced at the same time as the German kid ;)

  230. or 6 years for that matter.

  231. Arsenal:
    In (signed): Thierry Henry (New York Red Bulls, loan)
    Out (signed): Ryo Miyaichi (Bolton, loan); Emmanuel Frimpong (Wolverhampton Wanderers, loan); Vito Mannone (Hull City, loan); Luke Freeman (Stevenage, undisclosed); Sead Hajrovic (Barnet, loan); Chuks Aneke (Stevenage, loan); Daniel Boateng (Swindon, loan); Wellington (Alcoyano, loan); Pedro Botelho (Levante, loan); Sanchez Watt (Crawley Town, loan); Gavin Hoyte (AFC Wimbledon, loan); Rhys Murphy (Preston, loan); Ryo Miyaichi (Bolton, loan)

  232. JM, I never fully understood the Frimpong move…. actually I don’t understand much of anything when it comes to AFC and AW during signing periods.

  233. Here’s how I imagine this deal went down between Wenger and Dortmund boss Jurgen Klopp:

    Arsene: “Hey Jurgen, may I call you Jurgy?”

    Jurgen: “No. Let me guess, Arsene, you want Mario Gotze, don’t you?”

    Arsene: “Noooo, who, me? You think I want Ma—how much?”

    Jurgen: “He’s not for sale.”

    Arsene: “C’mon, Jurgy! How much?”

    Jurgen: “He’s not for sale! And he’s injured.”

    Arsene: “Right, right. Sorry to hear that—what about Robert Lewandowski?”

    Jurgen: “Absolutely not!”

    Arsene: “Don’t you have anything for me, Jurgy?”

    Jurgen: “Stop calling me that!”

    Arsene: “Sorry—so?”

    Jurgen: “Sure. He’s 19, he never plays and he’ll cost you less than a million.”

    Arsene: “Perrrrfeeecttt.”

    From BR…

  234. Hiya all,

    We have an over spill of passion. Yet we all agree the glass is half empty, not half full.

  235. JM – says it all really…..

  236. :lol: Shaun…

    Hi DG – don’t know about half empty, more like empty…..

  237. Dutch, could be a good time to storm the stella barracades !

  238. Premier League – Spurs commit to new stadium in TottenhamTue, 31 Jan 15:22:00 2012
    Tottenham Hotspur’s plans to build a new stadium close to the site of their existing home of White Hart Lane moved a step closer on Tuesday, ending any doubts they would leave the area where they were formed 130 years ago.
    Spurs, whose bid to move to the Olympic Stadium in Stratford after the London Games was rejected, said in a joint statement with the local Haringey Council on Tuesday that they were committed to regenerating the area around their ground.
    The project will be helped by £27 million pounds of local and central government funding.
    Last summer’s London riots began close to White Hart Lane before spreading across the country, but Spurs and Haringey Council see the building of a new state-of-the-art stadium as central to a major regeneration of the north Tottenham area.
    “Spurs has reconfirmed its intention to stay in the area which has been at the heart of its history for more than 130 years and the club and council will work together to rejuvenate the area – seeking to deliver an iconic, new Premier League stadium development and a host of local improvements,” the statement said.
    Subject to government approval, Haringey Council will invest nine million pounds towards new and improved public spaces, heritage work and environmental improvements in north Tottenham.
    In addition, the Mayor of London has committed 18 million pounds to the regeneration of the area with improvements to local transport, highways and infrastructure.
    Spurs added that the project, which will include the new stadium, new homes, shops and leisure facilities, will represent an overall investment of hundreds of millions of pounds. Some funding would also come from the private sector.
    Spurs’ chairman, Daniel Levy, said: “As a major employer and business in the area we are delighted with this commitment from the Mayor and Haringey Council.
    “We therefore see this as a commitment from the public sector to the Tottenham area and one which strengthens our ability to deliver a new stadium scheme with the potential to kick-start the long-term regeneration of north Tottenham.”
    Spurs, who are third in the Premier League and in the hunt for their first league title since 1961, have played at White Hart Lane since 1899. The ground has a capacity of about 36,000 while the new stadium has a projected capacity of 58,000.

  239. £3-4 million i think for Mariappa Shaun, and news just broke that he has turned down Wigan…..

  240. Good JM, they will be hard up when they start building….

  241. Home-time, i’m off to cry in my beer.

    Laters Gooners.

  242. Later Micko, salty Stella makes you thirsty. ;-)

  243. Night Micko – i’m already crying in my fizzy water :(

  244. Rumour is Fulham wanted Park on loan, but its been rejected, guess the club doesn’t want him selling Fulham shirts….

  245. Rico, at least more Gooners find a regular spot in the HH tavern. You must tap some pretty magical brewery. All this talking makes a dry throat. Fill me up again will you, and ring the bell for a round on me.

  246. HOLD THE BACK PAGE! Golly Moses! AW has launched into a wild spending spree. Without a gun at his head, he has – O still my pounding heart – dare I say it ….bought a player, Honest. A teenage reserve from Dortmund no less. There! who said he wouldn`t lash out, merely to save our season? Shame on you. It`s rurmoured he`s shaken Europe to the core. A vast sum is suggest ed- almost 400K. So let`s hear no mpre criticism of the man, He probably didn`t sleep last night – having to make a decision and everything.

  247. :) DG, if only i could, think i could be tempted, and midweek for me is a rare thing….

  248. Back from lunch…got myself a crappy Gyro and am awaiting all of our big news signings!!!! If we don’t sign, then this Gyro won’t sit well for long….

  249. Still not been confirmed on afc.com JL, not that i am greatly interested… not good is it…

  250. JLloyd, go to 5:14 to see the actual conversation on how that signing transpired.

  251. Kieran Gibbs has completed his return to full training with the first-team squad after three months out.

    After surgery on both groins, the left back has been successfully taken through a long period of rehabilitation and, on Monday, joined his team-mates for the first time.

    “He had a normal training session yesterday,” confirmed Arsène Wenger on Tuesday morning.

    “He is still short to play now but it is good news to have him back and I think one or two more weeks practice will get him back to being available again. That is very positive.”

    What is the point???

    He is still two weeks away from a return, plenty of time for a setback!!

  252. spot on rico, spot on.

  253. Sky Italia is reporting that Carlos Tevez has joined Al Wasl on loan for six months.

    That was an RSD tweet :)

  254. Trouble is Shaun, we all know he will suffer a set-back, then another injury and all the time Vertonghen is waiting for a call….

  255. Arshavin talks have broken down …. according to reports…

  256. that was one lengthy medical devil ;)

  257. rico, is there a rumor about Vertonghen?

  258. No, haven’t seen one with any real substance sadly Shaun….

    Mind you, that means little, but i wouldn’t bet against Arry Redknapp getting him later or Samba…

  259. Marseille chairman Vincent Labrune claims he turned down an “enormous” bid from Tottenham for striker Loic Remy.

  260. dear Lord would something PLEASE happen, something worth being excited about. If there isn’t something else (assuming the Eisfeld thing is true, yippie) i have to believe AW is throwing in the towel for this season. You know the players are feeling the same way.

  261. rico, your 6:12 just made me lose that Gyro I was eating. You owe me $8.99

  262. Evening All, what’s going on here then????

    The Russian transfer Window close on Feb 25Th according to the radio…..

    So don’t despair. There’s still time to get shot of him…

  263. I’m confident that Gazides has a big suprise up his sleeve…….

  264. But then i’m a nutter….. :P:

  265. :lol: Shaun

    I heard that too this morning AK, good, as long as they can still buy from the PL and not just Russia ;)

  266. Yeessssss AK. A box of cigars for PHW. That is what he has up his sleeve.

  267. I know why it’s quiet out there…..

  268. Elbow, thats what is up his sleeve and if you go any further you won’t find a backbone…..

  269. Phewwww, glad your there guys & gals….

  270. Do we dare ask??

  271. Newcastle are back in for Mariappa…..

  272. rico 6:25 :lol:

  273. What kinda feedback did you get Rico?

  274. how long ago did Hleb get the ax at Barca? Did this happen this afternoon?

  275. I think it’s been on the cards for awhile Shaun, think Barca just confirmed the inevitable today…

  276. I wonder if Tongtied Stan, Ivy Gazidis or Peter Hill Tree could be hijacked on Twitter. Making a running gag out of official statements. Would be awsome with the funny people we have here.

  277. Dutch, we need Anonymous to hack their twitter account and do exactly that, for the lulz.

  278. thx ak!

  279. Here we go… It’s wind-up time….. :roll:

    @FrimpongedYou been Frimponged

    BREAKING: Arsenal are said to be readying a £7.5m bid for Crystal Palace winger Wilfried Zaha. A last-minute deal. I like it! #afc

  280. Do you guys think that something could yet happen with us this window?

    Wonder why has the german kid not been confirmed??

  281. Bolton offered £5M for him yesterday AK….

  282. On the 30th of January Bolton Wanderers made a 5 million pound bid for Zaha which Crystal Palace rejected because they feel that they can get up to 10 million pounds for Wilfried Zaha. In 66 games he has scored 6 times with 7 assists. I wonder how many minutes he played in those 66 games???

  283. Shaun I suspect at least one of them hasn’t got an account. But I was thinking about a 3 piggies concept. All under one Twitter. ;-)

  284. Blimey Shaun, not exactly Ian Wright then?

    Rico, £5 million sounds about right…

    Not sure that Arsenal would bid so much for such an untried player.

    Mind you the wages would be cheap…

  285. Nice Dutch! Let’s do it! :lol:

  286. Sorry AK, but then again who is?

  287. from TalkSport:

    The Dutchman was seen enjoying a latte with Arsene Wenger in Starbucks at midday, amid rumours of a short term deal to bolster Arsenal’s attack.”

  288. Any official confirmation will trickle down tomorrow. It will all be windmills and Don Quichot till then.

  289. Shaun, never listen to Talkshite.

    And if you do, never believe a word they say… ;)

  290. Wenger on Eisfeld: “He has the good ingredients that could allow him to integrate into the quality of our team”

    Which quality????? Passing the buck????

  291. Thanks for the heads up AK, even though I didn’t know much about TS, I knew that the Bergkamp thing was an absolute joke… bringing on a 42 year old striker to bolster the offense, even if it was Bergkamp, is such a joke I can’t believe they would waste space on their site with it. They sound like the Fox News of sports.

  292. @YoungGunsBlogJamie Sanderson

    All has gone quiet at #AFC: Eisfeld in and Miyaichi out done this afternoon. Club still looking to get some Reserves out on loan.

    Oh goody goody gumdrops…. :-X

  293. England under 21 though AK, that puts the price up ;)

  294. Great point Devil, this guy couldn’t get playing time with Dortmund, but he will mix well with first team AFC.

  295. Watford defender AKA Wigan and Newcastle target Adrian Mariappa is in the Hornets XI to face Millwall at the New Den tonight, which should put to bed any chance of him leaving the club.

  296. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Eisfeld


  297. Emmanuel Frimpong makes a quicker-than-expected return to the starting line-up,

  298. Tbh, JS wouldn’t know if something was happening would he??

  299. Shaun, Fox & Talkshite, cut from the same cloth mate….

    I’d have DB10 back as aq coach though…

  300. He’s made a quick career Shaun, there wasn’t even a wikki page on him yetserday ;)

    would for us devil, we’d never do a deal in an hour ;)

  301. Don’t know Rico, always found him [JS] quite reliable, but yeah , that’s right about Zaha, the English premium, not sure why tbh???

  302. Hot Hot Hot, :evil: :mrgreen:

  303. Wigan striker Hugo Rodallega, out of contract in the summer and linked with a move away from the DW Stadium, is left out of Roberto Martinez’s match-day squad for the match against Tottenham.

    any bets where he is?????

  304. Van Basten or De Boer head coach + Keown/Dixon and DB10 as assistants. Would be magnum imo.

  305. Blimey Shaun, they were quick off the mark….

  306. rico, yeah do you believe that???? the guy goes from obscurity to fame in less than five minutes! :lol:

  307. I think he’s reliable AK, very much so but would he know anything before news leaked??

  308. Don’t want Rodallego, never saw the attraction tbh, just a jobbing EPL player…

    Mind you, that’s our market now… :(

  309. AK, that’s what I was just saying to rico!!! Blows my mind how quickly that was done! That’s some funny sh*t.

  310. Maybe not with the first team, but he used to dig up some pretty obscure stuff around the Reserves/Youths…

  311. devil, he’s on the bench though isn’t he? Unless he’s having a medical with the totts….

    Surely not a mile away????

  312. Have a look and see if Hazard has an Arsenal shirt on Shaun… :D

  313. Good for him, he’ll be in the medical room soon Shaun ;)

  314. That is all I could find mates.

  315. “Owen Coyle has attempted to snap up WILFRIED ZAHA over the past few days but has seen offers in the region of £5m turned down but Arsenal appear to be ready to make a better offer and will also offer to loan back the player for the remainder of the season, a deal that may well suit Freedman as he probably knows all too well that the chances of keeping such a prodigious talent at the South London club may prove very difficult indeed.”

    Loan him back to the club for the remainder of the season??? Why not Dempsey?????

  316. Those two clips are enough to ……..

    answers on a postcard ;)

  317. Crikey….Ben Amos in goal for Manure

  318. AK and Rico…. :lol:
    You guys crack me up!

  319. The Eisfeld medical was entirely made out of aqua aerobics.

  320. Watford striker Marvin Sordell, is not playing. BBC Sport understands he was withdrawn from the starting line-up at the request of the club’s owner.

  321. DG10….have you tried Aquarobics????

    Because if not and you try it properly the first time it will make you fart from your ears.

  322. :lol: DG…. Did you learn that from experience?

  323. on Watford striker Marvin Sordell. Two clubs are in for him – one from the Premier League and one from the Championship. No names yet, but obviously the Hornets are taking the interest seriously.

  324. :-D

    No Devil but I can picture Eisfeld between groggy female seniors wearing tight head Speedo rubbers.

  325. Yes Shaun. And I can tell you that its fecking tough. I did about ten 60 minute sessions twice a week and I was literally farting from my ears.

  326. Aqua Aerobics Dutch….!

    Sounds like something you’ll find in a knocking shop… ;)

  327. How long before Eisfeld blows out his ACL again? Rico, you should make odds and take bets…. 3/1 odds its during his first game.

  328. Devil you sure that’s all was doing with your ears… :D

  329. got to go my friends….. take care.

  330. Shaun, why not Clint Dempsey, that’s a very good question…..

  331. Heard a German Journo talking about Eisfeld…

    Mentioned two words…..

    Amaury Bischoff…..

    Happy Days… :-|

  332. See ya Shaun.

    Hope to greet ya with some good news in the morning.

  333. We take our players there frequently. And since I got fed up watching I decided to join in. AK……my ears where farting but my mouth was farting swearwords also

  334. DG :lol:

    devil, where is Sordell going then??

    Amos – he was once in Emmerdale…..

  335. AK that’s called Bukakke. ;-)

  336. Judging by Wenger’s history maybe Hleb will be next to put pen to paper at Arsenal?”

  337. @KentlarrLuke Kenton

    Transfer deadline day is always shit when youre an Arsenal fan. EVERY FUCKING YEAR! #AFC

  338. Farting between one’s ears, that’s more than what Gazidis has between his ;)

  339. See you soon Shaun, have a good one

  340. The natives are restless….

    The Grove is not gonna be a happy place if we lose at Bolton.

    Got the offer of a ticket for the Blackburn game.
    Not sure i’ll be in the mood to go…

  341. it hasn’t quite felt like transfer deadline day without Harry Redknapp doing an interview from his car window……maybe he is going to do one from a prison window???

  342. Adios Shaun. Take care. Been good company.

  343. No Roman Pavlyuchenko on the bench for Tottenham tonight

  344. James from Crawley, via text: “How can De Gea be sick? He can’t catch anything!”

  345. Arsene Wenger is not a skinflint, says Arsenal

    by: Rory Smith
    From:The Australian
    February 01, 201212:00AM

    Increase Text Size
    Decrease Text Size

    Tweet this

    JUST before the end of another transfer window in which Arsene Wenger has failed to satisfy the demands of many of Arsenal’s fans by spending a substantial sum of money on strengthening his squad, Ivan Gazidis, the club’s chief executive, has moved to defend his manager, insisting the Frenchman’s reputation as a skinflint is unwarranted.

    Gazidis has consistently maintained, particularly since the northern summer sales of Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas, that all of the funds generated by the club are made available to Wenger, should the 62-year-old decide to venture into the transfer market.

  346. Liverpool rumoured to be in for Defoe :eek:

  347. Marouanne is ready to come back ! ;-)

  348. He’s off devil…

    AK, the sounds of ‘you don’t know what you’re doing’ may come back….

  349. .
    .Enlarge Photo.
    New Arsenal signing Thomas Eisfeld was not one of Dortmund’s best prospects, but …

    .Enlarge Photo.
    New Arsenal signing Thomas Eisfeld was not one of Dortmund’s best prospects, but …


    By Clark Whitney | German Football Editor

    On Monday afternoon, Arsenal fans produced a flurry of Tweets, making the name ‘Thomas Eisfeld’ a trending topic in many locales around the world. Most of these blurbs ended in a question mark: who is he? What can he bring to the Emirates? Is he the next Rosicky, Fabregas, or otherwise?

    Truth be told, Eisfeld is hardly better known in his native Germany. At 19, he has yet to appear for any of the German youth national teams, and before his transfer never so much as sat on the bench of the Dortmund senior side: by contrast, at Eisfeld’s age, Mario Gotze and Moritz Leitner had both become regulars in Jurgen Klopp’s squad.

    There is a reason why Eisfeld has had a relatively slow start compared to many of his Bundesliga colleagues: in late 2009, the player suffered anterior cruciate ligament damage, an injury that posed a significant set-back in his fledgling career.

    To his credit, the young attacking midfielder has shown great resolve as he has worked his way back to form. This season he was the second-highest scorer for the BVB U19 team behind Marvin Ducksch, having found the net six times in 12 appearances. And that Eisfeld managed to attract the interest of Arsene Wenger, is in itself, enough to indicate that the player has potential waiting to be tapped.

  350. Rico it took me a split second to come up with Bischoff when Eisfeld turned up on NN. I believe many with me. Dortmund also bought 2 players in his position before there was any mention of his transfer. He’s more refugee than the fugees.
    :-D Devil re Arry.

  351. 2010-11 SEASON CLUB STATS (BVB U19)








    Price tag


    Contract until

    June, 2015

    He could be the next…

    Mario Gotze

    Even so, Dortmund have long been prepared for a future without Eisfeld: as youthful depth in similar positions they have in recent months signed 18-year-olds Leonardo Bittencourt and Mustafa Amini. Had he stayed in the Ruhr area, there would have been at least four direct competitors of similar age, plus about half a dozen older players to overcome if he were to earn playing time. Already set back by his previous injury, even if to a competitive, high-profile club, a move was necessary.

    Arsenal fans expecting the next Mario Gotze would be wise not to be too hopeful just yet. Eisfeld is a very raw, and entirely unproven player: he is not yet ready for football at the highest level. But he comes with a formidable pedigree, having been raised in one of Germany’s finest youth academies: if given the appropriate nurture, he might blossom into a fine professional footballer.

    Ultimately, all parties have something to gain and little to lose in Eisfeld’s transfer. The player had little chance of making a name for himself at Dortmund, and needed a change. Dortmund have lost a potential star, but not one of their very best prospects, and can later claim responsibility for his development if he makes it big. And Arsenal have signed a player who might soon be a star for a modest price of under €500,000. A rare win-win-win scenario

  352. :lol: re De Gea…

    Deep joy re Chamakh, shame he didn’t pick up groin injury….

  353. DG, you and me both, he hardly excites does he….. Time will tell i guess, he may yet surprise i suppose…..

  354. Not long now to the close of Wenger’s last transfer window. Take our money and run Arsene! You are a disgrace to everything Arsenal. 7m a year?
    Surely with the way football finances are at the moment Arsene you should give some of that money back to the fan’s from where it came? :(

  355. I am off mates. Need to rest now.

    see you all tomorrow.

    Even though we did not sign any great player its been great here on HH.

    Night folks

  356. hi smudge, not his finest hour eh…. same old same old, every window comes and goes with the same outcome…

    gaping holes in the squad, and still not filled……

  357. Here’s some more old bollocks for you all to enjoy;


    On-form striker Jordan Rhodes is to undergo a medical at Arsenal, sources believe…nice to hear that!! #AFC

  358. Now that wouldn’t be so bad AK, but yes, poppycock no doubt….

  359. rico, every window the need is greater , the cash pile increases and Wenger continues to surpass himself .

  360. Rico and AK…..check your inbox for the latest transfer news. Superb. A friend of mine sent it to me.

    Now off to sleep.


  361. Apparently spuds are in advanced talk’s with krasic and ‘arry in court all day!

  362. Night Devil. C you tomorrow.

  363. How did you do that devil :lol:

  364. Nighty devil, rest well and catch up tomorrow…..

  365. I know smudge, will things ever change… i doubt it….

  366. Night Devil………………..

    Be good..!

  367. tots 2-0
    Swansea 1 chelsea 0

  368. Are Gazides, Wenger and co gonna do any work today???

    Or am i sitting here like a lemon?

    Notice that SSP has had the sense not to turn up today.

    Maybe he knew better than Me?

  369. Hi Wath

    Not good re the totts JM

    AK, i doubt it, they seldom do….

    Too many deadline days seen for steve i suspect….

  370. Your sitting there like an old lemon AK ;-)

    But you knew that……………….

  371. My mate just sent me a text :

    Well least we have bought a world class player just what we needed to push on and get 4th spot….! Great bit of business Arsenal…!

  372. Just a lemon Wath, Just a lemon… :)

  373. I bet they must be committing hari-kari on LG…

    Haven’t dared to look.

    My PC might explode… :(

  374. Man City really must be jealous eh Gazidis you fucking plum….

    Pissing themselves laughing more like that you mug us off with your utter drivel and are still in a job getting paid a disgustingly large amount of money year in year out….!

  375. What a joke eh Wath…..

    I’m heading off for the day, nighty night to you all…..

    Another s***e transfer window comes and goes eh…..

    Catch you tomorrow………

  376. Think Le Grove has crashed…!

    Good night Rico…

  377. bye bye you all

  378. A Good Question Wath……


    So it’s almost 9pm and we haven’t signed anyone but an injury prone German from Dortmund. Remind me why our ticket prices went up 6.5%? #afc

  379. Night JM Rico. Sleep well.

  380. Cheers JM,

    If it’s true AK add another 4.5% rise this season……! For what…?

    Wengers salary and Gazidis bonus..?

  381. Well Dutch, after all the speculation and hand wringing, JV stayed at Ajax, and with all probability will join Man City or Chelsea or the Scum next summer….

    What a shit transfer window. One of the worst in recent years….

  382. Wenger and the board are making a rod for their own back that they seem totally oblivious too…..!

  383. You know Wath, we don’t expect a lot in transfer windows.

    Recent years have taught us not to.

    But i am seriously running out of patience with the penny-pinching at this club.

  384. I’ve never subscribed to the extreme views of ‘fans’ like Spunktrum etc, but i’m gradually being worn down by the clubs shit self sufficency policy.

    It’s all a fucking sham…

  385. AK there’s absolutely no shooting from the hip, we’re in line dancing these days.

  386. The booing that was directed at Wenger last Sunday was totally justified. It will inevitable get worse. At least the Emirates support are showing their emotion’s for once. We are one RVP injury away from complete anarchy.

  387. All we hear is those pricks going on about how great they are running the club and all to busy patting themselves on the back whilst filling their pockets and raping the assets of the club namely the playing staff….!

    Wehn did one of those wankers invest a penny of their own money in the club and all they do is ponse off of us……!

  388. Get rid of the jcl’s fill the stadium with proper fans and then the board will know how we feel…!

  389. Dutch/Wath/Smudge, that’s it. Fuck ‘em…

    Had enough for tonight, and maybe the season.

    Offski guys, see ya….

  390. Allezkev never give up !
    Night night :)

  391. Nite Ak, take it easy fella…..!

  392. C ya AK. Drop it like its hot I say. We’re the Muppets lead by Swedish chef. Ooh bedoo bedoo flip flip flip. ;-)

  393. Milos Krasíc rejected move to spud’s tonight! The lads a gooner :)

  394. SP. my mate has that with Gareth Bale on it and has sent it to all the yids he knows… they been going potty in replies lol

  395. smudge, I don’t really give a shit who they buy or not makes not a difference to us mate just shows how pathetic we are and how un-ambitious we are… year after year shame shit…!

  396. WATH I know what you mean but the spud’s playing the way they are just make’s a bad situation worse.

  397. Evening Wath, thought it might lift the gloom a bit My mate sent it to me. Usual deadline day eh.

  398. I can handle us being shit, been there done that put up with that for many moons, I can’t accept getting ripped off by the club nor to watch players not give a fuck for the shirt and then to listen to the drivel from the board is an insult BUT the worst thing of all is going to be when those swampy fuckers down the rd finish above us in the league by a country mile….! Demoralizing….!!

  399. Usual transfer window SP, hardly a surprise is it… what 90% of us expected…! Still don’t make it easy to swallow that the club just takes us all for mugs and a ride while they milk the cash cow..!

  400. I still havent given up all hope yet Wath, a lot can be done in an hour and a half

  401. I am finding the more i drink of this Vodka the more my spirits lifting

  402. Shitty ain’t having a good January either are they… fuckin jammy chavs as well….!

    Wonder if we will turn up 2moro night Sp…? what you reckon..?

  403. make that your spirits are vanishing SP your drinking them all ;-)

  404. To tell the truth Wath, i may be an old gugger but i reckon were gonna have a blinding run. At the end of the day we are a few players short but with a full team we can still beat the best, the trouble with us is we don’t have strength right through the squad, it might be the drink talking but if we can get the main players back we could just supprise ourselves. I would love the big signing like all our supporters but i don’t think we are as bad as some think

  405. SP hope you’re on the button, although I find it hard to imagine the Duracell bunnies can be kicked into gear. Some are just waisting batteries.

  406. Now let`s see Arsenal slashing 60 mills in the last 60 mins… :)

  407. Evening Dutch,
    Wenger pisses me off, but at times he probably looks at our squad like i do and thinks to himself, if these buggers can only play the kind of football that we know they can play, we would with no doubt do well. Why he doesn’t spend God only knows.

  408. HunG

    Make that 60 pennies in 60 seconds.

  409. SP, Agreed that when we fit we have a decent team but the squad def isn’t good enough and it’s 2/3 short of being a very good squad, still lacking spine though…

    Ooops shame abt shitteh…. Since Yaya gone they not won a game have they..??

  410. Yaya is a great player, but they miss Tevez as well

  411. Still a way to go Wath, points are being dropped all over, trouble is were dropping enough ourselves.

  412. Moyes is still hopefull of signing players , so we might still stand a chance.

  413. Evening SP

    l’Histoire se répète. History repeats. AW is making that thread bare judgement for seasons now. He has to realize that his sense of patience is not keeping pace with reality. He’s constantly been looking in his back mirror totally ignorant of the blind spot.

  414. yids r 13 points clear of us SP…………. That’s just outrageous….!

  415. As said b4 DG. wenger makes the same mistakes time and time again and doesn’t resolve them and the board catty on letting him…?

    Anyone else in any other job would be out on their ear many moons ago…!

  416. Dutch, I would out him, but there is still a niggling doubt in my mind that he is being stopped, we probably won’t know that till he goes but he must looks at some of our players, and he knows they are not good enough. He must want to change them surely.

  417. DG

    Unfortunately that is the more likely scenario…

    Hope they spend that 60 pence on Chamaks leaving gift though….

  418. I’m off to watch the telly and have a cuppa…. Chat 2moro fella’s take it easy…!

    Not to many more GG’s SP…………… ;-)

  419. That 13 points is basicly 4 games Wath, we just lost 3 on the trot i am still not dismising catching them, i am more concerned at the leaders

  420. WATH

    13 points hey!! Guess Jack can post his check for charity. F@#$K that. Does the rivalry mean anything to AW or up stairs??

    Accountability is measured in bank balances. They seem to sleep well on cash fluffed mattresses. ;-)

  421. Nte Wath, only one more left in the bottle and i’m saving that one for a celebration hopefully

  422. Night WATH be good fella.

  423. Just watching the filth on the tele and you can’t knock them they are playing some luvly football

  424. HunG :-D :-D

    He’s probabla nice guy shame it has come to this for him. Better for all to part ways.

  425. I mean Chamack has taken all the stick gracefully. I have seen some losing it big time over such a shredding criticism. I applaud him for his calmness. He’s never come out foul mouthing the fans for having banter on his pitty.

  426. Not heard anything, so nte all

  427. Night SP, might as well sip that last drop out of the bottle. C ya. Enjoy a deep sleep.

  428. Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis has defended the club’s transfer policy, insisting that a focus on developing youth and ensuring long-term sustainability is the right strategy.

    Some Gunners fans have voiced their disappointment with the lack of big-name replacements for the likes of former stars Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri, but the board member admitted that the north Londoners cannot compete with big-spending rivals for the signatures of top players.

    Don’t Miss

    ■Arsenal reject Park loan bid from Fulham
    ■Arsenal’s Miyaichi makes Bolton loan move

    ■Introducing new Arsenal signing Eisfeld
    ■Arsenal close in on Dortmund’s Eisfeld

    “[Our model] does mean we can’t afford to compete with oil money, and we can’t afford to compete with super-wealthy individuals from Russia,” Gazidis conceded to Fox.

    “But I think the more important thing about our model is that it’s sustainable.

    “If we’ve learned anything from the world’s economic crisis, it has to be that football clubs need to have responsibility – not just for today, but for their own futures – and our business model means that we can continue to do what we’re doing forever.

    “Our focus is always on young players, we’ve got a fantastic development system and still there are young players coming through consistently from our youth ranks and that’ll continue to be the way Arsenal do things.”

    The 47-year-old declared that fans should embrace the club’s approach to player recruitment and development as part of their team’s identity.

    “We play football in a certain way, a little bit different to everyone else and we develop our team [in a way] that’s a little bit different to everybody else,” he continued.

    “Yes, we can’t afford to spend £50-70 million on an individual player. But we’re proud of the way we do things, and we’re proud of the results that we’re able to produce from that.

    “Of course there’s anxiety when clubs are spending the kind of money they’re spending.

    “We don’t believe that’s sustainable for the long term. We think that has to come to an end.

    “Uefa agrees with us and is bringing limits on spending in [Financial Fair Play rules], and we’ll continue to do things the way we do them.

    “Arsene [Wenger] spends money with a view not just to the short term, but also to the long term.

    “People don’t think about [Alex] Oxlade-Chamberlain, but we spent a lot of money on Oxlade-Chamberlain.

    “We believe that this is a young player who is an exciting prospect, and there are a lot of clubs in the Premier League that would love to have him, believe me.”

    The Gunners look set to continue their policy of acquiring promising young players by recruiting 19-year-old Thomas Eisfeld from Borussia Dortmund on transfer deadline day.

    This guy, Gazides, is a total prick.
    When, has any sensible Arsenal fan [ the majority ] ever expected the club to spend £50 million on a single player, let alone £70 million!

  429. The above, with the exception of the last paragraph, was taken from an interview that Ivan the Terrible gave to Fox Sports…

  430. It just sums a position, that is indefensible…
    Nobody expected Arsenal to spend £50-£70 on 4 or 5 players, let alone ONE…

    Gazides is trying to defend Arsenal’s parsimonious transfer policy by trying to spin it into a different arguement.

    No mention has been made of the last minute panic buys last August…

    I didn’t see Mr Greasy Gazides bragging to the Media/Press last August.

    He was too busy rushing around trying to save his arse after a disasterous start to the season and a ho

  431. Cont’d; the hopelessly inadequate efforts, that his department had been responsible for. That is the securing of the type of quality players that are required at Arsenal. And that have not been forthcoming under his watch….

  432. The club will steadfastly not spend, even a reasonable amount, but they sure as hell will increase season ticket sales next May/June.

  433. The next 14 or 15 weeks could be some of the most fraught experienced by Arsenal fans since the dying days of Terry Neill and George Graham…

    Many new Arsenal fans, will not be familiar with the reign of an Arsenal manager, coming to it’s unseemly conclusion, especially one as successfull as Arsene Wenger.

    There is a strange feeling of gradual decline, with many of us unable to grasp what we are seeing.

    The Board are often like rabbits caught in the headlights of an onrushing lorry.

    Unable and unwilling to respond to what is happening around them.

  434. Arsenal are well known for not preparing well for managerial changes, and i don’t expect them to be very well prepared this time, whether it is this summer, or, if Wenger staggers on until his contract ends in the summer of 2013.

  435. But, sadly, i get that same feeling, that i can recall, when i’ve witnessed other long standing and ‘successfull’ managers, see their Arsenal careers slowly run down.
    In my case, Bertie Mee, Terry Neill and George Graham.

  436. Of course, i hope i’m wrong, and i’d gladly eat copious portions of humble pie if Arsene was to win the FA Cup and get us into the Top-Four.

    But 7 points from a possible 18 in the last 6 games, doesn’t give me too much hope…

    And hope, is all we’ve got at the moment!

  437. But the frustrations of so many Arsenal fans, this January, has it’s roots in the ham-fisted transfer business of Gazides and Co. last August.

    Arsenal’s transfer business should, in most part, had been concluded in pre-season.

    We all knew that the squad needed strengthening, but those responsible for buying new players, were simply not up to the task.
    So we limped into the new season and had our worst start since 1954…

  438. And as for Gazides, to have to trumpet the signing of Oxlade-Chamberlain, a player, who would not be ready for over 4 months, as a sign of Arsenal’s ambition!
    Well that is crassness in the extreme.

    We needed an experienced player of his quality last August. Not January…

    With almost unerring regularity, Ivan Gazides shows his total lack of football nous…

    Do i feel the club is in safe hands with him as the CEO???

    Most certainly not!

  439. Morning all.

    Chamakh returning this week…..like a new signing.. :wink:

  440. Good morning guys and chicks of the Gunners Faith.

    With the unnerring timing instinct of a deadly marksmen and the lethal finishing of a poacher, Arsenal announce that Jack is out for the rest of the season as soon as the transfer window is shut.


  441. Mornining all – new post up

  442. Only speculation isn’t it devil??

  443. DG,are you suggesting a conspiracy lol????
    On to the NFG(New fucking German)…..has anyone had a chance to have a look at him in action???
    Putting aside the lack of any name signings,let’s hope the kid proves his worth.
    I’ve already read false info about him being thrown about
    He HAS represented Germany at a youth level,actually captaining a national side at some stage.
    The other thing I’m loving is the “injury prone” tag he’s been given by plenty.
    Seriously,one single injury has been mentioned,and it was over two years ago!!!!!!
    If narks are going to whinge,at least use a little thought.
    Oh,and no,I’m not rapt he’s our lone signing.

  444. New One up Scott

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