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One mistake too many for Arsene?? Smudger says what most of us have been for a while……

Most clubs come to The Emirates these days with great believe that they will beat us and to be honest, why shouldn’t they?

Arsene Wenger perseveres with the likes of Arshavin, Djourou, Chamakh, Diaby, Squillaci, but in all honesty every Arsenal supporter and spectator realised they should have been gone a while ago now and it makes me wonder if Arsene Wenger has come to the end of his road?

This once great tactician has run out of idea’s, he is making mistake after mistake and its now evident that we need change.

What I witnessed on Sunday was the last straw for me personally.

Wenger’s substitution of Chamberlain to bring on a totally ineffectual Arshavin, was the last in a string of  many in recent weeks that just haven’t paid off, this one though cost us dear.

Having surprised us all by finally having the sense to replace Djourou at half-time as he was getting battered on the right, he took off one of our best players, if not the best and replaced him with a guy who week in week out looks as if he doesn’t want to be in England, let alone on a football pitch in a red and white shirt.

Fans have waited for half a season for who they affectionately call The Ox to start doing what we all know he is capable of, only to be taken off midway through the second half. Supporters could not believe what Wenger was about to do, we could all hear them vent their disbelief towards Arsene Wenger.

The Ox had started lively he is a definite Jack in the box, he showed some very clever footwork and his exuberance is intoxicating, something I used to feel the same way about Theo Walcott. When he first started I felt he was the shinning light but I was mistaken, he has never really reached the heights in the game that was expected of him.

Chamberlain though is very different, he’s big, strong and already convinces most fans –  he will be massive for us.

Why Wenger took him off when he did, especially after setting Van Persie up for the equaliser totally baffles me.

The Ox looked as strong as he had all game in fact as the United side had started to tire he was coming into his own. Wenger made the change and the look on that young mans face said everything, his mind must have been scrambled and surely he wondered what he had done to deserve being substituted.

He must have thought after Djourou had been subbed at half time for being totally outplayed that Wenger thought the same about him, but in the case with Djourou he was replaced with a better player Yennaris, but in his own case an out of form Arshavin was coming on.

My heart sank when I saw Arshavin coming on and as said earlier, the home supporters started singing, “You Don’t Know What Your Doing” and this was directed towards Wenger.

Wenger is no stranger to bad substitutions he makes them all the time but this one with The Ox was a complete howler.

Even our captain Robin Van Persie appeared to ask why, maybe he knew the only people applauding the substitution were Manchester United supporters. Mind you, he has been very quick to deny any fall out from Sunday, other players too are in support of their manager since the Man Utd loss.

Wengers reasons after the game were as hollow as his promises to improve the squad!

With millions sitting in the bank, he has decided that we don’t need to bring in any players in this window but he is wrong.

He was wrong this time last year and his wrong again now.

If I didn’t know better I would think he has done this deliberately – surely he cannot be allowed to carry on making these decisions?

I believe it is now time to start looking for a new man to manage us and hopefully he be in place for the start of next season. Now is not the time as I don’t believe it would be fair for another manager to take over to clean up Wengers mess. Wenger should leave at the end of this season and give his replacement a transfer window to put players in place for his  new tenure.

Seven years is enough time for any manager to sort his team and tactics out and Wengers time is done.

Arsenal need new blood, in both leadership and players – it’s the only way forward in my opinion.

Have a read of this article written by old Gooner Alan ‘Smudger’ Smith, haven’t we said it all before?

Written by Steve Palmer.

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427 comments on “One mistake too many for Arsene?? Smudger says what most of us have been for a while……

  1. Good morning guys and chicks of the Gunners Faith.

    Morning Rico.

  2. morning devil and all, a very rainy miserable day in england…

  3. Good post Steve, we are all frustrated and furious with what is going on at OUR club right now and it’s only right to question AW’s position at the top…

    If we were sat mid-table maybe SS and IG would have taken some sort of action right now. Hsad the fixture list not favored us i think we could have very well been in that mid-table position already..

    The way forward surely has to be changes at the top, for me though, one out, all out…..

  4. Good post Sir SP.

    However “Now is not the time as I don’t believe it would be fair for another manager to take over to clean up Wengers mess. Wenger should leave at the end of this season and give his replacement a transfer window to put players in place for his new tenure.”

    On that issue I do not agree. He can be replaced now. The team is there. We saw last Sunday that even at half strength the team was there. What was baffling and ignominous last sunday, as in other games was the tactical approach. As Sir AK can testify some of the tactics that AW deploys have had me screaming abuse since the UEFA cup final in 2000. What we need is a tactical coach with common sense substitutions and common sense. Personally I would start with Yennaris next time and if he gets injured before Sagna/Jenks return then yes put JD. But not if Yennaris is ok.

    Just for the sake of pointing it out…….Yennaris, Frimpong,Coquelin etc are footballers. JD, Squilly, Chamack, PArk are players. See if you can spot the difference.

  5. http://www.theshortfuse.com/2012/1/23/2728097/nico-yennaris-as-a-mascot-in-2000-hi-mike-dean-hi-tony-adams-h-t-to

    In the year 2000 there was an Arsenal mascot in the game at Highbury against Coventry City.

    On Sunday an unknown quantity played in the game against United at the Emirates.

    His name……NICO YENNARIS.

  6. Rico,I put it up again, because there was the comment missing.

  7. The problem at the Emirates is not the board in itself. Or AW.

    The problem is that there is no one WITH BIG ENOUGH BALLS to read the riot act to AW and give him his job description and more importantly tell him that from now on he is ACCOUNTABLE for his team’s performance.

  8. Good point devil, we do have the players in the main but we still need a few older heads in the squad too, but not ones like Arshavin, who’s head is elswhere…

  9. Exactly Rico……but as a coach yes I would need Arshavin.

  10. i must look at that link devil ;)

    did you read the smudger article, he is spot on imho….

    wenger shouldn’t need to be told though should he, we don’t have to in the real world at work, muck it up and we get warnings and ultimately the sack….

    why wenger thinks he can carry on in such a way has to be something which is supported by the ‘board’.

  11. Sadly its time for Wenger to go. Surely even the ‘Wenger Knows Best’ brigade, must realise that this saying is about 5 years out of date.
    I think the club missed an opportunity when Martin O’Neill took over Sunderland. It is amazing what he has achieved in such a short time with a fairly ordinary set of players. He could have worked wonders at The Emirates.
    No thinking manager would bring on Arshavin at any time with the careless way he is playing now and he was duly rewarded by his abject defending which led to the winning goal.
    The club squad is now full of players that would not get into any other PL team let alone a supposedly Top Four ( we used to be ) team
    A new manager should have a complete clearout saying goodbye to Diaby, Squillaci, Djourou, Arshavin, Chamakh, Almunia, Fabianski with question marks against Rosicky and even Walcott who is just not producing. They would not fetch a fortune on the transfer market, but enough with all the money already in the bank to buy wisely and create a truly strong squad.
    Even cornerstones of the team such as Song & Ramsey are well below par right now. Drastic surgery is required

  12. …..the reason is simple. I would make him as an example. Fine him one week wages. Send him to train for one week with the Under 18. And more importantly tell him in front of others that ATTITUDE LIKE THAT SHALL NOT BE TOLERATED.

    Personally I would give a shit if the other players like Frimpong, Lansbury etc are on loan. I would recall them and tell them that from now till the end of the season everyone is playing for his place. Any drop of effort will see the same as AA will be seeing.

    Yes I would need Arshavin………to put him as a light to what others should not aspire to. If he deems it ok to throw shit in my face then I will just bury his face in it. Sir red nose does it. he even booted Beckam. And who was and remained a winner. No need to answer.

  13. You watch though, AW will let Bartley and Lansbury go in the summer – two players who would fight hard and be proud to play, and we’ll lose them for an overseas players who cares little for our club….

  14. Then simply AW is a mug for the simple reason that they are giving him enough rope to hang himself with it and he is not even noticing.

    Unless he and the board’s agenda is what I suggested a few days ago that he wants to put the likes of homegrown players at the expense of RVP, Song, AA, Theo.

  15. The worm has turned , For the last few years I have sensed a hidden agenda , I am sure that there is a rift between manager and majority shareholder . Things have been said , i.e If a team sells Cesc and Nasri it can’t be considered a big team ( paraphrasing ) not hitting the Champions league would be a disaster . Both of these comments are directly opposite to those of the board , he is getting his excuses in first. From their side I don’t think that the board will dismiss him but probably will not offer a new contract, their way of a painless removal, .He however has put his faith in a new broom sweeping aside the board in the forthcoming supposed coup . Interesting times ahead during the close season methinks.

  16. there is nothing about arshavin that would make me want to keep him….

  17. Honestly,how many of you were pissed off when Wenger bought the Ox????
    Reading comments from various websites makes me believe about 80% of fans werent happy.
    In other words,4 out of 5 of you are hypocrites.
    How many of you wanted anything to do with Koscielny 12 months ago?
    98% hated him,which makes nearly ALL gunners fans hypocrites.
    Wenger bought Ox in spite of you,and stuck with Kozzer whilst becoming a laughing stock for doing so.
    Listen to you all now……..don’t take Ox off….Koscielny is a great defender…..
    If you had your way,Koscielny would have been sold in the summer,and Ox would be at Old Trafford.
    Unbelieveable pack.of contradictory idiots is how I’d describe most “Gooners”.
    Personally,well,i am on record on various sites saying Kozzer needed only experience to be considered world class,and Ox MUST be dynamite for Wenger to dig so deep.
    But what do Wenger and i know??????
    I know one thing….I would NEVER,EVER boo my club under ANY circumstances,but hey, I AM A SUPPORTER!!!

  18. from an AKBer ” across the road ”

    OK I will say it again….

    Arsenal fans are wrecking the club. They don’t enjoy football anymore. Winning is all. Worst supporters in the EPL. That drivel at 9.47am goes some way to proving it.” End quote

    He wouldn’t know a train was up ‘im till they blew the whistle

  19. i’d just sell him devil, why pay a player that amount of money to play in the reserves, use that money to pay another player…

  20. hi potter – also it would cost the too much money to sack wenger…

    Scott – not many on here were peed off about signing The Ox, in fact what was siad was, if he is signed at the expense of experience then its crazy. If you look back on the summer blogs, you will see that most were very pleased we signed him, hand on my heart, i know i was….

    As for Kos, yes, when he started he was poor and yes, he did need time, time which when he was signed we could not afford to give him and he struggled.

    The fact is that it’s not so much about who Wenger signs, its about how long he stands by them when have proved for a long time that they are poor….

  21. Hi alan….

    I am not for booing during the game, players need supporting for the entire match – if fans want to make their voices heard, keep it outside the stadium…. imho that is of course…

    The biggest thing on Sunday was seing RvP’s reaction when the substitution was made, the fans went from there….

  22. Scott says


    yes, but not a club member

    You are also a meal ticket for board mediocrity. How does it feel

  23. Hi Rico

    But who takes any notice outside the ground?

  24. Rico…..I would sell him after two weeks. But First make him an example.

    Scott….if you have followed HH for the last few months you would realise that you are slightly mistaken. First of all not everyone was pissed off when the OX and Kozzer were bought. Far from it. I guess that you were the first one to ask Koscielny who??? When the news broke out that AW wanted Kozzer, you can ask Sir AK what my reaction was. I simply told him that Kozzer was a good defender who needed experience in the top flight. Unlike you, who may be blinkered to just English football and from the top leagues I watch football from nearly across Europe. And I can easily reel off some players who are unknowns and who can instantly improve our squad…..a few days ago I did just that. And yes….when he bought the OX, and Ryo, I was excited. Simply because I had seen the OX play. And yes….I am already an advocate of Luke Shaw, Nick Powell, Ian Hoban, Matt Lecointe etc from the lower divisions. Simply because I have seen them play.

  25. Scott were we booing the club , Or the decision , despite everything the fans are not fools and we know what we see. I personally have no problem with bringing Arshavin on but there were many more deserving candidites for going off than Oxlade Chamberlain . The fact that sections of the crowd went into a chant of Arsenal cubed soon after meant they still wanted the team to go on but it didn’t just break up the crowd it affected the team, the decision was crass and stupid and the boos were the culmination of a long period of frustration. Do not blame the fans look a little deeper , there are problems inside our club which are beginning to rise to the surface.

  26. Scott…..can you kindly go and ask RVP what were his own reactions when AW signed Kozzer and the OX seeing the reaction he did make when the substitution happened???

    Here we are speaking about the OX/AA substitution not discussing what we thought when AW bout the above mentioned players.

  27. good comment clockendjim…

    the press would alan, they would have a field day covering any protest. i agree with scott, booing won’t help the players, they need the support…

    if fans are unhappy, the best way to show that is not turning up but then that too will have an effect on the team, it’s difficult – however, on the other side of things, look what has been happening at Blackburn, the players there have got on and fought harder on the pitch in support of their manager and results have started to turn around…

  28. I think we are witnessing the climax of a Greek/Shakespearean tragedy.
    Wenger, the central character has achieved greatness, is revered by the populace (fans) admired by his employers (the Board) and has the complete trust of all the others (Press and pundits). However, like all tragic figures he has one? failing, arrogance/stubborness and his unwillingness to admit he’s wrong (Diaby, Squillaci, Arshavin et al) he insists they are are better, more loyal but misunderstood practioners – his hubris! – undoing.

    Then, in traditional tragic formula he makes a series of mistakes that culminates with an act of gross indecency with an Ox! The formerly loyal accolites turn against him, he cannot see or worse admit he is wrong, and continues by repeatedly making the same mistakes, tactically and showing misplaced loyalty to his personnel. He turns his adoring fans into a screaming mob full of hatred and vitriol, baying for his blood/demise. The mob will have their revenge!

    The final act has yet to be played out but I suspect the whispering masses, up in the Board room are, even now, as we speak considering their position vis a vis Le Manager. Another failure or abject decision that costs Arsenal £25m for example could be the final act of foolishness that leads to his downfall. And like all tragic figures he won’t have seen it coming.

    The denouement of this familiar tale will almost certainly arrive in May or June 2012 after the club has finished 7th or worse in the League and won diddly squat for the 7th year in succession. No dates to add to the already fading paint in The Emirates arena!

    Unless…………………………AKB admits he doesn’t know best and that the shrieking mob may have a point that needs addressing urgently AND he acts positively NOW there will be only one outcome – the ultimate fall from grace and the derision of the people, his subjects, who once adored him. He will find himself disgraced, devalued and deported.

    My, how the mighty are fallen?

  29. Good point devil, someone has to be set an example of, might just make a few others wake up and if they can’t stomach it, then they shouldn’t be playing PL football….

  30. To be fair the story coming out is that the Ox had an injury. What i don’t understand is why bring on Arshavin when our full backs are already getting a hard time. Arshavin should have been way down the pecking order. Benayoun would surely have been a better shout.
    I have up until recently still defended Wenger to a degree but if we could replace him with Mourinho right now i would be ever so slightly aroused

  31. Hi Wavy, cracking comment….

  32. Welcome AndyT, i heard wenger say he had been sick in the week and his calf was tight but, i’m not so sure, he didn’t look to be in any discomfort and the look on his face was full of disapointment to be coming off – i don’t think for one minute he was injured, i think its just a huge gaff made by AW…

    We also had Miquel, he or Yossi would definately been a better option than the little russian who just seems to be waiting to go home….

  33. Wavy

    it should also be remembered the board makes final decisions and the manager, like it or not must comply

    I have no doubt Wenger is allowed some autonomy and will be held responsible, but the board must alter it’s practices

  34. well said scott…fans really were disgraceful on sunday. After getting so much respect at 99% of away games inc the old trafford 8-2 we really let ourselves down on sunday…i dont agree with booing a player or a decision at all there are more dignified ways to show your frustrations like some fans did last night on arsenal.com “fans forum”. Im not a AKB by any means either and admit wenger is losing the battle but not necessarily the war/ most of us still think he his a great manager but needs help….for me it all stems back to david deins departure and if somehow fans could grasp arsene needs help and someone alongside him he can turn to things might get back to how they were.
    Yes he made a tactical mistake on sunday but if dein would have been there would we have been put in the situation of selling cesc and nasri so late in the transfer window….i dont know what IG does at this club but he dont seem to have any authority on big decisions and maybe is just a yes man to them upstairs

  35. Got to pop off for a while – back later….

  36. Typical…..read exactly what you want and ignore all else.
    Those responding and defending themselves should reread my post.
    I CLEARLY stated that I was talking about VARIOUS SITES,not any single site in particular and certainly not this one.
    I am the first to admit Wenger stuffed up taking Ox off,but anyone thinking it cost us the game knows absolutely nothing about football.
    Over the last few seasons the,defence has copped a pasting.
    Why is it everyone ignores the fact we create so many opportunities for so few goals?
    Oh and Alan,do not pretend to know anything about me.
    Idiots can be members of the board,so whether a person is a member or not is a stupid and irrelevant basis of argument.
    I saw plenty of fools who were members booing their club…..tell me they are loyal and you wil show me your true colours !!!

  37. Sorry Scott……if there is someone who wants to read what you want and ignore all else is YOU.

    The reason we answered was because you asked us question beginning with “How many of you…..” You means us because you came here asking.

    And if we do not know anything about football…..can you kindly tell us how much you know????? Can you show us your qualifications regarding football matters????

  38. Morning Gooners.
    Morning Rico.
    Good post Sir Steve.

    Good points Potter, i think there’s more going on behind the scenes that we’ll ever know.

    I’m sure you’ll recall those rumours of a split between Wenger and our parsimonious Board, that is the Board would not pay the wages for the top players.

    That is taking the top earners from 90k pw up to 140/150k pw.

    Do those fools on the Board think that RVP is gonna sign for 80/90k pw?

  39. Today is a classic case of what is happening at our club, with fan turning on fan.

    All this is music to the ears of media outlets like Talkshite and Sly Sports….

    Disagree by all means, but lets keep it civil you Gooners….

  40. Devilgunner,you are either a politician or a retired one…..such a way with words.
    My guess is you’re retired,since you obviously have nothing else other than watching football.
    Me,too old and broken to still play…….700 odd games means I can barely walk in the mornings. To answer what surely would be your next question….no,I didn’t play at a great level,so I guess the means my opinion means nothing,right?
    Coaching…….done plenty,though always with young kids as unfortunately I am a mere mortal working for a living.
    My latest lot were babies..5 y.o’s for a new club.
    Apparently,its a new thing for observers watching 5 y.o’s actually playing in position,passing,calling for the ball and performing one-twos,but I am sure you would have 3 y.o’s doing it.
    Well,that’s it.
    Still,I AM entitled to an opinion,i am not here for a pissing competition and I don’t appreciate attempts to put me on show.
    Oh,and I am Australian which SURELY means I know nothing.
    It does,however,mean I am up at ungodly hours EVERY team Arsenal play,so maybe I am just plain dumb!!!!
    Anything else,feel free to ask!

  41. LOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLL……retired??? 1st April is too faraway mate. Let’s enjoy carnival first.

    You are entitled to your opinion yes. by all means. but not criticize others negatively or tell us we know nothing about football. You are not exactly the only one who played it. Neither are you the only one who coached football. Neither does it mean that since you played it at a low level your opinion does not count……infact you played more than AW did mate. He used to play as a centreback and was so crap that even today there are moments when we have our doubts whether he understands the role.

    And just one last point……do you teach 5 year olds positional sense???? Woooowwwwwww. And psychology teaches us that positional sense in football does not come before fine motor skills since at that age it is all gross motor and no positional awareness at all.

    And no. I am not retired (still got plenty of life in me yet or a long time till pension.) I am not a politician (heaven forbid).

    So Scott, next time please, can you look more clearly into your crystal ball before you try and win the lotto.

  42. And now…..Hiya Sir AK. How are you me old china???

    Did you see my link regarding Yennaris??? I never thought that he was AFC through and through.

  43. Seems as if Harry is in for it……BUNGS. Now where have we heard that before ehh mate???

  44. I agree with Scott 100%,90% of Arsenal fans never wanted the Ox and Kozzer just becos they believed we could have gotten better players,but you guys are now questioning Arsene’s decision to take a boy who was tiring out and was sick during the week out for AA and Kozzer’s now world class,hypocrites,that’s what u all are.I wonder what u’d have done had AA gone ahead to seal the game for us,obviously u’d be singing Arsene’s praises right about now.Let’s trust Arsene and face those greedy board who has so far refused to sanction big money move.Arsene’s only their mouth piece and u dont really expect him to speak against his employers even if we heard that their was ramblings btw himself and the greedy board last summer,none of u should really expect RVP to re-sign a new contract with their mediocre wage bill.IN ARSENE WE TRUST

  45. http://www.dailystar.co.uk/football/view/231932/You-re-losing-it-Arsene-Wenger/

    Now read this pile of fabricated tosh.
    This is typical of the wankers in our Press trying to drive a wedge thru the middle of our fan-base…..
    No basis in truth at all in this article, it’s just based around RVP’s reaction to Oxo’s substitution. And the imagination of the tosser writing this rubbish.
    Unfortunately they’ll be Arsenal fans out there, who buy this shitty newspaper and will believe this garbage…..

  46. Devil, good morning mate.

    As much as we’d all find it hilarious to see Harry in the clink, i suspect that he’ll get a suspended sentence and a whopping fine.

  47. Nothing there. All bollock Sir AK.

    and that was on RVP’s reaction. Imagine if he was write a piece on the fans reaction.

  48. yes……but his reputation in tatters. because he is accused of taking bungs. So it means that the scum may well be his last high (sic) post.

    BDW…..can you kindly help me. I have been guessed to be a retired pensioneer. I went to look in the mirror and even phoned pa to check whether or not the birth certificate is exact or whether he BUNGED with the date.

  49. BDW….did you enjoy my email mate???? did I answer all your questions???

  50. Devilgunner,you told me plenty about myself and everyone else,but nothing about yourself or your qualifications……again,like a politician.
    Anyway,I am proud of my kids achievements,and rather than spending my spare time bitching about Arsenal,I am actually helping kids learn the game,so there is no comparison between us.
    Oh,and I would bet everything i own my 5 y.o. son could name clubs and positions of more European players than most…..amazing what Devilgunner,I mean kids, can learn on FIFA 12.
    My crystal ball tells me another witty,sarcastic retort that actually says nothing is in the pipeline…..good luck with it lol.

  51. What does that say about that fat slug PHW……?

    Devil, The Star is the paper he talks to…….

    Tells me what PHW thinks about the majority of Arsenal fans, that is he thinks we all read/buy The Star…..

    PHW is a conceited, ignorant, loathsome, fat waste of space.

  52. Scott, it means a lot as Arsenal is a privately owned business. You are a supporter, you like the rest of us cannot be a member with voting rights you can get in most sporting clubs traditionally ( including Barca }

    The board’s legal requirement is to look after the financial interests of the shareholders. Who are the major shareholder? The fucking board!

    If it was a member driven club, we could have voted the bastards out.

    I can’t see why there is so much sentimentality for blokes whose wages are astronomical

    Rico, yes boycotting the ground is best, but I would have no trouble placarding inside it to demonstrate against overpaid freeloaders who are buggering up the traditions and history of what was once…a club

    Given the wages they get, I hardly think the poor long suffering bugger paying through the nose for a season ticket would think they have a right to be ” offended “

  53. Scott, let it go mate……

  54. Scott, i’m sure you have something worthwhile saying, and i’d like to hear it.

    Do you think Wenger will actually do any business in the Window?

  55. Tut tut tut tut. Self appraisal is no job guarantee.

    And no I do not spend my time bitching about Arsenal.

    I told you that you are not the only one who coaches. You are not the only one who played football. And I told you are not the only one who coaches kids. And I told you that psychology teaches us that positional sense in football does not come before fine motor skills since at that age it is all gross motor and no positional awareness at all.

    And according to you I did not say anything about myself.

    Read it carefully will you. Again and again untill you understand that other people do the same things you do……including me and a couple of others on this site.

  56. And one last comment to you Scott…….the crowd did not Boo Wenger or Arshavin. The crowd booed the Decision to replace the best player with someone who does not put his weight with the team.

  57. Yes Devil, i did get your e-mail, cheers.

  58. If its true you aren’t retired,I am truly sorry.
    Sorry you aren’t out there coaching kids and imparting your rumoured wisdom into their young football brains.
    Stop watching,start teaching……..Wenger can obviously use your help.
    Oh,and how did you know about Ryo when we signed him????
    He was signed out of absolutely nowhere.
    Caught out there,me thinks.

  59. It,s rather obvious by now that so many fickle Arsenal fans have no
    clue about the game ,what with Bendtner and Chamakh not getting
    near enough game time but Arshavin and specifically woeful Walcott
    getting way to much game time when it,s clear that neither player can produce on any given matchday ,the midfield with Ramsey and Wilshere lightweight and incapable of getting forward and supporti
    ng van Persie or even a few goals of their own ,so where,s Ryo Mi
    yaichi and Ji Young-Park whilst the goals are drying up and the midf
    ield is short on physical prowess and go forward impetus ?

  60. ABMP………….. One very serious point in all that you say mate is “IF” anyone does anything in the ground the Gestapo sorry I mean stewards will take your name and your season ticket will be taken away from you and then you will be thrown out….! The board have that one sussed, any protests or actions has to be outside if you actually want to keep your ST….!


    did you just read that AK?????

    Should I stop watching and start teaching kids??????


  62. W.A.T.H good day mate.

    Now how many did they throw out of the ground last Sunday when all the crowd sang to AW that he did not know what they where doing??? And did they throw RVP out because he disagreed with AW?????

    because if they really work that way, then I think that next home game will see a lot of tickets on sale.

  63. Devilgunner,I concede defeat.
    ANY man that can categorically speak for 55 thousand people is too good for me.
    Seriously,the fact you presume to know what everyone else was
    thinking shows unprecedented arrogance.
    Good luck to you,and i hope your Wenger bashing brings the result you so richly deserve.

  64. Scott…..the pharmacist can give you only from what he has.

  65. W.A.T.H

    Ah I see

    Well, that buggers my logic then

    Nice to see Stewards chuck out a coupla hundred at once HaHa!

  66. It would appear to me that Arsene Wenger is a lucky manager rather than a good one…

    Lucky that he inherited a defence that was one of the best ever seen in Europe let alone England and who didn’t need coaching. Is it a coincidence that since the famous back 5 left we have criticised so much Arsenal’s inability to defend?

    Secondly, being French and having a knowledge of French football at a time when it was just peaking (and about to win the World Cup), meant he could bring in the cream such as Anelka, Vieira, Petit, Henry, Pires and Wiltord relatively cheaply and combine it with that defence!

    Since the two above groups of players’ careers have ended the success has dried up and this is the true test of a manager that Wenger has failed. Could he rebuild a new successful team? A test that Fergusson for example has passed time andf time again! Clearly Wenger could/has not. I will not list the number of poor players thatwe have endured over the last 7 years…this mail would be too long!!

    I fear for my beloved Arsenal. I do not believe Mr Kronke shares our passion for the club but sees Arsenal FC as a revenue generator to help fund other interests. He will also lack the knowledge of how to replace or who to replace Wenger with. As a result he will stick with Wenger for as long as Wenger wants to stay, Continually repeating the same mistakes and bumbling from one injury crisis to another (probably due to the training methods he utilizes)!

    I have made excuses for Wenger over many years but now, even I will stop! AOC was changing the game on Sunday in our favour. The substitution of him for AA was inept at best but in reality totally negligent. It did cost us the game because we lost the momentum we were building and it changed the atmosphere within the stadium from positivity to negatively. AA was not totally responsible for United’s winning goal but we was culpable! The fact that the rest of them couldn’t defend it either takes me full circle to my first point!

    Mourinho will leave Madrid this summer (he doesnt stay anywhere more than about 3 years)…dare we flirt with his affections?

  67. Afternoon Devil, I know of 4 ppl who got thrown out with a banner calling for the board and wenger out…. also two others who refused to sit down were also thwon out…!

    You may joke but it’s going on !!

    Think if you think constructive criticism is wenger bashing Scott then that’s as arrogant as what your calling Devil…!

    Your both having digs at each other which is actually getting away from the main points in question.

    As Devil says noone booed the Club at all what was booed was a decision by the manager and when ppl pay as much as we do i think they are more than entitled to show their unhappiness with something like that. Do the fans know if he was injured or not of course not BUT wengers comments after were also very arrogant and very pompous to insinuate that ppl watching cannot question him and that he doesn’t need to justify his actions…. As paying fans who contribute to his salary they are more than entitled to ask him to justify his actions don’t you think..?.

    As for ppl speaking for others noone knows who your talking to unless you know that person on a personal basis so if you want to carry this on I think you’ll find HH isn’t a place where ppl come and talk shit and all views are merely discussed and argued nothing more nothing less.

  68. Devilgunner,it should be bloody obvious to any observer my post was being written as yours was posted….any reasonable observer,that is.
    Ryo……anything…….were you in Japan…….watching schoolboy games……..throw us a bone.
    Alkezkev,Wenger MUST act,but that doesnt mean he will!
    Ideally,an attacking midfielder who can put the ball in the net.
    Trouble is they do not come cheap,so I doubt it will be coming-certainly not in the next few days.

  69. ABMP, the problem with the “group” problem is who has the balls to be the first to stand and be classed as ringleader and then get thrown out along with ST revoked….! there is a text service to grass up a fellow fan for swearing or misbehaving work that one out… the board what a crowd that can be controlled it’s pathetic…!

  70. Morning all’
    It appears that supporters are splitting, those that have not got the heart to move Wenger on, and those that want Arsenal to keep their place as title contenders. Last Year we could have won everything had we invested at the right time. Wenger penny pinched and decided to take a chance and it backfired abysmally. I have always been on Wengers side in the past, in fact i could say i have been his No 1 fan. But he has lost us valuable points with his tight ways and i don’t believe its over yet. Granted we have a reasonable squad when all fit, but Wenger has not got the guts to throw out players that have been bad and replace them. He has spent nothing for several years he has been lucky that some of the players that have come are now progressing but how many points has that cost us Points mean prizes. Its not that supporters are asking to spend what we can’t afford just to buy what we need to be competetive. There must have been money put asside last year but after Wengers dealings we had more than what we started with, so far this window we have spent nothing and we still have no fullbacks available. we have no cover for Van Persie and it is suicide to risk him lasting the rest of the season. Wenger keeps making wrong decisions and it has to be pointed out. We cannot keep burying our heads in the sand and say nothing.

  71. Wath,Wenger was speaking to the media,not fans.
    That was pretty bloody clear to all.
    I guess you believe I have taken part in a one sided argument,based on your last comment…..what a surprise lol.

  72. A few hundred you said W.A.T.H??? More like 50k seeing that the stadium was in chorus.

    Scott…….read my comment carefully………written at 10.33am….”And yes….when he bought the OX, and Ryo, I was excited. Simply because I had seen the ox play”

    Never did I mention that I had seen Ryo play. All I said was that I was excited by his arrival as I was when he bought OX. I never mentioned that I had seen RYO play.

    So please do not put words I did not say in my mouth.

    And as W.A.T.H said …. here we do constructive criticism and accept opinions. It is mud slanging and name calling which we do not accept.

  73. Steve,do you honestly believe Wenger chooses not to spend money?
    He is answerable to the board,and surely they tell him what he can and cant spend.

  74. W.A.T.H

    sounds like Ashburton Grove is a fucking gulag.

    See you mentioned people wo’t stand up first in case they lose their season ticket. Well, why not lose it. Why go to the ground at all. Why buy a season ticket?

  75. See there you are wrong again Scott and your barking up the wrong tree entirely… Who said wenger was talking to the media…? You…? so only your opinion counts does it or did wenger call you and tell you nothing personal Scot i am not having a pop at the fans…..

    He was answering a media question as to the fans annoyed at the decision !!

    Believe what you want Scott if your so sensitive to what you perceive is one sided thats your problem not mine…!

  76. Hi Steve, good post and agree completely with your point above. I seem to remember last summer we disagreed about Wengers current ability as a manager but even then I hoped I was wrong and we’d see a return of the old master but ut seems that time has gone. I respect him for what he has done bit time for change. And not just him Gazidas too, what exactly has he done since ge cane apart from be the worst contract man in the clubs history ( both new players and current one). The problem is that there is a lot if change needed and not just Wenger but the current old Boys club is content to sit back and rake in the fans money. We need Usnanov in my opinion but I can’t see it happening any time soon…

  77. Scott you are right there. The board run the show. It really depends on how much influence AW has on the board and what autonomy they give him

    AW gets paid about 7 mill quid a year. Enough to be the front man to cop all the flak.What he’s paid for

  78. Devilgunner,
    You were excited by the signing of someone you’d never seen play!!!
    Ok then lol…
    Typo,foot in mouth,off on a technicality….classic.

  79. Allezkev

    Good vids

  80. ABMP, when ppl have had season tkts for 20/30/40 yrs do you want to lose it because you stand up..? I choose not to go in anymore i have mates that use my ST’s i will not give the board my money anymore although you could say I still do but i merely get my money back from my mates for my tkts…! It’s me thinking I am doing something yet in reality I am not as nothing much will change

  81. Wath,I suggest you see the interview,then see which tree I’m barking up.
    Wenger calling me…….who is talking shit lol???

  82. Tbh Scott, i think we need a striker/goalscorer and a versatile defender.

    I can see what you mean by an attacking midfielder, but i feel we are well stocked with midfielders, as well as a couple of really talented young midfielders in Ozyakup and Aneke, who will make the breakthrough next season….

  83. Scott, wind ya neck in….. If all you really wanna do is take issue with every single comment made by every single person on here then your not here to debate anything are you…?

    If you wanna carry on being pedantic and making sarcastic remarks then things just carry on and carry on…! So kindly debate and discuss, stop with the comments to Devil and lets more on…! Likewise Devil, if we carry the tit for tat snide remarks we’ll be here all day.

  84. I’ve seen the interview Scott………. You perceive it one way I perceive it the other, we disagree such is life….!

    As for him calling you thats called humour fella which seems you clearly missed…!

  85. loic Remy and jan vertonghen….that’d do, and M’vila for wath! ;)

  86. Don’t think so Lee but can’t remember the info from Spectrum only Rico would know that if she bothered to store that..!

  87. This one is for Rico…. ;)

  88. M’Vila, Thanx Lee………….. :D

    Least then Song can be on his merry way…!

  89. was only joking but seems there’s been a sense of humour by-pass today! :lol:

  90. Lee,

    In Arsene we blah blah blah……..

  91. You may not be so far wrong though Lee lol ;-)

  92. Last one……

    Now lighten up peeps…..

  93. Scott, The board hold Wenger in great estem why shouldn’t they he has made them many millions. I believe that if wenger asked them for a hundred million for players they would find the money and let him spend it. Wenger is a stubborn man he feels that when people say we need players his first reaction is i decide when we need players . Well i’m sorry 7 years without winning a major trophy says his wrong and if you look at it the same way i think you may start to realise that he doesn’t know how to win a trophy, so he doesn’t know whats best does he.

  94. AK, i can’t get on youtube at work!! :(

  95. Sorry Chris C, first comments all go into moderation your free to chat away now…..!

  96. Bit lively on here today !

    Wath, how dare you question Wenger, don’t you know you’ll only be labelled a traitor.

  97. Humour is something funny I thought,not sarcastic!
    Allezkev,i reckon Wengers in a no win situation.
    We have good kids coming through,but because of the stakes involved,its hard to give them adequate game time…….Arsenal need to be winning.
    Fans want constant success which doesnt lend itself to blooding players. Players want game time so some are lost to the club.
    The system is great when you have a great side,but when the side is struggling,it falls apart.
    Imagine the outcry if Wenger said screw results,we are going to give these kids one full season to prove themselves?

  98. Saw that last night Lee, Hiddink says the fella is a top striker, he also seems to know where the net is…!

    Swap for Chamakh you reckon ;-)

  99. Steve,you are only assuming he could get the money……you may be right,but who knows?

  100. Seems you have to get the last word in as well……!!!

    Hasn’t wenger given the kids 6 seasons so far then…?

  101. AK….I think that besides the striker/goalscorer and a versatile midfielder we need a new tactical approach. Cesc had said something similiar last year when he said that when he wwent with Spain they used to discuss tactics and that was new to him.

    With GG it was drummed in ad nauseam until it became second nature. That is why it went for so long with the famous five because they all worked for each other. I presume that even now in their late forties they would be more solid than what we have at the moment and maybe teach JD a thing or two.

  102. throw in Squil,diaby,aa,waiter,flap and jd? ;)

  103. Wath,no he hasnt.
    When did he really begin his youth policy?
    The kids that were there at the true start are now your 18-19 year olds.
    Wilshere,Frimpong….guys like that.

  104. Scott, you might be suprised by the reaction.

    If the youngsters are quality, as i believe they are, and the fans can see that they are as well, then Wenger may get more support than you can imagine.

    His previous young team, had the likes of Bendtner, Denilson, Eboue, Fabianski;/Almunia, Diaby, Song, Vela, etc. None of them imho ,up to the required standard with the right ‘bloody-minded’ mentality you need to be a winner.

    But i love the currant crop of young players.
    And i think the likes of Jack, Frim, Coq, Ox Miquel, Yennaris, Ramsey, Afobe etc, can become an electrifying squad of players…..

    As long as Arsene adds the odd quality signing to the mix, like Arteta/Koscielny…..

  105. Scott, Wenger is one of the best known Managers in the world Why would he stay at Arsenal if he was being restricted by money. He could probably get a job for an Arab team on four times what he is earning. believe me he is not being held back, he holds himself back and us.

  106. The kid i want to see more of is Lansbury..
    Honestly,I would be surprised if the reaction was positive.
    Reading comments about how we must beat spurs home,we must finish top 4…..not too sure.
    I would love to see it though.

  107. Kev, wenger has scuttled our russian sub.

  108. Steve,its possible he loves the place.

  109. Scott, wenger been there 15yrs mate so to say the current lot are the first lot of kids is a bit out, what about Sidwell, Hoyte, Bentley, Senderos, Bothroyd, Juan, Gilbert and lets not exclude Cesc, Marida, Traore, Clichy in that list as well to name but a few, Wengers youth thing started many years ago he’s had success with a few but no more than a few lets be real about this. I am inclined to agree with Devil on this that many fans wouldn’t mind going with kids “IF” and it’s a very big if they were told what the plan was and what the foresight is about and the reasoning and to be honest up front and transparent with the fans thats what most want…! Sure there will be ones that are not happy but you cant ever keep the majority happy but when the club lies and bullshits where is the blame and who is to blame and at this moment noone really knows and that’s one of the biggest problems.

  110. Off to bed now….its been interesting.

  111. Love is blind, maybe he’s become a bit short sighted scott.

  112. Scott can you remember wengers comments a few years back about what would you do if the board gave you a 100million to spend on players……….. “I’d give it back” was the reply….!

    Mr stubborn wants to do it his way and the board have now given him so much control he does what he wants…! He is not blameless in this at all earns a huge salary and knows the board games so is guilty there by association, yes you may say he won’t go public but then why string the fans along..? why keep renewing your contract if your hands are tied…? Far to many questions not enough answers….!

  113. We know that Micko he is always saying “i did not zee it” ;-)

  114. Good afternoon everyone!

    Does anyone know whats going on with the youngguns website?

  115. Has anyone think that AA is now able to continue playing for Arsenal? Has he the necessary conditions to do it?

  116. ADK, Jamie Sanderson was updating his website, but i reckon he’s got a bit sidetracked.

    He writes for a few newspapers now, so he’s kinda joined the dark-side!

    You can still get info from him via his twitter account.


    The above is a very good alternative.

  117. Thing is JM, AA has looked uninterested for ages do you think he is really bothered…? he gets paid he is thinking that in the summer he gets a transfer so he can hang on til then…!

  118. Thanks a lot AK :)

  119. JM, i think Wenger will still use him, it’s not Arshavin’s fault that Wenger used him as the sub for Ox.

    Mind you, it IS Arshavin’s fault that he plays with so little obvious enthusiasm, when given the opportunity….

  120. Afternoon all

    Jesus, what’s happened since I left last night?! Seems to be a bit of animosity on here!!

    Great post Steve. Interesting to read Smudgers views as well.

  121. Right i’m offski now….

    Hi Rocky… :)

    Bye Rocky… :(

  122. You left and the fun starts Rocky…. ;-)

    Smudger only saying what we all been saying/thinking for ages as well…!

  123. Hiya Rocky, was all tetchy earlier…..

  124. Time for your afternoon siesta AK :D

  125. I take it you’ve all seen the “Metro” headline…. Ox tells ex-saints player he wasn’t tired or injured on sunday…!

  126. I know! I love a good arguement usually!! bye AK!

    You’re right wath. All the ex pro’s seem to hint at the same thing without saying outright. Glad Smudger has the balls!

  127. Does that headline shock anyone?! No doubt Ox was told to toe the “I-pulled-you-because-you-were-injured” line!

  128. Apparently Merson and Charlie Nic were not very happy on Sky on sunday… Merson asked name a top class player Arsenal have bought since they left Highbury….? Did they not move with promises from the board to compete for the worlds best players in the transfer market..?

    Enough said………..

  129. Could also be an ex-player looking to cause shit and rock the boat as well though Rocky…. Makes a name for himself on some foreign tv station to make out he has pull with current players….!?!?!?

  130. There is that, wath. And you do have to ask yourself who he’s say that to? And why would they then go to the press with it? It’s all guesswork from the media (and us) again!

  131. Maybe it was Glenn Cockerill…. I’m sure he still holds a grudge with Arsenal…!

  132. Back in a bit – PC needs rebooting

  133. It was Lundekvam used to play for southampton and he was on Norwegian tv and apparently spoke to Ox after the game and then told teh tv station what Ox had said when we asked why did he come off…..!

  134. Hmmmm…. Not sure if I believe that for one second!

  135. Ha ha rocky, by the time they picked Cockerill up off the ground his clothes had gone out of fashion.
    I saw Paul Davis outside the ground a couple of seasons back, he hadn’t changed a bit, the years had been good to him.

  136. Afternoon, i walk out and a squabble starts :lol:

  137. Rico, I come from a long line of chickens, first sign of trouble and i’m outta here.

  138. I remember seeing him on an Arsenal video (may have been “93 for 93″) and was wearing a cap with the biggest peak known to man! It was massive! Still, with an elbow smash like his, I wouldn’t tell him that in person!

  139. I know Rico! Needed a woman’s touch to calm things down!

  140. cluck cluck Micko ;)

    I agree with Scott though, i want to see Lansbury get his chance and not be sold in the summer…

  141. I agreed with things they were all saying. It’s just when it gets to the “I know more than you because I played this many games / coach this age group” that I switch off. At the end of the day, common sense SHOULD prevail! You don’t need to have been in the game to be able to tell if something is wrong or not.

  142. I think its fair to say most of us would like to see Lansbury back, I’d be really disappointed if he wasn’t back in the squad next season.

  143. If he’s not Micko, one way or another, he’s gone.

  144. wish the “common sense WOULD prevail” with someone at AFC………

  145. that’s just it rocky, something is clearly wrong at the club, we all have our own views as to what that is which we may not all agree, but thats why we are blogging, to talk about it… ‘nicely’….

  146. That’s right Rico. You should have been here to calm it down. I cannot stand a person who points fingers and insults. Constructive criticism yes but not telling us off or saying that we are doom mongers.

    RR07 you could see I tried to be civil. But AKB’s are on the level of the scum for me.

  147. Oh stop talking utter crap Rico…………………

    :P :P :P

    Ok i’ll get me coat, am off to coach the over 75’s they know a thing or two you know ;-)

    AK is my centre forward…………….

  148. Agreed Rico. Although once someone’s got your back up (especially if someone you don’t know calls you ignorant / stupid etc), it’s hard to climb down and not keep going. I know that from plenty of years experience!

  149. And with it another massive heart taken out the side, had lansbury come on instead of AA, you bet the mancs wouldn’t have got ‘that cross’ in….

    exactly lee, common sense, apply that and wenger/stan should see that something is wrong – and it wouldn’t break the bank to put it right.

    wenger doesn’t help himself with his comments about not spending, he makes himself look very silly and sets himself for a mighty fall….

  150. if all else fails..a few beers, curry & a fight!

  151. TBH some of the things Scott said I was in agreement with. But what he reads on others sites should be kept for other sites. Although we showed reservations on some AW signings we dont knock it back unless it has been tried. For example many on other sites thinks Jenks is poor. I was happy to see him play from day one and kept saying that he is a chip of the Dixon block. Have I ever criticized him??? Or Kozzer????? Never. Its the lackadaisiacal attitude which pisses me off. Or blatantly obvious wrong tactical decisions.

  152. I know devil. And a few others asked Scott to leave it. But he believed what he was saying was right, so carried it on. Which to be honest, I respect him for because if he’s had had then suddenly agreed with you and dropped what he believed, he would have looked like a massive cock. But at the end of the day, it’s only words so it’s not the end of the world! The irony is, you’ll both probably agree on something tomorrow and slag off someone who thinks differently about it!!

  153. mmmmm… Curry….. I could eat a curry now quite happily….

  154. Exactly devil! I think Jenks is going to be pretty decent, and the boy never gives up (as he showed when he was the only positive performance in the 8-2 mauling). And as for Kozzer… He’s gointg to be immense! Even Wrighty in the Sun this morning compared him to Vidic!

  155. agree there rocky, it’s best just to try not to be proked though, otherwise it just ends in a slanging match and everyone looks stupid, i know, i have looked stupid many times ;)

  156. forget the fight and the curry lee ;)

  157. in could eat curry pretty much anytime…kozzer DM?

  158. Sorry folks……hope I did not let the family down. But anyone dares insult the HH family and I round him up.

  159. Rico, who you proking? :lol:

  160. Walcott could learn a lot from Jenks on how to cross a ball as well.

    Kozzer made a few errors early on but he seems to have cut all that out now, he’s gonna go on to do well for us.

    Can’t be too much longer before we see our first choice defenders fit again, we’ve missed sagna badly.

  161. wtf is Stan?? nailing? smoking? not heard a peep from him in ages……

  162. I am a bit of mates. Later on for some comments. Off to the ground!!!!

  163. Devil……….give them hell.

  164. You didn’t let anyone down Devil…. enjoy training…!

  165. devil – i am in total agreement there, what goes on elswhere stays elsewhere and if bloggers have a problem with what other sites do, that site is the place to comment, certainly not on here…..

    i should have nipped that in the bud but didn’t realise until i got home again, Scott has posted here before and there has never been any probs….

  166. its team shape today. plus set pieces. game tomorrow so I will be late on HH.

    cu lata mates.

  167. Lee, Stan was last seen riding into the sunset on Shergar.

  168. Micko, I read someone saying Sagna is over rated and we won’t be much better when he is back…..

    I really wonder what people watch sometimes to make such idiotic comments like that…!

    Koz was always a player that needed time but you could see how well he read the game and uses the ball so well, always tries to be constructive, the physical side was what he needed to get used to and now we are seeing the benefits of that.

  169. last comment……I know that Scott had posted here before and usually his comments are civil and constructive. Its that I was wondering if it was the same Scott or perhaps someone else under the same name. The same situation I was in with Dutch Gooner when everyone kept referring to us as DG. That is why I wanted it sorted.

  170. devil, i echo Wath’s comments, you didn’t let anyone down…

  171. yeah yeah sagna’s shite… what are some people smoking??

  172. :) lee, bloomin typos….

    devil – that’s another reason i ddin’t give a thought to his comments being spikey, maybe Scott has a Double Scott ;)

    I did check though, he wasn’t ‘in arsene we rust’ in disguise ;)

  173. Totally agree on Jenks, another Gooner too…

    Sagna is crap Wath ;)

  174. that was my call, Rico….

  175. Wath, you won’t hear me knocking Sagna, he’s probably the best right back in the league on his day, a proper defender.
    If I didn’t know better I’d say the scum took him out on purpose.

  176. How typical…………. Lee brings up what ppl are smoking ;-)

    Agreed Micko, as a defender he’s top notch and we sorely miss a proper right back…!

  177. Boo! Interesting exchange today. ;) :D rico, wink, wink, nudge nudge. Can’t be left alon, can they?? :D

    Dev, don’t worry about it. :) Scott, if you come here and post more often you would know this is not one of those unpalatably vitriolic sites.

    Hello, all.

  178. we could do with sagna-esque LB…..

  179. agag what have you done to Stanley?? he’s chuck norris…..

  180. AGAG, Who you going on about missy with your can’t be left alone rubbish…???? Hmmmm pot calling kettle black me thinks when you get online and go shoe shopping :P :P :P

    Spot on re the LB Lee…………

  181. Some-one in the kenny Sansom mould would do nicely, hi agag.

  182. van Persie is crap too lee ;)

  183. Better not mention too many more otherwise i will start telling the truth ;)

  184. I think they did Micko, 100%…

    Boo agag, boys eh ;)

  185. Lee, I hope goonster’s not in prison or something… He seems quite rash and excitable ha ha. He’s probably busy with his new lady though. :D :D

  186. Agree re the Lb too lee, then we’d be cooking on gas…..

    Where is stanley, good point raised there, maybe i’ll email the old tinker …..

  187. Rico, did you hear their selling rvp tea trays in the arsenal clubshop, they carry 10 mugs !!!

    A bit naughty that.

  188. the ox looks shite too ;)
    I thought wath dealt with the proceedings today eloquently and succinctly! you can’t tar the regular HH’ers with bloggers on other sites… THE END!

  189. WATH, “if the shoe fits” eh?? :D Ha. January sales. (sigh) You have some pretty fantastic shoe designers in England. I super like!

  190. Hi, rico. Howdy?? Notice how stuff like earlier happens when you are off with the woofa. Hah. :D Enough said.

    Micko, that tea tray joke would be funny if only it were not true. :(

  191. I must be getting soft in me old age Lee, eloquently and succinctly…

    You can’t possibly be talking about me lol………….

    AGAG your a bad foot really……………… ;-)

    If you get to come buy shoes here you’ll need to take out a new mortgage to get all the excess baggage back home ;-)

  192. AGAG, Dr Martins are brilliant I reckon you’d look super sexy…. Stanley would be delirious with lust lol :D

  193. WATH, you just called yourself “old”. Finally, an admission. :D :D

    Doc Martens??? Naaaah, I’m a Jimmy Choo sort of girl. ;)

  194. The “old” was before you pipped up with a comment…. Don’t forget….
    “OLD” is anyone over 21…………. ;-)

    Jimmy chew….. are they a new edible shoe/sweetie…?

  195. Guys a lot of fuss over nothing! We still got Cesc Fabregas right? Right??!

  196. And you also called yourself “soft”, hah. :P Jimmy Choos are your sweet confection of a shoe. Jimmy Choo is love.

    Have we bought anyone yet???

  197. Your imagining things AGAG delirious on thoughts of james chew…!

  198. Micko, that’s bloomin funny :)

  199. ESP!!! I won’t say a peep about Rambo. God, he was off on Saturday.

  200. this Jimmy Choo sounds like he’s light on his loafers! :lol:

  201. Oh ye of little faith! Wenger is about to pull off the signing of the Jan window! Rosicky is going to sign a contract extension!

  202. :lol: lee, you sure you got that right, Wath and those words are kinda hard to put together ;)

  203. http://eu.jimmychoo.com/shoes/sandals/icat/sandalsrw/

    Sweet, yes?? Oh, you gents have much to learn about shoes. tut tut. Hopeless.

  204. agag, it sure seems too, spooky eh ;)

  205. don’t you lot go picking on WATH….when AK gets back from his afternoon siesta all hell will break loose…. ;)

  206. AGAG…………………… WTF…………… have you seen the price of that crap….? I could have two nights out on the razzle for a pair of those pony looking things……!

    You disappoint me……………

  207. The thing is ESP, if Rosicky plays every week like he did on Sunday, I’d happily see him again!

  208. Has any more come out about Jowler’s alleged bungs today?

  209. There are some rotters on that website lol…………

    Maybe some of our players could use Docs they maybe much better..??/

    Just a thought…!

  210. At least Gibb’s feet might not shatter everytime he kicks a ball wath!

  211. Hmmm good point there Rocky…..!

  212. Esp, according to AW, we weren’t ever going to sell him ;)

  213. What’s ST, Lee? And razzle, WATH?? By the way, I quite I like the first pair. :) :) The second is unmitigatedly eeewww. If the second pair were an AFC player, it would be Denilson. :?

    Are we really in for Zarate? rocky, I like Rosicky. Great technique, moves the ball forward, can get stuck in. Shame he was out for so long and now seems past his best.

  214. ST season ticket AGAG… on the razzle is a night out on the town…..!

    Have you seen the other nice pink ones AGAG, i think you’d look dashing :D

    Women and their shoes eh Lee………………… Thats also about 25 ruby’s for you mate ;-)

  215. Hiya All. Afternoon.

    Missed a few rounds in the ring I read.

    SP fine post enjoyed it till the root.

  216. 25 ruby’s or a flash pair of rythmn & blues….no contest!! ;)

  217. Rosicky has suddenly developed a combative style of play which I like. Really gets stuck in now.

    Zarate is crap. Didn’t like him when he was at Brum either. Not good enough for us.

    I was thinking something else for Razzle!

    Oh, and what is this GG that you all speak of?!

  218. Ahhh. Why are season tickets sooo pricey?? :D

    WATH, yuck to the nth. Who in the right mind would buy those?

    rico, Nadal won. :)

  219. Rocky, GG is Grey Goose vodka mate………….. mothers milk ;-)

  220. Ahhhh, gotcha! Only ever owned one bottle of that . The lemon one (and that’s only because it was cheap in duty free!) As a non-drinker, it was wasted on me!!

  221. rocky, GG is WATH’s fair feathered friend. Steve P has taken a liking to it as well. :) :)

  222. I too thought Rosicky had a good game on Sunday…

    ST, the way we are playing I thought it might have stood for something else…

    i’ll get me coat ;)

  223. Haha! I’ve hears it’s nice, agag. Never would have thought so, being French and all (nothing against the French, but they’re hardly well known for Vodka!)

  224. Zarate is a Lazio/Inter reject. Still 24 though. Think it’s another wind up. His link last summer reverberated.

  225. rico, what is ST??

    Reading all your glowing commendations of Zarate, rocky and Dutch… I suspect we’d be after him then. ;)

  226. Season Ticket agag – the boys are truthing :)

  227. Haha, I believe ya, rico. :) It’s Federer again v. Nadal. Ought to be a great match.

  228. ‘Eer ‘ere ‘ere, whose been picking on Wath………? :(

    You lot leave my Grandson alone…..

    Afternoon Gooners… ;)

  229. Oh and you don’t partake in the odd case of GG either eh AGAG….. Rocky it’s heavenly mate, as a non drinker you’d enjoy the odd tipple maybe…..?? If not send this way next time I’ll raise a glass/bottle to your good health I do enjoy one every now and then but SP is the drink expert on here :D

  230. Hope not Agag, the fellow has been a football nomad for quite a few years now. Going from continent to continent. Think he is one of those South Americana that want to hammer out as much dough as his travelplans allow him.

  231. I have a Whickey Mac every now and then at special occasuions or maybe a disorrono and cdiet coke (Not the most manly drink, I admit!) but apart from special occasions, I leave it alone. I’ll let the others drink my share for me!

  232. Agag, your 4.00;

    That wasn’t your legs in those sandals was it?

    Nice… ;)

  233. Whisky Mac* (no idea what a Whickey Mac is……)

  234. What’s all this old tosh i keep reading about Zarate?

    And yeah, where is Stan?????

    Dutch your gonna have to send out search party…..

  235. Nothing to do with Whickey Leaks is it Rocky? :D

  236. Afternoon AK, feeling better after your little snooze…?

  237. WATH, you have hoarded the world’s supply of GG. Driven the price up! I can’t afford to buy a bottle now. And what on earth are those complicated sounding drinks, rocky??

    Dutch, who would you have. I am easy to please so I’d have Hazard. :D

    Boo, AK, I wish!! :) You haven’t been out shopping, have you?

  238. Your a hazard with those shoes that’s for sure AGAG ;-)

  239. Agag – Whisky Mac is whisky and ginger wine. Awenome. Disorrono (amaretto) and coke tastes like Dr Pepper. Good stuff!

  240. Afternoon AK…

    GG = Yuck ;)

  241. Wath……. You and your bloody extra buttons….. ;)

  242. Well, stilettos are named after an Italian dagger WATH. :P

    I’ll shut up about footwear now.

    rocky, those sound lovely. Must. Try. Sometime. :) :)

  243. AK

    Search party??

    Agag Hazard will do nicely. :-) I like the new kid on the block from Brazil. Damaio. Not proven and tested in Europe but he is making waves in the samba league. (Sorry Rico not pulling your chain here) ;-)

  244. AK, as if I would …………… ;-)

    AGAG buys those god awful james chews and moans about a 25quid bottle of vodka….??????

  245. Who mentioned Samba :P

    Go get him Arsene…. and get rid of Squilli….

  246. Rodallega has basically said he’s leaving Wigan. Wouldn’t be shocked if he turned up at the Emirates. Disappointed, yes. Shocked? No.

  247. Hugo Rodallega wants out of Wigan, haven’t we been linked with him before?

  248. Great minds and all that…!

  249. Dutch, I think JM or KT have mentioned Damiao, as well. I haven’t seen anything other than youtube vids though.

    Why buy vodka, WATH? I’ll just nick from you. :D Oh, and if you want to keep your wife, you do not give her those atrocious pink shoes. Ick.

    rico, don;t get all excited, now. :P

  250. By the way AK, that Samba clip was funny – so how old is he ;)

  251. Ha ha agag, we could get Samba and play him up front, he’d get his head on the end of a few crosses and corners ;)

  252. Forgive me if this has already been posted…

    Tomas Rosicky’s agent, Pavel Paska, has travelled to London for talks with Arsene Wenger over the player’s future.

    The Czech Republic international has only started five league games for Arsenal this season and is out of contract in the summer.

    He has been linked with a move to Fulham and Wolfsburg but his agent has denied any talks have been held with other clubs.

    “Fulham is just press speculation,” said Paska.

    “I am now going to have a meeting with Arsen Wenger but won’t comment on anything before that. I don’t like to give any prognosis to the press.

    “I react on facts and that means I will express myself only when we know the result of this meeting.”

  253. Rodallega since he is Colombian, he could be send back in a body bag if he fails in internationals. Too much asset risk for the deskjockeys that we call the board.

  254. rocky, i said that to soemone once and some bright spark chirped in:

    ‘or dull minds seldom differ’

    How rude i thought ;)

  255. Samba Rico?

    Gotta be very carefull when i’m blogging about ages on here.

    There’s a little old gremlin around, that keeps on misrepresnting me…. :D

  256. Worth keeping Rosicky, rico. An older head and one who doesn’t moan moan moan, can only be good.

    Dutch, maybe rodallega could flourish with us. :)

    Good night, friends!! Behave!!

  257. That’s it, give Rosicky a new contract and immediately he’ll join Diaby in the sick-bay…. :roll:

  258. Agag, good night twinkle toes.

  259. Damião is a interesting player.
    do we expect sign anyone?

  260. Who had seen Chamack yesterday?
    with Maroc score, he could be with us in two weeks…

  261. Agag with a tombstone on his belly?? I guess. Night stiletto vixen.

  262. I’d let Rosicky go myself, he’s no more than a squad player these days, I’m not having a dig, just think we’ve seen the best of him, he’ll always come on and give 100% and you can still see he has a lot of enthusiam for the game but Father time has caught up with him and its no surprise considering what he been though, we have too many average players in the squad, we need to get rid and bring in a bit of quality.

  263. I like it Rico – works well with my bleak outlook on life!

  264. Hi JM

    Can you tell a bit more about Damiao?

  265. me too… I’ve never heard of him to be honest!

  266. :P AK…

    What are you planning for your 80th ;)

  267. Night agag, and yes, i’d prob keep Rosicky, a good squad player but by the sounds of it, he’s looking for more first team action and can’t blame him after missing so long through injury…

    At least he tends to play well when he is fit, unlike a certain leggy frenchman….

    rocky :(

    Spill JM ;)

    Hi DG and JM

  268. Rico, don’t you start as well…… :P:

  269. Rico last time I heard Samba was asked to bring his mum if he wishes to buy a pack of Skittles.

  270. AGAG, re your 5.11……… In that case I’ll buy her a pair problem solved :D

    Ni nite………..

    AK i thought you was 79 this year Grandad..? Does Rico know something I don’t ?

  271. I’m not entering anything to do with age, there’s too many twitchy fingers on dodgy buttons…

  272. ;) AK

    DG :lol:

  273. Kev, you only need to worry if a gyspy woman stops you in the street to read your face, that’s always a bad sign.

  274. Don’t mention twitchy…. I am not giving you a bung Grandad…!

  275. Thankfully Micko, it’s only ever been heather where i live, and i don’t mean i asked her her name ;)

    Wath, you been reading the latest about him? It’s not looking too good for his dog ;)

  276. Hi WATH,

    I agree with Lee. Eloquently moderated. But I can’t blame Devil for his replies. Scott basically called 4 out of 5 regulars on HH hypocrites in his first post. Finger pointing YOU this, YOU that based on cumulative experiences anywhere else but here. He was looking for a pissing contest to be honest imho. He just drew blanks and got a Ace from the deck served. But it was skillfully handled from your part cuz he was slipping into a delirium rage trance.

  277. Rumours are we are in for baines but shock horror, we can’t match their asking price…

    Love the rumours, I’d love this one to be true though ;)

  278. Haha Arry opening a Monaco account in his dog name. It must be a goldenretriever.

    Also might be a crypt message to AW reference of his former employer.

  279. Haha Arry opening a Monaco account in his dog name. It must be a goldenretriever.

    Also might be a crypt message to AW referral of his former employer.

  280. Just back folks. Washed and ready. Soon of to eat.

    Baines???? Much as I would like it to happen I do not think it would. He is 27 and I do not think that Everton would sell him as the fans would revolt. On the other hand if we signed him it would mean that either the medical team are afraid that anyone of Gibbs/Santos would not recover completely. Otherwise AW will simply wait for them to recover,

  281. :) re the woofa DG, don’t get the last bit though ….

  282. Rico maybe Wenger has a similar setup in Monaco, under Dobbermann Pincher.

  283. Hi DG, how’s you today..?

    It made for a lively day’s comments that’s for sure :D
    Devil was upset that the comment from Scott indeed insinuated we were all hypocrites and idiots but end of the day the fella had good points although kept harping on with snide remarks thrown in, all over and done with, he can come debate argue discuss what ever he wants but don’t generalize people on here with the masses not insult their views when you know nothing about their views or who or what they are..!

  284. WATH I am fine thanks. Point taken. End off.

  285. Silly me to miss that link DG ;)

  286. More like toy pom DG ;-)

  287. Absolutely Wath, we are all nice reasoned people on here, including you ;)

  288. I do have my nice moments Rico lol :P

  289. Had to Google Rico but :-p . You can easily mistake that for your fluffy slipper in the morning.

  290. New kit out already devil, jeez, our club have a nerve

  291. Oh, and if that is for real, i hate it!

  292. DG – my woofa makes a lovely slipper, she lays on my feet and keeps them very warm :)

  293. Devil, that top looks like a liquorice allsort…….

  294. The kit resembles our third away kit from 2008, with more horizontals added. I fancy the dark navy blue makes the crest really stand out.

  295. Evening all you Youngsters, and Wath……

    I liked the redcurrant that took us to Paris in 2006.

  296. Also liked the gold kit we won the Double in 2002

  297. Wath – dennis the mennace…..

  298. Evening AK, yellow for me, any day of the week ;)

  299. My all time favourite was the 2006 home kit. Why we dont use it more often I dont know. The redcurrant colour is a favourite of mine.

    Regarding the away kit I also like the all dark blue one besides the gold one.

    And we seem to win more with the yellow/blue colours than with any other colour.

    So the new away kit just adds the two colours I really liked, although I would have preferred a redcurrant top with dark blue neck and dark blue shorts.

  300. AK the gold kit would’ve been appropriate for our 125 anniversary. Me thinks.

  301. Good idea Dutch.

    I thought we looked classy in it.

  302. What I often wonder about, and I do find it galling, is that a club of Barcelona’s stature do not change their gear as often as we do. Their gear has been the same from time immemorial (the home gear I meant) and the away gear stays for around two years. I know its money the club is after but I also feel that whenever the club tinkers with its tradition its like ripping the soul out of the club.

  303. This is one of my favs…

  304. Get back some history i say, get the old colours back as well as the red and white, rebuild the arsenal of old and the passion that came with it…..

  305. Devil, Arsenal used to have a change, home or away, every two years.

    Now the money grabbing bastards change it every season.

    Plus the third kit…… :(

  306. My old pa used to like the 1978 shirt, with the canon emblazoned in the middle of the chest. And he still has it. I also have one from 1978, when I was still a kid but its the red one.

  307. On that note, late dinner for me, back shortly….

  308. Like your suggestion Devil. The horizontals remind me too much of a Yankee chain gang. Sad reminder to our owner.

  309. Rico……”Get back some history i say, get the old colours back as well as the red and white, rebuild the arsenal of old and the passion that came with it…..”

    That is my greatest wish…..to give AFC back to the real fans like Barca. That is why I wish I was a billionaire. Buy the club and change the statute to say that no one can buy more than 10% of the shares. And that the President has to be elected every two years. O hope I live long enough to see it happen (not me as the owner but to see the club in the hands of the supporters)

  310. Hell all….

    Very good post SP.. Lots of interesting comments as well.. Rico HH is serving it’s purpose well..

    lee is the funniest man here ;)

  311. Hello all….

    Very good post SP.. Lots of interesting comments as well.. Rico HH is serving it’s purpose well..

    lee is the funniest man here ;)

  312. Totally concur with your last comment Devil, including the forewords from Rico.

  313. Hi STV.

    Lee is the funniest you say????

    Wait till you meet Goonie. We have been missing him a lot and if we manage to get our hands on the fella he’s in for it….for being absent a lot these last few days.

    Where the hell are ya GOOOOONNNNIIIEEEEEEE?????

  314. Evening ST. I am the resident young person :D, AK resident geriatric, AGAG shooe queen…. Devil well he’s just a devil and now we have DG who is the our resident chef who makes puff cakes and as for Lee…. I wont mention sprigs of leaf or ruby’s…. Sir SP plus poor old Priscilla is off with the fairies ;-)

    Did I miss anyone…? Oh shit I forgot Rocky and Marinello

  315. Hiya STV. Correct Lee is very entertaining. Missing Goonster as well good company never a dull moment.

  316. hi Devil..

    It used to be WATH.. But less GG and more Arsenal defeats along with some other issues made him bit more serious ;)

    Spot on AK why the heck they change the kit every year !! 2006 home kit was my favourite too.. Classy !!

  317. Evening all,
    You guys have been absolutly brilliant on here today, blinding comments, little bit of needle, Big Brother Wath keeping order, Guys more funnyer than comics on the tele. It has to be said true Gooners one and all. Maybe we don’t all agree all the time and thats the way it should be. But for people to care this much about a football team shows how much it matters Proud to be among you. now for a top up.

  318. ST, it’s all AGAG’s fault…… My official supply of GG has been devastated as she went and bought it all up and then tells me her shoe purchases are suffering… the cheek of it…!

    I’m also bloody thirsty…………

  319. AK resident geriatric?? that has cracked me up. wait till you get an email from me AK.

    I am off folks. long day tomorrow, so I might not be on the site all day. Maybe for a bit during my break at around eleven and then after 19.00hrs. Got a game and if we win tomorrow we stay in touch behind the leaders.

  320. SP, top comment mate it’s a shame that the passion shown by the proper fans isn’t shown by some of the players and by the people that are fortunate enough to be running “OUR” club….!

    I’ll raise my glass to you SP but it’s empty the shoeaholic AGAG nicked my GG….

  321. It’s alright STV, they only usually let Wath out of his care home at weekends…… 8-O

  322. Good luck with the game 2moro Devil hope the lads win….! Grandad AK will hold the Fort here while your away ;-)

    Take it easy…!

  323. That’s what I tell you AK………………….

    In reality, I escape ;-)

  324. Wath, 8.11;

    Gotta say though, agag has a nice pair of pins…

    Well i assume that picture was of her legs……

  325. Good night resident geriatric. c ya mate :lol:

  326. Must be more people drinking it Wath :)

  327. Devil, my mate Wath needs no encouragement habib…. ;)

  328. Well, we’ll all have have a meet outside Islington Town hall in May after beating liverpool in the FA Cup Final.

    I HAVE A DREAM……. :P:

  329. ha ha WATH..AGAG infact only thing AGAG cares these days is about :P .. Hows your over 75 coaching going ??

    wonder where priscella has been.. spotted in Ireland few weeks ago. No news then

    AK they know that you’ll take care of him ?? No wonder he made you captain :P

  330. Night Devil. Put them to sword tomorrow.

  331. It’s a bloody liberty SP, I drink it quietly and now half the planet wants to buy the stuff….!

    Over 75’s were a bit cheeky ST, they kept calling for pee breaks… AK was the worst he has no stamina, he ain’t bad in front of goal though but he keeps having to move the zimmer frame to swing his leg at the ball

  332. At last the truth has to come out.

    Well it will in the morning…..

    Ha Ha Ha….. :lol:

  333. Stan was told to tie his laces to the bed post, he’ll find his way out enentually, his mum must be looking for him by now, she’s missing a dress.
    Nte all.

  334. Cheers SP….!

  335. Hang on, just putting the zimmer away… ;)

  336. Not gone for the day yet AK… ;)

  337. Cheers SP.

  338. Oh so you want to play do you Boss……………….. Who is this Allevkev fella… AK’s great grandson..?

    Hmmmmmmmmm ok…… Game on ;-)

  339. Sorry, evening fine people…

    AK, you have a new granddad in Wath, or is that just down to his age ;)

  340. pee break !!!! lols @ u,…..

    does rico have any role in the team ?
    You should seriously think about a friendly match against Devil’s u 17. Zimmer frame might frighten kids ;)

  341. Stv, i’m leathal with a zimmer

  342. Rico is the medic ST…………….

    She’s the one on the oxygen……!

  343. Ok i’m offski for the day, great larf.

    See you all tomorrow, young and old….. ;)

  344. Nighty night all…. :D

  345. Night AK.. send my regards to Allevkev ;) ;)

  346. Cheers AK, take it easy fella, hope the Mrs recovering well mate..!

  347. Anyone watching Cardiff v palace? Good left winger for palace zaha I think he’s name is…..

  348. Keown doing some commentary too……

  349. Rico you got Ak’s age badly wrong now he’s gonna blame me for that…!

    Very underhanded that is…!

    Palace got a few good young players by all accounts Lee…..

  350. wishing Mrs speedy recovery, AK..

    Am off too see u all later

  351. Night AK. C u tomorrow.

  352. Cheers ST….. be good…!

  353. They’ve also get the ex yid gardener, who’s scored an own goal….

  354. Not a bad game tbh…

  355. Night STV.

    Off too peeps. Find you in the comments tomorrow.

  356. Not gone yet …… AND I KNOW WHO TO BLAME…..

    But there is always tomorrow… :lol:

  357. Cheers DG have a good evening see ya 2moro…!

    Have got it on now Lee……!

  358. Just worked out kenny miller still knocking about…

  359. I go and make a cuppa and you insult me Wath ;)

  360. Nighty AK, looking forward to your post tomorrow :)

  361. Gotta want palace to win, rite?

  362. AK79, She is a rascal is that Rico………..

    Trying to get me into trouble she is…!

  363. Nighty Steve and Stv…

  364. Lee, who ever wins must be the best team to give shitty or the dippers a run for their money……

    Me insult you Boss……………. Never ever :P

  365. Nighty to you too DG ….

  366. Too right Lee

    Hey Wath, i just let the comments out of moderation ;)

  367. Oooooh you fibber you added 79 on AK’s moniker….!

    I get the blame then….!

  368. Did I read earlier we’ve bid on baines? Now he’d fucking do!!!!

  369. AK’s not 79….. ;)

  370. 17yrsold zaha…..

  371. That’s Rico winding everyone up with a story off that rumour site she goes on… Baines, not a chance but I’d take Fellaini ;-)

  372. lee – it’s a rumour going around in liverpool, apparently the clubs are miles apart with the price – not sure if it holds any truth, the bit about the valuation makes me think it could be….

  373. He’s quick Lee…… gives the ball away to easy still, although the pitch ain’t helping matters..!

  374. I didn’t Wath, honest ;)

    And no, i’m not winding anyone up re baines….

  375. Only player score hatricks PL div 1,2,3 FA cup League cup and an international one too…….?

  376. I’m sure he told me he was 78 lee ;)

    It’s heading towards my bedtime so a cuppa and a rich tea call me….

    You all stay safe and have a good night, chat tomorrow all

    Nighty night and thanks for another really good day on HH…

  377. Robert Earnshaw……

  378. That is one heck of a record to hold…..

  379. Night Lee, enjoy the footie ;)

    Be good……

  380. That’s got me Lee……

    Night Rico, If we got Baines least then you got 3 players to see who grabs the place for themselves and Santos can always play left midfield as wel know…! I’d take Baines all day long AND Fellaini ;-)

  381. Who did he do it with in Div 3 Lee…?

  382. Cardiff… Tbh I think lots with them…

  383. My first answer was Roy of the Rovers! :lol:

  384. Funny kind of player always looked dangerous scored goals never really lived up to doing it all the time though did he….

    Right am off to watch extra time and penalties ;-)

    Chat 2moro Lee, night Rico…!

  385. Me too, night WATH……GG stands for George Graham! ;)

  386. He’s Stroller ;-)

  387. personally, coming from a rugby tradition, I think it is heresy to have a different away kit unless the opposition for the day has similar. I don’t even like sponsor’s names of shirts/jerseys

  388. We lost all the matches versus Fulham this season !

  389. Devilgunner,I just read what I missed after going to bed last night,and one comment is kind of insulting.
    You believe me to be an AKB ….you’re wrong,but are entitled to that opinion.
    Why is it you label these people on the same level as scum?
    Simply because somebody disagrees with you is hardly a reasonable excuse for that.
    I’ve changed my name so there is no confusion as to who I am.
    I will remain civil,but some of you seemed to carry on as if i were the only person trading insults.
    All i ask is a fair go and to have my opinion respected,but we “scum” don’t seem to have that right in the eyes of some.

  390. hi all

    I heard they were making Docs in England again

  391. Scott from Oz

    the AKBers don’t just disagree, they are rusted on fan boys. Justified criticism of AW is like Criticising Christ himself

  392. devilgunner says:
    January 24, 2012 at 7:07 pm


    Have you seen this site folks??????

    I kind of like this new kit.

    all we need now is a few blokes that can play football

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