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Could Hazard and Vertonghen really be on their way to Arsenal?

The usual gossip mongers were out in force yesterday and two I read related to the above players. Suggestions are that we have made bids for both.

Another I read related to Everton’s Baines, Wenger has shown interest but the two clubs are apart on the fee, in other words Wenger has offered a tenner but Moyes wants that figure in the millions… You get my gist.

Rumours were rife that Eden Hazard was at The Emirates on Sunday and watched us lose to Manchester United, his tickets having been given to him by Gervinho – again, I don’t know if this is true but I’m sure the media and red top reporters would have had a field day if story were it true, apparently a  French journalist spotted him in the crowd with friends!

Hazard and Vertonghen would be the kind of signings to please all Gooners and would probably be half way towards convincing Robin van Persie that his future remains at Arsenal.

Since last summer we have all read that Thomas Vermaelens best buddy is very likely to leave his current club and of course the Hazard rumour seems to have been around since Allezkev was born and that’s well over seventy years. ;)

Seriously, for the right price from the right club both could be available and there isn’t a better club than ours for them to join. Neither would spend their time sitting on the bench gathering splinters like they would at some places and both would just slot in like they have been with us for years.

How do I know that?

Actually, I don’t but that is what quality footballers do and these two are just that! They are not up and coming players with potential, they already have a reputation and both are very good. Ok, they are not proven in the English game but can you see either struggling to adapt? Nor can I.

Knowing our luck though, Hazard was only at The Emirates to watch Manchester United and Arry will get in first for Vertonghen!

Arsenal have until Tuesday to spring a surprise….

Here is an interesting article from the Daily Mirror – it’s worth a read…

Last night was a strange one, Manchester City with all their millions and all their superstars couldn’t muster up enough desire to beat Liverpool. That’s them out of the FA Cup, Carling Cup and Champions League for this season and I for one don’t doubt that they will soon start to drop a few points in the Premier League too, allowing Fergie and his team to walk away with another league title.

Pressure will be on them now and I’m not sure they have the bottle or belief in themselves to roll their sleeves up and win anything.

That’s why we need to start rolling our sleeves up and start fighting for that 4th or even 3rd place spot because both yet could easily be up for grabs.

Vertonghen and Hazard in the door and we’d get one of the places I’m sure…..

Actually, anyone with heart, passion, grit and a bit of steel in them could get us into the top four, that’s what we lack right now!

Have a good day all…..

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333 comments on “Could Hazard and Vertonghen really be on their way to Arsenal?

  1. Sagnaofficial Bacary twitter

    Hello my friends..hope you’re all good and healthy…very exciting day for me as back to full training with the team for the 1st time.

    Good Moaning all….

    Sagna, Henry and Arteta all back for Villa??

  2. Hazard going to Real in the summer, Baines link is comical, first, this little baby wont leave the North, secondly, THREE international left backs. Vertonghen, excellent player, value because of his contract situation.

  3. Morning you’ve worked out twitter rico, im shocked

  4. Vertonghen for me natty, any day of the week and if he’s not always needed at Lb, he can push Song for his place, and no doubt soon get it too…..

    How do know for sure about Hazard?

  5. If you must dream keep it to yourself. There will be no new faces at the Emirates in this window, regardless of who is available and what is needed. Don’t go raising expectations it only results in disappointment.

  6. Morning RSD, how’s you, long time no see??

    I haven’t worked out twitter, i saw it somewhere else ;)

    Billboy – don’t shoot the messenger….

  7. Would be a dream come true,but u all know our manager & his stiffness in spending,thats why most fans are calling for him 2 leave.

  8. It’s gud 2 be back sagna,pls wenger get ur hazard & vortengen

  9. Hi Chinedu – not all fans, a vast amount still believe he is the man to turn things around…

    Welcome athlet – and a goal scorer, then we’d be sorted…

  10. why would hazard join us if we can not guarentee champs league football!!!!!

    would love to see him join, but i cant see it happening!!

    again vertonghen would be another great signing but these two types of signings should have been made last summer when we knew full well that cesc and nasri were leaving and now because of our slowness, we miss out on these two aswell as RVP leaving

    the chairman, the board and the manager are to blame and should do the decent thing and resign

    they have handicapped us, even the liks of villa, qpr, sunderland are spending more on players than us, instead with give big wages to players like diaby, almunia and squillaci and now we cant even sell them!!!

  11. Sagna to return, you can hear wenger now can’t you…

    ‘Having him back will be………..’

    Blankety Blank ;)

  12. howdy folks, Hazard mmmmh we can’t afford him

  13. It may be looking way tooooo much into a situation,but the one player we all know Wenger wants but whose name has barely rated a mention recently is Hazard…..”super quality” defines him,Wenger has the cash…… who knows??
    Oh,evening all.

  14. Morning Erick, £38M he’s up for isn’t it?

  15. Am sure Aw has a cheaper option Rico, we are doomed if we can’t add quality and stop making poor subs…

  16. Gaffer – agree in the main but it’s a catch 22, signing players like him and JV would more than likely get us into the top four…

  17. Those 2 will make great additions, but to RICO i say very few can upstage song in his position

  18. Any news on the injury front..jack,gibbs and arteta not diaby or almunia he he

  19. Micky Hazard more like….

  20. Wow! Its wonderfu to hav the best ryt back in prem league bak in squad,if wenger would only b kynd enaf to arsenal &world gunaz fans,he wud consider ‘commitng ths sin to himself’ geting hazad &vetogh,wy shud gunaz ship sink lyk..

  21. RSD ?? :eek:

    Hi Scott – six days and we’ll know the answer ;)

    Agree Erick, i’d love to see us sign Hazard but, what we need is 2/3 players with heart and who are prepared to roll up their sleeves and fight, and i don’t think they always cost £38 Million…

    I watched some of the Cardiff v Crystal Palace game, now some of them know to never give up….

    Maybe that is the answer, look at the top clubs in the Championship…

  22. Gaffer,City can guarantee Hazard CL football,as can Utd……..but maybe he wants to make it past the group stage lol.

  23. Trust you Lee :P Morning….

  24. moaning all btw… i thought 25m/30m euros and we can dance??

  25. Welcome Wasiu, I could name quite a few off the top of my head who could upstage Song ;)

    Welcome to you too George, it is great news re sagna, just need no setbacks now….

    Scott :lol:

  26. Straight over my head lee, give me until lunchtime and the penny might drop ;)

  27. Wenger rarely gets involved in bidding wars, thats what you have to do to get the likes of hazard

  28. Rico,I think if a player like Hazard Chose To come to Arsenal,knowing our situation,then that would be a sufficient enough show of heart.
    It would tell me the kid wants to play and not take a wage sitting on a bench.

  29. He wouldn’t even start though Wasiu, not if the value being quoted is for real, £38 million on one player, that’s only Citeh or Barca’s way…

  30. 6 days folks and we know if we will be in the CL next season…..tick tock Mr. Aw

  31. While being tidy @ the back ‘sure he has more assist than scott parker. The best in the pl.

  32. Part of it too imho Scott would be that he wants to play for Wenger, for all the things that have been going wrong over the last few years, we know that many many of our players have joined us because of him…

    But yes, he’d be joining for football rather than money, Citeh etc could afford a lot more than we can… Mind you, get rid of the deadwood and their wages, we’d not be far off….

  33. Gotta go now methinks marko reus’ more realistic. Love the nice little chat we’ll do it again soon

  34. im sure eden would love to come to arsenal from what he saw on the weekend

  35. tick tock indeed Erick….

    Wasiu, we’ll have to agree to differ, his game has dropped imho, sloppy tackles, silly yellow cards, wayward passing etc…

    In fact maybe that is why we are struggling right now, when Song was playing better, we doing ok….

  36. Have a good day Wasiu

    At least he’d know he’d get a game RSD ;)

  37. i’d even take bridge for left back at the moment

    verm was all over the shot on the weekend there

    fault for both goals you could argue

  38. Again,it may be wishful thinking and it probably is.
    Wouldn’t it be lovely though, to find a player actually playing for the love of the game?
    Another Samir Nasri if you like!!!!!!

  39. Song has been very,very average of late.

  40. Bloomin heck Rsd…. But, i wouldn’t be surprised if wenger thinks the same….

    We can’t blame TV though, its not his natural position, he shouldn’t be playing there – some suggested that TV was the reason we didn’t need to sign cover at Lb, but it’s not working, no more than having JD at Rb…..

  41. Scott, you are in good humour this morning, Samir, love for the game :lol: (and yes, i know you were jesting)

  42. well he played left back for ajax for 6 years rico

  43. hello everyone!”

    How well is Afobe rated? He’s getting ready by now isn’t he?

  44. Anyone else think Hleb wants to come back ;)

  45. the way nasri’s been tweeting and his interview in the times think he want to come back as well,

  46. Agree bout song, nids a breather me thinks kos on the other hand has been unbelievable

  47. Don’t want Nasri, Cesc or Helb back we ni hazard or gotze

  48. I actually blamed Djourou for the first goal and Song for the second…….TV played a cameo in the first,Arshavin in the second.

  49. Not sure about most fans but certainly something in the way the club is being run needs to change if we are to compete to win things.

  50. Rsd, i thought he was CH, with JV during those years but just the odd game at Lb?

    What has Nasri been tweeting?

    Hi Adk, AK has watched him a few times, he’s meant to be pretty darn good, big guy too….

    Erick, he needs a bit of competition too, make him work a bit harder…

  51. I think Song is a sensational player.
    I have been down on him lately,but its just because hes hit a flat spot,not that I think he’s a bad player.
    Rico,if I am being humorous its because I am overtired lol.

  52. hi potter – thats my view too.

    I blame AA for the second, entirely and AW for bringing him on the pitch..

  53. Vertonghen is a gun and would be a super signing.
    Nasri reckons the sky blue shorts make his arse look big.
    Maybe if he wasnt using it to gather splinters he wouldn’t have that problem.

  54. nasri “always good to score against spers”

    and ” after training i go home and cry” PMSL

  55. Song has been good nt great bt the Coq is injured so no breather

  56. Good morning guys and chicks of the Gunners’ faith.

    Sir AK….we must sit down and discuss at length why for the last 20 odd years or so you have told me that roughly you are my age. Blooming heck when I saw you and Lady AK you looked around 30ish and that was 10 years ago. So how come I discover now that you are an over 70 year geriatric. You must have played tricks with my eyes. Otherwise you are one of the dunedains, the descendents of the venerable numenors of middle earth.

    Rico………Knowing our luck though, Hazard was only at The Emirates to watch Manchester United and Arry will get in first for Vertonghen!

    I agree with you 100%. But who’s luck are you speaking about?? The supporters luck or AW’s luck. In the case of the latter its more of negligence…….or FOR THE GREATER GOOD.

    Around NN Brighton’s Dunk is mentioned again. I think this may be true.

  57. I think adding arshavin and squallaci plus 20m it ok

  58. i’m a big fan of Songs too Scott, but like all of them, bad patch then they get stick, doesn’t mean we thin they are rubbish though…

    imho – there is not enough competition for places and they are allowed to play sub standard without fear of being dropped, and AW isn’t ruthless enough…

  59. This has been my point all year round. Stop asking Arsène Wenger to spend because spending will never win you the league. After Chelsea not even the biggest spenders can. Manchester City is like Andrews liver salt, the effervescence and soon with 16 games to go, they might even end below Arsenal that started from the bottom. Do you want to argue that Arsène Wenger is not a great manager? He was at the bottom with the likes of Blackburn Rovers and looks like he left them there. 2012 is about to rewrite a new history and lots of fans can’t see so they complain for their lack of sight.

  60. morning devil, all i mean is that hazard wouldn’t have probably been there for any other reason than to make the most of free tickets ;)

    No chance Wenger would pay that kind of money and we miss out…

    we have little to no chance of signing him :(

    Who is Dunk??

  61. Poor old Na$ri eh rsd ;)

  62. Morning all,

    Its also rumoured I look like a young Richard Burton as well, I don’t take any notice.

    Scott, Song hasn’t been the same since he came back to us from his loan move at Charlton.

  63. Rico,its the old chestnut though……so many injuries,not enough squad depth…….its all contributing.
    It is,however,why I think the side is going well,all things considered.

  64. Nasri reckons the sky blue shorts make his arse look big.
    Maybe if he wasnt using it to gather splinters he wouldn’t have that problem.

    That’s funny Scott….

  65. Dunk is a Brighton centreback. He is nearly 6ft4′ and he is 20 years old. he received his first call-up to the England under-21 squad in November 2011, ahead of their European Championship qualifiers against Iceland and Belgium.

    HOWEVER……Dunk was one of five Brighton players who were arrested on suspicion of sexual assault.

    Another JT????

  66. Micko,Song had an enormous spell a few months back.
    He will be back.
    I think we are missing Arteta right now more than people realise,too.
    Maybe Song is missing him as well!

  67. Welcome Rio and Flavout

    Adding Squilli and AA could increase the cost ;)

    Flavout, no-one here honestly believes we need to spend the kind of money Citeh and the Chavs can afford, 40M would get us the players to make our squad complete

  68. Rico,that’s why Nasri wanted to go to Utd….black is slimming,after all lol.

  69. Morning Micko, in with a corker then ;)

    Thanks devil, not good about the naughtiness though…

    I wonder if there is much truth in the rumours that Song doesn’t want to extend his contract…

  70. Another standng problem 4 the gunaz,a tel u gunaz,if w had stiff competitions 4 our playerz wud improv day in day out,look at song,walcot,ramsey and all sorts,they cant impres yet are all assured of first team place,w nid likes of hazad,reus,vetogh &a chaleng u we wud mek a gret team wth a strong spirit

  71. You are on a roll Scott, Nasri looks like he’s been on a few too ;)

    thats what i mean george, it’s all a bit too easy for them, most players know their place is guaranteed where as at most top clubs, there are others breathing down their necks…

    I’m hoping now that is seems Chamberlain is going to get playing time, he pushes Theo….

    And no, i don’t mean out the door ;)

  72. Song’s problem is that he is not lithe looking and he is clumsy. Not a lot to complain about in his forward play but going back he is just too slow and watches situations and reacts too slowly. I don’t see him as lazy but often he drifts out of position and takes his time getting back.

  73. Early one for me tonight….bloody work….enjoy lads.

  74. Can anybody tell Nasri that he can not lift up any trophy this season. Useless guy.

  75. potter, and invariably, when he is clumsy he gives away free kicks in really dangerous areas… he’s all a bit to casual these days….

    Laters Scott, have a good one…. don’t forget us lasses ;)

  76. That would b very fantastic,if hazard and vatohgen become arsenal player

  77. Welcome Ralph, i think he will find that out for himself in a few months….

  78. Senegal are out of the ACON, Newcastle will be a strong side again with the return of Demba Ba and Papiss Cisse… :(

  79. Hi everyone, getting eden n van could b the answer to what our beloved club
    Is missing.

  80. Speaking of centrebacks…..what about Douglas Teixeira??? He is 6 ft 4 and is one of the best defenders in the Ere divisie. He is also waiting for a call up from the dutch team and Van Marwijck is consiedering him due to his strong aerial ability and his technique in coming out with the ball…….being a brazilian plying his trade in Holland.

  81. Rico,nasri is a complet shit& his lov 4money wil deplete hs quality &skil as a player coz h cant get his place when milner is fit,how a wsh w snatchd the fa cup so that he dances to the gunaz tune,gv ox game tym &he is already beta than him

  82. Back again guys could nufc be looking at cashing in on Ba. Cause now they’ve got papiss,the ameobi’s and best. Too many cooks..?

  83. SSG – alone he’s not, we still need to sort out the Lb situation…

    devil – I’ve never heard of him so can’t really comment :(

    George, i know ;)

  84. Wenger will remain a shock-absorber for the board….the business minded men. Simple economic truth: Need stimulates demand which is determined by the ABILITY & WILLINGNESS to acquire/buy/spend. If Hazard, Ven’gn, or whoever is NNEDED, then get him!!!!!
    Arsenal have they need, dont they have the demand!!!! Wenger is a prof.of economics.

  85. Gooner4life,

    Fellow gooners,
    Gaffer ditto with your blog.I have always maintained that the board are not backing Wenger.example:mata to CFC, we offered him 75k a wk,CFC 100k.
    Now,Wenger and board are backing themselves into a corner or digging a whole they will soon not be able to get out off.Meaning,AFC struggling to make top 4,potential top signings i.e.hazard will look only to Real madrid or CFC for the money or if CFC get 4th spot.Wenger poor decision making,i.e.contingency lined up to replace Nasri and Fabregas!!.The board are culpable too as well, they sold the dream to AFC seaon ticket holders that the move would raise sufficient funds to buy 2 world class players per season!,the only player to note,Vermallen!,that is sackable.The board give the rhetorik to the media that wenger has money to spend,just to keep the share price up and whose pocketing the money, GUESS the main shareholders,they really insult the average man’s intelligence!!!.
    I have a good hunch that Wenger will resign due to not enough backing in funds,also Wenger has become some what tactically suspect over the last 2yrs,example Arshavin best performance for Russia is behind the main striker in the middle,when has he done this behind RVP?,then Song he needs to be told to stay back in defensive midfield to protect back four and give defensive shape to the side and to let arteta,ramsey roam more offensively.The scary thing is on the tactics the results show that.
    Back to the money , the board need to be more smart and ambitious,example,players like hazard when they move to the top clubs in the world like AFC,big sponsors will follow like nike.Well AFC board, borrow or partner nike to buy hazard ,smarter ways to buy top players.Because i hate to say it,THFC,MCFC Chavski could actually surpass us,even THFC have bigger funds to spend because they do not have a stadium to pay back.

  86. Rico, re your 9.56 does the winner get an arsenal cheque book and pen ?
    Great news about Sagna, they’re slowly coming back in dribs and drabs.

  87. Minas – from what AW has said, he plans to buy nobody this window but until midnight on the 31st, i am hoping he changes his mind….

  88. arsenal have lots of money…….
    so they can buy hazard and vertonghen…but still they can go for and must go for tevez — very low price….

  89. Here’s d illustration of what’s goin on at AFC: The board want a new stadium n want CL footbal, they knw AW can get them both n kip them afloat with the little resources available till the team can aford to buy big after payin all the £390m loaned to build the £mirates stadium. So to balance the book we need to loose top players. There you go, how do u explain a manager that built a team(signed all those invincible playerz except dennis bergkamp) that played 49games without a lost. Do you want to believe he’s lost it. Sacking AW would be very disastrous for AFC. I would love to see him work in a madrid or citeh setting where much attention is not paid on the financial situation of thins. I remain one of the dying breed of the true passionate AFC fans…. Long live AW! Long live true fans!! Long live AFC!!!

  90. Adam Venn – he has the money, he chooses not to spend it and the board are too gutless to tell him to do otherwise….

    That would be the blank one Micko ;)

    Certainly fab re Sagna, now we need Gibbs, Jack and Jenks back too….

  91. vertoghen is a must. aldterwood his team aint bad either. van der weil. erikson. ajax produce good players

    in middle id have frimpong song wilkshire aint good teams. they can all tackle and hold off players

  92. Harzad and veto can be a good buy.

  93. Bet these is no ink the pen either Micko ;)

    Could be another excuse for not spending…

  94. Adam, can’t argue with much you say there, we dunno whats going on behind the scenes in the boardroom, it will come out in the wash eventually, someone will spill the beans.
    I would hate the thought of the scum moving into the new Olympic Stadium, everything would be on a plate for them, that’s why if they wanna up sticks and move they should have to start from fresh and suffer everything that goes with a new move like we’ve had to do, you wouldn’t hear a peep out of them for the next 20 years.

  95. herphyz – the club wanted a new stadium to be able to compete with all the top sides – we are hardly doing that are we? We bring in a lot of money on match days, we don’t need to be selling the better players to fund the stadium….

  96. Not sure we will ever find out what has really gone on or going on, not unless AU or a.n other buys out Stan…

    Wenger, if/when he goes will be paid enough to keep quiet no doubt….

    Spot on Micko, why should we fund the totts stadium….

  97. rico, your not wrong, you know it makes sense.

  98. Which bit ;)

    Gotta pop out for an hour, back later….

  99. Hey!! Rico, the gang! I was wondering maybe today is friday, or maybe christmas has been shifted from december to january…! ƪoƪ

    This post smacks of desperation and lack of faith in our squad, which sadly is a general thing right now..

  100. to the tune of “only fools & horses”
    no income tax
    no VAT
    no premiership points off man citeee
    in the dock
    face so pale
    ‘arry redknapps going to jail…

  101. Hi people!
    New signs? I don’t beleive
    Ok, we have important matches next Sunday, Wednesday and Saturday (and hope not again on Wednesday). In 8 days three games. We must have enought fit players and the moment is not good. We must turn arround.

  102. Nice one Lee……………… ;-)

    So you have faith in the squad do you nedox..? hardly think the post smacks of desperation more like the kind of players the club really needs not Park, chamakh and squillaci type signings…!

  103. Vertonghen and MERTENS

  104. Fellow gooners,
    As rightly pointed out before and you have to re-iterate that Mr Wenger has a degree in ecomonics hence why the board love him.However,i truely believe Wenger cannot escape now that true class players that you HAVE to buy alongside young potential.Will at a starting point cost 20mill and then min 100k a week there is no escaping it.Is that why, Mr Wenger is clearly looking old and so stressed.
    Unfortunately,like the banks CEO’s and senior managers you will NEVER see transparency,i.e where the money is truely spent.Between the board and Wenger this info is clearly held back.How,why!!!,look at the results, squad not strong enough, Wenger couldn’t replace like for like for fabregas etc,Wenger is just hiding behind it was too late in the summer to replace,he knew all along he wasn’t given the funds.But of course he cannot divulge this to the media,but because it didn’t happen speaks volume’s!!!!

  105. faith in the squad? are you having a fuckin laugh?…God forbid anything happens to RVP or Ches we are buried!!!

  106. Fellow Gooners,
    Lee so funny, i have copied mate and sent it to friends and my best mate whose a THFC fan in Oz lol
    By the way, “I have twittered Katie price for potential PIP talk, oh sorry PEP talk”

  107. ‘Arry Redknapp has been warned to stop nodding and winking at the jury during the on going court case….

  108. Has he got a twitch or an itch………………….

  109. WATH, I have faith in d first 11 and d Ox! Others don’t just cut it! When we have played with our 1st eleven we haven’t lost! And that’s just 4times! We have many injuries for a top, well run club, its so frustrating

  110. Problem is nedox we all know it’s not a game anymore just about the first 11 and “WHEN” do we ever have a fit first 11….? Faith in our first 11 is one thing faith in our squad entirely another and thats what most people accept is nowhere near good enough, with added quality to the first 11 we’d be competative again not to much to ask and will not break the bank either. That in turn would make the squad stronger and we desperately need to get rid of the shit and the deadwood.

  111. Fellow Gooners,
    Lee you are a bad man………..keep the jovial blogs coming.Back to all things AFC,it appears AFC fans we’ll have to wait until the stadium is paid for until real money is spent on top quality.You cannot keep buying young potential quality from french league 1 and Ajax,you HAVE to buy 25m proven hazard however at Lille but is now proven,Zidane has quoted him to Real!.
    Also,Vertinghoen top quality can play LB,CB and midfield,if AFC hold off until summer for a bargain,THFC,NUFC etc will beat us to it.Or even Samba is commanding,better than Djourou,squalicci,at the moment better than Mertsacker,Samba is more mobile!!We can all hope!

  112. Adam V, the board have no ambition, not in a footballing sense anyway their only motivation is money. Until they are replaced nothing will change and only then will we know if Wenger is also the problem or not as well as if we all know funds are available and he still fails to spend on whats needed then he needs to be shown the door as well in my opinion. He fails to spend whats available now so what would actually change with him still in charge..? in my opinion nothing..!

  113. WATH, am 100percent with you! The squad should be greatly tweaked..what with Diaby and rest? There fees could surpass 20million combined and their wages per week coulkd surpass 300k per week!

    And I’d u think Wenger aint got money to spend, think again! He keeps wasting money buying a dressing room of subservient youngsters who all think he’s god. If we buy let’s say podolski for 10mill in the summer, that’s lower than what he paid for Walcot or the Ox, buh he won’t! Cos he is Wenger!

    Don’t even get me started on the ‘greatest manager of alltime jibes’ he has transformed us yes, but who says nobody can better him? Pep just became Barca’s greatest manager..conquering Spain and Europe! That’s what greatness is! And someone will surpass him surely when he leaves.

  114. Problem is what wenger “HAS” done is in the past it’s not the “now” or can we say we’re sure we have faith in him for the future being just the short term next 5 years…?

    He’s to stubborn to egotistical to be told anything hence is surrounded by yes man and simply has far to much power as a manager and isn’t held accountable by a weak board.

  115. Cracking Lee :)

    Afternoon fine folk…..

    Faith in this squad, thats the best joke all year Nedox :lol:

  116. Chapman was a great and legendary figure. He transformed the club in the thirties and put AFC on a Pedestal.

    AW is a also a great and legendary figure. He also transformed the club and was instrumental in the Ashburton Grove transition.

    However his time may have come. And while he will still be considered to be a great man, there will surely be someone who will be great in his own right. The problem for AFC will be if they try to find a carbon copy. that simply does not exist.

    Yes another manager will come. When he came everyone asked Arsene Who????? The result everyone can see. Maybe someone who we do not know may one day manage AFC and he may rightly be a legend in his own right.

    AW is not for eternity. He will die one day. Someone else will take over sooner or later. And it may not neccessarily mean Mourinho, Guardiola or someone famous.

  117. Boo!! rico, I completely agree, we need to roll up or sleeves and get back to winning ways. No more halfhearted, lackluster performances. Hazard and Vertonghen would be a much welcome addition. Would lift our spirits up, too. :)

    Hello, nedox and Adam and WATH. :)

  118. I`ve been beating the Vertoghen drum, it seems, since I was a small boy. I maintain that his value transcends beyond his dominating physical presence and ability as a DMF and his verstility as a CB or FB. In TV, Sagna, Song and Santos, we have four potent attackers, who would more radily join in attacks, kowing that their defensive position ws well covered. It seems blatently obvious that AW, is unlikely to spend the modest cost of this man. Hazard would cost however. Enough sald. To rely entirely on RvP maintaining his form and health from Henry`s departure until the end of the season is not the action of a prudent manager. It signals our withdrawl from any pretense that we are still a major European power. It places us alongside Kroenke`s other profitable sporting failures. Vertonghen, Hazard and a quality striker, I am am reluctantly coming to believe, will not cross our threshold – probably because it will be jammed by ambitious d
    eparting gunners.

  119. Allo Rico, AGAG and Devil.

    No one person, player or manager is ever bigger than the club nor irreplaceble the sooner people wake up to that the better all round, first to go for me is the board….. one cabbie to chuck em into am sure AK would offer his services free of charge… ok ok not free I know they don’t do free ;-)

    Spot on John Lloyd, unfortunately all very true.

  120. Aftenoon agag, Wath and devil…

    JL, so true :(

    i’m not sure we actually ‘need’ Hazard, love him to sign though but he’d drain our finances, but we do need and right now, a striker and JV

    I’d offer my car Wath and ram them in if they won’t fit, then see what AW does after they have gone :)

  121. In other words lee, he’s off in the summer ;)

  122. Is this really true, or just one of those distracting rumors that just offer a transient feel-good effect?

  123. Devil, these days, AW just seems tired and perpetually frustrated. I should imagine if we brought in quality players, he would be a revived man!!

    Well said, John Lloyd! That is a real possibility now. The few good ones may well leave. :( :(

    Rosicky is not bad to have around. ;)

  124. when are we seeing miyaichi again, i hope to see what he can offer. i have seen OX can play in the left,right and he can play as an attacking midfielder lethal one better than Ramsey (im sorry to say he has been so average lately if not awful). and then maybe miyaichi can play as a left winger, the OX in the middle, walcot on the right. arteta and song finishing up the midfield. I also think Song has to step up his game really.

  125. As I have been saying earlier Rico. Rosicky, Arshavin, ALmunia, Benayoun and maybe Song are all fill in the blanks for the moment until the kids are ready. The only spanner in AW’s works were thrown by Cesc and maybe RVP next summer. Otherwise the next generation, of which we already have Wilshere, Frimpong, Coquelin, Yennaris, Miguel, Bartley (maybe Lansbury) and Jenkinson will be joined in the team next year with the likes of Chesney, Vermaelen, Kozzer, Mertesacker, Sagna, Santos, Arteta and maybe Theo and RVP as the basis of the squad. That is why TR may be off in the summer with the likes of AA, Bendy, Crab, and probably Song.

  126. Rico…..Devil, these days, AW just seems tired and perpetually frustrated. I should imagine if we brought in quality players, he would be a revived man!!

    So why doesn’t he buy what is needed?? There is money from the Cesc/Nasri sale.

  127. devil – i think it will be a sad day when Wenger leaves, but that is only because he has become part of the furniture, as Ian Holloway once said, even his name sounds like Arsenal ;)

    However, as you rightly point out, everyone’s day is up sometimes and for our manager, the way things are going, his could come sooner rather than later.

    You said the other day that you hoped for the invinsible Arsene back and tbh, that’s my hope too but unless something changes at the top, we will just carry on the same as we are now and the club will go futher and further downhill….

    Sad day yes, but a new era will begin, just like it did under Arsene Who…..

  128. you saying i am a devil, devil ;)

  129. Welcom Fax, the post explains….

  130. ooooppppsssssss. I mixed you with AGAG.

  131. I understand all that devil, my comment was a bit tongue in cheek really after the agent of rosicky sayin he had had talks with AW etc… Such a big deal was made only for him to say they are due talks in Feb, after the window is shut…

    Wenger won’t sell anyone this month i am sure, unless AA throws his toys out after last sunday and makes a last minute move….

  132. Devil, that was my comment! :P I don’t know why AW won’t buy/won’t demand that the Board buys quality. I’ve had enough of players raided from bargain basements, who ultimately can’t do a job.

  133. :lol: no probs, re the money, exactly, just get on and spend it….

    well, some of it on JV would do for starters…..

  134. Just for the record Devil, Rico is the one who walks with a limp and has a patch over her eye.

  135. Can’t get that ruddy Only Fools and Horses tune outta my head now, nice one lee.

  136. Billboy is right, no new faces this window. AW will not do anything to fix our fullback situation and we will be out of the CL next year…what the hell is AW smoking????

  137. TBH….the best move that AW can do is simply to get Graham as his assistant.

    I know you might laugh at this but imagine….GG coaching the defence and Song and AW coaching the rest.

    But it simply will not happen.

  138. :P Micko, that has to be one of the best programmes ever ever made, along with Porridge :)

    Talking of which, how did Arry get on today, i read that he writes like a two year old and didn’t realised he hadn’t been paid for 18 months – what a knob eh ;)

  139. Afternoon all.

    Raising the levels of excitement is far overdue. Bringing in Hazard and Vertonghen would lift fans and manager a like. Putting us on the wings of an eagle soaring above the lesser mortals again.

    Only happening though if AW and the deskjockeys stop mistaking the distant horizon for the here and now.

  140. Reading glasses, Devil?? :P rico, Nadal beat Federer again. :) Hello, Micko? Howdy?

  141. fuck me! Our defence is tha shit when fit! You should know better, and Hazard…. for £40mill? dont think so.

    We’ll get Matias Suarez for £7m and probably a midfielder in the Biglia or Gourcuff type mould.. for a bit more – presuming we get rid of the dross and free up some wages.

    Campbell hopefully will get a workpermit, then we’re awn again!

    p-o-s-i-t-i-v-i-t-y peeps

  142. Where do you stand on Belgians Dutch ?

  143. I would bet my left nut that AW gets a % of net profits and by not signing ANYONE (Cahill/Parker) he stands to make a fortune! How in the hell do you bid 12 mil in the summer for a player but let him go in the transfer market for 7 mil???? Same for Parker, we could have had them both for a little over 14 mil!!!!!!! AW, I am an American and I CAN SEE there seems to be a bias towards home grown talent. THIS IS PISSING ME OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  144. i love arsenal becoz they play nice futball bt now its rubbish

  145. Hazard and Vertonghen eh !

    Where are you David Dein when we need you ?

  146. My word devil, that would be an admission by wenger to get gg to help him, keown would do me :)

  147. i havent seen much of hazard but from i seen(2 games) is that he likes to run at defenders…. we dont exactly need that… we need some1 who can open up defences like cesc used to…. in my mind the ideal replacement for cesc would be Gotze who can play a thru ball…. but than again i aint the manager…:(

  148. Surely even AFC couldn’t fuck up those two transfers? Tommy V’s buddy from Ajax and Hazards his relative, right? Saying that on IG’s previous transfer dealings..,,

  149. ps we could have bought mata…. i seen him play a few games and he reminds me of cesc… he can thread the ball through defences… his can also chip the ball…. wat a player!!

  150. the board will never sack AW, he deserves to leave our club on his own terms and i hope it wont be for some time AW is an absolute miracle worker! We have all come to expect winning this that & the other etc but truth be told AFC has punched above its weight for ages now and most of it is down to AW’s football brain and some very astute signings for cheap! 2 really good players but not neccessarily hazard, vtghen will sort us right out as with Ches(v good but not perfect) koscielny(superb DF & tackler) vermy(same), Wilshere(first name on capello’s squad), arteta( way better than people give him credit), Ox & RVP thats the basis of a fine arsenal team so lets ride this out and await better results!

  151. Micko other than they are nicknamed ‘ Red Devils’ *pukes* the Belgians have a talented crop with a matching work rate for a few years now. They seem to surface as top targets all over Europe’s finest leagues. Fellaini, Hazard, TV, Vertonghen, Mertens, Witsel (Looks the part at Benfica) , Dembele, Kompany, van Buyten (Bayern Munich) …..

    And my personal favorite Romelu Lukaku, who should’ve weight his options better choosing playtime over driving his ultimate dream sportcar by joining the Chavs. Would have loved him in red and white.

  152. Shaun, i don’t think many of us expect any new signings but until the 31st, we hope ;)

    agag, i saw that result, now no doubt Nadal will batter Murray ;)

  153. Welcome to those just joining HH for the first time, hope it’s not the last ;)

  154. Lee – or as you often say, b)

  155. Micko, they make nice chocolates ;)

  156. ricky – they won’t sack him beacuse they are gutless, if they had anything about them and cared for OUR club, they would tell him to spend the money we have from the nasri, fabregas and clichy sales….

    and all that we made from selling players before them too…..

  157. Afternoon Gooners
    Afternoon Rico….. [ Bloody Cheek ;) ]

    Good read, if only it were true….. :(

  158. Dutch, they have always been in the shadow of the Netherlands but then again who hasn’t, when you look at some of them names you put out there maybe they have a tournament in them in the next few years.
    Lukaku went to Chelsea for a shed load of money didn’t he, a big strapping lad, wouldn’t want to bump into him in a dark alley.

  159. Afternoon AK, I knew you would like your special mention ;)

  160. Kev, if its any consolation, I stopped subtracting my age from 70.

  161. Just call me Wath’s Grandad…… :)

  162. Cheers Mick, you sound half that age to me…. ;)

  163. Micko and AK, don’t worry. Neither of you sound a day over 30. ;)

    rico, I certainly hope Murray beats Djokovic. Nadal can’t beat the latter. :)

    Lukaku is wasted in Chelsea.

  164. You after a tip again !

  165. Hi Dutch, talking on the subject of Belgie/Belgique [?], would you say their best players originate from the Flemish side, or is it a straight split between Flanders and Waloonia?

  166. That’ll be 10p please Mick…..

  167. Agag, you little charmer…… :D
    And hello to you….

  168. Ricky, rico is right. All the players you mentioned are very good, but playing them out of position leads to problems. Not to mention bringing on AA and pulling OX (i know he supposedly had some type of calf injury, don’t know that I buy that) and having fullback issues caused the second MU goal. I think AW has a brilliant football brain, but you have to question the lack of activity this window, especially with it looking like we are out of the CL next year. rico, I hold out hope every year that we will return to the days of trophies, but it seems like each year we take a small slide downwards. If we don’t address some gaping holes, we will lose RVP and that would be the end of it all.

  169. oops agag, i forgot he has to play Djokovic, should be a good final between Djokovic and Nadal ;)

  170. Micko exactly re international title contenders. Most of those have been playing together from U17.

    Lukaku. :-) Indeed looks like he can make you drop your laptop/smartphone with a grin and a deep stare. Far too talented and gifted imo to be occupied by his bank balance in this stage of his career. Than again I believe his father acts as his agent. Not the most ideal advisor if you ask me, in terms of development plans and committing a club ruthlessly.

  171. Shaun – we all want to win trophies, but no doubt you will think similar in that it’s not just about that, it’s about having a team/squad who play like they want to win them..

    Each week after a poor result we hear the same old excuses about how we started very nervous or we had a liitle bit of fatigue etc etc…

    If we approached each game like we some seem to be able to finish a game, then we wouldn;t hear all that stuff – something is missing at the moment and until AW can get this crop to start matches with fire in their belly, little will change…

    If players are tired, well all that tells me is AW doesn’t trust his squad any more than we do, because if he did, he’d be able to rotate/sub wisely and let players get a little break….

    Spot on re the gaping holes, we have at least two and thats me not being greedy ;)

    Fill them and so so much could change….

  172. Keep up AK, Lee posted that earlier ;) ;)

  173. Amen rico, Amen……

  174. AK, you’ve not been reading Lee’s comments. :P

    rico, it seems we never run out of excuses. Youth, fatigue, injuries, the opponents’ poor pitch, long-ball tactics, crazy spending… Blah blah blah… Murray to win tomorrow! :P (If only cos Nadal can beat him)

  175. Hello, Shaun. Welcome to Lady rico’s lovely home.

  176. Dutch, Nicklas and Thomas Bendtner, another double whammy for you.

  177. AK don’t know their birth grounds but most have sought their professional education outside Belgium at a relatively young age. Being groomed by tactically driven youth trainers. There aren’t that many Belgium top coaches setting the world on fire these last decades. The Belgium league is littered with Africans these days, it used to be quite a competitive tough competition.

  178. Defour is also not bad.

  179. Thanks Shaun ;)

    agag, don’t forget the ‘we lacked urgency’ ;) I just wish sometimes AW would say his team were rubbish…. stop protecting them like they are his children…..

  180. Thank you agirlagunner and what a lovely home it is…..

  181. A Nadal fan eh agag – you and me both, he’s the better looking ;)

  182. Oh and rico, he loves to say the players looked “jaded”, “not 100%””. Wow, we have a litany of his excuses. ;)

    Hey, Dutch and JM. :)

  183. Micko ;-) Arjen Robben as well. His father determines his next destination by how well he himself is being courted, red carpet stuff and all. Ridiculous. I think Robben is twat a diving prima Donna with a body of glass. Not worth the asking price of the reasonable priced car they drive in Top Gear.

  184. Hiya Agag. How you’re doing? Nadal in the final on Sunday. Yeahhh.

  185. :) agag, in one…

    DG – we should have signed Robben….

  186. Shaun, didn’t realise you were from the States, whats your view on Silent Stanley then?

  187. I’m off to get dinner…

    agag, if you go before i get back, rest well and catch you tomorrow :)

  188. Rico, believe me the guy is a whiner, pokes and stires the septic tank until nobody smells anything else. He loves the center of attention even if he’s injured. His contribution to a team is highly overrated. His abilities concentrate on flashes in the pan, small bursts of brilliance. He can’t be bothered by small games. The reason he’s a household name comes from being fit for the big games in between working on recovering.

  189. Arjen’s talented but dives dives dives, Dutch.

    Good night, rico! Catch you tomorrow. :)

    Nightynight, friends. :)

  190. Night Agag. Have a nice evening. Enjoy. C y tomorrow.

  191. Nite AGAG, no sleeping in your new Doc’s ;-)

  192. DG, I have a friend who has a few connections at Real, we spoke about Robben and he said that the view was that Robben has the bones and body of a 50yr old and it’s why he is always injured…!

    Brilliant player when he actually feels like it but flatters to deceive..!

  193. rico, I don’t think Stanley should own any shares of Arsenal, I think English football should be owned by the English. As an American, I know how people here have felt about foreigners owning parts of American sports teams, they hate it. I would bet you money that SK had never heard of Arsenal prior to his getting involved initially. It was all about the money and turning the EPL into American sports (example Manchester City). There’s no more loyalty here anymore everyone follows the money and that’s what SK and the Glazers and Lerner and the rest of them are doing to the EPL. The EPL is the greatest league in the world and it pisses me off to see these fuckers trying to turn it into Monday Night Football. I say let the English own their clubs and you would see more home grown talent and teams (LIKE ARSENAL) doing more to improve their teams during the windows and in the summer and perhaps bringing salaries back down from outer space.

  194. Shaun, the salaries thing is going to carry on out of control while you have the arabs at citeh and abravovic at the chavs… while players can play mercenary it will carry on escalating til the bubble bursts and it surely has to burst pretty soon…!

  195. Me thinks like you WATH. The reason the Chavs were over the moon that the Galatics picked up their checkbook not too bothered he can’t stand kryptonite. :-)

  196. I hope it busts and busts big. Well said on the “mercenary” reference. Now you have Apple trying to buy the rights to the EPL, what do you think that’s going to do to the game?

  197. evening y’all..
    from what im hearin JV is like a young petit and i already know hazards going to be a star…
    it wont happen..its going to cost money..

    are this board going to sanction a 40-50mil quid spree..
    we dont even know if wenger even wants to spend it in the first place..

    the chances are we’ll go with what weve got..

  198. A simple “no-way-in-hell” is enough. Vertonghen is not going to Arsenal, neither is Hazard. End of story.

  199. I didn’t realise all that about him DG, then i’m glad he never joined us….

    Nighty agag

  200. As every window approaches we hear that world class players are on the way to the Grove but when it slams shut we’ve only taken delivery of another shipment of slight seconds from the bargain basement. The reason great players want to leave rather than join us, is that AW is only succeeding in managing our slide into mediocrity.

  201. Shaun – your 6.33 – Amen to that, Amen….

    Why the two try and cross borders I never know….. Well, i do, its money….

  202. Hi jj,

    JV is a possibilty if AW has his head in place but Hazard, we could have got him long before now, that boat has long sailed, agree, we would never pay his value…

    Thanks Vic for that, have you read the post and the comments?

  203. Hi Rico. Hope your meal was fingerlickinglicious. Robben would have been a robbery in disguise.

  204. Hi DG – Have to say it myself, it was indeed very tasty :-)

    Robben the robber then ;)

  205. You got that right rico!

  206. Rico quite some fresh blood comming to HH these days. Superb. Read you wrote for LG. Interesting to say the least. Can’t really get that picture framed. They reached the million recently, any clue where the counter stands for HH?

  207. Rico, 5.02;

    No boss, i haven’t read the comments today, a bit busy tbh….

    So i’ve got a bita catching up to do….

    You do tend to slow down a bit at my age…. ;)

  208. Vertonghen should have been our #1 target at the start of January. Could have filled in at left back, compete with Song for a starting place (or play both when we need added security in defence) and cover at centre back. A 10-12m bid would probably have been enough, which is peanuts for what he would add to the squad.

    Doubt we’ll make a move for him now, just hope he doesn’t end up at another club in England in the Summer.

    Lost hope of signing Hazard, if we were going to sign him, I think it would have been last Summer. He’ll have a lot of clubs interested this year, and we’ll be priced out of it. He’ll join Real Madrid or Inter Milan, I reckon.

  209. Dutch, 5.14;

    Yes, the Belgian league has less stricter work permit regulations, it’s a good league to have a feeder club, as we once had with Beveren.

    That’s where Eboue and Yaya Toure got their first chance in european football.

  210. Welcome James, if we miss out on JV, i too will be gutted, Arry or Dalglish will no doubt get him…..

  211. bonjour rico..

    if wenger would play oxo more it might make a difference…hes kept with the same out of form players playing every week and its making it worse than what it is…

  212. @YoungGunsBlogJamie Sanderson

    Sanchez Watt joins League Two Crawley Town until the end of the season. A drop down divisions, but #AFC get big loan fee.

    OFF Twitter

  213. DG – tops, i love to see the new views and to be honest, everyone who has joined us today have left ‘proper’ comments – and I truly hope they come back…

    Never wrote for LG, just started my blogging days there but decided to ‘branch out’ …

  214. AK, was only teasing :(

  215. @YoungGunsBlogJamie Sanderson

    My hunch on Tomáš Rosický was right. His agent confirms #AFC are considering offering him a contract extension, after talks this week.

  216. Rico, i know……. :D :D :D ;)

  217. resigning rosicky makes sence cos hes cheaper than actually buying someone..

    i dont mind keeping hold of rosicky at all hes a decent squad player but there are others who i would be very shocked if they werent moved on in the summer..

  218. @YoungGunsBlogJamie Sanderson

    Omani defender Saad Al-Mukhaini has completed his trial at Arsenal. I’m told he didn’t impressed, and unlikely to be signed.

    Another one bites the dust…..

  219. jj – did you see the rumour about how the deal for Chamberlain had add on fees for appearances in 2011? Maybe that is why he didn’t play ;)

    This kid is a big fit., strong guy, he can take the PL and he needs to start playing more….

    If we only signed one player before tuesday, i bloomin hope its Vertonghen….

  220. Phew AK, i was having a worry :cry: :cry:

  221. JJ, TR is ok, but is he gonna hamper the development of Coq and Frim….?

    I suppose it depends on the length of the deal, but once again it shows the absolute stupidity of letting Pires leave….

  222. Now you bring it to mind AK I remember reading that. Is that Beveren branch dead now than?

    Also it seems the Belgium league opened the gates beyond control. Got a lot of overflow these days, orchestrated by conning agents selling African kids like live stock trade.

  223. I hope we keep Rosicky, he’s just the kind of squad player we need, he was bloody good against Manure… His kind of experience is what we need to keep….

  224. I really was busy today boss….. :P:

  225. No surprise re Saad Al-Mukhaini AK, maybe that will force wengers hand for a Lb loan??

  226. Dutch, i do believe that the Beveren link ended about 3 years ago.

    Not sure if the Mancs are still tied up with Antwerp?

  227. AK, they play different roles, and if Coq and Frimps are good enough, they won’t be hampered by anyone ;)

    And, we all know they are gunner be good, bloody good :P

  228. A good busy i hope Wath’s grandad :)

  229. Don’t know Rico, he’s left it a bit late if he’s going after another l/b.
    I was happy with Coq at l/b…

    I’m gonna have to read the comments lata on….

  230. i dunno if i could totally dismiss the idea of his appearance fee cos that is how we tend to negotiate….

    its possible but i think wenger just didnt want him to get overhyed like walcott..
    which is fine..except this kid is hyping himself..
    the way i see it is if your looking like a dangerman in most games you play..then you play..and you keep playing until you stop looking dangerous..
    doesnt matter about age or anything..

    in football its about form..it helps if you play forms players so i expect to see him more and if theo thinks he can hold the club to ransome over his wage he can think again..

  231. Sir AK….we must sit down and discuss at length why for the last 20 odd years or so you have told me that roughly you are my age. Blooming heck when I saw you and Lady AK you looked around 30ish and that was 10 years ago. So how come I discover now that you are an over 70 year geriatric. You must have played tricks with my eyes. Otherwise you are one of the dunedains, the descendents of the venerable numenors of middle earth.

  232. I heard AW is looking for a fullback on Ebay and not for the “Buy it Now” price either…. I don’t think we will sign anyone :(

  233. Yeah Rico, got a lot of stuff done today, that i’d left for another day, you know, it’s a man thing…. ;)

  234. Devil, that’s the advantage of eating all your ‘greens’… :D

  235. Rico, it’s all open minded here if you pick up on the house rules.

  236. Coq is a good Lb AK, do i dare say, better than TV? TV needs to be back central, or rather we need him back central, Coq is not far away from a return, maybe Villa, if not, the following game..

    jj, i can believe that too, its wenger all over….

    it matters about agee jj, if the body is ‘frail’ but this kid is built like a brick out house, prob even stronger than jack… he’s ready and he’s got a great attitude, just play the guy arsene and if he needs to come off, bring on yossi, not AA ;)

  237. Shaun, we’ve got the best part of 5 days left.

    A lot of business can be done in 5 days.

    You can bet that the club is talking to other clubs/players/agents 52 weeks of the year….

  238. devil, the age thing is down to naughtiness by Wath – we all know he is only 60 ;)

    Shaun, AW would leave his bid until the last second and we all know what happens then, we end up really naffed off for missing out….

    Good on you grandad ;)

    Spot on DG, thanks, and not too many house rules either ;)

  239. Dear God I hope you are right allezkev…… I can’t stand the thought of placing behind those Yids.

  240. I wouldn’t be that surprised if we did one, maybe two DD deals AK…. just hope one of them is not Wayne bloody Bridge….

  241. 60???? AK is 60???? Sir AK……you got them all muddled up mate. He is not even 50 yet Rico. :lol:

  242. Hahaha….. you got that right Rico. I can see him trying to time it just right and after he lost out a list shows up stating “Other players you might be interested in”. ……

  243. Shaun, you seem to know him so well ;) ;)

    really glad you have stuck around Shaun, so many leave a comment a go, hope you stay with us all for a long while ….

  244. You got any other Americans on your blog?

  245. Behind the yids, that in itself is a sackable offence!!

  246. Thanks Rico, its been great. I already bookmarked it, so plan on me being around awhile. I am leaving shortly however, I have to go home, work is done…… Thanks for the hospitality. Cheers.

  247. We have, guy called Oliver but in the last few days he has got real busy and can’t give so much time here – he used to write all the match reports – he’ll be missed but hopefully he’ll pop on when he can, he certainly hopes to….

  248. Shaun if we are to finish the season behind the Yiddos, then it will be for one season and one season only buddy….

    Devil, i owe you a pint mate… ;)

    Rico, if we do any biz, it will almost certainly be with a player or players that we’ve never heard of or almost certainly not read about…..

  249. That’s good news Shaun, safe journey home and catch you soon…..

  250. Its hard to be a football fan here in the States…. got to put up with a lot of crap. But I will put up with it until the day I die… I eat, drink and sleep Arsenal.

  251. Thanks guys! See you soon!

  252. Come over to sunny italian alps in the summer Sir AK and it will be a pizza you and I share not just a pint.

    My bets are as Sir AK said….players who we do not know or never imagined they would be ours!!!!

    Now nobody has ever mentioned Messi haven’t they…..????

  253. Wath’s granddad hey. Hahaha. I wonder why we have become so stand alone. Cutting ties with joint ventures.

  254. Yeah Shaun, i think Oliver got bored because i kept on talking to him about cricket.

    Do you like cricket Shaun….? ;)

  255. i dont know what has happened to AA to be honest..he just went off the boil and sunday seemed to be the final nail.

    and theos not doing much better.

    the thing is, we could get quite alot of money for theo this summer and we already have a replacement in house in oxo
    if both theo and arshavin leave it provides the space in the team and money for reinvestment..

    we could easily sell theo and AA and its realistic we could buy a gotze or a hazard..

    or we could just pocket all the money and use oxo and ryo

  256. Goody for you Shaun. Seeing that you like to eat drink and sleep Arsenal, you surely should shit and piss the scum, no????

  257. JJ, George is suffering big time…..

    But at the end of the day, even if he isn’t playing in his prefered position, he is the captain of Russia not some greenhorn, and i think we, the fans, are entitled to a bit more effort from him….

    Devil, make that a date, i luv pizza…

  258. One season is toooooooo many AK :(

    Phew, that counts Bridge out then ;)

  259. kev
    i think wenger was ready to let arshavin go last summer but we lost nasri and cesc so wengers held aa to his contract for a little longer and its not going down well..

  260. Dutch, i’m not sure mate. I was hoping for something more permanant from our link-up with Feyenoord….

    Maybe Ozyakup having half a season at Der Kuip [is that right?] and then a regular arrangement.

    But i suppose if a youngster is gonna get a chance in their 1st team, then it’s gonna be one of their own kids that’s gonna be first choice….

  261. JJ,
    So you think that AA was ready to leave and has had to postpone it for a year, hench his lack of interest?

    Could explain it then… But he isn’t doing a very good job at hiding it.

    And at the end of the day, he gets paid megabucks and is supposed to be a professional….

  262. for wat it’s worth, AA should have gone too, he has been shocking – i honestly still think he will leave this month.. and ofr his sake and ours, i hope he does…..

    playing him these days, well we might as well play with ten men…..

  263. Regarding Watt…….why Crawley???? Shouldnt he have been loaned to someone up higher in the league echolon??? Or in a team like Feyenoord??? Or somewhere in Belgium or France top divisions????

  264. Guys, i am off for the day, been a busy one…

    you all have a good evening and catch up tomorrow…

    nighty night all, stay safe….

  265. I know Rico, one season is awfull, but we have been spoiled.
    But i have a lot of confidence in Spurs….. 8-O

    Confidence in them snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.
    It’ll all end in tears.
    That’s a Spud tradition…. ;)

  266. Good night boss, happy soaping….. :P:

  267. As long as the tears aren’t ours AK :) And don’t forget….

    He’s goin downnnnnnnnnnnnnn ;)

    Nighty :)

  268. Gd night LAdy of the Manor

  269. Devil, Crawley are quite a good team.

    Watt needs games and the chance to score a few goals….

    Not sure if he has much of a future with Arsenal?

    I think sometimes, the English kids shy away from the chance of a foreign loan.
    Personally i think that that’s shortsighted.
    A loan in France/Holland/Belgium etc would benefit them hugely i think.
    Different football culture, forcing them to think more deeply about their game and how they can improve.
    Just lazy i suppose!

  270. hello
    Cote d’ivoire 2 Burkina Faso 0
    Cote d’ivoire in next round…
    Gervinho played well but miss 2 or 3 chances.

  271. Night Rico. Happy soaping. Don’t forget the armpits. ;-)

  272. Devil a question…..?

    Hazard or Gotze???

    Given a choice, who would you prefer Arsenal to sign?

  273. Dutch,

    same question, Hazard or Gotze?

    Who would you prefer at AFC, and why?

  274. Gotze…….german players usually have the steely determination that english players once had plus technical skill. And germans usually are fucking lucky.

  275. Guidetti is on loan at Feyenoord from Man Shitty. Seems to do very well. Only 19 I think. Very dominant physical appearance, shielding the ball allowing midfield to come forward, great positional awareness, first touch needs improving but knows how to hit the sweet spots on the ball intuitively.

  276. I prefer Hazrd for the moment. However, Goetze in two years, maybe a better option.

  277. Kev – I would buy both,

    Am I hearing Wilshere set back? If so, call me mystic meg..

  278. I am inclined to agree with Devil. Gotze. Being from Holland we have a history with ze lucky Germans.

    Added to devils comment they play the never-say-die-game beyond 90min well into injury time.

  279. ESP…wehre did you hear that????

    I am off guys. Off to dreamland with DJ bed sponsored by Air McPillow.

  280. Paul, i’ve heard that it’s a stress fracture.
    Out till April.
    Gotta buy now….

    Gotze for me. I’ve seen him in the flesh and he’s a great player.

  281. WHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTT. Stress fracture???? did he get it by falling out of bed???? SHIT

  282. Good night Devil.

    Bad news to end on habib… :(

  283. Night Devil. Lol re sponsored bed.

  284. chelsea is in the market

  285. JM, i was down at Rye Market this morning.
    They had some lovely fruit and Veg, and at a very reasonable price.

    Btw JM, how’s the zumba lessons going?

  286. wilshere again?
    Have you seen we have 3 matches in 8 days?

  287. hahhaha!
    I learned zumba tody with cote d’ivoire :-)

  288. JM, 3 games in 8 days!

    Aren’t we English a bit loco JM….. ;)

  289. JM, i bet you can send the senoritas a bit crazy with your zumba….. :D

  290. yes, but if we draw with Villa, I think we play next wednesda, so it will be, in this case 4 gsmes in 10/11 days!

  291. Wilshere injury was to be expected. It’s never a good sign he baffled our medical staff, normally it’s the other way around. They buffoon us.

  292. Why hasn’t Wenger hired me as psychic??!
    Said ages ago we wouldn’t see him again this season. Our medical team are a joke.

  293. So, no signs this season

  294. JM, a draw is a no no amigo…..

    We already have too many players in the red-zone, that would be just too much….

  295. You know, i don’t know about a new manager or a new Board, what about sacking the whole medical team and starting again…..

    Hire a few medics from AC Milan, they seem to do a good job.

  296. yes, I know…
    Maybe chamack comes early….

  297. Maybe the Hazard rumours are true because of the Wishere set back. Arsenal are keeping quiet as not to get the Hazard price to increase.

  298. Grandad AK where u heard this about JW…?

  299. JM your not making me any happier. :-)

  300. Yogis Warrior, the guy who blogs on ACLF….

    He no speaka the bollox…..

  301. I’m looking around to see if there’s any confirmation.

    I read it first on RealSocialDad.

    They were doing a web chat….

  302. Is the same source of Hazard, vertonghen, Pele?

  303. come on wenger sign hazard and jan vertoghen

  304. JM, i think it all originated on twitter, but these things develop a life of their own.

    Next thing you know, it’ll be in the Press tomorrow.

  305. ok…

  306. Offski for the night…..

    See ya Gooners

  307. JM AK WATH

    I am signing off for today. Night. Sleep well. Thanks for the company.

    Night all.

  308. Cheers AK, take it easy ole fella ;-)

    Nite all, am off as well Cheers JM and DG…!

  309. NIGHT AK.

  310. me too Hope a sign or two tomorrow ;-)

  311. Rico, i’ve just, finally, been reading todays [yesterdays] comments. Great to see some new people coming on, all with some interesting points.
    Hope they all visit again….

    Your 10.31; regarding Hleb.
    Nobody really picked up on that one, but i think Barca are giving him a free…
    He’ll be 31 this May, so, as you wondered, i had also wondered, would Wenger offer him a short deal?

    Cheap, only wages to worry about. And he is forever whinging on about how he wished he hadn’t left Arsenal…

  312. morning AK!! Is there any truth in the JW rumours?? If he’s out we gotta but…FFS come on Arsene, it’s not your dough, get the cheque book out, PRONTO!!

  313. Whats going on with Jack Lee??

    Morning ;)

  314. Just seen, stress fracture!!

    That’s crap news….

  315. Why do we bother wasting our time ready stories about possible transfers? We are The Arsenal and we never never never sign top name players anymore!! :-)

  316. Evening all.
    Miss Rico,apologies for last night……I had no idea you were a member of the fairer sex,so please forgive me.
    WTF…..Jack gone again????
    The luck MUST change.

  317. JSP2303,and we all know the situation,so no real need to tell us,is there?
    We all live in hope though.

  318. Morning Scott – no problem, and certainly no offence taken :)

    JSP, we can but hope….

  319. New post up guys….

  320. Morning from the States! Sure you all know this by now, but its early here so I am just getting it….


  321. arsenal should forse and sign the following players hazard,Vertonghen,Baines,yilmaz,podulski,marko merin thanks.

  322. wat am seeing in wenger’s eyes is wat i have been seeing seasons back without a trophy but lets agree to the fact that the manager is way too strong headed about not spending money on players and his backups on the arsenal committe who do not respect funs.
    now what is the fun gaining when swansea can be at us at what used to be our good passing football.

  323. 4 our arsenal too move on wenger must leave our club since [he has made it loose it's mighty ] go away wenger we are tired of u, do u think the money is urs.

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