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D-Day for Arsene & could an FA Cup run reignite our season?

Arsene Wenger has made two statements this week, one in which he maintains that the FA Cup is very important to Arsenal and the second is that the Premier League remains his priority.

So on the back of that it’s decision day, who does he pick, a full strength squad, or does he use this game to rest one or two?

Will we see Chesney in goal, or the flappy Fabianski?

Personally, I love the FA Cup and if I were Wenger, I would be fielding the strongest side we have available.

Wouldn’t we all love to see our team at Wembley in the final of this competition, fighting for a trophy?

Of course we would…

Both Manchester sides are now done and dusted and Chelsea scraped through after a wonderful dive by Sturridge to give them a penalty which Mata converted. For a spilt second I thought my television had switched channels by itself and I was watching trials for the Olympic Diving team – it truly was a shocking case of deceiving the Chelsea Fan referee….

Newcastle also went out at the hands of Gus Poyet’s Brighton….

So, the so-called big guns are going but Liverpool and the Totts are still in the draw, all we have to do today is make sure we join them but it’s going to be tough.

Wenger has confirmed that Arteta, Henry and Coquelin are all in contention to make a return today and that is just the kind of news we all needed to hear. Diaby is pencilled in for a return at the end of next month and Djourou has been dropped ruled out with a slight hamstring injury.

Villa have Gabby Agbonlahor back from sickness and of course they have that little weasel Robbie Keane up front as well as Gooner Darren Bent, Heskey faces a late test but regardless, they have a strong attacking force.

Whilst we were losing at home last weekend, Villa were securing three points away to local rivals Wolves. Admittedly for the last fifteen minutes they were up against ten men but…..

They will be confident, while our confidence has taken a bit of a battering recently….

However, nothing like a good old FA Cup home fixture to get the wheels of fortune to change, a few injured returning, a spirited proud performance and a home victory could see some of that self belief start to return.

We need it too, we have a lost of hard work to get through over the next four months….

And it has to start today…..

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243 comments on “D-Day for Arsene & could an FA Cup run reignite our season?

  1. Beat AV and then Bolton then talk about igniting the season. I believe the cl berth is not an impossible mission but the gunners need to start winning games. Btwall eyes will be on the defence. Goof it and then the world will come crashing down.

  2. Morning all….

  3. Both games will be very tough Mohd, hopefully we will see sagna start if he’s 100% fit and Arteta – who we have missed in the last couple of games…

    Need Henry fit for today too….

  4. The game to day is of little importance, What matters is will the kvunt buy players in the next couple of days. If not then he is delibretly damaging the club! It is unreal the support he still has amongst fans and his comments increasingly are remisent of scenes from The Bunker where Hitler in his last days stumbels around raging at everyone blaming all but him self for what has happened and his followers agreeing with every bid of morsel that the messhia utters,fucking toerags.

  5. And moaning all…

  6. Morning TT, i want us to win this big time and get to Wembley, and buy players in the next two days, certainly don’t want a shocking result to force his hand…

    He should bloody realise we need to add without getting dumoed out the FA Cup….

  7. Despite his protestations the F.A Cup is his third priority this year . He will give everything to getting fourth which is his number 1 , The Champions League is his holy grail and then this match today. He will pick a team which he thinks could win but with Wednesday in mind certain players will get a bench rest today. Do not be surprised to see Henry and Park play maybe Arshavin with RVP and Oxlade C kept back for 70 minutes and then bought on saving them for Bolton.

  8. Morning all, its afternoon in Nairobi…match day people COYG

  9. Morning Potter, Afternoon Erick ;)

    I’d rather we won this cup, secured 4th and don’t go chasing the CL…

    I hope he isn’t thinking of Wednesday, he can think of that, on Wednesday….

  10. Howdy Rico, hope you are having a lovely Morning…he better be thinking of today alone a must win match after back to back defeats

  11. I’m well thanks Erick, hows you? Busy morning, family coming for lunch so… got to make sure they are gone before ko ;)

  12. Am well Rico, doing some laundry and ironin then waiting for ko, good luck with trying to get rid of the family you know they always have a reason to stay longer. Family is important

  13. Regardless of his priorities, I think Wenger knows he needs to get a result today to try and ease some of the pressure thats building up. What we need today is a solid defensive display and some clinical finishing up front. if any of the team – and management – are thinking of wednesday they deserve a kick up the arse. we saw what happened to the Bin Dippers last week against Bolton when they took their eyes off the game.

    We need to get a run together similar to the end of last year, if needs be just grind out a few results to rebuild some confidence.

    As an aside I am baffled why people keep talking about getting into the top 4 and the FA Cup as if they mutually exclusive? surely we can do both? A good cup run should help build up some momentum in the league.

  14. I’m hoping the weather will play its part Erick, still gets dark early and they have an hours drive home ;)

  15. Le Foxe, I want both, 4th at least and this Cup…

    Definately need a solid all round performance today, evry player needs to start working a bit harder – we have become a tad too sloppy and lethargic in the last few games, time to roll up the sleeves and earn the wage they are being paid…

    And that includes the manager, he gets paid hansomely, he needs to srat earning his money too….

  16. Morning le fox, we are playing against villa which is a decent side we have got to play well to win…Rico the game will kick of late so you have time

  17. Morning all, pretty early one today Rico you busy cooking up a storm…?

    Watch wenger pick AA, firstly to show he has faith in AA and second to show the fans look at who’s boss… I am and I will pick who I want now who you want…!

    I think a mix match of players in the team with him looking more to wednesday unfortunately BUT as has been said already he must know that a poor result today really causes lots of problems and would mean more upset fans and finger pointing and negatives…!

  18. Morning Wath – hopefully ;) Got to get them out somehow ;)

    If he picks AA, well, if he picks AA …….

    Poor result today and that noose tightens…..

  19. Howdy Wath, long time pal hope you well…Rico cooking a storm lol things we do for the team.Am sure we will see some changes in the team bt a very dangerous game indeed

  20. Quick shower then off to London , speak again tomorrow after the verdict has been handed down.

  21. Greetings weedman….. Hope your keeping well fella and not working to hard…! Have missed not having you around….!

    Then dish up rubbish Rico they will soon leave to get a take away on the way home ;-) works for me……………… That or stick laxatives in their gravy…! :D

  22. Enjoy Potter….. Lets hope we perform…!

  23. AW should resign right now to bring the team back because he made the team spirit ran down by let Arshavin in the ManU game that show his agenda to his friend and not concern Arsenal fan feeling . His loyal pupil likes RVP made his question to his beloved teacher likes Fab4 last year showed RVP and Squad feelings that do not trust his AW anymore.But I believe Arsenal board does not concern about this because AW made them a lot of money by sell the players likes next year are Theo14 ,RVP . The piggy board and betrayed AW destroy Arsenal now but who care

  24. Morning all, Nice one Rico.
    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Wenger does field AA as Wath has said, after all we are paying him and we are looking for a buyer, but for me if he is fielded then Wenger doe not deserve to win anything. AA has proved for the last couple of seasons he should not be picked he has shown no interest and has not made any impact, he is a lazy player who only gets picked because Wenger will not spend. We may win today but with Wengers blinkered approach we will not venture to far. Wenger needs to be replaced as he is stifeling our future, If Chamberlain is not on from the start Wenger needs to go as he proved in his last game that he is ready. Wenger for me seems to be hampering the team as much as possible, i don’t understand this approach as although he is an experienced Manager he says he doesn’t see the need to buy When sixty thousand see the situation differently.

  25. Am good Wath, works hard but am keeping on keeping on. Apologize for being away too long mate, hope your taking good care of your liver lol

  26. Bluemoon I woudn’t argue with that to be honest, Aw lost the plot long time ago. Morning Steve, if he start AA then the fans will get demoralised

  27. Wath, laxatives might just keep them here a bit longer ;)

    Laters Potter, hope it’s a good one…

    Morning Steve

  28. Morning SP, Picking AA says to one and all that he is the manager it’s in his nature and will prove his stubbornness….! I will be amazed if he don’t pick AA, maybe his answer will be to play OX and AA and “rest” Theo…..??

    We’ll see mate and we’ll also see the next few days if he is as stupid and stubborn as many are saying if we fail to buy anybody then surely the same mistakes have been made yet again…??

    Well done Erick, keep it up mate and your set for life fella… we’ll be here when your about you know that.

  29. Thanks Steve – i hope we don’t see AA but i think you guys are right, there is still something that makes me believe he will go in this window and partly because of AW’s comments about him….

  30. Morning Eric,
    Wenger has stated that he will only buy when there are players out there that can improve the team Samba Vertonghen Hazard to name 3 and we have AA Squillaki and JD is he actually having a laugh at our expense

  31. Maybe those glasses of his really are useless SP and all along he’s been telling the truth……………..

    ” I did not see it…” Maybe he didn’t, maybe he can’t see very well at all…? :D

  32. His nose gets in the way ;)

  33. Nothing wrong with his ears though Wath, he heard the crowd last week and he may get to hear them again this weel.

  34. Thanks Wath always great to hear that, the oxo got to start and someone will be on the bench AA or Theo

  35. Morning everyone,

    Any chance we will see Ryo today?

  36. I’m off for a bit, have an early lunch date……! ;-)

    Have a great day all and lets hope we perform and turn up today cos it’s not gonna be easy for sure…!

  37. I have to go guys, be back at KO :)

    Hi Esp, i think it’s very likely, Wenger said he wants to make a decision on his future after this weekend, hope thats a hint he will play…

    Laters ….

  38. schezny
    kozzer mert vermy miquel
    walcott song arteta aox
    arahvin Hendry

    get RVP in for hendry in the later stages of the game.

  39. Morning all,

    D-day indeed Rico. I take nothing less than an invasion. No room for ambiguity. It’s questionable to talk about two fronts while you can only be present at one if you’re leading your own troops. Unless your the armchair general in the cozy board room with fresh coffee stains as the only battle scars to show for.

    AA might not be played. I hope. Any good trader knows you leave a little meat on the bone if you want to sell on a carcass to scavengers. ;-)

  40. TT,what a classy individual you are.
    So all Gooners that don’t agree with you are toerags,hey.
    That will do me.
    Goodnight all.

  41. Afternoon Gooners.
    Afternoon Rico.

    Bluemoon? Man City fan….?

    If yes, they how on earth can you comment on any other clubs financial affairs considering that you follow a financially doped club that operates outside the normal rules of football.

  42. I had a ticket for today, but decided i could do something more constructive with the £100+ it would cost me to go….

    So my son sold it to someone else…..

    Even the prospect of seeing TH12 couldn’t tempt me….

    Wonder how many empty seats there will be there today???

  43. Kev, the draw gets under way before we kick off today so we will know our opponents in the next round, not sure if that is a help or a hindrance.

    £100, hope that includes a programme otherwise forget it.

  44. Haha Mick.

    I used to collect them mate….
    Had them right back to the 1930’s.

    Flogged them to pay my conveyancing when we moved in 2004…

    Think the currant programme is an overpriced load of crap, full of adverts…

  45. The progamme produced in the 1930’s is still far superior to the garbage they turn out now….

  46. Hi AK Micko

    I read we stand a good home record in the FA, 32 games undefeated. Could be interpreted both ways though, edging closer to our first defeat. I feel midfield without Arteta will see us struggle keeping possession and seriously limit our forward distribution.

  47. Kev, its an English thing mostly, i’ve got boxes of them, when I go abroad to watch games they usually hand out newspapers or team sheets for free.

    Sunderland / Boro, a nice local friendly derby.

  48. Devil, when you come on, may i say, that i am delighted to hear that you are ok….

    Don’t do that to me again….. That’s an order….

    Offski for a spell….

  49. Before i go…..

    Yes Mick, Notts County and Derby County did newspaper style progs in the 1970’s


    You can get progs in Holland, i’ve had a few.

  50. Dutch/Mick, lata mates…..

  51. Hi Dutch, didn’t know that, that’s not a bad run but i bet there are more than a few draws in there that went to replays.

    What score are you going for ?
    Boro 1 nil up against the mackems.

  52. Lata SAK. Progs have become pr brochures and means to hammer out the extra advertising nickle.

  53. Laters kev, enjoy your roast dinner.

  54. Micko
    Yesterday I was cynical, predicting a 2-2 to the Arsenal. With odd shocking flukes giving away a 2-0 lead ;-)

    Today I am a bit more in favour of a killer blow. 2-0 up halftime and a third straight after tea.

  55. Howdy Dg, Ak and Micko any news?

  56. Any positive outcome depends heavily on the fielding of our backline. The more runs out of their natural positions the more luck is stretched.

  57. Hiya Erick,

    What’s your take on the outcome?

  58. Am going for a one nil win Dg, Rvp as usual…he scores when he wants

  59. Good afternoon everyone! Any predictions for the match?

    Lille manager Paquet, has said that Hazard is definitely going in the summer.. I doubt it will be us though..

  60. Yeah Erick, as things stand we’re still in the cup.

    Dutch, amazing what 24 hours can do for the mind.

    I’m going for a draw, off shortly to get my seat in the pub.

  61. Flat and scrappy will do, it will hardly raise spirits but it secures another fighting chance.

  62. walcott shouldnt start after his performance and attitude last week,,i hope wenger isint entertaining the idea of 80k a week for a player who shouldnt even be in an arsenal shirt.

  63. Afternoon Dk, we know hazard is off to spain…Micko 90 minutes is all that matters

  64. Irishgooner can’t wait for Gervinho to be back for ACN, the Oxo and him tearing up the flanks. A win wil do for me any win

  65. Micko it’s more a matter of non-logical umpteen reasons of desire and a unwilling grey substance to accept the oppressive exercise of late. Call me a fool when it’s all done and dusted. :-D :-D

  66. Hiya guys and chicks of the Gunner’s faith.

    Kneel down and praise the almighty for salvation time has come. Happier days will surely come for those who believe that brethren should not give up but continue to fight for their principles.

    Righto folks. Sermon time over.

    How are you folks.

    Been there and back and I tell you it wasnt a pleasant weekend break. I kept missing HH.

    Rico, check your inbox.

    I am going for a 4-2 win today.

  67. Erick Gervinho is a noticeable absence up front. Him and the Ox in a tandem would be a interesting sight.

  68. Hallelujah to that Devil, did you see the George Graham clip kev put up yesterday, I know your like it, as Dutch said its old skool.

    I’m off to watch the game Gooners, catch you later.

    C’mon Arsenal.

  69. ArsenalDK

    Yesterday I found an extract from French media citing Hazard will go to PSG the new petrol dollar club in world football. They are planning doing a ‘Shitty'; buying a CL worthy team within a year. Drogba has been on their radar as well, including a few Brazilian household names. Their aim is migrate Hollywood to the city of love.

  70. good morning all
    I’m waiting for the match.Sincerely, I’m not very confident.

  71. Afternoon JM.

    No matter what will happen. We will be punching air, either fist pumping to celebrate or show white knuckles facing the pitch to vent out frustration.


  73. Subs; WS BS MA YB AA JYP TH12

  74. @YoungGunsBlogJamie Sanderson

    Sagna, Arteta and Henry all passed fitness tests, but are on the bench. As is Park and Arshavin. Good lineup. #AFC v #AVFC.

  75. Team news: Andrey Arshavin is surprisingly left on the bench for Arsenal, who’ll be delighted to see Bacary Sagna joining him there after his return from a bad injury.

    Arsenal (4-2-3-1): Fabianski; Coquelin, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Vermaelen; Song, Ramsey; Oxlade-Chamberlain, Rosicky, Walcott; Van Persie.

    Subs: Szczesny, Sagna, Arteta, Park, Henry, Benayoun, Arshavin.

    Aston Villa (4-4-2): Given; Hutton, Cuellar, Dunne, Warnock; Ireland, Clark, Petrov, Agbonlahor; Keane, Bent.

    Subs: Guzan, Heskey, Bannan, Weimann, Lichaj, Baker, Gardner.

  76. @YoungGunsBlogJamie Sanderson

    No Nico Yennaris in the squad today, but Wenger full of praise: “He is a guy who, believe me, will make a big career.” #AFC.

  77. I’ll tell ya what Dutch, no way are Villa resting players.
    They are going for this, McLeish must be confident of pulling off the win…..

  78. Not sure Fabianski is a sensible choice….

    If Flappy fcuks ups, Wenger could get slaughtered….

  79. AK I think Villa line up will cancel out our midfield. There’s Petrov delivering the early ball and Agbon drag racing to beef up their attack. Bent and Keane to keep our backline walking on eggs.

    Indeed a make or break fielding Sir.

  80. If we win its Sunderland or Boro away

  81. Sunderland or M’Boro away….. shit draw.

    Yids Chavs and Scousers all get easy draws….. :(

  82. Our midfield is weak and not strong enough. Fabiansky ia always a danger…









  84. Dutch, Villa look a really dangerous team….
    Agbonlahor often plays well against us.
    Not sure our midfield will create enuf.
    Need big games from Ox and in particular Walcott.

    Good to see ya back Devil… :?

  85. AK if there’s ever a fixed draw to raise your eyebrows over, hey?

  86. Wenger could be drinking in the last chance saloon.

    Lose today and the pressure could be immense on the Board….

  87. Dutch, do you get the feeling that the Yids are having an enornmous amount of luck in the cup this season..?

  88. Are the FA trying to fix Chav/Yid, LFC/EFC semi-finals????

  89. Ok offski to see game.


  90. So Ryo is gone then?

    What is the point…

  91. Not only in the cup, they had a game in hand for ages first half of the season.

  92. My pre match predictions, both Ramsey and Walcott flop again, and no one mentions it.

  93. Boo – house clear just in time :)

  94. Cheers Sir AK

    Its all us at the moment. and the inevitable is that they will go up the other end and score

  95. Flappy – wake up and just clear the ball…..

  96. Hiya Rico, hope you had a lovely family lynch euh…. lunch I mean ;-)

    ESP you’re right about Ryo what’s been the point. Who would you play for Walcott than?

  97. Hi devil, bloody glad to see you back too :(

  98. I would not feel at ease unless we are about 8-0 in front. And even then I will still be a bit tense.

  99. DG10 I would play Ryo any day over Walcott.

  100. Hi Rico. TKS

    did you see your inbox??

  101. Hey DG, :) all turned out pretty well thanks – especially time wise ;)

  102. Theo has started ok, had he gone over just now, i think he’d have got the free kick – he’s too honest, especially after watching sturridge yesterday….

  103. Not yet devil, i’ll go check it …..

  104. Sorry Steve, i don’t have one, will see if i can find one….

  105. ESP playing either will be testing the water if it’s hot or cold. My expectations of Ryo are at a embryonic level. Needs a few first team appearances to grow on me tbh.

  106. Now why doesnt Theo make a hash of a cross instead of attacking the space in the penalty area to have a clearer picture or be fouled????

  107. SP GunningHawk always posts a few solid streams.

  108. We have had 5 attempts at goal, but if RVP does not score no one else does. Villa have had zilch and you can bet that their scorer will be an unlikely one or with a deflected shot.

  109. Many many empty seats at the ground….

  110. Shocking defending yet again!!!!!!

  111. And we don’t need Samba, we are s***te!!

  112. bollox….Dunne has scored 0-1

  113. Actually, make that Samba and a keeper who knows what he’s feckin doing….

  114. Flappy was flapping all over the place

  115. The Villa plan is………..soak up the pressure and hit AFC on the break. Have we ever seen that???

  116. Fuck Theo Walcott. What a waste of a shirt

  117. How come that Walcott, renowned for his speed cannot even get the better of Warnock and Dunne??? Both are not speedsters, yet he got the better of Cashley but cannot seem to get the better of these two!!!!!

  118. four defenders in the box and not one could stop dunne and merts is too often out of position, with his head all over the place….

  119. we have had 8 attempts and 7 corners and scored nil.

    Villa have had 2 attempts 1 corner and scored 1.

    Tactical training in set pieces should be part of the next manager’s job description. The present incumbent does not have a clue

  120. Feck it 2-0 and i’m switching off…. laters….

  121. Ohhh come on……WE ARE FECKING SHIT

  122. This entire club from top to bottom are a fucking joke

  123. Thanx Devil. His period at Feyenoord made me realize we were pregnant of gem in the making. But the EPL can throw a few twists and turns on a young career as you’re well aware. Rumble and tumble see quick feet lose their mesmerising magic if your still in growing pains.

    Reading the posts misfortune has crossed your path. Glad to hear your ok, cheers.

  124. Lets all join in eh, boooooooooooooooooooo

    Grow some Wenger, admit you are wrong and sort it out in the next two days!!

  125. Henry the 2nd……Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?

    Any suggestions who will be the next person who utters these words????

  126. Disheartening performance. It might turn ugly if we aren’t careful.

  127. DG10 its ugly already, it has been ugly for years now. But nothing will ever change so just sit back and enjoy the ride down.

  128. 7 corners all of them bad. I told my brother before villa scored: they go to teach us how can score in a corner… 0-1!
    The second goal the same!
    There isn’t and a solution and a pill for this team!

  129. JM

    Red pill. Blue pill. Doesn’t matter we will still be stuck in the Wenger matrix.

    Fans should fork out a few quid to change all the locks on the Ems and Colney.

  130. Ramsey off, put AA behind RVP! Might just work out anyway nothing to loose…

  131. Who was trying to stop Dunne for the goal

    Who was tracking Bent when he got the rebound for his goal

    Who was ready to take advantage when Given spilled the shot

    No-one, not for any…

    It’s not all the fault of Theo Walcott!!

    Even RvP was furious when no-one backed up the shot that Given spilled….

    As a team, we are not good enough…..

  132. the script is set…..today it will be ARSHAVIN to the rescue. :lol:

  133. You sure you are fit and well Devil ;)

  134. Penalty…………….

  135. 2-1 RvP

    Game on

  136. Dunne should be feckin OFF!!!!!

  137. NO SECOND BOOKING. Fucking hell. Rules state if it’s a penalty foul a card should be given.

  138. 12 goal attempts against 4

    9 corners against 1

    68% possession

    1 penalty in favour

    1 goal against 2

  139. How is Dunne still on the pitch? What the fuck is that about.

  140. Also DG, Ramsey was in a goal scoring position and Dunne was the last man, some would argue it was a straight red

    2-2 – Theoooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  141. The next time Dunne comes near a player he should go down, get him sent off.


  143. Why do we have to go 2-0 down to start playing???

    Why cant wenger wake this lot up before kick off???

  144. No mates….it should not have been a 2nd yellow card. In the Penalty area that is a straight red. Yellow only if it had happened anywhere esle on the pitch. but in the penalty area it is a straight red for a foul like that

  145. Too bloody right Esp, that should have been a straight red…..

    devil, either way, dunne should be off ;)

  146. what a player that little un!!!!! who ever said that Theo is a bad player must have his eyes tested. Go on Son, show them you mean business and is worth 250K a week.

    Still a dickhead footballer for me.

  147. He isn’t bad, he is terrible, his 2nd goal in 14 games… oh sign him up.

    Next free Dunne gives away he should be off.

  148. The only way for AW to put AA on the pitch and not incur any booing would be if he subbed him for…..wait for it….FLAPPY.


  150. devil – not me ;)

    rico says:
    January 29, 2012 at 5:07 pm (Edit)

    Who was trying to stop Dunne for the goal

    Who was tracking Bent when he got the rebound for his goal

    Who was ready to take advantage when Given spilled the shot

    No-one, not for any…

    It’s not all the fault of Theo Walcott!!

    Even RvP was furious when no-one backed up the shot that Given spilled….

    As a team, we are not good enough…..

  151. we need more. no way are we keeping a clean sheet this half.

  152. Esp, trouble is, we can’t single out any one player over the last few seeks, not for being poor as most have – all we can do is pick out the shining lights….

    It isn’t only Theo who has been poor, so so many have…..

  153. Geeeeeezzzzzzzzzz. Henry even managed to squeeze RVP’s bottom. How much would you give to have been in Henry’s place Rico??? :lol:

  154. Three goals in 8 minutes is a record for us, not?

    Devil you put some at Paddy’s? Your prediction in the pipeline, me thinks. If we keep away from passing the bucket.

  155. seeks should read weeks ;)

  156. My house, mortgage, in fact everything but my dog devil ;)

  157. We don’t get three in a game these days DG – 8 mins has to be a record ;)

  158. looooolllllll. That cracked me up.

  159. I think Ramsey has dropped back and Song has pushed up hasnt he??

  160. I Guess that if Villa loose today the ‘McLeish out’ chants will soon start.”


  161. yes Rico. AR has dropped back. and that is the gist of AW’s tactics. We do need a defensive midfielder. How many times have you seen Gilberto go up further than DB10 who became a defensive midfielder??? nil.

    Why not AR for Arteta?? TR07 was playing good.

  162. That is the first time this season that I have seen Arsenal hitting any team from all angles and sides.

  163. Apparentltly Manure want Fergie out after their loss ;)

    We haven’t won this yet, not by a long way…

    Who is the guy with Jack in the crowd? Can’t think of his name??

  164. TR was tiring though devil, i’d bring on Sagna now for Ramsey, and move Coq alongside Arteta and give Song freedom, no matter how much we get cross with him going forward, he’s bloomin dangerous when he does…..

  165. another question Rico……would you have washed your hands after?????

  166. Kozzer is awesome. But he does remind me of STAN LAUREL sometimes with that face.

  167. Rico Afobe is munching snacks with Jack, says live score.

  168. Kozzer wasn’t awesome when Dunne scored devil, far from it…..

  169. Of course – Benik Afobe, thanks DG…

    Good to see AFC have a creche ;)

    They are with RvP’s kids :)

    TH12 coming on……

  170. Why no yellow card yet again?????

    TH12 and Sagna on

    Theo and OX off :)

    No booing this week then……

  171. There are many layers to Le Sagna. Joke from a gunner on live score. :-D

  172. Anyone else think Flappy has got better as the game has gone on??

  173. PHEW – game of two halves then ;)

    Great fight back, but no way is wenger out the woods…

  174. (Shrieks)

    Look at the smile on Robin’s face. ;)

  175. out of the woods??? he will only ve out of the woods if we win at least the FA cup

  176. Listened to the second half on 5live certainly lifted my spirits

  177. Might be coincident but the church rang their funeral bells exactly when the game ended.

    Someone will be sacked. I am sure. Mc Leish??

  178. No Dutch Gods an Arsenal fan

  179. SP the guy upstairs is testing our faith, you’re right on that.

  180. Sounds like Wenger shit himself as apparently he never got out of his chair. And what a clever sub that was Henry for the Ox

  181. Why don’t we just start every game a goal down, might get them to do something.

  182. Did the referee have yellow and red cards?
    Dunne must tbe sent of. yellow card was a wrong decisiosn but 1+1 is red and will be the same.
    We won but on the midfield we are not strong enought and not defend well. Rosicky was made a very good game.
    Henry is not a solution for anything…

  183. so, rvp blasted the side at half time, not wenger……

  184. :lol: DG….

    Hi agag

  185. This game might signal a change in our fortunes. It has been done before and games like this can enable the team spirit and collective togetherness. However, although AFC won and I am glad there are still many questions to answer, notably Theo’s first half performance, AW’s substitutions (not today, but the usual ones), tactical nous, game plan A and B, set piece defending.

    Many questions are left unanswered and if the AKB’s start coming out asking us where are we now that AFC have won should do well to remember that we lost 3 on the trot before today.

  186. Neil Warnock:

    Walcott was superb second half as was Chamberlain….

  187. Just off to read the comments from during the game, so as to have a good chuckle… :D

  188. devil, the heading says just that, if we can perform like we did in the second half for the rest of the season, we’ll get 4th…

    Question is, can we and will we???

    Evening AK and Steve…. Smart move not bringing on AA for the ox….

  189. They won’t make you chuckle AK, well not until around 5pm ;)

  190. Wenger is not ruling out signings before deadline day…..

  191. Hola, rico! Tonight I can sleep soundly. ;)

    Hello, everyone! :) :) :)

  192. Devil

    Our season startup; 7 EPL games brought 7 points, the next 10 gave us 22, the last 7 we scrapped 7 again.

    I would tell AKB-ers we aren’t in a jojo competition.

  193. Me too agag, and at h/t i was already thinking nightmares…..

  194. DG – so the next seven we should be on the up again ;)

  195. Nadal lost then agag :(

  196. A bright note to end on, considering that hearbreaking tennis match. ;)

    Hi, Devil. You okay, sir? AK, shame you weren’t there to see us play live. Dutch, what is a jojo?

  197. he meant yoyo…..a little toy used by kids.

  198. Rico, is that right, did you admit to wanting to pinch, maybe even fondle, RVP’s bottom!!!!!

    I am shocked……… :D :D :D

  199. Went to a fifth set, rico. :( :( He was thisclose to winning it; but he lost composure. :(

  200. Me AK, for sure, wouldn’t you?? ;) ;)

    I’m not a fussy lady you know…..

  201. Rico if we manage to get enough spin on the end, than yes we will go up. :-)

    Hi Agag, have been hugging my pillow all match. ;-)

  202. Oh, I see, devil. :oops: SAK, rico is into all body parts of RvP. :D

  203. So did Murray against Djokovicicicicicici agag :( :(

  204. RVP, moi? 8-O

    I’d shake his hand [ said in a deep manly voice :P: ]…

  205. AGAG……I am ok! tks

    AK……she surely wouldnt wash her hands ever again if she did that. :lol: :lol:

  206. Hiya agag, which player’s bottom would you pinch…???

  207. :) DG, you never know eh

    All parts agag, any parts more like, had the hand of Henry, what nest from RvP eh ;)

  208. Yes thank you Devil, yoyo.

  209. That link i put up to arsenalist.com, shows all the goals if anyone out there has missed them….

  210. AK, Cesc’s! (Before I kick it with my kick-ass heels) :D He gets that for moving to the stains. :)

    Shame about the tennis, rico. :( Now, you can sleep with ease, Dutch. ;)

  211. I wonder if the first half has persuaded ‘old stoopid bonce’ to spend some money over the next 53 hours.

    Rico i did mention that that Window closes at 5pm, but it’s actually 11pm….. :(

  212. Agag, what about senor Fernando Torres????? ;)

  213. AA his out of the team now.
    RVP was happy not be sent off.
    song was not very well.
    Arteta and Sagna will be fit for Wednesday

  214. It’s gonna be a bit hectic hectic hectic on here on Tuesday evening/night….

  215. No Agag my living room is littered with goose feathers right now. :-)

  216. SAK, how could I forget??? And Torres, of course!! :oops: Muy guapo!

  217. Devil, 5.17;
    That’s exactly my opinion at the time….
    It was a goalscoring opportunity, a clear red-card.
    What if RVP had missed?
    What if Dunne had scored again???

    The ref did well to give us two penalties, but he was poor in that decision, very poor….

    Bottle maybe?

  218. With Arteta and Sagna fit for Wednesday that can see us line up with this team….

    Chesney, Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Coquelin, Song, Arteta, Ramsey, OX, RVP, Theo.

  219. I am off, friends!! Behave! rico, you can go dream of anything/everything related to Robin’s anatomy, then. :)

    Have a drink, everyone! I’m sure GG man will be happy to buy you all a round!

  220. Who is muy guapo agag?

  221. Muy guapo…..?????

    Is that Philipino for “I can’t stand him”…? ;)

  222. Good night agag……
    You snuggle up to your Torres pillow… :)

  223. Torres, JM. :) Lots of freckles.

  224. http://arsenalist.com/video/?id=xo5cix

    That is a probition of a clear goalscoring opportunity. And that is a straight red.

    Secondly Dunne was the last man. And that is also a straight red.

    Thirdly it happened in the penalty area. And that is also a straight red.

  225. Devil, looks a good team…..

    Gibbs is back in training tomorrow.

  226. but Gibbs will not play at least before 10th Feb. needs two weeks

  227. Offski for a bit, see ya a bit lata

  228. me too I am off. Need to rest now

    see you all tomorrow guys and chicks

  229. :) agag – i will – nighty to you…..

  230. Nighty Devil, yes, you need to go and rest and hopefully this result will allow you to rest well

    Nighty AK, you too need an early night ;)

  231. I’m heading off to, off to write a winning match report – where is oliver when you really need him ;)

    Nighty all, have a good one…..

  232. Night all, see you tomorrow.

  233. New Post up….

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