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Barca Striker & Henry lined up! Who has been your greatest Arsenal Captain??

The Daily Mail reports this morning that Arsene Wenger is lining up Barcelona striker Isaac Cuenca, the 20year old is free to talk to clubs next month as his contract is up in the summer. The same paper also suggest that we have finally offered Thierry Henry a return on a two month loan deal.

Should he accept this loan deal, he will feature in seven Premier League fixtures, our FA Cup matches and of course the Champions League battle with AC Milan. I’m sure many fans will be glad to hear this news but still many will wonder if this is the right thing to be doing.

So as an old Captain looks to be one his way back, who has been your greatest captain of Arsenal? It must be a question that every generation of Arsenal fans muse over from time to time.

For me, it is a toss-up between Frank McLintock MBE, and the equally great Tony Adams. For my Dad it was Joe Mercer and before him, those old enough to remember would probably say Eddie Hapgood and/or Tom Parker.

Recent Arsenal captains like Thierry Henry and Cesc Fabregas didn’t really come up to those exacting standards but they did the job in a more continental way.

Right now we are fortunate to have a dual leadership, of the more traditional type, an indefatigable duo of warriors in the shape of Robin Van Persie & Thomas Vermaelen. These two have seen a return to the bloody-minded, ‘over my dead body’ style of leadership that we tended to associate with Arsenal skippers of yore. They have created a more resilient attitude and mentality in the dressing room, aided and abetted by our more experienced summer signings.

Don Howe and Terry Neill were the first captains I can recall as a young boy but then Frank took the captaincy and was responsible for driving Arsenal to their first honours since 1953. Frank gave absolutely everything and he expected his team mates to do likewise.

A statue for him would be a well deserved honour & thank you from the club.

Alan Ball led the team through a difficult period as the 1970-71 Double Team broke up and he was eventually succeeded by Pat Rice.
Pat lifted the FA Cup in 1979, but my over-riding feeling about his team was that he should have lifted a few more cups as well as 1979.

The ever popular Kenny Sansom lifted the Littlewoods Cup in 1987 and he is one of my all-time favourite but he left the club under regrettable circumstances shortly afterwards.

Then we had Tony Adams, a West Ham fan as a boy but  soon became Mr Arsenal and most of us know how great Tony was/is…
My favourite two moments of his were his winner against Tottenham at Wembley in 1993 and his goal against Everton in 1998.

His “Would you believe it” moment…

'Would you believe it'?

Well what do you guys and gals think???

For the record and to help you make your choice:

The first Arsenal captain to win a trophy [FA Cup], Tom Parker.
The first Arsenal captain to win the League Championship, Tom Parker.
The first Arsenal captain to win the League Cup, Kenny Sansom.
The first Arsenal captain to win a european trophy, Frank McLintock.
Captain with most League titles, Eddie Hapgood and Tony Adams.
Only Arsenal captain to win League titles in three different decades, Tony Adams.

Todays post has been conjured up by Allezkev and Lee

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145 comments on “Barca Striker & Henry lined up! Who has been your greatest Arsenal Captain??

  1. Morning all

    Cracking post Lee and AK…

    Big Tony for me, every day of the week :)

  2. Big Tony all day long for me.He is Arsenal to his core and we love him for it.

  3. Welcome G767, oh to have him leading us these days…

  4. It’s a quiet one here today….

  5. Hello everyone. I believe that Vermaelen could become a fantastic leader! Robin is doing a great job, i was always a fan of defenders as captains. Could we get some goals from Henry? Is it possible we get both him and Podolski? That would be fantastic..

  6. Did anyone know that The Ox’s full name is: Alexander Mark David Oxlade-Chamberlain?

    His current value is around 5,3 mil £.

    and he’s only 18. A star in the making!

  7. Hi ADK

    RvP and TV together are the best we have had in a while, and TV will surely just become captain should RvP ever leave..

    TH – would be a great short-term addition but if we are still in The FA Caup, CL and PL race in March, we will be back to relying on Chamakh….

  8. We paid more than that for The Ox…. Didn’t we..

  9. I agree rico.

    Regarding TH14, yeah it’s only for a couple of months but if he bought Podolski, we could move him on the flank, and make room for Walcott or even Gervinho in attack, what do you think? But as long as we play 4-3-3 that’s not gonna happen i guess..

  10. Morning all,
    Tony Adams for me as well, he would run through brick walls for the Arsenal.

    Always remember the late 80s when the referee was secretly miked up when we played Millwall, everyone knew it but no-one thought to tell the Arsenal players, Adams was going nuts at every decision the referee made, he cared so much, he even scored but Ellery the old harrow headmaster said the ball didn’t cross the line, Adams was like a gorilla who had just had his banana taken off him, it was classic stuff.
    The documentary was shown a few days later and needless to say the newspapers had a field day at our expense as usual.

    As for 1993 when Big Tone scored the winner against the scum at Wembley, the headlines the next day read “Who says donkeys don’t win derbies”

    It’s Adams for me 7 days a week and twice on a Sunday.

  11. I think we payed the double rico, but i’m sure if we ever sell him, (when barca and real come knocking) it will be with a big profit..

  12. We certainly need to be looking for more than just Henry long-term, maybe Wenger is planning on getting a permit for Joel Cambell next month?

    433 – grr, why do we play that way….

  13. Morning Micko

    As for 1993 when Big Tone scored the winner against the scum at Wembley, the headlines the next day read “Who says donkeys don’t win derbies”
    :P :P

    ADK, I can’t see Chamberlain leaving us, if Wenger gets it right…

  14. Pardew wants to sign Vertonghen, hope Wenger does too!!

  15. Hi all.

    In case ypu don’t know, from the ” Mail online ”

    ” Mertesacker has also been in touch with fellow German Lukas Podolski,
    urging him to join the club in January. ”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2079585/Thierry-Henry-offered-loan-Arsenal.html#ixzz1hv6GxugN

  16. Hi alan – trouble is, Merts can plead with him all he likes but if old ebenezer isn’t interested in signing him then it’s lost…..

  17. A Very Good Mid-Morning Gooners.
    Morning Rico, thanks for the sub-edit… :D

    50/50 split between Frank & Tony for me…..

    Thierry is coming home it seems….

  18. Morning AK, hope you like the photo ;)

    It sure seems like it, Henry was at the Wolves game, bet he was itching to get on that pitch and blast one passed henessey…..

  19. I’m not sure about Joel Campbell. 1 goal and 1 assist in 13 Ligue 1 games for Lorient doesn’t impress me..

  20. Rico

    yes that is true

  21. ADK, true, but did you see his goal for Costa Rica against Spain.
    There was no luck involved, just fantastic skill.

  22. He is still very young but it’s Wenger we are talking about ADK – that’s the way he seems to take care of buisness…

    We all know that despite RvP’s brilliance, behind him is Chamakh who is dreadful, then there is Park, who Wenger won’t even play.

    Surely he can see that we are lacking up front, but the million dollar question is will he do anything about it, or yet again, we he bury his head in the sand??

  23. ADK, joel campbell isn’t going to be our saviour, if he’s lucky he will make a few appearances for us next season from the bench, I think wenger has him down for Parks replacement personally.

  24. sadly alan, it is :(

    AK, he could turn out to be a great signing, he certainly has what it takes but, if Wenger brings him back, will we see another Vela situation?

    When we signed Vela, many clubs were envious, look at the poor kid now…. Maybe we should bring him back in Jan….

  25. Think you are right there Micko….

    AK, I don’t honestly beleive that Wenger wants/wanted to sign Gotze:

    1) he is far too expensive for wenger/gazidis

    2) we have too many midfielders according to wenger, a reason he dismisses the gourcuff rumour…

    Someone should suggest to him that we could sell a few of the midfield misfits to make way!!

  26. What does Phil Smith know eh ;) ;)

  27. PHW’s paper suggest Henry will make his ‘debut’ against Fulham on Monday night…..

  28. Rico, it’s a similar situation with Hazard, I would love wenger to prove me wrong but can’t see it in a million years.

  29. And Benzema or Podolski Micko, AW talks the talk but when it comes to ‘big players’ – he just won’t take that chance….

    Like you though, i’d love to be proved wrong…..

  30. It’s like the left & right back situation – the simple answer is go and get JV, who would be able to slot in anywhere. even when the injured return, he has the ability to play anywhere.

    No, i strongly suspect we will get Bridge, and he hasn’t played for how long? I don’t see the point really, we are better off leaving Miquel there….

  31. TH14 will be a very good short term bargain but we need a permanent backup for RVP..


    Morning guys and chicks of the Gunners’ faith.

    Just a short break for me and on HH I come.

    For me the best captain ever has to be Tony Adams.

    My first recollection of an AFC captain was Pat Rice. I had been supporting Arsenal since Ball was captain but my understanding of what a captain is there for starts with Rice. I have seen many captains, even stand in for one occasion or two, however I feel that Tony Adams wins it hands down. The only captain I feel can come near him as regards presence and leadership is our present 2nd in command…Thomas Vermaelen. I agree that RVP is a good leader however imo a centreback has to be a captain. The team should be build on his ethos and if a centreback cannot command his own team and his own backline then he should not play for AFC.

  33. mazyphil, welcome and agree, he’ll be going back to the States in march, what then??

  34. they won’t buy expensive class players as there is not profit. There’s only profit in kids. Buy low, sell high if they are any good

  35. Morning Dg

    I always prefer a captain to be in defence, he can see all that goes on before him, right now i think we have two captains, but for the ‘emotional RvP appointment’, TV would have been the more obvious candidate..

    But, they have turned things around somewhat on the pitch and off it and we neded that big time….

  36. Rico, 11.21, i think Phil Smith is an Arsenal fan.
    Not that that means anything when it comes to business…

  37. Afternoon DG, cheers.
    Where is Lee btw…..

  38. I thought he was Arsavin’s agent AK ;)

    I hope he’s wrong….

  39. Alan MP, 11.52.
    That policy has been encouraged by our currant Board since they got shot of Dein.
    Dein was the only Director with the ambition to try and bring in big players.
    Does anyone think that a tosser like Hill-wood would have got us David Platt and Dennis Bergkamp in the same summer window?
    Or fly out to Spain to seal the signing of Jose.A.Reyes [ hot property at the time ]…

  40. Well Rico, maybe Mr Smith was just doing his job….. :)

  41. In short, no AK, Dein was pretty swift with transfers, unlike the idiot we have now…..

  42. :) re Mr Smiff …

    You heard from Lee??

  43. Olympiakos want Rosicky then…..

  44. No Rico, i hope he’s ok?
    I’ll text him….

  45. Dein knew what was needed to be done and did it. He was there before AW and thus could find it easy to overrule him. Gazidis came after AW established himself as the main pillar of the club and therefore he cannot overrule him. Imo even Kroenke stands away from overruling AW. The only way that they can have a say in bringing over the best players is by employing another manager, something I think would be difficult in the present circumstances.

  46. Rico, i did hear that Wenger was looking to offer TR7 a new contract.

    Just heard from Lee. He’s ok… :)

  47. DG, i think that Gazides/Kroenke have a totally different agenda to Dein.
    Dein was a fan as much as anything and thus wanted trophies.
    IG/SK are businessmen. They care little for Arsenal as a club, they only see the bottom line.

  48. Thanks re lee AK….

    Dg, that is why what goes on at arsenal is so very wrong, wenger is manager, nothing more nothing less – he should keep his nose out of everything else.

    In a TW he should being giving Gazidis a list of targets and telling him to go get them sorted… It’s simple, just we as a club naff it up….

  49. Why are we offering a new contract to Rosicky I wonder, hope it’s only a year – he’s over 30 ;)

  50. Kroenke is only bothered about his U.S. ‘franchises’……
    Arsenal are a vehicle for him to make a nice earner….

  51. Which takes us back to what we were talking about in the summer AK….

    If Stan wanted to see us improve, he’d accept help from the big russian….

  52. Spot on Rico. They are business men and as such see only the fact that AW is giving them money back in their pocket. As AK said DD was a fan. What I find difficult to realise is that if you buy the best players you get more money with success since they sell more shirts, the players’ value will rise and the stadium will be full to the brim,

    Recently I have also heard that an extension to 70,000 is being mooted to begin in around a year’s time…..and maybe that is what they want. Money to invest in the stadium to generate more money. Manure cannot expand more since that is the maximum they can reach. However AFC can expand to more than 100K if they want to do so. And that I feel is their aim I am afraid.

  53. Righto mates…..off again. see you later today.

  54. Exactly Rico.
    But i’m beginning to wonder about Urmanov?
    Surely if he wanted, he could have got 30% of the shares by now…..

    What is he waiting for?

  55. What they have done though is buy Park, no doubt he is selling mage amounts of shirts in Asia – still think that was all he was bought for…

    you are right Dg, big names sell shirts etc and yes it might be nice to have a 100k capacity stadium but they are loosing sight of if we don’t secure Cl football and get back to winning something every now and again, they won’t be able to fill the current stadium let alone a larger one.

    Look back at just a few months ago, how many seats did we see vacant…

  56. see you later Dg…

    Wasn’t he waiting for repsonses from the minor shareholders AK??

    Maybe they wouldn’t sell?

  57. Tbh, i think that 75,000 is about the maximum that Arsenal can sell out on a regular basis.
    More season ticket holders mean you can forget ever getting a cup final ticket again…

  58. Not sure Rico, think that there’s some ‘Dark Arts’ going on behind the scenes.
    Do you think that Silent could be tempted to sell up anytime soon?

  59. That many Ak??

    Wouldn’t be surprised if he did sell out, he’s in it to make money so if AU really wants to become the majority shareholder, he’s just biding his time i’m sure…

    Also, I think DD is waiting there with him….

  60. hello!
    McClintock for me.
    I’m not agree with most of the comments about Henry. I remember as well last season in Barcelona. Hope I will be wrong.
    Verthoegen Newcastle? Strong rumours.
    Forget Goetze. He wants Madrid or Barcelona.
    And about Pato ?
    yesterday, I read twice AW comments. wilshere will be fit in the end of the season. Diaby, probably will fit when we play against Leeds on January, and then, if we are lucky and with God by our side, maybe fit again in May for the F.A. final. When is on the table Coquelin and Fripong be on load in January, do we have enought midfields players?

  61. Hi JM, we need to sign Vertonghen, and on the 1st Jan….

    Re Coq and Frimpong, we can’t afford to loan the both at the same time, Song was awful against Wolves, it’s about time Coq was pushing him for a place.

    Or get M’vila….

  62. Diaby…… Fit from January to May…….. wow, you are asking for a teutonic change in Diaby, JM…..

  63. SS’s report that Henry hasn’t been offered a deal but if he is, he will jump at the chance of a return….

  64. Diaby can’t last 90 mins, let alone five months……

  65. Rico/JM, i wouldn’t loan either of them tbh.
    But at a push i’d loan Frimpong, as he needs games to make up for a year out with injury.
    Coquelin should stay as he is versatile.
    Vertonghen for me would make the Jan Window.
    TH14 & JV would constitute a good bit of business.
    I’d like more, but i don’t expect it.

  66. Rico, we all know how sneaky AW/AFC are…..
    Wouldn’t be suprised if a deal wasn’t agreed, in principal, before TH14 went on holiday…

  67. Frimps is the one i’d lone too and to Bolton

    Ditto re JV and Henry, very good business for a jan window then get on and sort the squad out in the summer…

  68. I think he is still in the UK AK, he was at the wolves game…

    but yes, i think its done too and he’ll play against Fulham ;)

  69. Btw Rico, i don’t think 75,000 season ticket holders, i just think that AFC can sell that many tickets for most games.
    Not sure how many season ticket holders the club has now.
    But an extra 10,000, 15,000 on the capacity would probably mean half of that amount on season tickets…

  70. allez, I said Diaby maybe fit on January for playng against Leeds and if we are lucky, he will be fit again for playng the F.A. final in May.

  71. Got to pop off and walk Fido, back in a bit…..

  72. :lol: JM, classic….

  73. Would make sense Rico. RVP can’t do two games in 50 hours.
    If he plays then it would be like a party for all the Gooners there.

  74. JM, you are a bit of a crafty Port on the quiet…. :lol:

  75. Boo!! How is everyone? Catching up on the comments. Back in a bit. :)

  76. Morning all, got to say for me growing up it was Vieira, a true warrior, amazing player and captain.

    Any chance TH will kick Walcott to the curb and take his 14 shirt back?!

  77. Hi agag. :)
    And goodbye. :(
    Off up the gym. :?

  78. I started watching AFC only around the same time that Adams was winding down his career with us. Still saw him captain the 01/02 team to a double though. So it’s Vieira for me. :) I saw more of him. And what a player he was!

  79. AK: doctor, historian, muscleman. :D Have fun! :)

  80. Afternoon all….. It’s all AK’s workmanship I had little input!!

  81. Hey, Lee! Tony Adams for you as well?

  82. That’s not what AK said Lee…

    Afternoon to you and agag

  83. Hi Esp, he’s getting number 12 :)

  84. Greetings,

    Adams all day long for me…… Frank M a close 2nd..!

  85. Afternoon Wath, Good Christmas??

  86. Hi, rico. Howdy? Having a good break so far? Was very disappointed with our last match. Grrr.

  87. Hi, WATH, old man. :) Hope your liver is tiptop. ;)

  88. The break is lovely agag, shame about the rotten cold i have had for two weeks, very slimming though :lol:

    You having a good time or back to work?

    That match really p*****d me off, had the chance to overtake the Chavs and gain some ground…..

  89. Are you talking to the invisible man AGAG who is this old man your chatting with….??? To much Xmas alcohol for you me thinks.

    Crimbo was fine ta Rico, hope yours was ok even with that nasty cold…!

  90. Wath, if your still eating solids then your young in my book.

  91. Maybe, I should get a cold, too, rico. :D They looked lazy and without focus. Been busy seeing friends who work overseas and are back for the hols and family. Always so lovely to catch up. Breaks are ever so short.

    So sensitive, WATH. ;) :D Howdy? Been behaving, I hope.

  92. Good to hear that Wath, hope you stuffed your bird properly ;) :oops:

    Micko – i must take back all that soup i bought ;)

  93. Far too short agag, but then the days go by so so quickly – always nice to catch up though… Colds are nasty annoying little things you don’t want one ;)

  94. Hi, Micko. How are you? Had a fab Christmas, I hope. :)

    Did you finally get your phone, rico? Or did you splurge on something else? Hope you’re better soon.

  95. Rico, the girlfriend went on a diet for two weeks and all she lost was two weeks, eat drink and be merry, santos swears by it.

  96. Hi agag, i’m also a bit pished off with the wolves result the other day, we’d better kick seven bells out of qpr on new years eve.

  97. I hope Santos did not overindulge over Christmas. ;) It’s very frustrating, Micko knowing that we could have gotten three points; instead, we were again so wasteful with our chances. Our players had darn well play better against QPR.

  98. No phone agag, as much as i’d love one, £500 is too much for me to spend on a ‘gadget’ :) Thanks re the cold, i shouldn’t moan really, everyone seems to have them over here….

    Micko, it’s the way you tell em ;)

    I reckon QPR will be tougher than Wolves, who is their keeper?

  99. Milijas has failed in his red card appeal…….

  100. Paddy Kenny as far as I know, its that doughnut joey barton I’d be more worried about, we need to put him firmly in his place on saturday, he’s got away with murder the last couple of games he’s played against us, what goes around comes around.

  101. Afternoon Gooners.
    Lee’s photo gave me the idea & i picked his brains about AFC skippers.
    Micko what about a liquid lunch, does that keep ya young…?
    agag, and don’t forget shopaholic… :D
    Rico, know what ya mean about the phone….

  102. Mick, Gervinho has a score to settle with that pillock Barton.

  103. hi!
    For win the title only three teams can reach it.
    Cuenca is not the solution for the moment. I’m afraid it’s a deal behind Cuenca/RVP.
    i’m going to read the headlines of international sport press

  104. Agag, i wonder how Santos managed his first British Christmas?
    Christmas pudding?
    Mince pies?
    Plum duff?

  105. Well said Micko, I can’t stand that little runt!

  106. Kev, would like to think Gerv is at the front of a very long queue.

  107. Will await the update from you JM :)

    Hi AK, probably all three :lol:

  108. Hope Dodw is not the referee, otherwise we are bloomin doomed!!

    AK, i think Henry can too, he’ll be desperate to make an impact, he certainly won’t want to be a flop…..

  109. Pretty pricey for a phone, rico. :shock:

    Joey Barton is a thug, Micko. Why teams still sign him up is beyond me.

    AK, how could I forget?? Tut tut. What did you splurge on this Christmas? How was the workout?

    WATH, where are you, you young man you? :D

  110. Hey, JM. You can summarize the news for us. :)

  111. The sports daily newspapers talk about TH deal.
    Pato don’t leave Milan.
    Ancelotti – PSG ? – wants three Chelsea players: alex, Drougba and Maluda.

  112. I’d like Drogba at Arsenal JM…..

  113. Gooners, I know its early but i’m gonna wish you all a happy new year, flying out to Blighty tomorrow for the game and will spend the week catching up with friends and family.

    UP THE GOONERS, here’s to an arsenal victory.

  114. Agag i could crush a grape… ;)
    Christmas is always more costly than intended.
    But i always treat myself.
    As you say, they’re the best presents.. :)

  115. Hey Mick, you take care mate.
    Happy New Year and plenty of Guiness…. :D

  116. Rico, i’m having my Christmas pud this evening…
    My favourite…..

  117. Have a safe journey Micko, hope it;s a great game with a huge home victory… HNY to you too…..

  118. Is that because you couldn’t manage it of Christmas Day AK ;)

    Custard or Brandy Sauce??

  119. What happened to Malouda? He used to be a great player…

    Don’t strain yourself, AK; must be strenuous crushing grapes. :) They are the best presents because you don’t have to fret about the recipient liking them. :D Ahaha.

  120. Off for an early dinner, well more like a very late breakfast ;)

    Back in a while…..

  121. Micko, Happy New Year to you, too! Enjoy your trip! :)

  122. So have we singed king Henry?

  123. *signed* even!!

  124. I hope he singes a few defences!!

  125. You got it Rico… :)
    Ice cream….. yum

  126. Hiya Lee…
    First day back today?

  127. Was back in yesterday mate…..

  128. Agag, the gym compensates for the Christmas pub… :D

    Lee, i reckon it was agreed awhile back.

  129. Was it busy in the City Lee?

  130. Mine’s cream and custard with Christmas Pud AK ;)

    Hi lee, done deal for the King i think, now for Mr Utility to be signed, then we will be happy – simples :)

  131. Catch you guys tomorrow, i’m off for the day….

    Nighty night all, have a good evening…..

  132. Nah not really AK…..trains were like ghost trains!

  133. I know TH will be a good addition but shouldn’t we be buying younger talent? Or is buying the key? Tight arsed wankers…..

  134. Evening all,
    Great post guys.
    When are we going to get decent signings, i must admit the thought of old players coming back is very nostalgic but for me we should be looking forward not over our shoulder.

  135. The fire brigade phones Harry Redknapp in the early hours of Sunday morning, “Mr Redknapp, sir, White Hart Lane is on fire!”
    “The cups, man! Save the cups!” cries Harry.
    “Uh, the fire hasn’t spread to the canteen yet, sir.”

  136. A primary teacher starts her new job at a school in Tottenham and trying to make a good impression on her first day, explains to class that she is a Tottenham Hotspur fan.
    She asks her students to raise their hands if they, too, are Tottenham fans, whereby everyone in the class raises their hand except one little girl.
    The teacher looks at the girl with surprise and says “Catharine, why didn’t you raise your hand?”
    “Because I am not a Tottenham fan”, she replied.
    The teacher, still shocked asks: “Well if you’re not a Tottenham fan, then who are you a fan of?”
    “l’m an Arsenal fan, and proud of it.” Catharine replied.
    The teacher could not believe her ears. “Catharine, why are you an Arsenal fan?”
    “Because my mum and dad support Arsenal, so I’m an Arsenal fan too.”
    “Well”, said the teacher, in an annoyed tone, “That’s no reason for you to be an Arsenal fan; you don’t have to be like your parents all of the time. If your mum was a prostitute and your dad was a drug addict, what would you be then?”
    “A Tottenham fan.” smiled Catherine.

  137. AK very funny non pc email! :lol:

  138. Don’t you think that our proud history and heritage within UK football should be chersihed more than what it appears to be by those players, who I can only call merceneries to the game, are currently doing. we should be setting examples and playing the game properly, as it is meant to be. It’s probably because I’m an old fart, and can remember sportsmanship within the game, that it rankles me more than what it appears to the other so called fans! It would be nice to see an article on sportsmanship within the blog!

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