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Arsenal’s Transfer Day nearly here? Things actually look quite good, for the future…

Six days to go before we can expect some action from Arsenal Football Club, Arsene Wenger, Ivan Gazidis and his team of transfer negotiators.

It’s becoming a bit of an annual event for Arsenal, we wait until the last day of a transfer window before trying to push through some business and I strongly suspect that this deadline day will be no different.

A kind of Arsenal Transfer Day…

I believe that this is partly due to the fear of being gazzumped by the likes of Chelsea/Man City/PSG.

Also no doubt, its ,in an effort to see ‘interested parties’ such as the selling club, the player and the agents, lower their demands, financial demands that is.

Arsenal used this ploy to sign Andrei Arshavin and more recently to snare Mikel Arteta. Everton accepted a sensible fee and Arteta accepted a lower salary to the one that he was on at Everton. No doubt Arteta’s agent had to accept a lower financial adjustment for the ‘work’ he had to do to smooth the transfer, because Arteta wanted the move. Arteta wanted Champion’s League Football too and that was an important part to the deal.

The lure of Champion’s League football is a massive carrot to dangle but the question remains:

Will Arsenal have that carrot this August???

If Arsenal do not have the attraction of the Champion’s League, then watch the links to players like Hazard, Gotze, Podolski and M’Vila disappear. The lack of the CL, will totally hamper the clubs attempts to bring in that quality of player. Even if Arsenal’s attempts to do so, look lame at he moment.

I wonder if that stupid buffoon Peter Hill-Wood has considered those repercussions? Doubtful I suspect!

If the worst comes to the worst, will we see the ‘rats leave the sinking ship’..?

Robin Van Persie will be certain to leave and I suspect, that at 29 [ next August ] and with his history of injuries, that there will be many at the club rubbing their greedy hands at the prospect of a £30 million transfer fee.

That’s another £30million straight into the back-pocket of Stan Kroenke.

Theo Walcott could be just behind him at a cool £20 million. Stan might allow Wenger to spend the Walcott fee just to keep us plebs in check and I’m sure that Arsene could pick up 2 or 3 cheapo Frenchies for £20 million…..

It’s not all bad though…

In will come Joel Campbell and along with him will be Gervinho, Ryo Miyaichi, Benik Afobe and Oxlade-Chamberlain, that’ll be our attacking options for 2012-13.

Rosicky and Arshavin will be replaced in the squad by Coquelin and Frimpong, both being gradually developed to replace Alex Song when he eventually ‘jumps ship’. Coquelin & Frimpong will join our youthful midfield of Ramsey, Wilshere, Diaby, Henderson, Ozyakup, Aneke and that promising youngster Arteta.

Lansbury of course is also a possibility, that’s if the idiots don’t sell him!!

The defence looks reasonably strong and settled, with all our major players on long contracts.

Sagna [2014], Koscielny [2014], Santos [2015], Mertesaker [2015], Djourou [2014], Jenkinson [2015], Gibbs [2014] and Vermaelen [2015] our new captain. Then of course, in come Miquel, Bartley and Yennaris…..

I suppose that Vela is still an outside bet for next season, but to me, he struggles in English football.

Although still on the clubs books, I don’t really think that the likes of Park, Chamakh, Denilson and Bendtner really matter.

Wenger still has some scope and room for manoeuvre to make possible additions to fill those available spots in his 25 man-squad for next season.
Foreigners maybe, that have a burning ambition to ply their trade in the Europa League prehaps?

I know it can sound like doom and gloom but I believe that this squad, even without RVP, Walcott, Arshavin and Rosicky, have the quality to earn a top-four finish next season.

Right now though, I hope by deadline day we get one or two who can push us on to finish 4th this season……

Written by Allezkev

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426 comments on “Arsenal’s Transfer Day nearly here? Things actually look quite good, for the future…

  1. Hmmmmmm. I strongly suspect that AK has had a sniff in the Emirates dark rooms and marble halls and has come out with a great scoop.

    Well done Sir AK. A fine post, which even though some of us may not like it, I strongly suspect its nearer the truth than some would be led to believe.

    Good Morning guys and chicks of the Gunners’ faith.

    Will be with you for a short while till noonish and then off.

  2. What an odd post, is this meant to be satire? Genuine question!

  3. Personally I think that RVP will leave and Chamack will be our spearhead next year. Not that I am worried because although many criticize him, MC can lead the line. He only needs playing time and the fact that he has to know he is the number one. Otherwise as AK pointed out we have lots of players coming on from the club conveyor belt

  4. No John. I do not think its a satire. I feel that although some of us may not like it its what reality might be next season.

  5. You feeling ok? That team would struggle to stay in the premiership, let alone finish in the top 4!!!!!!

  6. Morning All

    Mighty fine post AK, and as the title says, and maybe the cynics should read again, you are talking about our future, those players will all be a year older and wiser and some are already getting first team experience elsewhere.

    Over the next few years they will become an important part of our side as it’s clear that money will not be spent in the masses to bolster what we already have.

    But who knows, as you have pointed out, last day of the transfer window can sometimes bring us a surprise or two….

    My only worry is, will AW give the younger players playing time in the same way he has done with the likes of Nik, Denilson etc etc, all of who have been poor….

  7. MOrning all. Great post AK. K… I actually don’t think that team would struggle at all. Why do you think that? If they have the appetite and aptitude that Wilshere and Fabregas both showed at a young age being thrown into premier league matches, we’ll do fine I think. Of course there’s always a chance it could go tits up, but I’d bet my mortgage on Afobe, Aneke, Frimpong and le Coq showing more passion for Arsenal on the pitch in one minute than Arshavin/Chamug et al have shown in theirspell with us. And that makes a hell of a difference.

  8. Have you lost your mind, without RVP scoring and the occasional goal or assist from Walcott you think we can finish top 4?

    When we’re what 10 points behind at the moment?

    I hate to say it but Wenger has to go

    NOT because he is a bad manager but because it’s time for a new era and ideas….We need to keep with the youth but bring in experienced players who have played in the PL for at least 2 or 3 years or MORE such as Phil Jagielka , Leighton Baines, Samba along with the players mentioned like Hazard, Gotze and Podolski

    New Manager, New Backroom Staff, Get rid of deadwood such as Arshavin, Rosicky, Chamakh, Djourou, Bendtner, Denílson, Almunia, Bring in a 3 or 4 players such as Jagielka, Hazard, Podolski and Baines. Keep the likes of Miquel
    Miyaichi, Coquelin and Yennaris playing for 1st team on occasions, And Switch to 4-4-2, play Walcott as a striker with RVP (If both don’t leave).

    Oh i wish this would happen but i can only see 1 of these things happening…


  9. I hope that arsenal sign a very good and versatile midfield player who can feed the attackers we have well….and a strong defender who can play very well in his place and in others places in order to cover for others during the worst times of injuries …..But these can only happen if AW spend some money in this transfer market ….because if we buy those kind of players we could finish in the top four and can challenge for the remaining titles………………………IF NOT NEXT YEAR WE WILL LOSE A VERY BIG MONEY ONLY BECAUSE OF NOT PARTICIPATING IN CHAMPS LEAGUE….AND THE WORST OF THAT WE COULD LOSE OUR BIG PLAYERS PLUS WE MAY NOT GET SUCH PLAYERS WITH OUT CHAMPS LEAGUE……………………..SO WENGER GET UP AND DO SOMETHING

  10. Morning to those just joining….

  11. Morning Rico, RR07.

    I always hope that the transfer window throws up a nice surprise or two, however if those AK mentioned come in and we add a proven player every year and see where we can improve, then actually I would be very happy…..especially if the kids show appetite and the right attitude.

  12. I sincerely hope that you are wrong about Chamakh though Devil, I concur that RVP will leave but we will need a predatory forward to replace goals. Chamakh’s main attribute is to bring others into play but I have little faith in our wide players to consistently hit the net , Pires / Ljunberg they are not.If it is to be the loss of Walcott then that money has to be spent on an out and out goalscorer.

  13. And there’s nothing to say that we still won’t attract big names. I know I said on here recently that who would be likely to come to us if we weren’t in the champions league, but there are a lot of factors involved. City weren’t in the CL when they signed all their major players. Ok, the extra money goes a long way, but they were all still sold the “promise” of CL football. And that (along with bulging wallets) helped. We weren’t exactly going amazingly well and weren’t inundated with amazing talent when we made our (in my opinion) our greatest ever signing in Bergkamp. I believe that transfer started the ball rolling. I know times have changed but you never know what will happen in football. The only thing I DO know is that at any given moment in any given match, Wenger will make a ridiculous substitution!

  14. Morning all,
    Another fine post Sir.
    Reading your post this morning has made me think that this is all slipping in place, That Wenger and the Board are only after top 4 finnishes. A healthy 30 odd million from CL and the possibilities of maybe one of the other trophies on offer. They all realise that to win the league would be to costly a project, and all thats needed to be successful is top 4. As we all know spending money for top performers is an expensive business, but useing our youngsters and keeping the wage bill down, only makes the club that much more wealthier. Wengers frugal spending is making Arsenal fc more and more wealthier. Of course the down side is, we will probably never win a trophy again but that is small return for the richest football club in the world. Your post has highlighted that we have replacements right through the team, and who knows one or two may even be a valuable commodity in the future to sell to one of our rivals at great profit. The supporters who we have in thousands will be asked to pay a little more to watch, will pay up after a little bit of fuss but this will all add up to Arsenals dream of being the richest club in the world. Think of the bragging rights to that. Keep them youngsters coming.and who knows one year we may make third.

  15. gooner91, i can understand yours and everyones concerns about what happens if RvP should leave – well, i think if he does AW hand will be forced to sign a striker, Joel Cambell is part of the future and none of us know how good/bad he may be…

    We all wonder now what the heck we would do if RvP gets injured, lord forbid he does as no-one else is stepping up… Some of the players that are mentioned would fight a lot harder for our club than many are doing right now – they are gooners at heart and will be proud, just like Frimps and Jack are now….

  16. Nice article.I knw Van Persie his living our club at the end of the season,but i blv Chamack and Park wil show us what they have that Persie lacks in d goal post.Gunnaz 4 lyf.

  17. Give me kids with heart over stars with none any day.
    Even spending money is no guarantee to success…….the RIGHT players need to be found.
    AK….maybe,just maybe the youth policy will pay some dividends.
    It won’t give us a squad of stars,but if it can provide 5 or 6 regular first teamers,it can probably be deemed successful.

  18. I agree Scott.

    Although the danger is that we’ve been continually told that our youth project will reap dividends, and it never really has. Hopefully with this crop, it finally will. Although I wouldn’t put it past the dipshits in charge to start selling them off.

  19. Rico,Campbell is one kid who has the talent to be an absolute star.

  20. Morning all…thought provoking stuff, AK!
    More a finacial institution than a F.C…..

  21. Morning rocky, devil Steve and anyone else i have missed :P

    Scott from Oz (SFO)

    It’s a new day, new comments section and all that was yesterday stays with yesterday please….

    Totally agree re players with heart, and that’s what we will get from the next crop i’m sure – don’t think the ones coming through have the attitude/ego that some of our kids have had…

  22. Morning Kev and all. Chamakh can lead the line? Really? This is Arsenal Football Club and where is the evidence that Chamakh can lead anything? He is a nightmare of a player and if that is where our sights are set then God help us. Ambition still burns bright in some of us but that scenario and the thought of another season like recent ones is just too awful to contemplate for me. Sell to Usmanov, re-ignite the club’s ambition and direction and buy some proper players to replace the dross. If Wenger doesn’t want to do it then get someone in who is hungry for it. Chamakh should be nowhere near Arsenal ever again. Not his fault but he is nowhere near good enough. Not even close.

  23. RR,I reckon the youth policy as we know it is just starting to kick in.
    Their a good crop,let’s hope they want to stay.

  24. But how he suits the PL Scott remains to be seen, so many have great expectations but don’t make it in this tough league, we’ll soon see though….

    rocky – how could i forget chesney ;)

    morning lee….

  25. Pure evil… ;)

  26. Still think we’d need to add though, this window and again in the summer.. :)

  27. Chamakh was good enough 14-16 months ago,RVP came back and he was benched-all confidence and momentum was lost. I think he was a victim of circumstances and should go…..best for both parties.

  28. Rico,you’re right,but I was only attesting to his talent.
    Heart,strength etc,etc,etc…….nobody knows yet.

  29. Hi Adam. Couldn’t have said it better re Chamug. He’s so dire it’s ridiculous. And he always looks like he’s about to cry. And he has shit hair.

  30. To be honest SFO, I think that if they see the dross (AA, Denilson, Bendtner etc) all get booted out, they will defo want to stay. They’d know they were in with more of a chance of regular games. Let’s just hope the aforementiond wastes of money get the boot. I still can’t believe AK didn’t include Diaby in the list of those to get rid of!

  31. Morning Adam and Potter ;)

    Steve – just read your comment again, if that is how the board think and i would be surprised if you are far from the truth – perhaps they should finally realsie that winning trophies brings in far more money and bigger, better sponserships – if they want to become the richest club, that is the way to do it, not by being frugal….

  32. who lee, me ;)

    Cambell does have great talent, what narks me still about him is how he mucked us around before signing. suggestion was that a ‘bigger/better’ club came in and his head was already turned – that club backed off and he signed for us….

    Chamakh managed to score for morocco didn’t he?? shame he can’t do that for us….

  33. Arshavin and Djourou should be sold out from the team they are not good players for arsenal football club

  34. Good read and not bad idea. Song has been crap lately, cant pass a ball to a team mate. Also isn’t he supposed to be defensive midfielder, but never to be seen when needed. Unless we need another yellow card. Coquelin has really surprised me and with Fringpong quite a duo.I was such a Theo fan but he is so inconsistant and is starting to develop an ego that his performances can’t support. The Ox is the next big thing and we need Jack back.
    Nico Yennaris looks good and is a much better bet than Djouro.
    Mersacker had a good game, Kos is becoming special and TV is our future captain. The backs when fit are good and our goalie is class. So to midfield We need jack back, I’m not entirely convinced with Ramsay or Arteta. I think rosicky can still play. With Gervinho and OX wide with Walcot as a sub (if he is still here) and Ryo thats pretty cool. I think RVP will stay but if not $30 mil sounds good to me as this is his first injury free season. Anybody care to bet that he stays injury free for another. Bring in Joel Cambell, get rid of Arshevin, Bentner (no more loan), Denilson (ditto) Sqillachi, Beneyoun and I am sure there are more. With the money we aquire and the money we save we can easily get 2 good strikers.
    People talk about jumping ship, what a load of crap. Where are they now. Fabregas did not jump ship it was always his destiny and desire to return to Spain. He is still Arsenal’s biggest fan. Nasri, what a bust so far. $25 mil a good piece of business. Even Thierry was past his prime when we cashed in and who is he loyal to and playing for now. Hleb wished he had never left. How many others have prospered since leaving? Very few if any.
    We are not Man City that spend just because they can and have a squad full of prima donna’s. Sure they will win the league this year but what happens down the line when the Arabs and the Russians get bored and decide no more free lunch. Man City and Chelsea and all the teams affected by artificial player salaries that can not be sustained will fold.
    Welcome to the future of the Premier League.

  35. Morning all.. Nice post AK
    Although many of us would’nt be in unison with it.. this could well be our case next season..

    I disagree with second last paragraph and one suggestion about chamakh. For me we can still make RVP stay as he loves this club with bit less stupid attitude and showing bit more ambition.

    I think the youth policy already served it’s purpose.. It’s the lack of expierience that backfired us in past seasons.. You cant be world beaters with only youth players unless most / all of them are of same quality like fabregas rvp wilshere or chesny.

  36. Probably didn’t include Diaby because frankly most of us have forgotten that he is still with us. Whenever I run through the squad and formations etc I always seem to leave him out.

  37. I think that Hazard is up the managements sleeve this week, seems strange the other mega money clubs aren’t flag waving about signing him yet! sounds hopeful i know but just got a gut feeling about this one, what ya think?

  38. All very well BUT, once again forgetting one thing; those behind the team. Wenger is not a tactician. It doesnt matter who we have if we have no clue how to go about beating teams. A team with Spine is key no matter who they are. Arsene is everyones mate, no wonder no one is scared of him including the lame ass refs. We have been breeding polite pussys since sulky Fabregas and its now rife through our squad. Every year we have pathetic injuries cos our training pitch is so perfect and we rest all the time. Wenger and Rice are like 2 grandads to the boys. All very nice but we need a boot thrower or a chairman like Spurs have…you want modritch? Modritch, you want to leave? Both of you STICK IT. Staying put. SPINE!!!!

  39. Good comment EnglishMik, just removed the insults – we don’t do that on here, debate others views by all means but don’t just cast them aside as crap – it’s disrespectful…..

  40. Add a few more to them Nii ;)

    Hi Stv – agree – we need a balance of the youth and experience, youth alone will see us sink fast and deep..

    If players have what Jack has, fine, but if not, they will have to wiat their turn, the one player who needs to come back and be given his chance and take it imho – is Lansbury….

    Potter, i always forget Diaby too, in fact who is he?? ;)

  41. Until wenger leaves arsenal couple wit drastic changes in d board, arsenal fc will continue going fucking down.

  42. As Wenger says, we are a poor club and we await the droppings from the tables of the big boys like Man Utd, Chelsea Man City and Spurs. We have no money, we have to do things another way. It is that kind of thinking which lowers expectations and murders ambition. It’s that kind of thinking which says that Chamakh was good enough once and could be again. He was never good enough and will never be good enough. The last weeks have shown that we have no depth in quality and that Arsene’s tactics are non-existent. Other teams have sussed us out and we still leave Robin up front with no support while Theo runs up and down the wing, hammering the ball across the face of goal and often into the crowd. We cannot defend as a unit and are the worst in the PL when we don’t have the ball. As a team we have big problems and not just with personnel. As a club we have big problems financially as we seem to have bitten of more than we an chew in the Emirates Stadium. I can’t see it myself but this is what appears to be the case. If we don’t make the fourth spot this year then the club will take another huge hit financially. Personally I hope that Stan looks at his English franchise and the bleak financial outlook and sells to Usmanov because the share price will certainly drop if all this comes to pass. I wouldn’t mind if I could see a plan on the field which looks like it is moving in the right direction rather than the re-cycling of an old one, but I can’t, though others can. The promise of youth, the selling of our best players has already been tried and it has eroded the squad, the club and the fan’s faith. It has lowered expectations to the point where I am seriously wondering how we will beat Villa this weekend.

  43. True Potter. In fact, I’d forgotted Vela even existed until today!

  44. Welcome rich – thought the same last january, he’s still not here though… nice thought but can’t see it happening tbh…

    thorny – agree re the wenger being too close to the players, how many times do we hear players say ‘he’s like a father’ – well, he should be a bit more like an old headmaster……

    the selling issues, i think a lot of that is the clubs fault, they let contracts run down too far and the player then gets the upper hand, move on or walk for free….

    Cesc was an exception….

  45. Rico,just remember,Campbells agent is his old man….enough said.
    Bartley is another player looking good….is there a tougher place for a defender to learn his trade,and he seems to he making a go of it.
    Plenty coming through.
    A Hazard could top us off nicely.

  46. Good point Thorny, but Levy was battered into submission over Carrick and Berbatov. He didn’t want to sell either. Turned out to be a good thing, as they both went on to be shit and they got a lot of money for them. Maybe the difference is that Levy has learned from it and decided that enough is enough, and thathe is the one that calls the shots, not the players. So you’re right – Something our hierachy could do well to learn from.

  47. i don’t know about chamakh scoring for morocco his problems started when he scored in Las Vegas!

  48. Rich, that would be a top drawer signing!!!

  49. “It is that kind of thinking which lowers expectations and murders ambition. It’s that kind of thinking which says that Chamakh was good enough once and could be again.”

    spot on

    I remember when Wenger was asked weather he satisfied after 2006 season.. He said No! not satisfied I want to be first not fourth..

    These days he says, Reaching 4th place is more significant than winning a cup

    I cant imagine chamack as our centre fwd without RVP!!!!

  50. All you passionate supporters must realise by now that we are not a club who can win anything. I don’t like to burst your bubble but if you want to win things you would never in a million years play without proper full backs for all the time we have. You would not be loaning players for a year or two months you would go out and buy quality. The points we have lost, has got to go down to weaknesses in our defence, we had weaknesses this time last year when we were in better position than we are now and we didn’t buy. we went on to win nothing and we brought Mertsacker who is a carthorse six foot six and cant get his head on a ball for love nor moneu no pace whatsoever feels more comfortable passing back and is frightened to pass the halfway line because he knows a 3year old could get back faster. We are a feeder club with no ambition the Ox will be sold as soon as his value goes up Robin will be sold for profit and jacks value will only go up, he will not stay and theo also will go. we will make bundles on these sales but Wenger will do what he has for years and keep bringing in cheap youngsters and he may just buy the odd carthorse, do yourselves a favour and open your eyes a leopard will not change his spots . Arsenal is wealthy not poor and are only getting wealthier on you mugs.

  51. STV. We should not even have to consider Chamakh as our CF. Not every transfer comes off. This is obvious and an unavoidable part of the game. But it is how the manager and the club respond when this happens that can cost. I humbly submit Denilson. Everyone and their Mum knew he wasn’t good enough 3 years ago. He is still on the books although he is kicking the shit out of people in Brazil now, between being out-sprinted by referees.

  52. I know Scott, my point is, done it once, could do it again, another who may see us as a stepping stone – Anelka springs to mind, we’ll see and hopefully that won’t be the case…

    Bartley, big no nonsense, another i hope gets his chance….

  53. lee :lol: :lol:

  54. Is that young Boateng that we have supposed to be any good? Has anyone seen him play at all?

  55. Steve. Actually I still have hope but I have little faith in the current Arsene Wenger. In some ways I believe we are lucky in that we have one of the world’s richest men itching to buy the club. Many other clubs would like that option. Arsene was great but now has lost it. He looks like a beaten, haggard man, albeit one on £7 million a year. So let’s not feel too sorry for him.

  56. When ronaldo scored there lee his performance boosted !! may be chamack got a wrong memo..

  57. STV, didn’t ronaldo get involved with “chicks with dicks” tho….?

  58. Adam,Chamakh was a fill in,cost nothing and did a good job for us.
    He scored goals when we had no RVP,and look where we were positioned at Xmas last season….this with Chamakh leading our attack.
    Most probably dont realise that he quite often covers more ground when on the field than anyone.
    Ok,his job is scoring,but we all hate Arshavins lack of effort…at least this guy had a go.
    As i said earlier,I think its best he goes,because right now,he offers us nothing.

  59. Rocky, I think AK might have seen him….

  60. Lee. That is a beautiful image that I shall take to lunch with me.

  61. rocky, not seen him play but i’m sure i read he’s meant to be good…

    steve – and there was me trying to have a positive day ;)

  62. Lee… Chicks with dicks… Are we talking about Ronaldo or the elusive Goonster?!

  63. I was about to mention the thumb lee ;)

    Have a nice lunch Adam, hotdogs?? ;)

  64. park could supprise not had run yet

  65. “Things actually look quite good, for the future…..” weren’t they General Custers last words as well.

    We’re turning into a two bob club the way we conduct ourselves with transfers, I’m sick of it.

  66. Adam, I’m sorry you have it all wrong Arsenal football club is the third richest club in the world look on Wikipedia if you don’t believe me . we have bundles absolute bundles the Emirates stadium has a very Manageable mortgage we have made multi millions on the Highbury developments and are taking up other buildin developments we are definitly not a poor relation. City and Chelski and a few more may have rich owners but no richer than our mult bilionare shareholders. we are being robbed rotten by Arsenal’s penny pinchers we are paying the stadium off and when i say we i mean us we deserve to watch top quality players at the price we have to pay for that there is no excuse.

  67. Scott. Wenger waited a whole season to get Chamakh for nothing thereby denying the team the extra striker it so badly needed for an entire season. He cost nothing, yes, and he scored a few goals early on, yes. But that’s it. Full stop. He is not Arsenal quality in my opinion and if we make a case for him then we sell ourselves very short. Can you imagine him playing for any other top six club? In fact, can you tell me of a worse striker in the PL? Even Bendtner is better than him. Assuming we can agree that a striker might actually strike once in a while.

  68. Steve. No, I said that I couldn’t see it. I was just illustrating the party line which sees Arsenal as the beggars of European football. I absolutely agree that we have money. All this does is to make things more frustrating. Wenger’s stance lowers fan’s expectations and as you can see, it has largely succeeded.

  69. Scott, Chamakh did do well at first but right now he is scared to have the ball, he doesn’t move, he looks totally out of place and he is looking to leave in the summer….

    sooner he is gone the better imho and he can take AA with him and a few others….

  70. Take a look at this guys and chicks. What do you think. I do not believe it but would the board sanction such a move????


  71. Adam – Cameron Jerome….. He’s worse.

  72. Cardiff at wembley, I’m sure that’s gonna be a smashing day out as well.
    Lee, better have yourself an extra strong vindaloo and a crate of stella if your in the area that day.

  73. Hi Micko – we certainly don’t conduct ourselves in the transfer market in a way that we should, as Steve said, 3rd richest club in football but we behave like we are on the verge of administration…..

  74. Can’t see the Mourinho swap thing myself unless Usmanov took over gave him loads of dosh. It would be quite boring football but we would win something I imagine and Mourinho would piss everyone off every week. Compare that with today where we play predictable football, don’t win anything and Wenger pisses people off every week.

  75. Rocky. I give you that. Almost. I say they are equally bad. Good shout though.

  76. No Rico. I do not think that that is the way. I think what you said a few days ago still holds……..they will pay all the loan in one go and pay the penalty fee just once.

  77. He’d certainly do wonders with our defence Adam, no doubt about it.

  78. Rocky. Who? Cameron Jerome? Got to be a better right back than Djourou.

  79. Adam and Rico,I am now saying this for the third time……..We should part ways with Chamakh……..please don’t make me repeat it again.
    I said he WAS good enough,but isn’t now.
    I hope its clear this time……
    Does anyone want Mourinho at Arsenal???
    Guardiola….our next manager.
    He will want a new challenge soon enough.

  80. devil?? you lost me with your last

  81. It’s been a good discussion guys. Rico, I am off for, as you suggest, a couple of spicy hotdogs. I shall think of dear Marouane as I eat them. Perhaps I won’t actually.

  82. So, summing up SFO…. You want to keep Chamakh?!

  83. Why not Scott, just to make it clear ;)

    Mourinho – No
    Pep – No
    van Basten & Keown – YES :)

  84. Cheeky pommy mongrels lol.

  85. I’d take Pep quite happily. Mourinho… Not too sure. I’m bored of us winning nothing and settling for 4th, or lower if PHW’s lack of ambition might have suggested, but witth the current board there’s no way in hell a top manager would want to come in. Why would they? The money carrot is dangled in front of them, but they would never see a penny.

  86. Don’t Adam ;) Catch you later, have a nice lunch….

  87. Easy Scott..;) I’d like the “Invincible Wenger” back..

  88. Bergkamp…..one day???

  89. Berglkamp is the dream SFO. WIth a little help. Van Basten is often banded around, which as a partnership could be awesome.

  90. RR,a 7 million salary would get someone in lol.

  91. The one thing Moanrinho would do is tighten up our defence, he’d also clear out the dross…

    rocky – if wenger went banging on the door demanding money to spend, he’d get it now….

  92. Rico,I am not sure that’s the case,but if he can drag 40 million out of them,I’d throw the lot at Lille and get Hazard.

  93. Sorry Adam i missunderstood you.
    Chamakh will do well elsewhere he is quite talented but he will always be in Robins shadow here. He knows that if Robin is fit he will only be used as a bit part player. Wenger Killed any enthusiasm Chamakh had by replacing him as soon as Robin was fit, Chamakh had scored 12 goals in i think 5 months which when you look at the others in the team was not a bad return, Robin stepped back in and went 3 or 4 games befor he scored and chamakh was expected to come in when called on usually to play on the wing to feed Robin. Not fairly treated in my opinion.

  94. Rico. what does it mean …..lost you with my last????

  95. Iv’e given up hope on the ‘Invinsible Wenger’ coming back :(

    But, in the ideal world, he would….

  96. Just noticed your comment Rico Sorry :)

  97. Rocky, we have a fantastic stadium but no-one in their right mind wants to sit in their seat every other week and think we’re eternally grateful for the past, it should be about the future, the board are taking us for a ride.

  98. devilgunner says:
    January 25, 2012 at 11:21 am (Edit)

    No Rico. I do not think that that is the way. I think what you said a few days ago still holds……..they will pay all the loan in one go and pay the penalty fee just once.

    Not sure what you are answering, doesn’t matter though ;)

  99. Micko,conversely,too many fans are living in the successful past and not accepting the present.

  100. If Wenger doesn’t bring in some new faces then he should just leave the club and join Real Madrid because the club.isn’t his and he shouldn’t make the fans annoyed.

  101. SFO – That’s the unfortunate thing. Seeing those knobends still happily showing their “In Arsene We Trust” banner after we went 2-1 down on Sunday was infuriating.

  102. Ahh I see. you commented on the fact that we act like we are on the verge of administration. While I agree with that comment regarding AFC actions, I recall that a few days ago when we were debating why the recent situation at AFC, you put forward the opinion that it might be that AFC are holding the money back so that they will pay the loan in one go, but incur only one penalty fine when we pay it before the deadline date. And Ithink that in the earlier comment of a few days ago you might have been right.

  103. Scott – he has money i am 99% sure, takes me back to the comment someone left yesterday – when wenger was asked what would he do if he was given £100m – ‘give it back’ was his answer…

  104. no prob steve ;)

    i recall that devil, and i still think that is the way the club clear the debt – store the money in an account then pay off the debt in lump sums…

    But, in the transfer window we still behave liek a club that is broke….

    All i ask for is a happy medium, build a squad that is truly able to compete, players who fight for the cause, if we still win nothing then so be it, but lets build a squad that looks like it wants to….

  105. RR,they are entitled to their opinion.
    Blind faith,maybe.
    True supporters,maybe.
    Why call them names because they have a different opinion though?

  106. So it all boils down to my comments of a few days ago Rico…..that AW is waiting for the present crop to emerge….like Frimpong, Yennaris, etc….add them to Wilshere, Chesney, Ramsey etc and sell off the others. It seems to fall into place. He uses crap players like Almunia, Fabianski recalls JL from retirement until Chesney develops. Right now would you exchange Chesney for anyone bar Casillas (and I doubt if he is better). I do not thinkso. So he plays players like JD and is waiting for Yennaris, Bartley etc to developo. In this way he is guaranteeing that they will get their chance. Many of us might not agree but I think that your view regarding the paying off the debt in one lump sum+fine and this view of waiting for the new crop to come good plus the one put above by AK is where the club is heading. All these three views fit in with the FFP and the 6+5 rule perfectly.

  107. Hillwood says he is budgeting for not being in the champions league next year.if so, the only way he can do this is not to buy in Jan. So no new players in Jan.

  108. JCL’s rocky ;)

    We have a mass of fans who are ‘fans of Wenger’ they can see little wrong and will never question his judgement, most of them still think Silvestre was a cracking signing ;)

  109. because I’m entitled to my opinion. They are quick to slag off anyone that doesn’t believe their views. I maybe being childish by doing the same, but there you go.

    True supporters? Not buying that. You can be a true supporter and not share a view. That has nothing to do with being a true supporter.

    Blind faith? I’d say definitely

  110. Rico,I agree 100% we need new players,but I think two top players will do the trick.
    I am torn between believing Wenger must buy now,and that he just wont.
    I still believe in him,but he needs to acknowledge a few problems……will he though?
    Again,I’m torn between thinking our club has done a bloody good job considering our start to the season and injury list,weighed up against what could be if we’d signed Mata and a striker.

  111. There is a distinct division between fans,and NEITHER set of fans will even acknowledge the others opinion,so nobody is guilt free here.
    Who is right,noone or everyone.

  112. Plus, don’t forget Scott (I take it you are the same Scott from yesterday?) – You called some Arsenal fans “contradictory idiots”. While I totally agree with that comment, yours wasthe same sentiment as mine. Yours was just slightly more savoury!

  113. But anyway – As per your comment to Rico – I agree that I think if we’d have had Mata and less injuries, we’d be doing a lot better, so we have done well to stay in touch. Just shows that we seriously need more squad depth

  114. Reality is, on HH you call fans what you like as long as no ‘c’ word is involved – oh and it’s not a fellow HH’er of course, and certainly not me ;)

    Samba, Mata and Vertonghen or Baines rocky, we’d all be happy and waving banners…

    Just ours would say ‘we love Mata’ :)

  115. Welcome Brian – that old fart needs to retire…..

  116. Hi Brian

    That’s unacceptable really. The same way he said that not being in the Champions League wouldn’t be a disaster. Such a lack of ambition is contemptuous. (is that even a word?!)

  117. I am offski. cu later on in the evening mates. Win tonight and we will be within touching distance from the top.

  118. You’re right Rico…. As much as I like Gerv’s effort, he has nothing on Mata’s finishing.

  119. RR,I read contradictory comments every day,so I will stick with that opinion.
    Unfortunately,our squad depth will not match City’s in the short term,but we can improve it,no doubt.

  120. Scott, don’t even think two quality signings will be enough to turn this side around now.
    Wenger has always said he hates the january transfer window so I wouldn’t hold my breath.
    We could and should have bought better in the summer as the board promised but instead sold two of our best players and left it till the last minute to bring in replacements and paid for it.
    As for Mata, he’s just one player in a long list that we’ve missed out on, Gazidas clearly isn’t up to the job and as for injuries we have them every year, the strength in depth is costing us big time.

  121. That’s fair enough mate. I stick firmly with knobends!

    But anyway….. To be honest, I wouldn’t want the depth of City… Too many high profile people on the bench can only lead to dis-harmony surely? Having said that, we definitely DO need more star quality than we currently have on the bench. I don’t care how much Wenger bangs on about AA, Park, Benayoun etc being captains of their countries. They are not good enough.

  122. RR,I love what Gervinho does well,but imagine him with Henry’s composure in front of goal……he’d be world class.

  123. totally agree. He just seems to lose it at the vital moment. He’s certainly tricky enough, and there’s only been one occasion I can think of where he didn’t seem to be “with it”. He’d be awesome if he had some proper coaching from Henry. Shame he’s away while Henry’s here!

  124. Laters devil, all the best for your team, hope you win, i’m sure your team will put in more effort than ours ;)

  125. Micko,I think you overestimate what’s required.
    Chelsea are crap yet don’t have anything like our injury list.
    Liverpool are woeful.
    We only need to get back on track,Sagna,Santos,Arteta and Wilshire back,bring in a top class creative midfielder and striker,and its a new side!
    The sides around us are not winning…..I’d put money on us finishing 4th,for sure.
    Keep the faith.

  126. New signs, maybe next August.
    Chamack was replace in the the last match versus Tunisie. Meanwhile, miss maybe 3 or 4 chances (not clear chances but in one or two he could done better).
    We lost yesterday, again versus Fulham!
    Today it’s Eusebio Birthday’s date. (70 years old).Unfortunatelly he is not fit for us now.
    Cardiff reach the final . If they win it, they will be in the Europe League; if they draw varsus M.City, too. so, it becomes now problematic, catch a place in european comnpetitions for next yesr,

  127. RR,you cant teach composure,unfortunately.
    Thierry showed against Leeds you either have it or you dont.

  128. Unfortunately you’re right SFO. Otherwise you like to think Walcott would have learned it by now. He clearly hasn’t.

  129. IAm I alone in wanting De Jong at Arsenal next year?

  130. JM – I’d still take Eusebio over Chamakh…

  131. Tbh, I think Gerv will become a quality player, maybe next season – thats the problem with buying overseas players, they take time to adapt to this league – just look at the impact Chamberlain has had already, he may not be used to the PL but he’s sure used to the tough english game….

  132. Micko – i have to agree with your 12.30 – had we signed who we did before the season kicked off we wouldn’t be where we are now.

    Also, I still would have preferred Cahill to Merts who imho is still struggling, and why didn’t we go for Baines or Enrique for Lb, both PL ready and would have jumped at the chance for CL football?

    Arteta is a good signing, but he didn’t set my heart on fire as much as if we’d signed someone like Fellani….

  133. Or Scott Parker and Brad Friedel – we missed out big time with them imho….

  134. Wenger hates every transfer window and would like them banned I imagine.

  135. De Jong? he’s a bit naughty isn’t he…

  136. Rico. I had. Lovely lunch. A Chamakh special in a Morroccan restaurant. I ate it a la Diaby which means laying on a bed.

  137. He is, yeah. Doesn’t seem to pick up as many yellows as Song though!

  138. Scott, I already put £1200 down at the start of the season.

  139. Rocky, I’d have you in front of chamakh…

  140. Cheers Lee… Nice to feel wanted!

  141. Afternoon Gooners
    Afternoon Rico, another fine sub-edit, cheers….

    Well, i seem to sparked a bit of a debate, good..!

    What i’ve written, i will add, is not what I WANT to see happen.
    It’s what I THINK might happen on the back of not qualifying for the CL.

    Maybe, as has been suggested by other Gooners on here, my expectations have fallen?


  142. Alternatively, maybe i’m suffering from the cold blast of reality?

    I may not like it, but it is, what it is…..

    Happy Days….. :(

  143. If we don’t get in the CL Hill-Wood’s Port and cigars will need to be paid for by the season ticket price hike- 4.5% apparently.

  144. Very nice Adam, :lol: re Diaby – where is he these days??

    God job you didn’t eat it like Chamakh, you’d have missed your plate ;)

  145. RR,Theo is an enigma.
    The goal against Fulham was brilliant,but on other days he couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat!!
    If someone offered 15 or 20 million,I’d take it.
    Rico,Freidel…….imagine the uproar?
    If Wenger got Messi on a free transfer,people would be yelling at him to spend money so what would they have thought about this one lol.
    I really think Mertesacker is being hard done by….he’s steadily improving.
    Parker really is one we should have……I still can’t work that out.

  146. Rico. Yes it was a couple of spicy Moroccan spiced sausages, served in a bagel, with Couscous of course, to mop up the juices. Diaby is well apparently. He was seen in his bank this morning paying in a cheque for £240,000 for las month’s wages.

  147. Afternoon AK, we all like a debate, some in masses ;)

  148. Diaby…..the problem is,who’d take him?

  149. Uproar for Friedel, I don’t think so Scott, he’d be the prefect back up to Ches….

    Merts divides – I’m not a huge fan but he’s much better than Squilli…

    AK – its more like a harsh reality but you highlight that our future isn’t that bad, NOT if we get rid of the deadwood and add experience, get the right blend and we could be fine, but is this management the right one to do that?

    That is the million dollar question…..

  150. I think the criticism of Diaby, by myself in particular, is totally unwarranted. When he comes back he will be like a new player. Even at 45 years old.

  151. :) Adam, shocking to think he is being paid to do little, and when injured, paid for doing nothing….

  152. Rico. That is just the sort of payment I am looking for, so I can’t blame him.

  153. SFO – Be honest… When Theo was through on goal against Swansea (I think that’s the game you meant – Kozzer scored against Fulham), did you expect him to score? I know I didn’t! I’ve no idea why sometimes he mentally shits his pants in front of goal. I’d defo take £20m for him. Diaby really should only be on a pay-as-you-play deal. Anything else is farcical

  154. Rico – I’m a big fan of Merts. He’ll come good, trust me!!

  155. Theo is an enigma and a conundrum wrapped within a myth and a fallacy.

  156. Diaby is living the dream!!
    Seriously,wasnt long ago RVP copped similar comments.
    Who knows if it will happen,but it would be nice to see him have a run of games.
    The German had his best game for us V Utd.
    Easy explanation….he was more aggressive than normal.

  157. Rocky. If Diaby was on a pay as you play deal he would owe the club money.

  158. who’d take him….”Holby City”

  159. No, they don’t have any spare beds at the moment.

  160. RR,I have no faith in Theo.
    He will never,ever get any better than he is now.
    Would anyone NOT swap him for Podolski???

  161. Very good Lee! SFO, I wouldn’t be surprised if Merts’ performance was that good because Djourou wasn’t next to him. He knew he no longer had to keep his eye on 2 positions at once!

    Difference between Diaby and RVP is that when RVP DID play, he did something. Diaby rarely did

  162. Scott, 1.07;

    I don’t think we’d have a problem selling Diaby, but it’s unlikely as he’s never fit long enough….

    And that’s the problem, as with RVP, and lets accept that this is the first ‘season’ he’s actually given us….
    We don’t really know how good Diaby is because we haven’t seen enough of him….

    That, in essence, is why i didn’t really include him… Rocky, 10.25.

    Don’t all laugh, but a fit Diaby, could, be a sensation….. :?

  163. And i haven’t been eating hot dogs either…. 8-O

  164. Haha Adam….

    Lee – Casualty maybe……

    rocky, we just agree to differ on him then but i hope you are right ;)

    But RvP is class, Diaby is…… answers on a postcard please ;)

  165. That’s exactly it. I don’t know many that DO have faith in Theo. I’d be shocked if even he did himself. Only Wenger. And possibly Rico…!

  166. Rico – Diaby is….. Tall?

  167. Hi Kev. A fit Diaby would not only be a sensation but a big surprise too.

  168. I have faith in Theo to come good, but at another club, or preferably, with us if/when wenger goes….

    Just off to look up the word sensation AK ;) ;)

  169. I still remember Ian Wright’s comment on TV when we were being dicked by Bolton in the cup years back…. He was disgusted that people called Diaby the “next Vieira”.. His retort was “The only comparison is that he’s tall, and he’s a brother”! Genius! It was the same game where he described Ricardo Gardner as a “Yardie” I believe…. Not the most thought out comment he could have ever made!

  170. By some peculiarity of taste I do have faith in Theo. I just think he needs better coaching and someone playing behind him who can give him the ball where he needs it. I think Diaby might be that man.

  171. Fair enough AK…. I still don’t rate the fella on what I’ve seen though. But the that’s just my opinion, and I admit, I won’t have seen him as often as you

  172. You beat me to it again Rocky ;)

    Is Diaby still tall laying down??

  173. anyone have suggested Wenger should go to real madrid and do us a favour by taking diaby djourou denilsen chamakh bentner for 100m ?!

  174. We really dont know how good Diaby is,do we?
    AK,thats why I’d be pissed off if RVP leaves……. He owes the club,big time.

  175. Bergkamp Adam, bring him back, he’s the man who would give Theo the ball in the right place….

  176. Theo knows he is faster that than any defender in the country… SO why is he so reluctant to go past them, or knock it into space and run on to it? Could it be because he knows he’s then 1 on 1 with the keeper and freezes?

  177. Actually I do agree that Robin owes the club.

  178. I have still not forgiven Diaby for St James Park!!

  179. Fair comment AK and Scott. Diaby has nicked a living at Arsenal, and the same could be said of RvP. Although he has contributed more. But he does owe us I think. And if I’m honest, I think that’s why he’s going to stay. I seriously think he is proud to play for us.

  180. Rico. As Chamakh so memorably said in Las Vegas. “Give me the ball in the right place”.

  181. Adam,how,why,what?????
    Tell me one single way Theo can beat a player other than pace.
    He gets found time and again by good defenders.
    You reckon he needs someone to put the ball in the right place for him. Translation……we need a goalscoring midfielder who can put the ball where he cant…..in the net.

  182. His attampts to take on a defender are pitiful. Even Gallas said as much when he was at Arsenal, and nothing has improved.

  183. Rocky, tbh, you probably ‘have’ seen Diaby as often as me…. ;)

    Adam, i knew i could convince you.
    Underneath you’re just a massive fan of Abou,but a little too shy to admit it, i understand…. :)

  184. Scott. I understand Theo’s shortcomings but I like the way the game speeds up when he comes on later in the games. He is very quick but needs coaching. With more application I think he could be a real asset. At the moment he is wasting away.

  185. Good point AK… Only if happen to catch his 1 appearance that season though….

  186. I’d have Theo as an impact sub… nothing else.

  187. RR,I would never,ever question RVP’s efforts,but do hope loyalty kicks in come contract time.
    Rico,Bergkamp could set ME up…..pure genius,and my all time fave.

  188. I can’t see the need for Walcott when we have both OX and Ryo.

  189. Scott, 1.32;

    Good call Scott…
    The club stood by RVP when he had those problems back in Holland, some form of blackmail if i recall.
    And his injury record is appalling.
    I remember last season, quite a few on here [ maybe me as well :) ] was suggesting that we got him fit and flogged him before he broke down again….

    Now, he is the ‘second coming’……

  190. Let us not forget that dear little Theo mugged Ashley Cole off badly when we went to Stamford Bridge and if you listen to the “experts” Ashley is the best left back in the Universe. Wingers are often flaky but I still have more faith in him than Chamakh.

  191. My theory on Theo is that he never needed to learn how to beat a player as a youth,because pace was enough.
    It’s not enough now,and its too late to learn.

  192. Oxo yes…. I’ve never seen Ryo play so I leave that to others to decide! Walcott would always good late on to try and get the defender sent off / foul him in a dangerous position. As long as he doesn’t have to cross the ball!

  193. Adam, i bet he wishes he never went to LV ;)

    One thing about Theo, if anyone is bored enough to check this out ;)

    Quite a few games in the past when we have been winning, Wenger has taken him off at the usual suspect time. The oppo then think, great, we can press forward now as his pace is gone – that in turn hands the game to the oppo who on more than one occassion have nicked a point or won the game….

    He has his uses ;)

    Got to pop off for a bit, things to be doing….

    Catch you later….

  194. Theo was excellent at start of the season and start of last season.. He played magnificiantly in some matches case in point, against barca and liverpool in cl.. means the man got the ability but the main critisism about footballing brain is still there..

    It’s sad that he is not improving.. It’s been 6 years and not enough devolopment as expected

  195. No. He still has time.

  196. Adam – Must have been a rare off-day. Cole remains, in my view, the best LB in the country, if not Europe. The way he always kept Ronaldo in his pocket every time they were up against each other can’t be overlooked!

  197. Chamakh is no winger though.
    Theo says hes a striker,but saying it and doing it are two different things.
    Before you say it Adam………Chamakh is no striker,either lol.

  198. It reminds me a little bit of when ryan giggs and lee sharpe first appeared on the scence at manu, both were wingers playing in the team, giggs had all the skill and technique and is still playing today, sharpe had the pace and was a bit of a one trick pony,ended up playing in the lower leagues.
    Not saying that’s gonna happen to Walcott for one minute.

  199. chamack put wrong ball at right place and right ball at wrong places!!

  200. RR,I know the criticisms are totally warranted,but if Gibbs can get and stay healthy,he will be a ripper LB.

  201. Off to bed…..til next time,its been a pleasure!!!

  202. RIco. I think that is a very perceptive point. I too have noticed how the opposition grow in danger as soon as Wenger substitutes him by pushing on with their full backs and committing more midfielders forward. People often forget that a substitution for one team changes the game for both. As soon as the Ox went off on Sunday Fergie took off the right back and reinforced the mid field which worked against us. Occasionally, when the oppo have a corner and Theo stands by the half way line you can see that their whole defensive set-up changes because they are anxious about the out ball and the danger that his pace can pose. It takes them into positions they don’t want to be and that is a good thing.

  203. I agree about Gibbs. But as with the whole back 4, they need a decent coach to teach them properly.

  204. Night Scott. Til tomorrow…

  205. Lata’s scott, keep your money in ya pocket.

  206. Rocky. Generally I agree but Cole has lost that edge of pace and I have seen him have quite a few dodgy games this year. If you are not blessed with speed then you will never have it but if you do have Theo type pace I believe you can improve your game, with the right coaching and that’s where we seem to be going wrong.

  207. I agree in principle Adam. Although there are a lot of amazing defenders that aren’t blessed with speed, but their understanding / reading of the game is far superior so they are always in a position to snuff out any danger. Look, I hope I’m wrong about Theo. I really do. But I can’t see it.

  208. AK you going Sunday?

  209. AW is in international press – road to Madrid…
    Luca Toni(Juventus)wants to be transfer from Juventus. He accept Bayern for free … why not Arsenal? ;-)

  210. JM, he probably wants to move to bayern to win trophies, bloody glory hunter.

  211. yes, micko but Arsenal can try…
    Liverpool – Mauricio Isla (udinese) – 18 million euros?
    Chelsea – De Bruyne (Genk) – 8 millions pounds (almost close)

  212. Micko, I don’t think I’m alone in noticing a hint of sarcasm in some of replies of late….. ;)

  213. Lee, I think i’m slowly going bonkers, beyond help.

  214. Nah Lee, i’m gonna watch it at the pub.
    Back to work Monday…. A bit skint.. :(

  215. Mick, nothing a stiff drink or six couldn’t cure…..

  216. Rocky. 11.01;

    Daniel Boateng is a very physical type of centre-back, more Sambaesque in style than, say, Gallas.

    He is very raw, in a Frimpong kinda way, thus he is prone to the odd balls-up, but there is definately something about him.

    Like most centre-backs, it’s a case of getting better with age rather than off-the-cuff.

    But he attacks the ball, which i like in a centre-back. Very British in that regard.

  217. Rocky, what’s it like up West, busy or still dead?

  218. Cheers AK. Someone you hope to see in the first team one day then?

  219. Well, yeah, he has potential, next season i think we’ll see, as he has a lot of competition in that position.

    Not least Verm BFG Koz and Miquel, there’s Bartley and Monteiro a Swiss guy who is highly rated, but another who is prone to a cock-up….

  220. Boo!! Another good one, SAK. ;) This season, we brace ourselves for the worst. If we lose Robin, heads should roll. PHW and Gazidis are first on the chopping block. Grrr.

    Hello, all!! Micko, I’d take AK’s advice if I were you. Hey ya, rocky. :)

  221. Sead Hajrovic is another Swiss guy [ Wenger seems to like a Swiss centre-back ] the lad who went to Barnet on loan, who came to the club as a centre-back, but is often used as a full-back as there’s a shortage in the Stiffs as well as the 1st team.

  222. Hello Agag, busy day at work [ and shops ] ? :D

  223. Afternoon fine ladies and gents…..

  224. Kev, the flights would cost double, one for me and one for the liver !

    Agag, a public execution at the emirates sounds good to me.

  225. Hi AGAG you become too shoeholic when Arsenal became too shambolic ?!

    Hw was the day at work?

  226. Tbh, and others have mentioned this on here before me, RVP owes us big time after 8 injury ravaged years.

    And considering how Wenger has stood by him in the past, maybe it would make a pleasant change if a big player re-paid that faith by standing by the manager who has stood by him???

    We shall see eh?

  227. Mick, on form today i see, :P:

  228. Top write, AK. Yeah, busy busy. :( :( Work stuff. :( I’ve stopped shopping, too :( :( ;) How is Lady AK?

    I’m largely optimistic about our youth; but we would do sooooo much better with some proven quality. I have so little expectation from our Board…

  229. yeah if i can get out under the razor wire, i’m pub bound….that is if i get through my list of jobs that my missus likes to furnish me with!!

  230. And Arsenal FC drive us all to being alcoholics :)

  231. You kinda expect no loyalty Agag, from a buck-toothed shit like Nasri and none of us were suprised when he pissed off, but, and maybe i’m being naive, we look for and expect higher standards from a person like Robin.

    As i wrote above, we shall see?

  232. Lee, how’s ya Mum btw?

  233. Agag, my better half is recovering very well.

    She’ll soon be chasing me around the bedroom again soon. ;)

  234. :P STV. You could be right. Micko, Before the beheading, I’d like very much to pelt PHW and IG with rotten eggs and spoilt tomatoes. :D

    I’m great apart from work stuff, rocky. ;) Lee, don’t resist it. :) You know the missus will get her way, in any case. :D

  235. They took a bone marrow sample yesterday and she’s waiting for the reults…if there’s only a few leukemia cells in the sample they will go ahead with the bone marrow transplant, if they’ve not zapped most of it, more chemo…..

  236. Oi, oi. Mind your ticker, AK. :lol: I really didn’t think Nasri would leave, if I’m honest. Wenger made him. We deserved better. But he’s been so perfectly ordinary at Citeh! I quite enjoy seeing his fall in form. :D

  237. That kinda sounds like progress Lee.

    Is that the kinda feedback your getting from the Docs..?

  238. Lee, just tell the missus you have do do an SAS job on the pub sunday, first in, last out.

  239. At least he managed to contribute well against our neighbours ;)

  240. lee, I really do hope your mum gets better. :( And soon!

  241. Boo, rico! Howdy?? When are you off on hols?

  242. Shit, sorry to hear that Lee. Hope all goes well.

  243. It’s funny AK, the doctors are so matter-o-fact but i spose they see it all the time…
    The bone marrow donor comes from Germany, so my old man says to my mum today when they do the transplant you may walk in a goose step style….first time mum’s smiled for a while!! :)

  244. Agag… Work stuff is always crap!

  245. Hope it’ll be cured at the earliest..

  246. Lee, :lol:

    I can see where you get your humour from mate….

  247. Thanks everyone!

  248. Lee/ Rocky, is it still quiet in Town…?

  249. Quiet-ish AK. Seems quiet in the mornings. Which is nice, because I now get a seat on the train! Only taking 25 mins by bus from the Strand to Liverpool Street in the evening, so I guess the roads are still a bit quiet

  250. yeah it’s still slow AK…..

  251. Lee, I know where your at, my dad was in a similar situation a couple of years back, he lost his battle with cancer, it was the reason I moved to Ireland, I’ll keep everything crossed for you.

  252. AK 4.22 – here here :P

    Hi agag, no time soon :(

  253. Afternoon all,

    Good post AK….

    Hope all news is good with your Mum Lee, I hope for your Dad’s sake she don’t start throwing towels over all the chairs in the lounge and claiming them all for her own personal use….!.

    Have we bought anyone…? ;-)

    How’s the new pair of Doc’s AGAG..?

  254. How does the site manage to function when you’re away Rico?!

  255. Thanks Micko, it’s real emotional rollercoaster as she takes one step forward it’s three back….but she’s in a really top place!

  256. Micko :(

    rico, before you know it, you’d be on one. ;)

  257. That’s bollocks Mick….

    You know i don’t think i’ve ever met anyone who that effin disease hasn’t touched…

  258. 180 grand in an offshore account, whats so unusual about that ?

    Twitchy is twitcher than a frog in a blender.

  259. Hi Wath,

    Never in a month of sundays ….

  260. WATH, might I ask, when was the last time you had your eyes checked? :P :D

    The pink and floral pairs are nothing short of hideous. That’s stuff only Bendtner would wear.

  261. rocky, you all run it :)

  262. Not sure i have either AK, it sure is a bastard!

  263. Big C kev causing abt one fifths of all death.. The count will only increase :(

  264. That’s the last time I go shopping for you AGAG…….

    That bad Rico…. how did i know that was going to be the response.

    180k in an offshore account, hardly unusual ain’t everyone got one..?

    Ask AK he’s got three i know of, you know what cabbies are like…!

    Just popped on to say allo, things to do people to annoy so see you all a bit lata on…!

  265. Rocky, there’s a gremlin on here all the same.
    You sometimes find what you typed doesn’t quite come out the way you intended…

    Oh, hiya Wath, you ok young un?

  266. That’s bold Rico! does that mean we get to go crazy with the word you hate so much?! Or will it still go into the admin bin?!

  267. Wonder why Real fans booed mourinho.. They are losing to a better side clearly. But they lead them in the league!!

  268. That’s true STV, but the medics are getting so much better at treating it now.

    Survival rates have rocketed thankfully.

  269. Great answer, rico. STV, I wasn’t aware of that stat. :(

    You can get me the first pair, WATH. Quite nice. Thanks. :P

  270. Rocky/Lee, 4.33/4;

    Cheers lads. I had a feeling that that was gonna be the case.

    Just have to grin and bear it until the Olympics starts to take effect.

    That’s gonna save London’s bacon this year i reckon, economically wise.

  271. So Agag, if you was turning out for your local Ladies team, am i given to believe that you would refrain from a pair of Nick’s pink boots……?

  272. kev true but the affected people count increasing rapidly.Many of them are not getting proper treetment (globally speaking) or discoverd so late that make treetment nearly ineffective.

    But if discovered early it’s harmless.

  273. That may be the case AK… But my train journey each day will be a motherfucker. The white water events are only 2 stops away from me!!

  274. Wath, because we all know that ;) ;)

    Gremlins AK, last time i heard of them it was in a film ;)

    We all know who our old one is ;)

  275. STV – Gotta think positively mate.

  276. good time to take a holiday rocky….

  277. Nope. I only like pink if it involves a drink, AK. ;) Did you see the shoes WATH recommended? :shock:

    STV, you’re right, of course. But the cost of treatment is so prohibitive. And subsidized healthcare in third world countries is inexistent.

  278. I think a lot of “working from home” days are in order! Feet up, sky sports/movies on, cuppa, and work on my laptop. Sweet deal!

  279. Rocky it’s just stats.. Am sure science is getting it’s grip tight on it.. even I did a small exp that could help it’s in the fetal stage ..

  280. Agag, yeah Wath does have an original taste in clothing.

    Maybe he’s a Goth..? ;)

  281. Rico, there’s only one gremlin that i know here-abouts… :)

  282. Fair enough STV – But not sure anyone currently with someone affected wants to hear about the negatives of it all right now! We are lucky in this country to have a good understanding / treatment facilities to give people the best of chances possible. That’s why we just need to be positive about it all.

  283. But I understand what you’re saying STV.

  284. Rocky, my garage is about half a mile from the Athletes Village.
    Security is gonna be mega….

    But hopefully it’ll bring a lot of tourists, maybe even from Manila?

  285. rocky, now, I like that. :) :) STV you studying to be an MD?

    AK, I saw all your name changes yesterday. :lol: Must be the Goth Gremlin. :D

  286. Rico, did you get a response from holland’s answer to Theophilus P. Wildebeeste??

  287. Btw, anyone on here got tickets to any of the events?

    I haven’t, and tbh i haven’t even tried to get any.

  288. Yeah it will AK. Still, may get a glimpse of some of the lady athletes on display!

  289. Fucking hell Lee, how do you remember things like that?! Theophilus P. Wildebeeste!!! Love it!

  290. Wath, that’s something I always wanted to do, give a cabbie a 10p tip, just never had the bottle.

  291. Didn’t even bother trying AK. Don’t mind watching on TV, but it’s not a sporting event I ever really get fussed about.

  292. AK, my mom and aunts are probably going. :) :) I have all my hols planned out, and London isn’t until maybe next year. Me, I just want to watch AFC.

    rocky, STV’s in India. :) I’m in the Philippines. :)

  293. Done a project on that AGAG..PKA gene mutation ..

  294. Mick, i’ve had loads, better than no tip at all… ;)

  295. cancer biology been one of my fav subject ;)

  296. I knew you were in teh Philippenes Agag, but didn’t know STV was in India. I knew he wasn’t in England from previous posts but wasn’t sure where!

  297. Good idea rocky – Fever Pitch is a good one but i bet like most you have watched that many many times ;)

    AK, we sure do and he’s just gone again..

    lee – no reply yet, hope he’s ok :(

  298. God, the only time I’ve not given a tip is when I literally had no extra money. I always overtip if anything. Drives my wife insane!

  299. AK, i thought you and all the other ‘boys’ would have applied for beach volley ball tickets, the mens event of course ;) ;)

    I still recall the 100 metres with Linford, those were the days eh ;)

  300. STV, do you realise, that you are sharing this blog, with the Curry King of East London and Essex…..

    STV, i give you Lee…….. :D

  301. Never seen it Rico! Started reading the book about 15 years ago but got bored of it! Probably stick to Black Hawk Down!

    To be honest, I’ll probably spend the time going through Facebook and having a mass “friend” cull! I speak to you guys more than 99% of people I have as friends on there!!

  302. Kev, I bet you don’t venture into Golders Green very often, too much like hard work.

  303. Rocky, your MY kinda punter. :)

  304. Thopught so!! Better get yourself to Savoy Court then ASAP!!

  305. I din’t realise you were in India either Stv, thats blogging ;)

  306. Volleyball is round the corner from my work….. Could have gone and perved I guess!

  307. thought u knew ;) me n agag are seniors here ;)

  308. HAHA Mick, you never know what the end of a trip might provide.
    Fortunately i haven’t had a bilker [ non-payment ] for a long long time.
    But with the state of the economy, that kinda thing is certain to increase.

    Almost 23 years behind the wheel, gives ya a bit of a nose for a troublesome punter.

    If in doubt, i just drive away…

  309. Rico, i think i can just as easily enjoy the beach volleyball on the tv.

    Especially the close-ups…. 8-O

  310. rocky, you never seen fever pitch – it’s a fab film, and for me, colin firth makes it all the more worth watching ;)

  311. Rocky, the beach volleyball is, i think, gonna be just off of The Mall on HorseGuards Parade.

    I’ll see ya next week RR… ;)

  312. Stv, i thought you and agag were the young ones ;)

    AK, you naughty man ;)

  313. Haha! Look forward to it AK…. No more busses, with an empty KFC bargain bucket rattling around on the floor stinking the place up!

    Night STV.

    Just never really interested me that much to be honest Rico. I know it should, but it just doesn’t!

  314. Speaking of tipping cabbies(sorry in advance AK)… apparently Tommy Cooper lived on the south coast somewhere and I read ages ago of a cabbie saying he’d dropped Tommy somewhere and he paid the fare but as he was getting out he stuffed something in the cabbie’s top pocket saying have a drink on me…. wasn’t until later that nighthe delved into his pocket to find a tea bag!! Classic!

  315. Stuck at Ilford overhead cable problems fucking great…I’m really not looking forward to commuting this summer!!!

  316. fair do’s rocky….

    lee, that is classic, and tommy cooper was certainly that…. great funny funy man ….

  317. rico, you just like Colin Firth. :P :P

    Lee, that is so funny. Awful but funny. :D

    Tipping stresses me out, rocky. But I find that if you start with a generous tip, hols are that much better because hotel reps always go out of their way to be extra nice. :)

  318. you on your posh phone blogging lee ;)

  319. Ilford – home of the famous HollyWoods night club many moons ago.

  320. I wish I could, but anything to do with the internet on these Windows phones is garbage!

  321. That was Romford wasn’t it Micko?! I vaguely remember going once or twice….!

  322. If you mean my iPhone that is now outdated, yes! ;)
    Life on the hard shoulder for me…

  323. Ilford has/had The Island…. I went to quite a few Drum & Bass raves there in my day! Saw the Prodigy there once too in about ’95!

  324. I am off. Good night, good people! :)

  325. Rocky, your bang on the money, it was Romford.

  326. Transfer rumour via twitter = Theo Walcott to PSG.

  327. Hollywoods was Romford, Room at the Top was Ilford….

  328. Transfer rumour II via Twitter = Eden Hazard having a medical at Arsenal Training Ground.

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry…. :(

  329. Night AGAG… TW to PSG and Eden Hazard to Arsenal, anyone like that one?? I can dream….

  330. Great minds AK…..

  331. I’d do that trade in a heart beat….

  332. What was the one at Gants Hill Lee?

  333. A signing like that would really lift us… twitchy goes down!!

  334. That would be 0.83 seconds lee !

  335. Cheers Rocky, a mini-cab heaven on a Fri/Sat night that place….

  336. If the one in Hoddesdon is anything to go by, I can imagine it is AK

  337. Nighty agag

    lee, yep, thats a posh one in my book :)

  338. Have a good evening Gooners, gonna get away before Devil comes on……………

  339. Night Stv…

    I also read that we have made a bid for Hazard and Vertonghen…..

    Surely it couldn’t happen could it??

  340. Night Micko, have a good one…

  341. Sorry AK, only just seen your 3.46. I wasn’t snubbing you, honest!

    Right, I’m off to elbow my way through the tourists. Got a couple of days off now, so if I don’t catch you before, I’ll be on here on Sunday.

    Night all.

  342. Be lucky Micko!

  343. I’m off see you later fine folk!

  344. Everyone is offski – catch you soon rocky,,,

    nighty lee, hope its a good one…..

  345. No probs Rocky, i had to check back to recall it tbh.

    You two take care going home, see ya lata RR/Lee

  346. Hazard & Vertonghen eh Rico….

    Naah, to good to be true boss.

    Nope, i won’t believe it, just a wind-up….


  347. And i am off to cook dinner – back in a bit ……

  348. AK, but what a lift that would give us all and the squad, we can but dream though eh :( :(

  349. I am baaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.


    A crappy draw played in gale winds.

    Dratted draws this season. They are holding us back. The thing is both teams were so crap today that I would find it difficult to pick out any stand out player. The wind played its part but we simply cancelled each other out.

  350. I am baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaackkkkkkkkkkkkkk


    A crappy draw played in gale force wind.

    Dratted draws. They are holding us back. The thing is that both teams played so crap that I found it difficult to pick out a stand out player from both teams. In the end we cancelled each other out.

  351. Evening Devil good day mate

  352. Evening Devil/Stevo

    Bayer Leverkusen had a bid to take Francis Coquelin on loan.
    Fortunately rejected.

    Don’t know if this was before his recent injury.

  353. Gd day to you Sir SP.

    Back from a 1-1 draw played in gale force winds. These dratted draws are holding us back this season. Both teams were so crap today that I find it difficult to pick a player who stood out.

    Ok the wind played its part to ruin the game but I do think that we could and should have played better.

  354. New Stevenage Borough manager Gary Smith is a former Arsenal coach and scout.

    Nigel winterburn reported to be one of Smith’s coaches.

    Expect more loan business between SBFC and AFC…?

  355. What do you think Devil of all this Hazard bollocks that’s doing the rounds today..?

    Where’s Sir Steve gone?

  356. Hiya AK.

    Seems as if you are twittering with some nice chicks on Twitter!!!!! :lol:

  357. Nice one today AK
    I take it you had some bad weather Devil, hope you gave them the boys a goog warm up first

  358. Hmmmmmmmmm. This transfer window I have made a decision. I do not allow any emotion to surface on reputed targets. I will wait till either they sign or till the end of the window.

    If they come good if they dont…..we will not get worse than we are right now. I would like Vertonghen, Hazard, Mvila and Podolski. But if they dont come………I’ll treat the newspapers for what they are….crap and toilet rolls.

  359. Harry said he deserved his bonus, and it was all pukaa thats why he hid it in anoff shore account in a dogs name . His Mrs must be worse than mine :)

  360. What’s a GOOG warm up Sir SP?? :lol:

    Actually with me its a half an hour warm up before the game. We start lightly and increase in intensity. The problem with those in late teenagehood is that usually they have one eye on going out after the game and therefore when we have evening games these issues crop up. If on the other hand its saturday or sunday morning then its fine.

  361. Slight miss spelling there Devil, what standard is that Devil

  362. Yeah Devil, i have some real babes on my twitter account….. not.

    But i think your right, it’s all smoke and mirrors on the Market.

  363. Cheers Steve, fairly 50/50 response to it.

    Which certainly gets a debate going…

    I know a lot can happen between now and May, but what do you think that RVP will do in the summer?

  364. what standard??? to what are you referring mate???

  365. Can’t see any signings personally, not unless we get a bad leg break. off to watch a game where both teams want to win catch you later.

  366. I think he’ll go, I would, unless a miracle happens.

  367. See ya Steve, should be a good game.

    Personally, i hope Liverpool win…

    And i don’t like Liverpool.

  368. Sorry Devil i meant the football is it semi pro

  369. Unfortunately, i tend to agree, even if i think he owes Wenger…

  370. At Premier level and maybe first division it is semi pro. However from under 19 downwards the only semi pro are coaches like me. The players are all amatuers….they work/study during the day and train in the evening. They do not get paid at that level. but if they make it to the team squad in the prem and 1st division then yes they are paid accordingly.


  372. I agree, but he’s fee will pay him back

  373. Devil, i’m off to watch the Scousers vs Shittie…

    I’ll e-mail ya lata, ok buddy…..

  374. Cu you AK. I am off also. Its been a long hard day and mentally I am already in bed.

  375. I dont think they will argue Devil if the moneys right

  376. So, I come back and everyone has gone :(

    Rest well – nighty AK, Steve and devil…. hope your boys won devil

  377. No Rico….1-1. We played crap. however the others were crap also and we cancelled each other out instead of going for the win. We could and SHOULD have played better.

  378. So, i’m off too….

    Nighty all, catch up tomorrow……

  379. Blimey….Shitty are playing in a 3-6-1 formation today. I think it must be a first in the premiership.

    3-6-1 which changes to 3-4-2-1 in midfield and goes 3-4-3 in attack.

  380. Nighty then Rico. Cu tomorrow

  381. devil, where do you play?
    City 1-0
    De jong…who were talking about him today?

  382. that was never a penalty…

    sorry your boys only got a 1-1 earlier devil :(

    JM, rocky today posted about De Jong, how we should sign him, he is out of favor at citeh…

    now i am offski….

  383. rico, it’s a penalty, His arm was up not down.
    Would you watch Barcelona-Madrid today?

  384. Another wrong decision from the referee. the ref claimed that Richards held his hands up to stop the shot when it came of his boot if the ref thought it was deliberate then he had to send him off but he didn’t

  385. The Moroccan international Marouane Chamakh of Arsenal, it was present at practice because he had a selection of food poisoning, when it’s two days before the front of Gabon, on the second round of Group C of CAN.

  386. Was penalty and the defender must be penalized.

  387. De jong (M-City) Juventus?

  388. Thats why the rule should be changed. if a ball hits the arm at any time it should be handball, No arguments

  389. My vision: first on the leg and then in the arm. The ball then, change his direction.The arm is up not down along the body. conclusion: the player, stopped and turned the normal path of the ball. Had decisive intervention following the move. No point penalty, is to benefit the offender.

  390. it’s impossible. The players must play with arms. Stupid watching players put his hand and running with his hands behind. It’s not natural. Try to run with the hands behind…
    The decision must be clear. The arms can only be use for protection and “safe the body”. I think it’s not so difficult.
    Time to Barcelona-Madrid. Catch you later.

  391. No penalty……no way,no how.
    No intent,ball nounced up of foot.
    Morning gents.
    Australia day here,the day some pom sailed and spoiled the party lol.

  392. 20 thousand k’s away,and I CAN watch Luton v Mansfield,but NOT Barca v Real live on tv lol!!!!

  393. 10 oclock pm for us Scott but i agree noway was that a penalty. Plus that Pom was probably your ancestor

  394. Steve,may well have been. Not a bad deal though……steal a loaf of bread,get sent here.
    You guys pay 10k to come now…….who were the smart ones lol?

  395. New Post up…..

    AK, you need to get to bed earlier ;)

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