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Gazidis simply must finance this move! Wenger rules out signing full-back!!

Whenever I read an Arsenal blog and its following comments, the concern over the fitness of one man stands out like a sore cruciate.
The fortune of our great club seems to be very much tied up with the health of our Dutch maestro Robin Van Persie.

As the January Window approaches we are all concerned about the wellbeing of our talisman, whilst hoping that Arsene Wenger brings in a quality striker to help carry some of the load from off of the broad shoulders of our Captain Courageous.

Who though, in truth, could supplant him in the team and do the job that he does?

The Coach of Borussia Dortmund was full of praise at the way that Robin ‘Led the Line’ or did so, by often dropping deep into midfield.

A revival of the ‘Revie Plan’ maybe from the mid-1950’s when Don Revie, as a deep-lying centre-forward, copied those revolutionary tactics first viewed in England at Wembley in 1953? The original tactic was brought to England by the famous Magic Magyars from Hungary, when they visited Wembley and inflicted a record 6-3 hammering on the hosts.

That result reverberated throughout English/British football and brought about changes not seen in British football since the change to the off-side law in the 1920’s.

The fulcrum of that great Hungarian team was it’s centre-forward Nandor Hidegkuti, who would drop deep into midfield, leaving the opposition centre-half [ only one in those days ] marking empty space. Meanwhile inside-forwards [ attacking midfielders ] Ferenc Puskas and Sandor Kocsis ran amok in the space that Hidegkuti had vacated.

Fast-Forward 58 years and we see Robin doing a similar job for Arsenal, dropping deep to link up with the midfield whilst Gervinho & Walcott run into the empty space. Robin then joins the attack, usually unmarked, to wreak havoc.

It takes a player of supreme quality and intelligence to play such a role and we are lucky to have him but it also leaves Arsenal in a right pickle if Robin is unavailable.

So where does Arsene find an apprentice to our captain?

Not an easy task, but something that Wenger has to face and that Gazidis simply must finance this time.

No prevaricating in this Window this time Ivan…!

Finally, Wenger has taken a U-turn on signing a full-back, having suggested he would sign cover in January, he has now said he doesn’t want to be paying a player for four years, especially as we have enough cover to get us through until our injured players return.

Written by Allezkev

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156 comments on “Gazidis simply must finance this move! Wenger rules out signing full-back!!

  1. Morning all

    AK, another goodie, you are sure on a roll :)

    Henry will be a great addition, a good man to have around the club and in training but for me, we still need another striker….

    Also hoping that despite Wenger ruling out buying a full-back, he’s not ruling out loaning one, otherwise we are just ‘making do’ and papering over the craks in an already frail defence….

  2. I’m getting the impression that Arsenal have decided not to try and win the league, they just want to wait for the fair-play rules to see if they have an effect. Nothing else for me explains the fact that not only will we not sign A-grade players like Eto’o and Torres (before their slump) or Aguerro or even Alonso when we very much had the chance to, but we also won’t sign B-grade players like Podolski, Alou Diarra, Forlan, etc. I honestly cannot wrap it around my mind what the Arsenal plan is. And I’m one of Arsene’s biggest fans. But this, I don’t get.

  3. Even Gibbs come back tomoro i cant rely on him base on his injury history.we need to sign a left back and lukas podoski.please wenger we need a striker in this team.

  4. Hi LB, I don’t believe any of us really understand it, having showed intent in the summer, i was hoping he would again in january just to give us a bit of freshness in the second half of the season.

    However, the window hasn’t opened yet so guess we should give him a chance, his comments about buying seldom represent the truth so we may get a surprise, other than Henry….

  5. Welcome Ubong, I wouldn’t rule out seeing an ageing Wayne Bridge arrive in the next couple of days…

  6. i really think we need a full back in the january transfer window. Gibbs coming back isn’t a joy for the fans not because of quality but his injury history cast doubt on relying on him. if Arsenal are bent on having a revenge on Man-U in january, we must be firing on all cylinder and a striker (not on loan TH). Podolski is a good buy

  7. B grade player,Podolski????
    Is that Fred,Jimmy or Terry Podolski you are waffling on about?

  8. I missed that Scott, i wouldn’t rate Podolski as a ‘b’ player either, now Bridge, that’s worse than a ‘b’ rated player….

  9. Now Wenger has confirmed that Henry is coming back to the club on loan for two-months.

    “It was my idea. He was happy about it, but it was my idea,” Wenger explained.

    “He is still class and has quality. He still has pace. It can only be positive, because he has exceptional talent.

    “He is experienced, he is quality, and can help the players on and off the pitch.

    “The deal is not completed, and at the moment we can’t announce anything. It is about insurance and I don’t take care of that but we have to respect all the agreements we need to find with MLS.

    “We are not looking for permanent players unless we lose players, as we have a big squad.

    “It shows that Arsenal is always special to players, such as Sol Campbell, Jens Lehmann and now Thierry.”

  10. Every comment from the club seems to a back pedal on buying for any position . We just have to hope that this is purely a gambling position and that we are keeping things close to our chest. With the current attendances being 4000 or so down ,despite the clubs figures , 11 more confirmed home matches selling out would gross enough to buy Podolski and pay wages for a couple more.

  11. Hi Potter – good Christmas??

    “We are not looking for permanent players unless we lose players, as we have a big squad’. says Wenger

    Fingers crossed that we lose a few:


    They would do for starters!

  12. Morning Gooners
    Morning Rico… [poor old Pat ;) ]
    All quiet on the transfer front…?

  13. Bolton and The Chavs have agreed a fee for Gary Cahill :(

    Oh well, another one bites the dust!

  14. Don’t be suprised if not only none of the trio you naned actually leave this January Rico, but that nobody leaves.

    If i was to have a bet, then the one player who i believe is most likely to leave , is Squillaci…

  15. He’s not my mate anymore… :(

  16. After his flakey performance in Olympiakos, i’d be more likely to sell Mannone at present…
    Maybe it was a one off, maybe not!

  17. Morning AK, poor old Pat indeed ;) ;)

    I don’t think anyone will leave either, but my fingers will remain crossed…..

  18. I don’t even know him, but he’s not my mate anymore either, Jack won’t be happy!

    Mannone, Fabianski and Almunia – they can all go as far as i am concerned, then go and get Jussi or someone similar….

  19. Maybe an ‘old head’ as back-up to Chezzer and one of our promising youngsters as the No.3 in goal will suffice next season.
    As it stands, i think we’re stuck with the Three Amigos as back-up to Wojiciech for time being.

    Yeah, just love those massive earings ;) ;)

  20. Totally agree – and there are a few out there who would jump at the chance to end their career with us I’m sure….

    ‘Quality Bird’ eh ;)

  21. Since Henry has left, how many hattricks have been scored at Arsenal? I can only think of one!

  22. my blame we always go to the board of Arsenal FC why because they left everything for our coach that is why is is gambling with us. we need a LB and striker.we can not wait for those of our players who have injuries. Santos we be back March and Gibbs is not a player we have to depend on. please we need a LB and a striker. for how long should we keep on begging for top 4 why others are working to have the cup it is really so bad the way at which our club have turn to a business center

  23. Goodness knows Esp, Robin this season isn’t it?

  24. Arshavin at Anfield? Was Henry still with us then, seems so so long ago ….

  25. Thats the only one I could think of, that says a lot.

  26. sometimes it wonder me alot the ways at which things have been going on with Arsenal … let wait and see if he will bring a LB and a striker

  27. Ah arshavin, I’d forgotten about him! Baptisia also maybe??

  28. Henry was still with us when Baptista was with us wasn’t he?

    But yes, not many these days…..

  29. What of adebayor’s 2 hatrick against derby county,Walcott hatrick against blackpool last season,rvp against wigan and chelsea this season

  30. Morning all
    great post Ak, you amaze me with your memory.
    Got to say i don’t like the idea of Henry signing a short term contract as out goes a centre forward in the window, Lehman last year Henry this. This can only mean we will persevere with the Meerkat and the wash leather. i have a ticket for the game tomorow and will give my support but i must admit i am far from happy.

  31. Thanks for those jales….

    Morning Steve, i’m not set against Henry for a couple of months, but to be honest it raises a couple of questions…

    Why are we paying a 34 year old £70,000 a week for two months?

    Also, why are we responsible for his insurance??

    Does that rule work for those we have loaned out or are we still paying their wages too…..

  32. Hi Rico, I think it means no players in this window

  33. Bolton agrees to Cahill transfer fee ( BBC )

  34. The issue of who is A or B grade is the least important in my post. Talk about pettiness! The point is why we sign neither the best nor the next best. Who fits in each group is a matter of opinion.

  35. Hi all

    quote re Henry

    “It was my idea. He was happy about it, but it was my idea,” Wenger explains

    So, we have someone to play if the idea fails?

  36. Cheers Steve.
    Wikipedia helped out with the Hungarian spelling… ;)

  37. I wait for the complaints re Henry’s influence of the players undermining RvP, maybe not intended

    As much as I like Henry’s return, I get feelings things may backfire

  38. My Dad used to have the autobiography of Puskas,
    Captain of Hungary, i believe it was called….
    It was his generation, brought up on the superiority of English/British football, that suffered that ‘crisis of confidence’, about our game and where it stood in the World.
    Compounded by poor World Cups in 1950 and 1954…

  39. Steve – we thought that would be the case though, what we all know we need is miles apart from what wenger sees and yet again, signing TH proves he is going for the so called cheap option…

    I think he’ll make any big signings, if any, in the summer and thankfully Chamakh is looking to leave then….

    Sdaly for us though, it will be another season gone by, another season when we win nowt and no doubt RvP will seriously think about leaving, as will a few others :(

  40. LB, but would you be disappointed if we bought Podolski next month? I got the point you were trying to make though ;)

  41. more like someone to blame alan, if it goes wrong – i’m sure Henry will be fine, he’ll lift the players on and off the pitch and no doubt he respects RvP too much to be anything other than professional….

  42. Rico, is that right, has TH14 become TH12…?

  43. I think that Robin is too experienced now to feel undermined by TH12.
    I’m sure that Wenger was checking out the reaction of the rest of the squad, to the great man, when he began training with them.

  44. If there had been any adverse reaction to TH12, then this deal would not be where it is now.

  45. That’s what I read AK, wonder if he’ll sell many shirts ;)

  46. I reckon he’ll sell a few Rico.

    Certainly more than Chamakh, that’s for sure. ;)

  47. I’m actually glad Wenger has said he won’t be buying any players unless anyone leaves, for me that is better that false promises. Now we know to expect nothing, other than TH12….

    Question is, do I believe him ;) ;)

  48. Just popping on guys & gals…..great post AK (as always!), you angling to be getting down on one knee like SSP? :lol:
    If we’re not gonna get a LB or RB get a utility man? Vertonghen please!!!
    After TH’s 2 months we’re hoping that MC finds his goal scoring boots as we’ll be into the important run in…..
    Gotta hop catch you later!

  49. Hi lee, bye lee, catch you later…..

  50. I reckon the old TH14 shirts will be out, I know mine will AK :lol:

  51. My prediction for 2012 – ‘In Arsene we Rust’ comes back ;)

  52. we Gunners are in a moral dilemma. We want good players and we want the team to win

    The more we win, the less chance of good players, and the more we lose, the better chance we got of getting good players. That is the dilemma

  53. Hello Lee. Only room for one Knight on here mate.. :)
    I make you spot-on re: Vertonghen.
    And yeah, an MC full of confidence after the ACN would be a good thing….
    You must be busy mate. See ya lata….

    Rico, i do hope that the return of TH12 isn’t just an exercise in PR and spin.
    As happy as i am to see him back, albeit for a short loan, TH alone, simply isn’t good enough.
    But as you know, i have absolutely no faith what so ever in Ivan the Terrible!

  54. Oh no Rico, not him………. 8O

    I saw him recently, trolling thru a couple of other sites.

    I wish he’d just rust off….

  55. Manure won’t be heading back into the Champions League, Swiss FA have deducted 36 points from FC Sion – Phew….

  56. AlanMP, there is a third option mate.
    The more we lose.
    The more chance of losing more quality players from our squad next summer…….

  57. Allezkev


  58. I have no faith in Ivan either, he’s a ^%$$%^()(&&^^%$!!!

  59. alan, but the more we win, the more better players will want to join us, we have plenty of room for a few of them ;)

  60. I’m being nagged… ;)
    See ya all a bit lata :)

  61. The start of the season really showed how stripped bare of any talent the squad was, the flurry of transfer has patched over the cracks (More like gaping holes). I can’t help but think our bargin bin buys aren’t exactly what is needed for us to challenge for the title. The time has come for us to spend big, flex some muscle or face dropping behind spurs..

  62. :lol) AK, laters

    I have to pop off too, need some shopping :(

    Back later

  63. I was one of those who were greatly opposed to the prospect of signing Lukas Podolski, not because he doesn’t have the quality, but because he is not the natural striker I would warmly welcome, the likes of Fernando Llorente, or Leandro Damiao. However, as it currently stands, I would gladly welcome him, and I’m praying that Wenger signs him.
    With Milan trying to sign Tevez, they would be more dangerous if they got him, and would have an advantrage over us. It is good that Henry will be there against Milan in the San Siro, but, sadly, he will not be available to finish the job at the Emirates, so Podolski, with some Champions League as well as enormous international experience under his belt, would be of great value in both legs against the Italians and the rest of the domestic matches.
    Besides, having already bagged 151 goals for club and country, he possesses a much greater goal threat than the likes of Gervinho, and best of all, he loves our club. Surely, signing him will make more sense than having Chamakh and Arshavin who can no longer do anything when they are played! Come on Wenger, go get him!!!

  64. From the gossip pages, Podolski is being signed……

    just getting my coat….

  65. Hi!
    I want Ksibor and Kubala in Arsenal on January! :-)
    And if we sell Chamack and another player, I want Ferenc Puskas and his strong left foot, too!
    Boo….we are almost in 2012 and we have in our squad imortal players like Chamack, Almunia, Squillaci,…players will be in my mind forever.

  66. JM, Ksibor? Kubala?
    Who are they?
    Who do they play for?
    What positions do they play?
    KT isn’t here to help me…..

  67. Chavs are ‘struggling’ to agree terms with Cahill.

  68. Bolton have agreed to a price for Cahill

  69. Alan, i think a fee in the region of £5m has been agreed between the clubs.
    The haggling is over personal terms.
    Maybe another reason that Wenger lost interest, because if moneybags Roman can’t or won’t pay Cahill’s wage demands.
    Then what chance Arsenal.
    Maybe Cahill really want to join us? ;)

  70. allez, they played from Hungary and then they must left Hungary and going to the western european part. Kubala was played from Barcelona and was like Di Stefano im Madrid, a Barcelona legend. Ksibor and Coksis also played from Barcelona between 55-65. Puskas, former with Di Stefano, one of the most intesting doubles of the football history. Was a comment for the post :-). We missed them not.
    News: Barça – 30 millions for Bale?
    Cahill – Chelsea? very close
    Henry for 2 months to Arsenal

  71. Chelsea – 100 millions – Hulk (Porto) ?

  72. Chavs struggling to agree terms with Cahill???

    That’s because they can’t promise that he will wear a red & white shirt every week ;)

  73. How rude of me, afternoon fine folk ;)

  74. hello rico
    What is the line up for tomorrow?

  75. Hi JM, proably the same squad as faced Wolves, but Walcott is back so we should expect Yossi and/or Rosicky to drop to the bench. I suspect ramsey will be back to start, so that would prob mean both drop back….

  76. Boo! I see, someone’s on “historian” mode. Another good one, AK. ;)

    rico, the Chavs always get the players we want. Tut tut. :( Torres and Mata come to mind. (well, Torres always comes to mind. :D) )

    JM, you watch too much football. :) I have absolutely no idea who the players you named are. ;)

  77. Boo to you agag, Torres, Mata and Cahill – if all three signed for us, we be unbeatable :)

  78. Afternoon Gooners and Goonerettes
    Check your in-box Rico.. ;)

    JM, larking about again, you crafty old Port you… :D

  79. £100 million for Hulk….. :lol: :lol: :lol:

  80. Mouthwatering couldabeen, rico. ;) We’d be winning everything, I think. Imagine Robin and Torres playing together. Oh wow. (No, I don’t mean thighs galore!) They can even take turns getting crocked. :D

    But don’t give up on Cahill yet. ;) Haha.

  81. Cheers Agag……
    How’s thing’s on your side of the globe.
    All the bad weather gone?

  82. Hello, AK. Howdy? Your “mate” is giving rico the blues… ;)

  83. And me Agag.
    But he hasn’t signed yet.. ;)

    What is it with you gals and footballers thighs…. :roll: 8)

  84. £100M for The Hulk, that would turn Wenger green :lol:

  85. Lata, AK. :) Going on muscleman mode now?? Hah!

    £100M for The Hulk??? Hasn’t this figure been bandied about since September/October?? Oh wow.

  86. AK gone again :( Best i check my emails…

    The Chavs shouldn’t be allowed to spend that money agag, they don’t make enough….

  87. The Chavs and the Mancs and Liverpoop, rico. It’s silly money, and not in keeping with sustainable business models (channeling AW now… ;) )

    I bet AK has another article. He’ll be knighted anytime now, like SSP was. :)

  88. You are spot on and on both accounts agag, silly money and not in keeping with the Wenger model…

    And yes, another knighthood will be due in the New Year, Sir Steve and Sir Kev looms :P

  89. the intenational press said Chelsea wants Hulk on January… talking in 100 million -(is Porto price).
    agag, History of fottball, nothing more.
    Kubala is a Barcelona legend
    rico, probably will be the same suad tomorrow with Walcott and Ramsey but hen on Monday, we must replace something

  90. On Monday JM, we will see Thierry Henry return :P

    The ACON players will hopefully not be leaving until after the FA Cup against Leeds…

  91. We’ll soon see whether the FFP rules have any teeth, rico. It would be lovely to see TH score a few more for us. :) You’re so lucky to have had a photo with him.

    Oh I see, but why not Paulino Alcantara, JM?? :)

  92. I don’t think they will agag, in principle they should but can you see FIFA actually playing by the rules??

    How will they punish the clubs that over spend, can you see Citeh being thrown out of the CL etc… Nah, me neither….

  93. Paddy says that Steve Bould should be the next manager then…. Well….. I wouldn’t complain, especially if Keown and Bergkamp were with him…..


    Maybe the Henry return has something underlying??

  94. I don’t see it either, rico. :( I see FIFA indefinitely adjusting the date of effectivity of the new rules; to give clubs time to adjust blah blah blah.

    I like your theory, rico. :) We need more Arsenal men on board. Silent Stan has been pretty unambitious…

  95. I just don’t se the FFP being anything other than empty words agag….

    SS needs to bugger off, and sharpish ;)

  96. popping off for dinner

  97. Evening All…..
    What’s going on ‘ere then?
    Agag, have you disappeared off to cuddle your pillow case of Torres? :P:

  98. Goody for you AK. Good post. And mentioning one of the best football teams the world has ever seen made my day for whenever I can and if possible to find I like watching games from the Hungarian magicians. My favourite from that team was Sandor Kocsis (Golden head). But although Puskas was the leader the man who made the formation tick was as you said Hidegkuti.

    And as you pointed out, Gazidis must put his money where his mouth is and walk the walk during this transfer window. I only hope that the signing of TH12 does not mean no one is going to be signed,

    BDW, good evening Guys and Chicks of the Gunners’ faith.

  99. Rico… FFP is just a scam.
    Nothing will change.
    FIFA/UEFA are toothless.
    The big clubs pay for FIFA/UEFA to have all their freebies.
    There’s no way that the suits at FIFA/UEFA are going to bite the hand of the people that keep them in champagne and 10 star hotels… :twisted:

  100. Hello to you DG.
    And thanks for those kind words.
    We’re all waiting for another example of your wordsmithness.

  101. Still here, AK. :) I have no such pillowcase. But that is not a half-bad idea. :) I have a battle in my hands with online shopping at the moment; grrrr. I am normally a peaceable creature but not when it comes to messing up my shoe deliveries.

    Boo, DG! How are you? Busy bee?

  102. At the moment I am very busy as you well know AK. Although I am getting very tired it is also giving me a lot of satisfaction.

    Regarding the deep lying centreforward it works so well this seasons simply because Gervinho has the knowledge and tactical nous to run into the space created by RVP. But while Theo has the speed to exploit it does he have the nous to use it?? Imo he does not. And eventually the OX will take over. Maybe that is why AW stresses that Theo’s place is on the wings….simply because he cannot play the deep lying centreforward role. Imo only one man can play it in the most effective way that RVP can and that is Berbatov.

  103. Oui Agag. Very busy. But its work which gives me a lot of satisfaction. How are you??

  104. Hi Dg…

    AK – FFP means FFall…. ;)

  105. Good for you, DG. Not all of us can say that about our work. Haha… As for Theo, I just want to see how he fares at his preferred position. If that doesn’t work… Then by all means, lets bring Oxo in. As for Berbatov, he’s a little to languid for my liking…

    What was for dinner, rico?

  106. cheese, biscuits and pickled onions agag – nice :) :)

  107. That’s a light one, rico although it sounds quite yummy. I skipped dinner; had a big lunch is why.

  108. All I wanted really agag, nice and light and i do have a weakness for pickeled onions, resisted the pickled eggs though ;)

  109. DG, funny you should say Berbatov.
    My son Kevin said the same when we was talking Arsenal over the Christmas break.
    But then he’s always been a big fan of the Bulgarian.

  110. Rico, FFall, says it all.

  111. Berbytoof is staying with the mancs, last weekends hatrick secured him his new deal ;)

    Darren Bent however ;) ;)

  112. Rico, that sounds like leftovers from Christmas. ;)

    A bit like Christmas pud on Dec 29th… :D

  113. Agag, i’m sure a shopping website can supply you with the required pillow case.
    Maybe a duvet cover as well……. :P:

  114. Nah AK, that’s a typical light meal for a pescatarian :)

    Nows a good time to get a Christmas pud, they are all half price, i may have to invest :P

  115. AK, thought you would be getting ready for Eastenders by now ;)

    Poor old Pat……

  116. Coronation St is on in the background……. Help… 8O

  117. Henry coming back is a win win situation AK, The only downside is that it may prevent Wenger signing a long-term striker – but as we all know, in january prices are a tad ott….

  118. Don’t agree with what Robson says.
    But it’s a point of view….

  119. I’m watching Corrie :P

  120. The thing i don’t get and as i said earlier, £70K for a 34year old on loan????

    Jeeps, how many of our players are on that wage??

  121. Right folks, I’m done for the day, Eastenders calls and a stiff cup of cocoa :)

    Nighty night guys and gals, have a good one…..

  122. Good night Rico & thanks.

    Poor old Pat…. :(

  123. I am not a fan of the Bulgarian AK. I speak as a tactician not because I like a player or not. For example I like Chamack a lot, but within the present formation he is crap because he does not drop deep like RVP therefore AW must change his formation to suit the morroccan. However, Berbatov’s languid style makes him ideal to the deep lying centreforward role you spoke about in your article. Theo will never be able to do that, his body language suggests it and his tactical nous confirms it. He is more a Wright type forward. But his tactical nous, although he does have some, is like a blinkered horse….he sees only one or two options when there are more than one and usually he runs into either blind alleys or into crossroads. His speed is the only asset to the present system in that it gives other players the option to use him. But when the other team defends deep the OX should be used. In that case neither Arshavin is the answer since he plays as the second forward. If someone puts Drogba infront of Arshavin he would become a world beater again. But put a slower RVP or limited Theo in front of AA and he fails. Podolski might be the answer, but if not its the OX who should be there and no one else.

  124. Evening gooners….am all excited about tomorrow’s game!
    We need more than TH12 to overcome the spuds and push on….what must RVP be thinking? Is it true that him an TH14 never really got on?

  125. You do love your soaps, rico. :) I have a favorite Taiwanese actor who looks underfed and can’t really act; I have seen all his soaps. Some of them multiple times. It doesn’t take much to entertain me. Haha.

    The January trf window has given the footballing world duds after the fashion of Carroll and Torres… Not a particularly encouraging time to buy.

    Don’t give me ideas, AK. And I have just given some people a piece of my mind. Grrr. Holiday cheer and all that. :D

  126. It really fucks me off, 2 billionaires involved in AFC and we’re tighter than a camel’s arse in a sandstorm……last season,only we could come fourth when we were in a two horse race!!!

  127. Rumours Lee, rumours…
    There’s always someone with an axe to grind.
    It’s a pity that Robson didn’t name any of these players that criticised Henry.
    Reyes was a mummy’s boy.
    RVP was injured & had a personal problem with false accusations back in Holland, so how did Henry slow his progress.
    Who were the other’s?

  128. Torres on your duvet Agag….. ;)
    You would never get up… :lol:

  129. DG… 4 4 2 mate, 4 4 2, or 4 4 1 1.

  130. Nothing of the sort will happen now. TH12 is humble enough to realize that if he starts throwing his weight around his legacy will be tarnished. On the contrary, although he will bow to no one, he will stand back and enjoy his swansong at AFC. He will see that the team is a strong unit now and if he contributes even just one iota his fame stock will rise with the Gunners and his legacy enhanced. As AK said its a win win situation (psychologically).


  131. I am always an advocate of the 4-4-1-1 AK as you well know. However, if you have the right pegs for the 4-3-3 why not?? I still feel irked that AW tries to fix square pegs in round holes……Rosicky, Arshavin, Bendtner, Nasri spring to mind. Why not buy a real winger instead of buying a second striker and put him as a winger??? Its obvious that they will not like it and the system and team will suffer as a result.

  132. I can make a prediction for the next ten years……..and in bold letters.


  133. DG you out tomorrow night, to see the New Year in..?

  134. In the end only winners go home. And the king was one of them.

  135. Oui mate. But only here in my town. The prince will get tired easily. He is still 7 years old so we have to be careful.

    Righto offski now amigo. Goodnight and as you can see I left you with some memories.

  136. DG, 8.36.
    The problem i think, is that AW is still looking for another pair like Ljungberg and Pires to fill the wide berths.
    You simply don’t get them like that very often and most certainly not two at the same time!

  137. Did you get the DVD’s yet habib?

  138. Not yet mate….although I got a letter from the Post office to tell me that they are there so that I can go and pick them up.

    Regarding the above comment on Lyungberg/Pires I agree one million percent. But I think we have them both already. Dont laugh but they are the Ox and Santos.

  139. You are right about Oxlade-Chamberlain.
    I’m really looking forward to seeing him again.
    But ithink next season is when we’ll see him bloosom.
    Anyway, i shall bid you goodnight habib.
    And thanks for the memories….. ;)

  140. cheers amigo. I am off. see you tomorrow.

  141. Lee, you still about?
    You going tomorrow???

  142. liverpool 3-1 Newcastle.

  143. Dagenham & Redbridge 2-1 Gillingham…. ;)

    They needed that win, big time..

  144. Good Night Gooners…

    Morning Lee…. :)

  145. I think you need a drink AK ;-)

  146. By the time the FFPkicks in Arsenal could be in the Europa league.Yeah I know the likes of MU/Chelsea/RM.etc will be in trouble.Is there nay guarantee UEFA will take action agaginst the errant clubs?What will happen if the big name clubs defy UEFA defy and start their own cl?
    Arsenal not being in the G 20 can look on.Wenger better note time is not on his side. If the gunners fai to secure the cl berth,chances he could reisgn or fired.You cannot live on past glory.

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