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Striker exit confirmed & Will Theo show today why Wenger was right?

Before you all get your hopes up, Chamakh will only be leaving us short term as yesterday Morocco confirmed that our potent striker will be playing some kind of part in the African Cup of Nations. Sadly though, he will be back at some stage! The timing of this ACON could be good for all though, Chamakh may find some form with Morocco, he may even start scoring goals and get some confidence back. Then, on his return he may just continue that form for us!

On the other hand, his absence may just give another player a chance and he may just take that chance and no, I don’t mean TH12 either, I mean Park or Chamberlain. Although it should be a Podolski or Remy but our club is too tight to go down that route!

Onto today, the vistors being QPR and it’s going to be interesting on the right for us, on the the left for them.

Theo Walcott, if selected will be up against Traore in what could be a tasty little battle. We all know that the Frenchman likes to bomb forward and attack but today I strongly suspect Warnock will have told him to hang back and not let Theo rip him apart down the wing.

Of course, there could be a chance that our other young Englishman will start and Theo could be on the bench, either way I strongly suspect that Chamberlain or Walcott will win the battle and prove to Wenger that he was right to let Traore move on. Mind you, right now we could do with him…..

In the middle of the park there will be Battle number 2, the little slimy weasel, also known as, Joey Barton, will be up against Alex Song and we all know what happened the last time those two met! Well, we don’t need any repeat of that today, Song and every other player, especially Gervinho needs to concentrate on playing football and not being wound up by that little git, we all know that most referees love to send off one of our players!

We mustn’t give him the opportunity and Wenger needs to have a word with them all before the game, make it clear not to rise to any of Barton’s bait, sure as heck Warnock will be telling him to wind us up for 90 minutes…..

Today is also the last chance for Robin van Persie to equal or surpass Shearers record – good, maybe he’s been trying a bit too hard for the goals in the last couple of games and he’s just got unlucky – after today, the pressure is off and he’ll start banging them in again!

Most importantly though we need to get back to winning ways at The Emirates if we want to stay in and around the top four, teams around us will get stronger next month and we cannot afford to drop anymore points.

We have no new injuries after the Wolves fixture so other than the return of Walcott; the squad should be the same, although it would be good to see Park on the bench (no pun intended) and Chamberlain actually get some playing time, he could actually change a game, unlike Chamakh or Arshavin these days!

Three points today are essential but will we get them?

Have a good day all, transfer window opens tomorrow and that’s something to get excited about isn’t it!!

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265 comments on “Striker exit confirmed & Will Theo show today why Wenger was right?

  1. Morning all, Three vital points up for grabs today……..COYG

  2. Morning all…

    Howdy Erick, vital, but another half hearted display like we saw for the first half last match, and we won’t get them… We need to play like we did for the last half an hour all match but find the back of the net…

    Don’t think both Yossi and Rosicky should start, one or the other but not both… and Song needs a kick in the pants!

  3. I also think that we should let AA go, has has been poor to say the least and he doesn’t seem to bothered by it

  4. You and the rest of us Erick, he is woeful and wouldn’t even make the bench if i picked the team, i’d rather give one of the reserves a chance than play him…

    I hope he goes, then Wenger may buy….

  5. Howdy Rico, hope you are well and enjoying the holidays…..I would let Rosicky start instead of Yossi he has had good games but time is up for AA.

    We got to start firing on all cylinders

  6. I would give Afobe a chance ahead of AA to be honest…..we need to get Hazard Rico or else the older players wont have faith in the team Aw is building

  7. I’m good thanks Erick, It’s a tough one, i like both players but they are too slow to play both – slows our game down…..

    Ramsey will no doubt be back in the middle with Arteta so maybe both will miss out….

  8. I think Aw’s favorite eleven will start today Rico, leaving out the full backs who are all injured but Djourou has been poor too both going forward and defending…..we need Sagna back asap

  9. Totally agree re JD, he isn’t the best CB let alone a RB and he shouldn’t be playing there imho – why not play Yennaris who is at least a proper Rb?

    Wenger is too stubborn and should stop putting square pegs in round holes….

  10. I think Afobe has been injured Erick…

  11. I really fear that we will get left behind soon, the clubs around us will buy in this transfer window, we won’t and making the top four will be near on impossible….

  12. Yes he has Roy too, I would love us to have a better option coming off teh bench than AA………we have Coquelin who is also better than JD

    We have to spend in January Rico and let some players go

  13. Am worried too Rico, Chelsea have already started investing and City will definetly do

    At the mo the tiny tots are in great form as much as i hate saying it we might just be left behind

  14. We have better options from the bench Erick, we have Chamberlain – but Wenger won’t play him, goodness knows why.

    Totally agree we need to get rid of a few and sign 2/3 players but we all know the way Wenger works…

    We desperately need a goal scorer, so he goes and gets a 34 year old Henry, good for all involved in the short term, but we should also be signing a much better player on a permenant basis, like Podolski or Remy etc…..

  15. The way it is at the moment, top 6/7 will be a struggle, it’s not looking very good and all because of one man who refuses to put our club first….

    Can you see him surprising us next month and loaning a couple of full backs to see us through until the injured are back??

    No, neither can I….

  16. Rico to be honest I dont see us buying may be loaning some players Wayne bridge has been mentioned but honestly I dont think he’s that good.

    Henry I have no problem with him training or playing for us but we need someone with 90 minutes and who can be a long term asset

    Lets be honest if RVP does not score we normally dont get the three points that a fact that AW needs to look at but I fail to understand this man

  17. I’d rather Miquel played at left back than Bridge, he’s old, unfit and past it! If he cared about football he would have left Citeh a long time ago and not just stuck around drifting from loan to loan whilst picking up a hefty sum each week…..

    Give it a few more weeks, and if things stay the same I can see fans calling for Wengers to be sacked…..

    Why we bought Park I do not know, other than to sell shirts of course, when is the guy going to get a game? If he can’t be considered good enough to face some of our recent oppositions then he’s a lost cause… What does it take for him to get a chance ahead of a very poor Chamakh…..

  18. I think at left back we are covered Rico the real problem is at right back to be honest

    Aw has been living on borrowed time bringing Titi back is asking too much from him

    Why he doesn’t use Park is beyond me, give him two three games and see what he can offer am sure he’s a better option that AA or Chamaka

    About time Aw opened the door for some players and Diaby should be put on sale he cant play 20 games a season for live three or four season now what the use of having him around

  19. Totally agree re your last Erick…

    Wenger is taking a gamble at Rb, all because Sagna is back running, rush him back and we’ll lose him again and Jenks is a long way off from a return…..

    Jan Vertonghen, that’s the easy solution and he wouldn’t break the bank. Then when Sagna is back, JV can give Song serious competition…. He needs it too, he was shocking against Wolves…

  20. Frimpong is off on loan to Wolves then…..

  21. wenger start chamberlaind chance

  22. Good morning
    we are now in 6th. Last week we fight for be 4th and close the 3th.
    when Henry can officialy play?

  23. Morning JM – Same old us eh, always like to blow our chances!

    After tomorrow for henry I think, as long as the insurance gets sorted out, if he doesn’t face Fulham on Monday, will be Leeds on the 9th in the FA Cup..

  24. Hi Rico and all you other Gooners.
    I agree Rico, no point in signing Park, if only to sell shirts and merchandise back in park’s home land. a bit like the Japanese player that Wenger once signed, who then moved on to Fulham. Sold lots of shirts etc in the far east though.
    3 points is vital today, although I think a draw could be on the cards, something a couple of years ago I would never have said. We should comfortably beat teams like QPR, but unless RVP is on fire and scores, we always threaten but never stick them away.
    Henry, if fully match fit, is a short term fix. But longer term, we need to ship out the dead wood, (and we have accrued our fair share),buy 3 quality players, one being back up for our Czesny, a striker and a defender to replace the likes of Djeurau and Squilachi.
    Happy New Year to Rico and the rest of you.

  25. JM how are you mate, quickly how you move from fighting for the top four to fighting fro fifth eh

    Rico if you ask me Frimpong should not go on loan, think he’s the best competition Song can have and he’s a gooner through and through

    I would get someone on loan for the right back and invest on buying an attacking midfielder and a world class stirker

  26. Howdy Marinello, think Roy would offer more with his tricks than AA, Park is Clary a shirt buy but hoping we get some good luck on the injury front

  27. “QPR and Arsenal have met eight times in the Premier League era. Arsenal have won only once.”
    from http://www.arsenal.com
    it’s time to win the second. I hope the statistic is tottaly wrong today.

  28. Morning Marinello –

    i too fear a draw, no doubt they will park the bus etc etc

    Erick – it will be good for him though, he needs to be playing regular and next season he can push on, no point in him sitting on the bench, or not even playing, he needs to learn….

  29. JM – stats go out the window – just look at the wolves game ;)

    Got to go walk Fido, back in a short while….

    HNY to you too Marinello :P

  30. I agree Erick about Frimpong. Song needs competition for his position. Although, on a plus side, joining some one like Mick McCarthy, Frimpong would probably return, a more solid, clever physical midfielder.
    The time has come to ship out AA, Chamakh, Manone, Basil Faulty, JD, Squillachi, should reduce the wage bill and bring in about 50p in transfer revenue…….

  31. JM that a stat we need to sort but as Rico points out they go out the window when the whistle goes

    Early lunch then off to watch the Mancs game then the Arsenal


    Happy New Year to all the HH family…Its been real :)

  32. i’m going for a walk

  33. Marinello I think Francis will be songs competition but he can play in different posotions so when injury strikes he will be more valuable than frimpong.

    I would love to see song play with Francis ahead of him instead of Arteta I feel Francis can offer something but its just a thought

  34. JM do enjoy the walk and Happy new year my friend :)

  35. we need Barton & Shawcross. Intimidate the quality opposition

    Cheap & nasty and convenient

  36. quote

    Joaquim Moreira says:
    December 31, 2011 at 10:52 am

    “QPR and Arsenal have met eight times in the Premier League era. Arsenal have won only once.”

    How encouraging

  37. Alan MP he he then we would be playing Rugby he he :)

    Think a draw is written all over this one but because I have faith am going to say one nil to the London army

  38. Hi Alan,
    I reckon Frimpong will be another Peter Storey…. But within time. He shows natural aggression, (that needs channelling), good technical ability,
    Physical strength and unlike Barton is not a coward. But will Wenger persevere with him?

  39. I am disappointed with the Henry loan. Respect and tantalizing memories on his Arsenal history,sure. The phenomenal statue has captured that in essence. But the message of intent and ambition it sends is rather poor. Arsenal needs to return to dominant one touch play. Especially in the final third. We need explosive players who make the difference in runs of the ball with split seconds to spare. Gaps are a rare find this year in the EPL. Only counters provide disorganized defences. High ball speed, agility and intuitive actions are a necessity as our DNA signature is to bring possession to the edge of the box.

    Hope other January additions will be made with less budget prudence. Henry is just another shoestring solution for lack in quality depth. Even Wenger has tempered the expectations on the impact of his eminent return.

  40. But why,why,why cant we spend on a quality striker! RVP cant deliver us to the promised land alone. Wenger does not learn! When was the last time he bought a quality striker? Chamak? Park? Jeffers? Baptista? Eduardo(may be).Wenger likes ‘over milking’ players, remember henry, cesc, now rvp. We would have achieved more if he had surrounded(s) those players with top notch quality. Atleast henry had a good supporting cast. Wenger please pull out the cheque and make the buys. Spend the goddamn club money!

  41. Afternoon Gooners.
    Afternoon Rico, woof woof Fido…..
    A great post by the boss….
    Don’t all laugh. Got a feeling Arshavin might start today.
    We have a game at Fulham in 50 hours time, so AW may rest Gerv as he has Walcott back…. Just a hunch.

  42. I’d like to see Miquel at left-back with Verm in the middle and Kozzer at right-back.
    I’d also leave out Song, as he has a history with Joey the Rat.
    They need to focus on 3 points and not vendettas.
    My midfield would be Arteta, Ramsey Coquelin.
    It won’t happen, but that’s my three pen’eth.

  43. Miquel hasn’t impressed me at left back. He is not fast and is also weak. May b he can do better as CB. Hope he makes the grade. Verm is more solid.

  44. Afternoon guys and gals

    Thanks AK, i wouldn’t rest Gerv, play him every minute, let him be tired at the ACON, not with us ;)

  45. Good afternoon Guys and Chicks of the Gunners’ faith.

    Hope you all have had a great year. I wish you all a great and wonderful 2012 where you pray more, pay less and have abundant blessings, especially those who kneel down and pray to the Great Almighty One with a humble heart.

    Right now sermon over. You can all give me a cheer. :lol:

    Hiya AK. Post ok. The prince said many thanks to you. He does like the pizza mate if you get my drift.

    Personally I would not rest Gervinho as he will soon bugger off to the ACN. So I would play him today and on Monday. I dont give a rat’s arse for the Ivory coast. I would prefer the OX

  46. Afternoon Guys….a home win is vital if we intend to overhurl the spuddies. We need to go on a long unbeaten run. Hope it starts this afternoon. Come on arsenal.

  47. wwww.eurosport.com – Early Doors
    Arsenal are reportedly on the verge of resigning Thierry Henry, and the prospect has Gunners fans salivating and everyone else talking. Never has the old footballing maxim ‘never go back’ seemed less fashionable.
    Arsene Wenger looks poised to sign up the 34-year-old Frenchman, who has been training with the Gunners to keep his fitness levels up, in part because he is set to lose Gervinho and Marouane Chamakh to the African Cup of Nations in January and February; oh, and his forwards bar Robin van Persie are quite simply not very good.
    If everything goes according to plan, Arsenal hope to have the deal ratified when the transfer window opens on Sunday, and Henry could make his hotly-anticipated second Arsenal ‘debut’ in the FA Cup third-round tie against Leeds United on January 9.
    As if the script-writers were not licking their lips already, the final game of Henry’s loan deal – if reports are proved to be accurate – would be a north London derby against rivals Tottenham.
    Arguably English football’s finest ever import, Henry was, in his pomp, superior to every other striker on the planet, devastating defences with a brutal combination of pace, power and often spectacular finishing.
    His ability to turn a game with one flash of brilliance is something few have been able to replicate since he left for Barcelona, and the mood in London’s N5 has barely lifted since.
    Henry plundered an incredible 226 goals in eight years at Arsenal, who recently unveiled a statue of the former France international at the Emirates Stadium as part of their 125th anniversary celebrations and now a loan deal appears in the offing for the formerly fleet-footed forward.
    There are very few footballers who have had their egos stroked to the extent of playing inside a stadium with a statue of themselves erected outside, but Henry would be afforded that luxury.
    Between Andrey Arshavin, Ju Young Park and Chamakh, Arsenal barely possess any threat in front of goal, to the extent that even the on-loan Nicklas Bendtner has looked able in comparison. Well, perhaps that is not quite fair.
    But in Henry, Arsenal would have a goalscorer proven in the form of bronze; the only thing statuesque about Chamakh is his movement.
    There are some who believe that all Henry would do is tarnish his legendary status by gracing the Emirates, but such tripe is rendered entirely irrelevant given that Henry’s legacy is already – literally – set in stone.
    Even if Henry were to encounter a failure of epic proportions at the club – and, as previously mentioned, the current crop of forwards would make that pretty difficult in comparison – it is hardly going to erase the memory in Arsenal fans’ minds of his previous exploits.
    Better still, Henry would not even have to return to the US until March, in a similar deal to Everton’s loan of Landon Donovan from LA Galaxy. The pros are obvious; the cons are more discreet.
    Critics will suggest all that made Henry great has long been lost as he pursues a career as a celebrity over and above a football player, but it still appears a complete no-brainer for Wenger. Barring the Frenchman audaciously attempting to usurp the flourishing van Persie to the detriment of the team, Henry’s return can only be positive.
    Considering that besides the rampant Dutchman, Wenger’s cupboard is as bare as baby Cassius Barton’s bottom in terms of strikers, the return of the club’s all-time record goalscorer could hardly be better timed.
    Many have their doubts about whether the former Juventus and Monaco striker, who left Arsenal for Barcelona in 2007, can provide any real substance besides the hype and a sudden boost in post-Christmas shirt sales, but the great and good of the Emirates have been queuing up to sound their approval.
    Former Arsenal stalwart Nigel Winterburn was among the former players to describe the unconfirmed reports as “terrific news”, and he proceeded to explain exactly why.
    “If it works out well it will be a terrific move by Arsene Wenger, but on the flipside if it doesn’t work out well people will say ‘why didn’t he go out and get a world-class current striker?’ Maybe Robin van Persie will move out to the left.”
    But this is where it all gets a big murky. Why would the prolific Dutchman and club captain seek to accommodate a former great by playing outwide? Surely Wenger would not entertain such a sycophantic and spineless tactical move?
    Questions remain, but if sluggish-turning defender Per Mertesacker is convinced, then surely we should all be.
    “In training, Henry shows his class and (it is good) to have him with us,” the lumbering German, said. “Henry has a lot of experience and he is a great opportunity for us, but I am not the manager.”
    Officials at the Emirates are understood to be waiting for the all-clear from his parent club, New York Red Bulls, before completing the paperwork, but the Gunners are said to have agreed a suitable insurance package with the American outfit and will also cover all of Henry’s £70,000-a-week wages.
    The Frenchman embodied the Arsenal way; style, swagger and supreme confidence, the talisman who was responsible for everything. He was captain, dead-ball specialist, penalty taker and goal creator.
    That may have been of a former vintage, but if there is a single man out there able to lift the spirits, it is Henry.

  48. I know what you guys are saying, but that’s not the way LeGenius works.
    Just trying to second guess him. ;)

  49. As far as other transfer business is concerned, i reckon we’ll have to wait until the end of the month to see Wenger/Gazides do any more business.

  50. January, that is…… :D

  51. Junichi Inamoto, that’s your man Marinello.

  52. Ahhhhh AK. If only you and I are in charge of AFC. You would buy players and I would coach them. But that’s our fantasy. Reality has taught us otherwise.

    Goony how are you?? Hope you have repented from all the sins you have committed during this year and therefore you are looking forward to beginning the new one with a more holier than thou attitude. You should get on your knees and pray forgiveness for all the sins of grapes and flesh you have committed. And while you are at it just spend around a month in silence so that you can appreciate more the sound of the wind when it breaks. :lol: :lol:

  53. DG10. We need a couple more Dutch players, or players trained and developed in the Eredivisie. :P:

  54. One problem we have Fox, is whenever Arsenal show an interest in a half-decent player, that Italian shit Mancini steals them.

    So Wenger has to play the long game re: transfers.

    Hench my feeling that Wenger will do his business late next month.

  55. Fox;
    Yeah, Miquel isn’t a natural full-back, but he sticks over a decent cross, something we badly lack as a team.

  56. DG, thanks for your 12.33.
    Greetings of the season to you and yours… :)

  57. I’m with you re Gerv Dg….

  58. AK if it were for me AW would sign only English, German, Dutch and Belgian players with a sprinkle of French ones.

  59. Not sure about my choice of players DG.
    But your coaching would do the job…. :P

  60. Welcome to those just joining HH today, sorry for the delay….

  61. Rico, when does Gerv bugger off..?
    Will he be available for Fulham?

  62. Right now….off to play with the little prince. Me on the bike and him on the scooter. We do make an odd couple tearing along the promenade thrice every week.

  63. My ideal January would consist of:

    Marko Reus
    Lukasz Podolski
    Jan Vertonghen.

    It won’t happen. But i can dream…. 8)

  64. Take care DG, see ya lata.

  65. bloomin heck, blackburn have been awarded a penalty at the old toilet, and they have scored it 1-0

  66. A penalty………………………. 8O

    In the voice of Victor Meldrew =

    I don’t believvvvve it….. :P:

  67. Been too busy DG….repent? More like make up for lost time. Hi ya kev am calm my man. Afternoon mama bear, are you cold yet?

  68. Rico, 1-0 to Blackburn. You hold onto that score for me.

    Off to the gym. See ya’ll in a bit.

  69. Chillax Stan? :)
    Good man.
    See ya in a bit.

  70. Stop playing with my balls kev! One nil to blackburn? Wow sign of the apocalypse. I knew I should have worn my “I love Jesus” T shirt today.

  71. Happy New Year, HH’ers and come on Gunners!!!

  72. Laters Dg, have a good one…..

    I’d be happy with that three AK, very happy…..

  73. Same to you SUGA3 – it’s not here yet though ;)

  74. What’s he on? Happy new year?

  75. Mind you, I’d still be happy with The Yak :)

  76. Hi goonster, yep, 1-0 to B’burn…….

  77. oh well, no harm in excess as far as good wishes are concerned, eh?

  78. First or second half maam? Don’t wanna get my hopes up. Its been dashed on many occasions. Come on blackburn and no to yak Rico. No more Africans!

  79. The commentator, very sad, said “maybe… it’s possible… we can accept referee decision…”.
    Was a clear penalty over Samba!

  80. @Allezkev

    Sadly I believe we already missed out. Van Der Wiel from Ajax (RB) is joining Valencia this january. Kevin Strootman from PSV might be a future prospect if we ship out the dead wood. Powerful dribbling, exceptional shooting range and superb passing (long a.w.a. short). Plays midfield left to right or defence at any position. Except between the sticks ;-)

  81. half time – 0-1 :-)

  82. What’s the score now jm?

  83. Too right SUGA, you have a good one :P

    H/T – 1-0 to BB

  84. each to their own goonster, we need goals and Yak would score plenty :lol:

    Hi DG10 – VdV was wanted by most on here too but, we always miss out on the better players :(

  85. Yeah right,yak scores plenty. He was kicked out of everton for lack of goals maam besides he won’t look good in red and white. Send him to the chavs!

  86. Momentarily Vertonghen is the only Dutch league player that offers good value for money. Many Gooners like the prospect. And rightfully so. Strootman from PSV is more a offensive version of Vertonghen and favours midfield above back line.

  87. all about the service goonster… all about the service….

    DG10 – value for money is Wengers middle name, followed by cheap! ;)

    JV would give us great options accross the back and in the DM, as Song needs a bit of competition…

  88. Happy New Year to all the Gooners on HH.

  89. Ref today for us is Martin Atkinson :eek:

  90. 2-0 Blackburn…

    The Yak again with a stunner……

  91. Thanks HerbG, same to you….

    2-1 – Berbytoff

  92. Hi Rico,

    Van Der Vaart is a spud now. That’s when he lost my interest in his career. But to be fair I agree with you, we missed out on a magic player. His creative edge suits Arsenal more than the Cock’s.

  93. 2-1 already fuck! BB better be careful

  94. Boo! Happy New Year, dear friends! Just two hours to go here. :) :) I can barely hear anything over the din. Hope your hols are very merry and warm.

    Busy, rico? Weeds, I was unable to catch you. :( DG and AK, cheeky as ever. goonster, stay off the tipple. Hello, alan and DutchGooner. Can’t believe vdW is off to valencia. :( :(

  95. 2-2 Berbytoff again, only one winner now sadly :(

  96. manure 2-2 All over now Manue will get a third

  97. That was meant to read VdW DG10 :lol:

  98. Boo to you agag, we still have a long way to go before 2012 ;)

    Happy New year to you, enjoy ‘the din’ ;)

  99. Hi alan,

    it’s amazing how Manure have the abilty to just turn games around when needed, sometimes wish we had a bit of them about us….

    The commentator said at half time, ‘no doubt eleven hairdriers are being plugged in’ – just why can’t Wengers half time talks make a similar difference when we play cack??

  100. 2012 here already

  101. Allezkev,thats the pain we gooners go through, linked to good players but Alas, no action from arsene. He should not fear taking the gamble, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Now we are scraping 4 top 4! Off to catch the game, hoping for a resounding win, up the migthty gunnerrrrrs!

  102. “…should be Park or Remy”
    Proof you know nothing.
    Loic Remy???
    What would he do in the Prem exactly?
    Have you watched him at all – or are you judging this on a YouTube compilation?

  103. Hi Rico

    Yes they are a well balanced team, even without a couple of regular defenders such as today

  104. Team in full:

    Szczesny, Djourou, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Song, Arteta, Ramsey, Walcott, Arshavin, Van Persie.


    Almunia, Rosicky, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Gervinho, Chamakh, Benayoun, Coquelin.

    Arshavin starts!!

    AK was right…..

  105. Happy new Year to you then alan, where are you??

  106. Gosford Australia, 45 minutes north of Sydney and thanks :D

  107. Sadly Fox, thats what we are now all used too but it’s wrong….

    I guess its all about the players and their inner passion and desire to win alan, just what we lack with a few of ours…..

  108. 3-2 Blackburn :)

  109. excellent. They must be careful Manure will try to hit back straight away

  110. Rico

    I like the financial health of our beloved club has such a high standard. But we have downgraded our team quality in the process. It bothers me we have billionaire owners who won’t provide the opportunity to go from bargain hunters to sparkling swaggers. Our scouting network seems to identify the cream and cherries for other elite clubs. Business model is fine but please find the means for research&development to pay dividend as well. Penny wise,pound foolish as you English say.

  111. 6 min plus injury time

  112. Welcome jonno, idiotic??

    You sure, or did you happen to miss our CL matches against Marseille??? No doubt you must have otherwise you would have realised he is a very good striker….

  113. Dutch Gooner

    The financial health of our club has no personal benefit to us. It is a private business not a member’s club

  114. I didn’t realise alan, if only i’d known when the ashes were taking place ;) ;)

    DG10 – there is a line between spending what we don’t have and spending what we do have – we all know the club had £50m left over from the summer, for us to stay with the best, we should spend it…..

    But, a lot of that, maybe half could be recouped by selling off players who are poor and clearly never going to make it with us….

    We have:


    Just off the top of my head, and how much are we paying these waste of space players?

    For a club that likes to be very careful, we waste a lot of money in silly ways….

  115. Any links guys??

  116. BB have done it :)

    3-2, get in there…..

  117. Happy 70th Birthday Sir Red Nose :lol:

  118. BB win!

  119. Rico

  120. Love it alan – now go get Samba and the Yak ;) ;)

    They were immense today….

  121. Samba is good, and I’ve notice Yak gets a few goals

  122. Yakubu is the 6th highest epl scorer

    Van Persie Arsenal 16
    Ba Newcastle 14
    Aguero Man City 13
    Rooney Man Utd 13
    Dzeko Man City 10
    Yakubu Blackburn 10
    Adebayor Tottenham 9
    Sturridge Chelsea 9
    Balotelli Man City 8
    Bale Tottenham 7
    Fletcher Wolverhampton 7
    Helguson QPR 7
    Holt Norwich 7
    Klasnic Bolton 7
    Lampard Chelsea 7

  123. @agirlagooner

    Hi, yes it was recently confirmed in Dutch media. Van Der Wiel would have been ideal. Shows how much Wenger gambles with season long fitness of his first eleven. Arsenal have been lucky with the long run Sagna had. He walks a tight line with like for like backups. Thinking he’s time in abundance to groom the academy youngsters.

  124. any money of AA having a blinder today?

  125. And in a side that is struggling, he’s good right now is The Yak…

    I wouldn’t be surprised if AA does, or is that just hope on my account….

  126. Jack – you are in moderation, so you haven’t been on here before and you won’t be missed either – bye!

  127. 60% possession to the gunners

  128. Drogba scores

  129. Yet still no goal alan :(

  130. @Rico

    I suspect the 50 million + transfer money from selling below par space waist is viewed as our war chest for the new coach. Wenger is too eager to leave a legacy in youth crop. Look at our extensive out on loan list. Also a large part of that sum is reserved for salary and new contracts for RVP,Song and Walcott.

    @ Alan b’ stard

    Private ownership is the EPL standard controled and encouraged by the FA. Our benefit will always be recreational. Trouble is you need deeper pockets each year to enjoy participation.

  131. But we need here and now DG10, we have heard enough from the club about the future…..

  132. 64% possession and nothing yet. Oh dear

    Hi Dutch Gooner. This private ownership is ruining the sport

    Barca is a true publicly owned club, where members vote and all money goes back into the club

    In Germany, no more than 49% of a club can be privately owned

    If we were a publicly owned club, a members vote would have got rid of the board and Wenger years ago

    chelsea and villa 1-1

  133. And so it goes on, RvP doesn’t score, we don’t go ahead….

    The Totts are 1-0 up too…..

    Not sounding all doom and gloom but an old ‘has been’ is being signed to spare us, not much pressure on Henry then….

    Not watching as no link, how is the team playing??

  134. yes and totts won 1-0…
    For mw, was a penalty agianst QPR
    Put Gervinho on!
    We are very slowly

  135. i just think we need a tougher board, wenger hasn’t always been this way – get a board that will tell him what to do and i think he’d revert to the man that won things….

    now it’s all about him saving the club money and it’s been that way since Kroenke bought his first shares….

  136. should we have had a penalty JM??

  137. half time 62% possession and sweet FA to show

  138. Happy New Year Agag.

    Get to the New Year sales tomorrow gal, there’s bargains to be had.
    Maybe a Torres duvet cover….. :P:

    Go steady on the GG… ;)

    Alan MP:
    Happy New Year from 2 hours ago mate

    Have a bonzer 2012….
    Have an amber nectar or two for me… ;)

  139. Thanks Allezkev. Now of only Spurs and Chelsea lose and Arsenal win I will have a happy new year


  140. Rico 3.54;

    What chance do we have with an owner 300 miles away whose seen about 2 or 3 games since he’s been a shareholder.
    What a joke…

  141. Alan, i don’t wanna be a wet blanket, but i just can’t see us catching Spurs, unless they have a horrendous run of injuries from Feb 1st.

    Chavs and Scousers are our rivals methinks….

  142. I know AK, I know – it’s a &&^$$^&* joke alright, what does he really care, other than filling his pockets!

  143. 64% possession still and nothing. Demonstration football minus goals. The Harlem globetrotters of football

  144. rico says:
    December 31, 2011 at 4:12 pm

    I know AK, I know – it’s a &&^$$^&* joke alright, what does he really care, other than filling his pockets!

    Short answer Rico, is no, he doesn’t

  145. Vermaelen off for Coquelin?

    Was Verm injured?

  146. Hiya mates. This is getting a bit boring now…..over 60% possession and no goals. Its not as if it is the first time. Its making us want to vomit. It has been the case since 2006 to be exact. Aren’t we a one man team??? you can bet your bottom dollar that we are.

  147. Bloody hell, SlySports have changed it…..

    Forget my 4.16

  148. Draw today and draw at Fulham……

    All the good work put in prior to ManCity, down the pisser…. :(

  149. Robbbbbbbbbinnnnnnnnnnnn :P :P

    One more, come on, one more RvP :)

  150. goal to RvP

  151. The Thights to the right, have it…. :P:

  152. We score, Reading score :)

  153. And Dagenham won yesterday…… :)

    Cheers Wath… ;)

  154. Bet Micko is glad he didn’t choose Brentford on a day like today :lol:

  155. You need a beer AK ;)

    Isn’t that what he said ;)

  156. There’s a few, with my name on, in the local.. ;)

  157. Where the hell is Wath these days?
    And Lee… :(

  158. Arshavin off for Rosicky….
    Cautious old Wenger.
    Why not Oxo, with QPR chasing the game and therefore more space behind to run into.
    Ah, what do i know…… :?

  159. Totally agree Rico. That’s why many called for Wenger’s head on a plate or change the locks on the doors. I just expressed my suspicion why funds not being used to challenge for trophies. It feels much like driving Formula 1 with a brick on the breaks. ;-)

    Growing frustrations are apparently not on the Club’s radar. They know a proper Gooner will not walk away from support. And we have commited magnificent fans in abundance. Like yourself. :-) We choose a lifetime marriage above a divorce even when the current relationship doesn’t fulfill our needs. Being united makes us Gunners for better or worse.

    It’s not helping AW has economic degree either, making predictions on the coming crisis has become his priority instead of planning for success. He justifies actions as a board member not as a coach.

  160. Devil, have we switched to 4 4 2…..?

  161. basically, the business model is to make money. Buy cheap players and sell them at a higher price

    Spending on a great player costs them. The board won’t buy

  162. Any links guys?! :)

  163. DG10, the clubs ambitions in the transfer market, have been crap ever since David Dein was frogmarched out the door…

  164. Not sure AK, guess it’s just a busy time for this time of of year :(

  165. AK – thats what happens when a fan is hoofed out……

    Villa 2-1 up against Chavs ;)

  166. Chavs losing, Spuds drawing. :)

  167. Swansea 1-1 Tiny Totts :)

  168. Chelsea down 2-1

    Totts drawing 1=1

  169. 3-1 Villa :P :P

  170. Bent scores 3-1 Villa ahead

  171. @ Alan b’ stard

    It’s a shame. I like the German model limiting private ownership not to become dictatorship.

  172. Chavs 1-3….. Happy New Year

  173. What we have, we hold mode, Devil……

  174. Seem to be missing a few chances, nothing new there then!

  175. At least today’s results have granted our wishes. Yeah. 4th place in the last hours of the year.

    Happy New Year to all. Let’s get drunk till we have to drag our bodies forward by our arms.

    See you next year.Monday that is.

  176. Stan, you can come down off of the ceiling now…. ;)

  177. fucking hell. we should have won 4 or 5-0 today. Instead Theo has just shown why Thierry Henry will be more than welcome, Arshavin is a waste of space and the only notable thing he did was the assist while it has been confirmed that if AW continues to buy peanuts he will only have monkeys eating out of his hand. We need a player who will do the same to our team in the same way as Cantona and Keane did with Manure.

  178. Happy New Year DG10.

    No coffee shops ok…. ;)

  179. Happy New Year to you DG10 :)

  180. Same to you mate. It has been a tremendous year coaching wise for me but sadly not for Arsenal.

    Coffee shops???? Nah mate I do not drink coffee. Wine, Water and Herbal teas for me amigo (in the order they are to be exact).

    But I will raise a glass to you at midnight mate. Red wine that is.

  181. Why did TV go off on 54 mins?? Injured?

    That will force Wenger to buy….

  182. imagine if we won last week

    Walcott is overrated. Delap had a good game with his team. I’d love to have him with us. There’s a few goals in those long throws

  183. devilgunner –

    it’s always the same with us and until Wenger gets us a player who will score goals from anywhere, it will always be the same, thats why i’d love the Yak, if he can score 13 goals for BB, you could double that in a side like ours…..

  184. Bad performance again but 3 points. Against Wolwes we did a good second half; todat, we were lazy but looking to the performance of the others teams we are ahead. We must replace a few players for next Monday.
    rico, today for me, was penalty, but I must wash again.

  185. still we have all the possession in the world and do fuck all

  186. Can’t blame Walcott for the Wolves game though alan, in fact the opposite, we needed his pace for that game, we were too slow and laboured….

  187. Cheers DG.
    How did Walcott miss, and Gervinho for that matter?

  188. No, we win the game with that replace. Well, not won but it’s a good contribution. Vermaelen had one yellow carton but the most important was the new blood and put a left back faster then Vermaelen, who can play more ahead with much more security.

  189. @ allezkev

    Don’t walk on the grass, smoke it I say. ;-)

    @ Rico thanks.

  190. Rico…. we have a problem… :?

    DG & DG10….. :P:

    Coffee shops in Holland habib… :)

  191. I noticed AK ;)

    DG10, you are welcome, good to see you back here by the way….

  192. Rico 5.01;

    My mate Gary perhaps?????? :D

  193. Wash JM????
    You been eating pilchards again….. ;)

  194. Ahhh, Robin, :) I love you.

    AK, you won’t believe how much I have spent on shoes. Unprecedented, even for me. :shock: I think I shall ask someone to customize a Torres blanket for me; in an AFC kit, of course.

    rico, ready to pop the cork and pour the bubbly?? Theo wants to be our central striker? Really??? Tsk tsk.

    DutchGooner, I have always wanted vDW. :(

    Happy New Year, JM!!

  195. DG, how far ahead are you. 1 hour?

  196. I knew you would see that AK ;)

  197. Agag, i love shoes.
    Been living in trainers for too long.
    Getting back into shoes again…..

    January sales, here we come eh Agag? :P:

  198. Rico, he’s my favourite….. ;)

  199. That’s really good Dg, 6.5 hours for us to get through first ;)

  200. Rico

    I have been here reading topics and comments. Done so across the whole newsnow spectrum.

    Just stopped posting for a while. But likewise good to back here.

  201. Did you guys just say the totts dropped points? Wow now I really must look for my “I love Jesus” T shirt. Evening good people and DG(he’s evil by the way)

  202. Gary AK? he’s mine too but I think you know that ;)

    We could go and guzump that deal….

  203. hehe Rico. But I wanted to get it in, seeing that I will be enjoying myself out in town tonight. So I will not be here on HH. Now wouldn’t it be nice if we got to celebrate together????? :) :)

  204. 4th as we head into the new year, and that is now where we need to stay at least – lets now build, and catch up the b******s above us……

  205. We all need to get logged onto Skype Dg, then we could be – maybe next year we can have a group call….

    You have a good evening and enjoy the celebrations…. i don’t think many will be here wehn midnight strikes ;)

  206. DG10, well don’t go awayty for sop long this time ;) ;)

    evening goonster

  207. A big thank you to Villa, Blackburn and Swansea. 4th in the league would’nt have though id be saying that at the start of October.

  208. Wolves boss Mick McCarthy confirms he has signed Arsenal’s Emmanuel Frimpong on loan from 1 January: “I hope he’ll be available for the Chelsea game [on 2 January]. It’s done and I’m delighted because I think he’s a terrific young player.”

  209. I’ve gotta go now.

    So a Very Happy New Year to all you Marvellous Gooners.

    And a special thank you to Rico

    Happy New Year boss & woof woof to Fido. :P:

    Offski now……. :D

  210. We are only going out because its the little one’s first time out so late at midnight and we do want him to enjoy himself. I will be extremely careful dont worry. The main square is only around 100 metres away from my house so no need to drive and we can easily pop in if we see anything happening.

    Gd to see Frimps out on loan. If TV05 got injured than AW must either recall Bartley or buy someone. Hope its Cahill or Vertonghen.

  211. Happy New Year to you Habib. To the missus and sons also. Hope you all have a wonderful year full of all that you wish for. See you next year Kev.

  212. Up to fourth now, rico. Woot!

    I loooove shoes, AK. :) They are my only splurge.

    I must say, I didn’t see the chavs and the red mancs losing. And yet… :) Happy New Year, AFC. :)

  213. Happy New Year, DG. :) Enjoy the festivities. Don’t overindulge!

  214. Do you really love shoes AGAG??? Well. everyone has some weak spot. Take our friend Goonie for example. He likes bikinis. They make his legs go GAGA.

  215. Vermalin is out for three weeks. poopie

  216. Me>??? Overindulge??? wish I do sometimes. But I am always careful what to eat and I do not expect to break a habit which has been with me for nearly the whole of my life. The only weak spot in eating is chocalate and wine.

  217. Where did you read that Goonie….about verm???

  218. So from the 5th game to the 19th Arsenal have zipped from 17th and relegation party to 4th and aiming for the 3rd spot FOR NOW. Who knows what might happen in the next 5 months?? 1989 revisited??? I hope so.

  219. Happy new year agag and everybody!
    rico, I’ll have to see again the possible penalty.
    finish 4th – 19 games played – half of the season – 36 points – uhmmm… we will be need more then 40 points. The goal will be 75 points :-)

  220. I love Filipino women DG. Don’t blame me. They are hot! Take AGAG for example.

  221. ‘away for long’ that should have read ;)

  222. Enjoy your night, AK. :) I hope you have a smashing time. :)

    DG, nothing like wine and chocolates (except shoes). ;) goonster, I didn’t know you were into cosplay. :lol: Is that breaking news on TV5?

  223. If that is true re TV, then we should definately get Vertonghen or gate crash the Cahill saga….

    4th agag, best we stay there too…..

  224. Yes we know you like AGAG Goonie. But the real question is “DOES SHE LIKE YOU??? :lol: :lol:

  225. “””Of course, there could be a chance that our other young Englishman will start and Theo could be on the bench, either way I strongly suspect that Chamberlain or Walcott will win the battle and prove to Wenger that he was right to let Traore move on””””

    Theo today proved AW right. Not in getting rid of Traore but in resigning Thierry Henry. The Ox should have been a better option.

  226. Boom back again…….lots of chances but we scored one, need to the lethal in the final third

  227. Off for dinner, back in a bit….

    For those who have gone for the night before I get back, Happy New year to you all….

    And thank you for making Highbury House what it is today…..

  228. rico, your article is the second most read on NN now. :) :) You should get the adverts in. :)

  229. Seems as if QPR have grown tired of Traore it seems. According to reports Wayne Bridge is off to QPR.

  230. Whats happening with TV?
    Walcott awful again today?

  231. Howdy Agag, Rico am starving would love to join you for dinner :)

  232. Yes she does DG….she just won’t admit it.

  233. Righto mates. Off now. Happy new year to you all. See you all next year. Rico…thanks for everything on HH. Bye Goonie….remain sober mate. AGAG…….hope you had a great start to the new year already. The rest…..be happy and stay safe.

  234. Arsenes post match interview is on the official site, TV out for a short term, think we will be finding a short term solution

  235. Happy New Year, Weeds!! How are you? We hardly see you here. :( I hope the OJ in your gravatar is spiked. ;)

    DG, cheeky. :D :D

  236. Happy new year DG, all the best in 2012 :)

  237. Howdy Agag, how are you??? Work been hard but I try my best to visit HH

  238. Is wath still around, its been a while ? :)

  239. I’m goin outside. I will come back soon. Happy New year !

  240. goonster, only if you’re like jigglypuff/wigglytuff. :) :D Cute and fluffy and pink.

    Don’t be too busy, Erick. :) You’d be a gazillionaire at the rate you’re going. :D

    JM, save some of those pastéis de nata for us!

  241. So vermalin is out….wow that put a damper on things. Anyway up the arse

  242. Agag am trying my best, but hope in 2012 i can work more smart he he :)

    Goonster, Think its short term and it was just a precaution but one of our best players still gutted

  243. Off to dinner guys, Happy New Year to all

    Keep The Faith

  244. Howdy Erick…happy new year

  245. Juggly what? Pink? Agag are you for real? No way

  246. Nighty to you DG, and thank you – HNY to you and your family ….

  247. HH doesn’t need adverts agag/goonster ;)

  248. Just popped in before we go out.

    Cute, FLuffy and Pink???? Goonie??? That has cracked me up. With tears AGAG. Goonie, cute, fluffy and pink!!!!! dear oh dear. That’s the quote of the millenium AGAG.

    I will raise a toast to you at midnight for this. I am roaring with laughter.

    HNY to you and those you love most Rico.

    see you mates.

  249. I’m heading off for the day guys, may have a glass of something fizzy to celebrate the win and the new year that will soon be here for all of us….

    Nighty Night to each and everyone of you and thank you for being such a huge part of Highbury House, without you, it wouldn’t be…

    Happy New year and all the very best for 2012…..

    Nighty Night…

  250. Thanks DG – have a corker yourself :)

  251. A very Happy New Year rico and be it healthy.

  252. Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger will look to sign a defender on loan after losing Thomas Vermaelen to a calf strain.

    The Belgian limped off after 54 minutes of the 1-0 victory over QPR, becoming Arsenal’s fifth recognised defender to be sidelined through injury.

    Wenger said: “We lost Vermaelen for two or three weeks, so I have to look if I can find somebody [but] only a loan.

    “It would be stupid for us to drop points because we don’t have a left-back.”

    Now i am gone, nighty…..

  253. Hi kelsey, Happy New Year to you to and may yours be a healthy one ….

  254. Happy new year to everyone at Highbury House :)

  255. gaga, pasteis de nata? :-)
    How many do you want )
    Vermaelen out…
    tots were played well again…

  256. Hi all

    how did yer Hew tear go. Hi there smudge :D

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