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Hazard deal on? Ryo to feature? Sagna’s fit so no left back signing & Arsene ‘back tracks’!

I don’t get this – Bacary Sagna, one of the best right backs in the Premier League, a player who is just returning after suffering a leg break is the reason give by Arsene Wenger for not buying a left back! Sheet, let the guy come back and play where he is best, not stick him in an unfamiliar position and risk another injury….

Gibbs is reported to be back in full training on Monday, so he will need another week I would imagine and in the meantime, we risk playing another player out of position. Not just any old player though, our best right back!

Logic? I can’t see any either….

Talking of logic and back to the substitution that caused so much outrage last weekend, Wenger has backtracked over Chamberlains injury:

He is alright, it was just fatigue. His calf was not gone or anything like that, he just started to tire a little bit. It is normal for a guy who plays a game at that intensity. But health-wise he has no problem. He will be involved on Sunday.

Call me a cynic, our manager knew he wasn’t injured at the time and now he’s trying to justify his actions…

Hey ho, that’s all gone now, tomorrow is another day, another game and I hope we don’t see anything similar take place.

One player who could feature tomorrow is Ryo Miyaichi as Arsene Wenger has said that Ryo’s future will be decided this weekend.

No of course that doesn’t mean he’s being sold but it could mean a loan deal is on the cards so it could mean we all finally see this youngster play some part against Villa and then Wenger will make up his mind whether to play him over the next few months or let him gain experience elsewhere.

Finally, no doubt you all saw the stories going around again yesterday about Eden Hazard, if we are to believe L’équipe, the French sports newspaper – Eden Hazard will be leaving Lille within the next 48 hours, and the club he is going to sign for is….. Oh, us!

Yeah right I say ;)

Until he’s pictured in red and white on our official site, don’t believe it….

Have a good day all, FA Cup day tomorrow….

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270 comments on “Hazard deal on? Ryo to feature? Sagna’s fit so no left back signing & Arsene ‘back tracks’!

  1. Morning all….

  2. Dis hazard of a thing.. A getting sick..

  3. Yep, boring isn’t it….

  4. if your a right back and you play at left back your risking injury?

    Thats news to me….

  5. We luk 4wrd 2 seeing Eden Hazard @ emirates. He wil b a boost 2 arsenal squard

  6. Link for Hazard story?

  7. Morning nice one Rico,
    Just tripped over in the garden Hazards everywhere, but sadly not at Arsenal :)

    Sagna as left back, the mind boggles.
    Looks like The Ox also possesses Jacks super human healing powers we have superstars everywhere. :)

  8. Morning all, are we going to win anything this season?

  9. Eric Yep, Injury of the year.

  10. make your news look real, i pray wenger signs hazard,cos it seems we’ll need his services since wikshere is still out.how much of him i miss.

  11. whatajoke, useful comment thanks!

    Morning Erick and Steve – be glad when this window shuts…..

  12. Chances of signing Hazard are less than zero! No story on l’equipe either!

  13. Pete – its in yesterday’s post with the translation from French…

  14. Let keep our finger accross on hazard nd let drm d deal goes through

  15. Rico, i think it was shut before it opened for us.

  16. Ryan, one of the HH regulars read it yesterday, and there is another link for the story – of course it may all be a spoof, but…..

    That’s life during a silly transfer window….

  17. Hazard wil be gunners if arsenal ar seriouse

  18. :lol: steve, same old for us eh….

  19. Mate just looked on the offiicial l’equipe website and nothing on there unfortunately! What a talent

  20. We are in real trouble guys, we need a miracle tbh

  21. Hazard was at the ems to watch the united clash, got tickets from gervinho all the rumours are false

  22. Maybe its been removed Ryan, try the link that was posted in the comments yesterday, thats from another sports site….

    Erick, we do, two signings could be that miracle….

  23. Morning Rico. Good day Gooners, honourable and knowledgeable amigo’s.

    You’re not being cynical Rico. I am tired of Wenger pretending the club is in a state of picking flowers, blowing bubbles and running through lavish green fields. Sweet coating our swan song with do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do. He’s been all musical on our arses for several seasons.

    I fear our next season kits will be made out of old Highbury curtains.

    If there was ever sensible business staring us in the face it’s now this transfer window. AA and Chamug devalue every future minute they play for us. Incredible I know but both still have admirers in their home leagues. Must be Beta-max tapes they are watching.

    It can bring in half the fee of a Hazard quality addition.

  24. Rico i honestly don’t s3 it happening, we are in for a bumpy ride, first time in many seasm we have to finish strong.

  25. I’m sure they are Erick… sadly…

    Morning DG, it does all get tiresome, excuse after excuse…..

    They would have sold the curtains, anything for a quick buck….

  26. Dutbh gooner, howdy to you we have been saying this for two seasons now get rid of the dead wood asap and re invest in quality but Arsene nt listening

  27. Morning Rico, Steve, Ryan, Erick.
    Probably just a rumour about Hazard, created by his Agent. Good to see Bacary back and I hope the Ox starts again against Villa.
    What would the fee be for Hazard?

  28. Howdy Marinello, 38 million i reckon, Aw would never pay that much…but we have players we can add to the deal

  29. We never do though Erick, we nornally ‘survive’ because we play well in the first half of the season, its not looking good……..

  30. Morning Marinello – there are different figures being quoted for Hazard, all of which are above £10Million so count us out ;)

    I think Chamberlain will start, Wenger will be too sacred to leave him out and I wouldn’t be surprised to see AA rested and Ryo on the bench with Henry….

    Really good news re Sagna…. He’s been seriously missed….

  31. Rico it’s all surrogate and simulations. Not the real thing. Guess Coca-Cola won’t be interested in a sponsor deal.

    Erick I know, better throw a occupy movement on the center pitch. That will get their attention. Even if they ignore to see it, there still be the penetrating smell of unwashed mortal souls.

  32. Rico my patiences with Aw is on an all time low, think we are in a fix all because we refuse to spend an extra coin.

  33. I agree Erick. But I can’t see anyone in their right mind wanting to pay a fee for the likes of Aluminium, Flapianski, Squillaci, Denilson, Bendtner, JD, Arshavin or Chamakh. Maybe give them free transfers just get the wage bill reduced….

  34. Good Morning Gooners.
    Good Morning Rico.

    It’s Saturday, so it’s Wind-Up Day, as the rumours for Eden Hazard gain momentum…….


  35. :lol: DG

    Or the board won’t take him to one side and tell him to spend Erick…

    Morning AK, roll on midnight Tuesday eh, then we know where we are and i strongly suspect it will be where we are today :(

  36. DG wat happened at the manure game is a sign of things to come, Aw getting abuse from the fans is just the start…Morinello we had alot of chances to get the deadwood out and get some cash bt aw refuses to take advantage of the chance

  37. Wish the papers would stop staring stuff up! But hope hazard signs very soon gunner4life

  38. Howdy Ak, am trying to look into the argument that the Board is not giving Aw the support and I can’t seem to get enough evidence bt the problem is evident

  39. Any predictions for the Villa game?
    Don’t want to tempt fate but I feel a 2-0 win to the Arse.

  40. Marinello, free transfers for Almunia & Fabianski this summer are a certainty as i believe their contracts expire.

    I think the Window closes at 5pm this Tuesday Rico, i might be wrong, but i’m pretty sure that’s what i heard.

    Hiya Dutch.
    The Hills Are Alive, With The Sound of Music….. :D

  41. Erick Wenger has come out to whisper he will stay unfazed by mass critics. Sssstt don’t tell anyone. Keep it to yourself.

  42. Since our hope is gone let us hope for nothing.

  43. I will go with a one nil for the Arse and Rvp to score coz if he doesnt we don’t win

  44. Erick, the people responsible for transfers, Gazides and Dick Law, are just not very good…!

    I did read on another site, in a web-cast, that Jamie Sanderson was taking part in, that they believe that Kroeke might have a clear-out at Board level this summer.

    Now that isn’t gospel, just someones educated opinion.
    It was on RSD’s blog. So not a bunch of hot-headed story-tellers….

  45. I think McLeish will park the bus, a la Birmingham under McLeish.

    We know what to expect from a McLeish team.

    The question is, what kind of Arsenal team turn up.

    We could win 3-0 if they’re in the mood…

  46. Would be good to see Ryo and Ox in tandem at some point tomorrow, might be a glimpse of what the future holds?

  47. Good morning!
    Cold but nice for a walk
    Catch you later

  48. This is talent saying about wenger issue he should purchase a good miedfielder some one like edin hazard because he is a creative player we can aford lose some one like him

  49. Dg as long as the results are dismal the revolt against Aw continues, Ak i refuse to believe that no one in the boardroom wants us to do well and see wat we lack

  50. I think we will struggle but win Marinello ;)

    Villa have quality up front though AK, have a feeling they will fancy their chances, especially with old spud Keane in their side :(

  51. Jm wats up bro, long time what you up to

  52. Will Sagna start??

    Hi JM, enjoy your walk…

  53. Erick, it’s not a case of people in the Boardroom not wanting us to win things mate.

    The question should be, what are their priorities???

    In the Black? Or.
    In the CL?? Or.
    Winning trophies???

  54. Hiya AK a board clear out sounds like music that can carry itself over high mountains. ;-)

    Marinello I predict 2-2 to the Arsenal. Theo and RvP scoring and 2 own goals. Villa will pump the long balls to reach the bald spot of Heskey and the drag racing of Agbon. Putting the leather covered pig stomach in the box will create danger. Cuz our defence will be walking on eggs. There’s just a nervous streak I see returning, from the start of our season.

  55. Don’t see him being involved at all Rico bt am known to be wrong

  56. Yeah Rico, it’s gonna be a difficult game, but i think it depends on Arsenal’s attitude as we have the better team, it’s between the ears that counts on the day…..

  57. Ak I nobody know what happens at the board level, all we can do is speculate but wat happens on the field is enough to tell us that something is wrong

  58. Seriously hope to be proved a moron though.

    AK Ryo Ox tandem, me like that idea. Theo replacing Ryo in the second half.

  59. Certainly don’t think he should play if not 100% fit Erick, Yen will be ok there…

    Spot on AK, attitude, and our lot better want to win this game and play like they do too….

  60. We have no room for experiments play the best team and no stupid subs

  61. Got a few things to do so popping off for an hour…

  62. Fa cup weekend, the magic of the cup, 2005, its been too long.

    Dutch, curtains………pull yourself together man.

    Does wenger know he can’t take the money to the grave with him.

    Wonder if AA may be involved in a last minute deal again, its looking likely to me, got a feeling in my water.

  63. Ryo and the Oxo ahead of Theo, now you talking…any news on Theo’s contract

  64. Just for you Dutch……..

    I know you’ll love it…..

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

  65. Micko he he hope your water is right lol bt we have to replace him we need the squad players

  66. Mick, that’ll be the brown ale….

  67. Kev, I’ve got a request, would you put the George Graham 1990 team talk clip up, its the business, I love that clip.

  68. Erick, if we don’t add in the next couple of days i think we may be looking at europa cup football next season.

  69. Your wish is my command Mick.

  70. Micko you funny. Closed curtains will keep me alive I feel hair in my neck rising and my teeth transforming.

    AK thanx are you getting jigga with me? I would rather have a little swagger. As in Jay Z in the stands for talisman support. He knocks quality I heard.

  71. Micko the way things are going Europa league is not off the mark, but we can do it we just need some luck and great performances from the team

  72. Nice one kev, that is quality and what a team that was, heroes everywhere you looked.

  73. Dutch, jigga???
    I can’t dance mate….
    I can swagger quite well, usually after 8 pints of Stella.
    Er maybe that was stagger….. ;)

  74. Erick, first priority for me is 40 points, then I can relax, we’re be safe for another season.

  75. Mick, that team had a backbone, from goalkeeper to centre-forward….
    They were mentally strong as well as very good footballers…

  76. he he swag I hear thats whats up…

  77. GG vid is old skool English class. But my god, talk about closed curtains did they keep them players out of the sunlight or what? Dixon looking particularly pale. Must have drunk pints of Spa.

  78. Micko we have played fourth lots of time, Aw is loosing the plot and we need a strategy change the youth project when the person we built around went to Barca

  79. Remember this one Mick…?

    That was the team that lost only ONE league game…

  80. Ak quality clips, some of the lads should see this clips…history club Arsenal

  81. Dutch, when I was America a few years back I had a native come up to me and say ” Now your a real white man” I burst out laughing, I have to use factor 40 when I venture out into the sunshine otherwise I end up looking like a lobster, its the Irish blood in me.
    To add insult to injury he thought I was Austrailian, no offence Scott.

  82. AK jigga = slang lingo denoting confusion or surprise to another party’s previous action or remark.

    LOL; Stella pints stagger.

  83. Dutch…. Thank God for that mate… :P:

    I’ll have teach ya some cockney slang.

  84. Erick, a different mentality mate, but it came from the top.
    Not sure that some of the softies we have in the squad now could take that kinda stuff…

  85. Qpr and Chelsea cancel the pre match handshake

  86. Hi Micko

    Fergie is playing a blinder, Evra is captain today for their FA Cup match against the Dippers…

    Could be a tasty one ;)

  87. Erick, there wouldn’t have been one ;)

  88. Ak am sure some would cry all the way home, we have the quality but we are too soft and want things in a silver plate

  89. Micko Americans call that type of skin WASP White Anglo-Saxon Protestant. ;-)

    Yankees are pretty intense when it comes to anything outback or not from their turf. Very biased.

  90. ha ha second time Terry would have seen his hand hanging lol

  91. Good job its just his hand Erick, most women around him get to see something else :oops:

    On that note, off to walk Fido, back in a bit….

  92. Be good Rico, heading out to watch the Mancs game

  93. Lata Erick enjoy old red nose.

  94. Sneezing :-)

  95. Dg am still about, get some medicine for that lol

  96. AK Hot pants those were the days for Arsenal.

    Love the comment; hands on experience with the trophy!!

  97. Erick I bet Fergie can snort a whole eucalyptus tree.

  98. Dutch, those shorts were, i would imagine, more to the taste of Agag and Rico… ;)

  99. AK you can see those players eat hot steel for breakfast. They have a different kind of twinkle in their eyes. Must have been windy exposing the legs so near the croch.

  100. What a travesty in that Samba won’t be coming to join the Arse. He plays with passion, has great technical prowess, and is dangerous going forward at set pieces. We could give JD, and Mertsacker plus £5m and have us one Samba.
    I read somewhere that Loach, the promising Watford keeper is becoming unsettled. Be a good back up for Chesney, with Almunia going the other way.

  101. Ok guys, am offski to cheer for Liverpool
    [ Did i really say that 8-O ]…..

  102. Qpr 0 chelsea0
    Liverpool 1 Mu 0
    All the teams win MU,fulham and M. city

  103. one nil to liverpool, hate the fans booing Evra classles…Dg am sure he would end to end stuff

  104. Marinello don’t know who said it yesterday but someone called Samba the carbon-copy of Soll in the making. Justified imo.

    If Cheszer gets injured AW will get slaughtered on the web for not acting this transfer window. Back up has been calling for attention since Lehman the looney German was first choice.

  105. Thanks for the clips Ak great stuff, Marinelo we have had a dozen chances to get Samba but we have done nothing at all

  106. Later AK. Cheers.

  107. I bet we have a match now eh

  108. Hiya SP. The FA could be a real chance to lift silver ears this year.

  109. I think thats our only chance Dutch

  110. We have a great chance, but we are chasing the fourth and in the CL tough with our average squad

  111. I think the only way we’ll be in the champions league next year is if we win it this year

  112. I don’t want to sell the hide before the bear is down SP. A win tomorrow only cripples it, ManU will have their eyes set on the double.

  113. They have to win today first Dutch no mean feat

  114. Sturredge dived better than tom Daley

  115. shocking ref’in again today, what a soft penalty given to rhe chavs….

    afternoon all….

  116. Sorry SP forgot to add. The Scoucers, if they beat ManU, will feel elevated taking out the potential finalist. Seeking a back door to CL football given their poor run in the EPL. Daglish seems they guy capable of a hairdryer in the dressing room if the chips are down.

    Don’t want to sound negative, but I believe our chances when the Arsenal bus is being tracked by a helicopter on final day.

  117. he won’t like seeing that replay steve, what a cheat… and pundits say the foreigners dive….

  118. The odds are against us tbh, we are in a fix guys something has to change and fast

  119. The FA Cup winners go into europa dont thet DG?

  120. Rico i have not seen the dive but at anfield its end to end stuff

  121. Really soft from Sturridge – he just fell over, cheating little toad…

    They showed it at H/T on itv, i’m watching Manure too, they should have had a penalty ;) Don’t want either to win this though…..

  122. yes, The FA cup winner and the Cup league winner go to europe League. So cardiff maybe there…

  123. Hi Rico, I wasn’t sure but Steve seems to be clear on it. But I wonder if CL spot is still awarded to fourth place if a club outside top 5 win it.

  124. Don’t worry Eric we shouldn’t have much more time to wait, before we settle down and watch the others, some one said Wengers booked his holiday at the end of next month

  125. Thanks JM

    DG – i can’t remember what the outcome was after the dippers won it but finished 5th/6th, i know the winner automatically qualify but not sure if its at the expense of 4th place, have a feeling it is now….

    So, lets finish 5th, win the CL and Spuds finish 4th ;) ;)

  126. Marinello, agree re your Samba comment ;)

  127. Jm done his homework, Sp he better stay on holiday forever if he can’t take us forward…chavs are cheats lol

  128. Rico a bit of mix up with all the silverware mentioned. I thought Steve meant winning the FA cup makes a CL spot. That’s why I wondered if it would be at the expense of fourth on the EPL table.

  129. bollox…

    2-1 dippers…

  130. Ah, i see now DG…

  131. Interesting, its been six years since Liverpool won anything…

    Would you guys consider them to be a bigger club than ours?

    How come they don’t get all the ‘Liverpool, who haven’t won any silverware in six years’ comments…..

  132. well done scousers

  133. Thats a great observation Rico, i would argue that liverpool succes a while back compared to us but the media too dont fancy us

  134. because they have won europe a few times Rico and there still still trying

  135. Rico I guess winning the big ears gives you an extensive breather over a long period.

  136. I hate the scousers alan…..

  137. I hate Scousers as well.

    But you’ve gotta larf at the Mancs.

    Out of everything, almost….

    Fergie Out! ;)

  138. Think you must be right DG….

  139. :lol: AK, they will win the league though and probably the Europa Cup…..

  140. Vito Mannone facing Sanchez Watt…
    Hull vs Crawley

    Afternoon Gooners

    Boateng on bench for Swindon.
    Hoyte starting for AFC Wimbledon.
    Aneke not in squad at Stevenage?

  141. Hope not Rico, might divert some of the media attention away from us….

    Don’t mind the two Mancs going all the way to the Europa final though…

    Now we’ve gotta do ‘A Job’ on Villa.
    Would be unforgivable to waste this opportunity….

  142. @YoungGunsBlogJamie Sanderson

    Arsène Wenger suggestive of Chamberlain’s ability in a central role today. Played there before. An option in Wilshere’s absence?

  143. AK, my money is on Watt ;)

    Just been watching and Interview with the new Stevenage manager, he has connections to us and hopes to do a few more deals with a couple of our players, loans i think….

  144. ShaneOheffShane Heffernan


    @YoungGunsBlog Still can’t understand why in the world we would loan out Frimpong when we needed him

    1 hour ago

    in reply to ↑

    @YoungGunsBlogJamie Sanderson

    @ShaneOheff – He needs a loan badly, and we don’t need 3 DM’s. Lansbury loan a bit more baffling, but he could be recalled.

  145. Rico, Stevenage’s new manager coached and scouted for us awhile back.
    Still has a lot of contacts i believe.
    Good opportunity to have a nursey club maybe???

  146. @YoungGunsBlogJamie Sanderson

    Alcoyano says #AFC have asked about 17-year-old Lucas Torró, who Valencia have an option on, as clubs plan a partnership

  147. @YoungGunsBlogJamie Sanderson

    #AFC also ready to let Wellington Silva stay at Alcoyano on loan next season, as part of a deal. Kudos to: @DanielNotaro.

  148. AK, id get Lansbury back, in a flash….

  149. Part of what deal I wonder, re Wellington??

    Ah, i didn’t catch what his connection was, interesting, maybe we will get Freeman back once he’s proved himself ;)

  150. Rico in that space of time the scousers have ousted there owners, found a new one who has given them the manager they were all crying out for and has given him the money to go and get the players he feels will make liverpool a force again, he will more than likely deliver a bit of silverware in a few weeks time as well.

  151. Maybe Arsenal are trying to come to an Understanding with Alcoyano?

    Once that’s done, then i bet Wenger could scout quite a few South Americans and have them out on loan, before applying for a work permit for those rated highly enough.

    Think the idea is to let Wellington stay at Alcoyano for 18 months.
    See how he goes and if it’s worth a work permit application.

    Then if it doesn’t work out, we could sell him.

    I believe that he’s under contract until 2016.

  152. As for Lansbury, yes i agree, but only if he’s gonna be part of the squad.

    He doesn’t often get a game for West ham, and that’s disappointing.

  153. Good point Micko, wish we could start where they did, the owners and go from there…

    Who would we cry out for as manager, i’d love it to be a gooner, a real gooner …. Keown could do for the club/fans what KD is doing at Anfield…

  154. Didn’t Lansbury suffer an injury?? I think he could come in and push Ramsey, the latter i think has played too much for his first season back from such a severe injury, he needs a break…

    More kids – i hope not AK, we need players a bit older ;)

  155. YoungGunsBlogJamie Sanderson

    The FA Cup opens up as a real possibility now for #AFC. Can we be ruthless and focused enough? Let’s see.

    55 minutes ago

    jayhoudiniJonny Houdini


    @YoungGunsBlog i would kill for a cup run, and maybe a wembley date. cup finals are special, no matter what competition

    52 minutes ago

    in reply to ↑

    @YoungGunsBlogJamie Sanderson

    @jayhoudini – Certainly. I wasn’t overly excited before the CC final, but its those occasions you live for as a fan. Hope we can do it

  156. Win the CL not give the chance to be qualifying for the CL next season. In England, only the first 4 teams going there.

  157. I’d love to think Arsenal have Bergkamp pencilled in for a few years down the line.

  158. My sentiments exactly, we so badly need to win a trophy and maybe Wenger will focus more on that, as a face saving exercise to compensate for finishing outside the top-four, but i won’t care.

    Winning the FA Cup would be marvellous….

  159. Even sensational !

  160. Mick, i couldn’t imagine the idiots in our Boardroom thinking beyond this evening, let alone who the next manager will be…..

    That’s how Arsenal always run their affairs.

    Somehow they muddle thru….

  161. Bergkamp and Keown – just imagine what they would be able to do….

  162. You only need to cast your mind back a few years and see how they coped with managerial changes.

    Frankly they are clueless….

  163. F*****g awesome :)

  164. Thanx JM.

    Loaning these kids to the lower divisions will seriously hamper our chances to lure the rough diamonds. Championship clubs should be our main aim for kindergarten, or similar competitions in Europe. In Holland that would be top league, not a bad thing on a young career C.V.

  165. So We should stop dreaming about Hazard guys what is it now???? is he going to PSG /Chelsea/Real or Barca whats the on the offing!!!!

  166. That Le Grove podcast is a good listen….

  167. AK :lol: :lol:

  168. Press news:
    The PSG is preparing a proposal for 20 million euros to Arsenal to ensure the acquisition of Theo Walcott, the second bypass this Saturday the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.
    Having missed the hiring of Carlos Tevez, the emblem of Paris seems now turn to the speedy England international, 22.

  169. Theo wouldn’t go abroad JM……

  170. Arry joke always top AK. :-D

  171. How about Donald Trump for Arsenal president?? Could do wonders with our property developers up stairs.

  172. Chamack is comming next week ! :-(

  173. Finally, some time to blog! Hello, all! Catching up on the comments. Back in a bit. :)

  174. “Normal” Stoke in Derby… 4 yellow cards until the moment.

  175. His country out of the ACON’s then JM :(

    No striker for us in this window then….

  176. rico, I really do hope we buy Hazard. he can only be good for our team. And I also really hope we win the CL. Problems sorted. :P ;)

    Weeds, if you are back, I am never able to catch you, it seems. :(

    Hi, Dutch, JM, SSP and SAK. I hope you are having a good weekend. :)

  177. Afternoon agag

  178. All is well and good, lets just hope the deal go through.

  179. Hi agag. yes, but I must wait for tomorrow ;-)

  180. Hi Agag you already had your pins off your feet last night? Didn’t catch tiptoeing out. :-D

  181. No time like the present, JM. Go have a good time today. :)

  182. i think our chances are little to none of getting hazard agag…..

  183. All is well and good, lets just hope the deal go through.:-)

  184. Hi Ayorbermy – no chance :(

  185. Boo, rico! Howdy? I had a laugh at your nth declaration of loathing for the scousers. I must say, I dislike the red Mancs more. ;)

    Dutch, sorry! :oops:

  186. no chance arsenal sign eden hazard

  187. Still listening to the Le Grove podcast.

    A thoroughly great listen…


  188. It would be unbearable if we continue to persist with the likes of AA, Chamakh, et al. We must have hope!! ;)

  189. Haha agag, didn’t realise i had mentioned i am not keen on the dippers ;)

    AK, what’s it about??

  190. So, our hope is Chamack and AA?

  191. Alex Fynn talking on AW and AFC.

    Some interesting views….

  192. Fynn thinks Wenger will leave in 2013.

    Says Wenger’s family want to return to France.

  193. Blames Wenger for not buying.

    Says club badly miss Dein.

  194. Says club will suffer badly if we drop out of CL.

  195. Who is Alex Flynn AK?

  196. Any girl wearing Jimmy Choo is worth waiting for a good night kiss. ;-) :-D :-D

    Don’t be sorry, be a smile as always. Me and SAK were wondering today if you/Rico fancy the Arsenal hot pants from back in those days. See last Vid.

  197. Thinks Arsenal need to change policy.

    Self sufficency has failed.

    New direction in transfer policy is needed.

  198. A writer and football consultant.

    Specialises in finance etc…

  199. rico, I think you’ve said it as many times as I’ve said I wanted us to buy Torres. :oops: ;)

    JM, by “hope”, I meant Hazard. AA and Chamakh = hopeless. ;)

  200. need a talented md, a creative l,b, and a decent cf, with a non injury team , rotation, is the key to less injury. achieve that and we might get somthing out the season.

  201. Kalou is out of the CAN too.
    AW – Real madrid ?

  202. That was a brilliant listen….

    About an hour, but you can still type and listen.

    I’d recommend it…

  203. AK – but thats no different that what many fans have been saying – nothing will change though regardless of who speaks out…..

  204. i think so too agag ;)

  205. Haha, Dutch, what are you smoking? :P Did Weeds (Erick) hand you some ganja? International shipping takes forever. Bummer. :(

    Hiya, AK. :) All that is nothing we don’t already know. AW was entirely too optimistic about the Youth Project. And the crown jewel of that enterprise is now wearing the icky blue and claret of the Stains. Yuck.

  206. i might hve a listen, maybe during tomorrows match, save listening to the idiots who commentate….

  207. Kev, i 2nd that, a real insight into wenger, the board and Dein.

    Its well worth an hour of anybodies time.

  208. Rico Alex Flynn is the guy Wenger calls a football guru. Author of the book: Arsenal, the making of a modern football club.

  209. Mick, it’s certainly made me think a bit more about my criticisms of Gazides and co….

    Don’t think that Fynn has an agenda….

    Not sure where were going tbh…..

  210. Dutch, I’m also a “football guru”

  211. A strsnge goal for Espanol… Espanol 1 Mallorca 0

  212. Agag I have been smoking my laundry. Totally shrinking it to midget size. Turned on the heat a bit enthusiasticly. ;-)

    AK Micko will pick up the podcast later. Thanx a bunch.

  213. He won’t like whats been said then DG…

  214. Who is Flynn blaming mostly, Wenger??

  215. J M you are OUR football guru, that’s much more responsibility to handle.

  216. Do your remember Rui Fonte? Is playing for Espanol

  217. welcome foxy, don’t think you are far off there, but we also need a quality number two keeper to back up Ches

  218. Rico, he’s blaming a mixture of people at the club.
    Says it’s a kinda culture thing that goes back to GG and before.

    But he blames Wenger for the lack of team investment.

    Think i might listen to it again a bit lata…

  219. yes JM, he was with us for a year, hows he playing these days?

  220. You can bet your bottom dollar, [or agags bottom :D ]that some lazy-arsed journo will listen to it and pretend that it’s his/her story.

    They’re shameless at stealing other people’s work and claiming an exclusive for themselves, the wankers….

  221. I know it’s an hour Rico, and that it concerns a lot of things that you already suspect, but there’s a few little gems of info in there worth listening to….

  222. He is trying to score another goal… in last three apearences scored three times!

  223. Apparently psg have signed Eden Hazard

  224. Rico he’s constructively critical, what I understood is Wenger holds him in high regard cuz Flynn is knowledgeable beyond media bits and bites. Connecting modern day management and capital government of a worldwide brand/moloch to the new era of future of football.

  225. I don’t think he’s far wrong re Wenger failing to invest AK but again, the board should be more forceful, they should be telling him to spend what he has to make us stronger – but, i think they are frightened to upset him…

    I think it went wrong the day DD left but not becuase DD left, but because from that day Wenger had to not only manage but also be more involved in transfer dealings etc etc – and he’s never been told that that is no longer his role…

    He has too many fingers in too many arsenal pies…

  226. I shall have a listen AK, its just finding the time :(

    Wenger won’t hold him in such high regard DG, not after listening to what has been said – BUT, on the other hand, Wenger may just listen and think, if he respects Flynn….

    Steve :P Hoorah, now we need not get our hopes up although I think you are kidding us ;)

  227. Just read a bloggers comment,he said it was a done deal, we’ll soon know.

  228. L’équipe doesn’t say anything about Hazard today.

  229. I’m having an early one guys, saturday night and all that :)

    You all have a good evening and see you tomorrow….

    Nighty Night all…..

  230. guine 6 Botswana 1…

  231. Oh well, another bites the dust the Steve….

    JM, i couldn’t find yesterdays article on there…

    AK, i thought about stealing it ;)

    Def gone now….

    Nighty all

  232. I’m watching now Pobolsky… Koln 1 Schalke 0

  233. Have a nice evening Rico. C y tomorrow. Will be fun if everyone turns up. Night night.

  234. Rico, its very interesting to hear what he had to say about David Dein, his motto was always you have to speculate to accumalate, the complete opposite of wenger, Dein wanted to sanction the purchase of players when we moved into the emirates but wenger told the board it was not necessary as he wanted to go down the project youth road.
    In 2008 Arsenal were the richest club in the world when all the income was tallied up (359 million), Wenger is making the board millions but they don’t want to spend the profits on players, he is their golden goose.
    He thinks after last summers events wenger is slowly coming around to a different way of thinking.

  235. I also need to NASCAR away. Maybe back later fine folks. Otherwise see y tomorrow. Night all. .

  236. Laters Dutch, rico, have fun.

  237. Micko last I heard was ManU 380 mln quid in debt and Real around 550 mln quid. Those 2 are above us in the profit league.

  238. Kev, wanna talk us through the cricket………thought not.

  239. Just caught your comment Micko, maybe that was the real reason for DD leaving then? Strange how he and Wenger were gulfs apart on their views yet they remain great friends….

  240. Dutch, did you just make a pit-stop !

  241. ‘He thinks after last summers events wenger is slowly coming around to a different way of thinking’.

    Micko, how come the bloody buffoon hasn’t signed us anyone this window ;)

  242. I watched England in the cricket, all i can say is well done pakistan…

    Its a fix ;) ;)

  243. Mr Wenger just buy hazard for us please

  244. Dein was good for wenger, they were a brilliant partnership, it’s possible he may return some day to the club and what’s the rush with signings, we still have 3 days to go.
    Now go and put your feet up.

  245. def gone now….. ;)

  246. I hope he returns, if it means we get back on track, wenger needs a kick and maybe dein is the man… we’ll see soon me thinks…

    feet are up :)

  247. Hazard is the player that club need be serious about him Wenger please please please

  248. Did England lose to Pakistan then..?
    Tbh honest i haven’t looked today…..

    Night Rico…

  249. U guys dont get. Hazard/ arsenal is nt going to happen nt while wenger is still at arsenal

  250. Bloody hell, all out for 72, an absolute disgrace…

    What with Ireland wanting Test status… :(

  251. Kev, it wasn’t for the squeemish, not a very pretty site.
    I’m heading off for the evening, gotta get my make-up ready, catch you tomorrow.

  252. See ya Mick…..

    I bet you’ll look gorgeous….. ;)

  253. Brigthon 1 Newcastle 0 (91th minute)

  254. That’s me gone, night all.

  255. harzard is not coming arsena let him look 4 experience palyer gunners 4 life

  256. Nothing on Hazard on LEquipe website since the 15th of January. Plus the last 4-5 entries on him are completely unrelated to Arsenal :(

  257. What is our owner yank doing? Buying or not? Its now or chamakh!!! On his watch it looks odds on we will not qualify for the 1st time in a generation, his other ‘franchises’ are SHIT! Look & google for yourself, every afc blog misses the only issue… Fizman sold us out….. We are becoming his next shit ‘franchise’
    I pray for a hazard, for more quality players.. Read the back of our programme, I count 14 players good enough for arsenal football club.. Of course it’s obvious we need a squad of 22, we did have that & now we don’t

    Dein & Arsene = champions undefeated

    Kroenke & Arsene = no silverware

    Spot the difference!

  258. He’s obviously guna play sagna right back and play verminator at left back, fuk people r thick

  259. The ever cynical arsenal fans…

  260. The ever realistic arsenal fans richard, we don’t have our heads in the sand…

  261. New Post up….

  262. Er…. Sagna won’t plat on the left. He’ll play on right, TV5 will slot into left, kos & ze German will play at centre back. Gibbs will be back in a week or so which is why we won’t buy a left bac. Hazard isn’t coming to Arsenal so I think we should stop flogging that dead horse ….. Come on Arsenal let’s cut villa to pieces today. We owe McLeish big time… Enjoy the game chaps, I think today is our day. Up the Arsenal

  263. Join us on the new post Mint – press the home button

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