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Wilshere suffers setback! Moving from Highbury has certainly helped us.. NOT!

Having had the good news yesterday about Sagna’s return to training, reports are going around that Jack Wilshere has suffered a stress fracture and now won’t be back until April! There is nothing to confirm this on afc.com but there wouldn’t be would there, not until the transfer window is shut, otherwise the club would need to spend some money!

Chris Samba is making all sorts of threats to Blackburn in order to get his move away from the club, he obviously has his eye on going somewhere, wonder if it’s us?

Anyway, onto todays post:

Since Sundays expected defeat at the hands of England’s greatest team ever, Manchester United, led of course by the greatest Manager England has ever seen SAF – there has been much written and said about our own Manager Arsene Wenger.

Arsenal supporters have started to split, there are those in favour of change and those that believe Arsene Wenger’s six-year drought of Trophies is about to change.

I know how I think Arsenal FC should proceed but I’m not going to try and lead you to my way of thinking. Every supporter should know how they feel and which way they believe Arsenal should go.

Many players have been making statements since Sunday, and from Captain to goalkeeper, they state that the manager is right, he is the boss and he knows best.

Maybe he does but why did we lose then?.

Why did we not have any fullbacks in the team?

Why have we no reserve goalkeeper of any standing?

Why have we got a second in command who had to be pressed ganged into not retiring?

Why do we still have players who it is quite clear, that most of the players do not rate and finally,

Why have we still no replacement for our centre forward?

Statements of allegiance are all very well for the public but when you get a sixty thousand Stadium full of mostly Arsenal fans asking questions, and not for the first time, you realise that there is no smoke without fire.

Arsenal football Club is not a two bob operation,  we are the 3rd biggest club in the world and probably the most stable. They persevere with a no spending policy, fine if you have a squad that can cope with all situations, fine if you are winning your fair share of spoils but if that is not the case then things are not being run the right way is it.

The Arsenal Board are running the show off the field and how are they doing?

Well according to the annual profit Statements not bad, we appear to be one of the best run clubs not only in England, but in the world. Many supporters are looking for someone to blame for our lack of silverware over the last six years and it’s hard to point the finger at a board that appears to be running smoothly and making huge profits isn’t it?

This is almost the same board that changed our stadium from Highbury into a profitable building development and moved us to The Emirates and almost doubled the crowd capacity which of course is a step forward.

‘We needed to move in order to compete with the top clubs’  – that’s what we were told.

Reality is though, since our move to our shiny grand stadium, our actual on-field performances have nose-dived, we have gone from being successful to winning nothing. We lose on a regular basis and our players appear nowhere near the quality from previous years.

We buy cheaply and our style never changes and tactics-wise we have not progressed.

The man in charge of all football related decisions is Arsene Wenger. He is the man who has sold some of the Arsenals greatest players like Henry, Cashley, Paddy, Clichy, Fabregas, Na$ri, to name just a few, but has he replaced them with similar quality or work ethic?

Up to now the answer has to be No he hasn’t, he has replaced them with cheaper and average players and that has to be wrong.

We have made massive profits off the field and we have made the same kind of profits selling our best players, so money should not be a problem for us. I can remember one statement Arsene Wenger made when asked by a reporter what he would do it Arsenals board gave him a Hundred million to spend on players. Arsene’s reply was “I would give it straight back”. Hardly a statement that I could imagine SAF saying.

Mind you, he wins trophies every year and that’s why he is considered the best manager around today and he’s been winning them for many years…..

There are rumours circulating that Arsenal season tickets, which are already the most expensive in the league, are going up for next season.

Inflation no doubt and many supporters will dig deep and stump up the extra, while others will question the rise and that brings us nicely back to the split in support.

Funny though, one of Wengers excuses for not signing any new players was down to the economy, shame the club don’t think about the fans and reduce the season ticket prices, because of that same economy!….

Are you happy with Arsenal FC or can we do better?

Written by Steve Palmer

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364 comments on “Wilshere suffers setback! Moving from Highbury has certainly helped us.. NOT!

  1. The injury jinx strikes again……………….!

  2. every year one talent youth player gets taken away from us, over use by wenger?

  3. First there then Wath ;)

    Morning to you and to all :)

    Just read LG, three weeks is the setback, full extent of injury not known BUT G&P do suggest that we are heading into the transfer market….

  4. Rsd, he was overplayed last season, again that goes back to lack of depth in strength in the squad….

    Fine post again Steve and no way would Fergie give a penny back, not unless he really didn’t need to spend it – when Ronaldo left I thought they would struggle but he spent some of the money, on quality and they haven’t really missed him…

  5. ‘We need to move to be keep up with the top sides’

    What, in the Championship ;)

  6. Morning Rico, can’t see how anyone can say 3 weeks or 3 months or 3 years when they not the medical staff and will only of heard whispers like everyone else…!

    Will it force wenger to spend…. we’ll see but no Jack is a huge loss with the full backs close to a return we’d of had a bit more about us..!

  7. I didn’t understand that either Wath, if we don’t know the injury, we don’t know the return, Jenks suffered a stress fracture and he’s been out for ages now….

    Four days to go, he’s leaving it a bit late again, if he buys, they better not be basement…..

  8. ‘I know how I think Arsenal FC should proceed but I’m not going to try and lead you to my way of thinking’

    Stop moaning then :)

  9. to be fair the goal posts changed when we moved to em’s we’ve stood still since then while everyone else has moved forward 10 fold

  10. We shouldn’t have though Rsd, speculate to accumulate ;)

  11. With all due respect Steve,what is the point of this article?????
    Sorry,but it says absolutely nothing that hasn’t been said 1000 times over.
    Rico,Jacks injury may or may not be from overworking him,but its ironic 99% of Arsenal fans,me included,have been asking why the Ox hasn’t been given much playing time!!!
    How quickly we forget things.
    Imagine the outcry if he was being played and copped a long term injury.

  12. Why when it comes to money verses trophy’s are soooo many arsenal and none arsenal fans blinkered to the fact that despite the club operating at a profit rather then a loss it is a very small profit in comparison to the sums you expect the club to pay to challenge for top honours.

    I like the rest would love to see arsenal win trophy’s season after season but there is a shed load of clubs who have gone on a lot longer then 6 years and not won a trophy.

    patients ain’t a bad thing and if you think our fans have it then i must not know what it is.

  13. Thought that was the sales pitch for us moving from Highbury RSD, for us to move the goalposts in a positive way and to be able to compete for the best players when in theory it’s been quite the opposite with the board just lining their own pockets with cutting the debt and raising the share price.

  14. You’ve said it all. Top post.

  15. Scott, MarkB doesn’t think it’s pointless ;)

  16. The best thing to do Scott is send a post into Rico if you think what Steve has done is pointless…?

  17. Fair enough,and there are some totally valid points…..they’ve just been made before too often to raise an eyebrow.
    Anyway,enough negatives.
    One positive is we are not a club that contributed to the 2 billion Euro in losses from professional football clubs in Europe last year.
    That’s 2 billion…..one year.

  18. Why,to tell you what I think……i do that anyway lol.
    I have sworn off ever contributing.
    I did it once,and the of that site admin merely sensationalised it so that was it for me.
    I respect anyone that does put their thoughts out there,but I don’t see the point of lying and saying i agree with everything.

  19. Scott, you can always write a post for HH, we always welcome new writers with new ideas :)

  20. Good morning guys and chicks of the Gunners’ faith.

    Good post Sir SP. And good comparison with the most successful manager in football history. That is what every one at our club should aim for. A top post.

  21. Here’s an idea

    I know you all have your opinions about the team, strategy and decisions and all that, but it basically all comes down to money, particualrly wage bills. It’s quite remarkable how wage bill matches up with league position since the stats became available.

    As we all suspect, we’re unwilling to alter our wage structure and so we cannot compete for players (even hold on to them) with the small number of clubs paying more than we do. And we look stupid, weak, unambitious.

    Right, and we also know that we made a restrictive deal in order to finance the stadium, which means for a few years our sponsorship income will be much, much lower than our competitors (and even spurs). That’s quite a bit of money we’re losing out on, check out swiss rambler if you want to know exactly how much that is.

    SO, why not, with that in mind, invest a little money until that point at which we are better able to compete? Call it a long view, an investment, even just an interest free loan. Is it that much to ask of a modern day chairman that he invest some money?! And don’t believe that he’s taking money out either, that’s mischief, the club han’t paid dividends for years.

    We need investment, if only to alter our image in the football world. I don’t actually think our squad is that bad, but this negativity is killing our club and something needs to change. If this were a baseball team, there’d be huge pressures on stan in the media and he would have to do it to appease the fans.

    So instead of all this harmful wenger bashing (which hurts the team) let’s all gang up on stan instead. 100m would be nice :)

    SOrry if that was too long, but it made sense. When a whole crowd boos the manager/team in a big game at 1-1, then something needs to be done. It can’t go on.

  22. Just seen your second comment…

    No-one expects you or anyone to agree all the time, thats why we blog, the header says that here is ok to disagree ;)

    Have a think again though about writing…

  23. Hardly a pointless post then Scott when valid points are raised time and again and nothing is done about it….?

    Easy to say something is pointless when you won’t post and Rico doesn’t mess with posts from people to make them dramatic or full of lies n bullshit you should know that by now from your time on here.

    Nothing from JW on his twitter account since yesterday’s pic with his new nike boots…!

  24. Morning devil

    Agree with what Steve has said too about Fergie, and what is sad about AW is he could and should have given him a run for his money, what he did in his first few years was incredible, just a shame he didn’t continue in such a way over the last 5/6 years….

  25. WATH,I am sure Rico knows my comments weren’t aimed at her.
    If these points are not getting the message through,then what will?
    What happened against Utd may get a message through,but I reckon the damage caused outdid the positives tenfold.
    I dont pretend to have the answer,but I know the booing wasn’t it.

  26. As with so many changes bought about by authorities FFP was announced with a caveat that people had 3 years to get organised for it.. Other teams have used the delay to build their squads and get their debts in early. We have however fiddled whilst Rome burned and now face the prospect of another panic buying session to paper over further cracks .It probably would in the long term be better if Jack doesn’t play this year and actually recovers fully but we need to replace him now because there is every chance that he might not attain the standard he was at before. Wenger overplays his kids before they are physically formed and because of the sparsity of his squad brings them back too soon and they get recurring injury It’s a never ending cycle ,the first team ,should in the main, have an average age of around 26 , We have too many too young with little or no experience and prone to “”Growing Pains “”.

  27. LW, where is the wenger bashing on here that you mention…?

    Your bring up a lot of valid points BUT it’s not just the board !! Wenger takes a huge salary from said board and so has to take a certain amount of responsibility and ultimately we do have funds for him to spend but he doesn’t…! That’s him not the board. When a manager makes a decision that the crowd do not like how else do you suggest they express themselves..?

    It’s well known the board do not take dividends (YET) but to pay off the debt the way they have has increased the share price hence they have made far more on their shares than they would of done with a much higher debt..!

  28. Limpars Wand – don’t know if you have been reading HH over the last few weeks/months? The general view is start at the top, either SS gives AW some money and tells him to spend it on 3 players who will really make a difference and i’m not suggesting they have to be £50M signings.

    If SS can’t nake the money available or isn’t willing to because he wants to pay of more debt then we need an AU kind of guy to buy him out…

    If Wenger were to be given the money and he still refuses to spend then he is to blame….

    My own choice is Stan out and then see if our manager gets us back to being a proper team and a proper club again….

  29. As just said above Scott, when I pay my money to sit and watch how best am I supposed to show my frustration with a substitution that I do not agree with…? many many teams have fans that boo for absolutely nothing, I think Arsenal fans are one of the most easy going in the league yet sometimes there are no other ways of showing that your annoyed or upset….!

  30. I will say this about Wenger,as i brlueve there is a Rugby league coach here in Oz with a similar issue.
    He does seem more focused on the legacy he leaves at the club than he is on the here and now.

  31. Potter, can’t just blame Arsenal for Jack, England overplay the “hot properties” as well and that’s a joke…!.

    There is a huge difference between playing these young kids 20 games a season to making them play 40/50 while their bodies still lack strength and are developing.

  32. morning all, good post SSP!
    yeah WATH just checked his new boots that’s it….hopefully it’s bollocks!

  33. Scott, i understand your view about booing but, like me, you don’t pay the huge amount for an ST, if i did and went each game to witness first hand what is happening, i am not sure i wouldn’t boo either…..

    Not in support of it but i can totally understand why it happened….

  34. The way he is carrying on Scott his legacy will be in tatters….! He won’t be remembered for the fantastic teams and things he’s done for the club he’ll be remembered for ruining all the good things he did..!

  35. Hi Potter

    tbh, i’d rather jack didn’t play again this season if it means he is fully recovered and fit for next season but, if he recovers, no-one will be able to hold him back, a guy like him will be chomping at the bit to play again for arsenal….

  36. I think that if AW was focused on the here and now that would be a rather shortsighted view, or more rather his vision only reaches as far as the point of his nose. I also do not think that he is concerned about the legacy. What he may be concerned about is leaving AFC fit enough and on a sound basis to compete in the FFP and the 6+5 rule which in three years time will become 7+4 all over Europe.

    What the fans booed was not AW. But the decision he made to replace a shining light with a spent bulb as AGAG rightly pointed out on Sunday.

    Booing is a common language. I do not think that AW would have listened to each of the 55K inside the ground airing their views one by one. So, although it is not a healthy and polite way to express oneself, booing is the football’s supporters common language for a decision they do not agree with.

  37. morning lee…

    talking of boots, see old pinkie boots has a broken nose…. still can’t head the ball then ;)

  38. Wath,you and tens of thousands with you booed,fair enough.
    How many do you think blame Wenger for Jacks injury?
    Wenger has said all along he wants to be easy on Ox,so maybe that’s an admission of mismanaging Jack.
    Maybe he doesnt want to make that mistake again.

  39. I agree but had Arsenal kept him under wraps a little longer chances are he would not have been catapulted into the International scene so rapidly. Look at Theo overplayed too early ,got injuries and not only did not recover but did not develop either.They are not alone Michael Owen pulled his hamstrings early and they kept giving out on him. Physiologists state that man ( humans ) are at their physical peak at 26 – 30 years old . If you want them to run through brick walls , you need to wait until they are ready.

  40. DG,they werent booing Wenger but his decision??????
    Splitting hairs there.

  41. I would also like to point out that regarding the physiological structure of the body, the bones are not ready for constant top level soccer until they are 22 years old. Muscle mass also needs to be around 22 years to be at its peak. Maybe that is why Cesc, RVP and now Jack continue to break down because their body was not allowed to breathe now and again and have the much well needed rest.

    Good point W.A.T.H regarding England overplaying players. See how Capello was shitting himself at the prospect of the Ox playing with the senior England team.

  42. Again Scott, whats been overlooked a lot is the “decision” is what was booed… Not a player or players….!

    I ain’t ever booed anyone in a red shirt in my life and boy have I seen some shit over there, I refuse to boo during a game any player in and Arsenal shirt however much I can’t stand them or however shit they are, Sunday i just shook my head but i totally understand the fans reaction and hope it has some end results.

    Potter, agreed with you that he could of been held back longer, to much pressure on young players and to much expectations from fans as well so clubs play these talents earlier than they should. Vicious circle that is hard to break, they wanna play when the young they want to get games yet how to you hold them back when they then think maybe they not getting a chance and then ask for a transfer..?

  43. Potter……..Physiologists state that man ( humans ) are at their physical peak at 26 – 30 years old . If you want them to run through brick walls , you need to wait until they are ready.

    Thanks for adding that bit. Forgot to add it myself. Although at 22 the bones and muscles are reaching their peak it must be added that overall peak is not reached before the 26 to 30 year age bracket. And that is down to a holistic bio-psycho-social competence at the top level.

  44. Agree re Theo potter but England also battered him, the muck up with the full team and the under 21’s – thankfully our club and Jack didn’t that to happen with Jack….

  45. Just a question to point something out…..How many times have you seen Germany, Italy, Brazil, France, Holland and the other top footballing nations, play about with their own players like England have done with Theo, Owen, maybe Jack…….playing them with both the under 21 and the senior team at the same time???

    All it point out is that there is a serious lack of good English players who are technically sound and tactically astute in the English league.

  46. get the cheque book out AW!!

  47. Tbh, the fans booed and anyone in the afc set-tup who was there, if they had a cap that fits, then wear it – wenger fouled up the sub big time and thats why it was ‘you don’t know what you’re doing’…

    thats football and its fan, and it won’t go away…..

  48. Spot on devil, England are desperate as the so called players are getting old and after what happened in SA, the panic button was hit and at the expense of young players health/fitness….

    I echo that view Lee…..

  49. here comes the fun!!!!! :lol: :lol:

    Good day Lee!!!!

  50. Devil, the media are also to blame big time, young English talents are put on a pedestal, made out to be next best thing since sliced bread by the media who thenclamour for said player to be fast tracked into the England team, then they knock the poor kid every time he isn’t “brilliant’ and then these kids are playing far to many games which kills the developing body.

  51. The overplaying of Theo with the England debacle was the point I was making . It is in many ways our fault , we pillaged the continent promising kids first team football and so they all expect to play at an early age. Had they been introduced a little later we might have avoided the problem of an overfull squad of non playing kids running down their contracts.

  52. Wenger didn’t help Theo when Sven managed England….

  53. Morning all,
    Rico, sorry i couldn’t comment on your fine post yesterday my power pack died so no putor but back in business again.

    My post seems to have some supporters split in there views and that was the reason i wrote it. as Rico pointed out in the header Hazard and vertonghen linked with the Arsenal, how many times have we read that. These posible signings could be made out of what we made on the selling of Clichey Na$ri and Fabregas, is it to much to ask to buy in quality, after all we are supposed to be a top club with ambition. The way i see things at the moment is we appear to be a feeder club, we are selling our best players and replacing with lesser players and loanee’s is that the way a club like Arsenal FC should operate. If Arsene Wenger cannot see that how long will we have to keep paying high prices for poor performances as i don’t find that acceptable. Nor do sixty thousand Arsenal faithfull either.

  54. Ye, what a great manager Fergie, but how many trophies would he have won, without the help of his friends, a la Howard Web, Mike Dean, Phil Dowd, Chris Foy, Mike Riley and Graham Poll over the years. the same refs that blatently rob us of wins again and again.
    Open your fuckin eyes, it’s corrupt, we won the title in 08 and 11, if not for fergies buddies.

  55. good morning.
    Not good news again.
    The rest of the season will be worrying…

  56. Morning Steve – you don’t have to justify why you wrote your post, it’s a good one :)

    Don’t worry about yesterday, i thought you were just glued to SS’s or 5live, waiting for both signings to be announced ;)

  57. So play the kid,keep the fans happy,kid breaks down constantly.
    Don’t play the kid,fans arent happy,kid develops but not happy at not playing,wants out.
    I can’t understand what Wengers doing…..its such an easy job lol.

  58. Hiya Sir SP. Good post.

    I have been living 15935 days and have seen my face well over 15,000 times in the mirror. Kinda knows why I keep looking at it over and over again. And by gosh, I discover something new about it everyday, even though I seem to think that its the same face over and over again.

    And I’ll do it again next morning. :P

  59. Hi, cheers for replying.

    Imo people wouldn’t have booed that decision if we had been top of the league, simple as that. You can say it was his decision etc. but the frustration’s been building for years now, especially after last summer. We’ve all felt it at some point. It’s obviously much deeper than 1 decision.

    My point before was that if people are going to put pressure on someone (with chants or blogs or tweets) then it ought to be on the board. Booing the manager or his players at a game will NEVER help the team. It’s not only unconstructive, it’s positively harmful. It was frankly a disgrace, i don’t care how frustrated you are, it hurts your team. Lo and behold the momentum swings and we lose the game, no coincidence. I’m not here to have a go at anyone, i felt like booing when it wasn’t theo’s number! But it’s not the answer and we all know it.

    Bottom line – we need a few big players, and up till now we’ve been buying mid value players and gambling on bargains, making strategic cock-ups like failing to extend key contracts, being held to ransom, and generally being the laughing stock of the football press. That’s what wenger has to work with (perhaps partly his own making), meanwhile the fans eagerly and rightfully expecting us to compete on all fronts.

    Just think, if we went out and bought a hazard and a cavani right now, everyone would be in such a good mood and that would turn the bad feeling around totally! Think of the impact on the squad, on the fans, on the general image of arsenal in the football world. We need it desperately, and we should be getting together heaving pressure on the club to do it, not bitching and moaning and booing for the sake of it.

    The countless blogs around, forgive me but they are pretty much all the same to me, unite and make this happen, get stan to spend! Make him listen! Think how happy you’d be if we bought just 2 players, it’s not too much to ask when we pay what we pay. Let’s get a purpose to this whole negativity.

  60. No need for justification SSP….
    However there’s justification for signings!!

  61. If he had proper experienced quality pro’s in the squad Scott he’d not need to risk playing “kids”…….. They’d mature properly and maybe not get such injuries at a young age that then last far longer and recur…..!

  62. Seems as if the family is increasing now.

    Hiya JM. How’s life in the iberian peninsula?? Sunny???

    Hola what Lee???? You doing hoola hoops this morning???

  63. Limpar’s Wand I agree with all that you say.

    Just would like to add that we need more LEVIATHANs in the team. We have some fast speedy Gonzales’s running around and their body is not tuned for the rough and tumble of the EPL.

    Is it a coincidence that the successful AW teams all had a spine of 6ft plus monsters with broad shoulders and oil rig legs.

  64. LW,

    Good comments but as was said on here last week, many blogs are there to blow hot air only…. Far to much apathy to get off their arses and actually do something constructive…! How do you actually get “AT” the board…. many many mate of mine don’t go in anymore, sell on their ST’s and won’t give the club money but plenty around who still will.

    Your talking to the converted mate we all know a few good buys gives the fans a lift the players a lift and surely helps finances with shirt sales etc etc if we can all see if why can’t the board and wenger..?

  65. Don’t play the kid,fans arent happy,kid develops but not happy at not playing,wants out.

    If the expectancy that they will play is muted ,they would develop in their own time without the pressure.

  66. hi devil,
    It’s cold but sunny. Warm now.

  67. It’s a different game now compared to 5,10 years ago.
    For a start,do you really think the Tony Adams type playing today would get away with a quarter of what they did?

  68. Is Theo finally realising the players need to sort this shit out or is he just doing some good PR…? He says he knows he not playing well so hopefully he starts to try and put that right. Fair play for saying that publicly

  69. Terry gets away with it Scott and far worse………….. lol

  70. Potter,Wenger has said all along what his intentions with Ox are,but listen,read what the fans think.
    No win situation.

  71. WATH,as long as the prick keeps away from my wife.
    On the other hand………

  72. Lucas moura (S.Paulo) – Chelsea?
    alex (Chelsea) – PSG?
    Hazard (Lille) – Psg?
    Vertonghen (Ajax) – Totts?

  73. Morning all,
    Good write up Steve.
    Only a couple of weeks ago the medical team were telling us how amazed they were at LJW recovery and how he was way ahead of schedule, they should all be put up against a brick wall and be shot.

    Devil, I think most of the geezers on here would disagree with you on when a man hits his peak, you say 26-30, I say its much later than that.

    Scott, you love making up percentages don’t ya.

  74. You may be safe Scott, from what I hear Terry loves the limelight and being “known” so if your Mrs don’t know who he is he’d be gutted and stay away……!

  75. Got to pop for half an hour, doorbell ;)

  76. Micko,not made up.
    I speak to every Gooner in my house and use that as a basis lol
    Tell me I’m wrong though..

  77. Hiya Micko.

    its the overall psycho-physiological peak that is reached between the ages of 26 to 30. After 30 the psycho awareness continues to peak but the physical will start a slow but steady decline……hence the usual comments referring to EXPERIENCE.

  78. Sorry Scott, I wish I hadn’t brought it up now.

  79. Top of the mornin, Micko!

  80. Sorry Devil, i’m still not having it.

  81. Lee, to be sure, to be sure.

  82. i’m off to blow the froth off a couple….catch u later!

  83. Its ok Micko. we can agree to disagree!!!! ;)

    in which case there is an agreement between us. :lol:

  84. She knows him……he has less chance with her than I do lol.
    Not a football fan,my girl.
    My 5 y.o. boy,Sean, hates him……actually,he’s well trained…..hates everyone in the league NOT playing for Arsenal.
    Not quite true,but hes loyal to the cause.
    He told me yesterday I had no idea and Wenger should spend some fucking money.
    Which of you bastards has he been speaking to lol???

  85. Regarding your post Sir SP.

    There is one thing that in six years no one has mentioned regarding the Emirates vs Highbury.

    The pitch is bigger. Its wider.

    Does that mean that it hinders in our defending as a team and opens us up even more?? Does it contribute to our injuries since there is more impact on the ground due to having to cover more distances?? Is it due to the width that we cannot take set pieces better and we cannot defend them better?????

    Just asking questions. What do some of you think about it???

  86. Lads if this was baseball and Stan was being constantly battered in the press, people were protesting at games, paps camped on his front lawn, believe me something would happen. He wouldn’t be able to play the ignorant american soccer fan card.

    I just think if we are to voice our displeasure (and clearly we are), we should do it with a plan. Make this guy’s life a misery and batter his reputation till he spends some money.

    Even just thinking of how happy i’d be if i woke up to find out we’d bought cavani and hazard (and they’re pretty realistic targets) makes me depressed. We all know it won’t happen unless something changes. So brilliant minds and hardworking souls of the arsenal online world, bring about the changes! So someone like me can sit on my arse, reading the latest stories and feel happy about my club again..

    Have a good day all

  87. Micko :- It’s an average of Strength, suppleness and speed coupled with the famous ” Mental Strength ” and by “man” I was referring to the race not the sex..
    Actual physical strength may increase after 30 but certainly suppleness starts to go and speed drops. As for the mental bit , if we are being sexist Zsa Zsa Gabor once said that “” The trouble with men is that although their bodies get old their eyes stay 16. “

  88. Least someone in the family has a bit of sense then and he’s only 5………….. ;-)

  89. and she was fucking right Potter!!!!!! Why shouldnt our eyes stay 16????? And by hell…..our eyes only?????

  90. double edged sword question that Devil, Highbury also made it easier for others to park the bus and defend easier and with not so much width we also found it hard to score sometimes…. So maybe now yes harder for us to defend with an average backline but should in theory be easier to create !!

  91. yes easier to create……but damn we HAVE TO PUT THEM AWAY mate.

  92. Wath,what can i say lol.
    Little bugger can really play,too.
    Absolutely loves the game.

  93. Teams just know by sitting back against us at home,chances will come.
    It’s why we seem to be going better away……opponents play a more open game,in general.

  94. At his age Scott it’s great he loves the games…..! make sure you get him to use both feet….!

  95. Agreed Devil and it’s all on Robins shoulders at the moment…. That’s why we all crying out for a proper striker to help him and move on AA and Schmuk…..!

  96. Potter / Devil, I hear you both, I was just blaggarding.

  97. Devil/Potter, what Micko really means and is trying to get at is that at his advanced years he still thinks he’s now at his peak….. Neither of you two mentioned anything about over 40’s though so kind of blows Micko’s theory out the water…. ;-)

  98. Its not only a proper striker we need mate. We need midfielders and wingers who score. And get into double figures.imagine having around 4 players who can score between 10 and 13 goals a season!!!!

    We should not be speaking about someone who replaces Robin. But about someone who can play in the same team. Imagine if Ramsey can chip in with 10. Or Arteta. Or Theo. Or Gervinho. This will in turn free up the others to score because 1 or 2 you can mark them, but can you mark 4 or 5??? And by doing so they can park even 5 buses because someone will surely score.

    I see a lot of italian football and believe me…..they mass their defences. And very rarely we have 0-0 draws.

  99. Wath,he does.
    Each time I try something knowing he can’t do it,he does it.
    Atm,he’s trapping it on the chest or thigh and hitting it on the volley.
    Probably 9 out of 10 are hit sweet.
    He’s just got it,got the drive,competitiveness,love of the game…
    Anyway,enough fatherly pride.
    Get Hazard,too.
    Imagine what either of these signings would do for morale,both for the players and fans???

  100. for the over 40’s speed does not matter. What matters is that one manages to push the right buttons and keeps his peak performance for the right moment at the right place and the right time. Aint’ I right Micko????? :lol:

  101. Can’t remember 40 W.A.T.H . The only thing I do know is that the rumour about life beginning then is false . The only thing that I noticed was that physically it was downhill all the way from then.

  102. Jack out until April? Harzad, samba and sow ,should be arsenal players this January unless wenger wants to below top four.

  103. I peaked one minute before i said “I do” …..all over red rover after that.

  104. This post is not what I want to see first thing in the morning. This sucks….. this however does not….


  105. Boo, i’m back ;)

    Have we signed anyone….

  106. lol I knew you’d stick up for Micko Devil ;-)

    That’s funny Potter, 40 is merely a number, I will tell you what it feels like when I get there ;-)

    Agreed Devil, we need a partner for RVP not a replacement…..! There are a few around who fit the bill and as we so love to go on about on here going back to 4-4-2 with two proper wingers and two solid central midfielders and I think goals would flow from all over the pitch with the right players. Not sure abt Podolski Scott i really aint…. why would Bayern let him go…? seems to have an attitude but one or two in germany i would like and also a few classy strikers in Holland as well and those kind of players in theory should settle in quite quickly. The question is will wenger do whats needed and whats necessary… I doubt it but so hope to fuck he proves me wrong.

  107. Think you best get your nipper over for Sundays game Scott….. We may need him…!

  108. yes…..Micko for the Master’s team Rico. :lol:

  109. Who you boo-ing Rico, we aint that bad on here you know :D

  110. We could field an awesome “vets” team from off here…..!

    I’ll lower the average age by abt 25 years…………. ;-)

  111. Vecchie galline fanno buon brodo W.A.T.H.!!!!!

  112. Wath,
    I would hit new peaks if he ever was good enough to line up at the Emirates.
    I’m sure I’m no different to any other Gooner,but coming from Oz….it would be special.
    Gotta dream!!!!

  113. Manage or play devil, i still have my boots ;)

    Wath, you sure about that…. :lol:

  114. given the choice …… I would play. ;)

  115. “As for the Yank, he’s too modest to tell you, but back in the States, he’s an internationally-ranked double-black belt in karate.” :)

    Anyone here involved with The Herd?

  116. Me i meant devil ;)

    The Herd?? What’s that Shaun, sheep ;) ;)

  117. AK posted similar overnight devil, the team sheet is so funny :P

  118. That mean he can kick with both feet Shaun…? don’t forget the ball must also go straight….! The what…?????? Herd..? thats sheep…?

    Devil, play as well all day long mate… miss it big big time..! I hope you wasn’t swearing at me :P

    Imagine the pride Scott………. can you imagine what a Dad who’s a gooner must feel watching his kid play for “THEIR” club….

  119. lol Rico… sheep………… got there before I did…!

  120. I know you meant yourself Rico. I just pointed it out that if given the choice I would play……and I presume the same goes for you.

  121. No mate. that wasn’t swearing in Italian. I was simply telling you that older chicks make a better soup than young ones. :lol:

  122. Afternoon to those just joining HH today….

  123. For sure devil ;)

  124. Just asking…..

  125. Devil, now your talking my lingo.
    Wath, your so subtle as usual.
    Shaun, Twitchy must think that we’ve all just got off the boat, I bet he ends up being let off with just a fine.
    Sorry guys but I only play cup games and testamonials these days.

  126. Whats wrong with the post Shaun the Yank??

    Sdaly, it’s reality…….

  127. Just more bad news Rico, reality sucks sometimes.

  128. Wath,maybe by then it won’t be theirs!!!

  129. Shaun, does kroenke remove his wig and moustache combo when he’s in competetion ?

  130. Ah, Jack – i can understand that Shaun….

    Micko, if found guilty, i hope the book gets thrown….

  131. :D Hell no Micko, he’s afraid if sets it down somewhere, it might take off on him.

  132. Shaun, that looks interesting, do you go on there?

  133. :lol: re Silent Stanley….

  134. Go on where Rico?

  135. The Herd Shaun

  136. Just the main page, cant access the rest.

  137. I just looked at it, same here, can’t get beyond the first page, guess you have to register, certainly not for the AKB’s me thinks ;)

  138. They have very strict rules about who can post . It is mainly inhabited by “”Old Skool ” and unless you can reminisce about a dust up or two , you get ignored.

  139. L’équipe, french sport newspaper, said Hazard will be contract by Arsenal in 48 hours by 25 millions…

  140. Jack injury is reported on SS’s – must be from AW’s press conference… :(

  141. Yep, just seen, AW has confirmed Jack’s injury setback ….

  142. I don’t know Rico,it mentions when it wasnt all about winning games,and sticking through thick and thin….it could be said it goes against the ethos of the Wenger bashers…depends how you look at it.
    I am sure theyd have everything on there……a free for all.

  143. Maybe Scott, haven’t read it so can’t really comment….

  144. If this news about Wilshere is true, Wenger may be forced to buy. Sunday must have been quite a shock for him, I don’t think he will want to hear singing like that again, even the board would see that as danger signs and they are like the three monkeys. I honestly didn’t think we would purchase any players but i am now believing we may just squeeze a couple in Please someone agree with me.

  145. JM, you’ve caught my attention.

  146. Froma arsenal website, Djourou is out for sunday and all the same players too. Anyway, Sagna,Arteta,coquelin probably will be fit for wednesday.

  147. I think you may be right stevepalmer1…. I hope like hell you’re right.

  148. JM,I love the fact that there has been bugger all said connecting Hazard to Arsenal recently.
    I am more confident than if everyone was spruiking it…..not overly confident though.

  149. JM – you got mine too, surely that can’t be for real can it, OMG ;)

  150. steve – i am surprised wenger has confirmed it, i thought we would hear that on wednesday…

    Scott – you didn’t read yesterdays post then ;) ;)

  151. afc.com:

    ** Wenger – Wilshere has had a little setback

    ** ‘Arteta, Sagna and Henry could be back in squad’

    ** Wenger – We are not close to a new signing

    ** ‘Gibbs will be back in full training on Monday’

    ** Wenger – The FA Cup is very important to me

    ** Wenger – It is up to us to get fans behind us

    ** ‘The priority is to be in the top four’

  152. Somebody asked about our injured players, is it the size of the pitch at the Ems is it to hard on their bodies, probably a good question seeing how we have so many injuries, Personally i would look at diets, as a healthy body needs good nuitrients, my mother all ways said a little bit of everything does you good, I dont know if that is good advice but i would think that if a player is eating a good ballanced diet his body would be up for most task’s and i know Wenger has always claimed that his diets will lengthen players caree’s, i somehow think the reason they last longer is because they don’t play that much.

  153. Hazard willing to go to Arsenal, Lille confirmed


  154. we signed anyone?

  155. Diaby must be shitting himself….

  156. Steve –

    i think it’s diet, too much foucus on the perfect foods and vitamins –

    you won’t catch any of our players in pizza hut or burger king, but i think they should be every now and again….

  157. Potter re your 1.00… If that site is old skool then plenty on here fall under that category lol apart from me obviously ;-)

    Wenger says JW has had a “little” setback, that the same kind of little that TV had last Jan ??

    L’Equipe is normally and I would like to emphasize “normally” pretty accurate with their rumours/stories…..!

    Lets be honest Hazard would be a very very welcome tonic for 99% of the fans…. Vertonghen would be the icing on the cake for me…!

  158. No Rico…what was it??

  159. Well, except for Santos.

  160. Translated:

    Hzard Eden itself has confirmed that it is time for him to leave Lille and transferred to a great team.

    Lille has confirmed this in their own and this transfer should be formally closed within 48 orëve.Ky Arsenal transfer has cost 25 million euros plus an exchange.

    But Hazard said:

    “I feel ready to move out to a club in Lille madh.Qëndrova to try some things but now I’m ready,” said Hazard / lajmesport.com

  161. Hy Wath you on them funny mushrooms, Pass them over i want to think like you.

  162. Whats everyones opinion on the reliability of that article I just posted???? Please tell me its a reliable resource in Europe.

  163. Question………did players of yesteryear spend as much time on the sidelines as their modern counterparts?
    I bet the answer is no.
    They are so finely tuned,their is no “give” ,if that makes sense……this goes for any athlete.

  164. Right, Hazard’s done lets get JV now!!

  165. lee – or b) ;)

  166. I won’t believe that article, not unless i see hazard in an afc shirt on afc.com….

    Lee :lol:

  167. I’de bet that Chelski are on the phone as i type

  168. Afternoon Gooners.
    Afternoon Rico.
    Thought provoking Steve, top post mate.

    Limpar’s Wand, 9.53;

    Very good comments there LW, interesting points you made.

    Now off to catch up…. ;)

  169. steve – probably, unless it’s them lille have agreed the deal with, maybe there was a reason for him being at the ems after all?

  170. Any rumour that i hear or read, i just imagine Wengers face and i know it just aint gonna happen

  171. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

  172. I can’t find the article on Le L’Equipe :(

  173. Why would AW let Alex go to PSG???? 4 million????

  174. Eden Hazard will be a blinding left back…

  175. Don’t think he’ll like the six months on the bench though Lee

  176. Rico, so HH is slowly covering the whole world? You’ve got bloggers from everywhere…

  177. Lee, any idea what number he will be wearing on his back ?

  178. Devil, 10.27;

    Capello should have the balls, to tell Stuart Pearce to ‘do one’…..

    When a player graduates into the senior squad, and it’s clear that he’s going to be an integral part of the senior squad, then his days with the U21’s should be over, completely….

  179. third biggest club in the world??? you are having a laugh mate!

  180. we can dream Micko….I’ve had few light ales came back to the office read the hazard rumours and have been happy ever since!Sad fucker that I am…

  181. Goodnight all……..work again tomorow,so catch you all tomorrow night?
    Hopefully,i can read about our signings……..dreaming???

  182. And in a couple of hours another week at the fun factory will be over, roll on the weekend.

  183. Laters Scott, you Antipodeans don’t half go to bed at funny hours !

  184. Limpar’s Wand, 10.43;

    Very good point’s again…..

    Bit by bit the focus is turning towards the Board and those like Gazides and Dick Law who continually fail to do their job in the acquisition of new ‘quality’ players….

  185. FFS middle of the day….

  186. Cheers Scott…..!

    I know I am being negative but hand on heart the only reason for me we’d be buying Hazard is if the club know JW is gonna be out for the season and maybe are not prepared for the same flak they got last season for not buying in to cover TV….?

    SP, it’s on it’s way over mate it has a nice bird on the bottle ;-)

  187. Alex is too old for wenger shaun….

  188. Afternoon AK :)

    Night Scott

    lee – it’s good isn’t it, soon need to put England after rico ;)

  189. OzScott, 10.57;

    Tony Adams would adapt, he is ‘footballistically’ an intelligent man and would change his game to suit modern trends….

    JT, Giggs, philanderers united there mate… ;)

  190. Micko – hopefully number 2, it’s pretty much vacant….

  191. Light ales, does anyone drink that stuff anymore ;)

  192. it’s like a Benetton advert on here… ;)

  193. Got to pop out with Fido, back in a bit …..

  194. Lee, all we need now is an Italian to come on here and make us an offer we can’t understand.

  195. :lol: :lol: lee, you are on form….

  196. I am begining to think we have seen the best of Jack wilshere, I remember all the talk about Rambo before he broke his leg he was going to be a great, now the mug can’t even pass the ball to a team mate. Jack may return this year but will he be the Jack we remembered i doubt it. New blood and as soon as possible, if jack comes back make him fight for a place don’t just give it to him after what will be a year out. every player that has been out for a lengthy time should have to fight their way back in and if they are good enough will have earned it.

  197. SP, still think Aaron carrying a few “scars” from the broken leg, he doesnt get stuck in like he used to and still think we not using him properly, also with the other injuries he’s prob also being overplayed as well this season. I think he’ll come right to be fair as for Jack we’ll have to see exactly what the problem is…! Has he been rushed back despite the comments to the contrary..? We all know we wanted him back but now doesn’t help if he’s out another 2/3/4 months…!

    Back to square one and the fact that the squad doesn’t have enough quality in it.

  198. Will go along with you for the time being Wath, but we need to buy and pretty soon.I am begining to think this has been set up for another deadline day budget buy.

  199. Sure sign Lee has been on the sauce…… ;)

  200. SP, just think from what we saw before his injury we know there is a bloody good player in there somewhere, does he need to be part of a 4 4 2 as well…? put him next to a PV4 type and see then….?!?!? just a hunch…!

    Sauce or twigs AK..?

  201. Steve, i suspect that Jack will be 100% by the end of April.

    Just in time for the Euro 2012 in Poland…. :(

  202. Bollox to that AK if JW out for a few months then lets keep him out properly so he fit for us for the start of the season, fuck the euro’s…!

  203. Probably both Grandson….. ;)

    He’s quiet and restrained before lunch, then a drink and a blow and he becomes a crazy man…. :)

  204. tbh, i think Aaron should be rested from the Villa game, he’s probably worn-out.

  205. I remember now Grandad your stories of “MadLee” cousin of Bruce…..!

  206. This stinks of last transfer window with Vermins little set back, expect quick cheap buys

  207. I know exactly what you mean Wath, but Jack will want to go, so we’re buggered….

    England fcuked up Theo and now they’re doing the same to Jack….

    And Ox, if we let them…

  208. Where’s Shaun, i want to talk to him about cricket….. ;)

    I won’t mention cricket to Scott though…. :D

  209. look I’ve had a few beers nothing more…just coz Stan ain’t about get off my samsonite!! ;)

  210. AK, i think we will look at the lge see where we are and def hold Jack back….. No way will we want England taking him and fucking him up…!

    Spot on SP it’s why i am thinking maybe just maybe there could be some legs on this Hazard story but i am 100% not getting the slightest bit excited as i know full well the 2nd I do that Hazard will be paraded in front of the press tuesday having just signed for the chavs……. Enuff said.

  211. Oh give over Lee,

    we all ain’t that gullable to fall for you going all sensative on us :P

  212. I can see a late Samba bid with Squilly involved, And a striker we have not heard of

  213. Maybe it means he’s not telling porkies for a change ;-)

  214. great minds an all that….
    moi sensitive, nah!!

  215. stop the cyber-ganging up on me tho…

  216. :D I don’t know a thing about cricket Rico….. but if you’re that compelled to talk about it, then by all means do as you please. It’s your world, I’m just living in it.

  217. So have we signed anyone yet…?

    Do we risk Sagna on sunday or stick with Yennaris…?

    Yennaris for me…!

  218. Oh gawd, steer clear of the cricket Shaun.

    Steve, wilshire will be ok, he’s had a setback which is really unfortunate but he’s still a young lad getting the best treatment money can buy.
    As long as he rests up this summer he’ll come back better and stronger, if it had happened to me or you when we were playing we would have been chucked in an ambulance, put in a wheelchair and told to get on with it.

  219. Shit Micko, were ambulances around in your and SP’s day…?

  220. Do agree though mate, also seems it’s not the same problem either which must be a good thing that it’s not the same injury although begs the question is it then a weakness in bones ?? back to still young and undeveloped…!

  221. Useless fact for Shaun, No.1

    Prior to the American Civil War, 1861-65, the national sport of the United States of America, as it was at the time, was

    dum dum dum;


    And Mick just loves it…..

  222. Now, lets all gang up on someone……

    Hum, no Stan, so i guess that means Lee….. ;)

  223. Yeah but they were like the one’s you see on the Flintstones, you had to use your feet to move them.

    Yennaris has come from nowhere wath, he had to have been 5th choice at the start of the season, he done well against the northern monkeys at the weekend, he deserves to keep his place.
    I’d be amazed if Sagna even makes the bench, he can’t be nowhere near match fit.

  224. close ×


    The scan on Wilshere’s ankle shows no damage to the original injury, lets hope its not a long setback. #afc

    From twitter…..
    Not sure of the acuracy?

  225. Fancy ganging on me Sir AK????

  226. Well Devil/Wath/Mick/Lee/Shaun/Rico,

    What do you think the line-up will be vs Villa???

  227. Here’s mine;

    Chezzer, Yenn, Kos, BFG, Miq, Art, Song, Rosicki, Theo, RVP, Ox…….

  228. Kev, he won’t start rvp in the cup especially with bolton just around the corner.

  229. That tweet AK is similar to what Wenger says on dot com that the injury isn’t the same as before but something else….!

    We’ll see…

    Team for sunday, Coq is back as well, spot on Micko no way is Sagna match fit but half hour on as sub should do him good in the 2nd half…??

    I’ll have a think on my team Ak……….

  230. No doubt, Villa will ape ManUre and target our full-backs.

    Agbonlahor will be dangerous and Heskey might start, don’t larf, he can be a pain…..

    Plenty of long, high balls pumped forward to test our defence and by-pass the midfield methinks.

    It’ll be like playing Birmingham City.

    We all know how McLeish likes to play it, so no excuses for being suprised if it’s 90 mins of anti-football….

  231. Hmmmmmmm

    Its not what I think mate. Its what I would like……… ;)

    So here goes….

    Yennaris, Koscielny,Vermaelen,Miguel
    Ramsey, Song,Rosicky,

    Subs…Flappy,Henry,Mertesacker, Squillaci,Park,Benayoun,Ozyakup

  232. Ah yeah Wath, forgot about Coq.

    Know what you mean about RVP/Bolton, but i wonder if ‘Old Stubborn-Bollox’ might view the FA Cup as his Get-Outta-Jail card???

  233. Sorry, i meant Mick, RVP/Bolton…. jeez… :(

  234. Afternoon fine ladies and gents…

    Tevez is not leaving Citeh this window, go on Arsene, get a loan deal done :)

  235. @He12Nr14YSupport ThierryHenry

    “@samuelj29060: Wenger: “We will make a decision on Ryo’s future over the weekend. At the minute there is no news on him.” #afc”

    Wonder if Ryo will feature Sunday?

  236. Am off for a while serious drinking to be done………….

    Catch you lot lata by then my team for sunday could contain players that don’t even play for us ;-)

  237. Good old Waitrose :lol:

    No need for the advance apology lee, blame Waitrose ;)

    Yennaris for me too, Sagna at Left Back :lol:

  238. Something i said Wath or do i smell ;)

  239. Hope so AK, seems like ages that we have all been waiting for Ryo to feature, guess if he does well he stays, if not, a loan for the rest of the season

  240. Rico, google chat, proto…

  241. I do wonder if Sagna is fit to play.

    The team I selected is based on those I think are fit. IMO if Sagna is available then play him by all means

  242. Kev, Wenger must be earning around 120k a week, he’s paid to win games, he’s happy to lord it up when things are going well so he has to be prepared to take a bit of stick from the fans when the team is going through a sticky patch, the fans folk out a lot of money go to and watch them week in week out, Mcleish lives in the real world, he knows if he doesn’t win games his job is on the line.

  243. Wath, dear Grandson…. :lol:

  244. You know Devil, i was thinking that about Sagna as well.
    Villa is a big big game…
    Wenger might need to win it, to keep his job?

  245. Spot on Micko……..a pat on the back for that comment.

  246. Wath, stick to the pints, you know those shorts make you a bit lairy.

  247. Yes Mick, i agree, but i sense a bit of an edge to what McLeish said.

    Don’t think there’s any love lost between them…

    Wenger doesn’t respect McLeish’s football philosophy, much as he doesn’t rate Pulis etc.

  248. Cheers devil, you know its a one off.

  249. Am tired of AW, pls somebody should tell me what is going on

  250. Micko. Why should the shorts make him lairy????
    Is it because he’s scary???
    or because he is hairy???
    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  251. Kev, wenger don’t get on with half the managers in this league, how many spats have we seen over the last couple of seasons.
    We all hate losing but how many of us would act the way he does, he won’t even shake hands half the time.
    That sort of carry on doesn’t even go on in sunday morning football.

  252. Micko – too true….

  253. Devil, I think you just summed wath up in 3 words !!!

  254. I was thinking of adding a fairy…….but then thought that fairies arent hairy, lairy or scary. :lol:

    Are you a fairy Rico????

  255. I don’t know Devil, have a drive down Old Compton St in London’s West End, and there’s lots of Hairy Fairies down there.
    Think i saw JJ down there in his spandex once…. ;)

  256. Home-time, i’m gonna skedaddle, catch you all tomorrow folks.

  257. I predict Devil going into moderation… :D

  258. We must be the only club in history to stand by a manager for as long as we have AW……

    Look at the chavs, they get through more managers than i have hot dinners since Roman came along ;)

  259. jokes apart, the best thing AW can do to satisfy us with good signings (if he doesnt get Verts and Hazard) and at the same time safe face and not hold the development of the youngsters back is to go for players like Drogba. He can give them a one and a half year contract and rotate them with the youngsters. The latter would also learn a lot from the senior ones.

    What do you think???

  260. See you Micko, safe journey and catch up tomorrow….

  261. See ya Mick. Not stopping off at the pub on yer way home…. ;)

  262. Wages Devil, that’s why we’d never sign Drogba imho.

    But i’d love to see him in an Arsenal shirt.

  263. I’m gonna have a break for awhile….

    See all you great Gooners a bit lata….

  264. TC Micko. Have a safe journey.

    I think that DD would jump at the chance to play for AFC. Even I would like him to put on an AFC shirt.

    Sir AK…..why should I be put into moderation because I asked Rico if she is a fairy?? All fairies are beautiful.

  265. I’m scary devil ;)

  266. See ya Sir AK.

    Send my wishes to the lady. Hope she is better.

  267. Ah, Drogba devil, i recall many a comment of mine in the wummer suggesting we should sign him but looks like he will be going to PSG in the summer on a big wage deal…..

  268. Even a half fit DD would be of benefit to AFC. Just like a drunk TA. Better have TA on one leg than some of the defenders we had.

  269. Laters AK…..

  270. allezkev @ 3:57……. I did not know that about cricket and the US…. still have no clue how the game is played and from my understanding from talking to a few people here at work, I don’t want to. Thanks for the history lesson though. ;)

  271. :) devil re TA but you are darn right…..

    I love cricket Shaun, nearly as much as footie…..

  272. I’m off to get dinner and stuff, back later….

  273. Useless fact for Shaun No.2;


    This will be right up your alley…. :D

  274. hiya Sir AK. you still there????

  275. Yes habib, just been doing some grub….

    All done now.

    Did hear that Gavin Hoyte has joined AFC Wimbledon on loan.

  276. GH???? Is he still there??? Y not sell him?? or release him??? Gd for AFC (less wages), a waste of space which can be filled by someone else. Gd for the player who will play regularly elsewhere.

  277. @YoungGunsBlogJamie Sanderson

    Monaco complete signing of Nacer Barazite from Wien for €4m. #AFC get €1.5m sell on fee. Barazite scored 11 in 12 games in Europe.

  278. @YoungGunsBlogJamie Sanderson

    League Two outfit AFC Wimbledon have signed Gavin Hoyte on a months loan from #AFC. He badly needs games after injury.

  279. @YoungGunsBlogJamie Sanderson

    Barazite deal shows way forward for #AFC. Let fringe kids go free with sell on clause, rather than seek fee. Pays dividends.

  280. ibycu2187Iboro Umana


    @YoungGunsBlog did we get a sell on fee for luke freeman? have a feeling he will do well.

    6 hours ago

    in reply to ↑

    @YoungGunsBlogJamie Sander

    @ibycu2187 – Almost certainly, because he is worth at least £100,000, and Stevenage did not pay that. So I would imagine so.

  281. @YoungGunsBlogJamie Sanderson

    Wilshere incident happened yesterday. He felt pain in his ankle while running. He’s had a scan and will now see specialist. #AFC.

  282. @YoungGunsBlogJamie Sanderson

    Summary: Wilshere has setback, but Henry, Arteta, Coquelin and Sagna back fit. Gibbs back on Monday. No transfer movement

  283. @YoungGunsBlogJamie Sanderson

    On transfers, Wenger says ‘we are not closing to buying anybody’, but also says ‘nobody will leave’. As you were, then.

  284. Boo ;)

    Thanks devil….

  285. more money coming in then AK, how about we spend a bit ;)

    always said, i don’t believe a word from wengers mouth, especially when it comes to transfers….

  286. Come On You Hornets……..

  287. You know, in reality, we’re not gonna get Hazard.

    Our Board simply won’t pay the wages.

    More chance of us getting Clint Dempsey.

  288. Maybe even Hleb….. ;)

  289. ah, now i have heard about Dempsey AK, is that a signing that wenger will complete to ‘make peace’ with the fans :)

  290. Hleb wouldn’t surprise me either AK, what about Sol Campbell, think he is available ;)

  291. Yeah, lets have Mad Jens back as well… :P:

  292. But we were linked with Dempsey last August and he’s a very good player, has a very technical style, very correct, and he would make Shaun very happy… ;)

  293. No thanks to the Mad one…. ;)

    I wouldn’t be unhappy with Dempsey, other than you didn’t get my joke :(

    Still think Brek Shea isn’t totally out of the clubs mind….

  294. Ah yeah, i see it now…… :)

    I’m a bit slow today…

    Didn’t really watch it tbh.

    Didn’t they become an item at the time?

  295. Really, old Ready Brek……

    Could be one for the summer i suppose.

    No doubt the club are watching him still.

  296. I think so, you know, the perect finish – yuck – i didn’t watch it either – know what you mean about not being with it AK :(

    Ready Brek, now i didn’t eat that either ;)

  297. Work permits are always a problem for us, as we tend to go for the really obscure non-EU players…

    Notice Shittie didn’t have a problem getting one for Savic

    ManUre didn’t have any probs with Kleberson, Anderson and the Terrible Twins.

    Funny how we get so many knock-backs?

  298. Ready Brek looked disgusting on the TV adverts…

    Give me Bran Flakes any day….
    You need plenty of roughage at my age… ;)

  299. allezkev :D, thanks for the cricket link… now I know where to go if I ever want to learn… but I won’t so please feel free to stop ;)
    I love Dempsey as a player but more so because he told it like it is in an interview here in the States, he said that if the US wants to be relevant in football in the eyes of the rest of the world, then Americans would have to start playing football like its played in the EPL. He’s right on, MLS is garbage.

  300. Rico I would gladly have Sol back, what a man!

  301. Hiya Shaun.

    Gotta say that i haven’t watched domestic soccer from the US since the days of New York Cosmos, Pele, Moore, Marsh, Chinaglia etc…

    But you sure produce some cracking goalkeepers

  302. Bloody right Esp, they don’t make them like him anymore, more’s the pity…..

    He has to be one of the best signings wenger made… one of the best, not the best, that was Richard Wright ;)

    Dempsey is the kind of player we need then Shaun….

  303. Shaun,
    i did read somewhere that the ability found in American goalkeepers is down to so much US sports depending on hand-eye co-ordination, baseball, gridiron, basketball etc….

  304. They’ve got cabon-copy of Sol at Blackburn, i believe…. ;)

  305. That’s an interesting question…….

    Given a choice, what would you Gooners prefer???

    3rd/4th in EPL….??

    Win the FA Cup…???

  306. allezkev, you’re absolutely right! We do pump out keepers here don’t we? I think that what you read is right, here in the states the hands are used in every sport we play, so that makes sense. I will talk to Dempsey and see if he will have a go with Arsenal….. we all know each other over here. Well my friends, I am off like a prom dress, work is over and I have beer to go drink. Talk to you all very soon!

  307. Shaun, see ya soon buddy….

  308. Nighty Shaun – come back real soon :)

    Samba, lets do the Samba :P

  309. 4th AND the FA Cup AK :)

  310. I’m done folks, nighty to you all, i have a date with Corrie ;)

    Stay safe and be good….

    Nighty night…..

  311. Lets all do the hokey cokey……

    Goodnight Rico…..

    And thanks…..

  312. What you read was 100% right Sir AK. Eye hand coordination should come before eye leg coordination. Its what we are doing with the young ones at the club. With the ages 6 to 10 we teach them not only football but also rugby. handball, basketball and dodge ball. It is highly important because the distance between the eye and the hand is shorter than between the eye and the feet.

    Right. Off to dreamland now.

    Good night to all of you

  313. Personally, i would love the FA Cup.

    It would give our players, or most of them, that winning feeling.
    And once you’ve tasted it you want more.
    Once you’ve won something, you gain the confidence to win again
    Once you’ve won something you gain the know-how of winning and what it entails.

    Winning the FA Cup could be the springboard we badly need.
    Maybe Wenger needs to learn how to win again?

    It would also end that cursed stat of how many years since AFC last won a trophy blah blah effin blah.

  314. Getting 3rd/4th spot would be great for the Board, but would our players really gain anything in a psychological sense.

    Would a CL spot make them winners again???

    Hi Devil.

  315. And Goodnight Devil

    Sahha Habib.

  316. @Arsenal_FanatiqRoss

    Watford fans singing “Stand up if you’ve paid your tax” .. Obvious jibe at Harry Redknapp. #Arsenal #COYS #AFC #THFC

  317. Marroc is out of CAN!
    Chamack will be with Arsenal next week after the next match.
    He didn’t play today…

  318. JM, how exciting……

    Can’t wait to have him back, not!

  319. Wattford 0 toots 1 (56th minute) Everton -Fulham 1-1

  320. yes, we are not very lucky , because his performance wasn’t really good. Maybe next game ;-)

  321. Hooha All Gone!!??

  322. Hi JM AK

    Been busy here I read. Insightful as ever. Everybody is Kung Fu fighting tuda tuda tuda tut tut tuuuuuuuut.

  323. hi dutch

  324. Hi JM Chamug hasn’t been a thunderbolt on the ACON. Hope Wenger had the time to see him play and make up his mind before the transfer window ends. Better for all parties if he finds a new employer.

  325. Another good one, SSP. :) We definitely can do better! No more average buy; we need players in who can do a job. Not looking rosy though in this trf window. :(

    Boo! Shouldn’t you guys be abed?? Way past your bed time! :P

  326. Hi Agag the A team never sleeps.

  327. Hi Agag, you just got up…..? ;)

  328. Hi, Dutch! :) Ahhh, and it’s still a Friday where you are. :)

    AK, just about to head off to bed. :P

    Chamakh’s fall in form is unbelievable. :(

  329. I’m offski now…..

    Night Agag/JM/Dutch…..

  330. Unfortunatelly everybody can watch him in the CAN.
    And he didn’t play today.
    Watford needs a central forward…

  331. If there was ever sensible business staring you in the face, it should be now, this tfw.

    Don’t get me wrong I do think Rosicky has earned a extension, but his sell on value will drop dramatically if he stays another year. AA and Chamug will devalue with every minute they play for us, now they still fetch a considerable price. Me thinks.

    We should put them on the market and get reasonable prospects in.

  332. Night AK

    Yeah Agag just. One hour till 12.

  333. Boo, JM! But then again, Dutch, who’s really interested in either player? :(

  334. Goodnight, SAK! :)

  335. Agag both AA and Chamug still have admires in their home leagues.

    I believe Wolfsburg showed interest in Rosicky.

    If we just sell 2 of them it would make half the transfer price of Hazard.

  336. Offski for tonight. Bye Agag, JM. Sleep well.

  337. Wenger says he is unfazed by fans’ crticism.Five former gunners have said what’s wrong with Arsenal.Well if he contnues to lose games ,that is the best way for him to go RM.
    AT RM,three defeats in a row will end with him being axed. It’s about he gets off his high horse.

  338. Arsenal 0 Aston Villa1 .Keane scores winner.What more has Wenger got to say?

  339. @YoungGunsBlogJamie Sanderson

    Arsène Wenger opens up a bit more on Wilshere: says even with good news on his scan, he’s out for at least six weeks. Huge blow.

  340. @YoungGunsBlogJamie Sanderson

    Wilshere blow made worse by no Diaby, who has been in US and Dubai for treatment. Extra burden on over worked Ramsey and Arteta.

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