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Can we finally take advantage? Ashley Cole doesn’t rate his team-mates!

Just a bit of fun to start, Ashley Cole has been asked to name his all time eleven during his playing days and here it is:

TEAM (4-4-2): Seaman; Lauren, Adams, Campbell Cole; Sturridge, Vieira, Gerrard, Pires; Bergkamp, Henry.

Just one Chav, other than him….. :)

Our French master has come out with yet another classic:

Before Sunday’s game nobody will come in so we will have now to focus on the players we have.

I will assess the situation after the game on Sunday but until then nothing will happen now for us.

What does this manager of ours need to witness in order to asses our situation, hasn’t he seen enough?

Does that mean if Miquel gets a roasting he’ll sign a player? What about the situation at right back too?

Sorry, it just doesn’t add up and we all know why!

Sorry Arsene, you could and you should have sorted this out by now, you have had twenty-two days!

Anyway, today we face Old Red Nose side, that same side which battered us good and proper last year. The result saw us sign a few just before and on deadline day of the transfer window and who knows, a similar result may make the club react again in the same way in the transfer window.

Would you be happy if that happened?

No, nor would I!

We need beat the Mancs today and still take advantage of the transfer window.

Can we finally take advantage and gain points on Chelsea who dropped another two points yesterday?

Liverpool and Newcastle both suffered heavy defeats too and a win today would give a bit of breathing space behind us. No doubt Manchester City will gain three points in their match so we could in theory gain three vital points on that lot down the road.

The word ‘revenge’ is all over the papers, it’s not just about that, it’s about working hard, working as a team and fighting until the end to secure three huge home points.

Rumours are that Vermaelen has been passed fit so that would be a massive boost and I strongly suspect that Thierry Henry will be fit too, Arteta is definitely out.

Some of our players have had shockers recently, today, each and every one of them need to have the game of their life, do that and we may just nick a point. ;)

Have a good day all….

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300 comments on “Can we finally take advantage? Ashley Cole doesn’t rate his team-mates!

  1. Morning all…..

  2. Morning Rico,
    Sorry i missed your birthday, hope you had a cracker.
    I think we all realise that if we had another 8.2 Wenger would have to do something in this window as the pressure would be massive, Personally i cans see a much closer game today, but with the players we have available i can only see one outcome, but the closer it is will only convince me that we will still stay the same. The commitment that the management and board have shown over the last few years suggests that top half of the league is good enough for them. They must be waiting for something i only wished i knew what it was.

  3. do you think a fb can be signed who is up to speed and put straight on pitch in days come with your boots on lad

  4. Morning GC, he show’s he’s not interested,. but the profits will carry on mounting. I would imagine another full house today, another £3 million in the old back pocket, Money without effort, nice work if you can get it.

  5. Morning Steve and gc

    I did thanks Steve, no sore head either ;)

  6. yes i do gclarke re the lb, JV would one….

  7. Happy birthday! (for yesterday), not expecting anything other than one result today…:(

  8. Morning Gooners.


  9. Thanks Sam and DG :)

    i take it you don’t mean a home win then sam :(

  10. Good morning guys and chicks of the Gunners’ faith.

    Happy Belated Birthday Rico. Hope you had a good day and I wish you a year full of all that you desire.

    So TV returns. I would go as far as to play the same back line as Swansea…..JD,Kozzer, Merte, Miguel. And I would put TV in the centre near Song with Ramsey in front of them. He would surely solidify the midfield.

  11. Morning devil, thank you :)

    Nice idea re TV but can you see Wenger being as adventurous? He’ll play the same old same old tactics….

    Can’t believe he is trying the pre-match mind games with Fergie over Henrys fitness, I strongly doubt he is injured…

  12. Hello everyone! Happy birthday rico!

    The match is being shown on danish tv. I for one, was looking forward to it. But I don’t think that my nerves can handle another dissapoitment :(

  13. TV fit will be a big boost 2 the team 2day,wish the guys the very best and hope our luck turn for good today because we ve been running short of it lately

  14. Hi Adk, thanks :)

    For the first time in a long time, i’m not sure if i will watch todays game either, like you, i can’t stomach another defeat in such a manner as the last….

    but, no doubt as 4pm approaches, afc will get the better of me….

  15. welcome audu – huge boost if the runour is true, fingers crossed….

  16. Happy birthday for yesterday Rico, trust you had a lovely day and was spoilt rotten.
    Today I really hope, that if Arsene cannot deliver a passionate pre match war cry speech to inject some pride and passion into the team, then maybe Pat Rice could step in, knock a few tea cups over, and tell them that respect from the fans can be earned today. If they lose, but fight for every 2nd ball etc I for one will take the defeat better, than if we just roll over.
    On paper, the Mancs should get the 3 points, but sometimes, if the team goes out in the right frame of mind, we could just nick it. I would play TV at right back and put the cumbersome plodder, Djeureau in the middle. He has more chance there, he’ll get murdered on the flanks.
    I also reckon the Spuds could get a draw or poss a win at City, all appears not quite harmonious in the City camp, too many egos to be massaged. So a win today for us is a must on all fronts following yeeterdays results by Liverpool etc.

  17. Hi Marinello – thank you and I did, weather was lovely so the woofa was the spoilt one ;)

    I hope you are wrong re the spuds, i hope Citeh batter them and knock them down a peg or two…

    Would TV not struggle at Rb, he’s left footed?

  18. Good point about JD though, if he HAS to play, play him in the middlewith Merts, maybe Kos at R b and TV at Lb..

    Or even, Miquel alongside Merts and leave JD on the bench?

  19. Off for a walk with the woofa, want to be back in time to watch the neighbours, and i don’t mean the aussie soap ;)

    Back in a bit…

  20. I tink gunners prove dat dey can do it

  21. Afternoon Gooners,
    Time to batton down the hatches and reach for the tin hat, could be a load of flak coming our way shortly.

    I see the party animal is off to clear her head !

  22. Don’t think spurs have played any of the top teams away yet so today will be a real test for them, we have to start closing the gap, we will see the scum start to drop points from here on in.

  23. late, but Happy Birthday..rico.. hope you had a gud one..

  24. Wenger must be the most passive manager in the league. In essence what he’s saying is if we get a hiding he’ll panic buy again. If we somehow scrape a decent result he’ll see that as justification to do nothing. It’s such a weird, reactive way of managing but that’s the nature of the man – and a club that only spend when the pressure becomes immense… and even then not much.

  25. @ devilgunner
    I would prefer djou mert verm miquel
    koscie song
    walcot goal machine ox ramsey and henry can come in as subs together wt arshavin
    djou and mert in central defence would be murder as they are both slow and not the best at interceptions and one on one situation……… 2 0 to d GUNNERS

  26. The Arsenal are red salmons swimming up white wash rapids. Jumping ever rising water levels, that select the strong from the weak. A positive Mancs result will hopefully earn us rights on Europe’s best spawning grounds. Attract new potential we so desperately need. A negative one will make us toast topping. Accompanying our rivals champagne bottles in following transfer windows.

    I think there’s more at stake today than meets the eye. We hardly built a C.V. over recent seasons that excites mega talents or experienced players. Our only fighting chances in the near future depends heavily on providing fresh waters. Rich of oxygen and quality competition to feed testosterone levels that make the strengths of survival and a ruthless pack.

  27. Afternoon guys and gals…

    Micko – i am a good girl ;)

  28. morning all, happy belated birthday rico,

    I feel positive today, I think we can manage a draw!!! at least!

    Just wonder what everybody think about Soldado of Valencia, he looks very good striker and got goals in abundance! what value would he be in the market? a market without the Citehs and chavs of course!

  29. Thanks Stv and Rokabox, and hi to you…

    Citeh haven’t their strongest squad out, savic and lescott in defence – defoe and VdV will have a field day – at least no Lardybayor….

    any striker in good form would be a good signing but old ebenezer thinks we are ok up front – why he thinks that i never know….

  30. Tbh, our problems dont really lie in defence, as Sagna and Vermaelen will come back in 2/3 weeks. Whats the point of spending 10M on a defender and pay him 50/60K a week just to cover for a few weeks when our starters return? Im sorry, but I agree with Wenger on this one.

    I do, however think we need to add A QUALITY attacking midfielder as Ramsey doesnt look the part (at the moment). People who think Wilshire will take Ramsey’s spot are pretty stupid as he will be challenging Arteta for the deep-lying playmaker/enforcer role rather than Ramsey for the pure attacking midfielder. A Gourcouff/Gotze (I can dream cant I?) would really propell us forward as that is the missing cog in the Arsenal machine.

    Oh, and Walcott needs to be cashed in on before clubs figure out hes just a ridiculously fast guy with no touch, technique, intelligence or finishing. Hear PSG will offer 20M?

  31. It makes me laugh that people think Wenger doesn’t care about success and is happy to take his money whilst the team is in decline. Yes he makes tactical errors and yes he has made errors in the transfer market, but what can he do on the budget he’s working on. Does anyone truly believe that he’d stick his reputation as the club’s greatest manager on the line for a few extra pounds that he doesn’t need? Isn’t it funny that he was pictured last summer on holiday with David Dein, that bloke who was forced out of the club for having too much ambition. Wenger is in a hugely difficult situation. Does he stay with the slim hope that Usminov can get onto the board and bring back Dein? The risk of course is that nothing changes and the rest of our top players leave, and Wenger suffers the backlash from the fans. On the other hand he could walk away, reputation still intact when everyone sees that the board continue to hold back money from the next manager. But he knows that he’s the last good guy left at the club and if he does leave, the board could cherrypick any mug they like who won’t demand cash to spend. The thing is 99 times out of 100, the first person the fans turn on is the manager and I am not looking forward to that day. Be careful what you wish for people.

  32. Personally I am very pessimistic about today!!!! :(

  33. Happy birthday rico!
    City-Totts on tv
    Gervinho plays today!

  34. Vin, i’d still say we need a Lb, Santos is months away from return and Gibbs has yet again gone from being close to return, only to then hear it’s three weeks..

    Also, imho, Song needs a kick in the pants, he has been average recently, we create chances, we just can’t convert them so a striker is another we need..

  35. Luton gooner – considering he is supposed to be one of the best managers in the world, for 6/7 seasons now he has failed to address our weaknesses – hardly backs up his so called reputation…

    devil – you and me both

    Hi JM, thank you, have the ACON started?

  36. Just checked and it has … Hope IC get knocked out early and we get Gervinho back – and Morocco go all the way ;)

  37. Everyone is entitled to his opinion LutonGooner. But remember that for the past 7 seasons AW has only come second best or worse. Even Alex McLeish was first best at something last year. If you have seen the previous articles where I wrote the pattern of the club regarding team development you would certainly see that the direction of AW and the board is of their own doing. AW is practically part of the board although he is not a director. If you say he is not then look no further than the fact that he interviewed the CEO himself. No one would do that to me if I had been the club’s owner. He would have been sacked on the spot simply for thinking about it let alone suggest it and implement it.

    Personally I would like AW to make us eat a humble pie (me included), but sadly I do not think it will be so.

  38. ‘Personally I would like AW to make us eat a humble pie (me included), but sadly I do not think it will be so.’

    That is just what most have hoped for devil….

  39. Frimpong was having a blinder yesterday until he got stretchered off, he’s a double hard north london geezer and right now we could do with a few more like him in the first team, he wants to compete, wants to win, you can see it in his body language.
    Too many in the squad now are just happy to go through the motions and pick up their wages at the end of the week, it’s like they’ve been brainwashed into accepting finishing in a european spot each season is better than winning a trophy.

  40. That is AW’ and the board’s mentality Micko. And it transfers to the players. I always tell my players that I will defend whatever they do in front of others but they can be murdered within the four walls of the dressing. The first thing I transfer to them is that whatever the score they need to give their all up till the last second, Anything less and it means a rocket.

    I still remember Pat Rice saying that way back in 1996 he shouted something in the heat of the moment to the players and AW told him to sit down and discuss with the players calmly. That is a right attitude with winners and leaders but with the bunch of loosers buck passers we have at the moment calmness wont work.

  41. Micko – spot on, and another we should make sure we keep is Lansbury – a gooner through and through who still hurts from the ot debarcle, he’s at the game today in theo’s box!

  42. Even RVP who is the captain I dare say he hasnt got the will of Wilshere, TV, Frimpong, Koscielny to win. He is not the charismatic leader like TA, or PV or Mclintock.

    And by the way LutonGooner…..just to remind you that before AW came we had won 10 league titles, 6 FAcups and 2 cups in Europe. With AW more often than not we are second best or worse. Taking away the invincible season and the other two double seasons we are left with what exactly?? Ahhh I forgot…11 times second. Yes a bloody ELEVEN times second.

  43. Devil, i’m not lumping it all on wenger, a few of us on here have season tickets, i remember Gazidas saying one of the reasons the tickets prices were going up last season was that it would help us compete in the transfer market, my head can’t be screwed on properly, i feel for that hook, line and sinker.

  44. Just to point them out…..

    Premiership…98/99, 99/00, 00/01, 02/03, 04/05

    FA cup…..2001

    League Cup…2007, 2011

    Charity Shield….2003, 2005

    Champions league….2006

    UEFA cup…..2000

    OOOPPSSSSSS. TWELVE times to be not eleven.

  45. JM hasn’t been on so recently so I take it our poor relations haven’t scored against Citeh, anyone know the score ? Must be half time by now.

  46. Micko…the fact that AW is part of it makes him an accomplice. Do that to Mourinho and he will be off.

    We need Winners.

  47. That’s too much hurt Devil.
    The 2001 FA Cup final where the dirty, cheating, diving scousers had two keepers in goal that day, that still gets up my nose.

  48. nasri scores, and a good one as well!

  49. Na$ri makes it 1-0. Can Clichy get on the act???

  50. To be exact…..GG lost one cup final and learnt from it. Has AW learnt anything???

  51. Lol

    Fergie knocked back one of Wenger’s own pingpong balls:

    “I could have signed Van Persie.”

    Clichy on a yellow 10th minute. Still 0-0.

  52. 2-0 city!
    The ACAN started yesterday!
    Gervinho plays at 4 pm too

  53. Nas$ri – you just earned one of you many ££££££’s :P

    2-0 – fab, just bloomin fab! Now go and get another 3 or 4….

  54. 2-1 Defoe…

  55. Wow I take my eye off the live scores and it goes rumbling.

    Good news that may counterweight the bad. Hooray!!

  56. 2-2 Bayle! :-(

  57. Micko – i don’t entirely blame Wenger either, as a group of people, our owners/management all have their part to play…

    If there is money,and wenger chooses not to spend, his bosses should be telling him otherwise to spend in to make us a force again….

    they are all to blame in my eyes…

    bollox 2-2….

  58. Wonder if this will be the last game Arry watches from the dugout? ;)

    Totts are going to win this guys….

  59. WTF. I said good news will do today. :-( :-(

  60. DG, i read the RvP story, Fergie said that when he watched him RvP either got sent off or walked off the pitch – he couldn’t have been watching him much could he ;)

  61. Rico it underlines devil’s words earlier. Not charismatic enough. He used much of his time with Arsenal to work on a better attitude.

  62. Nasri DG, i can’t stand the little squirt but any goals against ‘that lot’ deserves credit ;)

  63. Chamberlian, RvP and Walcott start up front

    Back 4 – JD Kos Merts and TV :)

    Song Rosicky and Ramsey

  64. Rico I will buy 32 toothbrushes for Na$ri one for each tooth. ;-)

  65. That was shocking by Balotelli – Scott Parker could have been seriously injured then, bad bad tackle and i hope the FA deal with him after….

  66. :lol: DG – i’m not paying for any of his shorts though, his size of butt, they will be expensive ;)

  67. think that fair start up, even if they fu**ed up, at least he made a change from Arshavin and Benayoon. good to have TV back, wish if Frimbog was available though!

  68. Boo! I hope the birthday girl was spoiled to within an inch of her life. :) :)

    I’m quite optimistic we’d nick a win.

  69. Rico, i remember arsenal nearly pulling the plug on the rvp transfer at the time, we wouldn’t meet feyenoords evaluation, wenger did a double bluff and shuffle and got him for a couple of mill i think.
    I didn’t think we were gonna get him in the end as we already had reyes playing in his position but it worked out well in the end.
    I’d hate to see him go to Citeh just to warm the bench.

  70. :-) :-) Rico

    He’s got the arse that make cows give him a wink.

  71. thank goodness we didn’t sign Savic :)

  72. that’s was close!!!!!!

  73. panaltyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

  74. 20 second until the end… penalty for M.City!

  75. 3-2 1 :-)

  76. horrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  77. 3-2 – good… but that guy should not even be on the pitch!!

  78. I thought RvP and Reyes joined the same year Micko?

  79. Ah, just peeded at Wikki, Reyes in Jan 04, RvP in May 04 :)

    Glad Wenger didn’t lose out, but shame we didn’t keep reyes too, they could have played in the same team and with all the injuries RvP has suffered etc etc….

    Fergie is full of bollox ;)

  80. DG – :lol: re Na$ris butt…..

  81. I’m off to the bar, them northern monkeys are going down…….I hope.
    Laters Gooners, C’mon Arsenal.

  82. Micko

    RvP made threats to Feyenoord he would throw regular tantrums. Frustrate his market value and walk away for free.

    He’s lucky AW was stubborn enough to keep him around. With his injury history he could have easily ended up as another football nomad enigma.

  83. Team in full:

    Szczesny, Djourou, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Ramsey, Song, Rosicky, Walcott, Van Persie, Oxlade-Chamberlain.


    Almunia, Park, Squillaci, Arshavin, Benayoun, Miquel, Yennaris.

    Strong bench eh….


  84. Laters Micko, enjoy a few of the black stuff ;)

  85. Bye Micko enjoy.

  86. rico, the bench is poor but how many fit players have we more?
    Park has he opportunity…
    AW too

  87. Parh has his oppotunity…

  88. Hi Agag. You got lost in a tsunami of comments. Goon afternoon.

  89. hi, i’m going to the Emirates now

  90. JM, who’s fault is that :(

    Hi agag, didn’t see you sneak on :( Had a fab day thank you :)

  91. Really chuffed to see Ox and Walcott start, they both need to get through 90 mins, keep the mancs back….. they will be worried about their pace… and maybe even the Ox’s finishing ability :)

    see you at H/T, fingers, toes and everything crossed…..

  92. Happy birthday for yesterday Rico. hope everybodies favorite wheeler dealers week go’s from bad to worst, he’s up in court tomorrow isnt he.

  93. Afternoon Gooners.
    Afternoon Birthday Gal…. Good post….

    Shame about TH12.
    We’ve got absolutely nothing on the bench.
    The XI on the pitch will have to do it.
    Can’t see Arshavin and/or Park coming on to save the day…..

    Delighted to see Oxlade-Chamberlain on the bench…..

  94. Could Arry really end up in the slammer?

  95. Ox on the PITCH, i meant….. :roll:

  96. Well, that’s usefull, Jones is a good player…

    Wish we’d got him last August….

  97. I wonder whether or not TW looks up when he gives a pass.

    We are playing a waiting game. not much gungho.

  98. Theo is rubbish. If he’s hoping to impress Capello who is in the crowd, he is doing an awful job.

  99. Afternoon AK…. :)

    DG, if found guilty, he could be kicked out of the game….

    Is JD having a decent game or do i need to go to specsavers ;)

  100. Hiya AK,

    Happy to see the Ox as a starter as well. But is it fair to put this much pressure on his shoulders? AW should have given him a few run-outs earlier this season. Now he might feel he needs to write tomorrow’s papers with a fairytale acting as a dragon slayer.

  101. and so is ramsy! rubbish that is!

  102. Hiya Dutch, Devil, Agag…..

    Sounds a frustratingly scrappy game on 5Live….

  103. This 4-5-1 to 4-3-3 malarkey is getting on my nerves. Why dont we go 4-4-2 with RVP and Theo upfront and exploit Evans and Smalling’s slowness at the back. But no we continue to defend 4-5-1 and 4-3-3 when we attack. Its only RVP alone against these two and while he is between them they control him. Put Theo together with him and they will murder them.

  104. Hiya AK. How are you 4???

    Its not that it is a scrappy game. Its one similiar to the AFC-shitty game…every pass is like a chess game.

  105. Rico, i think we badly need Typic……… ;)

    Is he on the bench???

  106. No urgency. No direction. Typical.

  107. Slack marking by TV. Valencia was left alone.

  108. Well, i have been wrong, we need a creator, we are pants and JD was all over the place to allow Giggs to cross for the goal…..

  109. Don’t worry, we’ve got Arshavin & Park to come off of the bench, to save the day…. :(

    Watch ManUre pick us off in the 2nd 45….. :( :(

  110. I should have thought that TV, being a natural centreback should have dealt with Valencia easily. But typical slack marking and lack of concentration and we go 0-1 down

  111. :lol: :lol: AK, sadly yes, there are a few ‘typical wengers’ on the bench….

  112. Humbug. Hope we can keep respectable.

  113. agag, spot on!

    I blame JD for leaving Giggs to make the cross devil but yes, TV should have go on the inside of Valencia…

    Park to come on and score two ;) ;)

    Sorry to jest, but we are a joke, why shouldn’t i laugh, OUR club are laughing at us each day of the week!!

  114. What’s Ramsey position on the pitch?
    The midfiels is completely out of the game except Rosicky.
    Walcott or OX must be with Evra when MU attack

  115. well the JD has done it yet again!!!

  116. No excuses Djourou shouldn’t even be in the squad, get him off

  117. I hate to say/write this, but we could get well turned-over in the 2nd 45.
    It’s the perfect scenario for ManUre.
    Soak up our pitiful attacks and hit us on the break…..

    Hill-Wood won’t be too bothered though….. :evil:

  118. W deserved to be behind. Our players were stranding and hobbling whole of the game. Van persie having a shit game so far. Djorou started decently then became djorou later on.. laughable counter attacks too oooo slow..

    on a gud note merts, aoc having a gud game s far.. lets’s see what happen in 2nd half..

  119. my fault, i thought he was doing ‘ok’ – then……

    hope wenger has some kind of h/t talk in him…

    hi steve – not good is he, in fact he is off, yenarris on :eek:

  120. probably worst home performance this season so far..

  121. Nico Yennaris in… Great, we throw another young one to the dogs…

  122. sub’s, and before 67 mins, bloody heck arsene…..

  123. Yennaris has replaced JD. Seems as if it is just a twisted angle. More a twisted footballing brain it seems.

  124. Well it won’t be 8-2 again. There’s no way we can score 2.

  125. Rico, happy belated birthday!!!

  126. Come on, you reds!!! Robin’s been invisible.

  127. That’s good from this guy Yennaris.. Relieved that bloody punk DJ gone

  128. Seems as if RVP going off and staying is the same…..he is nowhere.

    Is he injured???

  129. Steve, that is bloody funny :P

    Hey lee, thank you, shame wnegr and his crew can’t dish up a belated present eh…..

  130. OOh my goddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  131. Robin… how did you miss that one….

  132. TR did well to pass, (IMO he should have shot) but the ball was on RVP’s left and strongest foot. We will pay for that chance.

  133. That’s better (errr…) from our boys!! Come on, AFC!!!

  134. devil, i can understand why TR would pass, in form RvP, open goal and on his left peg??

    dead cert to score ordinarily…..

  135. Rosicky is working his socks off. He is playing really well. Typical of AW it would be……to see him being substituted.

    FFS Arsene….MAKE IT A BLOODY 4-4-2

  136. Though itwas a gud pass it’s the same rosicky who scored two scremers in wc 2006 2 in anfield.. his scoring ability almost completelgone off these days.

    btw laying well now..

  137. I agree Rico….but that is the problem with our team. We have no one who can take even a teammate from the scruff of the neck. It is easy to square up to your enemies…..but its damn fucking hard to square up to your friends and keep your ground.

  138. Come on, we are now taking hold of midfield!!! A bit more of a cutting edge, please!!

  139. Steve….it has been coached out of him. Many skills have been coached out of some of our players….Rosicky, Arshavin to name but two.

  140. Chesney, come on!!!

  141. Merte…..that should make you MOTM

  142. What is this fucking refereee doing !!

  143. Theo has absolutely no sense of anticipation. Run run run. That’s all he does. Pointless.

  144. Agag it was funny the way he positioned himself in the centre of the 6 yard box when the OX crossed. Do you folks sincerily think that he would have won a a header????

  145. That’s it dfukers!!

  146. Robiiiiiiiiin

  147. 1-1

    the magic has returned.


  149. That’s not the sight I want to see :(

  150. Woooow. The fans are angry about the substitution. But mygod, why is Walcott staying on???

  151. WTF…..you take off our best winger and put on a cart horse??? if that decision backfires you will have a lot to answer for. I hope to eat a humble pie.

  152. It should have been Theo off. Hope AW is right and I am wrong.

  153. yea first reward from the sub

  154. Now, Walcott’s unconscious??? Oh god.

  155. even the emirates & RVP baffled with wenger’s substitution

  156. Fuuuuuuuudge

  157. Grrrrrrr

  158. That was a good substitution Wenger – Chamberlain for the Arsehavin!!

  159. and there you have it….Arshavin cannot even tackle a static broom. He should have not given Valencia that much space. At least the Ox would have kept Valencia further back in case he might defend. suddenly its only Vermaelen on that side.

  160. So, we now get to see Park…

    AA is lazy, bloody lazy!!

    I hope he goes in the next couple of days!!

  161. another good reward from the sub good tracking good defense!!!!

  162. Park on……can he save the day and in 6 minutes manage to do more than Chamack and Arshavin have done since August???

  163. NO Humble pie for you Devil. AA fucked up there. Makes AW’s sub woeful.

  164. Blimey ! Who’s the bloke in a number 9 shirt ?

  165. Love the new chant: ” you don’t know what you’re doing ! “

  166. we have never won a game with Dean in charge

  167. Third reward from sub!

  168. That’s it!! This game gives me great pain :( :(

  169. Wenger has much to answer for. You sub your bright light for one who is a spent bulb Brilliant, Wenger. Well-done!

  170. I take Ox as the only positive.

  171. Same old then……

  172. rico, your birthday present was a dud. :( :(

  173. No DG10. Kozzer had a super game today. Even Yennaris in just 45 minutes showed that he is a FOOTBALLER with a sense.

  174. Quite impressed by Yennaris…

  175. Wenger must be saving the Ox but what the fuck for

  176. so true agag, the ox was the player who could have won us this game – he should have taken theo off….

    as DG says, Ox was the shining light in this defeat…

    rosicky to had a decent game, ramsey, walcott, song, jd had shockers….

  177. Sorry, Devil. Ox was the only one who got praised on live scores. Rightfully corrected than.

  178. Same sentiment, Devil…

  179. They sure did agag….

    Yennaris did well, how many times have we all suggested he started? He’s a right back, JD will never be…

  180. Song was awwwwwwful. I expected more from him… Ramsey cn’t keep on spurning his chances. Like theo, such lack of composure…

  181. I thought, Chamberlain, Kos and Merts had a good game, they were let down by others…

    Too many others!!

    Song proved why we need M’Vila today agag….

  182. Today was my first time in my whole life as an ARSENAL supporter that I have heard the supporters chant “You dont know what you are doing” to a manager. Even the players were open mouthed when the OX, the best player on the pitch was substituted for a spent player.

  183. I’m usually magnanimous towards Wenger, rico. But he is responsible for assembling this team of mediocrity. And I don’t blame the fans for voicing their displeasure at the substitution. Made no sense. None.

  184. wenger is just a fool subborn french garlic on denial, he wants to prove the imposible playing the same shit of players and take off the better ones. what planet is he from? shame that all effort the other put went in vain.. Theo, Ramsy had very poor game and he takes off the best one and put on the shitty russian!

    that’s it for me, he should resign, even the crowd for the first time
    told him he doesn’t know what he is doing!

  185. Agag, re your 5.59, comment of the day, take a bow.

    Considering Yennaris was probably our 5th choice at the start of the season i thought the lad done really well today.

    As for AA, don’t get me started, if he was a horse he would be shot.

  186. If AW doesnt take heed of what happened today he never will.

    According to Italian sites we are in for Mauro Zarate who plays for Internazionale.

  187. There are no positives from this game.. We all know AOC is a good player and Wenger is not giving him chance. defensive errors at cruicial time, lack of cutting edge up front, getting too sloppy, arshavin and djourou…

    One decision I like today was replacing stupid djorou on ht.
    we were an arshavin away from winning it..
    Emptiness !!!! what’s next !!

  188. How lucky are we we get to keep Arshavin Djourou Sqillaki and Diaby for another six months. I cant wait

  189. Similar here agag, but… what you say is spot on….

    Micko – agag is so so right, Chamberlain was a real shining star today, he is still a kid, but showed exactly what playing football means to him, we have another Jack and i for one am bloody glad we signed him….


    Get them in the same side, we’ll have a team of ‘Arsenal’ again and they would embarass many of our current lot!!

    Yenarris did himself proud too….

  190. Rokabox – please don’t mention Wenger, French and Garlic together, it offends…

    Stv, spot on re AA

    SteveP, that lot can naff off asap!!

    It offends me, I bloody love garlic ;) ;)

  191. Hi, Micko. :( I want to feel sympathetic towards AA, really, I do. But nothing about the way he plays even remotely suggests he can be bothered. Such a stark contrast to Rosicky, who’s a second-stringer now, but does try to make the most of his limited playing time. He was one of the few trying to urge the ball forward. Song, Ramsey, and Walcott were disastrous.

    Robin and Kozzer have to be my favorite AFC players now.

  192. Rokabox, better off using cheese eating surrender monkey next time.

  193. hate robin today for the miss .. I know it’s rude but thats two games against swansea too..

  194. Arsene Wengers coming on this should be good


  196. Just saw the RVP reaction when the OX was subbed for AA.

    If I lip read correctly he is saying “Oh no”

    Then he asked “Why??”

    That is if I am correct. I might be wrong.

  197. So I could have predicted that side would lose today and Arsene couldn’t, perhaps I should be paid 7mil then!?

  198. :P :P Rokabox

    off for dinner…..

  199. I’m a lip reader and i thought he said , Oh No You Cnut Why. Get me a transfer

  200. yeah £7m p.a and the fucking idiot takes off one of our best players to replace with someone that quite clearly don’t want to be here…LUDICROUS!!!
    JD was woeful…AGAIN! How many chances will give these players…..?

  201. who did walcott give a bollocking to in the first half? He wants to have look at himself the fuckin headless chicken….

  202. SP1 :-)

  203. Rico @ 6.26

    So how come that Lansbury and Frimpong are both out on loan?? Rosicky did well today but Song was not in the races while Ramsey is finding it tough to impose himself. Surely both could have done better than Song and Theo. At least they could allow us to play 4-4-2.

    Regarding AA, if I was in his place I would slap in a transfer request and tell AW that I will never play again for HIM. To hear the normally placid and tolerant ARSENAL supporters booing you as you enter is enough to make even the most hardened man cry. AW has destroyed him and the sooner he is off to a club who plays him in his right position the better.

  204. He should be cas no other manager even give him a chance.. and cos he gave supporters that much joy during his time.

  205. Anyone got the Wenger post-match i/v…..?

  206. My comments later…

  207. not yet Sir AK. I have been searching the internet for it and its not on. Maybe he went to have a long hard look in the mirror.

  208. Gunners manager Arsene Wenger said: ‘We had a difficult first half, we were a bit nervous due to the fact we lost the last two games and we played under pressure today.

    ‘In the second half we had chances to win the game, we made a defensive mistake on the second goal but we had a good second half and at 1-1 it looked like it would be us to win.’

  209. Arsene Wenger has partially admitted his regret over the substitution of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

    And after witnessing the failure which resulted partly from his choice of substitution on Sunday, Wenger did not hide from the truth that he had made a tactical error.

    “We showed a good display in the second-half and I feel we were very unlucky” Wenger told Sky Sports

    That is all I could find Sir AK. And for the first time ever I have heard AW admit a mistake.

  210. Seems as if Yennaris had a good game…..

    Hopefully that’ll be the last time we’ll see Djourou at right-back.

    He’s, at best, an average centre-back. But at full-back he is suspect and clearly uncomfortable…

    Yes, injuries haven’t helped. And it’s easy being wise in retrospect, but maybe a manager who was braver and had more imagination, would have started with Yennaris.

    You can see Wenger’s lack of imagination in his substitution of Oxlade-Chamberlain for Arshavin.

    It was a decision that did not need to be made.

    So why the fcuk did he make it?

    Did he think that Arshavin would score?
    Or create the winner???

    Well actually Arshavin did assist in the winner. And United duly took their chance.

  211. Did Park have any effect when he came on?

    If not, then what was the point in bringing him on??

    And what was the fcuking point in signing him???

  212. I would have rather seen Ozyakup on the bench…

    And wouldn’t it have been great to have had Frimpong on the bench??

    Maybe in the team!

    Instead of Song. Who is playing as if he has one eye on his next transfer…

  213. Still i don’t suppose that our moronic Chairman is too concerned.

    As long as he has an alcholic drink and a Havana cigar to stuff into his fat ugly face, then everything is ok….

  214. Oh yes he had an effect mate. He was making his fans in Korea scream with delight. Otherwise I would have made two or three better runs than him.

    I still cannot fathom out how Lansbury and Frimpong are out on loan.

  215. Were you unable to watch, AK? Well, you did spare yourself the pain of another ignominious defeat and the sheer cluelessness of certain players. Usual suspects. ;)

    I swear, there is so little to suggest Oxo could not have lasted the entire game.

  216. I’m beginning to prepare myself for finishing outside of the top-four.

    Unless that useless tosser Gazides pulls a rabbit or two out of his hat, we’re finishing 5th or worse.

    Our only saving grace is the fact that Liverpool and Newcastle are worse than us.

  217. Agag, there’s only one thing for it gal.

    I’m gonna have to go out tomorrow and buy myself a pair of shoes…. :P:

  218. Devil, i’m not sure if Afobe is fit yet, but i’d rather have had him coming off the bench.

    Even on one leg… ;)

  219. JD is rubbish at right-back but that’s not his fault. Strange though that SAF and all the Man U players knew it but it came as a surprise to our manager.

    Even stranger would be the claim that Yennaris is a gamble given that were he fit the right-back berth today would have been given to Jenkinson.

  220. Always thought Rooney was suspect… ;)

  221. AK :D Haha. I like!! Go get a fancy pair! It will make you feel soooo much better.

  222. Steve, i don’t think playing Yennaris would have been that much of a gamble, but Wenger is ultra-cautious….

    In fact, if the truth be told, most of us were dumb-founded that Wenger made a change at half-time!

  223. Posted a really good picture Agag, but it went into moderation…..

    I know that Wath, Lee, SSP and Micko will appreciate it.

    My idea of fancy shoes Agag is getting a brown pair…. ;)

  224. AK, what’s this retail therapy? Shame IG didn’t fancy a little transfer therapy…..

  225. What’s the photo about? Brown can be fancy, AK. ;) :)

    Ju had too little time to be able to impose himself. Theo, on the other hand, had entirely too much time, and apart from some moves, likewise did nothing to be able to impose himself.

  226. Agag, you’ll have to wait until Rico comes back from whatever she’s doing.
    Probably thumping her old man…… :lol:

  227. Try it, Lee. Pretty addictive stuff. :cool: For someone whose wife is in the retail business, our owner is ironically averse to spending. Grrrr.

  228. I am off mates. Good night to you all. Even though we lost its nice keeping you company.

  229. Kev, re your 7.29, I don’t even think he could pull a hare out of his arse !

  230. Good night Devil.

    Lee, it must be my female side coming to the fore. :D

    It’s all Agag’s fault. She’s a terrible influence… ;)

  231. My feeling is Wenger wrongfully envisioned Arshavin to reignite his Arsenal career. Redeem his status if you will. In the heat of mass emotions AA was the unfortunate recipient of Boo’s really aimed at Wenger’s F-ed up decision and tactical error.

    Arshavin should find him a club that plays him in his natural role. He’s not that versatile as Wenger wants him to be. AA is perfect within a action radius of 5 yards. Back tracking takes the stamina out off him. He deserves a few good years left as a professional imho.

  232. Cheeky, AK!! ;) Good night, Dev! Glad it’s a bank holiday here tomorrow.

  233. Night Devil. Thanks for the company.

  234. When you see that picture i put up, Micko, you may think about your 8.02 in a different light….

  235. Nite Devil, hopefully your wake to find this has all been a nightmare……..if only.

  236. AK – your Rooney pic is up now, bloomin moderation

    devil – i’d see lansbuury and frimps over some of ours right now….

  237. Dutch, it begs the question then………

    If Wenger is such a genius?

    And his scouts know what they are doing??

    Then wtf did we buy Arshavin for???

  238. Ere Mick, where has Rooney got his rabbit then?????

  239. Apparantly a BBC journalist, has said that Oxo signalled that he wanted to come off…..

    He was suffering from cramp…

  240. devil – i also agree re AA, rubbish he is right jow but that is down to being played everywhere other than where he is born to play….

    he’s not alone either… nighty to you….

  241. Kev, there’s no place for that on a football pitch !

  242. AK, eewww. :) Nothing about Rooney will surprise me though… :D

    Dutch, I really don’t think AA was booed though. The substitution of Oxo was.

  243. Til tomorrow guys, which so i have just found out, will be olivers last match report and contribution to HH….
    :( :(

    What hurts most about today, it was all so so expected – long gone are the days that we fans believed we would win….

    When losing becomes the norm, it’s says an awful lot doesn’t it……….

    Nighty night all……

    Be safe…

  244. AK

    Arshavin was bought on performances at the Euros (took out Holland virtually on his own). And his leadership role that saw Zenith FC win the Russian league and raise eyebrows in the EUR. Championship.

    Nothing more nothing less. They probably thought he had another level of brilliance in him. Totally ignorant he spend the larger portion of his career on one continent. He had already aged his character. Not that adaptable/receptacle to fundamental changes in his play.

  245. Well, the substitution by Wenger, I just do not understand. The Ox was on fire. Walcott should have come off.
    Souness summed it up, selling Nasri, and Fabregas, we needed to replace them in the transfer market with like players. Arsenal are becoming a feeder club, with no CL, we will not be able to attract quality players. Why would RVP want to stay?
    I watched Arshavin half heartedly trying to defend on the 2nd goal, he turned his back to the player and the ball….
    Yennaris was impressive, the Ox was superb, Koscelny was inspiring to watch, Meertsacker looked short of pace and yes great save off the line, but he ain’t good enough. Rice always used to shout at the back 4 to get up the pitch, he seems to slow them down.
    So. I feel the substitution was wrong, it broke the momentum, and Arshavin does not want to be out there, he just goes through the motions.
    Interesting games coming up for us.

  246. What’s happened to oliver??? :( :(

  247. Nite rico, you have to stop burning the candle at both ends.

  248. Night night Rico.

    Agag The fans raised their stick a notch when he entered the pitch.

  249. Good night, dear friends. Try to enjoy what’s left of your night. :(

  250. AK

    There are a couple more examples: Shevchenko, Pavlyuchenko and Zhirkov. ;-)

  251. You off as well Agag….. :(

    Hit those shops tomorrow, that’ll cheer ya up.

    Good night….

  252. Everyone’s heading for their bunks, nite agag.

    Don’t think I’ll be watching match of the day tonight, might just give it a miss.

  253. Yes, i’m beginning to see a pattern emerging there Dutch…..

    It’s certainly put me off Arsenal signing anymore Russians….

  254. Night Agag. Stay away from BUY NOW buttons tonight. 8-)

  255. 9 more days of the Window to go.

    You guys optimistic or not?

  256. I still think that we’ll sign a couple of players, probably on the 31st.

  257. Me too AK. Really doesn’t work past a certain age. Or they have to be the proven works as a young prospect. Like in Gotze.

  258. It won’t be imho, any of the names banded about.

    It’ll be a couple of signings we’ve never heard of like Santos, that kind of ilk.

    A defender and a striker…….

    Maybe a goalkeeper on loan, as i think Fabianski could leave?

  259. Suprised that they haven’t flogged off Squillaci yet?

    Might see some movement next week?

  260. Deadline Day, is Tuesday week, think the cut-off time is 5pm…

  261. Even if we brought in a couple of quality players before the end of the month I’m not sure it would make much difference now, its a case of closing the stable door when the horse has already bolted.

    Champions league is slipping away, Gazidas is always quick to point out how we have made the top 4 every season under wenger and how us fans take the CL for granted, I’ll be interested to hear what he has to say in the summer.

  262. Mick, i’m not sure, but i would imagine that our CEO, will keep his big gob firmly closed for the duration.

    He is like all the other ‘suits’ at Arsenal.
    When times are bad, hide behind the manager and mumble’
    “Not me guv”

  263. AK

    What bothers me is that not many high potentials leave their transfer to the last day. Mediocrity does. There are exceptions to the rule but those leave out of frustration with their current employee. Not circumstances that let them hit the ground running.

  264. How do the fans continue to but up with this crap? I am bemused!!!

  265. Fella’s, I’m gonna call it a night, catch you tomorrow Dutch / AK / Marinello.

  266. I know what you mean Dutch.
    I just think that Arsenal know who they want and have probably been having talks.
    They just like to string it out until the deadline in order to get a discount..!

  267. Good night Mick.

    Try not to go to sleep tonight with an image of Rooney on your mind…….

  268. Good night Micko. C u tomorrow.

  269. Hope your right AK. I really do. No more rubbish from garage sales.

  270. A back keeper has been off radar to many transfer gossips. But a much needed addition. I agree Fabi is looking for a regular start to improve.

  271. Night fellow brothers of the Arsenal faith. Sleep tight.

  272. Wonder if Miyaichi could be heading back to Feyenoord, Dutch?

  273. AK you still about…?

    Do i really wanna chat about today hmmmmmmm

    More importantly how’s the Mrs AK…?

  274. We came back to August/September when the scores marked the time. Three defeats in the League. Nine drop points. The first two games, frustrating. Today, with the impression that we could have achieved more. Considerations: a) Yennakis, is not Sagna, but it’s quick, combative, is part of the movement forward, crosses, faces the opponent. How was it possible to walk all these games with a defense, better to defend, but isn’t a full back? b) AA is not well psychologically. Worse is to “pull” that was the target. If the head does not work, everything else does not work. c) Again, Ramsey is the interval, the player who ran over (almost one km to the 2nd!). But to what avail? d) Park Place today to 7 min. the end, without ever having played in the league, with Arsenal losing 2-1, is to discredit him and move on to play with one player less.

  275. Still here Wath, surfing the net for explanations etc

  276. Mrs AK is fine thank you Wath,

    On that performance, and bearing in mind how well they played yesterday, i think we’re gonna have a tough time beating Aston Villa in the FA Cup.

  277. You don’t need to surf the net for explanations mate you saw it with your own 2 eyes….!

    JM, we had players out of position and when Yennaris came on least he knew where he had to be, he attacked the ball tried to stay with the opponent and generally did a good job, midfield was poor, very poor apaprt from Rosicky and to think we were outplayed buy a 37yr old veteran and a players who is hardly a world beater is frankly pretty pathetic and embarassing, wenger yes again shows his ego and his stubborn mind but not adapting and changing a formation, surely Song and Ramsey in a 4-4-2 would over run Carrick and Giggs…? the smug look on wengers face when answering why he took off Ox stinks of telling lies and bullshit and now i hear wenger says he does not have to answer to all his decisions… actually you ignorant pig on 7million quid a year of OUR money yes you do have to answer….. Sums up all that is wrong with our club !!!

    I am beyond pissed off…. I am seething… an average mancs side played us off the park for 45mins and we didnt have a clue…! Wenger said an idiot is one who doesnt buy a full back and we lose games in Jan with players out injured and what has that idiot done…? bought noone and tells us fullbacks fit in ten days… to late by then mr idiot…. how long will they be fit for is the question and by then we playing for europa league if we lucky.

  278. Glad the Mrs doing ok AK thats at least good news….!

  279. On 29th November, Arsenal lost at home 0-1 to Man City in the Carling Cup.

    Including that game, Arsenal have played 12 league & cup games up to today.

    Their record is =

    Played …..12
    Won………. 5
    Drawn……. 1
    Lost……….. 6
    For………… 15
    Against….. 14

  280. This scenario, has all the makings of last seasons implosion.

    Wenger desperately needs Sagna, Henry, Arteta and Coquelin or Gibbs back.

    I know what you mean about Wenger’s interviews, but you wouldn’t expect Ferguson or Rednapp or Dalglish or Mourinho to admit that they fcuked up.

    He knows it mate, whatever else he might say.

    And btw, Liverpool are in shit street, so we aren’t alone.

  281. Wath, me ol’ china, i’m offski now.

    MotD, i can’t give it up….. ;)

    See ya lata mate….

  282. Cheers Ak, am off for a glass of the day……….

  283. just one conclusion for tonight’s game , although it pains me to say it but i will say it all the same;

    Arsenal is in trouble, we are owned by a man that only cares about our accounts and share value,

    We have a board that cares only about their shares and it’s value.
    and WENGER AS OFFICIALLY LOST IT TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY.He doesn’t know what he is doing anymore and RVP might leave just based on tonight’s decision alone.

    Sell the club to Usmanov(he is a true football fan and he is richer that Abramovic).

    Clear/sack the board , they are not interested in winning anything.

    I will cry though if this happens but i will say ; sack or retire Wenger, he has lost his spark and he is definitely part of the board and taking all of us for a ride including our celebrated fan (Henry)

    Kroenke,Board,Wenger,Ashavin,Walcot,JD,Squilacci,Chamack all needs to go all , all , all.

    Wenger really messed his legacy up tonight and i dont think he will recover.

  284. To me, the FA Cup game with Aston Villa, has now become a must win game…

    Even after todays defeat, Arsenal are only 5 points behind an erratic Chelsea, and could still finish in the top-four.

    I have to admit, that i’m not at all confident that they will, but it is still a possibility.

    Some may argue, that the CL games with AC Milan are more important than the Aston Villa game. And from a financial viewpoint, they probably are.

    But in reality, this Arsenal team, even a fully fit Arsenal team, are not, imho, equiped to win the CL.

    And if, as i fear, Arsenal are not going to finish in the top-four, then the FA Cup, as we stand, remains our best opportunity of saving a season that is fast dying on it’s feet.

    Arsenal’s last trophy was the FA Cup of 2005.

    Maybe we need to win it again, to finally end this damned trophy drought?

  285. No surprise there lee….

  286. Rico, it’s a such a shame that he won’t admit his own short-comings, bin the shite/persistantly injured players so they’re off the wage bill and add three quality ones! It is winding me up more and more I think or talk about it….I seriously think we’d get CL football if he swallowed his pride…but ho hum they banked £3m yesterday, do they give a toss?? I think not….

  287. But ‘he’s been in football 30 years’ lee, he knows better than everyone!!

    What a joke, all the good he did, he has undone, and some – if he can’t see it now he never will and as far as i am concerned, he can go….

    He has 8 days to sort this mess out, if he doesn’t, we will struggle for europa, let alone CL – his own captain is now questioning his decisions, that should tell him something…..

  288. And he spouts the same old crap too, about how the first half was a battle and in the second we played much better, how we had chances to kill off the game….

    garbage, utter bloody garbage!

  289. Added to that, what really pees me off is Utd weren’t actually that good, they are noweher near what they used to be – three players, good players and we would have won that game yesterday and at a canter…..

  290. The New Post is up…..

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